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(288.71 KB 1020x768 Future.gif)
Worldbuilding Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 15:29:14 No. 38726
Alright Comrades, I had this Sci fi story idea that i don't think that I'll finish alone, so basically our main protagonist is the Planetary Union Of Socialist Republics, existing over 700 years since 2081, since then multiple revolutions across the galaxy has happened and all are allegedly started by the PUSR, Anyways, an alliance between the Socialist Stellar nations were formed, called the Interstellar Union Pact (Feel free to change that.) It kinda mirrors the Warsaw Pact in this world.

So in the present times, the IUP is currently engaged in a cold war with two other alliances, one was capitalist and one was Fascists whic I haven't named yet.

Our story revolves around the Commissars who assist in the revolutions across the Universe, preferably there are 9 commissars.

And that's what I built in the story so far, and now I pass it onto you comrades, contribute to this worldbuilding and hey this could become Leftypol's project but who knows.
>And that's what I built in the story so far
Don't stop, it's nearly done!
(74.30 KB 703x794 DQo79ZjVoAALQSL.jpeg)
>700 years
>still haven't abolished the present state of things
(549.12 KB 1498x2000 1560944042873.jpg)
Feel free to change things cuz this story is far from over.
What is the technology like?
Do the people within the three sector have a material need to interact with each other?
What are the territories of all three blocs and was the PUSR created from the former two blocs?
(71.69 KB 800x450 1555320974930.jpg)
I haven't really established that because this is a fresh idea.but feel free to contribute.
What makes the number 9 so special
How does Capitalism still exist, what is space Fascism even?
The Number 9 is kinda special because they are responsible for finding and covering up the super weapon they found which might end the Galactic cold war, as for the the space Capitalism, I haven't really established that, but for space fascism, they kinda have this Imperium of man/Galactic Enpire vibe, very xenophobic and authoritarian.
But to answer some of your questions, the PUSR has developed Nanotechnology and lightspeed travel like any other stellar nations, regarding the former two blocs, the two anti communist bloc didn't really exist until the PUSR started the revolution, so I guess the IUP formed itself from non-aligned movements
Lemme just say that the PUSR was the first Socialist state in the galaxy
No i mean, why is the NUMBER 9 important, why does ithave to be 9. There's always autism about numbers in fiction
Well feel free to change it dude it's our story now
Wait I retract my statement, usually Commissars work in pairs, like Jedi-Padawan training
This sounds like a very interesting idea to collectively write a story like this, but may I give some suggestions?
I think it might be better to set up the setting, its rules (is it hard science, pop science, hard science with a particular element which changes everything), rudimentary back story (are there some kind of more advanced civs, were there precursors, did some kind of horrific event happened long ago and the current galaxy is just now recovering, thus everyone is around the same level, also perhaps there are some really special places in this galaxy?). Also, how large is the "plot space" (is it the whole galaxy (which opens up the 40k problems of no large empire possibly existing without huge decentralization), or maybe it uses some kind of hyperplanes, wormholes etc. with which you can limit the "plot space", since only a few from the billions of systems would be connected). Also, how rare are "good" planets (rare and sought after or mostly common). And how about the aliens, are they just rubber heads with some sort of human ideology imposed on them which they should represent, or are they so different that their societies are unrecognisable to anything human?
This might be a lot to set up, but I believe we as a community could do it, hell, I am up to the task if anything, and once the actual story starts, it will be far more interesting to see the rise of space communism in a galaxy that feels deep, and not like a generic sci-fi setting.
Also, maybe its just me, but the actual rise of this socialist space block sounds way more interesting for starters, as through writing up the events that came before, seeing the later ones will be far more interesting, and the actual nature of the civilisations will be more clear.
I don't know too much about science, that's why I had the idea of collective writing and this seems to be the perfect place, as for aliens, most of them are human-like, skin colors have different tones and the such, their ideologies however are also human but with a few differences.
Also if you comrades are wondering what the title of the story is, I call it "The Final Internationale"
So let's try to set out general basics for the setting. I would personally say that some sort of hyperlane type of space travel is the best choice, since with it the amount of star systems could be limited and expanded as needed, and it also opens up interesting possibilities like hidden hyperlanes, knowledge of which would let fleets to bypass certain systems and the like, or massive space stations being built on chokepoints to lock down or secure passage. Also, if someone managed to figure out FTL travel without the need of hyperlanes, that would mean a discovery of a potential superweapon.
Go on.
Alright here it goes:
The year is 1789 Post "insert name here", hundreds of years after the "War of extinction", Earth was a polluted, overpopulated(for its time, number is either unknown or up to you guys) and brutal world of proxy wars and crime, the cold war never ended bettween the warsaw pact and NATO, both developing horrible weapons of mass destruction besides building unending arsenals of nuclear bombs and both with warcrimes, corruption and civil unrest up their necks. Nobody knows who ended the world, everyones bet is that it was some terrorist but that doesnt matter since Earth died that day in 2010, the war lasted 3 years and then the enviroment collapsed. In 2100 a cabal of scientist and survivors in bunkers from both sides and more sent a device to space where it would try and contact an Alien civillization through an anomaly in Pluto's orbit long theorised to have been artificially created but no one was sure. 2273 they came, our saviours were completely... well.. alien, we couldnt understand them, they couldnt understand us, but they understood our situation
When they took us they put us to sleep, when we woke up we were on a paradise, similar to our dear Earth... too similar. The Alien were very blunt about what they had done, when we were asleep they experimented on us, a few died, but humanity was forever changed, the positives are that we no longer had the afflictions and disadvantages our old blood had, the negative is that a lot of us were neutered, The saviours communicated through images and videos, they showed us everything, them finding a moltens rocks and transforming them into
Earth copies and putting all 200million of us in all of them, we were separated from our kin. Then they left, we couldnt believe what just happened, but it was time to rebuild, they left ALL of our tecnology and history inside these black monoliths, even things we didnt record which proved they had been watching us from the beginning.
And this is where i leave you guys to figure things out.
Heres an idea for making technology work without straight up magic: The universe was created on accident by 4th dementional beings. none of them entered our universe but some of their atoms and bacteria did. these bacteria and atoms are able to preform the usual magic tricks using their special 4th dimensional properties interacting with our matter. trying to wield 4th D matter without some sort of augmentation results in being time-ripped-apart. and they were hidden enough that they were not discovered until like 2200 or something.

because they exist outside our normal understanding of the universe you can have instant teleportation/communication, cool space guns that destroy objects on the atomic level, mega superconstructions, supercomputers that would not be otherwise obtainable in our reality.

however it may still be to idealistic for a materialist book.
I'm afraid this thread is gonna die soon, we need somewhere else to do this or atleast have the whole board notice this
>Socialist vs Capitalist and fascist
What an archaic dynamic for sci fi politics. Fascism is one of the end point of capitalism when it has reached the peak of crisis and capitalism just won’t work under a post-scarcity setting like this.
A better Cold War would be Cybernetic Communism vs UBI radlib socdem vs alliance of mega corporations.
It’s always the insane Posadists who gave the best scifi ideas.
Too be fair I had been thinking about how i would write a materialist fanatsy book for a while. its also probably how GOT magic, and starwars force works as well.
As far as I can tell nobody has done a bio-tech sci-fi
story with genetic encoded knowledge, as technological improvement on books/databases, used to explore the class character of information/education access.

You have to invent hand-waving-tech for dna to have more storage capacity, but it's not that far off.
Magic is materialist if its real, so things wouldn't change much besides a higher level of secularism and rationale instead of cultists going to villages to sacrifice virgins, Gods would probably be actually rational and reasonable with an impressionable follower base or just lovecraftian
>Magic is materialist if its real

true but cultural ideas are reflected in stories we tell so even if in-book-universe magic is real, it reinforces spooks in the real world.
Alistair Reynolds did to some extent in Revelation Space, when talking about post Melding Plague Chasm City.
Revelation Space is a pretty fun space opera or w/e you call that kind of shit, the guy who wrote it was some physics nerd that was part of the European Space shit.
(548.16 KB 1078x1982 1562764679788.jpg)
I'm gonna need everybody to agree on the setting of the story so we could move on with other aspects, contribute your ideas to help this story grow. Who knows, maybe we'll be more influential than pol because of this project
Wait is Revelation Space worth reading, does it explore a society with people that have genetic knowledge in sufficient depth ?

Have you considered collaborative writing tools
like for example etherpad.
honestly I feel that a story taking place near when humans start exploring other stars would be better because it gives an more limited scope that's easier to write.

try this prompt

earth was destroyed by climate change (kinda trope-ie but whatever) and there are 3 or 4 colonies on mars Venus and somewhere near the asteroid belt. the aster colony(s) provides materials and goods too the inner planets, they are mostly industrialist commie states with varying tendencies. mars is the food planet with a agrarian feudalism shtick going on. In order to survive on the harsh martian landscape massive greenhouses were constructed that lead into that system. good place to explore how capitalism basically forces people into serfdom maybe? Venus is where the rich went and enjoy some transhumanist technological paradise living in hedonism. nobody lives on the surface because the atmosphere is dense so they basically live in cloud city. maybe a reflection on how elites don't face consequences for their actions and might benefit from it. maybe a outer solar system planet for exploration and story purposes.

After writing it out however it feels essentialistic to give each society a single defining characteristic that seemingly is intrinsic and unchanging

however it is a good melting pot for different story branches to unfold in how each society interacts with one another and solve similar problems and explore the weaknesses and strengths of each
How about this
Earth is still livable in some areas but everywhere else is a wasteland or a shithole (maybe a paralle to the way we treat the elderly and how the elderly can be cancer sometimes) and the colonies all struggle to survive but the best one that is on Mars is properous due to resource abundance and high habitability, Venus is uninhabited cuz fuck that, mercury is a mining and sun farming colony with limited hydroponics, the belt and outer colonies are just that colonies that struggle with Earth/Mars oppression, all farming is done in rotating low grav habitats.
The main problem i have with this setting is that it is too similar to the expanse series
So how can the PUSR form after all of the shitstorm?
Alright. I was away for a bit, so I couldn't write up more, but I did think up some ideas.
I quite enjoy the idea of >>39577 as a base for the PUSR backstory, even if it sounds a bit familiar to The Expanse.
So here is how I see it. The date is somewhere in the 22nd century, and the human civilization is still stuck with dying late stage capitalism, which was able to live on because of inter-solar colonialism. The society is somewhat similar to modern day US at least on Earth, a republic with no real democracy and large amount of pseudo-fascist tenancies. Personally I see Mars as an autonomous part of Earth, still economically and legally dependent, which is slowly trying to attain independence by becoming more self reliant (in some ways similar to modern China perhaps). Mars is the most successful of Earth's colonies. Then there is the Asteroid Belt, which is the source of all the industrial goods for the systems, with it being spit up between multiple corporations of Earth, Earths nation states (if they still exist, not sure about this point) and Mars, which operates under state capitalism in my mind. The Belt was originally a place of opportunity and it's workers had mostly alright working conditions and really good pay, but as the labour supply increased and the rate of profit fell, life there turned to shit, prison colonies were also established, filled up with regular criminals from Earth and with dissidents that had fake charges trumped up against them. There is generally quite a bit of dissent over in the belt (however it depends on the certain location, as certain companies are better at quelling it, and the Martian section still treats the workers relatively well, though it is getting worse there too. The Belt is the furthest the mankind has ventured out so far, apart from a few far off small outposts. The system, at least for now, is stable. There were a few failed mass strikes on the belt, as well as a couple of mass spread demonstrations back on Earth, but all of them were easily managed by the ruling elite. It might change slowly in time, but not soon. However... (will continue this shortly later)
(24.04 KB 480x360 Arduous March.jpg)
So in >>38841 I mentioned writing in a way where there would be one but only one unrealistic and not really scientific thing which would shake everything up and would work as the main backbone for the setting. This what I will now write up will be exactly that.
I don't really know exactly how best to describe it, so sorry if it all will sound a bit messy.
The way I see this setting is that FTL or just Light Speed travel is impossible (or at least accessible only to a type 3-ish civilization). Another thing is that I would like to see most civilizations starting on a relatively similar tech level. If technological interstellar travel is basically impossible, then there must be some kind of substitute for it in natural travel: either wormholes or hyperlanes. So my idea is this: what if this vast network of hyperlanes opens up for the galaxy in a single, cataclysmic event? Perhaps this was the greatest achievement of some ancient precursor civilization, which then fell to disrepair as its creators died out or somehow left the galaxy, or transcended their regular form, and now this ancient network powered back up again because of some reason that no one knows yet? Or maybe the network is a natural part of the galaxy, lighting up and down, kind of like like the Earth's ice ages? And this cataclysmic event that happens once the network lights up is what breaks the status quo back on the solar system I wrote out in the previous post entirely.
I will now try to write out the exact course of events that I see happening:

Hour 0:
The brightness of the sun almost doubles for a time period of a few minutes, later returning to it's original, albeit slightly brighter form. It coincides with a never before seen massive solar flare. Most electrical devices on Earth are fried, a large amount of people who were outside are blinded or receive other eye damage.
The same impact is felt on Mars, but far weaker, and a total black-out is avoided.
The Belt is far away enough to avoid practically all of the damage.

Week 2:
Earth has descended into anarchy. Attempts to fix the networks are in wain, as all of the satellites and spaceships are fried, governments, which were largely digitized, lost all of their data, and the same happened to every Terran's bank account, and since the society was cashless, destroys everyone's life savings. Cities fall to anarchy, supply lines and production ceases, military is mostly helpless to keep order, as it's technology was fried too.
Mars government holds, but there is a high risk of famine, as Mars still is not self sufficient enough, and Earth is now gone as a source of resources. A lot of radical new ideas are being discussed on how best to handle the crisis, and it is ultimately decided to take complete control over the planets economy in order to be able to handle the massive restructuring needed to achieve self sufficiency and repair the damage of the flair as soon as possible. The Martian Arduous March begins.
The Martian sector of the belt is recalled back to their homeworld and the belt defense fleet is practically disbanded, since both the Terran and Marian vessels are tasked to return. There is a massive unrest in the Belt, especially with the security only being made of from private company mercenaries (since the mega corps had a lot on influence on Earth, the government forces were tasked with keeping order in the belt to save costs for companies). The riots are being led by a lot of left-wing dissidents that were exiled from Earth to the prison colonies. The security forces are unable to hold, and the insurrection is successful, the first workers revolution of the 22nd century succeeds.

Alright. I feel a bit tired now, but will definitely continue this tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to reach the point by which I fully introduce the hyperlanes of this setting, but I want to do it all step by step. So what do you think about what I wrote up just now, hopefully it isn't too bad
this is based asf.
The belt should be called the Industrial union (the union of industrial republics)
Can i make a guess as to how the tech works in this universe?
Sure thing, I haven't really thought about it, so it would be interesting to see your thoughts.
PS, I'll be of till tomorrow and will hopefully continue the story / flesh out the things I wrote today
Alright here it is:
The tech before the collapse wasnt that much more advanced than what we currently have predicted for 2220, mainly because tecnological advancement started to stagnate in 2050 due to REALLY late stage capitalism, however we still figured out how to make Fusion power, which changed the landscape of our technological consciousness forever. Basically this universe is fusionpunk with cyberpunk characteristics and maybe some solarpunk since most agricultural goods arent planted on the ground of planets or asteroids but on orbiting spinning stations that receive organic matter produced on the belt from ice asteroids to grow food. Nanotech is everywhere and so is gene editting, everyone in this universe is to some degree transhuman, meaning no disabled people born out some shit genes, transgendered people pratically dont exist since HRT actually works and the genes for trans are usually cut off from the sequence due to moral reasons, this applies to most if not all dieseases and complications(autism, dwarfism, gigantism), the bourgiese use and abuse of transhumanist tech meanwhile the poor can barelly afford to make their children be born without cancer. Nano machines arent fucking OP and mostly act like a fungus or a plant or a sea animal, only difference is that you can program their behaviour but much like program you cant do crazy shit like Neo in Matrix. Spaceships are powered by chemichal, plasma and nuclear(fusion) engines, their usage depends on context, like plasma is used for long travels, chemichal is used when radiation and heat from nuclear can actively harm people like in stations.
One last thing, since tech on materials has advanced that means architecture looks fucking sick
(1.23 MB 1400x900 Sundari.png)
Alright, so I was think and have decided that today, before continuing to write the events following the Collapse, I will flesh out Mars and The Belt more.
For the time being I am setting the date of The Collapse at around 2150.

Mars was the first step that the Earth Government laid out for the colonization of the Solar system. There didn't really exist a real plan of what would be the purpose of the effort like there was with The Belt, where the idea was always to extract resources. The larger corporations at the time weren't as influential as in later years, however many of them started out in this time period by being contracted by the government to develop technology for the colonization, which eventually cemented the status of these companies as the biggest players around. Most of them were specialized, in time coming to dominate their particular branch of space-faring and colonization technology, be it engines, ship hulls, hydroponic technology or habitation. The first colonists landed by 2070, but by 2100 the colony was already expanding quite rapidly, especially with the help of better and better engine models being developed. With the colonies growth the question of governance was addressed. It was clear that direct control by EarthGov would be too hard to effectively maintain, and the people of Mars wanted to have more independence themselves. Thus the planet was given some autonomous liberties, but was still forced to export more industrial goods, as an exchange for the Earths efforts to develop the planet, which in turn meant that more of Martian economy was focused on keeping up with export quotas, rather to develop proper self-sufficiency, which then meant that Mars was stuck, unable to attain more freedom or reduce the exploitative export quotas, as they were reliant on Earth to supply the planet with needed goods. This situation only started to slowly improve with further development of The Belt, as Mars was able to establish trade with certain Belter corporations, which meant the ability to import needed goods for development of the planet without Earth raising the quotas in return*. At the time of The Collapse Mars was able to independently produce enough food to avoid a complete collapse, but not enough to avoid a famine.
*This is a bit of a change from what I wrote earlier with Mars owning a part of the belt. After thinking about it more, and about how I see the story going later, I thought this would fit better.
Also a small note on Mars is that the planet didn't have any local corporations, with these being located on Earth, and as I mentioned before, operated under state-capitalism, unlike Earth, which is basically neoliberal.

I think that is pretty much what I have in mind, with most things before The Collapse being low tech, with the exception of engines, as fast sublight travel would be required for proper interplanetary supply lines. I don't really know how I feel about the transhumanist aspects. It might be interesting, but there wouldn't be that much point to it, as the only tech that will survive the collapse will be what was available on Mars, a successful, albeit not too well developed colony, and on The Belt, a place where the most impoverished parts of this civilization toil away. Architecture is probably highly split on Earth, with Bladerunner slum cities being most common, but with incredible utopian-looking mega-cities for the ultra-rich existing on the planet as well. Mars would probably have a largely functionalist architecture because of the need to preserve all of the possible resources, but it would be located in really large bio-domes, making it quite interesting view, could look somewhat similar to pic related as well.

Anyway, I planed on fleshing out The Belt as well, but that will likely have to wait 'till tomorrow as I am a bit tired now.
>in sufficient depth
Not sure what you would count as sufficient depth since I got out of the STEM trap just in time.
But if you like scifi shit then honestly his books are the way to go, it has bullshit but less bullshit than most.
(512.90 KB 1231x2000 1555231072446.jpg)
Aight, OP here, gone for a while but I'm back, I see that the Final Internationale is building up well, let's keep this up comrades
What is wrong with the transhumanist thing? I'm pretty sure i have laid out in a way that fits with the theme that is Space capitalism. Also, thoughts on the engine system i've laid out?
(488.92 KB 1247x2000 1554279187475.jpg)
So comrades, how does the society of the PUSR work? Does money still exist? Does the government rank their citizens or some shit?
My main issue isn't really with transhumanism part, but the nano tech, as I always saw it as something quite high-tech, at least out of reach for what I have in mind for pre-collapse society (it is not a very distant future, merely around 100 years+). I think transhumanism could be an interesting addition, with the super-rich slowly modifying themselves into demigods, but I don't see a transhummanist culture taking over the society as you describe in >>40680, as the technology, especially since it would be still relatively young, would only be available to the super rich, with even petty bourgeoisie and labour aristocrats being unable to properly have an access to it.

For the time being I would like to flesh out the earliest backstory first and see how it all looks from there, but currently I see the society that will later become the PUSR being a Cockhott-esque Cyber Socialism, that would possibly transition to Communism at some point in the future
>>41885 Continuation
Since I fleshed out the founding of Mars the last time, I'll do it to The Belt now.

The Belt
The colonization of Mars resulted in the opening of a new extremely profitable and fast growing industry of Interplanetary Mineral Extraction. The influx of the new industrial resources from Mars led to massive new development projects on Earth. It was soon obvious that minerals from Mars will not suffice, even with drastically increasing it's production quotas. Thus the project "insert name here" was drawn up to begin new colonizing efforts to the asteroid belt, rich with easily accessible minerals, and a specific asteroid was chosen as the staging ground for the project (I will link a strawpoll at the end so we might vote for which. Ceres makes most sense, but that is the capital of the Belt in the Expanse, so I would say another asteroid should be chosen instead). The colonization efforts were done under the watch of EarthGov, but with the biggest corporations being contracted to complete them, which only further cemented their influence. The main hub was quickly established on the (((chosen asteroid))), and further mining stations, funded and owned by different corporations, started to spread out from this hub. This region of space, even though it is called The Belt, only encompasses around 1/10 of the asteroid belt, all around the hub at the time of The Collapse, though it was expanding further. Earth military "protects" the belt, in other words they send out troop transports from their main base on (((chosen asteroid))) to mining outposts whenever the workers start causing more trouble than the corp security can handle with. The Belt has a few hydroponics stations, however these are too few to make the region self-sufficient, thus outside imports are necessary, though the corporations have gotten quite stingy with the amount they are willing to buy from Earth and ship over to The Belt. Water is gained mainly from ice asteroids on The Belt, thus it is not that much of a problem. Some companies shipped their massive resource processing plants over to the belt. While the EarthGov is unhappy with this, they don't really have the political power to change this. Originally, as I said in >>40439, The Belt was a place of opportunity, where professional engineers could work in relatively good conditions for a good pay, however over time the need for resources increased, and with a lot of people viewing The Belt as a place of opportunity and being willing to go there, the hiring requirement were over time practically abolished, allowing anyone to join. Wages took a huge hit, and with unions being a huge taboo for the better part of the last century, Belters had no bargaining power anymore. Working conditions went to hell, 996 became a common thing. Any discontent was quickly put down. With Earth slowly experiencing more discontent over time, prisoner colonies were created, both for actual criminals, and for political activists, who got persecuted by Neo-McCarthyist policies. These weren't labour camps, more like Australia, with the prisoners being taken in to the workforce by different companies at different mining outposts. It was thought that they were harmless, since no Belters ever managed to properly challenge the company rule, however underground societies formed, which eventually became the nucleus for the Belter revolution after The Collapse.

That is what I got for today. Feel free to comment or to give any suggestions.
Finally, here is the asteroid poll https://www.strawpoll.me/18538001
Nanotech as i said shouldnt be OP as fuck but instead it acts just like sea sponges and jellyfish, only difference is that they programmable, also what are your thoughts on fusion and the drive system i proposed?
Would be interesting to see that kind of nanotech, I would guess that it would probably be mostly something used by the rich, and not too accessible to the general populace?
As to the fusion drive, I don't really know enough about it, more precisely how powerful would it be. The way I see the propulsion systems before the Collapse would be quite well developed, not too OP, but good enough to make what would be year or longer trips with current IRL tech into month to week long ones. So I don't really know if fusion drive would be exactly that, or too good, or too week, so I would like to know more about them first.
Also I'm logging of now so will reply only tomorrow.
Never go with lightspeed or even worse FASTER than lightspeed bullshit, NEVER
If you want fast "spaceships" just stick to something that is as close but not there yet (and can't ever get there yet). Also it might be more interesting if you also don't really do away with years, but just slam people in cryogenic chambers or whatever the shit and let them fly for months/years, it would do wonders to the complete FUCK UP that is logistics.
(188.33 KB 297x244 Screenshot_3.png)
Good job, comrades! Thanks to your efforts it looks like this project will be a major success. I have one question, though, are we going to post this somewhere once it is done or will it just be our secret thing?
(10.75 KB 400x237 natnites.jpeg)
>Would be interesting to see that kind of nanotech, I would guess that it would probably be mostly something used by the rich, and not too accessible to the general populace?

We are already using nano-tech, this only refers to a scale of 1×10^-9 m or on millionth of a millimetre. It can be found as coating on optical glass as well as ingredient of cleaning agents, pharmaceuticals, paints and industrial-surface-treatment,...

Maybe you meant nanites as in nano scale robots.
Depends on how satisfied we are with this project, if good enough, we will probably post it on reddit or find a way to print it
(530.79 KB 1314x2000 1554099095329.jpg)
So how about alien contact? I thinking that it would be the PUSR that'll discover other lifeforms but I'll let you guys decide
Nah too complicated, also Star Trek aliens are really ghey
So I guess there's no Galactic cold war then?
Just do some great filter type of deal to describe why the ayyyymaos are gone, if you really want them, hint but REALLY SUBTLY at there still being something out there.
Too bad, aliens would've made things more exciting
(522.20 KB 800x500 Sunless_Skies_2.png)
I think that we shouldn't abandon the idea of alien civilizations, especially since it is possible to make them be far more than one-dimensional stereotypes or Star Trek rubber heads. The way I see what I am writing to go forward would pretty much require them, since my backstory intends to finish up most general internal struggles of humanity (at least for a time) and set up a scenario ripe for space exploration. Also I do have some ideas for interesting Ayys. The thing is just this, I want to take a bit of a break from writing this, as I don't want this little cool project to start becoming a detestable job for me. Currently I plan to return to writing and continuing from >>43182 coming weekend. I personally would recommend all of you who want to get involved in the project to think up some interesting Ayys, maybe precursors or other galactic wonders that are there to be discovered once the inter-system hyperlanes open up.
What would make it really interesting is have them be extinct maybe because capitalism made them so
You could make them pseudo-immaterial beings that humans can barely interact with, so the story relies on piecing together how they actually managed to transcend the physical universe in order to find out where they went or something. That would make them pretty interesting.
You could also do what this guy >>45325 said.
(4.01 MB 3500x1942 elon spy.png)
Hey you know what, you could just turn this concept >>>/GET/5674 into a villain lol
(24.79 KB 770x470 Sunless_Skies.jpg)
Well my main idea is to hopefully have a wide variety, and not have them all be x or y. I was also thinking about the transcending the physical universe idea, but more specifically for the precursors, who left behind rare but magnificent ruins and highly advanced tech. The idea about civilizations being extict because of capitalism is also a good one, but I wouldn't want it to be applied to all of them. Some quick ideas in my head would be having civilizations which achieved wildly different results after the collapse (as in my mind this event happened to all of the systems that were connected to the hyperlane network once it reactivated) with some of them being too high tech dependent and going extinct, or being unaffected by it since their planets were further away from their sun and thus being able to start exploring the stars sooner, or maybe some took it as a religious event. Also I am thinking about having species who, because of their far different biology, act far different from humans, maybe a full on selfish game theory type society, or hive-esque one, that is highly collectivist or a JP crab society where everyone is a nomadic self reliant nomad?
(426.87 KB 1121x2000 1551573472410.jpg)
How about some hostile aliens to defend the PUSR? They could be Fascists.
(40.85 KB 853x480 transcending.jpeg)
>pseudo-immaterial beings
>transcending the physical universe idea

What does this mean ?

"energy beings" (which is nonsensical in physics) and should probably be called particle-cloud-beings, if this refers to the common sci-fi trope, depicted by somebody starting to glow brightly as they "transcend" their corporial form

or full on supernatural magical beings that break the laws of nature.

what is a non-physical universe ? is this a magic realm ?
It means beings going 4 dimensional
which version ?

if the 4 dimension is time, then that means the forth dimensional being can move back and forwards in time, at bit like moving the video progress-bar-dot to change the time of the video playback. This is a limited form of time travel. Limited, because When going back in time to change stuff you would silt have to pay the energy cost for affecting said change.

if the 4 dimension is another spacial dimension then that being can see your insights. Also all the 2 dimensional surfaces of that being would become 3 dimensions when gaining a the 4th dimension, when ever this being would move in the 4th dimension you would see morphing of their exterior.
(96.24 KB 720x1123 FB_IMG_1567157449602.jpg)
How does the PUSR react to the discovery of these 4 dimensional beings?
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Well now that you bumped it its not going anywhere anytime soon
Who is the IUP competing against? Are the two other blocks human or alien majority? Also how did the PUSR star, was it created by peaceful unification or by WW3?
>So in the present times, the IUP is currently engaged in a cold war with two other alliances, one was capitalist and one was Fascists whic I haven't named yet.
Liberal capitalism and fascism as ideologies would be pretty outdated in the future, with automation technology destroying the material base that these ideologies rely on. A more realistic reactionary ideology that could exist in 2800 would be techno-neofedualism where tech companies are like lords extracting rent from their patents instead of profit.
What about a fascist 2800 society? Warhammer type society or just 1984?
the galactic cold war mirrors our own cold war so the IUP would be competing against alien majority nations who are capitalist and/or fascist

the PUSR formed because of a massive uprising in 2200 after the Collapse.
Lemme just back up here...


Oops looks like I bumped into this thread again.
What's the point of aliens when they're going to be exactly like humans.
Philosophical shit
In all likelihood, the speed of light is the fastest matter can travel (if it is not the ONLY speed at which anything truly travels, and the appearance of lower velocities is only our perception because our notions of physics deal with objects and fields), and there are no extra dimensions through which travel can be expedited (and any notion of "tangled dimensions" through which a wormhole is possible is probably not something that exists, if there are higher spatial dimensions).
This project seems interesting, what's next?
Ay caramba, what happened here?
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I like the collapse idea more then the PUSR idea. Then again, I’m a sucker for Hard Sci-Fi like that
Lads if we want this thread to live on I think somebody needs to come up with more ideas
How about this:
It is a hard a science universe so a lot of shit will be taken from the expanse but with a soviet aesthetic.
The only thing unrealistic is the FTL mean of transportation which should hyperlanes built by an ancient race of cryptic aliens of different species (let's say the portals were never meant to transport actual ships), these lanes are portals with a long "rod" sticking out into the System's star, the portals are always orbiting around the star (different from the typical "edge" of the system trope).
Humanity found Sol's portal scatered around the Oort cloud, the Portals diameter ranges from 7000 to 20000 kilometer's, humanity doesnt know how to reproduce them and other alien tech is pretty much outside of anything we understand (our minds literally implode by just looking at some of them).
Humanity starts out in Tera(formerly known as Earth) with a post-nuclear state capitalist society of 2billion people (mostly[80%ish] genetically edited transhumans), human history in this universe was much more violent and war plagued than ours, the third world war started in 1991 (lol) and ended in 2008 (also lol) in nuclear/chemical/biological fire. In 2040 the remnants of humanity get together and form a goverment called "the provisional federal goverment" it was never meant to be a world gov but everyone joined them cuz holy fuck my skin is melting from touching the air.
The PFG fought against petty reactionary groups easily and conquered the world via victory royale, these were known as the "wars of the apocalypse" which lasted from 2043 to 2068.
2084 is the year humanity formed the "Teran republic, officialy knowns as the federative republic of Tera", it's capital is Addis ababa in Ethiopia.
This seems like a good start, thoughts?
Yeah, the idea of a post-collapse revolution mirroring the Russian civil war sounds much better. This might be how we introduce the aliens, maybe a hive minded cybernetic collective and a trans-system alien corporate ship got stranded on the edge of the solar system begin to intervene into the civil war.
With a newly formed PSUR trying to collect the hive mind support while keeping their distance to not be assimilated (kinda use the sci-fi setting to argue about how communism is an egoist or a hive mind).
The expansion phase could be similar to the Noon series: with the PSUR agents finding completely alien worlds and societies trying their best to overcome the effects of the collapse.
>Maybe worlds that got consumed by their own reliance on nanotechnology now the nano colony are starting to be self-aware.
>Or feudal worlds that don’t even understand the collapse
>Or world that’s starting to rebuild the civilization after capitalist ecological collapse but still following liberal democracies
The space Cold War is nearing the end of the PSUR expansion with the main enemy are the AI managed Cyber Federation of Kathlon and the ultra capitalist Derilion Systems of Corporate Dominion.
Socialist sci-fi should be more about exploration and pondering combined with espionage, not war.
Most non-hard-scifi tech should be all relegated to the old long departed precursor aliens whose devices and artifacts get dropped everywhere like trash throughout the galaxy. Kinda similar to Roadside picnic.
Yeah, the idea of a post-collapse revolution mirroring the Russian civil war sounds much better. This might be how we introduce the aliens, maybe a hive minded cybernetic collective and a trans-system alien corporate ship got stranded on the edge of the solar system begin to intervene into the civil war.
With a newly formed PSUR trying to collect the hive mind support while keeping their distance to not be assimilated (kinda use the sci-fi setting to argue about how communism is an egoist or a hive mind).
The expansion phase could be similar to the Noon series: with the PSUR agents finding completely alien worlds and societies trying their best to overcome the effects of the collapse.
>Maybe worlds that got consumed by their own reliance on nanotechnology now the nano colony are starting to be self-aware.
>Or feudal worlds that don’t even understand the collapse
>Or world that’s starting to rebuild the civilization after capitalist ecological collapse but still following liberal democracies
The space Cold War is nearing the end of the PSUR expansion with the main enemy are the AI managed Cyber Federation of Kathlon and the ultra capitalist Derilion Systems of Corporate Dominion.
Socialist sci-fi should be more about exploration and pondering combined with espionage, not war.
Most non-hard-scifi tech should be all relegated to the old long departed precursor aliens whose devices and artifacts get dropped everywhere like trash throughout the galaxy. Kinda similar to Roadside picnic.
Yeah, the idea of a post-collapse revolution mirroring the Russian civil war sounds much better. This might be how we introduce the aliens, maybe a hive minded cybernetic collective and a trans-system alien corporate ship got stranded on the edge of the solar system begin to intervene into the civil war.
With a newly formed PSUR trying to collect the hive mind support while keeping their distance to not be assimilated (kinda use the sci-fi setting to argue about how communism is an egoist or a hive mind).
The expansion phase could be similar to the Noon series: with the PSUR agents finding completely alien worlds and societies trying their best to overcome the effects of the collapse.
>Maybe worlds that got consumed by their own reliance on nanotechnology now the nano colony are starting to be self-aware.
>Or feudal worlds that don’t even understand the collapse
>Or world that’s starting to rebuild the civilization after capitalist ecological collapse but still following liberal democracies
The space Cold War is nearing the end of the PSUR expansion with the main enemy are the AI managed Cyber Federation of Kathlon and the ultra capitalist Derilion Systems of Corporate Dominion.
Socialist sci-fi should be more about exploration and pondering combined with espionage, not war.
Most non-hard-scifi tech should be all relegated to the old long departed precursor aliens whose devices and artifacts get dropped everywhere like trash throughout the galaxy. Kinda similar to Roadside picnic.
(86.85 KB 960x550 wrgrgw4.jpeg)
At some point somebody on 8chan explained to me that different FTL schemes aren't just derived from different forms of speculative science, but some symbolic meaning as well, there was some issue with what mass-relays from mass effect symbolized... i can't really remember the details, however it would be nice if you could explain why you chose portals rather than some other means of getting around.

For example, in Homeworld, there also is the ancient technology trope but instead it's hyperspace cores found in a dessert of a planet that is used by people who cannot make hyperspace cores them self's and just build a giant mothershi around the one core they found

So again could you explain the simbolic meaning of FTL portals ?
They mean "alienness". The unknown being quite literally next door, but they also mean familiarity, your neighbor is next door, which is what the portals are, they are both at the same time.
Should we work on the characters or are we still setting up the basics?
We are still on the basics, we don't know if we want:
Hard scifi
Alien waifus
Aliens exists but are completely fucking alien to the point of integrating and communicating with them is a huge challenge.
Hard scifi should be good. Anything higher than that should only belongs to the precursors and nobody in the galaxy knows how to use those technologies correctly
Alien waifu is dumb and bourgeois.
Alright, so any ideas for the flag of the PUSR?
kind of depends on whether or not you can find space-radiation resistant colour pigments
What about transhuman alien looking catgirl waifu?
Rules and regulations for Transhumanism?
So do we need a timeline of events right now?
regulhumanism ?
What are the religions that would dissappear in this future?
Hinduism, Islam(maybe), Evangelism and whatever tribal societies are up to.
What would be the PUSR be doing in it's first years of existence?
Lots of war for it’s own existence. Against both the reactionary Belt Corps trying to reassert control over the mining operations and the fascist Earth Gov.
Maybe it only exists in The Belt and only starts the expansion after the Martian Schism broke out between the pro and anti Earth Gov factions.
A bigger question would be how the PSU
What would be the exact communist ideology of the PUSR? Marxist Leninist? We could create our own to fit interstellar standards.
You have to think about the logistics behind this. It has to be something decentralized to some extent.
Maybe humanist cybernetics? A system where both worker syndicates and the vanguard party both exist under the mediation of cybernetic semi-sentient AI.
(895.29 KB 1200x800 Sunless_Skies_3.png)
Well, I am back in the thread, hope I will be more active in the coming days
The way I see it is different. After the collapse, as I laid out a while back in >>40484, I see the Belt revolution to be the least difficult part of the story of PUSR. The first years I see as a period of a harsh struggle, with the Belt trying to create enough hydroponic stations to secure food production, as it will no longer get supplies from Earth. I see there possibly being some small skirmishes with the remaining Belt company trade vessels, but nothing major. It would mostly be a desperate period of fast infrastructure development. The way I envision it, there would be a mutual assistance treaty with Mars, created out of necessity for both, Belt would export industrial goods to Mars in exchange for their hydroponic tech, and I see it as a start of a possible alliance, with Mars turning more red over time (it would already have a fully planned command economy to survive its own issues). After a few years a relative stability could be ensured, and there would be some sort of joint intervention to Earth (which would likely be a total mess, with some places being full Mad Max, others under something along the lines of Judge Dread cities, with EarthGov still managing to cling to power, and perhaps some parts controlled by radical forces, either revolutionary or fascist) by Mars and Belt.
Also one question, what kind of technology would humanity pre-fall use to transport goods across the system? Huge freighters or mass drivers. Because if it’s going to be mass drivers it’s going to change a lot of the Belt gains its independent when Earth Gov or any fascist forces can destroy any rebellious asteroid with just a single shot of a mass driver. The same can be also said for The Socialist Belt republics to just bombard Earth and fascist forces on Mars enough to stop their forces.
AI's aren't sentient btw, tecnology isn't that advanced and it's hard sci fi, synth sentience would require something that isn't a computer since brains are nothing like it.
Mass drivers and freighters are the same thing, the "bullet" is in on itself a ship without people inside, also anything with a minimal capacity of thrust is a weapon in space, so the mass drivers are just one in a dozen ways you could wreck everything, also you wouldn't nuke someone that can nuke you back meaning escalation of that magnitude isn't even on the peoples minds.
What about the mining/gas extraction colonies in Mercury and Vênus? Did they just doe or were they more prepared for solar flares than the rest of humanity?
Also, make the ideology just syndicalism with statist characteristics
Would union get abolished or completely integrated into the pre-fall liberalist capitalism of the EarthGov? I imagine it would be similar to modern western labour union where it’s just another tool of the ruling class to stop any revolutionary ideas and instead promote class cooperation.
Can things like Project Cybersyn or Cockshottian economics be implemented in a solar system wide scale without the use of AIs?
I would imagine the labour party to be this thing that was created in order to keep things in order and to an extent be a genuine benevolent gift to the workers all across Sol, but overtime it gets co opted by syndicalists by acident and by osmosis with class oriented political parias.
AI's as in computer programs with extremely optimal algorithms are a huge necessity for a cyber planned economy, but this is the future and something like planned economy is assumed to be cybernetic.
Their ideology is market socialism.
It's gay space communism
Not aids space communism
>Future setting
>Still use the ideology that collapsed Yugoslavia and almost killed Vietnam when they tried it
Fucking no thank you.
You're being undialectical
Kys Tito. Yugoslavia only persisted because of Le Great Man theory.
should we create a subreddit for this story? we should really compile the things we thought up and incorporate into the story or we'll be confused.
I'd recommend a wiki, but establishing an outpost on reddit might help you if you can avoid reddit format induced mind rot
how can we get started on a wiki?
how can we get started on a wiki?
Hmmm, what we have isn't juicy enough tho, we need more contributions.
I’m not sure what you mean by “Almost collapsed Vietnam when tried” Vietnam from what I know really only had a “Soviet style” economy from the 1960s-Backwards and a Social Market economy from 1970s-Forwards and Vietnam certainly hasn’t collapsed as a result of the Market reforms
I concur. The biggest contributior is the syndie anon and he don’t post very often.
Some details on the Vietnamese economy of that time.
>From 1954 to 1984: soviet command economy with heavy support from both USSR and China. The war with China and DK really ruined a lot of exports and imports slowing down industrial development and create a very stagnant economy at the end.
>From 1984 to 1986: The party tried to implement reforms to the Monetary - wage - pricing to make the economy more market oriented Yugoslav-style with some integration of money and ration stamps. This turned into a complete utter disaster with huge inflation and even more stagnation than before.
>From 1986 onwards: The party got forced into state capitalism to fix the shitshow caused by the market socialism model.
That just seem's to be a side-effect of a heavily planned economy (I wont say socialism as according to the CPV vietnam has at no stage had a socialist economy) transitioning to a more decentralised and market orientated one (See: China in the early period of Deng's reforms and so on)

regardless since the Doi-Moi period in the 80s the CPV has managed to provide staggering increases in development and standards of living for the general population thus laying the groundwork for socialism
Would be good if we had a summary of what we have for now, and what's the general direction.
I'm not really familiar with creating a wiki page, gonna be someone else
(56.40 KB 750x400 Solaris.jpg)
Well as far as the general summary goes of what we have right now, the short version would be:
It is the 22nd century and Earth expanded somewhat through the solar system, while keeping up the horrible neoliberal economic system.
A catastrophic solar flare knocks Earth back to the stone age (not really, but quite a bit back in time), while the main colonies of Mars and Belt are left mostly untouched by the flare, since they were out of range, however they still face problems stemming from previous dependence on Earth economically.
A worker revolution happens in the Belt, which manages to succeed. Their exact ideology is still up in the air, but I see them as something along the lines of Cockshott cyber socialists.
Martian government stays in power and further expands its more state capitalist approach to the economy (which already had aspects of state planning out of necessity of colonizing a hostile planet). I see it as a sort of like PRC.
For the future, I see a possible alliance between the 2 colonies, that would come from a necessity of mutual aid.
For the future of this setting, what I personally imagined was that the massive solar flare was part of a galaxy wide event, during which latent hyperlanes lit up, establishing FTL connection between a certain amount of solar systems in the galaxy (which would be the one slightly fantastic element in what I see as a more hard sci-fi universe. I see the PUSR discovering this some time after the initial instability of the collapse was resolved, say 50 years or so in the future.
As for different parts of the story which would be possible to expand, I'd say it mostly boils down to 3 time periods: the years from our IRL present to the collapse, the years after the collapse, and the events that will take place once the PUSR starts utilizing the hyperplane network.
(110.44 KB 1280x720 frop.jpeg)
>It is the 22nd century and Earth expanded somewhat through the solar system, while keeping up the horrible neoliberal economic system.

We should change that, it seems unrealistic that earth would survive under neo-liberal capitalism for another 200 years or so. Most of the Falling rate of profit calculations put the end of that between 2030 and 2060
(219.15 KB 900x1200 bird porn.jpg)
The real problem with neoliberalism in the 22nd century is that we're humans and therefore we're the good guys. You're gonna have a hard time getting anyone to sympathize with "alien commies".
How would neoliberalism deal with the climate crisis, mustering enough shit to go into space or hundreds of other contradictions that we still see today?
Through dictatorial martial law policy, everytime something goes out of control the military takes over, nationalised fascism basically, with the excuse of trying to immitate the Roman system of dictatorships to save the republic. Also the Earth gov should called the UNITED NATIONS FEDERATION.
I don't see a reason why you couldn't create sympathy for scantly clad yellow headed cockatoo space communists. That's easy enough to do. If you want to make a good narrative you would make the space commies be a little obnoxious but also right about everything.

It wouldn't, dealing with the climate crisis will require state intervention at minimum, probably a bunch of industries have to be uncouple from the market, and run as public economy to operate rationally.

Good grief what's the military going to do, shoot the ocean until it stops flooding coastal cities, and shoot the ground to teach it a lesson to not become too dry for farming. ?
>what's the military gonna do?
Some Pol Pot/iron guard tier shit, like make women "reproduce" more in Japan or genocide entire cities in Africa because of overpopulation or esteralise people based on genetics and social standards (autists and sociopaths)
So in short the The EarthGov only returns to neoliberal capitalism after a period of imperialist hyperfascism to prolong the fall of the rate of profit and fix the climate crisis? Maybe the downtrodden US empire and the Sino expansion banded together by 2050s to completely take over to directly control the world resources and began space exploration with huge O’Neil cylinders and orbital rings then establishing a moon mining operations for fusion fuels. This basically stopped the world from warming further but many tropical areas are still flooded even at the time of the Fall.
The hyperfascist period only stopped when many “peaceful protests” broke out where the first spark of the return of ML ideology forms. By this time the EarthGov dealt with this by assassinating more radical members of the protests while buying out more reform-oriented people to form the first Terran Congress which is just another face of the mega corporations the hyperfascist era created (similar to how Japan and SK corps formed).
Most of the survivors of the Cyber-ML movement got forced to work camps in the Belt in the Cylinder-93 which is the first foundation of Belter mining industry.
>UN Fed
Since only coups and “police actions” failed to create full globalization of the free market. The imperialists will just force the world into removing borders through even more imperialism and war. Merging trans-national capitalist and national capitalist into true into the global monopoly of the EarthGov.
"Back in the 1960s the Soviet people were excited for a future that never arrived, but now in the 22nd century, the spectre returns and this time they cannot exorcise it..."

Badass quote fpr the story lol
I was thinking that the name would be United Earth colonies but since the regions are autonomous, I guess the UN name would work.
Anybody created a wiki page yet?
> So in short the The EarthGov only returns to neoliberal capitalism after a period of imperialist hyperfascism to prolong the fall of the rate of profit and fix the climate crisis?

How would hyper(seriously?)fascism restore the profit rate. ?
None of the measures that actually can fix the climate crisis are profitable.
It's far more plausible to postulate a social democracy

>Maybe the downtrodden US empire and the Sino expansion banded together by 2050s to completely take over to directly control the world resources and began space exploration
it currently looks more likely that eurasian block forms
Yup. What’s a sci-fi setting of space communism which already fucks with the basics on the decline of the rate of profits and with even more ludicrous assumptions of neolibs continuing into the space expansion era and ftl travel do without a tiny bit of rule of cool. Not to mention posturing a succdem has already proved to be a complete failure by today as the existing contradictions within capitalism only returns with even more prominence like in the Nordic countries where Neoliberalism has begin a full force pushback of the succdem policies. The only way to recover the falling rate of profits is for the capitalist class to either completely take control of capital under a huge monopoly and destroying some with another war like with fascism or just continue to produce bogus false profit using IP laws like with full modern corporation control of the world economy (which both doesn’t fix the climate crisis and is not that different from full on fascism).
>The Eurasian block
China’s current state capitalism and soft-imperialism will only get it so far until the inherent nationalist sentiment upheld even through the Cultural Revolution era China dragging it back toward more infighting. That combined with the Hindu nationalists shit India has going on just ruins any chance of the belt and road initiative working. This is not even mentioning how unstable the EU and Russia are now creating a huge hindrance for forming a full Eurasian coalition. Unless they all decide to claim the US foothold in the region that is Oceania and the Middle East.
Imperial hyper fascism solves the profit problem by destroying Capital through wars of "restoration" by destroying factions(like Mercosul, or other future factions) within the federation.
>Not to mention posturing a succdem has already proved to be a complete failure
Social democracy is what saved capitalism last century, if anything it has proven the opposite of what you claim

>The only way to recover the falling rate of profits is for the capitalist class to either completely take control of capital under a huge monopoly
Why would that restore the rate of profit? Monopolies usually remove the pressure to re-invest most of their profits into improving the means of production and hence increase stagnation.

>and destroying some with another war like with fascism
destroying physical capital with a war is no longer an option, because this will jut increase the pressure on the energy supply.

>just continue to produce bogus false profit using IP laws
The ficticous finance games aren't a substitute for a real economy, and IP-laws are a monkey-wrech stiffling technological advances. Lawyers tend to be really bad at engineering.

>India attempting to block China's Beld and road project..
This is just ridicules, India who is much weaker to begin with had tied up most of it's capacity in the rivalry with Pakistan

>China’s current state capitalism and soft-imperialism will only get it so far until the inherent nationalist sentiment upheld even through the Cultural Revolution era China dragging it back toward more infighting. That combined with the Hindu nationalists shit India has going on just ruins any chance of the belt and road initiative working. This is not even mentioning how unstable the EU and Russia are now creating a huge hindrance for forming a full Eurasian coalition. Unless they all decide to claim the US foothold in the region that is Oceania and the Middle East.

Neither India, Russia, nor the Eu are going to derail the Belt&Road projects, the builder-strategy always wins over the harrsment strategy.
>Planetary Union Of Socialist Republics
Instead of overusing acronyms just call them the Planetary Union or Socialistic Republics most of the time.
>Interstellar Union Pact
Thunor Pact, United Worlds Pact
>capitalist alliance
Allied States, United Republics
>fascist alliance
Folkish Union, Worldbund
>Planetary Union Of Socialist Republics
Socialist Union of Planetary republics,
gives your SUPR as acronym
>Socdem democracy is what saved capitalism last century
Citations on that one please? It’s true that the succdems were the ones that fucked over the German revolution and gave rise to fascism. But the Keynesian economics of the Anglo sphere (which was more in the line of state capitalism in China than the corporations-led social democracy of the Nordic countries) combined with the huge amount of capital destroyed in the war by the fascists were what directly prolonged capitalism post-ww2. The only lasting effect of Succdem are in the Nordic countries mostly because they were forced to implement them to combat pro-soviet sentiment in the populace and even that is eroding right when the USSR collapsed.
>Monopoly creates stagnation
True but the concentration of capital is only for the state to re-establish the resource distribution of the economy into high longevity projects like space exploration and fixing the climate catastrophe neoliberalism has caused. Just look at how the post Nazi West Germany prospered because of the infrastructure and capital build up using slave labour of the war years or how both Japan and SK suddenly shoot up in their industrial production when their dictatorships “ended” with the transferring of power to huge monopolies created by slave labour. It’s also pretty fucking handy for crushing leftist sentiments and ideas from the populace ready for the implementation of the false “democracy” during the neolib restoration.
>Energy supply
That’s what the hyper fascist phase are for! To completely demobilized the economy into the more sustainable model and better energy production. By that point the mining operations on the moon would be used for fusion power and even more solar power.
>The builder strategy always win over the harassment strategy
Tell that the to the French fighting the Vietminh.
Since we’re doing a harder sci-fi setting, shouldn’t space colonies play a bigger role here? Especially when we already established the existence of orbital rings,space elevators and O’Neil cylinders. Maybe most of the ones around Earth Sphere could be destroyed but most of the population of the Belt should be living in space stations rather than just directly on the mining stations in the asteroids.
(273.80 KB hyperhyper.mp4)
well the socdems forced the capitalist to plan the economy to some extend that's what saved it. Granted they probably needed a Soviet Union as competitor to be able to do that.
Neo-liberalism wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes if it didn't have a large public sector they could cannibalize.
I have no idea what you are saying here,
Post Nazi Germany prospered because of the Marshall plan that was put into place to counter Soviet Influence in Europe. Germany got turned into rubble by the Nazis, there wasn't much left from the previous Era.
>The fascist building a more sustainable economy
that's hyper delusional.
>French as builders in Vietnam
They were brutal colonial overlords exacting rice, rubber, coal and tin. That's called plundering not building.
>They were brutal colonial overlords exacting rice, rubber, coal and tin. That's called plundering not building.
Didn't the french have a policy of charging their colonies for whatever infrastructure built?

As in a bunch of their colonies are still servicing debt for it
>The French were builders
I implicitly say that they only built infrastructure for plundering and later used this same idiotic strategy for their campaign of re-invasion of Vietnam in ‘46. They only built infrastructure and defense around the already existing railways and cities, which is constantly being destroyed by Vietminh forces. Eventually the huge loss in resources as the sink cost into Vietnam risen combined with the failure of the French to expand outside of the infrastructure they built forced them to face defeat.
The PRC are only building infrastructure for the zone their corporations have a bid on and some are exclusively used by their own citizens working there. Their railway projects in Africa made that country hugely indebted which led them to easily control their policies of resource extraction. They’re no different to how the EU exploit Africa. This will be the same for the Belt&Road initiative (I doubt it will ever be implemented in the next 10 years, seeing how some of my comrades in PRC are saying Xi has fucked over the budget with the trade wars with the US and now the project has ground to a halt in even Western China).
>Germany was flattened by fascism
True, but weirdly enough I never fucking mentioned Germany as a whole and only talked about West Germany. The infrastructure in the west especially industrial centers remained largely intact even after the war.
>The fascist builds a more sustainable economy
Now you’re just putting words in my mouth. I said the fascists build a good groundwork for the neolibs to return in power by focusing the economy for more long terms planning and strengthen the ability of capitalist to crush any resistance. They will undoubtedly forced to return to market economic because they’re unsustainable but since fascism only arises to prolong the contradictions of capitalism and later planned “return to democracy”, that’s not a problem.
I even cited the Japanese and SK government where they can be constantly supplied by imperialist of the US so that they only apply fascism on their own economy before inevitably returned to neoliberalism when the populace has already pacified.
(34.42 KB 556x610 6tvuzbino.jpeg)
>return of neo-liberalism after fascism
this is outlandish nonsense even for a bourgeois masturbation fantasy.
But anon.....
It's what happened..
>What is South Korea
>What is Chile
>What is Argentina
>What is Brazil
>What is Spain
>What is Japan
Too bad the masturbatory fantasy is reality. I don’t want it, but fascism has always a method for capitalism to bring shit back on track after crises.
It’s literally its defining characteristic: being capitalism in crisis
(31.45 KB 700x770 6d5ftzihu.jpeg)
>It's what happened..
Neo-liberalism as a machine was powered by privatisation, fascism has privatised stuff even harder, and hence there would be nothing to feed it, so no you cannot go from fascism to neo-liberalism.
>Implying The specter ever left in the first place
It’s still there comrade
It's for that badassness.
So have we even established how neoliberalism got prolonged into the space colonization era yet? Or will this bickering continue?
(64.01 KB 830x467 6ft7ziu.jpeg)
If you want to have neo-liberalism continue into the space era, you have to justify how it would restore the profit rate. This won't happen based on plausible economic predictions, so you have to invent some outside intervention. You could have space capitalists help out. You'd still havve to explain how the space capitalists still exist, despite the falling rate of profit, but since they are compleatly fictional, you could hv them be a faction that started out as historic researchers that by accident restarted capitalism, when they want to far with larping realism. Oh you know make up a better hand-wave, if you like. Just as long as you don't break historic materialism.
As I said above, since “space capitalism” can only flourish when enough long term space infrastructure has been completed which will never be done in the framework of modern day neoliberalism. The only way to do so and also pacify the working class for when the space capitalists arises from the previously mentioned material conditions of orbital and lunar infrastructure (just like how most expedition for new markets only got started by the state in the colonial era) is through war and imperialist hyperfascism to commit to more long term construction projects (like how the Pinochet Chile using neoliberalism was a complete failure until the military finally stepped in and stabilize it).
(11.88 KB 400x367 f468guod.jpg)
superlatives don't solve the plausibility problems that fascism can't actually build space infrastructure.

First fascism is either an implosion or an explosion. Fascist regimes can only be stable as minor vassals.

Second the planet earth can't be united as long as there is class society. All Class societies are 2.5 dimensional constructs that will always produce at least 2 poles on 3d dimensional sphere.

lastly space infrastructure is not something you can defend, by anything other than diplomatic means. Only a united world can build this. By united i mean that all organisations are observing the laws of a rule system that operates on negotiations between mostly equals. Fascist regimes always operate on the basis of there being an enemy to be subjugated. This will render large space infrastructure project inert because nobody will commit to building projects that take half a century or more to complete within that risk environment.

Just go with the Ferngy space capitalists hand wave
alrighty then, are we all settled then?
The whole handwave of the falling rate of profits is still pretty cringe though.
(17.22 KB 500x237 5drftzu.jpeg)
>The whole handwave of the falling rate of profits is still pretty cringe though.
Yeah that's not doable. Capitalism ends in 2050 or so. But in order to still have a capitalist antagonist, we could postulate alien capitalism that managed to get into space before it's falling rate of profit ended it. They could have gotten hold of advanced technology because a survey-probe from an advanced civilissation crashed on their planet. they reverse engineered the technology in the probe, and used it to get into space.
Soo how about this:
In 2056 there is a nuclear war that destroys everything and the only faction to survive was luckily the UN, since it actually prepared itself for global collapse, then we have a global goverment that it is still capitalist, then we have this goverment reconstruct Earth but only partially due to heavy toxicity and pollution, meaning Earth is a shithole in dire need of resources and you can guess where we go from here
Sorry for not posting in a while, but here is my idea for FRoP. I slightly mentioned it in one of my posts. So basically the way I envisioned it, the only reason why space expansion was so rapid (with the Belt colonised by 22nd C.) and propulsion tech advanced (with space travel to Mars and belt only taking a few weeks) is the FRoP. In order to keep profits from falling, porkies started rushing space exploration in order to have new markets and new capital to develop. By the time of the collapse the profits have fallen quite a bit after the recovery that came with space expansion, thus worsening the initially pretty good working conditions in the Belt to absolute shit.
(56.86 KB 709x530 6drtuzbi.jpeg)
>capitalism can survive nuclear war
>capitalism can magically accelerate technological development
>you can guess where we go from here

Yes science fantasy.
What the fuck do you propose then?
>nuclear war
Not proposing that to be a part of the story
>accelerate science
Can't it? If porkies start dumping shit ton of investments into space exploration, it is quite likely it would developed really fast, since it would have all the funding needed for the biggest projects and huge incentives for STEM's to pick this field since it would be so lucrative
(34.90 KB 450x325 4seztu.jpg)
nuclear war as backstory is not any better, also investors using money magic to speed up technological development, is literately ruling ideology. Maybe try to make the proletariat the force that shapes history.


If you posit that the world turns communist by 2050, you have various way this can come to be.
You could have China full-fill the promises they currently make, you can invent Soviet revivalism, where Russia makes clones of Lenin because somehow frozen DNA samples of Lenin etc are found. You can have environmental movement become socialist. You can have a 3rd worldist uprising because some technology has shifted military power back to infantry. You can have a leftcome revolution because somebody made armchairs with powered wheels, You could model the 2050 communist movement on the yellow vests....

So you have the world turn to communism, and have a space colony suffer revisionism or a counter revolution, and return to capitalism. This has the advantage from a narrative stand point to avoid telling a story where the current rulers have historic continuity. You tell a story where they don't matter, because it's our story.
ok now, where were we?
Someone wrote a story ---> >>69533

Hopefully they'll copypasta it over here to help you lot
I would imagine that this would be pop music in the PUSR

>pop music
>Not having music creation being completely free for everyone
I imagine the music scene of the SUPR would be much more niche and with a wide variety of genres like in the Soviet Union where the creative process is not hindered by producers or popular demands. >>69406
The basics on technology and how the SUPR is formed has been agreed upon, but the model of governance of the old EarthGov and how they solved the modern capitalist contradictions is still contentious.
I think we've got everything we need, should we make the characters now?
should we start working on other stellar nations affiliated with the PUSR?

Skivarian People's Republic?

Vkrian Socialist Republic?

Socialist Federation of Xidir?

Popular Republic of Nokrets?
Since we’re making a Soviet sci-fi setting it’s either playing it safe or going all out
>A SUPR agent trying to start revolution in a totally alien society,facing weird ass governmental systems, religions or species wondering about how these world can even integrate into the now interstellar SUPR (like the stuff from Strugatskies’ Noon or Lem books)
> A commissar in the SUPR solar revolution against both reactionary and the corrupt EarthGov.
How many alien civs you guys think should be out there?
I belive we should have a maximum of 2-4 apart from humans since having so many would go in conflict with the fact that none of them made contact with us
I was actually thinking about a coalition that formed way before the SUPR.

the SUPR remained peaceful until it had it's first war with a stellar empire, the strongest in the quadrant, the Grizonian Empire...

the war between the SUPR and the Grizonian Empire resulted with the Union's victory and the installation of a communist government in Grizonia along with the Annexation of some planets.

since then the SUPR spread their ideals throughout the galaxy in which the coalition doesn't approve of, but the Union ignored them and continued to support leftist groups and participate in proxy wars.

infighting occurred in the coalition and soon enough it broke off to form the two other alliances...

that's what i got, lemme know what you guys think about it.
we've established the origins of the SUPR, so what time period will the story be set in?
we should set the story in the cold war era of the SUPR, the main focus would be the commissars trying to start revolutions in different planets

also should the SUPR have conventional wars with other nations?
(3.09 MB 4128x3096 20190929_202108.jpg)
Tried my best to draw the flag of the PUSR
Since we’re having the post-collapse idea as well as this. Maybe most of the coalition used to be from a loose form of a galactic confederation in which most contact are made by slower than light means like generation ships and such. It’s only reason of formation was to keep underdeveloped worlds and systems in check and stop advanced civilizations from genociding each other through light speed projectile weapons.
The collapse disrupted all of this and allows civilizations to form full fledged empires like you mentioned. This only happens about a few hundreds years after the ftl lanes opening and the subsequent precursor artifact rush. By this point the SUPR main objective is both spreading cybernetic communism and researching alien worlds that goes beyond human understanding of sentient life.
Don’t bump threads when you don’t have anything to contribute.
Don't use
Shit sorry
I meant don't use sickle, use cogs and hammers and red stars, if possible grain.
Maybe the collapse killed off thousands of civs that had grudges with stronger and more advanced civs. Also is climate change the reason Earth went communist?
Read this for a quick summary for the established concept of the setting.
I think i have some good names for the Belt and Mars:
The Federation of socialist republics; state socialism with a cybernitically planned economy, has issues with food supply(lol).
The Martian commonwealth; state capitalism with a corporatist economy, has issues with food as well.
Earth should have gone full warlord by now with nukes/chemicals/biologicals flying but not too many that destroy human civilazation but collapse the biosphere.
This the material beginings of the SUPR
Also i think a better name for the communist faction would be "the Interstellar Union" aka "the Union of Stellar Socialist Republics"
What would the aliens look like, I'm pretty sure they would be similar to human because functioning extra body parts would take up too much brain power.
You only need some grasping appendage that is strong enough to use tools, good sensory organs and a big enough brain for a functioning sentient alien.
Our species only have this specific body configuration because other forms of life on Earth like the hexapodal fish or big insect all got killed in mass extinctions.
>What would the aliens look like, I'm pretty sure they would be similar to human because functioning extra body parts would take up too much brain power.

Well octopie have extra brains in the tentacles, so biology did solve overcome this anatomical limitation.

You definitely could have floating gas-bag aliens from a planet with dense atmosphere or aliens from a planet with high gravity that are a sort of a semi-flat blob that morph-roles around.

if you want to be creative try to work out how aliens could grow wheels or propellers. A life form with high metal content, A jello based life form. Symbiotic aliens where several different organisms make up one individual. Or underground tunnel digger aliens
(378.54 KB 904x1020 185-606ccb1603.jpg)
I always have an idea about a civilization made of completely by the Thing where they had taken over huge swathe of space. every creature all live in perfect harmony since every one of them is apart of a single individual.
They only attack the SUPR because they want us to join them as well.
Or a planet sized sentient alien in the case of Solaris.
>the Thing
the rate of tissue growth of the thing is not plausible, no chemical source of energy could power this, even if you posit that it had a biological fission reactor, you still had the problem of incandescent amounts of waste-heat.

Also from a biological point of view, it couldn't infect humans, it's rare that infectious microorganisms can cross species, it's not likely that it could bridge to entirely different biosphere. Also Immune systems are really good at carpet-bombing everything that looks like it's not part of the same organism.

It's an awesome fantasy creature though, but not compatible with a hard science setting, but maybe a adapted version of the basic idea might be possible.

As far as the polaris planet type lifeform is concerned, the story seemed to gave it almost supernatural powers. A planet sized mind would probably have issues with information lag, but might still be possible.
At what point does Carpenter's film ever depict the thing to be growing? All it does is assimilate other organic matter.
I'v never seen the film, just a few scenes in online clips. It seemed to feature enormous growth with regards to growling tentacle as well as regenerative tissue growth that could undo the wounds done by axes and gun within a few seconds.
>tentacle aliens

I see where this is going...
the United Federation Of Kanaviria should be this story's equivalent to the United States.

cyberpunk like societies and the ruling class lives in floating cities, Kanavirians are forced into the military to escape poverty...
I would recommend reading this short story here
It’s about explaining some of The Thing’s more fantastical elements like its explosive transformation and the extremely quick rate of spreading or how at one minute the Thing can be a stealthy killer while the next can be just a mindless beast.
The thing here can’t actually think using the brain it took over and mimic. In fact, the concept of a central nervous system is completely alien to it and the only way for the alien mind to control the mimic during the first few days is to either sperg out turning into a monster or subtlety control their attitude and emotions of the host. The bigger the mass of the creature the smarter that version of the thing is. And the thing only either sperg out when it’s the dog it’s being threatened (the defibrillator scene is because the mimic actually had a heart attack and the living cells stopped having the cohesive intelligence to play dead). Most of the assimilation occurs using the forceful mitosis like in the end with the Blairthing but that takes a lot of time. The spewing saliva thing can also works but it would have taken weeks for the thing to control the mimic easily for the crew to have time to found out.
The idea of a civilization made of by only the thing would work. Mostly it fits in a SUPR setting to mainly challenge the bullshit of “Huh duh communism = hive mind” propaganda when in reality communism is just as individualistic if not more than capitalism. Also the idea of converting a hivemind society or even communicating with it is intriguing to me.
Wow http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/watts_01_10/ is such a good story, it's astonishing how easily the thing is humanized.

I think we should use this style , to shield our self's from being dehumanized by the media.

we should definitely use this concept.
A story on this subject should be about how a SUPR making contact with a huge space federation that is somehow completely static in development. Further examination and contact reveals the federation is actually a gigantic Thing, and since it doesn’t actually has the ability of critical thinking it’s just continue doing what the civilization it took over was doing before.
(42.97 KB 679x960 FB_IMG_1568428192743.jpg)
Alright, so I guess we should start with the political organizations.

So basically we already have the People's Commissariat for Intergalactic Affairs which is basically the KGB starting revolutions or aiding them across the universe, and since the SUPR is controlling large amounts of territories, it's gonna need a huge ass bureaucracy.
What would the name of the Party be? Communist Party Milky Way, Universal Communist Party, Marxist Party of all Working People?
United Labourers Party?
The main body of governance should be a coalition of leftist parties offering all forms of leftism from arnarchist self governing entities, war communist frontiers to fully centralized cybernetically control worlds for manufacturing.
>huge bureaucracy
No such things should exist in a sci-fi setting. I’m an ML but with technology advancing that far ahead, most things should be by that point fully cybernetic. The still lingering arguments in the SUPR should be the development of conscious AIs and transhumanism both tech was left in stagnancy after the solar revolution.
The SUPR is currently engaged in an arms race/cold war with two other coalitions, is there enough time for the SUPR to develop these kinds of technology?
With out any new elements to the new socialism of the SUPR will just collapse upon itself due to the strain of the bureaucracy. Having the SUPR be just a mirror version of the USSR but in SPESS wouldn’t just be boring, but also full of idiotic hauntology. The setting should have a tone similar to the Warsaw Pact sci-fi full of both optimism and pondering to a far more alien universe.
The Cold War in the galactic scale should not involve much fighting at all but more exploration and espionage.
would be cool to see some Commissars on the frontlines of stellar revolutions...
War communism and commissariats should only exist in the fringes of the SUPR serving the purpose of spreading socialism and curbing reactionaries for further stellar expansion.
So… is this thread dead or what?
stories really cannot be communally written, take ideas from this thread and make your own
OP is currently busy with other stuff but he's also writing the story, i know this because OP is me.
Noice. As much as I fucking despise 4/tg/ and their constant autism, I still admire their passion for world building. Their world building efforts are much more supported than our own.
How can one conduct espionage in a Galactic scale comrades?
thanks for all the ideas comrades, i'll have the story in a few months or so, I'm currently creating the logs of the commissars in their espionage in other stellar nations.
Using both high tech disguises and informational warfare agitate the workers to revolt that’s how.
Hopefully this thread will still be alive by then.
you should have Earth as a ecumenopolis
city-planets would have gigantic waste-heat problems, it might be possible on ice planets at the very edge of a star system.
imagine orbital waste heat panels in the shape of hammers and sickles or with the face marx engels and lenin
that's all very nice but considering the effort needed for doing this there might be other better options.

If you have to build huge radiators in space you might want to put what ever is making the heat into space.
That’s just dumb and unrealistic. A much more preferable development should be Earth being only kept for the wealthy while most people live in orbital infrastructures pre collapse. An encumonopolis would just collapse upon itself when the collapse happen.
one last thing comrades, alien religions, is it a no or is it necessary? if so I would like to hear some examples...
that is really hard to do, there are few convincing examples of scifi authors making up religions like for example the fremen believe system in Frank Herbert's Dune.
I think the best way to portray a religion in sci-fi, apart few exceptions, would be to have it completely degenerated from what it originally, sort of like with religion right now irl. Maybe have it so aliens have some sort of weird celebration about which they don't really care or maybe have them do some kid of daily ritual that they all do without putting much thought into it's purpose. And maybe have some expressions like our human "god damn it" or "bless you", that invoke parts of their region, but aren't at all religious them selves.
I meant in the SUPR's eventual liberation of Earth since it would probably be ireversibly destroyed by then
Alien religions or even future human religions in the furure would be incomprehensible to us today. Even their societies would be like that. Maybe there can be alien systems that got hit so badly by the Collapse that their society got turned to completely strange shit like the Accelerationist French from Hoi4 Red Flood (https://old.reddit.com/r/RedFloodMod/comments/cia4dj/a_nice_introduction_to_the_avante_gaurde_france/) or the Doublers from Stanislaw Lem’s Eden.
Comrades, any ideas for a SUPR oath?
That sounds incredibly contrived. Why would they even need an oath in the first place?
The Final Internationale
The Socialist Union of Planetary Republics
The Age of Space Exploration would see that capitalism and it’s mega corporations continue to prosper throughout the stars, The discovery of resource rich asteroid belt and vast minerals gave wealth to the United colonies, it bolstered their economy, provided jobs and opportunities alike, but as soon as the golden age of exploration began, the era would dim out it’s light and darkness would engulf the stars as working conditions worsened, ethics and morality would be defenestrated for profits and stocks. Greed and power acquired at the expense of humanity and turning a blind eye towards the needs of the working class.
but like Marx said, recessions is permanent in capitalist society, The Collapse brought every stellar nations in the Universe to their knees, the markets crashed, forcing some to lose their faith or strengthened their devotion, it’s either a sigh for an oppressed creature or awakening for the conscious.
The Universe would witness the birth of the first socialist nation through the United Colonies of Earth, a brutal civil war that lasted for over 20 years helped pave the way for a society free from exploitation and envy, through this, the Socialist Union of Planetary Republics was formed.
Economic reforms were made to better assist the common working people, for theirs is the right to lead a nation and theirs is the right of the fruits of their labour.
But soon enough the young nation found itself surrounded by reactionary powers who sought to conquer them, continuing the cycle before The Collapse, a cycle of Imperialism and war that is waged for the greed and ambitions of the ruling classes. But the Union shall not fear for a spectre haunts the Universe, it is a whisper in the soot smeared factories, a rumor in planets under colonial rule, a red cloud hovering over their borders, it is written in the walls of prison cells, it is a call for help below the hierarchy.
It is a song of the working people, a shout for change, a symbol for the masses; It is the spectre of Communism!
Down with the Ruling Classes, Break the chains, and seize the means of production, for we... have a Universe to win.
Fucking noice.
(59.70 KB 2161x980 star.png)
new design for the flag of the SUPR, sorry if shitty, it's my first time
I'm gonna need your thoughts on this comrades
(79.13 KB 1233x698 Union Star.jpeg)
another variant to the flag
i think an interstellar socialist union would probably ditch hammer and sickle imagery.something more high tech maybe? i like the stars though
think of it as a futuristic hammer lol
well I picked something symbolic rather than high tech, gives it more of a leftist feel on it.
The hammer is the most basic tool and has eternal symbolic meaning. As long as there is matter people will need hammers.
The hammer is a bit too detailed for my taste but otherwise pretty great. Don’t get what the stripes represents though.
The blade and the bludgeon are the first true tools of humanity’s labour. They’re immortal.
stripes represent humanity's ascension to the stars
(14.97 KB 718x344 IUP banner.png)
Banner of the Interstellar Union Pact
(19.64 KB 1765x1059 gwfeegw.png)
(51.28 KB 904x405 IUP banner v2.png)
IUP banner v2
This is pretty bad. What does the weird star supposed to represent? It just looks like it’s arbitrarily put on a normal leftist banner.
In Football We Trust
Aight so I guess we're going with this
sample from chapter one

“And why do you think that you are qualified for a position here at our agency?” a man not older than 60, asked the young man in front of his desk, the man adjusted his seating and cleared his throat, the room was dominated with the colors of red and white, on the right side of the man was the state flag of the SUPR, behind the man was the portrait of Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, the lighting in the room was bright so the young man squinted his eyes a bit to due to the fact that he is a bit sensitive to light “I am responsible and hardworking, you would find that I put my assets to great use and work well with any resources provided.”
>my assets
Don't you think that this is a bit too close to corporate lingo, where "my assets" reference the skills of a person alienated into a object separate of the person. Sorry to be nitpicky here about the linguistic hair-slitting, but could we formulate this with a little more proletarian sounding jargon.

>“I am responsible and hardworking, you would find that I put my assets to great use and work well with any resources provided.”
how about changing this to
<You won't regret putting trust into me, I'll work quick and won't be picky.
Retconning it rn
i thought this thread is supposed to be dead
Anyone got a source for this minimal looking Hammer and Sickle? I've wanted to use it for a project that revolves around cyberpunk type communism
I've been trying to search for it but i am afraid my googlefu is not strong enough
(195.03 KB 2236x2215 hamsicminb.png)
(124.82 KB 2236x2215 hamsicmin.png)
not a source but here i made you blanks one (with transparent and white background)
You should change the sickle to a gear or something
Thanks Anon, i really appreciate that, only thing i will point out is that it's not a perfect vector, looking at the top gap, i believe the lines should be parallel and completely vertical, instead of being slightly slanted.
I might try and re create the vector myself sometime later today if i don't it before then.
(3.08 KB 744x1052 hamsicminvec.svg.png)
rename to svg
thought this thread had died
book cover for the story comrades, lemme know your thoughts
The cover being a historical one really dated the thing. Try emulate a more simplistic style.
Use some soviet space futurist art
How is the DotP structured in SUPR?
Wouldn't it make more sense to call it USPR? We should make a stellar Map.
Is anyone here interested in conlanging?
(170.43 KB 1024x1024 solar.jpg)
The new SUPR should just adopt the ideals of Stalin during the 30s of using esperanto as the future language. Hell China has been using it extensively in recent years as well.
We should make maps of the Belt Industrial Soviets first, since the formation era hasn't been fully fleshed out yet.
Jumping straight to the later era would make this setting too similar to Dawn of Victory.
>China is using Esperanto
Can you link sources,i was considering learning it but decided that i wasn't enough of language nerd to justify it, because i thought it wouldn't be any more useful than learning klingon.
just an update comrades, that everything is going fine with the story
(24.28 KB 188x338 medal.png)
>>189516 good to hear that
>>189516 Noice! Also can this setting have alien sentient tanks?
(152.72 KB 1375x1975 cover 22.jpg)
>>200236 new cover comrades
>>200236 pretty good
>>200236 Noice
>>200407 >Never read the Noon universe >Never read Red Star >Never read Culture Cringe and post-capitalist pilled. It’s more of a continuation of Soviet scifi which delve more into discovery, wonderment and completely alien society. And surprisingly enough most Soviet sci-fi books talked about the victory of communism is just a small footnote of history unlike most modern sci-fi that only have capitalism as the true end of history.
is their any anarchist free territory in the story?maybe their own confederation of planets?
>>208002 There are some and they are opposed to all sides of the cold war
>>38726 if their are aliens in the story theirs a lot you can do with that,like having multiculturalism with alien society's in the free territory confederacies and soviet territory that influence their worldviews/culture,you can also have a fascist who meets some alien fascists,he gets to know them(get friends,fall in love?)but his fascist leaders are racist towards all aliens and so a war begins,the fascists whole worldview is questioned as he is ordered to kill his friends,in the battle he losses his arm and needs to replace it with a robot arm,made from the same technology from the society he lived in for years,forever a reminder of what happened,but he refused to kill his friends,instead he fled and landed on red territory,you could make him a ally of the main guys in the story,gives some conflict in the dialogue,you would imagen a lot of interesting situations with this,the reds wanting to give him less pay,which contradict their own worldview and challenges their believes,the fascist struggling with his own beliefs and on the brink of betrayal constantly,you name it
>>209401 also you can make a race of egotistic ghosts called spooks,maybe some egoists had a failed experiment which turned them all into ghosts
>>209401 if you dont take the story to seriously you can also have some memes in it,fascist frog aliens the pepenans from the planet kekistania,authoritarian communist cats called the maowists (moa,miauw get it?) or bunkerchan could have formed its own faction in the revolution and become a superpower as a communication and intelligent organization
>>209401 the could be a piece of technology that revives famous historical figures,you could have 50 clones of Lenin,a robot version of Kropotkin,mecha Hitler etc....you can now create situations like what if Kropotkin got in a discussion with Hitler?how would sterner react if every time he dies a clone of him would be made?how do we destroy the fascists if their so many of them and we cant kill their leader because they would just revive him,what if Hitler tried to clone blond blue eyed versions of himself to create a "pure" people?how would Hitler react if he saw a stronger,smarter and blond version of himself?or he could do some brave new world shit and purposefully create inferior people so the fascist dictator can stay in power to the cost of his society,this can show how fascism relies on a strong and a weak and so will always try to create weak people,showing a big flaw in their worldview
>>232188 also if your going to make a robot version of Kropotkin call him 'robotkin'
>>209401 i wonder if OP is still reading this treat,if not can i use these ideas myself?
>>231827 >>231859 >>232188 All of these sounds kinda cringe. Making any reference to modern day politics or memes will date the thing tremendously. Socialist sci-fi has always been about more exploration of the unknown and how completely alien life on other planets would be. Making them just fladerized versions of earth ideologies is borderline bad world building.
>>232281 i dont understand how the 3th one is like you described,also i think theirs place for a non-serious sci fi story,youtube videos are often very dated after a while and a part of the fun is trying to find the very dated references who become like Easter eggs,i think its fine
i could insert a joke or two into the story
>>233093 "so then i seized her means of reproduction"
>>232285 I just don’t think that putting so much reference will make the world interesting enough to garner interest. If you’re going to do it, you should go all out. Explore how certain ideologies shaped the different space fairing communist society that formed the union. You could have a syndicalist federation forming around 32 moons of a binary system of a hot gas giant and a red dwarf. Or a story about a PSUR agent trying to recruit a union of egoist alien crystals augmented with nanotech AIs in the coming war with the pace capitalist. The difficult choice of waging war against an fashprim society that committed global genocide against another sentient species who claims to have brought back primitive communism. Or a discovery of a system of self-aware satellites of an extinct alien civilization that only set up a commune out of a belief of creationism (AI Christcom). The same creativity can apply for the alien capitalist dystopias with all different ways to prolong the contradictions. This is also where I think the flanderization can be helpful in making fun of modern lib or fash thoughts about building their futures: insane ancapistan with pedophilia being the norms, imperialist war worlds, mentally cucked planets similar to the Eden novel, or even space capable non self aware life, Nazi slave empires, cybernetic monarchies,... The possibilities to go deeper is limitless.
(20.57 KB 212x300 gay space anarchism.jpg)
>>233237 thats completely valid,i specifically stated what i proposed should better be done in a less serious more campy story but if you dont think thats interesting i understand,i also gave ideas for more serious topics,OP can decide what he will do with it
(269.07 KB 1024x1448 tau propaganda poster.jpg)
(657.21 KB 2550x4200 tau propaganda.jpg)
(689.39 KB 653x742 tau communist propaganda.png)
>>233237 also is that pic from warhammer 40K?i have a small tau army
is there any possible limits to put in FTL?
>>239443 >is there any possible limits to put in FTL? Well yes there are various theoretical limitations like example a warp drive (compresses spacetime in front and stretches is behind a spacehip) is constrained by field cycle times where you have to pack energy in shorter bursts and that will have engineering limitations, also a increasing radiation pressures from particles colliding with your warp field will increase. or you could look at the Holtzman Drive that folds space, for that you do need spice melange for that.
just rip off ww2 and everything post it (except the make the socialists win this time)
>>245563 >making ww2 in SPEESSS again Generic and trash. We already have that with Dawn of Victory.
(25.00 KB 863x355 SUPR v3.png)
flag redesign
>>285530 Stop bumbing if you have nothing to add to the thread.


no cookies?