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/leftypol/ is a non-sectarian board for leftist discussion. IRC: Rizon.net #bunkerchan https://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=bunkerchan

Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 04:18:07 No. 372857
RIOT CHAT LIVE NOW Join the community here (note there is only one room at the moment and this link may not work on some formats): https://matrix.to/#/+leftychat:matrix.org Or just join the chat here: https://matrix.to/#/!dhlFwOHaIgFJOiLFYi:matrix.org?via=matrix.org Be safe >Don't post information that could identify you, however small >Don't use the same name on many platforms, use a new name if possible >The server is not owned by the site staff (yet), don't do anything stupid >The chat history exists forever, anything you say can be used by bad actors to doxx you >Be smart, use your brain. Link to the web app: https://riot.im/app/ You can download a non browser version here for the big three platforms: https://riot.im/download/desktop/ You can use the Riot chat to communicate with the moderators or your fellow users! This is an experimental programme and may not continue long term, at the moment there is only one channel but more may be created as required. For now please try not to spam the chat too much so it breaks. ALTERNATE JOINING METHOD IF LINK DON'T WORK; 1. Open https://riot.im/app/ 2. register your account 3. type /join #leftychat:matrix.org and press enter or click the second link in >>372857 That should be it.
Edited last time by comraderat on 03/21/2020 (Sat) 10:59:38.
>>372857 its says cannot connect to home server
>>373030 What platform you on?
What’s this?
What do you hope to achieve with this? What is it we talk about that has to be discussed in real time rather than in board time?
>>373145 people keep shilling discord this is the much better alternative to that
>stretching thin already thin userbase >no anonymity leading to cliques and cults
>>373158 Why? People can post identifying information on riot, too. The concern mods had about discord is that people can get doxxed if they post identifying information and a right-winger saves it and shares it. This can still happen on riot.
good job mods, next step is to suppress all other attempts at chat shilling and the next time someone asks for some point of contact outside the board give the riot link
>>373165 discord itself isn't privacy oriented and sells data in and outside the client. people can post identifying info on here too so thats not a big deal
>>373170 So if people were shilling a riot chat instead of discord this wouldn't be necessary? The people who want to use discord, do so because discord is easy to use. Setting up riot can be a pain, and entering rooms is buggy. The same people who want to go on discord won't go on riot. The link to the IRC channel has been at top of the page since the beginning and the IRC channel is a ghost town.
>>373186 >The same people who want to go on discord won't go on riot. Nice.
>>373186 >The link to the IRC channel has been at top of the page since the beginning and the IRC channel is a ghost town. the riot chat is lively atm. I think the IRC belongs to the website bunkerchan, not the board leftypol. could be wrong
>>373214 Correct Also matrix is much easier to join and use hence why it's more active
>>373186 The mods voted on it, I supported a discord in addition to a riot but the mods voted against it due to privacy concerns and it not fitting a leftist Chan. Perhaps at a later stage we will revisit discord, it would be easier to manage, have more features, easier to use and easier to moderate than riot. Right now a riot chat is an experiment to see if we want to continue with a live chat like this.
Crashed while I was writing about the crash. Dam.
How do you use the app to join the room?
>>373326 i never figured it out. ended up using the web link to enter the room and then just used the client from there
For the life of me I can't get this garbage app to work either in android or ubuntu using both the web and software im
>>373030 >bugs already Yup its riot alright. Critical support but get ready to have this problem a lot if its gonna be a lot of people
>>373167 why on earth do you need to do this? Just let people use what channel they want why are you such a control freak
>it's just a mod circlejerk
>>373722 All mods use riot to communicate, so of course we're going to be the first in the chat.
>>373741 Didn't know bunkerchan had 21 mods.
>>373766 There are more.
>>373783 There's 22 actually, but a lot of mods are not active at all.
This is a great development! Keep in mind that the upcoming v1.6 (presently version is 1.5.13 IIRC) is a big stabilizing/usability update. Riot/matrix will outperform anything else in the coming months, might as well adopt it a bit early. Also the Discord shiller was incredibly annoying, good that we got to shut that tool up.
>>373722 >omg, all the mods are in the official mod chat
>sign into my riot account >immediately bugs out euugh
>>373928 works on my machine
>>373931 it works on mine you just have to wrestle with it a bit
>>373722 I am honestly wondering what did you expect?
>>373159 >no anonymity leading to cliques and cults This worries me a bit, sooner or later le epic inner circle of chatroom shitposters is going to form and invade our bunker with their group hot takes.
What was wrong with IRC?
Did you enable room encryption? I sure hope so, so that non-techies on here didn't accidentally completely expose themselves.
>>375093 no, because its buggy and slow
>>375095 ...And so you couldn't wait for a stabilizing update for when the software is secure and smooth? ...Who was in charge of this decision?
Ya'll niggas realize Riot isn't the only Matrix client, right?
>>375093 >>375095 so it isn't actually safe and is very ugly and not user friendly
>>375114 when such update arrives, the encryption switch can be turned on
>>375144 It's about as not safe as posting here so what's the problem.
>>375189 these are the people whining about discord
>>375194 Discord is a venture capitalist whose literal business model is selling user information. If you use Discord there can be no illusions: you are being datamined and spied upon.
>>374754 >>373159 I agree tbh t.mod
>Discord has massive privacy / security drawbacks >matrix + riot has technological UI / security drawbacks <So you can't complain about discord lol Ridiculous. Besides, riot and matrix are constantly being improved in the direction of addressing user's concerns, while Discord is firing on all cylinders to maximize the profit they make off your data. >>374939 >imageboard user asks what's wrong with a text-only protocol For real?
>>375383 <For real? Okay then: what do we need an image board for anymore?
We should run our own node, matrix.org seems to be down atm.
>>375914 A mod is looking into hosting a node for that purpose. But for now we are using the matrix server
>>375914 There's other good reasons for this as well. The main Matrix server has a very free speech-concerning code of conduct with rules like they can ban you for "dead naming" trans and shit. Thankfully the Matrix protocol allows federation so we can escape from this shit.
when is space_ going to set up a matrix server on bunkerchan
>>372857 how do you join exactly? I'm clicking the first link and it redirects me to another page
(274.80 KB 600x338 werks on my masheen.png)
>>376638 1. Open https://riot.im/app/ 2. register your account 3. type /join #leftychat:matrix.org and press enter or click the second link in >>372857 That should be it.
I'm not using this until encryption gets enabled.
>>376847 fixing step three. just click on https://matrix.to/#/!dhlFwOHaIgFJOiLFYi:matrix.org?via=matrix.org or use https://matrix.to/#/+leftychat:matrix.org to join the community first and then join the room >>376851 Do you think dealing with encryption bugs/edge cases will be worth it when the room is public and has chat history enabled? Maybe the mods could make a separated encrypted room for paranoid people.
>>376851 US gov is literally about to pas an anti encryption bill, enjoy leaving all of the internet.
>>376851 It's too slow, takes forever to load messages
>>373186 Don't use riot then. Problem solved
>>376866 i can't enter the room. i click your second link and then I click the riot link in there and then the webpage goes white and does nothing
>>377625 Try the desktop client?
>>376921 Google has shut down those bills like 12 times.
>>376921 US govt has been trying to pass anti-encryption bills since the beginning of the fucking internet. Stfu you useful idiot.
>>377642 i downloaded it on my desktop and i did: >/join #leftychat:matrix.org but it didn't work
>>373165 People can post identifying info on this board. Do you want us to shut down the board to avoid doxing?
>>378259 I wasn't able to join with the riot desktop as well Have you tried joining thru the browser version? It worked for me. https://matrix.to/#/!dhlFwOHaIgFJOiLFYi:matrix.org?via=matrix.org
(132.31 KB 838x734 1570927488693.jpg)
>indefinite chat history have fun doxing yourselves I guess
>>379324 You shouldn't be posting personally identifiable information to begin with.
is this only for smartphones? wil it work on my ubuntu desktop?
>>379324 Just don't say anything personally revealing, lol.
>>380912 The app works for desktop linux too.
>riot bugs out for man people Who could have predicted this...
The good update for the app (RiotX) hasn't been released yet, mods simply doesn't care about quality/security and didn't plan this out. They were compromising their security in an unecrypted riot room and now we're all going to, apparently.
>>381183 you do realize that joinig the room is optional, right?
>>374754 >I don't want to organize because other people might become popular and I won't
>>381836 >Insular elitism in an online forum is proper organization for a socialist org t. sociopath
>>382355 Come and say hi bud. The more you insulate yourself from the world the more disconnected you'll be.
>>382377 Using your forum isn't actual socializing, our current exchange uses nearly none of our faculties for socilization.
>>382438 You're right. You sound like a robot; if all you're going to do is wallow in petty hatred what's the point in talking to anyone?
>>382438 >Using your forum >your not >our cringe, get out
>>380522 >>380966 Retards, it's easy to build a profile on someone if they use the same handle in multiple places. Right-wingers do it all the time. At least imageboards don't require you to become a prancing namefaggot.
>>382960 Addendum - I also expect some guidelines on proper infosec. Use a throwaway name. Don't post identifying details about your daily life, even if you think it's not a big deal. Let people know upfront that it is logged, not end-to-end encrypted and that the server is not under our control (until this is rectified). Shit like that should be an absolute minimum, so please edit the OP. As for my reasoning, board posters know what they say will be on the general public Internet. When you are chatting in real time you let your guard down. Now throw in social engineering, moles and other fags into the mix. Chatrooms are way easier for glowies and rightists to infiltrate & target than forums. Just remember that the topic of trannies nearly got this website killed, and there is a reason why Shitcord groups have been associated with wreckers and needless drama in the past.
>>383063 Added some warning. End to end doesn't matter since you are not sending any data to the server that other people aren't allowed to know, all your messages are public. For personal messages you have to enable end to end yourself
As an enthusiast who've followed the matrix/riot developments for the last couple of years: the main thing to keep your eye on is this: >Declaring End-to-end Encryption stable and turning it on by default for private rooms. (12/14 tasks completed): https://github.com/vector-im/riot-web/issues/6779 The last statement (March 18) from the devs reads: >We're roughly a few weeks away from releasing this to the stable channel, but that may change if we uncover new areas of the project that we feel must be fixed before release. >The team is working hard on this, and we're excited to share it with everyone when it's ready. This is what I personally was waiting for before making a huge OP on /tech/ (and /leftypol/).


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