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How can I deprogram myself from viewing Jews as evil reptiles? Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 19:07:54 No. 383869
I seriously stopped seeing them as human. Every Jewish person I know has some sort of mental illness and low empathy and obvious health problems due to inbreeding. They are generally sadistic and ugly. I just can't stop seeing them as reptilians. Can I be deprogrammed? Or am I too redpilled?
Stop allowing elites to brainwash you into thinking in spook terms of "identity"
>>383869 >Can I be deprogrammed Sure you can. Doesn't look like you're particularly interested in that though.
(79.70 KB 357x309 followyourleader.png)
Go visit a synagogue or something. You overcome racism by exposure to people. Maybe the handful of Jews you know just suck.
Maybe talk to a jewish person, you know, in real life.
>>383888 I've only ever been close to one and she was pretty messed up. She would post pics posing with an AR-15 during her birthright tour. She would also disappear for a while because she had a lot of health problems and had undergo surgeries for her back. And She seriously hated Arabs and Christians.
>>383896 Jews become incredibly communitarianism doesn't help either. But she seriously made me feel like all the /pol/ memes were true. And I was never antisemitic before meeting her.
>>383893 They won't talk to me. They don't to talk to gentiles.
>>383899 She's just one person. Every racial group has its idiots.
>>383900 Complete and utter bullshit.
>>383903 Not really. They mostly stay to themselves. Not that I encounter that many in my daily life.
(73.71 KB 395x594 a424354rft.png)
>Jews are ugly really ?
>>383905 I've never met a Jew who wanted to stay to themselves. Where do you live?
>>383908 Germany.
(389.66 KB 1080x1791 Screenshot_20200321_213143.jpg)
>>383907 Yes but all the shit I see Israel doing really blackpills me.
Maybe you should stop being a fucking dumbass and analyse the world through a materialistic and marxist view
>>383907 Filthy human. Ew!
>>383913 Europe and America also do terrible shit, does that mean you should hate the innocent proles who live there, with no control over that? moron
>>383905 the first thing you can do to deprogram yourself from far rightoid pol antisemitism is to stop making brazen generalizations like that
>>383914 I don't know I just can't stop seeing their influence every. Every major religion is their creation or an offshoot of their ideas. They control the media, the banks and are overrepresented in most institutions despite being 0.01 percent of the world. I mean how can I stop seeing it?
>>383913 Americans do worse shit on the regular, do you judge them just as hard?
>>383896 >birthright tour There's your problem. Your conflating Zionists with all Jews. Israel and it's supporters should be pushed into the ocean, but some wageslave with a Jewish sounding last name that doesn't care about Israel in the slightest is ok by me.
>>383920 >They control the media, the banks Nice job outing yourself as a /pol/tard. Never read Marx , fucking bitch
>>383922 But something like 99% of Jews support Israel
>>383896 >I've only ever been close to one And on this basis you've determined that Jews are reptilians? Gee, thanks a lot. Guess I'm a reptile because you know one fucked up Jewess. I know way more fucked up Jewesses than you, but so what? What does that prove?
(8.94 KB 200x206 serveimage.jpeg)
>>383922 >Israel and it's supporters should be pushed into the ocean Interesting you say that considering there's six million Jews in Israel right now
>>383926 Where did you get this statistic from, your ass? >>383929 Nigga what are you trying to say? Are you defending israel?
>>383927 That Jews are reptiles?
>>383930 No its from verified polls. I'm too lazy to Google them.
>>383927 OK I'm honestly interesting to talk to Jewish people to understand them better but I never get the chance to.
>>383930 God damn do I wish the moderators did their job. Where did all these reactionaries come from? Is it all the high schoolers staying home because of the virus?
>>383934 You're talking to one now
>>383926 >But something like 99% of Jews support Israel Younger "liberal" Jews are becoming more and more anti-zionist, to the point that it's throwing a lot of Boomer Jews into a panic https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/11/support-israel-continues-drop-liberals-youth-181103094721225.html >>383929 >Being this much of a falseflagger Israel is not the entirety of all Jews, and nearly all communists have been anti-zionist and opposed to Israel and it's actions in the middle east. Kys.
>>383869 >Every Jewish person I know has some sort of mental illness and low empathy and obvious health problems due to inbreeding and how many jews do you really know? two?
>>383941 >aljazeera You're not even trying to hide your anti-Semitism anymore.
>>383944 Yes, unironically.
>>383939 Do you hate whites and goyims?
>>383945 What? Are you trolling?
>>383945 Fucking kys you flaseflagger
>>383945 The article is just reporting results from an Economist/YouGov poll, dumbass
>>383948 no lol
>>383941 Okay? And what do you want for communists in Israel to do? Didn't think that one through huh?
>>383945 Are you a journalist from the UK reporting on Corbyn?
>>383955 What? What are you even trying to say?
>>383954 Have you ever experienced antisemitism irl?
>>383966 Stop replying to this troll you idiot, he's a well known samefag who's been trying to slide this board the last couple of days.
>>383970 how is he trolling
(2.58 MB 640x464 bateman impressive.gif)
>>383896 So you met one Jew and decided they were all bad? What a literal meme.
>>383896 So she is >Every Jewish person I know ?
>>383955 >And what do you want for communists in Israel to do? What few exist should work with the Palestinians to burn it to the ground.
>>383900 Absolute nonsense. I grew up in a nominally Orthodox Christian family but attended synagogue for years to learn about Judaism. They were some of the most warm and welcoming people I ever met. Please, if you are genuinely curious, just email a rabbi and express your interest in learning about Judaism. You will be pleasantly surprised but I doubt you will.
>>383985 >What should socialists in Tsarist Russia do <Team up with minorities and burn it to the ground durr
>>383913 I’m black, you got any idea what it’s like for me to live in the country that enslaved my ancestors, kept them colonized afterwards, helped ruin Africa, and brutalizes us everyday? Most of the white people I've met were assholes, yet I don’t hate them all. I fuckin hate /pol/ retardation
>>383966 Yes. I don't complain about it, though. Mainly people saying stuff like "Jews are greedy", making jokes about the holocaust, nazi salutes etc. It's not a big deal for me at this point. >>383970 Why do you think I'm trolling?
>>383993 Is the film cuckold based on a true story?
>>383986 >learning about Judaism We're not trying to make people religious here now.
>>383994 Are your relatives zionists or favorable to Israel? Because from what I've gathered atheist Jews tend to be neutral about this whole thing. Also do they want to exterminate Palestinians?
>>384008 It's not the point. By exposing myself to Jewish history and understanding of the world, I learned new perspectives and ideas. Even at Orthodox synagogues, you will find great discourse of even non-religious nature. It was more about learning about a section of humanity that I did not know much about and forming an understanding of it that I was better able to see through lies.
>>384013 >Are your relatives zionists or favorable to Israel? Most are. A few are very anti-zionist. >Also do they want to exterminate Palestinians? I suspect more than a few really wouldn't care if that did happen. Sadly. I think it's brainwashing though. They were just brought up to be really hardcore Zionist.
>>384013 >Also do they want to exterminate Palestinians? I have never met any Jewish adherent that believed in this. The most extreme people I've spoken to, refer to "arabs" (they mean Muslims) in derogatory and racist terms and believe they should not live in the land of (greater) Israel but I have never heard any single one refer to their extermination.
>>384020 Is it that way all across the board or are Jewish zoomers different?
>>384023 I think it varies a lot. A lot of Jewish zoomers are so integrated into American society and culture they just don't think of themselves as Jewish and are barely aware of Israel's existence. Too busy partying, memeing, social media etc to care, like a lot of young people. I've met a few very hardline Zionist youth, but I don't think they would ever support something like "extermination". I don't know that many zoomers, tbh.
1-Get yourself a cute Jewish gf 2-Hug
>>384035 >get yourself a gf Anon I...
(751.09 KB 1600x900 jgpxneasvbpaj8eil4xw.png)
>>383932 LIE. >>383934 LYING.
>>384038 >you're gay Get a Jewish bf
>>384057 No, I'm asperger.
I want a cute Jewish gf that looks like Anne Frank god I would hug her all day
>>384069 Why is this such a common desire among /pol/tards
>>384061 autism is a meme
>>383869 Read this and then remember its written by a jewish woman https://www.marxists.org/archive/luxemburg/1915/junius/
>>384073 someone post the screencap
>>384073 Not a /pol/tard myself, just a communist that loves Jewish girls.
(309.77 KB 1080x1045 Screenshot_20200319_153630.jpg)
>>384087 That's creepy. I imagine you probably look like pic related irl.
>>384096 who, the anime girl?
>>384096 Why that specific picture
>>384104 Because He's autistic enough to believe he has a chance with Jewish girls yet he spends his time on an incel forum. And the people who fetishize minorites are generally woke twitteroids. Therefore I picture him as an unattractive but overconfident woke tranny.
>>384124 > incel forum leftypol is the chad forum buddy
>>383869 By realizing it isn't just Jews oppressing you. There are a number of different ethnicities oppressing you. Racism is just their way of dividing the lower class
>>384127 Where is the incel forum?
They already gave you your answer OP here >>383874, if you're still spooked on jews you're far too gone


no cookies?