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(31.86 KB 688x659 vlady_yes.png)
(719.72 KB 1244x612 political ideology catgirls.png)
Alunya and the Political Ideology Catgirls Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 00:59:29 No. 326378
Last thread ( >>71758 ) hit the post limit and got bumplocked. Post your catgirls here instead.
(183.07 KB 723x1346 fenya stand.png)
(211.11 KB 902x739 fenya tech.png)
(200.32 KB 882x721 fenya his.png)
gonna post all my Fenyas here to start us off
(1022.26 KB 2334x3301 zap_cat_FIX.jpg)
Here's the fixed version of my Zapatista catgirl with her correct name.
they are cute
(711.39 KB 1267x1329 catlinweb.png)
Posting on behalf of IRA catgirl drawanon.
by Paps
(250.03 KB 2112x3464 New Doc 2020-03-05 15.16.40_1.jpg)
Could a more experienced drawfriend improve on this idea? This is basically the Lenin Lives poster but with the Leninist catgirl. Go wild!
>>327563 It looks nice to me! Though you should try to use a scanner instead of photographing.
>>327568 Don't have one at hand, unfortunately, and going to the local bookstore to scan some anime drawings would look a bit awkward.
>>327580 Do it bro, no-one really cares enough to stop you (even if it's lewd).
>>326387 Which one is this?
>>326387 We need more Fenya art
>>327605 It's Fenya, the mascot of /roulette/
>>326387 fenya a qute
(2.16 MB 1200x900 Untitled81_20200305110114.png)
>>326387 Just a little add
>>327622 why doe?
>>327563 Looks fine but it could do with some addition of value. Especially for the clothes since they look flat.
>>328361 love (you) too
>>328457 Dude we literally fought a war for our catgirls, they're integral to everything we're trying to achieve damnit
>>328416 >>328457 You have to go back
>>328481 >I have to shit on everybody's fun because I'm a LARPing neet and don't have anything better to do
>>328484 >>328487 >t. triggered seething deviants
>>328495 Back to your discord, fag.
>>328460 What the fuck is that webm, holy shit
(103.47 KB 1674x1656 sketchi1.png)
(132.97 KB 1680x2324 sketchi2.png)
bored sketches
(106.64 KB 539x662 IMG_-amy9f9.jpg)
(776.78 KB 1080x1496 _200225_224321_493.jpg)
(603.06 KB 882x1568 20200229_165322.jpg)
it be like that
>>328958 Good line confidence.
(3.66 MB 3000x1700 Artillery Crew Final.png)
Photograph of Havanya, Josefina, Emilianya, Kimmy and Saoirse of the Bunkerchan Brigade preparing to fire into /pol/ack camp with a shitpost salvo from their heavy artillery piece, INB-4, during the great 4chan Board Crisis of 2022, colorized.
>>331591 Damn! I thought you were just posing a fun hypothetical in the /leftytrash/ thread, I didn't expect you to actually go ahead and draw it! Also, why is Havanya topless? t. Havanya & Emilyanya drawanon
(108.15 KB 300x300 d56.png)
>>331619 >Damn! I thought you were just posing a fun hypothetical in the /leftytrash/ thread, I didn't expect you to actually go ahead and draw it! I'm constantly looking for ideas among my fellow /trash/men, so you should expect more like this in the future. Its less that I don't have the time or the will to draw, its more that there's so many potential ideas to try out and draw that I have a hard time really limiting myself to any one of them. So, that's why I ask other people for ideas and then constantly probe them for extra details to narrow it down like I were making a commission piece. Eventually the result is something like what you see here. >Why is Havanya topless Because I figured she'd like to bask in the sun whenever she can since she IS from a tropical region. She also wears less clothes because she's pretty exposed to the elements most of the time alongside Josefina whose the spotter/watchman of the group (but is too stoic to admit that she's basically being cooked alive underneath the layers of clothing she wears everywhere she goes.) Lastly it was because I wanted to practice drawing an exposed female body and at least in my headcanon Havanya's the one who has the least problems with baring skin. Hopefully this satisfied your curiosity.
I must repost this art. Lewds are absolutely integral to our mission.
>>331837 Tfw no Qt tomboy alunya gf
>>328460 The great culture war of 2017 against the fags at r/socialism. After banning catgurl draw friend, I remember being a foot soldier in the shitposting that happened we defendes them with ourlives as today we have our catgirls and will defend them at any cost. Fuck cointelpro.
>>340818 Is Alunya a tomboy?
>>342635 It depends on the depiction. Generally, I'd say so.
(72.42 KB 1280x720 car.jpg)
wheres the terry a davis catgirl ?
>>327563 How about you do one of those sketches for this pic?
Have you saved the pictures in the last thread >>71758 ? The server (and lynxchan) is having difficulties coping with the influx of new posters and we want to delete some old threads to lessen the server's workload.
Edited last time by krates on 03/12/2020 (Thu) 22:36:31.
>>352113 drawanon here, Most of those pieces were old ones that are archived on leftybooru and the new ones were made recentely enough for most of the new artists (like me) to still be around. I'd say go ahead, I still have all my art saved for reposting if need be.
>>352150 Ok thanks.
>>348640 u-uwu?
(891.84 KB 900x1500 Post-Stalinism Catgirl.png)
Here's my entry into the PICG canon. :^)
>>342688 Regardless, she shouldn't smoke.
>>379200 Brezhnev's titties were bigger than that.
>>340952 We need cointelpro catgirl
>>379204 >she shouldn't smoke. Shut up fag
>>379221 >Brezhnevs titties were bigger >Implying this was made for fanservice smhtbhwyfam
(170.61 KB 700x700 _chinesecommunist_boomer.png)
>>328460 The catgirl drama.... those were good times *slurp*
(247.71 KB 1729x1284 DbpQ2fVW0AEPhHC.jpg)
(127.51 KB 1043x1184 DcadtZfWsAAnOtY.jpg)
>>380517 wow that third is so fat ugly fatty fat bitch cat why are you so fat
(247.50 KB 800x800 porked1.jpg)
(217.06 KB 800x800 porked2.jpg)
(389.52 KB 1024x768 porked3.jpg)
(8.38 KB 203x248 porked4.jpg)
(160.33 KB 560x791 porked6.png)
(53.47 KB 598x483 porked7.jpg)
(219.14 KB 1000x1001 porked8.jpg)
(28.01 KB 325x203 porked9.jpg)
(306.54 KB 1000x1001 porked10.png)
Alunya bullies Gilda Mars pretty badly.
(1.03 MB 1333x1223 alunya x vivian 01.png)
(51.09 KB 549x448 alunya x vivian 02.png)
(160.61 KB 1325x1223 alunya x vivian 03.png)
(90.59 KB 1319x766 alunya x vivian 04.png)
(49.56 KB 526x613 alunya x vivian 05.jpg)
(2.78 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr03.png)
(2.65 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr02.png)
(2.71 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr01.png)
(2.79 MB 3408x2800 Gr02m.png)
(2.66 MB 3408x2800 Gr01m.png)
(42.52 KB 405x470 04040404.jpg)
(136.99 KB 399x465 Girunya4.png)
(268.00 KB 531x897 leftcom+'raffe.png)
(66.29 KB 1000x1000 giraffe_gang.png)
dumping my Giraffe Girls for Adults folder
(291.35 KB 774x1196 Rodinga.png)
(668.82 KB 1466x1194 comparison.jpg)
(689.29 KB 3000x3000 rodinga.gif)
(72.07 KB 489x1572 girunya2.png)
(57.00 KB 583x968 girunya.png)
(189.02 KB 1724x1671 girunya3.png)
(70.27 KB 1724x1671 bdsm.png)
(1.29 MB 700x1802 cgpage0.png)
(443.55 KB 700x600 cgpage1.png)
(1.12 MB 700x1656 cgpage2.png)
(925.00 KB 700x1591 cgpage3.png)
(308.41 KB 681x1100 cgpage4.jpg)
(287.43 KB 681x1100 cgpage5.jpg)
(371.91 KB 681x1100 cgpage6.jpg)
(220.20 KB 681x1100 cgpage7.jpg)
(224.73 KB 641x1200 cgpage8.jpg)
(211.11 KB 641x1200 cgpage9.jpg)
(261.87 KB 641x1200 cgpage10.jpg)
(248.30 KB 641x1200 cgpage11.jpg)
(304.82 KB 641x1200 cgpage12.jpg)
(154.01 KB 568x1000 cgpage13.jpg)
(130.11 KB 603x1000 cgpage14.jpg)
(154.14 KB 647x1000 cgpage15.jpg)
(146.57 KB 568x1000 cgpage16.jpg)
(158.55 KB 556x1000 cgpage17.jpg)
(168.13 KB 568x1000 cgpage18.jpg)
(135.06 KB 652x1200 cgpage19.jpg)
(166.79 KB 652x1118 cgpage20.jpg)
(135.90 KB 603x1150 cgpage21.jpg)
(142.75 KB 652x1200 cgpage22.jpg)
(299.81 KB 700x1588 cgpage23.jpg)
(266.55 KB 700x1663 cgpage24.jpg)
(243.02 KB 700x1515 cgpage25.jpg)
(250.82 KB 700x1538 cgpage26.jpg)
(243.70 KB 700x1036 cgpage27.jpg)
(232.30 KB 700x1158 cgpage28.jpg)
(223.25 KB 700x1134 cgpage29.jpg)
(207.28 KB 700x1134 cgpage30.jpg)
(201.58 KB 700x1239 cgpage31.jpg)
(185.61 KB 650x1422 cgpage32.jpg)
(211.01 KB 650x1155 cgpage33.jpg)
(177.72 KB 650x825 cgpage34.jpg)
(117.19 KB 650x1009 cgpage35.jpg)
(80.18 KB 570x713 cgpage36.jpg)
(79.72 KB 674x713 cgpage37.jpg)
(70.94 KB 674x713 cgpage38.jpg)
(63.39 KB 674x609 cgpage39.jpg)
(576.45 KB 700x1297 cgpage40.png)
(308.77 KB 700x1147 cgpage41.png)
(217.93 KB 700x848 cgpage42.png)
(348.47 KB 700x1292 cgpage43.png)
(405.95 KB 700x1499 cgpage44.png)
(473.69 KB 700x1655 cgpage45.png)
(317.81 KB 700x1403 cgpage46.png)
(191.34 KB 700x859 cgpage47.png)
(414.71 KB 700x1553 cgpage48.png)
(325.41 KB 700x1397 cgpage49.png)
(134.65 KB 700x691 cgpage50.png)
(306.32 KB 700x1341 cgpage51.png)
(445.86 KB 700x2164 cgpage52.png)
(785.76 KB 700x3220 cgpage53.png)
(276.13 KB 700x546 cgpage54.png)
(769.01 KB 700x2273 cgpage55.png)
(668.17 KB 700x2273 cgpage56.png)
(475.88 KB 700x1871 cgpage57.png)
(499.95 KB 700x2273 cgpage58.png)
(1.00 MB 1000x1087 cgpage59.png)
>>327435 >>380645 >>380646 >>380647 >>380649 >>380650 >>380652 >>380656 >>380657 >>380659 >>380714 >/GET/-tan Why? She's neither a catgirl nor even /leftypol/-related. Seems like a weird choice for the catgirl thread.
I miss drawgirl
>>381598 >>381600 >>381611 stop posting this goonery
>>381616 The goonery ceases.
>>381616 What was it?
>>381598 op can you post those in get? I must have the full archive!
>>381629 lewds
(158.04 KB 2000x2000 Emiliyana Gun.png)
Got requests on IG to draw EZLN and cat girls, and I knew exactly what I had to do.
>>382511 Damn she must be like 205 at least
>>382633 >205 In weight??
>>382511 >>382633 >>382759 the head's too small
catgirl idea: CIA/Fed catgirl, based on this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acoustic_Kitty
>>383594 >The first Acoustic Kitty mission was to eavesdrop on two men in a park outside the Soviet compound on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, D.C. The cat was released nearby, but was hit and allegedly killed by a taxi almost immediately. Lmfao why do the CIA's plans always sound like a cartoon villain's plans (and always end like one)
lewd alunya pls
>>328460 Newfag here. Can anybody be kind enough to tell me the name of the song used?
>>385969 Der heimliche Aufmarsch
(67.00 KB 842x1191 nowords1.png)
Here's a little interaction to entertain you Add your own dialogue!
>>390849 Great quality friend sucks the virus and everything will probably impact your pocket as an artist
>>390849 Holy fuck that's cute as hell.
(1.79 MB 1500x2100 Arbys_Alunya.png)
>>390851 so far managed the rent for this month and should manage next month's in a couple weeks too so things are manageable I'm more frustrated I finally did a professional-looking portfolio site and am preparing new material for it but the comics industry is crashing right now so it's more unlikely I'll get anything from it lol >>390883 thank you anon >>390881 thank you as well, anon Next time I make one of these I gotta try and make it an actual elaborate story, THEN remove the text- because I make these already thinking they won't have text I end up conveying the "plot" too easily by art alone, which isn't as conducive to the exercise on the reader's end of adding the text in
(30.13 KB 647x623 cc3y2.jpg)
>>390896 The problem is not the comic industry in itself but the popularity and distribution of said comics. Eg, manga and webcomics like homestuck, or penny arcade, etc. Monetization, connections and personal finances are the worst part of art Only thing I can recommend you is to throw whatever sticks at the wall and search for services and loopholes that allow you to get paid (eg. prepaid cards, or TF2 hats for porn since paypal may shaft you lol)
>>390913 *Eg, manga and webcomics like homestuck, or penny arcade, were/are still very popular
>>390913 so far porn commissions have been solved by having me send the invoice, thus making sure I control the description of the item and there's no mention of actual lewdery
(51.20 KB 720x464 1584570131889.jpg)
>>390916 You have no idea how much I fucking hate PayPal If there was ever a headquarter for the rubbing hands happy merchant it would be there They will find any excuse to freeze your account and keep the profits Fuck that and fuck them Don't even get me started on the slimy cunts that activate refunds or whatever their system for that was where they allow you to con you and since you are breaking their therms of service they wont help you for shit (I tbelieve there was a blacklist blog called buyers awareness but I can't find it anymore) Point being, make sure to diversify your art income.
(264.56 KB 1449x1225 1573875611840.png)
>>390896 >>390932 Also >comic industry
>>390950 I know, I've got contacts and a friend deep in this stuff and with IDW specifically. Which is why regardless I feel trying US comics is my best bet, it's where I've already talked to editors etc, and it's where despite it all working a full issue would net me enough to pay nearly a year of rent since my cost of life is pretty low
(90.13 KB 842x1191 old meme.png)
>>390957 It's your grave Have you thought of getting some clouth or whatever e fame was called and profiting for it or entirely through higher ups and indudtry connections
(55.19 KB 842x1191 gorbachev.jpg)
>>390974 fucking great
(31.41 KB 600x600 1584415008283.jpg)
Bad comic
>>390974 10/10
(31.86 KB 688x659 vlady_yes.png)
(942.54 KB 1428x2021 het!.jpg)
(757.74 KB 1650x1152 IN THE STREETS.jpg)
Hey, I'm the drawanon that first came here (somewhat) recently and drew all the pieces attached. Right now, I need a little help. I need some quick cash to pay some bills, does anyone know of anyway to do this using my art skills? I'm not picky about what I have to draw (as long as it's not morally questionable (No CP or Nazi shit)), I don't have any presence online or in any communities and I don't have any 'industry' connections or anything like that. I don't currently do art for a living but I really need the money. If Paps or anyone can help me with this I would truly appreciate it. t.Drawanon
(114.61 KB 960x960 669769.jpg)
>>392354 Draw gigantic furry scat diaper porn. Not because I want you too, holy fuck, no, I'm not a degenerate, but is the fastest way to get cash if you're a drawfag. Just find the autist that wants you to do so, even if you have to draw some wojaks from time to time.
>>392354 You don't have to draw furry porn if you don't want to... I'd suggest drawing a cool D&D character (the most upvotes are always sexy female tieflings) and posting it here: http://www.reddit.com/r/characterdrawing and then post in the comments that you're doing commissions. Don't put it in the title or your post may get removed. I bet you'll find more than a few takers. There are a ton of D&D nerds and a ton of them want their characters drawn. I get constant PMs on my old reddit account from posting there years ago asking for commissions but I don't need the money right now so I never do them. If you make a reddit account and tell me the username I can redirect them to you as well.
>>392354 make a commission post with prices etc and tweet it, I'll RT you might also pay you to draw something, we all gotta help each other and I've time to make april rent yet DM me on twitter once you've made your tweet so I can retweet it t.paps
>>392354 >>392467 also if you're ok with drawing porn, post on 4chan's /aco/'s commissions thread you won't get much, but you might get something, and any bit helps right now
>>392354 Oh yeah, and seconding this >>392467 , post your email or your commission tweet so some of us on this board can commission you! I may have a commission if you're down for character concept art.
(38.36 KB 667x770 thank_you.png)
Thank you everyone for your suggestions and offers so far! t.Drawanon Not you>>392379 jk, love ya man >>392428 That sound decent, thanks for the suggestion! For your eyes only: My old reddit account is u/Hatsuroll >>392467 I'll draw up a commission post for you to get the word out, Paps (thank you so much for this!!) >>392473 What board is '/aco/'? I couldn't find it in the directory at the top (not a 4chan native).
>>392911 /aco/ - Adult Cartoons, it's 18+ so if you are on a blue board you won't see it because of Hirohito's shenanigans.
(578.53 KB 547x1194 20170918_215440 (1).jpg)
>>392354 Get a second job I tried doing the same and asking anons in original leftypol for paying medical bills and no one really footed a single dollar (not that I blame them for not giving me shekels or that I am owed anything but its rather dissapointing) Very, very few people actually donate on the internet If there is any public space that people still gather that wont kick you out, put a stall and sell portraits and photos drawn in half an hour or something like that I got a concistent minimum wage like that
>>392911 if you don't recall where to DM me at on twitter, it's @PPDPPL_art if you want go DM meanwhile so I can try to give you some other advice too, depending on your situation
>>392354 >>392911 I'd throw a few $ your way since these are so fantastic and above the bar in terms of quality, get on some platform where people can pay for commissions and/or just donate.
>>393166 Also did you draw the dentist cat getting exposed? Similar styles and expressions
>>393226 >dentist cat
>>393241 The job of the dengist cat is being a dentist.
I hope you draw anons are doing ok.
>>393246 (and the rest of you as well of course)
(1.00 MB 1809x1191 aha!.jpg)
>>393226 >>393241 >>393245 Yeah, this was me. Totally not a perv though since someone else suggested the idea. I just... materialized it.
>>393166 Also, I thank you for your generosity, but I would rather work to produce something than beg, (I'm not that desperate yet) although I don't have any kind of platform to take donations and such yet anyway. t.Drawanon
>>392941 Thanks for keeping it real, anon. I'll try that portrait idea when i'm next in a big town or city once all this dies down a bit.
>>393269 again, when you can send me a DM, I can help you with that since you seem generally inexperienced in getting into this sort of thing. do you have a paypal set up at least?
>>393288 yeah, I have one from the couple of times I used ebay. Hopefully I still have the login details for it. (Again, thanks everybody for your combined help with all this!)
>>393284 [email protected] Mail me your contact if you want the details on how to set up shit so you can sell in a stall I use discord since my friends dragged me into it or regular mail or whatever
>>392379 >>392428 Why do people hate on furries so much for buying art? Yeah sure you might rather be doing something else but if it weren't for doing furry art a lot of artists wouldn't be doing paid art at all. So what gives??
>>393356 No one likes furries Not even furries (member burned furs?)
>>393356 It's just very expensive since the pricing for it is on the higher end for commissions and most people don't understand paying that much for such an intangible, non-essential luxury item.
(260.91 KB 1200x1200 1583936700747.jpg)
>Be ambulant sketcher >Someone asks me to see my portafolio >kneel with one leg so he can see my drawings from a top down perspective >crackhead thinks I am proposing to marry him >punches my arm >doesn't hurt at all >crackhead health so bad I can feel his muscles and bones cracking like eggs >he runs away while ranting about gay marriage and men pretending to be women
>>393368 Burned furs were just colossal whiners and reactionaries, they were and are infinitely worse than 'modern' furs. They want to deny the sexual dimension which is already explicit in pretty much every form of media that people consume. >>393376 It really depends how much you care about the 'prestige' of your artist, budgets are basically decided by fame rather than art quality (though of course that's a consideration). But, normies will buy shit that is just as arbitrary as furry art like microtransactions and brand name items and jewellery, pretty much everything is a non essentially luxury item when you get down to it. Ahh man, I don't know, I just get a little pissed when I hear people talking about how much they hate taking furry money, you know what, nobody made you, if it disgusts you so bad then keep working for porky instead.
>>393250 Nice, love all your work in that case. >>393269 That's fair, I meant more for the work you've already produced as I already really enjoy it. But please update this thread (or a new one) when you set something up for commissions because your work is fantastic.
>>393376 What you're paying for is actually the psychological degredation of the artist who once imagined his art displayed in a proper art gallery instead of being coomed upon by furry NEETs. I think it's fair of them to charge premium prices all things considered
>>393411 >reactionaries Nice buzzword Remember to run simp in to the ground next as well, I am tired of hearing it as well
>>393419 If it weren't for us, nobody would be paying you for your art at all. Why blame us? Go on being a starving artist if it makes you feel better
>>393411 >>393356 Emphasis on: No one likes furries Is not a science or something to ponder hard on why certain people don't like X thing
>>393428 And this attitude right here doesn't make people like furries
>>393428 I'm not an artist, lol. I just think the whole situation is funny. Continue the coom
>>393437 It has more to do with how radically fetichistic the community is, and the nature of niche fetishes alienate and disgust
>>393398 And here I thought crackheads were famous for their apparent super strength smh
>>393437 Man look, I'm sympathetic to artists who wish the world acknowledged them and their art and they could make a living creating the work they want to create, but shit why act like it's our fault?
(2.38 MB 1896x827 Screenshot_197.png)
>>397308 Anything in particular brought this on, lol? Cute <3
>>397308 >IRA cat >Bulge Nice
>>397308 >pubes absolutely based needs fascist cat
>>397479 This Also Stalinist cat
>>397308 You are one horny motherfucker, aren't you Paps? t.Drawanon
is there a dengist catgirl?
>>397308 >ira catgirl has a cock WHY CAN'T WE JUST HAVE A MUSCULAR WOMAN FOR ONCE
>>398092 Originally I'd gone with that but then someone else drew a cute different design for IRA catgirl, so I decided as far as I'm concerned both designs coexist which gives me an excuse to have one be a crossdresser
>>398092 You do realize that there are two different IRA catgirls?
>>398071 Ancap panties are too mean even for the haters... At least make them Integralist or something
>>398128 so tiny anon just make an edit (not op)
>>398128 yeah ik its highly inaccurate, i just used it as shorthand for porky basically t. the guy who drew >>398071
(1.00 MB 1809x1191 aha!.jpg)
>>398152 >Posting the thumbnail instead of the original
Dang, I wish I could draw so I could join in with the hornyposting... Proud of you guys though <3
>>397342 no u I'm doing some lewd comics with a friend, he draws and I ink, and it involves a reverse bunnysuit, which got that in my mind. I've recently made an OC to futurely do lewd comics with that friend with, so I drew her with the bunnysuit too, but while doing it I nearly gave her a bush out of autopilot before realising it would look very silly with the outfit. But THEN I realised nazbol cat looking silly as a catgirl in a reverse bunnysuit (with bush, with having to buttplug a rabbit tail under her cat tail, with rabbit ears next to cat ears) would be funny, and from there just kept adding random girls I'd not drawn much of lol Might do a few more today >>397479 >>397481 indeed >>397471 we get to have two cute cats with cute bulges >>397494 I wanna say not really but odds are it's just that since I'm surrounded by lewd drawfags I've got a distorted notion lol
(1.39 MB 4032x3024 leftypol trap waifu.jpg)
>>398200 Who's the other one?
>>398222 replace /leftypol/ with /GET/ and it's even more accurate
>>398229 There's plenty of fagGETs on leftypol too you know
>>398222 usual disclaimers of "there's no canon, this is just my headcanon, etc etc" but if we go with catlin being a crossdressing dude, he's now the second catperson with a dick here and the first catboy, since titoist catgirl is trans (I think that was the intention at least? so I just kept thinking like that since? it's a bit awkward since they's based on a specific person and I'm now realising I don't know if they're just femboy or trans lol)
(151.93 KB 782x1000 66IGoSA.jpg)
>>398237 Ah cool, gotcha. I do think it would be nice if we had a trans rights catgirl and an anti-idpol trap catG.I.R.L. (who hate each other obviously), but then I probably have terrible taste since I also want a furry catgirl
(25.99 KB 474x275 nazifur.jpg)
>>398249 nazifur catgirl when
(100.05 KB 1280x960 autistic chart.jpg)
>>398257 why you gotta do this to me
if you guys wanna be thorough, beyond drawing new catgirls, there WAS a sketch by rachel of an anarchofem catgirl I've not included her because I couldn't find said sketch on rachel's twitter, but if anyone has it, might as well
>>398222 Why isn't leftypols trap mascot a dog_boy or a cat_boy?
(98.20 KB 1642x2081 dem_boiz.png)
(111.72 KB 1314x797 haha.png)
>>398653 Good lenin, he looks like Momo
>>398653 lovely work >>397308 lol wtf paps. this looks great though, as always. I like how you drew their body types. >>398222 who is leftypol's trap mascot? I'm not familiar with that character.
>>398653 Good reaction image
(2.55 MB 1944x938 Screenshot_202.png)
>>397479 >>397481 >>398117 there, dedicated to you three at this point might keep making a few of these every few days to run the whole catalogue, might not, dunno depends on the levels of hornyposting need
(17.87 KB 436x275 Capture.PNG)
Teaching myself painting on Photoshop, any tips?
>>399268 Get some good brushes
>>397308 >>399171 Any particular reason why they're steaming?
>>399294 because they're embarassed and their face is hot also it allows me to not have to paint the entire backdrop flat colour lol >>399268 can you do basic cel-shading in terms of placing shadows etc? if not, start with that, that's more important than brushes etc
>>399288 I am currently entirely softbrushing and smudging lol. The soft brush is kind of ridiculous because you can't really get it soft enough even on low hardness. What basic brush pack do you recommend? I downloaded some but none of them I saw really did what I wanted, so many gritty/splatter style brushes to go through and I just wanna grill paintbrush for god's sake. I'm also just using a mouse so the sensitivity/pressure based ones don't work for me. >>399298 I don't know what that it is so I don't think I can haha. What I've been doing is painting colours working inwards/outwards, and building up detail as I get closer to something resembling a face. I'm currently cheating and painting over a photo to get the hang of it. Those eyes are just one of the higher layers. Is there a good cel-shading tutorial you'd recommend? I don't know any channels that make vids for this.
(612.50 KB 500x331 1578596638627.gif)
>>399171 >there's more
>>399171 >>399298 >trot flag forgive me based paps for what i must do
Is this stuff supposed to appeal to children or something? I don't know what the kids these days are into but I guess if it attracts kids to Marxist thinking, that's a positive thing. More power to you Sailor Moon looking character creators
>>399338 I mean, if it does, but I see it more as venting and comfort food for the people already here. I don't think these sites have much capacity to directly change things, at most to be a support role for you (generic you) to change things in your life and society you can reach at a local level, so I see this as "hey if you're stressing about the world here's some cute catgirls with some injokes you get and also they're being lewd sometimes". >>399333 ;3c >>399334 I accept the inherent risks in flying a 4th international flag if it'll keep people thinking whether I mean posadas or trot >>399318 Well first and foremost working only with mouse won't get you that far, most modern programs are expecting pressure. That said, using a low opacity simple round brush can work for this, study something like how the Street Fighter III art was coloured. There's no big tutorials needed for cel-shading, I mean simply being able to drastically go "this part is shade, this part is not shade", since it keeps you understanding the volumes. smudging etc, I feel, is only useful once you've got a good grasp of the tridimentional figure you're painting, so you can go "well in this surface the shadow would be a soft gradient, on this one a hard edge" etc. Dunno. Most important is have fun. You're gonna have to stick with this for a few years so if you're doing it out of obligation it'll go nowhere.
I dunno doesn't it make sense for there to be multiple IRA catgirls?
>>399351 I think I'm alright at judging shading, I've put it in whatever I was drawing since I was a little kid. Probably helps that the photograph I'm painting over is A) A photograph I'm painting over and B) Has a light pointed straight in front of his face. I'm just doing it for fun because I've messed around making dumb stuff in various programs for years but never really applied myself to putting effort in. Thanks for the SF3 shout, I will look into that.
(3.32 MB 2698x1881 ira catgirls brits out.png)
>>399360 I guess they could each represent the two main traditions in Irish Republican ideology, one being the traditional Catholic / Nationalist wing (like the Irish Volunteers, or the early Provos), and the other being the more socialist / Marxist wing (Like the Irish Citizens Army or the INLA). Both of their designs sort of encapsulate the two sides anyway though. As the designer of Catlín, I personally wouldnt be against a merger of the two designs, but id want to hear from Saoirse's drawanon first. Also cool coincidence: pic related is an IRA propaganda pic from the Troubles, and the two women just so happened to be wearing almost exactly the same clothes that Saoirse and Catlín are are usually drawn in.
>>328460 what's the name of the song?
>>399398 possibly a stupid question but which one is which (I mean, which one is national/catholic, and which one is socialist/marxist)
(500.33 KB 2048x1324 pira funeral.jpg)
(27.10 KB 400x236 inla funeral.jpg)
>>399407 Yeah, see its tricky bcuz both designs incorporate elements of both. I will say that the prominence of green in Catlín's wardrobe would maybe put her closer to the Nationalist camp, while Saoirse's design is actually (unintentionally?) quite reminiscent of the all-black INLA uniforms, which would make her the more socialist-y one. Catlín is also portrayed as a trap / trans though, so that might make it harder to tie her to Catholicism? Or maybe it just makes it funnier, she could be like one of those femboy tradcaths on twitter.
>>399417 Catlín being a crossdresser is a reference to apparently there being IRA soldiers who'd crossdress to trick the brits
>>399417 I feel like these two images would be posted together in some bizarro universe where the PIRA trolls the INLA on imageboards.
(61.23 KB 474x376 1-247810892469106240198247.jpg)
>>399423 Oh yeah i remember that lol. AFAIK that was just a rumour, and it wasnt to trick the Brits, but to make propaganda featuring "women", such as pic related. To this day i havent been able to find a single source corroborating this but that didnt stop me from using it as an excuse to draw feminine penis.
>>399171 Is Berniecrat the one with the peen?
>>399572 No, peen count as of right now (and again usual disclaimers that this is my personal headcanon etc etc, sorry if I repeat them often but I don't want people to get mad if I make some weird creative choice that works for me but not others, like giving characters names and surnames and so on) Peen count, as said, as of now and to me is Titoist cat has peen because she's trans girl, and Catlín, one of the IRA cats, has peen because he's a crossdressing boy
(1.69 MB 2732x1481 dengist cat nsfw.png)
forgot to post this earlier but i saw other anons reposting the original version with no tails so i edited some on
>>399588 I think it's cute anon
(80.81 KB 607x951 8126117.jpg)
(97.63 KB 688x856 8126113.jpg)
(76.38 KB 643x947 8126114.jpg)
(34.33 KB 475x471 7326608.jpg)
(27.82 KB 484x619 7326605.jpg)
(130.40 KB 1002x759 7326487.png)
(139.30 KB 449x483 17324136.png)
>>400150 lol I remember gorilla posting
(34.02 KB 677x702 7326624.png)
>>399268 Focus less on eyes. If you're going to draw eyes, then do so with variety and from guides. I have this habit as well. The most it amounts to is doodling.
>>400406 Is it dead now? Haven't been here in years.
>>407681 Revive it.
>>407681 No, there is still gorilla posters that make threads fairly regularly. Not a veteran though so I don't know if they post any differently to the 8chan gorilla posters.
Will someone PLEASE be my boyf
Hey Drawfriends, can y'all help assist in the creation of a /edu/ board tan if the board is made. Here are some discussion we had >>>/GET/64650
>>407748 are you hot?
>>410240 >being hot
>>407748 No, die alone.
>>407748 Sure where u at
so uh catgirl drawgirl might be back on the /GET/ thread.
>>410237 I believe we have a boardtan for /edu/. Here's the three options given to us by a drawfag (presumably catdrawgirl)
>>415687 here is the gauged reaction within the thread and what the drawfag ultimately settled on
(609.89 KB 457x640 cosmic.png)
>>407681 >>407710 We should create /gorilla/ for all the theorylet questions.
>>415698 just use QTDDTOT. we don't need a new board for each damn thing
(14.02 KB 327x327 thinking gorilla.jpg)
>>415749 Maybe gorillas should take over >>>/edu/
>>415698 gorillaposting wasn't about theorylet questions, on the contrary
>>415749 make a board to discuss new boards /board/
(925.69 KB 3243x1094 HAPPY_lefty_noises.png)
>>415808 is that a new banner I detect?
>>415963 just needs to be in the 300x100 size, but it some like quality banner material
(45.09 KB 300x100 banner_HAPPY_lefty_noises.png)
Is this good enough?
>>416185 I love it, but who’s the third catgirl?
>>416190 Emilianya, the Zapatista catgirl: >>326405
>>416194 thank you
(68.26 KB 300x100 edu_banner5.png)
How to make the image smaller without making it look to pixels. Trying to make an /edu/ banner using the board tan but it kinda looks bad. Any advice
>>416478 Try a different downscaling algorithm like lanczos. Don't go too much the other way though or it gets too blurry.
>>416478 I used photoshop Make your pallette 300x100 @ 300 ppi Then hold shift or ctr to down size the IMG without warping it.
>>416522 PPI doesn't matter for purely digital art. It's a printing setting. >>416478 Go to your scaling to and look for the algorithm used. Change it to linear interpolation. Right now it probably uses bicubic.
>>411082 Bernicat should become demsoc cat.
(601.98 KB 1046x1131 alunyastickersabot1web.png)
(527.37 KB 870x1081 alunyastickersabot2web.png)
bigass res, for printing purposes (warning, something like 8000 pixels tall https://papadripopoulos.me/comm/alunyastickersabot1big.png https://papadripopoulos.me/comm/alunyastickersabot2big.png was commissioned to make these for use as stickers, feel free to use it however you want, print around, have fun
>>421165 awesome
>>421165 very gud
>>398653 My god, this is awesome
>>393250 Any news on your coooommission setup?
>>398653 so... has Marx not read Marx's books?
(88.44 KB 2000x2872 RODINAS_TIPZ.png)
>>423735 Drawanon here, I was working on a demo piece after my initial post but stopped halfway through due to my anxiety about the future flaring up and paralyzing me (as well as organizing a local mutual aid group (and pissing the days away on leftypol)). I'll get back on that after I've taken care of some stuff I need to do right now, but said demo piece is close to being finished. Once that's done I can set-up some means of processing commissions.
>>424097 I know that feeling drawanaon, best of luck!
(1.12 MB 2550x3300 cabunker.png)
>>424737 Looking good anon!
(98.11 KB 557x1062 Screenshot_219.png)
>>426222 Jesus that edgy
>>424737 Brilliant OC, anon.
(372.98 KB 988x1586 notebook_chaff.png)
>>427723 I love this art style.
>>426222 (checked) Based on what I've seen IRL it's more like she is turning radical. IDK where berniecrats will end up, but I look forward to the transformation porn OC they inspire.
>>427902 Well, Bernicrat Cat I would say is one of the more of the super dedicated Bernie Supporters. Canonically in PICG yes she supported Hillary I believe, but by this stage I would say the least that Berniecrat Cat would do is vote for 3rd party rather than vote for Biden. And she could only radicalize from there.
Not a catgirl, but an old meme from the anti-/r/socialism crusade back in the day.
this is lit tho
thats good
(3.17 MB 7016x9921 edu.png)
(282.17 KB 1052x1488 eduweb.png)
(2.08 MB 1754x2480 Tanya_dom_señorita.png)
Here is some original lewd Tania (/ref/ board mascot) art. t.Drawanon
(72.95 KB 939x678 DbItheMWsAA0HSP.jpg)
(33.15 KB 429x680 DbIthdvWAAE2kiR.jpg)
(151.52 KB 1600x1448 EVeSvUdWsAAkW_9.jpg)
(168.26 KB 650x400 DSZmpARW0AEbM4u.png)
(101.27 KB 532x710 ECPrICkUcAAzoeH.png)
>>443755 God damn thunder thighs please choke me
>>443760 Wow! You made this? This is absolutely gorgeous (the style). You're so good you should graduate to animation! Bring these drawings to life! I bet some of the memesters on here could write scripts COMMIE CATGIRLS - THE ANIMATED SHORTS
(3.30 MB 5096x2215 @HardKoba - Commission sheet.png)
>>392354 Hey everyone, drawanon here. I finally made a Twitter and email for taking commissions. If anyone is still interested you can DM me through my new Twitter @HardKoba or send me an email at [email protected]
>>443755 THICC
(806.65 KB 320x240 source.gif)
>>446018 What is "Object Transformation" and why is it bad?
>>446029 >>446035 Shit like Sonic the Hedgehog turning into a urinal
>>446029 >>446035 its antimaterialist to show a subject transform into an object. This is why proles only sell their labor power, a subject can't be a commodity.
>>446029 >>446035 As far as I can tell, it's when people get off to characters transforming into inanimate objects. I accidentally found a fetish comic through Google Images years ago while looking for Misato (Eva) art where Shinji slowly turned into her red uniform while she held him in her arms hollywood tragic death style. I was never the same since. t.Drawanon
>>446018 Who's the chubbiest politicat? I need to know for... Research reasons...
>>446151 leftcom cat undoubtably
(25.36 KB 146x238 mutualist_cat.png)
(33.28 KB 177x259 MAGAcat.png)
>>446151 these two. t.Drawanon
(15.39 KB 220x314 ulrike.jpg)
>>446041 >its antimaterialist to show a subject transform into an object. This is why proles only sell their labor power, a subject can't be a commodity. WEW LAD What exactly do you think the use value of labor power is?
(77.95 KB 1373x1314 suprised_alunya.png)
>>446018 At last! >>446097 tfw have a close relative into this shit
>>446155 >leftcom cat undoubtably nice >>446158 Also v. nice. The only kind of porky I like.
>>446018 Chubby chaser here again. Just noticed... >Specialties >BREAST & ASS EXPANSION An artist of fine taste and culture. Will be commissioning soon :3
(1.54 MB 1456x1530 1444459890008.png)
(186.04 KB 895x893 alunya.png)
(66.75 KB 477x413 alunya2.png)
>>446297 Oh well, it was censored anyway.
(247.10 KB 400x400 waifu.png)
I'm sorry drawfags, I love you all but sadly you're OBSOLETE https://waifulabs.com/ We need an AI Alunya now!
>>446018 >tomboy >milf >giantess >breast and ass expansion You absolute legend
(231.75 KB 400x400 waifu (1).png)
My best attempt ar ourgirl (sadly the faces are pretty good but the outfits often get fucked up and turn into half blouse half flesh abominations so you have to retry a lot)
>>446306 Which girl fits each category best though?
>>446347 Tomboy: Nazbol cat Milf: Stalin cat/stirner cat Giantess: None I guess, or the new redneck cat Breast or ass expansion: Probably posadist cat idk
>>446353 >Tomboy: Nazbol cat Quintessentially yes. >Milf: Stalin cat/stirner cat I dunno man, that's some mommy looking Mutualist. Even Neolib and Ancap in that sort of way y'know? Marxist is too granny mode imo >Giantess: None I guess, or the new redneck cat See I don't see that. I'm think train conductor. >Breast or ass expansion: Probably posadist cat idk Now that'd be a hot sequence. Leftcom is probably packing too... My god, I think I have my commission request idea...
>>446374 >Marxist is too granny mode imo Marxist cat reminds me of the hot old teacher at my university.
>>446389 >hot old teacher at my university. In, uh, in what way? ha ha
>>446396 She is an older woman with grey hair and she looks hot af. Super attractive.
>>446312 She cute
>>446018 Are you willing to do traps?
Pray for my wallet Anons, I just put in a commission...
>>446301 that site is awful with dark skin
>>446097 >Shinji slowly turned into her red uniform while she held him in her arms hollywood tragic death style. holy kek
>>446408 Yeah, sure. The only things I don't do are what's listed in the pic, everything is fair game.
(174.52 KB 1687x1488 TY27lvK.jpg)
w-what's happening? Nyah~
>>448331 >Tfw no giant tiddy posadist catgirlfriend
(65.32 KB 640x640 Drawing with Mark.jpg)
>>446151 Chubbiest cat should be one of the ones representing capitalism, i.e. a literal fat cat.
(69.69 KB 1280x720 smug.jpg)
>>448915 neoliberal cat should have a weight gain comic due to binge eating from being stressed about COVID's effect on stonks
(65.63 KB 655x279 1.jpg)
>>448925 >due to binge eating All that coronavirus trillion dollars relief package
>>448925 >>448935 Neolib cat should be bulimic or something as a metaphor for booms and busts.
>>448938 That is a bit too real and doesn't make my peepee hard so no
the most obese catgirl is: porky
>>448925 >wg please
(263.80 KB 800x791 trash-tan.jpg)
>>449026 Oh god please yes, or oh god please no?
(85.85 KB 1582x563 ey1avQO.png)
>>449026 >wg >please Yes. >>449049 >yes YES. >>448915 >>448925 I'm getting an idea for a commission... >Neolib cat if like one of those milfs who have held themselves together pretty well, so pretty fit but clearly had work done (much like ancap, but ancap is just bimbo tier because she dgaf but she's not in this particular scenario) >next panel stonks go down and neolib panics, starts eating all the handouts >third panel if fattened, bloated, and exhausted milf neolib, surrounded by now empty stimulus packages commenting on how she saved the day again... But... >in background, just silhouetted with "noticer" eyes, are Porky (F/M?) and Fat-Cat (F/M?) grinning holding a funnel and a barrel of "Bailout XL" (basically feeders lol). Throw in 007 if you want too. My dick wants Porky and Fat-Cat to be females, but I feel it's a bit unfair that the chonky male chasers in our ranks don't get representation much. Maybe both versions? Thoughts?
>>449490 I like it Porky should be some kind of pigman maybe
>>449490 I mean, if you're being guided by your groin, a female Porky wouldn't be too attractive anyway (if you want to keep to the iconic grinning design). This new Fat-Cat charaacter, however is new so there's no reason why they can't be female. t.Drawanon
>>449948 > wouldn't be too attractive anyway (if you want to keep to the iconic grinning design). You were saying?
>>449974 Fuck why is this software so retarded and why is webp even a thing fuck
(1.40 MB 1280x1436 Clemen2.png)
(114.32 KB 300x300 Overlord_EP05_117.png)
>>449490 >Porky (F/M?) and Fat-Cat (F/M?) Porky is generally male by default, and not a cat in the first place. Having a female counterpart catgirl who is a fatcat would balance that out.
>>449948 >This new Fat-Cat charaacter, however is new so there's no reason why they can't be female. Isn't this just the same as neoliberal cat though?
>>450153 Neolib is skinny due to austerity
I want sexy porky-chan to dominate and exploit me :3
>>449490 Isn't Porky just the bara of the catgirls though?
(275.27 KB 2054x2480 sensitive.jpg)
Cover your eyes, children.
(288.00 KB mmmm.webm)
(331.79 KB 2812x2480 ayyy_lmounds1.jpg)
(1.42 MB 2400x1775 1448043318532.png)
(174.37 KB 1657x2131 bunker_mom.jpg)
(360.91 KB 2812x2480 ayyy_lmounds2.jpg)
Greetings from >>>/GET/!
>>452011 >Pregnant happy hoxa cat Hggn wanna hug and be happy together.
(362.87 KB 2812x2480 ayyy_lmounds4.jpg)
(437.92 KB 2409x2127 kitty_titty_draft_panels.jpg)
>>452011 here's the rest of the draft panels
>>452011 >>452216 Yessss, I love anhox cat and preggers, this is utopia The posadism cat stuff looks great too, not as much my thing though. Here's to more catgirl porn!
(33.72 KB 623x466 x9f635erjdw31.jpg)
>>450872 >>452011 >>452399 sweet baby jesus
>>449623 >I like it Agreed >>449948 >a female Porky wouldn't be too attractive anyway (if you want to keep to the iconic grinning design). I mean, it'd be like a weird Cheshire cat-pig gesugao kind of thing maybe? >This new Fat-Cat charaacter, however is new so there's no reason why they can't be female. I think Fat-Cat, in keeping with the theme, should definitely be a girl :3 Maybe that's their dynamic, Porky and Fat-cat always trying to screw everyone and each other (in every sense of the word). An antagonistic, dysfunctional couple who deserve one another. >>449974 >don't_know_if_I_can_fap_to_this_but_I'll_goddamn_try.jpg >>450191 >I want sexy porky-chan to dominate and exploit me :3 Gender swap version when? O-or >>450320? B-both? >>452216 If only she was real ;_; >>452437 >Here's to more catgirl porn! C'mon other artists, get involved!
>>452692 >C'mon other artists, get involved! I'm still trash but I will try lel
(11.61 KB 238x211 yes.jpg)
>>452719 >I'm still trash but I will try lel
>>452692 >C'mon other artists, get involved! The little drawings I do are on paper, and they aren't cat porn.
(115.77 KB 275x200 cat.gif)
>>452800 Why not do cat porn tho?
>>452812 the wheat-friend does not enjoy lewds, only the supple form of human bodies in non-lewd situations.
>>452820 sounds good tbqh
Wtf is this gay shit lmfaooooooo At least twitter artist get paid commissions for drawing cringe shit but you niggas really out there doing these for free hahahaha
>>452843 That's my boy! There is nothing more to life other than economic transactions and rational consoomer behavior.
>>452847 Hush. Back to drawing catgirl teeth and tongue!
>>452812 I do not enjoy drawing pornography. This -> >>452820 >>452843 Well, we are communists :^)
>>452919 >Don't enjoy drawing porn What are you a puritan? Do what you like best though. Maybe draw Qt girls without nudity.
>>452011 Please impregnate the rest of the cats
>>452965 I've already drawn pretty girls before. Those drawings of Grace and Cat kissing are from me :> Currently i am doing more Franco-Belge style of art.
>>452994 I only draw if i feel like it, otherwise you can commission me:>>446018
>>446029 Quagmire toilet
What the fuck happened to catgirl threads? This is nothing but a coomer circlejerk now.
>>453342 Yes anon, nobody ever made porn of our board-tans until now.
(207.93 KB 1766x1412 EXPANDED_Productive_Forces.jpg)
>>453342 suck it normie big tiddy political catgirls 4 lfye t.Drawanon
>>454087 Naisu. I want Deng cat to choke me with her large productive forces.
>>454087 >It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as she got big tids
>>454087 damn maoism girl do be lookin kinda fine doe 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
>>454087 also, you mispelled "its"
>>454131 I also mispelled 'requires' and missed a space between 'manage' and 'dear'. t.Drawanon.
>>454128 she look fine for a reason: Maoism is the third and highest stage of Communist theory, and it is universally correct.
>>454128 It's the short twin-braids. Maybe also the tanned skin. t.Drawanon
>>454087 That picture managed to make me cringe and laugh at the same time.
>>453342 >What the fuck happened to catgirl threads? I mean, it is contained to this thread and the one on /GET/, so you could make another non-coomer version.
>>452996 >Currently i am doing more Franco-Belge style of art. Cool and Tintinpilled.
(449.93 KB 1228x1200 Chonkidna.jpg)
>>454087 >big tiddy political catgirls 4 lfye Tattoo that shit on me breh >nipple shadow hnnnnng
>>454087 Why am I cringing, laughing and getting hard at the same time?
>>446018 Comrades, can we collect 15 dollars together for a hot Marx catgirl? We call her Marxy
>>454810 >>455497 Because Deng is acting like a generic anime villian and making a pun but has big, detailed tids as well. t.Drawanon
(2.24 MB 2372x3162 IMG_20200422_152323.jpg)
>>455582 I want to squish her cheeks.
>>455582 Trying is the most important thing! Here's a little advice: I can see your face is very flat, try some basic exercises in thinking three-dimensionally like drawing a cube from as many angles as possible first from real life and then from your mind. I'd also recommend the book 'Perspective made Easy' for this issue. Apart from that, good job! You managed to capture the expression well. P.S. I see you're calculating the VOLUME of water up there... Hopefully you wont have to expand it too much.
>>446018 Is not for free? REVISIONISM
(438.82 KB 583x568 Josip_Broz_Tito_1971.png)
>>455742 *Laughs in Yugoslavian*
>>455582 That's pretty good Anon :)
>>398653 boy i wish i could draw
>>455598 >>455672 >>455843 UwU Thanks you! Will definitely try that out! @Mods: this board is about to hit the Bump limit, did we save all the drawings and images?
(488.28 KB 1226x1917 IMG_20200422_221924.jpg)
coffee without cream or without milk
>>456362 Ideally the artists of the posts would put them on the booru. However I will also try using the new(ish) archive feature on this thread. Don't really know if it saves images in full resolution though.
>>456690 nice!
>>456690 Without cream as we don't have drinking cream in my country.


no cookies?