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(38.06 KB 451x767 nFjw40k_d.jpg)
Communist anime girls thread Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 15:33:48 No. 197398
A thread for communist anime girls
(17.54 KB 100x81 standard.png)
(105.75 KB 640x905 RuZ2oVM_d.jpg)
(282.58 KB 500x425 1578151788492.png)
Not gonna lie, the aesthetic of Nazi anime girls is much better
Why do commie "women" online all have penises?
>>197423 Why can't you just stfu about this already? Go back to your fucking discord, you absolute retard.
(579.73 KB 809x1000 sure.png)
>>197423 So they can give you a blowjob in the morning, tityfuck you in the afternoon, at fuck you in the ass at night
>>197426 >Seething
>>197423 Is that a bad thing?
>>197423 Because the ones with vaginas avoid people like you who only care about comrades' genitalia.
>>197423 If she is a commie it doesn't matter what is between her legs
>>197466 If I'm calling her she it does
(2.57 MB 2508x4750 ehuybwn1bj531.png)
(344.63 KB 1024x1024 engels warship girls.png)
>>197398 Y'all know you can post 3 images per post right? >>197399 slapping on a hammer and sickle doesn't make it communist >>197402 >>197404 reddit tier shit >>197420 >black costumes >arrogant sneers >burning and destruction and torture around them Miss me with that >>197423 Because you go looking for it.
>>197475 Oh I am aware its just when I found my other pictures was when I had already posted so yeah. I think I have a few more now. This is what happens when you have your pictures in all different places rather than in one general location.
What about anarchist anime girls?
>>197484 Haven’t watched Witch Academia but isn’t the part when that girl goes full syndicalist a joke mean to make her (and leftist protests by extension) look bad? Kinda like how Tanya the Evil shits on fascists edgelords
(326.71 KB 593x604 MioComMask.PNG)
(898.12 KB 1280x720 84786f5b0c24e3cc.png)
>>197423 Wrong thread dumbass >>15551
>>197404 Sauce?
>>197975 Basically in the episode was the magical creatures that were basically the Academy's labor force went on strike as the magical source for the entire academy was being blocked and dwindling (purposely done by the antagonist to try and impliment basically solution to the problem and as a way to get back at the academy in general for rejecting her idea) So Akko was told to go and try and negoatate with the strikers. Only to end up joining them and being their spokesperson, and the school's protege Diana comes to try and talk Akko out of it, Akko responds by calling diana a Bourgeois and Aristocrat. That is what I remember.
>>198031 Oh so it's the slavery subplot from Harry Potter but kind of woke instead of race realist.
(1.96 MB 2699x2700 tankiegirl and alunya.png)
>>197998 >Pic 2 and 3 Damn that's some old stuff >>197941 You have alunya, is that not enough?
>>198374 Thank you for that, it seems my memory wasn't so bad after all.
>>198374 Semms like they're portraying the brunnete chick as being in the wrong or a cunt, but I dunno maybe I need more context
>>198436 Brunnete one is the main character
>>197941 People should drawn them more
>>198436 Akko is the main character and portaid as good, while Diana is basically Draco malfoy from Harry potter for the first half of the show.
>>198591 >this ironically they actually make their later interactions more like some HP fanfictions where they put aside their differences to help each other in-school
>>197423 Based
>communist anime girls Not anime, but reminder that in one episode of Rugrats, Susie Carmichael got the babies to organize and overthrow the lemonade stand bourgeoisie and establish a lemonade co-op. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6iafcj
>>201252 This would go in the /leftyco/ thread on hobby
>>201688 So why doesn't this thread go on /hobby/?
>>201760 Technically it belongs on hobby but it was made here and since the mods don't know how to do the basic 'transfer thread to a different board' it, like the red-son thread is stuck on leftypol.
(76.05 KB 1280x720 anime-market.jpg)
(224.00 KB 828x601 anime.jpeg)
(1.50 MB 1261x731 Anime_Poster.png)
>>197398 I swear to god I kinda despise anime tbh
>>201816 Why has this dramatic shift occured from people seeing Manly man Men as attractive and hot to them seeing people who are on the fine line of gender which are known as "traps"really hot and wanting to fuck them? Has everyone just become more kinky or something?
>>201889 its nothing new. androgyny has been a fascination for people since the start of history
>>201889 >implying mankind hasn't been pounding boipussy since the dawn of time
>>201816 >>201889 Capitalism marketing gender dysphoria and pushing androgyny leading to sexual confusion. Regardless this is the wrong thread, go to https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/189828.html
>>201816 He-Man was always a a fag. 100% a gay symbol
>>201889 Androgynous beauty standards have been literally around since forever both super buff dudes and girly guys have been a thing for as long as male beauty standards have existed, it's literally nothing new
>>202017 Gender dysphoria existed before capitalism tho?
>>202282 Yes, but capitalism has found a way to profit off of it
>>207479 Did you seriously just necrobump a duplicate thread for your trans obsession? >>>/GET/46931
>>207490 What does this thread have to do with trans?
(214.59 KB 341x462 1229.png)
>>207540 Go back to your containment board.
>>197423 >>207490 >>207546 >muh trannies. back to your containment thread >>15551
>>207546 i do not post on /GET/
>>207552 Why not?
>>207546 >said the unironic nazbol retard
>>202033 This is true, now people are just more honest about being gay
>>207600 cringe edit troon
>>207862 In fact the opposite; it's historically accurate.
>>207552 huh, are you the tomoko poster from 8chan? Never thought I would hear from you again
(471.31 KB 505x710 leninist-hunting-nazbol-swine.png)
>>207600 Improved edit, outlined the Leninist's head better and cropped the image properly.
(330.54 KB 500x340 sankara question.png)
>>207490 >necrobump a duplicate thread 1) NO I didn't necrobump you little faggot 2) I wasn't aware of a /GET/ thread, mostly cause /GET/ is a fucking mess of a board that I avoid 3) I'm not the guy talking about trannies if anything I'm asking how a retarded phrase about all online commies having dicks is somehow "based" 4) Fuck you
(6.72 MB 480x270 explosion.gif)
>>208233 No no no say it with Megumin now:
>>207902 >communist killing nazbols >nazbols with money >historically accurate lmao kill yourself peanutbrain
(1.17 MB 1440x1440 alunya-reborn2.png)
>>208632 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Bolshevism#Russian_Civil_War >Russian Civil War >As the Russian Civil War dragged on, a number of prominent Whites switched to the Bolshevik side because they saw it as the only hope for restoring greatness to Russia. Amongst these was Professor Nikolai Ustrialov, initially an anti-communist, who came to believe that Bolshevism could be modified to serve nationalistic purposes. His followers, the Smenovekhovtsy (named after a series of articles he published in 1921) Smena vekh (Russian: change of milestones), came to regard themselves as National Bolsheviks, borrowing the term from Niekisch.[13] >Similar ideas were expressed by the Evraziitsi party and the pro-monarchist Mladorossi. Joseph Stalin's idea of socialism in one country was interpreted as a victory by the National Bolsheviks.[13] Vladimir Lenin, who did not use the term National Bolshevism, identified the Smenovekhovtsy as a tendency of the old Constitutional Democratic Party who saw Russian communism as just an evolution in the process of Russian aggrandisement. He further added that they were a class enemy and warned against communists believing them to be allies.[14] Cry me a river, classcuck.
>>208708 the smenovekhovtsy were condemed not for their nationalism but for the fact that the majority of them were white veterans that moved out of russia or bourgeois from the NEP and the mladorossi was an irrelevant constitutional monarchist party also stop cherry-picking wikipedia retard
>>208708 >Vladimir Lenin, who did not use the term National Bolshevism Imagine going against Lenin and thinking you are not a classcuck Imagine a pedophile tranny thinking he can decide who goes to gulag kek, you really are a pathetic being
>>208729 mind expanding on that?
>>198024 art reminds me kaminomi
>>220298 how tho?
>>208733 >Imagine going against Lenin and thinking you are not a classcuck It's even stated that Lenin opposed Nazbol. Even if he magically didn't, don't follow somebody blindly.
>>223087 You are retarded
This mandarin looks like she would be a good communist waifu
>>223162 >anime >r/T_D culture oh lordy
Quality thread
(68.62 KB 625x626 report and ignore.png)
Remember folks...
>>223158 >mouthless generic animu girl is good communist waifu Fucking how?
(43.37 KB 188x249 comf.png)
celtic communism
>>223220 Sauce? Also anyone have that essay on how the Celts were a primitive communist-like society?
(1.91 MB 350x263 1409110193409.gif)
>>223220 >celtic communism >blonde hair and underage Retarded cuckime waifu retard thinks celts are blonde and he shouldn't be in jail!
>>223224 had to go to hell and back to find the original image I edited this from, so you best appreciate it the artist was on pixiv but I checked their account and they deleted it.
>>223242 >help_im_roman_and_being_oppressed.png kek Thanks for the sauce fren
>>223242 Pic reminds me of that episode of Nan Baka
>>197980 >pic 2 >>197998 >pic 2 and 3 Damn those are some old graphics, sauces?
>>198436 Akko is portrayed as a bit of a ditz with good intentions but who fucks up a lot. Her character is like a stupider Ruby Rose from RWBY.
>>224379 The character is from the anime Gunbuster (she's the resident Russian character), not certain but they're likely from a respective PC-98 game or Image Disk judging by the colors and persistent dithering effect common to said machine's visuals.


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