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(39.47 KB 1080x564 image_evict.jpg)
RENT STRIKE! Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 03:13:23 No. 390976
SALTING THE LEECH ITT: /leftypol/ TAKES ADVANTAGE OF A GLOBAL CRISIS We need to plan for May 1st to be an online agitation day, so everyone will need to do their best to spread the word. Since a lot of us will be in quarantine, this is a perfect alternative for an outside international worker's day demonstration. We need to contact every syndicate, every communist group, every subreddit. All comrades need to be brought together for this. Let's let our collective autism be the spark that lights the fuel of revolution! The original idea was for this to be a rent strike in solidarity of those who can't pay rent, but it can be something else or something more. POSSIBLE RALLYING POINTS: There are going to be people as soon as April 1st who can't pay their rent. If you pay your rent next month, you condone their eviction Don’t Pay Rent, They Can’t Evict Us All The right to live is above all else How can we phrase this so that people will be called to join in solidarity? How can we build momentum? What communities can we reach?
this whole fad will be over by may 1st lol
>>390979 >poverty >a fad
>>390976 Why not the first Monday of April?
(30.01 KB 198x185 EFFwFL8WwAA8dsE (2).jpg)
le channology thread has arrived
May 1st, International worker's day: Spread awareness about July 1st July 1st, 2020: The day renterism was abolished. We subsidize our employers for the transportation we use to get to work. We're payed pennies but pay a fortune in taxes, while our employers makes a fortune and pay pennies in taxes. Most of our money goes to buy stuff we don't need that we were tricked into buying. If we're lucky, we can sign up for a lifetime of payments for a house to put our useless stuff in. Our landlords don't do anything but collect their cut and evict us when we were more in need than ever. No more transportation costs. No more taxes on workers. No more advertisement and propaganda that makes us spend. No more debt-slavery of any type: car loans, student loans, mortgages, etc. No more rent! We are the majority, the government WILL work for us! We call the shots together, and we say NO MORE RENT!
>>390988 It's in a week. I think 1st of may might be a good day. >>390979 Retarded take.
rent strike is a good idea.
>>390979 I don't think anything will be over in a month anon, the coronavirus is just starting to hit the states
Saw this link on /r/socialism: https://keepyourrent.com/
(193.51 KB 1024x630 asd.jpg)
1st of April is too early.
>>391044 We need to redpill our neighbourhoods, condo buildings and cities, and everyone online. For example we can crowdsource propaganda prints to hang up everywhere, or vinyl stickers.
>>391051 What I mean is it it will take time to set the stage for a convincing strike.
>>391025 of course you did
How does one put up a flier in the rain?
>>391053 We need all the help we can get, idiot. >>391062 Easy mode: Wheat flour Water Hard mode: Wheat flour Water A tinge of vinegar
>>391053 Don't be a retard
The date I keep seeing is April 1st, OP. Sheeit, this is based. Looking forward to this and Mao's solution getting implemented.
>>391078 What was Mao's solution?
(85.19 KB 554x960 maogkgle4ho41.jpg)
>>390976 I'd suggest telling people that there are multiple options of freezing payments, and rolling rent into it. Inform them that there are a number of different ways in which you can save on costs during the crisis, especially if you were laid off. People like saving money, even if they are inherently against communism, socialism, etc. Hell look at all the Maga retards who would happily take the stimulus checks that will be sent out by the government.
>>391091 Based people still post on halfchan?
>>391091 >>391097 I just wanna know what happens when the courts open back up
>>390991 >Rent strikes are like chanology Cringe
This is a great idea
Man I say this as someone who spends a lot of time working for a tenants union you can’t just simply rent strike it requires massive amounts of organisation. I wish the best and we have been discussing similar things but very difficult to do with just the internet
>>390991 You really need to go back.
Worth noting that bailiffs will likely not be working since they get a regular wage and they will be in quarantine.
>>390992 Wouldn't May 1st be the better day for the rent strike? April 1st seems too soon to pull off and July 1st is too far away.
>>391591 >implying bailiffs won't be declared essential workers
>>391359 I know multiple people who are going to have to organize one over the coming months, and I'm sure everyone else in this thread does too; you should start a serious thread informing people and making all the resources available for them if you have experience. One of my friends just had their property management company change the manager of their building and they just so happened to pick a guy who has convictions for racism related to evicting people before. Completely unsurprising, naturally, but they're already bringing out the thugs in droves
>>391595 Doesn't matter if they are or not, they won't go to work. People are forgetting Absenteeism is gonna be a major thing going forward.
>>390991 chanology did mobilize a lot of people into the streets at once point. I would take it
(18.73 KB 207x320 GSDrookEngsm.preview.jpg)
Folks, the idea of a General Strike is inching closer and closer every day. What can we do to get the message across to everyone that the not need to die to try and restablilize this economy and instead make the government bend their knee to them
>>391970 Unironically through Twitter astroturfing and other social media
>>392273 make accounts! Prepare for the date! Get and share a folder of relevant pictures and copypasta.
(8.48 KB 259x194 images.jpeg)
change teh world with internets!
Don't forget to take advantage of May Day or Cinco de Mayo (Marx's birthday) to spread awareness of striking!
>>392383 We’re taking it back!
People seem to be talking about it. More and more.
>>392383 Yes, organising on the internet is possible, and during a pandemic it's one of the only possible ways to do so.
(35.63 KB 761x355 ybc0wbj22wo41.jpg)
>>396515 100% agree, don't understand what's up with doomers who seem to think class organization isn't possible when nearly every human being now carries a little device with them that connects them with the rest of the planet Now all those people can't leave their houses and are glued to the internet Now's the time to organize and rally
(733.33 KB 959x827 Screenshot_20200325_225228.png)
>>397077 Critically support the Cheesecake Factory against Landlord aggression!
>>397077 Based >>397066 This >>397154 This
>>397077 >mfw businesses and individuals collectively refuse to pay rent during the pandemic >mfw everyone including porky realizes landlords are useless parasites that are completely unnecessary >mfw after the pandemic capitalism still exists but all real property ownership is based on occupation and use and a land value tax is instituted
So if someone has just signed a lease to a luxury home, they get to stay for free? How is that fair to those of us that live in crappy apartments? We'd be paying the same price.
>>397154 Class collaboration between the cheesecake proletariat and the cheesecake bourgeoisie can only lead to cheesecake fascism.
For whatever reason I choose to get a little shitty apartment in a mostly suburban area. Now I'm the only prole in PMC land and even during a pandemic there is jack shit I can do that doesn't involve driving to the nearest city. This fucking sucks.
(86.67 KB 786x824 rentstrike.jpg)
The tenant unions participating in the strike are good, but they need to be ready to take the next step. They need to be ready to demand everything. Squatting, eviction resistance, collectively bargaining for complete ownership, etc.
(113.83 KB 640x597 rentstrike1.jpg)
(89.06 KB 640x553 rentstrike2.jpg)
>>396884 >>398278 >Its actually happening It has begun. The Culling of Landlords
>>398278 >2. pic Words can't convey how based this is Landlords discovering they're not really needed after all
>>398323 The other comments discussing how to respond were essentially "sue the construction workers for being unlicensed or uninsured"
>>398348 Mask off I guess. Then again, one should expect nothing less from a subreddit dedicated to porkies of all things. Imagine what the jury would think, though
If I were a landlord, I'd be scared that they would all pack their stuff and take it elsewhere without me knowing, and then collectively set the building on fire at the same time. The fire department wouldn't know which apartment started it, because they all started at the same time (perhaps they started from top to bottom so people have a chance to run down the stairs). Really scary if you think about it.
>>398374 Why would they all choose homelessness just to spite their landlord? That makes zero sense, especially considering the landlord's probably insurance payday
>>398379 fugg, your comment made me realize that the most rational choice for a landlord in a rent-strike situation might just be to arson their buildings
>>398278 This is too good to be true, got to be leftist bait.
>>398437 I had that same thought. The OP is a month old account.
(32.16 KB 998x628 steve harvey meme.jpg)
>>397077 >tactical unity with the fucking Cheesecake factory against landlords They are going to try to use this for clout to keep people from agitating for better wages.
>>398278 >they don't need to pay me for maintenance because the construction workers who live there will take care of it for free >I feel like I am stuck in Twilight Zone This solidarity is gonna make me fuckin COOOOOOOOOOM
(299.21 KB 2000x2000 emergancystrike.jpg)
(285.10 KB 1024x1024 rentstrikenow.jpg)
>>397107 Is this an Onion article? BASED
>>398800 >2. pic <landord You guys need to proof-read these before distributing them, smh
(902.00 KB 1024x1024 rentstrikenowapril.png)
>>398881 couldn't find the exact font but changed the month to april and fixed landlord
(2.10 MB 360x202 3u7nlh.gif)
>>398278 >not even needed for muh maintenance big if true
Can almost guarantee a lot of the people talking about this rent strike shit are living with their parents or in a position where it won't effect them. Tumblrite parasites have never feared homelessness.
>>399327 I pay rent
>>399327 Every argument against strikes relies on a fear of what duh companies are gonna do if the workers misbehave. Rent strikes? You'll go homeless! Work strikes? You'll lose your job! It's always the same.
>>397172 Henry George would be COOMing from his grave


no cookies?