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/QTDDTOT/ III Anonymous 03/06/2020 (Fri) 19:16:47 No. 331128
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread: Part Three
Has anyone ran a meaningful computer simulation of a capitalist economy that is based on Marx's description of capitalism?
(95.75 KB 750x743 slurping.jpg)
>>331173 Why would you want to do that?....
>>331128 anyone has some introductory videos about communism?Marxism,anarchism,leftcom etc...the kind doesn't really matter
>>331226 Another demonstration that his analysis was correct, and one where different scenarios can be programmed in to see what generally happens.
>>331325 From here >>290051 <IMPERIALISM: >Michael Parenti: Globalization, the "New" Imperialism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnhYOvPvNEQ[Embed] >Michael Hudson: Resisting Empire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xluStDQp9yE[Embed] >The Face of Imperialism-Michael Parenti- part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKhRE61VE0E[Embed] >History is Marching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S-CwVJxxug[Embed] <MARXIST ECONOMIC THEORY AND BEYOND: >Crisis and Openings: Introduction to Marxism - Richard D Wolff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9Whccunka4[Embed] >Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: How Capitalism Works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGmEUR3gDew[Embed] >Left Out: Michael Hudson on Junk Economics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6y35aO_fpU[Embed] >Empire and Economics: The Long History of Debt-Cancelation from Antiquity to Today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4DkZ3CWFOk[Embed] >Dr. Michael Hudson: Economic Lessons for 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nluLNA30e8k[Embed] <LEFTIST CRITIQUE OF CULTURE: >What are societies of control? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_i8_WuyqAY[Embed] >Hauntology, Lost Futures and 80s Nostalgia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSvUqhZcbVg[Embed] >Capitalism, Cultural Disintegration, and Buzzfeed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9srhgHzUFd4[Embed] >The Emoji Movie, Adorno and the Culture Industry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-m_7G31yh4[Embed] >Capitalist Realism, Mental Illness and Societies of Control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPeBEcsmWTY[Embed] >A Dying Culture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jLbq9VwOK8[Embed]
>>331376 thanks
>>331336 I wouldn't be superised if Paul Cockshott has done that.
What do I respond when people say 'private property is a right'?
Is there a document page specifically for refuting all the most common lies told about the USSR?
>>331489 ask them why and then refute them
>>331489 it is, lol
>>331524 Spooky
>>331524 where do you stand ideologically?
>>331530 I'm an anarchist, why?
>>331534 which kind?ancap?collectivist?
>>331536 >ancap >anarchism pick 1
>>331541 i know,i know,but a ancap wont tell you that
>>331514 here's a masterpost on r/Communism for debunking common myths with sources: https://www.reddit.com/r/communism/wiki/debunk
>>331547 just want to know,so egoist?if so what kind?
>>331489 Of course it's a right, bourgeois society needs it to be a right to legitimize exploitation >>331514 Ismat has a wiki dedicated to USSR myths but it's in Russian, use a translator if you must http://wiki.istmat.info/#%D0%B2%D0%B2%D0%B5%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B5 Also check this out https://leftypedia.org/wiki/User:Anarcho-Bolshevik/compendium
>>331547 Oh my God you're so retarded, Stirner doesn't mean that private propery and state property are the same, what he means when he says that is that private property only exists because it's permitted to exist by the state. It literally says it right here: >When Stirner talks about specifically economic property in “My Intercourse,” he points out that private property is also state property, not my own property, because it exists only by law, that is, by permission of the state Also, that doesn't explain why private property rights isn't a spook, because guess what? It is.
>>331556 Good job putting words into my mouth. Rights being a spook does not mean that private property is not a right. You fucking imbecile.
>>331566 so your a ancap?
>>331566 Are you actually braindead? So the concept of rights is a spook to you but property rights aren't? Fucking retard
>>331568 I am not an ancap you fucking retard, I am against private property and rights.
>>331572 >im against rights this is why you should tell what ideology you follow,that makes it way clearer and allows for a better conversation,what are you if not a ancap?
What's the most underrated leftist meme ideology?
>>331576 Seethe
Is PMC a class of professionals and managers or a class of professional managers? For instance is a scientist a PMC?
>>331582 I think Anarcho-Primitivism is a beautiful meme since it seems a completely unworkable position to take if you want any kind of popular support. Yet it might very well be the future if/when everything goes to shit. >>331604 The first. A scientist would be a PMC.
>>331604 It's a bit of a misnomer, it's not quite a class as such A more accurate label would be Professional Managerial Strata
Reposting: bros, I'm new to leftist politics. I was vaguely right wing for a while, conservative-ish, but it mainly translated into total political apathy. Anyway, cut a long story short, I'm getting into socialist politics, voted for Bernie in the primaries and all that. Can anyone here recommend Socialist oriented groups or whatever in LA to get involved with? I feel like interacting with people irl will be the best way to learn more about it. I basically just want to avoid any groups that are obsessed with idpol. that just has no appeal to me. I work a minimum wage job and im tired of the way the econ screws over people like me. i want to join up with people that are serious about making conditions better for lower class people. don't care for snowflake politics. In the last thread someone said DSA and another person recommended checking out a socialist gun club. Any thoughts?
>>331128 How much of this board is burger? Because seeing both burger and asian burger (china) politics threads is especially active.
>>332100 ur a liberal
>>331128 Will I ever fall in love with a woman and get married with her?
>>332241 *to her
>>332258 Thank you based anon. My question has been answered.
>>331606 It sort of depends on the scientist and on the level of education. A lot of phd level scientists would certainly be PMC, however, anybody with a bachelor's or working in a tech position is basically the same as someone in trades at this point.
>>332100 DSA can be decent. It varies a lot chapter by chapter. If you can find a socialist gun club to join that would be good, or the IWW.
>>331128 Where can I read the full version of Politigram and the Post-Left? Not the edited online version, but the full scans from the print version
>>332325 It's like you didn't read what I said at all. DSA *can* be decent. Many anons on here have posted testimonials about their local DSA being based, while the national caucus is basically fucked. It depends where you are in the US.
>>332325 That's just horrendous, I hope the groups in LA aren't like that. >>332295 >IWW That actually makes a lot of sense. I will look into that.
How would the labor theory of value explain wine gaining value as it ages? This doesn't really take much labor, but does ad quite a bit of value.
(1.88 MB 332x378 1579053913845.gif)
>>332621 Simple, it doesn't since price isn't value. On the other hand Marx himself said that while not adding value to the product, keeping wine in the dark for long amount of time is necessary for it's production. You have to realize that what neo-classical economist call value, and what Marxist call value are two different things with the same name. In my view Marxist value explains the cause of a price while supply and demand explains how it fluctuates (which was Marx's argument, not someone else's)
>>332628 Even if you take out the supply and demand fluctuation, aged wine still has a higher equilibrium price in the long run and presumably a higher value.
>>332630 Yes, but so could have a piece of land while it not having one hour of work be spend on it. There are products which escape the dynamics of majority of production and wine can be said to be one of those. You won't get much success with land, wine or software whenever you buy into Marxist value, marginal utility or whatnot.
>>332621 Good question. Random price-value deviations, sometimes going above and sometimes below, are not a problem if that cancels out so that the correlation still holds in the big picture. But here we have a systematic bias in one direction. A chemical reaction takes time and makes something more useful, reflected in it fetching a higher price if you wait longer to let these processes do more before selling it. How can this be squared with claiming that prices basically reflect labor time? Ricardo himself raised the issue, also with wine being the example. Marx read Ricardo thoroughly and took many notes, so I figured there's probably something in his notes about it. He planned to release a book after Capital III dealing in detail with other authors' writings about value. But neither he nor Engels actually did actually to do that. Kautsky did that in the early 20th century using the unfinished script by Marx, the thing is called "Theories of Surplus Value", and sometimes referred to as "Capital Volume IV", as Marx would have called it himself. So I just went to my folder of the Marx-Engels-Werke and opened "Theorien über den Mehrwert" (Band 26-1, Band 26-2, Band 26-3) and did the ctrl+f search for "Wein" (since Marx wrote in German) as well as "wine" (since he quoted in English). I think I found a relevant section about the wine question in 26-2, chapter 10, starting around page 175 (ranting about Ricardo's confusions). Marx also mentions there dyeing and tanning as alternative examples. Marx says there that, when assuming a given equalized profit rate across all industries and differences in different industries how long it takes to bring something to market like with wine, it is indeed logically impossible to have commodities that exchange at ratios according to labour values ("daß das Verhältnis von variablem Kapital und konstantem, bei gleicher Größe des ausgelegten Kapitals, Waren von ungleich großen Werten und daher von verschiednem Profit erzeugen muß, daß die Ausgleichung dieser Profite daher von den Werten der Waren verschiedne Kostenpreise erzeugen muß"). But he also says in that chapter that the sum of the various commodities together are sold at aggregated value and that the equalization of profits is governed by the sum of the surplus value in them ("Summe der Waren zu ihrem Wert verkauft und die Ausgleichung der Profite selbst durch die Summe des in ihnen enthaltnen Mehrwerts bestimmt"). Another relevant section is in 26-3, chapter 20, page 81 and following (ranting about Mill), and also page 177 and following (still ranting about Mill). Marx says that a part of aggregate surplus value is transferred to the capitalist who has to wait longer. ("Es wird von dem in andren Sphären produzierten Mehrwert (die Konkurrenz bewirkt diese Ausgleichung, worin jedes besondre Kapital nur als aliquoter Teil des gesellschaftlichen Kapitals erscheint) ein Teil auf diese der direkten Exploitation der Arbeit ungünstiger situierten Kapitalien, im Verhältnis zu ihrer bloßen Größe, übertragen.") Marx states once again that it's impossible to directly explain the size of the profits of individual capitalists by the amounts of surplus they individually extract. He rejects as rhetorical sleight of hand Mill's attempt to talk about the wine in the cellar as if labor getting applied to it, and likewise rejects as ridiculous McCulloch "solving" the issue by just calling labor all sorts of physical/chemical processes.
>>333219 So, if profit rates weren't equalized, wine wouldn't increase in value with aging? Seems counter-intuitive.
Human nature is a scam and it doesn't exist, at least not in the way kapitalist purport it to be.
>>333233 They don't have to perfectly equalize, but basically yeah. In the scheme of Marx, surplus value in the aggregate only exists because it gets squeezed out of freshly done labor. This means that a capitalist who puts a big share of his spending into machines and other resources and doesn't employ many to work with that does not squeeze much surplus value out of his own workers. Surplus value in the aggregate is just another word for aggregate profit, but the profits of individual capitalists do not correspond to the size of surplus they squeeze out of their respective workers.
What's the difference between state capitalism and birdcage?
Extremely random but does anyone remember the thread in old leftypol that had a couple of really weird and edgy satanist socialist ideologies? I think one of the videos was called something along the lines of "white luciferian socialism". I've tried finding it but can't for the life of me, if anyone remembers the names, please tell me, that shit was hilarious.
(320.48 KB 1473x1061 glass4.jpg)
>>336824 >Why, yes, I am a follower of the immortal ideology of white germanized kim il sungist juche satanic luciferian socialism, how could you tell?
>>336858 LMAO I laughed way too much at this thank you anon
>>336858 >no crotch bulge If your ideology doesn't give everyone who follows it an enormous dick and balls, then your ideology is trash.
>>336824 >>336858 Just checked, youtube took it down apparently :(
>>336824 I remember that guy, he was hilarious. His account got closed but someone else has reuploaded some of his videos. I don't have the links here but I'll post it when I get to my computer
>>336996 Holy fuck thank you so much anon it's been way too long since I've seen those videos
(36.89 KB 640x628 b2c.jpg)
Yo, when will I get my gf to fuck me? We've been dating for a month now, she's a virgin and I'm the first guy she's ever dated (which kinda puts me in an awkward position, like, I like her, but not a needy ass teen like I used to be, and I kinda get a decent amount of attention from women so sometimes i prefer being "flexible"), so she's kinda really holding off, because, idk, she's just scared or some shit I guess, idk. Idk what to do, I've massive blue balls, keep tryna pluck birches off tinder, and keep cooming to porn (which fucks with my ability to get fully hard but also I need to coom or I think about sex 24/7 nd think about fucking half the chicks I see). What can I do, anons? Preferably not saying "I love you"?
Why does leftypol call everything they don't like idealism? Are 'idealism' and' learn to dialectics ' the' have sex and seethe' of this board
>>332634 I don't agree at all. Aged wine costs more labor to make, in one way or another. Otherwise, all wine would be aged and prices would stabilize to what they cost un-aged. Not sure what exactly this entails, but I find it hard to believe that wine will be a magic exception. Land increases in value with indirect labor increasing its value. Like building a mall, or a road nearby. Software is artificially made scarce. It is rent seeking, akin to patents. There are portions that are "true" labor, like software support, or installing software for clients. Where scarcity is not made artifically via laws but is made via software (DRM), it's somewhere between patents and landlords. Still rentseeking though. Many companies are moving to subscription based revenue models, including Microsoft's Windows for example, making the rent seeking transparent. On the wine question, I honestly couldn't understand >>333219 but an alternative explanation is that aging wine is relatively "dangerous" because the end result can turn to vinegar. This risk would be priced in. There's also the issue of marketing and monopolization, some wine producers, or "years" are "known to be good" so they can raise prices. Npt sure if wine, but other spirits evaporate during aging, which means that you get more concentrated labor. Cellars can also cost, storage can become a problem and they are not a cheap investment, so this cost might also be amortized.
>>337576 Aged wine is not a freely reproducible commodity, neither is artwork produced by dead artists.
>>337576 >On the wine question, I honestly couldn't understand >>333219 Indeed. You over-specialize by putting too much focus on wine specifically and you are losing the plot. Wine is just an example for the general question, which is not about risk (though that's also an issue with wine), but simply about chemical processes that take time. Suppose for a moment a scenario where prices directly reflect labor time that goes into products.* In such a world, why should a capitalist invest in industries that have long waiting time between investment and return because of necessary chemical processes you have to wait through? During that time another capitalist can invest in something else, make profit, re-invest, make more profit… That scenario doesn't make sense. So, to have incentive to invest in industries with obviously longer waiting time, the capitalist must expect higher returns just for waiting longer. And this should not be some edge case, but the normal state of affairs. That is the usual position of lolberts on that question, and it also happens to be the position of Marx, though neither lolberts nor you Marxists seem to be aware of that. *We can add to that the caveat that sometimes supply overshoots demand or the opposite happens, and then you have a discrepancy. It doesn't matter for the point to be made.
what's the meaning of the little red "X" that appears in some thread OPs?
>>338456 It's bumplocked, so posting won't bump it anymore. Hovering over the icons shows you.
>>331128 Anarchist get called out for their "justified hierarchy" argument because according to that definition MLs would be anarchist since they also want a stateless society with a temporary state only because its necessary,how do anarchists respond to this?
>>338456 Moderator interference so that additional posts can't bump up the thread anymore.
>>338475 Not an anarchist but from what some anarchists believe as I've seen (anarchists please correct me if I'm wrong) most anarchists believe shit like a state (they don't call it a state but come on it is), bureaucracy, conscription, death camps, etc, etc to be only justified in the case of war or a similar situation. So anarchists believe the bolsheviks should've abolished the state immediately after they won the civil war.
>>338818 >anarchists believe the bolsheviks should've abolished the state immediately after they won the civil war I've argued with them over this and told them that war never really left the USSR because when the civil war ended fighting continued in some areas for years, then there was a border war with China, some war scares and then came the rise of fascism, WWII and the cold war.
>>338863 Ofc, that's where anarchists tend to lose me as well, you need to defend your revolution. The physical war is just the beginning, real threats and possible ones will still exist, without a state how will they ever defend themselves properly?
>>338877 i said this before and ill say it again,a state might be necessary for short term decisions,like punishing your daughter if she had been naughty,but we both know that is not a good long term method to raise a child,anarchism is the healthy but more difficult way,give it time to grow and it can do everything a state can,a anarchist USSR could have survived,ive yet to hear a thing a anarchist territory cant do once it has been established
>>338942 *that a state could,obviously a anarchist territory cant do literary everything,it cant make Kropotkin rise from the dead as a god and destroy all parents who have been authoritarian against edgy anarchist teenagers
Does the old methodology of imperialism where you annex countries and incorporate them into yours still work in the modern world?
>>340509 Imperialism was useful because it allowed capitalism to grow and absorb new markets, new labour-power, and new commodities. It's a much different situation today because even countries which hew an independent path from the dominant powers WANT to be a part of the global capitalist system. They are fighting to remain integrated to it. The greatest punishment that the USA can mete out to its enemies, in fact, is to hit them with sanctions and isolate them economically.
How would the state be withered away after a Marxist Leninist government has done its work and is now ready to dissolve?
>>341285 When class contradictions are finished, and when they manage to find a way to completely replace currency. Depending on who you ask some communists will tell you there would still be a government in this stateless society but some others say all type of government would be abolished as well.
>>341285 Hot take, but it wouldn't. People here seem so stuck to this idea but I doubt anyone here truly believes in it. Class society will emerge since the surplus still is handled by the people at the top of the party (and no, this doesn't make it state capitalism). Furthermore, isn't modern industry in itself the cause of (current) classes? You can't have modern factories without hierarchies that often are well set and immovable. I don't believe you can truly achieve statelessness in a meaningful sense, even though you can classlessness, in the current day. For that we will have to wait few decades till industry develops so much that the current dynamics of production don't hold anymore. So expect something two to three decades from now that causes this, seeing how we are progressing with various new ways to produce.
How much of the population were in gulag?
>>331226 why wouldn't you want to do that?
I remember reading somewhere that either Lin Biao or Mao Zedong wrote something basically supporting class-collaborationism between the national bourgeoisie and proletariat, that the relation could be made to be non-exploitative. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?
>>353000 From wikipedia: >In the original description of the flag by Zeng, the larger star symbolizes the Communist Party of China, and the four smaller stars that surround the big star symbolize the four social classes (the working class, the peasantry, the urban petite bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie) of China's New Democracy mentioned in Mao's "On the People's Democratic Dictatorship".
>>353000 Mao talked about this on New Democracy. I honestly have a hard time understanding how this wasn't straight up revisionism and a right wing deviation. Curiously, the idea of allying with the national bourgeois against imperialism is identical to what the original Nazbols proposed in 1919, and that was denounced by communists.
Why do Trots use the hammer and sickle symbol, despite the fact, that the main proposition of trotskyism is the rejection of the peasantry as a revolutionary force?
>>353275 >How would the state be withered away after a Marxist Leninist government has done its work and is now ready to dissolve? Are you talking about specifically "Marxist-Leninists" or just Marxists / communists in general? >>352810 At any given time it was probably 3-4% at most, although millions went through the system across the years. >>353275 >the main proposition of trotskyism is the rejection of the peasantry as a revolutionary force? uh, what?
their is this series of lectures i have been watching as a introduction of Marxism,is it any good or should i look for something else? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8B2364D7C0D31D63
what are some good redpills to drop about the prison system?
(391.11 KB 650x533 onlysocialist.png)
Where does this image come from? Is it from 'Up Series', because it reminds me of that.
>>354601 That most-all US/European countries actively use slave labor for a majority of the still-existing industrial processes (cars especially) in said countries along with customer service (call center) work. pic related.
Why was socialist Burma so shit?
>>356453 That's a movie actually, it's about two gay teens, one rich and one poor but I can't for the life of me remember the name.
So what's the Marxist analysis on large scale implementation of 3D printing in the industry? Could it aid communism? yes/no? is it just a meme?
>>358432 All new labor-saving technologies (let's assume 3D printing is such) will make the transition to a socialist society faster and more effective by allowing human beings to dedicate their lives to the full and free development of their creative and productive potential rather than being stuck in a sweatshop or on an assembly line. I don't know much about 3D printing specifically though.
"The capitalist knows that all commodities, however scurvy they may look, or however badly they may smell, are in faith and in truth money, inwardly circumcised Jews, and what is more, a wonderful means whereby out of money to make more money." What did Marx mean by this? Is it a reference to Romans 2:25?
"On the days of great popular rejoicing, when instead of swallowing dust as on the 15th of August and 14th of July under capitalism, the communists and collectivists will eat, drink and dance to their hearts' content, the members of the Academy, of moral and political sciences, the priests with long robes and short, of the economic, catholic, protestant, jewish, positivist and free-thought church; the propagandists of Malthusianism, and of Christian, altruistic, independent or dependent ethics, clothed in yellow, shall be compelled to hold a candle until it burns their fingers, shall starve in sight of tables loaded with meats, fruits and flowers and shall agonize with thirst in sight of flowing hogsheads." What did Lafargue mean by this? Why the color yellow? Is this a reference to The King in Yellow!?
>>363259 lmao just say yes or no instead of being a passive agressive cunt
>>363259 One of the symbolic meanings of yellow is being a coward.
(15.66 KB 250x373 Yellow.jpg)
>>363329 Yes, I thought this too, but the color yellow as cowardly doesn't seem correct as the color was traditionally associated with jealousy and envy. For example, Judas is often depicted as wearing yellow. Jews were compelled to wear the color yellow by Caliph Omar II (717) and then by King Edward I (1270). But what would the members of the Academy, of moral and political sciences, the priests with long robes and short, of the economic, catholic, protestant, jewish, positivist and free-thought church; the propagandists of Malthusianism, and of Christian, altruistic, independent or dependent ethics have to be jealous and envious of!? Why would they be cowards!? The English etymological origin of yellow as cowardly is from 1856, of unknown origin. The french etymological origin suggests that yellow was the color of infamy and dishonor (Hugo 1832), but this seems to be a religious thing, the very religiousness that Lafargue is arguing against.(?) I have found a reference to so-called Yellow Unions, who used the symbol of a yellow acorn and broom. They worked with the ruling class to oppose strikes, but that reference is from Jean Jaurès in 1901. And the first yellow union, the Fédération nationale des Jaunes de France was started in 1902, with the color yellow chosen in opposition to socialism's red. But all of this was long after 1883 when Lafargue was writing! Lafargue didn't go to England until 1865 after being banned from the French universities. It was here that he met Marx. Was the term widely used by that time? Marx in The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon, refers to Marrast, a mayor of Paris, as the Republican in yellow gloves. He explains that this is because during the French Revolution, "[The nation] suddenly finds itself set back into a defunct epoch, and to remove any doubt about the relapse, the old dates arise again -- the old chronology, the old names, the old edicts, which had long since become a subject of antiquarian scholarship, and the old minions of the law who had seemed long dead." Maybe this was an influence?
Where should i start for studying anarchism? Should i begin with the beginning and start with Proudhon? with which book should i start?
>>365627 Don’t but if you must, read Conquest of Bread by Kropotkin
>>365653 already read it, whats next?
>>353275 Well they did used a lightning bolt here. Which ironically made them look like fascists as they completely rejected the formation of a united front against imperialism and fought against the Vietminh while the Brits were invading Saigon. Fuck them.
I've seen this quote, written by Marx, referenced both by Camus and the Great Soviet Encyclopedia: >an end for which unjust means are required is not the right end alternatively >An end that requires unjust means is not a just end What writing is it from? Google isn't turning anything up and I'm interested in the context of the quote.
>>379286 I can't find the source. As best as I can tell it may have been from a work published in 1847, but I don't know. If you can find me more details I will search the collected works.
>>365657 I really like Emma Goldman's Anarchism and other essays. I also liked the bread book. I read a chomsky book on anarchism, skip that shit tbh. I audiobooked three cheers for anarchism while at the gym, it was ok, I wouldn't recommend it though. t. ML.
>>379286 made up quote by a radlib
>>379823 thanks
>>365689 >refusing to join a “united front against Japanese imperialism” that included french imperialists The trots had the correct position, and now Vietnam in a giant McDonald’s factory that is more controlled by burger corporations than the former south Vietnam ever was.
why is the left so sectarian?
What would you say is further right: Nazism or more traditional reaction, like conservatism, monarchism and such?
>>383188 If we go from less reactionary to more, I'd say the right wing goes like this: Keynesians, socdems, progressive liberals > conservative liberals, neocons, neoliberals > Fascists, ultranationalists > Monarchists, traditionalists, wahhabists, Evola, etc
>>383206 Yeah. that was kinda my thinking as well, thank you
are there any good leftist youTubers to watch?
I’m very new to this whole leftism thing, but I’m still confused as to what the spending habits of a communist should be. I know people here hate small business owners because they are trying to become bourgeoisie and people also hate bigger corporations for pretty much the same reasons. How should I CONSOOM? Yeah I know the whole thing about no ethical consumption I just wanna know what’s best
>>383670 any video in particular recommended?
>>383664 you mean like buying locally? i think worrying about your consumption in that sense is a capitalist problem. A poor worker doesn't have a choice but to shop at walmart or amazon for the lowest price. Not sure what you mean by best, where you shop isn't going to accelerate the decline of capitalism, if thats what you mean. I'm vaguely aware of some notion about supporting local business to stop gentrification, but it sounds like a bunch of idpol to me tbh. Might be wrong. Hopefully someone comes along and gives more detailed answers but if they don't just know that it doesn't matter. >>383683 depends on what you're interested in. "A dying culture" is a 3 hour marxist documentary about contemporary culture. try this segment if you're not sure if its something you'd like https://youtu.be/cSFbP8NYffE the other documentary they have is about geopolitics here's one of the more interest segments there https://youtu.be/xtPzNr94wM8
>>380185 that question probably deserves its own tread
Which ideology represents a mix between blanquism and workers' power?
Are there any families in Africa still around that got their wealth from the trans atlantic slave trade? If not, what happened to their wealth?
Who here has unironically studied and considered Juche ideology? Is it Marxist?
>>384830 I don't know about families, but Liberia had a brutal legacy of colonialism. I believe the Anglofied former slaves of Liberia (from the US) became the dominating group of Liberia, and left an oppressive legacy. Don't take my word on that though, just study it.
Question: communism is also about abolishing class. But the way some people here fetishize labour and proles sometimes. Is there something to stop communism from just creating another hierarchy where it is just people who work at the top and everybody else at the bottom. Or there to be a culture where people who do manual labor to be at the top and what could be considered "artsy" labor to be at the bottom? Now it its CEO at the top and a janitor at the bottom. In a communist world would it turn to. Carpenter above a Teacher or something like an artist?
>>331583 Not OP but he's clearly right here. And you're being an asshole for no reason.
>>384388 leninism?
>>385240 >Is there something to stop communism from just creating another hierarchy where it is just people who work at the top and everybody else at the bottom. Why is that a bad thing? >Or there to be a culture where people who do manual labor to be at the top and what could be considered "artsy" labor to be at the bottom? The USSR was kind of like that, manual laborers like miners were among the highest paid occupations while artists and such were much less so.
>>385240 >manual labor to be at the top and what could be considered "artsy" labor to be at the bottom? This is impossible and could never happen.
>>385240 >Carpenter above a Teacher or something like an artist? depends on what you would consider hierarchy. doctors and other high skill labor would likely still be revered. but if its all done democratically then everyone still gets one vote. otherwise its a nomenklatura that would have power not any merit based profession.
What is the current status of the Communist Party of Peru (Shining Path)? Did they, as certain Peruvian outlets claim, all move on to a temporary renunciation of armed struggle only to resume later in the forms of MOVADEF and FUDEPP? Or did Gonzalo completely give up? A related question, does anyone have any good books on the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist movements worldwide after Gonzalo's capture?
>>384897 Consult the DPRK thread
>>385469 I have no problem if laborers are most paid. But it does seem stupid to go from one class system to another when abolishing it completely is better. I understand that government can't do much about attitudes people have regarding carrers. >>385471 idk artists are always seen as inferior burden on society types. the only change we would need is to get rid of CEOs. >>385472 you know how movie stars and sports athletes get tested for this virus before everybody else. that kind of hierarchy. i'm not saying that replacing that with one which values manual labor more wouldn't be awesome. just it might create another class animosity between people who do desk jobs vs people who lift and mine stuff. would a communist state free us from the rich vs the exploited class but go on to create a faux class war of blue collars vs white collars?
>>385535 Hierarchy =/= class system. As long as nobody can accumulate capital, purchase private property and start exploiting others, I don't really care if certain professions get more labor vouchers or enjoy more social respect. I see it neither as a problem or something that has a solution unless you want to go full Harrison Bergeron barracks communism dystopia.
>>385544 Because you see yourself as becoming one of the better off.
>>385544 Doling out more labour vouchers to some is going to create some class stratification especially since labour vouchers will translate into material possessions.
>>385554 Class is the relation to the means of production not when you have more stuff than someone else.
>>385554 Even with the same amount there will be those who effectively wield more power and are higher regarded. Like teachers, journalists, doctors, artists and intellectuals in general.
>>385558 t. vulgar marxist
>>385544 Okay. Yeah. I was just worried about the social respect thing snowballing into bigger stuff.
>>385648 It's naive to think it won't snowball.
>>385660 Very naive. Especially if there are material benefits involved.
>>385660 >>385664 Can you outline exactly how it can snowball and what is your solution?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imagine_(John_Lennon_song)#Composition_and_writing >Lennon stated: "'Imagine', which says: 'Imagine that there was no more religion, no more country, no more politics,' is virtually the Communist Manifesto, even though I'm not particularly a Communist and I do not belong to any movement." Is it true or just a pure ideology? Because I have not read the comiefesto.
>>385678 Yuppie libertine bullshit. He would never give up his upper class lifestyle.
>>385680 nah Lenon was based, the other beatles were Yuppie shit heads
>>385678 Why have you not read it
>>385683 Liberal celebrity stans get the wall too.
>>385670 I ask because I don't know. You see now how the government giving subsidies and bailing out the companies make people grow restless and resent them. Yeah, the state will never have to bail out janitors with 2.5 trillions mops. I'm just a worrier. There could be some uncomfortable times during the slow transition where the world starts respecting blue collar jobs too. Semi related to this topic. Anybody find it weird that regular rural americans boomers really love and respect the working class jobs. Hate the elite rich people and their fancy colleges. Always arm themselves because they don't trust the feds. BUT they somehow hate communism. Is it just that they love their property and land too much. IS that the only thing keeping them away form the real REDpill?
>>385688 twitter slang users also get the wall too. be more mindful of who gets the wall or we will run out of the wall.
>>385727 >BUT they somehow hate communism. Have you missed 70+ years of mccarthyism, redbaiting, COINTELPRO, anti-communist propaganda from every corner etc anon?
How do I motivate myself to read more Marxist books?
>>385747 Do a little bit of reading every day. Start out small and go bigger with time.
>>385747 stop cooming
>>385747 Try to get physical copies or at least use a reader, reading shit from a computer is very tough and tiring. Use stickies and take notes like you're studying too, that helped me. Makes it feel like you're learning things and not just mindlessly consuming information.
>>385738 i know but you'd imagine their distrust of the government might make them give it a second look like how does somebody hate the big government yet believe all of its propaganda
>>385751 stfu >>385747 only coom on the days you read marxist books so you will associate it with pleasure lol
>>385804 even better, coom WHILE reading Marx
>>385867 wtfwtf lewd
What the fuck is "social fascism?"
>>385903 Edgy ML speak for social democracy.
>>385747 read as early in the day as possible and then later in the day reward yourself with the things that make you un motivated in the first place So for every hour or so of reading later in the day you can reward yourself with a few minutes of watching YouTube or playing video games or whatever it is that you like to do. I personally do 1 hour of studying or exercising = 15 minutes of fun later in the day.
>>385754 Oh yeah this too here’s a short video on the topic https://youtu.be/zRDJcPLQvA4 If you would still like to continue using e books still physically write down notes regardless. Talking about what you have learned with someone is also really good
what the heck is 'sakaism'?
>>385466 Ok, now has any instance of leninism or similar ideology where it actually applied its beliefs and didn't roll back on its workers' representation ever existed?
>>386042 An ideology invented by failsons on Something Awful to explain away their awkward feelings about interactions with the actual working class (caused by the two factors of class difference and autism) as of course the consequence of themselves being 2deep4u for the stupid and white-suprematist working class. (They don't ever picture blacks as working, so they think of blacks and the working class as two distinct groups.) The Holy Bible of this group is Settlers by Sakai (just like the Holy Bible of the Christians, neither fans nor haters actually ever read it). Sakai is said to be an Asian-American, but I have never seen an actual image of him. The position they have is that the working class of America is shit and reactionary, including all unions and radicals, and the workers are actually exploiting the rest of the world, so they shouldn't be helped ever and it's actually good when they suffer (a position which aligns with the class interest of many Sakai-ists, what a coincidence).
>>386088 sounds like doomerist version of third worldism. thanks
>>386088 WTF is this shit lmfao
>>385680 >>385683 I'm willing to bet that he never read the book, because: >is virtually the Communist Manifesto >I'm not particularly a Communist
>>386111 Wasted trips
>>386042 >the effort principle >more effort for note taking = better memory I somehow doubt this, it you use a stone tablet and a chisel do you remember it even better than if you had used a pen ? Maybe it's that typing on a computer involves a different or fewer neurons than handwriting. There's other variables as well computer screens have much lower contrast that paper and hence the neurons for processing formal symbols get stimulated less.
>>385680 What is upper class lifestyle And what most one give up in a communist world
Are landlords the real revolutionary subject? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTuIMjMUMak
>>386199 Damn this is so touching :( Poor landlords D;, I'm crying so much, my thoughts go out to these poor souls D;
Is it possible to be a communist but absolutely despise the working class and fight for them almost solely because you don't want reaction to win?
>>386844 dont see why not
>>386181 having lots of money and fucking lots of whores
>>386181 >And what most one give up in a communist world being above others
>>386844 but why
>>386844 you would have to balance your hatred with the task of actually appealing to and working with the masses. difficult trick, but if you're really really good at compartmentalizing then I guess??? still, whyda fuck do you hate working people anyway
How would vegan anarchists / animal liberators do research during a pandemic? How would an anarchist society control a pandemic?
>>388089 each commune would try to solve the problem themselves and if its to serious for that communes will come together to discuss the issue, generally when someone asks the question "who will do X" for small things the answer will always be the commune and for big things different communes will come together and together solve it
Absolutely despise my roommates stuck living with them stuck financially LIFE IS HELL HELP ME!
>>388100 squat a home, live for free
>>388103 More...
>>388106 honestly i cant tell you more, i used to hang out with some homeless people as a kid but that is all i know, look up a guide you tube or something, that is all i can tell you
>>388091 you are describing a ad-hoc reactive system, that's horrible for solving a crisis, especially if you try to organize like a few hundred millions of communes to respond quickly in an emergency.
>>388108 Housing would completely change my life. I fell for the roomates meme, god its eating my youth!
>>388111 tell me, what is the problem?
>>388109 why would it be so ineffective?
>>388112 Roomates are sadistic freaks and I want my own life but am completely broke and have no options. my family lives in a crowded slum apartment it's this or homelessness.
>>388122 you want to talk about it?
>>388111 Imagine getting your life ruined by a cunts that reveal in your pain. Yep I got stuck in a SWAMP of toxic people!
>>386877 >>386881 niceu niceu desu i have no money, am virign and above everybody only in my head i am da commie baybeee
i'm thinking about going through all of marx to make an infographic about the young vs old marx. has anyone done this already so I don't have to do all that work and can just make the graphic?
>>388145 https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1938/09.htm Here lad a nice short book to read while you're stuck at home
>>388154 Thanks
(68.58 KB 659x465 tuff mickey guy.jpg)
does anyone have educational but shill video content? preferably about anarchism since i need to learn more about that
>>389057 Lmao what is that bastardization of Che's quote?
>>389070 dont know, just thought it was funny, i had this image even before i was a communist
(928.07 KB 1928x2160 ETfKmujWoAMfylh.jpg)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_petition_against_age_of_consent_laws What did French kultural Marxist postmodernist mean by this?
>>389057 Just wait until you hear about Disneyland gangs
>>389057 no one responds to the actual message so i will say it again without image: does anyone have educational but shill video content? preferably about anarchism since i need to learn more about that
>>391698 AudibleAnarchist uploads audiobooks of anarchist literature on youtube. I don't have any straight-forward anarchist channels (the popular ones are shit grifters and shouldn't be named) but three adjacent ones are Red Plateaus (libertarian Marxist), Scientific Direct Democracy (broadly libertarian communist) and Taranis News (good footage of French insurrecto-rioting).
>>391126 There is nothing wrong with age of consent laws, except, of course, how arbitrarily the numbers are calculated, since science is not utilized to determine what a "proper adult" is, and it is instead chosen by the dumb old liberal boomers in charge. Coincidentally, those same dumb liberal boomers in charge also think circumcizing infants is something that should be done without the child's consent. Very interesting. I wonder why age of consent does not apply to such a decision?
>>391811 thanks anon, my country is on lockdown so i cant go to the library and i just dont like Ebooks, if anyone has more contend for me to watch then that is appreciated
Was in /crisis/ and the conversation of "ultra's" came up >>391975 What are they exactly? I have this inclination that I don't like about them am I wrong. Still a bit of a theorylet here.
>>392030 Basically annoying mostest-leftest twerps. You'll find them interjecting in (read: disrupting) conversations on the USSR about definitions of the word socialism and the commodity form (leftcom), complaining about agitation within electoral campaigns because of reformism and social fascism (ML), derailing anarchist organization due to the presence of hierarchies, or waging inter-leftist conflict due to some perceived ideological slight (Maoist).
>>392070 >waging inter-leftist conflict due to some perceived ideological slight (Maoist). I see zero problems with this
>>392074 Just say you have no problem keeping capitalism anon. Thats what the de-facto is with endless sectarian shit throwing. Id actually like to see a fruitful revolution occur one that defeats counter revolutionaries. I can compromise with other leftist tendencies as long as we agree to work it out in the end.
>>392070 Hot take ultra's are in the way of mythical "leftist unity"
>>392125 if you think successful revolution has to do with avoiding criticizing other leftists, you obviously have never read Lenin.
>>392143 >waging inter-leftist conflict >criticizing other leftists <admonishing someone else for not reading
>>331128 So I showed a friend this video >>381119 and he went on to say Lenin was a jew along with Trotsky that they killed 10 million Christians, and he even went on to say that there's no evidence of anything like that happening to the Jews Then he went on to reference some twitter personality called Mike Enoch who said there was no evidence for the holocaust. Thoughts? I know he's wrong and not to mention Lenin wasn't even a Jew. Only reason I ask is I feel this is a big opportunity to respond back in a detailed way and to make him flip to us. I don't have much experience dismantling these sort of lies so I ask people thoroughly in the trenches fighting this sort of stuff. Thanks /leftypol/
(888.92 KB proofs.webm)
>>392164 Learn to be a proofy proofster and yell PROOFS? at everyone that asserts something retarded, then pick apart their evidence. Most of the time the evidence makes stuff up, ignores things, uses logical fallacies tips fedora or references some text that doesn't even say what they're claiming it does (CTRL+F is your friend). Always go in hard on things like Lenin and Stalin being Jews because the source is near universally some stupid infographic and you can tease them over it for being a dumbass.
>>392164 Ask him what his evidence on Soviet gorillions is
>>392143 Criticism is fair game. AS IT ALWAYS SHOULD BE Its about not letting your sectarianism get in the way of overthrowing capitalism.
Does anyone have any books or sources they could recommend on Indigenous struggles in North America, particularly Canada, and their place in a broader leftist struggle? It would be great if it were an actual Indigenous source, but anything would be fine. I have watched a few videos and read some articles on the subject, but they all seem to be in the vein of Sakai, talk in vague terms without any clear praxis and sometimes fall into what I feel to be borderline noble savage romanticism(note: all these sources were just white people). I have been thinking about this a lot the past few days. I feel really uninformed on the subject as all I have to go on is what I learned history courses I have taken and would really appreciate any help.
Okay so what do you do during an imperialist war if your allies are imperial partners but your nation is a subject and is on the verge of invasion and occupation? Take Serbia during WWI as an example.
What second language should I learn that will best help me organise/prepare for the revolution? I live in the UK.
>>394472 Learn the second most used language in your community, and then the language of the socialist nation most likely to come to your aid
>>394472 >I live in the UK. Spanish might be good just look at this https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-spain-nationalises-private-hospitals-emergency-covid-19-lockdown-2020-3 Spanish is good because it uses the Latin alphabet which already makes it easy af. There's a language learning thread on /hobby/ with some great resources. I recommend Pimsleur to start off here's a link with all of them https://mega.nz/#F!l4FHkD4J!zUFsx5UIIOX7OspNuikSmw
>The state will be able to wither away completely when society adopts the rule: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs", i.e., when people have become so accustomed to observing the fundamental rules of social intercourse and when their labor has become so productive that they will voluntarily work according to their ability. "The narrow horizon of bourgeois law", which compels one to calculate with the heartlessness of a Shylock whether one has not worked half an hour more than anybody else­­ this narrow horizon will then be left behind. There will then be no need for society, in distributing the products, to regulate the quantity to be received by each; each will take freely "according to his needs". can someone explain what Lenin means by "the fundamental rules of social intercourse"?
>>395164 I think he means the basic relation of labor to production. So, if people were to see and recognize this along with other elements, they would be much closer to achieving a 'communist culture' than they would otherwise.
Is it ethical for a leftist to watch porn? If so, when?
>>396264 >If so, when? ALL THE TIME
What the fuck is Bordigism and organic centralism?
Anyone else find it curiously suspicious that the spanish flu started in 1917?
>>396902 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organic_centralism For in-depth answers go to the leftcom general: >>189149
My parents own only 1 house and rent out part of it to tenants. They also both work. Does this make them evil landlords like the people who own more than one property and then rent it out? If so, why? I get the whole thing about landlords being leeches because they don't work and own a property which they don't use. I wanna know if this still makes them bad. Is there any book about landlords I can read that will help me understand this better?
>>352941 Because it's meaningless?
>>396953 Why do you think this is curiously suspicious ? Have you looked up medical knowledge and practice in that time do you think it was possible to use the influenza plague as a weapon ? If So explain how they did that.
Can anyone explain to me the difference between an embargo and sanctions?
>>397349 >Does this make them evil landlords like the people who own more than one property and then rent it out? If so, why? It doesn't make them evil, but economic rent is a drag on the economy as a whole since it sucks value away from productive sectors of the economy and goes into the hands of rentiers. Even classical economists and social reformers of the 19th century recognized that economic rent was parasitic and should be abolished. The first thing that usually happens in a revolution in a backward country is to redistribute land from the old owners - the church, aristocracy, or landlords, into the hands of landless peasants or tenant farmers. This redistribution is what actually jump-starts the economy in newly-developing countries.
>>397810 sanction block certain areas embargoes block everything
Shit bros family members saying they believe in Qanon what should I do?
>>398330 Vaccinate them with TrueAnon
>>396264 Pornography is a sin
>>398334 God is a fag
>>398332 How? What do I tell them? I basically want to say all the spooky stuff they think is a deep state leftist plot, is actually the nature of capitalism... but I want to say it more fully and articulate.
>>398334 if god didn't like porn he would have stopped me last time i wanked off
>>398336 Ok and I love god not the fag in him.
>>398346 Just tell them a lot of QAnon is people trolling under his name and TrueAnon has all the facts of the conspiracy.
>>398346 This is the question I really care about not porn guys.
>>398358 What is trueanon? I'm not in this rabbit hole
>>398363 Redpilled podcast, pisspiggrandad is one of the hosts
>>398365 Is it crude in language? Dealing with a 70 year old boomer anon. I know its silly just as it is. why we should avoid crude propaganda imo. Or at least tailor to the audience.
>>398707 >Is it crude in language? yeah its in the same vein as chapo. probably not a good idea. not sure how to help here but is it such a problem for a 70yo boomer to believe crazy shit? unless you think they're gonna get themselves hurt maybe its best to let them be
I don't care that much about economics so could someone help me? The argument against taxing the rich I see the the most is that because most of their wealth comes from solid assets, so they would not be able to afford higher taxes. But would higher taxes just force them to liquidate their assets to pay taxes? Thus fixing two problems at once?
>>398841 We don't do liberalism comrade kinda a question for a liberal.
>>398848 Could you explain why that is a question for a liberal?
>>398716 I'll give a little more explaination then seen here >>398346 And then link to some cockshott vids.
>>398875 We aren't as socialist thinking about tax rates lol. We are trying to abolish the class system, not wrangle it with taxes. Tell you what ill still try to answer might be wrong will see. They're the wealthiest people in the world, who's stepping up to buy all this property? Other current more social democractic governments have higher taxes I'd say no its wouldn't effect it. The falling rate of profit and crisis capitalism. have way bigger chance of disrupting the relations of property ownership of assets.
Is Anarcho-fascism (anfash) worth looking into to take on as an actual ideology?
>>399739 no. read marx or cocksott instead.
I've returned to leftypol after three years. Sadly I didn't get to read quite as much as I hoped, but certainly more that I did while I was active. I'm wondering what has changed? I remember hearing there being a leftypol/leftpol split on fullchan, and obviously that fullchan was nuked, but other than that, I didn't manage to keep up with what the developments were. I see the user count has decreased, which is sad I guess. What else happened? where are all the old posters? How's everyone?
>>400135 after the split both boards lost users and were all but dead. Old Board Owner stepped down in disgrace but the staff who hadn't had much say in any decisions stayed on and tried to fix things. Then 8ch got destroyed and we came to this backup site. /leftypol/ and /leftpol/ reubited on here and we're slowly regaining our lost users. Things are run much more democratically now which has its ups and downs. We also share the site with /GET/, but the site owner is someone without any boards. Read the manifesto in the pinned thread if you care, there's an infographic. All the old tripfags sold out around the time of the split, and moved to twitter to be worshiped by their respective sycophants.
>>400135 There's not a lot to tell after the great schism. old BO resigned, the old namefags are gone, there's a couple of new generals, leftytrash was sent to /GET/, hunger games threads disappeared, dengism is apparently more popular
>>400135 what have you read anon?
>>400157 >>400168 What about the wider communist and left communities? How did leftypol change in relation to them? I was mostly out of touch of proper discourse, so most of what I heard was radlibs adopting the term "praxis" and twitter mobs getting more obnoxious. >>400229 I started contributing and working on the redtexts archive (https://redtexts.org/) so I proofread some texts from there, otherwise I tried to gain a better understanding of philosophy, reading Aristotle and Plato, tried Augustine, even Monadology by Leibniz, although I can't claim to have understood a thing. One should have had the time to read a lot more in three years, but since I mostly get to read while commuting, I can't say to have properly studied the texts either :(
>>400157 >Things are run much more democratically now Is that why thread IDs were pushed on everyone, to the dismay of almost everyone, a few days ago?
>>400342 They reversed it almost immediately when people complained
>>400157 Oh thank fucking god, does that mean Hoochie Minh isn't around anymore?
Can someone please help me understand the concept of dialectical materialism? I'm having a hard time grasping it.
>>401414 a long time ago a guy named hegel had a method of thinking called [dialectics]. What made it special was its focus on self-development. The inconsistencies, or contradictions, in ideas would express themselves through change. The classic example is that of quantity into quality. If you lose a certain quantity of hair on your head, you move to the quality of balding. Anyway don't worry about that, cause Marx came along and said ideas are bullshit. The world was primarily material, this is called [materialism]. So while he kept hegel's method he applied it to political economy. All history is the history of class struggle because, until now at least, all societies have had a class division that was in itself contradictory. The crisis in capitalism happen because of capitalism, not any outside force. They can only be solved by moving beyond capitalism. That's just the foundations of the term. Since marx a lot has been written about [dialectical] [materialism] that has veered into different directions. If you have a more specific question, like what trotsky or stalin mean in some passage, go ahead.
>>401960 thanks anon
What is the reading order for the MCU (Marx Communist Utopia) I've heard there is a Das Kapital, then there is a Manifesto. What is the chronological order in which leftist theory was written NOT published. I want to be able to follow the timeline properly.
>>402478 Just look it up on MIA, for example for Marx and Engels: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/date/index.htm >>401414 It's not worth spending too much time engaging with. Most of what is called "Dialectical Materialism" was made up half a century after Marx died to prop up the USSR, and are now only used by ML cults. Cyril Smith has good texts debunking those ideas and their history.
(24.13 KB 243x341 duginator.jpg)
So lads, what do we think of pic related? I know he's a nazbol (pretty much invented it if I understand correctly), and that his commitment to a marxist political project is questionable, but still may be that his influence and thinking will destabilize world order to our advantage, no?
>>402748 ok anon, I read the article, very interesting but idk if you wanted me to infer anything in particular from it other than he's against postcolonialism in Africa or if you just wanted to share
Yo fam why is lenin's body in a museum? Like that is weird Also what's the deal with p*tin
To any polish anons,do you know the name of the song that starts at 4:00? https://youtu.be/aCyrAD4TuB0
>>402721 Dugin has zero commitment to Marxism or even socialism. He literally believes in a "new imperialism" in which Russia is a world power dominating almost all of Eurasia. If you read his shit, he advocates corporatist nazi economics and is absolutely not in favor of unions, proletarian liberation, etc.
>>402778 Its for when we revive Lenin
>>404028 aight
>>404086 maotard
>>404088 who? me or the people who say this?
>>403908 thx comradbro
>>403908 Why does Maupin like him then?
what do mods know about each individual user? can they recognize you from previous treads?
newfag here: is what is the /leftypol/ consensus on yanis varoufakis?
>>406991 stupid and gay
>>406991 Socdem. Doesn't seem to say anything that you wouldn't also hear from the Jacobin and Bernie Sanders people in the States.
>>406992 Better than fucking Sanders.
>>407011 Not true. He's a Marxist and open about it. He also an economist. He's basically just a better socdem, but socdem nonetheless.
>>407034 I've listened to several of his interviews and talks and I literally don't understand a single word that he's trying to say, he's really fucking terrible at expressing his thoughts in a succinct way.
>>407034 >He's a Marxist >He's basically just a better socdem what
>>407840 >What was the Second International?
those who provide services, are they burgoisie or proles? for example, is the lawyer, or netflix's owner, or the freelancer burgeois or are they proles? because the definion of "those who has the means of production" might apply to them too, right?
>>408349 in order to be bougie their income has to come from either profits or rent. The owners of netflix have income from both, profits extracted from workers in the company and rent from intellectual rights over programs.
Ismail I know you still browse here occassionally, I have an insanely specific question that probably only you can answer
>>408573 He still posts here >>402729 and there's his forum for asking questions (in the linked OP).
I saw a tweet here that basically said we should end quarantine because it kills the less productive members of society. Can't find it anymore.


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