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(189.82 KB 1200x859 radlibtube.jpg)
/IG/ - Internet General 7.0 - IRONY edition Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 06:49:19 No. 184649
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc. Last one hit bump limit. What does /leftypol/ think of people saying things ironically? Inspired by >>184629 but by all means let's talk about irony in general too. How does irony function in online politics? Is it just a smokescreen? Is it sometimes not? Can we even tell the difference?
Does anyone recognize the author of the video
(16.81 KB 562x248 1.png)
>>279385 Excellent compression rate. Dunno about your author, sounds like a pseud. Could be Rebel Absurdity.
>>279385 Rebel Absurdist Fuckin retarded goon
>>279385 Rebel Absurdist Fuckin retarded goon
>any of you would do much better than cringe on a video How about you try your shot at doing a video, anon?
>>279393 >>279394 He wasn't that bad... He just prefers hallucinating Kierkegaard over reading him.
any Jack Angstreich fans?
>>279402 I've only seen his debate with Academic Agent. Did he make any other stuff?
>>279406 he's got lots of other videos floating around, but not all of them are political the dude has been debating on the internet for years, occasionally stuff gets recorded and uploaded
I was thinking of making a YT channel focusing on Marxism, Social/Communism and all that, both generally speaking and on specific issues that can be analyzed through a marxist lens. I also want to relate all this theory to our (post-)modern material conditions and thus alleviate how tediously long and uneducated the greater 'breadtube' community's output unfortunately is. I might also try making audiobook-style readings from short works such as articles, pamphlets and the like that I feel are worthy (stuff like Mao's catalogue come to mind). Anyone think this is worth doing?
>>279490 We don't need any more left tubers go cringe yourself
>>279490 it's not not worth doing
>>279490 I do, check my reply on the other thread.
>>278539 >>278732 99% of political activism is public theatrics and cosplay. You put on your costume, do intellectual battles in front of social media, the end. Nothing changes. Reminder that the only political groups that have actually caused changed are nationalist.
>>279490 Don't refer to breadtube in your videos or youtube comments ever. Otherwise, you will attract eyeballs to breadtube. Think about whether you want to get patreon bucks for that or not and whether you want to show your face or not and use your real name or not. If you want to make money, 24 cases out of 25 it helps to show your face. If you show your face, people can find out your real name and where you live. Figure out what you want to reveal of yourself, write it down as a reminder, and stick to that plan. People tend to be more open to using crude humor or admitting things about themselves (like being gay) when they believe they have a bit of privacy. Over time they reveal more about themselves than they intended to. Some change to a real-name policy and after that remember there are many things they revealed they don't want linked with their real name. Changing how much you reveal about yourself and deleting videos usually does not work retroactively. Even if your viewership is in the low three digits, somebody out there archives things you later will want to be gone. People can do shit like figuring out where you live from a small reflection in the background. Uploading footage you shot yourself outside can lead easily to finding out who you are and where you live. Doings things for money and views will make you feel like a dishonest piece of shit, making vids will be a chore, AND it usually doesn't even make you money. The youtubers that we are familiar with and talk about are total outliers. I would not expect any money out of this and either use a cartoon avatar or just talk over still images / diagrams / archive footage. And I would put up a note there that I only go through the comments and messages like once a month or so.
>>279490 Don't refer to breadtube in your videos or youtube comments ever. Otherwise, you will attract eyeballs to breadtube. Think about whether you want to get patreon bucks for that or not and whether you want to show your face or not and use your real name or not. If you want to make money, 24 cases out of 25 it helps to show your face. If you show your face, people can find out your real name and where you live. Figure out what you want to reveal of yourself, write it down as a reminder, and stick to that plan. People tend to be more open to using crude humor or admitting things about themselves (like being gay) when they believe they have a bit of privacy. Over time they reveal more about themselves than they intended to. Some change to a real-name policy and after that remember there are many things they revealed they don't want linked with their real name. Changing how much you reveal about yourself and deleting videos usually does not work retroactively. Even if your viewership is in the low three digits, somebody out there archives things you later will want to be gone. People can do shit like figuring out where you live from a small reflection in the background. Uploading footage you shot yourself outside can lead easily to finding out who you are and where you live. Doings things for money and views will make you feel like a dishonest piece of shit, making vids will be a chore, AND it usually doesn't even make you money. The youtubers that we are familiar with and talk about are total outliers. I would not expect any money out of this and either use a cartoon avatar or just talk over still images / diagrams / archive footage. And I would put up a note there that I only go through the comments and messages like once a month or so.
>>278500 >wow, how could the guy who changed his ideology every year from conservative to lolbert to liberal to anarcho-baby to MLM possibly be a fraud
(45.06 KB 1024x429 1581807632745.jpg)
Damn this is the power of the dirtbag left... woah
>>280222 bad trips If people are being cunts you will be a cunt back. So it goes.
>>280223 truly revolutionary actions will be lead by you: the modern Che.
Thoughts on the new Three Arrows video? https://youtu.be/1b-QtoSfM38 While he is obviously shitting on black pigeon and fascist fear mongering, I also feel it might be a jab at commies and our "the collapse of capitalism is around the corner" ideas
>>280222 I have seen worse reasons to throw games lmao
(1.17 MB 1554x863 1.png)
im no nazbol or anything but if we can't call this degenerate we might as well delete the word from the dictionary
>>280311 >ancom disgusting
(109.93 KB 1124x927 EQv-7svUEAAxHpz.jpeg)
>>280311 You think THAT'S bad?
>>280330 Internet was a mistake
>>280288 Three arrows is an anti-communist symbol so no shit. That guy is a liberal loser who just wants things to go back to "normal" and for "extremists" to go away.
All that needs to be said is AUTISTIC in big bold letters.
>>280515 oops I meant to reply to >>280330
>>280373 Ffs why did you have to add the last paragraph? No one is going to listen to you if you are going to be mean to them
>>280626 This is one of the dumber things I've ever read on the internet.
>>280628 >OMG you're the first person to ever agree with me I think that we need materialism and idealism and that they're both good and serve different roles and reinforce each other, my heart sings
>>184649 >What does /leftypol/ think of people saying things ironically They should be shot, I hate how people overuse irony nowadays. It used to be funny to be ironic, now people are so snarky and sneering that they are annoying as fuck
Is Jreg an anarcho-nihilist? He (ironically) rated Anarcho-Nihilism with the lowest tier on his Ideology Tiers video.
There's a new Contrapoints video up ten minutes and she's showing her pert breasts She never disappoints. I know not all anons like what she has to say but you can always watch it with the sound turned down. >inb4 ewww chaser >inb4 reddit spacing https://youtu.be/K7WvHTl_Q7I
>>280642 He is a liberal.W ho cares what meme political current he adds as identity signifier.
>>280655 would hatefuck
>>280656 I do, retard, that's why I ask
>>280655 sad in the video she came out as a lesbian
>>278502 fuck off fag
>>280655 simps
>>280655 >she >her
>>280871 Don't start an idpol shitstorm.
Interesting clip of some war movie from the 2000s or something. I find the comparison to the actions of the Heer (and SS) disturbing, this is more or less the exact sort of shit they did in Eastern Europe. Also, read the comments to see further how utterly sickening rightoid burgers truly are. https://youtu.be/Fp7ihY2aAaY
<Famed biologist Richard Dawkins sparks Twitter row with ‘eugenics would work for humans’ argument ttps://www.rt.com/news/480975-richard-dawkins-eugenics-twitter/
(53.51 KB 157x255 1578060197312.png)
>>281228 I agree with Dawkins. I agree with his assessment that it would be reasonable, mathematically & scientifically sound to enact a policy of sterilizing all capitalists, Republicans, Zionists, members of US Congress (except for left-of-center politicians like AOC if they publicly admit and repent for sanctions on Venezuela etc.), most US military personnel, clinical psychopaths, and their offspring (ex. Barron Trump would not be spared), including all the offspring from disgraced fertility doctors.
(991.19 KB 500x281 wink.gif)
>>281283 >it would be reasonable, mathematically & scientifically sound to enact a policy
https://youtu.be/RMuRRXJSU2M "I am trained in Gorilla warfare, and so on".
>>280655 Another overlong video about nothing
I just realized Ashleigh and Peter coffin are married. How long until its revealed that he beats her or some shit?
>>280655 Still a dude in a wig.
(151.66 KB 1200x872 MD-ZondagmetLubach_A.jpg[1].jpg)
Dutch daily show clone says "monopoly capitalism (jeff bezos, uber) is communism and not capitalism because capitalism is when there is competition and communism is when there is no competition and also dictators" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIc5crNUBBU
(116.78 KB 518x889 1.png)
(783.96 KB 986x889 2.png)
>>281657 Chomsky's always been an "anarchist" in only the flimsiest most armchair way possible. Dude literally worked for the military industrial complex, and then he gives a weak sauce justification which includes rather bafflingly stating that ARPA projects like the internet had no military application. ARPANET, of course, was designed to be a decentralized communications set up for use during nuclear war, a clear military application if there ever was one.
>>281657 i always thought "le vote dems man" was a meme but this is even worse than that.
>>281611 fucking stupid, i thought the dutch were smarter than this
>>281657 This logic is pure garbage. If you keep allowing the dems to shove shit down your throat then they'll just keep doing it, forever. If they can win with a shit candidate they'll run one every time. Only let them win when they run a good candidate and they may improve. Of course, bourgeois democracy is also total bullshit but that's beside the point.
>>281657 How can Chomsky be simultaneously well read, "an anarchist", anti-propaganda, but also have theorylet takes, support the establishment, and repeat and support propaganda. He's like a petty-bourgeois an-cap, with leftist and CIA characteristics. It really boggles the mind. And this isn't even recent, it's been this way forever. Ironically, he was one of the figures that was important in my radicalization.
>>281657 Chomsky has always been like this. He'd just say that corporate dems are bad but Trump and the GOP are worse so we should vote for the dems while demonstrating against their policies.
>>281611 Why do I feel like this is Americanism seeping into Dutch mainstream, or were the Dutch always like this?
>>281763 Both. We're probably the most classcucked nation in europe. The secret services did a good job stamping out all communist orginisations since ww2.
>>281763 It has always been like this. Ordoliberalism is at odds with monopolies.
>>281772 How the fuck can we get it through our classcucked populations head that the very rewards that makes capitalism work is the very thing that takes away the supposed benefits of capitalism?
(292.17 KB 642x676 290.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9McFIVP-Bw More shit from sargon >Bernie uses the word revolution >revolutions are violent, you guys >Bernie is a literal Bolshevik
>>281750 Controlled opposition
>>281800 >if people are getting shot or truck of peace'd Can't wait for Bernie to build the TACHANKA OF PEACE
>>281800 >Soygon of Autism >In 2020 Is he even still relevant?
>>281611 i feel like this kind of rhetoric is just so ripe for radicalization though, it's stupid that they equate communism with totalitarianism, but they're dead-on when they identify totalitarian elements in capitalism
I've been thinking of making a 24/7 livestream for something related to this board, anyone got any ideas of what I should include in it?
>>281800 God I wish Bernie was a literal Bolshevik
>>281903 >>281903 >24/7 livestream for something related to this board What do you mean by this?
>>281992 Posting shit written by posters here, maybe dedicate sections to broadcasting what the average bunkerite believes, that sorta shit. Maybe put some shit music during breaks
(17.90 KB 288x346 fidel-castro2.jpg)
>>281998 this is such a weird idea, I think I have to see it in action before I get it.
>>282001 Just a bored person's idea of making time pass, oh and wasting broadband too. Right now I am only doing unlisted streams on youtube to test shit, already got the proof of concept up with some alunya pics for the placeholder for the video feed.
Being trans is a fad. Breadtubers should be taking a class first approach.
>>282022 Weirdest fuckin fad too
>>282004 I like it, my guy. Even if nothing is "going on" there will still be things to read and look at coupled with music.
>>282022 How so?
>>281890 not really, most right wing channels have been slowing down and declining steadily since 2018ish
>>282022 >Being trans is a fad. so is everything else, the universe is matter in motion and the only constant is change itself. get with it chief
>>282027 >>282022 https://www.svt.se/nyheter/inrikes/lavinartad-okning-av-konsdysfori-hos-flickor There's been an increase of instances of sex dysphoria by 1500 % in the last twelve years among swedish teenage girls. Transgenderism is in most cases internet induced hysteria, when it's not outright just a fetish. Trans ideology and materialism are incompatible at a fundamental level.
>>282216 Not disagreeing with you here, but maybe don't link articles in Swedish to state your case. De kommer inte att fatta liksom.
>>282219 But that's what Breitbart told him it says!
>>282219 Google translate är ändå en grej.
>>282243 Oh fuck off libshit. Jag har inga problem med att läsa mitt eget modersmål.
>>282216 Honestly when the fuck will this shit finally die and once again fade back into obscurity? Is this just going to be a permanent thing on the left now? Obsessing over mostly myopic and narcissistic weirdos? Who's next, is it furries? Honestly hoping 2020 is the year the Left can refocus itself on something other than trannies or Bernie; because this is the year when shit starts to seriously get dark and I'm fucking terrified since the left currently consists mainly of ineffectual weirdos with few skills and massive mental problems that the masses are weirded out by.
(191.18 KB 828x640 acs-hc-marx.png)
>>278502 >>278294 Please end me, and while you are at it, end this guy too
>>281283 Unironically based. We should give the eugenics treatment to the eugenics proponents and social darwinists too. Most of them are psychopaths, won't be missed
>>282256 >it would be easier if we just focussed all our efforts on the workers >and by workers I mean straight white conservative males lmao
>>282256 Transgenderism is still illegal in North Korea
>>282022 >>282216 >internets make people trans >muh fetish Being transphobic is a fad. Find something meaningful to criticize.
>>282249 Hamburgare är lata och odugliga.
>>282256 Oh yea like this shit is a zero sum game, whereby if the Left takes its eyes off trannies and Bernie, something magical is gonna happen? You can all do all this shit together nigga. Not as if whiners like you are actually doing something that isn't bitching about Bernie or trannies.
>>282803 North Korea is a revisionist feudal monarchy with nazi characterstics
(95.47 KB 1200x675 IMG_20200217_183415.jpg)
Not really internet related, but Jesus Christ, have you seen Chomsky lately?
>>282803 There are no laws we know of that would restrict transgender rights in the DPRK. Fucking Iran has transgender rights, it's not far-fetched they'd exist in other isolated states as well. >>282934 ok boomer
>>282256 I went to a big protest last week and while most of the guys participating were based, there was a blue-haired, androgynous fat guy with a walking stick. I don't think these guys realise how harmful they are to the impression of such a protest to outsiders. All the red flags, the music, etc. all made an impression to people, but guys like that do kind of ruin this.
>>282980 How long do you think he will last?
>>282980 Ana lookin' good though
>>282997 Honestly I don't think much longer. In the interview from which the picture is, he also showed signs of mental degradation, not knowing what the question was, etc. - this suggests that him being unkempt is not necessarily a stylistic choice but a sign of degradation. Makes me sad tbh. I disagree with Chomsky on many things, and his takes about Leninism are genuinely shitty, but it's fucked to see such a prominent leftist intellectual fade out, he was a genuine anti-capitalist and one of the most well-known voices against US foreign policy, and I don't see equivalents of these commie boomer intellectuals rising up. Just more neolibs.
>>282994 One androgynous fat guy with a walking stick is not going to ruin the movement.
>>283006 >the coomer strikes again
>>282980 Oh noooo This is sad. I get there's always been issues with Chomsky, but this still hurts. He was one of the first leftist I read.
>>281848 Controlled opposition would explain why Chomsky is popular, perhaps. But do you really think he's consciously controlled opposition? I don't think he's dishonest.
>>282980 This is your future, thank your parents.
(47.61 KB 739x469 political revolution type a.png)
>>281800 >political revolution is violent All the neanderthal had to do was google "political revolution", but he's a dishonest actor so he never would. What a whiny toddler.
>>283050 He isn't dishonest, just a bit naive. And I think his knowledge of theory is a bit overrated in mainstream perception. He either has some irrational hatred against state socialists or he genuinely has blatant gaps of knowledge.
>>282983 ok useful idiot
>>282759 You don't belong here.
>>283288 Talking to yourself?
(138.85 KB 730x537 best korea.jpg)
South Korea: >let's enable delusions and force kpop artists into gender transition Meanwhile Best Korea: >>282803 Damn, day after day I like Juche more and more
>>280655 >Blanchard was right the video He's describing concept of pseudo-bisexuality to a T.
>>283704 I'm not a big believer in blachardism in general. But even I have to admit that Contra fits the AGP profile very well.
>>283707 So when is she detransin'?
FinnBol responds to Jimmy Dore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV7AskOkHsw
>>283473 I may be an idiot. But atleast I'm not useful.
Which is the worst "anti-idpol" liberal podcast? "Chapo Trap House"? "Cum Town"? "Red Scare"? What even is the difference? I don't get the "jokes" at all, is the "20 years old boomer" meme real?
>>283984 kys liberal
>>284148 Chapotrannies ARE liberals
>>284148 Whose the liberal here?
>>284160 You are for being pro-idpol
>>284174 learn to read, i'm pretty sure he's assuming that most of these proclaimed anti-idpol e-celebs are usually just grifting pro-idpol liberals
(15.50 MB pink_scare.webm)
>>284174 Let's see... >muh hungry >muh clothes >muh wahmen >muh russia >muh party unity >muh tv shows The absolute state of the burger "anti-idpol" "radical" "left".
>>283984 chapo and redscare are awful cumtown can be funny when they try in all honesty
>>284184 Let's hope I can listen to more than a few seconds before painfully cringing.
>>284206 Welp, over the hysterical laughing, I can't even figure out what they're talking about, so that's an improvement, I guess.
>>284446 Wow never mind I thought this was a high school but it’s a university
>>282160 >sophist platitude
>>284198 >>284206 It seems like their shtick is hurdur I am dumb. Very one trick pony
>>278502 fucking glasses every time
>>279490 dont show face if you wear glasses or look like a forum moderator. making sure to include your face in videos is borderline narcissism.
>>282759 unironacly it would be fucking better than trannies who are less than a %.
>>282216 most people who claim they're trans are usually not, they buy into this idea that if they're not 100% masculine or 100% feminine that they are somehow transgender which is retarded this is coming from a tranny
>>284615 And then you have the people who're only in it for fetish reasons (not saying that all trannies are like that). Those people are the worst.
>>184649 https://youtu.be/YDiHYgEYHnA I've made a video just now Its top ten myths about communism
Why are Peter and his wife palling around with known SJW idpoler Jack Saint?
>>285093 Peter....?
>>285097 Coffin
>>285093 You're dropping names expecting me to know who these people are.
>>285109 Peter coffin Ashleigh Coffin Jack Saint Podcasters/breadtubers
Katlin "Oops I shitted again" Bennett got in a shitty situation https://youtu.be/h72lk5tsaWI
(114.82 KB 828x1007 EQWEio1XkAIFkge.jpeg)
>>285119 I know who Peter and his Wife is goddamn she fine but who the hell is Jack Saint? >>285122 Liberty "Feudalism FTW" Hangout
>>285129 https://twitter.com/LackingSaint He's a radlib idpoler who bitches about trans and woman's issues all the time and whiteknights people like thoughtslime.
(82.55 KB 602x395 mini mike.png)
Based Trump.
Why are runescape players so reactionary?
>>285151 Don't hate on the scape
>>285133 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Fuck, if nothing else he's a good bully, I am going to miss that.
>>285178 >>285150 Usually his jokes aren't this good. He usually flings 12 year old insults.
>>284926 you are too much enthused about getting 100 subscribers and pushing out content without quality control get a grip dude and put much more effort into these
>>285133 Honestly based
>cringe ass radlibs >still whiter than that /pol/ reunion pic https://twitter.com/vaushv/status/1229846592137527297?s=21
>>285192 The radlibs are anti-Bernie
>>284910 Attack on Titan was the first thing I thought of when I saw that image
(406.46 KB 599x645 ancap2.png)
>>284910 what the fuck? how more absurd can capitalism get? The soyjack patron that also has a fetish for women who represent bread brands destroying the environment is definitely very high on the list of most absurd. People getting tattoos of their employers. The walmart song taught to kids in america. Not sure when we're going to hit peak absurd, it'll be beautiful.
The next time you hear "support sex workers" remember this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjidbxN6geg
>>285309 I want to believe he's being sarcastic, but I can't. Is he? Is he not? What the fuck? Cruise ships are usually total monopolies on board, not "free competition".
>>285444 Kek everyone looks so dead inside
>>285444 Christ, not even 1 minute in and I'm fucking cringing...
(51.10 KB 408x512 1.jpg)
(232.86 KB 500x398 labourcreatesallwealth.jpeg)
>>285570 I agree with him we have been framing the inequality problem wrong It's unethical for the capitalist class to steal surplus from the workers and by claiming that they get to keep the loot, they are not appealing to ethical principle. And it should not be called redistribution of wealth, because that's what the rich have been doing, it should be called restoring the rightful owners of wealth.
(1.10 MB 790x873 nazbol trump.PNG)
is this anything more impotent than liberal critiques of politics?
>>286092 They have no theory of the world right now other than the vague directive "democracy good", "power good" and "women/minorities good". The true believers, like the dumbshits at the bottom who might be PMCs but might also just be relatively secure suburbanites in a major metropolitan area in a blue state just listen to the democratic operatives, who are all back biting fiends that are trying to use the tools they have to grift their way to power. Those poor assholes at the bottom believe them because they're legitimated by their closer position to power, so they hear them call Bernie a sexist or Trump a dictator and just say "yeah, that all makes sense with my world view that democracy is good and minorities/women are good, and it is an important liberal saying it so there must be some truth to it!"
>>285444 fucking coomers
I hope Muke quits leftism like bat'ko did.
(271.62 KB 413x848 1578363407219.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoDfthL2w-Y Has he lost it? He never got this asshurt towards blood and soil ethnonationalists or kids who DDoSed him so hard he couldn't stream anymore.
>>288647 He is a fucking maniac now.
>>288647 tl;dr?
>>288647 Jesus, Destiny unironically got destroyed in this debate>>288647
(2.44 MB 1016x1376 1580677763378.png)
Your reminder that Destiny never got this mad against right-wingers who gloated about his friends suicide to him on stream, but debating chumps like Caleb Maupin, Muke or Vaush, who keep it polite as possible without ever resorting to a single personal attacks set him off 180 back to a libertarian to the point that he can't explode 5 minutes into a conversation with them. The petite bourgeoisie, not porky, is what will ultimately do America in.
>>288715 The debates with central_committee fucking broke him.
>>288672 >>288647 For real, it is hard to state how much of a psycho Destiny has become. I know we have the webm here of him doing crazy shit like endorsing Vietnam, but he is such a little worm now that it is almost impossible for him to even concede victories to Bernie Sanders. He fundamentally loathes even Social Democrats.
Who did Destiny even debate? What happened?
>>288717 Central_Committee? Good (as good as a radlib can get) or bad? For me, he's a garbage representation of the left and a total simp
(39.97 KB 882x757 z1MfWwK.jpg)
How long will see Destiny in a insane ayslum?
(825.77 KB 841x989 1578362169569.png)
>288724 20 minute debate with Vaush about one of Destiny's dumb video titled CAN I JUST ADOPT A POOR PERSON. The craziest thing is, they're planning a real full debate in March. By then Destiny might just pull out a glock.
>>285444 >that old guy being an Andrew Yang campaigner >the crazy religious man outside This is less of an inditement against the sex industry than it is against Americans in general.
>>288756(me) Also all those jumps make me suspect he may have goaded them to saying dumb shit and edited the context out.
>>288719 It’s because when his pride gets hurt, he cements himself even further into untenable terrible positions as a show of strength. Fashies do it alot too, but liberals like to pretend they are above it. For a while, Steve seemed like he might be capable of moving beyond that, but since he moved to LA and broke up with Cenk’s nephew, he hasnt been the same. He’s been full-on scorched earth tactics when it comes to lefties since then
German language leftist stuff recommendations?
>>285444 This is great. Sounds like a cool convention too, tickets are probably very expensive though.
>>288647 What the fuck? How is this guy taken seriously? Isn't he a video game streamer or something?
>>288794 He debates good against right wingers
>>288760 >but since he moved to LA and broke up with Cenk’s nephew, he hasnt been the same. Ngl, his friendship with Lily and Hasan was very kino to watch.
>>288697 Vaush still too stupid to throw the way unemployment numbers are cooked back in triggered steves face
>>288697 Honestly vaush is way too nice to him tbh
>>288647 Destiny is petit Bougie, didn't expect any more from him. His class interests are preventing him from feeling any solidarity for people below him. Just waiting for him to say that black people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps. He pulled me from that alt-right pipeline tho.
Can I torrent or stream the DNC Nevada debate in some obscure youtube channel? I can't find it.
>>288902 Thank you anon.
On the topic of destiny, his new video is him just talking about things like why he would vote for Biden (he groans and says “maybe Warren”), why he thinks big student loans are a good thing (not just student loans in general, but he argues in favor of expensive student loans to counteract any higher earnings potential), he vaguely suggests he personally doesn’t like the idea of replacing the ACA with “something new” but doesn’t explain why. He also suggests he might like Bloomberg because he hasn’t heard anything bad from him yet (this was pre-debate, but Destiny clearly follows politics so it is likely he is fully aware of Bloomberg’s positions and his notoriety as mayor of NYC). He says he would choose Pete if only he were older. Previously he also said Delaney was underrated during the early debates, he consistently chooses the most boring, status quo, and even the most reactionary in the case of Bloomberg. The comments are filled with people basically calling him an impotent cuck now. He just sounds miserable. Like he’d sincerely post on the neoliberal subreddit and feel like he is the practical smart guy. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OY9-XwQRrxU What a sad end to this guy. There was a moment that the leftists in his orbit were convinced he was at least moving towards social democracy.
>>288995 >Destiny unironically going full open neoliberal Tbh, its almost like he's trying to be as contrarian as possible for his generation, because being an unironic neolib centrist shill who wants nothing to really change in any meaningful way is probably the most contrarian position today for a younger person to hold.
>>288717 Link?
>>288995 >he argues in favor of expensive student loans to counteract any higher earnings potential wut. Does he think loans function as a progressive tax or something?
>>289000 Oh I agree, though with how heated he got in that Vaush video I don’t think he fully knows that he is doing it. His identity has become the video game guy that can out talk all the people who claim to be expert representatives of their own ideology or whatever. I think he values that, so the fact leftists started trying to convince him of socialism triggered his need to “own” people and he became increasingly emotionally invested in it.
>>288647 Destiny: >you fucking lefties abandoned intersectionalism for class-consciousness Vaush >no, i regularly talk against class-essentialism both are trash
>it was Vaush and not Jack Angstreich who ended up destroying Destiny strange timeline we're in
Destiny's absolute infantile display in front of Vaush is proof that Buttigieg voters have some Patrick Bateman shit going on. You can't convince me he doesn't have some severed head in his fridge. An Angstreich debate with him would go even more off course. He simply just won't entertain any of the basic premises of a LTV, and would just resort to calling Jack, a middle aged man, a stupid college lefty. They would then scream at each other for 2 or so hours.
>>290022 >They would then scream at each other for 2 or so hours. The debate that we deserve.
(23.27 KB 689x451 ERKgi_RXkAIJJPS.png)
I hate that some idiot from /pol/ taught their boomer parents how to use anonymous image boards so much.
>>290032 We need to teach our grandpas how to use /leftypol/ Only a boomer can beat another boomer!
>>290032 My theory as to why people like to pretend that Trump isnt actually also some baby eating Moloch worshipper and is actually based and playing 56d chess or something (He went to the Island to create a black book of people to send to gitmo, He got close to Epstein to perform recon, He ran for the presidency as to have enough power to take down the Cabal or whatever) is basically because they want an absolute true evil to exist and a good opposed to it to exist in turn Because that would make the world so much simpler. If it really was this freedom fighting heroic president up against this evil Satanist cabal or whatever all political differences would dissolve all divisions would cease to matter it would purely be True Good v True Evil and we would know who the good and the evil were
>>289963 >“I WAS BEING HYPERBOLIC” He seems to use this excuse a lot lately, but then gets mad at irony tards for using it to dog whistle
>>288769 Das Kapital. Easiest question ever.
>>288849 Because Vaush doesn't know that basic shit. I mean... I can't blame him. Bernie never addressed it and no game is based on it... and Vaush never reads... So he never came across it. >>288995 > supports DOOMberg and Mayo Pete So he is okay with mayors that are notorious for being anti-black. Is Destiny Pewdiepie2.0? >>290022 > They would then scream at each other for 2 or so hours Yeah, I know... I don't have enough popcorn for that. :( >>290041 Or just show them how to play CoD2 so they can relive the "glory days". After all, this is what they truely want.
>>290136 made me laugh. thanks for the recommendation mate, I'll check it out
kyle "i can't guarantee you people won't get hurt" kulinski vows action if dnc steals the primary from bernie
>>290153 Im pretty sure Richard wolf has mentioned how real unemployment numbers are under represented.
>>288715 Material interests of your class trumps ALL ELSE. It is the SUPREME defining essence of any person. He knows that he's parasitic petty-booj lifestyle will be fucked hard under socialism, no bored, unproductive children donating to his manchild ass. His lifestyle can ONLY EXIST in the most alienating form of capitalism. Right wingers don't attack his way of life like the "left" does. He can always changed his opinions and operate under any fascist white nationalist state, but he can't keep his privileged position under socialism. Plus he admitted to being some republican/libertarian when he was younger. Well he's still a moronic libertarian, it's just that he wants to fuck as many whores as possible and that doesn't mesh with republican "traditional values"
>>288760 It's hilarious how similar his journey was to Sargon's.
>>288862 >He pulled me from that alt-right pipeline tho. I feel really fucking sorry for you. To be convinced by destiny of all people.
(333.09 KB 1000x667 malcom kyeyune.jpg)
(294.57 KB 599x574 Markus-Allard.png)
(37.14 KB 500x500 markus och malcom.jpg)
Swedes of /leftypol/: What do you think of these motherfuckers? Used to be a big fan but I feel like they're starting to take their autistic contrarianism a bit too far lately.
>>290179 based
Dear God Destiny said he leans toward supporting Pete Buttigieg
>>290332 Baserade och rödpillrade
>>288725 But what about his tank emote?
>>290332 >>290480 Please someone make a /Nordics/ general thread. A lot is happening in the region recently.
>>290179 Tbh we need 100k socialists with rifles marching and singing John Brown's Body.
>>283016 Time fucks us all in the end, getting old ain't pretty
Vaush tries to rank ideologies, realises that he doesn't know shit about half of them so he made it as le funny meme video to obscure that he's dumb as a rock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAGL52fjyFc
(20.65 KB 1200x720 1200px-Black_&_Violet_Flag.png)
>>291048 >we've got anarcho... (looks at notes) >transhumanism >it's for people who want people different genitals WUT
(3.09 KB 1200x800 previewfile_1840528334.png)
>>291048 >this is anarcho syndicalism WUT >this is my ideology WUUUUTTT
(151.75 KB 661x706 sp.PNG)
The US is suffering and opioid addiction while China ended its opioid problem by having the drug dealers shot. Truly, this is communism's fault >>290032 What ruined /pol/ was the 2016 election. Shitposting and free for all arguments is what makes imageboards enjoyable and filtered out stupid as shit normies. The influx of magaboomers ruined it.
>>291066 Where's the lie?
>>291048 >When you become so obsessed with hating a youtuber that your emotions make you functionally insane. Close the browser and go for a walk anon, it's not worth it.
>>291066 ngl if I turned into a robot I would totally be a futa
>>291144 Same tbh
(460.01 KB 620x443 rsdds.png)
Vaush is having a debate with Stefan Molyneux Sunday night over the topic of "Source of Human Wealth & What Exploitation Is". Vaush is a theorylet who hasn't gone beyond regurgitating Richard Wolff's dumb talking points. He hasn't the faintest clue on how to defend the LTV. Why can't they get Jack Angstreich to do this shit? He would completely wipe the floor with him.
>>291190 Vaush is probably the dumbest leftist YouTuber online, I thought Destiny was the dumbest but Vaush is probably even dumber. The guy hasn't read a single line of theory, all he knows about leftism are memes, remember he considers himself a "market anarchist" that thinks the US should overthrow the North Korean government. Molyneux is going to wipe the floor with this guy. Molyneux is dumb on theory too, but he is very deceitful in rhetoric and sophistry, so he will make Vaush look like a fucking idiot.
>>291190 I could debate Molyneux better than that fuck.
>>291250 Everyone on this board could, anon.
>>291190 I half hope Molyneux converts Vaush to anarcho-fascism and disillusions all of Vaush's followers.
>>291190 Molyneux dodges debates with people smarter than him. Molyneux knows Vaush is weak on this point. It’s a trap and vaush is walking right into it
>>291394 Honestly, as much as i fucking hate Vaush, I feel like someone should warn him he’s in over his head or should at least get him ready by sending material on the LTV. Otherwise his fuck up is just giving the right propaganda material and ammo. If vaush gets btfo, I prefer if the left does it.
VisualPolitik EXPOSED: The Chile Protests and Pinochet's Curse | BadEmpanada (Australian expat living in South America) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i8f16Mso0o
>>291409 >If vaush gets btfo, I prefer if the left does it. The answer is to clip out his bad arguments from the debate and BTFO them after the fact. BTFOing Molyneux is optional but pointless.
>>291409 Maybe we should adopt Vaush and teach him theory and debating strategy.
>>291422 He's a narcissist who bans people who make any criticisms of him. Not worthwhile in the slightest.
>>291413 BadEmpanada vacillates between based and cringe quite often. His Grayzone video was unnecessary, this, however, is probably his best video to be honest.
>>291425 I’ve never have had any interaction with him outside of seeing his idiocy towards “tankies”, so I dont really know. Is he even that way when it comes to theory, or just “muh ebil stalinist”?
>>291431 >His Grayzone video was unnecessary I had some respect for him after his Bolivia coverage but that video was such a piece of shit I unsubscribed.
>>291409 People have tried that, and Vaush deliberately ignores/blocks people who want to help him or at least offer critique of his brainlet takes. He'll call everybody a "tankie" or something and ignore it. Which is very interesting that he's willing to debate every right-wing shitstain from lolberts to conservatives to literal Nazis but will chicken out of every debate a leftist who disagrees with him. He had the debate with the Zero Books editor, and this guy is obviously a Leftcom, and through is utter stupidity, Vaush pushed the Leftcom to end up literally defending tankies in all aspects because Vaush called for the invasion of the DPRK or something.
>>291439 He's still worth watching if you ignore his bad takes. I still regard him higher than the usual Breadtube goons. He is also occasionally funny.
>>291437 IIRC he banned someone for saying dictatorship of the proletariat doesn't mean dictatorship because he thought they were crypto-totalitarian or some dumb shit.
>>291467 I remember that - he said in that stream that "dictatorship of the proletariat is bad optics" and a "bad PR move on the side of Marx" - somebody also tried to explain to him that by "dictatorship" Marx and his collaborators meant the dictatorship in the sense of the Roman dictatura as it was perceived in the 19th century, as a positive thing, associated with Napoleonic figures: Needlessly to say, Vaush immediately banned him.
>>291478 This makes me want to debate him so I can explain to his audience that the concept of a dictator that we have today with all its connotations didn't fucking exist at the time.
>>291494 I think some user called DankeyKang tried to debate him, with Vaush insisting on a "format" that included DankeyKang being restricted to typing in the chat while Vaush played Sekiro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP6BRLxphNA
(37.85 KB 900x900 fdf.png)
>>291119 why /pol/cucks are so obsessed with those MS paint strawman memes? it's like they legit can't argue against other points of view so oversimplification is their only move
>>291431 He will forever be based fo BTFOIng once and for all the "Che was racist and homophobic!!!" slander
>>291452 >Vaush pushed the Leftcom to end up literally defending tankies in all aspects because Vaush called for the invasion of the DPRK or something. Kek, got a link to that?
(11.21 KB 391x213 images (13).jpeg)
>>291190 >>291229 im gonna lose my shit if vaush ends up losing in a debate with Molymeme from all people.
>>291431 He altered his pronunciation too, so he has been settling rather well in South America. I might watch his "shirt man bad?" video. >>291740 >He will forever be based fo BTFOIng once and for all the "Che was racist and homophobic!!!" slander <Liberals trying to slander anyone but Chynah coz not huwhite and so me I might watch that video, though I do suspect that I would delving into the depths of the obvious.
>>291814 At least we will be able to meme him to death. Justifiably.
wypipo need 2 talk 2 wypipo about dis
(131.31 KB 1200x659 3gxr6y.jpg)
Don't forget to join in 50 minutes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ahzNkRv8Y
If anyone wants to join Caleb's Saturday chat, here's the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ahzNkRv8Y I said I would have skipped him until kingdom come, but tonight there's only a shitty French "drama" film with that old bitch Catherine Deneuve on BBC Four and I couldn't watch it for more than ten minutes.
>>293420 >>294013 Oops! Sorry mate, I didn't check before adding my post! That's what my hatred for Catherine Deneuve and pretentious French cinema does to my mind... Polite sage.
>>291814 I mean, what's the value of "debating" such a well known grifter? What's the point? I could understand the Shniffman cleaning the floor with the Lobsterman in front of the latter's own audience getting new people to know about him in the process, but who even is this Vaush guy?
>>294050 It's just a grifter fighting a grifter to gain more paypigs because of their optics. Basically WWE but less athletic.
>>294071 >Basically WWE but less athletic. Well, strangely enough, I started to think about "political" talk shows here in Wopistan as a kind of WWE. And that made me appreciate pro wrestling once again. Anyway, who's this Vaush, seriously? What's he's known for?
>>294120 Lefty theorylet popular with kids for not shying away from edgy jokes unlike the rest of radlib e-celebs
I mean... I even have sympathy for Caleb, but Jesus Christ if he's not a colossal brainlet... I switched to Joe Rogan with a couple of overenthusiastic MMA people talking about their shit.
>>294120 Basically: Vaush is the "edgy" radlib who caters to transgender and alt-right kids. His kryptonite is anything theory related, likes to play vidiya, was and still is a huge Des-Tiny fan (almost a carbon copy of him), lardass who don't want to exercise. He thinks he is doing great service to the left by just shouting into the microphone all day (nowadays he streams almost every day for 4-5 hours each). Essentially he is a heel but want to be known as a face.
>>294120 All his views are people that are starting to prefer him to Destiny. He is only a phenomena due to being a Destiny, both starting from the Twitch platform. That his viewership is increasing is good in that they are escaping the vice-grip of Destiny (of which he's cultivated for close to a decade), who needs to crash and burn, but also bad in that Vaush's version of leftism, alike Destiny's version of liberalism, is predicated on performative, degenerated sophistry, or McPhilosophy, based upon the most shallow of understanding of the political positions at hand - emphasis instead being placed on rhetoric, argumentative traps, the 'dominant' performance, crowd work and maintaining an 'entertainment industry' type following of herd-ified fans (due to the nature of Twitch chat; which is designed to lower complexity of input from the writing of viewers, instead focusing on quick, short sentences, or just emoticons). The fans are guided by these circuits of capital onto 'the ideological marketplace' / 'the marketplace of ideas' where capitalist degradation of information allocation in workers is reaching its fore, 25 years after the wide adoption of the internet became mainstream. Now corporations like Alphabet Inc. (Google, Youtube, Android) and Amazon Inc. (Twitch) and Facebook Inc. (Facebook, WhatApp, Instagram) can directly mediate and shape the quality and content of socialist messaging to the digitally mediated workforce and limit its revolutionary potential. Just connecting some new dots as I wrote this.
>>294191 He's not verbose but he makes points that smart people can get only dumb people fall for sophistry and fast talking t. was sympathetic to fascism and generally authoritarian but slowly transitioned leftwards from 2017
>>294217 He's the only "leftist" who does 6 hour a day endless content churn for zoomers and I'd rather have kids watching him than destiny or sargon
>>294485 > imagine him as your kids' babysitter > imagine him close to children even Gross, Anon, you sick fuck.
Adorno and the Culture Industry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs9-2_vyvW8 (by the guy who once committed suicide)
>Non Compete needs to be sent to the gulag fuck this self-obsessed freak. he's fed the mindless youtube-obsessives such basic stories and half-baked ideas that result in a swathe of truly clueless idiots. i remember there was one of cuck sargon's husting videos wherein someone parots non compete's hilariously diluted shite and gets btfo'd. there needs to be some serious redress here. dumb people feel empowered because they think they've understood something from the nebulous idea of "giving power to the community". shit, i really pity the internet based left.
why are so many leftists so bad at getting their message out there to people it seems most of these e-leftists cater to college liberals
>>292601 >i want to be a better white person to people of color >literally "we don't know if we wuz kangz or we wuz peasants"
>>296270 The internet is an entertainment medium and the workers don't have as much disposable income to donate to patreon as bourgie college libs.
4chan 8chan kiwifarms knowyourmeme youtube which of these sites will turn to the left first, if that ever happens?
>>296341 Is 8chan even still around?
>>296341 KYM is radlib (and coomer) as fuck. I posted some anti-HK meme on the image gallery and got bombarded with downvotes and angry DM’s
https://dlive.tv/TheREALVaush Vaush's debate with Stefan Molyneux followed by Destiny afterwards. Might kill myself tbh. Vaush is going to get outplayed.
>>296656 >its a Vaush argues economic while not understanding the LTV OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOO
>>296656 >killing yourself on behalf of woosh Bro, log off for a while and relax.
>>296677 I wouldn't be so upset if Vaush wasn't already losing 10 minutes in.
>>296656 holy shit, this is awful.
>>296656 >>296717 >>296682 I'm too tiny brained to understand who is winning, please explain.
>>296341 >4chan probably not >8chan ???? isn't that place dead???? >kiwifarms I can only see a place like that as being reactionary in perpetuity >knowyourmeme Filled with normies so probably >youtube Already on the leftward trend, but there will probably be small holdouts/islands of right-leaning content for a while
(30.55 KB 318x449 185160.jpg)
I'm going shill a small book in light of this retarded debate. Both Vaush and Molymeme are fucking idiots, Jesus Christ.
>>296721 Stefan is espousing basic rightwing ideology which is wrong outright. Vaush is in the right but because he's a theorylet he cannot espouse anything coherent to defend his side properly. Basically they're both retarded.
>>296721 it's certainly not your brain and the scattered nature of theirs is perhaps the main issue; they're conjuring ideas out of thin air which is fairly embarrassing. they keep on saying 'the fact you said x is ridiculous' followed by some platitudes about markets, workers etc. is proof enough that they're not really engaging with each other at all
truly infantile description of the development of history by bearded man with glasses. he should study historical materialism.
Stefan Molyneux has exposed himself as a petite bourgeois philistine.
>>296778 Groundbreaking.
>>296656 Vaush here. Please don't kill yourself! With the right method killing yourself only takes half as long as making mudpie. If suicide isn't even worth half a mudpie, how can it be a good decision!?
>>296785 If this is actually Vash I was just wondering when you’d read a fucking book and chill with anarkid meme ideologies you got from Kaiserreich?
>>296787 ?????????????
>>296721 The only ones winning are Porky and Satan
>Well Vaush. If you're an advocate for worker coops, why isn't your Youtube channel a worker coop???????? Spread your 'means of production', which if I keep saying over and over makes me look well read. This is so fucking dumb. I'm actually losing brain cells. Jesus Christ.
(93.09 KB 990x971 beany boi.jpg)
I'm assuming everyone is losing?
Hey guys, I know I’ll prob get shit for posting a Reddit link, but I think we should raid this post trying to play the ol “communism killed millions so it bad” https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/f8h20j/communism_has_killed_a_lot_of_people_is_not_a_bad/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf I know it’s stupid, but we might actually be able to get people to think.
>>296920 Redditors are beyond retarded, the only thing that could educate these petty boug fucks is a bullet, fuck em.
>>296656 Damn this is really bad. What if we got someone like Pierre Tru-Dank, Sev, or Neo-Jacobin to debate Destiny?
>>296934 You can’t honestly believe a revolution is gonna be popular when you talk like that man. Try to change their minds and educate them.
(71.04 KB 680x613 d85.jpg)
What did I miss with that Vaush and Molymeme debate? Did that bearded fatass lose to that balding retard?
(108.43 KB 347x367 bordiga.png)
Destiny is leftcom gang. Market Socialists like Vaush got BTFO'ed. Abolish the commodity form, not the boss, okay?
>>296354 >>296725 > >>8chan >???? isn't that place dead???? It's still alive at https://8kun.top/index.html But it's a shadow of its former self. If you're interested there is this thread on /GET/ wich somewhat gives an accurate vision on the shit that's been happening there. >>>/GET/49188
https://youtu.be/s9ovOwl5Cns Found this video of warren buffet, charlie munger, and bill gates talking about socialism vs capitalism. It gives a small insight of what these fucks think is going on, how politics works, and their thoughts on the obviously dysfunctional modern day capitalism.
>>297142 >Shadow of it's former self Arguably not entirely. Jim refuses to bring back a ton of major boards for the time being, I'm unironically rallying a final exodus if he doesn't by 2021, but the point being for now a good chunk of people who did use it aren't coming back, on a good day it has 600 or so pph which is half of what /v/ used to get. Everyone's currently on a bunker right now waiting for Jim to fix the place, some boards got completely fucked since /animu/'s bo took control of /a/ before /a/ did which is like /intl/ taking control of /int/, so many won't be going back there period, we're already getting people saying "Go back to 8kun" Which has been said multiple times before on other sites but now even more people are saying it. And many are just scared of going back before Jim and cuckmonkey fix the fucking site's code. A good chunk of old mods and bo's deleted their emails upon it going down because so far it's Jim's biggest cluster fuck yet since he basically had to negotiate with the US gov like a bitch. Shit was hilarious. Anyway point being it's not a total shadow of it's former self it's just desperately trying to stay alive in a very poor state. Although 8chan had been a shadow of it's former self since at the very least 2017 when it went down officially for the first time.
>>296934 How do you build class consciousness by shooting people who are potential comrades?
>>297206 >Redditards >Potenrial comrades No
Vaush is a self avowed "market socialist" (Just capitalism with more welfare) and had repeatedly called himself a liberal during the Sargon debate. He is controlled opposition, no other reason why such DUMB FUCKS keep getting promoted as the "voice of the left".
>>297516 >Vaush is a self avowed "market socialist" (Just capitalism with more welfare) That would be social democracy. Market socialism would be workers own the MoP but they produce commodities sold on a market rather than having a planned economy.
Commune Mag's (a communist alternative to jacobinmag, a socdem outlet) take on the downfall of the open nazi, Rich Spencer: https://communemag.com/the-autumn-of-the-alt-right/ Also noteworthy, if not even better, is their inside reporting from the belly of the US alt-right: https://communemag.com/alt-right-new-york/ COMRADES, PLZ READ BOTH!!!!!!!!
>>297860 Vaush: >USSR is totetaterainianism also Vaush: >markets good
(449.70 KB 1080x1819 Screenshot_20200224-193456__01.jpg)
>book Guys I think Michele Greenstein (from RT) is /ourgal/.
>>297179 Bill Gates is such a fucking dweeb. Like genuinely, he is a totally weak representative of his class. He collapsed as soon as somebody ribbed him by saying "really?" when he said "I may be self-interested here", couldn't even finish his thought and just nervously looked around. He knows he is a selfish prick and he is so terrified of his brand as a nice billionaire getting ruined that he basically melted at the vocalization of his deep fear, even though it was states as a joke. Buffet is much more self-assured in that capacity. Gates wouldn't have it in him to fight a war of capital vs the state if some kind of semi-revolutionary power took over, even on the scale of say Chavez.
>>297894 thx, & bless
>>297898 Why the fuck are Jewesses so hot?!
(10.73 KB 264x282 original.jpg)
>>297877 >“Some women are simply aroused by the image of a penis.” >These were the words uttered by neo-Nazi Richard Spencer’s co-host in a now-deleted video from his YouTube show.
(79.78 KB 994x956 hidden danger.jpg)
>>297909 She's pretty cute, but that book though?! Pretty based huh.
>>297900 lol I watched it to the end and he actually never spoke again for the rest of the interview. What a worm, god. Also, Warren Buffet saying that the USSR would have never been able to come up with the factory system of Ford for automobiles in a hundred years. Absolute insanity, as if Ford himself simply transmitted the divine vision of the ghost of capitalism. As if in pursuit of efficiency methods of increasing specialization isn't one of the most obvious routes taken.
>>297912 keep reading the second article is even better (alt-right USA: meth-head trannies)
>>297900 Very good observation, I agree. I believe Bill Gates and Mark Zuccabird think of themselves as nice people and genuinely believe they're a huge net positive in the world. Self-deception and cognitive dissonance go a long long way for these types. Warren Buffet and perhaps Jeff Bezos seem much more aware that shit's very fucked, in part because they have ridiculous amount of wealth, and they'll try to contribute to society, but at the end of the day they look for themselves and their interests. Much more honestly selfish pricks, which in my book makes them much more respectable. If I were manning the guillotine, I'd consider giving them final words before pulling the lever, but the Gates and Zucc types, just chop it off, thank you, next.
(33.70 KB 596x379 mg.png)
>>297898 >>297914 she reveals her power level on twitter
>>297938 Tell her that she might find this forum interesting, and should perhaps pay us a visit, remind her to stay anonymous. don't be a coward
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6J3ROV4IPc Richard Wolff debates the neoliberal economist Paul Krugman
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCkyWBPaTC8 It's over, there's no coming back from this.
>>298190 Not going to watch that shit but among his sources he includes: >1984 >Mosley >Sargon of Akkad
>>298190 A redditor should post it to r/badhistory and r/badphilosophy and see what happens.
>>298196 >Mosley Wait Oswald Mosley?
>>298196 You know it's over when they bring out such intellectual luminaries like Sargon.
>>298190 Fuck TIK. Youtube keeps recommending me his shit because I watched some videos about WWII battles before knowing he was an anti-communist revisionist.
>>298369 His WW2 vids are good but he has political soupbrains.
>>298391 This describes most in the anglo shitholes
>>298345 >r/badphilosophy I hate reddit so damn much.
(33.92 KB 997x79 Capture.PNG)
>>297924 Mike Peenobitch
>>298190 >So, in brief, the definition of the word Capitalism is the “private control of the means of production”. The word ‘private’ comes from the Latin ‘privus’ meaning ‘individual’ - as in, individual human being. This is why a private in the army is a single soldier. Private control also means non-state. Capitalism is anti-state, since it gives individuals or small family-like groups control of their means of production. Capitalism is against (or at least not in favour of) publicly-owned corporations, publicly-owned central banks, or publicly-owned central states. This is why the term ‘State Capitalism’ is oxymoronic, since capitalism is inherently non-state. This term - ‘State Capitalism’ - literally means ‘state non-state’, which is why it is right to reject it entirely, since it is an impossibility. Something that is ‘false’, cannot be ‘true’, and something that is inherently ‘non-state’ cannot be ‘a state’. If people use the term ‘state-capitalism’, they’re actually saying ‘socialism’. >Similarly, there are many different definitions of the word ‘Socialism’, ranging from ‘collective control’, ‘group control’, ‘worker control’, ‘social control’, ‘national control’ etc, all of them meaning the same thing - group control of the means of production. And I showed why all ‘groups’ are ‘non-private’. Therefore they are ‘public’. The word ‘public’ comes from the Latin ‘publicus’, meaning ‘of the people’ or ‘of the state’. This Public Sector is the hierarchy of society. There can be multiple hierarchies competing with each other - like different local state ‘councils’ (or ‘Soviets’), or different ‘corporations’ (which are collectively owned by their shareholders), or multiple trade unions vying for power... but they’re all mini-states within the wider society of the central state. Therefore, Socialism is the public-sector control of the means of production, or - state control of the economy.
>>298605 TIK should consider human nature, the real reason true capitalism has never been tried.
>>297898 what a bitch
>>297980 she would be the only female on this site
>>298196 Not to mention a Tim Pool video about Spongebob >>298358 Yee, but he's referencing that Thames interview he had I believe >>298391 Yeah, you would've thought that he'd be at least a SocDem considering his videos about the USSR in WW2 were very good, and yet he throws this fucking curveball
>>297644 Read my article faggots, I wanna hear thoughts
>>298689 Is the alt-right still relevant enough to be considered a threat?
>>297644 It's funny because the two ultraleftists I've seen who constantly bring up the red-brown threat stink of Feds to me. I think there's realistically no chance anyone would actually ally with Spencer, not just out of ideological commitment but also due to the fact his movement is on life support. >>298684 >Yeah, you would've thought that he'd be at least a SocDem considering his videos about the USSR in WW2 were very good, and yet he throws this fucking curveball I suppose it makes more sense and aligns with his political interpretation of socialism that he blames collectivism for the war. But he's now dug in and refuses to expand on it so he just looks like an idiot because there are other obvious problems that he has now argued himself into a corner and he can't back down. Like if no state is capitalist, and everything not capitalist is socialist, why does he refuse to shut the fuck up about Hitler being socialist? Why is Keynes not socialist? Why is Adam Smith also not a socialist?
>>297644 "As a profile picture, Jordan uses a graphic from a 1917 edition of the IWW’s newspaper: Solidarity. His version however, is embossed with the fascist symbol known as the Iron Cross." That is a celtic cross. If you like to argue that the celtic cross is a "known fascist symbol", you should prolly give the "Irish Football Association" and the "Church in Wales" a call and ask them why they use "known fascist symbols". Btw, the "Iron Cross" predates fascism by like 150 years (and is still used by the Bundeswehr). When bashing nazis and their ilk, make sure you don't make mistakes like that or you will never hear the end of it.
(205.35 KB 1024x689 1567551959395.jpg)
>>298190 >Part 6: “TIK is Mentally ill” 04:43:42
>>298190 I'm going to save you all the time with one of his YT comments: >"He also claims capitalism has never existed. I have never seen such ignorance of history in my life." >A Capitalist State has never existed, because Capitalism is anti-State. Black markets exist though, and they're capitalist. So with a premise like that...
>>298841 Adam Smith was a socialist.
>>298850 Let's not go that far, but he was still miles ahead vulgar economists
>>298850 silence, Girondist
Check this out: Caleb Maupin is discussing the top leader of the libertarian party: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdzxMqYpNnw
>>298726 >Why is Keynes not socialist? Didn't he call Keynes a socialist at some point?
>>298922 I don't know, I just know his position. I'm not going to watch him blather on about Nazis Wuz Socialists for five hours.
>>298954 I'm with you on that one m8
>>298873 Watching this guy get BTFO is actually giving me second hand embarrassment.
(26.54 KB 500x500 comedian.jpg)
these are such lousy jokes, jimmy needs a better writer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYXThkTDJLE @ 2:51
>>298873 I vape I vote
(132.84 KB 328x207 1.png)
>>298414 badphil is great, you fag
>>299389 >>299389 Oof, oh sweetie that's a yikes from me. As a white person I'm literally shaking rn. Wow... just wow, I was expecting something wholesome. It's almost as if I literally can't even let that sink in. Just shut up and listen, let's unpack this, friendo. Folx here find this toxic bigotry very problematic and is not welcome here. Ding, ding, ding! It's called being a decent human being. Oh boy, you do realize I'm loosing all faith in humanity. Sweet summer child... who hurt you? Maybe, just maybe, have sex? :)
>>299390 are you the sour incel?
(43.00 KB 580x940 1.png)
>>299396 what have you done
(129.75 KB 872x683 xs7m5e2mtah41.png)
>>299396 Light a candle, there is a lady coming over.
(22.64 KB 474x518 1324.jpg)
>>299400 I invited a known Russian agent to this site. She will meddle in our Great Democratic system and make bernie bros bully us. Prepaer yor anüs.
>>299415 Can't find the lie.
>>299419 What does the statement "eugenics worked for cows, horses, pigs, dogs & roses" mean in your opinion? We bred these animals to benefit us not them, to the point that they seriously degenerated to the point they are not able to function properly in the wild and/or suffer serious genetic defects - some even stunting their ability to properly reproduce by themselves. Don't you see how it is troubling that he draws this parallel, especially in a class society? Because I can guarantee you that eugenics under capitalism will either end up as a racist horror show like under the nazis or ultimately benefiting the ruling class who already view us as cattle. Also, this "muh facts" and "I'm above ideology because science" is so cringey late 2000's euphoria / 2010's enlightened centrist shit it's surprising that some can still take it seriously or let it pass. He portrays his opponents as having "ideological, political, moral" takes while he is le science man who doesn't actually advocate eugenics for the same fucking reasons. You literally can't advocate for or against eugenics without a moral basis: either you think it will benefit us or hurt us.
(22.06 KB 350x350 incel.jpg)
>>299416 over my dead body
>>299425 Then again, he just said it could work, which might be useful under socialism. But cybernetism is probably more fruitful, biological organisms are a mess. >>299445 >reddit Sorry, I can't handle the cringe, even if I try.
>>299449 >Dawkins: Facts ignore ideology >Also Dawkins: Eugenics is science and totally not ideology despite the very definition of eugenics is to bring out desirable traits which often overlap with the ideology of the era believes to be superior. >Look, I don't say controlling who marries and has children with who isn't possible, years of being forced to marry in your class proves that in a way, but come on, saying eugenics isn't ideologically driven is insane. <Of course eugenics would work on humans, as you can see from the genetic superiority of purebred dogs and cows which cannot walk on their own and horses with bones that do not repair if they break and cause so much pain it is more humane to put them down. <Never mind that the function of eugenics is to limit the gene pool, and humans are starting with much less genetic diversity than most other species to begin with. <I for one trust eugenicists to do a great job with humans, and anyone who is opposed obviously just doesn't understand what STEM noam chomsky is suggesting. <(this is not just a dumb thing for dawkins to say it's exceptionally stupid since it literally contradicts all of the knowledge of the field he has a goddamn degree in) >The genetic picture is way more complex than eugenicists thought, and I'd honestly expect Dawkins to know this as an esteemed researcher in the field of biology. Like how the Aktion-T4 programme to eliminate schizophrenia didn't really work long-term because it misunderstood that the picture of schizophrenia is far more complex than a simple inherited "schizophrenia gene" you can select out. Eugenics failed, not only because it was massively inhumane, but because it often boiled down to sheer junk science.
>>299449 "allow me to backpedal while maintaining my intellectual charade"
>>299453 Who are you quoting? >allow me to backpedal On what?
>>299456 That there are no faults with Richard Scienceman Dawkins' post.
>>299466 I merely said there were no lies, learn to read.
(94.52 KB 1104x830 s5cbaejbc1j41.jpg)
I want Jimmy Dore to address this.
>>299480 >allow me to backpedal further okay >learn to read Oh wow, you really offended me. I am now officially offended. Why did you do this to me?
>>299485 Mitch McConnell looks like somebody blew up a pink latex glove and stuck googly eyes and some glasses on it.
>>299485 lmao, all the different grifters and the like that have been getting rich off the radlibs and socdems are likely going to be bowing out now that there is an actually achievable socdem policy in the US via Bernie and they will need to be actually pressured to make tangible advancements for a left cause. It'll be funny to see who gets weeded out as grifters and who is genuine to the cause.
>>299490 >It'll be funny to see who gets weeded out as grifters and who is genuine to the cause. As a communist you can 100% detect these people even before such a process begins. I wish this was happening in my country, coz then I could go "I FUCKING TOLD YOU DOG! THAT MOTHER FUCKING ACADEMIC WASN'T EVEN OUR ALLY, LET ALONE COMRADE! HE WAS WOKE FOR HIGH SOCIETY POINTS!" I would coom all over my pants, too.
(226.85 KB 412x493 1.png)
(22.67 KB 336x547 6jsg4cxuf1j41.jpg)
>>299489 He looks like someone wearing the Cinco Party Snoozer™ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg2UlYDswSc
>>299488 >allow me to backpedal further Nice projection.
>>299501 THANKS CINCO!
(192.58 KB 600x750 1461126331427.jpg)
>>299501 Perfect.
>>299396 Oh shit nigga what are you doing!!?
>>298427 Can't argue with that tbh
Coming late to the party, but how did Vaush's debate against Molymeme go? Molymeme crushed him, right
>>299396 the mad lad did it, well done. I hope she understands the format and doesnt get spooked by the language and the occasional retards.
>>299946 literally called her a hot Jewess in a reply to the post anon linked, now I feel kinda bad that I did that
Vaush debating Molyneux was like watching two babies fight. Vaush is like a baby materialist and Molyneux is like a baby idealist. Neither could really hurt eachother because they just threw baby punches https://hooktube.com/watch?v=7F0dL-NOsqk
>>300120 dear god, the extraction of surplus value wasn't even mention when he tried to define exploitation. It was just "Exploitation is mean power relations". Holy fuck.
>>300120 >>300220 Now, because he's too stupid to argue about theory, he's fallen for Mollymeme's "why don't you turn your youtube into a co-opt". Fuck this was awful
>>300120 Literally first sentence in he made the false assumption that wealth comes only from labor when Marx already addressed this and said nature is also a source of wealth and labor is the source of all value.
>>300120 oh my fucking god, beginning at 24:22 Molyneux is unironically more materialist than Vaush by saying that the relations of production was a determining factor of the industrial revolution. Jesus Christ
Pierre demonstrated on his Instagram that Canada is basically a subordinated periphery country akin to Mexico, as their GDP trajectories were almost the exact same when compared with the United States. Third worldists and yankeeboos btfo? https://www.instagram.com/p/B89ois9g0vq/
>>300283 Not really he is claiming that the only reason ancient rome wasnt a futuristic utopia was due to slavery The bouj rised due to both material and societal reasons but slavery was hardly one of the main reasons
>>300335 This is what I mean. While he of course ignores the technological part, Molyneux is right that slavery did not incentivize labor-saving technologies to be development. Vaush's argument seems to be little more than "people just invented stuff".
So... Contrapoints now calls himself a lesbian. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7WvHTl_Q7I
>>300410 Very interesting
>>300341 well maybe in agriculture but still even slaves used machinery and prole did since the middle ages vause is correct here
>>300410 At last I truly see, so this is what Marx meant when he was talking about the secret of primitive accumulation...
>>300410 That's really just being straight with extra steps
>>300441 I genuinely think some trans people just transition to bang a lesbian chick.
>>300410 "transbians" are the most obvious sex pests and the online left just allows them to run around without the slightest bit of suspicion towards them.
>>300410 >himself
>>300445 Theres some hot lesbian chicks. If I had to be a chick for a day to bang Ellen Page, I might do it
Hooktube is down. Google search for 'hooktube' past week and 24 hours, yields non stop 404 errors. What's happening? Censorship of course. Stupid edge on xbox, still not showing image boxes for youtube. FRK the new 'app', NO MORE CHANGE! WANT HOOKTUBE AND DO NOT WANT DATA TRACKING.
>>302737 Use https://www.invidio.us in the meantime
>>300410 It's unironically easier to get pussy as a WOMAN than as a man. I've done tinder experiments using women and it's absurd how many girls are "lesbians" when the other girl is attractive. This cunt just wants to wear women like a costume, fucking buffalo bill weirdo.
>>303029 Have you ever considered that lesbians are more desperate for pussy than straight men are because they have less options than they do?
>>300410 Radlibs are beyond parody lmao.
(395.74 KB 567x561 ideology.png)
>>300410 Oh, ok
>>300484 at this point it's totally justified
>>300472 >300472 Her crush is also trans i think stop beinga retard
>>300410 >>300413 >>300426 >>300441 >>300443 >>300472 >>300484 >>303029 >>303648 >>304024 Please leave the edgy teenager shit out of this thread. This isn't the idpol thread.
https://twitter.com/NatalieRevolts/status/1232704096500682752 This woman almost had a debate with Caleb Maupin
>>305350 I don't think I've seen much if any of people unironically saying that a particular race is bad or a particular sex is bad or whatever. Tranny hate is pretty common here though.
Why do people on this subreddit seem so much more retarded, spooked, and burgerfied than the rest of this shithole? Product of retardation, forced contrarianism, or the eternal glowie? https://www.reddit.com/r/Drama/comments/f9rxlj/renlightenedcentrism_doesnt_like_it_when_people/
>>305437 Astroturf,and "drama" in the name,meaning everybody with his hot takes wants to have a go at it.
I'm not that vol, but, I am just gonna clean up this thread of any retards from here on out. I am sick of you insufferable faggots. Being asked to stop posting idpol/nazi/liberal/reactionary bullshit whatever does not mean that the mod in question is butthurt and even if they were that is still irrelevant to the fact that that shit is banned here. It's banned in the mod thread and it's banned on the board. So, I am just gonna clean up faggotry now.
>>305437 >burger >retarded >meme arrows >foids >eurocels >((())) >You can have nice things but only when you get rid of the negros and the spics >they have a lower blood brain barrier. So all the gay frog hormones affect them more >t. actual downie surreal, it's like /pol/ and reddit had a baby
>>305466 So what if they actually ment like a soc dem? Maybe not everyone is a burger like you.
>>305466 You people are absolutely mindbogglingly idiotic. Fucking go outside. Jesus christ.
Inb4 they claim I am that jannie.
Literally, words are words and how we say them expresses a certain thing. Just because some one said something in a way that you don't particularly like doesn't invalidate the point they are making. Like you people would find literally any excuse to fucking pedant about everything that a fucking mod or admin does on this site you people are absolutely fucking terrible people and you should all fucking feel horrible. In a real life organization you would be fucking kicked to the curb in a heart beat.
>>305453 >>305454 COMPLETELY unjustified. >stop posting liberal bullshit Then purge 75% of the /usapol/ thread, you drooling retard, because that thread is basically just that: socialists reacting to insufferable hillarybots. >stop posting reactionary bullshit Then purge the "bourgeois historiography" thread, you drooling retard, because 60% of that thread is socialists reacting to reactionary lies. >stop posting nazi bullshit Then purge pretty much every thread that laughs at 4/pol/, you drooling retard, because we have those regularly, and it is just socialists riffing on nazis. BUT WAIT NOT THE TRANNIES NOT THE TRANNI-OS, NOT THE TRANSBIANS NO NO NO NO, WE CAN'T HAVE THAT OH NO People like you and your fellow vol is why Cockshott events are getting sabotaged by trannies. Contracunts has been /IG/ material forever. He pretends to be left and we call out his theorylet bullshit regularly.
>>305475 I already do watch the fucking usapol thread and clean it regularly. I purge it of fucking dumb ass idpol and reactionary idiots and the tranny gets the boot regularly too. >Then purge the "bourgeois historiography" thread, you drooling retard, because 60% of that thread is socialists reacting to reactionary lies. Grasping. >Then purge pretty much every thread that laughs at 4/pol/, you drooling retard, because we have those regularly, and it is just socialists riffing on nazis. Grasping Read the rules for once. Trannies get banned regularly too. You guys just cry when you don't like it and ignore it when you do. You just want something to bitch about and I am over it at this point.
>>305475 and btw, I got the news about him being "transbian" from 4/lgbt/ and even the trannies on 4/lgbt laugh at this retard! BUT WE, COMMUNISTS, CAN'T, BECAUSE [REASONS]
>>305480 >>305478 I guess the trannies on 4/lgbt/ are transphobic too.
>>305482 no one gives a fuck about that board here except for you
>>305483 >e-celeb poops himself on live stream oh, this is funi i post it on /IG/ >tranny e-celeb poops himself on live stream oh, i can't post this, because that makes me a transphobe! <when you internalized the radlib
>>305478 because nobody gives a flying fuck if someone is a tranny, just say what you have to say without baiting everybody with edgy "but they're actually men". Baiting idpol is also against the rules. Stop obsessing over trannies, nobody cares.
>>305391 Racism and sexism are reactionary, they are both used to justify labor exploitation with essentialist pseudoscience. Racism especially is class-collaborative. "Transphobia" on the other hand, is disagreeing that someone who identifies as the opposite gender (which is gender essentialism) altering their appearance categorically makes them the opposite sex, and that differences between them and their identified sex must not be mentioned. It's just idpol, and especially when it's so predominant in the left people are going to be at odds with it.
>>305540 The pervasiveness of trans ideology in western society at large and especially on the left inn these last few years means that socialists kind of have to think about it. Given that trans ideology is one of the most clear cut examples of "thought precedes being" that I can think of, the rejection of trans ideology is an extremely effective litmus test for weather or not someone is actually a materialist or not. The inroads this sort of idealism has made into socialist and general left-wing discourse it sort of necessitates that some of us actually start doing some of that old "combating liberalism", I don' t really know why questioning the idealist underpinnings of their ideology should be considered "obsessing".
Ashleigh Coffin's got a video out. This one's on tweets by Berniebro's, and their being tone policed. It's a bit like IDpolers complaining about being tone policed, tbh, but from the other side. Yea, it's true, inequality is the problem not people venting about it, but we want to win people over,don't we? Mrs C looks very hot though. The video looks great, with beautiful color composition. https://youtu.be/rYumW-aUVBY
>>305728 shut the fuck up liberal
https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-europe-51647596/scent-of-terror-created-in-protest-against-moscow-perfume-store I wanna buy that parfume, spray it on my "Stalin-style coat" and go into my workplace. I hope the parfume's name is "Gorillion" tho.
>>305454 Damn janny mad lol
>>304219 >>305454 The controllers of the means of shitposting are unable to extract surplus value from us so they lash out at us to emasculate us Anons of the board rise up! you have nothing to lose but your posting privileges
>>305827 Shitposting union when? Gas the YIKES!, flame war now!
>>305694 99% of the anti-trans brigade is incoherent (like imagining some kind of universal trans ideology) or in most cases just screeching about Muh Trannies and isn't questioning anything. Back to discord with it. >>305482 Since the only people left on 4chan are reactionary bottom-feeders and children do you really want to use them as a benchmark?
>>305835 >trans ideology is not idealist and reactionary dilate
>>305839 There is no trans ideology, you are engaging in essentialism which is reactionary garbage. This isn't hard to understand. Also go back to discord to disseminate your hot takes.
>>305844 >hot takes Go back to Twitter
>>305846 >no u It's you idpoltards that don't belong.
>>305850 >>no u Ah yes the most cope responde of the cope responses out there
>>305851 >look ma I'm trolling
>>305756 No one's interested in you Peter. It's your wife they're really interested in
Can we please stop talking about muh trans people at least for now. It's turning this thread into a shitstorm.
>>305884 >e-celebs >not shit in the first place
>>305875 > you switch genders Explain why GENDER can't be changed at any time. Also: > The idea that enough wokeness and means of production can make you overthrow capitalism seems to be universal enough. In other words: < MLs are the same as Luxemburgists cuz they all know that porky is ebil Sorry to strawman you but this is how your idiotic idpol sounded like to me.
>>305896 Do you enjoy having unproductive conversations about trans people. Because you are willfully continuing it.
>>305896 Yes, there is an universal communist ideology: class theory, diamat, LTV, etc. MLs and Luxemburgists both share it despite having disagreements in praxis. What's your point?
(205.97 KB 843x1080 15813172000760.jpg)
Reposting here from deleted thread since this doesn't really constitute a good means of discussion and I spent too much time on it not to save it: >Anime is Reactionary Anime by-and-large is also very idealistic, especially in the most popular examples of battle-shounen type series (Naruto, Dragon Ball, HunterxHunter, etc.) and romantic shoujo. If anything the most popular anime is most common in outlook to bourgeois liberal literature of the 1800's and prior with it's constant idealizing of idealist concepts such as honor, friendship, chivalry and working hard ('bootstrapism'). It's only since the mid-1990's, when the first-generation otaku (anime fans that had grown up watching and developing anime culture in the 1960's) came into prominent creative positions in the anime industry that the crass, often sexist creative elements of popular anime up until then came to be accepted as part of the identity of the medium. I would remind you that before this internal shift almost all anime continued in the trend established by Disney and targeted children with the rampant commodification of every given series airing (since anime is still largely a TV medium) at a time. It's also important to remember that after 1989, when Japan's property speculation bubble popped (ending it's post-war boom period and plunging it into slow degradation), capitalists scrambled to shift their focus from appealing to families and young children to the previously established 'otaku' fan base as their main demographic of consumers. Their reasoning was that these 'loyal fans' exhibit an intense, focused purchasing habit in consuming anime. This same reasoning is nowadays seen in the strategy for large game publishers (especially for mobile games) to target 'whales' (they rank consumers based on their tendency to purchase things in-game, with 'whale' being the highest) in their rampant commodification of basic elements of said games, such as the opportunity to continue playing after defeat and extra cosmetic options for in-game visuals. This practice now extends to purposefully balancing a game's difficulty to encourage extra spending just to play the game, as was common in the arcade era, the difference being that one could theoretically 'finish' a game on the minimum required amount of coins needed to play ($2 at the most) whilst most modern console games cost $60 on average. This all links back to modern anime in that said industry sustains itself through excessive merchandise and 'external' purchases such as figurines, cross-promotion with food and drink companies, body-pillows, etc. on top of the expected cable TV networks and streaming services where applicable and the purchasing of physical releases of said show on DVD or Blu-ray (both of which still using the '3 episodes per release' model adopted in the VHS era due to the physical limitations of videotapes) required to first watch a series. Of course, modern materialist conditions of Japanese society have affected the ideas presented in current anime; The modern focus on otaku/NEET main characters in popular anime such as 'Sword Art Online', 'Watamote' and 'Welcome to The NHK' is no-doubt influenced by the cultural attitude of modern Japanese young adults (anime's largest age demographic) which, since the crash, has been heavily influenced by the systemic, soul-crushing alienation and instability of the Japanese job market and school system along with all the other symptoms of post-industrial society, none of which are acknowledged by the mainstream culture of Japan. Said culture still uses shame and ostracizing towards said issues and those affected most by them, which lead to the emergence and later embrace of the NEET/shut-in lifestyle now common in Japan and slowly most of the first-world nations. This is also why suicide and mundane, accidental death of the main character is now a common set-up for many anime via reincarnation such as 'Youjo Senki' and 'That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime', where said death is seen as a means for the main character to have 'another go' at life and be able to contribute to society meaningfully. This also applies to the use of MMO's as a setting since the emotional need they fulfill is the same and there is a lot of overlap with otaku and greater nerd culture. Said alienation I believe is also the initial reason for the 'waifu' culture and excessive focus on the titillating imagery seen in most-all modern anime regardless of their classification (Hentai (porn) or no); most viewers see their own desire for physical contact and lack of emotional and sexual gratification reflected in the flawless, voluptuous anime girls and handsome, androgynous young men seen in mainstream anime across all genres. All of this is the reason for the hyper-idealist and reactionary nature of anime as it now exists; It sustains itself in an insular, crushingly aliened fan base which embraces the often outdated, idealist and reactionary concepts which defined the medium in it's infancy in lock-step with the alienating effects of capitalist, post-industrial society and as such has lead to an 'inbred' effect where said qualities are amplified to parody-like levels in the majority of works. Thank you for my TED talk please come to my weekly Commie Anime Club at 123 Fake St., I got my mom to make her own tendies this week. t. Fatigued NEET Drawfag
>>305728 >03:30 The edibles kicked in, lol Fucking junky can't be bothered to do a video sober.
>>305911 What would anime under socialism be like?
>>305906 My point is: there are trans people and not all of them are "fighting" for the "same goal". Some are against "transness". And calling them part of the "universal trans ideology" is moronic. As you pointed out: MLs and Luxemburgists both share it despite having disagreements in praxis And that disagreement was more than enough to branch off. We, lefties, respect those little things that make us apart by not calling dengists "juche gang", or calling maoists "culture-bolsheviks" or calling nazis "libs but at least they don't lie to themself about their worldviews" and such. >>305903 I linked the Stalin-parfume and nobody gave a shit. Neck yourself.
>>305911 Don’t care but anime is shit lol
>>305913 A hell of a lot better.
>>305917 Sure. But unless it's some truly, deeply revisionist tendency that rejects the basic postulates of Marx, all of those people still share certain universal communist tenets outlined above. In a similar fashion, various T groups may disagree on things, but there is still an underlying set of ideas, an ideology if you will, without which it's basically impossible to be trans. Are there people who say they're trans, go through therapy etc etc but do NOT believe that you can become another gender? "I'm trans but also there is no such thing as trans, I'm still of my original gender"? Maybe there are but it has to be such a tiny and anomalous minority they're basically irrelevant. So yes, there exists an ideology shared by all or at least the overwhelming majority of transgenders.
>>305911 Nice TEDtalk but also I would point out that the anime industry was NEVER profitable by the "episodes" alone. They were ALWAYS commercialised (if not by the "merch" or VHS sells then by the advertisements they could sandwich between the key moments of the story via ad-breaks). Also: Can we get tendies as well? >>305913 Probably it would teach you the basics of Marxism (just look up soviet era cartoons to get the taste of it) Although it would look hella cool (socialist realism in motion) OR... hella wholesome. BTW can somebody animate the drawings of Engels? Or at least copy his style and then draw keyframes to animate the in-betweens?
(385.74 KB 1315x803 1.png)
(267.80 KB 1189x2000 z7y3hkmdtej41.jpg)
>>305951 Epic chapo moment
>>305951 >these are the retards the USA thread brings to the site
>>305844 >there is no trans ideology, you are engaging in essentialism >essentialism Do you know what this word means? <calling all transgender ideologies essentialist is engaging in essentialism Any "leftist" defending trans bullshit is doing the CIA's work for free.
>>305951 >be gay do crimes, comrades <wait, no, not like THAT
(58.94 KB 1000x500 ERyuNhHXYA0Bwxe.png)
>>306166 fashies have been trying to pinkwash their record for a while now. It’s why I keep telling people the LGBTQ aren’t inherently our allies, and people need to stop with the noble savage shit with them.
>>305728 She only mentioned "tone policing" once, she's just making fun of Twitter libs.
(90.74 KB 750x905 tradfash.jpg)
>>306186 Tbh, this fashtranny shit makes up a very tiny minority of LGBT people and is condemned by almost everyone else.
(441.95 KB 540x529 fascism.png)
>>306462 trans ideology is idealist, whether it's fash or lib
Good video on "intersectional" communism by swoletariat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCgZzq5ZrO8 Side note, NonCompete's videos are getting unbelievably retarded, even for an anarchist. He doesn't even bother to read or research what he's supposed to be talking about. Why is pandering to trannies so lucrative? Ah fuck it I should just stay off Youtube. Nothing new
(347.45 KB 1536x2048 ERHrOXnWkAAjobK.jpeg)
>>306166 >LOL. Commies are a bunch of tranny losers <Yeah I have women's stockings and a maids dress. So what?
>>306669 If you ever watch his non-scripted shit its funny to see him constantly trip over his own words out of fear that he'll offend his audience. He's too scared to even say the most tamed word like "crazy" because it might be too much for the mentally ill part of his audience. The guy even made an hour long video about what gender he is I'm pretty sure.
(71.05 KB 299x222 wait.png)
>>306734 Was it projection from self-repression this whole time?
>>306741 >self-repression idpol speak for being embarrassed of one's sexual fantasies
>>306669 if you didn't think that non compete's diarrhoea-posting wasn't retarded before then you're equally an issue. i'm an anarkiddie, say what you like but when you're only just realising these youtubers are all jokes, fuck me; you people getting your politics from youtube is such a worry.


no cookies?