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(47.14 KB 1456x819 usa-4925212.jpg)
United States Politics - /USApol/ Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 09:58:02 No. 373171
WATCH THE STREAM HERE https://www.msnbc.com/ https://www.twitch.tv/central_committee https://nbcnews-lh.akamaihd.net/i/nbc_[email protected]/master.m3u8 Upcoming Primaries What's next : >Feb 3 - Iowa - DONE >Feb 11 - New Hampshire - DONE >Feb 22 - Nevada - IT'S OVER >Feb 29 - South Carolina - DONE >March 3 - Super Tuesday - DONE. >March 10 - Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, North, Dakota and Democrats Abroad - IT'S OGRE >March 14 - Northern Marianas - DONE >March 17 - Florida, Illinois and Arizona >Who knows at this point Now with Live Streams! CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFE[Embed] Last thread >>346645
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>>401197 They have lost a miniscule amount of terminally online Bernie bros. The rest of the left will happily vote Biden just to prevent four more years of Trump.
>>401191 >More approve of Trump's handling of this than not. That's oversimplifying it. More of the country approved of the Vietnam War than opposed it, but how strongly people disapprove matters. That 45% are losing their jobs, savings, etc. right now as people around them are dying off. It would be a great opportunity for the Democrats, actually, but they're squandering it. >He's almost hitting 50% approval now while he was down around 40 or even lower in some polls when he beat Hillary. Isn't the actual high approval rating people are posting rn like 47%? Like his overall approval/disapproval from the last pic I saw was like 47%/49%.
>>401197 Unless the left grows a backbone and makes their own fucking party - and you know they won't - they'll go back to the pen to vote Democrat. It's impossible to talk to you because you're pure narrative, pure belief that this is a normal and eternal situation. I've already mentioned that there is a not small chance the election will be suspended, that the situation will move completely out of control in the next few months. Nobody thought FDR was a shoo-in to win because what he was going to push was completely alien to anything Americans had known to that point - and even FDR wasn't running on a revolutionary New Deal, and what he was running on at the time was a lot milder than what got passed, because America was at the brink of revolution and FDR wasn't as idiotic as the political class of his time.
>>401207 >They have lost a miniscule amount of terminally online Bernie bros. The rest of the left will happily vote Biden just to prevent four more years of Trump. Lmao
(38.31 KB 522x280 Untitled3.png)
>>401225 War against the weak. Tried to tell you niggas.
>>401049 Get this fucking cunt audited by the IRS
(20.67 KB 594x278 every fucking time.jpg)
>>401200 >impact of the economic crisis has not hit yet People already can't pay their rent next week. Grocery store shelves are already empty. Yes, things can and will get worse, but they already are bad and it isn't hurting Trump. Because anyone can imagine how things could have been worse. For example, literally everyone could be killed by nuclear fire. As long as Trump keeps saying he's doing all the right moves, many Americans will keep believing him. This is going to be 2004 all over again. >you don't switch horses in midstream meme >Trump declaring victories over and over again >Biden won't fundamentally disagree with anything Trump has done in response to the virus or the recession, instead he'll quibble over some minor distinctions about how the paperwork should have been filled out and no one will care >Trump will actually get a plurality, if not majority this time
>>401212 >Unless the left grows a backbone and makes their own fucking party - and you know they won't - they'll go back to the pen to vote Democrat. I'm an advocate for Zerg rushing the Libertarians and hijacking their coffers (because it would be fucking easy). I don't vote DNC. A lot of people won't anymore, including people who bit it and voted Clinton in '16 - those folks are going Green. The long term implications of continuing to support the DNC are really obvious and it looks like a worse risk to most of the left now than another term of Trump does. >Nobody thought FDR was a shoo-in to win because what he was going to push was completely alien to anything Americans had known to that point - and even FDR wasn't running on a revolutionary New Deal, and what he was running on at the time was a lot milder than what got passed, because America was at the brink of revolution and FDR wasn't as idiotic as the political class of his time. FDR was still more progressive and populist from the start than Biden, and had pretty strong progressive connections by way of Theodore.
>>401230 You'll see a lot worse than empty grocery shelves. I've never seen anything like this, and I've been around for a long time. Few want to believe this will get worse, because they don't know how they're going to survive, but it will get worse as the deaths pile up and the strain of a near-general strike goes on.
>>401245 >You'll see a lot worse than empty grocery shelves. I've never seen anything like this, and I've been around for a long time. Few want to believe this will get worse, because they don't know how they're going to survive, but it will get worse as the deaths pile up and the strain of a near-general strike goes on. It will, and Biden will represent literally none of those working people and offer them zero hope.
>>401251 Biden will represent change and that will be enough.
>>401254 >Biden will represent change Nope.
>>401251 All Biden will have to say is that he'd not have Mnuchin in his government, or any of the other rotten stooges in Trump's cabinet. That Democrats will do another Obama and bring on all of the ghouls of finance capital will not matter. There will be a mountain of blame to heap on the sitting administration, when the details of this horrible Trumpbux bill come out. Bailing out the banks in '08 got a whole lot of people pissed off, including the Tea Party types. This is at least of that nature, except bigger and even more blatantly criminal. You're either in denial, or you're a Trumpnigger shill.
>>401255 People are going to be begging for something that isn't Trump, so yes he will.
Trump is on TV right now talking up his response to COVID-19. Was his actual response bad? Yes. But he's still talking about how good it is every day on national TV. The last thing I heard about Biden was that he has a rape allegation gaining traction.
>>401267 Nobody cares about the rape allegation. Especially not now.
>>401245 Grocery store shelves were just one thing I mentioned, the threat of evictions is also there. And no matter how bad things get, Trump probably won't do anything completely insane that can't be rationalized away as "well, it could be worse," like nuke New York City and Denver in order to contain the plague. More importantly, as I said, Trump's opponent would have to actually offer a real, obvious alternative. Biden won't do that. This is gonna repeat 2004 with Biden replaying Kerry and he's gonna lose the same way, fundamentally agreeing with all of Trump's worst policies and just quibbling over how they were carried out.
>>401261 People will want reassurance and stability. Biden can't offer real change, and right now he's not offering reassurance and stability either.
>>401269 If they don't care about the rape allegation they sure as fuck don't care about Biden. That's a problem.
>>401273 Not really. It would probably be worse if they paid close attention to him.
I saw a bunch of boomers saying that the person who made the allegation against Biden was a Russian agent
>>401272 Trump is not going provide reassurance and stability either. Biden does not have to promise anything real or tangible, vague reassurance and a faint reminder of Obama will be enough.
>>401273 Like under normal circumstances the rape allegation could be a big deal. It's only not because people don't take Biden seriously as a candidate. People took Trump in '16 more seriously as a candidate than they take Biden as a candidate now. >>401279 They're ignoring him. That's bad. If people don't know who you are that's bad. Biden is doing for his own campaign what the media ordinarily does for outsider candidates - just hide them away so nobody knows they're running. That's not a strategy.
>>401284 That's the thing though, he doesn't have to do much of anything. He has some name recognition from being Obama's VP and that is going to be enough under the current circumstances. Normal rules are not at play here, this is an unprecedented crisis.
>>401283 >thinking people outside the democrat primary are longing for obama
>>401280 I think she said she liked putin once so shes basically a russian agent in their minds
>>401289 >under the current circumstances this is the same narrative the libs assumed in 2016 tho
>>401283 >Trump is not going provide reassurance and stability either. He's literally already doing it. Trump doesn't appeal to logic, he appeals to emotion. He's going on TV every day and telling Americans that we're doing all we can, that we're building big new hospitals, that we have everything we need to deal with this. Biden hasn't even made these appeals, and he doesn't appeal to logic either.
>>401293 Obama represents a certain amount of stability to a lot of people.
>>401300 None of that will matter when Americans start to lose their livelihoods and lives en masse. Someone will have to take the fall for that, and Trump is the current guy in charge.
>>401273 Oh, it's much worse than simply not giving a fuck. I have such horrors to show you...
>>401302 not to people who didn't vote for biden in the dem primary already and who are already obsessed with saying orange man bad. obama is worshipped by dem partisans who were going to vote for any dem anyway. most others know he's a pile of shit.
>>401299 The circumstances have changed rather dramatically since 2016. It's not a narrative anymore.
>>401302 It's not as many people as you think, and the assumption that Biden just represents Obama in the popular mindset is mistaken. It's like when Brazil's socdems tried to run that other guy as a Lula equivalent - it doesn't work that way, people see through it better than they see through strongman posturing.
>>400896 Do it fgt
>>401300 Trump is doing a really bad job of the bare minimum a president would have to do in this sort of situation. Making a daily address - and usually bloviating about stupid shit and meandering into shit-talk about the governors - is not exactly inspiring leadership. Only the fanatical Trumptards believe that Trump is a great inspiration, or at least they say so because it's necessary for their narrative. Normie America is largely ambivalent towards the crisis, because they'd rather go back to normal... but normal is dead now, forever. We're in the middle of a new normal, and this world is going to get much uglier.
>>401315 Most people are fairly apolitical, and they don't have strong feelings for Obama either way. In comparison to Trump he will look good, and that is going to matter.
>>401319 Biden won the Democratic primaries just by being the Obama guy.
>>401284 >It's only not because people don't take Biden seriously as a candidate. I beg to differ. Trump's election has shown that politics is now fully divorced from facts. The rape accusation won't do a thing against Biden the same way none of this cataclysm will do a thing against Trump.
So if the US completely collapses from the pandemic, what's the best place to be while you wait for some new government to develop? Northern New England? PNW?
>>401049 I wish someone would do something about these landlords, hypothetically.
>>401023 >The US dollar is going to tank because America has lost what backed it. What has America lost? As of now the whole trades oil with dollars and is still very dependant on the dollar and there is no alternative. Plus the US has the firepower and military might to enforce its hegemony, which is why it can run huge deficits without consequence. Runaway inflation will only be a problem if the trillions somehow trickle down and circulate amongst the proles, which doesnt appear to be the case.
>>401310 >None of that will matter when Americans start to lose their livelihoods and lives en masse. Someone will have to take the fall for that, and Trump is the current guy in charge. We've already lost our livelihoods en masse. Trump is taking the fall for it, but he's also taking most of the credit for the response. Is the response horrifyingly late and inadequate? YES. But it stands up when compared to nothing, which is most of what Biden offers. >>401314 >Democratic Underground posters What did you expect? >>401317 >The circumstances have changed rather dramatically since 2016. Yes, the Dems have doubled down on losing strategies and part of their national base has abandoned them. >>401328 Biden appealed more to DNC voters (especially older ones) than Sanders did. Most people ignore primaries, but people who vote in DNC primaries regularly saw him as a safer choice... also, the party ran like 13 candidates with a bunch of different policy proposals who all within a short span of time either turned and endorsed Biden or explicitly rejected Sanders. This was after Biden was having disappointing results. It's almost as though it was a DNC strategy to siphon a bunch of support towards him. A general election does not have the same voters as a primary. General election voters mostly do not care if a Republican or a Democrat will win for the party, whereas Dem primary voters are obsessed with party doctrine and electability. They are dorks.
>>401345 The crisis has only begun. This will get way worse and Trump is going to have to take the fall for it. That the Democrats are incompetent scumbags will not matter one bit.
>>401345 >What did you expect? Nothing, I had no idea that place fucking existed before today.
>>401333 >I beg to differ. Trump's election has shown that politics is now fully divorced from facts. The rape accusation won't do a thing against Biden the same way none of this cataclysm will do a thing against Trump. Except Trump's objective awfulness cost him the popular vote in 2016. Biden can't afford to lose that. Trump actually can, and the way the GOP campaigns is generally more likely to get a victory even without a popular vote because of all the nothing-ass states they have in the bag. >>401335 Yes. We should hypothetically do something.
>>401334 Probably the less populated interior. Gubmint won't give a fuck about places so remote, though no place is going to be exactly safe. Worst place would be the major cities, which were already running a purge mechanism on its weaker populations by letting their police go off the leash and straight up murder in the open. Just imagine how that will go down in a martial law situation. I don't know exactly how bad it is going to get, or if this will turn into a civil war. I actually doubt civil war will happen, because they're no rival center of power against the national security state and no class that can really strike out on their own against the regime collectively. Very likely, there will be a sharp declaration of martial law, and a purge mechanism against the current welfare recipients will begin (with the argument that the disabled are being "rehabilitated", i.e. thrown into death camps so the regime can create the necessary social engineering pressure and throw a new group of people into the despised underclass). Once the purge mechanism is activated, it will be very difficult to stop because to fight the regime means risking near-certain death. Eventually a new order will emerge, with either a new constitution or a re-interpretation of existing institutions, and the new eugenic purge mechanism will be normalized. This "revolution" should be largely according to script, and the opposition to such a revolution will prove feeble. More people, I imagine, will seek position in the new order wherever possible, because those are the values the current active generations were raised with. The possibility of any long-term instability is slim to nil, unless the regime starts cracking down too hard on educated workers that are essential to the regime's operation. Very likely the end result of this is some sort of "permanent meritocracy" which will be naturally a hotbed of corruption, and it would set in stone the deal Obama gave the middle class back in '08; torture and death for the lower classes, the immiseration of a large chunk of the native workforce into serf-like conditions, and the promise of vanity for the middle class.
>>401355 >The crisis has only begun. This will get way worse and Trump is going to have to take the fall for it. That the Democrats are incompetent scumbags will not matter one bit. Yeah, they're betting on that. It's a bad bet. You don't bring a sick, dying dog into a fight and expect it to win because the other dog is mean and has a bad reputation. They could have put an effort forth, but they chose to risk this instead and that says a lot about what kind of strategists they are.
>>401355 This we are going to have millions more laid off in the coming weeks. And lots of small businesses will go under. The interesting thing about the virus coinciding with the recession is that the virus is accelerating it and making it worse. But there won't be a recovery until either the virus or normal recession conditions destroy enough fixed capital and replenish enough of the reserve army of labor. The fascist """quarantine""" measures have solved the reserve army of labor problem. And a lot of accumulation is going to happen when all those local businesses die and get replaced by more Wal-mart and Amazon. But a bunch of fixed capital will still need to either be physically destroyed/degraded, or simply written-off in bankruptcies. That will take a while.
>>401190 >Yeah, no - honestly don't think Russiagate had the backfiring effect on the Dems that some people seem to think it did. Well you don't have to, but objectively he's been rising in opinion polls every time one of the Russiagate narratives falls flat on its face.
>>401365 What can I say, the Democrats have gotten lucky this time. Normally they would lose, but not this year.
>>401334 Also mind, the virus will come and pass. It is the reason the economic collapse happened suddenly, rather than a steep but gradual decline into despotism. The truth is that the American regime is no longer able to police the world, that the regime is moving towards policing its own population like every other developing-world shithole.
Trump: >Pence hasn't slept for 4 weeks.
>Malarkey man wins presidency because of Trump's fuckup >Disease wanes because of time passed, but people claim it was all Biden's genius that fixed it >Permanent neoliberal austerity and security state
>>401407 bruh that happens in all scenarios
>>401407 The disease may wane, but the economic crisis won't be over until a capital-busting event like another world war rescues profitability.
>>401410 well the last part anyway
>>401374 People aren't going to get out of bed to vote for an impaired rapist who did nothing just to replace an impaired rapist who did nothing. We already have an impaired rapist who did nothing, why is replacing him so urgent?
>>401416 In fact, Trump is the less impaired, less did nothing, and possibly even less rapist candidate.
>>401416 Because the current impaired racist crashed the economy and killed grandma.
>>401423 >possibly even less rapist candidate Trump was bigger Epstein buddy than Biden. That's questionable.
>>401402 >Pence hasn't slept with me for 4 weeks.
>>401425 So we solve it by... voting for a guy who has basically the same traits but less personality and less presence? Unlikely. >>401426 True.
>>401426 IMO it's pretty clear there are multiple networks, not just Epstein's. I think a different pedo ring must cater to Biden.
>>401283 >Trump is not going provide reassurance and stability either Not changing the administration IS stability, though, which was a big thing in 2004. "You don't change horses in midstream!" Biden offers nothing but the instability of a regime change during a disaster. He didn't propose an alternative or even an opposition to the bail out bill, so he can't hit Trump on that. He said nothing about Carona before Trump did, so he can't fight there either. All he'll offer is minor quibbles about what interest rates should be set too or whatever and literally no one will give a shit.
>>401434 It's not going to be people voting for Biden, it's going to be voting against Trump.
>>401440 How'd that work in 2016?
>>401444 No, no! They know how bad Trump is now, more people will vote against him!
>>401439 I doubt that actual campaigning or the debates will matter much in the end. People are going to want Trump to go away and voting in Biden will be a way to do that. >>401444 That's my whole point. The actual material conditions have changed drastically. You can't compare the situation now to the situation in 2016.
A smart campaign would come in and offer hard science, point out the flaws in Trump's response, and be able to objectively one-up him in every avenue. Biden is running a classic dumb campaign, and dumb campaigners of the past (like Kerry and Romney) somehow keep showing up in the media about as much as Biden like some kind of amazingly blunt omen - even these losers are more energized than Biden right now, somehow.
>>401447 If grandma is dead and the economy's down the toilet they will.
>>401448 >I doubt that actual campaigning or the debates will matter much in the end. >I doubt actual campaigning ... will matter Dude do you read your posts? >>401448 >That's my whole point. The actual material conditions have changed drastically. You can't compare the situation now to the situation in 2016. Yeah you can because the DNC still has a shit candidate. Just because things are bad doesn't mean that the opposition party automatically wins. The '80s ended in a crash (which returned things to about the recession levels Reagan came in on) and AIDs, Bush Sr. still won a term.
So what happens if Joe dies of corona? Does Mayo Pete return to save the day?
>>401469 The DNC can win with a shit candidate if the other candidate is perceived as a worse option. And in terms of economic crisis the incumbent usually loses. The only real exception is Bush Sr. and he was a one term president. The economy did him in too eventually.
>>401474 That's a good question. Maybe they will have to redo the primaries, idk.
>>401474 They run Hillary.
>>401496 >>401501 you guys can also apply to rent a property and send in a false application
>>401501 brb calling that number
>>401537 Have a heart anon, they are facing multiple homelessness, doomed to live in their one home for who knows how many months.
>>401474 The laws, let alone party rules, regarding the choice process are absurdly obscure and convoluted by design. It's entirely possible that there are mutually exclusive procedures buried in legalese and the DNC can pick whichever one works best at the time.
>>401496 use a throw away email id assume
He's getting more obviously demented
>>401510 Glow or terminal retardation. Either way kill yourself
>>401612 I can't believe the DNC managed to pick someone worse than Hillary. Ever since Trump's election, the signs of a society entering its decay stage have been mounting up, but the DNC's choice of candidate, I think, really seals the deal. Were their choice any half-decent person, the empire might have recovered. Now the next 4 years are guaranteed to have a brain-damaged pedophile at the helm. I can't think of a better sign that America has irrevocably begun going downwards.
>>401579 Of course
>Whitaker says that he can explain it: His phone was hacked. He didn’t send the text attributed to him, he says. At the same time, he also says that rent for his properties — 365 units across eight cities in Ohio and Florida — really is due on April 1, pandemic or no. https://www.citylab.com/equity/2020/03/coronavirus-stimulus-bill-rent-due-landlords-property-owners/608353/ >By the way guise the rent really is due on April 1st, b-b-but I didn't send that text lol. These leeches always try to slither out of comments like this. "I misspoke" or "you must have misheard me" or something to that effect.
>>401698 You can tell Bob Robert is a landlord. Guy is literally sitting there waiting for anyone to badmouth them and respond to each post.
>>401744 What else does a parasite have to do other than sit around all day? It's not like he has an actual job to work in.
Is Clinton sending pizzas to prepare for replacing Biden?
>>401612 holy fuck he is a mess
>>401321 he has 50 to 60% support according to polls
>>400839 Cuomo will be the dem nominee. He'll be painted as the hero who got NY through corona while Trump is blamed for his overall tepid response to the virus and the deaths that results due to it.
>>401918 Polls also said Hillary would stomp Trump Polls are retarded
>>401612 Are we going to get the chance to watch Biden die on camera?
>>401937 once Bernie drops out, he'll say he has coronavirus and that he isn't fit for office. Thats when Cuomo comes on in and wins the nomination
>>401932 Sort of, but not really. Most of the major polls in November of that year had her winning by between 1-6%, with those generally concentrated around 3-4%. A couple of them even did have Trump winning by a few points. And at the end of it all, she did win the popular vote by about 2%, so I would hesitate to say that they saying she would stomp him or that they were even retarded. It was the media's presentation of those polls that made it seem like she had it completely locked up, not the polls themselves.
>>401940 Be funny if Bernie stays in right to the end.
>>401943 Honestly surprised he didnt drop out already.
>>401945 He officially filed to run in the New Jersey primary which is June 2nd today or yesterday, which meas he is staying in until the convention
>>401943 They'll find a way to force him to drop out. They always do.
>>401918 And I'm 90% certain that those numbers are manufactured consent, I'm not saying Biden DOESN'T have a decent backing, but that the numbers are fluffed up which causes people to go and support Biden. It's a circular argument of sorts. Say Biden is substantively better with some numbers to boot, and people fall in line saying "but look at the numbers." It's disgusting really
>>401940 So how is it that Biden's Pledged Delegates get magically transferred to Cuomo? Not a single primary or caucus voter has supported Cuomo yet.
>>401931 >the hero who got NY through corona bruh comparatively he's doing an even worse job than Trump
(87.46 KB 680x765 c46.jpg)
>>402019 >made with memeatic
>>402022 well, not by me
(490.43 KB 635x890 1585380976025.png)
(409.20 KB 665x723 1585384536341.png)
Burgerland might fall for real this time.
>>402115 Honestly, thank fuck. I'm tired of the "we're number 1", "Jesus loves this country" and "fuck you plinko commie fuckers". This country has been decent and we truly could be a good nation, but never under capitalism and with the fucking reactionary bible thumpers, I say fuck the country, fuck the economy. I don't want people to get hurt/killed, but we didn't go the peaceful route, so here we are. As a saying goes, "Your nation gets it's leaders, that the nation deserves." And we got what's coming to us, the roosters are coming home, one by one.
>>402129 Reality has already failed to stop the > "we're number 1", "Jesus loves this country" and "fuck you plinko commie fuckers" people, why do you think it'll be any different now?
>>402152 This. This crisis will do very little to change American public opinion/ideology. If anything, it will serve to strengthen neoliberal hegemony because if history is any indication the neoliberals are the best at exploiting crises. Read Naomi Klein and Phillip Mirowski.
(290.90 KB 1061x880 1582425318184.jpg)
>>402115 >People shitting on trashbags Sure thing then you go buy a hazmat suit and a decontamination room dumb journo
>>401613 That post was funny come on.
>>402155 You say that despite the number of people retaliating against landlord's, people upset that their $1,200 Dumpbux is a one time cash in with the corona threatening to last 18 give or take. Like there isnt tweets and clips of the wealthy demanding bodies to be sent back in to feed the machine, all to save the funny line. I'm a fucking burger and I hate the way other burgers think on these issues, I really fucking do. But if I can break free, then there has to be some hope? Other wise it's accepting millions dying, and is rather grassroots to my dammned hardest to make an effort cause rolling over and dying is stupid
>>402239 *and id rather try grassroots
Sexy azn lady
(304.65 KB 920x613 virgin walk.png)
>>402311 fuck mitch mcconnel
>>402315 sexy azn lady
>>402311 >>402315 Fuck everyone in that room
(537.09 KB 1200x778 20200325_075657.jpg)
>>402315 >fuck mitch mcconnel Mitch has stopped the Dems wanting to go Fash with PROTECTING OUR DEMOCRACY and makes money with Communist China.
>>402337 Hey buddy, can you pass me your dealers number cause your on something
>>402017 >bruh comparatively he's doing an even worse job than Trump Could you explain how? Not same poster, but curious for your take on this.
>college age dependents get literally nothing and neither do their parents Commuters btfo
>>402337 fuck you mitch
>>402017 The truth is quite literally irrelevant in politics. The media says he is the pragmatic hero who saved the day, so he is.
>>402315 He looks like those turtles from mario
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHoOgjs7cIY >Saagar Enjeti: THIS Is How The Next Political Revolution Will Begin
>>402375 BOP BOP
>>402402 >You cannot post in this thread anymore. Wow. What a bunch of fucking pussies. Cucked mods.
>>402402 lmao they still take yuri brezmenov seriously. You can tell how weak your opposition is, if all they cling to are the personal anecdotes of a grifter.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kljO486I1vc Bernie Sanders calls for rapid response on childcare, affordable housing during virtual town hall.
Big storms coming in the area where I live. Wish me luck brehs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1HEuTc5k48
>>402792 Good luck comrade
(649.19 KB 1862x1048 poll.png)
>>402829 >His lead has actually gone down since most of the other candidates dropped out
>>402485 And these are the same people who goes >but muh free peach
(42.77 KB 960x680 7mtqluxjm4g41.jpg)
You're in the club and this guy fingers your girlfriend's ass. What do you do?
(53.17 KB 531x577 erberberb.jpg)
>>402556 I have to hand it to Bezmenov, his tactic was pure genius. He creates useful idiots by the bucket by telling them they are the well-informed enlightened ones. It works so well because, at the same time, it's a reverse-psychology hoodwink and it appeals to the ego, to preconceptions and, last but definitely not least, to the Dunning-Kruger effect. He more or less was telling his audience to their faces that they're useful idiots, they still didn't realize it.
>>402998 Call Ghostbusters.
>>402998 Call his nurse to drag him away and medicate him.
>>403018 lol the cognitive dissonance in this picture
(33.26 KB 800x510 800px_COLOURBOX5031640.jpg)
>>402792 here's an umbrella for you, comrade
>>402829 Let's not forget that virtually all polls from 2016 were wrong.
>>403023 I assume it's being ironic. Emphasis on assume.
>trump considering quarantine on New York BASED trump cucking Cuomo and making him look like an uncaring bastard
Why do US unions have numbers? News stories are almost always "Industrial Worker's Union Local 2085 says..." rather than just "The industrial worker's union says..." I've never encountered this in other countries.
>>403090 canadian here, we have the same. the purpose of the number is to distinguish the locals from one another, like IWUL Local 2085 can be told apart from IWUL Local 467 or something. this is used instead of the name of the locality, probably because some unions will have more than one local in the same locality (to represent different categories of worker that are more easily organized into different locals).
>>398851 Someone is going to filibuster this. I don't see it being passed in the house at least.
(283.26 KB 386x384 cc intensifies.gif)
TJDS Breaking News: Andrew Cuomo's Horribleness With Max Blumenthal & Marc Van Landuyt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aPQ7WXlRVE
NY primary got postponed
>>403125 Lookin' good, soundin' good.
Brilliant new piece from the ideological ouroboros that is Ben Garrison
(2.43 MB 1800x1345 burgers.png)
>>403357 We already did edits of it, can't remember where.
>>401612 Honestly, I think its more fucked up that the DNC is putting this poor fool up to this still. I don't think he can even legally consent to any of this, its like they pressing him to the wall and finger blasting him...
Remember a few weeks ago when South Carolina hadn't happened yet and Boomerberg seemed like the big problem?
>>403357 >>403358 Where's all the labels?
>>401612 >WEEKEND at Biden's when?
>>403364 That seems like 100 years ago. perception of time is wild right now.
>>400795 Yeah, pretty much. He could have made some kind of agreement with the EZLN and probably push back a lot of the shite done the last sexenium, but he hasn't. And porky is still pissed. So yeah. Hope that he uses the corona crisis to implement at least some socialist policies.
>>403358 Is that supposed to be bill gates?
>>403030 >Warren trolls Trump: You're losing because of 'creepy bullying' same shit every time.
>>403378 It's supposed to be Fauci, which makes the entire thing even more insane than it already would be.
(2.75 MB 1800x1345 mass femboi conversions.png)
>>403385 >>403378 Wait... is it supposed to be Bill Gates? Now that you said it, it looks more like him.
>>403018 Didn't he say that American liberals were useful idiots (For the USSR?)
>>403389 Bill Gates has been involved in pandemic and vaccine research for years, makes way more sense for it to be Bill.
>>403018 Bezmenov made people think globalhomo is Communism doing it instead of Liberalism and turn USA into Communist nation.
>>403357 >Ben is one of those "THE BEAST 666 MICROCHIPS IN OUR FOOD" people It's all so tiresome.
(106.04 KB 303x162 it's all so tiresome.png)
>>403357 >>403358 >Ben Garrison
>>402792 Same here brother, Illinois here.
(198.91 KB 514x536 honk levels.jpg)
>>402311 >president retard signs the bill with a magic marker
>>403392 I mean, yeah, I know about the Gates foundation but Fauci is way more present right now and way more involved in this (and also his style of dress is way more typically like what's seen here, although his hair and glasses look less like this) - like maybe it's Gates, but featuring Gates this prominently doesn't make immediate sense either without following whatever the latest MAGAtard outrage is. It's not as funny as Fauci either, but admittedly almost.
Count yourselves lucky if you don't live in CT or NJ. We're going to get blockaded and put into martial law purely because of New Yorkers being too entitled to stay home. VT will probably be invited to the party as well. National guardsmen in the rest of New England are hunting down New York cars and kicking them out.
(76.40 KB 573x184 image.PNG)
>>403357 >Obama will create FEMA death camps >FEMA death camps will becreated despite Trump Like I say, it's a mental disorder. >>403374 Time accelerates as the rate of creation of information increases. The bullshitstorm is upon us.
>>403415 It's Bill Gates. He's one of the big starring villains to the anti-eugenics crowd (deservedly so given some of the heinous shit Billy gets up to with his charity).
>>403390 The one and only. His brand of propaganda is perfect for the globalist shills which currently control /pol/.
>2020: 49-40 >2016: 49-38 hmmm
>>403427 Bill "Halve the Third World Population to Save the White Nation" Gates
>>403423 >Time accelerates as the rate of creation of information increases I always thought it was because there were no new/novel events going on in a person's life, and it thus it causes them to feel like time has skipped forward, as nothing really happened between then and now.
>>401363 nibba we already in global civil war
>>401363 Muh eugenics hurr durr
(16.62 KB 597x81 Screenshot_20200329_051437.png)
Comrade Corona strikes again.
>>403618 not the hECKIN coperinos
(55.19 KB 750x443 Earth2.JPG)
>WARNING Viewing this image may be hazardous to you're mental health
>>403657 this petty-bourgeois liberal probably cries and masturbates while looking at pictures of H.R.C. on his Oculus Rift. he wishes so badly he could live in that world, he has no choice but to roleplay it on twitter to everyone's deep embarassment.
>>403657 >>403662 Don is too good at trolling people, lmao
>>402311 Pence is the most precious accessory in the entire world. His whole reaction of "uh, yeah, uh, ok, a pen, sure, whatever, thanks, yeah, yet another fucking pen, does anyone else want this? it would literally take too much effort to just throw this thing away, you can take this thing, thanks here it is it is yours now."
(44.58 KB 504x618 C_11jd3VwAAf7W7.jpg)
>>403712 Guaranteed you're a faggot who unironically posts this as a reaction image
>>403716 >faggot correct >that quote also correct. what's your point supposed to be, heterosexual?
>>403717 >i can only understand satire if it's followed by /s
(207.15 KB 960x960 alex jones worst nightmare.jpg)
>>403657 As a long time Alex Jones listener, I can tell you that this is totally inaccurate. If Hillary had been president, she would have personally murdered literally the entire population of Wuhan in plane crashes and Corona would have ceased to exist by February and no one would have known about it.
>>403718 are you or are you not aware of poe's law? I have known PERSONALLY of liberals who say things twice as retarded and completely seriously.
>>403722 >I have known PERSONALLY of liberals who say things twice as retarded and completely seriously. Yeah, that's the joke. You just fell for the bait.
https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/california-once-had-mobile-hospitals-and-a-ventilator-stockpile-but-it-dismantled-them/ar-BB11O8Gs >They were ready to roll whenever disaster struck California: three 200-bed mobile hospitals that could be deployed to the scene of a crisis on flatbed trucks and provide advanced medical care to the injured and sick within 72 hours. >Each hospital would be the size of a football field, with a surgery ward, intensive care unit and X-ray equipment. Medical response teams would also have access to a massive stockpile of emergency supplies: 50 million N95 respirators, 2,400 portable ventilators and kits to set up 21,000 additional patient beds wherever they were needed. >In 2006, citing the threat of avian flu, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced the state would invest hundreds of millions of dollars in a powerful set of medical weapons to deploy in the case of large-scale emergencies and natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires and pandemics. >"In light of the pandemic flu risk, it is absolutely a critical investment," he told a news conference. "I'm not willing to gamble with the people's safety."
>>403728 I hate burgerland so much
>>403657 >getfiscal Oh how the mighty have fallen Altho... >>403705 I guess you're right, he's probably being ironic. His track record speaks for him. >>403722 He's right, getfiscal is an old-time troll from SA's glory years.
(58.66 KB 680x960 91319659.jpg)
>>403804 It’s ogre
(4.78 KB 225x225 download.png)
>>403804 Support among Democratic voters is that low? Hows he doing so well in the Primaries then?
>>403777 >He's right, getfiscal is an old-time troll from SA's glory years. Lassaiz-fare? Well I guess you could call that trolling in a similar way to how /pol/ storage troll
>>403812 Manufactured consent https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=veWqkDkFgfY Essentially Biden is toilet paper
>>403812 1. the primaries are rigged in his favor 2. manufactured consent from the media and the party telling people endlessly that he's "electable" and bernie isn't. 3. higher turnout by boomer libs not being matched by the young.
>>403812 Because Bernard just isn't a good candidate, and what he was trying to do is not possible through the primary system. He's asking primarily Democrat stalwarts to say "you know, fuck the whole party", but out of necessity he failed to pull the trigger and say outright that the Democrats were broken. Sanders would probably have won more respect if he spoke, plainly, that the Democrats either reform or die. Realistically, though, the Democrats don't have to reform or die, because their long-term strategy of winning over Republicans will probably work where it needs to work. Meanwhile, the old social-democrat-ish coalition is falling to ruin, and the promises of yuge wins for doing social democracy probably wouldn't pan out because conservatives are not breaking for Bernie's socdem.
>>403814 Way earlier than LF, and he trolled there as well. >how /pol/ storage troll wut >>403804 Enthusiasm made all the difference in 2016. >>403728 Wait, a Republican actually improved the healthcare? Who fucked it up? >But the ambitious effort, which would have been vital as the state confronts the new coronavirus today, hit a wall: a brutal recession, a free fall in state revenues — and in 2011, the administration of a fiscally minded Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, who came into office facing a $26-billion deficit. hahahahaha jesus christ, 200m sounds like nothing to a 26b deficit >Together, these two programs would have positioned California to more rapidly respond as its COVID-19 cases exploded. The annual savings for eliminating both programs? No more than $5.8 million per year, according to state budget records, a tiny fraction of the 2011 budget, which totaled $129 billion. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEZE
what if the quarintine extends till november/election day? will they do elections with like 1/20 of the voters or it gets postponed and trump isin charge for a couple extra months?
(62.80 KB 1080x936 h73v674k8jp41.jpg)
>>403874 It was meant to be stormfag troll autocorrect ate it and I cbf posting a correction assuming it was obvious enough Trolling stored which is to say contained in /poll/ is actually breddy descriptive of stormfag I kinda like this serependitios neologism
>>403899 mautist here, what was that all you leftyfags were telling me about MLM being "too sectarian"? :)))) we have mass appeal haha
(158.29 KB 458x492 NJPdgJQ.png)
>>403905 based
>>402115 >First Image Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make -Lord Farquaad, Shrek
>>403837 Trumps incompetence is going to fix #3 next month
Anyone interested in contributing to this thread: https://lainchan.org/r/res/16370.html ?
(232.62 KB 540x841 1585481851947.png)
No comment
>>404081 BIG BLACK DICK-President or the United States
(110.48 KB 382x929 trump tower milk and cheese.jpg)
>>404081 Ayyy wtf?
>>404059 fuck off with this gay ass website
>>403812 Like 10 candidates with more passionate voter bases dropped out and endorsed him. Also DNC voters legit think voting for a guy they think imaginary Republican voters would like is a good strategy and makes them smart.
(35.77 KB 652x470 1585484142951.png)
(14.81 KB 598x152 1585483229986.png)
I hate Twitter so much. Most Black people aren't capable of getting rid of idpol. Also radlibs and libs in general are worse than Fascists no comparison. https://mobile.twitter.com/Dah_meh_lee/status/1215315988109058049
>>404081 oh dear
>>403812 The self fulfilling prophecy of "electability"
>>404141 >I hate Twitter so much. Most Black people aren't capable of getting rid of idpol. One statement doesn't necessarily logically follow the other. Twitter/Pol/Reddit/whatever are generally poor representations of real life. And irl a lot of race is essentially a mask for class - and not one that's that hard to break unless you cling to white identity... which a lot of white people actually do anyway even if they don't openly admit it. Idpol's persistence is all down to convenience.
>>404081 mutt's law
>>404141 >Most black people aren't capable of getting rid of idpol You're only proving them right.
>>404081 >burgers elected this pervert cuck to stick it to the man <Reminder to only vote third party or write in instead of voting for either of the establishment senile rapists
>>404141 >Most Black people aren't capable of getting rid of idpol do you not read the shit you type and think how a black person would take it? fucking white saviors kys
>>404205 >this entire post waiter please take this trash back I asked for historical materialism and analysis not this shit
>>404209 That thing up there is what happens when you go from the far right to the far left way too fast.
>>404214 Considering joining the far right to even out the score; what'd you think?
>>404219 >>404214 Chapocels
>>404222 Communist
>>404222 black ppl will be the vanguard in the US and you're welcome to join whitey as long as you cut the shit
>>404224 Spastic
>>404222 Hardly. Idpol is stupid and that includes your idpol.
>>404229 >>404224 You retards take materialism too far. Marx and Engels had open racial views/invoked idpol
>>404232 Guy's dead 150 years In that time we've had two world wars, landed on the moon, and invented the internet. Tell me again why Marx is so great?
>>404235 He wrote some nice books that 95% of this board haven't read but should instead of shitposting all day, especially itt.
>>404235 It's the beard. It's all about the beard.
>>404232 >Marx and Engels had open racial views germ theory was barely developed when they were alive, racist pseudoscience about race was normal then
Is it true that Marx was racist against and hated black people?
>>404246 I think he called mexicans lazy
>>404248 >>404246 I think Marx once called anons who couldn't help themselves to post about idpol on /leftypol/ "subhuman degenerates".
>>404248 >comparing the disgruntled victims of slavery who are still affected by it's remains to the nazis go fuck yourself
In 1856 Karl Marx founded National Socialism which would proceed to kill 100 billion people around the world.
>>404254 snowflake
>>404254 yep anon you have a way with words im sure you'll do a wonderful job of radicalizing your coworkers when you tell the black ones to stop being butthurt
So the real reason Blorpmf doesnt Quarantine New York is because of the stock market. That's right, you still need like 100 thousand peons running it even in this online trading only mode. Apparently you cannot shut down the market it's not just stocks its commodities, oil, forex, futures etc billions and billions of transactions with the US government getting a fee from each transaction. Shutting it down will destroy everything. Sadly, New York will have to be sacrificed to keep the Market open. It's the only way.
>>404268 Well Rip New York, well I guess its a good time burn down NYSE. Considering its always in a mess, because people are throwing their shit on the ground. Like they live in a barn where its fine.
>>404209 What was it? >>404240 This. >>404246 No. As far as I can tell. He did call a white guy a jewish nigger, though. >>404251 Reducing the situation in the US to slavery is oversimplifying it and risks obscuring the fact that the segregation era is an actual memory for a lot of Americans.
>>404325 oh fuck off
>>404329 Why? I don't even know what you're responding to.
>>404325 >Reducing the situation in the US to slavery is oversimplifying it and risks obscuring the fact that the segregation era is an actual memory for a lot of Americans. The post said that black people in america treat white people like the nazis treated jews
>>404344 you retards force a meme in "reddit spacing" and now you all use reddit spacing as a way to say "see, the opinions I don't like are all from reddit!"
(132.45 KB 988x1200 three words.jpg)
>>404238 <He wrote some nice books that 95% of this board haven't read but should instead of shitposting all day, especially itt. <especially itt * double-checks thread becuz multi-tabs * yup it's amerimutt politics thread;u wot?
>>404346 Yeah, but I didn't see that post and asked what it was in the post you initially responded to. The part which apparently caused you to go "oh fuck off" was just responding to you characterizing blacks as "the disgruntled victims of slavery." I was literally just giving you advice - it's easier to write off when you talk about the plight of black people strictly in relation to something which happened more than 100 years ago. >>404350 I have literally no clue what you're talking about.
(34.44 KB 720x720 1b159hyhhnm41.jpg)
You have no excuse now.
>>405034 factionalism within ruling classes existed since the dawn of intelligent lifeforms
>>405034 based and burgerpilled
>>403926 Boomers are such selfish hedonistic shitlords
>>405500 >shitlords
>>405522 Of course we can only recruit from 4chan, heaven forbid anywhere else.
>>405530 we shouldn’t recruit from twitter, reddit, or tumblr
>>405530 >>405535 Honestly there should be no barriers, I just kind of expect a "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" deal. Tho I suppose you mioght call it a "don't ask, don't tell" deal.
>>405540 >I just kind of expect a "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" deal. That works until twenty thousand radlibs start rushing in and start seeing nazbols that don’t exist or call Stalin a racist.
(165.84 KB 1080x1435 EUS85bXXkAA1eMo.jpg)
(150.91 KB 1080x1420 EUS86pdXYAY-F18.jpg)
(613.89 KB 1530x1048 HilldawgSupporters.jpg)
(102.73 KB 800x800 1476161899051.png)
(147.44 KB 749x751 1476828244722.jpg)
>>405566 Who’s ready for 2016 2.0
>>405564 Well yeah, but an invasion like that is different from individuals coming here in good faith.
>>405580 I was really hoping to roast the shit out of /pol/ for losing to a "commie" We can't have nice things
>>405668 t. /pol/
>>405668 >roast the shit out of /pol/ for losing to hillary >but it's totally because they call her a communist, that makes it funny haha >I swear I'm not a liberal, guys
>>399006 Yeah, Occupy happened right before Christopher Hitchens died. The movement began in September 17, 2011 through November 15, 2011, and Hitchens died on December 15, 2011. It's likely he felt excited about the reemergence of a new political movement that explicitly challenged capitalism, though he was obviously distracted by his incoming death. Sadly' Hitchens's son has grown up and is peintint Islamophobic books, judging by the book titles and blurbs. So...I can't help but guess that Hitchens said some terribly racist and reactionary things behind closed doors that influenced his kids, unless his son is just grifting to the anti-SJWs.
>>405706 peintint* penning; (as in writing.) Sorry about the typo.
https://freebeacon.com/2020-election/billionaire-who-helped-rehab-jeffrey-epstein-image-drops-million-boost-biden/amp/ >The tech billionaire was also an early supporter of ACRONYM, the dark money group in charge of the botched Iowa caucus app. Tara McGowan, executive director of ACRONYM, said Hoffman and other billionaires "took a chance" on the group prior to its February meltdown. Second source confirming this claim anyone?
(25.43 KB 268x268 free-beacon-podcast-web.jpg)
>>405729 >A Silicon Valley billionaire who helped rehab the image of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is now pouring major cash into the super PAC supporting Joe Biden's candidacy. >helped rehab the image of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein When did that happen? Yeah I think this might not be the most reliable source.
i'm so tired of neoliberals
(82.84 KB 958x960 91247259.jpg)
that haircut says everything
>>405689 wtf is ALDI and LIDL
>>405816 german supermarkets
>>405816 ALDI is proof that abolishing brands typically does nothing but good. Everything is cheaper and store brand but it's honestly just as good mostly.
>>405849 Yeah I usually just go there or WinCo. My mother swears that WinCo's meats are not good but I honestly can't tell the difference.
>>405851 Horse meat is horse meat.
>>405854 Yeah but I like my horse sashimi to cost $1000 a plate and paid for by the exploitation of my employees
>>405671 >>405676 In 2020 dumbasses
>>405809 terf bangs
(28.18 KB 331x319 1286873489579.jpg)
>>405920 this fucking guy
>>405849 but the exploitation of workers there is horrible compared to a more traditional store
(12.73 KB 287x319 stockings derp.jpg)
>>402311 It took me a while to realize he wasn't passing around cigars.
Would it be massacre if virus hits Bible Belt?
>>405994 Any basis for that claim? In Germany ALDI pays well above the min wage.
>>406083 (me) I think a common misconception is at play here. A person interacts with a business as a customer, the business presents itself in a plain or lavish way, and from that the customer concludes that likewise the staff must have bad or good working conditions and wages. But you can't really count on that. There is often some sort of weird customer shaming going on with liberals, assuming that buying cheap stuff means the wages of those making that must be low. But that completely ignores the scale of operation.
>>405742 Epstein was a known pedophile even before he was arrested That wasn’t his first rodeo
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wvs67r-RKRw >Krystal and Saagar: Biden CRUSHED in key polling metric Premiere now
(71.09 KB 960x602 jkcua1jgltp41.jpg)
is there a limit to lesser evilism?
(33.79 KB 800x480 whytheguillo.jpg)
>>405849 There's an Aldi in my burger town and I don't think stuff there is any cheaper than Walmart. Maybe it's higher quality for the same price I guess?
>>406360 Genuinely curious to see the context for this... is this an actual opinion?
>>406027 It's already here - like ICUs in Atlanta were at capacity last week.
(26.01 KB 750x508 32dbrf.jpg)
>>406360 >That argument - when Bernie is around.
>>406470 >Bernie winning
>>406483 >Bernie winning Doesn't matter. He's still in the primary and could still win. The Biden argument only makes any sense if you prefer rapists. This isn't an argument that Sanders will win, but thinking he probably won't isn't a realistic reason to support a rapist when Sanders is still an option. It's not even a good argument for the general when third parties exist - there is no scenario right now where the only option is to vote for a rapist.
>>406448 >There's an Aldi in my burger town where I haven’t head of this shit before this thread t New Yorker
>>405920 most radfems don’t like joe bide https://www.reddit.com/r/GenderCritical/comments/fpkam3/the_joe_biden_metoo_megathread/ it’s because feminism is just a bunch of malarkey
>>406702 Radfems are probably the only ones who have enough energy to care about the rape accusations.
>>406448 That's an ALDI Nord A different branch from the cheap aldi stores and it sells more expensive garbage >>406678 It's a german store that's everywhere because it's cheaper branches are basically built on GDR efficiency and pricing
>>405540 >>405522 this sort of lingo policing is the equivalent of 4chan's "reddit spacing" idiocy
https://twitter.com/SocialistOnMain/status/1244622267071463424 biden people are now deleting their past MeToo tweets
>>406854 "If I didn't tweet it it didn't happen" is peak pomo.
>>406717 >That's an ALDI Nord No, it has the Aldi Sud sign. I know some of the stuff there is cheaper, but the meats and veg for instance does not seem to be cheaper than Walmart, that's all. Again, it may be the same price but better quality. Who knows. Something else interesting is that Aldi Nord apparently owns Trader Joe's. So if you shop at Trader Joe's, you're basically shopping at Aldi.
(275.50 KB 461x695 bookert.png)
Cory Booker writes poetry now.
>>406917 With Zizek: fascist-tier
>>406917 God I fucking hate this kind of shit
we shit on the current affairs https://cytu.be/r/MarxLGBTQPOCantifa
>>406917 >>406996 Dude is born to be a politician that's for sure. Even his "art" is just platitudes.
>>406340 WE STOPPED IT
>>407074 MUH PILLOWS
trump letting his porky friends shout out their youtube channels
(17.32 KB 588x172 123515.png)
>>406917 Andrew Yang chimes in with the deepest of takes
>>407201 >implying we're all electoralists lol my narrative will get validated you dumbfuck
>>407201 If that does happen (which I kinda doubt) then jesus. We'll probably get someone worst than Trump, who actually believes in the shit he says but is smart enough to not be noticed
>>407212 do you think you're cool for posting some stupid anime gif? Do you really think socialists believe in bourgeois elections? Who are you trying to impress? Yourself?
>>407212 nobody here supported electoralism we just supported bernie because we want free healthcare nigga.
>>407198 He's like an Asian Kojima
>>407218 so you came here to tell people that they are electoralists, and then laugh at them for failing at electoralism. damn, your skills of rhetoric are fantastic. I think I'll go suck Biden's dick and then kill myself, want me to live stream it?
>>407201 >Biden is crushing Trump in nearly every swing state poll and the popular vote. Link? >How badly are you guys going to cope when Biden wins and your entire narrative is completely BTFO? Doubt it'll happen. I guess it would be bad, though. I'll keep pushing Vermin Supreme like I've been doing since '17.
>>407218 >yeah this is just cope because you're too incompetent to do anything else, and we both know it. ? cope for what. I organize in my community
(76.62 KB 640x1017 biden sexual assault 938.jpg)
>>406752 Not really. Lingo is far more clear a sign of an outgroup than spaing. >>406854 God I hate liberals so fucking much.
>>407218 By the way, since Biden is probably going to die soon, who do you think is going to be his replacement? Their trying really hard to push Cuomo, so maybe him but idk >>407220 Sounds more like Asian Jaden Smith
>>407229 >youre an incompetent dweeb fantasizing about a revolution that will never come You're the only dweeb here. Look what your life has come to. Pathetic.
>>407229 >time of affluence <March 2020 ah, now I get it. you're a retard!
>>407218 cope harder weeb,but if what you are saying is true then good for us,Biden will led america into a total collapse with his sheer dementia alone,that way people will see how much incompetent both democrats and republicans for ruining they lives
>>407235 >Why don't you? It's because you have low agency. Revolution isn't a spontaneous thing. It doesn't matter how many capitalists we go out and beat up, actually read what you're trying to refute. >You'll never be physically or mentally healthy. You'll never have good relationships with your family members. You'll never have loyal friends who wouldn't yank you back down the moment you secured a hand or foot on a single rung above them. You'll never find fulfilling employment or succeed in business, you'll never even try. You'll never have power or influence. You'll never see your dreams for this world realized. Pure projection.
(3.50 KB 400x400 projector.png)
>>407235 ... okay, conspiracy theory time. "Neoliberal centrist tranny" is actually a well-meaning leftypol regular doing a reverse-psychology troll, and this post is meant to goad us into taking greater action to create revolution. not bad, comrade, not bad.
>>407235 I mean, you're not wrong to some extent - this absolutely applies to a lot of /leftypol/ers. Like loads of people here are do-nothings who will shout down any attempt at even BS meme action, it's incredibly frustrating.
>>407239 >Revolution isn't a spontaneous thing. It doesn't matter how many capitalists we go out and beat up, actually read what you're trying to refute. This is true, but are you organizing revolution? Not a rhetorical. I'm asking you.
The only way Biden can win this time is if he snags voters from Trump
>>407243 I've set up 2 reading groups in my community and we are growing and since Covid has struck begun setting up mutual aid networks in my neighborhood and the nearby ones.
>>407247 >Kind of funny how I am a literal tranny and I can look down my nose at communists. That's how low on the totem pole you guys are. Yikes! Self-loathing only makes your arguments look worse. Go back to halfchan /lgbt/ and bully your fellow transppl.
>>407243 NTA but I've started a food garden and am setting up mutual aid with neighbors so we can trade food items.
>>407257 >Please tell me why so many of you people think of yourselves as communist generals None of us do this. >when you can't even manage your own resources enough to pay a few hundred dollars of rent? liberal shit, don't even need to answer this one.
>>407260 Hide them. It's a troll.
Why are you guys replying to a rape apologist?
>>407276 You can hide the uncomfortable truth, but deep down you know you are a fucking failure and that's why you lay on your back for your capitalist master.
>>407282 Being a PMC doesn't make you a capitalist, pal
>>407286 Stop replying to obvious trolls.
>>407288 >I benefit more under the capitalist system than I do under a system where the government holds all the power. do you think the latter isn't already happening under the former? stupid lib
>>407249 >>407255 That rules. Any resources on mutual aid? >>407257 I'm not even a communist, but you're a cuck if you actually think anybody who works for a living owes anyone rent just to have a home.
(57.20 KB 500x382 bruh.png)
who else here is deemed /essential/ during all this shit but is paid just barely more than a canary in a coal mine?
>>407296 My brother was the only prole in the factory who stood up to his boss (they were deemed essential since they sometimes make fedex trucks and ambulances, but they haven't been doing anything but backorders on non-essential things) and was fired because of it.
>>407298 he's a braver man than me
>>407296 Essential but low pay and no protective gear here.
>>407305 yeah but it;s cool cause my boss said i was like a superhero for stocking shelves, bro. im literally bat man
>>407310 Personally I am getting all of my material needs met from the clap for health care staff movement.
>>407307 nEGRO.
(107.21 KB 960x720 699407.jpg)
>>407298 >Freedom of speech >Dont trigger the porkies Sorry to hear about your brother. For what it is worth classucks and fairweather friend would be distant from him and he would discover this true friends. I hope for a grace of good fortune for him and his family.
>>407298 >Stands up to boss <Coworkers stand by and watch him get fired Americans are so fucking cucked
>>407298 Based and Union pilled
>>407346 Yeah, I asked him about that and he said at the meeting they all just stood there and said nothing. This is a shop of only about 10 people too.
>>407295 >Any resources on mutual aid? We have a thread for it >>362972 Also check your local social media. My town has a facebook page where people can offer their stuff they want to get rid of and people who would use it can take it off their hands.
>>407354 Adding to this, he'd only been there for about 4 months, everyone else a few years.
>>407356 Thanks!
>>407346 His brother just needed to plan this shit out ahead of time with the other workers. You can't just expect them to make a snap decision that might get them fired in the middle of a shitshow. They need to come in prepared
(1.28 MB 1433x1069 Screenshot_20200331_070037.png)
(410.05 KB 700x525 lc898mo9sngx.png)
>>407965 To the surprise of absolutely No one, SocDems are back stabbing snakes
>>407965 Usually it takes more than two years for sinistrisme to kick in, what a fucking embarrassment. Should've taken the opposite lesson (start running independent candidates and candidates in Republican primaries as well); Democratic primary voters have moved to the right of the American public.
>>407965 article literally only brings up how she's being nicer than him. also politico and huffpost run a AOC vs Bernie piece every 2 weeks at this point.
>>407994 She's also not backing other leftists in primaries. That's not a stylistic difference, that's a lack of solidarity.
>>407999 Primaries are already here?
(275.79 KB 604x436 ob_d5d4bd_url.jpg)
>>407990 >sinistrisme Holy fuck, I wish I had known about this term before. It's an almost empirical demonstration of the slow but steady progress of mankind being, ultimately, an inevitability which the right futilely fights to the detriment of their own descendants. also kek the french are not immune to boomerism >>408005 Let's face it, they're already over.
>>408005 Technical no, but they might as well be. Unless something related to a miricale occurs.
>>407965 AOC will of course make concessions because she is young and is looking for a future in the dems. It's no surprise that she would become more moderate over time. Bernie, on the other hand, has nothing left to lose.
>>407994 definitely take these msm pieces about "divisions in the left" with a grain of salt. they'd like to create or widen divisions and definitely to drive a wedge between aoc and sanders in any way they can. the purpose is to create infighting and divide the left. consider the source and don't fall for it.
>>408059 I agree with you but that article isn't bad. It highlights how AOC fired her left-wing staffers and replaced them with people who worked for Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. She also doesn't even primary for progressive candidates anymore, and explicitly sucks up to the Dem establishment. You can ignore AOC being a right-winger and live in your own bubble, but as long as you burgers continue to advocate to work within a right-wing party and not create a center-left third party you honestly deserve that fate tbh
>>408005 >>408025 I dont mean the DNC presidential primary though.
Business idea: Start a campaign on twitter #SendItBack Have people send their government check back because "that's communism". A lesson will then be learned in the next weeks, maybe.
>>408099 I prefer #SendItToMe though. Giving it to the government means they'll just do stuff with it, which is the definition of communism anyway. I will de-communize that money by promising to only spend it in my own self interest, which will ultimately wind up benefiting everyone. So if you really want freedom and prosperity, #SendItToMe.
>>408079 The absolute state of the States! It's a bread line streatched over completely unnecessarily by car culture! I mean, stop and think about this. These people are queueing up within what are most likely unefficient gas guzzlers, across a distance pointlessly imposed by uncontrolled urbanization, in order to have affordable food. It's such a weird inversion of everything, it's a result of many contradictions which piled up through the decades.
>>408079 > Pittsburgh, PA. >communist city has breadlines I'm not shocked at all.
>>408172 No weinkls ^^3
>>408099 >>408127 There's an awful lot of untapped potential in this whole shindig.
>>407965 This has been longtime said by other people. At the same time, its difficult to put the blame on her when bernie himself hobbled his own campaign because he liked joe biden personally. At the end of the day, fuck all socdems
(123.70 KB 541x621 depressed possum.jpg)
>>408079 dystopic af
(470.65 KB 2208x1242 123.jpeg)
(602.48 KB 749x926 rko7aod9y08z.png)
>>408341 Well now I'm just angry again
(396.76 KB 910x650 Ashur.jpg)
>>408079 Looks like a job for me
>>407994 >>408059 This. These shitpieces aren't even issuing out of "normal" MSM shills like CNN, NBC, CBS, BBC, etc. that seek to retain even the thinnest veneer of journalistic pretense. Instead, these are on par with Gawker, Vox, Buzzfeed, etc., the absolute lowest grade of slime.
(358.71 KB 885x668 prezzy_wellstone.PNG)
Was Paul Wellstone any good?
>>408693 he was well
How has anti-China propaganda has affected your family and friends lads? My friends unironically believe that China bioengineered virus and released it on America to cripple it. I've gotten my lib parents back to sanity somehow.
I don't know who needs to hear this but, anti-consumerism is reactionary as fuck and mass consumption is good. Even Marx thinks it is great. Anti-consumerism is an unattractive program and not what the working class needs or deserves to hear.
>>408808 All of it nonsense except the numbers of deceased being either inaccurate or outright manipulated... Largely because everybody else is also failing to test or fudging the numbers. Not that it would have made any difference, the west would've dropped the ball even if they said millions died. >>408848 Consumerism only exists to keep the working class ignorant and sedated while robbing them of resources and faculties.
>>408848 Just because anti-consumerism is unattractive doesn't mean it's not right.
>>408808 >China bioengineered virus and released it Lel, it's hilarious this idea is spreading everywhere, even though absolutely nobody has explicitly said it. Just like with Russiagaters, where even the worst of the DNC's lackeys has never dared state anything beyond "Russians paid for propaganda to influence the opinions of Americans, some of it online", but rank & file Russiagaters shamelessly spout "POOTIN [email protected] ELECTION MACHINES OVER TEH INTERBUTTS".
>>408868 There's no point to it since it's only a negation You have to offer something better
>>408808 Dude, China literally lied and tried to cover it up until they no longer could do so. That alone is one of the primary reasons it spread globally. Yes, they managed it fairly well afterwards with Authoritarian measures, but that was after a monumental Fuck up. Chinese Covid-19 tests and other things they have shipped to other countries have also been deemed ineffective to useless. I'm not one to say that everything Chinese or even CCP is inherently bad or evil. However, quit bootlicking them as an alternative to the west. Western governments aren't off the hook here either. Many of them have done absolutely awful jobs, the USA, Britain, and Italy in particular. However, this isn't a blame game. This is a global problem and requires an international effort to effectively combat.
>>408848 when the fuck did Marx "The Fucker" Karlson say that conSOOMing is good and based
(105.02 KB 2000x1000 oki-doki-boomer-tiktok-memes.jpg)
>>408848 If you want to weed out fake leftists, ask them of their opinion on consumerism. If they say it's bad, discard everything that comes out of their mouth after that.
(64.01 KB 736x372 soviet-science-propaganda.jpg)
>>408848 This Particularly among "environmentalists", anyone peddling laundered AEC austerity talking points needs to be disowned and ostracized, in favor of positive, forward-looking technological solutions to resource limits.
>AEC meant AEI, American Enterprise Institute, neolib thinktank.
>>408868 anticonsumerism is literally neoliberalism
>>408911 Elaborate
>>408911 No. Anti-consumerism is not the same as austerity.
>>408905 >in favor of positive, forward-looking technological solutions to resource limits. aka denial
A Marxist defense of consumerism. https://medium.com/@buffsoldier_96/a-marxist-defence-of-consumerism-c307f9186921 tl;dr Read Marx, retards.
(52.93 KB 720x540 Slide1.png)
>>408920 No, just acknowledging the fact that every single environmental problem looming ahead of us is within the means of time-tested old technology to eliminate, and so trivially most fixes would have no noticeable impact on daily life for the masses.
>>408933 good luck with that
(1.25 MB 268x200 do it.gif)
>>408936 Just as with socialism, the only real question isn't whether it works, or whether it's easy, but whether civilization can gain the popular consensus to actually carry it out.
>>408933 >if you cover the entire earth with solar panels you get a lot of energy no shit sherlock
>>408929 That article is a pedantic shitshow. Everybody knows perfectly well that by by consumerism we don't mean the abundance caused by mass production but a cultural trend that is reinforced through the culture industry, advertising, and media, which Marx would have despised and attacked as well. I fucking hate these "let me intentionally misunderstand your position so as to create an alibi to deliver a 9 pages long lecture for you, stupid prole" because it reeks of academic fart smelling and elitism.
https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/30/tech/amazon-worker-fired-staten-island-warehouse/index.html >Amazon has terminated an employee based in the company's Staten Island, New York, warehouse after he participated in a worker walkout protesting the company's response to the novel coronavirus. How can we help our comrades?
(48.06 KB 700x560 USEnFlow02-quads.gif)
>>408953 Thus, ipso-facto, a small amount of solar panels (and other sustainable generation) will easily provide more than we need. Of course, there's also one other thing even cheaper than sustainable power, conservation. Which likewise is unrelated to consumer behavior, if you take simple technological fixes such as ground source HVAC and electrified transport, or simple policy fixes such as onshoring and telecommuting, into account.
>>408917 This. "Compassionate consumerism" is still consumerism and neolib as fuck. >>408954 Also this.
>>408954 >>408974 >by consumerism we don't mean the abundance caused by mass production but a cultural trend that is reinforced through the culture industry, advertising, and media Wow, I'd have never guessed from all the autistic "how dare they enjoy muh le ebil consoomer product, herp derp late stage capitalism amirite" screeching from libs, barely different in content from soyboy memes. >"let me intentionally misunderstand your position so as to create an alibi to deliver a 9 pages long lecture for you, stupid prole" WOOOOOOOW, the irony!
(62.87 KB 500x375 12121213232.jpg)
When online progressive commentators like pic related who constantly talk about a "nonviolent revolution" in the US and "shutting shit down" quickly find out that the american state won't be reactive at all to such pathetic self-congratulatory extinction rebellion tactics, will they go full ML or retreat into liberalism?
>>408982 ML is not mutually exclusive to non-violent revolution.
>>408984 I don't know what to feel about this
>>408980 Non-argument, fake argument, gay argument.
>>408982 majority, including Dore, will retreat. the only ones who won't are the ones whose livelihood is destroyed by the crash.
>>408987 Unfortunately LARPer libs sometimes call themselves ML, yes
>>408982 Nonviolence extends well beyond "pathetic self-congratulatory extinction rebellion tactics", and can even include violence when nonviolence is exhausted. The key point is the idea of nonviolence as the norm, with any instances of violence as brief and low-intensity as possible before porky comes back to the bargaining table. The biggest stumbling block for the left isn't an absence of violent civil war, but an absence of mass popular mobilization, violent or otherwise. As compared with, y'know, LARPers that think muh violins are the surefire path to victory for a Leninist-Maoist-Autist agenda supported by maybe 6 trannies in some obscure Twatter group >>408987 This. Read up on the history of Hungary, for instance, which voted MLs directly into power in multiparty elections.
>>408969 >ipso-facto this, but also per se and perpetuum mobile
>>402326 Fun fact: the pundit who dug up the term "cultural Marxism" and applied it to the politically correct bogeyman argued that cops should be issued rocket launchers, and as standard gear, no less. >>408341 Well if they starve they won't need toilet paper. Checkmate.
>>408904 is that the hit or miss grill
>>409015 calendula agricola, kyrie eleison? caesar salad et cetera et cetera.
I missed it
>>409050 where are the TITS
>>409050 >>409053 Why are egirls never black
>>409079 Because the Twatteratti that fawn over them are all findommed wypipo
>>409041 et tu mi filii brute? aquilae non captat muscas. Hocus pocus. >kyrie eleison? Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi (dona nobis pacem).
>>409079 big booty latina godess
>>409024 >cops should be issued rocket launchers, and as standard gear, no less. I support this notion. 1. it's harder for policemen to run with a rocket launcher 2. they couldn't resist the temptation and would rocket down black people just like they gun them down, but this way causing property damage, making it much more widely despised 3. you can try blowing up their rockets in their pockets 4. rockets are cool
(28.16 KB 320x240 bb.jpg)
>>409092 >Hocus pocus. Abracadabra!
>>409089 >>409098 Show me black egirls
>>409103 u could shoot rocket in the air before it comes to you and it would blowed up and not hert you.
>>408980 >Wow, I'd have never guessed from all the autistic "how dare they enjoy muh le ebil consoomer product, herp derp late stage capitalism amirite" screeching from libs, barely different in content from soyboy memes. Libs claiming not to like something does not make that thing good. Although I'm honestly not even sure what you're talking about, it honestly sounds like you're just reacting to reddit memes.
(30.29 KB 538x287 endshot9.jpg)
>>408905 >technology got us in this mess, boys, and by golly technology's gonna get us out of it
>>409123 we have a final list 1. it's harder for policemen to run with a rocket launcher 2. they couldn't resist the temptation and would rocket down black people just like they gun them down, but this way causing property damage, making it much more widely despised 3. you can try blowing up their rockets in their pockets 4. rockets are cool 5. u could of shoot rocket in the air before it comes to you and it would blowed up and not hert you. 6. when the policeman bring the rocket launcher into the WC it is too big and he can't have space and the proper position to poo in peace
(1.40 MB 480x200 tenor.gif)
(3.01 MB 500x222 original.gif)
>>408848 Based. The kind of communism we should strive for is the lifestyle depicted in Ariana Grande's 7 Rings music video.
(804.35 KB 714x601 ok brony.png)
>>408911 >everything i don't like is neoliberalism
>>409225 It's actually correct in this case. I can't count the number of times I've seen neolibs bemoaning the "decadent, lazy, wasteful western lifestyle" of organized workers, and demanding we sacrifice more to achieve "global competitiveness" for our place in the "new economy".
>>409254 I don't know if you noticed but neolibs have this ongoing mantra of consoom consoom consoom to stimulate the economy.
>>408904 >If you want to weed out fake leftists, ask them of their opinion on consumerism. Yep, pretty fucking accurate.
(114.72 KB 1024x960 e9e.jpeg)
>>408848 BASED >>409224 AND BOURGEOIS HEDONISM PILLED >>409254 Neoliberals don't hate the west, what are you on about? They jerk off to leisure for the top of society.
(104.35 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Michael Hudson on Bernie Sanders's chances for the 2020 Election Michael Hudson correctly predicted it since January. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67RFX8T_-MA
>>409287 >Neoliberals don't hate the west, what are you on about? They also jerk off to Singapore-style technocratic dictatorships. Neolibs distrust populist mass-movements and possess a certain technocratic streak.
(3.51 MB 1379x8806 1585655545829.jpg)
(3.01 MB 1379x6803 1585655466762.jpg)
(3.04 MB 1379x7559 1585655375763.jpg)
>>409298 it uploaded backwards btw, go in reverse order
>>409116 I got you bruh
(116.16 KB 960x960 ethical consumption.jpg)
>>409287 >hedonism >bourgeois Don't you believe it Austerity for the masses, hedonism for the asses.
>>409224 top kek
(765.75 KB 1242x1226 1585624504090.jpg)
Liberals are retarded (by this I obviously mean the censorship by Reddit)
holy shit /r/Chapotraphouse is so bad.
Trannypoints says we should be nicer. Is she right? https://twitter.com/briebriejoy/status/1243323594098257920
>>409293 >Michael Hudson isn't he a keynesfag
>>409339 lol is trump also supposed to be shrek?
>>409356 no he's a trot, there's a whole thread about him >>198447
>>409356 No. He's a Marxist.
>>409351 I lurk there because I'm a masochist and I've noticed an uptick in soft pro-landlord ("hey guys, I'm about to inherit property, how can I be a good leftist landlord?") threads recently. This epidemic must have really scared the petty bourgs.
>>409354 Her voice sounds a lot different from when I listened to her a year ago.
>>404141 > Most Black people aren't capable of getting rid of idpol Jesus wept non-whites can happily remove idPol as soon as financial elites stop enforcing and funding the initial race based oppression and sponsoring idpol liberals and corrupt non-white interlocutors De Vastey did not rebelin Haiti because of >muh idpol and so and so forth I suspect you're pissed at liberal bougie non-whites using idPol to get meme cushy bougie jobs
(134.03 KB 1183x818 Capture.PNG)
>>409354 Did our forefathers make a point with the 3/5ths shit
>>409376 In contrapoints case why would she, she sounded more believably like a woman without trying to fake it now she sounds like a gay queen I dun get it
>>409380 >muh stupid black biden supporters as opposed to whom exactly, >muh based white sanders supporters ???
>>409376 I know they do.
Guys recommend me some history books written by Marxists
>>409386 ...black Sanders supporters?
>>409354 Actually pretty reasonable. It's not "be nicer", it's be a good propagandist for your views. I'm a diet tankie, and I don't start the same shit that Twitter "MLs" or "leftists" try to do like "lmao guillotine" "lmao gulag Americans". I try to live a respectable life and work hard so that when people know I'm a Marxist, that's what they associate with it. Also, don't start with historical arguments about the USSR or China. I don't think I have to explain US propaganda to leftypol. My great at successes were talking about how Marxism (with the help of Cockshott) can help us solve our problems. Bring it back to their lives and their problems because that's what they know the most. If you can tell them the source of their problems and propose a solution, you're halfway through there. Also, don't be some weird idealist weirdo. I see so many idealist arguments about how capitalists are morally bad. You need to be staunch materialists and always explain that. I always concede that there are morally good capitalists who only want to make new discoveries and organize production, because that builds a better argument that the capitalist system forces them to do bad things that they would not have to do in a socialist system. In a socialist system they could be great leaders who organize production and make discoveries without making anyone suffer needlessly. A good book for propagandizing is Ben Burgis' Give them an Argument.
>>409389 Check out Hobsbawm. His 20th century series I hear is good.
>>409354 >don't make fun of the poor widdle neoliberals or call them names, folx! >respectfully convince them, instead! can't wait to see how Reddit and breadtube convince themselves that civiliity fetishism is good, actually, because glorious thought leader Contra said so
>>409354 Quick reminder that (I stopped watching opinionstubers years ago, so this is secondhand), whatever the flaws and virtues of his views on other topics, Contra neither is nor even claims to be a socialist.
(113.78 KB 954x954 Charlotte_Clymer.jpg)
>>409392 Do you think people like Charlotte Chlymer will ever join our side if we become better propagandists?


no cookies?