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Reaction and liberalism, or any other kind of non-leftist positions are not banned per se, as we will endeavour to allow and encourage people of other political philosophies to explore leftism through Bunkerchan so long as they follow the rules contained herein. In addition, Bunkerchan is committed to the ideal of left unity, or at least that the left should have an avenue for open discussion, so all leftist ideologies are tolerated and Bunkerchan is not officially wed to any specific ideology. To ensure a basic level of quality, topics or posts will not be tolerated when contributions are not conductive to well-intentioned discussion. Therefore, posts that; (1) argue under false pretences ("false flagging") (2) imply reactionary positions of the userbase as a form of group shaming (3) are of an overly derisive and mocking nature (4) are of a gratuitously offensive or hysterical nature (5) are debating inherently reactionary topics where no reasonable debate is possible May be removed at the discretion of moderation staff. Some examples of topics or posts which would likely fall under these rules and are subject to being removed are as follows; (1) "Hey fellow commies, did you prep your wife's bull today?" (2) "Why do you guys all hate trans people?" (3) "haha, btfo commies hitler rulez" (4) "I hate fucking Mudslimes, hang them all before they rape our children" (5) "In what way should be exterminate the lesser races, guys?" These examples are low quality posts that are considered, at best, bait, but are better described as spam. 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>>500453 Gazi Kodo is the definition of /lolcow/, everyone on the internet and not just on the left has made multiple videos shitting on him, how anyone was dumb enough to trust him is beyond me, this is like accepting 6ix9ine into your gang after he gets released from prison, even if he is a changed man and no longer a troll, why on earth would you want to associate yourself with a clown, straight up just reject people like him from getting near you.
(429.03 KB 639x409 5yyhp6j7f9501.png)
Please be aware of the "anti-work" spam that's going on on leftypol, which has a tendency to go "against workerism," basically, the workers as such: >>492105 >>500512 >>471784 >>468724 >>471784 >>472619 TL;DR: these faggots, coming from this absolute brainlet's blog ("Jehu": https://therealmovement.wordpress.com/ ), keep shitting up all threads for the single reason of pushing their angle. Gulag, ffs.
>>501119 Highly suspected 'samefag' behind these posts is "Jehu", whose masturbatory blog is linked and discussed under these threads linked above. He does .webm related shit, whenever he's pissed, yet fails to offer any substantial reply. See: >>493528 >>472575 Just massacre this ass.
>>501125 >He does .webm related shit
>>501119 What is wrong with the ultra based autonomist post?
>>501136 which one in specific?
>>501141 This one: >>467659
>>501141 >>501151 Well I guess I take issue with the "law of value breaks down", but everything else seems fine.
>>501152 >everything else seems fine. "everything else," except the fact that these ultras started to spam the cataloge with their stale stale threads about how work is anti-Marxist.
you just bumplocked a thread mocking pinochet without giving a reason and then deleted it
>>500453 >can I make a thread about corruption in a major far leftist group this is the state this board has got to. Of course you fucking can
>>501184 Yes. I bumplocked it purely so the OP could see it. And the reason was already given by the first post. Which was "please stop making threads about this meme you're obsessed with". This OP does this on the reg.
>>501161 I don't get the hate. I've been reading Harry Cleaver's Reading Capital Politically. The introduction was boring ngl, I skimmed or skipped several parts and it ammounted to "everyone is a revisionist except me". But the rest of the book has a nice interpretation of Marx which I think is much more clear, accurate, and unique compared to some stale takes I see here (like the whole bourgeoisie vs proletariat is an objective classification debate I had the displeasure of engaging in, in the /ig/ thread). In the anti-work thread, I was mocked for suggesting that work needs to be done in order to abolish work, which is the goal of marxist communism as I understand it. Plus I wrote stuff about how a lot of jobs are bullshit, which supports the notion that work in its current form is a means of social control, an imposition of the commodity-form, and hence, under capitalism, anti-work is a sane take. I'm not Jehu, I don't understand your disapproval of what you call "ultra" takes. This is an honest question, do you have anti-autonomism literature? Or is it mostly because of Jehu?
>>501190 that's my little brother, he is medically autistic and makes those threads to try and participate. He is screaming and unable to comprehend why his thread was deleted. He just wants to share his meme.
(42.02 KB 365x450 orson-welles-laugh.jpg)
>>501119 >When you just resort to crying cuz you have no counter-arguments
>>501190 Ok so now we know that green anon is actually a mod so when he simps for mods it’s actually just a mod. Long suspected but now you’ve told on yourself. The reply you posted to the thread didn’t come from a mod trip, it came from a poster who usually pretends to be a poster, the poster who posts with the highlighted green “anonymous” who consistently simps for mods
>>501240 That means someone typed 'sage' in the email field you newfag.
>>501240 >it came from a poster who usually pretends to be a poster º_º niggas really be pretending to post as posters out there
>>501240 u wot m8
Please ban Doomers They literally add nothing to the discussion other than their endless defeatist myopic petite bouj whining
(295.22 KB 960x539 thinking.png)
>>501272 >black flag >ban doomers
>>501287 defeatism =/= nihilism Nechayev would have shot these craven invertebrates.
>>501265 Mods sock puppeting again, many such cases. Sad!
>>501265 you are now intentionally focusing on completely unrelated shit, while it is proven that so called "anti-work" fags spam our threads.
>>501314 Ok, let's look at the evidence. >>501119 These are three threads, one of them very old and one of them a shitpost. You don't know what spam looks like. This is no spam, this >>494521 is spam.
>>501314 >people are saying things i don't agree with reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
>>501298 Very sad >>501314 Nothing is proven shut the fuck up you stupid narc. Okay you don’t like anti work stuff. Well some people do. Deal the fuck with it you little pussy little bitch it makes no difference to you
(83.71 KB 974x387 1589402208420.jpg)
<"It is time"
>>501265 that wasn't a mod poster that did the "explanation" Doesn't count as an explanation if it just looks like somebody randoms opinion that it should be bumplocked
We're coming up on statistical peak idiotposting hours, let's see what happens in the next three hours or so, shall we?
>can’t have a thread about the richest man on earth getting ever richer even in a time of virus Unlock it you cucks. As another poster had put it “extremely unbased anchor mods”
>>501703 Thread is dishonest. If you want to post about Bezos still getting richer with some substance, do that, but you might as well make a thread called CORONOAVIRUS KILLS 1.5 MILLION PEOPLE and then say "well actually it's only 300k but you know, it will probably get to 1.5m eventually" and then link the national enquirer as a source. Like genuinely that is how dishonest the maths in your topic is.
>>501701 Check it out! >>501744 Right on time, same time every day, we're free of this shit for 12+ hours (since the Gazi cointelpro thread was posted) and then here it is like clockwork.
Ban Gaziposters instead of just locking threads
>>501813 They're using Tor/VPNs so it would not do much.
>>501813 Literally every wreckerpost is made by a new IP, I doubt they even wait to check if their old one is banned before switching.
(34.77 KB 544x400 SpideyItBegins.jpg)
>>501815 This looks like a job for Spiderman.
>>501725 Okay so we are going beyond the actual rules here and now mods are dictating honest news reporting and deciding what is and isn’t allowed. Even if it’s clear a meme thread for fucks sake, it was obviously not a serious thread, it was a thread floating the general concept of possible future trillionaires mixed in with some good old Bezos hate. On top of that, I am aware that the article is some trash news source, the title was kind of a nod to that. It’s a joke thread. Why would I write in big red letters “he must be stopped” like we could even do anything about it.
Just >>501819 Like >>501856 Clockwork >>501884 I agree with this a bit. Our mods are faced with a difficult position here because there is clearly stupid wrecking going on, but there's also some people getting hit by collateral damage. ESPECIALLY people who aren't active in lots of threads, or people incidentally using Tor/VPN (like I am using a VPN), or who aren't following this thread, or who aren't following the drama in general. This is the ancient problem of purging though.
(268.95 KB 805x440 insider.png)
Hello I am a member of a company in kolkata India we have been hired by Gazi Kodzo to post on leftypol and twitter. I am going home tomorrow I am taking my revenge for lack of hazard pay by exposing his operation, Thank you for you attention.
>>501888 What a twist!
>>501887 the thread clearly has nothing to do with any of the drama though >>501815 this is why we need a general or this shit will just continue
>>501908 >this is why we need a general or this shit will just continue Why, so the mods can have a triggered meltdown and we start from square one again? The only way things will change is if we all leave for another board may I suggest 9chan.tw/leftcel or all the mods are purged, especially Coma!
>>501917 (this is Sageposter not posting with a trip) I want to go on the record along with my trip to say I do not support in any way a split so nobody can accuse me of supporting a split because I 100% do not want one. To yourself I say, don't leave, stay. Stay in this thread, help. It is desperately needed.
>>501917 OMG, it's entire board full of incelposting. This is hilarious.
>>501956 it's pyongyang and his lackeys lol
I unanchored this thread: >>501747 Community, advise.
>>501957 If this is what's going to make him stop spamming here I'm all for it.
>>501960 I thought it was an interesting honest and sincere effort from the OP and the sort of thing that generates useful discussion after the initial firestorm so the deanchoring is much appreciated tankyou
>>501960 I think it is a dumb as fuck idea, and I think the immediate recourse to PMC/labour aristocracy shit was incredibly bad posting, but you did good in unanchoring it. Dumb as fuck is fine, as long as we keep on top of the wreckerposting.
>>501960 I thought OP was a bit of a brainlet but that is not something worth anchoring for.
>>501917 Nobody wants to use your board pyongyang, please leave.
(15.65 KB 300x406 angry cheese pizza.png)
>>502379 CP is still up, please remove Mods!!
>>502379 holy fucking shit, actual CP. yeah, mods are sleeping.
>>502399 >>500184 I think it's time for recruitment round.
Mods wtf please
mods delet the fucking pedo thread >>502372
(43.17 KB 220x220 cheezpiza-rotation.gif)
please delete the CP thread
jesus christ mods this one has been up for way too fucking long do you want the feds to take this place down
Why don't you say something in the riot chat?
>>502435 Gomenasai I was doing a basic human function known as sleeping. In my bed. That means I'm unconscious
>>502463 Maybe make sure that there are enough mods to cover for all time zones when we have CP trolls raiding this place.
(19.69 KB 266x220 thank-you.gif)
>>502463 thanks for removing the CP thread
>>502463 Jesus Christ, man took a bit long. How many mods do you have for EU timezone? If it is possible I want to volunteer for EU timezone, I am up quite early and studying with my pc daily and at least 12hours a day. You can check my IP or posts, I am not a troll nor a fed and have used this board for a bit more than a year (was also on 8chan version, till that got nuked)
I would gladly volunteer (very online European) but unfortunately I) use a VPN so I don't think I have any post history to speak of.
Why delete all posts by nazbol poster (moi) in nazbol thread? Fucking pitiful. You might disagree with my ideology but what warrants total deletion of all my posts?
>>502671 Evasion, nazbol and other pretend leftist ideology is not allowed.
>>502684 >>502689 >>502697 Mass deleting your posts was the result of your evasion. No, peddling reactionary ideas under a leftist guise is not allowed.
>>502678 It’s an open nazbol thread. It’s not trying to clock it in anything.
If we ban all idpol on sight, mods also have to ban nazbols.
>>502757 they know that, these are post fact justifications for getting triggered and deleting something that triggered them. >>502746 we should allow both, like we used to on old /leftypol/ when it was good, provided they post in good faith and not like a retard
>>502760 95% of all idpol posts are either posted in bad faith or posted by retards.
>>502766 How do you become unretarded if you can't air your retardation?
>>502770 I don't think that leftypol should be some kind of therapy board for the mentally deficit. Especially since we have several persistent retards who hover around without even wanting to change their way.
>>502777 For sure, retards like this guy >>502768 are batshit insane, but most people will carry quite a few retarded opinions with them here, and I don't see the purpose of leftypol if not to educate each other.
>>502779 The problem is that the batshit insane ones tend to monopolize all discussion about such subjects.
>>502757 Yes, you absolutely were. I can post the post history from your first banned IP, which was mostly left up, if you want.
>>502830 The big question is, "does it oppose national predatory vulture finance capital?"
(89.04 KB 916x660 ChineseCharacteristics.jpeg)
>>502855 >Nazbol opposes all predatory vulture finance capital - including national Good enough for me. >It does allow product8ve national capitalism under supervision/regulation by the state as well as encouraging small business,the self employed and co-operatives including co-operative credit unions Those sound suspiciously like Chinese Characteristics to me. Are you sure that you are not just a Dengist who hasn't read Deng? Also, how do you propose divorcing C-M-C from M-C-M'?
>>502880 put on a nazi flag so we know you are retarded.
>>502880 >Dengist is imperialistic and seeks to dominate or assimilate other ethnic groups and/or national entities. So Older-Maoist then. Old Mao was all about that national liberation stuff. >Not bothered by this on individual/small scale level A defining trait of M-C-M' is that it constantly grows, hence the apostrophe. You cannot keep it small-scale, especially now with the rate of profit in the tank and the petit-bourgeoisie in ruins. Read about the origins of capitalism in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and The Netherlands. The petit-bourgeoisie exploded in spite of historically harsh state repression and regulation of the bourgeoisie.
>>502766 95% of all chan posts are posted in bad faith or posted by retards. Its kind of the entire fun of it. >>502768 it is sadly the case. I would urge you not to get angry and leave, but to stay and oppose the moderation. As a general line, try to be an other wise exemplary poster, try to also commend examples of good moderation, but not in a fawning way, explain precisely why a certain type of moderation allows the conversation to be good. On the flip side, do not relent, do not allow them to just brush you off, be persistent, get an answer, come to this thread and demand to know why threads are locked/bumped/deleted. Not just your own threads but all threads. Like I said, don't be heavy handed, don't come in asking them to unlock child porn or somebody evidently just throwing a tantrum, but do report and follow up on any instance you see of moderation which stifles the board. It would be wonderful if you could. To be clear, I don't believe in Nazbol. I stil think you should be allowed to here however, and I genuinely believe you are a different breed than the average neonazi or magaboomer, it is my hope however that if you stay and discuss you will become a commie. I hope you do, i look forward to talking to you. Also I think there are some interesting figures who have quoted Dugin. Amir Taaki for example. I have a personal interest in "horseshoe theory" but not from the liberal standpoint, like, "everything extreme is bad" its more like, "everything extreme is actually going in a similar direction but there are simply major deviations" I like the crossovers, like how Bankunin and Proudhon and Anti Semitic for example. Not that I like anti semitism, but the conceptual weight loaded to the existence of such figures and what it says about radical ideology on the left and right. I think /leftypol/ should be a place where these sorts of things can be looked at critically.
>>502928 put a Republican flag then. or put a name. otherwise you are hiding in the shadows.
>>502939 >Nazbols don't accept that these issues of free enterprise within the nation will lead to contradictions when freed from the predatory and parasitical grasp of the usurious debt based banking and monetary system. Right, C-M-C without M-C-M'. Of course, surplus-value cannot be created by mere circulation, so what mechanism would keep merchants trading? Who trades when there is nothing to be gained?
tbh we should have a Nazbol flag regardless. It's a good flag for marking certain kinds of joke post as joke posts. (for want of better terminology.) it's not always necessarily a total joke. sometimes it's wanting to argue for a position that you know to be wrong because it's a fun line of thought to go down. for example if you wanted to argue that Obama was a revolutionary figure (i dunno why) without coming across as a radlib, you could detail your thoughts and get much more interesting replies on that idea by using the nazbol flag (and maybe a sort of jesting "Obama was Nazbol") than by going "okay, i don't actually believe this but..." which is a great way to get people to ignore what you've said. to be clear, i'm not talking about baiting people here. if you just wanted to bait you'd go down the "confused for radlib" route, it's a specific kind of marking a post as not-quite-serious while leaving the option to the reader of replying to it seriously. this probably sounds like some kind of autism but that's how i would often use flags on old /leftypol/ and i feel like it worked that way most of the time. but any attempt to codify an unspoken (perhaps unrealized) social convention like that inherently sounds ridiculous.
>>502983 then use a name.
>>502957 >it is sadly the case Now hold the fuck up, I have been extremely patient in explaining my decision in this case. >>502815 >>502678 >>502729 You know very well that nazbol garbage is banned (as is ban evasion, of course), I understand why the other guy would claim otherwise, but this is nothing but a strict interpretation of the rules, you must realize this. If you won't accept any kind of moderation at all, this is not the place for you, and it never was.
>>502957 >95% of all chan posts are posted in bad faith or posted by retards. Its kind of the entire fun of it. Absolute horseshit. The real blessing of anonymity is that you can actually be honest without it coming back to haunt you.
>>502996 Since always >>502815 This is your IP, you said so yourself. This IP was banned ergo you are ban evading.
>>502981 Nah this is 100% accurate. Its the same with my Bezos thread yesterday. It was a thread loaded with deliberate memeing. It invited a serious discussion but the content was not serious and deliberately so, that is good and funny and engaging. The main thing that irks me about these mods is their lack of a sense of humour. I genuinely used to piss myself laughing at this board and the things people said, now, less so, sometimes, but less so. >>502991 You've re linked what you said and I already read and the point stands. In fact, the rules say you can't cloak reaction in left wing rhetoric, that does however mean that you CAN come here as a fascists as long as you are honest about it. The poster was honest about it. Your job isn't to curtail ideological purity, your job is to get rid of CP and spam and make funny worldfilters to trigger nazis and radlibs >>502992 >i would suggest giving jews a homeland in florida see, these are the kind of takes I really want to here about. That shit brightens my day. I've heard 1 million times people moan about which leninism is the most advanced science. This shit keeps it fresh >>502995 most chan posts happen on 4chan so i rest my case. Yeh there are million other obscure chans but none with that reach. Even many of the posts on this most precious of chans are in bad faith and posted by retards. The problem comes when some of those retards get the idea that they are above the other retards and start deciding who is retarded and who is able bodied. The problem is, retarded people don't know how to decide this and the results are always bad
>>503000 i don't think coming to the mod thread to air your frustration at being banned is really ban evading either, particularly as there is no other way to dialogue with the mods. As has happened a couple of times for me one mod unlocks what another mod locked, so people should be able to come here so that can happen
can we get a converting rightoids/nazbols masterthread? i swear everyday we have "how can we reach out to /pol/" threads
>>503024 asked for this several times, also as a place to direct reactionaries. Not allowed apparently
(46.47 KB 2236x312 Screenshot.png)
>>503004 > This is the ban for your first IP which you have admitted is yours. Notice the time on that. >>502815 >>503006 You are of the opinion this guy is honest about being a fascist? Look at the history I posted >>502815 once. I am just baffled by your delusion at this point.
>>503031 quote the part of >>502815 which is the smoking gun to you. I was in thread, actually arguing against the guy funnily enough. Still do not see what you are on about.
>>502999 Two producers socializing commodities that they themselves produce does not a market make. Most commodities cannot be exchanged one-for-one, and money must be circulated regularly. How is that possible without banks or the state assuming the function of a bank and thus itself reproducing the M-C-M' cycle?
>>503047 Cybernetic socialism. Monetary systems (alone) don't allow rational evaluation and comparison of the labor cost of individual commodities.
>>503035 Just call yourself a dengist. There hardly seems to be an ideological difference anyway. They even say that they are not imperialist.
>>503054 That just gives you, well... Dengist China.
>>502815 I feel utterly naked. Don't ever look at my posting history mods. I forbid you! I FORBID YOU
>>503057 >But I despise the current Dengist regime for it's aggressive expansionist policies. That's what happens when the state assumes the role of capitalist regardless of ideology. >Furthermore my views on women's role in society are very traditionalist to the point of reactionary. Silly, but it is just a social policy.
>>503076 >That's supposition No, that is logic. If the state will fulfill the role of capitalist, then it must exchange money for a commodity wich must then be exchanged for money plus an exponent: M-C-M'. It has to grow exchange value. In order to do that, it must continue to either intensify labor or expand to devour new markets. Capital cannot by its nature stand still. Capital is in constant motion. >That's the shortsighted 2D materialism I warned you about Stupidly believing that social policies could effect any change on economic relationships will forever be remembered as Mao's greatest folly, and that is saying something.
>>503124 >The commodity is law,order,public services etc No, you are just describing taxes. >No it doesn't. Yes it does, because that is what capital is. Capital is money and means of production that are exchanged for a commodity (usually labor power) with the purpose of transforming into a greater amount of exchange value (usually money). If the state is going to act as the capitalist, then it must invest M in a C in order to get M'. This is not some ideology or opinion. It is what capital is, and it does not change just because the state does it. >A role of the capitalist by monopolising monetary creation and credit but it does not seek to become THE capitalist in itself with all the bad incentives and contradictions entailed therein. It does not matter what its intentons are. If it is going to participate in commodity production then it must conform to the principles of commodity production.
Is all discussion about race banned as of now? I saw a thread get deleted a couple hours ago that was clearly in good faith though it was about race. Not trying to say anything, just asking a question.
>>503154 >(followed by taxation to be adjusted accordingly dependent on gdp and inflation) More like preceded by taxation. How would the government pay anyone anything except by taxation? Even if you use a new fiat currency you must first demand that everyone accept it in exchange for their labor, which is nothing more than taxes with one fewer level of mystification. ...Well, there is one other way I suppose: run the state as a for-profit entity, but I hardly need to say what an unmitigated nightmare that would be. >Capital is anything you determine by fiat. Oh god, post-structuralism incoming. No, Derrida, capital is an observable phenomenon. >You have reified the current capitalist system into a semi mystical law I/we did no such thing. Capital and its component parts have been described as such since the eighteenth century by classical economists. The definition of capital has not changed since, although the keynsians like to call it "financial capital." >Pure ideology Economic systems work regardless of what we imagine of them. Fortunately, we are able to observe them in action and thus describe them. >Good evening gentlemen Later. It is nice to talk to a nazbol who is interested in economics. Seriously, dude, you want to read the first five chapters of Capital Volumn 1. They are all about dissecting these concepts. Never mind the primers or shorter texts. They just do not provide the justifications that make them convincing. >Do you have a name/handle/regular hangout in here? No, In my decade and a half of being a chantard I have never had a name. I just hang out here and at /hobby/. /roulette/ can be fun where there is a topic that I am interested in.
>>503154 This guy is fucking nuts or this is just a surface level LARP. He thinks moving all the jews to Florida is somehow a sensible idea, for example. It's either not serious, or ridiculous/crazy. You won't be able to "convert" him. The goalpost moving will be insane. It's a dead end. It's like anarcho-capitalism. It's just a larp, they don't really want or care if it's feasible, they just like the world-building fantasy/larp and make it into a football team fighting match. No lives are ever on the line, even reality is not that relevant since it's a fantasy utopia. In other words, it's theory that derives from and stays purely in the realm of the pure ideal. And he will probably claim he has science on his side, just like nazis do. His claims that Marx was 2-D is that it doesn't take into account what makes his fantasy world-building utopia special. It's as if shitty sci-fi/fantasy wannabe writers made their sterilized concocted utopia a political framework to understand reality. Ayn Rand level of brainletism. It's a dead end, he's not interested in learning. At most, he's interested in finding plot-holes in his fantasy universe, just as long as it doesn't destroy what makes it special (particularly, ethno-centrism). To conclude, you can't convince someone who thinks this is a game and he's just in it to win. I'm not against the idea of making a general to radicalize nazbol lost souls or whatever, but this is "debating with an incel" tier. We have no mechanisms to deal with this shit. It takes ONE retard to spoil the fun for everyone else.
What's with all the anti-soviet threads lately?
>>503300 Glowies
>>503300 CPC brainworms.
>>503276 Yeh but there are fuck all ancaps now, some, like badmouse for example, converted
(554.68 KB 1751x1648 pipeline.jpg)
>>503591 Converted to fascism
>>503353 Why did the Soviet Union disintegrate? Why did the Communist Party of the Soviet Union fall to pieces? An important reason is that in the ideological domain, competition is fierce! To completely repudiate the historical experience of the Soviet Union, to repudiate the history of the CPSU, to repudiate Lenin, to repudiate Stalin was to wreck chaos in Soviet ideology and engage in historical nihilism. It caused Party organizations at all levels to have barely any function whatsoever. It robbed the Party of its leadership of the military. In the end the CPSU—as great a Party as it was—scattered like a flock of frightened beasts! The Soviet Union—as great a country as it was—shattered into a dozen pieces. This is a lesson from the past! -Xi
>>483785 per rule, please un-bumplock this thread that was locked without a reason: >>483857 Thanks.
>>504104 I added an explanation.
>>504116 I suggest you edit OP, both so we can see who bumplocked, and also so it's more visible.
>>504116 >anchored because the board is already on roulette so the point is moot. Retarded. A board being on roulette doesn't necessarily mean it will become a board, /his/ never materialised, for example. You're just butthurt someone is insulting your infantile cartoons.
>>504141 Your response demonstrates why it was anchored. If you insist however I could have alternately responded with 'anchored because unrelated to leftism', or, 'anchored because meta discussion belongs in the mod thread or in /gulag/'.
>>504225 Nobody visits /gulag/, not even mods.
>>504294 >What is money? How is money created? What makes something "legal tender"? In regard to the question of how a state pays for things, those questions are irrelevent. Whether a state pays its workers in specie or paper vouchers representing specie or fiat currency, it must have something which people immediately need prior to securing their labor. In the case of specie it must have already been in circulation as the money commodity. In the case of fiat currency it must be forced into circulation at gunpoint. Taxes have to come first. >The insistence by the state that taxes are paid in that particular item/s by fiat. MMT heterdox economists are actually onto something here. It is hardly new. It is the foundational principle of fiat currency, not something that MMT theorists just discovered. >No - you simply demand all taxes are paid with it - as happens now Right, so before the fiat currency gets used, people are first made to accept it in exchange for their labor by way of threat. People must first have the fiat currency before they can be ordered to relinquish it. The way that they first acquire it conceptually resolves into a tax. Says the state, "you will give me so much of what you produce." >Nothing to do with post-structuralism.Everything to do with the concept of money,currency and legal tender It has more to do with post-structuralism than you think. The entire argument that you are making is about deconstructing the concept of a social structure, in this case money. <The definition of capital has not changed since >That's the problem. So post-structuralist. A consistent definition allows a concept to be analyzed from different perspectives. Without that, any discussiin of a topic invariably spirals into pointless subjective nonsense, which is precisely what post-structuralism is best known for. >At this point money was gold and paper receipts for gold. Yes, fiat is a different animal than commodity currency, but if one does subscribe to Modern Money Theory then fiat currency ultimately resolves into commodity currency. By that theory, it is just a use-value (the use being created by the state) that has been infused with a given quantity of human labor (tax collection, the application of fees and fines, rent collected by private financial institutions, etc.) and used as the reciprocal equivalent of all commodities within a given economic system (a notion bostered by the functioning of the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency). >Furthermore the entire analysis was contingent on an unchangeable monetary system in largely private hands and insured by the state. That describes the present economic reality pretty damn well. >It clearly isn't. Money is no longer backed by gold or indeed anything at this point beyond govt fiat. Furthermore 90% of money in circulation isnt even physical And the truly remarkable thing is how little that has actually changed anything. The key to understanding why it matters so little lies in the fact that what exactly money serves as an equivalent for is not a physical substance but rather exchange value. In the days of commodity currency, to say that a given quantity of money represents a given quantity of gold would have only been a partial truth. What made gold useful was not its physical properties but rather its intrinsic exchange value which was determined by how much human labor was required to find and to dig so much of it out of the ground. That labor was what commodity currency ultimately represented in its quantity, and, if the rationale of MMT and the like is followed to its logical conclusion, that still holds true with fiat currency. It's still labor, even if it is labor of a different kind. >The entire analysis of "capitalism" from marxists to austrians fails to take any of this into account The hell it does. Where did you get the idea that it did? None of that shit is new. Get you some 19th century economic history. <Fortunately, we are able to observe them in action and thus describe them. >Economists from which school? It does not matter. What matters is that we can observe the motion of matter and identify patterns a posteri (not that the Austrians do that, of course).
>In regard to the question of how a state pays for things That wasnt the question. What is money? What is legal tender?How does/dit it come into being and what makes it accepted? >Taxes have to come first Chicken and egg >So post-structuralist No. Perhaps this is a semantic problem.By capital,in this context,I'm specifically referring to the form of capital known as currency,hard currency,money and legal tender. >a notion bostered by the functioning of the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency Indeed and this is enabled by OIL payments only being accepted in US dollars backed up by the might of the US military. However the function can still operate independently of those considerations within the context of an independent sovereign nation state with it's own currency. >That describes the present economic reality pretty damn well That IS the current reality. But it is a reality created and maintained by arbitrary state fiat.It is not some eternal law or necessary requirement for an economy.Ultimately it is a construct of vested interests in the form of powerful private banking concerns who have been monopolising this system from circa 1750 >The key to understanding why it matters so little Quite the contrary.It is of supreme importance. >It's still labor, even if it is labor of a different kind. Ultimately I agree - but surplus value is being sucked away by financial concerns - not by the functioning of private business/corps/retailers etc in the real economy (as marxists maintain) but by the financial oligarchs who create,maintain,monopolise and dominate the creation and distribution of the monetary system/currency. >The hell it does. The amount of blatant ignorance about money/currency among economists etc is breathtaking - it's probably by design.Both austrians and marxists are still bleating on about bartering chickens to explain the evolution of currency.
>>504437 Let's go to /gulag/. We are in the wrong thread to be discussing the nature of money and capital anyway. But first I have to trade eight hours of my labor-power in exchange for access to the means of subsistence.
>>504452 Ok point the way comrade
>>504455 I posted it while on my break. brb work
>Just let a nazbol keep posting, what could possibly go wrong This thread shows what could possibly go wrong.
>>503612 Bad take really. The rot had set in well before Gorby wanted to abandon ML. Ideology wasn't the problem. Organization was.
Delete this filth >>505776
Seems like we're getting quite a few open trolling threads. It seems to be the same individual but idk whether it's regular garbage that we get from time to time or if it's more co-ordinated.
queer intersectionalist anti-communist >>505840
>>505840 race-baiter
>TFW your takes are so good they're ignored because everyone agrees with you What if we had some kind of reaction feature for posts. Before you complain about "muh uboats" keep in mind that reddit is bad because you have a fixed identity and that your clout is visible to everyone. What I'm proposing is something only the Poster can see. It would increase the quality. Right now you have to resort to baiting to get the (you)s, this would balance the incentives.
>>506102 >Before you complain about "muh uboats" keep in mind that reddit is bad because you have a fixed identity and that your clout is visible to everyone. Reddit is bad because "clout" is tied to how stupid and reactionary the average subreddit is. Forums also have fixed identities and clout, but those could be utilized far more constructively in leftist forums.
>>497447 >how it's annoying and needs to be moved to a more appropriate board More like how its nice and all, but belongs on /hobby/
>>506102 good post/agree/based/good take is the imageboard version of a reaction feature tbh. the problem is that people don't really do it as much as they once did. (based/cringe is the worst form of this though. "good post" is my personal favorite.)
>>506436 >>506102 one idea would be to have "upvotes" BUT 1) they are invisible to everyone, including the poster, and only used to determine which posts get previewed as you scroll through 2) you can't vote unless you're looking at all of the posts in chronological order, thus avoiding the reddit feedback loop effect possibly if you really wanted to get fancy you could have "flavors" of up/downvote in the old slashdot style (funny vs insightful or w/e) and have the previews show a mix of those, but even the stripped-down system is likely already overcomplicated
(29.04 KB 440x334 skele.jpg)
Fuck off my god. I fucking hate how upboating works, it's so fucking cancerous. If something feels icky but you can't actually articulate why, you just downboat it and the post will be "debunked" without anyone having to debunk it.
I oppose upvotes, thumbs up, etc. because they incentivize herd mentality and there have been studies that show the brain works similarily to when taking cocaine based on the likes/favorites you get on social media. If it were up to me I would also remove the reply indicators next to posts and (You)'s because that also is similar to likes/favorites. 4chan didn't always used to have that. Discussions used to flow more organically before that, now replies and the flow of discussion are monopolized.
(4.97 KB 200x252 images (1).jpeg)
>upvotes is this an out of season april fools joke?
>>507043 Some people can't operate on the internet without small hits of dopamine feedback. It's sad.
>>506995 > I would also remove the reply indicators next to posts and (You)'s This is true. I can remember browsing 4chan on the old software before that and it was much better. Personally it also triggers my ADHD where Im forced to jump around and look at the replies to something rather than reading the thread in order
>>507172 tbh i wish bunkerchan supported 4chan-x style reading of replies inline. then you don't actually have to jump around the entire thread, but you can still track back through a conversation as you need to.
Can I be unbanned? Please, I was global banned about two weeks ago, I’m losing my fucking mind, I know the thread i made was fucked up but I wasn’t in a good head space and timing when i made it, but now I’m suicidally depressed, like, please, leftypol is the only leftist forum I like using, everyone on discord is some teenager and Reddit is unusable, please I genuinely wanna fucking die
>>507940 Do bans extend to the /gulag/? If not, that place could be a shitposting heaven.
>>507949 All of Bunkerchan, I don’t want to shitpost, I just want to appeal, Leftypol is all I have
>>507940 Bro. Use Tor.
>>507962 I am not the banned guy But most tor ips can't post here
>>507940 What was in your thread?
>>506102 Nah no reactions, the less like Reddit we are the better. What the other poster says about (yous) is also true
>>508325 It was the crazy shit about fucking with a girl’s head in GET
>>508409 sounds either depraved or toxic as fuck.
(30.99 KB 1850x160 palemoon_2020-05-17_03-50-24.png)
(129.70 KB 1857x826 palemoon_2020-05-17_03-49-41.png)
I'm not usually one for censorship, but can we do something about these people jerking each other off over batshit insane incel rhetoric? Having a bunch of people circlejerking around banning divorce and instituting arranged marriage kinda makes this whole site look awful
>>508983 i object to my post being in the second screencap. i'm specifically arguing against those points. my position is that of the mad scientist, not the incel.
>>508991 >i'm specifically arguing against those points. my position is that of the mad scientist, not the incel. As if advocating for neutering/sterilizing people to make them asexual is any better.
>>508993 it's preceded by "in following your analogy to its conclusion" for a reason. (plus you have to admit it would get rid of incel posters and nobody could possibly oppose that.)
>>508996 Alright, fine, you're forgiven. But the quote >the ideal world is one where gay and lesbian couples and straight couples both act responsibly in a society that is to all outwards appearances asexual. still come across to me as a sort of strange idealism about how people should behave.
>>509005 it more or less is. it really is aligned with what i believe, but i'm playing it up because it seems like a good antidote to both rablibs and to incels. incels can't stand the pro-LGBT policy part, radlibs can't stand the small-c conservative culture part. there's a Goldilocks problem when it comes to socialist visions of the future: the social conservatives are too bigoted and the social liberals are too narcissistic and frivolous. my aim is to break through that with a vision that lets us focus on the more interesting parts of socialism rather than whether the secret police will be watching you in bed or joining you in bed.
>>508983 Why can't you pearl clutching faggots allow a feisty debate from time to time without running to mommy mod to shut it down? It's sterile as fuck in here.A sophomoric safe space for head girls
>>507940 why do you need to be unbanned if you're posting? its anonymous, we don't know you're banned
>>509033 because this is a communist board and allowing people to unironically circlejerk over banning birth control and divorce and instituting arranged marriage is fucking retarded. Go back to /pol/ where you belong. This shit shouldn't be tolerated, otherwise you retards multiply like rodents.
Mod Vote - Critical - We should recruit mods to fill the positions left empty. Vote ends UTC 09:00 20/05/2020.
Edited last time by krates on 05/17/2020 (Sun) 08:57:51.
>>509034 Because I don’t want to use inevitably banned VPNs like a scurrying rat, I want to talk to people normally; I used leftypol for a long time mostly without issue, even when forced to use VPNs I do so talking to people without controversy, yet I get banned as a “known spammer” when my supposed spam is just daring to talk to people at this point. And of course it doesn’t make a difference because once you’re perma-global banned you’re so done that it literally can’t get any worse. Were I banned for a month I’d have stfu for a month.
>>507940 What did you write as an appeal? Does it show you a ban I'd? I can't find it like this cuz the mod tooling is crap
>>509033 >a feisty debate It was a bunch social conservatives pearl clutching and browbeating others as liberals. One dumbass even insisted that correlation does imply causation.
>>509112 Unfortunately the dialogue pops up so quickly that I usually forge to write an appeal and at that point I couldn’t even try appealing in /gulag/ The ID is 5eb05ac50e40c445b1890d29 I know the thread I made in /GET/ was bad and I deeply regret and apologize for writing it, I was having a mental breakdown when I posted it. But please, Leftypol is the only place that I like discussing leftist politics and communism online, the vast majority of the things I put here are completely on topic.
>>509148 Honestly I got laughed at two weeks ago for suggesting it, but between the /pol/tier social conservatives and the Sakaists currently posting, this is surely a deliberate raid
>>507940 I lifted your ban since "bait" doesn't seem like ground for a global permaban
>>509293 Thank you
>>509184 The Sakaiist are definitely some kind or raid or some sort. Don't know if it's better to brfo them or just delete them. In this case maybe debating works best.
>>509376 Tbh I was a sakaist at one point but now that I read Kevin Rashid Johnson’s critique of it and Theodor Allen’s writings on the origins and usage of racial separatism among the ruling class, I’ve grown highly skeptical of it. Perhaps it works to counter them with books and the like? Invention of the White Race is an excellent source, for instance.
>>509418 The Invention of the White Race is on my list of books to read. Is it very America centric?
>>509431 Nope, so far the first volume has been about the relations between the Irish and British
>>509453 Sounds excellent. I'm definitely going to give it a go then.
>>508983 Fuck off you narc scab bitch >>509033 This
>>509026 Saying that people should act asexually in public is still onerous social control though. Why shouldn't people just act how they want?
>>509562 i don't believe most desires are truly innate so the best i can say (particularly with a view to avoiding too much off topic posting ITT) is that i think you're asking the wrong question. because the ways people wish to act are influenced by a multitude of outside factors (media, social consensus, product availability, political associations), and anyone building a new socialist society would have control of many of those factors, most people can be lead to want to act in such ways in public and to uphold and enforce those norms by themselves. to some those social norms may feel onerous, but so long as they're a small minority they can be rounded out of the equation without being overtly mistreated. (just as my own preferences are rounded out of present society and many future visions of how socialism would look.) the question that follows is "why lead people to act in those ways?" which for brevity's sake i'll simplify to: because of the practical advantages it offers as a vision now in terms of refocusing the discussion away from ground that's fertile for incels and radlibs. even if some key part is wrong and such a vision is impossible to implement it would still be worth pushing for the practical progress that would be made before realizing that fact. on a more general principle of "letting people act how they want" which should be read separately to the above (it applies more generally and i accept that the case of public social norms isn't as clear cut.). there is the sugar analogy: we have an innate taste for sugar which was to our advantage as cavemen when sugar was scarce, but now kills us through overconsumption in an industrial society where sugar is abundantly manufactured. that desire is genuine but essentially irrational, a mismatch of evolution and social progress. our innate sweet-tooth will persist into socialism but one would still hope a socialist state will try to reduce our sugar intake to healthy levels instead of accepting that people innately like sugar and building more hospital wards and insulin factories to deal with the consequences of that fact. to be clear: i don't have esoteric dietary views i'm trying to push here and i hate the more coercive strategies for reducing sugar intake. still, it seems like a clear example of a somewhat inherent desire that we should try to control.
Please keep this thread for discussions directly related to the moderation of /leftypol/. Thanks.
>>509033 Based This x100
>>509640 I'm surprised the Succdem poster wasn't banned. They kept posting reactionary liberal nonsense.
>>509790 Succdem person were fine, he just needs to learn. The pedo thread have turned into an incel/pedo clusterfuck though. Maybe mods should take a look.
Honestly speaking, the mods need to be more lenient in general. It seems like they pander to the liberals who get triggered. The triggered liberals make the mods believe that a random conversation is filled with misogynists, when it may not the case at all. When people get triggered, the moderators should read the conversation before they start to ban. Perhaps, they should seldom ban people and mostly resort to deleting posts or freezing threads. It will anger the liberals or CIA Eglin Wumao, but it works to stop the inc*l posters. (I didn't know that these people existed until recently when people started talking about them. This inc*l issue doesn't exist in China.) I think simply deleting posts is more efficient than banning. A side note: From my experience, the Chinese internet is more lenient than this board or any other website in the West for that matter. On the Chinese internet occasionally, your post gets deleted but it's VERY RARE to outright ban posters or users. The "liberal" West, including its "leftist" websites, are more likely to practice censorship. Even in public, people say what they want without a problem. Political correctness is not really a thing in China. I feel more paranoid posting stuff on here than I do on Chaguan, Bilibili, or Zhihu because I'm afraid I will be banned because angry liberals. Therefore, it ironically seems like there is a better exchange of ideas on the Chinese internet than on the West's internet.
>>509910 >First actual Chinese citizen on Leftypol Hello from Burgerland, won’t say much more to shit up mod thread except We aren’t all retarded!
>>509910 >but it works to stop the inc*l posters. Nothing works to stop the incel posters. If you're new here, stick around, but these people have been ruining the internet for a few years now. You'll soon want them all to be banned on sight too.
>>510134 I'm pretty sure they just reproduce by fission or something, if you let just one stick around eventually you end up with a whole gaggle of the fuckers running your community into the ground.
>>509910 >the Chinese internet is more lenient than this board For fuck sake mods chill out yeh
>>509910 >hello i am real chinese
>>509910 Nihao comrade. Just wait until we stop banning the incels then you will beg us to ban them again. These people derail every thread if give the chance. What corner of china do you come from? I studied in xiamen for a while but sadly didn't speak a word of Chinese so I didn't get to hang out with the guys at the school of Marxism.
(215.22 KB 724x609 Screenshot_20200518-023510.png)
>>509913 >Hello from Burgerland, won’t say much more to shit up mod thread except We aren’t all retarded!
>>509910 Holy based >>510361 Kek Perhaps I am a dengist after all and not nazbol? Hmmmm
>>509910 >The triggered liberals make the mods believe that a random conversation is filled with misogynists, when it may not the case at all. you can't see post history like I do. Trust me the conservatives are extremely formulaic and low effort shitposters. Hell posters don't even tell on others via reports, we usually detect them on our own. If you really feel like there are triggered liberals suppressing, thats just 杯弓蛇影
I guess we're just letting unironic pol shit on the west bank annexation thread now
>>511248 I'm not in that thread, report here, link to the /pol/ shit.
>>511532 how are you both lazy and gay
>>511746 >implying I'm not gay because it requires less effort I'm not interested in that topic and I have shit to do. I'm not asking for much.
>>511845 Just so you know, I've been monitoring the thread, the poster hasn't posted anything since then.
Here's the 9chan boy >>512440 >>512446 >>512411
why was /cvg/ bumplocked wtf? >>402113
>>513015 It wasn't bumplocked, it was decycled for the reasons expressed here >>511774 You free to make a new /cvg/ thread.
Are we getting raided... Again?
mods can you add at the bottom of my Scumbags thread please so it asks for a picture and some context to their crimes. I forgot to add and will improve thread quality. >>512530
>>513487 thanks
>>509910 >Chinese internet is more lenient I believe it, but I want more elaboration.
>>509910 >>514087 Show me one (1) post on Chinese Weibo comparing Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh.
>>515198 >In USSR, we are just as free as in USA. In USA, anyone can go to lawn of white house and shout, "President Reagan is an idiot!" and there will be no negative consequences. Likewise, in Soviet Union, anyone can go to Red Square in Moscow and shout, "President Reagan is an idiot!" and there will be no consequences. See? Just as free as America!
(28.04 KB 564x518 Warhammer_0bd86a_6139875.jpg)
>>515198 why would someone compare them?
spam thread >>515440
>>509050 For : 4 Against : 0 Abstention : 0 Approved
(44.11 KB 672x403 672.jpg)
>>515379 Just one example.
>>515968 Reported to Dengist Thought Police
(8.10 KB 224x225 images.png)
>>515968 >>/johnoliver/
>>515968 Any disrespect to Barack 🅱ussein Obama will not be tolerated. Any further depiction as a cartoon or paper tiger will be reprimanded. >>516092 I have added bunkergold to your account. No need to thank me for the kind gold stranger. >>516151 I will bumplock the thread.
>>516326 >I have added bunkergold to your account Thank you, based jannie. With this I can buy at two rolls of bootleg tp for my bunghole
Can you guys just plz start banning these fucking Black Hammer / 9C threads that basically put three paragraphs of sophistry into “WHY ARE BLACK / WHITE PEOPLE WORKERS AGAIN???????”
>>516478 >that flag I really hope you're not Unironicnazbol Also can you please wordfilter 9chan.* so he can't shill his shitty website
>>516484 What? He's a different poster complaing about 9*han man
>>516151 >>516326 >>516478 looks like an effort post to me
can u anchor the coalfax thread? the sites already been taken down and the thread is just racebait shit now >>500480
>>516681 The subreddit has been quarantined. Thanks for reporting.
>>516681 There's still a 9chan board though.
Vote to move the Animu thread! https://strawpoll.com/7gxyhwd2/r
>>516698 >9chan Lmao yeah I'm sure old Josh will be able to keep in the ropes.
Based Mods on CommieCat poster watch
A new round of volunteer recruitment has begun, please see >>517839
>>515968 >Obama is Tigger wew lad
>>516484 >I really hope you're not Unironicnazbol Why would I want to ban/delete a thread I am currently having a civilised discussion in? Am I Voldemort in here now? I've been accused so far of being sakai/incel poster/pyongyang and some retard pushing his shitty chan. I may be a reactionary/heretic/non marxists/idiot to you people and you're entitled to that opinion. I am not however some Machiavellian or duplicitous schemer on a mission to disrupt leftypol.
>>518773 >I am not however some Machiavellian or duplicitous schemer Ah hah, I've got you! That's exactly the sort of thing a Machiavellian duplicitous schemer would say! Lavrenti, fetch the handcuffs.
>>518628 this thread is locked without reason given mods unlock as per rule
>>519140 No, it isn't.
>>519157 sorry m8. Also while i'm anti sectarian to the core, are you really gonna try and get rid of the eternal cosmic tankiddie vs anarkiddie battle? Bold move m8
>>519386 I am not and I don't think there are plans to do that. If there were, it would have to be brought to this board for discussion.
>>520336 shitposter
fuck off mods and restore my post with mao as a my little pony
(8.65 KB 311x162 images.jpeg)
>>520752 dealt with, thanks.
Why was my thread >>521368 bumplocked? The volunteer didn't even give a reason. I thought mods decided to no longer exert power without stating the reason?
>>521382 jannies are a disease and bullets are the cure
Looks like there might be a /pol/ raid in the Islam thread, I leave it up to the judgement of the vols
Petition to change the name of the internet general to idpol general. It’s all those niggas talk about
>>521382 Hate jannies but fuck atrasa wrists and nazbols
>>522521 Posting about TERFs in the internet general isn't helping your current petition at all...
>>522589 Stfu janny and do as I say
>>522589 Is this Krates?
>>523017 It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our bans.
Thanks for removing the two instances of doxes from the Hungarian thread. Some of us there know eachother IRL and some idiots like to threaten (?) / bully (?) / joke (?) by revealing sensitive info like traceable pics and legal names. It's super unprofessional and infantile.
can we start bumplocking those retarded-ass nazbol/strasser threads? including the "lets convert nazbols to to communism" all they result in is nazbol bad/nazbol good back and forth slapfighting.
>>524252 Seconded
>>522385 This thread is devolving into chaos
>>524252 >back and forth slapfighting. This is how good maymays are generated Eventually REEEing autists pull out mspaint and draw images of the antagonism
Does anyone have an image of the favicon for bunkerchan.xyz (the little bunker icon on the tab)
>>524252 fuck off gnarc. Why are you such a fucking baby if you don't like it don't click on it its that fucking simple. Not everything needs to be personalised to your special snowflake tastes you disgusting cretin. Its a worthwhile conversation. Fuck off. There is plenty shit on this board i don't like, i don't demand that it is personalised to my tastes though, how much of a whining little crybaby are you? again FUCK OFF. Stay fucked off
>>524448 >>524266 >>524252 somebody said I thing i didn't agree with :( :( :( :( :( daddy make it go away NOW :( :( :( :(
>>525162 Bad argument. The correct argument is that allowing threads we don't like sharpen our argumentative skills, force people to research shit, and prevents this place becoming a circlejerk where the only dynamism comes from the eternal war between the ML and anarkiddie
>>525162 >>525169 jesus fucking christ this seethe like every other day we have the same thread about whether we should accept nazbols into the movement and they've kinda started repeating themselves. like that anon said, it really has become >nazbol bad cuz muh red fash <nazbol good cuz muh degeneracy maybe bumplocking is not the move but i 100% support containment threads
>>525162 >>525169 Just keep this nazbol brain damage to one thread how hard is that. Letting any anti-communist spam the catalog is obviously a completely shit idea no matter how many hundreds of times you repeat it.
>>525204 This. Create an /oppo/ general where we can bitch about anticoms and they can debate us. No more spam and nothing of value is lost.
Why should we tolerate nazbols when we ban all other idpol?
>>525214 >when we ban all other idpol? Wdym. Only "reactionary" idpol gets banned. Trannies live in /leftypol/ rent free.
>>525200 this is true, i apologise, i got emotional. But also, I was kinda pointing out the underlying mentality of the people that want to stop this function from happening. They see something they don't like and instead of arguing about it as it imageboard tradition they cry and want it gone. They have their personal tastes and they don't want to be challeneged, they don't want us to sharpen skills, to be exposed to ideas of reaction we may not have been exposed to in order to challenge them, in order to develop their own ideas. This is what they don't understand. Science is as much about eliminating incorrect ideas as it is about discovering correct ones. >>525202 i would agree 100% with a containment, but several threads out of control is better than getting rid of a discussion completely. Coming to mods and pushing for locks and deletions and not asking for a containment or any other solution is not asking for containment. also, most subjects that aren't fresh have by no a two sided slap fight vibe to it. literally every argument, ancom v tankie, dengist v people who don't like china, Kurd supporters vs Kurd opposers. autistic anti idpol versus good anti idpol etc etc etc >>525204 like i said containment is fine but that isn't what was being suggested >>525211 agree also. We should also have a thread for fascists where can dunk on them also >>525214 we shouldn't ban all other idpol, idpol, like nazbol, should be contained
>>525211 I don't think kids from reddit and /pol/ are gonna be able or willing to follow instructions like that. They are gonna be shitting up the place still. If it worked, yeah it would be an improvement but I really doubt that. >>525214 other idpol has also wormed its way back in, like the sakai shit, tons of garbage about religion and the whole cursed /IG/ thread. >>525222 you mean rent free in your head.
>>525222 Well? Where are they? Link me to a trannypol thread.
>>525225 >I don't think kids from reddit and /pol/ are gonna be able or willing to follow instructions like that That's when you delete/lock their thread and redirect them to the main one. ezpz
>>525225 thing is if it has a containment thread you can blanket delete and redirect, most people just post in the containment rather than go to the effort of making another post/thread that just gets deleted. Then, when it is deleted, we can point them to the thread when they come to complain, it takes away all their ammo and if they are a spammer probably some of the satisfaction over time. Also, it concentrates the people who stick around to dunk on them into one area so our forces are concentrated, rather than being spread across different threads >other idpol has also wormed its way back in some of those threads about new black panthers and black hammer were actually pretty productive though, got to know a lot about the inner workings of different black socialist groups, which are quite clearly the most radical and effective organisers in the US atm >>525222 >muh trannies seek help
>>525237 >seek help bro im trying to but the trannerinous dont leave.
>>525242 i regret to inform you sir we have had reports that there may be a gender neutral bathroom in your home
>>525246 who does it keep happening??
If you bring back idpol, the incels will come back again.
>>525249 its the communists sir the only way to combat is to get a bucket for the female members of your family to shit in outside If you are a chad you will also provided them with an umbrella in case of rain
>>525251 my suggestion has always been a soft gulag for discussions of race, ethnicity, abortion rights etc insane we don't have a place to talk about abortion etc and a hard permo locked gulag for trans and incel posting
>>525370 Unfortunately you can't have an abortion right discussion without the incels. They tend to to pop up and derail in any idpol related thread, especially if it's something related to women.
>>525395 stand resolute and defend your position from any and all attacks
>>525469 But I don't want to have the same discussion I've had with incels 100 times already. It's completely pointless.
>>525476 okay then don't engage and ignore them entirely
>>525222 >Trannies live in /leftypol/ rent free They're only living in your head rent free tho
>>525251 then we will ban them all systematically for being reactionaries
Can we just bring back idpol gulag? There’s constant idpol spat fights in /IG/ and now people from GET are swarming into the thread to post nudes and I’m just sick of it, I don’t wanna see anons’ nudes in the thread that’s supposed to be about discussing e-celebs and preferably youtube channels we actually like
>>525780 Then what’s happening in /IG/ right now?
>>525960 >Can we just bring back idpol gulag? There’s constant idpol spat fights in /IG/ and now people from GET are swarming into the thread to post nudes and I’m just sick of it, For fucks sake, there was one single nude picture. One. If you don’t wanna see it, don’t. It’s spoilered for a reason. Wanna talk about some youtube channel or twitter? Then do it! Nobody’s stopping you. Don’t soil your tits over a single fuckin nude picture. Nobody from /GET/ is “invading” leftypol. It’s one single fucking nude. Also, no. No idpol gulag. If you wanna idpol gulag, go to 9/left/
Please delete the nudes and ban /GET/posters. We exiled Leftytrash to /GET/ for this shit and now it's starting up again.
>>525981 Dude you’re the only guy who has a problem with it. Just check another thread for a while. This shit’ll fade in like an hour. Unless you *really* want to see more vaush nudes
>>525993 There are other guys in that thread complaining about it, and as I said we exiled Leftytrash for a reason. Take your shit to /GET/ where it belongs.
>>525998 Dude, you fucks are over exaggerating this shit. Just wait 3 minutes or something. There was 3 hours full of burgers arguing over whether trannies are moral or not and i’m sure you were one of ‘em. If that’s tolerated in an e-celebs thread, then why isn’t this? All in all, fuck you
>>526008 Shit like that is exactly why people are asking for another idpol gulag so the constant arguments about TERFs, trans, gays, straights, women, incels, sex, etc. can end in /IG/
>>526008 Probably because tranny discussion are at least tangentially related to politics while your ugly ass nudes aren't.
>>526008 >>526012 Samefagging real quick but Personally I just wanna go back to shitting on Vaush and e-celebs in general But I barely know many because I just like Prolekult, Hakim, red fish, etc Laughing at Twitter dorks and shit tier Youtube channels was fun But I don't browse Twitter and don’t look at shitty youtube channels So I rely on based anons to go into the trenches to fish it out I wanna shit on Breadtube not argue about my views on irrelevant radlibish shit I try to avoid
>>526022 Then do it, dude. I’d be down too
>>526012 If you do that the incel will shot it up.
>>526048 The gulag isn’t supposed to be good it’s supposed to be an exile thread to banish all the shittiness to
an idpol gulag is an explicit allowance of incels to express their views the incels are the prime enemy atm, so tolerating them cannot be accepted in any form, including via an idpol gulag.
>>525981 i maintain that we need a /leftytrash/ moderated to keep it free of this sort of thing (and avatarfags) but nonetheless somewhat chaotic. (i.e. not tied down purely to laughing at e-celebs when we could be having fun talking about food.)
>>526172 In this case I believe it would be a blessing. Take down all the Vaushes while you're at it too.
>>526101 >>526101 yes but its an allowance also of EVERY OTHER idpol view, within the gulag alone. We cannot privilege one or other idpol view unless we become ourselves idpol, therefore, we must allow them all, but not in a manner which shits up the board. and if your response is "just ban all idpol" you are basically relegating like 80% of leftist history to the trash. Because most of it has been conducted by Asians, Latinos, blacks and slavs, so idpol has been a big factor in how these things went.
>>526629 Contrary to popular belief brown people waging class struggle is not idpol.
>>526629 >Because most of it has been conducted by Asians, Latinos, blacks and slavs I don't think you know what idpol coz it is not non-white people doing things.
(35.00 KB 262x419 skinsuit.png)
>>526640 are you talking about workers ? because theirs also capitalists that wear the brown "skinsuite"
>>527654 More of those pridefall dicks are out and about. BTW, do mods need any Australian/NZ people to volunteer?
>>526629 How the fuck is talking about non-western communist revolutions and history idpol? Are you that liberal than you consider every case of non-white history to be an argument against white supremacy or some /pol/ meme?
>>527751 No faggot, it isn’t idpol, that’s what I’m arguing, only a faggot would think that is Idpol I’m arguing specifically that is isnt but that by definitions given here, i.e when you literally talking about black people it’s idpol, then it would be. I’m not the fucking liberal here, im talking about material facts. Most socialist revolutions have been by non white people. It’s a fact there is no getting around. If you want to try and argue that you are literally just a triggered whitey What I said was “idpol” has therefore been a factor in most revolutions, because it has. You would only say other wise if you didn’t know history at all. It’s laughable to suggest otherwise. Yes they are mostly all workers struggles primarily, but these are very often also framed within cultural identity narratives. The Bolivarian cultural revolutions in Latin America have been generally pro indigenous anti white settler. The same is the case im the Caribbean, such as in Haiti. This is very much also the case in anti colonial struggle in Africa and south east Asia. The post was to show how stupid the mods definitions of idpol and policy on idpol is. These are the same people who said the black panthers were idpol and have said talking about the mass rape of women and children by US forces in Columbia is idpol. They don’t give a fuck about idpol actually, analysing it as the very real material condition it is, they just see anything about women or black people get triggered and want it gone. Stupid little bitches
>>526640 >>527104 This is EXACTLY the point I’m making
>>527804 You are just spreading lies constantly at this point, this goes beyond your usual dishonesty and strawmanning. That is all.
>>527806 Then what's the problem? We have threads of non-white people doing things all the time.
>>527828 Which lies >>527868 I was called idpol for talking about mass rapes in Columbia as a woman’s issue, were I to make thread about it in this context, it is likely it would not survive. Similarly any and all threads related to decolonisation as an idea are now banned so we can’t look at capital in that context properly. Similarly, after leaving it up the nazbol thread was locked, so we can’t discuss the nascent social conservative left leaning streak in society properly. All in all a very clipped discussion
>>527922 >All in all a very clipped discussion this
>>527922 The decolonization threads are mostly banned because they're full of dishonest trolls. And the board is better for it.
>>527922 > Similarly, after leaving it up the nazbol thread was locked, so we can’t discuss the nascent social conservative left leaning streak in society properly. In what way is a nazbol thread not idpol? >I was called idpol for talking about mass rapes in Columbia as a woman’s issue, were I to make thread about it in this context, it is likely it would not survive. because that is idpol. It isn't related to communism and although it is an interesting problem it's still an idpol problem
>>527966 Not just trolls, it is more than likely a psyop. What's more it is never about actual decolonization of the 'global south' or whatever you want to call it but some inter-US conflicts, the prime example being Sakaiists. These people shouldn't be counted under decolonialism.
is this where i ask if i want a socialist romania flag?
>>528746 Yes, have you got a flag to propose for this?
>>527982 That's my biggest problem with these type of people; why must they talk only about the US when it comes to this shit? Gets stale fast af and pretty much proves they're mostly false-flagging against american socialists
(339.00 B 16x11 ro.png)
>>528798 i tried
>>528803 meant for >>528754
>>528796 Because they are burgers and burgers in general are painfully oblivious of how the world works.
Some absolute booj on britleftypol is continually banning my ass for fuck all. He's triggered for getting called Tarquin after outing himself as an upper middle class poshboy and can't take any bants whatsoever. How can this place be effective with jannies like this?Banning people for petty personal shit,mass posts deletion etc.
>>529208 You need to understand that the bans are all a part of the bants I thought you brits understood the logic of britposting
>>529208 I am not a brit, thank fuck and I have never posted in that thread. You are a complete cunt, extremely boring and a reactionary retard. I might overlook if someone only displayed two of those characteristics but that is just too much. What people that clamor for less moderation don't get is that we for the most part set an extremely low bar even for non-leftists. It is just that 95% of /pol/tards and other rightoids do not manage to clear that bar. On the formal reasons for your bans there is samefagging, false flagging, reactionary idpol and probably some more things I can't think of right now (and evasion but that is a given).
um jannies they're fighting about trans people again >>529288 >>529311
>>529324 Not to be a little bitch but how is that "left-nazbol" wrecker not banned yet
>>529343 First, there is no report, if you want something done I don't understand why you have not sent one. Second, for me personally it is because he is not acting like a lunatic throwing shit around so he is already ahead of the curve there as far as our "visitors" go and I appreciate that.
>>529343 >>529380 Shouldn't ban people we disagree with tbh. Not for their sake, but for the sake of the dynamism of the board
>>529390 If we are going to ban all idpol we should maybe ban the bona fide nazis too.
>>529426 It's better to allow it for a couple of reasons, IMO 1. Otherwise we might appear to ban all dissenting views, which just legitimizes nazi opinions 2. Not engaging with that material numbs the brain and will make you less able to confront it when faced with it IRL I was one of those who argued for just banning all tranny talk on old leftypol because it was obvious it was just false-flagging aut-righters and derailed every single discussion, but I think allowing discussions that go more to the core of the left-right antagonism such as IQ and similar have some utility for us. Also because tranny talk is kind of a niche thing, while IQ and related topics have been embedded both in the mainstream and is a major talking point of the general right-wing. It's just a 'shame' that only nazis seem to bother with spreading their happy message here. Would be more worthwhile and refreshing to have some exchanges with pro-capitalist liberals and similar or even an an-cap. I miss htat aspect of old leftypol, even if it was a shitshow
>>529464 Can we at least ban the LaRouche faggot?
>>529464 >1. Otherwise we might appear to ban all dissenting views, which just legitimizes nazi opinions No it does not, what the fuck?
>>529554 Also, who the fuck cares what nazis think?
>>529546 That shit's funny IMO >>529554 >the LIBERAL LEFT suppresses all race discussions because they're too cucked/emotional/jewish to face it etc etc etc >Also, who the fuck cares what nazis think? We really shouldn't be complacent with regards to optics and similar. Right-wing identitarianism is a growing phenomenon. Even if you don't impress any literal nazi, you might have an impact on fence-sitting lurkers
>>529569 People aren't "fence-sitting" commies and nazis you parody. Did you just arrive from some radical centrist LARP subreddit? People "fence-sit" between neocon and demsoc now-a-days if anything. We want nothing to do with the far-right other than shooting them.
>>529569 I don't think Leftypol is the best arena for onverting onlookers that nazis are bad. And you have to admit that it is a bit weird that we ban all idpol unless it's right wing race identitarian idpol.
>>529606 >People aren't "fence-sitting" commies and nazis you parody Many of the posters here have admitted to being former /pol/aks or on the fence. This is a fringe board. We get people from the fringe. Usually alienated disgruntled anti-capitalists who seek a radical solution. Do we want them pointing the finger at the capitalists or at random blacks, jews and communists? >>529612 We don't ban all idpol, lol. Just look at the front page. I'm saying the tranny shit was a more specific thing because it was relentless and for the most part obvious bait.
>>529208 >>529307 okay other mods what the fuck is this about, one of your own has lost the fucking plot. Post proof he did all these things and you aren't just triggered out your mind, because this post reeks of being triggered like fuck, its basically "you're retarded and i hate you"
>>529343 sorry you came here to narc you are already a little bitch.
>>529390 this >>529426 we shouldnt ban either >>529464 this
>>529621 I thought the moderation policy explicitly stated that all idpol was banned. At least that was the case when the idpol gulag was removed.
>>529639 Seems like it's leniently enforced or that /IG/ has become the de-facto idpol board. Still, I've seen a lot of sakaist idpol and such lately. Maybe people just don't use the report function
>>529695 Compromise position: new /idpol/ general containment thread but with blanket ban on all incel-posting
>>529700 If it would be moderated tightly I would be onboard with that, because it's going to be incel central again if the mods don't clamp down hard.
>>529700 No more compromises.
>>529700 I’d settle on that tbh, even though I think there should be the doublebgulag system
>>529738 We just got rid of the incels. A doublegulag would bring them back again.
>>529744 I’d even settle for a double gulag sans incels a tbh but I think the trans discussion should happen just away from the front page
>>529755 The trans discussion tend to get really, really bad too. I don't know if there is any salvaging there. And muh trannies is one of incelposters favorite topics, so you will probably have him screeching in there too.
(1.25 MB 1484x994 1583881535933.png)
hmmm yes I see mittens, they really love talking about unused penises and the men that own them!
>>529919 (this post and all traces of it are removed)
raid of some kind >>52987
Did the mods go back to locking threads without explaining why?
>>530027 Don't know who did it but as per the new rules it's been unlocked.
Are we allowed to dox fascists on this board? Antifa has done this before
>>530199 It is not allowed as it is unlawful. I couldn't find conclusive evidence for this law, maybe it's hearsay. If you can convince the mods it's legal then yes, otherwise no.
>>530204 It depends on the state or country for that matter. I’ll look up the legal shit on it. I’m asking this because I know a couple of fascists that are really fucking dangerous at the moment. They try to hide it but they promote genocide. They’re getting more and more passionate about it every year.
>>530257 nigga.
Does anyone know how I can contact the guys working on the repo for the front end of this site? I wanna do some work on it but I don't wanna make a pull request that they don't want or might never review.
(817.09 KB 900x1041 1590503379260.jpg)
>CCP strives for socia-
spoiler this >>530848
Can you execute the Taiwan shill? I'm not even ML but his bourgeois condescension is just repulsive.
>>530853 I will be wearing Gucci shades on the day the revolution is successful. The nukes make the Earth a tiny star
>>531027 If you're a mod you should be kicked for siding with bourgeois nationalist reactionaries.
>>531010 >>531059 >bourgeois nationalist reactionaries That's literally what modern China is, after its internal coups of 1976-1978 and subsequent neoliberalisation.
Wordfilter cope tbh
>>531101 That's not even logically coherent.
>>531078 Lol so PRC and Taiwan are the same you're saying? Truly five head take my man.
mods what the fuck why are you deleting my and the other posters posts, because they exposed you for getting triggered and deleting a bunch of posts?
>>529622 I don't give a fuck about the brit thread, it was always terrible, I don't post there and I am not a fucking brit. This is the same guy that called himself unironicnazbol for a short time before going back to covertly trying to insert his reactionary shit into discussions. The same nazi derailed this >>521238 thread pretending to be a bigoted chinese (obviously he is an english cunt), he also completely shit up this >>528593 thread with nazi talking points. You can still see in the logs that it dropped a ton of posts in the brit thread when I purged the nazi's posts for evasion in here >>528593. I don't make a file for every nazi and other assorted trash that gets washed up here, if you wanna take a look you have to do it yourself. I don't understand why you act like this is unusual, this is standard nazi behavior, they know they are completely loathsome to normal people. They do not come here to have a friendly and honest debate, they will masquerade as all kinds of different things purely to shit up the place. I am not making an extraordinary claim here, if you paid attention and weren't completely clueless you would not have this fantasy of the well-behaved nazi that the mean mods are keeping down. >>531159 Sry, I totally mistook you for him because you both had no history and were saying the same thing not even five minutes apart and were also both doubleposting so I just concluded that he was having a laugh.
Hello mods you deleted mine and another users posts why was this. Petition to implement a rule for post deletion similar to the bumplocking where the mod has to explain
>>531300 It's fixed
>>531299 it is weird i have no history. It is me friend. I am sage. I thought you guys could basically always see it was me
>>531319 Now you do, before you didn't.
>>531328 how is this so?
>>531307 >Petition to implement a rule for post deletion similar to the bumplocking where the mod has to explain Board volunteering already has a high turnover rate of vols going AWOL all of a sudden especially those from peak European time zone. Let's not make it worse.
>>531348 Have a hot chocolate lad you are seething.
>>531351 the idea is they will think twice and not delete so much stuff for no reason. Its a disincentive for deletion of posts. Thats the whole idea.
>>531537 The plan is to make functioning logs when switching to gochan.
>>531815 >>531838 >>531852 ban idpol baiters pls
>>530833 Yes, hop on the riot chat. That's by far the easiest route of communication.
STOP anchoring the Vaush vs. Caleb thread, you faggots. Yes, it's /IG/ material, but since it has far reaching consequences, and it concerns the WHOLE BOARD it should be IMMEDIATELY UN-ANCHORED! How deluded are you, btw? You faggots, "vols", just wanted us to have a cytube channel, and when we actually have one, you CLOSE IT?!?!? Fuck off, let us critique this shit, as communists should!!!!!
>>532000 talking about this >>531373 thread!
>>532000 If you think that Youtube debates between literal nobodies have far-reaching consequences, you spend way much time online. And that thread was locked because it consisted of bickering about puberty blockers instead of the topic at hand. There is a new thread if you're interested.
>>532000 disagree, it should remain in that contained thread. caleb is dishonest and vaush just mindlessly throws ad hominems
(62.07 KB 228x585 1.png)
>>532012 Get into the new thread instead of freaking out, moron.
Why can't people not look for 10 seconds before posting?
>>532012 Jesus christ, calm down, the new thread will be under protection, stop being crazy. t. mod
>we NEVER had so many users on cytube <be vol <anchor it, lol FUCK. YOU.
>>532033 maybe don't let it devolve to idpol bullshit?
>>532033 It was locked because it devolved into shit flinging about trannies. You have a new thread. Stop complaining.
(317.08 KB 960x541 1583938190491.png)
>>532033 shut up mods dindu nuffin
>>532043 I even edited so it had the old OP. No way to please these assholes.
You need to get off the sauce, G.
(3.30 KB 175x288 1.jpeg)
>>532418 forgot my flag
>>532418 Big penile mass post
>>532418 silence, idpoller
(297.26 KB 1637x1000 1.png)
>>532532 The thread is there autist >>531954 Cycled even.
>>532559 >the thread is there <the thread is locked, lol GET A FUCKING DEMOCRATIC CENTRALIST VOL TEAM OR DIE IN GULAG, YOU LITERAL SHIT
>>532576 Look again you fucking anallord
>>532583 >lock the original thread [no reason, lol] >allow the second thread [no reason, lol] <STOP CRITICIZING OUR INTERNAL ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE kys
>>532583 >>532576 >>532532 >>532418 >>532039 >>532033 >>532019 >>532012 Ok just so I get this right, G, you have made ten post just because you couldn't be bothered to look at the situation for five seconds. Get some help.
>>532583 You LITERALLY BLOCKED our attempt to achieve the highest participation on our Marxist cytube channel, you utter cunt, while you supposedly shilled for the very same. You should be purged.
>>532595 see bottom post in this pic >>532532
>>532600 >>532607 >>532608 >I blocked what we supposedly want, so it's OKAY CUNT
>>532613 seek help
>>532613 >Lock first thread because its derailed, ask people to make new thread >Cycle new thread >New thread continues where other left off but now not derailed. r u dummy?
Mods have been based today. Kept the place nice and tidy and made retards sperg out multiple times.
>>532635 Gaslight someone else, you parasite. YOU YOURSELVES started a thread where you asked if we wanted a cytube room!! We did it! We achieved a non-idpol session, see (pic) >>531771, YET YOU CLOSED THE FUCKING THREAD! FOR WHAT FUCKING REASON?
>>532662 The thread is right there you double nigger.
>>532662 >inb4 ppl shidded it up IT'S YOUR FUCKING JOB TO CLEAR IT, YOU SHIT
>>532673 they cleaned it up with a new thread
(513.09 KB 1000x1000 1456815256199.png)
>>532673 Seek fucking help, it's not my job to mop up after your absolute autism I usually don't condone being rude while using vol tag but jesus christ, shut the fuck up.
>>532687 Horseshit. "Cleaning up a thread" is not the same as closing a thread and starting another. You fuckers are lazy as FUCK, and the community suffers from your laziness.
>>532697 Step up then fucker
>>532697 The community is fine with this. It's just you throwing an absolute bitchfit for no reason. The rest of us have moved on.
>be vol >start thread about how we want to have a cytube room >cytube room gets made >it gets record numbers >vols lock the thread, cuz [LOL] <STOP CRITTING US! <WE GOOD! D E L U S I O N A L
>>532697 it is only you who are assblasted
>>532697 Okay, look, let me be a bit more constructive, I'm sorry for being mean but you are blowing this all out of proportion. There was another identical topic and your chat was still on it so please have some perspective and move on from this. The decision was made and your feedback has been heard (to say the least). Please stop making posts about this or we might have to show you the door for spamming the thread.
>>532706 No no uh uh Bad suggestion bad
>>532714 >the community is fine with this <vols themselves make a thread HOW WE SHOULD HAVE SUCCESSFUL CYTUBE ROOMS >vols lock it >LOL kys
(54.75 KB 500x400 4Vv4r2wV.jpg)
(656.50 KB 578x511 baboonism.png)
>>532740 perfect
>>532727 Okay, look, let me be more constructive, I'm sorry for your current moderation sucking, but I want to tell you that most, if not all problems your moderation team inflicts is due to the fact that you don't practice democratic centralism. A great example is when you start a VOL thread where you "wish" we had a cytube room, and when it actually happens you BUMPLOCK the the thread. It's almost as if you SUPPOSED GOALS didn't ALIGN with YOUR ACTUAL ACTS. But yeah, fuck the userbase, who only wish YOU, YOU ABSOLUTE FAGGOT, provide what you supposedly WANT for the BENEFIT of this community! absolute asshole!
>>532758 Baboon moment
>>532777 >non-arg
>>532727 To be even more clear, someone made a thread without the cytube link. I edited the OP and added it almost immediately. >>532758 You had two threads with your cytube link in the OP in the first two pages for a long while. Back up, take a deep breath, understand what happened, understand that your cytube was actively promoted by mods, and stop this madness. You're schizo posting and should seriously tone it down. Get the hint, idiot!
>>532758 holy shit, calm your fucking tits, the continuation thread was just as active as the former one and did not (yet) devolve into idpol bullshit
>>532790 >You had two threads I had ONLY ONE THREAD, and as SOMEONE WHO HAS ABSOLUTE ACCESS TO MY POST HISTORY, YOU SHOULD FEEL LIKE AN ASS FOR ACCUSING ME FOR SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOT TO BE TRUE! Moreover, >You had two threads I HAD A SINGLE THREAD, YOU ABSOLUTE INCOMPETENT FUCK, WHICH CLEARLY STATED: >>531373 >this should be permissible outside /IG/ since so many of us hate Vaush with a passion >Back up, take a deep breath, understand what happened THIS IS TYPICAL WESTERN BUDDHIST HORSESHIT SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T WANT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT HE DID SAYS!! >understand that your cytube was actively promoted by mods Sure, except closing THE FUCKING THREAD THAT DID THIS!!! >stop this madness Stop lying, holy shit! >You're schizo posting Disregarded. Facts back me up. You are trying to gaslight me, you fuck.
>>532824 Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you.
>>532836 facts, facts are "wrong" with me
>>532824 Calm down, dude. I know that you are upset, but you aren't doing yourself any favors right now. You got a new thread almost immediately after the mods locked the first one, and that thread got very active and popular so you got the exposure you wanted. It isn't the end of the world.
>>532843 Facts and aspergers
>>532845 >I know that you are upset Notice that you don't actually call into question whether "my state of being upset" is justified or not! You are just saying: "calm down, calm down!" without actually asking the central question: "does he have legit reason for being assbasted?!" >You got a new thread As I said before, "I" didn't. All I did was start this thread >>531373 which had good reasons for staying on top, e.g.: >>531771 >You got a new thread almost immediately after the mods locked the first one So you are moving from "you started a thread" to "SoMeOnE eLsE sTaRtEd A tHrEaD" and this doesn't bother your fucking brain? Like you can't fucking detect how these two statements differ? >you got the exposure you wanted First of all, faggot, I >>>DID NOT WANT<<< ANY exposure, all I wanted is the fucking right like every anon has here, to start a RELEVANT thread and HAVE IT. Don't you understand the fucking difference, you shill? >It isn't the end of the world. It is not, you are correct, but as an actual communist, who has had to deal with vols saying SEVERAL TIMES, that meaningful interjection would require effort, that I think that the VOL TEAM IS SUCKS. Fuck you when you say ITT that "yeah, I could have interjected, but it would take too much effort!" (THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED BEFORE, MIND YOU!) Fuck you when you say ITT that "yeah, you started a thread, which we locked, but copied it SHITTILY!" AGAIN, >>532418 >UNTIL YOU ESTABLISH A DEMOCRATIC CENTRALIST SYSTEM YOU WILL MAKE THESE ERRORS AGAIN AND AGAIN! FUCK. YOU. t. actual communist
>>532900 I'm not a vol and I'm telling you that you don't have a legit reason to be assblasted. You are coming off a complete lunatic and I suggest that you calm your tits because this will feel very embarrassing tomorrow.
>>532912 don't give it attention
>>532912 >vols start a thread where they openly proclaim that they would wish we had successful cytube threads >I actually do it >vols shut it down >>You are coming off a complete lunatic Maybe you should become one of this community before you shit on us, productive anons?
>>532900 >does he have legit reason for being assbasted?! I think everyone who followed this was asking themselves that question and I can confidently say: No, you do not have cause to be this level of booty bothered. This issue is so minor it is hard to put into words.
>>532934 It seems small but muh thread I posted myself is a very big deal to some anons
>>532959 .............
>>532900 Pure autism
>>532959 No one is upset but you.
>>532968 god forbid we move this board toward meaningful ends! what we really need is locking threads that 100% align with what the vols openly say they want to see!
>be vol <never consider what message I send by moderating actions fuck me, right?
>>532990 Is he upset because the thread where he authored the OP was locked and the topic continued in an (almost identical) thread but one he didn't write the OP to? Someone explain, I don't understand what's going on.
(42.88 KB 708x708 6.jpg)
>>533011 >is he upset 'cuz he did 100% what vols' openly proclaimed they wanted and supported, and then he got fucked by vols because they were TOO LAZY - as they said several times ITT -, or is he a schizo? Fuck me for wanting the vol team to act consistently, right? Fuck me for wanting consistent communist action, and such, lol.
>>533023 Just answer the question god damn. You're bitching and complaining but I don't get why.
>>533024 Right. Vols before ITT said that they were (and I'm quoting:) "too lazy" to clear threads from trash, and thereby SAVE VALUABLE THREADS, made by the fucking userbase. God fucking hold me back from actually complaining that >these people who, you know, >actually JOINED THE VOL TEAM =TO DO THIS SINGLE JOB== should >DO THIS JOB nooooooooooo! >let's lock threads instead of clearing them up, because it's too much work ::::::::-((((((((((((((
Me and the gang about to write our mod thread post like
>>533011 >Is he upset because the thread where he authored the OP was locked and the topic continued in an (almost identical) thread but one he didn't write the OP to? Yes.
>>533031 >Vols before ITT said that they were (and I'm quoting:) "too lazy" And if you think I'm joking, I'm not. These faggots OPENLY said ITT that they are "TOO LAZY" to actually save/improve/etc. threads, instead they would rather prefer to bumlock them and shit into your mouth. THIS IS BUNKERCHAN 2020, btw!
>>533038 >is he upset because vols openly embrace being lazy YES
>>533039 I think you should apply in the mod thread. The moderation would improve thousandfold if you joined the team.
>>533049 It's much easier to bitch about the mods bring shit rather than actually step up and take responsibility.
>>533049 I did apply a year ago and gave a rather long (2 pages) list of reasons for them to accept me. I didn't even receive a reply. I'm an oldfag, mind you, I'm an consistent OC producer, mind you. Literally no reply. Since then I was de-anoned and doxed on this site (tho, the latest attempt was at least moderated: >>524217). I don't feel like I'm welcome anymore. The responses I've got from vols reminded me of the worst aspects of "ML" (while I'm an ML myself) in the stages of a rotting USSR. So, no, anon, I won't apply. As I said: >>533023 >he did 100% what vols' openly proclaimed they wanted and supported, and then he got fucked by vols It's super bad. I don't want any of this. Fuck em. They suck. They want to enlarge their numbers without being consistent. It sucks and I will have no part.
>>533031 We do it for free, asshole. It's already a shit ton of work and very mentally taxing as is. I have to ration the attention and effort I give to stuff otherwise I would spend it all on stupid shit, like this. And as such, I will just drop this conversation. I work, do communist org shit daily IRL, have a social life, attend my family, cook for myself daily, etc and on top of all that, I volunteer here, without pay. Go fuck yourself.
(23.17 KB 410x598 based.jpg)
>>533087 What I want from vols: >we are a disciplined force that does this out of class consciousness What I CONSISTENTLY get from vols: >FUK U! WHO ELSE WOULD DO THIS! WE ARE SNOWFLAKES SO FUCK OFF! honestly, comade....
>>533094 Taxi for one please
>>533110 what does this even supposed to mean, you snowflake?
>>533115 We need a taxi for you because you're drunk and need to go home
>>533123 You sound like an extremely drunk person who has gotten upset. This has happened to the best of us. Just drink some water and go to bed.
what i did for leftypol so far: https://thepiratebay.org/description.php?id=16888045 what i got "back" so far: several nonsense bans, doxes, de-anoning, threads being locked for no reason, no responses when applying for vol status. FUCK EM FUCK EM ALL
>>533134 >uhm, akshually, when we treat you like shit, it's not because we lack a workable organizational structure, no! it's because you are [insert slander]!
>>533143 >several nonsense bans the last one being, btw, being called a "pedophile" in the ban reason field, for having dared to say that small tits are cute, while in that very same thread another anon said the very same, and his comment was only DELETED, while I got banned for it. But fuck me, because I'm a male and think that small tits are cute, right? This is the fucking vol team we have right now.
>>533169 >This is the fucking vol team we have right now. Literally no central organization, literally no central rules, literally no class consciousness. None of this. It's basically a FEW consistent MLs and a FEW idiot traumatized radlibs (pic very fucking much related - btw, got banned for it before, just for posting, lol) who arbitrarily fuck you. How is a fucking communist supposed to thrive on this board, let alone apply to the vol team, while the very vol team CLEARLY has no rules to abide? It's a fucking joke, comrades, and I feel bad even talking about it. Current BO, while I suspect is an ML, is doing a super bad job. (Sorry, comrade!)
>>533186 >>533169 What do you suggest?
>>533197 1. democratic centralism 2. a rulebook by which all vols MUST abide 3. free tits
>>533148 If you are sober then this is even more embarrassing. I was trying to be charitable here, but get a grip.
>>533202 >1 This is a non sectarian leftist board. Democratic centralism is ML focused. I don't even get what you mean by that, how would that even work? In more ways than one, we already have democratic centralism. >2 There's already rules we abide by.
>>533219 >This is a non sectarian leftist board. (Meaningless talking point.) >Democratic centralism is ML focused. Even Makhno had democratic centralism, you know, the only ancom attempt that actually worked? >how would that even work? pdf related, I guess. (his new book on the same topic is getting out this year, btw.) >In more ways than one, we already have democratic centralism. So, let's reiterate: you say that "DemCen. is ML focused" [therefore bad], but you already have it (?), yet it doesn't show in your moderation? Okay, I guess. >There's already rules we abide by. Yeah, when I get banned for saying that "small tits are cute", and the FUCKING vol banning me has the GAUL to call it "JUST JOKE, CHILL OUT", while he merely deleted the same post in that thread from another anon, I get those "don't think so" feels, mate.
>>533239 >Even Makhno had democratic centralism, you know, the only ancom attempt that actually worked? *although he had to call it platformism, cuz, u know: reasons!
>>533239 >>533251 vanguardism =/= dem-centralism
(100.15 KB 660x495 1589660276571.jpg)
>>533253 I said nothing about "vanguardism" so far. All I said was that the only ancom attempt that worked was democratic-centralist, rebranded as "platformism" by comrade Makhno. Reading comprehension is a bitch, I guess.
>>533239 >>This is a non sectarian leftist board. (Meaningless talking point.) Just a reminder: when OldBO made the board back on 8ch he was a literal drooling socdem, and by being bullied into reading theory he later realized what an atrocity he committed by doing so. (This, all of this, he has said openly before, and without understanding this you'd never understand the reason behind his purges, but I digress.) Being "left" or "lefty" is LITERALLY MEANINGLESS as several threads prove every day on this board and had proven on 8ch. It's a meaningless buzzword today, an atavism from the bourgeois revolution of the French! Those users, vols, whoms't-evers who bring up "leftypol being lefty" are already suspect of being the enemy. I'm sorry if my wording hurts your fee-fees, but it's true. We are literally not "leftists", at least the best of us, but we are fucking communists (whether ancom, ML, leftcom, etc.). I made this point several times back on 8ch as well, dudes. It's true, dogs. The small% of the userbase who drag this board further were never and will never be so called "leftists" - only communists. Just look at the posts and observe the post quality if you don't believe me. You will never see a quality post from "lefties" on this board, but only from ancoms, mls, leftcoms, non-denominational Marxists, etc. None of these are "lefties". I know, I know, stop spamming the mod thread. I'm sorry, but ffs, stop happily identifying with the "lefty" in "leftypol". Our OWN HISTORY proves that it was only a mistake.
>>533325 >and by being bullied into reading theory he later realized what an atrocity he committed by doing so No, old BO was always a theoryless retard and he read a book or two and then got pretentious and decided he was qualified to ban everyone and it was only then the atrocities were committed as he destroyed the board
>>533356 You need to decouple your fee-fees from your rational understanding. I think this is the bare minimum entry-point of being taken seriously in communist circles. OldBO literally said previously that he was a theorylet when he started 8ch/leftypol/. I don't see how we shouldn't take his word for it! >he read a book or two I prefer sticking to facts. All we know is that he started reading after "being bullied into theory" (his words), we don't actually know HOW much he read or WHAT he read. These are the facts, mind you. >decided he was qualified to ban everyone First, this literally didn't happen, and you know it yourself. He didn't ban "everyone". He started banning by a pattern. We can argue back and forth whether this was justified or what-not, but that's a secondary thing to accepting the fucking facts. >the atrocities As I """prophetically""" said right after when we moved here: I believe that CurrentBO will have a similar point. He would either ban the "lefties" who start dominating the board (in favor for actual communists >>533325) or we'll become literal /r/chapo. This is just speculation, but it is not baseless. >he destroyed the board God createth, God destroyeth. ech-th
>>533420 >all whites are white supremacists your ban is justified, albeit for the wrong reason
>>533428 this is not just bad bait but annoying bait. take an L when you're given one, buddy
>>533239 ctrl+f >imageboard 0 results >anonymous online communities 0 results >autist wreckers 0 results >muh posts 0 results >jannies/janitors/moderators/imageboard volunteers/unwaged janitorial service 0 results get a better book.


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