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(504.61 KB 1018x602 bernie sexist.png)
HERE IT COMES Anonymous 01/13/2020 (Mon) 19:11:58 No. 211846
IT HAS BEGUN cnn.com/2020/01/13/politics/bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-meeting/index.html DEBATE NOTICE Debate will be streamed on CNN only, but this chat has been set up to chat during the debates https://cytu.be/r/classwar and maybe stream if someone sets up a YT stream. The US thread has been cycled as well. Check out the US thread OP for more info. This thread will soon be saged because there is no need to have two US threads. Also, stop making threads each time Bernie breathes.
Edited last time by antious666 on 01/15/2020 (Wed) 00:54:00.
Well I heard Bernie Sanders abducts gentile children, circumcises them, and drinks their blood.
>Sanders responded that he did not believe a woman could win. they expect us to believe this? >OY VEY! THIS COUNTRY WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR A FUCKIN BIMBO! ARE YOU CRAZY LIZ?
>>211878 I would if they didn't have shitty Economic and Political policy.
If a nigger can, a woman can.
>>211882 nah, i think the political instinct that americans are more sexist than racist is a correct one. but still, its not enough to stop a good woman from winning
I don't much of a difference between Bernie and Warren at least when it comes to the rhetoric
>Bernie winning in polls <Quick call him a sexist They're afraid
>>211909 Warren's position is the regulation of capitalism a la technocratic rule, Bernie is a socdem who wants more direct control of the institutions of capitalism by the state as well as more extensive social safety nets. Generally Bernie is more solidly medicare for all, more for prison reform, more for debt alleviation, so on.
>>211909 Warren supports ICE while Bernie wants to abolish it we have to stan Sanders, periodt!
>>211884 It's much more complicated than which one is more severe. The US is racist in a much more hidden, banal, systemic way. The sexism is much more a function of attitude.
>>211911 >when porky is afraid even of a basic centrist socdem.
>caring about Bernie A literal snake who sold his soul to Hillary, reminder that he ran off with his supporters money as well.
>>211917 the wording in this post sounds a bit like a /pol/ infiltrate.
>>211921 More like he is powerful he can even block them and workers won't do shit.
The only reason Bernie ran at all in 2016 is because Warren wouldn't. Iirc he specifically asked her to run to represent *something* left of Hitlery in the race, and Warren refused, so he said "fuck it" and decided to do it himself.
>>211939 He even asked voters to vote for hillary, 100% he will do it for warren
(113.08 KB 800x416 d6ftguz.png)
(83.87 KB 808x548 classwars.jpeg)
the strategy here is to divert the discourse from class to anything but class. We need a sort how-to manual how to the reverse of this, where every political issue can be used as a starting point for a discussion about class. So how do you start out with "man-president" versus "women-president" as premise, and get to talk about class struggle as fast as possible ?
>>211942 man is capitalist woman is proletarian
LOL US and UK news is indistinguishable now. I always thought UK was a step worse but it seems the US has "caught up".
>>211878 Dont you know sanders is an anti semite and was arrested for throwing tomatoes at black poeople? (yes these are real things being shared by facebook moms and twitter dads)
>>211943 No, fuck off. If anything, trad gender roles have the woman living off the man's income as a parasite. The reality though is that housework constitutes reproductive labor and most poor women did some kind of labor, productive or as care work, for pay. >>211942 I agree in general, but in this case we really should just plant our feet and stand by "If you are more concerned with the identity of the POTUS, you are not serious about politics. It's just pageantry to you." For bonus points attack them as being unpatriotic, uncaring about the issues that will affect prole women and minorities, and taken up by the spectacle and politics-as-entertainment. Don't even engage on the idpol angle; flip the table on the distraction and reassert the point that matters.
>>211929 It is.
>>211846 >reading CNN in the current year don't waste my time with that liberal horseshit
>>211942 >how do you start out with "man-president" versus "women-president" as premise, and get to talk about class struggle as fast as possible ? Family is a reflection of the society outside of it, and historically, because of man's physical strength (his ability to overpower a woman, and provide more labour power for the capitalist) he has been the 'head of the household' putting the woman into the subservient position. And like family is a reflection of relationships in society, so is society a reflection of relationships in the family. And if man dominates a woman in the family, then why shouldn't he dominate other women in his workplace and wider society? This is how we got to the situation that there hasn't been a woman president in the United States. Destroying class distinctions in society will also reshape the relationships within the family as well as the types of families that are formed. The nuclear family has been the optimal configuration for the reproduction of both labour force and the ideological backing of the capitalist system, because of its ability to reflect the relations of society. Once those relations are gone, people will no longer feel compelled to enter into a nuclear family, but will be free to form whatever families they want. This will no undoubtedly lead not only to the liberation of women, but of men and everyone else.
>>211945 Journalism in both US/UK answer to the same corporations and state interests.
>>211846 I just saw this and had to come here for it. Predictable hit piece from CNN. I'm still waiting for the surge of "Sanders is Just as Bad as Trump" pieces.
Weeeeeeeeeeee’re cooooooooooooming buuuuuuuuuuuckoooooooooooooooo>>211846
>>211964 Lol, it won't be Sanders is as bad as Trump hit pieces. They'll be claiming that Sanders is worse
>>211951 hello /pol/
>>211966 Buckooooooo I'm Cooming!
>>211942 I don't have a good sense of what a "right answer" to this is like, but I think a common "wrong answer" (and my first impulse) is to respond within the same frame: pointing to Merkel or Aung San Suu Kyi to show women leaders aren't necessarily better for the mass of women. But I think this line of argument ends with the idpoller insisting, even if persuaded on other points, "ok I agree we need another Lenin, but shouldn't it be a FEMALE Lenin???" and thus keeping the distraction going forever.
>>211846 >asked her to run in 2016 >she didn't run so he did >she endorsed clinton for career reasons >then she runs against him, first pretending to be him and then lying about him Some "friend". Warren is a massive fucking snake
(318.19 KB 1920x1080 ng5f6s9y2kw21.jpg)
>>212071 Warren being a snake is nothing new, faking Native American ancestry and being a republican until it it was unsightly to be (Clinton neoliberalism) were dead giveaways. There's only one candidate in the field who's honestly for progressive ideas, and it's Bernie fuckin' Sanders.
>>212089 Does bernie call acquaintances friends or is he really bad at picking friends?
>>212091 He calls all acquaintances friends, most likely. In DC it's not like there are many people like him to begin with, and you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar, so Bernie's method is just being nice to others. It also makes him out to be nice, which is hard to smear in general.
>>212096 >It also makes him out to be nice, which is hard to smear in general. This is true but they'll always find a way. In the UK the man who spends each christmas volunteering at a homeless shelter was smeared as a sexist, a racist and a terrorist. You may as well be mean
>>212107 Oh no doubt, it by no way makes him immune. It just means Bernie always has to play to moral highground because of wokescolding being ever-present.
>>211959 Just because you don’t read it doesn’t mean libs don’t. CNN is pushing this shit and people will believe it.
>>211909 Elizabeth Warren is literally Diet Bernie Sanders.
>>212091 He called Biden a friend in the middle of a takedown of him mid-debate, so it's the former.
>>212179 She is literally a cunt
Bernie should start his HRT. Problem solved.
>>212179 Lie-awatha is a Bernie Sanders substitute in the same way she's a Native American. She isn't.
>>212221 ok Trump
>>212227 >only Drumpf recognizes Warren as a snake She lied about her ethnicity to steal affirmative action points, my dude.
>>212230 Why are you a nativophobe?
>>212232 what did you mean by this
bernie sanders will get elected and then lose or die by 2024. he's basically jimmy carter. jeb bush or some shit like romney will lead America during the most of the 20's
>>212235 You are smearing a Native american woman and you are asking me what do I mean?
>>212238 He will also get blamed for the upcoming economic collapse, which because of the looming realities of climate change will be very bad. Investors will not invest when they know that de-growth is ineviatable. After that Facism, for real this time.
>>212238 Why would he lose re-election if he got even some of his pledges done?
(163.21 KB 1020x393 Bernsponse.jpg)
>>212107 He's at least better than corbyn at sticking up for himself
>>211922 >reminder that he ran off with his supporters money as well. Source? Didn't he use that for campaigning?
>>212314 >lying about what happened Kind of fucked up that calling out blatant lies is unusual.
>>212328 DNC terms obligate candidates to donate unspent campaign funds to the nominee.
>>212331 So he ran off with Hillary's money? Based.
(237.78 KB 1125x1358 lizfuck.jpg)
>>212342 Sounds to me like "I thought a woman could win" means "I thought a [specific] woman [which is to say me] could win." That's probably what he disagreed with.
>>212342 There goes her VP/Cabinet slot
>>212331 Note that this was in addition after his campaign refused to demand even a single recount.
>>212458 Based af
(60.25 KB 407x722 cre.png)
credible journalism
>>211846 I knew Warren was incredibly flawed but I didn't think she was THIS bad. Either she's really fucking stupid and is letting her aides/the Democratic establishment lead her by the nose, or she was always a wolf in sheep's clothing. It'll be infuriating if this attack works. Though I don't think it will, they're drawing blood from a stone. They've done this same line of attack too many times.
>>212469 To be fair, Vox and Hill are the least cringe and maybe HuffPo
It seems so amazing to me they do this shit to some vanilla socdem, what'd they do to a, you know, more proper socialist.
#itrustbernie is trending and tons of people are refunding Warren donations. Of course this is twitter shit which isn't actually that many people. Still glad to see it.
(16.94 KB 590x150 tulsi.png)
I like to think my email to Tulsi's staffers (contact page at her website) a couple hours ago asking her to defend Bernie (since he defended her from Hillary before) caused this, but she was almost certainly going to do it regardless and I doubt I was the only one telling them, Jimmy et al. probably contacted her too.
>>211846 >Political affiliation >Friends and colleagues of Warren's from her high school days to the early part of her academic career in the 1980s have characterized her as a "die-hard conservative" with a belief in laissez-faire economics and "surprisingly anti-consumer views". Gary L. Francione, who had been a colleague of hers at the University of Pennsylvania, recalled in 2019 that when he heard her speak at the time she was becoming politically prominent, he "almost fell off [his] chair... She’s definitely changed".[27] Warren was registered as a Republican from 1991 to 1996.[1] She voted Republican for many years. "I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets", she has said.[5] But she has also said that in the six presidential elections before 1996 she voted for the Republican nominee only once, in 1976, for Gerald Ford.[27] Warren has said that she began to vote Democratic in 1995 because she no longer believed that the Republicans were the party who best supported markets, but she has said she has voted for both parties because she believed that neither should dominate.[51] According to Warren, she left the Republican Party because it is no longer "principled in its conservative approach to economics and to markets" and is instead tilting the playing field in favor of large financial institutions and against middle-class American families.[52][53]
>>212477 #believebernie
>>212481 Are you someone important or did you really just send a random email lol
(305.25 KB 1752x1098 EOLBdmPWAAA10jo.jpg)
>>211964 Way ahead of you buddy
>>212496 I spammed it with "Please defend Bernie from Warren's misogynist accusations"
>>212091 He deff does it as a formality, though, I feel like him and Biden are rather close to each other, if anything Biden is probably like his retarded friend he has to constantly help with their math homework.
>>212507 The more senile Biden gets the more likeable I find him. Despite all the awful shit he's done it's hard to hate a rambling old man that doesn't know what is going on.
>>212508 I hope to god Bernie gets the primary, but, man image a Biden vs Trump debate. It would end with just two old men, half naked, beating each-other up. Trump is such a masterful troll and Biden gets fucking triggered so easily that every time some one brings something up he fucking threatens to beat them up; and they're both fucking massive retards. God it would be epic.
>>212511 My money would be on Biden in a fight with Trump. I doubt Trump has ever been in a fight and he looks like a pussy.
>>212513 He punched his son once as far as I know, but that's not saying much, considering his sons are bigger pussies than he is by a mile. >>212508 That's his secret trick. I'm certain a non-zero percentage of his votes are going to be pity votes
>>212338 What the hell are you talking about
>>212517 Uh, don't fucking talk shit about Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden got a gun put in his mouth while he was trying to score crack.
>>212521 What a faggot
>>212511 Trump vs. Biden. Fuck that. I'd rather just fight them both.
Ppl in this thread acting like the dnc wont just nominate Hillary anyway and say its based on "write ins"
>>212537 Does anyone know if a contested or close convention could mean they force a shitty VP on Bernie without him nominating them? I think they would do that so they could slip cyanide in his oatmeal
>>212540 They forced Truman on Roosevelt if I'm not mistaken. I think he had the ultimate choice, but chose to go along to avoid a big fight? Thinking about it I actually don't know much of anything about how the dems do shit at their convention.
(32.63 KB 635x502 1465683123282.jpg)
>>211878 It wouldn't surprise me if it's a half-truth: Bernie saying that Americans being misogynistic would be a huge blow to Warren and if the DNC's main goal is to beat Trump then they'd have to hedge their bets with a man. 538 has actually had multiple articles over the past few years about this being a statistical reality, it's harder for women to get elected. Now the media is spinning it as "Bernie hates women".
She will get absolutely roasted tonight and her campaign will be toast
>>211962 >being this underaged Well the nuclear family has completely been destroyed and capitalism is still going strong so idk what to tell you anarkiddies Foucault btfo
>>211917 Back to /pol/ retard
>>211922 >"I'm to the left of Bernie, actually" Lmao keep running cover for porky instead of fighting for even the meagrest of gains for the working class of burgerland you cuck
>>212227 >>212212 >>212232 >>212243 Genuinely cannot tell which type of retard these posts come from
>>212634 probably the incelposter
(330.43 KB 740x495 1.png)
I wonder why this 'surfaced' right now.
(469.31 KB 905x398 1.png)
(365.19 KB 990x500 3.png)
(309.65 KB 925x475 2.png)
(429.59 KB 935x484 1.png)
>>212647 (RT coverage, btw.)
>>212597 Yeah this was how it struck me too, you phrased it better than I could in my head. Dems were pretty much all in agreement that sexism played a role in Trump beating Clinton, and Sanders was probably speaking under that context, saying Warren would face that same sexism. They're not lying about what Sanders said, but they're deliberately misinterpreting it and leaving out the context.
Give me a realistic answer please, is there any chance Bernie will win the nomination or is he going to get fucked over by the Democrats again.
>>212671 Tonight will be very important I think. Depending on how the inevitable Warren-Bernie fight goes
>>212672 CNN is going to ask Bernie loaded questions like "SENATOR SANDERS, WHY DO YOU HATE WOMEN". I'm hoping he doesn't take any of the bait.
Bernie will lose because he will be revealed to be an incel.
>>212671 The latter, you idiot.
>>212677 The substance of the argument will have to be addressed though (that warren only appeals to rich white women) which can only hurt warren and help bernie
>>212677 They've been asking him one bullshit garbage question each debate so I'm confident he'll have a good response. (just wait, someone's going to accuse him of "cheating" by "knowing a question in advance")
>>212671 He's going to win Iowa, that is going to fire up the base of democratic voters who are still "maybe probably" going to vote for people like Biden or buttjudge to vote for sanders. He's going to win the primary. It's going to show people sanders can be a viable candidate. CNN is already treating him kindly, having him on and asking, actual, respectable questions which is only helping him more. The people who watch CNN are normies who probably don't really vote based on political decisions but "likability" and what ever other spooks the propaganda machine is crammed down their throats. Hearing a sanders message is going to mobilize these incredibly credulous people because they will perceive sanders as the cool new candidate and vote for him. Sanders is going to win the primary and handily defeat trump in the general because trump is a bombastic retard who lies and cheats and steals from working class people while Sanders has an impeccable (all be it not perfect) track record and will use these strengths against trump. Not to mention trump is a fucking idiot; sanders will dance circle around him on that stage and make him look as truly foolish as he is; from trump steaks to tax breaks. Imo, Sanders is gonna win.
>>212698 >>212701 Bernie will get smead by MSM as a pinko russian jew and it will backfire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgCfJxpqhd0
>>212706 Most people don't even know what the jewish question is these days and no one falls for red baiting anymore; How can you red bait a man who literally turned red baiting upside down? That would literally help him.
>>212706 The only people who’re going to give a fuck about this are those who used to call Obama Muslim communists.
he's gonna get Corbyn'd
>>212723 Not possible. What happened with Corbyn was because labour took a shit stance on Brexit. IT might be idiotic, but, UK voters want Brexit.
>>212701 How could you ever trust CNN? They ran the bullshit warren story and I couldn't imagine them ever agreeing to a Sanders presidency
>>212726 You can't ignore the elephant in the room with corbyn mate, I think anon was referring to a ruthless propaganda campaign. I think the british press is a lot worse and more effective though. The antisemitism smear obviously won't work on bernie and the sexism smear can only work on radlibs in the primary.
>>212741 A sexism smear against a politician will do more damage in the US because burgers are still brainwashed by the 2016 election, and most dem voters buy into idpol. Bernie doesn't even have to do anything at all, just the fact that he's a "white male" is enough because voting in the US is like ethical consumerism. They vote for the packaging and also what the packaging tells about themselves i.e. they're looking at how much social capital they can accumulate with their consumer choices. These are the kind of people that vote for Warren anyway. The sooner Warren becomes irrelevant and drops out the better for Bernie. Not that these voters will move to Bernie, but at least the smears won't hurt him as much.
>>212736 I don't trust them, but, I trust that they are starting to change their tune.
>>212759 Yeah, how well did that work on trump? Most of the voters who voted for trump would have voted for Bernie, but, the dems fucked him in the primary.
>>212759 That's why I said it would only work on radlibs in the primary, why call bernie sexist when he's facing trump? Unless they want to prop up a third party spoiler. >The sooner warren drops out the better for Bernie. At this point I think 60% would go to mayo pete, 30% to klobuchar and 10% to Bernie. I guess when she drops out they will both be out too though, so I guess most of them would support Biden. That can't be good right?
>>212766 Pete surely has a 0% chance, he's a fucking CIA asset without any charisma. Even Biden is better because he harkons to a period of Obama's rule of America where there was relative stability, but Pete offers literally nothing for anyone.
(65.92 KB 1024x484 woops.jpg)
>>212768 t. CIA agent
>>212772 >>212780 What do you mean? That's her in pic related. She is harsher on bernie than biden now, I wonder why.
>>212772 what is that from?
>>211909 Then you're a retard.
>>212726 >What happened with Corbyn was because labour took a shit stance on Brexit This is the Labour equivalent to USA libs' "RUSSIA DID IT" response to 2016. Counties' % Leave votes had very low correlation to Labour losing support. What actually happened to Corbyn was an indication of a much deeper problem: The Labour program was superficially popular, but there was no profound connection between working class people and the party. There was no sense of trust in Corbyn, Labour or national politics as a whole. This is the rotten legacy of Blair and Brown. So when the media came and redoubled their effort to discredit and smear Corbyn, there was no counter-narrative for politically disengaged people. When they attacked Corbyn, very few people actually felt it as an attack on themselves and on their class. It was just another part of the Spectacle.
>>212870 >>212726 >>212723 Oh and btw, this is exactly why I'm 95% sure Bernie will go down the same way. The Dems have the exact same problem, only a thousand times worse. Berniecrats like to talk a bunch of utopian bullshit about him building a "working class movement" to counteract the elite and the media, but that's not something that's gonna happen overnight. Our Revolution is, in effect, not much more than a fund-raising operation welded to a mailing list, and despite being around for almost 4-5 years now, has yet to convincingly decide a single election. Even the DSA has successfully done more. The USA is the Mecca of politics as spectator sport. There's no fucking way a single person or organization can magically transform it in time for a single election, especially when all historical materialist forces are aligned AGAINST class consciousness and a "working class movement". Bernie will be smeared to hell and back in the media, it will successfully sway politically disengaged voters, and Bernie will lose.
one last point >b-b-b-but what about all the working class people he's bringing into the process This is the mentality of the "ivory tower socialist" who has never actually gone out and talked to working class people. There's this myth among Sanderistas of a vast progressive non-voting majority, but it's plainly false. Most non-voters are (small-c) conservative, even deeply conservative. Nixon wasn't bullshitting when he spoke of the silent majority. Non-voters aren't all destitute poverty-stricken single mothers and homeless people. A lot of them — even the majority — are just "normies", people who don't give a shit either way, in a large part because their place in the world is fairly comfortable and secure. Solf libertarians, Chad socialites, self-employed tradesmen, or just general lumpens. These people are the reserve army for a fascist reaction, not the working class waiting to be organized.
>>212870 >corbyn is sanders How many more times do I have to read this shit idealist takes that I can find replicated almost identically in the New York Times or on CNN.
>>212889 Finally, someone here gets it.
>>213066 No he does not get it you fucking mongoloid. Easiest way to find an idiot is to listen out for "uhm actually brexit wasn't decisive" from some clueless tryhard. >>212870 >Counties' % Leave votes had very low correlation to Labour losing support. Glanced at paul mason on twitter: the post. People who say this have no understanding of british elections. The popular vote matters even less so than the electoral college in America. It's highly possible that by respecting the result we would have gained more seats with possibly fewer votes. Though we may have lost more remainers the majority of them were in safe seats. None of this even matters anyway, since respecting the result was the right thing to do regardless of liberal confusion that seems to have effected your way of thinking. You are correct that there is a deeper problem that is the fault of kinnock and blair but brexit epitomised this alienation and gave the tories an easy attack line. It COULD have been the basis of a campaign to regain some lost ground. >>212889 People should be very aware of the fact there are a million ways they can screw him, but I don't think the propaganda is as effective in america. You seem to underestimate the influence of the British media. >>212905 Even though you're trying to pass this off as "I'm more socialister and working class than you" it's obvious you have taken this liberal position to support your blackpilling, but it doesn't exactly jive with your previous assertion that the working class movement that would have won them the election was thrown away by labour. And before you say britain and the usa are different, you just used Corbyn's loss as evidence bernie will lose.
>>213352 My point is twofold: A. Corbyn lacked (and Bernie lacks) a real working class movement to back him up. B. No such working class movement exists because the material conditions are not conductive to working class organizing. The structure of workplaces and physical, social and cultural atomization of individuals makes class consciousness nearly impossible. There is no contradiction here.
>>213453 >gets utterly BTFO on every point >uhhhhh no what i really meant was *farts out defeatist shitpost* Glow elsewhere.
(18.97 KB 600x600 1447970625374.jpeg)
>>212736 They're not going to agree with it, they're going to be taken kicking and screaming. They're probably going to do what they did in 2016 and give Trump 24/7 free advertising, because that's ultimately what AT&T want.
>>213513 The only way I can imagine them defeating Bernie is by propping up a third party candidate. I'm not sure who it would be, some people suggested bloomberg but he has recently claimed he would try to fund whomever the dem nominee is, even if it's bernie. The media probably wouldn't say it outright, because currently they seem to hate third party candidates, but they would pretend to be responding to good policies and a base for that candidate to keep propping the cunt up...
>>213352 People seem to think of Americans as being sheeplike whenever I would say that Europeans have much less potential for class consciousness than America does.
>>212701 You are laughably naive and ignorant.
>>213652 You are aware socdem presidents have been elected before, yes?
>>213663 The US isn't Europe. Unless you're talking about FDR or something, in which case lmao
>>213472 Where the flying fuck is there an organized working class in the 21st century?
>>213679 Greece, Portugal, Russia, Belgium, France. Never forget how influential CP owned syndicates can be.
People acting like Sanders won't be the nominee because he'll lose the primary, but that literally doesn't matter. The DNC can just nominate whomever they want. There is Z E R O obligation for them to honor the pirmary.
>>213693 They will if they can, but what story would they use to do such a thing?
The amount of pushing of this ridiculous "story" is so fucking blatant I wouldn't be surprised if even normie liberals catch on to what's happening.
>>213699 The story that there's nothing in the rules saying they can't. The DNC and RNC are private organizations without any obligation to follow a procedure for nominating a candidate.
>>213702 That would piss off a lot of people without some bullshit story for cover
real excited for the debate livethread tonight bois
>>213700 Guarantee that this is a Clinton move. It's classic Clinton strategy - muddy the waters and keep your soldiers in line through fear of the enemy. Every time Warren does a Clintonism though, she predictably tanks. Warren's base may be shitlibs, but many of them do not want another Clinton and the same shit they've seen for 30 fucking years.
>>213705 Are we doing cytube?
>>213708 Let's go: cytu.be/r/classwar
>>213708 usually its just a livethread but i wouldn't object. my setup has been to have one corner of the screen for the debate, one corner for the chapo commentary, one corner for the leftypol thread, and the last corner cycles between various chatrooms
>>213692 Wonderful. Nothing of note from any of these places.
Not going into Chad's harem chat.
>>213722 Is there a democratic debate today?
>>213733 yeah at nine (in about 2 hour and 15)
>>211846 This'll never work. Bernie has a great reputation, and he's basically smear-proof.
>>213736 Are we going to have an online watch party or something?
>>213787 yes, here https://cytu.be/r/classwar But the debate will only stream on CNN, so unless someone sets up a stream, it'll just be a chat.
I give you tomorrow's top news story
>>212472 >she was always a wolf in sheep's clothing it's that. she's been an establishment trojan horse the entire time, there either to split the progressive vote ensuring a centrist wins the nom, or just trick enough progressives into voting for her so that a centrist wins the nom (her). The latter already failed and it's been looking like the former could fail too, so now this. Straight up sith reveal and order 66.
>>214661 100% correct take, good summary.
(10.99 MB joe.mp4)
This is astonishing. Warren is surely finished now. I think the crucial part that makes this strategy so ridiculous is that the two charges quickly levied against Bernie are only bad for "muh unity" reasons and he didn't even do either thing
>>214900 Kek. Even msnbc isn’t buying her bullshit.
(421.13 KB 2136x1662 berniesearches.jpg)
>>214460 what am i looking at here?
>>214912 This whole thing about debate qualifications really is just blacking people out. I know Yang and Tulsi have to be beating one or two of them in searches. Nobody gives a fuck about Klob at least.
>>214919 Which candidate was most googled after(or during) the debate, by county.
>>214922 >after(or during my bad, it’s between 6-13th January.
>>214460 fucking steyer lmao
>>214919 >Sandman and Warren approach each other >Sandman goes to shake Warren's hand >Warren clasps her hands and blocks the shake >Sanders retracts his hand >Warren starts lecturing him >Steyer arrives and realizes he walked in on something uncomfortable >Sanders blows Warren off and Shakes Steyer's hand to make him feel less awkward.
>>214900 Damn, if even MSNBC is taking Bernie's side you know Warren completely fucked up.
>>215184 A Morning Joe take is not always the same as the MSNBC line. Remember Joe is just a Republican that doesn't like Trump. Mika's a liberal centrist but who i think has usually been kind of anti-idpol. They were often critical of Hillary and somewhat supportive of Bernie in 2016, but MSNBC on the whole was absolutely not. I bet if you watched MSNBC most of it would be more on Warren's side here.
>>215293 You're probably right. I just can't watch that shit. I watch more Fox News than I do MSNBC. At least Fox is entertaining with their lies.


no cookies?