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Why the most of leftist smoking? Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 09:37:52 No. 391309
I mean the leftist traditionaly smoke. What is this background? And If you smoke why you do?
most of them smoked because most people smoked i dont smoke i drink
>>391309 Usually to cope with the stress of revolutionary activities. HCM got addicted to smoking when he’s on the monitoring list of the French secret service.
(172.66 KB 1024x1024 1sr0y5.jpg)
smoking was/is popular with the working class. a strong amount of leftists come from a working class background. anyway, i smoke because it makes me look both cool AND sexy.
Most people in 20th century smoked whether they were leftist or rightist.
>>391360 /thread
(34.05 KB 668x482 cache_668_482_4853.jpg)
(88.08 KB 399x580 pc-1985-004.jpg)
This is now a communist smokers thread!
>>391351 Smoking is cool and sexy, but years of heavy smoking contributed greatly to my stage three hypertension. Just be careful.
Nicotine is not worth it. Shit drug. Addictive as fuck. Needless expense. Garners psychological instability.
>>391475 The virgin Nic: >Shit drug. Addictive as fuck. Needless expense. Garners psychological instability. CHADerall: >Feel productive for 5-6 hours, feel awesome while being productive, alert, sharp minded, not as addictive as most people think.
Almost everyone smoked back then, this question is retarded I smoke weed personally, I do it to get high
Smoking gives dopamine which usually is scarce in people with psychological problems like stress or depression. The wealthy are less likely to suffer from these problems. I quit, and when I get the urge I take st johns wort and the urge goes away. Waste of money and health. >Buy American Spirits https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4540051/ Despite being grown organically, this still has lead and other chemicals in it. This shouldn't be a surprise as organic means they use pesticides that are still harmful but classified as not pesticides for the purposes of marketing. There are food lawsuits over this currently happening. So maybe with american spirit you intake than the usual brands, but still more than you should be getting, which is zero. You're brain damaging yourself because you've aestheticized a medication.
The answers in this thread are broadly "because revolution is stressful", "because it's cool", and "because many proles smoke". I'm generally in agreement with this. I would also add, I believe that developing chemical addictions to relax is one of the most natural and oldest things that humans have ever done, and the vast majority of humans do (at least a bit). did you know comrade Stalin probably smoked weed? I don't have my source on me, but I do remember reading this. he was after all not a boring White Slav, but a cool Caucasian Georgian, and so he was DEFINITELY familiar with weed (even if he didn't actually smoke it).
>>391767 Slavs are cooler than Europeans.
>>391772 There are "Slav" people in the same vein as there are a "Germanic people", i.e. not really. It's a social construct just as "European" also is. We are one people of one planet. Please reconsider your use of such abstractions.
Cut down on your smoking until you've had the Rona. Smoking may actually kill you for real this time fams.
>>391360 >>391309 /thread I've smoked tobacco for about 10 years now. I started because my grandmother smoked and from smoking weed. At this point it's just nicotine addiction. I've also been clean of all other drugs (including alcohol) for at least 4 years now, I don't have a particular inclination towards addiction but nicotine is a bastard.
>>391617 Adderall is pretty much just speed lol and take it from someone who has done a lot of speed it is definitely not as safe as you think it is. It's fine for moderate use as a "productivity" drug but that perception itself is inextricably linked to Alienation under Capital. Most of the people I know who regularly use adderall quickly become abusers of it and rely on it to get any kind of mental work done whatsoever. I would argue becoming dependant on Adderall is almost as bad as Cocaine
(371.44 KB 438x641 e3jpwewjue141.png)
>>391309 i dont, if anyone has problems stopping smoking, just imagine the cigarette is a penis and when you smoke your sucking dick
>>391772 >>391786 probably a pun about the climate
>>391896 yes, that is the quote I read
>>391896 >ywn try Stalin's dank soviet kush
>>391908 why even bother smoking my shit Canuck grass, if I know that real good Stalinist weed once existed? what could motivate me to smoke this boring shit anymore?
>>391309 Leftists realize the pain of life under capitalism and drug use is simply one way of dealing with this pain.
>>391890 As someone prescribed adderall daily i support this post. My 2 friends who have been prescribed it ended up abusing it, having stim psychosis and quitting as a result of going loony every time they dose. I'm the only one left and always run out a week early and have to take a bunch of propylhexedrine otherwise i just lay around playing video games 24/7. That being said it can be helpful if youre in a really bad place but eventually it'll come and bite you in the ass. Or youll just end up snorting huge amounts of it daily and be done with it in a week after further ruining your life
>>391875 I smoked throughout my early to late twenties and now I'm addicted to nicotine products (gum, patches). I have zero desire to go back to cigs but also zero desire to stop using nicotine products because of this bastard addictive shit
If you're destined to a life of poverty and misery, you wont care about cutting life short a few years.
>>392425 I care because it makes the remaining years even worse
>>392435 Also Stalin etc. had pretty good lives except maybe at the start
>>392435 Don't worry, if you're committed to communism you'll die long before smoking kills you.
>But Lenin did not have some of the traditional risk factors for strokes. >He did not have untreated high blood pressure — had that been his problem, the left side of his heart would have been enlarged. He did not smoke and would not tolerate smoking in his presence. <https://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/08/health/research/lenins-death-remains-a-mystery-for-doctors.html Based Lenin BTFOing nicotinelets also more evidence Stalin was a fag.
>>391896 Is this for real?
>>392474 Actually no, the quote was made up as a shitpost and the original image shows him smoking a tobacco pipe.
>>391617 Cigarettes were invented by God to be consumed while speeding
(201.28 KB 451x433 sdsdsd.png)
Friendly reminder, e-cigarettes are a socialist invention
PLEASE STOP SMOKING/VAPING Apparently it can harm your lung's immune system and make you more vulnerable to covid-19 infections of coronavirus. Switch to other methods of using drugs, please
>>392913 China is not a socialist country, but ok.
>>392913 There's no such thing as a "socialist invention" (even presuming state capitalist regimes = socialism) or "capitalist invention". Should we credit slavery for the cotton gin and feudalism for the Renaissance too?
>>393171 I prefer injecting marijuana straight into my veins. But tbh, I stopped smoking when the covid shit started. Socialists shouldn't self-exterminate
>>393180 It's just making fun of the "you hate capitalism yet you use a computer" talking point
Fell for the weed meme during the stress of prole life and regret it BIG TIME
>>393266 Same.
>>391309 I just started smoking at 12 because I'm a chav and saw older kids doing it.
>>391309 I don't smoke for the plain reason because I'm not of age where I live. I once tried to smoke a cigarette butt for my neighbors but I more so lit on fire. Don't really plan to smoke because I'm not interested in it.
there is no left take on smoking, its just bad for you
>>391309 I'm a casual smoker. Never got addicted to it, but I will smoke when I'm out at festivals or clubs. I think I'm just lucky that I can't stand the smell and don't particularly enjoy the high. Many intellectuals seem to enjoy the act of smoking as it gives one an excuse to sit quietly and ponder for a moment while the inhalation soothes you.
>>393970 How did you know ive had gay sex? I guess it is a mathematical certainty that pothead=homosexual
>>394009 well idk about you but weed makes me gayer
>>394016 do you think I was lamenting it? weed makes me gayer, and being gay is fun
>>393995 I think it is mostly an ADHD thing. ADHD people tend to get known as "intellectuals" among those who know them because you need a combo of fitfull and hyperfocus to write a convincing manifesto or convincingly propound about some shit to your friends that one time and be known as the smart one that one time because you convincingly connected two random dots.
>>394028 fair mistake. light one up with me hetro
(258.24 KB 394x297 Untitled.png)
Because a lot of us are depressed, and tobacco is a nice stress reliever. I occasionally have some dip or smoke a nice cigar when I feel like I need a bit of a mood lifter. Also, I consider it a treat, like anything else. Like eating chocolates, drinking coffee, etc. And tobacco is not that bad for you anyway, if you do it moderation. It's the people who do a can a day, or smoke multiple cigars a day who are more likely to develop cancer, much like people who have McDonald's multiple times a day are candidates for heart disease. Just limit yourself and enjoy.
>>393266 Weed give me anxiety... BIG TIME
>>394188 Try kratom instead. Won't give you anxiety and won't impair you. Just pure emotional lift.
>>394191 Idk taste bad wasn't to impressed. if I had a situation with any hope, adequate housing and some economic autonomy of any kind. I wouldn't beat my head in this escapist HELL What to do when your surroundings are a breeding growned for mental illness? Deprived of the must to ensure sanity?
>>394220 to tell someone who's mentally unwell and in a bad circumstance, they should change their outlook? it's good to have a good outlook but you know what they say about lipstick on a pig. there is no magic potion and there is no magic advice either. if a comrade is in the shit, they are in the shit. the best they could possibly do is take steps to extricate themselves from their circumstances, and I don't know how much >>394207 can do in that regard, and I say that if you gotta escape reality, at least try to escape reality safely.
>>394233 okay mane you don't think I spent years of my life with clinical depression, hearing unwarranted advice from every tom, dick, and harry who had a mouth and two braincells? "outlook" is an abstraction. it's fairydust and intangible. even if you are technically correct, it's a roundabout way of saying what needs to be said. say it simply: you have a problem in your life, so fix it.
>>394236 Everybody is a depression expert and a psychiatrist too. Smh I know my problems for years now, I'm at peace with myself I'm not at peace with the alienation and loneliness. The financial dependence thats eatting my youth. How do you deal with contradictions between your physical reality and your mentalscape.
>>394253 >accept nihilism bro I kinda don't want to? I can't be a nihilist in the stereotypical way its against my intrinsic nature.
>>394253 Its sad to think I'm hopeless stuck without a chance for adequate housing, income... So as the years go by and I'm still the same, it beats on you. I run in cycles of I'm good for few months breaking point then rewind again. Years and years!
(2.32 MB 480x270 elon smoke gif.gif)
I do not smoke, never have never will. It has very little to do with my far-left politics. A big part is that I used to have asthma, but beyond that it is very unhealthy anyway. Really all there is to it.
>>394262 Also I literally have no one to talk to about this, all my "friends" could care less. so it's nice to let it go. Forgive me I know to be better then this qnd generally am.
>>394276 Alright dude. Take up meditation. Seriously. Get perspective. A situation can be objectively worse than another based on certain criteria but your opinion of the situation is always purely subjective. Take the incels for example and how wrapped in their own delusions they are whereas some people go lives without romantic connection and it never eats them up. It's all in the perspective.
>>394279 My prospective is the capitalist class has left people like me to rot, thats my prospective. What is a legitimate pain? One you can be voiced without cliches, we all know being thrown at you. Obviously it subjective! Its the subjectivity of it that makes it dangerous. Because subjectivity doesn't mean illegitimate, subjectivity of emotions doesn't mean emotions aren't felt. Peoples minds can put them through hells worse then in reality "bigger" objectively pains. That being the case there is no scale to emotional pain based in the objective manner . Also feelings I don't think are completely tied to your perspective.
the new socialist man doesnt smoke or do drugs. get a grip degenerates
(718.82 KB 540x788 noposter.png)
>>394367(me) forgot pic
>>394372 the new socialist man shouldnt look down upon consoomerism and anti-social behaviour?
>>394385 i was refering to the sneaker part with "consoomerism"
>>394391 >oh no I was saying the socialist man wouldn't define himself by his choice of shoes just as he wouldn't define himself by his drug usage or his abstinence yes the socialist man shouldnt "define" himself by his abstinence, but living a healthy lifestyle should be seen as an important virtue.
>>391309 The btoad left went from tobacco to weed a while ago, good thing too tbh, it's a better drug and better for you than either alcohol or tobacco
(939.88 KB 1000x1415 snmnk.png)
There was a pretty interesting article I read a few years ago about the smoking preferences of various revolutionaries. It said that Stalin did not actually smoke a pipe. Apparently that was a tactical move to make him look "fatherly" and in private he would chain-smoke cigarettes. It also said that Lenin was against smoking and would make a point of dramatically opening a window whenever someone lit up in his presence. I started smoking when I got my first full time job doing sales and distribution for a fruit company. I come in at 3:30 am, load about 2 tons of fruit into a box truck, and the day driving around the state dropping the fruit off at different grocery stores. Sometimes I would have a 3 hour drive between drop-off locations. I would listen to audiobooks and chainsmoke to stay entertained. When I went to college, there was something of a class divide between the kids that smoked and those that thought it was "yucky". I kept it up because the smoking areas where the only places I could bitch openly about the bourgeois fucks we went to school with and not offend anyone. When I dropped out of school I got a job as a bottom painter at a boatyard. Smoking was my only excuse to take regular breaks, because my contract only allowed two 15 minute breaks per day, but my boss would sort of look the other way when people needed to smoke, I think because he understood nicotine withdrawals and didn't want us to literally seize the means of production (which would have been pretty fucking easy lmao, and very lucrative considering the cost of the equipment and boats we where working on). I quit that job when I moved out of my moms place, and am now unemployed and doing day labor and odd jobs when I can find them. I don't have a good reason to keep smoking, but it is really hard to quit.
(1002.92 KB 1280x720 Awaken my boner.png)
>>395359 You say that, but do you understand how amazing anal feels when high?
Smoking should honestly be banned in a socialist state. The proletariat should not be weakened or sedated by drugs of any kind.
>>395480 >projecting your personal lifestyle aesthetics onto socialism REACTIONARY DETECTED
(3.67 MB 6704x4290 smog-northern-china-2019.jpeg)
>>395480 But choking the workers in smog's fine, right?
>>395490 Only if you add more neon.
>>395490 did you hear that because the production downturn also decreased pollution, the coronavirus actually saved lives instead of killing people.
>>395501 Indeed, but you've got to remember that this is a temporary situation.
The only reason I began smoking at 16 (or was it 15? I don't remember) was because I was an insufferable cunt who idolized Albert Camus. It still feels good on a rare occasion, but really it's just a thing I do and have had trouble quitting.
>>395481 It's not "lifestyle aesthetics", it's objectively bad for your health, smells disgusting and is promoted by capitalists. Anyone who thinks smoking makes you cool is a complete drone programmed by tobacco companies. Socialism demands an iron discipline and if you can't even abstain from tobacco, you're never gonna make it.
>>395490 That is a sign of progress that China is cleaning up as we speak, ultra. >industry bad! medieval agrarian poverty good!
>>395481 wtf i love reaction now
>>391617 You're addicted. Get a grip, bucko.
>>391617 >Not as addictive as most people think Anon... it's meth. I've been addicted to both adderall and meth, and I can tell you definitively that the highs are identical. Meth isn't as addictive as people think it is, but adderall is probably more addictive than people think it is.
(45.05 KB 600x600 fight-club.jpg)
I used to only smoke e-cigarette for years, but they banned e-sales of e-cigarette components, and this shit got old very fast that I have to go to a physical store every time I need to change coils (and not all stores have the coils I need, making it a wasted trip) so I moved on to smoking regular cigarettes again (pack or two per week), alternating with tobacco-free nicotine pouches (popular tobacco product in my euro country). I love to see myself as a considerate smoker - I don't smoke near other people, I never smoke indoors, always away from exits, and I never throw cigarette butts on the street - if there is no trash can, I'll store them in the carton until I find a trash can. Another thing is that I love the working class appeal to it. Like anon in >>395232 said, it's very rare these days that you are bourgie and smoke cigs, which means that people who smoke likely have similar class interests.
>>396142 >Socialism demands an iron discipline and if you can't even abstain from tobacco, you're never gonna make it What about Che, Fidel, and pretty much everyone else that has been mentioned itt? Did they not have that "iron discipline" because they smoked?
is it communist to put the toilet paper backwards facing?
>>395232 >It also said that Lenin was against smoking and would make a point of dramatically opening a window whenever someone lit up in his presence. Lol, sounds like him. >>394188 Same. I have to take it easy whenever I partake. I also cannot crossfade, I just die basically. I haven't smoked in six months, not because I have resolved to quit, I just want to get in better shape, weaken my tolerance and then light up again. However, I do intend to permanently quit at some point in the near future. I know I can't even keep smoking as casually as I once was. I would smoke maybe on average like a pack a month. I have been doing this for 12 years and never became a heavy smoker.
>>397504 They weren't perfect. More communist leaders have abstained from smoking than not.
>>397504 Most workers do not have iron discipline and they are the ones that are going to be instrumental in the future revolution. The smoking, overweight masses are way more important than any diligent cadre.
(26.65 KB 119x127 cockshottemote.png)
>>392351 >>391875 I smoked once or twice in the past, I didn't like the way nicotine/cigs made me feel. Lighheaded and borderline nauseous. Wouldn't recommend
(25.66 KB 619x345 bidet-ass-doosh.png)
>>397521 bidets or these toilet-seat popo-washies are socialist. You know because you don't need to buy toilet paper commodities over and over an over.
>>398024 people would never use that in public restrooms because they think the bidet water is the same as the toilet water
(7.92 KB 463x424 castro-vector.png)
>>397504 >What about Che, Fidel, and pretty much everyone else that has been mentioned itt? Did they not have that "iron discipline" because they smoked? Well Che and Fidel smoked cigars, the nicotin is absorbed mostly through the mouth rather than the lungs. So maybe because cigars are puffed that prevents some of the degradation of lungs. If you think that nicotine will improve your discipline, maybe try patches or gums. That way you can at least test if it's actually the nicotine that is responsible for the effect. It might be that it's not the nicotine and the discipline enhancing effect comes from the oral stimulation of sucking on something. In that case you might just opt for stuffing a small peace of pipe with some herbs that have pleasant odour and ad component to the pipe that mimics the air resistance of a cigar/cigarette and suck on that without actually lighting it on fire.
(1.96 KB 180x195 assblaster.png)
>>398030 Well it's both H2O, so technically this would be the case I don't know why you fear that people would assume that bidets and ass-blasters would be using grey-water.
(1.45 MB 326x256 blissful auts.gif)
>>398030 >tfw cum in the bidet and the next person gets a load of semen blasted up into their ass
>>398030 >t. never been to japan they have bidets on a lot of public toilets, and they are a joy to use usually. sometimes the shitty public toilet ones spray too hard though. some public toilets are squatting toilets, which are also better and you'd need less toilet paper after pooping.
(3.95 MB 2480x3507 sonkosn.jpg)
>>398017 They made me feel that way when I was 14 as well. Not borderline nauseous, but physically ill. It took me years of smoking very occasionally before I could finish a cigarette, but once I got to that point I fell in love with them. I wouldn't recommend trying to get hooked though, it is very hard to quit.


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