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Public Speaking Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 15:57:21 No. 207450
How should we go about speaking our ideas in public? Surely we shouldn't make ourselves look like loons by preaching to apathetic passers by but relegating ourselves to preaching to the choir does no good. So what do? Bring megaphones to protests and piggy back off less radical organizations? Organize our own events? Also general public speaking advice would be appreciated.
1 on 1 respectful conversations are most effective at this juncture
I have tinnitus so if any of you autists start screeching in public, even if it's about something I agree with, i'm peeing on you. >>207742 this is so much better. I got my mom to read the manifesto just by suggesting she read it and she was like "I like reading, but don't terrorists read this stuff" because we live in a south american country that was fed red scare propaganda. Anyways she still hates communism, but she likes how in Cuba everyone is fed while also having access to college and healthcare. Before she use to believe Cuba was some evil dictatorship so yeah this is a pretty good strategy.
>>207450 Have you ever studied rhetoric OP? It's useful for making the sort of trenchant arguments that are suited for public speaking. >>207784 >red scare propaganda God Bless America, eh?
Get good at enunciation. It's annoying to listen to someone lazily slur their way through saying something. It's shocking how many podcasters are awful about this. Get good at pithiness. It's more radical to get to the heart of the matter anyway. Don't waste people's time with unnecessary detail, including yours. Get good at knowing the audience. Tailor your argument to appeal to them, and know when they're unlikely to change so you can walk away and avoid wasting time.
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>>207450 RULE NUMBER ONE NOTHING ATTRACTS A CROWD LIKE A CROWD: If you're going to want a crowd, it's best to start with a small crowd. So, I'd say if you're going to preach (about leftism in particular), it's best to have a handful of pre-selected leftists surround you and agreeing with you, with the intermittent clapping and pushing on. >>207962 >studied rhetoric also this. be sure to have a somewhat pre-prepared speech or outline of things to say. take some vocal lessons too I suppose.
>>207450 Get a crowd together of people you know, have a few act as if theyre listening (these are your commie buddies) then more people will join and listen t.autism
>>208117 Better yet, have them shout out questions or ideas that you can riff on, so that actual audience participation is encouraged. It's good to be able to speak to people's questions and interests, and it's good to create an impression and reality of the movement being guided from below.


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