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(184.37 KB 810x800 1579202799505.png)
Anti-Fascist, Anti-Nazi memes Anonymous 01/16/2020 (Thu) 19:28:54 No. 216515
Post memes making fun of Nazis countering chan memes
(55.21 KB 383x380 1579202775144.png)
(296.48 KB 566x677 1579202663174.png)
(96.58 KB 851x1024 1579202561825m.jpg)
(332.96 KB 716x851 1579202747410.png)
(63.04 KB 403x448 1578171079110.png)
(423.75 KB 1944x936 1578351965398.png)
(160.08 KB 1024x1024 1577918535941.jpg)
(119.38 KB 500x405 1577730953991.png)
(33.65 KB 324x505 1579202857525.png)
(71.63 KB 512x413 1579202922835.png)
(191.44 KB 651x663 1579202816519.png)
(144.98 KB 534x633 1579202834918.png)
>>216525 Please expand on Hitler's #9 Also, Goering is based tbh
You can upload three images at a time
(529.22 KB 2452x2839 not white.jpg)
(147.81 KB 1080x827 1572500083786.jpg)
(773.85 KB 2027x1256 1572499014148.jpg)
(276.16 KB 648x770 1572498534117.png)
(158.90 KB 604x954 hitlers legacy.png)
>>216576 For the third image. Could you please link the thread so I can see for my self? lmao
>>216589 The fuck was wrong with German nazies? Italians had their quirks with the Roman larp, but that is pretty understandable and never went insane by, idk, reforming the cult of Jupiter against the power of the pope or some shit. Meanwhile nazies were just fucking insane. Why the hell was that? Were there some cultural reasons behind it?
>>216640 Nazi "intellectuals" were into occult shit, while Italian fascist "intellectuals" were into fast cars and planes.
>>216645 Still, what exactly lead the occultists to be attracted to the nazi party? >Italian fascist "intellectuals" were into fast cars and planes. Can you give more info on this?
>>216661 D'Annunzio was the most prominent fascist intellectual and also a WWI pilot. Many Futurists such as Marinetti were also fascists. They exalted cars, industry, war and everything that was modern while ridiculing everything they saw as "old". They got cucked pretty hard when Mussolini decided to rip off the Roman Empire.
>>216582 there is literally nothing wrong with liking root beer
>>216690 It's honestly kind of funny contrasting 20th century fascist futurism with their modern fans. Even Hitler hated reactionaries (in his own understanding) and wanted to build a kind of futuristic Aryan superstate. If he encountered a modern /pol/tard bitching about how Enlightement values were a mistake and we should go back to christian monarchies he'd have an aneurysm
(211.25 KB 999x750 EVROPA.jpeg)
I close my fists in burning rage every time I read what has become of my ancestral homelands. The anguish that our Pagan gods must feel as they gaze down on Europe is painful for me to imagine. A land of White warriors succumbing to the Mohammedian invaders and the lunacy cast on it by the Trotskyite overlords through sodomite parades, race mixing, imprisonment of innocent conservative intellectuals™ and many other filthy tricks makes my spirit languish at times. But then the flame of a healthy E V R O P A, the memory of a National Socialist and peaceful Europe as we were so close to having in the 40s suddenly lights up in my Aryan soul. At first it's the size of a lighter's flame, then a flashlight, then a bonfire. A bonfire on whose reflection I see Varg's resolute gaze and I think to myself: Europe is not yet lost, Europe WILL prevail. It's ok to be white, I say to myself, it's heavenly to be White.
>>216661 my take: any ideology which is inherently anti-intellectual will tend to obscuritantism
(15.32 KB 260x382 Ferdinand_Lassalle.jpg)
>>216579 >2nd pic
(536.92 KB 793x704 'bs.png)
(1.19 MB 665x799 the loss of italy.png)
(215.75 KB 720x1280 shitler_full.jpg)
>>216821 It's even funnier if you think that futurists rejected the notion that women should be weak and submissive
(243.64 KB 603x961 1571374373114.jpg)
>look mom i photoshopped the soyface again the thread
>>216867 cope and seethe NatSoy
(335.01 KB 593x596 based cat.png)
>>216867 >>216867 Based mamasitas. Flipping the bird to cracker's beauty standards.
(204.17 KB 480x535 IMG_20191225_102413.png)
(186.67 KB 480x565 ap.png)
>>216579 >Jewish and African roots Marx is still right after all those years. Based.
>>216966 Don't get it
(1.35 MB 1534x942 1573783055124.png)
>>216973 >The Jewish nigger Lassalle who, I’m glad to say, is leaving at the end of this week, has happily lost another 5,000 talers in an ill-judged speculation. The chap would sooner throw money down the drain than lend it to a ‘friend’, even though his interest and capital were guaranteed. In this he bases himself on the view that he ought to live the life of a Jewish baron, or Jew created a baron (no doubt by the countess). Just imagine! This fellow, knowing about the American affair, etc., and hence about the state of crisis I’m in, had the insolence to ask me whether I would be willing to hand over one of my daughters to la Hatzfeldt as a ‘companion’, and whether he himself should secure Gerstenberg’s (!) patronage for me! The fellow has wasted my time and, what is more, the dolt opined that, since I was not engaged upon any ‘business’ just now, but merely upon a ‘theoretical work’, I might just as well kill time with him! In order to keep up certain dehors vis-à-vis the fellow, my wife had to put in pawn everything that wasn’t actually nailed or bolted down! >Marx-Engels Correspondence 30 July 1862
>>216984 >In order to keep up certain dehors vis-à-vis the fellow, my wife had to put in pawn everything that wasn’t actually nailed or bolted down! anyone know why marx felt he had to do this? why did he care what lassalle thought if he held him in such contempt?
>>216984 >la Hatzfeldt as a "companion" is this implying he asked him to pimp out his daughter?
>>217055 Yes that's why he's so pissed off at him.
Anyone got that pic of that kid where he's about to shoot himself, but Hitler comes in, hugs the kid, and then puts the gun to both their heads?
(537.98 KB 825x587 barbara_lol.png)
>>216867 Unironically the women on the bottom are hotter than the ones on the top
>>217108 I respect your taste, but disagree.
(79.93 KB 720x554 3465-1406-152.JPG)
>>217106 fuck that, does anyone have the original where he stops the kid from committing suicide? I cringed so hard, more than that comic of honkler becoming a nazi because the notre dame burnt down.
>>217108 Nah son. There are a lot of things to be said about that image, but no.
>>216867 This. It's fucking weaksauce.
(171.39 KB 792x543 basic economics.png)
(46.74 KB 460x696 dajewsdiddis.png)
(49.43 KB 600x908 aus white nationalist.jpg)
(263.31 KB 793x1400 strongest.jpg)
(86.66 KB 750x337 adolf heusinger.jpeg)
(96.03 KB 604x567 DEmDe2rVYAEzV6s.jpeg)
(90.47 KB 640x632 ddyaakb1t5531.jpg)
(148.95 KB 719x1024 Hitlervs.theAnglo.jpg)
(458.24 KB 1132x1665 NsDaP.jpg)
(177.61 KB 407x767 14870629139911.jpg)
(122.96 KB 564x759 knsbg64ts0931.jpg)
(49.80 KB 818x823 m91evrvquvj31.jpg)
(68.37 KB 628x724 63BtAEv.jpg)
(177.16 KB 1080x1071 l79yocicbf541.jpg)
(114.29 KB 680x534 1576162700228.png)
(104.46 KB 750x741 1564297679508.jpg)
(305.71 KB 471x408 EDDORTRUcAAL4UX.png)
>>217454 Disgusting. All those Nazis in South America. They're not sending their best.
Some of these are cringe as fuck
(166.15 KB 1337x481 notice a pattern.png)
(57.49 KB 600x908 1490095905790.jpg)
>>217001 Social pressure is a funky thing, man.
>>217461 this on its own is funnier
(41.70 KB 604x375 u4qrwzopg3741.jpg)
>>217107 The Barbara pit meme is unironically already better then a lot stuff posted in this thread just because of how succinct and removed from any one format it is
(445.33 KB 2048x1538 kekistan.jpg)
Does cringe count?
>>217557 the Barbara pit meme is probably the best meme this board shat out since the nazbol gang
This is by far the best thread in a long time.
>>216825 Varg is now saying that white is a meaningless term. He and his folk describe themselves as thuleans now.
(1.12 MB 1160x652 spelunky.png)
>>216525 >165cm >my height sighs... >>217443 middle one was a talking point in the late idpol thread. REALLY MAKES YOU THINK. Third one made me rage. Are American concentration camps reserved for those seeking refugee via legal means, or is it also for those being deported? Also, children concentration camps, were they don't even get access to basic sanitation products and sleep on the floor. Fuck!
>>217689 Yo, what if 🍀🍀🍀they🍀🍀🍀 are putting growth hormones into our food so the white man would grow big and strong and start to see fascists of old as pathetic and thus kill their ideology?
>>217601 >That Dakimakura Is that supposed to be Sargon of Akkad??
>>217107 >>217557 >>217751 >>217752 I'm just waiting for someone to put these on a placard at an Anti-Fascist protest lmao
>>217689 So the American concentration camps contain those seeking refugee status through legal means, those applying for visas, those who have overstayed their visas and are being deported (a misdemeanor offense btw), as well as some actual American citizens that made the mistake of not carrying around their birth certificate or passport while not being white. Also, even those that are being deported are kept their for months and months before they actually are; whether this is because the suffering is the point or they are being used for slave labor like in US prisons I'm not sure.
(73.45 KB 850x400 Jvugufufyf.jpeg)
(1.96 MB 1351x1938 Who Is Primitive.png)
(27.63 KB 480x436 image76.jpg)
(726.90 KB 1744x1544 SwkRc3Y.jpg)
(116.83 KB 488x516 carl benjamin.png)
>>217750 It is indeed
(34.95 KB 800x533 maga shekel.jpg)
(17.47 KB 520x249 nazi-zionist_coin.jpg)
>>217441 >kicked out of every board if only
(128.95 KB 800x661 trump nazi.jpg)
(61.25 KB 613x700 he killed whites.jpg)
>>217832 >Fuck it. He Killed White. They had us in the first half, not gonna lie
>>217458 >some More like 90%, we need to step up our propaganda game
>>217880 The Barbara Pit meme is fucking great, we need to make more and give it some traction
>>217815 Please tell me that last one is a joke. It just sound too stupid.
>>217887 Fascists probably don't know what the pit is. They probably don't even know who Tito is.
>>217890 They don't know who Pinochet is either other than le funny helicopter man from the memes. But the meme was forced enough and here we are.
>>217887 It has potential, but we need to toe that fine line between adding a bit more context (>>217890) and eschewing the typical lefty text block
The pit memes work very well in Italy.
>>217902 pity us burgers, based noodle comrade
>>217929 >that goebbels caricature
>>217929 Hitler was really a black man after all
>>217929 Based Soviet propaganda
>>217927 Source on Hitler destroying "priceless" works of art? I know they were against Dada shit but like actual art?
>>218125 The Amber Room, a priceless example of 18th century excess made in the Prussian Empire in what is now around St Petersburg. The Soviets tried to hide it but the Wehrmacht discovered it and autistically disassembled it and showed it off in Konigsburg. Then they hid it themselves and it got destroyed during a firebombing raid by the RAF. Also a shit ton of 19th, 18th and older examples of art was destroyed or hidden by the Nazis to the point many of which are still to be found.
>>218130 >Then they hid it themselves and it got destroyed during a firebombing raid by the RAF. Not really their fault though was it? If anything they were trying to keep something they liked for themselves. >Also a shit ton of 19th, 18th and older examples of art was destroyed Examples?
>>218134 Portrait of a Young Man by Raphael An Angel with Titus Features by Rembrandt van Rijn Piazza Santa Margherita by Canaletto The Painter on the Road to Tarascon by Vincent Van Gogh Portrait of a Young Man by Hans Memling
(280.94 KB 458x491 raf.png)
>>218130 >firebombing raid by the RAF
(1.15 MB 1436x1576 Europeans kicked out.jpg)
(184.24 KB 900x859 White Genocide.jpg)
(194.13 KB 805x1280 Anti-Communism is Zionism.jpg)
(588.13 KB 996x777 Molotov-Ribbentrop.jpg)
(75.31 KB 736x409 12572c04.jpg)
(195.74 KB 1019x994 Founder of National-Socialism.jpg)
>>217890 >Fascists probably don't know what the pit is And that's why it's great
>>218479 I like these targeted type of memes, ones that have more affinity in certain countries. This barbara pit shit would probably work great against croatian fascists for example
>>218509 The more specific, the more painfully the derision is felt
>>218531 I think this is a good point. A lot of the memes and propaganda in this thread are targeted for, and work well against, European fascists primarily. For burgers something targeted against the confederacy and co. would likely work better.
>>218569 >something targeted against the confederacy and co. would likely work better. Unless they are one of those who think the confederacy and the slave trade was run by "Jews working to reduce the white population percentage"
>>218601 wtf I love the Confederacy now.
(139.22 KB 1280x667 d55d1c8588bd6102c.jpg)
>>219052 Red Dixie when?
>>216525 Ngl Goring seems pretty chill
>>219236 He was the only normal one. And he understood what all those shenanigans were about.
>>219258 Wasn't he the one that had a fucking massive miniature railway set that he loved to play with?
>>219280 Super fucking cool
(383.25 KB 750x387 image0-26.jpg)
>>219298 Ohhh wee you boy's ain't from round here? We don't take kindly to folks hordin' them grains. Now you Kulaks better git before things get bad roun' here.
>>219731 Kulak just means ignorant person
(15.54 KB 466x312 protect yuor heritage.jpg)
>>219794 It means "tight fisted". Like rich people hoarding stuff and refusing to give up their wealth.
>>216525 >Was shot in the leg No, it was even worse than that; he was shot in the groin. It was during the dumpster fire that was the beer hall putsch.
(82.52 KB 268x320 Ghoul.PNG)
do as you please with this
>>220056 fucking based
>>216976 shit meme TBH >>217767 Cherrypicks like this is just being the same as /pol/ except reflexing through your own mostly inaccurate information The whole "blacks are apes" thing doesn't have to do with physiology but behavior, something that /pol/ concludes based on ghetto aggression, ignoring its origin being capitalism. As for the 'art' Don't do that, any /pol/-tard can cherrypick don't be like them.
>>217832 How is this a good thing?
>>224794 It's not really a meme, more of an infographic
>>221391 Reminds me of Reagan for some reason
>>224794 >Cherrypicks like this is just being the same as /pol/ except reflexing through your own mostly inaccurate information That's the point. It's to show how retarded their logic is.
>>224795 Its a reminder that the man idolized as a hero by white supremacists is ironically responsible for killing more whites than anyone else.
>>216584 >frankblack2000 >donnagail >MSmomma71 amazing
>>219298 >>219143 *sings internationale in confederate*
>>225003 I get that, it's just kinda cringe in its own right. No need to stoop to that level TBH.
>>224928 Yeah, a shittily 1 sided one.
>>220056 goddamn what a blast from the past
>>228745 This works for coppers and muh troops as well.
>>228745 >>following orders You would not believe how many people on 4chan advocate this.
(1.22 MB 1279x673 Untitled.png)
(86.95 KB 500x500 4407bftc15141.png)
(6.79 KB 250x246 1525700347933s.jpg)
>>232415 How high were you when you did this?
>>236350 about as high enough to screengrab a tawog episode
>>217889 It obviously is. Don't worry.
(108.08 KB 1280x720 gftrbhtrg.png)
(24.30 KB 322x306 hbjgyhuj.jpg)
(172.08 KB 1261x330 Untitled.png)
(1.11 MB 1449x1939 1580277691836.jpeg)
>>216527 >the NSM88.com-flag My fav! It's like a salad someone vomited in. >>217889 >>217815 >Fashy_Gamer1488 What game is it? Looks totally pointless.
>>217414 this one was made by neopagan nazis
>>242993 It's accurate though. Twitter is full of those cringy "trad" teenagers. It doesn't matter if they're catholics, orthodox or pagans: they think that being obnoxious trads can substitute a personality.
(120.36 KB 1200x675 manny.jpg)
>>216576 guy in the faces of pol left middle
>>216527 Lel. This dude one step ahead >You can't get you're jaw punched off if you don't have one.
(343.15 KB 500x453 15538400645652.png)
(85.98 KB 634x571 14803558550690.jpg)
>>243249 God I love that footage.
(1.19 MB 1216x820 tito mkII pit.png)
(215.37 KB 599x740 NatSoy Home Guard.png)
(61.75 KB 500x713 1580754836758.jpg)
also group of pit cucks for reference
>>247512 Weren't they SS? Whats with the Wehrmacht insignia?
>>216576 Mark associates himself with /pol/?
>>218229 >Ayn Rand enrolled in the anti-nazi struggle on /leftypol/ She'd probably like it. She wrote herself that racism was the worst thing there is. Period. No ifs or buts or maybes. >>220056 >tfw I remember when this was new Does anyone know what happened to him? My guess then and still is now that it was some kind of prop glass not made out of actual glass (sugar and resin I think they are made of) just in order to troll people. Because news of "Mr. Glass" would've have seeped out by now.
Also, this scene isn't something unique per se. There's plenty of pics of NMR getting manhandled by police and rent-a-cop qts.
(134.76 KB 728x464 Blank_d47eb5_5729547.jpg)
(131.06 KB 500x666 1540606734975.jpg)
>>247635 They're ustache and he's implying they have some nice pits to explore
(245.50 KB 552x744 LwVM-GkSK-g.jpg)
>>270682 what is the source of this image
>>243258 can i get the sauce?
>>273621 Thankyou! Does this meme relate to that Barbara pit meme? I'm trying to understand the Barbara meme but I can't really find the whole story about it.
>>224794 You're missing the point. Obviously the logic of those kinds of infographics is retarded. The point of the memes you are responding to is to satarize them. Kinda like the anglo conspiracy meme.
(343.33 KB 1200x993 Let's face it.jpg)
(442.35 KB 1528x1052 WW2.jpg)
(607.63 KB 993x813 Commies watch out.jpg)
>>274483 >stay mad you baboons cope
Imagine if Hitler didn't kill himself. But Russia or America did. I wonder how people who are alt-right would preceve themselves.
>>274237 Terrible meme. The porkies are more comparable to blood sucking mosquitoes than roaches.
>>274237 >soviet union beating up finland objectively false
>>274537 Probably about the same, or with even more of a victim complex.
>>275318 >objectively false Then why did the Finns accept a peace treaty which gave the USSR more land than their original goals, and why did they have to end the Continuation War by switching sides?
>>275318 >>275579 This il literally on the same tier as "America beat Vietnam!"-"No Vietnam kicked America's ass!" >>>I'll take "what is a pyrrhic victory?" For 1,000 ruble
>>275633 *this *is*
>>266948 This video infuriates me to no end! How can people still like cops after all the shit they have done and got away with? And in my country cops unironically use the Nuremberg defence when they arrest protestors for trying to block the construction of dikes and windmills. >>267378 >dat merchant face >>274237 >>274869 I like it, but maybe someone with better shooping skillz than me should change it.
>>275633 Not an argument, and no it isn't
>>273630 The barbara memes are something that happened (I believe?) at the end of WW2, were some Ustasa and slovenian fascists surrendered to yugoslav partisans; the partisans took them to a cave and shot them over pits so their bodies fell all the way down, though apparently sometimes they just threw them in alive.
>>275633 Ok, the USSR didn't beat up Finland but they won anyway at a higher cost. Happy now?
>>276723 yeah, that's what I've heard. but i don't understand how it has to do with nazis at all, like from these images posted on this thread i would imagine nazis were thrown into said caves and stuff dunno.
>>275633 K/D only decides wars in videogames, the USSR met every wargoal in Finland, which the US didn't in Vietnam >>277049 People dumped into those pits were nazi collaborators
(338.46 KB 1200x993 Lets-face-it.jpg)
>>274869 What about a nasty blood sucking tick?
>>216576 not our fault that all these nazis have the shitty taste in memes you have to slowly move them from a wojak diet to a healthy meme diet or their weak fascist brains will explode


no cookies?