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Reality isn’t Real Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 04:45:50 No. 396990
After all of the crazy shit in the last two days of Porkies deciding to end quarantine to save the economy, retarded dission making of the most powerful entities in the world. And other shit I have lost faith in reality being real. It seems like this is all some sort of terrible prank, or some shity computer simulation by some fag sociology professor from an advanced simulation. No way this shit is real, it’s to retarted.
>>396990 Reality exists only to troll the users of bunkerchan.xyz
(450.90 KB 732x408 They'reWaiting.png)
>>396995 now I understand why people use the rope
(13.56 KB 432x194 glow 002.jpg)
>>397012 >yes good revolutionary, kill yourself
>>396990 Finally somebody said it. Thank you! Reality ended after 2015
(23.92 KB 283x380 d.png)
>It seems like this is all some sort of terrible prank, or some shity computer simulation by some fag sociology professor from an advanced simulation. No way this shit is real, it’s to retarted. Have you ever considered this is because it in fact is? The world as we know it is a system run by input output information, as more and more information gorges it the more it has to comply with it, in the modern information superhighway era the world is dictated more by us, by memes, say what you will but /pol/, EVA, and Metal Gear were right about that much, the memes become a part of the world and even the elites must capitulate to it to try and pander to us, this is why you see a major disconnect between the government and competency now, before television was easy to control, MK Ultra was feasible, now they're out of touch, gradually more and more unable to do anything about society, a woman can objectify herself now and make thrice as much as the world's top billed model in a month thanks to her simps, all without a manager or studio, a lot of people previously critiqued art for being too much of a emphasized cartoon of reality but now that we are growing closer to full power at our fingertips reality manifests itself as art by our pen, and perhaps to our own dismay, our art isn't very good. However just like how communism could have been directly established eons ago without any issue but no one chose to, the average human chooses not to do anything with their newfound powers, it's not so much pessimism as much as it is disinterest and defeatism, I remember an old (by now's standards) 8/x/ post where someone claiming to be an alien explained the annunaki left us to our own devices in 2016 but humanity chose to continue to live like the cattle they were conditioned to be before. I choose to believe that even thought the post is blatantly fake there's some truth to it, tomorrow tell Chad Chadinson he can change anything he wants about the world and he'll say "Why?" Modernity has given him the choice to consume, entertain himself, build a bigger body than any of his previous ancestors bar maybe when megafauna was still around but even then, why would he change anything? The reasons you see so much continuous bullshit is due to two things, previous governmental conditioning to keep people in a mindset that always forces them to remember the past, but a fear for the future, and the manifestation of it, and an unwillingness to let the past go or see a brighter future in it's logical paradox of fearing the past will repeat itself if it goes into the future. Bluntly put the next evolutionary stage of a society hive mind in a similar vein to that of a god is in it's early stages, not transhumanism but humanism to it's fullest potential, yet in the most ironic fashion god chooses not to act. Or maybe my immune system has failed me and this is all just delirious rambling from the beginning of a fever since I got my right ear infected and am in constant pain while also being unable to hear anything.
>>396990 what is this anti-materialist garbage
Why is this of all threads bumplocked? Also OP, read Baudrillard if you haven't already.
don't agree with the bumplock of this thread


no cookies?