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The year is 1916, Tsar Nicholas has announced his support for the bolsheviks, how does history change? Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 16:42:43 No. 378122
1916 >Tsar Nicholas II has taken it upon himself to read Marx and Lenin to understand his treacherous enemies better >Finds Marx and Lenin are actually correct, feels empathy for the proletariat and disgust with his own class position and that of his family >Decides to call a large gathering for the workers of Petrograd <"Workers, peasants, the true people of Russia! I have come to realize this war, this bloodshed, it is without reason. Amongst the crimes of my regime, my father's regime, my grandfather's regime; this war has been the greatest. Thus I have decided it is only appropriate that such a criminal government as ours step down, permanently. I will not be succeeded by Alexei, nor any liberal capitalist government, nor any military dictatorship. I ask that you, the workers and peasants of Russia create for yourselves your own government in your own interests. I will officially abdicate in roughly one week, in the mean time I will work to make peace with the Germans, depose my military generals, and return the exiled bolsheviks. After which, I will submit myself to trial for my own personal crimes against the people of the Russian Empire, I ask only that you spare the lives of my family, brought along this violent journey by my own will rather than theirs" >Nicholas then removed his royal regalia, removes his jewelry, and removes his boots >He falls to his knees in the mud <"This world now belongs to you, the workers" >He billows a red flag in his hand How does history change?
Fuck off already.
He is promptly declared to be insane by the rest of the aristocracy and by the Orthodox church, held under house arrest, and replaced by another Romanov.
>>378135 /thread
Shoot all the Romanovs anyway but this time a cellar isn't ruined.
>>378122 He adopts a revolutionary pseudonym and eventually becomes a chairman. Perhaps gets into theory and starts Marxism-Romanovism
>>378122 >Tsar wakes up covered in sweat. >"It was just a dream" he says while cleaning his face with his silk sheets. >"Just a dream" repeats while his hands are shaking. >"Is this still just a dream?" He wonders. >Then he shoots himself like Epstein, the end. :)
>>378135 he then scapes captivity, only to defect to the bolsheviks, october revolution still happens, but this time under general secretary Nicholas II
> ask that you, the workers and peasants of Russia create for yourselves your own government in your own interests. I will officially abdicate in roughly one week, well that's lame he should become monarcho-bol
>>378141 >fucking room Oh, look at this guy with a whole room dedicated to fucking. The rest of us have to do it in the kitchen.
>>378204 iirc IRL there was someone in the czars council who wanted to push him to socialism
(21.71 KB 782x489 mladorossi .png)
he becomes like puyi and lives the rest of his life on his own in some little rural area or he declares a revolutionary constitutional monarchy (lol) and implements mladorossi socialism
>>378243 ah this is what I was thinking of. Yes much more interesting history. People's Kingdom of Russia
(29.11 KB 712x526 1400762728259.png)
would probably look like the UK. Concessions made to the workers in exchange for their survival
>>378363 would be offed by another royal family memeber and his cousin would claim the throne
>>378243 /mladsoc/ general when
>>378493 >going to a dead board with one of the shittiest interfaces ever designed for what purpose


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