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(6.76 KB 266x190 Our guy.jpg)
Was he our guy? Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 20:03:41 No. 187808
Let's go down the list >Literally born as a slave, literally a proletarian whose only property was a droid he built himself and his mom's rented (they had to rent from their literal slave master) apartment >Explicitly wants to return to his home planet and free all the slaves (murder all the slave owners, gangsters, and capitalists) >Only Jedi to see the Republic as a shitty bureaucracy that clearly didn't give a flippant fuck about the masses of the Galaxy >Literally tells his bourgeois squeeze that he wants to institute the Dictatorship of the Proletariat; the thot don't get it tho >Criticizes the Jedi as pawns of the Republic >Only sided with the Republic because the Confederacy were an explicitly bourgeois rebellion led by the owners of the largest corporations in the Galaxy >Actually treated his clones like people >Got his apprentice to question the jedi's bullshit so that she eventually left >After seeing how hard the Jedi fucked over his faithful apprentice simply to appease the increasingly fascist Republic he finally realizes they are beyond hope >Gets approached by Palpatine and finally sees the perfect opportunity to do away with the Republic, the Jedi, and their bourgeois dictatorship >Sees Palpatine is also a monstrous fascist so immediately plans to overthrow him, asks Padme to assist as he knows she has the pull to help create a popular front against the Empire with them leading the vanguard <Wtf this bitch says no <Wtf Obi-Wan turned her against me <Oh shit, Obi-Wan is here <Mfw he makes it clear he won't side with me and the proletariat <Fuck it, I said the Jedi needed to go after all <Stfu bitch wife <Wtf this fuck cut my fuckin legs off, fuck >Gets fucked over and wounded by Obi-Wan, thus ending his chances of ever overthrowing the Emperor (read above) <Mfw gotta be this evil fuck's bitch now cuz I literally can't beat him >Spends the next 20 years serving the Emperor against his own will, even then he manages to convince Galen Erso to sabotage the Death Star and makes the Empire so shitty people will inevitably rebel >Tries getting Luke to help him off the Emperor >Kills that fucker the first chance he gets and dies as a result, freeing the Galaxy and balancing the Force <Mfw shitty corporate sequels invalidate my sacrifice and life story Anakin was a secret communist working to undermine the Empire and free the workers all along, prove me wrong
Not to mention he kept killing the shit out of imperial officers
>>187834 >cant even sage right
>>187808 The Empire abolished slavery.
>>187834 >Mfw niggas can’t handle my OG Communist Fantasy Space Nigga
kill yourself reddit nigger
>>187841 >Most popular movie franchise on Earth for the past 40 years <Reddit
>>187838 Exactly I don't understand all the shit Palpatine takes. >>187808 Good observations. The jedi cult serves the purpose of taking the most talented individuals, those potentially more inclined to see the contradictions, and brainwash them into passivity and compliance with the system. Just like the Roman church in the Middle Age.
>>187852(me) And the sith are just a black legend that reinforce their supposed role as good guys.
(69.34 KB 1024x768 ee5wfe.jpeg)
>>187838 >abolished slavery.
>>187808 >manages to convince Galen Erso to sabotage the Death Star source?
>>187881 The movies
>>187808 >Le consoomer Back to whatever pit you crawl out from.
>>187881 There’s a comic where he goes out of his way to tell him that the weapon isn’t evil and Galen will be personally responsible for the deaths of billions
>>187808 TF? Anakin was never a prole. Slave societies are completely different.
>>187921 As a slave Anakin’s class interests align with the proletariat, similar to the peasants in Russia
>>187934 Not necessarily, because they havent reached that stage of development.
>>187909 is it canon tho?
(37.68 KB 340x432 w4er56.jpeg)
>>187921 It's a slave society when that's the dominant mode of production, the star wars universe has some slavery in it, but so does current day earth.
>>187949 seize the means to canon seriously though, you do not have to accept the version of the fictional story the giant entertainment corporation is dictating
>>187953 Damn right. Your personal canon is just as valid as whatever the corporation decides, if not more valid because it's not dictated by market forces. Hell you can even end the series with outright fanfiction if you want. Break the chains of hierarchical media!
>>187949 Disney canon
>>187958 Deadass, canon Star Wars is the parts of Disney I think aren't shit and the parts of the EU that aren't shit, the new trilogy I just disregard.
>>187948 Star Wars is far beyond a slave society, the Republic as a whole is clearly a bourgeois dictatorship and is also itself a Galactic Empire (just not a fascist one until Palps). Within the Republican Empire there are high-tech feudal planets, high-tech slave planets, and many in-between. Though the vast majority are likely capitalist countries and the Star Wars equivalent of the Third World (the Outer Rim and Mid-Rim are explicitly exploited for resources and labor by the Galactic Core)
How many fucking threads about soy wars do you need?
(83.87 KB 808x548 classwars.jpeg)
>>187986 To be honest there should be one thread and it should be about ideologically converting the story.
>>187986 As many as necessary to get my full dosage of soylent, now fuck off, I didn’t make the other one anyway and the other one was about consoomption in general
>>187986 until i mating press daisy ridley
>>188071 What if I told you Stalin would’ve shook hands with Vader?
>>188076 Nice now take it to >>>/hobby/
>>188083 This isn’t a hobby, it’s my life. You go there
Count dooku was /ourguy/ He was literally in position to murder the emperor before Soywalker was cucked by mr the senate
>>188089 If this all that your life has ever amounted to, you don’t have a life.
>>188745 Count Dooku was literally nobility and directly collaborating with capitalists and fascists
leftism in tbe modern age truly is peak contrarianism and "novel" hot takes and pure subversion. at least the /leftypol/ sphere is. and this is why I like it so much merry Christmas you boons
>>187838 It literally didn't.
>>187838 dont forget, they blow up planets full of people. that what all the "empire wus right" people seem to forget. even if they were right on some things they still need to be purged.
>>188977 those people were (((aristocrats))) and deserved it
>>187808 Liberals versus fascists.
>>189233 The Rebellion were actually a popular front
>>189288 a popular front of nazis
>>189322 There were socialists and communists in the Rebellion, one such made their whole planet socialist and eliminated poverty, disease, warfare, etc.
>>189336 Hitler claimed such things too.
Star Wars is khokholodomor kulak propaganda at its finest. If you don't see it I question your communism.
Darth Vader was cool because he choked people to death and blew up planets. that's basically it
>>187808 The story of Anikin Skywalker/Darth Vader is that of a slave-boy (a third-worlder) being taken from his chains and placed into a liberal first-worldist society. His own trauma and the self-righteous decadence of the Jedi let him be easily manipulated to the Sith, becoming a Nazi. Following which he is redeemed when he finally turns on his master when his revolutionary son Luke turns him to good again. The original trilogy was a good vs evil story, a space fantasy where the nazis are taken down by scrappy rebels. The Prequel Trilogy expanded the Star wars Universe and detailed the rise and fall of Anikin parallel to the decline of democracy in the republic and rise of the empire. Red Cynic has a good analysis on this within his Force Awakens review. As a side note The one good aesthetic from Force Awakens is Kylo Ren, pic related
(74.27 KB 720x1152 kylo neo nazi.jpg)
>>194323 Sorry pic didn't post
>>189365 He also drank water
>>187962 >disney LOL gross
>>194329 Yea tbh much as I wish I could pretend the Disney trilogy was clever or some shit but really it's just cheap nostalgia pap designed to get asses in seats.
>>189711 If only we had something similar in Kampuchea :(
so /leftypol/ is unironically using soyboy now. what a shithole this place became
(132.83 KB 220x325 220px-Luke_Skywalker[1].png)
>my fellow jedi, I regret to inform you that the Sith have Weapons of Mass Destruction
>>194351 Yeah. There was 1 or 2 scenes per film that actually had interesting potential (Kylo's neo-naziesque worship of Vader in Force Awakens or his speech to Rey in the throne room in Last Jedi) But it was squandered on pandering and idpol.
>>194409 You're behind the times
(952.50 KB 1634x976 wojak edit.png)
(2.48 MB 454x520 1.gif)
>>194409 >so /leftypol/ is unironically using soyboy now. what a shithole this place became
>>194432 And this proves what? You do realize this shit is posted and reposted and reposted ad infinitum across the chans, with more and more edits done over time right?
>>187808 Yes Chaotic neutral is based position
TL;DR: The original trilogy is the story of the defeat of fascism. The prequels is the fall of capitalism into fascism.
>>213346 and the sequels are just plain liberalism
>>213372 The sequels are deeply postmodern trash that tries to echo the OT, which was itself culturally postmodern as a pastiche of older sci-fi stories, samurai epics, and WWII serials.
>>213406 Eat my nuts nigga jannies already said they aren't killing fun threads, this isn't 8chan we aren't /leftyautism/ anymore
It was basically confirmed in the mandalorian the empire used slaves
>>213406 Thread was put here, and jannies don't know how to move threads from one board to another out of laziness so just deal with it.
>>213389 >Itself culturally postmodern as a pastiche of older sci-fi stories, samurai epics, and WWII serials. That doesn't make it post-modern, it doesn't lambast or caricaturize the things you've mentioned but embraces their influence, which goes directly against post-modern thought. The sequels are Post-modern partially because they reference themselves and because they make a farce out of what Star Wars originally was.
>>213444 Informally of course, and abolished in legal sense. Sort of how many servants in British colonies weren't formally slaves. As a side note The Mandalorian is by far the best non-animated star-wars media to be made by Disney even with its pandering and references... mostly cause it uses said pandering and references in subtle or fun ways without loud, colorful screamfests that are the Sequel movies.
>>213474 >Princess Leia is supposed to be a classic damsel in distress, but her revelation as someone that's actually more competent than her rescuers is a subversion of the trope. That's an outlier in the over-all story however and isn't all that new actually since battle-maidens have been a thing since the Valkyries. Subverting a trope does not automatically make it postmodern, after all there are many tropes that outright counter one another and have existed for decades if not centuries. Also the reason people hate that cartoon is because, while its technically a canon scene, the portrayal is obviously pandering to the "girl power" theme that SJWs have been fucking around with not to mention outright idpol fuckery in Disney Star Wars media a la "the force is feminist" or Admiral Holdo and other cringe elements.
(116.25 KB 821x1260 my sides are in orbit.jpg)
>>194432 >that audio
>>213474 >>213465 A more general example is just the attitudes of the characters throughout the movie. Luke responding with sarcasm when c3po formally introduces himself is already something that would never happen in a flash gordon serial where the characters were all campy, here luke is self aware of c3pos camp. Everything aboard the death star. The main cast as post-modern rebels, the 60's and 70s kind, in contrast to the modernist empire. Han and Luke don't take the situation they're in seriously, they're making jokes, quips, etc.. Its already laying the foundation for Oscar Issac saying Yo momma jokes at the start of Last Jedi. Of course there's also the role of the Jedi. This is signalling the post 70's rise of eastern spiritualism and new age shit. The idea that an effective way to rebel against the modern world is a return to some pre-modern spiritual connection. Which has since of course become part of the ideology of the ruling class in tech places like california. I think zizeks comments about Kung Fu Panda apply to Star Wars(the original trilogy). Even though Star Wars is treating this traditional myth with post-modern mockery, it still functions fully as a traditional myth. >In what, then, does the ideology of the film reside? Let us return to the key formula: “There is no special ingredient. It’s only you. To make something special you just have to believe it’s special.” This formula renders the fetishist disavowal (split) at its purest – its message is: “I know very well there is no special ingredient, but I nonetheless believe in it (and act accordingly)…” Cynical denunciation (at the level of rational knowledge) is counteracted by a call to “irrational” belief – and this is the most elementary formula of how ideology functions today. So in some sense the reactionaries and incels are right to complain. They're just too blind to see how their beloved myth was already a subversion of itself.
>>213465 >Listens to PoMo dorks to try understanding PoMo >Understanding PoMo from a liberal perspective rather than a Marxist one Read David Harvey, watch Prolekult
>>213511 There's already enough threads to cater to your autism, anon, let folks have fun
>>213508 >the portrayal is obviously pandering to the "girl power" theme Thats why it was originally in the movie though, george lucas was a big counter-cultural hippie and he wanted to go against the idea that women had to be rescued. Its inconsistent to criticize the new movies for being "too sjw" when the original was already that. If anything the correct criticism of the new movies is that they're too conservative. They're unable to move past the post-modern deconstruction of the originals and come up with something new. The Last Jedi, while it has its problems in a technical aspect, is the closest the new ones came to doing something actually new. It failed at even that I'd say, but its better than the surrounding JJ abrhams attempt which are pure conservative nostalgia.
>>213511 You're fighting the good fight. /hobby/ shall rise.
>>213515 Fuck off you shit taste consumerist. If socialism is autism then feel free to go back to ciabook or whatever you're alt-tabbing you spoiled child. >>>/ http://facebook.com / >>>/ http://reddit.com / >>>/ http://twitter.com /
>>213564 liking shit isnt consoomption if i dont buy the merch
Palpatine is obviously a surrogate for Stalin; anyone at all familiar with Lucas output would recognize his devotion to American liberal individualism. The plot of Lucas early work THX-1138 clearly exposes these ideological biases. Star Wars essentially repackages cold war propaganda against the Soviet Union into a science fiction setting.
>>213576 Daddy E was not like Stalin, his nationalization of the economy basically only extended to the companies that were percieved as against Imp rule, and their assets were largely turned over to Imp-aligned corporations like Kuat and the like. Plus Money E used humano-centrism (basically just anti-alien racism) to secure military and economic support in the human-dominated core-regions and used the sentiment as a preface for imperialism in the outer rim - basically the 3rd world in Star Wars. It's far closer to a mix of Nazi Germany and Cold War US than it is a depiction of the USSR.
(6.20 KB 219x185 lib.png)
>>213580 Sheev was nazbol https://youtu.be/zO3YRlNLqCM LIBS SEETHING
>>213583 >The empire was anti-alien Oh honestly, how you think this assertion is credible in the face of the empire's clear us of alien agents in ANH and Empire as well of one of the Navy's most successful Admirals being non-human is beyond me.
>>213610 Thrawn was basically Sheev's one blue friend
>>213672 You've just fallen for rebel propaganda. As individualist liberals who view """diversity""" as something noble, of course Sheev is going to be portrayed as some terrible bigot. Never mind the clear images of his non-human compatriots back in his Senate days. I suspect half of this nonsense comes from Hutts angry Palpatine finally did something to suppress their rampant criminality.
>>213512 Read this: Fuck off you self-righteous pseudo-intellectual
>>213558 >Its inconsistent to criticize the new movies for being "too sjw" when the original was already that. Except that's bullshit. The old movies weren't SJW they had strong characters who HAPPENED TO BE FEMALE, they weren't fanfic-tier Mary Sue's that shoot 3 Tie fighters in one shot THE FIRST TIME SHOOTING the Falcon Turret. Or stupid pointless diversity inserts rather than actual characterization. Compare Finn to Lando. Inclusivity in the old Star Wars wasn't put in JUST for that but was a part of the character. Leia subverted expectations by >they're too conservative no they're liberal fanfic-yier garbage >Last Jedi was new Sure except that it was new for no reason, unlike the prequels which expanded the Star-Wars universe logically and which provided more depth socially and politically as well as background to the Jedi-Sith conflict. the Sequels provide nothing. The new parts make no sense, the old references are poorly made nd thus nothing really good. Apparently Luke, the guy who saw a sliver of good in Vader and who brought him back to the light-side apparently decides to kill his nephew because he saw glimmers of Darkness in him. And somehow the saviour of the Universe who in both canon and non-canon material was one of the strongest Jedi to live was beaten by a half-trained jedi upstart who killed everyone else too. And rather than taking responsibility and doing something he hides away in shame and dies like a fool, pretending to fight Kylo through a force ghost yet somehow teleporting the Golden Dice to Leia. Leia who never had a real force presence magically can turn into fucking super-man and survive space casually, just needing a nap. This isn't conservative, conservative is The Mandalorian, which carefully uses old star wars references and canon but in a way where its enjoyable and new. It doesn't have shitty fanfiction tier writing but actual literary story. A simple story perhaps but one that is enjoyable and new enough to enjoy. The Sequels take old things, but only as references, because the story makes no goddamn sense. It's all just hints and baiting for fan-theories that get shat on by white knight twats like Ryan Johnson, or spectacle focused pseuds like Jewr Jewr Abrhams. >pure nostalgia Except it's a cheap imitation not actual Nostalgia like one gets from stuff like Stranger Things Season 1.
(27.45 KB 248x248 1348468488986.jpg)
>>213953 >Compare Finn to Lando. <compare a main character to a side character because they have the same skin color u wot
(756.88 KB 500x5033 Stormtroopers aim.jpg)
>>213564 >spoiled child because we enjoy discussion media through marxist analysis and having some casual fun on a leftist site? >shit taste Why because it rustle's your Jimmies. The Original trilogy and the prequels are both compelling well-written stories. Not perfect but many of the problems require analysis to understand why they are there and if they're really problems or not. >consumerist That's not a proper word; consumerism is not an actual ideology and the word is "consumer". Moreover consuming products is inevitable in capitalism. We are human beings we take part of society. Reading dry factual literature and watching ideological correct but flat movies does not make you a better human being than anyone else. If you can't understand that a fundemental part of humanity is their culture (such as cinema as Lenin said) then you don't belong here either. Ethical consumption does not exist under capitalism not to mention that quality media can be produced under it: Jack London's books were written in the US of A yet are classics, as is Mark Twain and hundreds of other books. The same applies to movies and cartoons. Fuck off. >ciabook what a dead reference >muh reddit frankly I've found more intelligent life there compared to you >twitter Good for pics, not for discussion. Stay mad.
>>213961 That's the point, Lando has more (consistent) character than Finn despite being a secondary character. And Lando is also independent while Finn acts like an Uncle Tom with Rey. Its the same shit as with every other black character shoved into recent movies they're just there to fill a diversity quota, not be actual characters, regardless of role. It's liberalism at its worst.
>>213923 >SPAM get fucked sagefailer
>>214071 >an Uncle Tom with Rey I think you meant Magic Negro. Isn’t Uncle Tom like a house nigger or something?
Reminder that George Lucas took inspiration from Soviet sci-fi and recognized that they had greater creative freedom.
>>214087 Proofs?
>>214084 >Uncle Tom like a house nigger It's ghetto slang for a black guy who sucks up to white people and acts as a 'white' knight for them.
>>214457 Shit board that deserves to be nuked. Give us a /tv/, /v/, /tech/, etc. if you want us to talk about that stuff. I don't want /b/.
>>197947 Darth Vader was lawful neutral, aspired to be lawful good, and pretended to be lawful evil for Palpatine.
>>214502 It's actually not that bad a board and leftyb was pretty fun to use on 8chan. >>214513 pretty much this >>214457 COPE
>>214502 We already have a /b/. It's called /GET/
>>214839 ayyy LMAO too true
>>215746 keep crying
(10.54 KB 331x50 pasta-la-vista.png)
>>218150 No u.
(110.15 KB 724x1176 Kylo says he's a monster.jpg)
(52.98 KB 750x750 subtext reylo.jpg)
>>194323 The one part of Last Jedi I liked was a portion of the throne-room scene when Kylo tells Rey she's nothing, a nobody... but not to him. That honestly felt like a really good scene. It subverted the idea that Rey was some child of destiny born of Obi Wan or a skywalker or some other nostalgic force user name and instead presents her as an ordinary orphan, forgotten by her drunkard parents, and uncared for by anyone who just happened to have immense force powers. Of course JJ ruined the one good part of Last Jedi, with the "muh Palpatine grand-daughter" stupidity in the Rise of Skywalker. To be honest there are plenty of individual scenes, mostly of Re conversing with Kylo, which are quite interesting and have depth in Last Jedi, but because of the sheer Mary Sueiness and pointless SJW shit within the film as well as other idiocy and plot divergences these good moments get lost in all the filth.


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