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/leftybritpol/ Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 15:52:04 No. 187602
Republic of Great Britain soon edition. >he's still alive, we swear!
Did someone say Republic?
>>187608 Was he /ourguy/?
>>187610 I'll just repost what I posted on 4/his/. Cromwell was a liberator, cleansing the land from the evils of absolutism and feudalism. Cromwell was also a sectarian butcher who wouldn't be out of place among the throat slitting Sunni militias trapped in Idlib, difference being Cromwell could actually lead an army.
>>187602 Goddamn, he looks fucked up
>>187640 Stem cell and young blood withdrawal is a bitch
The revolution is coming soon comrades, I hope you're prepared. Get the locals in the councils and militia in preparation for the foundation of the new unions to sieze the economy. We have done what we once thought impossible, we won over the Conservatives. They have seen the propaganda machine laid bare, and the Tory party are covering for their collapse with an influx of Fascist voters and those they radicalised. We even managed to sink the Labour party. They only represent 21%, they are an echo-chamber. There are millions of us.
>>187640 He genuinely looks like an ancient vampire rising from his crumbling throne
>>187608 Fuck, does anyone else think humans are ugly?
>>187602 boris johnson
>>187610 >>187612 >>187608 No he is an anti-catholic piece of shit.
>>187846 If he was anti-catholic he had at least a single redeeming quality.
>>187846 Hey I called him a sectarian butcher too, he's a complicated figure
>>187855 Enjoy hell retard.
>>187602 >Great Britain cringe just say Britain
Guys, are there any britbongs that are suicidal and do drugs?
(25.44 KB 170x200 Laughing_Marx.jpg)
>>188021 Ugly faggot
>>187989 Silly faggot
>>188010 Based Faggot
If you ever needed any more proof that the ruling class are litterally vampiristic subhumans, here it is.
>>188043 Bro look at that cunt >>187602 He litterally looks like a fucking cross between a zombie and lizardpeople.
(112.17 KB 957x835 Grace Xmas.jpg)
>>187608 >roundheads think they're going to steal CHRISTMAS from the ROYAL FAMILY Heh, not this Xmas.
>>188104 Finally,a decent pic,good job Gracefag ! It's on the level of Yuuto Ichikata fanart ! Merry Xmas,may you live to see your own beheading,and all that good shit. Don't you dare come near the mistletoe.
(110.68 KB 1440x728 based camarada Corbino.jpeg)
>>187608 Why Brits why!
>>188208 >why Election trickery. >>188104 We're Diggers around here.
>>187602 >Republics start when the king and queen with offspring die of old age I don't think you know how monarchies work, OP.
>>188234 If the future monarch is unpopular it will increase support for a republic
>>187612 >>187610 Don't forget that they banned Christmas. Vid related. Don't tell me you are Christmas-haters >>188208 It is totally normal for a royal family to have a palace. That is the spirit of royalism, the household. A monarch simply wants a nation like a great household and that begins with a royal palace. >>188196 >Don't you dare come near the mistletoe. Don't jinx yourself! >>188217 >We're Diggers around here. Diggers. Roundheads. Same animal?
>>188240 >It is totally normal for a royal family to have a palace. That is the spirit of royalism, the household. A monarch simply wants a nation like a great household and that begins with a royal palace. This is what happens when your ideology is nothing but aesthetics.
(40.35 KB 911x430 camarada guillotina.jpg)
>>188240 Probably a fake quote sadly but what the quote is trying to say is that in this day and age that ain't normal, not that in a monarchy that isn't normal, of course it is, some glorified Kardashian worshipping it's what looks like to me as outsider. We even get all that royal baby crap in our lousy papers/news every fucking time one of yore leeches shits a baby or gets married.
>>188371 >pic Jesus, is this the price we pay for 'free journalism'? Free to be absolutely shit.
>>188371 Women are more likely to like the royals in my experience, it is very similar to the Kardashians
A Corbyn government could have had a referendum when the queen inevitably dies in the next 5 years, it will be very difficult to get rid of them now with Johnson in power
>>188237 Does support for a republic actually matter at all?
>>187608 traitor backstabbed New Model Army to hung out with aristocrats
Reminder that liverpool can't win without cheating
>>188377 I'm not even sure if it is a real person, the name was always there on the absolute shittest tier Corbyn hit pieces.
(202.67 KB 1080x1350 slags (14).jpg)
will there still be slags after brexit?
>>188720 More black women from the commonwealth hopefully
>>188703 Football is the opium of the masses
(50.84 KB 672x1000 471_1000[1].jpg)
>>188722 Exclusive first look at Boris's new trade deal with Nigeria
(770.84 KB 768x1200 cpgbwales.jpg)
just copped
>>188720 Reminder Fiat 500 twitter is fucking tory.
(132.85 KB 833x1253 _Go_TChnGHQg_V_5658_29.jpg)
(65.45 KB 771x580 980.jpg)
(15.55 MB The_Martyr.mp4)
>>188284 Monarchs like to paint their ideology through palaces. It isn't aesthetics alone. King Charles I commissioned this picture of his father King James I in Whitehall and Whitehall remained a very special place during the 11 year rule. The soul of royalism is anchored around the household. While monarchy itself is focused on an individual MONarch, one man (yes, call me an individualist; I don't care), monarchy finds its roots in royalism and the figure of a royal patriarch. Monarchy (the rule of one) and royalism go to together perfectly and preserve another. The monarch as head of the household is for the common good, for what is royal is a superior among kin. A royal despot provides for the household. Aristotle on royal authority: >The rule of a father over his children is royal, for he rules by virtue both of love and of the respect due to age, exercising a kind of royal power. And therefore Homer has appropriately called Zeus ‘father of Gods and men,’ because he is the king of them all. For a king is the natural superior of his subjects, but he should be of the same kin or kind with them, and such is the relation of elder and younger, of father and son. Robert Filmer said in Patriarcha that the first kings were fathers of families. In this sense, Filmer was a royalist, but he was also a monarchist seeing monarchy as means to embracing the universal patriarch. So royalism embraces the structure of the household and the monarchy firmly stands as the rule of one. BUT WHY A ROYAL PALACE? Royal monarchs need to build their nations like a great household. It is must be a great household like a palace because #1. the royal is a person of public authority, a leviathan. The power of 'The People' invested in the royal estate must mean big designs for the sake of a greater common power invested in a personal power, body politic 101. The monarch becomes the head of a people, and those people act like the body. (This is why they chop off monarchs' heads for most regicides) #2. monarchy itself requires extraordinary character. One man to remain at the head should take on extraordinary characteristics. It is 'normal' for a royal monarch to seek extraordinary buildings. This runs deep. Go look at the Pharaohs and the pyramids, then say this is only an aesthetic and not the soul of royal monarchy.
(444.42 KB 1400x1011 versailles-1668f.jpg)
(39.23 KB 789x274 Aristotle on royal virtue.png)
You might wonder, "This is incredibly selfish! This is partiality over the whole, invest of the self over the common good; tyrannical!" But the personal power of a royal monarch becomes greater on behalf of the whole and the common good. The royal idea begins with the primary component of states and authority, the household, and monarchy uses the personal character of a monarch to provide unity. Unity with emphasis on oneness. It is the nature of royalism to view a nation and people as part of their great household since royal patriarchal power is a kind of extraordinary power on behalf of the whole and not only the parts. A monarch seeks to have things that are great to have that extraordinary weight. Would it be fair for any leader to have state affairs and diplomacy at an 'normal' house? No. It is injustice to a people to have their nation resemble a dilapidated shack rather than a great household.
(42.00 KB 680x626 unexpected turn of events.jpg)
>>189179 >>189185 Yeah the construction skills of those ancient civilisations is impressive but seriously build stuff that's actually useful for people, don't devote an entire civilisation towards building a luxury mansions or gigantic tombstones.
>>189185 >the personal power of a royal monarch becomes greater on behalf of the whole and the common good no arguments >The royal idea begins with[...] still waiting >Unity with emphasis on oneness I'm sure you're going to blow me up once you start justifying it >It is injustice to a people to have their nation resemble a dilapidated shack rather than a great household. But that's what it still looks like,even with a mountain of gold in the middle of the feces ocean. also for the other post >greater common power but it's not common,it's an individual,even building a parliament made out of platinum would me more of a "common" thing.
>>188799 jealous, how does it look from a quick scan? worth getting?
>>189179 >>189185 >But the personal power of a royal monarch becomes greater on behalf of the whole and the common good. Please show me a monarchy where the common worker and peasants lived a higher quality of life than after the bourgeois or communist revolution. >It is injustice to a people to have their nation resemble a dilapidated shack rather than a great household. Yeah, the people REALLY benefit from a royal palace that they paid for and can't even use. Can you please provide some real arguments instead of stupid metaphors that are founded on nothing but aesthetics. You are aware that aesthetics need to be founded on some well-grounded philosophical or sociological theory, right?
>>189210 >Yeah the construction skills of those ancient civilisations is impressive but seriously build stuff that's actually useful for people, don't devote an entire civilisation towards building a luxury mansions or gigantic tombstones. A house is useful, but as an extension of our hearts and minds it isn't enough to have a house for sleeping. Royal power demands a great residence for the sovereign power. It is better to have a royal palace for a ruling royal family rather than as a soup kitchen. You could always build a soup kitchen somewhere else. A state residence should be ambitious and large. It is designed to impress foreign visitors and become an extension of not only the monarch's soul, but a people. Why bother saying, "You could always build a soup kitchen instead," when there is room for things other than soup kitchens. If had a nation for soup kitchens and poverty lines rather than a few magnificent buildings, suit yourself, but people generally want more than just soup kitchens. It sounds noble and endearing, but really nobody is content with living in a city full of soup kitchens and not magnificent buildings. >>189235 >But that's what it still looks like,even with a mountain of gold in the middle of the feces ocean. You talk about London as if it were an African slum (inb4 someone says it is). >but it's not common,it's an individual,even building a parliament made out of platinum would me more of a "common" thing. A great mass of people like to rally around an individual leader for unity. It appeals to a common power to have an individual glue for their power rather than a parliament. A royal power serves the same function as a place for state affairs. >Please show me a monarchy where the common worker and peasants lived a higher quality of life than after the bourgeois or communist revolution. A bourgeois or communist revolution obviously doesn't make everything better. Ethiopia after the Derg or England after the Civil Wars (with the Restoration in mind). This is looking at a great democratic revolution rather than monarchy as its own innovation, so that is part of the problem. >Yeah, the people REALLY benefit from a royal palace that they paid for and can't even use. They can't all use it, but not all people are representatives and use parliament buildings the same. Royal regimes would let ordinary people come to their palaces and others testify to problems they were having. Not all royal regimes were like this, but there are examples.
>>189514 This is weird bait tbh, not too believable to see monarchists on a commie board
>>189514 How do you reconcile the fact that most modern descendants of kingdoms/earldoms whatever the fuck are fucking idiotic/corrupt? Like the Norwegian princess or Prince Andrew?
>>189551 GraceFag is a familiar face. We also had an AF member in the Yellow vests thread,but he got banned twice for making posts about his monarchist blogs and posting in red in huge posts,but otherwise was ok. >>189514 >You talk about London I don't speak about London,there's already a royal palace there,so obviously if you compare to today it's not the same as when it was actually built,I was just saying it's a weird priority to build a huge near useless building to look cool if your subjects live in mudhuts. >A great mass of people like to rally around an individual leader for unity. But I don't ? I mean I can put a fake statue if you want,pretending to have any power to look nice. Also I still think it's bad currently that we can't come and go in public funded buildings,but that's not me you're talking about there.
>>189179 >>189185 >>189514 This is what is the most insufferable with right wingers, they make grand statements that have no explanation and evidence but assumes everyone is on board with it. At the very least socialists or anarchists often bemoan about the bad shit in the world before describing or explaining it with ideology. There is barely any argument to be made or counter here.
>>189571 This was no argument. The purpose of my side of the conversation was explaining the nature of royalism and why royal monarchs desire palaces. I don't care what a bunch of political animals think about how royal despotism functions.
>>189573 >The purpose of my side of the conversation was explaining the nature of royalism and why royal monarchs desire palaces. I don't care what a bunch of political animals think about how royal despotism functions. Those two sentences contradict one another, why explain if you never cared? Weaponizing your idiocy.
(75.39 KB 370x450 0909090213.png)
>>189578 >Weaponizing your idiocy. To answer >>189551 this anon, I only come here to watch political animals with binoculars. I am here on safari. I came to see your autism. I watch sectarians paw and growl at one another, two different subspecies of the same animal. I watch for the royal threads. But even Alunya is like another animal in tall grass with neko ears.
Imagine having a monarch.
(475.37 KB 2400x2400 jucika.jpg)
>>189591 i'm a republican and all but who is this cute smug monarchist ? i ship with jucika
>>189601 Reminder USA was created by French Absolute Monarchs to fuck with UK which had a Parliament.
>monarchists calling anyone else "autistic" ebic
>>189591 Which you wouldn't have answered if you didn't cared...
>>188240 go back to twitter homosexual
>>189591 You're weird
>>189603 Her name is Grace. I've had enough of talking about why royals want to build palaces. Maybe it really is because they are pretty. That is why poets are the greatest friends of tyrants; they appeal to imitation and say pretty things. My ideology is that we need 99% of the state budget directly funneled into royal parties. What we need is a poet-king, not a philosopher king.
>>189792 I can't think of any poets that actually supported a monarchy... All I can remember are the countless ones that supported hanging every single king.
>>189793 Dante. He wrote 'De Monarchia', maybe one of the most purplepilled books you could read. But you people can keep John Milton.
>>189797 >Dante No. De Monarchia doesn't talk about your homosexual inbred lizards. Try again.
I would be on board with this royal thing if they were cute shotas and lolis heirs but they are all funny looking people. The princess of Spain can get it, though.
Also why haven't the mods banned the purple guy yet, this is pretty thread derailing.
(80.25 KB 649x406 ian.jpg)
>>190695 Reminder Ian Lavery stole money from miners to pay for his mortgage.
So are you still labourites even after corbyn?
>>190746 Wrong
(16.71 KB 1016x566 JackieWalkerTweet.png)
>>190750 Staying in until after the leadership contest, but I think all the wrong people are going to end up having the real control of the party no matter who wins. It's amazing how much the 1997 landslide of parachuted right wingers still has control over the party. Maybe I'll stay if the new leader promises to introduce automatic reselection.
>>190828 Fake nuze
>>190746 >>190828 Took a morgage from the union at lower than market rate of interest. I can live with it, still the best candidate if he runs.
>>190025 Disgusting nonce, just like yer r*YALS.
>>191023 From a fund meant for ill miners.
>>188799 CPB are trash. There lines are all trash. There is a reason they have zero support outside of skinny keyboard warriors and a hand full of trade unionists (who are admittedly good) but who have essentially groomed a bunch of kids into their dead end party. Funny cos they are the ones always banging on about pedoes
>>191130 WPB wins then
>>191130 i would like to join the cpgb-ml but they seem to have almost no presence outside of a few cities in england
Oh cool are yall finally kicking the queen out? bout time. Fuck your royal family.
>>191444 >yall Speak English
>>191130 >>191229 >>191434 Imagine voting for Nigel Garage. Imagine voting for George "give attention today" Galloway. Go with the TUSC and CPB, honestly.
>>191460 TUSC is dead anon. It died around 2015.
Also the WPB is basically an electoral front for the CPGB-ML: one of its cofoudners is a progeny of the Barr family.
>>191460 No one said anything about Brexit party
>>191444 Do you have news yank comrade
>>191588 a lot of Labour Leave went to BXP though
(324.42 KB 705x730 cliveout.jpg)
What an idiot
>>191460 >CPB tailist, barely revolutionary, don't support Scottish independence but do support brexit in the most bizarre display of mental gymnastics the UK left has maybe ever seen. I dunno where you got I support Galloway and btw to be absolutely clear, CPGB-ML and even bigger trash. The UK quite clearly needs a new, relevant communist party. Possibly a federation of English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish Communist parties
Anglos need that ol' teeth kicking in when their whole ideology is anti proletarian.
>>191935 >Possibly a federation of English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish Communist parties CPB and CPGB-ML isn’t already that? No wonder they suck
>>191598 Labour needs democratic centralism.
the UK is terminally classcucked. as the last election showed, johnson parroted one slogan and won by a landslide. Iain Duncan smith was also recently knighted. I have no reason to have any hope left.
>>191935 Pro brexit, anti scottish tartan tory nationalism is the left wing position, chinah
>>190750 depends on who's the next leader, as long as their not a blairite I'll at least try to help the party. if jess phillips becomes leader I will literally leave the country tho as that's all the proof I need that the labour would rather abandoned any principal they have left
>>192269 Pro brexit, anti UK. Obv. >the entirety of Scottish nationalism was the SNP >what was RIC Stfu YCL bitchboy you realise there is literally nobody in Scotland pro brexit and union besides you fags and the orange men. CPB/YCL are a complete irrelevance which is why you hang on the coat tails of labour and do fuck all else More independence voters also voted for brexit than no voters. Think on it
>>189605 And this intervention by the French bankrupted them so hard that they had a revolution.
>>192269 Eh, with the possibility of Corbyn as PM, Scottish independence was best avoided, but with a decisive defeat for Labour, and especially Labour's left wing, there is no short nor medium term reason to stay in the UK. Also, I think fears of a Thousand Year Tory Reich if Scotland goes independent are a bit exaggerated, given Scotland's only having 59 seats, about 1/3rd of the massive gulf that exists between Labour and the Tories, a gulf that widened from Tories gaining barely over 1% of the vote on stagnant turnout.
>>192765 Oh, also also, Scotland leaving would be a black eye for the Tories under the under their watch, and the example of a substantially leftist Scotland as the SNP disintegrated right across the border would provide a stark contrast against Johnson's malfeasance in the UK.
The nameless decade is almost over lads. There are landlords that were born after the millenium now. Is there any possibility that the Roaring 20's are going to be any better? I think its all even further downhill from here, but still can't give up hope, at least we'll get to see the UK explode before the whole world goes completely insane. Happy new year everybody
>>192838 >Roaring 20's Yeah, and look what happened when that ended
Communist Party of Kernow (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)
>>191935 there's no point splitting Britain into Wales, Scotland and England states
>>192712 Fuck em, they're wrong
Happy new year comrades
>>192269 Agreed. >>192712 >the entirety of Scottish nationalism was the SNP Yes, and? >CPB is tailist do tell
>That joke Rosie Jones made about Greta Thunberg on the Last Leg last decade fucking kek
Happy new year from the carribean subhuman work meat Don't worry, the 20's have traditionally been fantastic for the working class Jules Holland's nye show continues to be shit
>>192958 >Don't worry, the 20's have traditionally been fantastic for the working class the 1920s saw the foundation of the CPGB and the Soviet Union
>>192940 Fuck the last leg and all liberal comedy
(3.50 MB 7000x4000 socialistbritain10.jpg)
>>193016 They wont even vote for a socdem
>>193016 Source
>>193018 So? China, Cuba, DPRK etc never voted for socdems.
>>193369 Doesn't the DPRK have a SocDem party?
>>193369 None of those ever held elections socdems could stand in
I hope long-bailey does the right thing and steps down for Lavery to be the left wing candidate. Only one of them can be nominated
>>193547 Not gonna happen.
What's the breakdown of Labour Party leadership candidates and their ideological positions?
>>192933 Obviously the entirety of Scottish independence isn’t the SNP. Of the people who vote labour in Scotland for example many still support independence. You simply ignored the existence of the radical independence campaign, which spawned a new generation of radical leftism which CPB have failed to do and not been part of. Hence the tailism, their unionist social democracy is a less advanced program than the Scottish working class demand. Btw more working class people want independence. It is the middle class who want the union (and orange men, such as yourself)
>>193547 Hasn't Lavery been voting for being part of the EU? Hardly left-wing
>>194142 He and Jon Transcitt were the only ones in Corbyn's cabinet that was pro leave
>>194144 >Jon Transcitt Jon Trickett
>>193862 >Radical independence campaign What a fucking joke. Let's look how many MSPs and Cllrs RISE have yeah?
>>193862 >Middle class want the union Lamo the SNP is a middle class liberal party.
>>194311 Compared to the CPB? Which leftist unionist group did better? No, I don’t mean labour. Far left. >>194312 And yet, still more of the working class vote for them than labour, significantly morw
>>194312 Who else is on the unionist side again? Oh right the tories. So on constitutional matters you agree with them on everything. Interesting.
>>194321 No, I want a republican federation with parliaments in each state of the uk
>>194419 ah yes the "radical" federalism labour have been weakly mewling about as their compromise position for years and yet basically nobody actually supports. Hence the only party advocating it just got destroyed. At best advocating this position keeps the union together and devolves some powers. Advocating for this is pretty much idealism given the level of support it has. In reality, pushing for independence will give you something which resembles what you seek much more closely. It is almost certain Scotland and England would maintain close military relations, as it makes strategic sense for them both to do so. Ditto for trade relations, it would cause an incredible amount of stink for both sides if these didn't remain agreeable. Therefore what you would get probably would more resemble the actual federalism you desire, rather than a soft federalism. This would allow Scotland to expand its social democratic programs, which it would almost definitely do, while the right has expanded in England, brexit has pushed centerist Scots, who voted no 5 years ago, to want independence. This shows in the polls and if you live hear I'm almost certain you personally know people for whom this is the case. Scotland HATES the tories. Even the liberal SNP supporters would still perceive themselves as in direct opposition to the Tories. That is the mandate Scotland would leave with: we are leaving because we don't like the right wing direction in which England is going. This presents us with a recently independent Scotland which became so in opposition to a ruling ring wing party, the ruling nation being none other than Old Britannia itself. This has, throughout basically all of history, resulted in a program of left lead national renewal. yes fine, there may also be a big push to be back in the EU. I personally would not want this, but its a question of coming to that bridge when we cross it. My own thoughts are that this would require yet another referendum and people would be tired of these and more interested in creating a newly independent Scotland. I understand however there would still probably be a big appetite for it also but then the case for the EU would have to be made and as we have seen it is weak. Even then, I don't think it would necessarily be the end of the world if we did rejoin, right now there are plenty of countries in the EU with more advanced social democratic programs than the UK. In terms of detriments to socialism, being part of the UK is a far bigger detriment currently. Also, this would be at least 10 years away. Even if we voted for independence this year. There would be a process of leaving, some kind of an interim just left period, only then would we get round to the question of re-entering the EU. On top of that, Scotland runs a budget deficit currently that would make it unable to join the EU. Throw in the inevitable national renewal projects after leaving, that isn't likely to drop any time soon, given this would most likely mean a large amount of extra investment Yes the SNP are a liberal party, they are still miles better than the Lib Dems or Tories on every issue and even Labour on some things. Their record in power isn't great but it isn't total and complete shit. Social democracy in Scotland remains for advanced. On top of all this, and this is the main thing this platform of national renewal gives new life to the country and allows the more radical elements to come forward. Right now, all radical questions eventually come back to questions of independence and the EU. Once this questions are resolved one way or the other, 1) the working class see the limitations of such questions and 2) the other questions can now be asked. How does the SNP cling to power once its goal is achieved? How does it remain relevant? Its going to have to take a big step to the left, you will remember they started out further left and have taken steps to the right in order to secure the centerist vote for independence, now that leash will be gone. You can also bet a big chunk of its vote will return to labour and probably the greens. This keeps them in check on the left flank and pushes them left. There is some push from the lib dems and tories, but their biggest threat is from the left, not the right, which means it is this direction they have to go in to secure their position
>>194430 I like you sometimes but it's obvious you've been brainwashed by the snp reeducation camps, as soon as independence comes up you become a snake and use anything to argue for your breaking up of the uk for obviously nationalistic bullshit reasons
>>194447 It really really isn't out of nationalism. As i've said before fuck kilts, fuck Gaelic, fuck all that shit. My main aim is only to get rid of the Tories. A large part of wanting to do this is so Scotland can become and example to people in England. I believe that to be a more effective path to socialism in the whole of the UK, and the world. Really truly. I have never voted SNP. I would never vote SNP. I was part of a campaign this year which fought against companies the SNP then gave new contracts to. Believe me, I know how shit they are. I lived down the road from a school which had a new building collapse entirely due to oversights caused by the shitty PFI schemes. Lucky it was at night or many people would have died. I know people personally who have been/are involved in the party, and there are a lot of horror stories. Believe me I know. That said, they still aren't as shitty as the Tories, it would completely lack nuance to say they are
>>194447 also I realise a lot of that post is obviously conjecture, fairly optimistic conjecture. But the underlying point remains the same, a project of national renewal with what I would consider and strong left wing mandate is a good path to socialism, better than remaining attached to the UK, which is currently having its own national "renewal" only its a right wing reactionary one
>>194454 >My main aim is only to get rid of the Tories By giving them a free win in every election forever. Very selfish
Stop arguing with each other and start choosing a finger to cut off before the recruiting sergeant gets to you War soon bois
>>195248 They didn’t draft you lot for Iraq, Afghanistan, I highly doubt they’ll do it here.
https://twitter.com/Keir_Starmer/status/1213035108367847425 Starmer might be a fuck in other ways, but at-least he isn't a warhawk shill. >>195272 The british army wasn't 40k under required staffing during the time of Afghanistan. They'll do selective draft to full up roles.
>>194934 I voted labour you fucking helmet. Labour should have honoured the referendum, that is the reason they lost. Even is every SNP seat was labour for the last two elections they still would have lost. The facts don’t back your position, labours loss is their own. >>195399 I didn’t say thy were proletarian did I, just that the majority of the Scottish working class vote for them, which is again, a fact. Just like the majority of the working class in America vote democrat, doesn’t make them proletarian. Nice shit fit though, don’t even have the balls to directly respond to my post, >>195397 We don’t live in ideal fantasy world, we live in a world with defined options. CPB unionism is dead in the water
>>195441 That is acceptable I suppose
Jess Phillips announcing her campaign to be labour leader today lol.
>>195546 Fuck the warhawk.
>>195536 I mean if Britain is at war with the whole of the ME I will unironically shill for Starmer to stop it. Once we are in a war of imperialism, domestic policy don't mean shit.
>>195441 >All sides Fuck this remainiac bitch and fuck you for accepting his trash >>195548 We already are in wars of imperialism
>>195441 >all sides are wrong wow it's fucking nothing
Anyway, I'm more interested in what Boris is saying about this - are we gonna be getting dragged in again?
>>195617 Yep. Don't call him boris btw
>>195620 It's better than 'BoJo'
>>195546 Fuck that bitch
https://www.itv.com/news/2020-01-03/qassem-soleimani-assassination-is-a-big-post-brexit-test-for-johnson-writes-robert-peston/ Well apparently he's still on holiday but is likely to give the US 'the benefit of the doubt' (???)
After the election Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson announced he'll be investing into the counties that flipped from Labour to Tory. I heard a few shattered bits and pieces about these "plans" but I can't be bothered to seep through the bourgie media on this. Did anything concrete actually come of it? Because this sort of Social Fascism is frankly a hundred times more dreadful than the electoral defeat. If Boris actually pulls through and does invest into the Norf, even if that investment is completely inadequate and gets mostly siphoned into the hands of grifters, the fact he did ANYTHING to forestall social decline in post-industrial areas would ensure the Tories would those areas on lockdown for decades to come.
>>195985 Don't you remember the "Northern Powerhouse" refrain sung by Boy George Osborne in 2015? What did actually materialise after that? Sure, "Call me Dave" Cameron bungled everything up and they both left the hot potato in May's (Theresa, not Brian) and Hammond's (don't remember his name, but his not the guy who used to be on Top Gear) hands... But I haven't seen any Norfern Powerhouse growing in the last five years. Actually, while a fuckton of billions have been wasted on the endless Crossrail/Old Liz Line in London, there have been repeated calls from many in the Tories to completely abandon HS2 - the only transport project regarding the Norf. And what about the couple of billions Theresa had to concede to the DUP to get them to give her a vote of confindence in the Commons? Sure, Norn is an entirely different thing from the Oop Norf. Sure, they - the DUP - got them, they run their usual clientelism in their communities and then what? Their leader in the Commons even lost his seat and, iirc, this was the first time SF + SDLP got more seats than the Unionists in Norn.
>>195985 Not when Based Ian becomes our leader
(96.22 KB 647x840 1563096890521.jpg)
>>194419 based and britishpilled
>>196180 Why does stalin represent Britain?
>>196624 He was a Georgian who came to lead a union of republics stretching far beyond his homeland. Stalin would support Wales, England and Scotland remaining together in Britain
>>196761 Socialism in one country. Scotland.
(22.06 KB 624x393 ENCZ5DyWwAA5tSb.png)
>>197217 And people still wanna cry for the poor working class that Labour left behind. Don't weep for what is to come for these morons.
(55.26 KB 574x720 1561705547061.jpg)
>>197190 Socialist part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Britain.
>>197220 Complete idealism. There is zero chance of that happening any time soon enough. Scotland should break off and form its own republic, if the rest of the UK follows after that is good but currently they are an impediment.
>>197255 >complete idealism >while shilling for liberal nationalism under the pathetic lie that scotland is/will be a coldwater cuba stunning lack of self awareness
>>197217 Terrifying.
>>197356 There is a far greater chance of an independent socialist Scotland than a socialist Britain made up of federal republics. Going independent would be very easy. In most cases, socialism follows independence from a European imperial power. Particularly with the mandate currently, as I have explained. You really think labour with their centerist cuck at the next election are going to run on “radical” federalism that will stick and win the election? Bitch please. I understand you have the line of an irrelevant party to follow but Jesus Christ. Also >liberal nationalism Did you or did you not support brexit?
(139.12 KB 1062x1471 basado líder supremo Corbino.jpg)
>>197217 Corbyn is my fave badboi
(35.22 KB 1080x360 sovietbritain.jpg)
(211.80 KB 662x830 Remaintards2.jpg)
(223.22 KB 655x969 remaintards1.jpg)
How can these people still be so gullible?
>>198004 Irony is that Nandy announced today basically calling for local soviets.
>>198017 Don't trust her.
>>198004 Have a relative that worked side by side with Mason for years on newsnight at the BBC. He claims the guy is shoot retarded.
>>198063 From what we can see he is right
>>198004 Their careers depend on labour, they'll shill for them no matter who's in charge.
>>198042 Why because "MUH BLUE LABOUR WAAHHH"?
>>198063 Not surprised, the guy thought "Blue Labour but hardcore remain" was a good strat. Complete smoothbrain.
>>198202 No, because as has been repeated over and over, she campaigned for owen smith and fed into the antisemitism witch hunt
>>195248 >>195441 Draft would be political suicide, not going to happen.
Just saw some of the most disgusting young careerist's spamming pro nandy stuff. Be wary of this bitch
>>198613 Like what? Saw some memes about her and muh towns. But yea she is too Blue Labour for my taste but better than Stramer and Phillips.
(95.43 KB 625x385 masonidiot.jpg)
>>198004 Fuck this moron
>>198665 Paul Mason is the worst """Anylist""" to ever get mainstream attention. Shows how lackluster and desperate the left was for maintstream messangers in the 2010's should be ostracized as too stupid to be a thought leader.
>>198665 You stupid "anti-imperialists" might tell me to fuck off, but you could not tell Beyoncé to produce a surprise album marketed only via social media, as she did in 2013.
>>198669 So I guess shouldn't be a thought leader in your techno-stalinism. I should kepp to myself in 'my' workplace. Everybody gets pigeonholed. So what happens to the precarious worker with three jobs; or the single mum doing sex work on a web cam? They can’t exist. Likewise, the financial complexity that has come to characterize modern life has to disappear…
>>198623 Can someone tell me specifically what policy Nandy has that is so terrifying? Simply saying "she's blue labour" doesn't mean anything to me.
>>198704 >>198708 I'm just masonposting.
>>198711 On reflection your post was based.
>>198710 read the thread bitch
>>198623 >>198718 read it and can't see anything except "don't trust her"
Jess Phillips says she will get Labour to become a "rejoin the EU party". It's unbelievable that it's so hard for lots of smart working class people to become an MP and narcissists like her have power. Surely she must be controlled opposition for her mate Rees-Mogg with such a bad platform?
>>198719 I guess she's a good candidate if you voted for owen smith
>>198004 >>198177 They're all going to fall for starmer's shit and he actually stands a chance at becoming leader imo, fucking hell
holy shit, it was all doomed from the start >The Fabian Society is a British socialist organisation whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism via gradualist and reformist effort in democracies, rather than by revolutionary overthrow.[1][2] >As one of the founding organisations of the Labour Representation Committee in 1900, and as an important influence upon the Labour Party which grew from it, the Fabian Society has had a powerful influence on British politics. Other members of the Fabian Society have included political leaders from countries formerly part of the British Empire, such as Jawaharlal Nehru, who adopted Fabian principles as part of their own political ideologies. The Fabian Society founded the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1895. >Today, the society functions primarily as a think tank and is one of 21 socialist societies affiliated with the Labour Party. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabian_Society
>>199272 Glad you found that Burger friend but there is no reason to post trivial wikipedia articles here
(162.39 KB 280x325 Mcdunnahl.png)
>>199272 the Fabians were big advocates for sterilising the working class. repulsive fascists.
The leadership election starts officially tomorrow and the candidates have already had MPs say they will nominate them, but Lavery and Long-Bailey have been silent. What the fuck are they playing at?
(236.18 KB 646x743 dawnlib.jpg)
>>200459 The Corbyn camp is unfortunately splitting into Lavery leftists and optics left RLB fans. I think this is a very good way of finding people who have no idea what the fuck they are on about
>>200482 >RLB's Jacobin media clique weaponising antisemitism to support her candidacy Not a good sign
how fucked is labour?
(29.78 KB 781x150 dawnfoster.png)
>>200482 Dawn Foster seems like quite the character. I get the feeling that very few of these melts have actually encountered actual anti semitism, like the toxic garbage we see on 4pol. Sure we don't want to unfairly call lansman out, but he's a prominent leader of a Labour faction. Walker and Swinson don't like him and it's not anti semitism for them to alledge "control". That's literally what leaders of labourist movements do.
(142.46 KB 750x998 lavery1.jpg)
(163.00 KB 745x1048 lavery2.jpg)
Convince me I shouldn't leave labour tonight
How should a socialist Britain be structured/administered? Centralism or federalism? Engels did advocate a federal Britain back in his day. But communists tend to be centralist/unitary today. What would the armed forces be called, how big would they be and how would they be structured? What flag would be used? What would the national anthem be? What would be done with the various languages like Welsh, Gaelic and Cornish? What sort of economic policies would be implemented? NEP/China style elements of private ownership or total planning? How should land ownership be organised? Britain is probably the most proletarian country on earth will almost complete private ownership of land.
>>200920 >Centralism or federalism? Engels did advocate a federal Britain back in his day. But communists tend to be centralist/unitary today. Federalism was made for countries like the UK and it's ridiculous to suggest we can build a socialist movement in the UK without it >What flag would be used? Seen some fun LARPing flags for a socialist britain but can't see us changing it tbh >What would the national anthem be? Stand up for Judas >What would be done with the various languages like Welsh, Gaelic and Cornish? They should be protected and all made official languages of the UK. >What sort of economic policies would be implemented? NEP/China style elements of private ownership or total planning? Cockshott style
>>200897 Who wrote this?
>>200957 Ian Lavery
(491.79 KB 478x810 untitled.png)
>>200897 How would you explain RLB to a burger like me. What does she stand for?
>>200981 Less left wing than corbyn and even more of a capitulator to the right of the party than him. She's alright as an MP but it's pathetic that she is the left candidate
>>201016 Lavery's based accusation of Labour's milquetoast Brexit position, directly refuting the Blairite refrain of "we need to pander more to libs" heartens me. What is RLB's position on Brexit and its relationship to this election defeat?
>>201130 >milquetoast Brexit position
>>201154 Yes, Corbyn's retreat to a 2nd ref position lost the election: https://twitter.com/MorganPaulett/status/1206049266659135488
Why isn't anyone trying to take over the co-op party? In a more sane world it would be controlled by tankies trying to influence labour
(6.43 KB 196x257 nkvd2.jpg)
>>200934 >socialist britain but can't see us changing it tbh The Union Jack should be banned on day one. A disgusting religious/monarchist symbol of the British ruling class that doesn't represent Wales
>>201982 I like the larp flags too and would like to see a new flag but is it that likely? Also fuck Wales lol
It is weird to you guys that the Blue Labour types are browbeating Corbyn for pushing to avoid no deal?
>>202025 The ussr banned the Russian tricolor >fuck Wales Cringe
>>201982 take norn out of the flag and it'll be good
>>201982 What changes should be made to the republican flag to avoid confusion with Hungary?
Am I crazy or is the British press under even tighter control of capital and intelligence agencies than the American press? British Twitter (I know, I know) also seems to either be a lot more brainwashed or have a lot more active sockpuppet accounts. It's still going on even after the election.
>>203725 what is Britain known for? fishing? Add like a little emblem of a fish or something
>>203797 You're not crazy.
>>203797 >British Twitter (I know, I know) also seems to either be a lot more brainwashed Who are you referring to
(227.46 KB 639x780 Fuk.jpg)
Remember when comedians were slightly left wing? Now they go to parties to eat caviar with Johnson
>>203839 Whenever I look at the replies of any Corbyn related tweet there's always a bunch of people calling him an anti-semite.
>>203860 I really miss George Carlin
>>203860 Ah yes, Blackface Baddiel.
>>203925 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZjoL9coJ4s >Rebecca Long-Bailey gives Jeremy Corbyn 10/10 on leadership | ITV News
>>203925 He will be massively vindicated in history, that's all that matters
>>203964 I feel like leaving labour and joining another party. None of the new candidates look good to me. But I do feel compelled to stay to vote for RLB and Burgeon just so I don't have to hear about starmer and butler in the news all the time
>UNISON has endorsed Keir Starmer It's clear that UNISON and GMB are corrupted completely and must be replaced. What can be done to take them out?
>>204701 More anti trade union regulations, of course.
>>204704 You mean we will build new ones from the rubble after Johnson destroys them all?
>>204736 They want to have a business instead of being in the royal family. Just after they have spent a shitload of our money. Cunts.
Jesus christ barry Gardiner is standing. Cannot vote for an lfi member though
>>203725 could make it green-white-red
>>203821 An emblem for mining could work.
(118.17 KB 960x666 socialistbritain11.png)
(301.89 KB 1920x1080 Republic of Britain 1.png)
(309.29 KB 1920x1080 Republic of Britain 2.png)
>>204828 What about this? Fishing, Industrial and mining. The stars could represent Wales, England and Scotland
>>204789 >>205195 Do people even mine any more in Britain?
>>205198 Do first worlders mine and work in factories anymore? No. If ever there were a flag to represent a working class movement in these countries it would be a cash register and a mop
>>204699 Vote Rayner instead of Burgeon. If RLB or Nandy isn’t elected the party is screwed. It all depends on who the Labour Leavers like the most or have their own candidate.
(49.10 KB 1590x1062 Bestflagever.png)
>>205195 Emblem needs to be bigger. Jokes aside, this isn't a good design for a flag. Nor do I think we should really focus ourselves on flags, but of course it can be fun to tinker around. I believe we should firstly try to avoid the oh so over done emblem on tri-colour, as it just appears to be lazy and unoriginal. Especially because green-white-red tricolours are also used a lot, even in the revolutionary context [google patriotes movement] I believe that the format of the national flag should be made so that administrative divisions can have flags that follow it. [Think of the Union Jack format or the Soviet format.] This can be easily achieved by having something in the canton. As for colours, obviously red will have to be in it [Because socialism] thought you don't necessarily need gold for socialism, I would more-so recommend white to be in in place to where gold would be place, but this is just personal preference. Well, all of this is. For more information about making good flag design, I suggest reading this https://nava.org/navanews/Commission-Report-Final-US.pdf [Do not read «Good flag, bad flag.» the organization that wrote it, hates it. For good reason. It's a trash introduction to good flag design.] Pic completely unrelated
Why build socialism when you can just make the logo?
>>205200 So why make a flag with mining emblems when nobody is a miner? Way more people probably work in call centres.
>>205247 no fun allowed
(8.73 KB 765x172 Capture.PNG)
I'm getting a little hopeful that I might get to see the monarchy collapse in my lifetime.
>>205205 Fuck Rayner, and you for liking her
Why are the brits so keen for a war in Iran, did Iraq teach you nothing?
>>205667 >most nominations by far from the PLP No thanks lol
>>205676 Has the nomination been done already?
>>205682 About half of them haven't nominated someone yet
>>205651 It's being lead by America. Britain has been an American semi-puppet since 1945.
>>205254 It symbolises Britain's industrial heritage as the origin of the industrial revolution.
https://youtu.be/Az9O-eD-lhk Just in-case any of you think about joining trotskyite groups, watch this again.
>>205968 nobody cares about this though. People care about their current conditions, not some nostalgic view of socialist history
>McDonnell, by the way, approached Lisa Nandy in 2014 to sound her out as a candidate the Campaign Group could support should Ed Miliband lose. Milly did, and in 2015 a young Jeremy Corbyn volunteered to fly the red flag. The rest is history. That's a plottwist I did not expect...
>>207147 Wait where was this from?
>wah wah harry and meghan have been bullied out the country They want to MAKE MONEY. Is the UK the most naive populace on the fucking planet
>Clive Lewis calls for referendum on monarchy
https://twitter.com/MirrorPolitics/status/1215607236040577026 >BREAKING Labour leadership hopeful Clive Lewis calls for referendum on Royal family# GODDAMN POWERFUL
>>207312 >>207294 Okay, now this is epic
>>207312 Alpha move, but it's never gonna work.
>>207333 Knowing clive lewis he would end up proposing a weakened compromise that only separates them from politics but keeps their money train going
(405.74 KB 519x439 IMG_20200110_174706.jpg)
I legit thought they were a psyop wtf is this a scheme or something?
>>205991 >50 minutes can someone just give me the run down on AWL?
Israel is just a pawn, they don't have influe-
>>207711 Israel is the pawn of the US. The UK is the pawn of israel.
Speaking of government lists I do wonder what they have on this place. I have no doubt we're all on a list made by a bot for saying the word communist but I want to know the in depth analysis. >>207653 I know a guy who was in it, it's not revolutionary or anything but I don't think it is a psyop. Although what I heard was that headline was a bit misleading. It's just the south east body has included it in the "Prevent" program, the national government does not publicly consider it as a terrorist group and does not think they should be included.
(51.14 KB 520x277 IMG_20200110_175826.jpg)
>>207752 Yeah I kinda jumped the gun
>>191130 that book is about the original 1920-1991 CPGB
>>205254 The mines would be reopened in a socialist Britain. We would need energy and there is still loads in the ground.
>>207813 Don't we also have some Uranium deposits down in Cornwall? Or was it somewhere else because I know there's some Uranium deposits in this country.
>>207813 >not doing green infrastructure on a windy island with loads of rivers and a fair few nuclear power plants already >instead mining coal like its 1850 bruh
>>187608 Cromwell was pretty based
>>207851 >>207836 DPR Korea and China have extensive mines. It's pretty clean. http://www.socialist-labour-party.org.uk/energy.html
https://www.scribd.com/document/442388847/Counter-terrorism-policing?secret_password=P5YaNHBdFpVSfZDTBAVj Extinction rebellion and the alt-right make the list of dangerous extremist boogeymen. Communists nowhere to be found. Embarrasing smh
>>207836 Even if you're not burning it for energy coal still needs to be mined. Steel springs to mind.
>>208437 You can use hydrogen gas to reduce Iron-oxide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJuIkZv8ks8
>momentum endorse rayner for deputy Yuck
>>208433 Modern "communists" only care about open boarders and trannies. They have zero revolutionary potential. Since they don't threaten the state, the state doesn't bother monitoring them that much.
>>209031 that's a small but very loud group
>>207716 No, Britain created Israel and after Suez, America came to assume the colonial overlord role in the Middle East. Israel is a joint British-American project.
>>194430 The problem with the SNP is that in 2016 it pivoted to a more liberal approach. Ironically Sturgeon was supposed to be on the left of the SNP and Salmond to her right, but the way history has played out (in practice though not aesthetically) is that Salmond comes across as a proper socdem-ish reformer in bad circumstances while Sturgeon is a Clinton type figure. Not helped by her post-Brexit posturing in exactly that fashion. (iirc she directly made the comparison at some point in an interview, maybe with Holyrood magazine?) It doesn't help that with Scottish Labour dead and the Greens a perpetual meme there's nobody who can really outflank the SNP on the left. Just the pointless Scottish Lib Dems and the utterly abhorrent Scottish Conservatives. (Jesus Christ. IMAGINE being a Scottish Conservative. A Conservative, I can about do - a proper English Conservative. Even a Thatcherite who'd sell his grandmother, but my god, the sheer levels of craven patheticness that define 'Scottish' Conservatism drive me to drink at the mere thought of it. If you want a strong argument against independence, it's the existence of ~20% of the population who could bring themselves to vote for such cretins.)
>>209098 America got Israel in a package deal with the rest of the Commonwealth when they bought the UK
>>209138 >(iirc she directly made the comparison at some point in an interview, maybe with Holyrood magazine?) That is fucking dire
(172.52 KB 804x527 jewdas.png)
(65.74 KB 734x591 bod.jpeg)
the absolute state of these demands. also, based jewdas
>>209814 Love being a member of political party that will publicly castigate me for having an opinion a bunch of Jewish Tories don't like.
The UK is a lost cause. At least for the next twenty years. It will be Tory rule with a controlled opposition Blairite Labour for the show.
>>203797 >British Twitter (I know, I know) also seems to either be a lot more brainwashed Considering some people actually think Keir starmer is a lefty and buy into russiagate completely this is understating it
>>209814 >starmer and RLB are both backing this dogshit these aren't in any way reasonable even if you bought the outright insane proposition that labour had any issue with antisemitism in the first place at all. this just serves to fully transform labour into a political vassal for the interests of israeli foreign policy, much like the tory party is now and the republican party in the US became under Reagan. RLB is supposed to be the "progressive" "heir to corbyn" "lefty" in this race? the absolute state of shitain
who do i vote for anyway all of the candidates look dire and unlike in 2015/16 it's not like it's an obvious choice of Corbyn (let's make labour better), the Blairite (if labour's going to lose 2020, it may as well be lead by the worst person possible), or staying on the compromise loser path adopted in 2010-15 with the other candidates. >>209814 tbh 2. is the one that i dislike. it isn't possible to have a non-factional review board, either it's going to be explicitly factional or it's going to suck in the background radiation of "received wisdom" from the political class, which is (at the very least) explicitly opposed to certain (mostly good) factions. in pointless hypothetical territory i'd be amused to see a far left candidate adopt an explicitly pro-Israel foreign policy just to see what would happen. the foreign policy obsession is mostly a liability for the left in a country that jumps when the US tells it to anyway. so long as Britain isn't providing any assistance at a loss to itself the trade off might be worth it. I'm cynical enough to go so far as to ask: if Israel is going to commit war crimes anyway, why not have it provide jobs to BAe systems workers rather than Lockheed ones? There are good arguments if BAe weapons are better, or sold at a loss for example but I'm not fond of seeking moral purity for ourselves. What matters for a moral foreign policy is ensuring bad things don't happen, not ensuring we aren't complicit in them - if they're going to happen anyway and complicity can be used to further other policy goals (without undermining long term goals) then so be it. it's not even really that i'm particularly invested in that approach to foreign policy - i just wish there was someone so bloody minded about everything. the labour left are too idealistic and not sufficiently invested in taking power, the right are just cunts and the centre are spineless tools of the right. it's painful to watch. the right talk a good game on making "tough choices" but genuinely want all of the outcomes they make "tough choices" on. look at those fuckers: labour has to win back the middle class, but don't do free tuition because it's a middle class handout that won't help with poverty. the worst part is that they lie to themselves. you aren't opposed to an ineffective anti-poverty education policy, you're opposed to a universal public services. the worst part is, you don't even realize it. you're perfectly content to allow other forms of malformed policy to persist because it's "common sense" but if someone makes a policy (and let's accept for argument's sake that it is a bad policy!) out of the goodness of their hearts they balk. i know it's bound to be a controversial opinion here of all places, but i really cannot stand the labour right. the faction with a modernization fetish where the modernization in question means going back 23 years. put aside my every policy objection: it's their intellectual bankruptcy i can't stand. and here i am, forced to pick from a slate of candidates for not being prime minister that so far as i know are all unappealing choices, vaguely hoping that they'll keep the right out of party positions and get more labour MPs next time and that one of those MPs will be a good candidate for prime minister.
>>208433 Bit dissapointed we didn't at least get a mention. Is entertaining that Patreon is considered a "fringe social media platform."
>>208433 I like the contrast between the largest paragraph on their XR page being about how they engage in non violent direct action, followed by an info box saying there's a risk they'll encourage people to perform violent actions. >>211154 This post made sent me daydreaming for about 10 minutes about an alternate timeline where Corbyn wins the 2017 election despite the security services monitoring left communities, doomposting on old /leftybritpol/ and making the SocDem gang a proscribed organisation.
(82.26 KB 683x666 4803ff9_UK.jpg)
>>205225 Weren't you in /marx/ all the time along with Ismail? your name sounds familiar. There were like three people there that actually posted sources, maybe two.
(25.40 KB 892x892 zw71mkor9ry31.jpg)
>>211826 this joke worked better with pic related
>>211889 I mean, none of the prominent political parties in our capitalist liberal-democracy are representative of the will of the working class, but I agree, the joke works better here.
I did some research on the Labour candidates (read: I skimmed the bbc on them) and clearly Emily Thornberry should be the next Labour leader. Prove me wrong.
>>211927 She is objectively speaking the most smashable
>>211971 Mhmm, although ngl, Jess Phillips in at a close second
>>211927 >>211971 >>212008 All of you need your heads fucking checked.
>>212111 You need yours checked for not understanding funposting
>>211927 Well it either Nandy or RLB... >Emily Thornberry That bitch got in?
Why is Britain's political class so terrible? I feel like a crazy person when I look at parliament. Are we really content to be represented by these people? These people? Really? Where do they come from? If you grabbed 650 people at random from the streets I find it hard to believe you wouldn't come up with a better selection of potential ministers and shadow ministers. What happened to strip all the talent away? Do we really delude ourselves that these people are on a par with the parliaments of 1997, 1979, 1964, 1945 or otherwise? I suppose parliament gets a bit better after universal suffrage is introduced since you get a good number of talented working class people in, but postwar you could practically chart the thing as one long slope to oblivion. How bizarre is it that we have Hansard as a permanent record of parliamentary debates, yet it comes up so rarely that their quality - like the quality of the participants - is in freefall? Why do people pretend that things are continuing the same as they always have done? Is it just that the decline has been slow enough that people don't notice, or that Blair successfully disillusioned people enough that they don't care? And that's just the politicians, god knows the journalists are worse. Replace them all with primary school children and you'd see improvements in all metrics. More honest, more creative, more inquisitive, better spelling and grammar use, better picture selection, doesn't pester me about the fact that I've read 253 articles this year and not given them a penny...
I bet Clive Lewis feels very silly now. He's spent the last 3 years stabbing Corbyn in the back to appease the right and they have given him nothing back
>>212658 Coz people like you aren’t engaging and running :/
(146.69 KB 860x532 crazy mason.jpg)
Yep, he's a fed
>>212664 Damn, thought he would like support Nandy
>>212664 how bad is starmer anyway? i know he's the favorite candidate for the centre, but not much else. >decide to skimread wikipedia before posting >resigned from the shadow cabinet in 2016 >endorsed Owen Smith for fuck sakes
>>212666 Fought to keep Assange in prison. Abstained on the 2015 welfare bill. Fought to make sure we lost in 2017 and 2019. And he is a SIR.
>>212008 Based pig pilled
>>212678 What a nice piggy, what's his name?
>>212681 Thomas
>>212664 I though Mason was a trot. What happened?
>>212123 No, Hornyposting about fucking Philips is NOT acceptable.
>>212664 >>212688 Mason thinks he is on some old labour big brain pills but is really just immensely confused.
(26.51 KB 474x315 fromtherightangle.jpg)
>>212700 Wouldnt mind philling up Phillips if you know what i mean
>>212727 Revolting
>>212727 >>212742 Rayner is much more attractive
>>212727 Ah, I see you're a fellow man of culture aswell
Also >tfw Phillips is in my constituency
>>212727 I would not because she has a bad personality.
>>212324 >That bitch got in? She's the best candidate.
>>212761 At destroying Labour so we can start again?
>>212774 At being revolting?
(75.31 KB 631x193 DISRUPT.jpg)
>>212324 >Nandy DROPPED
>>212727 7/10 at best
>>212782 >municipal energy companies and co-ops Aren't these just nationalising rebranded?
>>187602 Why are anglos so god damn ugly?
>>212789 Wrong thread
>>212782 When was she ever picked up by you to be dropped you moron
>>212787 No because she wants to run them against the big 6 and energy price flucations mean you need to be a certain size not to get BTFO. See Robin Hood Energy being an endless cash sink for Nottingham. Also, the extent of Corbyn's of enery nationisations was taking the grid back. If that's too far then her plan is literally fucking nothing.
>>212794 Oh shit, I thought it meant splitting up the original energy companies to municipal energy companies and co-ops
Does anyone know of any good socialist/communist groups in England?
>>213009 CPB is the one that immediately comes to mind, although I must admit to now know how they work so I can't say if they're good or not
>>200920 Would be interested in hearing the thoughts of comrades itt on: >What powers should the president have? Veto to put it to a referendum? No veto at all? >in a federal system with each state of Britain having a parliament, should we have governors carrying out the same role as the president? >what form should the replaced house of lords take? How much power should the senate have? Should senators be allowed in house of commons positions such as the cabinet and premiership? And should their terms be concurrent with MPs (i.e both houses elected in one election)?
>>212779 Isn't a revolt what the revolutionary communists here want?
>>200920 >>213161 Just throwing this out there: If we're going for federalism then Australia should be our model, not America. American style federalism makes countries ungovernable. More than anything it's crucial to keep up parliamentary sovereignty because it's a coup protection device of sorts. If legislature and executive disagree in a westminster system, you keep having elections until the problem goes away. If they disagree in a US style system, you break the government until legislature or executive call in the tanks to run over the other side of the government. iirc the US is the only major system with such separation of powers that hasn't had a military coup at one point or another.
>>213605 Yeah, I wasn't suggesting we have a presidential system, but have the president actually do something like in iceland
>>200920 >How should a socialist Britain be structured/administered? This is vague, what do you mean more specifically? >Centralism or federalism? Engels did advocate a federal Britain back in his day. But communists tend to be centralist/unitary today. Federalism, though not sure what to do with England tbh. >What would the armed forces be called, how big would they be and how would they be structured? British Army, Republican Navy, Republican Air Force. How they're structured depends on the geopolitical situation of the time. >What flag would be used? Keep the Union flag, nowt wrong with it. >What would the national anthem be? Land of Hope and Glory for the whole country, Jerusalem for England, O Flower of Scotland for Scotland, Land of our fathers in Wales, and Will Grigg's is on fire for Northern Ireland >What would be done with the various languages like Welsh, Gaelic and Cornish? Welsh should be a national language of Wales, Gaelic should get a Gaeltacht like in Ireland, and Cornish is a dead meme language. >What sort of economic policies would be implemented? NEP/China style elements of private ownership or total planning? Municipal Cooperativism with elements of state ownership. >How should land ownership be organised? Britain is probably the most proletarian country on earth will almost complete private ownership of land. This is really not true, I am afraid: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/apr/17/who-owns-england-thousand-secret-landowners-author Being from the country, more needs to be done to foster community ownership of public lands: be if through charities, cooperatives, or other organisations. If you work the land, you should own it. Also the grounds of stately homes need to be put into the hands of locals: lots of oligarchs buying houses in Scotland then telling the locals to fuck off from areas they used to walk normally. UK also needs stronger Rights to Roam.
(26.07 KB 690x709 1498855520834.png)
>>213009 IWGB, UVW.
>Lisa Nandy says Corbyn wrong to side with russia over Salisbury poisoning Can everyone please absorb this information so we don't have idiots considering her anymore
Alright lads I've been on bunkerchan since its incision but recently I left I always every now and again have these political questioning stages. Just reading and watching the world unfold. Fucking Socialism always wins. I'm back I guess. And I'm pissed.
(108.40 KB 1920x1152 salma.jpg)
>John McDonnell supports Liam Byrne for West Midlands mayor What happened to ya mac
>>215196 >Salma Yeah tbf what we need now are RESPECTniks
>>215211 Shouldn't you be campaigning Liam?
>>215031 The fucking idiots at stupidpol better shut up about her after this.
>>215424 >The fucking idiots at stupidpol better shut up Even without the bit at the end I agree with you
Any chance we can get some WPB councillors in the local elections?
>We are begging socialists to vote for the Liberal party! They are our only chance at countering the tory menace! making a new party is too unrealistic, don't join that crank keir hardy
(19.41 KB 696x303 D2Ok4HtWsAAYLWB.jpg)
(33.71 KB 697x413 D2OkzLJW0AAaw4Y.jpg)
>>217818 British """"""""""""""""""""socialists""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" just one giant lmao.
>>217854 Liberals are not Socialists.
>>217856 Unfortunately they're one and the same within the UK.
>>217854 >media "socialists" ftfy. Do you think that chomsky and richard wolff are allowed on CNN in america? big lmao
https://twitter.com/dmk1793/status/1218217016768770050 >She is tipped to be the next shadow chancellor regardless of who wins apart from Philips Things might be alright comrades.
>>217965 Who cares? Labour is now a lost cause, it always was though I guess. She will be controlled by blairites and tories. Labour is not going to be at the mast head of a true socialist movement.
>>218010 Never trust a Social Democrat.
BBC platforming "tradewives" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-51113371/submitting-to-my-husband-like-it-s-1959-why-i-became-a-tradwife. They say "oh some people say it has an association with the far-right, dear sweet little Alena here says its not". With 5 seconds of googling you can find an interview where Alena is being interview by the Mitford family, who if you don't know have an association with fascism and one of the mitford sisters married Oswald fucking Mosley. Its fascism to the core you have everything: dithering aristocrat families feeling sorry for themselves, social climbing middle class stooges and something promoting women being baby making slaves wrapped in pink paper tied with a pretty red bow.
Don't let the Centrists takeover the party you goddamn morons. Fucking hell
(178.69 KB 980x1251 EOf6WwIXkAYxM4q.jpg)
You guys better not be posting any terrorist symbols around here.
>>218161 >Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament >Squatter Symbol >Stop the War Coalition You can't make this shit up.
>>218171 >Unite Against Fascism Lamo that was created by the trade union movement to stop stupid ANTIFA shit like in the US.
>>218161 >Stand up to racism >Unite against fascism 1984 blah blah.
>>218161 even the fucking St Pauli football club icon, this is peak fucking comedy
>>218161 Apparently the Police are too scared of the Hammer and Sickle to mention it.
>>218161 This all goes back to the servile motto of "keep calm and carry on", england is the perfect slave nation.
>>218161 >No mention of the CPGB-ML Hmmm Just out of curiosity though, what is the one for right-wing signs and symbols?
>>218189 >No mention of the CPGB-ML yeah mate what do you reckon, 80 year old crusty fucks can't exactly be terrorirsts now can they
>>218191 especially when they support the brexit party
(2.20 MB 497x280 No_Pasaran.gif)
>>218161 >Uncut UK >They shall not pass
>>218189 Not from the same doc but:
>>218171 I'm a bit worried it's fake just because of how stupid it seems.
>>218195 Half of these are "literally who" organisations at this point.
Paganism pre-colonialism: Lets make a fun little song about the injustices wheat would suffer if t was a person. Paganism Post-Colonialism: Buy my Runic board game where you play as Nordic Warrior-God Fronar. Can you meet up with the White Wizard Hitler and stop the evil ANGLO Pyromancer Harris from destroying the fair kindgom of Dresononia?
>>218197 Honestly surprised Combat 18 was never banned they went around fucking killing people. >>218198 You're forgetting hippies LARPing at Stonehenge at the wrong time of the year.
>>218171 anti-nuke yuppies getting persecuted is pretty kino, honestly.
>>218203 I'm glad you said this. My fucking college had a lecture about a year ago and "Anti Capitalism" the phrase itself, and Greenpeace was considered Terrorist. Nobody fell for it.
(85.44 KB 629x898 2-8dba4c087a.jpg)
(84.40 KB 629x898 1-c8bc2e4ee8.jpg)
>>218189 AH found them.
How can we end the British monarchy?
>>218198 Tbf I've met one utterly insane pagan and a lot of very chill ones They just like plants, weird occult parties and making their own booze, leave them alone, better for them than half the shit you see in churches
>>218209 Anon the Monarchy will fade away easy peasy. Won't change anything.
>>218208 >Pie and mash squad If pie and mash is fash what are we? >>218198 I think I went to a pagan wedding reception once but I'm not really sure what they were. I was getting drunk with some family in some guys garden and they showed up in wedding gear and were saying how they just got married in the woods.
>>218212 If they don't bring your piss to a boil you're a lib
(75.47 KB 1600x651 we are anomalous.jpg)
>>218161 >Left Wing and Associated Single Issue Symbols >2019 >Anonymous
>>218270 Still won't change anything anon. All the land they own will just be given to the national trust or some shit.
>>218273 anomalous will always at least have some teeny tiny presence because le guy falks fweedom man filme
>>218270 what if the monarchy doesn't bother me because i'm autistically concerned with structural consistency and feudal class society at least strikes me as potentially honest (if enough people are deluded about the existence of god) in saying everyone belongs in their current social class, whereas bullshit like widely available class mobility under capitalism constitutes a blatant lie that can be disproven with their own propaganda statistics. (whereas god's non-existence has the advantage of being an unprovable negative.) and another thing: fuck the delusion that is the entire "lower middle class" category. that perverse situation where rising living standards among the working class somehow leads people to believe they are no longer working class because they don't literally toil down a coal mine.
>Jess Phillips is going to be on tonights episode of The Last Leg Oh boy, dis gun b gud
>>218212 >>218274 >>218283 Brits truly are lost. Scots and Irish comrades you know your task. The balls are squarely in your courts.
>>218287 Fuck me, I would've thought that they would've mentioned the shitshow that was the first week of the year, but they're on about the Royal Family
>>218302 Not gonna lie though, the story of Adams Beard and Prince Harry did get me a bit of a chuckle
(244.87 KB 980x1251 lefthate.jpg)
>>218161 they forgot one
>>215181 A little late with this, but Welcome Back, Anon!
>>218302 She's a warhawk that supported bombing Libya so...
>>218291 >Scots Wee woo
>>218323 At that point Jess wasn't even called out yet
>>218291 Scots are british :^)
You fucks just reminded me that Scottish tories are a thing and now I'm angry again I challenge anyone to find a more disgusting specimen than a Scottish Conservative in modern times.
>>218325 Lamo meant to put Iran.
>>218355 Sturgeon and Salmond, the fishy ones
>>218363 Eh, my point still stands though I just don't get why they didn't even mention what happened, literally within the first few days of the decade, not to mention all the fucking memes that have been made out of it, fuck me there's all sorts of jokes that they could've made out of it, and they didn't even say a single fucking thing about it
Canadian living in the UK here, some stuff to note on that Counter-Terrorist document. Just wanted to remind people about how much the UK government can actually strip away your "human rights" without a second thought. There is no right to organize, no right to free speech etc etc like some governments that have to pretend that they actually respect those, but instead the UK does not have a codified constitution and therefore beyond the HRA of 1998 there is no basis of human rights in the UK. Basically, because of that recent document saying that the Green party is an extremist group, I'm now under the the conditions for being part of an extremist group because even though I'm not associated with the Green Party, because my DISTRICT went green, the entire district is now shoehorned in there. That's right, the entire fucking district. And they can do this because A: an uncodified constitution means that any civil liberties and personal freedoms can be made redundant if a judgement can be found from any case from any point in the UK's history, and based on Entick v Carrington (1765) if the government simply quotes a counter-terrorist act, that counts as legal precedence as an Act of Parliament. Oh and what little human rights the HRA provides might soon be gone since the current government has made it quite clear that they want to get rid of the HRA due to the "prosecution of British soldiers under Articles 3 and 15 for war crimes"(Conservative Party Manifesto 2015-17). Yep, they're not even hiding the fact anymore. So if you live in that district that went green or any of the SNP or Plaid Cymru districts, Ol' Boris now has complete unrestricted access to your Cookies thanks to good ol' Counter-Terrorism and lack of any legal case saying otherwise. And remember, an edgy joke has no tone on the internet and gets flagged regardless, tread as if Poe's law is always in effect. We're so fucked.
>>218395 Oh and forgot to mention that the EU protection on user privacy(which is actually quite good, well relatively) is also getting stripped at the end of the month and there's nothing to replace it. Yay.
>>218391 It's a fucking vile unfunny show by and for London-based affluent liberal scum. It uses the disability angle to give it some kind of point other than delivering an establishment position. You know we live in a dystopia when comedy is mostly corporate controlled and completely influenced by the political sphere.
(298.93 KB 2048x1366 2176251.jpg)
(150.23 KB 900x1200 CgA4w_VW8AAyBF-.jpg)
(167.81 KB 900x1200 CgA4xFOW8AA2KGf.jpg)
>>218386 I'm willing to fight for the opinion that Salmond was the best major party leader between 2006 and 2011 tbh. Sturgeon is a tedious void, but that's nothing compared to Scottish Conservatism. The current SNP are many things, but they're not pathetic. Also daily reminder that Salmond took power under Blair. Don't forget to remind centrists of that fact: Their golden boy is the one responsible for letting the SNP slowly (then quickly) sweep Scotland. 2007 SNP's aesthetics were on point tbh. Very centrist (almost European liberal-centre-right) looking, but in a less terrible way than Blair. Scottish Labour in the meantime apparently fired all their graphic designers. (Seriously, look up and contrast the SNP and Labour manifestos. Labour's looks like it was made in paint.) And decided to run a negative campaign. (Hilariously if they'd held just one more seat they could've probably held on until 2011.) Great now I look like an SNP apologist rather than just someone who appreciates the brief moment they were actually interesting.
>>218397 >>218395 It's okay, we never used them anyway
>>218402 Well actually the HRA(which is an Act of Parliament integrating the ECHR) covers a lot of basics, but the government tends to sideline it quite often simply by abusing the Parliamentary Sovereignty, so that even though under Sections 2 and 4 of the HRA, courts can overrule government mandates that conflict with the HRA, parliament can often just make the decision null. Or just ignore it. Did you know that under the HRA every citizen of the UK is entitled to a lawyer? Not the US kind of "if you cannot afford one", no but lawyers are employed through the government through the inns system. Anyways, the conservative government in the past year has cut the budget for the judicial system to the point that the inns are being cut, which even though has been declared invalid under Section 4, doesn't mean jack shit cause the PM(May at the time) simply didn't answer the summons. Coincidentally the Electoral Condition found that the Leave Campaign during the 2016 referendum had gone close to three times over the budget allowed for campaigning and that it received illegal foreign aid, among the individuals expressly named in taking such aid was none other than Boris Johnson. The Electoral Commission RECOMMENDED to the PM to declare the referendum invalid and illegal due to tampering and breaking domestic electoral laws, since as a referendum it can't be automatically made invalid like a vote can be. May of course just didn't respond. I love the fact that the government doesn't have to have any kind of responsibility to its own fucking law by simply not responding. Coincidentally that's also why you never hear about that in the paper, because if the PM just openly admitted the issue, but they manage to bury it into obscurity by not making any public recording of the response to it. Can't wait to see what Boris will do with this. It's totally just gonna be a V for Vendetta ripoff.
>>218400 I love how the snp symbol is a noose to hang Scotland with
>>218413 it's actually a pretty cleverly designed logo ( https://www.andrewcusack.com/2010/the-clootie-dumpling/ ) though the fascist looking square 1980s version was ill thought out for a civic nationalist party.
>>218417 There are huge countries that manage to work out federalism, but liberals have convinced millions of people from a tiny island that they need to split off into an even tinier country. It's obvious divide and rule strategy
>>218460 most federations are pretty sucky when you dig down into how they're run tbh. the big problem with a federation is that you either give Scotland/Wales/Ireland borrowing powers (in which case you run into all the problems of giving them fiscal control without monetary control), or you don't (in which case you're no better off than under devolution.). Countries like America, Canada and Australia (sort of) work because the federal government is reasonably good at making the proper fiscal transfers to states and because people are reasonably willing to move between states for work, but that doesn't work as well in a Britain type situation where you have multiple distinct nations and people tend to be much more strongly attached to their local communities. that's before you get into questions about what matters should be federal and which should be local, the problem of England (even if you break it up into counties for election purposes, English national identity still exists.), constitutional wrangling (gah, written constitutions...), etc. ultimately i'd prefer to see a very close British confederation or a full unitary state. (maintaining a wonderful tradition of having opinions that alienate everyone.)
>>218495 >Countries like America, Canada and Australia (sort of) work because the federal government is reasonably good at making the proper fiscal transfers to states and because people are reasonably willing to move between states for work, but that doesn't work as well in a Britain type situation where you have multiple distinct nations and people tend to be much more strongly attached to their local communities. A lot of people do travel across the border in the UK for work though. It's one of the reasons scotland leaving and putting a hard border in is so ridiculous.
>>218767 A lot of people do, but it's still not as common as in other countries. It's not just the Scotland-England border, but the much closer nature of community ties in general. With France as the notable exception most old-world countries have far lower internal migration than new world countries. Some still-used houses in Britain predate the colonization of America, Australia and New Zealand. Much as I find the SNP tedious it's hard not to side with them on the border issue. They don't want a border, that's the UK government's threat against them. (Combined with some genuine complexity now that Brexit is a thing, but once Brexit is resolved there are strong odds the SNP position becomes "There's no good reason the UK can't use the solution it used on Northern Ireland for us". Well, unless Boris Johnson is a secret Irish Republican.) I find it hard to blame the SNP for the potential consequences of a threat from the UK government to engage in mutual self harm if Scotland goes for independence. Doing otherwise seems like (for want of a better analogy) blaming the victim. (But I'm not trying to convince you of the merits of independence here. I generally consider the practical issues somewhat irrelevant to the debate about national identity. Obviously they factor - much of SNP strategy is based on selling it as a practical solution to current problems - but they're not particularly interesting by comparison to all the other possibilities out there.)
>buy the morning star a few times >now all the local stores in my area have it in stock
>>218848 \\this is praxis.
>>218848 Is a good newspaper? Like giving actual news. Some articles I read are very polemical.
>>218889 Yeah I think it is.
You know those Maoist youth groups in Germany and America may be autistically sectarian but I like their style. Instead of just waiting for some old overweight skinheads to come out of their holes and wave union jacks all day, they go out and constantly agitate with postering and stickering and graffiti and what not and rally during times of great note like the death of Rosa Luxembourg and Ernst Thallmann, putting it deep into the public conscious that a certain thing happened. Why can't we do that. There is so much Socialist history in this country left unheard by the general populous.
(88.96 KB 1295x701 britain.PNG)
God I fucking hate this country. Watch a video about an old man talking about an old man and think maybe, just maybe, its not so bad, allow yourself to feel tiny touch of patriotism that maybe it doesn't deserved to be nuked, scroll down, and kind little old man Ted is a fucking fascist being followed by nothing but fascists. I love England in my own way, but I communism more, and if people try and get in the way communism, then we're pulling all the shit they love down bit by bit and throwing it in the fucking sea.
>>219465 *old man talking about old ruins
>>219465 Dann steigt aus den Trümmern der alten Gesellschaft Die sozialistische Weltrepublik!
(219.03 KB 3840x1920 free_britain.png)
(42.66 KB 1280x768 free_england.png)
>>219465 We will make commie britain ourselves, comrade.
>>219490 Commie England actually looks really good.
>The family traces its origins back to the time of the Norman conquest Jesus christ, I'm not an ethno-nationalist or chauvenist but the amount of times I hear about a fascist or bourgiosie family and wikipedia pages say this about them is unreal. Half of these "ethno-fascists" don't even fucking belong here according to their own rules.
The Norman conquest was in reality a coup d'etat of the City against King Harold. They paid for William's expedition.
>>219986 https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/dec/17/high-house-prices-inequality-normans anti normanposting in late 8/leftybritpol/ was fun. especially when people (read: subhuman normans) got mad and thought it was legitimate ethnonationalism. king arthur was a socialist
>>220004 Its not even Anglo-Saxons, according to the doomsday book only 8% of land owning nobles by then were anglo-saxon. The Normans literally killed all of them. Not that that's a bad thing but still.
(26.82 KB 200x200 1578116548855.gif)
>tfw anglo norman
>>220027 We're all Briton-Dane-Anglo-Norman-Saxon-Jute-Romano-British-Pict-Gael at some point. Its just the fact that so many fucking rich people have been in the same positions since the norman conquest. The Mitford family, the family Oswald Mosley married into with Diana Mitford (Mosley himself was from old aristocracy) literally made their names as marcher (border) lords during the norman conquest. Its also interesting Boris Johnson renamed himself "Boris "de" Pfeffel" (the "le" or "de" being a common divider between first and second name by the normans). The fucking LARP of the fascist aristocracy goes deeper than I could have thought.
>>220024 but king arthur was promoted as an anti anglosax narrative by normans
>>220037 only native britons allowed in the juchenighted kingdom boyo
Anyone have any good resources on socialist/communist/militant workers union history in the UK (England, specifically)?
>>220065 There's a lot, but I don't a lot of it is useful past the 20th century since Britain (especially England) has alsways had a wird relationship with communism, being the most radical at times in terms of words, but least radical in terms of action. I'd say the 1984 miner's strike stands out as a great case study, because the spontaneous workers were actually more radical than the socialists themselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn7DZSagDI4&t=710s The Battle Orgreave stands out because its a moment when the police, who som many nowadays gush over, dropped their mask and proved they are actually willing to drop their mask and deploy for battle and beat the fuck out of people for basically nothing other than revenge.
>>220072 >being the most radical at times in terms of words What do you mean by this, anon?
>>220088 Many of them supported the third international unconditionally (which they shouldn't have done, the USSR was good but not that good) and often spoke of violence, yet they never actually did anything in physical terms.
>>220065 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKa8-FFQFfs Found this: A lecture by the Communist Party of Britain on how the Russian Revolution affected Britain (which is to say, A LOT).
>>219048 doesn't maoism reject class analysis
>>220424 That's the problem I don't 100% agree I just like the way they organise.
>>220425 The good Maoists (Black Red Guard with For The People comes to mind) are the best organized part of the actual, class-conscious Left. I wish there were Maoist groups in the UK, too.
>>220428 Theres a small book club group called Revolutionary Praxis. They do a bit of flag waving from time to time.
I might as well ask this in here, is there any good documentaries on the IRA movement that covers it from a non-liberal stance?
>>220439 When you mean the IRA. You means Troubles IRA right? I've always preferred books about the ICA, they were Marxists and not a bunch of divided groups fighting about what "irish socialism" really means. Check out Calton Books, the're a Socialist book store with a website with lots of books about the IRA.
>>220428 what is maoism then?
>>219490 >Not using republican colors Cringe
(265.96 KB 1200x900 EK2Vqz4WoAApluy.jpg)
I think its time we restart her up, Comrades.
>>221088 2006 Hungarian protests will come with the eastern europeans.
>>220536 Looks like hungary
The concept of revolution in this country sounds Alien to me. Like what are we going to use against the rozzers? Crossbows?
>>221164 Middle class wit
>>221164 You break into an armoury and take the rifles. This is how the Russian Revolution, Spartasist Revolution and Spanish Revolution was done.
Are there any good orgs in the South West to join that aren't complete shit?
>>221187 south west communists?
>>187855 He replaced Catholicism with Puritanism , which is just as bad. Replacing one kind of bullshit with a different kind of bullshit is not an improvement.
>>221218 >He replaced Catholicism with Puritanism , which is just as bad. No.
Phillips is out Rip in piss
>>223858 Bait. ...right?
>>223858 Gangbang when?
I pass through the same anarchist symbol graffiti spray every day for the past like 5 months and my village council hasn't cleaned it up yet. Kinda based.
>>223984 Hate to ruin the fun, but it's more likely they don't have the funding to do it (or much else, really).
>>223987 I live in a very conservative village. Its the only graffiti for miles, in the middle of it.
(36.56 KB 1083x722 socialistbritain5.png)
>>219490 the Union Jack has to go
>>224020 That flag is fucking terrible.
Does anyone remember the anon who posted his Union of Britain flag with his leftist lit?
reposting because i like the point: if Thatcher had been a left wing politician we'd judge her as an unconditional failure: her vision was of a dynamic industrial British capitalism, the result was the destruction of British industry and its replacement by finance capital and an economy doing worse than it had been relative to other European countries (it fell behind Italy for Christ Sakes! ITALY!) in the 1970s. Her aim was a more socially conservative Britain, but all she did was let people sublimate their economic resentment of her into support for social liberalization. But we know she was a successful right wing politician, because a complete failure to implement your goals doesn't matter that much on the right - what matters is that the left (even the centre left) don't implement theirs.
>>225250 No what matters is the real goal, to increase inequality which she did very successfully.
>>225229 Hey that’s me I’m away atm and my lit collection hasn’t increased.
>>225250 Her goal was to create that financial Britain, atomism Britains working class, and knock down one of the most powerful trade union movements in the country. She did all of this.
>>225319 I just want the image lmao
(269.14 KB 500x501 1562468291727.png)
>>225250 >her vision was of a dynamic industrial British capitalism, >Her aim was a more socially conservative Britain Wait this was part of her plan all along?
(61.98 KB 753x337 tomgann.png)
what did he mean by this?
>>225441 That waycism & muh soggy knees in modern bongland are magically soooooo much more important to the masses than daily immiseration inflicted by capital's monopolization of the MoP they need to make a living
Why does it seem like people in our country are especially stupid and believe absolutely anything they're told by the media?
>>225441 Liberal vermin
>>223864 Would you fuck anything that resembles a living being?
>>225217 Come up with a better socialist Britain flag then
>>225590 Can't find it but one nice comrade used to post flags he designed here and the best one had blue waves on the bottom
>>219490 I want a badge of the England one
new thread when
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