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Soviet usenet posts during August Coup Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 03:36:10 No. 376661
I was reading about usenet a couple of months ago and stumbled upon a website that has an archive of posts during the August coup from the 19th of August to the 22nd. It has some posts on the website but most of them must be downloaded. They are in the .tar format but they can be read with notepad or notepad++, or any other text editor. collapse.su
>>376661 (me) Path: relcom!demos!fuug!mcsun!uunet!zaphod.mps.ohio-state.edu!think.com!unixland!sharon From: [email protected] (Sharon Machlis Gartenberg) Newsgroups: talk.politics.soviet Subject: Re: Ukrainian nationalism Message-ID: [email protected]> Date: 18 Aug 91 15:45:24 GMT References: [email protected]> Organization: The Think_Tank BBS & Public Access Unix Lines: 61 In article [email protected]> [email protected] (Andrew Ukrainec) writes: Quoting a letter from The Globe and Mail: >Mr. Bush's opposition to self-determination for Soviet minority peoples is >hypocritical and racist. Canadians should know that the White House opposes >the Ukrainian struggle against centuries of Russian imperialism not because >this struggle is "hopeless," but because it conflicts with American plans to >profit from Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev's privatization of the Soviet >economy. > >Since the Soviet central government owns the vast majority of all economic >assets in the Soviet republics, Mr. Bush hopes that Mr. Gorbachev will sell >these assets dirt cheap to Western multinational corporations. Most of the >Ukrainian economy could be in Western hands after only a few years of rapid >privatization. Similar to eastern Germany, the result would be massive >unemployment, corruption and poverty. Of course, Ukraine, with an economy >several times the size of East Germany's and abundant natural resources, >would be a far greater prize for this new brand of Western colonialism. Bush's position may very well be hypocritical. Racist? I doubt he knows the difference between Russians and Ukrainians, to be honest. I think Bush opposes Ukrainian independence because he is a conservative Republican, and such people are by nature opposed to change that they feel they cannot directly control. I don't think his opposition is some kind of "capitalist plot" so American companies can buy up Ukrainian resources. Bush also opposed Slovenian independence and favored Yugoslav "stability." Can you honestly say that this was because he was hoping that American capitalists could seize control of the Slovenian economy? In the case of the USSR, Bush sees the choices as a relatively pro-Western government (compared with the past) in Gorbachev vs. the anti-West hardliners. Apparently, he does not consider the third alternative -- more liberal democrats in the independence movement -- to be as likely an alternative as the first two. In that sense, he is willing to sacrifice the desires of the Ukrainian people for "stability" in the USSR to give support to Gorbachev at the expense of Gorbachev's more right- wing opponents. He believes this is more likely to keep tensions low between the US and SU, and make the Soviets less of an adversary on the world stage. One can certainly argue that the U.S. has gotten into a lot of trouble in the past by supporting "stability" at the expense of national independence movemennts (Ho Chi Minh, for example, looked to America first for inspiration until being rebuffed; look at the mess the U.S. ended up with in Vietnam). But I think it's far-fetched to say that Bush's opposition to Ukrainian independence is because it would interfere with private companies' plans to rape the Ukrainian economy. As far as I know, plenty of American companies are quite wary about making investments anywhere in the Soviet Union, much to the annoyance of some Soviet officials as well as the Bush Administration (such as the recent refusal of any American banks to participate in loans to the USSR that were mostly guaranteed by the U.S. government). Sharon -- Sharon Machlis Gartenberg Framingham, MA USA email: [email protected] or uunet!think.com!unixland!sharon
Any autists dug up anything interesting here?
Xref: relcom talk.politics.soviet:3438 relcom.netnews:164 Newsgroups: talk.politics.soviet,relcom.netnews Path: relcom!news-server From: [email protected] (Eugene Nesterenko) Subject: info from Russian Information Agency (English) Message-ID: [email protected]> Lines: 180 Sender: [email protected] Reply-To: [email protected] Organization: unknown Date: Tue, 20 Aug 91 05:04:26 +0200 MOSCOW: THE DECLARATION OF THE PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA AT THE PRESS-CONFERENCE MOSCOW /RIA/. The President of Russia Boris Elcin declared last events in the USSR as a revolt. During the press-conference held today in the House of Soviets he told to the journalists that leaders of Ukraine and some other republics have the same opinion. He told, that he was not able to talk to the President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachov. He noted, that TV and radio is under special control of a group of the revolters. Speaking about the Order #1 of the Extraordinary Commitee he told that it is proves a fact of the revolt and told that the leadership of Russian Federation will fullfill its duties. That's because the President of Russia got his power from the people and no one can remove him. Elcin told, that today will be published his order about not-fulfillong the order of the illegitimate commitee at the territory of the Russian Federation. LATVIAN COMMUNIST LEADER WELCOMES THE ACTIONS OF THE COMMITEE FOR EXTRAORDINARY SITUATION MOSCOW /RIA/ Politburo member of the CPSU, first secretary of the Latvian Communist Party Alfreds Rubiks stated at the press-conference held august 19 in Riga, that he watches current events "not only with joy, but with proudness. It was a dream for our party". He also told, that Latvia is among the regions, where will be extraordinary situationn rules set up for six month. All the power will be passed to the extraordinary commitee that will be formed by the Commander of Baltic Military region Fyodor Kuzmin. The Central Commitee of Latvian Communist Party and "Ravnopravie" ("Equal Rights") fraction of the Latvian parliament, that represents the interests of russian-speaking population will propose their candidates for this temporary commitee. All the political parties, that act in contradiction with the USSR Constitution and the Condtitution of Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic will be banned. All the mass-media, that will not support the new order will be banned also. Alfreds Rubics told that several "deputies extremists" will be brought against the trial and the squad that guards the Latvian parliament will be disarmed. He also stated that any attempt of the resistance will be suicidal. EXTRAORDINARY SITUATION, MOSCOW: "SOYUZ" DEPUTY GROUP SUPPORTS THE NOTE OF THE STATE COMMITEE FOR EXTRAORDINARY SITUATION MOSCOW. /RIA/ "Soyuz" deputy group supports the note of the State committee for extraordinaty situation. This was stated in phone interview by the member of the presidium of this fraction Georgiy Tikhonov. He told, that "Soyuz" leadership new nothing about that action. MOSCOW: SITUATION AT 13:30 MOSCOW /RIA/. Several tanks emerged to the Marx prospect near the Teatralnaya square. They moved towards Lubyanka. There is an Army division near the Bolshoy theatre. All ways to the Manezhnaya square are blocked by trolleybuses. There are buses with OMON (special militia squad) at the side of the Historical Museum. A column of Army mobils was stopped by demonstrants between Manezh and Alexandrovsky garden. The speakers at the meeting told that the Central Telegraph is controlled by the revolters. Major Victor Gogolev told that he has not an order to shoot and showed an empty pistolet magazine. The deputy of Moskvoretzky region council Vladimir Ivanov told that the automobile plant "Likhachova", "Kalibr" and other plants are on strike. Telman Gdlyan is arrested, as told by V. Ivanov. At 13:20 water pumps attempted to enter the square but were stopped by demonstrants who started to break the machines. They had to retreat to the old building of Moscow Univercity. A part of demonstrants started moving towards Krasnopresnenskaya to the House of Soviets of the Russia. Both sides of every transport bridge across Moscow river there are tanks with guns headed to the bridges. Several columns of tanks and transporters passed by Sadovoye Koltzo near Zubovskaya square. A lot of military was spotted near the building of the Russian parliament. DECLARATION OF "SAYUDIS" VILNIUS /RIA/. The council of the Seim of Sayudis published a declaration to the citizens of Lithuania. It proposed to start a total political strike in case of removing the legitimate power by soviet forces. Citizens are called to the central squares of the cities. VITAUTAS LANDSBERGIS'S ADDRESS TO THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD, TO THE GOVERNMENTS OF FREE COUNTRIES, TO THE UNO AND OTHER INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS VILNIUS /RIA/. The chairman of the Supreme Council of Lithuania Vitautas Landsbergis radioed today the "Address to the peoples of the world, to the governments of free countries, to THE UNO and other international organizations". He told, that lives of citizens and the order in the Lithuanian Republic are in danger of the Soviet military force. "Please help to the legitimate power, that protects order and stability in Lithuania. Make it clear, that the occupation of Lithuania would be a continuation of the Gitler-Stalin bargain, that Western states would not be tolerant to the new stalinism and all the responsibility for the aggression would be on the initiators and executors of it" Landsbergis also told that the Commander of Baltic military region Fyodor Kuzmin ordered him by the phone to disarm the workers of the Department of the Country Defense, but he got a negative answer. THERE WILL BE NO EXTRAORDINARY SITUATION IN KAZAKHSTAN ALMA-ATA /RIA/. Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev is expected to address the people of the respublic in the evening. Now the government has a session. As it was known by the RIA, there will be no extraordinary situation in the Kazakhstan.
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There are some Russian posts but they have some weird encoding
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