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Anonymous 02/14/2020 (Fri) 01:24:23 No. 276744
Surprisingly good take on /pol/ from /lit/ discuss
it's not through racists come to /pol/ already racist, /pol/ doesn't turn people racist. interacting with people of color makes people racist. hope this helps.
>>276776 Not sure whether this is a troll or not, but I was turned racist by /pol/ (not anymore of course, I changed). The majority of actual racist or that site are fucking losers who need some sort of belonging to something, not life outside their computer, etc. Get help if you’re legit.
>>276776 /pol/ is filled with lonely, antisocial people who are looking for something to blame for their condition. Other races are a convenient scapegoat. And I don't buy for a second that people on /pol/ has interacted with people of color. These guys do not leave their rooms.
>>276779 And you're now a communist? sorry to break it you m8 but you're just impressionable, by years end you'll be balls deep in some new hip ideology, you'll probably turn to some religion or something ps proximity to people of colors in physical space correlates directly to levels of admitted racism
(91.85 KB 500x751 smaok.jpg)
You shouldn't be surprised to find based posts on /lit/. It is our ancestral homeland after all.
>>276782 lol Put down the cool aid and spend five minutes in coon town
>>276785 Dated a black guy, so I've already been closer to POC than you'll ever be in your life.
>>276786 and? I've fucked two black women they are still an absolute cancer on society both on a macro and micro level
>>276789 Press X to doubt.
>>276776 Imma need a citation for this one, chief. Anecdotes aren't an evidence btw
>>276785 I literally live in coon town punk. I grew up in a neighborhood that is primarily American blacks and Ethiopian immigrants. Sure there is a lot of crime but not more than you'd expect seeing the poverty, infrastructural neglect, and repressive policing they have to deal with. The ethiopians are more Trad than any white people I know, so give that one a think.
>>276783 What if I'm already a person of color?
>>276776 What makes people "racist" is them looking for a reason as to why their economic conditions are deteriorating, and they can't blame their boss, the people who own the means of production because that's "natural" They have to find a scapegoat for their shitty living conditions
(1.12 MB 2400x1400 self hating idpol.png)
>>276782 >I don't buy for a second that people on /pol/ has interacted with people of color. >These guys do not leave their rooms. <implying mutual exclusivity between those two traits
>>276791 doubt all you want, it won't make it any less true. I'm not even very unique either. plenty of racist white men have baboon sex with women of color. look the founding fathers of Amerikkka as a historical example.
>>276794 yeah my "declining economic conditions" make me distrustful and hateful of the spooks, not their disgusting and abhorrent behavior
>>276797 I'm very sure you have a lot of sex.
>>276798 meant for >>276795
>>276799 yeah everyone who is a racist never had sex and never leaves the basement according to whatever brand of comic book morality you adhere to this board is crawling with literal children lmao literally millions upon millions of people are walking around outside this very instant who are racist as fuck and have bias, both implicit and explicit
>>276805 Honest question: How many black people have you actually been around your whole life?
>>276806 a lot sorry, my interactions with "the good ones" doesn't cancel out how genuinely horrible the great mass of them are if you happened to come across a friendly wolf in the wild would you continue to be non apprehensive of all other wolves in the wild? no
>>276808 >a lot How much?
>>276809 i can't count ever single (pleasant) interaction I've had with a black person, nor can I can count every single (pleasant) relationship I've had with a black person if black people are so rare in your area that can actually count all of the times they were pleasant you should count yourself lucky
>>276810 Not just pleasant. All of them.
>>276810 I grew up in a area with a bunch of black people.
>>276812 it's not countable because ive interacted with that many as a general rule they are more unpleasant (to put it lightly) than they are pleasant, and this is just from my personal anecdotal experience, we don't have to even get into how much of a problem systemic niggery is a whole any more questions?
>>276815 r u black?
>>276818 No. Hispanic. My neighborhood was mixed between Hispanics, Black People with alot of Somalians and White People. My Middle and High School was mostly black.
>>276817 >it's not countable because ive interacted with that many Do you live in a majority black area, or at least one with large enough black presence? >as a general rule <from my personal anecdotal experience Wow >systemic niggery lol
>>276822 Hispanic isn't a race. both coal dark Dominicans and pale Chileans with blonde hair fit under the umbrella of "Hispanic" I'm guessing you're a darker Puerto Rican or afro Colombian, they tend to get along well with american negros (usually because they become literal partners in crime) >>276823 >Do you live in a majority black area, or at least one with large enough black presence? yea
>>276825 >yea Do you think most black people you interact with like you?
>>276827 no. why on earth would I think that. as a general rule negros don't even bother hiding their contempt for white people.
>>276829 >why on earth would I think that. Because most black people don't inherently hate white people, from my pesonal anecdotal perspective.
>>276831 go walk through a negro neighborhood. that white presenting black geek you get along with in your lit 101 class isn't representive of negros at all
>>276829 It's pretty telling that every black person you come across seem s to be full of contempt for you.
>>276825 >Dark Puerto Rican or Afro Colombian Nope. Mexican Mestizo. >>276829 >negros don't even bother hiding their contempt for white people Bruh. My black friend likes to joke how most of the girls he dated were white.
>>276834 I live in an immigrant heavy neighbourhood. Let me just say that your vision of reality do not line up with actual reality.
>>276834 >go walk through a negro neighborhood. I'm from the biggest negro neighborhood of them all, Africa. And although I'm not black, I've got along with most black people I've met just fine.
>>276836 Pretty much every single black guy I've known dated white girls. Full of contempt for them they were not.
>>276836 >Bruh. My black friend likes to joke how most of the girls he dated were white disliking another race but still taking their women is not unusual, nice attempt at trolling. >>276835 not every single one, but the overwhelming majority yes. why are you victim blaming?
>>276840 >wants to gas all black people >calling him out on it is victim blaming Bruh.
>>276834 Your the I got bullied in school and still cant cope guy, aren't you?
>>276837 it does. should I bring up rates of criminal victimization stratified by race next? >>276838 lmao Dominican servants are nice to me when I vacation there too
>>276843 >Dominican servants are nice to me when I vacation there too Except I'm not on a vacation, I live there permanently.
>>276842 yeah negros did bully me and targeted me because I was white in hgih school. I have PTSD and seeing negro faces gives me flashbacks. what of it? Are you going to engage in more victim blaming?
>>276845 Have you considered going to a therapist.
>>276844 bruh your negro servants are paid to be nice to you, dummy go take a drive to the slums in which they live and see how nice they are to you there
>>276829 I grew up in a small 99% white town and could make the same generalization arguments you make against white people. The majority of whites are unemployed or underemployed. Theres a rampant homeless problem, they spend most of their money at the Indian casinos. Are addicted to drugs and general act like aimless animals only concerned with with their next fix or fuck. They're violent and unreasonable and I got in fight because I corrected someone that the earth revolves around the sun as a sophomore in high school. The moment I had a chance to get out and move to a city I took it. I would never live in an all white area again. Ethnocentrism is a cancer that breeds complacency, neurotics and stupidity.
>>276846 no I'm fine. its the negros who have change their ways and stop acting like literal apes
>>276845 What do you want? Us patting you on your head and calling you a poor little nazi? Get over your high school experience. That's what adults do.
>>276849 You are obviously not fine since you are here screeching.
>>276847 >negro servants Cope. I used to live side by side with blacks and go to the same school with them, and they were absolutely fine people. >>276849 >has PTSD >won't go to therapy
>>276848 what are the demographics of the neighborhood of the multicultural city that you live in? you don't live in the black part of the city don't even front and since you bring it up, poor whites don't commit anywhere near the crime poor blacks do some white kid may have punched you for correcting him in hgih school, if you corrected a black kid in high school he would have you a buck 50
>>276852 go to where the blacks actually live instead of bringing up the rich ones who went tp the same private hgih school you went to you disgusting liar
>>276845 >I have PTSD and seeing negro faces gives me flashbacks Damn now we're seeing the truth. Why do so many nazis have these strange sexual-racial pathologies? It's almost like they constructed their ideology to fit their preconceived notions. I bet being bullied in highschool was very hard for you. I also have PTSD, but I'm not so easily triggered. Well, I was never bullied in school so I dunno, maybe it's really awful Stop being a pussy and stop letting your childhood trauma force you to see people as animals. See a therapist if you need to.
>>276850 we're having a discourse about racism and why people become racist, I'm just sharing my perspective
>>276854 We're communists. None of us went to a private high school. Where do you even think you are? Reddit?
>>276855 I can see all the therapists in the world it won't stop the coons from cooning
>>276854 Lol glad you agree lack of opportunities and material conditions change people’s behaviors then
>>276854 >private hgih school Nope, just a normal public school that everyone goes to. And you seem to have missed that I just said we lived in the same neighborhood, I lived side by side with mostly immigrant poor blacks. Go to therapy you fucking schizo and stop browsing /pol/, it's bad for your health.
>>276858 a white guy raised in Africa 100% went to some form of private school full stop, communist or not
>>276863 But I'm not white though, at least by liberal western standards.
>>276861 where did I agree with that? rich negros may be better than poor negros, but only marginally so
>>276858 Rebel definitely went to private high school, but he hasn't been around in years. >>276859 Maybe make some black friends? Or don't idk. I don't have many black friends. At least educate yourself on the systemic forms of oppression that they have suffered before you write an entire race off. Not gonna say black people don't get up to some whack shit, but so do white people.
>>276864 OK. Since you said you're not black I assumed you were white. what are you? arab or Pajeet?
>>276856 Let me share my perspective. Most people have a tough time in high school. The normal thing to do when you grow up is to get over it instead of building some kind of political ideology around it. It is a pretty clear case of arrested development. I get that you feel bad about your experiences but that is what a therapist is for. If I were to give you some advice it would b less time on the internet and more time with people. And if you really have PTSD - professional help.
>>276856 You become racist as a way to cope with how the world treats you. Your massive generalizations are based on personal experience. I know tons of white people who have been terrible low life’s, who live lives consisting of only sex and drugs. You have to understand that these things aren’t because of their brain being hardwired a certain way, they are because of CONDITIONS. Any black person would turn out the same as any white person if they had equal experiences, but they don’t. Media portrays black people a certain way, lower income neighborhoods tend to be more criminal. These a conditions which shape a person, put a white person in a shitty neighbourhood with shitty parents, they’ll turn out a shitty person, I’ve seen it.
>>276867 Arab.
>>276808 >sorry, my interactions with "the good ones" doesn't cancel out how genuinely horrible the great mass of them are This would apply to any group, regardless of their race. Most white people are fucking shit too, and if I really wanted to, I could probably become some anti-white tumblrina from looking at white people doing terrible shit. But when I see a white person doing something shitty, I don't think "oh there goes whitey again", like you do against blacks.
>>276866 > At least educate yourself on the systemic forms of oppression that they have suffered before you write an entire race off. I've "educated" myself on "systemic forms of oppression". i find human biodiversity theories to be more explanatory of negro behaviors. but even if it IS because of "systemic oppression" it doesn't matter. negros are horrible as a rule, and are especially horrible towards and contemptuous of white people. it's not incumbent on me to be mistreated by negros and to still like them. I'm not a self hating white chump. treat people as they treat you. and 90% of all negros are absolute shitheads
>>276853 I live in a mostly black/Hispanic neighborhood and outside of a stint in the burbs I've mostly stayed in multi-ethnic neighborhoods. It's a pretty even mix of the races here but I see more black people often so I think they're prolly the majority in this area. I'm married to a mexican myself and only have dated someone inside my race once. Mostly out of paranoia of accidental incest. My dad knocked up a lot of women in my small town and told me I likely had a few half sister floating around at my school so to be careful dating. He was a piece of druggie shit and for some reason he could get any women to sleep with him. I had a confirm 7 brothers/sisters only one was full blood.
>>276871 OK, makes sense. the negros genocided quite a lot of Arabs in East Africa in the 70s though. and Arabs from mena still participate in the slave trade to this day, especially counties like Mauritania or Libya. in any event you're not white. why did you find it relevant to bring up your experience with negros when the topic at hand is why White people on /pol/ become racist? you are not to speak for me, Mohamed
>>276873 Just because they are horrible to you, doesn't mean they are horrible in general. I would probably be horrible to you too if I met you in real life (you come across as pretty insufferable) and I am as pasty as they come.
>>276877 >doesn't mean they are horrible in general. but THEY ARE just look at crime rates. or what majority negros cities look like. literal hell on earth.
>>276873 I don't mind them. I don't have any desire to sleep with them like you seem to, and I don't usually become very close friends with most of them, but they are fun to bullshit with and I know some black guys who are badass musicians. I'm sure some are good at less stereotypical things too, it's just that my main interests are math and music and I don't meet a lot of black people into pure maths, I'm sure they're out there though and id love to talk to em!
>>276874 Also it wasn't a punch it was a full on fight. Fighting was pretty common in my town. Me and a friend would joke, there was only 3 things to do in [redacted] fight, fuck, and get fucked up.
>>276879 >crime rates How does this point to black people being subhuman? What biological trait makes them bloodthirsty monkeys? Because the crime rate is either higher because of biology, or because of terrible conditions and systemic racism. Pick one.
>>276880 >meets negros exclusively in jazz bars or negros in general exclusively in musical milleu >"you know what negros sure are grand, why do people hate them so?" lmao the memes write themselves
>>276879 You think so because your perception is skewed by personal trauma. Get your ass into therapy.
>>276876 >why did you find it relevant to bring up your experience with negros when the topic at hand is why White people on /pol/ become racist? To show you that people of different races can get along just fine. Also, Arabs were considered to be white until very recently so it's still relevant.
>>276882 biology negros are dumb and impulsive because of their biology, which in turn causes people to hate them and be racist towards them "systemic racism" against the negro is downstream of the negros genetics and his propensity towards impulsive acts of violence BUT EVEN IF THE ABOVE IS INCORRECT (WHICH IT IS NOT), AND THEIR BEHAVIOR IS ONLY THE RESULT OF SOCIO ECONOMIC FACTORS, IT IS NOT INCUMBENT ON ME TO NOT BE RACIST AGAINST THEM AND SUFFER FROM THEIR NIGGERDOM. IN EITHER CASE, I WISH TO BE FAR FAR AWAY FROM THEM, AND ONLY INTERACT "WITH THE GOOD ONES" (BUT ONLY IF I REALLY REALLY WANT TO, BUT I DON'T) hope this helps
>>276885 negros chased Arabs out of east afrvia and Libyans literally sell negros as slaves to this veey day not a good picture of race relations at all also Arabs were never ever considered white Abdul, and if they were it's only because there was so little of them here creating a new racial category for them wasn't worth it >>276884 If every racist needed therapy literally everyone would need a therapist, evnw the therapists
>>276879 >majority negros cities look like Because Detroit and the rest of the rust belt is like that cause black people and not economic decline. Besides have you seen Russian cities post soviet. They're x100 time worse than the US.
>>276892 all black rust belt cities are hell on earth majority white rust belt towns like Pittsburgh are slowly having a revival thanks to having burgeoning tech sectors wonder why that is? and the wost post Soviet Russian city can't hold a candle to a town like Baltimore or Detroit in terms of violence and general dysfunction don't even attempt to make that argument
Is pointless trying to argue with a nazi. A bullet in their heads is easier and better
>>276888 Then how do you explain my experience? In my small town I would get harrassed at the bus stop by the Baptist who thought witchcraft was real(this was the height of harry potter) and would have nice intellectual talks with the only other black guy in the town(we had 2 black people in town and 1 asain). Crime in my town was rampant but we had like 2 sheriff's to patrol 30 miles of sparse population. Often times they would just write up murders as "cougar attacks" and when we got caught as teens drinking at the lake the cop told us to drive home.
>>276894 >he doesn't worship negros we must kill him is this what is called a "mask off" moment in leftist communities? have sex incel
>>276896 >incel calling other incels incels
>>276891 >negros chased Arabs out of east afrvia Don't know how true this is or why it happened, but it doesn't concern my real, lived experience. >Libyans literally sell negros as slaves to this veey day You mean a wartorn hellscape has human rights abuses? I'm shocked! >also Arabs were never ever considered white Abdul, and if they were it's only because there was so little of them here creating a new racial category for them wasn't worth it Lmao, this is one big fucking cope.
>>276744 Very accurate analysis tbh. Some posts in that thread were really good.
>>276895 you may have had a rough upbringing in a poor white town, you probably did if you grew up as poor white among blacks you probably would have been murdered for stepping on some negros Jordans before your 18th birthday or beaten into a coma by a pack of negros for looking at one of them wrong a little more perspective and a lil less solipsism will do you wonders k?
>>276879 >or what majority negros cities look like Google "white flight". When whitey has all the funds, who is gonna
bring the capital to keep these areas developed
>>276891 Didn't say that every racist needs therapy - just you.
>>276888 You got a study on that? If socio economic factors account for high black crime rates, than treating black communities and people like dirt isn’t gonna do shit. Poverty shits on everyone regardless of colour. Also, you tries to say that Russian cities which have been falling apart after the USSR are somehow better than Detroit (which is simply untrue).
>>276901 >if you grew up as poor white among blacks you probably would have been murdered for stepping on some negros Jordans before your 18th birthday or beaten into a coma by a pack of negros for looking at one of them wrong So why weren't you?
>>276901 You said you grew up in a poor black neighborhood has a white boy yet you're here shitting up this thread. Only time I've had a gun pulled on me(which happened 3 times) was in my small town. Over stupid shit too. I think if you grew up in my town you would've have died from a "cougar attack" by some meth head that thought he swiped his stash he misplace. Maybe take you're own advice.
>>276901 You’re talking about poverty man, that’s all it really is. That’s why black crime rates are so high, also why Asian crime rates are so low, they tend to be a lot more fortunate. How do you not understand this simple fact? ITS MATERIAL CONDITIONS THAT SHAPE PEOPLE.
>>276907 if the racism is "systematic" what difference does me treating negros like dirt make? racism is power plus prejudice and I have no power. further more I don't treat them like dirt per se i just don't want them around me. again it's not incumbent on me to treat negros nicely. especially considering the way they treat me if you want to treat the negros nicely put of some sense of white guilt plz do.
>>276910 asians are actually pretty poor, generally. most American cities are packed to the brim with poor asians, actually. poor asians have a radically different reputation than poor blacks do in those very same cities. need I really continue?
>>276908 i got lucky. but I've seen some shit.
>>276901 >if you grew up as poor white among blacks Not the poster you're replying to, but this literally describes my upbringing, and I'm still here. Never been beaten up by blacks, the one time I got mugged it was by asians. I'm no stranger to the type of racial harassment poor white kids face. Black people are rightfully pissed about their prospects and take it out on poor whites instead of the bourgeoisie. The solution isn't racism though, it is racial solidarity between poor blacks and whites against the bourgeoisie. Part of me not getting beat up is because I'm tall and can fight. Are you such an untermensch that you just let tyrone steal your lunch money all the time?
>>276914 >i got lucky. Or you're just bullshitting.
>>276912 There are plenty of asian criminals around here. It usually takes a more sophisticated form than black crime, but still. It is real and it actually scares me a lot more than black crime.
>>276911 >if it’s the system treating them like trash why can’t I do that too You’re part of that same system of oppression >I’m not gonna be nice because they ain’t nice to me Because they likely grew up in shitty poor households
>>276893 Wtf are you talking about, poor rust belt areas are being replaced by the cosmopolitan liberals you hate so much so they can open up ceral bars selling a bowl of froot loops for $25 a bowl. You know what happens to the poor whites? They become homeless and get pushed out into the woods.
>>276915 more victim blaming as for "solidarity" lmao whites have been scapegoated for all of the problems of capitalism by jews for the last 25 years. i don't see working class blacks who wish to have solidarity with me I see people who would eat me for lunch the moment the economy went south or would kill me jsut because and that's the tea
>>276920 >whites have been scapegoated for all of the problems of capitalism by jews for the last 25 years. More like the media has been scapegoating immigrant Muslims for the failures of imperialism.
>>276918 >You’re part of that same system of oppression I don't have any capital. im a wage slave. how am I a part of the system of oppression? >Because they likely grew up in shitty poor households so did I I guess I'll leave the negro boot licking to the good bourgeois whites such as yourself who grew up in nice white suburbs then be forewarned however, the negros have a serious tendency to bite the hands that feeds so I wouldn't be too nice to them lest you end up on the evening news having paid the toll in full
>>276920 What happened while you where writing the end of that post? Did you have a stroke or is this another one of those flashbacks to highschool? >more victim blaming What is up with you Nazis? You can't have it both ways. Are you the proud aryan ubermensch or are you the poor little victim of white genocide? You don't give a shit about victim blaming when that is blaming female rape victims (so long as the perp was white) so why are you pretending to care about it in the abstract? I thought your crowd was supposed to be all cool and edgy and unconcerned with SJW talking points like "victim blaming" and "microagressions".
>>276920 You talk about victim blaming while you blame the victims of oppression. When you talk about Jews, you really should be taking about the rich ruling class, as they, regardless of race, are they enemy. The reason why so many people (disproportionally black people) grow up in shitty conditions and are fed media which tells them how to behave. When the rich call you a drug dealer, a gangster, and they proceed to pay you a shit wage so you have to live in a shit community with people in the same shit you’re in, you’re gonna have a higher chance of being a criminal. It has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with class. You focus your hatred for the world onto an enemy, but the wrong one.
>>276923 >the poor little victim of white genocide yea this one any more questions?
>>276920 If shit hits the fan my wife's Mexican family is the first I'm running too. The shitheads in my family outside my grandparents still owe me $500 from stealing my allowance to borrowing money over the years. My friends from that town are all loser drug addicts. None of this is about race, it's about community and both you and me grew up in broken ones. The color doesn't matter, rats and snakes come in them all. What matters is the people that come through for you.
>>276926 dude do you have autism I don't need to hear unrelated specifics of your personal life story
>>276925 Not a proud Aryan ubermensch then? kek
>>276926 I'm happy that you have a Mexican wife whose family will perfect yoi form the hungry murderous negro hordes however
>>276928 Then why the fuck are you crying here about much black opreshun?
>>276928 And yet you are here telling us tons about your personal trauma with Tyrone.
>>276931 dude I don't need to hear about somebody owing you $500 in a thread about race relations that is overly specific also are the mods asleep usually I'm banned by noq
>>276933 >also are the mods asleep usually I'm banned by noq Nah, you're just too funny and this board tends to be pretty boring most of the time.
>>276933 Because this is fun, you have no fucking argument at all other than “meh jooz” or “a black person beat me up in high school”. We are telling you the reason why black crime rates are so high, and what put them in the shitty conditions they’re in. Your whole ideology is being torn apart, and yet you’re holding on.
>>276934 I'm glad you find the racism I've suffered at the hands of the negro to be amusing i wonder what this thread would look like if it was a black guy complaining about white people
>>276933 You and your PTSD by negro is pretty funny, you know. Mods will keep entertainment around.
>>276936 Nazis acting like victims are always funny.
>>276933 Tbh I was thinking about banning you but >>276934 is true, so we'll let you keep amusing us with your autistic rambling
>>276936 If they’re blaming it on skull structure, then we’d to the same thing.
>>276936 >i wonder what this thread would look like if it was a black guy complaining about white people If he was as insufferable as you are, we would make fun of him too. You would know this if you weren't a newfag and lurked more.
>>276935 you have not torn apart anything. you can start by showing that negros, Asiatic and whites commit similar levels of violent crime and crime in general after you control for SOCIO ECONOMIC FACTORS (but you will never be able to dp this) furthermore, you have not addressed the very real racism whites are victims of at the hands of blacks, nor have you explained to me why it is necessary that I treat negros nicely no matter how poorly they treat me
>>276940 He is bordering on a Cumtown bit. Pls no ban.
>>276789 lmao straight from the horses mouth /pol/ loves race mixing
>>276922 You aren't part of the oppression. Poor whites are not the class oppressing poor blacks (except poor white cops). You, like me--and like the blacks--are poor. They grew up in shitty situations and they took that out on you growing up. You grew up in a shitty situation and you are taking that out on them (albeit by shitposting, a much more impotent expression of rage than bullying and petty crime, but whatever. You probably fantasize about Whitexxxploitation revenge massacres as well, and maybe you've even bagged a few coons yourself Neither of these are productive. Instead of perpetuating the black v white hatred, you should be trying to build solidarity against our common enemy! The jeWs! wait no retard the fucking Bourgeoisie. Jewish proles are friends too
>>276945 I can't keep the sheboons away from me, Im not gonna say no to a bit of chocolate milk from time to time also I find it satisfying to be in public with a black sheboon and make all the nigcels seethe
>>276933 Different guy, I'm that guy. Also you haven't been banned because you're being owned. You lost on crime stats and your fake phrenology. You lost on your personal story because it could cut both ways(which I doubt your story is even real in the first place) now your just begging to be banned to claim victimhood and then act like you won for "speaking the truth". Weve seen this playbook a thousand times and same fucking story "oh boo ho I was a poor white boy in a black neighborhood". Your story is just the fucking lyrics of a everclear song. https://youtu.be/kkcbxjWG9Mc
>>276948 >Also you haven't been banned because you're being owned the mod just said I find them entertaining, that is why im not banned. You are wrong >You lost on crime stats I did not, you are wrong >and your fake phrenology. learn the difference between phrenology and craniology/craniometry you chapoid pseud and stop being wrong imagine being wrong that many times in one post post lmao @ yer lyfe
>>276947 >likes to make incels seethe At least we have something in common. I also think incels are worthless and should just lay down and die already. This might be the one topic I am down for a red brown alliance on. Definitly not gonna team up to topple the liberal establishment, establish a multipolar world, crush israel, or any of the other bullshit nazis are always trying to get me onboard with, but if you wanna exterminate the incels I'm down.
>>276950 incels are the future whichever mass political movement entices them first wins I say this 100% unironically
>>276951 Nah, commie superchads like me can take on 100 incels each no problem.
>>276946 >You aren't part of the oppression it's not me you're going to have convince. its the negros you're going to have to convince. along with the university intersectionality-ists. along with your very own comrade that I replied to. you have your work cut out of you. I'm not gonna hold my breath negros would make shitty comrades in a leftist revolution anyway, they're fundamentally incompetent. maybe they can make some rap music or something. but even rap isn't good any more.
>>276954 we'll see I guess but my bet is on the incels
>>276955 We already have the Jews on our side. The real master race according to you. So it shouldn't be a problem.
>>276955 Again, making up shit that doesn’t exist. You know who Thomas Sankara is, right? Black peril only commit crime because they tend to be mote impoverished due to capitalism. This is the issue, not race.
(40.28 KB 236x369 patriotparty.jpg)
>>276955 When have poor white men ever been excluded from unions or communist organizations other than those that are geared towards a specific demographic. Look into the original Rainbow Coalition, specifically the Young Patriots.
>>276955 >negros would make shitty comrades in a leftist revolution anyway, they're fundamentally incompetent Negros organized a whole Maoist party on their own you fucking dipshit and they're one of the most class conscious demographics in the US.
>>276958 yeah Sankara, the guy who was in power for three whole years is proof datravious and shekwan from the projects are going to be an asset and not a liability in a mass violent overthrow of capital lmao should have just Paul Robeson at least he knew how to sing and dindt die an early death
>>276951 >a bunch of hyper-senseitive, reactionary, turbo autists who won't leave their homes, can't talk to women, and have weak, easily broken wrists as well as inferior brow lines are going to make or break a movement They would be a liability.
>>276962 black panthers evaporated in less than five years >negros are most class conscious lmao never interacted with a negro confirmed, they are the single most petit bourgeois-in-mentality demographic in the united States
>>276963 Not Sankara you retard, the fucking Black Panthers! The most based org in the USS since the Socialist party preceding FDR.
>>276964 incels will fight to the death for us all we need to do is promise a re establishment of the patriarchy and the abolition of feminism, something your side is ideologically precluded from doing we win by default
>>276966 >they are the single most petit bourgeois-in-mentality demographic in the united States Wrong again, that is obviously the Asians. Blacks are lumpen. Whites are proletarian, and the bourgeoisie is jewish.
>>276967 black panthers don't precede fdr
>>276966 >black panthers evaporated in less than five years Better than any other group in the US, at least they still make white libs and glowniggers like you seethe till this very day.
>>276975 the KKK is still around nogs are so incompetence they can't even keep a Maoist street gang (or any street gang for that matter) together for longer than five years lmao
>>276966 So what was the underground railroad? The civil rights era? How did they convince whites to join their cause and have climbed up from being a slave class to a hefty political block with multi-racial sympathies? Why do white men and white women interbreed with them? How did Obama become president?
>>276969 You think the chads will allow you to take our harems of hypergamous stacies? You know what this calls for? BROCIALIST-CHAD & SJW-FEMINIST ALLIANCE TO PRESERVE THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION AND BEAT BACK THE INCEL MENACE For the sake of pragmatism I will abstain from objectifying women with my catgirl drawings until the incel threat is neutralized. >>276973 do you know what since means? I was saying the Socialist party preceding FDR (ya know, debs) is the most recent org that was more based than the BPP.
>>276977 >So what was the underground railroad that shit was like riding the subway my nigga
>>276976 >KKK is socialist MY FUCKING SIDES ARE IN ORBIT
>>276978 black panthers didn't do anything other than pass around sandwiches and open carry larp then they started selling drugs the modern day dsa put more of a dent into things than they did
>>276976 >nogs are so incompetence they can't even keep a Maoist street gang together for longer than five years lmao Kinda hard when the FBI orders local cops to blow your brains out as you sleep.
>>276983 Most based doesn't mean most impactful.
>>276980 So crossing hundreds of miles of wilderness while being hunted by slave catchers was super easy? Also answer the rest of the question, especially about the part about race traitorism as you would call it. How did the "incompetent" blacks managed to convince a multi-euro ethnic(because back in this time you weren't white, you were anglo, Irish, french, German ect) group to help them liberate them from slavery?
>>276990(me) Because from a materialist perspective it made since for them. Slavery didn't help poor whites. It meant competing against free labor.
>>276990 the civil war was about northern industrialists, specifically steel magnates and tycoons, angry that the south was about to secede and cut them off from oil exploration and cut them out of contracts to build railroads throughout the south, along with international intrigue form the French and the UK it had very little to do with slavery, that is just historical revisionism
>>276990 Anyone remember which of the founding father said only anglo saxons were real whites, and swedes were "swarthy"?
>>276744 /lit/ has been saying this for years fam...
>>276995 that was Benjamin Franklin
>>276995 I dunno if you've met any swedes, but they are pretty damn swarthy in my humble onion. Such an exotic sounding language.
>>276994 Bruh it was all about the right to own slaves. Those material conditions you mentioned earlier were fuel to the fire
>>277003 The vast majority of confederates didn't own slaves or care about slavery. Most of their hatred for the north was about other things. People didn't die to keep slaves they didn't own lol
>>277004 >>277004 >People didn't die to keep slaves they didn't own Just illustrates false consciousness. Slavery was the reason given by the confederates at the time they declared succession, and was inscribed in their constitution.
>>277004 Temporary embarrassed slave owners. They don’t own it now, but some day they will!
>>277004 It doesn’t fucking matter what the vast majority of the people think. Ffs people die and fight in wars for multiple reasons. What matters is what the people who actually control the South, and those people are slaveowners preserving their right to hold slaves.
(179.09 KB 1000x1012 1000px-Syrian_Baath_Logo.svg.png)
>>276876 >>276891 >negros chased Arabs out of east africa Somalia still exists
>>277004 Which is why the confederate army had an atrocious desertion rate
>>276744 fuck screenshots like this. I can't read lines that long. Why couldn't you copy and fucking paste it. I won't participate in this conversation because it's too much effort to read. >mfw complaining about ableism in lefypol lol. but seriously fuck you.
Why is this board so easy to troll?
>>277084 High Autism Level
>>277084 That’s a feature not a bug.
>>277084 Liberalism
>>277084 Bitch we are really bored waiting for the revolution to come.
>>277246 It's not gonna just come by itself
>>277250 Dosen't that contradict marxism or something?
>>277251 No, marxism is not that determinist. The revolution is not a guarantee.
>>277256 Marx, I'm trying to plot the revolution but I'm dummy thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps alerting the Feds
>>276796 surprised there are more cis women than trans women tbh
>>277266 I knew we have some but not that many.
>>276869 >The normal thing to do when you grow up is to get over it Not even a nazi, but you're a retard Normal thing is to get back at your bullies, not swallow it like a bitch I don't buy this whole noble savages bullshit, majority of negroes are racist themselves I may be a communist and I don't think they are inherently inferior, but I got bullied in school by niggers too, and I'm not gonna take shit from them because slavery
>>277084 Redditfugees. I've seen many abhorrent posts railing against imageboard culture and wanting to erase it from bunkerchan.
>>277303 Ideally you get back at them in high school. But you need to let that shit go when you get out of there.
>>277308 This board has always been addicted to bait, what the fuck are you talking about.
>>277315 Why do you think that refutes my post? Intellectual migrants from le reddit have been a huge demographic even back in old 8/leftypol/
>>277308 Like what? The only thing I've seen is the idpoller that is railing against people saying nigger. Can't think of anything else.
>>277320 So reddit killed the board but the board has always been reddit? I mean it's possible but this theory has no explanatory power. You're being very undialectical.
>>277325 >I mean it's possible but this theory has no explanatory power. You're being very undialectical. >dialectics >having explanatory power LMFAO
Wow what a shit thread, despite being immediately derailed by a troll or authentic /pol/tard it just keeps going. Now were gonna get into a fight over whether or not a proper debate should involve dialectics when not even Marx was that autistic.
>>277338 Ah, I see what manner of retard I'm talking to now. Or are you just baiting, if so it's semi-clever.
>>277352 tell me what you can explain by dialectics that you can't by formal logic logic that allows contradictions is not logic and so it has no predictive power, means it is useless except for pseuds
>>276895 ngl being a sheriff like that is kinda my dream
>>276874 le 56% is real
>>276874 Your dad is like the Charlemagne of Hicksville.
>>276776 Still interacting. Still not racist. Keep coping nazi.
>>276874 >My dad knocked up a lot of women in my small town and told me I likely had a few half sister floating around at my school so to be careful dating Damn that's hot, should a fucked them all. Nothing wrong with incest as long as you use contraception
>>277455 >can't argue with statistics if you've got one example
>>277476 >Mayo-on-Mayo genocides, world wars, slavery and mass murder of natives <Lol niggers are violent brutes Actual sample sizes don't agree with you Logic & Facts >> racist feefees
>>277493 Learn to read, niggie.
>>277500 >Wypipo kill over a hundred million of their own and even more brown people <N-N-NIGGER NIGGGER NIGGER! Epic logic and facts. Keep seething nazi
>>277509 >dosen't understand what people are talking about >anime_girl.jpgs, "spoiler seethe spoiler", "le logic and facts" in every post >niggie
>>277325 >killed the board Never said that, my point is that you bunch are just unused to not take the bait and unwilling to learn how.
>>277515 World homicide rate is 400,000 a year. Assuming all victims are "white" and multiplying that by a hundred, it's still not close to 20th century white-on-white killings. Now keep seething.
>>277524 That's cool and all, but no one gives a shit because that still isn't what we were talking about. Now stop being a retard
>>276793 >The ethiopians are more Trad than any white people I know, so give that one a think. This I have an Ethiopian friend and apparently he feels like Ethiopians are much more different than any other Africans. Its almost like the issue is cultural&social, and not racial
>>276776 That's true of older /pol/ newcomers, but zoomers are absolutely turned into white supremacists by /pol/.
>>276789 >and? I've fucked two black women but what about "muh rassenschande"?
>>276789 ever considered that maybe you're the actual cancer, bucko?
>>276744 that's a lot of words to say they invented their own ideology and therefore live in their own social reality.
>>279427 >believes cartoons are real >in thread about delusional boards
>>280919 and you don't?
The autism around image board users using other websites on the downlow has got to be the most retarded shit I've ever seen. Like 90% of 4chan used or uses reddit and pretty much everyone who goes there have the same shitty sense of humor as everyone else does. Some users there just happen to be able to draw some good shit up sometimes.
>>276783 >ps proximity to people of colors in physical space correlates directly to levels of admitted racism As someone who's grown up in a major metropolitan area with a diversity of different kinds of people, this is full of shit. Being racist is common among people who've grown up in a homogenous environment and then placed in a more diverse one. All the racist reactionary shitbags I know are autists who've never left their white suburb and then maybe have actually dealt with a black or jew only a handful of times in their life.
>>281145 seriously. all of the jokes especially on places like /pol/ are stale as all hell. all you have to do is call a black person a gorilla and you get a bunch of "based"s/upvotes
>>276808 >black people are wolves. Yes. Keep that sentiment with you. Love how you view us as Apex predators LOL. Just goes to show that racist nazi’s truly are pussies behind a computer screen. Fuck nazi’s and fuck you.


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