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(47.14 KB 1456x819 usa-4925212.jpg)
United States Politics - /USApol/ Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 09:58:02 No. 373171
Edited last time by krates on 04/08/2020 (Wed) 15:47:50.
>>524379 And that's why Biden is the nominee in the "worker's party".
>>524384 I said they were allied with other Islamist groups, this doesn't contradict the fact the Taliban isn't responsible for the formation or activities of those groups
>>524384 >Burgers aren't fan of Islamists. Unless they can be used for what they want. They weren't hated, that's the point, they weren't hated before and during the USSR-Afghanistan problem. They were hated when a) They started to push their fundamentalism inside Europa (Croatia was very concerned at the time - if you read the article, you can see Osama trying to smuggle weapons and Jihadist through Croatia to attack the USSR, but daddy western doesn't want a war inside their territories). b) They wanted to attack the KSA, and 'daddy-I love-oil' cannot allow that. The point of this: >>524346 is that they were hated, but they weren't until a) and b) and that makes this >>524338 a valid point, because the Taliban knows what happens when you are an ally of the U.S. They won't fall for it again. Mark my words.
Taliban means something like "students" right? What sort of school were they going to?
>>524402 Slytherin
>>524402 They are called students because the founders of the group were students from religious schools called Madrasas
>>524406 Made me chuckle
>>524400 They harbor, train and arm them.
>>524402 Student, just that. They are not as radicals as Al-Qaeda.
(37.51 KB 600x642 4wzep8y21bb11.jpg)
So I just found out yet another way in which capitalism is fucking us over. This example is in the pharmaceutical field, one already rich in such crimes. You heard of Narcan? It's a substance with no appreciable effect by itself, but it undoes and prevents opioids from having any effects by completely clogging up the parts of the nerve cells to which they would bind. It's a remarkably elegant tactic, but one around which we can't really design new substances because of the scale of the cell parts involved -- Narcan's effect was, like that of almost all drugs, discovered by a bit of educated guesswork and a lot of trial and error. However, we already (if just barely) can design such substances at the macromolecular level, which is the scale of the organelles of viruses and bacteries which hook them onto their host cells. This is called anti-adhesion therapy, and you never heard of it because, of course, there's no money to be made from it, and this time there asn't a Soviet Union to save the day by doing unprofitable yet invaluable research as it did with phage therapy. Anti-adhesion therapy came into being just as the country was dismantled, so global research into this area has been vestigial. This impossibility of profit, however, is unusual in that it's not necessarily about them being too effective and/or cheap. Rather it's a legal oversight on Porky's part. Intellectual property applies to drugs, among many other substances, which are distinct, small units, and these macromolecules, which are indescribably complex coagulations of many different small molecules, are out of bounds. This is more out of practical considerations than any principle on Porky's part, as macromolecules are impossible to be objectively standardized and typified -- technically, wood, for example, is one immense macromolecule. At any rate, these macromolecules can't be patented, so as far as capitalism is concerned, it hardly exists. Only just now, the few scientists dedicated to this so-far diminutive field are figuring out a way to make small molecules capable of effecting this therapy. These work by self-assembling (a sort of self-important way to say they fit together with each other like Lego while inside the patient's body) into a macromolecule which actually serves the anti-adhesive function. So that's at least 3 decades of wasted time which could have been spent developing treatments of a whole new paradigm against both bacteria and viruses, and possibly bigger pathogens in the future. Even if it turns out to not be particularly effective, such treatments with a different paradigm can prove to be literally life-savers in case the first line treatment in question reaches a seemingly unsurmountable limit. Cue phages again. So dengue can wait a bit more. It's not like anyone was ever in a hurry to cure that since it affects hardly anyone in rich countries anyway. But hey, at least those 3 decades were well-spent in creation of new boner pills. You can never have too many of those, right?
>>524470 What can be done with anti-adhesion macromolecules?
>>524531 The same as any attack against living pathogens: to kill them. If they can't attach themselves to their would-be host cells, they ded.
And I just realized I lost the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make an incell joke.
(12.66 KB 362x346 CjcQBE6_d.jpg)
>>524089 Why are two oil producing states sending oil tankers to each other? Seems like the one thing neither of them needs help with.
>>524621 Middle East oil producers want to undercut American shale companies, since many of those are already on the verge of collapse. They want to take out American oil production.
>>524621 I remember reading somewhere that Venezuela's oil is lower-quality or something
>>524077 Uh... no. You seem to have liberal brain still. You think the american government "spends all its money on wars"? No, they make money from wars, they just don't want to distribute any profits they make from anything.
what's your fucking problem?
>>524624 I know it has more sulphur and requires specialized refineries, which are supposedly located chiefly in the US. Maybe that's it, Venezuela can't refine their own oil so for refined petroleum they need to trade. Which is not a little embarrassing after almost two decades of Chavismo.
>>524627 I. WANT. A. HAIRCUT.
>>524627 I'll just hook one of these dumbfucks in the ear from behind if I catch them deliberately coughing on employees.
(634.44 KB 726x592 gcdeklb6rl051.png)
nice ass on the chick doe
>>524776 it looks deflated lmao
>>524776 >>524627 >all white people
(2.71 MB 2268x4096 EYu9OuCWoAE6v5P.jpg)
U.S. Deaths Near 100,000, an Incalculable Loss https://web.archive.org/web/20200524102938/https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/05/24/us/us-coronavirus-deaths-100000.html Here's one guy I spotted randomly in the mix, an ex-CIA agent who turned on them and publicly criticized the CIA for the rest of his life: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_McGehee
>>524776 What is wrong with you
>>524792 only 328.1~ million left!
>>524792 100k on memorial day
>>524776 Why do white people, the race most vulnerable to skin cancer make suntanning a thing?
>>524814 I honestly don't know what the appeal is.
>>524814 They can show off their youthful, attractive bodies.
>>524824 oh yeah boris the youthful's bulge, oh how the people yearn for it!
>>524555 So basically just antibiotics? We haven't quite reached the point where current ones are fucked.. Can they do anything else?
>>524814 because they don't have a natural tan duh
>>524776 Yup, that's my state in the news again. >>524814 Because they wanna look pretty while boozing up in shit-filled lakes.
(17.06 KB 480x360 hqdefjjjjjault.jpg)
>>524776 >nice ass on the chick doe wth bro
>>524792 >Here's one guy I spotted randomly in the mix, an ex-CIA agent who turned on them and publicly criticized the CIA for the rest of his life: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_McGehee F >>524814 To be less white. >>524830 For all we know, this could be the solution to all viruses and bacteria but will only know at least 3 decades from now. Besides, see my comment on different paradigms, like phages.
>>525124 >For all we know, this could be the solution to all viruses and bacteria but will only know at least 3 decades from now. Light inside the body dumbass
>>524621 >Why are two oil producing states sending oil tankers to each other? Seems like the one thing neither of them needs help with. Iran is sending gasoline and NAFTA (to process heavy and extra-heavy oil). We are probably paying back with gold, coltan, and some other rare minerals we have. Also, for years Venezuela sent gasoline to Iran (when Chavez was alive, he boldly evaded sanctions to help Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. >>524624 Lower quality=/= Heavy and extra heavy oil. With those types of oils what you do, is that you use extra-light (semi-synthetic) and light oil to the well, like watering a thick soup. Either way the invested material is recovered. But nowadays, other methods are implemented, too, like heating through a wire the thick oil, and later on, pump out. >>524628 >I know it has more sulphur and requires specialized refineries, which are supposedly located chiefly in the US. Maybe that's it, Venezuela can't refine their own oil so for refined petroleum they need to trade. Which is not a little embarrassing after almost two decades of Chavismo. We can - and we have plenty of gasoil, fuel oil, kerosene, and gas. It is the materials needed in order to process the high-quality gasoline, that we can't buy. What is going to happen probably is that we are going to lower the quality of the gasoline.
>>525275 Also, we first had the refineries to process medium oil, because it was what it was found on Zulia. Later on, Chavez invested on the Heavy-extra-heavy stuff. It was a totally new change of dogmas. Even inside the country there were people talking shit about investing in that type of oil.
>>518374 >Americas reputation image and international standing? Who cares about this. Go talk to any American who doesn’t work in the State Department or MSM. None of them give a shit about “international standing.” None of them give a shit about foreign policy with the exception of trade policy, people give a shit about that. And why should they, Foreign policy has zero impact on you average burger’s life, literally zero impact. with the exception of trade, which does impact people.
>>525275 >Iran is sending gasoline and NAFTA You mean naphtha?
>>524781 What else would you expect in the Ozarks?
>>525284 are you a Venezuelan in venezuela?
>>525355 Yeah. Isn't nafta (sp) and nafta (en) the same?
>>525388 NAFTA is the name of the usa-canada-mexico free trade agreement in english
>>525394 Oh. That's why the dictionary corrects it, get it. Here's the comprehensive table, and uses for the Venezuelan oil: https://www.eia.gov/international/content/analysis/countries_long/Venezuela/background.htm Note that we can process our own oil, but we can't manufacture some of the components for the high-octane gasoline.
>>525377 Yeah, I am both.
>>525419 cool, how are things going up there?
>>525480 Like any other country with sanctions: with restrictive live, but not starving thanks to the government being resilient.
>>525500 has this whole silvercorp insurgency-fail have any impact on day to day life?
(1.23 MB 544x2038 usasoc.png)
never understood this
>>525554 Well, apparently they were preparing plenty of stuff together: Sabotages with services, dramatically increase in the prices in food, etc So yeah, impacted.
(130.33 KB 1226x398 38 billion.png)
>>525329 <Foreign policy has zero impact on you average burger’s life, literally zero impact. <literally zero impact. t. CIA >>525329
>>525595 how you guys doing with CoVID?
>>525566 are you saying Bernie should defend stalin?
>>525694 What Bernie says is irrelevant, socdems gunna socdem. Commentators are just hypocrites for not noticing this
>>525694 Trump quoted one of Stalin's aphorisms on twitter If Trump can do that Bernie can do better
>>524814 Because white skin looks kind of pale and sickly. We even talk about a tan looking "healthy." And supposedly by building up exposure and tanning your skin darker you increase resistance to skin cancer, although I'm pretty sure that's bullshit. The benefit of lighter skin is that it's easier to synthesize vitamin D so deficiencies are less likely, and supposedly vitamin D deficiency makes coronavirus worse so there's that.
(208.42 KB 496x569 da.PNG)
>>524814 Brown women are sexier than white women, even if a lot of people deny this reality. So women try to look as brown as they can to keep up
>>524627 Coughing at someone like those people were doing is literally a crime fyi. At minimum it's assault. There are people who have been charged over this in the US.
>>525667 Doing good in general, we have the lowest infection/death rates in the region, not mentioned in the mainstream (never mention successes), in general terms, we are resilient. It's not like Ecuador where dead people were left behind on the pavement, collapsed hospitals, etc. There's a study from the UCV (Universidad Central de Venezuela) where they say the infections rates are not shown by the government, so the government insisted to keep the lockdown. Lel - the opposition used the 'study' to dismiss the government, but they get mad because the government decided to keep the lock.
(279.44 KB 449x870 liberts.PNG)
What?? Why?
(207.77 KB 478x428 pyshgram.PNG)
>>525897 >vote for me and I'll do absolutely nothing for 4 years
>>525667 We are in fact receiving reverse migration, I mean Venezuelans coming back from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile among others, most cases we are reporting are imported. So we have strict measures in the border states.
>>525903 Tell ya what, this is a great idea to avoid the imperialism. The U.S. uses the debt as a way to expand their imperialism.
>>525897 This is even more rigged than the Democrats, somehow
>>525897 >that hat I want a red version that says profit is theft.
>>525936 >welfare is imperalism this shit is why burgers will never go far-left
Millions of 17-year cicadas will emerge in the South, creating 'substantial noise issue' Parts of the South are about to get noisy. Not from Memorial Day weekend parties or concerts or parades — but millions and millions of amorous insects. Every 17 years, cicadas emerge from the ground in Southwest Virginia, parts of North Carolina, and West Virginia. The cluster of cacophonous cicadas in this area of the American South is known as brood IX. Soon, scientists from Virginia Tech say, the little creatures will crawl towards the sky, with as many as 1.5 million per acre. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/animal-news/millions-17-year-cicadas-will-emerge-south-creating-substantial-noise-n1214011 are you ready for the bugs
>>526476 Lolberts are anti-interventionist and idolize Switzerland for being neutral. Part of their plans for a balanced budget is to reduce empire, and also abolish ICE and generally reduce the police state. From a strictly utilitarian, harm-reduction standpoint, Lolberts are better than either mainstream party.
>>526512 wow that's a cool event
(39.97 KB 645x729 Brainlit2.jpg)
>>525714 I missed that one, sauce me, brovarich. >>526512 Cicadas are really weird bugs.
(288.19 KB 1203x386 bernie stalin.png)
>>526594 Based Bernie "Burn the Bougie" Sanders.
(4.69 MB 460x259 381.gif)
>>525147 what?
Honest question guys. Does Bidne have a chance of winning? Or are we getting 4 more years of Drumph?
>>526910 Drumph
>>526910 Trump has it in the bag.
>>526910 Biden can win, but it depends on the economy honestly.
>>526910 This is the first time I say I can't even hazard a guess. As far as I an see, you might as well toss a coin.
>>526913 >>526915 Proof? Economy is pretty shit right now and Biden has a better platform.
>>526961 How is Biden's platform better?
(82.11 KB 1013x220 Nv6f7.jpg)
What the fuck
(356.61 KB 800x2048 qoyilzlea0nz.png)
>>526970 >Margaret Thatcher Press S to spit on her grave, and anyone who follows the Thatcher model of anything
(388.85 KB 1016x434 iconic duo.png)
(63.43 KB 960x832 100062447.jpg)
>>526910 biden will win screencap this right the fuck now he will win FL & AZ it won't even be close green party gets 3% of vote one of the candidates saying a racial slur will be a campaign scandal boomers will vote dem in surprising numbers bidens vp will be hispanic t. witch
>>527028 Well, they aren't lying...
>>527048 This is actually a fairly likely prediction. I think he flips a few Midwestern states as well.
>>526910 Right now it’s 50-50. >>527048 Biden will win Boomers, but a lot of Hispanics and Gen X will flip to Trump. And Biden’s VP won’t be Hispanic. >>527053 Who knows, Biden won’t win Florida, Nevada, or Arazonia, his hispanic numbers are too low.
>>527069 I think he wins Arizona, Florida is more debatable.And I think he can flip some states in the Midwest. I think Biden wins, but if Trump can manage to get the economy to look somewhat decent he has a chance.
>>527069 >his hispanic numbers too low exactly why he picks a Hispanic vp
Dems are doing voter fraud no matter what lol
>>527069 I'm not sure about Florida. It has a large community of very conservative Cuban expats.
>>527098 The gusanos might genuinely go for Trump no matter what the dems do. The question is if they are enough to carry Florida.
>>527074 He definitely will flip midwestern states, but Arizona I’m still shaky about tbh
>>526910 before 'rona, Trump had it in the bag post 'rona it'll most likely be a complete landslide in favor of Biden
>>527082 Biden’s team isn’t smart enough to do that though. Biden’s VP will be Stacy Abrams, Kamala Harris, or Klobuchar. >>527123 The Question is how many Midwestern States. Biden will likely flip Michigan, but it’s unlikely he will flip Ohio or Wisconsin.
>>526961 Biden is extremely unlikable. No one genuinely wants to vote for him except for terminally online "DRUMPF OWNED" people
>>527136 November 2020 is gonna make a lot of niggas become snowniggas.
>>527136 A lot of people really like that type of bumbling grandpa, believe it or not. It's not Hillary we're talking about here.
>>527128 The tanking economy will most likely tank Trump, yeah. People do not take kindly to unemployment.
>>527090 So are Republicans.
>>527136 bullshit, the voting stats say otherwise
>>527172 That doesn't really back up your claim that Biden is extremely unlikable.
>>527172 Jesus god why are people enthusiastic for Trump? Better yet why is anyone enthusiastic for Biden???
>>527176 Trump has his fair share of cultists. They haven't gone away, but they are not the guys that will determine the election. With Biden it's the grandpa appeal.
>>527134 Michigan definitely. Wisconsin I see leaning Biden, but could be another close call. Ohio definitely not going for him. >>527156 If the economy recovers, Trump has a chance. If it doesn’t, he doesn’t.
>>527176 >Jesus god why are people enthusiastic for Trump? Not sure, if I had to guess probably the tariffs and protectionism. Free Trade obliterated Middle-America. Granted Trump is only symbolically opposed to free trade but I guess for some people it’s better than nothing.
>>527172 The enthusiasm factor was precisely what gave Trump the edge needed to win 2016. And the kicker is that Democrats could have picked almost anyone and still win the enthusiasm factor just by running a not-Trump campaign, but they go and pick Trump's after-school special PG edit.
(56.45 KB 225x286 1388957233831.jpg)
>>527176 I'm telling you guys, everything makes sense if you admit reactionarism is an atavic mental pathology. They're the throwbacks among us, the wrong side of the evolutionary scale, the left end of the normal curve of a putative measure of how evolved each member of the species is. They're the half-sapient apemen still more reliant on intuition than on reason. "Me like alpha-male Trump, he get piles of food and lots women, he make good pack leader, me feel like me can have fermented berry juice with Trump". In particular, being in a permanent state of readiness for an earth-shattering event which is paradoxically always on the verge of happening is their idea of nirvana. This surrender to an irrational mob phenomenon tickles the R-complex part of their brains. It's an ersatz recreation of dangerous pack hunting in the savannahs or the imminence of a war of extermination with the neighboring pack, as they yearn to fulfill the death drive which guides them. (Damn it, I wish I had capped by previous post about this, I think I really nailed it then.)
>>527235 That’s not true, if it was Romney would be POTUS. People like Trump because of protectionism.
>>527240 You take a look at any exchange of grunts between Qoomers and tell me they can even spell protectionism. Seriously tho, yeah I'm referring to actually pathological cases, some 20% of the population to wildly varying degrees of severity. Most reactionaries will always be acquired cases and within reach of reasoning and argument to get them out of that pit.
>>527172 This all boils down to how many supporters each of them have
>>527235 This is why we needed eugenics.
>>526512 OH NO WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!?!
>>526910 Whoever wins, we lose.
>>524627 burger "culture" at this point is basically normalized psychopathy
(84.16 KB 700x714 1430337604957.jpg)
>>527269 DO NOT
Why Kamala Harris is DANGEROUS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTElOcUJ5Z0
>>527069 If Biden wins the olds, he wins very comfortably. I don't see the spics going for Trump in especially huge numbers. What is different now over four years ago that makes Trump look good, unless you were petty booj?
>>527288 >*neoliberal* "culture"
>>527346 >I don't see the spics going for Trump in especially huge numbers. You're not wrong, but you can be certain that the petty bourgise spics and the "white"er spics will vote for Donald. That's a fact that you can take to the bank, but really it doesn't matter cause at the end of the day you're either voting for red maga or blue maga.
>>527346 If Trump was smart he would immediately start mailing more stimulus checks out and not stop until the election was over.
>>527176 Remember that voting in US is the rich man's game. High earner "prog" neolibs are mad about Trump, high earner classic libs are stoked about tax cuts. I know this because I literally conduct these political surveys. There are very few non-retired that are under 75k before taxes and they own homes.
>>527353 we been saying this its kind of hilarious how incompetent he is as a supposed aspiring dictator
>>526910 Trump needs to win Wisconsin and defend AZ and FL against possible caps. That's basically it. Mich and Penn are for sure blue.
>>527346 That's the baffling thing about DNC's choice. They managed to pick someone who feels like a straight downgrade from fucking Trump of all people. He's a barely-functional patsy but without the entertainment value. I don't mention the Democrats' likely more apt management of imperialism because this is from the point of view of Joe Blow.
>>527353 The stimulus was Congress (amazingly doing something, after a lot of bickering). Retard-Man certainly wants his name attached to it so that rubes thank him.
>>527460 Americans don't care. They'll vote for whatever dogshit the Empire demands of them. Y'all are overthinking this. Last thing Obama did before leaving office was put election security under Homeland Security. We don't live in a democracy any more, and it's getting blatant at this point.
>>527278 That's basically it. There's no reason to give a shit about the presidential race at this point, except to wish a heart attack on Joe ASAP. >>527460 Joe is nonfunctional but the sad and pathetic thing is that between Trump and Corona, fate has conspired to give him one of the only possible scenarios in which he can win. My prediction as above is that it comes down to AZ and WI. I think we're in for a frightening political realignment if Biden wins, locking the left even further out of power. It's also simply insulting that Corona could deliver the Dems a victory they don't deserve. Trump win is probably better for the Left but not exactly rooting for him either. Left must disengage from 2020 pres race, focus on Congress.
>>526910 Hopefully Biden eats shit and we have 4 years to maybe get a Debs like figure to run. We need to be building and mobilizing at street level though.
>>527485 Didn't we in Sanders' campaign just see how street organizing gets completely BTFOd by cable TV?
>>527479 >Left must disengage from 2020 pres race, focus on Congress. No the left needs to do a “Yellow Vest” type mass movement, if such a thing doesn’t occur in the next 5-10 years the left will be dead forever and politics will just be a fight between neoliberals and nationalists.
>>527489 I mean street organizing for direct action, not electoralism lol. If you want a Sanders-like progressive to win, you need someone who is much scarier to porky. You need someone they'll view as barbarians ready to besiege them.
Browsing /r/politics, these commenters are either paid shills or absolutely insane
>>527479 The realignment has already happened. Obama was really the death knell of the Democrats being a "populist" party, by openly embracing Reaganism in a way even Bill Clinton didn't. The left never had any significant power in electoral politics in America, and has been pretty well locked out since the '80s from even small bits of power. Biden losing isn't going to change the Democrats one bit, and if anything they'd just double down on everything they've been doing. They've been going this far against any sort of popular will, why would they stop now?
>>527507 It's been established that the Dems are running their troll farms heavily on reddit. r/politics moderation is paid to steer narratives, it was like night and day after 2016.
>>527512 Every one is farming Reddit. It is one of the handful of websites that get all the traffic, so anyone with dick to sling slings dick there.
Why would the dems even want to win this election? Why would they want to handle the current shitshow? Trump gives them what their donors want anyway, so why not run a sundowning retard to mirror orange man bad spending just enough to say, well we tried
>>527507 No, they are just Porky’s expressing ideology that is in their self interest.
(50.64 KB 780x438 possible design.jpg)
>>527461 >Retard-Man certainly wants his name attached to it so that rubes thank him. Literally.
So Trump is fucked. Is there anything he can do to wrangle his way out of it and pull off the W?
>>527524 The only thing the DNC really cares about regarding Trump is that he isn't hawkish enough in foreign policy. If Biden wins, expect at least one new war during his term.
>>527531 Biden will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it's democratic party tradition
>>527531 Keep the coronabux going until his inauguration.
>>526910 Trump wins iff stock number go up
>>527463 Hey, the fact that 2016 was won by the candidate literally no one expected to win is touted as proof that America does get to decide. In that sense. >Last thing Obama did before leaving office was put election security under Homeland Security. Seriously? >>527479 >Joe is nonfunctional but the sad and pathetic thing is that between Trump and Corona, fate has conspired to give him one of the only possible scenarios in which he can win. Now consider the fact that he was picked before corona hit the country like a truck. Really, the only rationale I can see is that this is a unique gambit to put someone in the White House whose electoral chances would be lower even than Biden's. Which, frankly, would work if only the normality of the past 3 years had remained. I actually think the Democrats had it in the bag because the people who hated him but didn't vote wouldn't make the same mistake again, and, ironically, the media circus caused by the double crisis might actually propel Trump's popularity. Now it's a matter of whether Americans will get their material shit fuck up enough to snap out of their Spectacular torpor. >>527489 I thought we had settled on the Democratic primaries being fized, so we can't know now quite how big Bernie was. >>527498 >No the left needs to do a “Yellow Vest” type mass movement Honestly, I rather wish the collective frustration builds up more instead of being wasted on such an alienated mess. >>527507 I keep telling you, disregard any opinions you see on mainstream social sites. By now, they reflect reality as much as the stock exchange numbers inflated with fictitious loans.
>>527512 >>527516 Lest we forget, google for 'Reddit Eglin'.
>>527542 Spectacular Torpor I know somewhere there's an elevator waiting for that bossa nova
>>527507 Reddit has been shilled 24/7 since 2014 at least, just ignore it
(880.48 KB 500x292 giphy-3.gif)
Everyday, until you fuckers learn the goddamn lession.
>>527436 >Mich and Penn are for sure blue. Why do you say that? Trump won them both in 2016
>>527507 It's kind of weird. Back when Bernie was still running they were heavily in favor of him but now that he dropped out it's dominated by pro-Biden shills who hate Bernie.
>>527596 They turned to Democrats in 2018 midterms (i.e. when the bourgies vote more often, traditionally when Republicans do well). MI Republicans were running on Trump as a good thing and got beat pretty badly, with a fair amount of dissent in their ranks against their candidate for governor who was really scummy even by Republican standards.
>>527597 There's no point in shilling Bernie now regardless if it's done by bots and shills or real supporters, so it only makes sense that the ones for Biden would be the only ones remaining.
(330.67 KB 1377x740 map.PNG)
What do you all think of this site? https://www.electionbettingodds.com/ I think they're overestimating Biden's chances.
(43.50 KB 750x625 01.jpg)
>>527653 Probably shouldn't put too much trust in chance prediction stats after the last election
>>527653 That's pulled from real online betting markets, so if you have spare cash you can make money if you are that sure of your analysis
>>527663 This, betting odds are notoriously shit at predicting political outcomes.
I'm going to remember fondly all the people here assuming Biden would win. People just don't learn I guess, either that or you're too young to remember 2004
>>527708 Hardly anyone here thinks Biden will win and most don't want him to.
>>527716 And leftypol is always wrong
>>527718 Without us for you to project incorrect views onto there would be nobody in your life to make you feel intelligent, that is why you come here.
(539.83 KB 1440x2359 Screenshot_20200525_054603.jpg)
>>527730 Thrilled these people are going to be an irrelevant backwater in five years time.
>>527730 America is doomed. The only way to salvage anything from that wretched country is to burn it to ashes and induce the same tortures on the feds that the people who america “liberated” had to suffer. The only good thing america did was kill people of the countries they invaded. Death is better than having to see your people, family, friends and comrades suffer.
>>527730 It wasn't necessarily the lockdown that caused all this economic collapse. That was just the trigger. The lockdown and virus are being used as a scapegoat for a whole lot of bubble-bursting and job cuts going on.
>>527708 Bush's fuckups didn't hit too massively until his second term, whereas Trump has been a total fuckup and joke from the start. Petty booj like Trump but he still only one by a slim margin last time, and he has probably eroded support from the "vote the bums out" voters.
>>527730 >Communist infiltrating US Gov So this is like reverse URSS fall?
Iranian tanker DOCKS at Venezuelan port after braving stormy waters to deliver 1st oil shipment despite US blockade https://www.rt.com/news/489648-iran-tanker-arrives-venezuela/
>>527848 It's gonna get attacked by the US and they're still not gonna face any repercussions. Remember me when that happens.
>>527814 >reagan and george bush sr's faults didn't show until the 90s. Bush Jr has been a complete joke from the start and won very narrowly in 2000. He won't have the compassionate conservative vote because he's fucked up the war on terror. Kerry is surely gunna win!
>>527870 You forget how jingoistic the atmosphere was in 2004, and how that completely blew up in 2008. Kerry being an especially godawful aristocrat didn't help matters. Like him or not, Uncle Joe does have an actual base of old fucks. Besides, Bush was going to rig it so he wins and everyone knew it, because the Bush family acts like a royal dynasty. Trump has no such luck. Also remember that just two years after Kerry lost, the Demoshits won a ridiculous wave election thanks to showing something resembling competence, and because Bush made a move to take away old peoples' social security. (And you really have to ask yourself why the fuck Bernie wasn't hammering home that the ghouls were coming for their retirement from the very start, it was the one issue besides healthcare that could have ginned up support, but lol Bernie).
>>527911 I actually got into a heated argument a couple months ago about the merits of Bernie with my father (who is a retired army sergeant; he watches nothing but Tucker Carlson and LivePD everyday) and all of his complaints could be boiled down to "don't fuck with my healthcare"
>>527870 >he's fucked up the war on terror Seems like you're the one not remembering now. The War on Terror started after 9/11.
>>527911 He didn't hammer it but he did bring it up and Biden just said he never tried to cut it. Bernie didn't believe he lied and called him out but nothing came of it.
>>525388 funnily enough in flemish dutch "naft" is a dialect word for petrol also
I'm betting Biden will win. Like, I put money on it and everything. Anyway, I don't think Republicans will ever win a national election ever again. Their image is too poisoned by being the "white man's party". I think they'll lose 2020, 2024, and probably 2028. After that the party will dissolve and be reborn as a vague "family values" party that appeals heavily to Catholics in order to get latinos on board.
>>527716 I think the ones here that are absolutely sure that Trump will win are suffering from a large dose of wishful thinking.
>>527870 The difference between 2004 and 2020 is that there wasn't a pandemic and a huge economic crisis in 2004. These things always hurt the incumbent.
>>527973 Nah wishful thinking looks like >>527965 The Dems are one of the most pathetic political entities on the planet and they may well outright try throwing the election to avoid dealing with COVID and the recession. They get paid either way, they don't give a shit.
>>527978 It doesn't matter how bad the Dems are. The demographics are in their favor. This is how elections work under FPTP.
>>527985 >muh demographics
>>527978 No one here particularly want Biden to win because it would be objectively bad for the left. We just see it as a distinct possibility, which it is.
>>527986 Virginia became solid blue and Beto "literally coming for your guns" almost won Texas. The Republicans are over as a viable force, 2020 is their absolute last chance of ever winning an election. But don't get your hopes up over this, once the Democrats get complacent they will become even worse. Whatever party that comes up to replace Republicans will at first be slightly more populist, but they will quickly become identical to the late Republican party once they get a base.
The only reason I would be tempted to vote for Biden would be to see the MAGAtards cry on election night, it would be hillarious. But Biden is fucking awful too and so I doubt I'll actually vote for him. Is Howie Hawkins any good or should I just not vote?
>>527991 (except, of course, the evangelical idpol will be dropped in favor of Catholic idpol)
>>527991 Democrats have been wanking their little cocks dry over demographic change ensuring them a thousand year libtard reich for a long time. The GOP always has voter suppression and making Latinos honorary white people up their sleeve.
>>527993 You have to look at this election as a win-win situation. If Biden wins you can laugh at magatards and pol boomers. If Trump wins you can laugh at libshits and blue checkmarks.
>>527993 Mixed feelings. He was a Russiagater, but he quickly changed his mind and said that Russiagate was just a distraction he fell for. His path to getting nominated was also shady as hell, he fucked over Ventura, who I think actually stood a chance at clearing the 5% mark. But he's an actual leftist (unlike Jill Stein) who wants to reform the party into a viable force instead of a tug of war between new age green capitalists and succdem social climbers. If he got his way and established a dues based structure, the party would be far better off because all the useless narcissists who are just there for attention would have to fuck off.
>>527730 >Financial hereditary elite Say what you want about contemporary China, but this is some real Qanon-tier shit right here.
>>527919 that debate was pathetic. Bernie repeatedly called out Joe but Joe would just blatantly lie and instead of hammering the issue Bernie would let it drop. He's a softie. And I guess he somehow thought Biden was moral and not the scumfuck we all know him to be?
>>528135 Part of me thinks Bernie was forced to become a patsy in a misguided attempt to make young people enthusiastic about democrats, and part of me thinks he genuinely believed the establishment hacks wouldn't just blatantly lie and cheat
>>528135 >instead of hammering the issue Bernie would let it drop. At one point in one of the debates you could see Bermies jaw physically drop and a look of despair and worry as Biden repeated a lie when being challenged on it
>>528168 I just think that Bernie has a bit of Trump derangment syndrome.
>>528168 He knows damn well how this game works. It was great for making money off of donations though.
>>528208 So dumb how he bought the obvious bullshit of "criticizing Biden would help Trump" when the people telling him that had no compunctions about running brutal attack ads against him and smearing him as a Castro-loving commie
>>528260 In other words by submitting to their logic he already accepted the premise that Biden would be nominated
>>528135 >>528168 >>528201 Biden wasn't lying. Look, you gotta do what you gotta do, and tell ya what, if you don't vote Biden you better go check your priviliges.
Does the thought of 100k dead americans turn anyone else on? t. third world
>>528277 Uh, psst, Democrap, you had better get caught up on the official party line or the Politburo will notice. Biden is now the Radical New FDR We Need for these troubling times, a visionary progressive who will bring sweeping change: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/may/22/joe-biden-radicalism-fdr-economic-crisis-coronavirus
(87.92 KB 300x300 szau3xvk4flx.png)
>>528401 >Biden is now the Radical New FDR We Need for these troubling times >FDR stole the gold of the people. Devalued the dollar to impulse jobs - later on, it was proven that the results weren't that good - made people poorer but unemployment never was low enough and created inflation. Oh, sexy.
>>527730 Chatbots are particularly good at emulating stereotypical characters. Just saying. >>527934 The word is present in the entire West with different meanings but always related to oil because it comes from Ancient Greek. >>528011 am in ISIS, can confirm >>528224 >>>/pol/
>>527730 >who even cares if a bunch of old people die, it's like .1%, who even cares thats still millions of people, and not all of them are just old
>>527851 It's gonna get attacked after it delivered the goods? Why? How does that make sense?
>>527851 Two of those tankers already docked - the U.S. won't attack them. I think the U.s. is scared of the retaliation in the middle east.
At what point did rightoids go from "this is airborne AIDS invented by the degenerate dog eaters to destroy western civilization, we're all going to die!" to "the virus is a non-issue but the Clintons and Bill Gates are pretending it it's dangerous to take our freedoms away"?
>>520566 Stop falling for bait you cuck
>>524627 Yet more proof that mayos don't deserve to live.
>>527176 Because burgerland is hopelessly retarded
>>522828 >Bringing in the wife.
(71.08 KB 681x800 800px_COLOURBOX5232429.jpg)
I fucking hate you all
(27.68 KB 450x266 butter-clipart-buter-7.jpg)
(984.48 KB 1140x842 kekky.png)
(886.43 KB 1141x848 kek.png)
(57.75 KB 1440x1080 ptm.jpg)
>>528697 I love you
>>527973 I genuinely want Trump to win. Literal wishful thinking. That based retard did more damage to American hegemony than any actively hostile force.
>>528697 >>528744(check em) >>528773 Finally, some good posts
>>528697 Why, comradanon?
(891.74 KB 2400x1600 N4W7PV.jpg)
(88.15 KB 600x405 2015383.jpg)
(38.08 KB 400x400 1590434490845.png)
>>528787 That's racist.
>>528781 >That based retard did more damage to American hegemony than any actively hostile force. He needs to do more quicker though. I'm not enough of a Doomer to vote for him. But he needs to just crash us with no survivors already.
>>528787 >1st pic The horror
>>528794 You don't need to be a doomer to voote for trump, just realistic in your assessment.
>>528787 That comic is reaching incredible levels of cringe.
(172.52 KB 952x351 1.png)
>>528804 I remember when people used to complain about Zizek's Cat Tax
(52.12 KB 376x419 1349987008868.jpg)
(98.44 KB 197x326 1511041250303.png)
(53.77 KB 468x401 1354775046728.jpg)
(32.68 KB 686x798 1514216436488.png)
>>528810 stay mad amerilard
>>528799 Maybe not, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I mean what if by some freak occurrence Howie Hawkins or someone that's not a syphilitic, senile, pedophile wins.
(60.18 KB 960x944 1589679933900.jpg)
>>528787 I really wish you didn't
>>528804 How many time until he runs into a political position through a liberal party, again? >>528807 Now we only complain about how ridiculous and retarded he is. I can't conceive he's on marxist.org.
>>528515 when trump called it a hoax/when it obviously became his fault it spread
>>528822 Never happened, will never happen, and you know it. Again >realistic
>>528816 >implying Political cartoonists really do deserve to get shot.
(55.38 KB 300x352 (You).png)
>>528829 >Political cartoonists really do deserve to get shot.
(471.10 KB 1920x1573 x9pcgzsyriq41.jpg)
I sense a filthy Anglo
>>528826 >we only complain about how ridiculous and retarded he is "we" meaning you and like one other absolute retard pushing the RedKahina line https://thecharnelhouse.org/2015/06/24/in-defense-of-slavoj-zizek/
(452.88 KB 600x484 mmqiapxowpv31.png)
(22.02 KB 400x318 1590275017808.jpg)
>>528837 The lockdown forced me to confront how goddamn lonely I am, and no takeout or netflix helps. I just want to be in proximity of someone who gives a shit about my existence. I swear one day I'm gonna get a lot and have a room for rent cause fuck me I'm so sad
>>528837 Is that Bernard on the 'left'? kek This is funny, because it's a way to overprotect him, by dismissing the base, which in reality is not that typical middle-classer described in the right, but the millennials, gen-x, and unionized workers concerned about the future situation of them.
(16.55 KB 547x626 bless our troops.png)
>>528844 He's a retard, and you know it. But keep eet trollin'
(2.88 MB 320x240 1352667985314.gif)
>>528837 >sake of other Americans Dog bless
>>528851 I care about you, comrade.
(29.48 KB 512x288 74664526.jpg)
>>528851 >socialist >not social
>>528860 Thanks comrade, it fucking sucks. But thank you
>>528866(checked) ?huh?
>>528848 Yeah, and the government will also beat the shit out of the veterans if they dare to protest for their pensions, protections plans and healthcare, especially after all that PTS earned by humiliating, killing, or enabling the killing of civilians around the world c'mon Kevin.
>>528851 I've been practicing self-isolation and social distancing for decades now.
>>528876 Why is Kevin such a shit? Doesn't he care about the poor soldier's feefee's?
>>528877 So have I but it's only made me crave for unhealthy outlets for my touched starved disheveled form
(1013.59 KB 2040x1711 UwU.jpg)
>>528829 You would have the great Benny G shot?
>>528888(checked) Who have that dog a hat?
(2.59 MB 1200x1200 ben garrison.png)
(365.39 KB 655x600 human capital stock.png)
>>528840 If Big Brother was real and the leader of Britain, it would be Oswald Mosley.
>>528896 Free will sacrifice, let the collective concieness control
>>528851 MAN THE SHIT UP
(29.18 KB 513x513 1590344600950.jpg)
(680.12 KB 900x535 2d8n1z7dfhm11.png)
>>528892 He's referencing Hoover and his fedora. You know, the director of FBI, and not Allen Dulles, the Director of Central Intelligence, and the guy responsible for Bay of Pigs.
>>528851 >Isn't politically active. There's your problem.
>>528896 lmfao literal human cattle
>>528917 I did not know that, but now I do. Thanks tankie anon
>>528922 Politics doesn't take away the yearning anon
>>528894 Get weirder and weirder every time I focus my mind in this picture.
(6.50 MB 312x316 m4a.gif)
Truly America personified.
>>528953 Just turn it as you walk through the door you big retard
>>528960 Or close it as you step through the doorway
>>528960 how about closing it?
>>528966 Well yeah that's what a normal person would do but I'm operating on the assumption he is too clueless to operate the umbrella.
>burgers don't know how a umbertoecoella works
>>528922 How does one get more politically active
>>528972 We get it from our bong and frog parent countries
>>528515 both are true. its doublethink in action
>>528909 I am not the one with loneliness problems. But I get it.
(352.10 KB capital stock.mp4)
>"everything is fine, get back to work wagie"
>Back to normal! Back to normal! We need dignity and normalcy in the white house! BACK TO NORMAL! Do libs understand that they're engaging in their version of MAGA at this point? Do they not realize that the "normal" of 2008-2016 was what caused Trump?
>>529335 They understand they're just pushing against the sense that coronavirus is going to change anything about society.
ANTI-ZOOMER AKTION https://youtu.be/yBfvkkMS1vo
>>527273 I'd eat them, honestly. Fug, people eat frogs in my state. Why not cicadas? My main problem is it will likely be be marketed as an alternative to meat once it becomes scarce.
>>529367 I will just go vegetarian once meat becomes too expensive. I don't want to eat bugs.
>>529346 >ANTI-ZOOMER AKTION Don't be fucking stupid, comrade.
>>529401 Watch the vid fam The zoomies fucked us with their tiktok and memes
(467.46 KB 488x524 wealthy swimming vector class.png)
(220.82 KB 410x529 bloomberg yachts wealthy.png)
Are the rich just getting super cocky or do they purposely want to antagonize poor people for some reason?
>>529463 I’ve read that in 2008 the bourgeois were wondering why the proles didn’t try to slaughter them all
>>529463 Should just spread this everywhere IMO. Also >vector class Which were the rich bougie businessmen and alpinists, at least in my country, who brought that shit home in droves after skiing in the Alps and going to fancy restaurants in Northern Italy. The nerve of it.
(416.00 KB 1439x1854 Image_1590448623.jpg)
>>373171 I dont remember something on Twitter from a leftist pissing me off this much. These retards give me Nazbol thoughts. https://mobile.twitter.com/birthmarxist/status/1264782396379074560
>>529505 And by these retards i mean the prevalent and VERY LOUD colonial woke types who go blood and soil fuck yt
>>529463 Both. They derive joy from how they are better than the plebes and the plebes just have to take it or risk starving, just as the nobility did in the past. With the development of the modern security state they have become completely fearless.
>>529505 The worst is the flock mentality of white leftist who instead of challenging him try to prove they are "not like those other whites".
>>529513 It seems rather recent and strikes me immediately as manufactured. I wouldn't be surprised if this shit gets astroturfed.
>>529528 >The worst is the flock mentality of white leftist who instead of challenging him try to prove they are "not like those other whites". Preciously
>>529543 >>529528 Some do like Muke did but they get called a Nazi
>>529505 Do these retards enjoy creating fuel for rightoids or what
>>529536 luckily twitter is an imaginary plain of existence and I have never met a single one of these people in real life.
>>529568 Its a slap in the face to every white person who fought and died to the Nazis
>>529505 >These retards give me Nazbol thoughts You ever consider that you are proving him right?
>>529568 They inflame each others passions, like an online reactionary idpol circlejerk. It's almost homoerotic in a sense
(18.76 KB 220x335 citizencope.jpg)
>>529575 Cringe. Stop using the German flag, it makes me confuse you with the actually intelligent German flag poster while you are a fucking retard who denies that white supremacy exists. Kill yourself.
>>529505 Most of these ethnonationalist motherfuckers are shady bots
>>529584 >complaining about sakaist idpol is white supremacy You are the retard
Lonely want gf
>>529584 You're not welcome here, racist lib
>>529584 When the fuck did he deny white supremacy you fool, what's wrong with respecting the fact that millions of white people died to stop the Nazis?
There is a problem with white supremacy in the left in america, people noticed that way before Sakai. Go read Black Bolshevik. If your reaction to people pointing that out is to have nazbol thoughts, maybe consider that you are part of the problem.
>>529601 >There is a problem with white supremacy in the left in america Recent examples?
>>529601 The people pointing that out loudly on Twitter is just engaging in the same racial logic as the white supremacists. It's two camps of ethnonationalism jerking each other off, and it just serves to distract from the class struggle. Both whites and blacks need to put that shit behind them or nobody is getting anywhere
>>529605 Talk to like any succdem, they are all pretty chauvinist. >>529609 The CPUSA had the most success among white and black americans back when it was advocating for self determination for blacks in america, and the comintern pushed that line. I don't see why we as principled marxist-leninists should move away from that position.
>>529652 So, embrace ethnopluralism?
>>529652 Socdems are left? Lol they're moderate Fascists
>>529665 I mean, yes I agree, but succdems call themselves left, and in the tweet linked earlier, that black guy was arguing with chapo supporters, so succdems are who he was talking about.
>>529659 I mean, not talking about ethnostates or anything, bascially just look at Stalin's policy on nationality and go with that. Interestingly, I think growing Russian Chauvinism after the death of Stalin helped lead to the collapse of the USSR by alienating the various minorities.
>>529673 Nah both socdems and white socialists
>>529584 oh look, I used a flag, the private property of one (1) user better report it to the mods
>>529505 He's only 3/4ths wrong really. We all know socdems are traitors, and we know race is used to divide people from class and focus on race. And the U.S. progressives is made of liberals, the people who think concentration camps are bad because of the lack of pillows. Besides what's wrong with living minimally? People only need food, water and shelter, everything else can be something to work towards having some creature comforts.
>>529678 Okay, sure. I don't hold any strong views on that. But there's a difference between upholding ethnopluralism or ethnic federal autonomy as an election strategy and actually going on twitter to needlessly inflame racial tensions. He's just going to cause splits in the movement down ethnic lines, and weaken everyone as a result. This kind of shit is what the earlier US trade unions sought to combat. That twitter dude did far more damage to the socialist cause than the allegedly 'white supremacist' DDR-flag poster.
Feel like shit lads I just wish it was February again
>>529665 Based
>>529609 This. Got no patience for any black power bullshit. Suffered through too much of it already already irl. Literal ethno supremacists. Fuck outta here with that.
(1.55 MB 400x300 1590303249536.gif)
Wake me up when the Habbening happens
>>529665 Historically there have been social democrats that helped the socialists causes, the social fight, and were helpful in many ways to mitigate imperialism - like anarchists. But of course, some of them were fully retarded later on, but we can find those same types on the communist side.
>>529588 >>529593 >>529598 You're missing the other thread, where he was arguing that white supremacy doesn't exist.
>>529678 Read Frank Wrights critique of the National Question. The black belt theory is bullshit forced on the US left by the Soviets who were trying to make the oppression of blacks fit into their ideological framework.
>>529686 U.S.A. Unions were much more frequently torn apart by white supremacist views than black nationalist views.
>>529759 The history of social democracy is full of examples of betrayal of communists. Socdems are not your friends if you are a communist. Please realize that so you don't repeat mistakes made by previous generations.
(254.24 KB 610x960 2020-05-25 20.50.47.jpg)
(395.33 KB 1080x1359 2020-05-25 20.50.55.jpg)
https://twitter.com/melodymcooper/status/1264965252866641920 Seriously what the fuck is your problem?
(45.38 KB 599x442 slowest news day.PNG)
>>529837 News Day Status: Slow AF
>>529837 People are insufferable. The only solution is to go somewhere where you own enough land you don't have to even see them.
>>529837 >>529867 And the fucki g irony is the black chick who is doing the definition of "Karen" behavior. "Mind your own business you noisy bitch" is the original point of the Karen meme.
>>529875 >noisy Nosey Irl I've dealt more with nosey white people. But that Twitter bitch is an Oreo and the cream filling is pure uncut "Karen"
>>529797 >You're missing the other thread, where he was arguing that white supremacy doesn't exist. It's not a directive nor can live within capitalism/liberalism. Liberalism/capitalism doesnt have a direct goal. Racial antagonisms get in the way of capital and profit in a global economy. Why is Europe letting in millions of migrants and giving them amnesty (Italy 600K recently)? White supremacy doesn't exist,the Nazis lost in 1945 millions of White people dying to stop White supremacy.
(9.32 KB 249x202 images.jpeg-9.jpg)
>>529900 >White supremacy doesn't exist because white people killed each other in an imperialist war! <He thinks the liberals fought WWII to stop racism <He thinks the peoples of the Soviet Union were considered white by Nazi standards <Unironically using Reddit rightoid arguments
>>529837 Weird because the OP is being a Karen. Also, we dont have the full video, as annoying and tone deaf as that Woman was need to know full story too many times things get clipped and creates a different narrative from the truth
(211.85 KB 1360x1192 real estate goon.jpg)
>>529907 Still no proof of White supremacy today. It literally can't exist under liberalism and I gave good reasons. Reality contradicts you fucking idiot
>>529918 >Still no proof of White supremacy today. It literally can't exist under liberalism and I gave good reasons No you didn’t you, you just rambled on about WWII because you clearly don’t have a clue as to wtf imperialism is If white supremacy can’t exist under liberalism then what the fuck was going on from the 1780s till the 1960s, you retarded baboon?
WHO SUSPENDS trials of Trump-chosen hydroxychloroquine drug over SAFETY RISKS for Covid-19 patients https://www.rt.com/news/489724-who-drops-hydroxychloroquine-risks/
>>529875 >>529880 Her brother recorded the video, nigger. And, no, the origin of the Karen meme is entitled white women who live by the philosophy that they and their children/pets must be permitted to do whatever they want whenever they want and if they get any resistance they will be speaking with a manager.
>>529912 Oviusly she's a real estate goon.
>>529918 >It literally can't exist under liberalism and I gave good reasons >Literally KKK and neonazis groups emerging all around the world. >While we living a liberal world. Woah, hold on mate, the marijuana isn't going to go anywhere else, so you can smoke that weed without being so spaced out. kek
>>529921 >No you didn’t you, you just rambled on about WWII because you clearly don’t have a clue as to wtf imperialism is Britian could have remained neutral and uphold European global dominance, China would have been balaknized and no one would ever come close to changeling Europe >If white supremacy can’t exist under liberalism then what the fuck was going on from the 1780s till the 1960s, you retarded baboon Not around anymore is it? Its not a central thee prove me wrong. Why is Europe and America letting in 10s of millions of migrants then? Retard
>>529931 Get shut down or have no influence retard. There are racist nationalist groups for nonwhites too
>>529938 >Get shut down or have no influence retard >Literally these neonazis groups are taking alliances with extreme right-wing parties and have expanded their seats over parliament in Europe i.ex. Germany, Spain, Greece, etc. Don't mix the mary jane with tar, m8.
>>529936 >Britian could have remained neutral and uphold European global dominance, China would have been balaknized and no one would ever come close to changeling Europe <He doesn’t realize the Germans intended to consolidate Europe under their heel, attacked Britain’s allies first, and attacked BRITAIN FIRST <He doesn’t realize the Chinese unified themselves and did so under communism <Also doesn’t realize the Brits and Americans were at war with Japan because it attacked their colonial holdings first Like I said, you’re a fucking moron >Not around anymore is it? Its not a central thee prove me wrong. Why is Europe and America letting in 10s of millions of migrants then? Retard Because machine gunning refugees of a war you caused is fucking bad PR and because most of the refugees went to other Middle Eastern countries? At least you admitted your earlier point is utter dogshit. Figures the Burgerstan thread would be crawling with morons.
>>529946 None of those groups are far right LOL they're pseudo populists pseudo nationalists like Trump
>>529947 Hitler wanted to ally with the British empire for the White race. Britain got nervous and wanted to maintain their European dominance, it got their empire finished, it was having issues anyway. Had the axis won China would have been balkanized is what I'm saying. Then there would have been a white supremacist global system. >White Supremacists care about PR That's a new one
>>529949 >They rant proudly about their superior nationalism >They rant over immigrants taking their jobs >They love privatizing things >They hate to nationalize things >They constantly hate socialism In my country we have one say: It has a pig's curly tail, it has pig's nose, snores like a pig, walks like a pig IT'S A FUCKING PIG COPE, m8. Again, stay out of drugs.
>>529946 >AFD is still a bumbling meme that would embarrass even Goering >wtf is Vox??? >Le Pen is fucking dead >Golden Dawn has croaked
>>529959 What happened to Salvini? Lol mate its all rhetoric, Trump sounded like a classical Fascist in 2015 but turned out to be a neolib, you cant change the system within fucking idiot YOU need to lay off the drugs
>>529956 >Did you know that competing empires didn’t align with each other due to their race, especially when one of the parties was vastly more powerful than the other and had almost nothing to gain from said alliance? Therefore the ideology of white supremacy does not exist! When people mention white supremacy, do you think they’re literally referring to white empires ruling the world on the basis of race, and not a particularly genocidal ideology meant to justify imperialism? Like I said, you’re a fucking moron, I hope you live in Krautistan because there are already enough idiots in my own country.
Reminder that fascism is a simple boot spurred by threats to profit. It is not a system of governing where you hate poor people (that's just normal capitalism)
>>529964 >What happened to Salvini? Lol mate its all rhetoric, Trump sounded like a classical Fascist in 2015 but turned out to be a neolib, you cant change the system within fucking idiot YOU need to lay off the drugs Oh man, you sound like a classy liberal before Hitler started to ass-rape people. Careful you match your own nuance with Churchill's nuance, and use the same talking points.
>>529966 Honestly this, imagine believing white supremacy isn't real because things like the British empire isn't colonizing places like Africa or China. For fuck sake white supremacy is just circlejerking nonsense meant to make insecure people special and unique.
>>529959 >It has a pig's curly tail, it has pig's nose, snores like a pig, walks like a pig IT'S A FUCKING PIG We say: walks like a duck, quacks like a duck in burgerland.
>>529966 >When people mention white supremacy, do you think they’re literally referring to white empires ruling the world on the basis of race That's exactly what would happen. Why let in 10s of millions of non-whites then?? Profits/capital rule first world nations and it has no direct path I guess besides technology running rampant. Liberalism doesnt care. White proles benefit the same as nonwhite proles in the first world from America's soft power imperialism. A black president of a "white supremacist" global hegemon is a sign of white supremacism being a central force? 10s of millions of migrants being let into the white supremacist nations? Where's the proof?
>>529986 >We say: walks like a duck, quacks like a duck in burgerland I thought that was a Bongland saying, I grew up in the south and had it told to me as, "A spade is just a spade".
(1.94 MB 3024x2764 IMG-0458.jpg)
>>529986 Noise, thank you.
>>529981 Okay lib
>>529918 You are so fucking dense. There is discrimination on every level of society against blacks. It is provable and obvious. Why do they get shot by police more often? Why do they get denied jobs more often than even whites of worse socio-economic status? Why do their loan applications get shut down more often? You can explain none of this.
>>529984 Capitalism is the issue mate white supremacism isnt a threat
(32.37 KB 500x293 1281486626-donaldduckerect.jpg)
>>529993 Nah it's a burger saying: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duck_test Indiana poet James Whitcomb Riley (1849–1916) may have coined the phrase when he wrote: When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.[1] A common variation of the wording of the phrase may have originated much later with Emil Mazey, secretary-treasurer of the United Auto Workers, at a labor meeting in 1946 accusing a person of being a communist: I can't prove you are a Communist. But when I see a bird that quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, has feathers and webbed feet and associates with ducks—I'm certainly going to assume that he is a duck.[2] The term was later popularized in the United States by Richard Cunningham Patterson Jr., United States ambassador to Guatemala in 1950 during the Cold War, who used the phrase when he accused Guatemala's Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán government of being Communist. Patterson explained his reasoning as follows: Suppose you see a bird walking around in a farm yard. This bird has no label that says 'duck'. But the bird certainly looks like a duck. Also, he goes to the pond and you notice that he swims like a duck. Then he opens his beak and quacks like a duck. Well, by this time you have probably reached the conclusion that the bird is a duck, whether he's wearing a label or not.[3] Later references to the duck test include Cardinal Richard Cushing's, who used the phrase in 1964 in reference to Fidel Castro.[4][5]
>>529900 >White supremacy doesn't exist Holy shit you are dumb
>>530001 White supremacy is a tool to divide the working class on a material level and it is a VERY effective tool. Read Invention of the white race you utter retard. It is absolutely necessary to fight white supremacy if we want to unite the working class.
>>530002 Huh, neat. Thanks for the info
>>529998 >Okays me lib >Talks like a lib downplaying the materialistic present situation that has many similarities when Hitler arrived. COPE
>>530004 >>530003 The lad was saying we live in a white supremacist system which is a joke lol America cucked Europe and only cares for profit. Of course there are plenty of people who hold such views and it is a problem i should clarify
>>530003 Funny how that guy had everyone on his side until he decided to run his mouth for real and say blatantly retarded shit
>>529999 Why did a Black man become president for 8 years then?
>>530012 We do live in a white supremacist system you utter fucking retard. Again, there is active and provable discrimination on every level of American society against black people. This should not be a fucking question.
>>530014 >>530014 >>529999 But yeah it is a problem
>>530014 HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH HOLY SHIT. Bruh that means jack nothing. The Barack administration was just Uncle Sam in black face. Discrimination still exists that maintain black people as a permanent underclass by restrictions on education, loans, housing, etc.
>>530012 >He thinks white supremacy was ever about anything other than justifying brutal profit making schemes Why do you think the US military trains its soldiers to see arabs as savage “sand niggers”? Why do you think national chauvinism seeps into every crevice? White supremacy stopped being the main ideological justification because of the horrors of the Holocaust, the anti-colonial resistance throughout the Third World, and the building revolutionary conditions in the US during the Civil Rights Movement It wasn’t just liberals saying “Lul let’s not be racist now”, racism’s original form was defeated via an actual struggle that was often times an armed struggle, this armed struggle wasn’t primarily the Second World War which was an imperialist war (and the imperialist powers didn’t say Nazi Germany was evil because of racism, it was evil because it was against democracy and was trying to conquer the world), it was primarily the anti-colonial and Civil Rights struggle.
>>530014 Mostly because the old form of white supremacy was replaced with color blindness, where you admit that white supremacy is wrong but also conveniently ignore racial disparities which of course finally causes the radlib phenomenon as direct racial oppression just morphs into certain groups getting the much shittier half of the stick in mostly regular capitalism.
(47.42 KB 750x543 EYvTiPFWABQppV8.jpeg)
>>530015 Certainly, but its not as prevelant as you think. It is sad how underdevelped Black areas are. Again thought we dont live in a fascist white supremacist fourth reich system lol this obfuscates from capitalism and the reality. White proles are getting shafted as well. White people aren't even in the top 10 yearly wage earners in America per capita, suicide problems, opioids etc we are all fucked.
>>530014 <Obama ended racism Dude you played yourself.
>>530023 Its still direct racial oppression, just by different less direct institutions. Its banks, police, zoning commissions, schools, etc, instead of direct lawful segregation.
>>530029 That’s basically what I mean, it’s still racial oppression, just not on the books now, and technically every prole can get fucked equally but some proles get fucked much, much more than others
(15.13 KB 474x474 1583354287134.jpg)
>>530014 Now that's insulting.
>>530024 Is it though? It seems German anon seems to be at the center of this discussion saying racism doesn't exist in America. So the exact opposite of the left side of your picture.
>>530025 You're a fucking idiot. Yes white people are proles. However, black areas are kept as a permanent underdeveloped underclass as cheap labor and to stop competition with white workers. It is not a coincidence, it is a racist society that does this. No, its not the Fourth Reich, but it is a system that ghettoizes black Americans, keeps black areas permanently undeveloped and disorganized through violence and tries to keep most blacks from competing to get decent jobs. As for muh opiods, at least the government tried to do something when for the largely black crack epidemic they literally just killed people and through them into jail for slave labor. Whites certainly got the better deal out of those two. I think you're getting hung up on the word "white supremacy". Would it be better if I said "Systemically Racist" instead? Would that trigger you less?
>>530040 Oh it exists, but you guys dont understand what a white supremacist system would be like lol. You guys are funny for that, racial biases and bigotry of course are a motif of America. We live in a mostly color blind society because capital demands it
>>530014 Using that logic couldn't you also say "We don't live in a bourgeoisie dominated society because there have been presidents from the working class "?
>>530024 >there are only two things I can not stand in this world; people who act ignorantly of other peple and their culture. And the Dutch Romani
>>530046 I was trolling
>>530045 How the fuck does Capital need color-blindness? They encouraged and worked perfectly fine with it for hundreds of years. Makes no since. >>530048 HAHAHHA oh sure. Are you 15 years old or just retarded?
>>530045 You live in Krautistan and basically no nothing about the society you’re trying to speak with authority about
>>530042 Mostly agree, things have been so profit dominated society has naturally become mostly color blind. Racism is bad for profits and stability. Systematic racism sounds right.
(53.83 KB 367x360 a58.jpg)
>>530048 >>530049 >oh sure. Are you 15 years old or just retarded? He was just pretending.
>>530049 Cultures arent debased and homogenized? Needs atomization, needs proles to be consumers
>>530056 With the Obama comment yes
So, remember earlier when I was talking about how white supremacy was a problem on the left? This is the kind of shit I was talking about. So maybe next time you run across black leftists complaining about about racism, maybe consider that they have had to interact with people like this.
>>530060 I never really denied that i denied any western government being a bastion of white surpremacy that was what i was negating
>>530062 I’d have to ask how the US isn’t beyond faux progressive liberalism
>>530042 >>530025 >Underdeveloped True for some rural areas but a bigger issue in America has been capital flight. So rather de-development. Read about: Detroit, Baltimore, and the Bronx . > the government tried to do something when for the largely black crack epidemic they literally just killed people They didn't try to do anything for anybody. The crack epidemic was a fabricated narrative created to justify ethnic cleansing.
>>530060 capitalism is the biggest problem. white supremacy and neoliberalism are just symptoms of capitalism.
>>530067 >Mfw further delegitimizing German anon’s argument by explaining how bad shit was even worse than it seemed
>>530060 I have one serious question. It's complex to express the question without sounding dumb, but nevertheless, here we go: Does inverse racism exist? Black to white racism? If exists, is it a concern in poor communities? how lefties fight back this and how black lefties fight back this? I think racism is the main concern, and that's why it's not discussed, too much, but can it be a problem to help a better integration? Jeez, it's surprising the difficulties among skin color difference for an integration of the working and poor classes in the U.S. in a way no other countries in the same hemisphere has.
>>530065 America isn't even a real nation, it gives no fucks about it's people, its just a super capitalist empire. I dont know the goals of the neocons writing foreign policy, and mega capitalists. Liberalism doesn't affirm a grandiose vision of tomorrow, but it certainly isn't white supremacy. Europe pretty much decided to self annihilate temporarily and is behind Russia/China
>>530067 >but a bigger issue in America has been capital flight. So rather de-development. Read about: Detroit, Baltimore, and the Bronx . Yeah no doubt
>>530075 Liberalism is whatever it needs to be to suit capitalist democracy, racism was once integral to liberalism
(1.34 MB 400x286 2e3.gif)
>>530069 This, this this THIS right here is the only objectively true post related to the ongoing subject
>>530078 Yeah pretty much, now anti-racism is integral (im not saying racism is eradicated or discrimnation against racial groups have left). If you are an open racist in America is like a social death sentence depending how open you are with it. Can anyone seriously deny that? On Twitter recently there were like a dozen white people getting doxxed for racist acts.
>>530090 The only social death is screaming nigger out loud, and even then I’ve seen white people ramble about niggers with no consequences Twitter does not reflect reality And I don’t live in the middle of nowhere, I live in Brooklyn
I live in the midwest, and meet openly racist people all the time. Especially now with China, at least people usually try and hide it when it comes to blacks, but everybody seems to be going full bore racism against the Chinese right now.
>>530099 >but everybody seems to be going full bore racism against the Chinese right now. Here's why cold war 2.0 https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/spin-war-us-military-planners-advise-expanded-online-psychological-warfare-against-china
>>530090 Isnt zerohedge a rightwing conspiracy site?????????????/
>>530105 I dunno
>>530105 They are part of those 'humanitarians capitalists' quasi ancaps (tbh more anarchists), less retarded, more serious on their critics, but they always dismiss the structural problem and leave behind materialistic solutions. I know someone that actually faces serious solutions to the capitalist problem, but it's not there in Zerohedge. The guy owner of the site was banned from twitter with no reason for a twit he published about some conspiracy thing, but he was trying to mock the thing, I can recall - not sure, my memory is failing due this time of the day - late night.
>>530099 Just remind them that in Mexico they're calling "the Chinese virus" "el trumpivirus".
>>530105 Yes, they spread muh bill gates type conspiracy theories about how covid is aids
(158.70 KB 1347x865 USarmyGamers.JPG)
>The US armed forces sponsors an official E-Sports team composed of Active duty and ex-active duty personnel which takes part in many regional state and national E-sports tournaments throughout the united states this is often accompanied by a US army recruiter presence at the event their playing at Just kill me. I cant take it anymore just kill me PLEASE
>>529995 Where is that from?
(130.60 KB 1200x900 BBQ-Becky-Permit-Patty.jpg)
(50.11 KB 587x425 KeyboardKlanster.jpg)
>>529875 >>529880 I didn't watch the video, just read the tweet. But it was a double Karen because then the white chick calls the cops. It's Karens >>529926 That meme started with that spate of white women who twitter trended for calling the cops on black people for BBQing or a little girl for selling water bottles. Aka not minding your own business and trying to pro-bono police the world retard. >nigger. Look mom I typed it again!
>>529995 The lower part is nice but it would be better without the oversimplified upper part. >>528804 mods pls ban anti-zizekists >>528938 Well the going out and engaging with other people is supposed to help with that. >>529536 >>529513 I have no doubt it's manufactured. It's wy too sudden and on-point.
>>528804 >Cats are lazy, evil, exploitative Tell that to Lenin, amigo.
>>530397 Or maybe people are responding to folks like your faggot pal who say shit like “white supremacy doesn’t exist”, demand black people engage with racists who despise them, accuse non-whites of creating the racist divide they encounter in politics, and constantly sing Kumbaya to people that are directly targeted by the system? I imagine it’s pretty hard for a dude with a brother who got the shit beaten out of him and tossed in jail for years all for a bag of weed to listen to a college kid ranting about how they’re all in this together and in fact the college kid is just as screwed. And I imagine it’s even worse when other college kids rant about “anti-idpol” which is more or less just another way of saying, “ignore the violent racism and racial oppression you encounter, seriously you’re hurting the movement!”
>>530399 who do you think killed him?
>>530471 strawman strawman strawman
(78.12 KB 730x960 choms-lesser-anarch.jpg)
>>530397 >mods pls ban anti-zizekists I can also mock Choms.
Coming to think about it, I've never met an anti-Zizekist who understood Zizek and had a sense of humor.
>>528804 Based fuck cats. the bourgeoise of pets
(62.18 KB 785x1100 soy31.jpg)
>>528787 based fuck trump >>528810 >t.
>>530707 Cats are the revolutionary animal species. They do not obey their masters at all times, they disobey them, contend them, despise them and charge at them. The dog is the counter-revolutionary who only serves to obey his master like the petulant servant that he is. He is a jester - a servant who exists to pleasure its owners in exchange for unnatural, abhorrent food. The cat is a master of its own. It does not obey its master, it contends him and extorts from him food while displaying a facade of obedience.
>>530710 Is this what they call epic win? TOP KEK haha
>>530714 Cats are basically furry lizards. People who try to attribute human intelligence to them like you are freaks who probably don't bathe. Dogs are easily the smartest domesticated animal. Have you even met more than one dog? They can have all kinds of personalities and have varying degrees of attachment and rebelliousness. Obviously compared to us they are retarded but cats are not even close.
>>530718 epic cope
>>530780 >Cats are basically furry lizards. People who try to attribute human intelligence to them like you are freaks who probably don't bathe. Dogs are easily the smartest domesticated animal. Have you even met more than one dog? They can have all kinds of personalities and have varying degrees of attachment and rebelliousness. So do cats. I was just fucking around with the whole "muh bourgeois cat" thing. Calm your tits
>>530803 Dogs are smarter
>>530780 >Bitching about cats t. Faggot >>530714 >Bitching about dogs t. Retard
>>530811 Cats are smarter. You don't have to teach a cat to stop peeing on the floor.
>>530780 >Dogs are easily the smartest domesticated animal. Dogs have greater neurons than cats, however both share similar results in mental tests. Dog cognition and ability in associative learning is also no different than other carnivores
>>530821 Dogs don't give you brainworms >>530803 <So do cats. lmfaoooo cope. cats aint dont even like anyone. They're soulless animals that dont love anyone but themselves just like porky >So do cats.
>>530831 >lmfaoooo cope. cats aint dont even like anyone. They're soulless animals that dont love anyone but themselves just like porky Have you ever actually had a cat or are you another idiotic fag that tried poking some kitty’s anus and developed a phobia because it scratched you for your foolishness? My cat comes around me and we cuddle all the time, you just need to understand your cat, know how to communicate with it, and establish mutual respect.
>>530831 >Dogs don't give you brainworms Yeah, but they give you the rabies.
(137.29 KB 712x534 download.jpg)
>>530780 >basically furry lizards. People who try to attribute human intelligence to them like you are freaks who probably don't bathe. Meet the tegu.
>>530841 He infected you with the brainworms and now you think he likes you even though he justs mindraping you into giving him food. link semi-related http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-400
>>530831 cats can be very loving, i remember as a kid when having a stomach ache my mom's cat would come to me, sit on my stomach and start purring slowly, cutest thing ever especially since she would never sit still if you tried holding her
>>530891 she was waiting for you to die to eat you
>>530916 Obviously she smelled the illness, wanted to attack like a ghoul from the more rotten part. Smart rotten meat-eater creatures.
>>530916 sounds like love to me
>Hundreds of thousands of Americans face homelessness during pandemic as states begin lifting restrictions on evictions https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/05/26/acea-m26.html >Cities are spending millions on rent assistance, only to see funds quickly drained by overwhelming demand. According to NPR, a rental assistance program in Houston, Texas ran out of funding in 90 minutes.
>>531005 I'm very skeptical of people who are against a lumpenprole politics, as pauperization spreads it seems to me you'll need a critical mass of these newly homeless and destitute organized to enact any sort of meaningful change
>>530821 That doesn't make them smarter you toxoplasmosis brain.
>>530841 You sound gay. Get a dog like a real man
>>530851 Adorable
100k deaths. Just a flu right? Apparently it's over now. Summer vacations are going to bring the numbers even higher
>>531264 Wasn’t Corona weaker in the heat?
(348.01 KB 599x596 trigger discipline.png)
Gun safety is for cucks now.
>>531278 That was SARS, COVID 19 is different, no evidence to suggest the summer heat will kill it yet
>>531287 This is just some liberal shitting on American culture, this is the traditional American method of circumcision, not gonna get any points with the proles by shitting on it
>>531287 You know those aren't loaded
>>531287 Based retards. One slip and they can no longer give birth.
>>531297 >a gun >ever not loaded Guess we need to review the basic rules of firearms safety. 1. Always assume a gun is loaded, even if you think it's not. 2. Never point the muzzle of a gun at something you do not intend to destroy. 3. Keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to take the shot. 4. Know your target and what it behind or around it.
>>531308 I don't think people with dicks can give birth to begin with tbh.
>>531287 Please post the cat picture it is cracking me up
(68.95 KB 720x960 cat concerned.jpg)
>>531313 You're assuming they don't mean to castrate themselves with their .45
>>531323 Thank you it is even better in full glory
>>531313 keep on larping
(51.03 KB 726x590 wut.png)
>>531359 >broke: gun safety is for cucks >woke: gun safety is important >bespoke: gun safety is LARP
(9.37 KB 516x222 family worth.png)
>>530045 https://www.rt.com/usa/412898-black-bostonians-net-worth-8-dollars/ >According to the report, the median household net worth in the Greater Boston region is $247,500 for whites, $8 for US blacks, $12,000 for Caribbean blacks, $3,020 for Puerto Ricans and $0 for Dominicans.
(5.40 MB 480x360 BlastEmMrTeeny.gif)
>>531323 Haha. Animals are fucking smart. Reminds me of when I was a kid I had some airsoft guns which I'd shoot occasionally in my backyard at targets for fun. Now my dog, I never of course shot at her or near her, but one time I pointed it at her just fooling around. She put her tail between her legs and ran back in the house. She must've only seen me fire it a handful of times, but she was like: "Don't you point that fucking thing at me you lunatic." So I dunno if this cat has managed to truly figure out how a gun works, but it sure looks like he's thinking "The fuck is wrong with you jack? If you bleed it out on the floor from a dick wound, I'll only be able to eat your body for like a month tops, stop threatening to blow your dick off to own the libs."
(49.96 KB 700x1019 PANIC .jpg)
So how fucked is america gonna be when the second wave of covid hits?
we reached 100,000 boys new thread time?
>>531515 We gonna get a triple wave. Mid summer vacation wave after July 4th. Then Fall and Winter gonna really hurt us.
(31.46 KB 563x261 Washington-DC-Burning_2.jpg)
>>531515 >So how fucked is america gonna be when the second wave of covid hits? Not enough.
>>531554 Go ahead if you wish to make a new one for the occasion and I would decycle this one.
>>531559 Depends on how people respond to wave #2. If people have some sense they might want to take actual measures after wave #2 kills a million burgers or whatever.
>>531592 >burgers >taking actual measures pick one
>>531515 What's the likelihood there will actually be a second wave?
>>531601 It's very, very likely.
>>531601 Hard to tell tbh. Some Euro countries have massively relaxed restrictions for weeks now without a clear spike in cases - maybe people's changed behavior and a lack of mass events really is enough to beat this. We shall see.
>>531601 100% unless they somehow get a vaccine out before next winter.
>>531463 Disparate outcomes don't prove shit tho. This can be explained as easily by compound interest - thanks to historical contingency, blacks started with next to nothing which even after decades of "natural growth" amounts to nothing much, while whites starting ahead via average capital growth have grown more conspicuously richer. No systemic racism past 1964 needed to explain it.
>>530831 >Dogs don't give you brainworms they just kill babies
>>531624 It will probably come back in the Autumn. We need a longer period of relaxed recommendations to see what's really going to happen. I haven't heard any experts say that they think the virus is going to go away though.
>>531626 It's possible that countries who have eliminated the virus (like New Zealand) will be spared, but yeah.
>>531585 New thread: >>531727
>>531637 isn't that part of their point though? that the disparity still exists is indicative that inequalities haven't been addressed?
>>529470 Can you find that again?


no cookies?