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Anyone willing to do a Marxist analysis on celebrity? Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 20:52:20 No. 390174
Honestly, what/how should they be understood as? They have excess wealth and many celebrities own some capital so they can make some money even when not working. However celebrities do work and indeed survive from the exorbitant wages given to them by their bourg owners as well as money gained through the commodification of their image. And their seeming role in capitalist society is to forego value-production in favor of existing as living idols for capitalist society. Do they exist for the spectacle? Do they even have inner lives? Are they anything more than dancing monkeys for the bourg? I know they arent artists since their "art" is directed by the bourg or by actual artists (such as writers, directors, etc). What they be tho?
>What they be tho? Rentiers who rent their image out. Not wage laborers.
They are the cultural gatekeepers of acceptable political thought.
>>390459 Think that’s about it? I think it’s more, the almost religious devotion to these people encouraged is honestly disturbing.
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Humans are social animals, and having a parasocial relationship with a cultural or political figure is an easy way for our monkey brains to relate to the world we live in.
Celebrities today play the role that clerics played in Feudalism, they exist to promote the ideology of capital. However what makes their condition unique is that the ideology of capital itself is not fixed but rather shaped by the chaotic forces of the market. Sorry if this sounds like bullshit, but I'm writing this half-asleep at 3 AM.
This has nothing to do with communism but I would take great pleasure in seeing celebrities executed. In the event of a revolution, I wish to be at the gates of celebrities and "important" people just to have them see the hideous poor burst through and butcher them. Yes I know, edgy stuff. But I really, really hate celebrities, even e-celebs should get this treatment too.
>>390794 So basically, celeb culture is inherently in constant flux? For me i started wondering this because of how manufactured celebrities clearly are once the pageantry and bullshit of capitalism is torn away. For instance, that Billie Elish girl who basically came from nowhere with a completely different image and style than her original one to get boosted super high by whoever her bourg managers are. Crazy to think I’ll see this person advertised and yet have never even heard her music.


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