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Therefore, posts that; (1) argue under false pretences ("false flagging") (2) imply reactionary positions of the userbase as a form of group shaming (3) are of an overly derisive and mocking nature (4) are of a gratuitously offensive or hysterical nature (5) are debating inherently reactionary topics where no reasonable debate is possible May be removed at the discretion of moderation staff. Some examples of topics or posts which would likely fall under these rules and are subject to being removed are as follows; (1) "Hey fellow commies, did you prep your wife's bull today?" (2) "Why do you guys all hate trans people?" (3) "haha, btfo commies hitler rulez" (4) "I hate fucking Mudslimes, hang them all before they rape our children" (5) "In what way should be exterminate the lesser races, guys?" These examples are low quality posts that are considered, at best, bait, but are better described as spam. 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Jannies are such hypocrites. First they don't add user-created and improved flags for the reason that it "creates identity" Now all of a sudden they're pushing literal post IDs. Counter your management-level narcissism please before it becomes unbearable. More polls. More user-base interaction. Less draconian decisions.
>>378532 > First they don't add user-created and improved flags for the reason that it "creates identity" Were there flags suggested to begin with? Was there a vote? >More polls. More user-base interaction. Less draconian decisions. Susceptible to astroturfing. Afterall I can't believe every post I read pretending to be a user, when this is their very first and only post under their IP :^)
Why was this thread anchored? >>378122 >>378532 >Counter your management-level narcissism please >narcissism I don't think you know what that word means. >>378550 yes there were quite a few flag suggestions. I remember there being a red star. Also there was a request with reasonable support to change the ancap flag to the memeball.
>>378574 >yes there were quite a few flag suggestions. I remember there being a red star. If you guys want you can ask for it again and I can ask the other mods to go along with it.
(715.00 B 16x11 1.png)
>>378579 May I suggest changing the ancap flag with the ancap memeball. It's a meme ideology after all.
(750.00 B 12x16 cockshott.png)
(1.24 KB 20x16 Rosa.png)
(871.00 B 13x16 zizek.png)
>>378579 Cockshott flag Rosa flag Zizek flag
>>378579 there have not just been suggestions but people in threads have made the flags. a vol usually says something like "thanks I'll run it up the chain" and then the thread dies. its happened multiple times since we've gotten here.
does anyone have the manarchist and brocialist falg from /leftpol/?
>>379125 Really, they had cringe flags like that?
(481.00 B 15x16 brocialist.png)
(473.00 B 16x16 manarchist.png)
>>379125 It took like 5 minutes to remake them. >>379183 >cringe It was to keep the redditors away.
(757.00 B 16x15 red-star.png)
(5.07 KB 16x15 redblack-star.png)
Old batch
>>379333 >>379348 very nice, although pancake is a little hard to see
(2.79 KB 16x12 councilcom-pancake.png)
(2.50 KB 16x16 leftcom-hammer.png)
(21.99 KB 16x16 communization-moon.png)
New batch 1. Pancake, Pannekoek, councilcom 2. The more general leftcom flag (ICC, ICT). The current metallic hammer and sickle flag can be more accurately retitled to Bordiga, Bordigism, or ICP. 3. "The Moon Book" is a meme phrase for Dauvé's Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Communist Movement, the most famous work of communization theory. With this we would finally begin to clear up the confusion that currently surrounds the umbrella of "left-communism" on this board.
>>379359 It's the best I could muster, it's a resize of an image that was already in the pixel-artstyle; if I were to take actual pancakes it would be even more bit-crushed and hard to see. Also looking at 10+ pages of picture-perfect pancakes on image search was torturous, especially since I don't have the ingredients for some in my cupboard currently.
>>378437 i'd like it for the mod thread. Also kek mods what has brought this on? I leave the place for day and its caught fire yet again mods. It is a fun little game we play
we need a Mao flag.
>>379502 We can't institute it for just one thread. Where's the fire?
>>379506 A Uighur flag would be better
(28.83 KB 1022x106 1.png)
please start linking threads as intended, e.g. >>>1 and >>>/board/1 because this is super embarrassing
(5.48 KB 438x124 1.png)
(278.00 B 20x13 20x13maoflag.png)
(284.00 B 19x13 13redarmy.png)
>>379506 Someone had a better one than this, but if they don't repost it and its lost to time, i made these. should probably redo it to be 16px tall
found flags in this thread >>>/gulag/1391
>>379093 Okay, I'll level with you, I have tried to suggest these flags are added and certain mods don't want to do it because they feel it is encouraging namefagging and so on. But, since you're posting them all again, I will force the issue this time, can't promise the other mods will go for it though.
(419.00 B 16x11 sovflag1.png)
(453.00 B 16x11 sovflag2.png)
>>379506 >We need a Mao flag >Meanwhile there is still no Soviet flag Fix your priorities
Genuinely how the fuck can some faggot incel mod ban me for asking about dating during the epidemic?
>>380836 >muh tinder bitches is on topic You keep making shitty blog threads, like the one about being 75$ in debt from weed and how the left needs to give you attention and money or you'll turn to fascism. Go back to your discord faggot.
>>380841 >>380841 So a single thread you fuckin lifelessness faggot incel? Sorry some of us actually have lives and friends you fucking worthless cunt. Sorry for asking a question about the social life I have that you would naturally lack. You know there’s wasn’t fucking shred of justification for banning me, you’re fucking bitter over being an incel troon
(277.88 KB 803x1954 you.jpg)
>>380845 It's not the first time. You have made at least a dozen and when the one about your cuck fetish was merely bumplocked you already flipped out here. You're just a little narcissistic piece of shit looking to emotionally abuse others, this is not your fucking group therapy. >justification for banning me blatant evasion is one
>>380852 Go fuck yourself, bans running out isn’t “ban evasion” you fucking moron, and you’re an utter fag beyond the fucking pale if you focus on the four or five shitty troll threads I’ve made over the course of several months while ignoring the good threads I’ve made which constitute most of my fucking threads; I made the fucking /FC/ general thread. You should be nailed to a tree, fuck you.
>>380836 Dating bs is disguised incel/idpol shit and thus bannable. Fuck off
>>380852 Nice to see you going to every thread to delete most of my comments, end majority of which are intelligent, including the documentaries I’ve posted for people to watch you fucking narcissistic faggot. You shouldn’t be a fucking mod.
>>380856 Only if you’re an incel, some of us can actually date
>>380854 >Weeeeh why do I get banned for making beauty shit idpol threads when it's exicitly against the rules oh woe me
>>380860 Idpol is when leftypolers cant help but ruin all your threads due to being Incels? Which jannie banned me?
>>380852 Hey, dirty dirty jan Tell me why you have to delete every single one of my good posts to build your non-existent case you fucking narcissistic dishonest cunt? :)
>>380865 Idpol is when your a racist cuckoldry obsessed incel pedophile that is having a public tempertantrum because your narcissistic rage keeps you from disengaging and correcting your degenerate behaviour and mindset
>>380873 >Racist cuckoldry I’m black you fucking moron >incel pedophile I almost certainly have more sex than a fucking Chan-Jan <pedophile Lmao fucking wut? Notice how the jan must lie to build a case.
Posting threads about wanting to fuck white bitches isn't allowed. t other mod
Just posting this as a reminder.
>>380880 My posting is 100% about moderation right now, specifically getting banned over occasionally making jokes while a dishonest cunt mod goes through my entire post history deleting the vastness majority of my comments to build their non-existent case to justify their triggered Incel ban.
>>380884 The mod accidentally selected delete by IP. Stop making shit threads. That is bannable. Come back tomorrow.
Bro this is just off of seeing that screencap and your last like 4 comments >>380852 >white pussy That girl looks like 16 and literally in a school uniform lol.
>>380884 I mostly meant this shit >>380873 >>380879 I don't know if you've noticed it, but this thread does have a tendency to become a shitstorm
>>380888 Also checkem
>>380888 Please just ban this guy now comrade rat. Don't let him spread toxicity on this site. He's just gonna do it again.
>>380888 Nice get tho
(31.68 KB 359x398 grace book.jpg)
>>374545 Me being a mod? That's just a conspiracy theory. Take your meds, prole. Get back to work.
>In-thread identification should be set up to prevent samefagging and spamming Any news on this? I'm 100% for it
(147.35 KB 590x700 1499829881919.jpg)
>>381637 >tfw GRACED by this poster's presence again This is a good day.
>>381637 Conspiracy theory? Please, we need to make this a conspiracy REALITY. Where do we vote for you?
>>382501 >>382430 >>374545 Cringe as fuck.
>>382525 Sorry jannie, but I think I like monarchy more than socialism now. I'd much rather have a cute & charismatic leader as my daily inspiration than the threat of being shot/starved/being sent to the gulag.
Vote: Uploading of new flags as proposed by users March 24 23:53:17 UTC
>>382607 What the fuck
(83.42 KB 788x685 1501984677657.jpg)
>>382607 >Alt-left I love it
>>380841 >>380845 Mods at it again. Oh dear dear dear boys you just can’t seem to get it right can you.
>>382640 You would crypto fash.
>>383534 >Fascism is anything to the right of me This is why people across the political spectrum laugh at you.
why was the "what is the best thing about communism" thread deleted???
>>383623 Contrary to your latent Nazi beliefs, fascism isn't that popular. The only people interested in appropriating their memes are recovering Nazis like you.
>>383631 I don't think it was deleted by the mods, the last thread that got deleted was "CP spam" from a few hours ago. >>383641 pic related
>>383641 Sir this is a Wendy's
Also unlock the chapo refuge thread for petes sake come on you are actively turning away newcomers don't be swine we most stick together in this time of quarantine
There's literal CP on the front page
Why the fuck can't we report threads from the catalog? I don't want to open that thread
(139.04 KB 564x452 e95.png)
>>384031 Someone is leaking the mods' nudes HAHAHAHAHA
/pol/ raid or normal spam?
>>384031 Is it gone?
>>384109 y-yes
>>384110 Thank fuck
>>384031 If I had to guess, its possibly the the guy arguing in the /pol/shooter thread about how killing the homeless is based.
Mods you have locked a thread of a Nazi asking to be deprogrammed wtf
>>383898 Why the fuck not. We can’t convert libs or fascists acccording to you. Who do we convert then?
>>384685 卍卍卍The mods卍卍卍 wouldn't like to happen, that's why
>>384685 Where? >>384692 The Chapo thread wasn't really asking for conversation and he opened his post with 'why shouldn't we advocate nuclear annihilation of mankind lmao', that post is banned under 'reactionism cloaked as leftism' rule.
>>384829 Ffs nazbol was a in group joke that everyone else thought was serious and took it too far. Now these morons wanna do the same thing to Posadism.
>>384829 >Where? I think he means this thread. >>383869
>>384040 you're taking social distancing too far
the mods here are gay and cringe, really hope corona merks them
no u
(34.30 KB 480x467 1499745761578.png)
>>385883 There's a reason they don't let us elect them.
>>385890 and thank god for that we don't want frogposters to decide >>385883 cringe and redditpilled
>>385427 That guy is obviously not being sincere ffs. "am I too redpilled". >>385983 <3
Turn off IDs, please. Thank you.
(758.99 KB 592x516 54784568.png)
Please reconsider the thread IDs. I don't know if I want to stay here anymore.
reddit >reddit reddit >reddit reddit >reddit reddit >reddit reddit >reddit turn off ids you liberals
I might actually post again now.
>>386240 >>386247 >>386254 I'm sorry that you feel this is a negative change, however we have voted (narrowly) to at least try it for now, there are plenty of advantages to it like stopping users bickering with each other thinking they're different people, easier for OPs to carry on conversations, etc. It is a preliminary test so let's just see how it goes, if it has a negative impact on the board we can always get rid of it. Thanks. >>386262 this line of thought is dumb, please stop
Who thought this was a good idea?
>>386268 >voted You mean the webpage that people who have JS disabled can't even reach - THAT poll? You mean the poll that most people missed, because it was buried in a thread they've seen a dozen times - THAT poll? You mean the poll that, even ignoring the above, still wouldn't draw a significant majority due to registration effects - THAT poll? Turn off IDs and then ask people for their opinion. Now you've got their attention.
>IDs nah, dawg
To be honest ID's aren't neither good nor bad. They only really stop samefaging and to be honest that isn't really a problem. I don't really see why jannies bothered.
(302.93 KB 1698x1699 horrot.jpg)
>>386268 If you absolutely have to have ids, can you at least change the appearance? These candy colorful boxes are the ugliest shit I've ever seen.
>>386268 i hate this feature. people can identify my shitposts now i feel naked.
>>386286 >You mean the webpage that people who have JS disabled can't even reach - THAT poll? No, our mod poll. Plenty of people have been bugging us to make this change for a while and we discussed it and think it is overall positive. Any polls of the userbase are only advisory due to their unverifiable nature. >>386284 What does that even mean? They are only thread IDs. You are not any more exposed now than you were before. Honest question are people so opposed to this because 4chan has it?
>>386299 I like them.
>>386300 You shouldn't be spreading false info anyways, anon.
"I wonder how loyal our user base is"
(52.85 KB 1333x1333 colours.jpg)
at least remove the colours they are distracting .labelId {background:none;} or .labelId {background:none !important;}
>>386268 edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger!
>>386303 We are opposed because this is supposed to be an anonymous board and IDs run contrary to that. If I wanted namefagging I would go to Reddit.
>>386313 You are still just as anonymous as before though.
>>386315 No, I'm not.
>>386317 explain
>>386313 How do ID's run contrary to that? They just keep people from literally playing you like a fiddle. Your anonymity is not compromised in anyway.
>>386319 I have a number next to my posts now. I want to talk anon to anon, not number to number.
Don't like it ;_; but it has won the vote. Obviously if many users don't like it, it might be reverted. Making it mandatory for every thread is not warranted. However as far as I know in Lynxchan it's either ID everywhere in the board or no ID at all.
>>386317 If you go to a different thread you have a different ID. Nobody is gonna remember you as 'e5465f', they only keep things a bit more consistent in threads.
>>386330 It's a new ID per thread. Isn't it easier to follow conversations?
rolling for ID dubs
(6.82 KB 183x275 fuckstalin.png)
reminder that ML want this
>>386336 I'm pretty used to image boards. I can follow conversations just fine without it, and so can most other users.
>>386303 >What does that even mean? They are only thread IDs. You are not any more exposed now than you were before. Somebody you could use cookies for IDs and I like that idea better tbh because I'm not on a map
>>386353 *somebody said
I like the IDs. There were some threads, especially the US thread, in which there was probably heavy samefagging.
>IDs i'm out
>>386303 >Any polls of the userbase are only advisory due to their unverifiable nature. Appreciate that you admit there being a "vote" was meaningless and you bringing it up no more than hollow demagoguery. You of course miss my point that the greater majority of the board wasn't involved in the discussion at all. Also, people are opposed to it because they remember how it went last time IDs were enabled. Since you clearly don't grasp what that means, refer to >>386276 In any case, there is a significant number of people (read the thread) who hate this development and want it reversed. >>386331 >However as far as I know in Lynxchan it's either ID everywhere in the board or no ID at all. Might as well turn it off then, since there is a majority of threads where IDs are not necessary (all of them?)
(1.74 MB 480x270 dumpsterfire.gif)
>Mods make a poll gauging user requests >Nobody mentions IDs >Users contribute with missing flags, actual community art >Mods don't upload them, for reasons of "anonymity" >Mods go ahead and directly contradict this with an urge to implement IDs like some neoliberal Google-sponsored COVID hellscape >Makes this thread asking users for desired features >Nobody asks for IDs >Implements IDs to the obvious displeasure of everyone anyways
>>386375 we're voting on the flags too, chill
>>386375 My rage made me repeat the point twice, excuse me.
>>386375 >an urge to implement IDs like some neoliberal Google-sponsored COVID hellscape Can you tell me what the fuck this even means honestly? Like people are saying thread IDs are 'liberal', or 'reddit', or 'neoliberal', what the fuck?
>>386307 don't insult my shitposts i don't spread disinformation i only spread shit around give some respect
If you're going to make us all wear IDs, than at least go to the furthest extent and enact a social credit system as well
>>386396 back to r/hongkong with you
>>386414 fuck hong kong and their shitty color revolution
>>386375 >Users contribute with missing flags, actual community art >Mods don't upload them, for reasons of "anonymity" Read this and weep bitch >>382604
(106.63 KB 1060x795 dumbledore.jpg)
>>386414 >mentioning reddit every time you hate something MINUS 10 CREDITS FROM MLMs!
>IDs Fucking hell, who thought this was a good idea?
Can you at least remove the IDs from the cyclicals?
You'll adapt to change. Mods know best.
>>386348 what's the downsides of thread ids?
>>378347 I come from the future. Don't do it bro. You will create rebellion against you
>>386315 >>386320 People can tie together your posts on unrelated topics. This is terrible for mid-speed threads like /leftybritpol/ which last for about a week before hitting the post limit. if I express a foolish or unpopular opinion about (say) the Irish Republican Army, then later express an opinion about the Communist Party of Great Britain, someone can tie together my earlier posts about the IRA in when arguing against my point about the CPGB, or worse yet, someone merely reading the thread will take the ID into account and disregard my opinion on the CPGB on the basis of the source it comes from rather than based on the content of the argument. It runs against the principle that posts should stand on their own, not based on the past posting history of the poster. Hell, even in this thread you can undermine this explanation by pointing out that I said I was out in >>386366 , but took the time to type out this explainer while slowly culling threads and making plans to leave until the change is (hopefully) reverted.
>>386473 Thank you, you said exactly what I wanted to say but more eloquent.
>>386473 If you leave, check back in a week. Just in case whoever turned this on comes around.
>>386460 >posts can't stand on their own merit but have to be judged by the rest of a poster's history >namefagging and cultish behavior even more encouraged now >paranoia and unease because you can't express yourself as much now without people judging you based on your post history And probably much much more than I care to name. This isn't cuckchan you AUTHORITATIAN FAGGOT FUCKS!
So here's the thing, I've been thinking a bit. The ID's themselves aren't catastrophically bad, but why the fuck where they even added? No one asked for them. Jannies must have realized that community will react negatively since a lot of people really care about anonymity. If anything this feels like a joke. Because, while the reason might be stupid, I definitely see how this shit can cause a split, especially knowing that the idea about it was already brought up during the Pyongyang drama. At this point, please, just concede for the sake of peace and remove the ID's, their addition doesn't give anything that incredible, nor does their removal.
(118.92 KB 381x410 logs.jpg)
IDs? I prefer LOGs
now everyone is going to know that all the MLs on this board are literally just me
>>386503 The ID's them selves aren't the main problem here, but the fact that our beloved Heroes of the Crowd decided to do this purely on their own volition with no regard on the board's consensus. To be honest ID's is a topic that does deserve consideration, but brute forcing it with no warning?
Hahahaha >piss me off to the point I adopt a name >names get banned in mod thread specifically because of the adpoted name >continue on anonymous >for some reason, mods gives us all ids, thusly giving me back a name Hahahahahahas. Mark this ID mods mark it well. You know who it is ahahahaahah thank you for my name mods ahahahahahahahaha
>>382501 The jannies are oppressing the Proletariat. Clearly, we need a royal blood to guide the masses back to their greener pastures where anons aren't discriminated for their anonymity. A shepherd to lead the Proletariat and hit the jannies with a crook.
>>386512 Also this. While I agree with the ids to stop samefagging (for those without vpn) you never asked us if we wanted this mods. Ever organised in a union? It’s all about giving people ownership of their empowerment, that’s how you get a strong union, each part has to take responsibility. It’s impossible to do that if we are afforded non.
(20.91 KB 286x400 41S2nNNzEZL._AC_SY400_.jpg)
It won't be 100% accurate, but let's try and see what polls say: https://www.strawpoll.me/19593744
>>386537 boo, get off the stage.
Demands of the Islamic Republic of Iran: -Make IDs based on cookies and not IP so people I'm not as easily put on a map -Change the colors block tor because only pedos and spammers use it for anything but coordinating
(64.12 KB 618x597 1584756908077.jpg)
>>386473 ID's are random per thread, dude. They are not tethered by thread. Each time you post on a thread it generates a different id. But thanks for proving all of this hysteria is unfounded.
>>386609 IP's are gay and i do not like them because they are new just like you
>>386569 >Not even 20% Woof. >>386609 Read the post again. It assumes your point and argues on top of it.
>>386614 >Is a communist >Dislikes change U what.
Ok fuck this drama shit I'm going to sleep Really hope the board won't be aflame tomorrow morning >>386609 This isn't as much about the fucking ID's but rather that jannies are setting a precedent that they can do whatever the fuck they want with the board. Until the users of this board show that the majority of them want or don't mind ID's, they have no place being here.
(182.50 KB 717x880 back_to_reddit.jpg)
>>386609 There are plenty of threads that survive months. If you want identities, go back to r/communism.
>>386616 The most I got out of that highly autistic post was that they are complaining about people arguing against them in threads. If people are just ignoring your points outright then they probably aren't interested in an honest conversation anyways. A lot of the hysteria and paranoia generated by the trolling here can be stifled by ID's. I support them and I don't see why people being incredulous is any reason to allow the board the slowly burn.
(29.38 KB 720x670 yy8iuiuygiuui.jpg)
(1.70 MB awful-post.webm)
>>386268 If you are too stupid to follow conversations, maybe you should be posting on some other site.
>>386638 Shitposter already know how to their IP
>>386268 >I'm sorry that you feel this is a negative change, however we have voted (narrowly) to at least try it for now, there are plenty of advantages to it like stopping users bickering with each other thinking they're different people, easier for OPs to carry on conversations, etc. It is a preliminary test so let's just see how it goes, if it has a negative impact on the board we can always get rid of it. Thanks. No, you voted to be a faggot, their was no input from the uses, hang yourself
>>386638 >A lot of the hysteria and paranoia generated by the trolling here can be stifled by ID's Right now - just as last time - it's amplifying, not stifling. >Incredulous The thread is filled with people arguing against IDs. Consider that you are the one being incredulous. As evident here: >>386609 Don't come to me with your handwaving.
>>386303 >Honest question are people so opposed to this because 4chan has it? 4chan is edgy reddit, we are not reddit, well maybe the mods are, but no one else is
>>386268 Fuck you, seriously. Now I'm mad. I can't believe this bullshit passed, we've spent some 4-5 years ID-free and we managed to get along fine without them that entire time. That entire time we have had the anonymous moral authority over /pol/ users. /pol/ users who came from identity-oriented forums like Stormfront and couldn't handle the idea of confronting ideas over people. Now we've regressed to that same sad hugbox attitude as them. The mod corps have become overrun with people who don't really understand anonymous discussion lately and it's really disturbing. It's bad enough to see IDs on angsty video game boards, but political discussion forums are one of the worst possible places to implement this. You are going to stifle essential debate with this decision.
>>386658 >I'm right because the majority says I am right. I am all for democracy but this is just idiotic.
let’s take a vote, who like’s the user IDs, who doesn’t https://www.strawpoll.me/19593893/r
IDs are gay and uneeded if mods can already spot samefags by checking post history ban tor
>>386666 Not what I posted, also more incredulity from you.
(1.44 MB 500x381 1584556121744.gif)
>>386669 That's exactly what you posted you imbecile.
Damn What a fucking dumb arbitrary decision
>>386638 >If people are just ignoring your points outright then they probably aren't interested in an honest conversation anyways Just because they're not interested in honest conversation doesn't mean they're not interested in trashing the thread getting into a pointless argument about something you said 200 posts and 5 days ago. >A lot of the hysteria and paranoia generated by the trolling here can be stifled by ID IDs open up entire new avenues of trolling while creating the illusion of safety from it. Anyone can use their mobile to get a second ID to samefag, while people in the thread have to decide whether that's what's happening or whether they're dealing with two separate users.
(2.44 MB 320x320 1584415344335.gif)
The only actual argument that has been made against them is REDDIT LOL
>>386305 t. Reddit
(173.97 KB 712x1024 BackToReddit.jpg)
>>386697 If I wanted an ID I would tripfag or go to reddit
>>386684 >>386686 Except I didn't appeal to a majority (though that would be entirely valid here). Not to mention I offered more than one argument, and that wasn't even my main one. You again come with an insult that is more fitting for yourself. I'd start to worry.
>>386691 >Ds open up entire new avenues of trolling while creating the illusion of safety from it. Anyone can use their mobile to get a second ID to samefag, So what we should do is make it incredibly easy to same fag rather than increasing the amount of effort required to do so, is what you are saying? >Iust because they're not interested in honest conversation doesn't mean they're not interested in trashing the thread getting into a pointless argument about something you said 200 posts and 5 days ago. Then just ignore them or tell them to fuck off and argue the point you are making.
(47.06 KB 600x600 1584388182324.jpg)
>>386697 dishonest shit read the thread
>>386708 Yes you did, lmao. "MOST PEOPLE DISAGREE SO THEREFORE YOU MIGHT BE THE INCREDULOUS ONE" t. Incredulous faggot.
>>386716 We all know you’re one of the few people that likes this shit, samefagging won’t work, you can’t fake support. This is dumb IMO, wonder when they’ll introduce upboating
>>386717 Literally only one: >>386691 Him, that's it. Where are the other arguments?
>>386709 You realize we can now see that you are the only person shilling for IDs? Is your CIA handlers so stupid they can't even follow threads on imageboards without aids?
>>386725 If you dislike IDs then FUCKING UNISTALL BITCH
(47.55 KB 700x734 1584401454804.jpg)
>>386725 >CIA REDDIT CIA REDDIT CIA REDDIT If I agree with something why wouldn't I make an argument for it?
>>386733 Feel free to start making arguments.
(21.12 KB 540x600 9:11Brainlit.jpg)
>>386716 >being this illiterate
>>386737 They were announced... nobody gave a shit
(49.85 KB 400x400 1584482022606.jpg)
>>386721 I already pointed out: >>386691 So now who's being dishonest? >>386675 Is stupud because the point isn't to help mods the point is to keep users from getting flamed and trolled into oblivion. >>386663 Le anonymous authority over pol Nothing has changed the only thing that has changed is now no one can retroactively try to stir up a panic on the website again.
>>386737 This, people were already annoyed with arbitrary faggotry from the jannies, no where they brute forced in ID for a traditionally anonymous board
>>386736 No u.
>>386747 *now they brute forced
Once again the problems with top-down, website-owner-derived administrative control over communities have been exposed. How long will anon continue to prostrate themselves to the authority of webzone rulers? We need a new, entirely different way to organize an image board community already. One where the users genuinely do govern themselves.
the people have spoken, abolish the IDs https://www.strawpoll.me/19593893/r
>>386747 Now I agree with that, but, I still don't see what the big deal is. It's always like this with you faggots.
So far we've got two people defending IDs to any meaningful degree. One is a mod who resorted to accusing others of parochialism and left, and a troll who is embodying why this is a bad move. Great change.
>>386747 I've been fairly pleased with the jannies but this is beyond the pale.
>>386744 >who's being dishonest You?
IDs violate the concept of anonminity, plus it’s an eyesore
(342.98 KB 1474x803 03e.png)
>>386760 t. Dishonest faggot.
>>386756 >What’s the big deal with the jannies forcing through unpopular measures in disregard for the board users?
We're discussing the issue in the leftypol Riot channel, if anyone wants to join and give their opinion.
(46.46 KB 480x480 1584392056435.jpg)
>>386767 That's not what I said you fucking massive retard, lmao.
>>386721 ->>386691 >Just because they're not interested in honest conversation doesn't mean they're not interested in trashing the thread getting into a pointless argument about something you said 200 posts and 5 days ago. People are still able to talk about meaningless shit someone posted 5 days ago. >IDs open up entire new avenues of trolling while creating the illusion of safety from it. Anyone can use their mobile to get a second ID to samefag, while people in the thread have to decide whether that's what's happening or whether they're dealing with two separate users. Yes, someone can get a second ID, but it takes some, even if small, effort. This will probably dissuade most trollposters >>386675 >IDs are gay and uneeded Feels >>386663 >we have had the anonymous moral authority over /pol/ users feels >>386737 Feels
>>386752 Have fun being governed by larger communities who raid you lol. Otherwise, have fun not being anonymous at all ever.
We're discussing the issue in the leftypol Riot channel, if anyone wants to join and give their opinion.
>>386770 >>386780 I can't nor want to join, as do many others I imagine. Discuss it in here, the place where the change is manifested. JESUS Christ.
>>386770 >leftypol Riot channel literally what?
>>386770 I'm not joining the Riot channel. Mods should discuss this here with their actual userbase.
(221.66 KB 400x400 CIAlogo.png)
>>386780 >discoard that place is owned by CIA contractors
Testing to see if my ID changes with mobile. Also holy fuck IDs are even bigger eyesore on the phone
Waiting on encryption for the /leftypol/ Matrix (Riot is just one of many client programs) channel. There's always #bunkerchan on Rizon.
>>386787 >Jannies unironically giving everyone IDs then telling us to discuss it in discord
>>386775 >This is a case of jannies abusing power <lol feelz argument
>>386791 I'm starting to think we are ruled by reddit.
>>386775 >feels Well why are they needed if we have post history
(171.21 KB 1280x820 EA shill using proxies.png)
>>386789 These are IP-based IDs, the way to game them is with a dynamic IP or a VPN. It's fairly trivial to anything familiar with this stuff.
>>386798 we need a bunker to get away from the mods who are ruining the bunker from 8chan that was a bunker from 4chan.
(58.08 KB 1280x720 reddit moment.jpg)
(23.09 KB 300x195 5060.jpg)
>>386803 Problem is it can't really be done online without resorting to registration or something. To be honest, before this shitstrorm moderation was alright. If this is a system where we let jannies have power and then bully them once they do something stupid so they would change back, then it isnt too bad.
>>386801 It's all so tiresome
>>386817 >To be honest, before this shitstrorm moderation was alright. I've seen a number of bans that don't hold up to scrutiny lately. They were a point of contention in this thread earlier, before this new shitstorm went down and knocked the posts off.
>>386823 I think that can be attributed to the new jannies. We had a similar situation on 8chan when old bo stepped down and new jannies were also chosen.
>>386823 Moderation has been alright, but there has been some questionable bans as of late. I can just hope that jannies will take our opinions into consideration on this.
I for one support these new name tags, a step in the right direction by the mod team. I have found myself for years using anon boards and being completely confused. I will be over to the discord shortly to congratulate you! My reddit and steam are in my discord bio you know if you want to hit me up and play some hearts of iron 4.
>>386816 uninstall bitch
>>386830 Man, they aren't even being malicious here. The whole decision is clearly born from personal motivation and a mistaken understanding of the wants of the board. Having said that, how the situation is being handled right now is awful.
>>386851 I'm just baffled by the fact that they are so out of touch with the user base.
>>386870 They took a vote to clamp that, but did not consider/appreciate well enough that such a vote does not represent a community even with ideal numbers. This is naivety, and while worrisome too, it at least has a reasonable explanation.
>>386521 Das RITE your highness
(512.77 KB 256x256 reallynogsthenoodle.png)
>Big controversial changes to a community dedicated to criticizing capitalism in the middle of one of capitalism's greatest crises Really makes you think.
Next up: Full name and SSN in post header as well
>>386958 I guess we also need to put in our credit card details as well so we can get Bunkerchan vouchers too?
>>386709 It's harder now because people can actually call you out on it and mods can make a qualitative assessment of the situation (i.e. if all of the posts of an IP are in one thread when my other IP got into trouble, it probably is me.). A situation where I'm samefagging using two IDs is ripe for causing total disarray since the ID system is vouching for the fact we're two different people. Some people will believe they are, some will not. Rather than reducing confusion, IDs confuse it while incurring a number of other penalties. >Then just ignore them or tell them to fuck off This doesn't work with the dynamics of how people post on boards. People would still rather look like idiots on their IDs than look like they lost the argument to you by letting you get the last word in and having it be "Fuck off."
Bye bye IDs Off to the zoo with you
Thank you, mods. I really appreciate it.
>>387083 Terrible decision, it's showing weakness by proving that you just need to throw a tantrum to get your way.
>>387100 Lmao this is exactly what happened in Chile last year, it works, it's valid and it's perfectly reasonable for authorities to recognize they fucked up and give in.
>>387100 There will be a full consultation on the topic, we will have a conversation about it in full. Thread IDs will probably not return in their current form but when we are more able to work with the software we might be able to come to some kind of happy compromise. Believe me when I say the shitters crying about Reddit did not convince me, but the long form well reasoned posts did convince me that I made the wrong decision.
>>387100 Indeed, prepare for more tantrums.
Redditors on suicide watch.
>>387100 Surely the users of a board should have a say in how that board is run? And when a large part of the userbase are deeply unhappy the mods listen. That's how this usually works.
dankeschöen, mods
Cabello the furry neoliberal is detirmined to implement the id's his hero Tony Blair couldn't.
>>387151 Except there is no way to facilitate a meaningful dialog between mods and users, most all measures short of actual accounts registered to discuss things can be verified to represent the userbase. Chans are easy to astroturf on opinions, as the incel debacle showed.
>>387167 God damnit, the rest is all true but my name is CABALLO.
I think there were two main problems in my opinion: First, there wasn't enough visible communication outside the mod thread regarding the "ID vote" because the mod team underestimated how important that change would be. There should be another ways to inform the userbase of potential important decisions and votes. Second, there are no formal canals for the userbase to debate and participate meaningfully in the decision making process. In other words, how to make the whole process more democratic, if it is even possible, in an anonymous image board (without getting wrecked by /pol/tards or FEDs). I think those are some of the important issues that /leftypol/ is facing, organisation wise.
>>387151 >>387201 Quite frankly, it's a structural problem (one involving "class", you might say) and what is needed is a different kind of imageboard: >>>/tech/575
>>387207 every suggestion like that has been meme-tier and things which nobody wants to put up with the trouble of doing. not everyone is a /tech/ie.
>>387205 >In other words, how to make the whole process more democratic, if it is even possible, just make a strawpoll thats not legally binding. poll people first and you can still vote against the people but not be surprised when its not popular
>>387226 strawpolls are also easily astroturf'd
>>387226 It's trivially easy to rig strawpolls. I have done so myself a few times :^)
>>387201 4chan alone had YEARS of actual groups of people trying to stir opinions on boards. Sometimes it worked, usually it didn't. You need to think scale and group dynamics. /leftypol/, bunkerchan as a whole, is small. Those mechanics aren't as brittle yet. Besides, threads like these >>386800 >>387115 go a long way. >>387205 2 is extremely difficult, good luck.
>>387234 not easily and it doesn't matter when the strawpoll is just an opinion poll and not a vote
>>387241 extremely easy to do, actually. there are wholesale bots for that kind of thing.
>>387226 >>387234 >>387237 >>387241 Nothing short of a verified identity can prevent an internet poll from being stuffed. It's one of the fundamental problems with electronic voting.
Vote: Thread IDs should be removed and a public consultation should be held about their value or downsides at a later date. Vote ends 25/03/20 11pm UTC
>>387205 >the mod team underestimated how important that change would be With all due respect this is confusing. Are most of the mod team new to imageboards? In my experience they've always been contentious, both to add and to remove. A simple way to increase user engagement: When a major change like this is afoot, announce it at the top of the board. (Probably just above or below the catalog button.) That way users who skim past the pinned threads will still be informed of the change. Plus, the space available to summarize what's being discussed is greater than in the thread title.
>>387266 >Vote Vote where?
>>387266 I will start it off I vote on motion; should we become reddit; NO
>>387273 This is a mod vote.
>>387266 >>387273 >>387281 Sorry for any confusion, this is an internal vote for the mods. Users cannot vote but they can give feedback/their opinions.
>>387266 >Thread IDs should be removed yes
>>387285 don’t blow it :)
for once I am totally ambivalent towards board policy. If they are implemented please try and make them so they aren't ugly as fuck like those ones though
>>387237 everyone needs to get in the riot chat, then polling can be done there and everyone who votes can say so and then the total number of votes can't be exceeded or its been tampered with
lmfao the mods got bullied into removing ids. i did learn of the scary fact that mods can see who is posting what i now secretly feel naked
>>387743 >everyone needs to get in the riot chat, Get fucked cunt that's a recipe for vote stacking Also any sensible comrade will never go there
>>388161 Yeah, not very into voting via the riot chat. It's nice to get fast feedback though.
>>386267 Guess not, oh well..
tfw having all kinds of autismal thoughts about social status but can't discuss it without drifting into "being banned for being 'reactionary'" territory
>>388695 Don't self-censor, if you get banned a sensible mod will probably remove it.
>>388709 it's not really worth the risk, the topic antagonizes people.
>>388709 Idpol isn't banned because there isn't good discussion to be had but because it always devolves down into identitarian shitfests with libshits and racists coming out to of the woodwork call everyone niggers and white supremacists.
Chek'ing to see if still banned
(24.40 KB 664x283 Capture.PNG)
>deletes posts debunking "zoomers are right wing" bait >doesn't delete the "zoomers are right wing" bait bruh moment
>>389652 If he started dumping his generational idpol folder he would have been deleted too. I'm not going to read everything in this fast garbage thread.
>>389673 Maybe stick to the reports if you can't moderate it properly.
>>389729 This sounds curter than I intended but I did actually use the report function
(99.21 KB 1465x823 wfdvsdvdfbsdfbsf.png)
why the fuck are there poster ids for like random segments of threads?
>>389843 They were enabled for a while and then disabled after people complained.
>>389854 ah ok cheers lad
>>389854 >complained threw a tantrum more like
>>389885 Showed mods how out of touch with their community they were, more like.
>>389885 It is time to accept that most users here don't want thread IDs, janny.
>>389673 >im not going to read enough to make sure what I'm doing makes sense retarded
I need a really fucking good reason as to why this thread >>390174 was anchored. You already did the bullshit with IDs just yesterday, the fuck is going on jannies???
>>390252 I want a genuine fuckin answer, WHY WAS MY THREAD BUMP-LOCKED?
can you start and pin a homeless / jobless resources mega thread i got told it's praxis but it's just common sense
>>390470 Seconding this. It's a really good idea, for many reasons
>>390681 >>390470 Go ahead, I think it's a good idea too.
Suggestion: add a search feature for certain words like on the old board. E.g. I look up "Grace" and it gives a list of all posts containing that word.
(776.00 B 25x16 senderoluminoso2.png)
Shining Path flag. Wanted to use Inti to make a Incan flag but it loses all readability at 16px.
>>391105 YES! seconded vigorously and insistently
CP spam on the front page
>>390470 Thirding this
>>391152 Mods presumably took it down already but is it those same gooks who have been spamming their "lolita forum" across 50 different image boards? If so can we unironically like trace their ip from their website then lynch them?
>>391161 yes, we should do something about this cp(chinese porn)
(815.00 B 25x16 naxalite.png)
(35.02 KB 770x433 Naxalite-Movement-770x433.jpg)
>>391105 naxalite flag since that region doesn't have any flags for it.
Can someone ban this faggot nazi already? >>391361
>>391152 C-C-C-C-CLUB PENGUIN?!!??!?!!??!?!!??!?!!??!?!!??!
(603.22 KB 2771x2629 1584560903305.jpg)
Ok, so, /his/ as it sits is slightly under the required ammount of posts to be considered viable. I think it has like 270 when we are usually looking for 300+. I don't think that is neccesarily going to disqualify it, I'll see what the other mods think; because it's not like it was totally dead. So, we'll see what's going on. In the mean time, we need to figure out what board is going up after /his/ times out on the 27th. Me, personally, I am saying we should put up /lit/ next. Thoughts?
(29.13 KB 400x400 1584851260953.jpg)
>>391724 /tv/ PLEASE
>>391724 I agree, we should save /his/, but just do a better job at re-directing misplaced threads. I'd suggest going with /edu/ instead of /lit/ as it'd be basically the same but just cover a bit broader scope (for example it could contain "/lang/" and "/academia/" as well).
>>391769 I like that, our own kultural marxist indoctrination board. But I still want /tv/ first. How can a leftist site not have a film board. Shameful. We should probably have a poll about this.
>>391769 banner made for /edu/ in roulette
>>391769 Just realized that with this logic /his/ would also be subsumed to /edu/ and should (if this goes through) just be renamed to /edu/ so threads don't get lost unnecessarily. >>391783 Nah dude /hobby/ is the place for that still. We got the first /fit/ thread in like forever just recently, wait it out a bit.
>>391724 /aco/: animu & mango plus /co/ material (including smut), basically all forms of animation and comics, BD and manga. a board for both /co/mblr and /a/utists. I know this will make purists cry their eyes out but it is suitable for the relatively low population we have here. >>391783 As a sports fan myself this is a uniquely bad idea. Not only is /sp/ dead last in popularity on this site among all bigger hobbies, sports are cancelled for the foreseeable future. You must be joking. >>391800 There were various polls and they show something different every time jej >>391769 >>391835 So /lit/ and /his/ (which on 4chan atleast also includes humanities) and basically all intellectual pursuits (throwing /sci/ into the mix too). This is so crazy it might just work.
>>391800 There was a poll taken a few months ago, not that we couldn't take a new one. It mostly came out tech his and lit being the most desired
>>391800 There was a poll taken a few months ago, not that we couldn't take a new one. It mostly came out tech his and lit being the most desired
>>392000 >>392001 New poll when? Also accidentally posted twice lmao
There used to be an /e/ board that was /e/dutainment (education + entertainment) and it was dead
>>392673 That's a terrible mix, no wonder
>>392673 kind of gives the impression that you have to be educational in a fun way
(23.17 KB 410x598 based.jpg)
>mod bans and deletes every one of schizoomer's posts
>>391724 i think we should save /his/ i didn't post but i will make an effort to
>>391769 why not just have several boards? If we had /leftypol/ /hobby/ /his/ /lit/ /tech/ that would be pretty comfy maybe some weebshit board for the weebs. maybe a /b/ for pure shitposting
>>391724 Honestly, /his/ would benefit from being a slow board. Saying it's non-viable because it's too slow seems like it's trying to apply a universal standard. /his/ shouldn't be a wacky fun board, should it? Shouldn't it push for effortposting and sources?
I'd like a /theory/ board where the min character count per post is high, like at least 1k. A /lit/ board could be cool too, and I think it makes sense to merge it with /his/. I also think that perhaps /vidya/ would be a good idea, since it's one of the most popular topics of /hobby/ >>393461 for /b/ stuff, >>>/GET/ is leftist off-topic posting.
>>393485 I wouldn't even want /his/ to be a "fast" board. Same with /tech/. 10 effortposts/day is fine.
>>393928 I don't know if he would agree, but if we want a theory board it might be nice to reform /marx/ and invite Ismail
>>394129 That'd be cool, but we offered a board before and he declined.
>>394129 who's ismail
>>394198 A fellow leftypol comrade that has extensive knowledge of marxist literature and of soviet history, who also has scanned a massive trove of books. I was once searching for a random book online and the only version I found was one scanned by him. It was a good book. He used to manage /marx/ on 8chan, but now he has a forum, which I don't have the link of right now.
Can mods come and clean up the crisis thread? It's full of incels.
>>394198 Another useless Dengist with a personality cult.
The booru seems to be getting raided by IDpol obsessed /pol/tards: https://leftypol.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=+
>>394981 link to an example, bitte
>>393485 what if we made /his/ into a kind of project board, have a general for each country and then try to gradually build up a history for each country in the thread.
(851.00 B 25x16 ndfp.png)
>>391365 >>391105 might as well do the philippines. everyone loves them right?
>>391365 >>391105 >>396049 Could we get a Burkina Faso flag ? :>
Mods am I allowed to do an invasion thread, for raiding reddit?
>>396049 yeah baybee! do you think you can make a TurkMaoist flag, perhaps based on the TİKKO flag? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communist_Party_of_Turkey/Marxist%E2%80%93Leninist
>>396049 I could be wrong but that one looks too big
(26.90 KB 480x480 1585175564634.jpg)
I added some flags that got accepted and will be adding more that also got accepted later.
Edited last time by comatoast on 03/26/2020 (Thu) 04:19:56.
(829.00 B 24x16 ndfp2.png)
(681.00 B 24x16 burkinafaso.png)
(892.00 B 24x16 tikko2.png)
>>396774 they're all the same size. height limit is 16px. I wasn't happy with the ndf flag so i redid it, pls use this one if it makes it. >>396172 >>396592 Here you go. If anyone has any need for a flag please point it out and i'll try and make one.
>>397068 Amazing job !
>>396949 Based
(783.00 B 32x16 ussr1.png)
attempt at a ussr flag. For this one i used the second most recognizable thing about it after the icons, the 2:1 ratio.
>>396358 I have been knocking the idea of a /I/ around in my head for a while, but, I am pretty sure the others wouldn't approve.
>>396358 I second this
>>397396 based test
>>396949 Pls inform ITT when you upload the rest, thank you >>396049 >>397068 >>397134 They're (obviously) too big anon, your using 32p (width) x 16 (height), it should be 16 (width) x 11 (height). See >>>/ref/645 for a more in-depth guide
(2.50 KB 16x16 leftcom-hammer.png)
(2.79 KB 16x12 councilcom-pancake.png)
(750.00 B 12x16 cockshott.png)
Please add these too! The tendencies have representation on here: * Hammer replaces present leftcom flag, present leftcom flag becomes ICP/Bordiga/Bordigism. * In polls 'councilcom' usually turn out a sizable portion in this community. Many people also don't seem to know the distinction between councilcom and Bordiga-adjacent leftcoms and so this might also help in education. * We all know how liked Cockshott is, with theory being quite distinct.
(430.00 B 16x11 catalan independentist.png)
Please add this flag
Why is there no Mao flag? Pure sectarianism is why. We have a republican flag but no Mao flag.
>>397992 Then make one you whiner.
I added Rosa and Dick Blast The rest, if any, will be up to the rest of the staff. i'll add them when the time comes, though.
>>398162 Thank you
When will mods ban the nazi baboonposter once and for all? He derails every thread he's in, has openly admitted he's just here to shitpost and has been doing it for years. It's time to stop.
>>399122 If that was possible we would have done that years ago. Of course boonposter is permabanned.
>>399139 He must have been permabanned over a thousand times by now.
>>399139 Hot take: Can you guys enable something like a shadowban only for him?
>>399180 Shadow banning is the most disgusting tactic of censorship on the internet, fuck off back to reddit with that bullshit.
>>399226 t. baboonposter
>>398573 Mods why is thread locko
>>397660 >it should be 16 (width) x 11 (height) off the top of my head there are 3 flags that are 16 tall, the wobbly, juche, and tankie flag. on top of that, probably about half the flags are 13 tall not 11. This is because the 11px convention was done over a decade ago when 800x600 was still a common resolution. Its slowly crept up and that's in line with the progress on screens. You'd be hard pressed to find any device in the last years that isn't at least 1080. And this whole discussion was had earlier in flag threads and the consensus seemed to agree with having 16 tall flags. If there isn't a consensus now that's understandable given that was half a year ago, but it's certainly not because of conventions. As i said, there are 16 tall flags currently in use. It'd be a shame to not continue along that line.
(62.33 KB 618x410 orangeman.jfif)
>>399122 <When /pol/ sends its people... they're not sending their best... <They are autists... they are shitposters... and some, I guess, are baboons
>>399122 not sure how to interpret the baboonposters increased activity lately. on old leftypol he posted rarely enough that it was kind of cute having him around with his baboon pictures. but in just the last month or two there's been increased aggression and I wonder if its a sign that the pond is drying on the far right and he's got nowhere left to go. And/or they've taken up alcoholism or getting into a mental disorder, they're at that age. Which is a bit sad but also fuck em.
Is the Matrix room not even encrypted? Seriously despite the option? Was this set up by a moron?
(31.87 KB 480x360 ewewfwfwf.jpeg)
>>399180 What the tuck even is a "shadow ban?" Back in my day you were either banned or you weren't.
>>399340 >why isn't a public room that anyone can join at any time encrypted encryption doesn't work too well on riot yet.
>>399340 you can only match encryption keys in person, so it's only useful for people who know one another.
>>399497 It's when you're banned but you don't know you're banned, so you keep posting and attempting to interact with people but mysteriously never seem to get a reply. It's basically the most cowardly form of censorship there is. It's a big feature on Youtube ("hide comments from channel") and Reddit.
>>399534 >you can only match encryption keys in person Not true. You can do it online, too. When you send a verification request to someone it is active until they accept it or you cancel it. So you can send it and they can accept it without you being physically together.
>>399584 Sounds like newfag shit to me. >Reddit Gonna assume you would know. If you break the rules you aren't obligated to "know" you are banned until you read the ban message.
>>399620 What part of >so you keep posting didn't you understand? Shadow banning is where people can keep posting to their heart's content, it's an invisible ban.
>>399637 Then how is it a ban?
(286.65 KB 702x285 tai lopez tank.png)
>>399888 Nobody else can see their posts. They get saved but filtered out for anybody but the poster themselves.
>>399893 I don't even think that is possible on an imageboard. I wont say it's above places like reddit, but, I have never encountered such activity on an imageboard.
>>397969 What about this flag ::--DDDD?
>>399962 We don't have the technology to do that and moreover we never will anyway, so don't worry.
(106.43 KB 800x599 baste.jpg)
>>399962 There's the Hide Post function. You could have a flag for a certain IP so that all their posts are automatically hidden except to a user from that IP.
The CP poster is back. We should do the /i/ thing.
ban tor or you are feds
>>400475 >>400477 >>400479 >>400480 mods please add the ability to see how long ago a post was made i don't think the post time is in my timezone so i can't tell if these anons are saying it happened hours ago or seconds ago
(142.89 KB 1080x1448 IMG_20200327_130514.jpg)
>>400487 turn on relative time
>>400487 on the top of the screen next to the dropdown menu to change your CSS you have a "settings" button. If you press on that button, go to "Other", you should have a "Local Time" option there .
>>400499 I don’t have a settings button visible.
>>400501 are you using a phone?
>>400502 I am a dirty phone poster, yes.
>>400507 If you're using android you should have three dots in the top right corner of your screen. If you press on those dots you should have the option "Desktop site". If you turn that on you should be able to see the "settings" button. Alternatively, you can try using dashchan >>>/gulag/2091 It's far from perfect but it's better than the mobile browser.
>>400516 I’m on IOS. bully me
seems like the CP spammer is hitting a bunch of smaller imageboards, not just here
>>400524 >I’m on IOS. if you want you can still use the desktop site. https://www.howtogeek.com/435173/how-to-view-a-desktop-site-on-mobile-safari/ than just press setting, go to "other" activate "relative time" and don't forget to save.
>>400496 >>400499 holy shit thanks i knew there were settings but never thought of navigating it horizontally. css support wow
>>400536 that is terrifying where else are you getting news from
>>400574 there was some on lainchan and a couple smaller imageboards that would probably not appreciate advertisement
>>400536 Why do they spam it? For money? Is it a honeypot? Both? They have been spamming links for years on small IBs.
So why do mods/volunteers randomly bumplock threads like >>400807 for no good reason? Additionally, why don't they provide a reason? It's like they want to avoid possible scrutiny by enacting their power silently.
>>391724 We should definitely keep /his/. And yes, we should go with /lit/ next. We should essentially have specified boards to discuss the totality of left wing politics, and that means /lit/ is a must. Afterwards we can focus on miscellaneous boards like /tv/, /v/ and whatever.
Jannies I think you should make the German thread a cycling thread Especially since Deutsch Bank might be dying
>>400547 thanks based tech support anon
>>400868 I would say we should do /edu/. Essentially education. keep /his/ in roulette add in /lit/ and maybe add other educational boards. Essentially >>391769 and pic related
Excuse me what the fuck is going on here? >>399581 Did mods really delete all the images in my OP? I presume someone thinks that is gore? Even the little plague doctor image?
Some nigger is sliding threads, they're in the reports.
Jan-jans Y u keep bumplocking threads with no warning or explanation? This is not how things were done on Old Leftypol Old BO would be ashamed
(40.41 KB 960x495 1469401123054-2.jpg)
>>401291 Because when the only comment is 'why did you anchor my shitty thread' there's nothing to really say that won't just devolve into 'no u', but fine I'll go back through the messages >>401208 Yes that's absolutely how things worked on old leftypol, we are if anything more lenient than Che >>401110 From what I hear the spoiler function didn't work for the mod at that time so he unlinked the files, I didn't see it so I can't comment, but you really shouldn't be posting even 'mild' gore anon. What would your mother say? >>400865 'is germany socialist', I shouldn't have to tell you why such a dumb thread was anchored >>400768 Probably money, who really knows though (or cares) >>400487 This is a pretty good idea, I will pass it along.
>>390470 por favor
>>401427 The thread is about "how" socialist Germany is. Not if it is.
Tradcaths need to have their own flag, they're shitting up christcom too much. Papistcom flag when
>>401456 Ayi ayaya
There is a thread with childporn in it if y'all mods could please get rid of that would be great
Listen here Caballo or whatever stupid redditor Jannie is reading this; Can we have >(you)'s can we have a link to catalog at the bottom of the page or somewhere within the basic navigation? Like why is this so fucking difficult while you finger yourself about poster id's?
>>403879 >can we have a link to catalog at the bottom of the page or somewhere within the basic navigation? Dude there are two. One below the name of the board and one in the top right (the nine squares in a square shape)
UNLOCK the white juche thread and unban the nigga that was banned, it’s just a fun pasta ffs, get that stick out of your asses
>>403875 >>403950 Are our mods so newreddit that they don't recognize a meme/copypasta when they see one? Holy shit c'mon.
Thanks for the ban lift. Also why is /crisis/ bumplocked?
>>403989 I don't know that's weird, probably a mistake. I "recycled" it.
>>403974 >>403972 /GET/ is the shitposting board, go have fun there
>>403993 Unfunny nigga
>>403974 I've been here since the first month that leftypol existed on 8chan and I've never seen that "copypasta".
>>404029 A few month ago in the eceleb thread someone posted a link to this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5yvyZMIfuw The first/pinned comment is the copypasta. Some people liked it and it became somewhat of a meme
(151.18 KB 820x811 wojack-224.png)
AAAAAAAAAH this lockdown is too much! I am going to fucking lynch a mod
(233.63 KB 1877x695 1.png)
this post was clearly a joke, you hypersensitive radlibs
>>404066 This was already addressed. For shitposting go to /GET/, for schizoposting pls go far away.
>>404065 What did the jannies do to you? >>404066 Don't be so harsh on them, that ban got lifted within 30 minutes.
>>400487 >not knowing what time it is in UTC always weak
>>404066 I guess Stalin was a radlib too for killing nazies.
Why is the holodo hoax thread locked?
>>404261 can you anchor this >>403815 while you're at it
>>404266 Why are you so perpetually triggered? >>404261 That 404s
Mod Vote: After its time on /roulette/ is up, turn /his/ into a broad /edu/ board, also including content that would traditionally go on a /lit/ or /sci/ board. Vote ends 1.4.20 16:00 UTC What's your thought on this?
>>https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/379339.html#404457 Why did he not get banned even though he started it? He does nothing but flame but I get banned?
>>404393 Great!
>that feeling when you typed out a rational effort post on prostitution criticizing the discussion as whole and trying to address the issue purely based on theory but when you hit "reply" the thread is already deleted
>>404930 None of this are idpol...
>>405006 People talking about autism or prostitution or black integrating to capitalism isn't idpol. No one is centering around identities dumbass.
>>405006 The question whether prostitution should exist is not idpol. The problem with the sex work thread is that people come to it with their own idpol grievances.
>>404393 I think that this is good as you can keep the /his/ threads, and it could boost activity to that board with the other topics, especially /lit/
fix ya fucking website
Did someone delete all my posts have been deleted or did the site crash?
>>405665 I have had the same problem. I have to use my fucking phone to talk here
>>404393 Disagree. /his/ is a great way to advertise the site, because it's a specific interest that can attract the sort of demographic who are nerdy about history
(96.89 KB 640x800 isabelle riot officer.jpg)
>>403879 Poster IDs were already coded into Lynxchan whereas the things you're asking for aren't, however we will be implementing (You)s so (You) can get your endorphin fix as soon as realistically possible. Right now our tech team is working on the backend to try to improve stability and reduce crashes/errors. >>403972 I didn't see the thread but we cannot simply tolerate rampant shitposting, it's a tug of war back and forth, you know how this works. >>404000 He's right you know >>404065 Sorry for unleashing corona, we tried to synthesise all the blends of autism we see on the site into a superweapon against capitalism but we lost control of it >>404066 "It's still shitposting even if you're being ironic" >>404546 Not my moderation, but, 'we don't care who started it, I'm finishing it' >>404856 Unfortunately one man's theorypost is another man's idpol. Our system isn't perfect but it's the best conclusion we have been able to come to so far to stop it overrunning the whole board. Sorry about your post anon. >>405621 s-sorry we're trying >>405665 Did you mean your previous posts have been deleted or you can't make new posts? >>405882 Ditto. >>406045 Perhaps, unfortunately it did not attract that many posts in the test period. t. caballo
>>405882 My entire phone range is banned even though I didn't post anything from it and the message doesn't even say what was posted to get the entire range blocked.
The connection for the site is disappearing every time I try to make a text-post. 'R my fax so hard it crash the site??'
Sorry for the downtime
(4.31 KB 276x189 5751.png;compress=true.png)
Thoughts on my solution to save server space and overall suggestions on how to fix some flaws in bunkerchan >>>/gulag/4519
>>406574 It would still be on the same server and use up as much space, retard. Nobody wants to be forced on a dead board.
>>406592 I think you're looking at a mirror because you're the retard. Move the threads and cut the pages in half on leftypol. That's what I said to do. You cut leftypol's page count in half to save space and you move the threads to stop them from dying easily due to less pages. I thought leftist were supposed to know how to read but apparently you can't.
>>406825 I don't think the number of pages could be the issue. Lowering the number of posts per thread could help, but who knows what the bottleneck actually is. Images and videos are loaded directly from the server too.
(828.61 KB 1596x1600 208.png)
why did mods nuke the thread about syria
>>407595 I asked myself the same. I was about to reply when >wooosh Deleted.
>>407595 >>407610 Came to ask the same thing. What the fuck is going on?
>>408118 I'm gonna venture a guess and say that in the last mod requirement drive they recruited some unstable MLs who got triggered.
>>408118 >>408120 This is both me, btw. Before a jannie comes in with a gotcha samefag.
(523.93 KB 290x200 1585238088663.gif)
I have no idea why the thread was deleted. I brought it up to everyone else. Are you sure it didn't just prune?
(34.33 KB 225x315 big think.jpg)
>>408425 Nah, was on first page when it vanished
>>407595 >>407610 >>408118 I deleted it and wanted to clarify that I didn't do it because I think of it as a controversial subject, it was a very low effort sectarian thread, didn't add anything of value, whose only goal was to be divisive. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a shitpost either, the OP just wanted to stir shit up. I do recognize I should've announced my reasoning sooner, or itt before I deleted it.
>>408465 It was gud, I wasn't triggered and it was good to know that there're some kurds fighting for Syria, and not for an idealistic Kurd nation where they can be a CIA proxy to destabilize every goddamn country in the middle east. As we are not having enough with SAK and Zionists.
>>408553 Can we recreate the thread?
>>408465 This isn't reddit. You're not a mod or owner of a subreddit. You're here to clean up right-wing posts and ban fascists when they raid. Who the fuck do you think you are that you get to decide that active threads with active discussion need to be deleted? This is why this board has been hovering at 400-500 users for over a year now. If this is the state of moderation, why not just go to reddit? There's more people and at least you know what to expect.
>IdPol containment thread was bad Mods still say this as the e-celeb thread became pretty much unusable now due to IdPol discussions
>>408674 Fuck off with this shit. It is absolutely a mods discretion what threads should be deleted or not. Even within your post there's a tension in that removing "fascists" is itself preceded by a judgement. Also, your appeal to popularity is shit. I'd much rather have a board of 400 decent posters, than 20000 shitheads who circulate their garbage around ad infinitum (you know, like every other imageboard).
/roulette/ has been updated to /v/ I was expecting /lit/ but that doesn't appear to be applicable at the time. This board will time out on May 1st 09:00 UTC Thank you for your participation!
>>408715 b o o t l i c k e r 2 O 2 O
>>408724 Cry more, bitch nigga.
>>408724 This post reeks of reddit and facebook. Mods have actually been pretty chill the last two months. Shit happens, man. The thread can be recreated. Also, while I am not saying mod activity has had 0 impact what so ever I am going to have to point out that that is absurd to insinuate that is the only reason why our numbers have been between 400-500; mind you 400+ is actually a step up from three or four months ago. At the peek of the primaries and the crash we were topping 800-900 posts with 700PPH.
>>408722 nobody was gonna use it on maybday anyways, right? You were all gonna be out on the global general strike right?
(772.08 KB 228x170 ren-nervous.gif)
>>408722 b-but we still getting /edu/ right?
(9.92 KB 572x486 1584315448228.png)
>>408801 Everything looks good on leftypol's end. We just have to discuss it with GETchans team.
>>408722 Finally, the board bunkerchan really needed.
>>408826 When we held a strawpoll a while ago it was actually one of the most popular boards.
Thanks for purging the paid Biden shill.
>>408877 I know, I was being serious. Tired of discussing video games with /pol/yps who have to bring their autism into every fucking video game discussion even on ostensibly neutral sites like julay.world.


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