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Anonymous 02/13/2020 (Thu) 23:48:43 No. 276617
If socialism comes will I get my entry level electrical engineering job after graduating, that currently cant get because I have 2.2 GPA and no undergrad internship(because I have low GPA)?
>>276617 no but your schooling will earn you labor vouchers
>>276617 No you'll go to gulag
No but you will probably be helped more and better by a proletarian university, in terms of educational aid.
>>276617 you can always switch into software dev which you can get even with a low gpa STEM degree
>>276617 Very likely. You should skim the section about education in this book. Rather than use an arbitrary GPA system and ranking the students from best to worst, the Soviets had general ranks that covered whether a given student was performing to satisfaction in a given subject or not, and offered ample assistance to students who were struggling in a field or helped them find a career path better suited to them if necessary. I can only imagine that a socialist state arising in the modern day would implement an equally radical departure from our modern system. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://mltheory.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/pat-sloan-soviet-democracy-victor-gollancz-1937.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiG-v_k6c_nAhVMgK0KHTgpBP4QFjAMegQICxAB&usg=AOvVaw0WIouAdYdd5XEOKzv7TO12 Please excuse me for the jank link text, I'm phoneposting while away from home.
>>276675 I got only Fs in the few coding classes I took and had to repeat them and got C-s in them because I copied lots of code. In Electrical engineering classes I get Cs on the first try.
>>276707 What is the relevant chapter regarding my plight?
>>276753 Chapter 2, Education for Citizenship.
>>276617 >2.2 How much weed did you smoke? I got a 4 and I still didn't manage to find a job before I had to go back to my third world shithole and fester. Imagine working your ass off at college, specializing in some highbrow robotics navigation shit and coming back to a field of 9-to-10 EE jobs that pay less than the UK's minimum wage. Feels like four years of my life down the drain, man. Anyway, best bet for a nasty GPA is either hitting up small businesses or nepotism. It'll be hard, but you'll still have a STEM degree and that carries the prospect of actual retirement and homeownership. I imagine under socialism you'd get a nook somewhere in the interests of full employment. Not the coolest one, sure, but a boring engineering job is still better than a boring blue collar job.
I graduated with a 2.3 and got into grad school by taking some grad courses as "non-degree seeking" student. It's definitely as option
Not a burger, so how does GPA work? Also why do I have a hunch its calculated in a retarded way?
>>277065 Different universities may weigh your GPA in different ways, however the general gist is the following: Each Grade Letter is assigned a numerical score (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0), and they sum up all your courses' grades before averaging them out with the amount of classes taken. So if I took 7 classes in a semester or quarter, and I got all A's, my equation would look like (4+4+4+4+4+4+4) / 7 = GPA of 4.0.
>>277065 oh it's extremely retarded my good sir. here's the rundown A = 4 B = 3 C = 2 D = 1 F = 0 In almost every American education system an A is 90-100, B is 80-89, C is 70-79, D = 60=69, F = 59-. All your course grades are averaged together to make a GPA
>>277043 >How much weed did you smoke? Why do you pretend this shit is easy. Solving 2nd order circuits is extremely difficult, because even one incorrect sign causes your entire problem to get 0 points. Semiconductors are also so fucking difficult. >best bet for a nasty GPA is either hitting up small businesses or nepotism. I dont care about advice, but I dont have either of those things
>>277043 Also, I dont smoke weed, but it takes me upwards of 5 hours or infinite time for me to solve circuit problems.
>>277065 How does your country's grading system work?
No you would fuck shit up. The naturally gifted and educated are worth more under communism too, read Marx.
>>277091 Professors give whatever the heck they want.
>>277091 2 to 10. Technically 0 and 1 exist but get bumped to 2. Passing grade for uni is 5. As far as I am aware (only going to uni next year) session exams are what determines if you get kicked out or not along with atendance %. For joining uni it's only the final school exams that matter, getting calculated into a comletetiveness score (0.4a+0.2b+0.2c+0.2d for a total of 10 where abcd are different subject exam results).
>>276745 > copied lots of code You will fit right in.
Wait, so in murrica you can successfully finish tech uni that cost a shit ton and still not get a decent job? That's pretty fucked.
>>277125 Thats a pretty retarded system ngl.
>>277166 It kind of is. Though the fact that its a competitive score helps at least for me, since a) if everyone fucks up the exams since they were extra hard it doesn't matter that much since it will be lower for everyone b) if your chosen courses in uni are unpopular you can pass for a financed spot with total shit score (for example the Math-IT institute on average has a passing score of like 5, less if it's some new or very theoretocal thing). Though there is some crazy shit as well. There exists a local belief that medics are the biggest moneymakers out there, hence shit like odontology courses have a score minimum of like 9.5 to even 10+, since victory in competitions or voluntary mil service for a year gives like +1 point
(101.86 KB 960x640 0trtur7uzgw21.jpg)
>>276617 No, you won't. You will get the free extra lectures by professors who get paid enough to actually care about what they are doing. Also, textbooks will be way cheaper so you will able to study better. In the end, your GPA will increase higher than the average level of Bourgie kids whose parents can afford all these things + private lessons right now. Then we will laugh at porkies kids who have to work for the first time in their life.
>>277089 >>277090 yo anon you might just have math dyslexia.. you seem reasonably intelligent. You're not stupid, you just might have a small disability but that means that you might be able to get help or accommodation for it
>>277092 >bro fuck capitalism >but let us vie for natural selection and let it work itself out under Marx's vision of communism <Read Marx you communists frustrate me sometimes, I don't understand why you vehemently reject capitalism yet set for a preservation of the status quo and allow people to work themselves out by natural traits. Is that not the free market? Is that not the vision of evolution and of capital, to use ones strengths and weaknesses to augment ones overall standing in life? In other words, all you communists talk of socialism/communism with a pretense of non-state decision is a bit weird.
>>277397 >Is that not the free market? Is that not the vision of evolution and of capital, to use ones strengths and weaknesses to augment ones overall standing in life? It's not. There are for instance childeren born into poor households who can't study because of economic scarcity, so what should they do? On the other hand the wealthy can push their childeren into better education just by wealth alone. This is just one example, but it shows how stupid and simplistic the notion is of the free market being "free".
>>277402 Oh believe me I know the free market is only in name. That's what I'm trying to say. Feeding the anti-action demon is antithetical to socialist ideals.
>>277407 Perhaps I misunderstand you, but if your argument is that socialism tries to achieve what the free market promised you are sort of right. It was seen for many as a way to achieve the liberal ideas that the French revolution brought into existence but didn't fulfill.
>>277415 No worries, I misunderstand people all the time. I suppose to me it just seems strange for this to be a vision of ideal communism to be more of the status quo. Like moving from coal mining to copper mining as a vocation. Either way, dead of cancer for the Company/state/god/cause/whatever. My point being, perhaps we need to move away half ideals and embrace a more utopian existence (hopefully minus any typical utopia fascist undertones) Damn the french revolution (somewhat), let us all have a more perfect political vision.
>>277420 >this to be a vision of ideal communism to be more of the status quo This is actually more a result of the current times than communism. During Marx times communism would bring a society where such words would be as meaningless as a stock market was for a serf. Around the times of Russian revolution you also found masses of people writing about this new society in such words than make modern anarchist seem like statists. Gramsci wrote about education for the new man resembling more of a Socraitic method than a class room. Majority of this was toned down once socialism was put to practice, and even more so when USSR disolved. Today you even have people who think China is socialist (and I have nothing against modern China) which begs the question for me why be a socialist if socialism is just a market economy but more nationalized. >My point being, perhaps we need to move away half ideals and embrace a more utopian existence Perhaps. I feel like we should focus more on today instead of dwelling on the past and look out what ideal society is possible today with future technology.
Be an electrician in the IBEW, it's a great union, the local I know is very politically active, and does a lot of community outreach/charity work. The guys there say after a few years they make 6 figures. Idk if you need to do the training since you did electrical engineering Bachelors, but if you do you get paid while doing it
>>277505 Dont unions view college educated boys as worthless workers and prefer to hire people with HS education?
>>276675 >you can always switch into software dev which you can get even with a low gpa STEM degree No you can't he needs a 3.0 to get most software engineering internships.
>>279875 most* is not all*
>>279875 dude there are literally dropouts who get jobs in software dev, just not at a fortune 100 /bigbank companies
>>280380 Yeah maybe ten years ago. 99 percent of the software engineering internships require you to be enrolled in computer science or related degree with at least a 3.0.. If oyu don't believe me go search for internships in your own city.
>>280401 I’m literally getting interviewed for one on Monday and I haven’t given them my GPA
>>280418 Where did you apply for the internship?
>>280425 a few months ago
>>280436 I didn't ask when I asked where. If you look in my city all the internships online require you to be in a computer science related program with at least a 3.0. There might be better options on campus during job fairs and events but he said he already graduated.
maybe you should restart this thread in /roulette/ since its more on topic there.
>>280497 no >>280442 Fyi Im not looking for advice for this capitalist system, since its already over for me in it. I have my own plans to just live in a commune.


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