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(80.34 KB 422x422 welcome.jpg)
/dead/ - Post-Leftism General Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 15:34:53 No. 189248
Welcome to /dead/, the endless magical nihilist gulag. This is not 8/grim/, but it is the continuation 8/grim/. Think of it as partly an /r9k/ for anti-capitalists, partly /GET/ with skeltals, and otherwise whatever you make of it. Now in thread form!
(107.46 KB 675x908 D5lRKFIW4AAGt--.jpeg)
Didn't realize we had an annil flag option, is there a black flag hidden somewhere? Anyways after that nowing dude shit on memechin I've been looking to read some post-left and insurrectionary stuff, what would you reccomend besides tiqqun and Bob Black?
Is there reading list for post-left anarchism?
>>189248 i dont understand what this thread is for... is it just doomerposting? >>189280 see picrel
Oh, good. We finally have a pit to toss all the defeatists in.
(260.73 KB 1451x2048 EL91tO_WoAAny_m.jpeg)
>>189319 Thanks for the reading recs anon. >What do you mean? https://medium.com/@NoWing/ok-bookchin-7410e5f9f1ff Made me laugh more than it should have.
(42.02 KB 365x450 orson-welles.jpg)
>>189455 >What Bookchin does not realize, is that this type of collectivist, programmatic “opposition” has become ingrained in the social order itself. Mass politics, with its programs for social change, has become part of the status quo. >Direct-democratic municipal confederalism has become status quo <mfw Other than that it was okay and had some good critiques and ad hominems.
>tfw you're a male with vagina envy >tfw no gf with penis envy to talk to
Is torching yachts praxis? https://actforfree.nostate.net/?p=36024
I’m quite disillusioned with humanity at this point. I reckon even if our only options are literally between socialism or barbarism most people will gladly choose the late.
>>192356 In fact they already did.
>>192356 world civil war = best timeline which does not need to mean barbarism. >>192349 seems more psychological than anything. I’m sure it’s little loss to porky but the fear is good
What do you guys think of Crimethinc?
>>189248 Is 12 Monkeys a viable way to achieve accelerationism? I mean... Don't even need to go full Black Death.. I mean.. imagine a highly infectious virus that only gives long term diarhea.. Cholera mild, lets call it. Now, imagine spreading it everywhere on the planet. Everyone is unable to go to work, as they shit all day. Could this be a viable option for social collapse?
Is there a "brutal publically-supported assassinations of all warmongers" ideology?
(27.03 KB 245x201 1367587453563.jpg)
>>196982 Yes. Anarcho-Pacifism.
lol, I can get behind this.
>>197002 That seems to be advocating for non-violent methodology though, I'm talking about the opposite, where you use local violence to prevent international violence. Consistency hasn't been working.
>>197020 Statist-pacifism? Ghandi in civ games?
>>189455 Seriously? You think this is good? I don't even like Bookchin that much but holy shit this is vapid trash.
>>189455 If you want to see someone shit on bookchin you should read David Orton's refutation of bookchin on the subject of Deep Ecology. Back when it was written, the term 'Eco-Fascist' was used by Bookchin and his compadres to slander the Deep Ecologist school of thought.
(122.79 KB 600x779 blacknarc.gif)
>>189257 >unironically reading bob "the snitch" black
>>196945 What’s that?
>>189619 >muh direct democracy bookchin's meme model for society is yet another program for managing capital >>189257 start with the french poststructuralists, deleuze and foucault in particular also google communization
>>196982 >>197020 That's OG anarcho-communism. Read about insurrectionary anarchism and propaganda of the deed.
>>197257 lmao holy fuck what
>>197731 yea this happened...
>>197257 Bob black was a snitch? Sad af.
This thread needs to be cyclical
>>197210 I mostly thought look at his hat was funny. Moreover, the nowing fella was right to point out how so-called lifestylist anarchists had done more for "social anarchism" than people like Bookchin, whose main activity was to split over minutia. >>197252 Isn't there some connection between deep ecologists and white nationalism though? >>197267 I've read some Foucault and keep up with Chuang and Endnotes. What other communization journals or authors are worth looking into? >>197257 I don't like bobby, I was asking for stuff besides him because in addition to being a snitch he's a boring writer.
>>197258 use a search engine my guy. it's an anarchist "org." https://crimethinc.com/
>>197376 seconded, prop of the deed was a powerful enough idea that it inspired one of the few successful assassination sof a U.S. president. mileage may vary in 21st century America, of course.
>>199948 And it accomplished fuck all in the end.
>>199977 did you read my second sentence?
>>197257 >>197731 >>198029 He wasn't snitching as much as SWATing Jim Hogshire in retaliation for him inviting Bob Black over just to fuck with him and threaten him with a gun. It was basically a last resort to get a crazed drug addict to fuck off.
>>205014 ty anon I know of Trocchi as member of the SI and his project sigma
>>190141 Anon... you might just be transgender
>>217004 Easy solution is just to not go over to that guys place anymore. Bob Black is a fucking fed and a fake leftist
>>217013 I don't think it was as simple as that. I think Bob was trying to prove a point that you don't fuck with him. It's not like Jim was a revolutionary or that Bob toppled an entire organization.
>>217009 I can see the appeal of having the other parts, but why would anyone want a vagina? They are disgusting and only so poorly designed because of birth.
>>217013 sitting on your ass shooting up is the real revolution
>>205014 this is actually great since it's contemporary and engages the ideas of war machine and form-of-life from others. Vaneigem hasn't written anything this good in a long time.
(297.15 KB 884x1296 Two.Petrol.Bombs-Harper-03.jpg)
> the virgin commie "anti-imperialism": < why yes I support the billionaires of the PRC by posting stupid shit on Twitter > the chad anarchist anti-imperialism: < https://anarchistsworldwide.noblogs.org/post/2020/01/16/istanbul-turkey-revenge-units-arson-attacks-against-factories-supplying-the-turkish-military/
>>217491 based
>>189455 What even is this essay? It presents itself as a critique but all it really does is reconfirm Bookchin's main thesis, that there is an unbridgable chasm between different schools of self-proclaimed libertarians.
>>217491 >the factory owner was killed Now THIS is praxis
can nihilism and accelerationism be combined?
also the belief in nothing (nihil) exists is still a belief
>>217609 >The not belief in god is still a belief in god. :^)
>>217613 exactly. they just replace it with science.
something has to fill the god-hole, even if its a worship of death.
>>217615 But I don’t believe in science either.
>>217628 Then you replace it with the ego, or some other abstract concept. God is inevitable.
>>217618 >>217618 >>217634 The thing is my ego is tangible and real.
>>217642 its a psychological abstraction, much like the id and the superego
>>217028 >I think Bob was trying to prove a point that you don't fuck with him. Because he's a fed, yes.
(51.00 KB 640x360 1465081993870.jpg)
Could someone please enlighten me, what the global civil war is supposed to be? What do I need to read to understand it?
>>219313 >n1x That's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
>>219495 They seem to be still active.
>>217491 Based, the PRC must burn right alongside Amerikkka
>>218827 it's basically a response to the classical hobbesian theory of the state see especially aphorism 34 and following of pdf related
My friend told me something wise once: There are only two truths in this world. 1. If your ideology has post- in front of it, you're a self involved dipshit. 2. White girls fuck dogs.
>>224535 postmodernism isn't really an ideology, its a praxis.
and yes white girls fuck dogs. so he got one right.
>>221313 I'd rather Europe burn. I've noticed a lot of leftists defend European civilization as superior to American civilization as if they were fascists. fool me once...
>>218827 Something like that.
(50.41 KB 1080x1079 post-left lady.jpg)
What did you do today to make total destroy?
>>232296 Apparently this picture was too lewd for the prudes running this site.
>>232296 Woah new dimension of sexuality discovered.
>>224535 I sense your friend as a kindred spirit
(235.02 KB 575x763 457.png)
>>221313 Cope, my friend.
I finally told my mother Im not religoius ( Marxism turned me into a materialist) and she's such a hypocrite lol. She basically uses spirituality to claim moral highground yet shes so fucking racist. She absolutely despises black people despite being black herself, shes litreally one of those people that has zero knowledge of history so her default belief is that black people are poor amd enferior or else they'd be "rich like the white man" Shit just leaves me feeling blackpilled and hopeless cos thats litreally what everyone he thinks. ( I live in south africa) people have an inferiority complex and everything is framed in terms of race cos wealth is mostly split across race. Nothing about class Even the ml party that uses red keeps things in terms of race. Sucks tbh
>>232395 What does she think about the land reform ?
>>232422 Nothing probably.
>>232424 Litreally nothing, like a lot of south Africans she remembers julius malema ( party leader) being a clown for the last 15 years of his political career She can be progressive if we're talking in a general sense. The rich suck, African countries are exploited by the West etc. I try to guide those conversations but litreally 2 hours later if you bring up any family friend or relative that lives in poverty it turns into bootstrap speeches She simultaneously liked ghaddafi, believes the rich is fucking us over bur still blames blacks and poor for their lot in life
How do you deal with neo-fascist coworkers? I have one and he makes me really uncomfortable.
>>233051 Ideally get friendly with them and redpill them. Alternatively ignore them. Basic science folks.
>>233051 I had a fash coworker and I'm pretty sure he reported our organization efforts to the boss because one of the guys leading it was fired over bullshit before it began. This should tell you that >>233056 isn't really a good idea, fash are snitches and wreckers who shouldn't be ignored or trusted but must be fought. Anyways we made his work life shit, one of us threw away his lunch everyday and one guy (a black dude) fucked his gf and I punctured one of his tires once. He became more and more unhinged and eventually quit, probably writes reeeeeee posts on /pol/ now.
>>233304 > Anyways we made his work life shit, one of us threw away his lunch everyday and one guy (a black dude) fucked his gf and I punctured one of his tires once. Absolutely based.
>>232428 That's really unfortunate anon, I'm sorry to hear it. I've started to despair that commonwealth countries like ours will always be fucked up beyond repair. Best of luck, depending on your age you may need to consider striking out on your own. >>233304 Excellent praxis
>>233304 >Fucking a dogfucker That takes courage.
>>233662 it isn't just any man who's willing to stick his peen where a dog has been, why are so many whitewomen taking the dogpill bros
>>196945 They glow in the dark
>>233689 unironically probably something to do with the fact that white women are by far the demographic of young people who are the most secure economically and yet there is still all this superstructural stuff with regards to gender & marriage despite most of the base for it outside of property relations like inheritance being subsumed. The dog is basically a surrogate for a husband because there isn't any upward mobility for most of them through relationships becuase they have the best prospects. This is complete speculation on my part though, and I doubt the dogpill is a widespread phenomenon
>>233715 (me) Like from their perspective if they're going to be the dominant partner economically in a household/relationship and don't see any prospects for mobility then why would they bother? You combine that with the generally increasing alienation & atomization of workers that is affecting everyone and I guess they just think well fuck it at least a dog is loyal and the relationship is simple. I'd argue that dogfucking is just a symptom of a much bigger set of problems for people
>>233662 Actually they were gusanos, which is worse tbh.
>>233304 >(a black dude) t. permacuck
>>233825 t. triggered fascist
>>233304 Absolutely based
>>233879 >socialism is when you worship black male sexuality
>>233903 Bruh, he only pointed out the guy was black because cucking fascists with the thing that they have a psychosexual pathology over is genuinely funny as fuck.
>>233825 >when a gusano /pol/ack gets cucked leftists are da real cucks cope harder >>234221 Yeah, even if it wasn't a black guy it would have been hilarious. It was just that fag was so obsessed with race he would get mad if you called him latino, he insisted he was white and would agressivley correct people like (the strawman of) trannies and pronouns.
>>233825 <if you cuck your enemies, they win
>>232358 Oh I'm fine buddy, I can rest easy knowing my socialist movement doesn't support absolute corporatism :)
>>217609 there are different kinds of nihilism
>>233051 hydrogen cyanide
>>235725 >>235725 >I can rest easy knowing my socialist movement Doesn’t exist.
>>219495 How long has n1x literally been active? It shouldn't be that long.
>>235091 except he didn't cuck them did he now you stupid faggot
(107.60 KB 1555x1160 ok tankie.png)
I am not a fan of the post-left label, but one undeniable advantage of it is that we no longer have to put up with communists' delusions of left unity.
>>236311 Good luck having a revolution with you and your 4 member ultra-specific ideology book club
>>236313 I have no problems with actual revolutionary anti-capitalists. Too bad most communists are everything but.
>>236316 Please enlighten us as to what makes someone an "actual" revolutionary
>>236316 Look mate I wish everyone agreed with my objectively correct opinions/views too but they don't, unfortunately, so we're all going to have to give and take a little if we actually want to gain any traction as a movement.
>>236318 They might as well be revolutionaries, but they are not anti-capitalists, that's for sure. Do you know what the communists have done for the past fifty years every single time the proletariat swung into action? They told them to go back to work. Not my comrades, that's for sure. >>236319 I am not willing to give up on communism just so some armchair general can live out their delusions of "movements", "geopolitics" and "realpolitik".
>>236322 I don't even know what you're for and what you're against. pls use your words.
>>236322 >Do you know what the communists have done for the past fifty years every single time the proletariat swung into action? They told them to go back to work. Not my comrades, that's for sure. I'm sure they're deeply saddened by the loss of a completely useless brainlet who thinks the histories of dozens of countries can be summed up in two mopey sadboi sentences. Good riddence to your retarded ass. Go write poetry and cry.
(127.29 KB 436x600 1347821554102.jpg)
>>236378 I hope your ass will get better soon. In the meantime, try not recommending the workers to vote for their class enemies, as you commie shitstains usually do.
>>236313 >revolution who's gonna tell him?
>>237394 the honor is all yours cumrad
>>236886 >banning people for pointing out that so-called communist parties have been counterrevolutionary since may '68 at least
>>238963 They lifted the ban: >>>/gulag/4089
(453.83 KB 1200x675 thumb1.jpg)
https://sub.media/video/hands-off-exarchia/ On July 8th, 2019, the New Democracy government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis assumed power in Greece, after campaigning on a promise to ‘clean up’ the central Athens neighbourhood of Exarchia, and ‘take it back’ from the anarchists. Since then, the Greek state has launched a renewed attack against the anarchist and self-organized migrant movements, targeting squats and promising future raids. Against this threat, Greek anarchists have responded with characteristic resolve and determination. Featuring interview with Pangiotis Varthalis of the squat Lelas Karagiannis 37 Translated by Boubouras (Act For Freedom Now) Download: https://archive.org/details/handsoffexarchia
>>242824 >Kyriakos Mitsotakis His dad or uncle was the Prime Minister of Greece, appalling nepotism. Not to mention the Karamanlis and Papandreou dynansties (Andreas Papandreou) sought to upgrade the telephone lines and sewage that havent been upgraded since the 19th century as well as offering Greek businesses subsidies to purchase equipment to increase production - the Greek bourgeois rorted that program. George Papandreou was an unironic neoliberal liberal. In any case Exarchia could have been targeted for gentrification whether its by local landlords, local cronies and nepotist or "foreign investors" from China or all of them. Stages of gentrification that I have noticed and I relate it to a once industrial area (albeit not in Greece) >Industry gets offshored leaving empty buildings >Remaining industry continues (small to medium wood working, metal working, ceramics etc) >Empty industrial spaces had gotten sold to developers for apartment blocks >Brand retailers opened >Cafes and restaurants opened, often charging premiums for their menu >Area had gotten denser >Rent reviews were excused as retailers, cafes and restaurants opened >People forced to move, even if the area is actually safe the rents gotten too expensive >Some yuppie cucks moved to enjoy the simple life, some stop being yuppie cucks altogether >Foreign bourgeois send their kids to study and seek cheap accommodation >Developers petition the council for more construction >Council with the increase in council rates complied >As it so happens the apartment blocks crack due to subpar construction and materials >Housing bubble
>>233739 That’s double based then.
>>236306 His buddy did, so same difference.
(109.60 KB 720x897 gentri.jpg)
(72.81 KB 960x600 athens_arrests_.jpg)
ngl. i'm stoned out of my box and this had me in pieces. spot on. Bakunin was never an anarchist, simply a crypto-marxist.
(75.30 KB 800x533 e5drztz.jpeg)
>>251559 >protected the Greek parliament in Syntagma Square (Athens) with a bow and arrow.
>>196945 Crimething hasn't been good for a decade. >>217491 based. i'd really like to check out the 'post-left' scene in turkey. i mean we have turkish translations of Uncle Ted and ITS/RS stuff on the reg. >>219495 >n1x <DIAF >>236311 Agreed. I prefer the term 'Black Anarchy' or 'Anti Social Anarchy. but that's just me.
(33.01 KB 480x300 archer_web-thumb-large.jpg)
>>251638 got arrested for firing arrows at riot pigs. absolute lad.>251638 got arrested for firing arrows at riot pigs. absolute lad.
>>251612 What the fuck are you talking about?
(24.23 KB 322x365 gross.jpg)
>>251649 >ITS/RS
>>251612 >crypto-Marxist lol no. Don't pin his retardation on Marx. He did that by himself plainly.
(43.00 B 1x1 pixel.gif)
(8.38 KB 206x245 download.jpeg)
>>252558 j>elly of the chad savage acting out in revenge of a hegemonic system you will never defeat,
(45.48 KB 541x406 homomilk.jpg)
>>252589 > murdering random hikers will bring on the collapse of civilization peak spectacle
>>252591 >implying ITS think the collapse of civilization by there hands is possible. ice strawman browskie
>>251612 >Bakunin was never an anarchist, simply a crypto-marxist. That's a poor understanding of what both Marx and Bakunin thought, which is par for the course of /leftypol/ but wrong.
I have given up a long time ago, when I was a teen after realizing how the world really is, but I "gave up" in a weird mental way, gave up on putting effort into anything and on caring about other people think, I am intellectually lazy and lazy in general as a result, but at this point can't really change it, and it keeps me content/happy
(115.38 KB 1920x1080 corona-chan.jpg)
>>258726 nope this article is retarded <The unprecedented intervention paints an apocalyptic scene. Around the world, stock markets fell number go down Apocalypse! Saying that stockpiling the swine vaccines was the wrong decision is just ignoring the fact that people do not operate with perfect hindsight. The same goes for the Quarantine in China, whether this measures was worth it or not won't be known until long after, when all the information is known and a full analysis becomes possible.
>>258772 It's the final rehearsal for WW3.
Paris. France. February 10, 2020. This Monday morning, environmental activists invaded the premises of Black Rock in Paris. It is the infamous multinational corporation, very close to Macron, which makes billions in profits on privatized pensions. https://enoughisenough14.org/2020/02/10/paris-blackrock-hq-invaded-and-decorated-video/
>>269052 Absolutely based.
>>269052 Why are the French so based.
>>269052 I wish they burnt the building down. Well, it's probably connected to residences isn't it?
>>269202 I would have thought they would be more luxury apartments for all the Russian oligarchs and Chinese + Arab billionaires as is the case in London. So yeah, burn em.
>>>267884 >>269064 why indeed??! what do you think about la zad, anons? (FUCK APPALISTA CRYPTO MARXISTS)
>>269064 Almost two centuries of militant leftism in both theory and practice.
>>236267 Since when /anarcho/ was founded on 8chan
>>251612 Like most ancoms/adjacent tendencies, he's a Marxist minus Marx and therefore pretty useless.
>>189257 >annil flag option What? >is there a black flag hidden somewhere It's labeled Nihilism
(74.26 KB 1200x675 IMG_20190218_143312.jpg)
>>189257 If you're interested in nihilism, read Aragorn's two essays on nihilism and Blessed is the Flame. Probably the best stuff written on what, ultimately, is an arguably disappointing and ressentiment-driven tendency in anarchism. If only there was some sort of way to make nihilism virulent...
So what are some /dead/ thinkers for the 2020s? Don't tell me shit like Tiqqun's writings from the time of anti-globalization movement or 2010 uprisings are in any way still relevant.
>>276547 You are!
>>255616 >when I was a teen after realizing how the world really is do you realise how ridiculous you sound? >>276547 tiqqun is just a rehash of the situationists with some foucault sprinkled in the mix and those are still relevant
>>278137 >tiqqun is just a rehash of the situationists with some foucault sprinkled in the mix and those are still relevant The most interesting ingredient of Tiqqun is Agamben, but he only offers defeatist theory of the current situation that you can't do anything about and abstract thoughts about future utopia that is infinitely far from the current situation. >Foucault Nostalgia about civil war, mixed with cybernetic ideology (everything is networks, relays, nodes of power). There could have been some use in his lectures on governmentality and security, if only they were as concrete as his writings about 19th century discipline. >Situationists People aren't alienated by the spectacle anymore but integrated into it, having themselves become performers. The creation of situations is part of the system now. Tiqqun is philosophy for young larpers and lifestylists, it's almost like youth counter-culture. Fortunately they're from France so they don't look so ridiculous amidst general rioting and protesting, but globally the insurrectionist model has failed. I suppose if you want to get in the mood to sabotage some train traffic reading Tiqqun is excellent, but the system itself does similar sabotage by accident, regularly and on a wider scale, and nothing ever happens.
>>278137 late teen/young adult, whatever, at the time didn't even know leftism existed, communism got relentlessly drilled into my head as being the worst thing ever, and capitalism with its obvious problems as natural and the only system that can work, so i rejected everything and just went full escapism/loner, pretty ridiculous i know.. /blog
(460.10 KB 900x1001 arton3231.jpg)
>>189248 someone explain this nigga to me? Is he relevant in any way. I'm a ml who's trying to transition away from the dogmatic viewpoints of most modern marxism. Why is he cited by post leftist all the time, what are his main viewpoints regarding the world and should i read anything by him? Is he just another post modernist cuck or something? Also what the fuck is up with his nails, like nigga trim that shit you fucking gross fuck.
>>295289 you're gonna have to be a little more specific lad, he wrote about a ton of very different things
>>295289 He had good takes on philosophy, psychology, sociology. He's a neo-Spinozist, appreciated Marx, is a post-structuralist that wasn't some idealist anti-rationalist, but built on lessons from Marx. He's the best of the bunch imo. He is miles a head of Foucault. He was an inspiration to autonomist Marxists / Negri (especially from the 90s forward, as they were meeting each other at that time).
>>295594 In other words, crypto-liberals.
>>295607 why ask when you already made up your mind?
>>295594 >He is miles a head of Foucault. In what way? Foucault's critique of Deleuze was that his philosophy goes hand in hand with liberalism and neoliberalism and he despised Deleuze's anti-fascism and anti-statism for that reason. Having read both, Foucault seems much less idealistic. But Foucault's critique doesn't go far enough because both of them are swimming in cybernetic ideology. Capitalism today is Deleuze's dream world, everything is flowing and circulating in a global rhizomatic system beyond any political regulation. >He was an inspiration to autonomist Marxists / Negri Some of the most uninspired and vapid leftist philosophy in recent decades. >>295289 Maybe try reading Agamben's Highest Poverty where he talks about communism in a more radical form. One of the major ideas of Agamben is that not only must private property be replaced by common property, but property as such must be abolished in favor of use. That is, there should be no ownership of anything, and everything should be in common use. He then generalizes this principle in The Use of Bodies. These two works form the last part of his Homo Sacer series, where after a critique of existing political power he then constructs a positive project for the future. It's very utopian and meant as the ultimate goal, but it's one of the rare attempts today of imagining a future beyond capitalism.
>>295658 >Capitalism today is Deleuze's dream world, everything is flowing and circulating in a global rhizomatic system beyond any political regulation. But that's completely wrong. Capitalism is forced to constantly re-territorialise the flows it unleashes using conventional, "arborescent" tools of control. Contrary to what some accelerationist LARPers seem to believe we are not living in a cyberpunk novel.
>>295687 >rhizomatic system what is that, explain like i'm a /pol/fag
>>196979 This post has been overlooked for now, but soon you will be heralded as a prophet of diarrhea bolshevism.
>>295773 Deleuze's word for decentralized.
>>295866 Not merely decentralized, it's also a network structure.
>>295866 why would he consider that favorable to a centralized system of governance? I mean our system clearly isn't, its highly authoritarian
What accelerationist praxis should be?
>>295992 global warming accelerationism
>>295866 >using a rare word for a mundane concept when nobody else uses it for that The calling card of the pseud. But wait, there is more: >new usage of the word doesn't work as analogue to its original usage, so even people familiar both with how it's used normally and the other topic it's injected into have trouble figuring out what you mean >you don't explain on the spot when you introduce the new usage of the obscure word what purpose this serves How dumb do you have to be to be impressed by that, to take your own lack of understanding as evidence of profundity and depth of the speaker. If you think this shit is worth your time you might as well send money to Nigerian princes. Come on anon, join us in modern French Philosophy, the Scientology for ugly people!
>>295866 >>296020 Rhizomatic is a lot more than decentralization. A fast food franchise is "decentralized," feudalism is "decentralized." Rhizomatic means that there is no center or hierarchy, each node connects directly to other nodes, like plants or fungus or bacteria colonies or other natural things which form such networks, or like peer-to-peer networks.
>>296020 lack of understanding seems to be your field of expertise
>>296118 How is modern day capitalism rhizomatic tho?
>>296118 >Rhizomatic means that there is no center or hierarchy, each node connects directly to other nodes Rhizome when talking botany doesn't mean that. >like plants or fungus Lol no. You use a word from a field of study you don't know about, modify its meaning without being explicit about that because you want to keep it flexible to counter criticism by saying the critic failed to understand you – put in plain language: you are dishonest; and you couldn't even be explicit about the changes in meaning if you wanted since you don't understand the original meaning to begin with. Modern French Philosophy.
>>296623 everything's going to be fine bro
>>296550 Compare old labor in factorys to say Uber and gig economies.
>>296623 Did a Frenchman touch your peepee?
>>296702 Compare Uber to traditional taxi biz. Uber is a proprietary app, meaning there is one big central porky. Besides, forget about Uber. An anecdote is not a trend. You shouldn't make grand statements like capitalism becoming more decentralized without looking at data. >>296708 No. :/
>>296020 >Deluze >rare pick one, dude.
(39.38 KB 460x620 aqgD53Z_460s.jpg)
When you gonna give me some time, corona? Gun it coming off of the line, corona Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind I always get it up with a touch of the younger kind My-ee ey-ee by-ee ahee ah woo! Ma ma ma my corona Come a little closer, over here Close enough to look in my eyes, corona Keep a little mystery, kissin' me Runnin' down the length of my thigh, corona Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind Corona-chan is destroying the economy. i thought you'd all appreciate.
https://325.nostate.net/2020/02/27/italy-against-the-quarantine-of-passions-the-social-epidemic/ > A new spectre looms around us and its strength is its presumed medical truthfulness and the power to erase in a flash all other spectres invisible to the human eye. Bizarrely, when we talk about fast death, the social epidemic becomes urgent. When death settles into life, everything returns to the world of catastrophe. Isn’t there an emergency when the places where we live become unbreathable from industrialization and from the machine-world? > No emergency when GMO necro-cultures devastate the air we breathe and the food we eat? No emergency even when we are still eating from radioactive soil contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986? And Fukushima, where nuclear technicians in that area announce that the only way to stop the radioactivity in progress is by dumping the waste into the ocean?
>>306143 just finished reading this before coming here. was good!! https://anarchistsworldwide.noblogs.org/post/2020/02/25/civilization-and-its-epidemics/ >As noted above, the lethal nature of such epidemics is enabled, rather than prevented, by what capitalist civilization called “progress”. Globalization – the result of capitalism’s need to expand into more and more of the world – has increased our mobility, incentivized people to pack themselves ever more tightly in cities, and further encroached on wild animals’ territories, all of which encourage the spread of disease. Global pandemics will worsen as long as we continue such practices.
>>306143 > The geneticist Lewontin wonders in his book Biology as Ideology: was it a bacterium that caused the explosion of tuberculosis in the nineteenth century or was it the living conditions in the factories? This book is on libgen, maybe I will read it...


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