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(7.66 KB 1200x800 sandero luminoso.png)
Lefty Flags Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 00:25:36 No. 508236
Talk about your favorite flags. Why does the hammer and sickle on the flag of the Shining Path look like it's in comic sans?
(434.23 KB 600x602 EQWvHOm.png)
Best flags are: Hammer and Sickle of the Indian Communist Party, Mahknos “death to all who stand in the way of freedom for working people” one. Isis flag is good. Saudi Arabia flag is good. Swastika is also good we can’t lie
(51.24 KB 1200x675 simple.jpg)
Honestly I just like plain old red.
Imma be real with you chief... The red and piss yellow spiel is getting real old, same with the hammer and sickle. We something fresh. I'm thinking green and purple, with a happy dog and a bone.
A general rule of thumb about flags is "less is more."
(6.44 KB 231x130 star_and_stripes.jpg)
>>508255 Can't go wrong with red, white, and blue. Maybe include stars or stripes. No better way to express patriotism.
>>508261 Based. There will be no more flags, fuck flags tbh.
>>508255 why do mutts have terminally shit taste?
>>508267 I don't know, why are you asking me
(38.56 KB 900x600 dQvaWhQ.png)
>>508261 I disagree. Symbolism is very important in flags. It gives more identity for the country and sets it out from soulless triplestripe gang.
I enjoy a plain red flag, it strikes as powerful to me, only needing one colour that everyone bleeds, no national symbols this or cultural ones that and the meaning of it when being flown by the Communards of Paris. With that being said, I do like the flag of Burkina Faso (both visually and in symbolism), the Soviet Union and I have a soft spot for the flag of the Tuvan People's Republic. I, for fun, sometimes make flags. (I usually follow the rules of Heraldry when making them, for I think they are better. Don't follow Reddit crap, they are shit. Fuck 'Good flag, bad flag' even the committee that made that garbage letter disowned it for how shitty it was. Ruined a generation of flag designers.)
>>508272 you should post some of your flags, anon. also what is reddit crap?
(11.01 KB 330x220 330px-Republican_Spain.png)
(105.42 KB 1200x720 52395238952387562.png)
>>508270 You're not wrong but my point stands. All of those flags are very simple in design. Triplestripe flags are good too, though, and you can just add an emblem. One of my favorites is DDR, although the one flaw it that has "flags within flags."
(18.38 KB 1200x726 1200px-Bandera_CNT-FAI.svg.png)
>>508261 Agree
>>508277 dummies should have gotten rid of the wheat and kept just the compass hammer in the middle
(19.27 KB 741x494 socialist-france-2.png)
(49.10 KB 1590x1062 Bestflagever.png)
(894.66 KB 1928x2000 Nesique emblem.png)
>>508270 > soulless triplestripe gang The tri-colour* is good, I enjoy it personally, though it can be overused. Far better than the trash that is the GSSR, my eyes hurt. >>508274 The garbage designs from r/Vexillology. The emblem (not coat of arms, socialist 'heraldry' is pseudo-heraldry) is one of my creations (vectorized by a friend) it was for a little world-building project I did for fun of a socialist republic in the north west (British Columbia), taking inspiration and design queues from other emblems used by red states.
>>508280 It's rye, you dipshit. And no. It's supposed to symbolize the peasantry.
(151.71 KB 1200x600 427348923942.png)
(107.97 KB 1200x600 423987642938492.png)
(132.54 KB 1200x600 5345356346346346.png)
DPRK military service branch flags.
>>508284 No it's barley you fag
>>508283 That emblem is very nice.
>>508283 based LGBT Kampuchea
>>508285 DPRK National emblems are also very cool.
>>508236 >>508263 >>508277 How come the most hated socialist societies have the best flags?
>>508240 How many levels of Nazbol are you on?
(277.90 KB 2820x1586 confede.jpg)
(119.65 KB 1878x1190 cool flag thing hand.png)
>>508280 That would make the compass and hammer look smaller and odd within the small frame of the tri-colour. The wheat/rye/barley wreath(who gives a damn) gives it possible space to grow. >>508290 :> Thank The green flag (another one of my designs) is a rough draft, I like the torch aesthetic in general. I don't like how this draft came out though (Plus I don't think this is even centered, it was vectorized by me and not my friend) >>508293 pic related >>508300 Not a nazbol, but the flag they've described are pretty nice look.
The best socialist flag in history belongs to a socialist state that never happened. Just look at that emblem, i'm gonna fucking COOM
(38.64 KB 1200x800 1200px-Flag_of_Zaire.svg.png)
>>508302 first flag reminds me of the flag of Zaire, which I really like despite it being non-lefty
>>508307 That flag on the first image.... Oh boy. >>508312 Non-lefty, non-righty, not even center-y.
Since we have alread posted emblems, I quite like the emblem of Yugoslavia. The six torches represent the unity betwteen the six different nations of Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia etc.). Tito did a good job of keeping them from killing each other. Too bad it all fell apart after he died. Also the fire gives me weird Zoroastrian vibes, which is kinda cool.
>>508307 Eh it would have been better of it just had a white cog and wheat in the red
Could someone make a Pátria Grande flag? The ones online are so shit.
I like how Cuba and Nepal basically kept the same national flags, it's probably better to keep them and create a new air of identity around them than make a new flag tbh
(450.26 KB 1024x1059 socialistromania1948.png)
based tractor factory hybrid
(922.43 KB 927x670 25230547293.png)
(49.23 KB 1920x1152 52345723984529.png)
>>508307 Goddamn son now that's a flag Speaking of pomp and symbolism, the late-Soviet parades with the masses of people with red flags, lots of flowers and balloons are nice to look back to. Red and aqua blue go well together. Red is a very warm color and the contrast with the cool, aqua/electric blue are a good combination like the DPRK air force flag. The DDR's youth league, the FDJ, had a nice flag too.
(76.82 KB 615x949 SeVhyYn.jpg)
(56.75 KB 512x257 unnamed.jpg)
My wetdream communist country would have this version of the Hammer and Sickle from Chilean Pesos as the national symbol/on it's flag.
(214.84 KB 1300x1277 burkinafaso-coa-n5-DMYBWD.jpg)
(115.50 KB 900x593 52531.HR.jpg)
>>508317 One of my favorite emblems ! I love torches. One of my other favorite emblems is the revolutionary seal used by Sankara (and lasted until the 90s) >>508332 I like the blue of the FDJ.
the new communist government of Nepal uses their national flower as the wreath instead of grain for their emblem and I think that is based and unique
(367.84 KB 1024x859 1024px-Emblem_of_Nepal.svg.png)
(645.73 KB 1200x1477 403749204902.jpg)
I like how the CPC has just leaned hard into photoshop for its imagery these days. The top row of emblems is the Communist Youth League of China fyi Or just watch this. Go big or go home: https://youtu.be/cBUdOVKFRqo
>>508346 >>508345 I also like Nepal's national motto, it's wholesome and poetic. «Mother and motherland are greater than heaven» idk, I just like the idea of saying that my mother is greater than heaven.
>>508350 The Chink hammer and sickle design is so fucking soulless.
>>508361 I love it. It has a cute little nub handle.
>>508345 This is the first (and best i m o) emblem of socialist Mongolia. I like the animal portraits.
(6.98 KB 1200x600 gxbezd296tq31.png)
>>508263 You have posted the wrong version
>>508369 wholesome Animal portraits add a nice touch to communist symbols and flags, like an anticlimactic dilution of the stern, hard red color that signals austerity and the significantly warmer, less harsh tone of an animal's visage.
>>508375 Kill yourself
>>508363 That's the worst thing about it, dude.
>>508375 the BASED version
>>508375 HOLY BASED
>>508375 That just looks like someone left the flag in the sun for too long and it faded.
>>508377 t. disgraced former mod pyongyang
>>508361 As opposed to a lively hammer and sickle ? >>508369 >>508376 It is pretty nice, I don't see a lot of animals on emblems. >>508375 lmao >>508377 Can't handle LGBTDPRK ? >>508379 At least it isn't early Soviet Union hammer and sickle [pic]
>>508375 What could the collectivism of tranny dilation stations lead to?
>>508395 more dead reactionaires
I like the flag of Mauritius because it is colorful and the emblem because it has a dodo on it. That's it.
>>508236 I think the Shining Path/CPC flag is much nicer than the Soviet flag. I like the boldness of the hammer and sickle
>>508405 wonder here from /pol/ again?
>>508410 Wonder here from twitter, again?
(14.99 KB 1200x800 Faggot.jpg)
>>508396 F for the trans cumrags
Apparently, this is a alternate flag design for Gaddafist Libya. Found this on Reddit, don't know if this is true...
(68.03 KB 690x600 cercle proudhon.jpg)
>>508414 You are fake news
>>508412 no, I just don't believe in killing part of the proletariat because they make you feel uncomfortable.
>>508414 Most likely not. It is most likely a redesign (a trashy one) from the subreddit r/Vexillology.
>>508422 this is retarded, there's always been trans people, they're just visible now because everything is more visible with the internet.
>>508399 The Mauritius flag reminds me of the 5 races flag of the Republic of China, which I enjoy. >>508400 I like the big rounded sickle of the Stalin era Soviet flag.
>>508416 That bird looks like it needs to be fattened up a little.
>>508300 None they are just cool flags is all
>>508430 just don't respond, they are probably astroturfags
>>508422 You have brain damage and mental problems.
>>508437 You will be one of the first elements to be taken out after a revolution. Cope with it, bourgy.
>>508422 Leninism damaged socialism more than chicks with dicks ever did
>>508416 This reminds me ! The official meaning of the Austrian arms is: the sickle for the peasantry, the hammer for the industrial worker and the crown for (I shit you not) the Bourgeoisie.
>>508433 the communist party of bhutan's hammer and sickle could use some food
>>508442 Leninism and trans people are both valid, no need to get sectarian about it
>>508444 they do live under an absolute monarchy, it would only make sene that they're politically starved, if anything that should be the CPUSA's flag lmao
>trannies are proles ngl that kekd me hard
(834.53 KB 1024x1024 Emblem_of_Bhutan.svg.png)
>>508449 Bhutan's emblem is wicked though I must admit
(5.02 MB 5616x3744 42987367492.jpg)
I like this flag from Venezuela. Came into fashion after his death and says "Chavez lives, the fight continues." Don't think it represents a particular organization but I think it looks intimidating. You could also put the image on a t-shirt, or spraypaint it on a wall with a stencil.
>>508450 I've known some prole trans people, they don't pass because they're prole and they can't afford the fancy hormones and implants
>>508416 Why isn't Sorel talked about as much around here? He certainly had interesting views.
>>508453 Looks very "big brother is watching you" esc.
>>508456 I mean the last trans person I met was a Bolshevik who worked the night shift at a 24-hour fast food drive thru restaurant. But enough about trans people, we were posting flags I think >>508459 Ha ha. I know.
>>508444 A very wacky sickle and hammer indeed ! Since people are having a shit debate about pastel people, here is the flag of the (former) queer battalion of the IFB (flag also posted.) >>508453 Aren't those eyes used as the logo of a party in Venezuela ?
>>508458 Sorel was kind of reactionary, literally joining Action Française at one point and when he was a lefty he and his goons would go out and beat other socialists up for not being syndicalist enough, big wrecker.
(78.04 KB 960x500 23498234982.jpg)
(178.75 KB 810x540 498237498267942.jpg)
(1.25 MB 1917x1223 238459245929452.jpg)
(29.53 KB 3000x1500 d1x04wp3gjiz.png)
If Stalin's dream of socialist Israel had come true (lol)
>>508462 I'd have cut the clip-art looking soldiers in the flag, but otherwise fine.
>>508464 now do one with Maduro's mustache
>>508465 Isn't that Arabic writing on the side though?
>>508464 Big Venezuelan Socialist milkers
>>508462 >Aren't those eyes used as the logo of a party in Venezuela ? I'm trying to find out. Like I said it caught on after Chavez died but I don't think it's used for any official groups. Seems kinda like a meme. It's a good meme though.
>>508469 Yep and it literally says "Palestine"
(75.41 KB 644x424 bigbrother.png)
>>508464 «My eyes are down here» >>508465 Pain. >>508472 Found this
>>508464 >2nd pic She needs this shirt
>>508479 Well there you go.
Flag of Lofa County, Liberia
(15.53 KB 275x183 download.jpeg)
(203.31 KB 1920x1282 59273459825.png)
Y'all wanna see some crazy shit: the flag of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
(75.97 KB 1202x921 iKQAKoP.png)
>>508499 similar energy
(206.61 KB 1200x600 socialistireland.png)
>>508499 I love it
Hungarian Communist Party
(32.87 KB 1626x989 1626px-Flag_of_KPD-ML.svg.png)
(126.76 KB 1920x1734 1920px-Pce_2014.svg.png)
>>508499 Modern political party flags, especially for communist ones, are the epitome incarnation of soulless. Why can people not into aesthetics anymore? most communist parties around the world right now dropped the hammer and sickle or have ugly shit that looks like this
>>508508 hammer and gun > hammer and sickle > hammer, gun, and sickle
>>508512 Bruh that shit looks so much better than the nth iteration on the hammer and sickle.
(57.95 KB 1280x853 1280px-TCP_Flag.svg.png)
Communist Party of Taiwan (which is actually social democratic and Sun Yat Sen-ist)
(22.65 KB 670x445 5720957290.png)
>>508507 There's also a "flag-within-a-flag" version but I don't know the context in which it was used. I usually don't like flags within flags but this one works when it's wrapped around the lollipop or whatever that is supposed to be
(32.59 KB 340x233 Boko_Haram_logo_2002–15.png)
>>508503 GDR emblem is over used. >>508515 Gun and book (imagine it was communist though)
>>508518 >Bruh that shit looks so much better than the nth iteration on the hammer and sickle as opposed to nth iteration of red star that happens to look like modernist dogshit?
>>508522 >modernist dogshit opinion discarded
>>508524 >likes modernist aesthetics Existence disregarded
(79.59 KB 398x251 53457830567306.png)
(243.94 KB 1014x955 509234570295.jpg)
Here's the IMCWP logo. I like the incorporation of the peace sign, and the bronze color on the flags. One promotional image for one of their conferences though has "Super Bowl XIX" vibes.
(134.20 KB 800x812 254-82345097325602.png)
(1.43 MB 3600x2400 547350237560.jpg)
I have a thing for the SRWP. The green is cool. You can see their flag in the back. They're basically the political wing for NUMSA, a metalworkers union.
>>508522 red stars are prevalent, yes; modernist design works among communists are not >>508526 constructivism will live forever; keep socialist realism dead and buried
(96.72 KB 400x371 52756925.png)
(251.09 KB 1600x1156 5093457830257903.jpg)
Have never seen another pic of this flag, but there's an image of Lenin inspecting troops in Red Square and there's a sick Marx flag in the background, which I imagine means those soldiers at some point literally charged into battle waving that thing.
>>508251 Patrician teste
(344.21 KB 1919x492 34572526952380.jpg)
(258.29 KB 795x865 49823649234692.png)
(156.00 KB 550x1745 2958629852.png)
The flags of the National Front of the DDR have a cute late 40s / 50s modernism to them. The top party was SED, the ruling party, with the other parties being subordinated to it. In order: SED (socialist party) CDU (christian democrats) DBD (agrarian) LPDP (liberals) NDPD (ex-nazis basically) Also as a bonus, the flag of the Combat Groups of the Working Class, or "Kampfgruppen der Arbeiterklasse," the national militia organization which in the 1980s numbered around 200,000.
(24.64 KB 700x394 15834007_303.jpg)
Stasi emblem was cool
(70.47 KB 1280x1258 RAF Logo.svg.png)
>>508285 DPRK Worker-Peasant Red Militia flag
>>508604 Flag of the Supreme Commander of the KPA
>>508604 >>508605 I don't like the WPK's hammer, brush and the Joseon sickle symbol tbh. Also the use of stars is pretty monotone. That said their national color and government emblems are S-tier.
>>508614 Nah, the WPK hammer/sickle/brush is easily the best looking hammer and sickle variant.
>>508493 Masturbation?
(18.68 KB 1500x750 Aeroflot.png)
(718.67 KB 5102x1898 china flag proposals.png)
(254.33 KB 1646x2381 Proposals_for_flag_of_CPC.gif)
>>508453 Cult of personality, exactly what the left needs >>508493 Looks like they held a contest for schoolchildren to design the flag, but only one kid turned something in and they had to use that
>>508708 >>508717 Some of the stripe-less, Americanized variants go hard; as does the axe and sickle. I also like how some of the designs with a rifle in them incorporate a gun sling.
(233.41 KB 885x1986 favs.png)
>>508786 my favs in no particular order
>>508787 (excuse the shitty upscale)
(159.47 KB 1095x730 China.jpg)
This is cool. I think Chinese Red Army used it in 20's and 30's. Axe and sickle. Axe was replaced with hammer at some point tho.
>>508708 For me, it's proposal 26>proposal 28>proposal 33 > proposal 27>rest
>>508334 2A modified with the American Party of Labor's symbol would have me nutting. Also, let's call the country the Industrial Commonwealth.
(14.51 KB 1200x800 vtc.png)
>>508299 The DDR isn't hated, a majority of people in East Germany think it was better than modern capitalist Germany. If you go to East Germany, you will find many boomers who will gladly tell you about the good old times. Even some younger people who were born after the reunification here in Germany view the DDR positively, in both West and East. Sadly school propaganda is real though. >>508236 I really like the flag of the Vietcong/FNL. It's simple, but with aesthetically pleasing colours.
(152.11 KB 780x470 a.png)
>>508299 And the DPRK is really only hated because of the constant propaganda. >>508236 Another good one. It was made by some DeviantArt autist for fictional socialist Arabia, but the symbolism is really good imo.
>>508251 This, no bullshit straight to the point symbolism
>>508334 all of these are pretty unimaginative imo
>>509303 >Sadly school propaganda is real though. Indeed. They even made a anti-GDR movie for childeren: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_lUwTPNES0
>>508345 >>508346 that's pretty neat; cogs and wheat are overrated anyway
>>509456 Oh god, this is just bad...
>>508361 >>508379 How can someone be so wrong? The CPC has by far the best iteration of the hammer and sickle strictly because it's fashionable as fuck. It's so cute; I wanna plaster it everywhere—and I'm not even a Dengist.
>>509469 Their sickle is shitty. How are you going to cut grain effectively with it if all you have to grip is a small knob.
>>509470 How do you function with a small knob?
>>509470 Tie a string to the knob and swing it around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS0PvDJtLxE
>>509470 I'm not gonna try cutting grain with a flag, you imbecile; you fucking moron.
>>509456 Can someone repost this in webm form here or something? I can't watch it without a vpn
(69.48 KB 1500x750 buddhacom.jpg)
(77.15 KB 1920x1080 pan asian coalition.png)
1. Tannu Tuva 2. National Leveller's Association 3. Not real but it's pan asian coalition from battlefield which is basically just eurasia
(230.58 KB 758x768 758px-Emblem_of_Vietnam.svg.png)
Step aside!! Emblem of Vietnam
>>509511 The symmetric perfection gives me psychedelics flashbacks. >>508602 Brigate Rosse worst flag.
For me, it's the one and only.
>>509457 >cogs and wheat are overrated counterpoint: Japanese Communist Party
(370.54 KB 684x984 libyan arab jamahiriya.jpg)
Socialists and Communists should use green flags more often. Qaddafi already set a precedent for it.
>>509512 >Brigate Rosse worst flag. Nah, it's underrated imo; the star is pretty unique and might actually look better without the circle.
>>509521 Green is my favorite colour, but green in politics has already been used by non-communists.
>>509521 Green is the color of Islam. This is the reason, why Gaddafi chose it
>>509532 Yeah but green is pretty so we should use it
(35.68 KB 760x421 sankara-suffragio.jpg)
>>509541 We could pull a Sankara and use it with red.
(329.83 KB 1028x1028 adwadsadasf.png)
(57.20 KB 1000x600 whentheteacherisgone.png)
>first pic this a more modern interpretation of the hammer and sickle... >second pic >>508261 That does make sense for symbolism but when I like falgs that write long quotes and lines of texts on them. >>509516 yes
>>509624 I honestly think that any American communist flag that tries to iterate on the hammer and sickle should incorporate a carpentry hammer. It just seems right.
>>508334 What in the fuck is going on with New Hampshire's flag?
>>508334 >that west virginia flag god that's nice i need more communist appalachian flags in my life
>>509452 t. anarchoid who likes duostripes/monochrome red flags or modern uninspired shit
>>509653 I hate bisected "anarchist" flags more than the average person, and no amount of hammer and sickle can save the average US state flag either.
>>509638 we Seychelles now
>>509677 Get better things to hate.
>>509653 Many of these are stale and unoriginal. Colorado is literally just a star added on. Connecticut keeps the ok heraldry. Oregon looks like a r/vexillology reject, same with California. But make entirely new flags and more preferably new regions, why Maryland exist ? >>509509 Based Tuva appreciation. I actually own the (late 30s early 40s) Tuvan flag.
>>509694 I hate a sizable portion of the vexillology community for the same reason I hate certain corners of the left: an obsession with meme ideologies and the want for symbols that signify each individual facet of their being.
>>509848 So you hate the superficial IDpol variations and not the bisect (black/red) itself.
(33.83 KB 2000x1200 5pg2nw02ccf21.jpg)
>>509970 It's not exclusive to the idpol stuff. While I don't consider myself an anarchist anymore, the original bisected black/red is still historically significant. I don't know when anarchists started changing its colors to represent different strains of their thought but it just seems so banal, so impotent. Rarely have I ever seen an iteration of it that is tastefully done; pic related being the only exception.
>>509456 The movie is on German Amazon Prime, I skipped through it and holy shit, the level of ridiculous propaganda is insane even for modern German standards. How do people not recognise this?
>>508334 Kinda prefer 2C tbh Anyone got any CSA themed leftist flags?
(286.17 KB 1347x711 bait on v.png)
(31.45 KB 324x499 4237459827983.jpg)
>>509521 Green is nice. I was looking at some Cuba books today and liked this cover. Not everything needs to be giant impact red.
>>510287 I don't like the colors so much as the design itself. Most iterations of the bisected flag don't take into account the diagonal nature of the design.
>>510318 If you can't acknowledge that without thinking I'm posting bait then so be it.
(59.45 KB 1993x1114 FPMR_Chile.png)
Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front
(59.08 KB 1359x905 New_NPA_flag.png)
New People's Army
>>510391 I think it works
>>510387 Broke >>510388 Woke
>>510298 A very pleasing cover to look ! And a pretty chad photo to go with it. >>510387 Looks like a sport's team. >>510388 Now this is nice.
>>510466 A sports team taking on Pinochet's regime.
>>510387 >edgy highschool anarchists: the flag
(144.74 KB 1920x1152 Scots, no' Irish!.png)
(41.15 KB 1200x767 1200px-Flag_of_Yippies.svg.png)
>>508236 Yippie flag, all day all time. >>508389 >That just looks like someone left the flag in the sun for too long and it faded. Everything is trans in NK.
>>511083 >Everything is trans in NK. you wish, pedo.
(21.03 KB 800x527 800px-NDF_Flag.svg.png)
>>510388 While we're on it, here's the NDF flag
(42.36 KB 724x482 an_com (2).jpg)
>>508236 Not an anarkiddie, but this flag is cool
>>510993 They were Marxist-Leninists.
>>511480 I know. I'm commenting about the flag design.
>>508437 i don't cut off my genitals bro
>>508550 Abahlali baseMjondolo
>>508301 all racism aside I kinda like the confederate flag
(49.30 KB 1280x853 1280px-RUIS_Flag.svg.png)
don't know shit about RUIS I just like their flag
>>509470 How do you grip your small knob?
(17.88 KB 1266x1000 FLQ.jpg)
(117.03 KB 784x824 20200210_105246.jpg)
>>508236 A horrible modern interpretation of the hammer and sickle
>>508561 Sad the Soviets downplayed Marx/Engels' role and symbolism very hugely after WW2 due to their German nationalities.
(148.22 KB 932x578 20200519_191953.jpg)
I know we all get boners every time we see the hammer and sickle but it tends to terrify anyone who isn't a communist already. Let's rebrand communism with things people already like
(75.66 KB 1200x900 kentFLAG.png)
>>508236 horse
(25.75 KB 1599x1066 dhkp-c.png)
>>514580 I think the Sendero Luminoso hammer & sickle is one of the best. DHKP-C flag is very nice too. This hammer & sickle does not look good without the star thoug.
>>508442 Leninism is what actually made socialism a possibility you retarded faggot
>>508334 should have puerto rico
(4.43 MB 10000x5046 g6raw2m92v0y.png)
>>508442 where is your successful non leninist revolution bro? show it to us
(4.54 KB 251x201 indir.png)
Not a socialist flag but imagery is pretty socialistic. Communard should have never chosen the colour red, it looks gay. Btw it's the flag of Donetsk region (not Donetsk Peoples Republic).
(28.22 KB 800x800 800px-PC(AP).svg.png)
(4.68 KB 360x216 Mx-epr.gif)
(31.14 KB 1024x546 epr.jpg)
two flags of the revolutionary peoples army btw machete>>>>sickle >>510387 terrible
Socialist Cape Verde
>>516562 That is the flag of the city of Donetsk, not the Donetsk Oblast.
>>516950 What a lovely emblem.
>>517337 interesting history too, Cape Verde and guinea bissau were one country in the 70´s, which was fighting against Portugal, then follwing a bunch of military coups and counter coups in 1980 Cape Verde seceded but kept basically the same flag as giunea bissau.
(4.77 KB 432x216 cpi flag.gif)
(3.24 KB 378x216 irb flag.gif)
I really like the flag of the Communist Party of Ireland. Its based off the sunburst flag, used by Irish nationalists since the 1700s and inspired by Irish mythology.
(45.18 KB 620x465 pasok001.jpg)
>>517491 I prefer the greek version
>>508236 looks like it's made to be accessible to people with poor eyesight based latam comrades owning pol potty
>>514635 Weed should be put alongside Kim since the DPRK straight up legalized it long before the West ever did.
>>511048 actually like this flag and makes me irrationally nostalgic for childhood in east belfast. you dont see them hung out much anymore.
(251.53 KB 780x520 20200521_194448.jpg)
>>517524 Based
>>514104 Strangely enough, we don't know if that was ever their official flag, it was just a flag used by protesters supporting them. >>514580 Gamers ? >>516562 Red is a great colour ! Everyone bleeds red, we're not fucking horseshoe crabs. Though I do enjoy screen here and there. >>516950 >>517337 I do enjoy the more simple emblems (like the one of the PRB and or the PRC. Though the PRB flag... Could use some work.) >>517524 Weed is now the official symbol of Juche.
(392.75 KB 783x890 before.jpg)
>>517524 You dumb pothead losers. Weed is not consumed in the DPRK, nor is there any kind of recreational drug (except alcohol and tobacco). Marijuana is used as a decoration in public houses and gardens. Some traditional Korean medicine includes cannabis but only doctors can prescribe it. Recreational use of weed is illegal. Only socially accepted drugs are alcohol and tobacco. Stop watching VICE bullshit documentaries about DPRK and STOP SMOKING WEED you fucking losers. You are shame for our cause.
>>519641 >nooo the norks don't smoke the plant the lobbyists hate it doesn't gel with my moral code noooooo
<img src="" alt="A flag for Quaker Anarchists : leftistvexillology"/>
>>520077 Uploading images doesn't work like that here
(28.61 KB 2560x1707 PSSR.png)
The short-lived and little-known Iranian SSR
(121.11 KB 5000x2500 American_Party_of_Labor_flag.png)
American Party of Labor
(24.25 KB 1280x672 1280px-StarryPlough.svg.png)
(28.48 KB 180x254 180px-IRSP_logo_2018.png)
One of the best in blue, red, or green thh
(108.44 KB 2000x1333 VQZ0Xyu.png)
>>508236 Always thought this was a really aesthetic flag.
(23.80 KB 540x360 oniL60c.png)
>>508236 A reminder that Cascadia is an intrinsically environmentalist and leftist movement. Northwest Front can fuck off.
(179.69 KB 626x754 1416132309_Dr. Piccolo.png)
>>508255 >Green and purple
>>520792 Every time I see the starry plough it just reminds me of my friend in the Green Brigade constantly trolling the pigs with one at football matches because they keep trying to claim that it's a proscribed flag when it really isn't living in Glasgow is fun
(94.25 KB 1334x750 Nuestro Objectivo.png)
>>508236 The red in the fag flag stands for communism.
(6.48 KB 259x194 Puredegeneracy.png)
>>508301 fixed that for you
(105.11 KB 1090x937 ANARCHO-NAZBOLISM.png)
>>520077 What a great flag. >>520138 I love the calligraphy of it. >>522907 I do not know why, I do not know how I've developed this, but I have a irrational hate of the name Cascadia.
>>526793 Like the word M O I S T ?
(80.70 KB 963x642 socialist brazil.png)
(28.49 KB 720x504 socialist brazil 2.png)
fictional flags for socialist brazil
SR symbols are da best


no cookies?