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(118.13 KB 1126x710 nicefuture2.jpg)
(131.26 KB 1024x427 nicefuture1.jpeg)
(154.34 KB 1500x838 scificity.jpeg)
nice socialist future 08/27/2019 (Tue) 13:42:58 No. 45251
post artwork for a nice socialist future

avoid, dread-mongering, collapse-porn and techno-phobia.
(172.27 KB 700x525 Earthbag Greenery.jpg)
(688.96 KB 520x693 1431900381456.png)
God I wish I could have live in the timeline where the palace of the soviets built
(49.30 KB 800x530 fuck phoneslol.jpg)
Oh god fuck my english
If anyone else is interested in his art. He has some other nice Soviet space stuff too.

Honestly, I like the post apocalyptic socialist art. I don't know how we could fight in any modern capitalist country that has nuclear bombs without tactical ones being deployed at least. I am not saying we would be the ones to use it but if you think some blood thirsty general or militia wouldn't use them when they start losing ground you are wrong.
Even if nukes are deployed, it would probably be very contained rather than globally MAD like people in the cold war thought since pretty much everybody realizes just how bad MAD would be and most would be against it to the point where they'd stop buttons being pressed and codes being input.
Most nuclear destruction would probably be on urban centers and tactical advantage points in rebellions and war territory. Cities and strategically important areas would be nuked, but the likelihood of them being deployed en masse globally is very slim. We'd have to deal with the fallout though which would be devastating.
This just shows your poor grasp of the process of nuclear escalation. I can't blame you for this; since the fall of the Berlin wall governments seem to have gone very quiet about this and you're probably too young to have proper memories of the nuclear paranoia that proceeded the event. Essentially: any nuclear power that is hit with any scale of nuclear attack will strike back at least equally as hard in order to shift the balance of battle further in their favour. Furthermore, the longer that the smaller stuff is being lobbed back and forth produces a steady increase in the probability of an all out attack by one side or the other with the big weapons. Basically no-one wants their retaliatory capability wiped out or crippled by a successful first strike by the enemy, so if you must fire your ICBMs you want to fire them as early in the battle as you can. Hence things can rapidly spiral out of control.

Also and unrelated: the fact that a place as unstable as Pakistan has the bomb is fucking terrifying.
(567.35 KB 1699x1139 1426734156862.jpg)
(88.63 KB 747x1070 nicefuture3.jpg)
(25.15 KB 280x373 doktor.jpg)
I want to go the bunkers with 90% females.
>the fact that a place as unstable as Pakistan has the bomb is fucking terrifying.
India and Israel aren't any more stable, and they have nukes too.
Nuclear war is fucking terrifying in general tbh, no matter how limited. Take the Threadspill:
Alternatively, The War Game manages to be even more horrifying in some ways despite being 20 years older:
fuck me, I wanted to get into star trek and tried watching discovery, the overarching plot was hilariously bad despite being full of potential, ending up with feelgud liberal "if you kill your enemies they win" with some seriously stupid technomagic ass pullery, "being good guys miraculously works for no reason" and shitty dialogues all over, and bad guys so caricaturals it's not even funny anymore
dunno how I even managed to get to the end of first season

is there any star trek worth watching that isn't so loaded with stupid mary sue & hollywood bullshit ?

started a russian serie after, Better than Us, cautiously optimistic the start is pretty good
(30.82 KB 380x285 orvile.jpeg)
If you liked Star Trek The next Generation (The one with Picard)

try The Orville
(16.58 KB 312x471 oruui.jpg)
>I want to go the bunkers with 90% females.
Sign me up too.
I find these colors to be super gay and unnecessarily bourgeois. We already had a socialist future and we fuccced it up.
bright colors arent bourgeois and the reason those buildings are gray and concrete is economical also there are many colorful buildings in many of soviet states also shut the fuck up
Let the man mourn, comrade
There there
(267.84 KB 1200x653 neil-blevins-eden-habitat-2.jpg)
(570.66 KB 1920x966 reide-perigo-futureenvrio2.jpg)
(995.40 KB 1920x1080 tarmo-juhola-solarpunk1.jpg)
Into green cities.
>is there any star trek worth watching that isn't so loaded with stupid mary sue & hollywood bullshit ?
Any one that isn't discovery
(393.46 KB 660x574 1568115358881.png)
what is this we wuz bullshit, do you guys realize how ridiculous you look right now?
you look worse posting pepe
What the fuck is 'we wuz' about this?
The Original Series is good if you like pulp sci fi with an optimist flavor. When it's good, it's really good, but most episodes are meh at best for various reasons.

TNG takes TOS's formula and refines it in many ways. Less pulpy, slightly harder sci fi, generally better stories and writing. The first couple seasons and the later ones ought to be graded on different scales because early TNG is reusing unused material from TOS. Where TOS is good, TNG is great.

If you like the techno commietopia aspects of TNG but think its optimistic tone is too unrealistic, try DS9. It takes the premise of a federation founded on "naive" ideals and then flexes them in an existential war for survival. Imo, it starts out a little weak but gets really good once it finds its footing.

Voyager, eh, has some good ideas that never really get properly developed. Not terrible, but never really becomes too good either. Where DS9 toyed with federation values, Voyager intends to do the same by putting a federation ship tens of thousands of light-years from the federation, but the writers never really firmly decide what that means, so it gets unevenly applied from episode to episode, which can undercut the enjoyment for some because it makes Janeway come off like a hypocrite.

Enterprise isn't terrible but it stays pretty mediocre through its run. Imo it fails to capitalize on a lot of its theories too, but it's still definitely star trek. It succeeds in some areas and fails in others. Personally, I don't like Count Bakula as captain. A lot of the time he acts like an idiot and makes stupid decisions instead of principled ones.

I don't recommended any of the movies past Undiscovered Country, though Generations and First Contact are watchable, at least. The Motion Picture and Wrath of z Khan are probably the epitome of Trek, with Undiscovered Country following up close behind.

STD, Abramsdreck, and pre-emptively Picard don't exist.
The Orville is good. Not great, but good. The first season can be a little rough. It's sort of a 60:40 mix of Star Trek to Family Guy. Expect the gravitas of most scenes to be undercut with attempts at "humor." The second season improves though, but it's still like 80:20 ST to FG.

If you've seen ST before, especially TNG, you've already seen it. "It's fine." If you're really hankering for ST though it can get you through.
>muh artwork utopia
stop, even a fascist's conception of their perfect society would look good
(127.68 KB 1200x800 Cr54EpyVYAE_xhR.jpg)
(281.36 KB 800x525 b083fe5629591a83801e1b.gif)
good post
>tried Star Trek with Discovery


watch The Next Generation, a lot of it is bad but also a lot is great. use this: https://i.imgur.com/fC5U95F.jpg
So was the series you stated after good, would you recommend / let us know how it's called
>Post future
>Call a post on past and present a good post
Stop being retarded Dengoids.
(7.78 MB 3000x4356 7jzov5i5san31.jpg)
(2.65 MB 1440x1800 brrhir2yyaq21.jpg)
I've always liked the idea of fusing modern architecture with environment. There's a building near my university that captures this pretty well imo. Cover the whole thing in green and white, it looks much more aesthetically pleasing and its environmentally friendly.


we can build it once we restore the USSR
can you provide sources on attaching vegetation to buildings
(648.40 KB 1920x1100 forest city.jpg)
I've always been a fan of letting vines grown down the sides of buildings, building troughs for more vines on each story, and using the roof as a place for gardens (which is already done), but for literally every building with no exceptions and regardless of whether people want it or not.
>believing in past, present and future
lol dummy
is there a specific advantage to vines, other than the nice aesthetics aspects where they can create a consistent converge of a surface.

Can you graft food onto vines, or do you need future tech fo that. ?
They turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and can cover large vertical surfaces. Also they look cool.
>Colors are bourgeois
Why even try with tankies
well the tankies never hated colours

that was some critical theorists that said that monochrome pictures would demand the viewer to imagine the missing colour information, recreating the dialectical process where interpretation of art was a sublimation of the author and the viewer. Like when you read a novel and your imagination has to process the text to create the head-cinema. So the story your experience comes from you and the author.

You know that's why people often feel like the book was better than the movie.
>faggy logo
(89.70 KB 760x536 5d6ft7.jpg)
In addition to CO2 cycling, plants regulate temperature and moisture. Photosynthesis is an endothermic reaction (sunlight + CO2 + H2O -> C6H12O6 + O2). It helps absorb the energy of the sun, preventing that from heating the building. The foliage also helps break wind, and at a large scale on many buildings this can reduce the windiness in a city. You can also build a water filtration system using rocks, soil, and sand and hold things in place with plants' root systems. There's also positive psychological effects associated with having plants around, and plants help provide habitat for animals like songbirds which also have a positive effect on people.
>pic one
This is actually what the future will look like for everyone and we will never get to experience it
(137.94 KB 858x536 smilesthames.jpg)
Art from the Socialist People's Republic of Britain.
this looks like a photo put through a filter

also this is a sfw board
Quads fucken wasted!!!!!
Also: How is this futurist?
(101.60 KB 960x714 cosmonaut-4126820_960_720.jpg)
>Quads fucken wasted!!!!!
what does this mean ?
>Also: How is this futurist?
Well if >>120004 is correct then this is your augmented reality lenses applying a filter over reality
(141.15 KB 1000x562 dprk_london.jpeg)
(188.84 KB 858x536 vjPS4.jpg)
It's not a photo, but a painting by Hong Son-il, a North Korean artist who visited London a few years ago on a cultural exchange thing and painted street scenes. Two more. Feels very impressionist
(129.33 KB 960x640 sci-fi-2992797_960_720.jpg)
damn that really detailed and realistic, haven seen that level of replication-skill in some time
> >Quads fucken wasted!!!!!
> what does this mean ?
That means that the "magical" post number wasn't as good as it should have been. (look at the ending of the number. "dubs" or "doubles" means it's like "33", "trips" means for example "777" etc)
(62.81 KB 660x440 rftgzu.jpg)
Oh i didn't know that people were paying attention to the post and thread numbers
(990.10 KB 2000x1252 header_essay-bruschetti.jpg)
Not socialist in the slightest but I like futurism
(450.82 KB 1546x1000 tfgbh.jpg)
>Not socialist
(152.57 KB 900x600 5.jpg)
(70.44 KB 807x480 4.jpg)
(225.49 KB 1080x1080 3.jpg)
You must really hate the DPRK, huh?
(8.00 KB 270x270 6576z.png)
don't mind the monochrome anon, it's just an expression of frustration.

maybe the calligraphy-brush in the drpk symbol helped with the colourful buildings.
NTA holy shit those empty roads! What a waste of materials! unless it was built in case of a nuclear emergency
One of the most bourgeois things of them all, colour!
>concrete is economical
Not really, concrete and architectures based on it [like brutalism for example] tend to cost more and be worst for the environment, not to mention it breaks down faster.
>empty roads
Official DPRK photos show basically nobody while amateur photos show a lot of people
Okay, this makes it 3 fold creepy imo.

So the real question is, in this case: how many people are on the streets based on the spy-satelite photos? ;)
Do you have spy-satelite photos?

Also, the photos are most-likely when the district was completed construction and was then open, so it wouldn't have people by then.

Here's a actually really interesting youtube channel about filming in the DPRK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCON7z9vFDzMJJovZr_vDEeQ
Thanks for the link Comrade, bingewatching it right now.
All the spy-satelite photos that I have are from publicly available sources that focus on "bases" and "weapon factories". That's why I wondered if somebody has pics about cities.
Also: your point of the pictures being taken before the district has been opened up to the public is logical. Although the size of the districts makes this a bit... hard to believe. Hard but not impossible.

Back to topic: here is an article with lots of pics of how the soviets imagined the future.
(286.76 KB 1100x619 18g4c4xydmk8qjpg.jpg)
(144.28 KB 700x394 18g4c51wao4wrjpg.jpg)
(138.00 KB 700x394 18g6q9l1pzdizjpg.jpg)
>pasting a link , not posting pictures
(205.16 KB 900x507 18g6c8d6uqp6djpg.jpg)
(148.90 KB 700x394 18g6blaj1dsnhjpg.jpg)
(233.82 KB 900x506 18g4zkdp1ez8djpg.jpg)
(86.94 KB 800x450 18g6iw7e8blk6jpg.jpg)
(140.15 KB 700x394 18g6e74forhqcjpg.jpg)
(206.92 KB 900x507 18g6cig8q5jifjpg.jpg)
(198.64 KB 900x507 18g6pumeawyvujpg.jpg)
(93.81 KB 700x394 18g6lv4vl1q42jpg.jpg)
(120.19 KB 800x450 18g6l2d07tdtnjpg.jpg)
(137.59 KB 850x455 CoDh8vWWAAA4NFA.jpg)
(119.85 KB 750x479 20160721-k3-02-2.jpg)
(296.86 KB 392x518 construction.jpg)
The publicly available satellite images of the cities are really blurry however they do show plenty of vehicles driving around. People using bicycles cannot be seen due to low resolution.
>the size of the districts makes this a bit... hard to believe
There has been a construction boom since Kim Jong Un became the leader. Streets and districts are being quickly constructed by KPA soldiers.
(172.57 KB 1500x680 bru.jpg)
> pasting the link to avoid flooding the thread
> link providing FULL source so people can look more up if they want to
> anons still butthurt for no pics provided
The horror we live in.

Now that is something I did not know of. The last impressions I had was from Kim Jong Il's stagnant construction industry. Good to see his son changed direction in that regard.

Also: some other pics of socialist brutalist architecture.
(1.24 MB 1936x1288 Valparaiso_406.jpg)
Something like these

They already exist
Seems nice but prepare for a ton of insects particularly ants. Also upkeep of those plants would be a nightmare.
Socialist realism > fascist futurism
>oh no, I don't wanna share my living space with animal life
ok boomer
(128.32 KB 1016x688 1573770886829.jpg)
How can I as a Civil Engineer help the cause?
Off-topic: Rumor has it that due to popular demand, Rogal's VA is gonna record himself playing Cities: Skylines in character.
Lmao that's great
(795.75 KB 1001x570 stadt.png)
great thread
Terrible thread, it's making me sad knowing I will never see this future and will probably die in some shithole burger town.
We will probably not see the victory of socialism in our lifetime, but that should not discourage us from fighting for a better future.
Those flags are yikesy af.
(183.17 KB 1001x570 4ed5tg.jpg)
there you go, i fixed the flag with a minimalist hammer and sickle
(146.02 KB 830x467 frostpunk_order.jpg)
Star Trek TNG (the infamous "money doesnt exist in the 24th century line" in First Contact always comes to mind) is the only actual socialist version of Star Trek. Most of the writers hated this aspect so they just avoided or or even tried to water it down, like in DS9. So if you're looking for something socialistic, then TNG really is the only one. Even then writers tried to just avoid it and find ways around it in the later seasons. DS9, Voyager and Enterprise are good as television sci fi but they don't really have that essence of TNG that made it so special. Even Orville's dick and fart joke rip off has more of the spirit of TNG, especially since they keep saying humans aren't capitalist anymore every five seconds in that show.

But I'd recommend all the Star Trek shows from TOS to Enterprise if you want to watch a utopian sci fi universe. Avoid all the stupid JJTrek and Discovery bullshit, because it's not only terrible but it doesn't even seem like they're in the same universe, they use the Star Trek name for marketing reasons.

DS9 is good as a serial character arc and war story, and some good morality exploration but it does kinda ruin the whole point of Star Trek sometimes. Like for example, Starfleet is okay with poisoning a whole planet of refugees because terrorists use it as a hideout, that was always really cringey. It doesn't really mash with TNG's portrayal of Starfleet and the future of humanity a lot of the times, and it does so just to create drama. And when Sisko goes on a moral tirade I can never take him seriously unlike Picard, because he does all kind of dirty shit "for the greater good".
>it's not only terrible but it doesn't even seem like they're in the same universe
Because it's not. Deliberately, due to IP bullshit.


Nah thats a conspiracy theory channel run by paranoid nerds who think Disney is a "Marxist communist" company. The reality is CBS just wanted to "update" Star Trek and "make it cool" ie make it into total dogshit.

DS9 is good, but you are right that it sometimes went too far in that "lets be dark just for the sake of it territory", so did Enterprise. But DS9 overall is probably the best written Star Trek show.

But let's be glad the showrunners and writers left Star Trek after that, because if you want to see a truly terrible story, watch their pitch for what a season 8 would have been.
ST:TAS gang represent!
Odo died few days ago
(53.50 KB 1080x565 5sedrztihu.jpeg)
(124.50 KB 593x767 3zgwfhed.jpeg)
(93.27 KB 800x450 sovietscifi.jpeg)
I like most of this thread.
(102.35 KB 1293x727 5dr6ftg.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1884x1479 oneill cylinder 3.jpeg)
(749.21 KB 1896x1388 oneill cylinder 4.jpg)
>>184552 >don't feel like getting colony dropped. Those things always make me think of gundam and how fucked their universe is.
>>150839 I guess Bashir didn't cure the founders after all.
>>152212 The Animated Series is unwatchable even as a 70s kids show.
>>184564 >Gundam It’s literally just ww2 IN SPESS but then devolved into retarded contrivance just for Bandai to sell more toys.
(259.64 KB 2000x1000 919.jpg)
(76.71 KB 700x396 hgwfqd.jpg)
(29.27 KB 550x480 MRess.jpg)
>>184861 Because you have no taste.
>>150830 Even in TNG Admiral Nicheyev was getting on Picard's case for not genociding the BORG, and who knows how many trillions of deaths that would have caused. >>150819 If you like TOS the fan series "Star Trek Continues" provides a fine little extension that is just as good as the source material. As an aside, I'm watching Voyager right now, and does anyone else find Chakotay's spiritual crap annoying? Like, TNG is pretty hard atheist, but it seems like with DS9 onward the drift towards spirituality keeps getting more egregious, especially with Worf. Also, man, Janeway sucks. The crew should have fucking mutinied and instituted pirate democracy.
(44.94 KB 453x444 rftgzhu.jpeg)
>>188562 voyager has stupid plots, but it's got one of the best characters studies in scifi
>>150819 >Star Trek TNG (the infamous "money doesnt exist in the 24th century line" in First Contact always comes to mind) is the only actual socialist version of Star Trek. Most of the writers hated this aspect so they just avoided or or even tried to water it down, like in DS9. I think this comes from the basic problem that utopian societies are hard to tell interesting stories about. It's the reason why most of Iain Banks' Culture novels take place on the periphery of the civilization, or about characters outside of it, or when people from it interact with people not in it. Stories require conflict, and it's why TNG is about the Enterprise exploring the unexplored rather than cruising around (for the most part) inside the Federation apart from the sporadic episodes where they're on a sweet vacay to the pleasure planet. >>188562 >Also, man, Janeway sucks. The crew should have fucking mutinied and instituted pirate democracy. I think the problem with Voyager is that the writers weren't risk-averse enough. There were all these opportunities to throw the ship into such an unusual environment, that they'd have to abandon a lot of the utopian pretenses of TNG. Over time the ship would gradually get worn, they'd give up the uniforms, etc. And this was part of the setup: half the crew are Maquis raiders who have been kinda forced into a survival situation. But the risk-averse writers kept going back to the TNG formula. Maybe there were fan pressures here for "more of the same" but I dunno. In conclusion: https://youtu.be/rYxdqsndIF4
>>188762 (me) typo. I mean to say Voyager writers were too risk-averse. They should've taken MORE risks to break out of the standard Star Trek formula.
>>45251 What's the official name of the second pic in the OP? I want to make it a tapestry somehow.
>>156699 RIP Mr. House.
(214.73 KB 1600x1066 Robert McCall painting.jpg)
>>191401 "Looking back at tomorrow" by Robert McCall pic shows the painter painting found this here: https://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2009/10/grand-tribute-to-epcots-horizons.html by using a reverse image search tineye
>>192148 Fuck no one has a tapestry of it and the copy image into tapestry sites, seem to have mostly bad editing options. anon needs a tapestry of this
(5.51 MB 6505x2111 Looking back at tomorrow HQ.jpg)
>>193047 You want this on a peace of cloth ?, have you tried ordering from an online photo tapestry services ? here is a good quality version of the picture if you intent to get it printed
>>193085 Yeah I tried but the long nature to it, didn't fit the more square like sizes it needed to fit. Either I had to inlarge a single section or leave alot blank inside. Basically it wouldn't fit the space right. Anyways your saying print. Paper seems flimsy what would be the right material. my house is white walls renting and not trying to be a cooonsuuuumer but want to add to aesthetic a little
>>193949 >Yeah I tried but the long nature to it, didn't fit the more square like sizes it needed to fit. Either I had to inlarge a single section or leave alot blank inside. Basically it wouldn't fit the space right You have look for Panorama, that will get you an aspect ratio that fits this picture >Anyways your saying print. Paper seems flimsy what would be the right material. well you get printed silk-like canvas-material, that should be more durable than paper. >not trying to be a cooonsuuuumer well have you considered learning how to paint ?
>>193961 Mmmmh pay rent or lose a check on art supplies >have you considered painting
>>150830 Sisko also literally manufactures a false flag attempt to drag the Romulans into the war. However, I don't see out it is "less" socialistic than TNG. The Ferengis are portrayed as clowns and go SocDem in the end. That the Federation doesn't use money is hammered home in a lot of episodes. In one of the episodes on earth, they talk about "transporter credits" so they have something like labour vouchers for basic services I guess.
>>150891 Season 7 was already quite a bit of a mess. The whole thing with the Founders becoming ill, Dukat going insane and turning into a Bajoran, etc. was all over the place and it felt like they made it up on the spot.
>>193972 NTA but DUDE! wtf? > I want a huge ass print > Paint is expensive > I wanna print on non-paper to hang it on the wall > Painting on a frame? What is that? Anyway... my 2 cents: print on paper, get a lot of pics, cut out the good parts that you like, do a collage, get a linen or cotton textile for cheap, use the collage as reference OR decoupage dat shit... although from then on it will be near impossible to wash the textile , get a cheap frame or build one from 4 fucking planks , hang it on the wall.
>>194345 >The Ferengis
(102.60 KB 1689x789 zg47eu.jpg)
>>212908 Yeah never got the print but you owned me there lol! I'll paint and its thanks to you comrade thanks for giving me that criticism
(358.21 KB 1920x1201 g5z8fhueqi.jpeg)
Bump cause I hardly found this badly titled thread
(149.22 KB 1920x987 6rdtfzgiu.jpeg)
(118.54 KB 1920x1080 5egwfqdw.jpeg)
(204.89 KB 1200x1200 5egwfeqferwge.jpeg)
>>233901 Those mustard greens look yummy.
>>233908 That's the only problem with them imo. Way too yummy looking to ever be true.
<socialist <most pics are carcucked glass capitalist buildings and city planning like clockwork
(204.76 KB 1700x935 gwrfeqwfeeth2.jpeg)
(84.05 KB 650x497 2t35wq.jpeg)
(100.71 KB 960x540 efwrge5wfe.jpeg)
(112.12 KB 720x509 43545wfe.jpeg)
>>265920 To be that guy that isn't socialist realism, that's Stalinist Gothic.
>>265941 B A S E D
Slightly off topic but on the topic of architecture: In the USSR it was mandated that any building over 5 floors required an elevator. Do you think this was a clever way to force planners to keep the skyline low? If so, what is the ideological reasoning behind keeping the skyline low? Sorry if it's a dumb question but I know little about this and I've seen socialists promote lower skylines before and was wondering if it's a long standing trend that was around before this elevator rule or is entertained because of inspiration by the Soviet's resulting low skylines.
(87.31 KB 480x826 trees1.jpg)
(154.01 KB 748x592 q3rqdaw.jpeg)
>>265950 how about ergonomic considerations climbing ten floors of stairs everyday gets really frustrating really quick.
>>265941 tfw Stalin was a Goth
What role would socialism play as a political system in a civilization with a post-scarcity level economy where the cost of providing people with all of the essentials of life is trivial? And would concepts like capitalism cease to be relevant in such an economy? If you can go to a 'star trek' style replicator and get any item you can think of for near zero cost then the only items that will be scarce are one of a kind handmade works of art. And making a profit, which is a core part of capitalism would be meaningless, since it would be impossible to sell someone something, if they have the ability to make anything they need. Some trade of art and mastercrafted hand made items might still happen, but these would be luxuries that people could happily do without (or make a non unique version of it if they wanted it but were not able to get the original)
>>271379 post-scarcity is based on rationing, basically you have to limit consumption of a minority of megalomaniacs, so they don't use up the basis for post-scarcity of the rest of society.
>>280178 >The only acceptable fashion will be a suit or spandex Choose one.
(26.91 KB 287x321 5465ftgz.jpeg)
>>300629 >spandex lol that's just body paint pic nsfw


no cookies?