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(5.83 KB 233x216 [heavy breathing].jpg)
/usapol/ - United States Politics Anonymous Board volunteer 02/11/2020 (Tue) 01:53:07 No. 269603
Debate tonight: >6 - 8 pm PST >7 - 9 pm MST >8 - 10 pm CST >9 - 11 pm EST Still waiting for confirmation of whether it will be streamed on https://cytu.be/r/classwar Upcoming Primaries >Feb 3 - Iowa - DONE >Feb 11 - New Hampshire - DONE >Feb 22 - Nevada - SATURDAY >Feb 29 - South Carolina Now with Live Streams! CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFE[Embed] Results link: https://www.insider.com/new-hampshire-results-democratic-primary-2020-live-vote-counts Last thread >>261199
Edited last time by antious666 on 02/20/2020 (Thu) 01:18:55.
Duck Lives Matter
>>285317 There's a reason for that propaganda piece, anon. Blacks have been the most sympathetic towards the USSR during Jim Crow and viewed socialism in general way more favorably before the zoomers started to googling shit.
>>285243 Being a minority is suffering because of people like this. God damn, that is twisted.
>>285321 For the people in the vid it's just another gig. They are paid actors. "If I don't take the opportunity, someone else will."
>>285314 I remember being amused when my grandma asked how many "marxist professors" I had. Radlibs might be tolerated, but if you stray from the light beyond that you can forget about being steadily employed.
>>285261 Uncle Toms are less than people of any color. And, maybe I over reacted. But Uncle Toms for sure get gulaged.
>>285322 they've been trained to think this way like hundreds of millions of others. our institutions have instilled an antiethic in people.
>>285326 The "most radical" profs I had openly flaunted about how the LTV was debunked long ago (le transformacion problemo, le supply but also le demand - ever thunk about that!?) and how the USSR was basically worse than Nazi Germany ("they gulaged people like us" [meaning: bourgie profs]), etc. They ranged from scandinavian-style socdems to do-nothing-moralfagging-anarchists.
>>285327 nah, just messing with ya, fam. your post was appropriate
>>285243 idPol incarnate way back then: >If they believe they are free and not slaves then i must affirm their beliefs and accept them for who they are and not point out logical material realities. Also, follow the money with Turning Point;see who funds them
>>285272 If I had to guess, it was probably Jim Watkins.
>>285278 I’m pretty sure that meme is paid for by Bloomberg himself.
>>285314 >>285326 I mean it used to be Marxist before red scare CIA crackdown.
>>285162 Based Comrades, if the DNC and the neo-libs genuinely think Bloomberg will save them, they're even more fucked then they ever thought and we have good times ahead. Before you jizz yourselves silly, What would you have? Bernie wins nomination OR if Bernie wins the popular vote and then gets BTFO with muh Delegates choosing Bloomberg then you'll have to decide just how much you want revolution; that movement won't go away
>>285332 Looked it up on wiki, and billionaires, obviously, but what caught my eyes is that they run a "Professor Watch" website that aims at outing radical professors, so I looked it up. According to this site Anthony Zenkus, who >is a lecturer at Columbia University and is also the director of education for The Safe Center. Zenkus made the list after responding to a conservative journalists comment about a recent CNN Tweet. Zenkus responded to the pro-capitalism tweet sent by the journalist by saying, "Odd how you forget the millions who died under #capitalism. The two world wars, centuries of slavery and the genocide of native americans. Bet they didn't think that was cool either." Zenkus also responded to another user who claimed the Nazi party were a "movement of the left" by saying, "Hitler was a capitalist. Good friends with Henry Ford. Please, use the Google machine. It's there for all of us." https://www.professorwatchlist.org/index.php/watch-list-directory/search-by-name/355-anthony-zenkus is the same as Michael Chikindas who >posted frequent anti-Semitic comments, at one point referring to Jewish people as “international fat Jewish pockets.” “These jewish [sic] motherf*s do not control me. They can go fk each other in their fat a*s - you see, I really do not have anything to loose [sic], hence nothing to be controlled,” he wrote in response to an article titled “The Globalists: Who Control Us!”. https://www.professorwatchlist.org/index.php/watch-list-directory/search-by-name/352-michael-chikindas or Jay Rosenstein who >was arrested on January 22, 2018 for illegally filming a student who was using the urinal. https://www.professorwatchlist.org/index.php/watch-list-directory/search-by-name/358-jay-rosenstein
>>285340 Since I have no illusions about reformism I prefer Bernie getting fucked over by the DNC and 4 more years of Trump. Seeing Marxism-Jurekism et al. appear out of nowhere warms my heart and I want to see more of that, and not an FDR style lib presidency.
>>285331 No worries, famrade.
>>285343 I kind of feel the same way. I support Bernie just to see how far he can go, but I secretly want to see some shit go down because of this, and I'm kind of worried he might make it.
>>285330 I'm surprised you even had one who would identify as an anarchist >>285337 Even the "elite" institutions?
>>284802 kek when the US can't even do proper coups anymore >See: Venezuela. Syria
>>285348 nothing but the last gasps of a dying beast, may we find it in ourselves to prepare for what's next
>>285340 i'd like to see Bernie win nom, beat trump and have a good term in office. the worst outcome is probably that he wins nom and loses to trump. then we have another corbyn situation but worse (because can't blame on brexit) and we're stuck with neolibs and fascists for a generation at least. the next worst is winning the nom, beating trump and then the economy crashing after he takes of office, which will then be blamed on "socialism" and we're stuck with neolibs and fascists again. the least of the bad options is him winning the primary and getting robbed by super delegates at the convention. that will suck be we can work with it. the neolibs will definitely lose to trump and the left will still be in the game.
>>284869 Exactly. Learn from the UK The centrists BTFO of Corbyn by forcing his team and McDonnell via European Election results in 2019 to erroneously go against the anti-establishment-centre result of Brexit and >Back muh 2nd referendum. The centrists kept shilling in the UK about muh electablity. >Muh COrbyn bad but he's popular and got the most labour votesi n 2017 for a generation. >But he's not electable Because you keep saying that, if you supported him, just like his Corbyn at least had decency of doing when the centrists in the Labour party were in power, he would be even more electable.
>>285350 Why would losing to Trump be worse than losing to Hillary? I don't think it's that bad. The Economy is due to crash no matter who takes office next. I'd much rather see Bernie lose, Trump take office, then the crash happens, and then he's left trying to impose austerity to fix the problem while it's fresh in people's memories what they could have had with Bernie. Bernie in office while a crash happens would be much trickier to navigate.
>>285348 What about Bolivia?
>>285354 losing to Hillary is internal dem shit. losing to trump will validate the "He'S tOo FaR LeFT!!!" brigade and a lefty won't get another shot at anything for a long time.
>>285347 He wouldn't talk about it publicly but had an ancom flag among his pics on facebook. He had super shit takes, tho, like "since the internet we don't live under capitalism and Marx's analysis doesn't hold anymore". I also had a black flag anarcho prof in a different uni who namedropped Stirner and Bakunin when he lectured about Nietzsche but the guy was a complete apolitical cynic. I heard his kid hates him and became a full blown ML, so lol. What united all of my """radical""" profs is their fear of the masses and regular proles, honestly, to the point that the aforementioned an"com" prof was openly against organizing based on class lines ("it will have the same tragic result as last time") and wanted some kind of '68 style nonsense instead. Now imagine how horrid takes the mainstream (lib) profs have. No wonder that the "right wing populism=left wing populism" meme is coming from the academia. They just pathologically fear the working people.
>>285350 >have a good term why are socdems so lame?
>>285355 Morales fucked up big time (not having a loyal army, allowing the US to "monitor" their democracy, etc.) and he openly admitted it. Very little support from the US was needed for the coup, and it is not certain if it will last.
>>285243 opened this video for two seconds then closed it. you cannot make me
>>285358 >will validate the "He'S tOo FaR LeFT!!!" brigade i.e. the MSNBoomerC & millionaire demographic. Who gives a shit about them, honestly. The former is dying out and the latter will be always against us, no matter what you do. Bernie wouldn't lose to Trump.
>>285364 we both know you will finish it, anon
(177.24 KB 797x669 Ggcyd5.jpg)
>>285368 Can't blame her. Gotta pay the staff somehow. :^)
>>285368 What a legend.
(18.79 KB 720x240 neutralize the boomers.jpg)
>>285272 >>285316 Ah, I think this was it: https://thefederalist.com/2018/10/29/trolling-fleecing-co-creator-q-hoax-explains-dangerous-evolution/ >>285350 >the worst outcome is probably that he wins nom and loses to trump. then we have another corbyn situation Extremely unlikely. Corbyn is and has long been a deeply divisive figure with net-negative popularity in the UK, while Sanders is probably the most popular politician in the USA in recent decades, especially compared to Trump, probably the least popular. >the next worst is [...] the economy crashing after he takes office If he can get it under control before his first term is up, that can be blunted. And I think he could do it, FDR was up against far worse. >>285362 This, Anez is on thin ice. Also, it's important to remember how isolated the successful coup in Bolivia is, compared to the far bigger success/failure ratio of Trump's predecessors in the imperialism game.
>>285365 You're forgetting that some people here are actually convinced by MSNBC propaganda
(202.25 KB 720x1367 IMG_20200219_020130.jpg)
This is fun
>Bernie slapped down AOC's braindead M4A comments in the town hall Based and fuck AOC
(192.68 KB 679x680 bernie vs blob.jpg)
>>285378 If Bloomberg gets raped live onstage at the debates, who will the #NeverSanders copevoter crowd go for, the rat maybe?
>>285384 STEYER
>>285384 No one will care if/when this happens. Americans are too retarded and too influenced by his ad machine and money. >>285380 Why the visceral hate for AOC? She has influence. We need people like her. She gets leftist talking points in the news, and maybe some brainlets thinking about them.
(104.97 KB 1280x720 It_Was_Me__Dio!.jpg)
>>285387 >Steyer lulled us all into a false sense of security by agreeing with bernie on some things, only to reveal himself as the final boss OH SHIT https://youtu.be/K2Poe11xuJ4
>>285359 Agreed, it's because they're well aware of who pays for their institutes and scholarship. Maybe there's hope in these younger ones who are being fucked over as "adjuncts."
>>285389 AOC's heart is in the right place, but like literally every other Dem/Rep since the '60s at most she has zero theory under her belt. Hopefully there is some alternative to bullying to make The Squad read theory.
>>285389 Because she's weak? She recently just said she'd be fine with a public option and would compromise to that. Why endorse Bernie over Warren then you dumb slut lmao
>>285243 We should reapproriate this propaganda. >>285378 rich people and CIA rodents diluting the vote. Yes please. >>285391 This race is more and more approaching nuclear tier for the dems. Assuming ads work, this ad is basically a smear campaign against Bernie and Socialism. If Bernie gets the nomination, what can Stayer do? Take everything back and say Bernie is cool now? The damage has been done, and that means potential votes for Trump.
>>285389 She's kind of dumb and a little naive tbh I like her fine, but I don't think she's very well read on class theory and is very idpol
>>285397 >I like her fine translation: I want to go balls deep in her asshole
>>285395 Yeah ok I looked up what she said and that is pretty fucking weak. But I still think she is useful. Who else besides Bernie/Turner are even talking about oligarchy, and have such a wide influence in the media? Certainly not Warren.
>>285400 Useful to my dick
(136.41 KB 464x501 ziz_hands.png)
(11.92 MB slavery.mp4)
Dare I post this in /r/Enough_Sanders_Spam? Just to out them for the conservatives they are.
>>285400 The fucking greens, libs, and succdems talk about "muh oligarchy" all the time in Europe and never do anything about it when they get in power.
(1.25 MB 268x200 do it.gif)
(3.06 MB Bvxt5.mp4)
Surely people watching this are starting to realise they can't trust these lunatics? I want to punch this idiot so bad
>>285402 >literally fucking describing capitalism and calling it socialism holy FUCK
>>285404 What should be the title? "I wish every African-American Bernie supporter understood this"?
>>285410 >African-American Das raycis. Either "PoC" or "X of color".
(19.69 KB 990x106 1.png)
>>285414 fucking reddit, i swear
>>285415 They'll approve it
>>285406 it's a lame argument anyway because saying bernie won't get the things he says done is not a good argument for voting for others who say they oppose those things and have no intention of trying to get them. if he's right you just don't get those things either way, so why not give bernie a shot? But a couple weeks ago he was saying: >Bernie Sanders will never be president! Now it's: >Ok, maybe he'll be president but he'll never get those things done! This time next year he'll just be in a padded room wearing a straightjacket and yelling the word "socialism" at the wall every few minutes.
(25.68 KB 312x343 lol.jpg)
>>285415 >What is even the difference between Bernie's platform and Trump's?!
>>285414 >7-hour-old no-history account I dunno fampai
>>285414 socialism is slavery war is peace ignorance is strength
>>285416 New account, I made only 1 post before. It might be suspicious, but let's hope it is boomer moderated.
>>285418 you laugh, but they have tons of comments amounting to that I'm just trying to fit in :(
>>285421 If you need to, come back later and I'll upvote
>>285406 >bernie wins on his platform >CONgress backstabs him for 2 years while bernie berates them to popular applause >midterms >swamp is drained >platform enacted in a walk Plus maybe impeachments/packing for the judicial branch
>>285406 >it won't happen so don't even try
>>285424 Don't forget the part where he calls on his supporters to descend on Washington
>>285425 >my buddies on wall street ASSURED ME it won't happen, stupid prole
>>285422 I know, that's why it's so funny to me though. >"H-Hello fellow conservatives! Fiscal responsibility!"
(8.69 KB 732x45 1.png)
>>285414 Mother fuckers. Okay, new plan. Gonna target specific candidates subreddits. Let's start with Pete's.
>>285252 Trolling ones are whatever, but when you get the turncoats with blood on their hands, well it's a shame when those get off scot-free. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeane_Kirkpatrick
(46.37 KB 391x318 1.png)
>>285430 fuck, it's pointless
>>285433 So much of Reddit is "No fun allowed"
https://operationchaos2020.com/#section-1 who will these retards choose?
>>285437 Bloomberg, since Trump wants to run against him for obv reasons.
(231.25 KB 720x1560 g64u4rkrauh41.jpg)
(65.21 KB 633x778 1.jpeg)
(48.23 KB 639x492 2.jpeg)
(48.33 KB 639x473 3.jpeg)
(499.10 KB 1280x720 forgotten_weapons.png)
>>285406 >Surely people watching this are starting to realise they can't trust these lunatics? I want to punch this idiot so bad Oh yeah. I think more people are tuning out. If you had paid attention to the news at all for the past four (or maybe five) years it was non-stop Trump as being totally evil and the worst thing to ever happen. Now that there's a chance for boring news to come back and for there to be a president who wants to create some peace of mind in people who are one ambulance ride away from medical bankruptcy... then TOO FUCKING BAD and you are an ASSHOLE and if you vote for Bernie then you're trying to kill America. But the Democrats have already tried this and he's winning. Being in a huge crowd of diverse people cheering Bernie but also basically cheering fuck the DNC shows how unpopular the Democratic Party is. The Dems have coasted along on being the Not-Republicans party which made them the only game in town for a lot of people. Bernie is giving them another option and people are fired up to have it. I think this DNC insider cable news fake bullshit stuff was hated by most people in the country too but they had few ways to express it beyond ignoring politics completely (which many did). This seemed pretty obvious after 2016 and Trump, but the centrists managed to ignore this completely and chase Russian bogeymen. https://youtu.be/Xu26KarcWD8
>>285459 Hahahahah
>>285384 Damn that's dope as hell lol
(92.09 KB 484x532 results.png)
ELECTION UPDATE 2020 Wisconsin's 7th congressional district special election primary happened yesterday. Previous Rep. Sean Duffy (R)--first elected in the 2010 Tea Party wave--resigned last September due to family health issues (one of his kids developed some severe kind of heart condition). Big Trump supporter in Congress, was one of the first sitting politicians to back him in the 2016 election. Also was a Real World cast member back in the late 90s lol GOP primary was between State Senator Tom Tiffany and Army Vet Jason Church. Tiffany endorsed by Duffy and ex-governor Scott Walker, Church endorsed by TPUSA, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Senators Tom Cotton and Joni Ernst. Tiffany won. Dem primary was between Tricia Zunker, Associate Justice of the Ho-Chunk Nation Supreme Court and Green Party activist/businessman Lawrence Dale. Zunker endorsed by Deb Haaland, high-profile Native American freshman congresswoman from New Mexico and Randy Bryce (socialist union guy who ran against Paul Ryan). Dale with no major endorsements. Zunker won overwhelmingly. Seat considered Likely-to-Safe Republican hold for the election on May 12
>>285493 Should be noted Zunker, despite the Bryce endorsement, is not a self-identified socialist. Haaland is a moderate Pelosi Dem.
>>285493 Are there anymore seats opening up?
>>285497 There are three other special elections to the House before the November general election. California's 25th votes on March 3, with a runoff on May 12. (Jungle primary system) Previous Rep. was Dem, race is a toss-up Maryland's 7th already had their primaries, and the election is on April 28. Heavily Democratic district, safe hold. New York's 27th is also on April 28. (No primaries, state parties chose the candidates) Likely Republican hold.
>>285003 >because they have 2 souls To be fair, we have two souls. They are of different nature tho. One is evanescent and linked to the mortal body. The other is the real one, a scion of God. Problem is that if the Jews claim to be the only recipient of "two souls" this means what they have is a corrupt version of the superior one: instead of the Sophia, the SOF-tware of Yaldabaoth.
>>285499 >having only two souls nigga, I have like 200
>>285499 >>285500 this is why we need Human Instrumentality Project
>>285500 More likely it is the first fragmented in 199 pieces.
>>285504 Keep rationalizing your soul poverty.
(1.16 MB 3091x1678 1.jpg)
>>285506 Keep rationalizing your fucked up brain
>>285509 needs more labels i can't read
(227.09 KB 346x224 trump_binoculars.png)
>>285509 also this is a top tier image on its own.
>>285278 2016: /pol/ cucks to zionism 2020: /pol/ cucks to jews What a time to be alive.
(93.20 KB 472x501 bloom.jpg)
>>285509 Japan is a dying country. It needs to be brought up more as an example of late stage capitalism.
(117.32 KB 631x574 backstabbin bernie.png)
Do you think Bernie's russiagate blathering will hurt him in the general with non-CNN/MSNBC addicted independents, or will it have completely escaped the general public's consciousness by that time after the impeachment failure?
>>285534 Blow over, it's not like the media ever gave credit to Bernie anyways so at best it's a wash/waste of time and and worse it loses him some cranks who actually followed it. Itll be a distance memory by the time the general comes around.
>>285534 >u mad bro Political discourse, 2019
>>285532 >Japan is a dying country Where did you got that from? You globalist porky propaganda? Japan was and is heavily overpopulated and is now correcting it's population.
>>285532 A lot of Japanese infrastructure is a case study in the failures of capitalism
>>285538 malthusians raus
>>285534 I don't remember him mentioning le Russian hackers like ever, so chances are you're cherry picking one of a couple random examples
>>285542 no, he used to go on about it quite a bit last year, especially after the Mueller Report dropped.
>>285532 >extremely comfy and robust public transport system I'd love to live in LSC like that to be honest Only porkies are scared of Japan "dying" because aging population fucks with their stonks, people will turn it around once that shit crashes. >>285538 It's not "overpopulated", Tokyo is crowded as shit thanks to porky doing pork things but that's it. It has to heavily rely on food imports because the countryside is fucking dead.
>>285545 >It's not "overpopulated" 130 million people on a tiny island. That's the population Germany, Australia, Sweden and Greece together crammed up in Florida. That's MASSIVELY overpopulated. The only country more overpopulated is South Korea and some truly crazy shit is going on there because of it.
>>285534 Nobody gives a shit.
>>285545 >comfy and robust public transit Like in some places sure, but Tokyos subway system is a horrific shitshow of privately owned garbage
>>285548 >Truly crazy shit Such as?
>>285087 Extremely based and REDpilled take. Any burger anti electoralist should read this
>>285548 130 million on a tiny island and there's still plenty of space to live left. Tohoku is fucking empty, Hokkaido is fucking empty empty, and lots of the rural areas are depopulated with only old people living there. You have this idea of overpopulation in your head because you saw pictures of packed trains during rush hour and tiny carboard box apartments in Tokyo and decided that the entire country is just that.
>>285560 >Hokkaido is fucking empty Yeah because they genocided the Ainu population. Weebs will defend this.
>>285561 >genocided the Ainu population More proof of white genocide.
>>285561 Not defending the genocide but they replaced all the Ainus with Japanese and brought more and it's still fucking empty.
Can’t wait to see that crazy socialist getting btfo by /ourguy/ Bloomberg tonight. Also, >rethuglican Kys tranny mods
(450.82 KB 1072x706 1.png)
Hey Bloomberg, pls hire me. I can do a better job than this guy. >>285572
>>285577 I’m not paid, tranny.
>>285577 What would be the lowest monthly salary that would make you actually prostitute yourself to work for that lizard?
I stopped coming to this board for a few day I just wanted to say that I dreamed that Bernie supported that one gay candidate and his reason was that he was gay and then the gay says something about being the first gay in the government or something like that, the dream ends there
(639.05 KB 1074x627 1.png)
(376.42 KB 767x511 mayopete.png)
LOL, SANDERS IS CATCHING UP TOO BUTTCHUG IN IOWA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycxinrAdaaI
(1000.28 KB 1074x536 1.png)
>>285583 >still on Iowa You socialists can’t even run a primary right in fucking Iowa, and you want to run the country.
(1.01 MB 1093x545 1.png)
>>285583 Ratbros...
>>285583 It's been known for a while the 🐀🐀🐀math errors🐀🐀🐀 would give Bernie the edge in SDEs. Doesn't matter anymore, rat got his day in the sun, Bernie got a hole poked in his sails, mission accomplished
(301.29 KB 517x497 1.png)
That's it. I'm voting Bloomberg.
can't make this shit up
>>285599 What a joke
(210.75 KB 943x684 truesizeof.png)
>>285548 >TINY TINY VERY SMALL JAPAN >smaller than FLORIDA even I'll grant SK is likely too populous and import-dependent in its current state. Proper centrally planned agriculture could improve that, but its state of agriculture supply line will likely spell disaster in the future. But Japan is not some tiny small small island with nothing going on. Its cities are overpopulated but its countryside sparse, and it has some of the best arable lands in the world. Overpopulated by Liberal Capitalism's resource allocation, but not so through central planning.
(41.48 KB 560x420 1446918496765.jpg)
>>285599 cut the teachers in ha/lf
>>285597 Based Bloom.
>>285162 The absolute state of american discourse
Internal memo from Bloomberg's campaign: >"If Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar remain in the race despite having no path to appreciably collecting delegates on Super Tuesday (and beyond), they will propel Sanders to a seemingly insurmountable delegate lead by siphoning votes away from [Bloomberg]." https://www.axios.com/bernie-sanders-mike-bloomberg-delegate-race-bee5b692-a0ca-449a-a714-4c212ad15010.html
>>285618 They wouldn't leak anything for no reason. Stay vigilant.
>>285618 There is no way that plays out. One of the centrists will drop before Super Tuesday and then resulting realignment will determine a winner amongst them. The media heads are really pushing Mikey though, and who knows what sort of bullshit the money men are pulling to keep the centrists in the race. If I'm Bloomberg I don't want the centrists to drop, I want them to stubbornly lash out as each of them destroy one another and their vote trickles to Bloomberg, such that Mikey can get close to Sanders and make the play to be the party's selected candidate.
>>285636 I get the feeling that pushing Bloomberg might backfire. I know a lot of people who all behind Buttchug who absolutely loathe Bloomberg . Like, seething hatred loathe. And I think people like that might vote Bernie if it came down to Bernie vs Bloomberg.
>>285639 Possibly. If Bloomberg can make himself the second highest vote-getter though, it says much about the state of the party. If the centrists don't start merging before Super Tuesday, then if they merge afterwards (almost certain) it will be too late for any one centrist to attain 2nd place. I don't see the centrists dropping out entirely, but if they wait too long the center will lose the power struggle at a brokered convention. That the convention is going to be brokered is by now a foregone conclusion, unless there is an absolutely massive Bernmentum in the next couple of weeks. >>285645 I think Bernie captured 30% of Biden votes? This was before Biden really tanked, so it is likely Bernie's gain is that part of the Biden base. Biden is the most likely to drop - he's never been a media darling and hasn't been given the boosts Pete and Klob have received. The centrists are trying desperately to manufacture a candidate, and that's where things get interesting.
UPBOAT DIS SHIT https://www.reddit.com/r/PresidentBloomberg/comments/f6c7f2/i_wish_every_africanamerican_sanders_supporter/ (Republican ad sneaked on /r/PresidentBloomberg to appear dem-compatible)
>>285657 Bloombergbots will unironically give that shit 4K upboats
>>285599 >half the teachers >make the teachers twice as good >double the students per class >students get a better deal This guy is a retard.
>>285667 >half the teachers, double the class He basically wants to introduce FOUR TIMES the pressure on the education system. Bossboi must be used to making such idiotic demands and then having his ghouls implement it and pick up/manage the scraps on the way.
>>285671 He hasn't even cut any cost!
>>285672 Someone fire this guy.
(4.29 KB 300x168 download (10).jpeg)
(252.59 KB 1080x1069 2020-02-19 10.13.49.jpg)
Virgin warren lass vs the chad Bernie broess
The next President will be either Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or Mike Bloomberg. How the hell did we end up here?
>>285707 You've been like this since Reagan. Americans are crazy, you know.
>>285706 Literally seems like an outright lie.
>>285706 Is that a synthetic voice?
>>285711 nah, just super tightly cut to make the ad shorter and cost less, hence the weird tonal shifts and such
(264.06 KB 1500x1500 its-super-effective896642-prints.jpg)
(32.15 KB 403x354 1.png)
(1.77 KB 171x79 2.png)
(149.47 KB 908x694 Screenshot (122).png)
Let the ratfucking begin.
>>285717 >Guillermo Mena >Mena >Men opinion discarded
>>285707 There is no way bloomberg beats trump.
>>285716 Calling storage facilities deep underground menu to hold nuclear waste for thousands and thousands of years “dumps” is retarded. The US needs a storage facility, and they have none. The waste is currently just stored above ground at the power plants.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1un3Law3VPw Lel, Nevada will truly be a Iowa 2.0
>>285677 >McArdle Imagine my shock!
He's learned his lesson about being too forgiving of the bullshit attacks. This, getting recounts done and going all out on Bloomberg.
(3.92 MB 4096x1913 vksukkt.png)
Swedish succdem party secretary was at Iowa, complains that the rally felt too Marxist for their taste. Compared it to the Swedish Left Party: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left_Party_(Sweden) Shills for Bootygel instead.
>>285722 Isn't encasing it in glass and burying it in cement the only safe way to get rid of nuclear waste anyway?
>>285726 My eternal hatred for Socialdemokraterna is completely warranted I see.
(415.24 KB 400x278 tenor.gif)
Is anyone else worried about tonight's debate? I'm worried that every one of the moderate candidates will see Bloomburg's rise as a bigger threat than Sanders' and spend all of their time attacking him instead of focusing on Bernie. Am I the only one who feels that this is a horrible idea? While I don't like how Bloomburg bought his way into the election, at least he's an actual democrat who doesn't just use the party as a platform to push his crazy ideas. https://www.reddit.com/r/Enough_Sanders_Spam/comments/f6bo29/is_anyone_else_worried_about_tonights_debate/
>>285726 Too Marxist. Well you heard it here folks, the more coin flips you get the marxist it becomes. What a fucking joke, and they shill for the faggot that cheated in Iowa what a big shocker. The Succdems in Sweden would be corporate Dems in the States wow much shock.
>>285732 That's bait
>>285735 it's good bait, tho got their almonds activated
>>285734 They have always been like this. Always.
>>285394 I want the squad to bully me
(562.07 KB 640x1164 o30ul7gm8eh41.png)
Damn dude, this is good. Pretty good meme right here. I wish I could upvote it twice. **>civilized policy discussion Yeah, because you all want the exact same human meat grinder you fucking goofies**
(283.97 KB 623x454 1f5.png)
HOLY SHIT I beg one of you fags to read out loud & record this hilariously cringey fairy tale about Warren and upload it to vocaroo: https://www.theroot.com/elizabeth-warren-exists-1841775506
>>285583 thats cool and all but I can't stand this dude's face
>>285744 >First millisecond seeing screen >Epic Thanos meme Oh fuck guys
Uhm, is Meghan McCunt actually voting for Bernie? Remember that time she deleted a tweet praising him? also >millionaire black actress doesn't give a shit about Bloomberg's racist past
>>285538 >>285548 This anon is absolutely correct. Worse, even looking at Japan's unparalleled population density directly compared to other countries is a deceptive understatement of the problem, because... >>285602 >Its cities are overpopulated but its countryside sparse, and it has some of the best arable lands in the world. This couldn't be further from the truth. Japan is cursed by extremely rugged terrain: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geography_of_Japan As it's 73% mountainous, 88.45% non-arable, this means very little of the land is suited for development of any kind. [1/2]
[2/2, cont'd from >>285754 above] Furthermore, while there are many hysterical stories both inside Japan and without about its supposedly catastrophic sexlessness and demographic crisis, the reality is that Japan's fertility from WWII to present is nearly identical (actually very slightly higher in comparison) to that of Western Europe or USA in the same period, if the estimated cumulative impact of mass economic immigrants is subtracted. And, of course, nobody except the most rabid aut-rightists spouts the same level of hysteria about whites being culturally sterile and driven to extinction.
>>285602 >I'll grant SK is likely too populous and import-dependent in its current state. This is the bigger obstacle to reunification.
>>285750 >guinan is a cunt IRL ;_;
You could shift all of west to /left/. Its all up to you American comrades.
(730.52 KB 597x782 worried laughter.png)
>>285725 >right now we have a very serious national problem, we have an internet which is essentially the wild west
(16.52 KB 813x227 mccunt.png)
>>285750 Google has gotten quite smart.
>>285770 It's inaccurate and out of date. 1990's interwebs was somewhat like the wild west. Now it's just Monopoly land.
>>285773 When it comes to describing free speech on the intermonopoly as the wild west it doesn't bode well.
Biden ad.
(513.94 KB 875x493 malarkov.png)
Every candidate this evening will pile on Boomerberg.
>>285744 That part when you get to the Protocols of the elders of Negron Holy shit guys this is some top tier lib brain death >So the Al-Liars called upon a small group of warriors who had been gifted with a powerful magical element called melanin. >The Al-Liars told the Melanin Council there were only five possible choices for their next ruler.
>>285796 You just know the guy loved Black Panther.
>>285706 >>285710 It is a lie, we debunked it during oppo research a few days ago. Sanders merely voted for nuclear waste disposal somewhere in the geologically stable Southwest, not for any specific site, as that was left up to the state government of the destination state. And the poor Hispanic town they're talking about ultimately wasn't used, being passed over for a different site, specifically due to its geological unsuitability. >>285726 Whatever happened to that /based/ sounding new Swedish brocialist splinter from the Swedish Communists we had a thread about last year? >>285763 Trump Derangement Syndrome, it hits hard. >>285770 Yeah, that's dangerous and cringey phrasing he used, but I think his point is only "people talk shit online anonymously, it's not fair nor honest to point fingers and tell who's saying what unless their identity is verified".
>>285744 https://voca.ro/lRCw5QbGfvq It's only the first paragraph because that's a LOOOng one, and I've only got my shitty mic on this comp.
(1.85 MB 480x270 giphy.gif)
(238.49 KB 674x754 1.png)
Gee, I wonder what Biden's angle will be.
All networks are doubling, tripling down on SOCIALISM and HEART ATTACK all the time. It's hilarious.
>>285814 I didn't think that I would say this but based Biden and his ego will hand Sanders the campaign.
>>285754 I should clarify that in reference to arability I wasn't speaking of the mountains, I meant that the arable valleys of Japan are especially good farmland; that being said, they only serve as a sort of counterbalance for the especially unarable mountains. Capitalism naturally wants infinite and eternal growth, so through Capitalist eyes it's 'bad' that Japan's pop is shrinking. That being said, I don't believe Japan needs to return to pre-Industrial population levels to be agriculturally self-sustaining, and with proper innovation, development, and planning, I believe they could possibly sustain this current level of population. Are you outright against high population density? Or do you believe it's too high specifically in reference to Japan? I can accept that they may have to downsize somewhat, but I think the goal should be to bring any given area to its maximum sustainable level of population and maintain it there. I'm sure present Japan relies on imports though, so a long-term no-no.
>>285817 Biden has already said shit like he'd campaign for Sanders, and wouldn't for Pete because he doesn't think pete can win. Honestly this will be one fucking hell of a redemption arc.
(The Grayzone) Woke wonk Elizabeth Warren’s foreign policy team is stacked with pro-war swamp creatures https://thegrayzone.com/2020/01/26/elizabeth-warren-foreign-policy-team-pro-war-regime-change/
>>285829 Warren's campaign is stacked with Clintonite advisors and Obama leftovers. She has completely torpedoed what remained of her credibility at this point. I don't think Bernie would consider her for a cabinet position anymore and now half a dozen Kennedys are breathing down her neck in Massachusetts. Absolute fail on her part.
>>285826 What if Biden drops out after South Carolina and endorses Bernie? That'd be crazy
>>285835 The fallout and meltdowns would be glorious
>>285835 Could happen. Remember that every time Bernie talked about Bide in the debates he called him "my friend, Joe Biden?" In his rotten senile brain Biden might think that "at least this guy respects me" and support him.
>>285838 It would also be a signal to the rest of the DNC establishment to bend the knee.
>>285821 I'm not saying Japan should return to pre-industrial population levels, merely that it should sink from azn "sardines in a can" pop density down to something proportionally closer to Western 1st-world countries (especially taking its livable landmass into account). Also, I'm not saying Japan has to become agriculturally self-sustaining, given their need for other raw materials (metal ores, petrochemicals, rare earths, etc.) to sustain industry anyway. I am against high population density on principle for a variety of QoL, economic, and political reasons though, yes. And against needless urbanization. Most of all, however, I am opposed to perpetual population growth on a finite planet, when we (humanity as a whole) already have far more than enough people to get economies of scale and run a space-age civilization at full capacity. Japan is an exceptional sticking point for me, however, because they are the only 1st-world nation to (for valid and spooky reasons both) say no to mass economic immigration and accompanying "muh pension crisis" lies once the porkies ran out of disposable slaves following modern medicine freeing parents from the need to spit out babies as fast as possible to outrace infant mortality. That such rabid fervor is being applied by neolibs to bend Japan back to their compliance is disgusting, and the fact that so many people who should know better (even here!) swallow their propaganda is appalling.
>>285842 off topic. start a japan thread
>>285842 Their healthcare system is going to fail eventually with all those old people. I suspect they will have to accept immigrants pretty soon because someone has to look after all their octogenarians.
>>285845 Sorry, I just saw the discussion upthread and had to respond.
>>285848 I know that feel, bro, but this discussion is pretty good so far so it would deserve its own thread anyway. Just copy paste them into a new thread and memearrow it here to close it.
>>285842 Ah, I agree with you for the most part then. Hasn't the LDP now tried changing the constitution so that they can import temp low skill workers, but give hem no path to citizenship and pay them slave wages? I made a new thread to continue this: >>285856 I don't know how to link other threads though so that might not have worked.
>>285860 oo I did it right, nice.
>>285805 >>285770 >>285773 He's made it clear he's for freedom of speech, speaking against rioters who were trying to stop ann coulter speaking. He even said in that response after the "wild wild west" quote that "we won't be able to do anything about it"
(42.60 KB 590x625 Screenshot_20200219_200904.png)
(111.12 KB 1245x710 Screenshot_20200219_200926.png)
Today’s Dem. Primary Polls: NATIONAL Sanders +12 (Marist) +12 (NBC) +11 (SurveyUSA) +8 (Ipsos) +7 (Emerson) NV Sanders +5 (Beacon) CA Sanders +18 (PPIC) +4 (SurveyUSA) ME Sanders +9 (SocialSphere) VT Sanders +38 (Braun) NJ Sanders +2 (FDU) MA Sanders +1 (Falchuk/DiNatale)
(92.62 KB 1462x472 lmgbz1ynixh41.jpg)
(25.11 KB 547x224 Screenshot_20200219_201149.png)
>>285924 NORTH CAROLINA: Bloomberg Sanders tied (SurveyUSA) VIRGINIA: Bloomberg Sanders tied (Monmouth) OKLAHOMA: Bloomberg +6 (Sooner
(100.14 KB 848x623 Screenshot_20200219_201230.png)
>>285925 >sargon is he still relevant?
When the fuck did Bloomcuck become a thing? Just q few weeks ago, Bernie’s major opponents seemed to be Rat nigga and Warren
>>285929 Bloomberg pretty much owns the politics in virginia. He was the #1 fundraiser for the gun ban that failed. He' got virginia in his pocket so don't expect a win there.
(553.69 KB 287x216 vegeta screaming.gif)
>>285602 >Its cities are overpopulated but its countryside sparse Yeah, those are fucking national parks. I hate this insane idea some leftists have that if there's a single square foot without someone living on it then there's "enough room". I don't want to live in a Judge Dredd mega city, I want communism AND house AND to go hiking without seeing another human.
(157.76 KB 910x960 2020-02-19 13.21.47.jpg)
(140.67 KB 960x541 2020-02-19 13.21.54.jpg)
(32.85 KB 717x397 2020-02-19 13.22.00.jpg)
>>285943 >>285860 >I made a new thread to continue this: >>285856
(231.34 KB 679x680 1.png)
>>285936 MSNBC was boosting Mikey on the night of Iowa caucuses before Bootygig was manufactured a "win". CNN (because it's thoroughly a CIA publication) immediately shoved Mayo down our throats but the pundit class is "divided" in their effort to push the Democrats as far right as possible.
>>285947 all of this BUT UNIRONICALLY
>>285949 Redemption arc, baby! (Seriously though, Joe's going to say "fuck this shit" and go home when he fails.)
>>285936 I still believe Bloomberg will have good poll numbers for a couple weeks then plummet like all the others, although the amount of money he has might make the difference. If Bloomberg is the the final anti-Bernie candidate that the media and party establishment all coalesce behind I think they're shooting themselves in the foot. He's so transparently evil that a lot of Pete, Warren and Biden supporters might prefer Sanders over him. Also, if he is the candidate, there's absolutely no "lesser evil" case to be made in the general. He is without a doubt as evil or more evil than Trump and a lot of democratic voters would probably vote third party or stay home.
>>285958 This is why I think they're going to go for Buttigieg. Bloomberg might be too controversial.
>>285958 There's going to be someone. There's really only that 30% core that is open to the whole social democracy program as something to fight for... everyone else is only going to vote Bernie if they really don't like the other guys. My guess is, this is Bloomberg preparing the ground if he runs third party in the general, and if Bloomberg does that he's going to do some Macron shit and get the Democrats and maybe some Republicans to defect to his new party. Then tell the idiots that they're going to "break the two party system", which of course will be facilitated by a major media push. All they have to do is isolate the Berniecrats into a corner and watch as 10-15% of the remaining "Democrats" are pushed into a new two party system.
Check this out https://operationchaos2020.com/ My prediction is they'll choose bernie. >>285597 VOTE BLOOM ------ MADE BY DENG GANG
>>285966 Third parties are impossible no matter how much money you have, ask ross perot.
(30.77 KB 645x363 cnn.jpg)
Andrew Yang hired by CNN https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/19/politics/andrew-yang-cnn-political-commentator/index.html Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is joining CNN as a political commentator, the network announced Wednesday. "I'm excited to join @CNN to help shed light on the election and the candidates' experiences," Yang wrote in a tweet following the announcement. "Learned a lot these past months and am glad to contribute to the public discussion." He'll appear on the network in his new capacity later Wednesday, he added. Yang, a businessman who ended his campaign last week, rose from obscurity to become a highly-visible candidate, rallying a coalition of liberal Democrats, libertarians and some disaffected Republicans to form a devoted group of followers known as the Yang Gang.
>>285978 Very desperate for views
>>285978 >Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is joining CNN as a political commentator I hoped he was gonna endorse Bernie but now I think he'll endorse Bloomberg or some shit.
>>285978 >highly-visible candidate >Yang Gang Are they even trying anymore?
(49.37 KB 553x613 ERJcJreWoAAPw9D.jpg)
Trump is NAZBOL Made by Bloomberg Gang
>>285997 >a REAL billionaire Do they really think this is a good angle? Is it? Maybe I think people hate billionaires more than they actually do.
Will this debate be streamed on Cytube tonight?
(53.73 KB 869x361 national.png)
(42.05 KB 869x257 nevada.png)
Kinda worried about Bloomberg but damn these polls looking good though.
>>285974 All you'd really need to do is win 25% of the general electorate or so, or have polls showing that margin over the party you're trying to supplant. If it comes to that, then the collapsing establishment party becomes the third party, and you're the new thing. Bernie's weakness is that there isn't a strong, broad and independent labor party that can generate leaders worth a damn, while the technocrats that would be with a Bloomberg party are numerous. Bernie doesn't have the urban political machines, the same machines Bloomberg has been buying out, and once those turn against him, so does much of Bernie's vote.
>>285997 this tweet right here captures why people hate liberals
>>285997 Who of those in the painting are /ourguys/?
Carmen Yulín Cruz was just on MSNBC as a Bernie surrogate. The host called her the 'Puerto Rico Mayor' lmaooo
>>286014 Stalin, Kim, Fidel, Ghadaffi
Fuck Marry
>>286018 >anecdotal versus polls, let's see which one wins out Like she already knows...
>>286004 What's the room called again?
(1.65 MB dictator.mp4)
>>286016 Not vid related?
>>285934 No, he’s just trying to push buttons to garner click bait views and seem that way.
CNN now pushing ”Is Sanders healthy enough to be president?”. First he wasn’t electable because he calls himself a socialist, then he wasn’t electable because he is too white, too male, too old, and now he isn’t healthy enough. And these people call themselves journalists. CNN SCUM. When our time comes these propagandists and liars will have nowhere to hide.
>>286034 You just don't like free speech, tbh.
>>286033 Thank you.
>>285949 Why did mini mike claim to have Biden's support? Love that low angle trying to make him look taller lmao
>>285966 >There's really only that 30% core that is open to the whole social democracy program as something to fight for... everyone else is only going to vote Bernie if they really don't like the other guys. How many times does this need to be disproven ffs
>>285925 The fat mess is absolutely being paid for this.
>>286029 Eh I've heard contradicting stuff about his regime. Didn't he purge communists?
>>286014 Everyone
>>285750 >democraps running a candidate so bad that Meghan McCain is the voice of reason
So, will it be streamed on Cytube?
>>286041 If there were a secret majority of the country demanding social democracy now, where is it? Social democracy worldwide is on the decline. Wishing it were true does not make it so. People like free shit as individual policies, but when those policies are put in a coherent set that you can actually govern, cracks start to appear, primarily around taxation and the dessication of a middle-income bracket that can be taxed like crazy to fund it. Eventually the middle class get theirs and the legal status that comes with education and so on, and they have every material reason to turn against the lower class that threatens their position. That is the story of the past 50 years, where the middle class has been enthusiastic allies of the super rich far more. The alliance between the poor masses and the middle class, so far as it ever existed, ceased to be operative a long time ago. That's why it was so easy to turn socdem parties in a capitalist direction, even as "socialist" parties would offer radical platforms and immediately abandon them.
>>286064 you say that as if America and other """western""" nations aren't moving towards bouj dictatorship or are already a bouj dictatorship, with the veneer of electoralism a meaningless vestige in the same sense that the Roman senate was a vestige for the Roman empire.
>>286064 >cracks start to appear, primarily around taxation and the dessication of a middle-income bracket that can be taxed like crazy to fund it. The "middle class" literally was created through succdem reform. They are not the primary targets of socdem tax hikes. They are the primary beneficiaries. It's primarily profit that gets taxed. The shift in tax burden from profit to individual income is neoliberal policy.
>>286059 what time is it
>>286064 I'm sick of having this boring conversation over and over
(700.14 KB 900x893 serveimage.png)
>>286064 >>285966 >If there were a secret majority of the country demanding social democracy now Here it is. The American electorates at large.
(279.15 KB 554x612 Untitled1.png)
(270.28 KB 556x650 Untitled3.png)
(231.91 KB 546x650 Untitled4.png)
>>286076 https://www.voterstudygroup.org/publication/political-divisions-in-2016-and-beyond Moderates up close https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-moderate-middle-is-a-myth/ The American electorate and so-called 'moderates' and 'independents' do over-whelmingly favor succdemish style economical policies.
>>286043 Got any proof, conspiratard?
>>285925 >let's pay alt-rightards to shill our democratic candidate For what purpose?
>>286083 This means that there only are 2 viable electoral strategies in the US: 1)Blue box: Either you run a socially conservative campaign with some leftish populism sprinkled on top (what Trump did) in order to capture the top half of those charts. 2)Red box: Or you purely run on leftish and progressive economical policies (what Bernie is doing or what Obama did to a degree, although he governed as a centrist while he ran as a progressive) The democratic centrist strategy purely based on social progressivism is doomed to fail from the start because it captures the smallest part of the American electorate (lower half).
>>286074 /usapol/ is joke teebeeaych
>>286094 The centrist democratic establishment (socially progressive/economically liberal) constitutes the smallest share among the entire American electorate. Any election is won by winning over the voter bloc that is both economically left-wing but socially conservative.
>>286068 The reality that Bernie is getting maybe 30% of the vote currently in a Dem primary suggests that either the votes are extremely rigged or that the groundswell of support for social democracy just isn't there. Even if you were to factor all of the ways American democracy isn't really democratic, you could put together an overall poll of the whole population for a whole set of social democratic platforms and run a survey. Individually you can tell people "Medicare for all!" and it polls high (and this is only because the alternative we have now already costs Americans a huge chunk of their income and they're basically obligated to enter the insurance market). But if you put M4A in any sort of coherent framework that you can call social-democratic, which is what Bernie is going for, then you start to see support flagging. There is no magic mix-and-match that gets you everything you want while being aesthetically pleasing - if you want social democracy it implies humanity towards immigrants and a softer hand from law enforcement, and both of those positions are not terribly popular with Americans or really any Euro country. >>286070 Medicare and Social Security, the two biggest budget items in the federal budget, are funded by payroll taxes primarily. You couldn't operate those programs without the payroll tax, because it brings in a ridiculous sum of money. The whole point of how those programs were structured was to limit the burden on the rich; and even if you had some pretty confiscatory tax rates on the upper-middle and upper classes, you would still need a payroll tax bump to fund Bernie's program. Bernie himself acknowledges this in his own platform. Again, you're seeing the results. Bernie at 30%. If you look at politics are arbitrary feels, you create an echo chamber where the whole country agrees with you or they're dumb/evil/etc. But the reality is, much of the country doesn't want social democracy as a whole system. If you did, and there was a huge crossover with conservative voters for this, the result of the primary would be a forgone conclusion beyond any ability to rig. You can't chalk it all up to brainwashing and fluoride. The class that pushes for social democracy just isn't there, for the reasons I described; the middle, educated class don't feel they need it any more and see the lower class mob as an enemy that threatens the status they won in the old system, and the upper class no longer needs to raise a middle class of educated people beyond what currently exists.
>>286104 >Again, you're seeing the results. Bernie at 30%. If you look at politics are arbitrary feels, you create an echo chamber where the whole country agrees with you or they're dumb/evil/etc. But the reality is, much of the country doesn't want social democracy as a whole system. Which doesn't matter because Bernie can just enact the rest of his succdem reforms piggy-backed on his economical message, the same way Trump piggy-backed his unpopular tax breaks on the back of his populist message.
>>286094 Obama won because no one was voting for Republicans in 2008, not after the unquestionable worst president in American history (and that's saying a lot). If you saw past Obama's narrative, he was campaigning on a fiscally conservative platform with progressive and hip stances on social issues. The circumstances of his time demanded that the government intervene in the economy, but it was not hard to see that Obama would intervene for capitalists and bankers. In 2008, it was good enough to win, because the neoconservatives were totally discredited. I remember that election well, and most of the country just shrugged and figured Obama couldn't be worse than Bush. That's the great secret to Obama. You have to break this notion that Obama was an exceptional politician or public speaker; he's as banal as they come, and had he not run in a crisis he'd do as well as Mayo Pete.
Jeez, Bernie went all out on Bloomberg in the town hall. It will he a bloodbath
>>286107 There is a world of difference between socdem and whatever the hell ideology you can ascribe to Trump. They're too completely different beasts, and in the Trumpian ideology tax breaks for the rich aren't major at all. The conservative MO in America since Reagan has been an alliance with manufacturing and resource extraction capitalists, the bog-standard formation of American Fascism going back to Ford.
>>286109 Nixon was worse than Bush I think
(107.59 KB 1200x675 ERG6nFdXkAED4Ol.jpg)
>>286104 >The reality that Bernie is getting maybe 30% of the vote currently in a Dem primary suggests that either the votes are extremely rigged or that the groundswell of support for social democracy just isn't there. He's getting 30% right now because it's a crowded field designed to split the vote and prevent him from having a majority at the convention.
>>286109 >Obama won because no one was voting for Republicans in 2008, not after the unquestionable worst president in American history >Obama won because he won Lmao This doesn't make any sense. Tautological junk analysis. > If you saw past Obama's narrative, he was campaigning on a fiscally conservative platform with progressive and hip stances on social issues. What is this supposed to mean? Obama campaigned on his narrative and not on his actual policies. More non-sensical bogus. You personally might be a PMC that was swayed by Obama's charisma but the Double Obama-Trump voters in the mid-west, the voters have have decided the last election voted Obama for different reasons.
(205.40 KB 660x870 Bjehdud7.jpg)
>>286113 Nah, Bush is without a doubt the worst US President ever. Trump doesn't even compare (frankly, Trump is about average; he's managed not to make any major fuckups simply by virtue of not actually doing anything, and much of the problems can be traced to things way deeper than the executive). Nixon, in doing what he set out to do, was pretty effective. Evil, but effective. He set up the deal with China that wound up winning the Cold War, probably the first actually competent thing Americans did if you're looking at it from that perspective. W. basically took all of that and threw it in the garbage so he could fight another stupid race war in Asia.
(47.86 KB 600x481 che.jpeg)
>>286120 >20% of adults think Sanders is too conservative
>>286112 >There is a world of difference between socdem and whatever the hell ideology you can ascribe to Trump. Trump doesn't have an ideology which is also pretty irrelevant. The point is Trump campaigned on a faux populist message. He campaigned on so-called Welfare Chauvism. He called himself 'a different' Republican. He promised socdem-style economical policies. He promised to neither cut medicare or social security, he promised to do away with free trade, he promised a health insurance that would replace Obamacare and that's why he won the last election. He lied about all of that but that's actually why the double-obama voters voted for him and not Clinton. There is a majority in the US for a succdemish economical platform and that's why Bernie can win.
>>286117 What Obama says is of no relevance, unless you're actually dumb enough to be snowed over by his NLP-speechifying. A whole lot of Democrats weren't too happy with Obama, but when their alternatives were Hillary in the primary and McCain in the general, what did you expect? Obama could distance himself from the Iraq War debacle and that was one of his main selling points. You could have inserted a large number of other Democrats at the time in Obama's place and got the same results; maybe Obama was destined to win the primary for a lot of reasons, because he did position himself well and knew how to fight the 800 lb gorilla that is Hillary, but once Obama got launched he didn't need to do something exceptional. He only needed to not do stupid shit, which was something like a campaign motto among his staff.
Grog want know when debate is
>>286135 I was just about to ask when it was.
>>285970 In about 4 hours and 15 minutes. >6 - 8 pm PST >7 - 9 pm MST >8 - 10 pm CST >9 - 11 pm EST
>>286134 >What Obama says is of no relevance Of course it is. No voter actually read policy platforms. Jesus. You talk about fucking echo chambers but it is you who is actually out of touch with the average voter because you unironically believe that the fucking Iraq war decided the election. Lmao. Obama didn't win fucking Ohio because of Iraq, lol. Can you even tell me which issue is currently the number one issue that occupies American voters without looking it up? >You could have inserted a large number of other Democrats at the time in Obama's place and got the same results; maybe Obama was destined to win the primary for a lot of reasons, because he did position himself well and knew how to fight the 800 lb gorilla that is Hillary, but once Obama got launched he didn't need to do something exceptional. He only needed to not do stupid shit, which was something like a campaign motto among his staff. Lolno, Kerry and Clinton lost for a reason.
(52.41 KB 600x659 35t434tf345f.jpeg)
Alright, so, the only question left now is: Will BloomBorg Get fucking raped live on stage tonight? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3mLpcT5vBI
>>286146 Unless he bought all the moderators, yah.
>>286146 Yes. He will be attacked from all sides including Buttigieg and Biden and there will be attacks on Sanders because of his 'refusal' to publish his health records. Bernie will tend to stay away from direct attacks tho. He is the frontrunner after all.
>>286133 I don't think you can call the currently-existing welfare state "social democracy" in the way that Bernie is a social democrat. Trump simply promised not to cut entitlements and that was the big one. At no point did Trump formulate a serious alternative to NAFTA and free trade deals, aside from rejecting the TPP (which was already on the way out, because EVERYONE was furious about it and it was one of the last great things civil activists were able to push against strongly). If you were a Trumptard and actually believed Trump was going to bring the jobs back, I don't know what to tell you. I imagine most conservatives are not that fucking stupid or believe that the President is a god-emperor who can make the jobs come back by decree. Mostly, those in Trump's camp didn't want the reheated neoconservatism of the Bush years, because it can't be understated how fucking awful Bush was. The policies of Trumpism, so far as Trump actually ran on policies, were what I said, basically a regurgitation of Reaganism and the alliance between manufacturing/extraction capitalists and the state. It's an old formula and both Republicans and Democrats like to harken to it when they can, because it evokes reactionary memories of Good Middle America and appears opposed to finance capital and "rootless cosmopolitans" that most of the country fucking hates.
>>286144 Kerry lost because he wasn't even a serious candidate, and Bush was a war president at his height who had basically done a coup of the country in 2001. The Democrats were still reeling from their failure in the '70s - really, what's happening to the Democrats now is just the final collapse of the party that started 50 years ago, and the only reason the Democrats came back in '06 was because Bush overplayed his hand and started fucking over EVERYONE left and right, and the Dems could scrape together something resembling a strategy.
>>285949 LOL. Did Bloomberg just fucking claim to have Biden's endorsement? He's just tormenting him at this point
>>286154 >I don't think you can call the currently-existing welfare state "social democracy" in the way that Bernie is a social democrat. Trump simply promised not to cut entitlements and that was the big one. At no point did Trump formulate a serious alternative to NAFTA and free trade deals, aside from rejecting the TPP (which was already on the way out, because EVERYONE was furious about it and it was one of the last great things civil activists were able to push against strongly). If you were a Trumptard and actually believed Trump was going to bring the jobs back, I don't know what to tell you. Voters believed it enough to elect Trump, yes. Many Americans are that desperate. > I imagine most conservatives are not that fucking stupid or believe that the President is a god-emperor who can make the jobs come back by decree. See this is your problem: you 'imagine'. You actually have no clue what you are actually talking about. You have never actually spoken to actual working class voters and more importantly working class voters from the mid-west. Foreign policy is just a marginal issue when it comes to presidential elections. All politics is local.
>>285949 Fucking, kek, based Joe Biden.
>>286146 "there can only be one, Mikey" Biden said as he took out the gun on live television. The studio audience panicks. Producers shout to halt the broadcast. Security starts to respond. "Joe, calm down" Bloomberg started begging. Buttigeg scurried off stage with his tail between his legs. Klobuchar looked on intently, hopping around light on her feet and loosening her wrists as if preparing for action. Sanders was looking on un-impressed. "Joe, you forgot to turn awf your safety" he said calmly in his heavy Brooklyn accent. "Thanks, Bernie." Biden said with a hint of derangedness seeping through "My old friend." He said. "Yeah. Good. Okay." Bloomberg had tried to sneak away but Biden stepped out and aimed the gun at him resolutely. "My brains are pudding, Mike." Biden said grimly. "Doctor said dementia. About a year before I forget everything and I'm back in Jim Crow times. But before I go, I'm making it right." Joe shot Bloomberg twice in the kneecaps, and the latter cried out. Police and security had gathered around the debate stage, shouting at Biden to drop his gun and surrender. Biden sniffled. "Surrender? What a bunch of malarkey." His gun snapped upwards towards Bloomberg and as the final shot rang out, Bloomberg lay dead. Klobuchar grinned. Bernie sighed. The police shot. As Biden sank down with a single shot to his shoulder, he whispered "Malarkey"
>>285947 Fuck yeah it was.
>>286158 >Kerry lost because he wasn't even a serious candidate, and Bush was a war president at his height who had basically done a coup of the country in 2001 Kerry was celebrated the perfect candidate according to the democratic establishment and the consultant class. Double silver star veteran, three triple hearts and a centrist moderate with a long track record with a long career public service and yet he fell on his face against a draft-dodger for the reason Clinton failed.
>>286172 three purple hearts*
>>286146 Yep. Gonna be ebin.
(109.53 KB 719x1190 ERF2vMZWoAAg7vA.jpeg)
Bloomberg.xml for president!
(304.32 KB 1197x588 assange obama.png)
Soooo... what's going on with this Assange thing today? MSM claiming that Assange's lawyer told Dana Rohrbacher in 2017 that he would deny Russia hacked the DNC if Trump gave him a pardon? Who's lying here? >pic from Jan. 2017
>>286127 Do they mean that he's not radical enough, or do they think he's just another Orange Man?
>>286166 I'm a fucking poor ass pleb in the midwest talking to other poor-ass plebs, including those who supported Trump. Usually, their motives were the same thing that won for Republicans for the past 40 years - low taxes, gubmint out of their business, guns, religion, Democrats being hopelessly corrupt and godawful, and they fucking hated Obamacare. The last point pretty much killed any goodwill Obama had, starting with the utter blowout in 2010. Trump didn't suddenly win converts because of Trumpism; the conversion happened when Obama started fucking over everyone left and right and the Tea Party rose. The reasons Trump won the primary and not some hardliner conservative like Cruz are somewhat complex, but in the general, the Dems were in deep shit.
>Can you even tell me which issue is currently the number one issue that occupies American voters without looking it up? Still no reply to this point btw.
>>285706 The fuck? What did he have to do there? They pulling shit out of their ass at this point?
>>286197 >I tell you h'wat
>>286197 Holy shit. Epic take-down imminent.
>>286197 based joe
>>286186 Probably the latter, knowing Americans.
>>286197 Fucking kek. Bloomberg will have his ass caved in. Tonight's gonna be a show, indeed.
>>286197 If they nuke Bloomberg who's left to stop Sanders?
(43.05 KB 1000x689 bernie-beard.jpg)
>>286211 Only Bernie and Bernard can stop Sanders
>>286211 Bernie will stop Sanders
>>286211 Ratboy: No support outside of IA or NH, has less minority support than fucking Trump Joe: Free falling in polls Warren: Who? I can see them trying to push for the KLOB again except with extra emphasis on the idpol shit. I honestly believe Warren will drop out soon enough and endorse her. Screencap this.
(13.75 KB 558x768 DayAfterDNC.png)
Why would Bloomberg even show up to the debate? Everyone's going to unite in shitting all over him.
>>286240 because the pundits will say afterwards that he won the debate, and that's all that matters for the boomer audience
>>286240 Gotta have that victim narrative going to look to morons more sympathetic. But whatever fuck these oligarchs I hope. I truly do we can hang them high and ring them dry.
>>286211 Probably the Rat, regardless of how little people like him. They had no problem shoving his "win" earlier when the rest of the country didn't want him. Why stop now?
>>286240 Billionaire hubris and an army of sycophantic advisors and grifters surrounding you.
(974.76 KB 1003x1600 wormy warren.jpg)
>>286228 >I honestly believe Warren will drop out soon enough and endorse [Klob] God I hope she fully takes that mask off and shows the world the writhing mass of worms underneath.
>>286275 Warren won't endorse anybody, she'll pull a Nevada Culinary Union and endorse "values and goals." She can't endorse Bernie because she's attack him too much (even said yesterday that he was cultivating a "climate of hate" with his Bros) and she can't endorse Klob because it goes against her image as a progressive.
>>286283 But anon, choosing the strong, female candidate is the progressive choice :^)
>>285197 There is no god
(10.60 KB 221x228 download (2).jpg)
>>285197 I have lost all faith in humanity
(68.60 KB 400x300 must_not_fap-s400x300-33304.jpg)
(64.32 KB 640x800 lgaesioomyh41.jpg)
fucking lost
>>285713 >But at what cost Trillions of dead landlords
(35.35 KB 1280x720 43t3t43tr.jpeg)
>>285713 God this propaganda is so retarded. Only the oldest and stupidest voters could possibly fall for this.
>>286169 This is well written, good job anon. Pretty much the only way the old fuck could possibly redeem himself.
>>286352 I wouldn't even be that surprised if he did it at this point
>>286348 Anon, you just described the main electorate lmao
>>286359 Please do not remind me of this. Let me just think everyone can be like us.
>>285713 >Lists website >Requires password to enter site Wot
Jesus, who's doing AOC's makeup???
Steyer shooting his Steyr AUG at Bloomie.
>>286370 >the abuse we have been subjected to
>>286370 someone trying to make my dick hard
>>286370 AOC once again showing she's an opportunist and a chameleon.
>>286370 God I want to FUCK her so bad
Yuro here, does the pre-debate show start in 15 minutes or did I miscalculate?
>>286379 agreed, tbh some random fucko from not-even-the-US ITT could give a better answer
>>286386 Would they look qt though
>>286383 2 hours and 15 minutes
>>286383 >>286388 oops, debate starts in 2 hours and 15 minutes. don't know about pre-show
These "women tell other women what they're supposed to think" shows are the absolute worst and should be consigned to the bowels of hell. Did this shit start with Oprah?
>>286370 >5 years of right-wing 'meme magic' <culminates in undersocialized neets and boomer menchildren holding printed out pepe.gifs at protests, embarrassing themselves >a few months of left-wing meme praxis <make the entire McCain family burst out in tears
>>286391 The View is entertaining if you ironically view it as hyper-spectacle.
>>286388 >>286389 Thanks. IIRC pre-debate show starts 2 hours before debate, so in a few minutes.
>>286394 post a stream if you can
>>286393 For me American TV in general does it, especially ads and elections. It's indistinguishable from Onion News.
(437.01 KB 500x642 x5ejg1mywyh41.png)
(87.07 KB 480x534 IMG_ballot.JPG)
did my part leftybros. goin to fap now.
>>286402 Bloomberg meme balloon deflates tonight.
>>286403 based
(1.21 MB 1400x1400 BLOOMBERGTYPEBEAT.jpg)
LLLEEETTTSS GGGEEETTT THIIISSS MOOOTHERFUUCKKKER OUTTTTTAAA HERE submitting another debate theme BLOOMBERGTYPEBEAT https://soundcloud.com/noah_plunderphonics/bloombergtypebeat >trap, plunderphonics >I Got 5 On It interpolation >fuck a stop and frisk bitch
(496.09 KB 300x168 tenor.gif)
>>286370 >the abuse that we have all been subjected to
>>286417 Where's that faggot that's always saying "Americans are too reactionary and afraid of socialism" you know the one that parrots chris matthews talking points?
(24.95 KB 375x352 jocer.jpg)
>>286370 I'm generally biased against makeup, but how does anybody find that clown shit anything but laughable (and frankly dehumanizing)??
>>286417 Sanders is the moderate candidate. Sanders is the compromise.
>>286425 >I'm generally biased against makeup based
>>286370 I wish retards would stop this "the majority of it effects [enough groups to easily contain the majority of people]" Chapos are terrible for this shit with their women+random minority groups.
>>286417 >20% of adults think Sanders is too conservative. Big if true
>>286417 Well Sanders is barely involved in the radlib fuckery that's been going on. So to many people he really is the most moderate type
>>286428 "women and minorities" is literally everyone but white men, who are like 35% of the US, and that's if you count POC like middle easterners.
>>286433 Yeah that's what I mean, like no shit the majority of things that happen affect the vast majority of people you dumb broad.
>>286430 I think they mean in the burger logic, Sanders's main issue is not gay trannies of color, hence he's "conservative".
>>286439 You'd be surprised at the number of Americans that would support nationalizing entire industries including utilities.
>>286428 Women are over 50% of population but simps act like they are 2%
>>286439 Ironically Sanders has done more to help them than any radlib has ever done. Who would have thought that in order to change power dynamics you have to change economic conditions. Instead of getting Burger King to have a pride whopper.
>>286428 as a random minority, i can get behind not putting the blame on white proles who have little to no control of things just like me.
>>286417 LMAO Good. >>286431 Yeah the thing that is scrambling people's brains is that a lot of Americans think of the left-right spectrum in a different way. Like Hillary Clinton is considered far left by a lot of people, while Sanders is considered to be a moderate. I don't really know why, although I'd guess a lot of it is because of idpol like you said, which sort of gets sublimated by the Sanders campaign, although in a centrist campaign (centrist according to how we think of things) idpol is the central antagonising / mobilizing element. The thing is, this is exactly the kind of president you want if you're trying to break out of gridlock, because Bernie is known for breaking through that by building unusual left-right coalitions in the Congress, like with libertarian-minded Republicans and so forth. Incidentally, and I mentioned this before, but Trump and now this primary cycle has broken my poor dad's brain. He liked Kamala Harris (RIP) and doesn't like Bernie because ~he's not a Democrat~, and he has long been motivated primarily out of pure partisan animus. So I think the "left-right" spectrum as a lot of Americans see it is just treated the same as the party spectrum, so people don't see the most left-wing Democrat as the most left wing! They see the most Democratic Party careerist type as the most left wing. And that's weird. There are some encouraging signs. The thing about my pops though is that he agrees with Bernie on a lot, but has MSNBC brain. I brow-beated him on Bernie and made no progress. But then I went to the Bernie rally, and my mother mentioned that I went to him, and then he apparently showed her the clip of him yelling about rodeos and bullshit, and liked that. So maybe he's coming around to Bernie. https://twitter.com/shaunking/status/1228515621891080200
>>286425 Fuck off faggot
>>286423 >Americans are too reactionary and afraid of socialism This is 100% true though.
>>286457 Ok clownfucker
>>286462 >>Boomers are too reactionary and afraid of socialism FTFY
>>286462 we're a deeply confused people
>>286462 Branding Sanders a socialist has no effect on his polling while outing him as a Democrat actually pulls it down.
>>286470 And most of the other cohorts struggle to even define socialism
>>286469 ok shitlib metrosexual non-binary sexual anarchist
>>286477 Your girlfriend's pussy is a clown car
>>286470 Boomer worldviews have been passed down through the younger generations largely unchanged. >>286473 You have a single source to back that up?
Is the debate at 8 or 9 Virginia time?
>>286451 >I don't really know why Because Americans are all liberals, the only distinction is between "conservative" and "progressive" liberalism. Even American """Marxists""" read liberalism into Marx.
>>286487 >Boomer worldviews have been passed down through the younger generations largely unchanged. lol alright then
>>286487 >boomer worldviews have been passed down largely unchanged You're going to make a claim like this without a source, then demand one from someone else?
>>286492 We're the champion of liberalism baby, what else could we be honestly
>>286487 >Boomer worldviews have been passed down through the younger generations largely unchanged. LMAO https://www.vox.com/2020/1/31/21113780/bernie-sanders-socialism-electability-primaries
>>286370 I always cut AOC some slack. AOC is a person of average intelligence trying to compete against cutthroats and jackals. She does an OK job most of the time and probably means well. Unfortunately half the shit she says is dumb, but whatever, I just kind of got used to it, and her endorsement of Bernie's campaign was well-done. AOC's only other major problem is that she often concedes far too much to ghouls like McCain in an attempt to be diplomatic. She should really have gone into attack-mode on that bitch and mocked her for complaining about people being mean on the internet. "muh bernie bros! muh mean tweets! muh misogyny!" Like jesus christ, who gives a fuck that someone tweeted something at her?
>>286500 Would let me post the graph. For some reason
>>286417 >tfw 20% democratic voters might be literal Marxists
The fact of the matter is that people don't see Sanders as a socialist. If they did, he would be unpopular. The same goes for AMLO
>>286509 it's refreshing that the public isn't falling for the tired redbaiting tactic
>>286478 your gf's pusy is a 7/11 cus I can pop in any time I want
>>286502 agreed, if she were an old man people would find her "endearing" for not playing at politics
>>286509 Mexico isn't as spooked by socialism as communism like the US.
>>286509 Stop parroting MSDNC talking points that have already been debunked
Did the fucking gay ass debate start yet?
When’s the debate laddies?
>>286502 Rashida Tlaib really should be the "face" the squad, not AOC. Much more fiery, more willing to go on the attack. AOC is a net positive in Congress, but definitely airheaded
can we get a more american picture for the next thread
>>286494 Not him, but Florida zoomers are a lost cause. I don't even have to say the S word, but I get dog pilled if I ever mention something as benign as Amazon not paying taxes or union organizing.
>>286524 I really doubt the site is the problem here
(293.61 KB 800x800 2020-02-19 18.58.55.jpg)
>>286509 Jesus christ matthews just log off and stop shitting up the thread. Don't you have to cover the debates and cry about Bernie owning again? https://youtu.be/C7gSnS5uRfs
>>286528 Florida as a whole is a lost cause. Have heard several Bernie surrogates say in private that they have no expectations of winning the state in the primary or general.
>>286528 Lel. According to polls Florida is Sanders worst state. He’s getting like 10% there.
>>286494 >>286495 >Capitalism is a Utopia and 100% merit-based >Socialism was Stalin's Cannibal Island >History ended in 1991 and will continue this way for a thousand more years >America is perfection, is perfectly running, and rightly sets an example for the lesser peoples to follow This is by and large an accurate summary of what the younger generations in America believe to this day, even as they live with their parents and work two jobs to ward off debt they cannot ever fully pay off.
>>286532 Not an issue because Texas will be blue.
>>286534 Where are the sources? Where are the links?
Look, I know where all the zoomers/late millenials hang out on discord and the vast majority of them are pretty unwoke (outright hating homosexuals) and they hate socialists too. So stop thinking that youtubers like metokur don't have an influence since I see links to his shit constantly. The very few left-liberals/berniecrat socialists let alone centrists get shit on. Stop living in a bubble.
>>286528 Are you in a "middle class" area?
(447.64 KB 2000x1053 2020-02-19 19.00.23.jpg)
>>286526 Got you fam
>>286509 I think almost everyone thinks of him as "socialist", and socialism means free shit and being weird and liberal. The old paranoia about Reds under the bed is worn out, even among a lot of old people, but it doesn't mean that people are suddenly going to like socialism and don't think it's fucking weird and un-American. The number of people who have more than a cursory understanding of Marxism or what the USSR even was is still pretty low. If you ask most people, socialism is deader than dead and Bernie is just a throwback to the old days. That's a large part of his appeal to older people, that he's going to bring back the days before Reaganism. There are people who don't like socialism but fucking hate what Reagan did, if they're old enough to remember what happened. No one should seriously believe Bernie is going to bring the revolution, and if they're playing some retarded narrative game about who's going to bring the revolution, they're wasting their energy. There is no revolution through elections.
>>286534 >>286537 I'm right in between millennials and zoomers and my experience is not consistent with yours in the slightest. They aren't socialists, but they aren't "unwoke" either. Keep your anecdotes to yourself if you don't have data.
Zoomers are a land of contrasts
>>286538 I guess so by median at least. My town has wild amounts of wealth inequality, with the millionaires living off in a sectioned area and the rest of the town being a methed out shithole. The vast majority of people here are on some type of government assistant and the culture is similar to Alabama.
(97.30 KB 1379x375 serveimage.png)
>>286537 >Look, I know where all the zoomers/late millenials hang out on discord and the vast majority of them are pretty unwoke lawl
>>286541 >there is no revolution through elections I get that the optimism in this thread can be tiresome, but do we really need to have this conversation every hundred replies? Nobody aside from one or two retards thinks of this election as revolutionary, it's not even worth point out at this point.
(1.55 MB 1205x745 malposter.png)
(136.11 KB 773x479 pollsocialismdemocrat.png)
>>286487 >Boomer worldviews have been passed down through the younger generations largely unchanged. that is some nonsense. the age divide is the biggest story of this election, much more than race, gender or anything else burgers usually whinge about.
>>286536 My statements are as self-evident as what color the sky is.
>>286550 They have already been debunked>>286549
>>286550 >I'm a delusional retard guise
>>286532 Good thing it's going to sink into the ocean soon anyways
>>286547 Yeah socialist thought is on the rise, but I want to make things clear that you guys are getting way ahead of yourselves here. Bernie Sanders getting to where he is is good.
(121.27 KB 1200x831 NJ2.png)
>>286549 wrong graph. here's the age one
>>286556 You just love to see it.
>>286556 Zoom-zoomies!
>>286556 Will posting race crime statistics be acceptable too next? Get your idpol off my board.
>>286546 Well shit, I'm sorry my guy. The south has always been a fucked up region, and it's surely stifled class consciousness.
>>286561 Stop the fucking LARP
>>286553 Too bad Pensacola too northward, it's defo gonna survive. This place is a Trump stronghold considering he visited it 3 times in 2016.
>>286563 meh let em larp, debate doesn't start for an hour
>>286562 Our history cucked us. Too many idpoled whites voting against their self interest just to stick it to the niggers and spics. If the cost of living wasn't so low, I would have left long ago.
>>286561 You tell em son.
>>286532 Don't even think he's gonna win the state against Trump. Too many rich boomers and gusanos.
>>286565 https://youtu.be/LJ390RClPZI Pensacola? I wonder who Phil Thomas Katt voted for.
(514.16 KB 760x1141 Megan_McCain.jpg)
>The View | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talks Bloomberg and Billionaires https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYKr7x3fngw Neo-con John McCain's daughter Meghan McCain is bizarrely the voice of reason in this.
>>286556 If compared to Trump sanders would only get 30% of the zoomer vote. Trump is still based maga to a lot of zoomers and millienials. I think bloomberg would be able to compete with trump with 4channers though.
>>286574 > Trump is still based maga to a lot of zoomers and millienials. source
>>286574 >when you get your news from imageboards
>>286574 Oh, you're back. hhhhhhhhh
>>286576 4chan, knowyourmeme, youtube. The zoomers hang out there. The internet is more real than real life you know? Just getting a poll out with a 100 or so zoomers on campus is not representative of the actual zoomer demographic. Like people who go outside are more rare than vegetarians.
>>286572 I've never heard of this guy, but he looks like he's done a mountain of drugs over the course of his life
>>286580 >The internet is more real than real life you know? >Like people who go outside are more rare than vegetarians. You're part of the problem.
>>286574 Most of younglings don’t vote for GOP. 60-70% of them voted for Hillary for Gods sake.
>>286580 >4chan, knowyourmeme, youtube. The zoomers hang out there These sound like the lowest IQ individuals to ever live.
>>286580 Cool, so the anecdotal impression you have of the water headed retards that comment on the shitty YouTube videos you watch. Nice my man
>>286580 knowyourmeme and youtube seem to mainly be populated by literal children
>>286580 So all the zoomers that don't vote because they dont go outside then. Not that anything you are saying is real. You're just saying "all the places I frequent online have fashy zoomers"
>>286582 I actually go outside, go outside for food, go outside to go on walks. I mostly just see old people and maybe some hippie types who "want to escape the internet" >>286584 You don't know the half of it, they literally shut down once you bitchslap them with enough logic. >>286586 Youtube is used by 70-80% of zoomers. Much more than facebook, twitter and shit like that.
>>286588 Zoomers are pretty fashy as a whole.
>>286568 It didn't have to be that way either, formal segregation was introduced after the rise of the original populist movement, which was a multi-racial alliance of farmers against the Southern aristocracy in the 1880's and 90's
>>286572 Can't lie, I'm diggin that guitar solo
>>286580 Dude if you believe that a bunch of edgy teens whatever shitty discord server you are frequenting are representative of an entire age cohort your are fucking delusional, DELOOSIONAL
>>286592 >if I repeat myself enough they'll believe me
>>286593 What was its demise?
(64.40 KB 418x600 s1.jpg)
>>286522 >>286523 POST PRE DEBATE SLOOTS
>>286589 Yeah, but you got your anecdotal impression by looking at some of the comments on the trash that you watch, and if you are posting here, that is mostly shit that nobody else watches, most people in the US are not as autistically engaged in politics like we are here, and most of those comments on the absolute garbage I'm sure you watch is shit like >Damn dude, this is cool >first >Damn she's hot >line break joke Shut the fuck up shill, you only show up when debates and votes happen, shut your stupid whore mouth
>Zoomers are pretty fashy as a whole.
>>286599 >Damn she's hot nothing wrong with this
>>286589 Youtube is their source for visual entertainment, but in my experience they don't participate in the comments there. They prefer snapchat, instagram, tiktok, that kind of shit.
>>286600 They think socialism means mild socdem stuff
Hey guys, how do I post images from my iPad here? It keeps reloading when I try to do it.
>>286597 A combination of violent repression, Klan terrorism, and co-option of its demands by the Democratic party.
>>286604 Which is to left to 99.95% of the entire American political class.
>>286600 your graph says millennials anon
>>286606 As is tradition lmao fuck this country
>>286592 My 2004 born brother goes to a school that hardly has any white kids and he's been a bit influenced by all the other kids to dislike white people. I guess it can be either extreme for them. I hope he grows out of it though. I don't think anyone should have to act less white or let people make fun of the way you look or your English last name in order to fit in. My family has been in this state for hundreds of years. In contrast, they have no roots here. I hope he can learn to respect his own self.
>>286611 I hope you can support and guide him anon
Wish I could be in the 2030s and 2040s already. I just wanna watch the chaos!
>>286602 You're right, but it's not political, and offers no insight as to who they're going to last minute decide who to vote for in the general. This is the case for 99% of YouTube comments. Again, most people in the US are not as engaged in politics as the people who frequent a niche of a niche forum specifically for talking politics.
>>286605 shouldn't you be dozing in a recliner?
>>286614 Anon is having a bad day forgive my nihilism.
(31.33 KB 690x152 sanders-v-trump-by-age.png)
>>286574 >i get my news from /pol/ bern btfo trump with young voters https://poll.qu.edu/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=3655
>>286599 Well it is the first world, so long as they aren't starving and venezuela exists socialism won't ever really have a hold. It is pretty funny to stan for north korea and break people's minds though. >>286600 Millennials survived through the great recession, while stocks are at an all time high right now. All the epic youtubers such as Emplemon, pewdiepie and shit are hot as coals grilling hams. I also go over towards more boomer associated areas to see what they think. I actually have more luck convincing them that the establishment hates Sanders than I do with other people outside of my own demographic (which is late millenial.) Boomers, at least not total Trumpfag ones aren't exactly super close minded. Sanders knew this and swept up rural white folks in New Hampshire. >>286600 >>286620 31% is still a lot and 18-24s love trump much more than 25+s
>>286614 >Capitalism but with a war on the brown-skinned refugee masses from sunken islands included
Someone make a new thread with the same OP to have a clean slate for the debate. I'll decycle this one. Remember to link to this one in OP. I'll decycle this one. Don't want to go fucking around with a used condom. inb4 this triggers the incels
(114.32 KB 720x576 2020-02-19 19.28.16.jpg)
If it's not Chris matthews talking points its "le zoomers are actually epic memer fashies"
>>286618 I’m watching msnbc on TV, and this site on iPad. I just wanted to post some cool memes, but it won’t let me.
>>286626 >implying they aren't
>>286624 I said I wanted to watch chaos we all know the inevitable. Hell all I'm saying is I want capitalism to get on with decaying ALREADY
For anyone who thinks that Bloomberg might run as a third party candidates: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sore-loser_law
>>286625 notice me sempai Someone make a new thread with the same OP to have a clean slate for the debate. I'll decycle this one. Remember to link to this one in OP. 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Everyone else, get your popcorn in the meantime. The circus is in town. 🤡🤡🤡🤡
>>286646 Why can’t I post memes from my iPad son?
>>286502 AOC is just following the trends of burger "progressivism", she does not have any real understanding of politics, it's all self-branding. It's not a coincidence that she likes to talk about herself more than anything else. She's a product of social media.
>>286646 It is done
>>286641 Laws stopped mattering a long time ago for these people, anon.
>>286652 Many thanks comr8. Here it is: >>286651


no cookies?