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(48.44 KB 2880x1440 2880px-Flag_of_Cuba.svg.png)
You are now aware of the fact that Cuba is the only country with a working and functioning health system Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 20:57:41 No. 351709
Unlike in the Western countries where it was neoliberally economised to the ground, Cuba's is working. It's probably the only country in the whole world, where it does. Also thanks to the embargo, they get zero repercussions from the stockening, so another plus. They play it right, they might become the next superpower.
Don't forget North Korea, 0 coronavirus cases no far despite being right next to the origin.
>>351709 Isn't the fact that Cuba has the largest amount of doctors in Latin America due to both their Socialist healtcare and education systems in combination with the USA's trade embargo's blocking key medical supplies from being imported?
(665.84 KB 2560x1440 GettyImages-916186216.jpg)
>>351742 Kim eliminated Covid-19, how do you beat that?
>>351709 >They play it right, they might become the next superpower. Even if this killed a third of the population of everyone besides Cuba they aren't in the position to become a super power.
>>351742 Would they even report it to the outside world if they did though?
>>352003 Why wouldn't they?
>>351959 One reason why the US keeps up the embargo is, because Cuba is medically advanced as well, to the point of minmaxing. They don't give a fuck about patents and as a result have potent meds, which pisses of the phrama industry in the Western world to no end. And not only don't they like competition in a field they divided among each other, they also claimed patents on Cuban meds, even though they didn't figure out the formula nor do they know what it exactly does. Imagine there is a cure for cancer but we are not allowed to have it, because of these stupid motherfuckers.
>>351709 >They play it right, they might become the next superpower. complete nonsense, their economy is nowhere near as good as it was since the 80s
(703.36 KB 1080x1859 envy of developing world.png)
(67.65 KB 586x327 6drfgenagjc41.png)
>>351977 By having more doctors per capita than the south and a good universal healthcare system described by WHO as "something the rest of the developing world would envy".
>>353286 >the rest of the developing world >the developing world So better than nothing - wow
>>352766 Their economy is not affected by the retarded rollercoaster at Wall Street. They are the only nation that has kept it real. So while other nations will be busy reinventing the wheel, Cuba will have a pretty neat advantage.
Question: Does anyone have reliable information about how Cuba is dealing with Coronavirus?
>>355372 No because it is compared to the orange countries in the map and not the red countries
The Cubans live a whole year longer on average than people in the US do. They've gotta be doing at least something right.
>>352729 pretty sure cuba does actually have some lung cancer treatment
Too bad we can't get their fucking antiviral drugs here.
>>357289 You can get Intron-A pretty much anywhere.
>>356655 how is Russia a “developing country”
>>357403 It's straight third world.
>>357420 It’s industralized
>>357403 It is according to the classification of UN and IMF
(46.36 KB 1500x740 2019Developed.PNG)
>>351709 >>356655 This is the updated version of that map
>>357492 So is India.
>>353286 >developing Utter propaganda
>>357528 I presume French Guiana is marked "advanced" because, well, it's an administratively integral part of France. I mean, it's economy is mostly reliant on agriculture, resource extraction, and the ESA launchpads, while having little to no manufacturing.
>>352003 Why wouldn't they? If we believe in western media, the Korean populous is brainwashed and doesn't have access to TV and shit. Why would they refrain from reporting?
>>357528 You see..China obviously ain't shit compared to such developed and advanced economic powerhouses like Spain and France and Italy
>>357587 You are correct. France's overseas departments' political status are more roughly equivalent to their metropolitan counterparts than, say, British or Dutch possessions. See also: the tiny dark blue specks Mayotte and Réunion, West and East of Madagascar respectively. >>357594 Yer I think this map is due for a repainting soon. I don't actually know enough about the economy of China and how close they are to the "developed" but stagnating Southern European economies, though.
>>357594 Hey faggot, China has 1.4 billion people, around twice as many as the USA and EU combined. They have industrial centers, but most of China is not developed. If it was developed, they'd be able to outproduce the entire globe.
>>357658 (me) >around twice as many as the USA and EU combined Derp, not true, but more than EU and USA combined.
>>357658 But anon, most of the production actually takes place in China.
>>357658 > outproduce he entire globe Well they do. I guess economic development is not when you control global manufacturing it's when you have a correct and balanced proportion poor and middle class consoomers like the West
>>357668 They do if "EU" = European Union
>>357679 No, they are tied with the combined EU and USA in industrial output with 40% more people, and China has a much higher industrial output % out of total GDP due to lack of mechanization in agriculture and a relatively small service industry.
>>357821 > higher industrial output Bullshit. Source me all that shit then starting from steel and aluminium by tons to electronics to machine tools to automotive
how do i movie to cuba
>>357829 just swim bro if gusanos can do it so can you
>>357850 fuck off am I swimming 4000 miles didn't realise cubans were so desperate to leave
>>351709 >Unlike in the Western countries where it was neoliberally economised to the ground It was never neoliberalized. Western countries have always suffered from healthcare shortages and that's on purpose. This shortage keeps doctor salaries high. Doctors maintain a doctor shortage through "medical associations" which make the requirements to become a doctor arbitrary, so they can reject most applicants. Many economists recognize the American Medical Association as a cartel that deliberately keeps healthcare in short supply. These cartels are like guilds under feudalism, so there is nothing neoliberal about them. In Cuba, there is no cartel with this power, so Cuba trains as many doctors as they need, plus more for the developing world. >CUBA PROVIDES MORE MEDICAL PERSONNEL TO DEVELOPING NATIONS THAN ALL G8 COUNTRIES COMBINED https://globeafrique.com/the-success-of-cuba-medical-internationalism/
(505.55 KB 1247x846 sandy.jpg)
(720.92 KB 1920x1151 cuba_poverty.jpg)
>>351709 "the next superpower" lol https://libcom.org/library/box-ashes-state-next-cuban-revolution leftoids jerking off to cuba will never cease to be hilarious
>>357896 >Libcop Ah yes, very credible source
>>357896 Imagine a country with 400 million blockading and isolating a neighboring country of 11 million for 60 years preventing that country from trading normally with other countries and then gloating that it succeeded in making it poor. Im sure it makes the Average American feel like a strong alpha male with a big dick knowing that his government can just strangle and bully little countries into poverty
(61.55 KB 1037x715 GDP.png)
>>357825 >Source me all that shit Ok. >starting from steel and aluminium by tons to electronics to machine tools to automotive No. Especially notice the agriculture output, where China has 300 million farmers, vs the 2.2 million in America.
(4.94 KB 209x241 download.png)
(6.98 KB 243x207 images.png)
(7.25 KB 319x158 download-1.png)
>>357927 I jsut about covered everything that is considered "heavy industry" not directly related to the military the only thing they arent first place in by far is aircraft and that's only because Airbus and Boeing will never allow them into Europe and America. When it comes to light industry aka consumer goods they make all the shit anyway. > 300 million farmers Good for them they have 1.4 billion people you can fit 2 Americas and the EU into China and still have those excess 300 million farmers left over they cant do everything
(97.30 KB 640x830 K6wIps2.jpg)
(175.43 KB 1200x800 Aluminum-Production.jpeg.jpg)
(189.39 KB 352x538 CPRI-Nov2016.jpg)
>>357982 For fucks sake, apart from steel production there is no field you pointed to where they are PROPORTIONALLY more productive than the west. This is a conversation about how developed China is, not how many people they have.
>>357982 >Good for them they have 1.4 billion people you can fit 2 Americas and the EU into China and still have those excess 300 million farmers left over they cant do everything And what the fuck is this even supposed to mean?
>>357996 Also shipbuidling the Chemical industry aluminium which is clearly proportionally much greater than the West and America by itself cant even compete here that's also the case when it comes to textiles and electronics even if you include all of Latin America South Korea and Japan into the West China still outproduces them in absolute terms in most sectors.
>>358001 It means that due to their population they would have only so many service governemnt and manufacturing jobs to fill you where implying that having so many farmers is shitty and undeveloped they also need to feed their entire population and not depend on exporting food from the West
>>358010 I feel like cherry picking specific industries where China out competes the west completely ignores the bigger picture. >>358020 >you where implying that having so many farmers is shitty and undeveloped Yes, they need a massive amount of farmers because their agricultural industry is underdeveloped. How the fuck are you even arguing this?
>>357896 >sandy.jpg That is the aftermath of a hurricane. Any place would like like shit after that.
> cherry picking You would have to cherry pick industries where the West is ahead >>358035 Im not implying it's Super awesome I jsut dont think their agricultural industry is underdeveloped considering the West buys all the Chinese Heavy Machinery Tractors and Chemical pesticides made in for their own agriculture China has also been buying up land farms and ranches in Australia Brazil Ukraine South Africa etc to supply their food with Chinese AG business and Chinese farmers working the land since food security is a big issue for them. What I'm saying is that for one they have an oversupply of cheap labor, and theres only so much skilled workers you can have in the current system there are cultural linguistic and regional differences in China itself people in Eastern regions sont want to move to Western regions or are prevented from doing so by the state
can someone redpill me on this: did soviet aid to Cuba (there was a ton of it) allow them to have a good economy, or would they have done well without it? >>351742 i can never tell if juche gang is real
(220.57 KB 1536x2048 r0wjgg288xb21.jpg)
Meet the Cuban punks who infected themselves with HIV in order to protest the government https://youtu.be/6rY8dwx6OxY Let me ask you fellas a question; now that we have seen the effects of a disease on the economy, now that we have seen the effects of a disease on people, now that we have seen people intentionally infecting others with diseases, have we all reached the same conclusion that healthcare is not only a right, but a national security issue as well? Have we not yet realized the necessity behind taking care of our citizens?
(387.90 KB 480x516 cubaball defends communism.png)
>>352729 >>357237 It's a lung cancer vaccine, but I don't think vaccine is the correct word either... Cuba has a lung cancer vaccine. Many U.S. patients can’t get it without breaking the law https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/01/09/cuba-has-lung-cancer-vaccine-many-u-s-patients-cant-get-without-breaking-law/1019093001/
>>358052 >the West buys all the Chinese Heavy Machinery Tractors and Chemical pesticides made in for their own agriculture Yes, China exports a lot of stuff. That doesn't mean they don't need any of that stuff themselves. Your analysis is baby tier.
>>358061 The gang is for real
>>358203 No I understand because most Chinese dont live like Americans and and Europeans they're shit. However, that doesn't mean their situation isnt improving and it has no bearing on the fact that China accounts for over 25% of all manufacturing in the world more than any other country by a large margin and leads in all the important sectors
>>358434 Yeah, I understand. China is large, so therefore the country is developed. Stunning analysis.
>>356524 Only 3 people so far are diagnosed at the moment.
>>358096 A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and having health care as a right for all will assure that chain will never break.
>>359086 > Large Oh I see you're retarded. Because "large" countries with big population and big size are automatically industrial superpowers with advanced technology surpassing anything Yurope and America has
>>359159 .. That's what you've been implying all along.
>>356524 Seconding. Mass Media is shit
>>384876 Danke
>>385169 >Oh yeh. yeah blockade! (and now quarantine) >shithole The DPRK is restrictive as hell but it is far from a shithole and certainly better than a backwater like Thailand.
>>385247 Can someone help me find statistics that show how much better Cuba's health is then other "3rd" world capitalist countries?
cuba's health system isn't going to help much now that their tourism industry has come to a sudden halt
>>393230 they survived the USSR collapsing while being completely dependent on imports. I expect that they'll do quite will with this pandemic.
>>394280 Also worth noting the one thing Cuba lacks is a good source of oil: and oil is now sub $20 a barrel.
>>394333 They get oil from Venezuela. It's one of the reasons why the US is trying to overthrow Maduro.
>>393230 >Muh tourism meme considering how tourism has dropped for the past 3 years there... not really.
>>394823 They did before 2014, but Vz oil production collapsed so much it almost caused a recession in Cuba.
>>397693 Yeah tourism is an important source of growth for Cuba, most of its stable economy is agriculture.
>>397933 >this exactly >>397778 Sauce on that claim pls?
>>352729 https://www.dw.com/de/kommt-ein-corona-medikament-aus-kuba-nach-deutschland/a-53003683 German doctors ask to import Cuban Interferon. For this they need the approval from German govt. The problem here is not that German govt denied. The problem is that after 2 weeks, there is still no response by them.
>>357896 >And today, for third world countries, that unprecedented and admirable program of Cuban medical services is a major source of income of the Fidelist bourgeoisie that controls the Cuban state. The author is an idiot.
Pic related
>>352003 The DPRK reported having swine flu cases in 2009
>>424259 Hello? I've just heard shots fired, they did it on purpose. I said I've just seen a murder and I want to witness.
>>424303 Souce?
>>429652 >Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) — New Influenza A/H1N1 broke out in some areas of the DPRK amid the growing of its victims worldwide. >According to the Ministry of Public Health, nine cases were reported from Sinuiju and Pyongyang. >The relevant organ is further perfecting the quarantine system against the spread of this flu virus while properly carrying on the prevention and medical treatment. >The State Emergency Anti-epidemic Committee has taken steps to enhance the role of prevention and treatment centers at all levels and increased checkup stations across the country while directing efforts to the medical treatment of its cases. http://www.nkeconwatch.com/2009/12/09/dprk-acknowledges-spread-of-swine-flu/
>>357855 it's 90 miles from key west gringo
>>358200 Why do people flee on rafts from Cuba all the way to America, when other islands are closer?
>>430618 The currents are faster in that direction because of the Gulf Stream, also the Florida Keys are very close. And by the way there is a higher number of people attempting to drift away from Haiti and Dominican Republic but nobody talks about that because they are capitalist.
>>430631 Don't make me break out the crime statistics again
(26.90 KB 672x372 Statistics.jpg)
>>430661 Bring it, faggot.
>>430700 So you don't trust statistics? Then how can you trust the statistics of the Cuban government which your meme is based off of?
>>357528 >in transition What does this mean? In transition to become more of a capitalist shithole as opposed to their advanced socialist past?
>>357579 More than half of India works on farms though
>>430713 If those statistics are so unreliable why do international organizations and even the enemies of Cuba accept them as true? https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/cu.html
>>430761 You implied you didn't trust statistics, not me.
>>430764 That was another anon
(35.34 KB 1280x720 vieja facha.jpg)
>>357528 >Chile Our privatized healthcare and pensions are shittier than many "developing" countries on that map including of course Cuba and China, the economy is mostly extractivist with no signs of a turn towards a manufacture or service-centric one, wealth inequiality is ridiculously high and poverty is rampant, especially in the capital (Santiago) which has been gentrificated to oblivion since Pinochet's regime. This whole thing about "developing" vs. "developed" countries is imperialist propaganda as >>357580 points out — it's mostly jargon to distinguish liberal democracies from the rest of the world.
>>385169 >Why not move there? Oh yeh... will you pay for my pass port
Cuba is based, end of story
>>432195 Hope the head of Piñera is on a stick by the end of the year.
>>357658 Most of the U.S.A. is not developed.
>>430764 Only a fool trusts statistics without looking at how they were compiled and what the actual hypotheses were. "Crime" statistics are exactly the kind of unscientific bullshit that Disraeli was talking about.
(387.90 KB 480x516 cuba.png)
Cubans are dirty liars just like everyone else.
>>449139 cuba was never socialist.
>>449160 Source: Your ass >>452564 Go away leftcom china-fag, no-one likes you.
(65.56 KB 850x400 castro failure of socialism.jpg)
>USA: Cuba is shit it sucks <lefties: It has better living standards than the USA. Look at its medicine >USA: That won't last in a crisis <Ebola, HIV, Coronavirus strike >USA floundering <Cuba is high and dry Hmmm
>>452564 Shut the fuck up
>>452564 they hated chinanon because he told them the truth
>>452564 >le irony flag
>>475614 >the truth What truth? All I'm seeing is blatant faggotry
>>351709 >They play it right, they might become the next superpower. Retarded take, Cuba is a fucking tiny island that has been under embargo for decades.
>>480076 >reddit spacing >not believing in the future Come on now
>>480076 >has been thriving despite being under embargo for decades. FTFY
>>351977 >doubt
Any recent Cuban news?
>>357403 It's LatAm-tier, though even there it's beaten by places like Chile.
>>526698 Every country has denied being communist.
>>526698 >supported Pinochet That image is from 1971, 2 years before Pinochet betrayed Allende. Cuba supported anti-Pinochet rebels like FPMR after the coup. >supported Franco Having diplomatic relations is not necessarily support. Also it was more like the other way around since Franco didn't participate in the US led embargo.
>>526698 Holy shit. Imagine claiming Cuba supported Pinoshit because of an out of context pic
>>526749 no country has ever been communist
>>526939 No shit
>>452564 Don't be so jealous
>>452564 >china-fags seething
(127.82 KB 927x1200 d10.jpg)
>>543374 Wrong. See: >>429784
>>543396 >reading is hard You would have benefited from Cuban literacy programs.
(59.58 KB 554x437 cubadprkhungarianembassy.png)
(103.11 KB 541x716 cubadprksovietembassy.png)
>>358061 >i can never tell if juche gang is real It is real and Cuba is part of it.


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