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/cvg/ - Coronavirus General: Shit's Fucked Edition Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 23:05:52 No. 333858
New one since the old one hit the limit. Watch Dr. John Campbell on Youtube for daily updates on the virus: https://www.youtube.com/user/Campbellteaching/videos And remember to wash your hands, people. COVID-19 TRACKERS: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 https://ncov2019.live/data https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Edited last time by krates on 03/23/2020 (Mon) 02:08:35.
>>398748 It's too late to do much of anything. No use crying over spilled boomer lung tissue, especially since they voted for their executioner. We will have 4 figure daily body counts by the end of April whether you like it or not, 5 if trump makes things worse. (which I'm willing to bet on) USA will be the worlds largest leper colony.
>>398748 Why contain it?
Trump: go back to work! European mayors:
(44.75 KB 606x460 NSIDC-AREA-2.png)
The "funny" thing is that there will be more pandemics as contagious as Covid-19 in the coming decades, moreover we will witness too an accelerating AGW and the first showing of its most dramatic consequences with the possibility of a Blue Ocean Event (the melting season has just started in the Arctic and we are nearing record breaking melting pace already).
(363.72 KB 2222x1080 Screenshot_20200327_061401.jpg)
>>398748 >real talk how the fuck do we stop the spread Infect as much proles as possible as fast as possible while the people go into hiding in mansions and yachts. Once the Herd gets over it, we can be relatively safe
>>398546 This is gonna be the next big psyop that American media trots out to make things seem better then they are The WHO could confirm that everyone in America has coronavirus and that not a single has appeared in china in two months and paranoid sinophobes and America 1# tier people will keep claiming that China is underreporting and America is "Over reporting"
>>398853 >the possibility of a Blue Ocean Event 5 years at most, then it's off to the fucking races with temps globally. AGW is the 800lb gorilla winding up to knock out our light and no one can see it >>398748 too late The Chinese managed to shut it down when it was still mostly restricted to Hubei/Wuhan, unlike the "west" which has systemic spread across their entire countries
>>398811 because I love my grandma
>>398936 Will humanity even survive a Blue Ocean Event?
>>398954 depends on how bad things get and it's all a function of how fast. It's a complex system and the experts are fairly conservative in terms of outlook and modeling since they don't want to rock the boat and there's political and economic pressure to paint a pretty picture. no ice caps, even for a short period of time, means planet absorbs way more heat than it normally would. the key term for AGW is faster than expected, some of the trends we're seeing now weren't supposed to happen until the middle or end of this century in terms of melt rates Extinction is on table as a possible outcome, with it becoming more and more likely the longer we keep capitalism going
https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-new-coronavirus-guidelines-will-advise-potential-changes-social-distancing-rules >“This will incorporate robust surveillance testing, which allows us to monitor the spread of the virus throughout the country,”
>>399042 Anthropogenic Global Warming AKA Human-Caused Climate Change
>>397424 I never expect that capitalists being the death of us would be so literal. >>397613 based pic
>>399024 >There is still a long battle ahead, but our efforts are already paying dividends,” The US is truly terminally infected by Ideology.
>>398376 Gosh, this takes me back. >>398406 bumping this because I'm curious too.
>>398483 Consider me tuned. >>398496 >>398497 Oh say can you shart By the light of Wal-Mart
(109.73 KB 721x833 EUEDjGaWkA0kFT-.png)
(147.95 KB 601x520 Screenshot_20200327_022452.png)
>First it was Florida ...now Texas doesn’t want NY, NJ or CT residents visiting Is there an historical precedent for states limiting the entry of Americans from certain states.?
>>399215 The civil war
>>399215 This is all making me feel Western dominance was a Potemkin village and corona is a breeze which toppled it down. It's astounding how this is showing the degradation of the West is so many ways. None of which having anything to do with /pol/'s nonsense, natch.
>>398748 https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/03/how-will-coronavirus-end/608719/ This lays out some things that need to be done. They are not being done. Conclusion: USA is fucking screwed. Try and get your family and friends prepared and to take it seriously. Do some cardio every day to strengthen your lungs and encourage others to do the same. Really all that can be done.
>>399215 Nothing to get hyped up about imo. I had to stay in quarantine when returning to my hometown after the outbreak. It's more or less standard procedure at this point in a lot of places outside of the US, of course
>>399230 Neoliberalism was the real BLACKED trojan horse Nazis had feared Tbh this virus probably wouldn’t have made America tremble like this 60 years ago.
>>399256 It definitely wouldn't. One of the signs of decay is the incapacity to carry out large collective projects, and containing an epidemic definitely counts. The ridiculous fence at the border is another good example. It's a pitiful shadow of what it could be, and it still barely got out of the paper.
(323.06 KB 547x741 you have to go back.png)
(12.67 KB 400x384 6dc.jpg)
>>399415 I wanted this shit but amlo cucked out to pompeo
(97.60 KB 766x884 EUFAbRSUEAATYrf.jpeg)
shits starting to get real
>tfw mom is diabetic
(5.40 MB 90490003.mp4)
(970.77 KB 960x720 kkyifbpoapo41.png)
>>399449 what's that old classical-era 2009 meme... "when you see it, you'll shit bricks"
>>398812 Based
>>399415 TIENES QUE VOLVER, BUBBA >>399421 He really fucked up. America is in the starting stages of a full-blown uncontained epidemic, and if you let them, Americans will carry the plague to the entire damn world as they try to run away from it. That's the problem with those docile succdems which, every once in a blue moon, Latin porkies will allow to reach the presidency. Even when mediocre, their government is almost fated to be a damn sight better than the usual shitshow, which will trigger porkies to no end, and they deliberately shit everything up (even more than normal) and blame it all on the succdem, who takes it lying down. That's how it happened here with Lula and our porkies fucked everything up so badly even they coduln't contain the Bolsonaro which grew out of the shit they took atop the country. If you're not careful, it'll happen to you too. Keep an eye on the reactionary shitters, because, and I'll be brutally honest here, half a dozen bullets in the right skulls before the Mexican surrogate Trump rises to fame will save you a lot of grief. You can't beat this investment.
>>399453 This post gave me cancer
(217.91 KB 600x600 1585227020960.png)
*ehem* Fuck Mao Fuck Trotsky Fuck Rad-Libs Fuck Democrats Fuck Modern China Fuck USA Fuck MODS Fuck Jannies Fuck (You)
(323.06 KB 547x741 1585278705949.png)
The wind has blown back.
>>399556 It was obvious this will happen.
>>399586 I will embrace every moment when Trump starts begging for Chinese help.
>>399586 >Trump finally fucking asks for foreign aid >Democrats pivot to nationalism out of contrarianism and start bitching about how America is too good to beg for help from inferior countries it's gonna happen
>>399635 it's the same old shit lol. in about a week when Trump inadvertently blurts out some anti-China rhetoric for no discernable reason, you better believe the Dems will be on his ass for racism too.
(21.41 KB 646x262 EUEh2QTUUAAmona.png)
(50.17 KB 658x683 EUEhiB4U0AAU2ER.png)
>>399586 Interview with a doctor at Elmhurst Hospital, the centre of New York City’s coronavirus.
I've been listening to my county fire / EMS scanner and it's very quiet except for sporadic calls: someone having trouble breathing, someone having trouble breathing and recently traveled, someone having trouble breathing and vomiting blood and is six months pregnant Then an ambulance goes screaming past my house.
>>399586 end of an era
>>399653 That's fucked up, anon. I just tuned in to my local emergency channels but am not really hearing much at the moment besides someone overdosing.
>>399644 Fuck that's sad. I wish there were something I could do to help besides donating some of my small income.
>>399586 He already asked for North Korea's help.
>>399653 That's sad. Really sad, actually. I'm gonna tune in to my local one and see what I can hear.
(18.79 KB 237x300 s-l300.jpg)
>>399644 And they won't even get a medal for this. Burgers, how is mainstream media handling this? The impression I get is that they seem to talk about corona all day long but barely mention the ongoing humanitarian disaster in your hospitals.
>>399644 Shit like this make me glad i dropped out of med school still mad respect for those doctors tho
>>399556 Based. Fuck Muttland. Hope AMLO just machine gun the filthy fucks trying to come through.
>>399687 your impression is spot-on, really
>>399644 I mean, real heroes aren’t supposed to love risking their lives surrounded by death for the sake of saving innocent lives. So, these doctors are still heroes in my book.
>>399586 >Twitter burgers mad that the US will work with the first country to contain its outbreak because “muh chink yellowman” Honestly if I didn’t have friends and family here I’d say burgers don’t deserve to survive, holy fuck
>>399696 It's really quite something. They will keep their Trump attacks to fast food jokes but are blacking out a real, bonafide humanitarian disaster because it would damage the status quo. I imagine how the poor health workers are dealing with this, seeing this firsthand then arriving home and seeing nothing about it, like they talk about how dangerous and deadly it is yet show none of the danger and death. Completely abstract, reducing something which Americans expected they would never see to a spreadsheet. They might as well be watching a cheap disaster movie which can't afford to show the actual disaster. And the thing is, everyone who didn't set foot in one of those hospitals really will have no idea. I commented about this in the burger thread: >>399424 >>399528 >>399530 >>399628
I've been talking with some lolbertarian "friends" lately about the coronavirus and it's fucking insane how little they care about it >It's entirely overblown! The stats are way out of proportion >This will clear up in a few weeks time and everyone will look back at how silly this all was >The vast majority of carriers are young and asymptomatic which means that it'll only be a minority of people getting needing medical treatment! >the only reason that there's been such an exponential increase >the modeling is all wrong anyway I think this is it, definitive proof that all lolbertarians are autistic
(58.33 KB 316x421 LewisProthero.gif)
>>398810 >USA will be the worlds largest leper colony. I BLOODY RIGHT TOLD YOU SO
>>399730 Libertarians have literally no answer to this, so they have no choice but to go all in on delusional cope.
>>399215 People's Republic of Aztlán, Socialist New Afrika, and Democratic Appalachia soon.
>>399740 My theory is that since libertarianism is such an (literally) autistic ideology, they are literally only capable of focusing on numbers and nothing else >hmm these numbers don't make any sense, clearly the modelling must be wrong! >an upshot in cases? Well that's just proportional to an increase in testing of course! >well if we have a lot of asymptomatic carriers then that means that it isn't deadly to most people, therefore we can extrapolate that the vast majority of cases will be elderly and that our medical system will be able to handle it >of course this is ignoring all other emergencies and medical capacity is transferred to coronavirus Literal autism spreadsheet ideology
We're running up against the fact that liberalism doesn't have a real theory of value beyond rejecting that it comes from labor. In a crisis all their rationalizations come apart and sound like incoherent madness. Total contradictory nonsense that serves no purpose but to remove labor from the books. The economy tanking because of a demand collapse literally cannot exist in their economic worldview so they cannot formulate a coherent response. Now they're just saying the olds need to be purged so we can get back to normal, and if you point out there's no jobs for people to go back to you'll get a handwave. The related problem is the economy was bad before this. The only reason the Number kept going up was the free money faucet was on and corporations were buying back their stock instead of investing in processes, scaling, and boosting productivity -- they were just reducing the number of shareholders they were responsible to, leveraging themselves to the point that the whole economy would collapse if there were two consecutive quarters that weren't at maximum productivity and profitability. Then it turns out it only took about 10 days and everyone's bankrupt.
And the real hardcore libertarians (hardcore liberals) were prepping for a doomsday scenario that'd collapse civil authority, allowing them to play out whatever race war genocide fantasies they had in store. But this is a slow-motion collapse and the civil authority, the cops, the army, etc. are not going anywhere fast. I'm not implying the cops are going to help or protect you, but they also don't like libertarian / anti-government people playing around in Uncle Sam's backyard without permission. So /pol/ just has to sit there twiddling their thumbs like the rest of us and wondering what happens next.
>>399586 >Those replies >Zobald Grumpf is a CHINESE AGENT!!! Holy fuck
Guys im so sad about this. I had DPDR but its getting worse from thinking about all of this. I don't know what I'm going to be doing a month from when a couple million Americans are dead. What can my family and I do to prepare. I don't wanna be caught up in this thing.
>>399754 If social collapse happens, It won't go to Mad Max anyway. The army generals will become warlords, as they were in 20th century China and other failed states.
>>399793 the top reply for me is shilling cryptocurrency and elon musk wew >>399815 Well, not much to be done but quarantine and follow those extra precaution steps like leaving your shoes near the entrance instead of walking inside with them, washing hands for half a minute, not touching people after you come home from the street, take K2, D and C vitamins etc. Maybe look up a possible hospital which isn't overloaded?
(16.93 KB 558x326 5m.jpg)
>>396784 Forgot to post this yesterday.
>>399849 I don't get it. The track is a loop? So it's either going to kill the economy first and then the people or vise versa? The trolley should say stimulus package, and one of the people should say investors, the other should say people, and the person pulling the leaver should be labeled federal reserve and saying "printers go brrrr"
>>399849 Or maybe the trolley should just be a money printer, and the people should be keanu reaves saying "forklift" and shania twain saying "that don't impresseth me much"bb
(82.38 KB 500x306 5lWU9VE.png)
Some people in my city — one of the worst affected in the US — are visiting their friends, family, s/o, whatever because fuck being told what to do and not living life to fullest or some shit. I'm trying really hard not to be misanthropic about this.
>>399878 It’s just the logical conclusion of shitty individualism and the search for happiness^tm
Leading epidemiologist Dr. Neil M. Ferguson predicts 1.1 million deaths in ”best-case scenario” for U.S. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/20/opinion/sunday/coronavirus-outcomes.html
>>399928 OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
>>399928 Heaven hates brexit.
>>399940 At this rate, southern europe countries will leave the EU in droves.
BoJo is now BOJOVID-19, but unfortunately the Rammstein singer is now in ICU: https://www.tz.de/stars/till-lindemann-rammstein-corona-intensivstation-klinik-zr-13630456.html
MY WHOLE CITY IS SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING IS CLOSED EXCEPT FOR WALMART, WHAT THE FUCK EVERYONE I KNOW IS UNEMPLOYED NOW WHAT IS HAPPENING???? It seems it is literally impossible for the USA to contain the virus. Due to intense neoliberalism, we have a choice between dying of starvation and homelessness from the shutdown, and dying of Corona if we don't shut down. Trump says "the cure should not be worse than the disease." THIS IS NOT THE CURE, this is some kind of fascist plan to create a massive reserve army of labor before "giving up" on quarantine anyway.
(76.00 KB 600x337 37563_BTK9JM.jpg)
>>399989 That's fucked, but this does go to show that corona picks no favorites. All are made equal in sickness and death
>>399989 good, pedos deserve it
(47.56 KB 500x375 apart from drinking.jpg)
>>399992 I'm amazed at how America has no worker rights and that they can get fired in mere seconds without employers suffering from it the slightest. Is there even social security? Are people getting their rent and food paid by the state? Same goes for visiting the hospital now. Are people getting charged for being infected with Corona and going bankrupt the second they get released? What a hell hole. I hope people will see what damage they did to themselves when they voted off Obamacare.
>>399586 His supporters are still calling it "commie chink virus".
>>399730 It's pure ideology
>>399644 I liked that read. Medical workers still heroes for me, but they're objectively victims too.
>>399921 >”best-case scenario” yup, sticking with muh 5-10 million dead estimate then
>>400012 >Are people getting their rent and food paid by the state? hahahahahahahahaaahahahhhhhhhhhhhh
>>400011 >pedos 1. "i looked around 19-20" 2. you cut off the previos paragraph which explains they were looking at each other for the whole evening in the backstage area where her and other groupies were with the band so it's not like she was walking around randomly and suddenly lindemann appears 3. the moment she expresses discomfort (she didn't even have to explicitly say "no", just "please") he disengages lmao this just makes him look like a decent person
(42.52 KB 348x855 78796.png)
BTW Spexit is right now trending in Spain (Getting out of the European Union, and making a new Mediterranean Union between the PIGS and France).
>>400064 Sorry to ask, but is there a link to the part that was cut off?
>>399928 What happened to Bolsonaro having it? was I pranked? sounded pretty serious when I heard it, this is far bigger tho.
>>400067 >making a new Mediterranean Union Did Franco jerk off to the roman empire too?
(65.03 KB 600x600 40071389b.jpg)
>>399992 So, this was actually a documentary about a near future America
>>400093 Honestly who hasn't jerked off the Roman Empire?
>>400067 this is so fucking spanish. Stupid, utterly pointless and self-destructive. It's like poetry, really.
(259.16 KB 680x518 9896895.png)
>>400099 This.
>>400067 How do you guys the EU will fare after all this? Both Spain and Italy refused its tyrannic ESM, which I was pleasantly surprised by. European requirements and limits on public spending and debt are thrown out the window in times like this and it's proving itself irrelevant in most of the things it was glorified for. Are the EU's 'underlying health conditions' enough for this to be its death ?
(1.16 MB 1920x1080 screenshot_2020_03_09_01.png)
>>400098 it's a pretty good documentary about every aspect of american life really.
>>400112 the eu is not going to disappear. Stop beilirving in stupid right wing fantasies and think like marxist for once. The clear economic reasons for the eu's existance (the total economic dominance of Germany and France) will not be changed by an epidemic.
>>400127 What if the Germany and France just implodes and turn into a bunch of little states (unrealistic I know)
(231.35 KB 1080x1084 1585307615993.jpg)
>>400165 *activates death panels* never had a chance
(204.08 KB 652x694 twitcovssscreen.jpg)
(286.79 KB 654x1133 twitcovscreensn.jpg)
(250.80 KB 1060x645 twitcovsreen3.jpg)
How do we reconcile with the fact that people like this are some of the only ones who are critical of MSM reporting of foreign policy
>>400155 Sacrifices must be made to secure the arrest of known 90s sitcom actress Ellen DeGeneres.
>>400181 Bot or Not?
>>400181 I have to say, calling her Ellen Degenerate is pretty funny
>>400181 lmao is this on /pol/? I can't believe Qanon is still a thing ahahahaha
>>400181 >Tens of millions in China and Italy are under lock-down so Ellen DeGeneres can sit in her pajamas Mesmerizing how the capacity of conceptualization for these people cannot under any circumstance go further then the reaches of American pop culture.
>>400200 As non-American I have no idea who Ellen is and why is she relevant.
>>400181 >people are pretending to die worldwide so Trump can arrest elites >a namefag "Q" said so so it must be true Is this the power of /pol/? I've never read anything that retarded in my life
>>400205 She's a talk show host who appeals to wine moms who don't know how to use the internet She's also a lesbian so everyone loves her despite the fact she's a cunt
>>400208 And what Trump has to do with her?
>>400209 Absolutely nothing in real life
>>400209 She'll be going to the Walmart UberBowl with him in 10 years
>>400207 I think Q started out as a larp with some level of plasuable deniability and one thing he said sorta kinda came to fruition, but eventually everyone realized it was fake and i don't think anyone on /pol/ takes it seriously anymore Now twitter /pol/ on the other hand is full of retarded boomers who don't know how to use 4chan and literally think trump was sent by god to get rid of the liberal heathens so they're more likely to believe it since they're mind has been rotted by 25 years of FOX news and can't understand the concept that anyone can write shit on the internet. tl;dr it's 5D chess again but with extra steps and more retarded conspiracy theories >>400209 Nothing but she's a lesbian and hates trump so the rightoids think that she's part of some evil cabal of satanist communists who want to destroy christianity, and Trump is the only one stopping them from doing that
I'm 90% sure the original Qanon was an obese lolicon shitposting on /pol.
>>400238 Not even unlikely considering how gullible those people are. I bet we could get them to believe all kinds of stupid shit tbh
Does anyone have unbiased comparisons of fatalities/infections comparing covid19 to seasonal flu
>>400064 Secretely stalk and corner a terrified 14 year old girl in the bathroom. Without saying a word, pin her in the stall, grope her and make her touch your penis. She pleads with you to let her go so you do. >lmao this just makes him look like a decent person
>>400249 It's almost impossible to do that comparison yet, because we don't know how many people are infected and we do not know how many will die until the pandemic is over.
Anyone you hate get corona yet?
>>400261 Boris Johnson and Prince Philip
>>400260 Not even the rate of deaths?
>>400263 I meant in your personal life, anon
>>400261 Bolsonaro is spreading the virus to everyone around him. Even two elderly military generals have it.
>>400261 Rand Paul.
(169.31 KB 880x670 1585320583729.jpg)
Anyone wanna chill and do some corona research? Currently livestreaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnjm1_sk9Vk https://twitch.tv/NEET_FEET https://dlive.tv/NEET-FEET
>>400155 >REEE MINLENAL!!1 >REEE LEFTY >REEE ANTIFA 90% of youtube comments are designed to give you a headache
>>400103 The EU has been nothing but a disaster for Spanish proles, people still haven't recovered from the 2008 crisis and their austerity measures. The refusal to help is just the straw that broke the camel's back. What do you have against Spain, anyways?
>>400265 You need to know the actual number of infected to calculate the rate of deaths.
>>400103 Leave this website now and never return.
>>400127 There’s a chance the other EU states try a break from Frogland and Krautland and they’re both forced to engage in economic terrorism or even military action to keep them in line. Probably just economic terrorism though.
I hope France is eradicated because of corona. I hate the French.
>>400298 What economic terrorism will they do
>>400306 I hate the Brits more than I hate the French.
Lead singer of ramstein has covid-19 and is in ICU.
>>400321 >>400306 >Not hating krauts more than frogs and brits. Cringe.
>>400321 t. bismarck
>>400256 The lengths bootlickers will go to to defend their sociopath masters.
>>400322 There is no justice in this world, he won't die in agony.
>>400306 >>400321 >>400325 Is there an Euro version of pic. related that goes east->west, or north->south?
>>400067 Who do you mean with PIGS?
>>400317 Probably try wrecking their economies and trade relations considering France and Germany are the economic powerhouses of Europe and the other EU states are irrelevant by comparison.
>>400328 Yeah like imagine hearing this and thinking, damn I wish that could have been me sexually harrassing that teenage girl. And then with a clear head defending him on a public forum.
>>400332 Portugal Italy Greece Spain (PIGS). It's a derogative term for the southern european countries, as their pretty much seen as colonies by the northern states.
>>400329 What do you mean? Doesn't Rammstein lean left? I know for a fact that a lot of their music shits on Nazis.
>>400343 BASED.
>>400335 Its amazing how things have changed in 1000 years. A millennia ago meds used to call those northern countries barbarian. Wouldn't be surprised if in year 3020 middle eastern and african people are calling the rest barbarian desu.
>>400347 >no source >Just a blob of text Anon if you know something then please share it with the class
>>400343 >Jean Paul Sartre Michael Foucault Wtf I'm a Jordan Peterson fan now??
>>400331 fake, glorious Chile is further south than dirty Argentinia
(75.41 KB 600x800 3c6.jpg)
>>400348 Gonna be China dominating the world geopolitically for the foreseeable future. Thank fuck Marxism is inherently anti-racist, so whities can miss a lot of blowback.
(70.30 KB 594x357 Screenshot_20200327_163703.png)
(30.68 KB 598x112 Screenshot_20200327_163648.png)
(134.94 KB 1162x742 now.jpg)
This is the leader of the "Free world"btw
>>400343 Why am I not surprised that Foucault was a pedo
>>400348 >>400359 Apparently, sub-Saharan Africans joke about how backwards the balkan states are. Although i have yet to see an example and this is just hearsay from something i heard on the internet.
>>400366 Woah, DRUMPF is one step away from nationalizing the abandoned factories!
>>400366 >>400364 Unironically Trump has probably done the most to aid communism than any other president on earth.
>>400325 I actually laughed lmao
>>400067 Socialist Neo-Western Roman Republic.
>>400367 Revisionists, especially french revisionists are all degenerates
>>400364 >>400366 I thought our messiah Elon Musk was building millions of ventilators?
>>400373 This. And many liberals here want him to lose because muh abortion court.
>>400368 Based as fuck. All the chauvinists here, look at these vietnamese boomers in awe, and how well they are managing this shit even today.
>>400127 Why not? China has been trying to do massive trade deals with the med states for ages and they keep getting cucked by Germoney and France. With the UK leaving the EU and the current lack of mutual assistance provided between the EU states it's clearly a make or break situation and if China capitalizes on it they could very well drag some of the southern states away from the EU
>>400373 >>400379 You fags know Americans are blaming this shit on "communist china" right? Your country is reactionary af and will never be communist.
>>400376 Why would you name a socialist state after a slave state
>>400388 flavour
>>399854 please never make memes ever, that's ben garrison tier
>>400377 I don't think Foucault or any of the post-modernists/Structuralists were marxists, let alone revisionists.
>>400067 >a new Mediterranean Union between the PIGS and France Wouldn't that just be the EU But Without Germany? Getting some Sacred Order of the No Homers vibes.
>>400389 This is the youngest case we know of, right? in the entire world, I mean, I only know about the 18 yo from the UK, did any teens die in China and no one gave a shit?
>>400393 I agree that revisionists aren't marxists
>>400397 There was a 16-year-old girl who died in France. She had no known underlying diseases.
https://www.reddit.com/r/China_Flu/comments/fpjwk8/vegas_firm_sues_china_on_behalf_of_small/ >Countries need to take a stand and nationalize all Chinese owned, CCP-backed businesses, assess damages and force China to pay or sanction them and divest fully. Prop up India instead.
(122.40 KB 750x734 sgvaBkY.jpg)
>>400387 >Americans are blaming this shit on "communist china" The news is not popular opinion. Even if some people see America as sold out by China, the failure of the American healthcare system, speculative capital, and the government itself, to deal with this epidemic, has been laid bare, for all to see. Revolutions grow in various degrees, to a large degree the American government has lost it's legitimacy, to a large degree America has lost the confidence of capital to China, to an increasing degree people have become more desperate and have to work between themselves, outside of the support of the state. Etc. It will only grow from here.
>>400393 Wasn't Post modernism was first supported by the CIA, as a safe alternative to modernism.
>>400416 No? Think of post-modernism as the superstructural manifestation of late stage capitalism.
>>400410 Americans will never revolt against capitalism. They will sit in their dying empire and rot.
>>400366 Guess they're not getting bailed out this time.
>>400389 >The teen’s death has been removed from the official U.S. death toll, according to Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer, who gave a press conference on March 25.
>>400410 >The news is not popular opinion. lol >the failure of the American healthcare system, speculative capital, and the government itself, to deal with this epidemic, has been laid bare, for all to see kek >the American government has lost it's legitimacy bruh The "rational" Right blames the media and Bill Maher for conspiring to damage their God King using Corona hysteria. The more tin-foil hat oriented Right blames Obama or Bill Gates for inventing the virus. These people could literally be shot to death by the police, and they'd use their last breath to praise the flag and the troops. The Liberal Left just blames Trump directly for everything. If Clinton were president she'd have told Corona to "knock it off, you guys" and that would have been the end of it. And that's not getting into the religious types who just think God is just fucking about, maybe he'll throw a little Rapture our way later, who can tell? There is no systematic critique. Burgerbrain is totally inoperable.
>>398174 US has an overcapacity of hospital beds because the population is sicker than in Europe. Combine that with the fact that US hospitals get both public money and private money and you can see why they have more capacity than some neoliberalized European universal systems. It shouldn’t be long before that advantage is wiped out.
(202.55 KB 1200x936 DQtFG_dW4AIMQRL.jpg)
>>400416 >>400420 Congress for Cultural Freedom >>400423 both tbh
(116.58 KB 701x329 bruh.png)
>>400429 Remember that there is a world outside the United States and that post-modernism has been a thing for a long time there.
>>400410 >the American government has lost it's legitimacy Americans only see evil Drumpf and maybe Republicans losing their "legitimacy", not capitalism.
(16.83 KB 400x400 $_1.JPG.jpeg)
>>400427 Imagine thinking that republican vs democrat politics are more important than a rapidly disintegrating neoliberal state I'm not even american but "American's are too lazy" is lazy defeatism. >>400424 Not when they get hungry >their dying empire Save the chauvinism until after they revolt lol
>>400416 that is like saying that Maoism was supported by the CIA because they used it to destroy the CPUSA. The CIA isn't magic, they can only prey on these internal divisions on the left when there is not a meaningful sense of left unity.
>>400064 >>400071 >>400173 >>400346 pedos and pedo sympathizers get the wall too.
>>400449 Trump and overall governmental approval ratings are 4 years high at the moment. People look at few bucks of gibs and are giving the governance thumps up.
>>400456 >they can only prey on these internal divisions on the left when there is not a meaningful sense of left unity. No. The CIA and the rest of the alphabet soup will use any means necessary to attack communist movements, sowing division is only one tactic, another one is shifting potentially revolutionary rage into "left" politics that reject direct action and instead attempt electoralism. "Left unity" cannot exist. However as communists we should think critically of one another's political beliefs, as well as think tactically, and keep in mind the goal of growing revolutionary communist power for an eventual overthrow of the state.
>>400462 That's true for now, however, people have barely begun dying in the States yet.
>>400080 They are refusing to disclose the results but he's still walking around, meaning he helped spread the plague while telling his dumbass supporters to go to his protests. Yet another glaring reason to impeach him, which won't happen until the Car Wash shit is undone. His handlers know he's on borrowed time but also that he has a free pass until then. >>400186 That deliberately vague message and stunted grammar make it impossible to tell. Reactionaries can't pass the Turing test. >>400220 >twitter /pol/ jesus christ how horrifying
>>400461 Agreed More seriously, if you don't act on your urges, you get psychological treatment instead >>400467 Yes, the state is literally incapable of dealing with this crisis, there is no way for the media to spin this, and it will become ever more disorganized as infighting brews within the American national bourgoise
>>400328 >>400334 >thinking having purely consensual and non-manipulative sex with a 14 year old is wrong Age of consent laws are objectively required because it is impossible to determine from the outside whether or not something bad is happening or not because... 1. Adolescents are easily manipulable 2. Adolescents are powerless and subservient to their parents and other authority figures. and 3. Rape is virtually impossible to prove anyway. Thus, the act of having sex with Adolescents in general has to be punished. To use a metaphor, the situation is like if there was a room one could go to where could either push a button that killed a person or push a button to get ice-cream, you would have to ban going into the room because otherwise there'd be a ton of murders that all couldn't be proven. Thus, in regular circumstances our society has to ostracize all sex with Adolescents because otherwise there'd be way too much un-prosecuted rape/molesting/abuse/emotional abuse. However, in the specific circumstances of that case, we know that none of those things happen, so in this specific instance, there is no need to ostracize. What libs say about children not psychologically being able to consent is 100% true for 12 and below though >>400350 >Michael Foucault He literally has a long screed in history of sexuality where he complains about how ridiculous it was that a guy who kept paying children for handjobs did nothing wrong and shouldn't have been prosecuted/lobotomized.
>>400280 this but unironically >>400317 capitalism
>>400483 8 and below*
>>400490 Pedos get the wall.
>>400428 >overcapacity of hospital beds what planet are you living on? we have less beds per capita than most of the western world
>>400497 False. You have more hospital beds per capita than most of the Western world. It's just that people can't afford to stay in then.
>>400483 >However, in the specific circumstances of that case, we know that none of those things happen, so in this specific instance, there is no need to ostracize. No Secretely stalk and corner a terrified 14 year old girl in the bathroom. Without saying a word, pin her in the stall, grope her and make her touch your penis. She pleads with you to let her go so you do. He cornered this 14 girl that he had massive influence over, but never even spoke to before while she was using the toilet. And then he sexually assaulted her until she pleaded for gim to let her go. Think about this from his perspective for a moment, that of a much older adult man, that sees a terrified young girl fleeing from him, and then follows her into the bathroom to force himself onto her. It doesn't matter that she said it was okay years later, this man is a predatory pedophile.
(302.48 KB 557x540 1565878328476.png)
>>396640 Don't you need a vpn to downloaad shit illegally with isp going ape shit? I'm a zoomer, sorry
>>400366 Yeah, I’m voting Trump this election
>>400504 Yeah I didn't read it that thoroughly, she was scared specifically out of shy nervousness, not out of fear of getting raped, but I don't really trust guys to be able to tell the difference when it matters so I guess you can ostracize him if you want to.
>>400522 No fucker. Third party or memes is the only ethical vote if you're falling for the electoralism meme
>>400483 >thinking having purely consensual and non-manipulative sex with a 14 year old is wrong 14 year old's can not consent
>>400528 >be able to tell the difference when it matters That's the thing though, if this situation were with an adult, he fucked up at following her after she left. Not to mention don't fucking follow a girl into the bathroom unless you guys have agreed to hookup. Finally staring at someone isn't the same as asking for consent. And he did this all with a young girl. Like that's 8th grade young. Adult men can't have healthy sexual encounters with underage teenagers. Even if consent is given verbally, there is too much room for poor decision making and abuse like you said. I know a lot of guys on here want to have sex with teenagers, but you fucking can't so cope.
jfc shut up about AOC Am I in a libertarian forum?
>>400548 Exactly, this shit disgusts me. When I was 14, adult men that would leer on my gf creeped us out so bad.
>>400555 We have some pretty persistent pedos on here. Leftover from Leftpol if I remember correctly.
>>400471 Yes. that is good advice. >>400483 >>400490 Cringe and gulag worthy
>>400558 Ackshually it is ephebophilia and it is anti-libertarian and anti-gamer oppression that spell check doesn't recognize the word "ephebophilia."
The concept of consent is idealist and liberal mysticism. Nobody can consent.
>>400597 you can choose to shut up
>>400597 >Nobody can consent yes you can, there is a obvious difference between rape an sex
>>400597 Mincing words when you know your wrong but you want to anyways is peak liberalism. Fucking kids doesn't make you woke.
(9.76 KB 256x197 download.jpeg)
THIS TIMELINE IS AN ANOMALY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HP0S0MHAz2Q
We need a cultural revolution against the pedos on this site. I'm gonna start a new thread so they can stop shitting up this thread
>seasonal allergies give me a a stuffed nose that prevents me from smelling, a cough, and chest congestion the coof is just going to sneak up on me
(249.92 KB 1080x1442 ambulance.jpg)
Ambulance at my workplace. I wonder what it could be.
(68.61 KB 800x800 jobs.png)
(131.51 KB 1256x1075 1354855959288.png)
>>400542 >ethical vote
>>400483 >laws are objectively required lol, read Marx
(204.71 KB 847x538 ponies corona virus.png)
>>400607 Experiencing a pandemic with all of your favorite cartoon characters.
>>400550 I mean, the entire idea of seduction involves doing actions which are not guaranteed to be acceptable ahead of time. You were supposed to be able to tell when 'she wants it' or w/e. In this case he told/guessed right so by the standards of seductive culture he succeeded. Obviously the problems with seductive culture is that some people don't succeed and it's a get out of jail free card for intentional rapists and other deviants. The me-too trend is about destroying or at least limiting seduction and turning consent into a contractual relation. It is analogous to the bourgeois revolutions in that it robs sex of its romantic guises and reduces it to brutal naked prostitution of various sorts. This is also to say that it is good and I support it, as the bourgeois revolutions were good and I support them. I don't believe in judging people ex-post-facto though, and I'm not sure that social norms would have condemned him at the time, but I don't really mind stuff like this even if they are minor excesses. >Adult men can't have healthy sexual encounters with underage teenagers. They can and do. People also drive drunk without getting into car crashes. One should neither trust others or oneself to not be abusive/manipulative. >Even if consent is given verbally, there is too much room for poor decision making and abuse like you said. I agree about the abuse/manipulation, but simple poor decision making is a freedom that I think should be allowed at 13. I would for instance not support laws prohibiting consensual encounters between two 13 year olds, nor would I prohibit my children if I ever had them from having sex once they were 13, where I would at least discourage them from doing so before that age. >I know a lot of guys on here want to have sex with teenagers, but you fucking can't so cope. The only two people in the world who I want to have sex with are my dad's girlfriend's friend who I'd guess is in her 40s and Mark Blyth.
Sex is a spook You can't prove that anyone has it
>>400636 >Pony Life ?
>>400639 Homemade porn is proof that people >have sex.
>>400613 please anon do it so pedo's dont shit up the tread
>>400642 Unless you are having sex, you are a virgin
>>400658 generous interpretation
>>400658 How is virginity even real bro? I can just cum with my hand. Virginity is the ultimate spook.
>>400642 homemade porn is a glow in the dark psyop
(232.27 KB 392x600 1574049107600.png)
>>400640 It was a great new thing that made people on the internet angry a while ago.
(20.14 KB 320x306 doublesguy14.jpg)
>>400666 How? It looks just like rebranded ponyshit. Also, check'em.
funny how rightoids went from "this virus will kill literally everyone because it's HIV mixed with Dengue fever mixed with Ebola and it will also sterilize you and make you a beta cuck as you die" to "it's literally not real and the deep state just made it up in order to deny Trump"
>>400630 cool reaction image bro voting for dems or repubs is not ethical unless it is going to be bernie this season vote third party if he loses the nominee
>>400625 Holy shit.
>>400672 Right? I was thinking the same thing, but it's not limited to internet rightoids.
>>400672 This hits America and now they're in cope mode. Shit they probably think that China is suffering a lot more than the US still.
>>400672 I am truly blessed with schadenfreude
(19.56 KB 474x316 mfw alex jones.jpg)
>>400672 Alex Jones literally does both at the same time. >the virus isn't a big deal, folks, it is a globalist plot to impose martial law, we just have to believe in Trump and Jesus >the virus is going to kill everyone, literally everyone, and it's going to sterilize your testicles! there's only going to be lone survivors left and each survivor is only going to have one nut, because the virus killed their other nut! buy The Real Red Pill! Take colloidal silver! Turn yourself into a fucking Smurf to escape the unstoppable hell virus! >Corona is just a globalist hoax, folks, and the media is deliberately trying to play it up to destroy the economy and hurt Trump. Everything will be fine. No one is going to die. No one has ever died. It's all a hoax, ladies and gentlemen. >EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE! OBAMA HAS DAMNED US ALL!
>>400672 They're like funhouse mirror people, they only know how to reflect a twisted view of reality.
>>400625 Great Depression 2,Baybee!
I am getting tired of this "happening" its literally the flu, its weaker than swine flu yet everyone is up in arms about it. Get a fucking grip anons its embarrassing
>>400724 It has already causes a depression in the economy, anon, I don't think it's a nothingburger.
>>400724 t. /biz/
>>400729 'everything I don't like is reddit' kys anon
>>400724 It isn't literally the flu. It's way deadlier, none of us are immune and there is no vaccine against it. The political. Economical and personal ramifications for all of us are already huge and it will only get worse. Do yourself a favor and read up on this before you come here and start to spout shit.
(173.98 KB 300x300 wew lad.gif)
>>400724 That's just >>397611 level of delusion...
>>400737 Literal nothing changed not all of us are are having a meltdown because we can't pick up whores at the bar anymore like some here.
>>400737 seasonal flu kills more, its literally nothingburger I suggest you get comfy in your armchair and do some reading
>>400746 they are just looking for an excuse to blame the capitalist crisis on
>>400666 Fuck, I thought they already fucking destroyed the bronies and purged them from most of the internet. >I remember the days, the art, the memes. Ponyfags, grown men, middle aged men, they were everywhere. I remember what happened, remember how we did what we had to do... >Never again Son GET THE SHOTGUN
>>400750 this.
>>400724 >Literally just the flu Cope
>>400737 t. the flu we have only eradicated one human infection. its literally the flu
(795.89 KB 608x1070 how to hang yourself.jpg)
>>400734 no Weren't you there for the /biz/ friendposting when the stocks crashed?
>>400760 No, it's not the flu. Do some fucking reading. I linked one piece above, Mr duckduckgo can find more pieces for you if you need them.
>>400757 You can see the reaching when you have to link a blog post as evidence, nobody remembers swine flu as this global plane going into the twin towers, 18k recorded half a mil presumed, this latest flu is a nothingburger, if anything its a capitalist trap to bring in marshall law to protect itself from its current path of falling apart
>>400724 Is this the biggest cope ever?
>>400762 Um... why do you have this on your computer?
>>400772 Ah yes porky is going to save capitalism by shutting hard on capitalism
>>400776 He can't spell martial law, so I'm leaning towards troll or poltard.
>>400724 Idiot. If you replace the Covid panic with panic of the rapture or alien abductions and asked us to stay at home, it would still be based. Porky is actively killing itself and loosing legitimacy all around the world. Keep seething.
>>400791 Porky is still living like a king, the ones losing are the poor who are out of a job, you're just insulated because you are a middle class student.
>>400796 Trumps approval rating is actually at a record high.
>>400799 Give it a couple of months.
>>400786 "marshall law" is a joke you fucking dip
>>400823 >I was only pretending! Ah yes the classical /pol/negro cope
>>400786 It's what Marco Rubio tweeted so it's a joke
>>400852 (me) Nonetheless that poster is a huge COPING retard
Is the worldometer link accurate? It says the US has reached 100,000 cases while the other two still list around 90,000.
>>400897 As far as I know, worldometer is the best collection of data.
>>400512 Depends entirely on the ISP. America's seem particularly awful. Here in the turd world, they don't give a shit about what you download.
>america sends thousands of gusanos to vote in florida in the middle of a pandemic >all the pro-castro cubans get to live and get medical care Castro's trick
>>400642 Deepfakes. People don't have sex. It's a urban legend. >>400664 Amen. >>400625 It hasn't even begun. That was week 1.
>>400704 That's what I mean when I say pathological reactionaries have a deeply-embedded cognitive deficit. They can sincerely believe all those things at the same time.
(108.90 KB 1236x718 Mar27.png)
>>400939 what does it mean when the lines are made out of dots and shit
>>400935 Thank you for this daily cope.
>>400942 projected actual trend, the full lines are just reported cases
(41.57 KB 596x321 PLEASE CLAP.png)
can some britbong tell what the FUCK is going on over there? I keep seeing brits talk about fucking "clapping for the NHS" and from what I can gather people are shaming each other based on whether or not they clapped in front of their TVs for doctors? What the absolute fuck? This is somehow a few degrees stupider than our borderline-mandatory pledge of allegiance
>>400926 >Cuba offers some countries free medical assistance out of solidarity, while other countries pay for the services. The workers who deploy typically receive only about 20% of the salaries the host countries pay for their assistance How is this not exploitation? Defend this tankbabs.
Pandemic “will last 18 months or longer,” leaked US government report warns https://archive.is/GJNYZ https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/03/us-govt-expects-18-month-pandemic-with-widespread-supply-shortages/ The US government is reportedly preparing for the coronavirus pandemic to last 18 months or longer and result in "significant shortages for government, private sector, and individual US consumers." A 100-page US government plan was leaked to The New York Times, which today published an article summarizing the highlights. "A federal government plan to combat the coronavirus warned policymakers last week that a pandemic 'will last 18 months or longer' and could include 'multiple waves,' resulting in widespread shortages that would strain consumers and the nation's health care system," the Times wrote. The 18-month figure is in line with the best-case estimates of how long it will take to develop a vaccine and make it widely available. There could be millions of deaths in the US and UK alone during that time, but social distancing and other containment measures could limit the death toll, according to Imperial College London research that we wrote about yesterday.
>>400968 190c / Gas Mark 5 Take: They're trying to deflect staffing and equipment shortages into a holy cow by turning ordinary NHS workers into 'heroes'.
>>400256 >secretly stalk she was at a backstage party with the band members and other groupies, the function of which is for band members and their friends/roadies to fuck the groupies, not quiz night at the local pub >terrified "I was so shaken up from what happened, I dream it once in a few months, and can say that I regret not doing it." clearly she was shaking in her boots >14 year old which is obvious of course, it's not like there's a cosmetics industry whose goal is to make people look different than they actually are, older, younger, prettier, uglier, whatever they need >pin her, grope her, make her touch your penis 1 didn't happen, 2 kind of, putting his hand on the thigh of a groupie during a backstage party, lol, 3 didn't happen
(147.12 KB 500x522 nervousdog.png)
>>400994 yeah we're all fucked
(377.78 KB 798x448 jcvTt01.png)
>>400994 Just kill me.
Edited last time by krates on 03/27/2020 (Fri) 21:26:25.
>>401013 This is not okay
(15.59 KB 108x107 welp.png)
(59.23 KB 600x450 30a.jpeg)
>>401002 to add 2 more things, obviously this is a giant fuckup on rammstein's part, they should've had their roadies do id checks or something and 2, it's a reddit post, pic related
(174.55 KB 850x1105 FrancisAndHisPals.jpg)
Trump's live soon
>>400994 >The 18-month figure is in line with the best-case estimates of how long it will take to develop a vaccine and make it widely available.
>>400994 How can you strain he health system when America doesn’t have one??? :D:D:D
I wonder who Boris Johnson has been in close contact with the last 2 to 3 weeks? Oh right basically fucking everyone...
>>401029 How is it a "fuck up"? They get to enjoy the bliss of tight jailbait pussy and there are never any repercussions. I would be surprised if there was any male rockstar that did not fuck an underage groupie. when they don't control they know perfectly well what they are doing.
>>401047 I want off the accelerationism train.
>>401059 i'm giving them the benefit of the doubt because i like their music
>>401066 And I like movies with Klaus Kinski but I know he was absolute piece of shit as a person.
>>400979 >How is this not exploitation? Because cost of living is way lower in Cuba, and their current cost of living abroad is taken care of by Cuba?
>>401086 we're talking about an anonymous reddit post, klaus kinski is a whole other beast
>100k cases
>>401031 fuck, it's over boys
Not sure if this is the right place for this but could we start self censoring racism? I think its awful we claim to be a socialist space while being racist retards like we're edgy 12 year old poltards.
>>401142 so N*gger instead of (nigger).
>>401142 silence cumskin
>>401142 niggas here think saying nigger differences us from radlibs and is board culture
(67.29 KB 640x591 soy22.jpg)
>>401152 So based!!
>>401142 It's says Leftist Politically Incorrect at the top. And it's not that bad here compared to that shit unofficial Discord.
>>401136 >4 months >barely 100k cases nthingburger
>>401142 Sure, but could you start off by self censoring your ableism? Why do you use the r word? Stop acting like an edgy 12 year old polt**d
>>401162 Happeningburger
>>401142 >>401164 >12 year old knock it off with the ageism please
>>401142 guaranteed_replies.bmp
(7.18 KB 533x284 -.png)
>>401162 I know you're joking, but we may be royally fucked.
>>401175 >may be We ARE.
>>401148 if racism is your "culture" you're no better than an old white male US republican
(10.51 KB 1014x129 strong intelligence.PNG)
>>401162 >how is exponential growth works?
>>401156 DELET that shit this is desecration of a saint's image
>>401170 Ageism only applies to older people. By ignoring this, you are being the real ageist here.
>>401172 bye bye
>>401172 Well, at least coronavirus will be a tragicomedy instead of just a tragedy.
>>401184 >100 new cases since this post
>5909 new cases and 919 new deaths in Italy. Highest number of new deaths since the beginning of the epidemic in Italy. 46 doctors have died to date (with 4 additional deaths today). 6414 health workers have tested positive
dear leftypol, 1) are there any effort-posts or blog posts about this crisis, preferably from a socialist perspective? 2) do you guys think there will be any major (geo-)political ramifications from this, like the European Union losing influence as a construct, China becoming more powerful due to being more unscathed from the virus, the USA losing influence and so on?
(38.31 KB 522x280 Untitled3.png)
Life Insurance companies are now dropping people with conditions like asthma from their insurance plan. Marvel at the invisible hand of the free market! https://twitter.com/farronbalanced/status/1243309964929781760
(71.77 KB 751x644 worried dog.jpg)
>>401215 >46 doctors have died to date (with 4 additional deaths today). 6414 health workers have tested positive What are we gonna do once we run out of doctors.
(48.40 KB 316x388 che guevara bats a good one.png)
>>401227 Call up China and Cuba.
>>401227 It will be very painful.
>>401224 Guess we can be sure the evidence is sound now that asthma is a risk factor.
>>401218 There is a youtube video with Sorelian/Marxist political analysis and assessment of the economic situation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omt36y0FHZE
bet medical and nursing school will be taking anybody with a pulse soon
>>401218 >China becoming more powerful due to being more unscathed from the virus I don't think China will get out of this unscathed. It is only a matter of time before the second wave hits there. This shit is so deadly, no one will be able to stop it.
>>401198 >Mfw realizing people can change over the course of their lives
>>401227 Send in the medical students, fire fighters, EMTs, and veterinarians.
>>401243 China is going closed borders on Saturday at midnight Beijing time. No one comes in for awhile unless you get permission from the top (diplomats, etc.).
>>401249 Source+
>>401215 >>401227 We already have a shortage of doctors in Italy. Thank you neoliberalism.
>>401198 stop misrepresenting Che just because you got upset someone told you no to say nigger that quote was back when che was a sheltered middle class kid, he drastically changed his opinions on black people after completing his travels in the americas and seeing the effects of segregation in U$A
>>401247 None of them can do a doctors job (except for med students to a certain extent).
(4.26 MB 4032x3024 20200327_174313.jpg)
just got this from my boss today lmao
>>401259 They can learn, they won't be as proficient but it's better than nothing. In WWII the USSR had to send pilots with 20 hours of flight training into battle, we may need to be sending in doctors with 20 hours of training as well.
Really glad I dropped out of med school. My mom and dad still give me shit for it, but I really dodged a bullet here
>>401266 Good job?
Would it be possible for the government to give people quick and dirty critical coronavirus patient management training in exchange for bread and water? Seems like it'll be necessary by the end of the year.
For Help On Coronavirus, Italy Turns To China, Russia And Cuba https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/03/25/821345465/for-help-on-coronavirus-italy-turns-to-china-russia-and-cuba In Italy, when political analysts say, "Here comes the cavalry" ("arrivano i nostri"), they're not talking Hollywood Westerns. They're saying, "Here come our guys: the USA has got Italy's back." But today, the "our guys" have included less traditional friends. First, Chinese teams arrived March 13 with medical equipment and experts who explained that Italy's lockdown was too weak — too many people strolling, not enough protective masks, too many businesses open. Italy soon tightened the screws. Now the Chinese flag is displayed on the large aid shipments of medical supplies with the words "The friendship road knows no borders." In a mid-March telephone call, Chinese leader Xi Jinping told Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte that China is willing to cooperate with Italy to combat the epidemic and build a "Health Silk Road." Italy was the first G7 country to endorse China's massive Belt and Road global infrastructure initiative. After the Chinese came the Russians — in an aid operation the Italian media dubbed "From Russia With Love." Nine Ilyushin 76 planes arrived Sunday with virologists, epidemiologists, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. "Never had so many Russian planes and personnel landed before in a NATO country," a story in the daily La Repubblica said. ''Also on Sunday came a medical brigade from Cuba — whose experts had previously battled Ebola in Africa. Thirty-seven Cuban doctors and 15 nurses (described by La Repubblica as the "most simpatico") were deployed to the Lombardy town of Crema. Photos of the Cuban team posted on Italy's Civil Protection Agency Facebook page had been shared almost 21,000 times by Wednesday morning. The many comments were of gratitude — and anger that the U.S., Italy's traditional ally, seemed absent.'' But the U.S. is sending some help. On Saturday, the Air Force "sent a C-130 filled with medical supplies to Italy," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday. "The U.S. military is also finalizing plans to make some of its excess medical equipment deployed there available to our Italian friends." It seems there's a bit of a tug-o-war over who gets to influence Italy in all this. The fact that the US military is sending medical equipment to Italy despite having the worst outbreak in the world within their own borders signals to me that they are worried the Chinese & Russians will be able to build relations with the Italians over this.
>>401263 What's the protocol for handling mail anyway?
>>401282 You can teach people to be caretakers but nursing skills and doctor's skills takes time to develop. You need to know a lot about emergency care to handle a critically ill corona patient.
(649.57 KB 1167x744 1.png)
>>401224 How can people tolerate this shit without shooting up a health insurance company? Same with landlords. What will it take?
>>401285 The US government can easily recover from a boomer/asthmatic/etc. dieoff, but they can't so easily recover from losing all their allies to China. Pragmatic sociopathy is the end result of all enlightened center-right gridlocks.
>>401152 lol based
>>401298 minecraft
>>400994 >Significant shortages Maybe I should stock up more. I already got my giant bag of rice two months ago, maybe some beans, canned veggies...? Hard to really think of stuff that won't go bad.
>>401089 That's exactly how capitalist explitation works. You pay the valut of the labour-power, determined by the cost of reproduction, instead of the value of the labour. >>400979 It is. However, unlike wage slaves, these doctors are volunteers. And it helps the revolution both financially and in soft power, and also the image of socialism, so I "support" the Cuban state in this and the doctors. The Cuban exported doctors are always paid a fraction of what the Cuban state gets from selling their labour. In exchange they get to work abroad without worrying about travel expenses, visas, certifications, insurance, and learning the whole nonsense that comes with surviving in a capitalist economy. It is a form of exploitation, but if I were a Cuban doctor I'd do it, it's a good deal. It's not like that's the only way to work as a doctor in other countries.
>>401309 Rice Beans Lentils Canned vegetables Supplements for: Vitamin D3, K2, Zinc
>>401309 Salt, sugar, tea, canned meat, grains (rice, buckwheat, dried peas, dried beans), coffee crystals, soups, pasta, canned fish (tuna, sardines), canned veggies are all decent ideas. I have this list readily available because I was refining it back in fucking January/February from what I gleaned on /pol/'s /cvg/, cutting a lot of the unnecessary shit out (like face masks, kek).
>FCC gives access to 5.9GHz spectrum for rural wireless broadband amid coronavirus pandemic LMAO WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THIS BEFORE???? https://twitter.com/CNET/status/1243662896510443520
>>401325 Oh a bit on another list I have that I missed: peanuts, powdered milk, ANY meds you may need (scalpers have been buying up allergy meds in stores lately, like the scumfuck kulaks that they are). Really if you buy up any of this stuff you'll be much more prepared than anyone, so don't feel pressure to get all this shit. You will probably have some amount of access to some or most of these things even in a worst case scenario.
>>401290 Where I'm at everything is the exact same but I can't let people sign for packages/letters Meaning I get to scribble for them and pretend I knocked on their door
>>401325 Think I might go with >salt >frozen meat >peas, already got the rice and beans >cofe? >already got pasta >canned and frozen veg? >potato? >powder milk >meds, vitamins, and nicotine products (my self-medication)
>>401309 Can't go wrong with grains and legumes. Also you might want to think about getting some water filters or purification tablets. Having all that rice and beans isn't going to mean much if you don't have clean water to boil it in.
>>401343 Frozen beg and berries. Get some vitamins in.
>>401325 Glad I already got some stuff because all the stores are imposing stupid one-item limits on some food items now. Like you can buy two cans of beans, max. That's barely three meals. >>401346 >filters good point I need to replace the filter in my jug
>>401318 >vegan advice >not mentioning B12 enjoy your shrinking brain
Used to believe american preppers and survivalists were nutjob paranoids until now lmao
>>401364 they still are, they just happened to be right for the wrong reasons. plus they are nearly all kulaks to boot.
>>401359 I for one already have a shitload of frozen seafood.
>>401370 im just telling him to do it in minecraft :)
>>401364 I have already told my boyfriend that his prepper parents were right - just not about the apocalypse.
>>401370 is that supposed to be vaush? if so, his ear is missing his tumor
>>401364 Speaking of survivalism, anyone has good links or pdfs on this kinda stuff?
>>401378 and showing yourself as a newfag
>>401359 Literally any energy drink or multivitamin will contain like 500% of your B12 needs, because dumping a shitload of B12 into your system will make you feel more peppy for an hour or so and think the drink/vitamin is making you super healthy.
>>401387 go to the k thread
>>401351 Would it be worth it to ride out to a small town to check out their local stores? I live in one and the state of our shortages seems to lag a bit beyond the big cities and suburb areas-- when big cities were running out of certain food items we were only running low on TP, disinfectant wipes and rubbing alcohol.
>>401303 They'll just spam Italy's net with anti-china propaganda. There is no way for anyone to counter that.
>>401370 cursed porky
(999.59 KB 250x249 1570523214073.gif)
The situation in flyover 'murica is so incredibly surreal. People still have their day to day passing thoughts and remarks on what BRAND tastes better or is more enjoyable to watch. It's spring and the end of the work week so the s*burbanites are mowing their lawns, in spite of the reality that a friend, family member, or connection could become another number on the abstract "curve" that everyone has accepted needs to be "flattened." No sincere mass mobilization. Just concerns over video conferencing apps and people suddenly caring about their Vitamin D intake from sunlight.
>>401404 There is one. >>392802
>>401417 >Not Found compelling argument there
>>401343 Peanut butter, oats, and brown sugar. I make oatmeal with half a cup oats (dry), 1/4th cup peanut butter, a tablespoon of sugar, and tap water every day and get 605 calories and 20g of protein out of it. However I'm a vegetarian so you may not need to eat so much peanut butter on the daily. You'll want a two pound bag of sugar for this, not a little box. My best advice is to calculate how many calories you need a day and multiply that by 7-14 days, and the figure out how much food you need to buy to satisfy it. Don't hoard, especially if you live in an city where a lot of people don't have cars. Some poor city-dwellers like me are already having issues with food security because the shelves are bare, we can't afford the expensive food people leave behind, and we don't have cars to drive until we find food we can afford like rice and beans. Good luck.
>>401266 american or european med school?
>>401453 You mentioned tapwater. I've been collecting water bottles I've used over the last month or so. I've got dozens now. I drink about three or four bottles a day. I've been refilling them with tapwater every time I empty em. Might be a good idea in case there's some sort of water or energy shortage (hasn't happened anywhere yet that I've seen but whatever). I had 40-something bottles I keep filled so in an emergency I'd have about two weeks worth of water for myself, or one week worth for two people.
(45.20 KB 587x324 rip.png)
Oh and with shit like pic related going on, I suggest you all start doing some more cardio if possible, especially if you're feeling like you don't really know what to do at the moment. Strengthen your lungs. Especially if you've ever had asthma, it's probably a good idea.
>>401453 >Don't hoard, especially if you live in an city where a lot of people don't have cars. Some poor city-dwellers like me are already having issues with food security because the shelves are bare, we can't afford the expensive food people leave behind, and we don't have cars to drive until we find food we can afford like rice and beans. I basically agree except for two things: >now you're accused of hoarding if you even get like a month's supply of essentials. it's ridiculous puritan individualism to distract from the fact that the bourgeois state is fucking us >because the USG and the private businesses are going to fuck up their distribution response so bad, it makes sense to plan ahead for that. what am I supposed to do, just accept it if the supply chain gets fucked and there's no more food on the shelves for a week? If you can prepare for that kind of disruption, you should. Even moreso if you think you're in a region where shortages will be bad. I have small shelves/fridge anyway.
>>401462 Yeah that's a good idea. I have empty bottles and an empty water gallon I've kept around and been meaning to refill, thanks for reminding me. My city evaluated its water system last month and concluded the water supply wouldn't be contaminated or compromised (unless they stop operating it presumably) and its water is some of the best in the country anyway so I haven't felt the need to collect water or those water purifying tablets. You can use a tiny bit of bleach to purify water too if things get really nightmarish.
>>401142 we have to make socialism cute for the zoomers
Over 900 dead in Italy today its started to get me thinking.... what the fuck are they doing with the bodies???
>>401493 Mass cremation
(5.64 MB bones.mp4)
>>401493 Spain's using an ice rink as a makeshift morgue for one.
>>401435 Reactionary shitters, being coward by nature, will constantly try to degrade public discourse and debase civilization little by little, only revealing as much of their horrible intentions as they can without suffering consequences. The day before yesterday it was "we must stop immigrants because we don't know if the ones coming here are criminals", yesterday it was "immigrants from inferior culture do not adapt to ours", today it's "China was deliberately negligent or even malicious when handling the virus", tomorrow it'll be, well, you get my picture. Obviously, times of crises allows them to lower the level faster as their bullshit is more easily normalized, and at some point, there will be no distance between discourse and violence. Not just stochastic terrorism, but the organized attacks. Their leaders absolutely have to be stopped before they reach that level, by hook or by crook. Given their coward nature, reactionaries are highly dependent on just a handful among them who actually exposes more of their monstrous intentions than it would be safe, acting as both a riverbend where reactionary garbage accumulates and as potentiator of the degradation of public debate and erosion of civilization. This makes them highly susceptible to decapitation tactics. If a dozen key figures eat a lead salad, the "movement" fizzles. Think of it as an investment which saves many, many more lives.
(692.68 KB 989x1506 IMG_20200328_012303.jpg)
>>401493 Harvesting their adrenochrome.
(1.22 MB 260x186 cena gif.gif)
I live in a city with confirmed cases in the single digits, but today I passed near the local cemetery and there was a unusually high traffic around, lots of parked cars and people inside. Mass hysteria or a silent spike on mortality? I honestly cannot tell, this virus is making me a little bit paranoid.
>>401508 No, a new rome is not happening >also no iberian union >>401578 live in a small city with forty cases and see a doctor in your apt building in order to have a stroke
So America has apparently already totally run out of both preemptive screening kits for the virus along with protective equipment for doctors (Who have begun using garbage bags as improvised hazmat suits) and hospital beds How many will die?
>>401493 Mass cremation + literal holocaust tier mass graves Also they’ve had to resort to using sporting arenas and hockey rinks as places to keep all the bodies
>>401589 3 million
How soon will the quarantine end?
>>401578 >I passed near the local cemetery and there was a unusually high traffic around, lots of parked cars and people inside. It only takes one big funeral to make that happen.
Riots, Tensions in Prisons Worldwide Over Virus https://thecrimereport.org/2020/03/27/riots-tensions-in-prisons-worldwide-over-virus/ Prison conditions worldwide during the coronavirus outbreak have caused tensions and unrest from Latin America to Europe to the Middle East, the Washington Post reports. Outside the walls, “It’s a very dark situation for the families,” said Mona Seif, an Egyptian activist whose brother is jailed at Cairo’s notorious Tora prison. China and South Korea have reported large outbreaks in their prisons. China has had 806 cases in five prisons across three provinces. Turkey is seeking to fast-track a plan to release as many as 100,000 inmates from overcrowded facilities, joining Iran and other countries that have freed some prisoners in response to the pandemic. Elsewhere, anger over restrictive measures and anxiety about coronavirus have led to violence. In Colombia last weekend, nearly two dozen people died in riots that swept the prison system as inmates protested inadequate safeguards. In Italy, riots erupted in almost 50 prisons this month, leaving 13 inmates dead and 59 guards injured. In the Middle East, where hundreds of thousands of people have been rounded up in recent years in response to political uprisings, terrorism and the growth of conservative Islam, many prisoners are held in densely populated facilities that lack hygienic conditions and sunlight, leaving them susceptible to disease and infections. The majority of these prisons are in Egypt, Syria and Iran. “Generally, if you are in prison in the Middle East, you are in a pretty worse case than other parts of the world,” said Philippe Nassif of Amnesty International USA. In Egyptian prisons, where as many as 60,000 people are said to be jailed, there have been no significant releases or plans announced to mitigate the risk of infection, activists said.
>>401601 Over 500 NYPD members test positive for coronavirus https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/489939-over-500-nypd-members-test-positive-for-coronavirus https://archive.is/waTW3 More than 500 members of the New York Police Department (NYPD) have tested positive for the coronavirus as the illness savages New York City. The NYPD announced Friday that 552 members have tested positive for COVID-19, including 442 uniformed officers and 70 civilian members. Another 4,111 NYPD uniformed employees were on sick leave, accounting for 11.4 percent of the department’s uniformed workforce. The new figures are a jump from earlier this week when 211 NYPD members tested positive for the highly contagious virus.
(29.07 KB 315x275 salud from boston.jpg)
Where'd tha bring ya? Right back to tha superior port city.
>>401620 I don't know anything about this guy other than the fact that his YTPs annihilate my sides
>>401631 Link?
>>401596 As soon as Two-Scoops Drumpf convinces enough idiots to lie down and rest on that nice comfy stone slab which just happens to look like a sacrificial altar.
>>401604 swine flu
>>401661 Cheeto Benito Tiny Hands Two Scoops Orange Man Drumpfler
Abbott Launches 5-Minute Covid-19 Test for Use Almost Anywhere https://twitter.com/dats/status/1243737042611142661 https://archive.is/b0qhb https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-27/abbott-launches-5-minute-covid-19-test-for-use-almost-anywhere tl;dr >test can take as little as five minutes if your sample comes back with the virus detected at high levels >if it's not detected at high levels test takes about 13 minutes >test-maker plans to ship 50,000 of the test a day starting April 1st
>>401458 Mexican
(363.59 KB 424x421 9wh8d98w.png)
Saki nobashi o yameru
>>401224 Reminder that back when Obama was campaigning making vague promises of better healthcare (he didn't present his awful proposal during election, natch) Republicans seized onto "death panels" as the scare du jour. As in, government death panels would get to pick who gets healthcare and who dies. And the most amazing thing is that their supporters completely failed to realize that what we have right now are actual, literal, no-two-ways-about-it private death panels. >>401835 Sounds too good to be true. Like that Haaretz article headline "WE HAVE A VACCINE" with "we don't have a vaccine" in the text. >>401215 There's a thread called /effort/ which collects some some stuff. As for outisde sources, there's always Zizek, Parenti, Hudson, Cockshott etc. besides various publications.
>>401256 Also a shortage of beds in America. I'm a dumbass who forgot to copypaste it, but someone pointed out how ye olde profit maximization lead American healthcare to eliminate as many unoccupied beds as possible. A shame that the whole point of having a large surplus of critical equipment is precisely for a crisis, not routinely.
>>401499 what in the god damn
>>401499 Okay the initial frame really sent the wrong impression.
>>401915 >>401917 >>401499 I think this video is from when some leftcom (?) DSA member(s?) started defending necrophilia on twitter
>>401921 Nah it's from when the Queer Caucus put out some retarded BE GAY DO CRIMES video with a naked man and no crotch with a unicorn head and he did a dab or something. By the sheer retardation of the DSA they managed to bring the meme to life some time later.
(3.77 MB 389x498 tenor-3.gif)
>>401499 I ain't taking the bait you glow-in-dark mother fucker
(54.26 KB 630x473 .jpeg)
(36.33 KB 600x385 .jpeg)
(99.19 KB 1024x576 .jpeg)
>>401493 ask the jews
(118.37 KB 768x768 download.jpg)
Instead of annoying small time landlords, we should try and mess with this guy.
>>401930 I remember that video. Even the Twitter radlibs hated it.
Anyone saved the screencap saying Poland didn't allow a Russian aid plane through its airspace, please? >>401930 >>401996 Requesting link, name or anything.
Dengists were a mistake. What's the truth behind humanitarian gestures of China? | COVID-19 | WION | World News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEnv8qcQJg0
>>401921 >DSA >leftcom I don't think that word means what you think it does.
(48.71 KB 356x462 20200328_011537.jpg)
ITALY Cases 86,498k Deaths 9,134k Italians have 10.6% chance of dying. Why do we keep throwing the 3.7% Chinese number in European and American countries when we have worse diets than the Chinese. And in some countries like the U.S.A. we have even worse health care than Italy meaning our mortality percentage will be even higher.
>>402032 stop spreading this racist anticommunist propaganda anytime
>>401142 this anon is right btw the rest of you are liberals if you're upset at the idea of not being able to sling racist shit around. Do you think any organization would want you?
>>402032 Not as much of a mistake as Dead Sea Scrolls, Death of John Paul I, Fall of Constantinople, 2018 Pennsylvania pederasty cases, Saladin, Heliocentric theory, William Tyndale, Native American genocide, Borgia family, Westboro Baptist church, Corinthians 6:9-11, Manifest Destiny, Witch trials, Ninth Council of Toledo, Gregory IX. Chemical analysis of Shroud of Turin, Battle of Jericho, sell of indulgences, Sex-Ed, Holy Spanish Inquisition, Curse and mark of Cain, Joshua Bar Nazarem, Mary Magdalene, Lateran Treaty, Egyptian and Roman syncretism in Christianity, Ku Klux Klan, Treaty of Tordesillas, Harry Potter, bellum iustum, Scholasticism, apocryph gospels, Iēsus Nazarēnus Rēx Iūdaeōrum, theory of evolution, Constitutum Constantini Donatism The Papess Saxon wars Teutonic Order Limpieza de sangre Bernardo Guy Rock music, Matthew 22:21, Pogroms, the Persecution of the Paulicians, the Albigensian Crusade, the Bosnian Crusade ,the Fourth Crusade/sack of Zara and Constantinople ,the Hussite Wars ,the German Peasants' War ,the Schmalkadic War, the Thirty-Years War, the Eighty-Years War, the (French) Wars of Religion, the Beeldenstorm, staroobryádtsy, Skoptsy, San Miguel Canoa Massacre, ustashe
>>402051 b-but muh freeze peach... muh board culture...
>>402051 >>402053 Diagnosis: butthurt
>>402048 Keep in mind that "confirmed cases" are just those who tested positive. If you don't test adequately, you will not detect those that are infected and show mild symptoms. Estimates are that "only" 20% of the infected get a serious condition with one fourth of those needing intensive care. This means that the real number of infected can be 10 to 20 times higher. In the US testing is due to shortages mainly done for already symptomatic individuals. Infected that are currently incubating, so "presymptomatic", can still spread the virus, but have no chance of being detected this way. That means that, at 100k confirmed cases, there are currently about 1 to 2 million infected Americans.
>>402057 Reminder that the white proletariat in the US has no revolutionary potential and any US revolution will be in the hands of black and brown people. Who will have the butthurt diagnosis then? :)
>>402060 idpol
(52.68 KB 800x400 download.jpg)
>>402062 You don't know what that word means. Irish nationalism is idpol are you gonna tell people who want to liberate Northern Ireland that they're the 'bad ones'. Liberal idpol is bad because it atomizes people into groups of 'black' 'trans' etc and serves the goals of the capitalist and it divides the working class. Face it, you're a racist and just use marxism to hide.
>>402060 >Advocating for a race war Begone /pol/
>>402058 If so then the number would be 1% but also increases the chance of getting infected and because the US number doesn't seem to stop this could mean, at most, 3 million people could die.
>>402060 t. saKKKai Shock of Recognition was bretty gud tho
>>402065 if you're upset about anti white politics then explain who in an actual important position is perpetuating it.
>>402060 >in the hands of black and brown people >black LMAOOOO they voted for fucking Biden. the future of Amerikkka once again depends on the hispanic chad
>>402069 >measuring revolutionary potential by looking if someone voted for succdem larping as a socialist
>>402070 still better than voting for fucking senile old fart who happened to be obama's show monkey
>>402068 What are you even on about you retard >>402070 >Voting for Biden is revolutionary LOL and you call other people liberal
>>402070 Maaate, at this point Biden is the accellerationist candidate to the right of Trump Actually that is kinda based voting for the candidate most likely to destroy the USA
(163.81 KB 460x736 revolutionary_potential.png)
>>402071 >>402073 >>402075 Look guys, there's no revolutionary potential in Russia, they all vote for right-wing parties, there's no way something will happen in next five years. Stop caring about electoral politics so much. Everything will change under right circumstances.
>>402048 >Why do we keep throwing the 3.7% Chinese number in European and American countries when we have worse diets than the Chinese. Take a guess. There's a no-holds-barred humanitarian catastrophe ongoing in American hospitals, a loss of jobs absolutely on an unprecedented scale in history and there are now rape accusations against one of the brain-damaged pedophiles who will run the country for the next four years, and the mainstream media is blacking it all out. I've never seen such an absurdly large chunk of reality itself be completely ignored by media like this.
>>402082 sadly that was before fascism was a thing most white bois out there will soon join the fash than be socialist like the EVIL chinks and spics from china and venezuela
>>402082 >comparing backward feudal society that just had some reforms to mature bourgeois democracy that's in place for third of millennium.
>>402095 So you're saying the IRA were in the wrong?
>>402097 I'm saying you're a cunt
(46.28 KB 549x272 1.png)
>>402032 This same christ"com" user has been using David Ike's right wing conspiracy site as "source" against China, keeps posting the same /pol/ sinophobic screencaps and now HK shit. When will OldBO come back again?
>>402048 Keep in mind that the average age of those who caught the coronavirus in Italy is higher than those who caught it in other countries.
New thread : >>402113
>>402102 It's probably a bot. >>402114 Broheim, this is a recycling thread. It's perma-bumpable, but to avoid it growing out of control, it's limited to 500 posts, with the older ones being deleted as new ones are made.
(2.14 MB 2560x1920 1444942811493.png)
>>402032 The Maoists would have purged you in the Cultural Revolution for being a christ"com". Christianity was only tolerated starting in Deng era.
>>401059 Guess who gets a free pass to the gulag? It's a (You)
>>402049 >>402052 >>402102 >>402154 Cope harder Dengists. Lie, lie, lie - bye bye
>>402064 <Face it, you're a racist and just use marxism to hide. t. Lasalle
>>401059 where the fuck are the jannies ? remove all this rockstar bs, I don't care, it's offtopic
>>401142 what fucking racism
>>402319 Probably has something to do with anons saying nigger and chinks and shit, which sounds mean to liberal ears. Is my guess
>>402102 >When will OldBO come back again? we didnt deserve him. These pinned thread are absolutely filled with retarded offtopic shit, and the mods aren't cleaning it fast enough >>401224 how is that shit even legal in US ? >>401294 I mean, not to diminish health workers, but the main thing right now seem just about putting people on respirators, put them to sleep and monitoring, most people could prolly learn that in a two days training.
(203.87 KB 842x356 bethune.png)
>>402347 >most people could prolly learn that in a two days training. That's a bit naive fact is if you've been hospitalized you've got underlying conditions, which will exacerbate,or, you have a compromised immune system... Either way it will go beyond putting people on respirators. t. an MS sufferer
(715.71 KB 977x736 indianCHAD.png)
he's real
This was a good thread. Except for the bad stuff but still a good thread
>>402456 Does life imitate art, or vice versa?
>>402367 >bethune Based, based, beyond based. Back in Mao's day, his were the only statues of Westerners in China beside the old quartet of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.
(102.15 KB 1280x720 HUEHUEHUE.jpg)
A small update on Bolsonaro. First, I tried to sum up the madness which, I fear, is a worldwide trend, with Brazil, the USA and the UK as the worst current cases: >>399628 >>399659 As for the coronavirus, from the start, his puppeteers made him downplay it and whine about muh sensationalist press. As it kept spreading globally, his bullshit finally started shocking people instead of being omninormalized. When his entourage infamously spred the plague to Trump's clan and den of thieves, his unending stream of imbecility was finally starting to sink into people's minds -- and ditto for his American mindtardmaster. This doesn't mean, however, that he ever admitted having been a carrier, as that would make his culture war bullshit not just exposed, but impossible to ignore. So the circus kept doubling-down, which, incidentally, it's an atitude I have noticed they have accepted as inviolable dogma. Not cancelling the already iffy protests in March 15 which was called before the global spread (see post linked below) provoked visible outrage, and his "orders" for people to keep on woking were duly shat upon by everyone who isn't personally connected to his clan, including most, possibly all, governors, who overruled his bullshit. One of whom, a shameless crook and early Bolsonaro supporter, took particular offense with this disregard for the public health because he's a MD by trade. His disdain for Bozo's attitude was palpable during the press event, and, it should be said, a lot of Bozo's election partners-in-crime have been using the many opportunities to flee that sinking ship. Since reactionarism knows no bounds (I'm not being sarcastic when I say it's a pathological antagonism to civilization) his puppeteers had his powerless ass still give "orders" to include temples as the essential services which are to remain in operation during quarantine. Regarding Bozo's personal relationship with Corona-chan, see >>403252 Lastly, he's a cuck. Seriously. He hadn't been paying his missus much attention the past few months (not even a boob job seems to have done the trick), and she spent some time traveling the country as part of the health minister's entourage. Rumors, naturally, kept growing, until Bozo, tactical genius that he is, confirmed them by accident when he fired that minister out of the blue and forcing his wife into a lonely but short-lived sinecure at the national library.
>>402456 that dude is a fucking asshole stupid religious mongoloid told his family not to tell anybody else about it, what a shitty weasely thing to do
>>403331 what is the opposition like? does bozo show his face daily to give "updates" or anything
>>403592 Regarding Bozo's updates, well that's pretty much all he does. The other two branches have left him powerless outside of his ex officio duties, which now boil down to nominating people his handlers tell him to nominate. His ministers, however, have been shitting up their respective portfolios, but Bozo himself has almost nothing to do. He doesn't get invited to international meetings, foreign dignataries other than his few fellow troglodytes avoid him like the plague (even more so now), and even his public appearances have to be curtailed because he's literally too stupid to read from a teleprompter. His handlers actually have to come up with imbecilic declarations, cheap PR stunts like schmoozing with carefully selected people at rodeos, Facebook livestreams and manufactured controversies so the news has any reason at all to mention him. He was elected on Spectacle and fiction, so he needs Spectacle and fiction in order to continue to exist. About opposition, it's a topic in itself because of the many idiosyncracies of this new age in an already idiosyncratic country. One which I'll mention outright is that he his puppeteers completely wasted his political capital and chances at any kind of power grab out of sheer stupidity and pettiness. Several of the media outlets nominally opposed to him made overtures towards peace after the election, and all were rebuffed. His circus has the mentality of terminal reactionaries: they accept no cooperation other than complete submission to themselves. The biggest idiosyncracy is probably the political autism which has possessed the people after his election. People just plain don't seem to see politics as something which is part of their lives. The comparison with soap operas which I made in one of those posts is true in more than one sense, because politics not just has been completely depoliticized, but fully Spectacularized. Not necessarily in the sense of entertainment, but in the passivity that it entails. By definition, those who aren't acting are watching and can do nothing to change the act, and this seems to be how everyone unconsciously thinks of politics now, just something which you watch on the news and read on the internet and can't affect at all. So the left has been dead due to lack of presence in the streets, but then again, so has the right. Bozo's support peaked at the election and has only ever fallen since. Also, the media deliberately black out anything regarding the left to prevent its return to power in the wake of the clown inevitable pratfall, and in this horrible new world, if it's not in the media, it doesn't exist. I think this topic goes way, way deeper than I can express here, involving Spectacle, hyperreality, sociation consensual reality, consensus reality (not the same thing) and more. I dedicate a lot of posts in the BR thread to this. This divorce between people and politics is no doubt related to the anti-PT campaign which spun out of control and led to this fiasco. I fear the people have been legitimately conditioned in the true sense of the term. During about 5 years of the Brazilian establishment's concerted effort to oust and smear PT, they could summon immense crowds at will to astroturf anything connected to PT. Now, with the concerted effort over, they can no longer do so, and more importantly, the people won't act by themselves. It's like you trained a dog to bark on command but, unwittingly, this makes the dog never bark without your command again. Another factor, connected to the previous two, is the omninormalization which I detail in one of the linked posts. Bozo's circus gives us a reason to impeachment a day and gets away with it. The opposition media operates in the typical fashion of reporting "objectively" while using a very biased tone, choice of words etc. This worked wonders when the entire media was hammering the same message, but now, these indirect cues for twhich told the brainlets "you should be angry at this" or "this is actually something good" have no effect. So it just ends up making whatever is being reported, no matter how absurd, appear normal. The mechanism behind this is disturbing if my analysis is true, as it means that the conditioning done to the people includes making all the thinking for them. The anti-PT campaign taught them to not get just (biased) information from mass media, but what to think about that information. It's as if people lost the capacity to judge information by themselves, or to connect separate data in order to reach conclusions. Now the indirect cues of only part of the media are not enough an obvious command for the dog to bark, and the media is trapped by the very format it uses to manipulate information and serve bourgeois dictatorship. Namely, it cannot tell the unvarnished truth because the format since since the beginning of mass media was designed to keep this from happening in the first place. No one can make their hyperreality stick, so in the absence of one, whatever happens, happens. There is no baseline normalcy, there is no outrage nor shame so long as crimes and sins are committed with conviction. The anti-PT campaign spun out of control and broking fucking reality itself. Still regarding omninormalization, it's like this. If a newspaper were to print "Bolsonaro fucked a chicken" (he actually did) on the first page, it would be blitzed with lawsuits, smeared and ostracized by loyalist media, possibly harassed by his supporters and, now, also be defamed by the most delirious claims possible by a massive network of bots and shills. The fact itself it reported would be assimilated by very few people. I could fill a library with examples of this, so I'll just keep to the biggest case. Glenn Greenwald's paper revealed, with unassailable evidence, that the Car Wash operation, central to the anti-PT smear campaign and Bozo's subsequent election, was indeed in cahoots with several major media outlets and political powermongers, just like the left said. And it caused not just one but two coups, the disguised coupeachment and Lula's arrest in the election year by Car Wash itself. It's absolute fact that we have been living in a farce since 2013. And the impact of these earth-shattering revelations prompted an immense nothing at all. It helped Lula be freed earlier, but that's it. We're stuck in this bizarre limbo where facts literally don't matter anymore. That's because the only people with the power -- and the duty -- to act on these accusations are themselves the accused. It's like politicians simply ignored the Watergate revelations until reporters stopped asking, and the people didn't ask at all. By now, everyone outside of Bozo's circus and its criminal beneficiaries wants it burned to the ground, but they can't do so without incriminating themselves. So they're currently undoing the Car Wash fairy tale they helped create. Until then, it seems Bozo can get away with murder. Perhaps literally so, if they don't act on this coronavirus absurdity. One thing I noticed before the coronavirus finally creating some baseline reality against which people could better notice that indeed this president is a retarded crook, is that this happened, to a lesser degree, during the Amazon fires last year. This makes me think that something outside of the Brazilian reality, namely the international nature of these two topics, finally provided that baseline reality at least for a while. Having lost ours, that of someone who wasn't hit by the anti-PT campaign and the madness which followed served as surrogate.
>>403331 How the fuck didn't people demand him to step down? Seems like he send his nation directly into a massive catastrophe so that porky could reek in some extra gains.
>>403872 That's post-post-modernity for you: facts don't matter. And I have to point out that America and the UK are in the same position right now. The latter's PM attempted a palace coup and openly talked about a genocidal "strategy" for handling coronavirus, and somehow he's not only still alive but still in charge. America's throne will be disputed between two brain-damaged pedophiles. Slowly but surely, Porky debased his own system, and if my suspicions are right, he has begun doing this actually on purpose once Trump's accidental election made him realize he could get away with anything. He has decided to deliberately dumb people down in order to increase his already uncontested grasp on power and preserve the so-called end of history forever, and in the process, he broke something which we literally don't have words to describe, creating this insane situation. Here in Brazil, Bozo's rise was unsurprisingly married to the spread of particularly cretinous reactionarism, including flat-earthers and antivax. The right never elicited the best things in people, but now it's fully appealing to the very worst in us, without restraint. Pathological reactionaries are forcing their illness onto others, literally making people sick. The irony is that the obscurantism and crass individualism they have fostered now enables corona to ravage through society almost uninhibited. Who knew that spreading anti-science and fuck-you-got-mine mentality would backfire, right? Mercifully, Brazil and the UK aren't too far gone -- I was sure Trump's election would be the perfect historical mark for the end of the legitimacy of liberal democracy, but Brazil managed to earn a dishonorable mention alongside that, and temporarily surpassed America in this race to the bottom. Now America is undisputedly on the lead again, as Brazil and the UK still have sane people to hold the reactionary cretins back. It was the epicenter of the plague of imbecility, and it definitely didn't contain that one either.
(283.22 KB 1280x960 EDzZnIjWkAEqYVp orig.jpg)
>>403764 >>403872 >>405122 And lest anyone think there is a depthwhich reactionaries will not plumb, today Bolsonaro has been hobknobbing around Brasilia, shaking hands with the crowd and all that jazz, reaffirming that coronavirus is not a serious threat and claiming the numbers are being fraudulently inflated. Meanwhile, his vast network of bots is saying "a friend of a friend" died of a car crash and were shocked to see the death certificate listed "Covid 19" as the cause of death.
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b-oOpAX3ZUw >I've talked to some nurses and doctors, they said when this is over/done I'm out of here. <When the virus has been dealt with doctors and nurses will leave hospitals So, just how fucked is America (if) this does come true?
>>407971 That won't be a problem. They'll all be dead by then.


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