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(189.82 KB 1200x859 radlibtube.jpg)
/IG/ - Internet General 7.0 - IRONY edition Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 06:49:19 No. 184649
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc. Last one hit bump limit. What does /leftypol/ think of people saying things ironically? Inspired by >>184629 but by all means let's talk about irony in general too. How does irony function in online politics? Is it just a smokescreen? Is it sometimes not? Can we even tell the difference?
>>526226 Burgers are repugnant, what else is new?
what do you guys think of the new trend among twitter rightoids to put the palestinian flag in their names/bio? do they genuinely care about the palestinian people or do they just really hate israel?
>>526223 Fuck off I was here first >:^(
>>526236 definitely former
(947.11 KB 1080x2220 834046.jpg)
>Tfw you try redeeming yourself for past fuckery after based vols unbanned you by bringing /IG/ back from the idpol grave and fail utterly
>>526238 There is no honour in war and love.
>>526238 >le I hate u <deletes post
>>526222 i can switch :^) >>526226 couple of these could be pretty w/ effort imo
>>526236 Rightoids are cowardly opportunists who will say anything right up until the moment they get a spec of power and then they'll fold on everything in the name of retaining said power and owning the libs.
>>526236 As typical of right wingers they are cynically exploiting a real issue (anti-Zionism in the context of Israel/Palestine conflict) as a Trojan horse for their rightoid bullshit (anti-Semitism).
>>526236 it's basically just to spite israel
>>526236 Since when did righttards care about Palestinians?
how do i stop spending all day on imageboards and reintegrate into the normal internet i swear to fucking god imageboards have destroyed my sense of self
>>526236 No, they don't give a single solitary fuck about Palestien
(439.27 KB 680x698 6fc.png)
>>526226 I made that post and I'm not trans, just a trans admirer :3 Don't talk shit just because they (and I) get laid and you don't. Also wow, you cherrypicked some ugly people (that arent even that bad tbh), that must make you right /pol/.
>>526249 You're here forever
>>526226 Only top right is genuienly ugly. Other have atlest some potential
>>526249 Stop using the fedora flag, for starters
>>526246 >>526236 The exact same thing is happening right now with pornography too btw. There's human trafficking etc being exposed and rightoids are using the anti-porn-industry sentiment to push their views against sexual expression in general.
>>526253 >a trans admirer So a chaser?
>>526240 Sorry man, we appreciate the effort, I'm really not helping myself at this point, so, I'll stop. Please try and stay on topic (such as it is).
>>526253 Hello the most transparent tranny chaser ever.
>>525842 l-l-london..? Unironically
>>526258 if you prefer
>>526254 suicide in a few years, got it. >>526256 but i only just started
>>526258 Trans people are weird why do they have a specific derogatory term for people that actually want to fuck them lmao
(46.57 KB 680x515 111111.jpg)
>>526264 So? >>526267 More like if the posters ITT got laid it wouldn't be as bad.
>>526249 lol I stopped using /r9k/ and /pol/ for the most part these days just from getting so sick and tired of the contents that it pushed me to ignore it, something I do with other things in life to avoid anxiety about a particular thing. You can try to replace your habit of going to those particular boards one by one with doing something else for instance I went on Twitter more instead. This board is actually one of the last ones I go to regularly anymore
>>526268 Suicide is cope, almost no one who says he is gonna do it ends up doing it.
>>526268 Try to talk to normies just to get a feel for what to say and not say.
>>526270 It's multi factorial. Both together lead to disaster. You can't make posters have sex, but you can censor.
>>526269 Yeah I never really got that either, one chick from a while ago was all like against 'chasers' and I was like 'haha nah of course I'm not like that' and internally I was like '???????' But she was a little nutso in the head and we don't speak anymore.
>>526269 The term is used for "fatty chasers" too, it wasn't made up by trans people.
>>526270 I'm going to have to agree that more actual fucking and less hornyposting would do Leftypol a lot of good.
>>526269 <chasers is used only in reference to trans people lel
>>526279 With fat chasers I somewhat get it (kinda) since fat is a temporary thing and plus feeders can be really crazy, but transpeople want to be that for life, right? So what's the issue? The fact that I'm turned on by their transness? I mean maybe they just want to be seen as their chosen gender and not 'trans', but, you know, you have to be realistic unless you 100% pass IMO.
>>526270 Ah yes we don't have sex, as opposed to you tranny posters who keep sending hentai and porn
>>526270 >Draw a girl >Voiced by a woman >Call it a boy Every time.
>>526279 >>526282 Fatties appreciate being chased tho lol
>>526270 There are some pretty good shimakaze trap doujins.
>>526294 would you like to reveal more of your fatty-insight anon
>>526294 Everyone wants to be wanted for their essence which is stupid of course. Attraction is conditional by nature.
(85.00 KB 327x300 felis thinking.png)
>>526286 I'm not the guy who was posting porn, but it's a bit hard to have sex right now considering the circumstances, so yeah. >>526289 Revenge for Hiroshima/Nagasaki >>526281 Maybe we should set up a leftypol zeemaps?
>>526284 well to give you an example some tranny chasers seem to dislike when they want sex reassignment surgery because they like the whole chicks with dicks thing due to porn and while some trannies might not want SRS others will but yeah it's overall different than fatty chasing the root thing is just generally getting pissed at people fetishizing you and not respecting you because they're coomerbrains who see people as the same as their pornhub fantasy
>>526289 Do you not think traps/passing trannies exist irl?
>>526243 i don't have any screenshots but if you want examples just look up one struggle or nazbol on twitter
>>526297 I mean doesn't everyone like being found sexually attractive? Trans people seem to take offence at it. >>526298 This.
>>526305 If you weren't sexually appealing no one would want to date you. This is the case for every cis person too.
>>526305 I don't care if my partner has surgery though, I still find it hot either way, but yeah IDK, I can see how that could be an issue but I really don't think that's a big issue with 'trans chasers' insofar as that's a real thing. I mean idk, maybe for /pol/ retards but I'm just a relatively normal person who doesn't sexualise my politics. But yeah I mean as for 'fetishising' someone, I really don't get/agree with that notion, I mean yeah if someone doesn't treat you well then you shouldn't sleep with them but doesn't that apply to everyone? I can wanna fuck traps while also accepting them as human beings, if someone only fucked cis women but treated them like shit would they be a 'chaser'? No, they'd just be a regular douchebag.
>>526295 This.
>>526319 >>526322 NGL i kinda like some aspects of being an 'object of fetishization' just because it's kind of fun, at least in bedroom context, i was just kind of explaining why there's a term "chaser" thats used thats more specific than just "NOOO youre not allowed to have a specific attraction to me reeEe", which is that it has to do with respect outside the bedroom or otherwise lewd context
>>526336 >i kinda like some aspects of being an 'object of fetishization' just because it's kind of fun, at least in bedroom context I mean yeah that's what I mean by it really, I don't see why you can't be thirsty and 'worshipful' in a sex context while not being weird in a person to person context but IDK maybe some people really can't deal with that dynamic. I still feel like the term is unhelpful and it would be better to just label those kind of people as assholes without mischaracterising everyone who is attracted to transgirls (but that's idpol for you, what else is new)
>>526336 Having a preference for cock over pussy is not a sign of disrespect though. I would very much care if my cis partner decided to switch genitals too.
(20.77 KB 396x500 ME (2).jpg)
leave leave the site
>>526344 i mean yeah i dont really use the term chaser myself except for towards people who are absolute coomers talking about "tgirls" or whatever in the replies to some mtf's selfie post on twitter kek >>526345 by disrespect im more talking about behavior that indicates they dont really have much of a willingness to learn about the individual as much as to project what they nut to on pornhub in the trans section onto the individual
(31.59 KB 400x400 pol pot.png)
>>526349 >by disrespect im more talking about behavior that indicates they dont really have much of a willingness to learn about the individual as much as to project what they nut to on pornhub in the trans section onto the individual Then I get you.
>>526336 Yeah I get you, I didn't think it was like a universal opinion or anything but I've seen a few posters elsewhere on the internet who are like "NOOO youre not allowed to have a specific attraction to me reeEe" and I was just wondering what the logic there is. >i kinda like some aspects of being an 'object of fetishization' just because it's kind of fun, at least in bedroom context based
>>526356 >Then I get you. >>526357 >Yeah I get you lol we're running on the same software or some shit, second time this has happened.
(1.34 MB 895x1275 1491381695.png)
>>526349 >i mean yeah i dont really use the term chaser myself except for towards people who are absolute coomers talking about "tgirls" or whatever in the replies to some mtf's selfie post on twitter kek I guess so. IDK I think that most normies are just really bad at flirting/sex/ERP (I uniorinically think furries are way better at internet sexual ettiquette in general and the rest could learn something)
>>526367 ive seen furries say that theres some people in their communities who will just jump straight to trying to DM ERP with you without even asking
(249.56 KB 360x594 hehe xd.png)
>>526370 Hmm, well, I'm sure that's true for some people. Maybe my perspective is just skewed cause I'm bi and easy so I really don't mind what anyone say to me.
>>526375 A lot of people find very direct explicitly sexual contact a bit off-putting. It's like getting dick pics you didn't ask for.
>>525359 >because TERFism is still the "common sense" option. (which is to say that it's wrong, but a commonly held viewpoint.) Nigga do you even know what a TERF is? TERF isn't just "trannies bad".
>>526377 I mean, I also appreciate a bit of romance, but I can't say I've ever felt 'violated' by something someone's ever said to me online. IDK.
>>525423 >i'm using TERF in the sense most twitter warriors would use it. you no longer have to be a radical feminist activist to be a TERF <What do words even mean
>>525450 Good god you're a fucking retard.
>>526384 It's not about feeling violated it's just very unattractive.
>>526383 >>526388 >>526389 SHUT THE FUCK UP, FOID
>>526383 >>526388 >being that far up-thread get with the times boomer
>>526396 Someone is desperate to start up the TERF vs trannies again.
>>526392 Oh so does that mean you don't want to yiff then? 3:
>>526391 This really does say a lot about yanks
This fucking Doja KKKat incident is just proof that zoomer’s stupidity to put all their personal info on their social media and other places in the internet is going to bite them hard in the ass.
>>526413 No idea what a doja cat is chief
>>526413 Im gen Z but I've been pretty conscious of that since early on and I gotta say it's paying off pretty handsomely so far
i kinda wish i was a yank tbh why live in an imperial vassal state when you can have the real thing?
>>526416 YouWouldn’tGetIt.jpg
>>526413 I never expected to grow up to be one of those oldsters who were complaining about the younger generations all the time, but zoomers are fucking reatarded.
>>526421 Sounds like some of that Japanese cartoon shit to me
>>526420 Bro yank youths are just as fucked as those anywhere else.
(8.73 KB 134x100 cope.jpg)
>>526393 Nice try nigger, but I'm a dude.
>>526416 some part-black part-jew singer celeb who got twitter cancelled for saying racist shit and saying raceplay turns her on is the tl;dr of most of it
>>526429 Don't care, didn't ask
>>526433 Why are they cancelling her? She dindu nuffin!
>>526426 probably more fucked up, but like: the definitive form of fucked up. i'm developing a cultural cringe towards yanks. the iconic cultural reference points and childhood memories of the internet are those of yanks. most big news events center on the US. why constantly be playing catch-up? if the world is constantly becoming more american, constantly centered on america, why not surrender yourself to it? why not live and die in the reference model? there are many practical answers to why nobody would want this (if you're poor you'll probably die, if you're rich lmfao enjoy paying tax even when you're not in the US, if you're middle income you probably technically don't have the marketable skills.) but it's been on my mind lately.
>>526433 Most woke POC women lust after white dick so it makes sense. Their entire beliefs system and agitation is from their inability to compete with white women for white men.
>>526444 I think a lot of us Yuropoors need Yanks because no matter how bad our own culture and societies get there is always someone worse. America repulses us, yet we need it to exist.
>>526446 First of all, fucking autism what kinda retarded reply was that lmfao. Second of all, she was in no way woke, she was friendly with /pol/fags, made fun of police brutality on black people and said she hated being back
>>526453 *being black
>>526451 Yuropoors are falling to fascism like retarded flies, yall niggas are far worse
>>526446 As a black man that is incredibly depressing to me 😁
>>526532 Same bro, but I'm half black/white. Yet still a POC (piece of crap) nonetheless.
>>526532 >>526541 lol don't get too worked up about it, it kind of goes both ways for one thing (I've been in enough raceplay circles to know) and for another thing most people don't give that much of a shit that they fetishize race either way this hard, fixating on it for political capital is just autistic
>>526532 At least you have the white women.
>>526559 Lmao I wish 😂
>>526046 >>526226 hypothesis confirmed true. Almost all the way down is just NEET shut ins who also happen to be gay
>>526601 And a strong need for attention
>>526601 >if you like wearing dresses you must be gay
>>525672 that burger looks shit
https://mcdonalds.fandom.com/wiki/McDonaldland anyone here involved with wikis? what kind of autism do you need to be able to write or maintain pages like this
>>526836 This is what America could look like if only you guys followed Juche.
>>525678 You sound like a tough revolutionary
>>525760 >yes pedantic weirdo, you're right, the british social class system doesn't align well with the marxist one Yes it does retard, you think some countries are exempt from marxist analysis?
>>526446 >Most woke POC women lust after white dick so it makes sense. Holy shit where can I find em
>>526963 Do you unironically want me to link you to a raceplay discord because I'll do it There seem to be a decent amount of asian women in it Though some of them are LARPers so do you even really wanna wrestle with that Because alternatively you could just go on fucking Tinder
>>526972 Why not
>>526974 https://discord.gg/fX3kdu5 It also has a lot of porn, Nazis, Hindu supremacists, and BLACKEDfags Not as fun as it sounds honestly
>>526978 >Nazis, [...] and BLACKEDfags You said Nazis twice
>>526963 >>526972 Tinder as a white guy is easy mode ngl
>>527000 There's honestly some legit overlap but nah, by the Nazis I mean the white male doms in the server who learned about BLEACHED porn from /pol/ and think it's some way to win one over the inferior races Their autism bursts out on occasion in these discords though I haven't really been active in them for a while so idk, I don't guess I need to explain why "race-mixing to own the libs" is retarded conceptually just because it's white man/nonwhite woman instead of flipped
>>527010 >"race-mixing to own the libs" Don't /pol/acks usually whine about libs race-mixing or some shit?
>>527019 yea but theyre different tho
>Check out linked discord >Check out the one channel in 'media' >It's all fucking dick pics Imagine my shock >>527027 I see
>>527065 yeah anon there aren't many girls in discords proportional to guys I meant to mention you may need to fish around for what you want there Like I said even Tinder might be better if you don't have the stomach for it
>>526952 t. doesn't know what the british social class system is
(45.55 KB 740x540 28q.jpg)
>>527370 >thinks neoliberal obscurantism about "social class" is actually a thing t. The Guardian
>>527706 >thinks a widely used description of the social dynamics of british society aren't "a thing" and seethes when they're used to describe food choices highly correlated to the categories within that description. t. mong
(656.50 KB 578x511 EYpqOjeVcAAg3js.png)
>>527711 How the fuck is that meal "lower middle class" and not something else? Look at you getting butthurt over the fact you are using neoliberal bullshiter language on a marxist imageboard
Just watched ThoughtSlime's review of the Turner Diaries and holy shit lmfaooo it sounds like the most stupid fucking shit ever, it's like an unironic coldsteel the hedgeheg deviantart post. How did nazi larpers get inspired by this crap?
>>527799 William Pearce's magazine editor was also a pedo who raped a little blonde girl. And someone else in his cult made a PS2 FPS where you shoot black people. Everytime you killed a black person chimpazee noises would play. kek
>>526016 show chesthair so i can finish
(1.14 MB 1280x960 young vaush.png)
Damn it's horrible what vootin bloo no matter who can do to a person
>>527831 damn. he kinda looks like varg.
>>527831 And his ex had sexy lips, definitely downgraded
>>527720 Source?
>>527002 Uh yeah Haha
>>527831 damn she is hot, who is she? is that vaush on the right?
>>527864 >is that vaush on the right? yes
>>527880 guess he didn't age well, who is the girl on the left?
>>527883 no idea, could be an ex or just a college friend he was more athletic in college which is probably what it is
>>527890 >could be an ex the fuck? he can get a GF while i cant? what does he have that i dont? >a college friend he has friends? how?
>>527883 Nigga he’s 25 he ain’t old
>>527898 even worse, he looks like he looks 10 years older then he really is
>>527799 It does have a cool nuclear war at the end. You should read it for yourself, it's funny at times. And soooo much psychosexual stuff going on. Beyond that it is a bit of a slog though, recommend placing it on the toilet.
>>526305 >they like the whole chicks with dicks thing ngl a dick seems preferable to an open wound regardless how you slice it
>>527859 I wish I knew.
(7.30 MB videoplayback.mp4)
Kanye didnt release this song because Nicki ate him up on it
>>527907 It's not a wound, mate.
>>527913 Literally the fuck else is it? >Gets dick cut off or cut open and inverted >Must be kept open indefinitely or it heals and seals together What does wound mean to you? If I get struck by an arrow but don’t die is it suddenly not a wound because I decided it isn’t?
>>527925 >or it heals and seals together Not what happens, this is a myth The dilation meme is a meme, they only have to dilate for like a year
>>527912 Wrong chan: >>>/ http://4chan.org/
>>527956 what did he mean by this
>>527925 It doesn't "heal up" because it's not a wound, if it was it would always be filled with blood and other nasty shit. Dilating is just to preserve vaginal depth and to lube the vagina in some methods, and it becomes significantly less frequent after months from the surgery.
>>527936 No, you have to dilate for the rest of your life unless you have pretty vigorous sex. It's very frequent in the beginning and then it gets less and less frequent. But you still have to do it once in a while so the neovagina doesn't seal up. Check instructions on SRS sites if you don't believe me.
the virgin dilator vs the chad dickgirl
>>527984 >unless you have pretty vigorous sex What kind of based anon wouldn't just go for this option? What did you think "Have sex" meant? It was an alternative to "Dilate."
>>528020 This. It's more non-binary and more based.
>>527762 you're not going to find a high-salary london banker eating that no matter how proletarian he is, mate.
>>527831 Lol seriously, what the fuck happened? Don't forget, he's also RICH as fuck too. Living in damn Beverly hills, son of hollywood royalty. Had it all, and settled for some swamp thing.
>>528034 It hinges on having access to someone who wants to jackhammer you for 30 minutes three times a week.
>>527912 lo-fi beats anime girl tier production. Can't believe this is the same man who made MBDTF
>>528083 Although to be fair it’s an unreleased track and part of some demo that was probably just to give a general outline of how the soing world be
https://twitter.com/timeoutalexc/status/1264778543512399884 /pol/negro incel murderers getting shittier and shittier
>>528189 It's like they merged with the Harry Potter libs.
(98.71 KB 750x858 snap.jpg)
>>528189 You saw what happened when Thanos snapped... But have you seen what happens when the doge snaps?
>>528189 real adorno hours
>>528189 Fucking embarrassing. At the very least he should’ve voted some Joker quote for the meme
(41.36 KB 750x526 EY3Vq2bWsAESNb8.jpeg)
It is over.
>>528258 based, communism is here.
(289.98 KB 1439x1715 EY0bt5cVcAE-vk5.jpeg)
>>528357 Is this why they love Greek statues so much?
>>528360 That's more to do with the inherent homoeroticism of identitarians and especially fascists
(55.94 KB 606x578 z.jpg)
>>528189 >Peter Manfredonia Da masttur rase
>>528362 Nah it's because they've got little willies.
(116.14 KB 1005x1024 EY32L_bU4AA6LzY.jpeg)
people NEED pornhub to LIVE
>>528422 I hate that it kinda slaps
>>528422 Wtf is that zoomer shit? This is the real fap anthem
>>525721 Literally everyone in the world understands that Taco Bell isn't representative of authentic Mexican food.
>>528495 Bro everyone thinks tacos are that hard shell atrocities with mustard and god knows what else
>>528357 Why are liberals so obsessed with comparing the roman empire to the USA?
>>528017 >ancom gets job and becomes ancap This is backwards. Ancaps run on the delusion that capitalism means they are porky. Ancom to ancap should be something like "inherits wealth"
>>528502 That’s more of a fashoid and conservatard thing
>>528500 >mustard nigga what?
>>527799 >Someone get that honkey cat! OHNONONONONONO is this really the book that inspired dozens of terrorists attacks? Nazis are truly the most dangerous retards in the world
>>528502 The US deliberately designed itself after Rome. That's why there are columns on all the government buildings.
>>528533 The original LARPers
>>528533 columns are on buildings because neoclassicism was in vogue
>>528581 So you’re telling me that literally everyone in the world was like WE WUZ ROMANZ lmfaoooo
>>528585 Have you heard of the Holy Roman Empire?
>>528533 Werent they larping more for an acient greece tho? Columns were more of a Athens style and also democracy and shit
>>528598 Kinda, probably greek through romans, we even have a senate
(100.32 KB 800x555 ppap guy.jpg)
>>528598 It's both. Athens was DEMOCRACY and Rome was REPUBLIC. Put them together and you get DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.
>>528391 Is this what alienation looks like?
>>528598 Nah, look at the fascisti in Congress, or the fact that the early americans really wanked off Cincinnatus.
(19.01 KB 480x724 FB_IMG_1475504677805.jpg)
>>525842 >tfw know and regularly interact with this person
>>528655 This is giving millennials too much credit.
(786.05 KB 1366x704 chess nazi.png)
>>528621 sup b00t
>>528360 Greek statues are good, their realism was revolutionary at the time as a celebration of the physicality of man. Preceding stylized styles in contrast were stylized not so much because of artistic limitation as to emphasize the symbolic character of the authority of rulers, divinity of deities etc. The reason rightoids love it though is not because of any of that, but because it is "good" in a way that is very simple to understand - looks real, more real is more better.
>>528585 Yes. The most influential philosopher of the French Revolution (Montesquieu) echoing Polybius saw it as the ur-example of good governance in the use of separation of powers for example. The architectural fashion of the time was not an accident.
Whenever I see Nick Fuentes, I can't help but feel sorry for him. Just so much self-denial, hate, internet infamy. He'll never be free to truly love himself or freely show affection towards another person, much less if it's a male. >>528621 Nice.
>>526413 Isn't she mixed race?
>>528858 I want him to suffer tbh. These mixed race rightoids who are in denial of their complexion are always happy to sabotage the lower classes in Latin America. Fuck him.
>>528887 Yeah, that too. I recognize him as an enemy of the working class, a rather sinister one, but I also feel sorry for him. I wouldn't be a good executioner, I reckon. Although, I fully support his work on showing the hypocrisy of the TPUSA types, and their affinity to fascist ideas. And also simultaneously showing his own hypocrisy and undermining himself. The left is always undermining itself with splits and accusations of revisionism, but the right undermines itself much more by being insane, being racist against its own people, and being mass murderers. So yeah, definitely fuck him.
>>528912 >I wouldn't be a good executioner, I reckon. That's a misconception. You can feel sorry for your victim but still justify the act as necessary. It is in fact preferable, because true psychopaths are unreliable to work with anyway. Connect with your inner Dzerzhinsky.
(45.28 KB 720x222 IMG_20200525_232246.jpg)
Damn, thats the last straw
>>529140 That video does raise a lot of issues that i agree with Like how his whole stick i saying what extremist say but ironically Or how he helps push that the far left of the political spectrum is as retarded and as shitty as Nazis
>>529140 >an-TEEEfa Why do people pronounce it like this?
>>529194 Funny, but that was uploaded 3h earlier than Vaush's Youtube video and I don't see Vaush being referenced in the description.
>>529216 Because he's part of the Anglophone, extremely online, pseudo-left, aka is a figment of the spectacle and not the real movement of communism.
>>529216 wait do you pronounce it an-TIEfa or something? How is it supposed to be pronounced?
>>529231 If you know what it's shortened of you would know how to pronounce it.
(188.35 KB 1125x1743 IMG_20200525_181459.jpg)
wtf kek
>>529272 destiny sucks dog balls but his interview with jesse lee peterson is hilarious
>>529272 That can’t be real.....
>>529272 Based Uncle Ruckus.
>>529278 He is more racist to black people than uncle ruckus
>>529216 The same reason people pronounce idpol as EYE DEE POLE - retardation.
>>529275 That's all well and good, but do you love black ppl?
>>529272 So the radio station he works for gave him a cotton picking sack? It's crazy the level of disrespect he's willing to put up with because he's not cognizant of being disrespected.
(68.86 KB 583x880 xdo7fgb2b9yz.jpg)
>>529386 >Do you LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH black people?
>>529272 It was when he said Destiny was a girl's name that I knew it was going to be a trash interview.
I want to commit murder with my cock
>>529613 I want feet pics
Delete this fucking thread and ban all its regular posters.
Did anyone notice how the youtube recommendation algorithm went nuts under COVID? I've noticed it started recommending me gun vids and cutesy animal videos like never before. I guess this is how people cope with the quarantine: agression/powertrip (inb4: no, I'm not against guns, I just don't watch bang bang bang vids on yt) and cutesy schmaltz. In any case, it recommended me an orangutan vid, and holy shit, orangutans are based. Any similar experiences? Not asking just the algorithm, but orangutans as well.
>>529705 basic bitch talking points, really these same faggots would immediately disregard PSL or CPUSA as being totalitarian or whatever if you just told them that they can already vote "left" if they wish also >Mandela >libertarian left
>>529272 This guy is surreal. Is this one dedicated ruse that he is playing or is he actually like this?
>>529216 Because it sounds emasculating.
>>525994 Maybe post your asshole somewhere else, cumbrain
>>528875 She’s a self hating mutt who hates black peoples but uses their culture to get $. Tale as old as time
>>526075 Based jannie laying down the law and punishing the cumbrains
>>529800 Stfu jannylover AJAB
(643.70 KB 500x375 6ee.gif)
>>526271 >>526249 Shit, I thought this was the one chan that had actual normal people on it. Turns out you're all just fucking 4cuck losers with no social lives.
>>529712 Apparently mad people are getting Chinese vids about the Chinese military lmao
>>529613 Please God, don't do this to me, don't make me fall in love
>>529613 Ugly cunt
>>529431 He has a man’s head and a child’s body
(1.94 MB 3024x2764 IMG-0458.jpg)
>>529613 She sounds like a New York cabbie. Of all the women that won't touch your dick to simp over, you choose her?
>>530052 What revolution occurred between slavery and feudalism?
>>530052 sauce?
>>530262 Multiple slave uprisings and rebellions...?
>>530252 >She sounds like a New York cabbie. But that's hot you retard
>>530252 It's kind of neat that an e-girl sounds like that
>>530274 >Multiple slave uprisings and rebellions...? That's not how slavery ended in the US. And the british slavery abolition act doesn't seem to be result of rebellions either.
>>529701 This. Only checked it right now because it's the only thread that's moving and it's just full of dumb bullshit. >>529613 >Keychains on her hoop earrings. Looks retarded.
>>530275 >>530279 Maybe to homosexuals.
>>530305 Just say that you think it’s hot. We don’t need to know your sexuality
>>530305 Fellas, is liking girls gay?
>>530313 Define a woman. It has flat breasts, tall, broad sholders, preferably fit, a penis, a nice ass, short hair, thick jawline but young face. Ooops. you defined a man. Ok then define man, has vagina, pancake boobs and ass, dickless, penisless. Oops. I described a women. Seems they are dialectically opposed. Pansexual sublation time. Hegel was into traps and liked to get pegged by boys.
>>530313 Seriously though, if you don't like men sometimes you're just kidding youself.
>>530316 Does that mean gay men who like feminine boys are actually straight?
(453.29 KB 620x620 3o51zn4o6hb21.png)
>>530316 >dickless, penisless Disgusting
>>530380 feminine boys still have a dick, a lack of any sizable breasts and a nice ass. So no.
Just look how much money Vaush makes in a month :O https://streamlabs.com/vaush/tip https://www.patreon.com/vaush 6109$ per month
>>530283 Slavery in the US ended with a war between the bourgeoisie and slave owner class that wound up being the largest, most destructive, and most violent war in US history, with multiple instances of rebellion and resistance by slaves both prior to and during the war
>>530595 Reminder this nigga lives in Beverly Hills and his daddy works in Hollywood
>>530595 Every time I watch his stream I see SakeTanuki dropping donations like it's nothing. Who is this guy
>>530605 Isnt he the retard that donates 1 or 2 dollars so vaush will read his bs
>>530610 >1 or 2 dollars More like $5-100 every few minutes https://www.reddit.com/r/VaushV/comments/g1em0f/whos_is_sake_tanuki/ >I’m so curious about Sake, is he some drug lord cleaning his money through super chat donations to Vaush >If I had a choice wether to meet god or Sake TANUKI, I would pick Sake every time. kek
>>530605 A cuck
>>530605 His sugardaddy
(53.62 KB 600x600 diwizfplfxt41.jpg)
>>530623 Vaush: Marx Sake Tanuki: Engels
>>530612 My god, that fucking echochamber of a sub. >I wish I could give vaush this much money >George Soros type figure who is pushing leftism (lol) through donos to Vaush >the establishment would be astroturfing a terrorist screeching about Israel (as if Vaush can be described as a fucking "terrorist" when he does nothing other than not read Marx) >Indian Maoists funded by Pakistani government...(there is no evidence for this other than some rando Indian politicians' screeching)
>>530605 it's just Vaush's parents
>>530605 i swear to god that faggot gives him $20 an hour
>>530639 Vaush subs are utter shitholes Ironically despite being so shit the Chapotraphouse subreddit is the only one that doesn’t sycophantically suck the creators’ dicks to a sickening degree All the Vaushites are in hardcore parasocial relationship mode
>>530658 Vaush is my dad
(29.42 KB 643x114 1.png)
Reminder: 5PM EST today. Vaush vs. Caleb. Can we have a separate thread and a cytube room for this?
>>530662 The retards are battling it out. I reckon it's gonna end in gay sex
>>530658 I cannot wrap my head around the fact that there are Vaush fans.
>>530662 Link to stream?
>>530667 There’s retards of every kind
>>530667 I'm a fan of Paulsego and he's a Vaush fan unfortunately.
>>530673 Because it's a normalfag sub and a lot of normies liked/saw the TV show. So you're bound to see all sorts of random brainless takes like "bruh this show is kinda like the nazis vs murica!"
>>530673 Never got the love for ATLA. I guess western cartoon fans are so starved of anything that shows any kind of continuity and isn't kids gross out humor or Family Guy tier trash
>>530668 it's 9AM EST, dude
>>530681 9 PM*
has anyone ever btfo'd vaush?
>>530682 as in right now, the time is
>>530680 ATLA is a damn good show
>>530679 God, it’s just hard to comprehend being so stupid, beyond the lib politics how do you not see that the Fire Nation is very clearly Imperial Japan? Zuko even looks Japanese FFS
>>530690 Little late to be doing this sorta research isn't it Caleb?
>>530705 cope vaush ur gonna get raped tonight
>>530739 t. copeb
Dear God! Please help Caleb destroy the enemies of the working class such as Vaush and please give him strength to mansplain the LTV to him. Amen!
>>530751 If only he had soul your prayers might be answered
>>530662 Yes, someone please make a thread for this event. >>530668 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86j1xakYdZ8
>>530751 Assuming Caleb actually knows LTV you mean?
(49.11 KB 679x388 1590313382949.jpg)
>>530741 t. ogre fucker
>>530784 Hey, FUCK YOU. How DARE you disrespect Shrek, Fiona, Farkle, Fergus and Felicia like that!
>>530784 who is the ogre
>>530784 >are ya winning son
>>530784 is this real?
all that was once directly lived has become mere representation i know this, i have made it a mantra. i say it to sane people in public. and yet i still become unspeakably upset by all the ways the life i live fails to match up to the representations of others, "real" (social media) and honestly fictional. (TV, films, games.)
(1.14 MB 1280x960 young vaush.png)
>>530784 what the fuck went wrong?
>>530820 Five years of burgers, I guess Maybe she dumped him and he just went to shit
(190.50 KB 960x546 gz8uh2niyxp11.png)
I'm hyped for this debate
>>530784 >>530820 Motherfucker needs to start jogging or something
>>530864 yeah I'm staying up to see this live
>>530870 I'm just gonna read the leftypol commentary. I don't have the energy to watch big brainlet battle little brainlet for internet points.
Caleb will get owned and be forever known as "Caleb Copin'"
>>530879 Lmao I like it, it rolls of toungue quite nicely
>>530879 May I ask you about your political ideology? What kind of people do unironically like Vaush?
>>530879 Vaush will get owned and be forever known as "Vaush the Squashed"
>>530883 Vaush the Hogwash
>>530784 >>530820 >>530869 we had this exact discussion up-thread, were you guys not here or something tl;dr vaush used to be more athletic in college and yes he should probably be joogin more or something dont know about his gf though
>>530886 he should kill himself is what he should do lose weight much faster this way
>>530888 Go make another tweet defending the "C"PC caleb
>>530879 >>530883 Now, now, boys, you both suck.
>>530894 Most of us aren't even fans of Caleb. We just want Vaush to die.
Vaush chose his name because nothing rhymes with it so we can't bully him
>>530283 retard
>>530900 Vaush is objectively worse than Caleb, but lets not pretend that Caleb is good.
>>530901 Vaush the Fat Orange
>>530906 Bigger shit gets destroyed by smaller shit. We win, end of story.
>>530907 Send him to Vaushwitz so he can lose a little weight
(3.72 MB 2438x3150 EYTi0JmXQAIhQZ_.jpeg)
>>530894 cope. stay mad
(402.12 KB 600x450 WKSOFve.jpg)
https://mobile.twitter.com/kmzahos/status/1265059590216937473 Twitter random nobody getting piled on by big name breadtubers
(220.49 KB 1290x874 cm.png)
>>530912 China is LITERALLY communism bro!!!!
>>530912 More like Caleb Slopin'
(151.58 KB 585x473 1590505585745.jpg)
>>530919 Omg what a retard
This will be the Vaush - Caleb debate: https://youtu.be/MLMRHScRnhs?t=11
>>530918 I wonder how deep into economic depression this tranny shit can continue to consume the Left
(68.53 KB 620x1230 1590454658-0.png)
>>530919 >... UM... CHINA!
(120.41 KB 1218x779 1.png)
(82.93 KB 1242x725 2.png)
>>530929 You know a shill from reposting the same debunked shit over and over without any self-reflection.
>>530927 Does it though or does it just hoover up all the time of retards on the internet?
(294.91 KB 662x794 VAUSH.png)
>>530933 Hopefully it’s just the latter, but either way, people will no longer have patience for this kind of shit when people are actually starving and desperate. Imagine an entire thread of people justifying depriving people of work because of their stupid opinions of an unimportant topic.
(108.75 KB 680x680 ERe6iYkXYAcitos.jpg)
>>530932 very scientific graphs, especially that second one with its axes cropped off, that'll get you get an A+ in algebra class
>>530934 llell
>>530945 knock yourself out, you literal shill
>>530285 This thread used to actually be decent too. Idk where the fuck all the idpol brainrot came from, but the jannies need to step up their game and nuke this thread already
>>530885 Woosh the Douche
(91.96 KB 1200x1093 epi.jpg)
>>530932 So USA must've been literally socialist with chinese characteristics™ up until the mid 70s
>>530971 Irishladdie the Ogrefucky
>>530973 >strawmanning this hard shill
>>530973 shit you posted the graph first also isnt the median average income gdp tier since china had farming communes?
>>530959 >>530963 >>530932 >>530977 >>530979 Taiwan GDP per capita: $24,827 China GDP per capita: $10,098
>>530977 >muh shill Cope
>>530973 keynesianism with socialist aesthetics is based tbh
If this really is Caleb ITT then I hope he brings the banter up a notch for the debate because he'll barely be able to construct a sentence
>>530987 wtf why does the country with the biggest population in the world have lower gdp than a tax heaven island????
>>531000 If it really is Caleb in this thread I want those nudes.
Caleb v Vaush in how many hours?
>>530963 SEETHING DENGOID NPC if ( message = notProCCP) do (printf "SHILL")
(260.91 KB 1200x1200 spaghet.jpg)
>>531045 c-cope
>>531036 >wtf why does the country with the biggest population in the world have lower gdp than a tax heaven island???? You are mixing up Taiwan with Hong Kong and Macau, the latter are the tax havens. China nominal inheritance tax rate: 0% Taiwan nominal inheritance tax rate: 20% Gini index (degree of wealth inequality) China: 46.5 Taiwan: 33.6
>>531044 It's at 5pm est
>>530901 He looks like he doesn't vaush
>>531087 Vaush your dick
(129.44 KB 1316x1574 IMG_20200521_233811.jpg)
The idpol tranny Vaush worshiping thread hates the CCP, kinda makes me want to like them a bit more TBH
>>531060 While I'm not informed enough to argue the inheritance policy of the PRC I've got to say that you've exposed your complete economic illiteracy by citing gini difference between PRC and Taiwan as a "point" for the latter, considering the historical difference between the populations (1.3billion vs a mere 23million), with half of mainland (western China, much of central) being farmland or desert / mountain-regions and Taiwan being a coastal trade port for the bourgeoisie. You're a glowie and you should banned.
(93.88 KB 675x900 reddit2.jpg)
>>531105 Reddit is this way: >>>/ http://reddit.com/
>>531060 Already addressed in the China thread, you shill.
>>530963 >Source is literally the Chinese government
China is shit but Taiwan is worse. There, I settled it.
>>530973 The US was ruined by the socialist revisionist Richard Nixon and every succeeding government after Nixon has been running on revisionism. We must return to the true Marxism of FDR and Woodrow Wilson.
>>531156 as opposed to a "real" source like BBC, right?
>>531113 >comparing 8 upvotes to 200 You are the shil here
>>531105 What gave you the fucking idea that this thread is full of Vaush worship, retard? This thread does nothing but shit on Vaush
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86j1xakYdZ8 Here's the link to the stream premiere. It says it's scheduled for 2 pm eastern standard time today rather than 3 PM which I saw another anon say. It says in the title he's debating "Actual Justice Warrior" in addition to Caleb, anyone got any idea who AJW is??
>>531166 LMAO C O P E
(10.21 KB 493x93 usa-usa-usa.png)
>>531190 >>531193 China isn't socialist. They just have a more competent ruling-class than the US. I don't think you'd enjoy living under the Chinese ruling-class significantly more than the US even if you were a bootlicker
>>531193 I am greek you shill
>>531196 I'm one of the anti-dengoids but I'd take living in China any day over living in Burgerland.
>>531204 I can see why one would and it's a question I've asked myself extensively, assuming the cultural/language divide weren't an issue. To me it really depends on the extent of censorship in China. I'd like to be able to speak my mind without being anal probed by the local commissar. The lack of workers strikes is also shit, and the "they must join the state-sanctioned union" isn't an excuse because that's some shit literally the Nazis did, force all the workers unions to merge into a Nazi-run ""union"" that never actually spoke for the workers
>>531196 I never claimed they are socialist. They're prepping for a socialist transition in 2050 by developing the productive forces, nationalization, planning and re-distributive policies.
>>531181 Did this faggot just add another debate on the same stream to lessen the time of his humiliation?
(42.82 KB 400x412 image.jpg)
>>531204 u r getting there, faglord
>>531181 >>531224 Don't let him get away with this
>>531209 >The lack of workers strikes <repeating the same debunked shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again
>>531209 >the extent of censorship in China. I'd like to be able to speak my mind without being anal probed by the local commissar. There are several Western youtubers living in China, and a lot of them post critical (and even literal CIA talking points) on their channels regularly, without ever being fucked for it and getting big Patren bucks in return. Makes you thunk, innit?
>>531209 The censorship issues is one of the worst things with China, it seriously takes a toll on you to have your post opened and to be so very careful what you say or don't say. As a foreigner, those issues are less pronounced, but they are still there. The working conditions for everyone who isn't a middle class PMC is also really concerning, but it's not like the US is much better. Despite this, I do prefer China to Burgerstan just because it is more competently run.
>>531241 You have more leeway with what you say as a foreigner but if you have Chinese friends you care about you need to be careful not to land them in trouble.
>>531222 >They're prepping for a socialist transition in 2050 Which productive forces for socialism does China currently lack? >>531239 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jasic_Incident >>531241 Show me one post on Weibo comparing Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh.
>>531245 >>> "competently" >be burger >born into middle class family >get wrecked by private healthcare, housing costs, student debt >end up living in a parking lot in your rented car <china <born into a poor peasant family <get higher education in the city <get comfy job, cheap housing, start saving <go home, visit parents <the government built them modern housing with heating, electricity, and internet access <go back to city <my wages have risen by 10% while I was off for the weekend socialism by 2050, baby
>>531251 >Which productive forces for socialism does China currently lack? They need to turn from an export oriented economy to developing their internal markets. They still have 2700 villages they need to elevate from shit-tier poverty. They need to develop the infrastructure (roads and railroads, etc.). They need to start new science labs instead of depending on Western innovation.
>>531267 Did the USSR have such trouble converting a feudal country with "many villages in shit-tier poverty" into a socialist country? Did it take them 100 years?
>>531276 Well the USSR did collapse
>>531276 The two countries didn't start from the same position to begin with.
>>531286 They began from a comparable position >>531280 So did socialism in China :^)
>>531260 You do know that medical debt exists in China too, right? And if you would have been born as a poor peasant in China, you would most likely be stuck driving taxis for 12 hours a day in Beijing rush traffic or some doing other equally soul crushing job.
>>531304 >usa >wealthiest, most developed nation on Earth >population: 328 million >1$ trillion unpayable debt <ZERO chance of universal healthcare <chaynah <still developing country <population: 1.4 billion <1.9$ trillion medical debt <known for forgiving debt internationally and domestically <government openly promised universal healthcare to come in the near future socialism by 2050, baby
>>531343 >>531260 wtf i love mao now
>>531343 >government openly promised universal healthcare to come in the near future Oh wow, they PROMISED it? Amazing, they promised something even socdem capitalist countries can provide. They're going communist bros!!
>>531362 If China is communist is Bernie a super communist
>>531343 The US is a hellhole, but China is not much better. Life as a prole sucks there just as much as it sucks here.
>>531343 >government openly promised universal healthcare to come in the near future Their "universal healthcare" plan according to the Healthy China 2030 plan (健康中国2030) is equivalent to giving everyone who isn't insured Obamacare. So it's going to be better than the current US system where there are still millions without any health insurance, but it's still private health insurance with out-of-pocket expenses.
>>531377 >China is not much better
>>531387 And there will still be special private hospitals for the porkies.
>>531395 That doesn't dispute what I said. Life as a prole objectively sucks in China. You will be very poor, you will be very overworked and you will not have access to good healthcare.
>>531395 So was the US socialist until 1970? Did the revisionist Nixon move the communist USA away from its Marxist-FDRist roots?
>>531395 I can't tell if you're trolling or you're just uneducated and don't know basic maths, the economic histories of the US and China, current US GDP per capita vs. Chinese GDP per capita, and how capitalists move their factories and offices to where labour is cheap and trainable.
(7.13 KB 194x259 pooh.jpg)
>>531432 >I can't tell if you're trolling or you're just uneducated and don't know basic maths He's a Dengoid.
>>531456 >posting literal far right memes Sup NED
>>531501 Could you explain why photoshopping Xi Jinping's face to look like Winnie the Pooh is fascist?
Who's Vaush gonne be talking to first, Actual Justice Warrior or Caleb?
>>531516 The former
>>531395 lol you fucking brainlet, your graph shows the development of discrepancies between chinese wages and chinese labour productivity following almost parallel to the states? what the fuck are you trying to prove?
Dengchads can’t stop winning
Interesting tumblr post by Philosophy Tube himself regarding the history, politics, and economics of the fictional Fire Nation and their 100 Year War Apparently the dude is smarter than I thought https://realphilosophytube.tumblr.com/post/151023586849/an-economic-history-of-the-fire-nation
>>531640 Avatar isn’t slowly starting to turn into the new Harry Potter
>>531644 Probably not just because Avatar just plainly isn’t a liberal shitshow like Harry Potter is PT actually started the post by saying his inspiration was from reading Lenin’s Imperialism so he was definitely approaching it from a Marxist standpoint
(38.73 KB 480x360 shortbusposter.jpg)
>>531633 >Dengchads can’t stop winning >>531544 >what the fuck are you trying to prove? That they are children and retarded.
yo bro ccp are total sellouts all they did was develop a country of 1.3 billion people don't you know how easy that it? happens all the time bro. look at all the american outposts surrounding china, they too developed rapidly for some reason. so clearly developing an industrial base is piss easy, literally everyone who is an american counterweight to china can do it i am very smart >t. leftcom/neocon
>>531705 >yo bro ccp are total sellouts all they did was develop a country of 1.3 billion people don't you know how easy that it? happens all the time bro. look at all the american outposts surrounding china, they too developed rapidly for some reason. so clearly developing an industrial base is piss easy, literally everyone who is an american counterweight to china can do it Good for them.
>>531508 Stop playing dumb
>>531716 >Stop playing dumb Stop being dumb.
>>531705 yo bro ccp is the vanguard of communism worldwide, heres my pile of regurgiated "graphs" i uncritically post like a fucking lib economist, nevermind that they act fully like a capitalist state and preside over a capitaist economy, YOU GOTTA BELIEVE IN THE XI MAGIC MAN! i am very smart >t.dengoid who has never read marx
>>531705 Still butthurt over getting rekt, dengoid?
Is r/consumeproduct the most retarded and hypocritical internet group apart from /pol/ ?
>>531798 Literally just bunch of idealistic proto-boomers
Vaush v Maupin is starting
>>531949 God he’s already bitching about tankies, this is gonna be an utter shitshow I hope this Depression takes everything from this fag
>>531949 Dis gun b gud
>>531949 in 30 minutes, the fatlard vaush said
>>531949 Within 30 minutes bruh
We're live folks
caleb opened his beverage :D
This is the catharsis we've been waiting for
Lmao Vaush is really fucking getting exposed at this point, except for the dengoid garbage all Vaush really has is personal idpol arguments by now
just got here, tldr?
>>532356 Maupin was doing good until he got baited on China and then both sides sperged out for thirty minutes until Vaush regained his composure and Maupin ended the debate
Usual 'you are a fascist/CIA' accusations back and forth and nothing more
(353.74 KB 1024x1021 1589387182193.jpg)
>Lmao Vaush is really fucking getting exposed at this point, except for the dengoid garbage all Vaush really has is personal idpol arguments by now
>>532655 you have to go back
>>532655 >posts archetypal vaush leftist Begone goebbels
>>532778 >>532807 If you thought Maupin looked remotely good in that debate, even before he sperged out crying about Vaush sending antifa to kill Mandela and Einstein and rage quitting afterwards, it is you too who has to go back and read more theory, not just Vaush. I was actually hoping Vaush would lose, but Maupin's display was absolutely fucking embarrassing.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qz4I-qteMbA >The impact of the Vietnam War & Socialism - Caleb w/ Luna Oi
>>532818 When did I say maupin did well
>>532832 at least he gets some viet pussy to feel better
>>532818 Can’t you see that Vaushfags aren’t welcome here?
>>532901 There are no Vaushfags here.
(18.35 KB 600x191 maupin-antifa.png)
This dishonest framing is what I dislike most about Caleb. Caleb could've made the argument that Vaush's equating of Dengists like Caleb to Nazis could lead to antifa violence, but instead he makes up this event that never occurred in the debate.
Well, that happened.
>>533032 Lmao it’s funny how Jason was infinitely less cringe than the others in the vid Nonetheless, good points made https://youtu.be/4rwVPGeVsD0
>>533040 You know it's bad when Jason swoops in to be the voice of sanity.
>>533041 Tbh Unruhe has never been that bad He’s just unattractive
>>533050 He's cringe.
>>533054 You mean visually unappealing?
(525.14 KB 750x720 rooroo.png)
>>533056 Anime is cancer
>>533056 based
>>533050 I thought you homosexuals are usually into "bears" (fat guys with beards) like Caleb.
>>533055 I meant that he is embarrassing.
>>533067 >like Caleb I meant Jason
>>533067 You don’t need to suck dick to subjectively judge another man’s looks
(453.29 KB 695x444 kim il sung anime.png)
>>533060 There are some pretty leftist themes in many animes especially some from a couple decades or so ago. There was that one anime director or whatever who was a literal communist party member. Not to mention the people who died in that arson attack would be random exploited workers. Do you know how workers in the anime industry are treated in Japan? It's not great
>>533067 >>533071 Kek Vaush is much more of a bear than Jason, at least the type I'm into. During some of the shitflinging in the other thread I mentioned I already have a fat Irish guy's dick so I don't need Vaush's, I wasn't just shitposting :^))
>>533074 >likes the trap from that shit ship game Wish the piranha executions were real
>>533079 >Kek Vaush is much more of a bear than Jason, at least the type I'm into. Damn sorry about your terrible taste
>>533095 They both look fucking awful to me. Maupin's where it's at.
>>533074 I wonder if loli stuff is legal in the DPRK?
>>533104 I would tie Caleb up, write "CIA special agent" on his forehead, waterpump my trannydick and peg him with it while telling him it's his training to become my good little class traitor. Vaush can just top me Jason I don't know
>>533137 Why is everything about sex with you folks?
>>533146 As if you guys haven't been posting Vaush and his gf nude every 2 seconds Sex is nicesu, I don't get the prudence
>>533146 >Why is everything about sex with you folks? They are still going through puberty. Be patient with them.
>>533157 I haven’t posted those ogres even once It’s like posting a sculpture made from a turd
(43.38 KB 644x321 bj.png)
>>533137 (while I can't speak to whether I'd be into Unruhe..)
(32.64 KB 680x470 horny jail.jpg)
>>533174 Yes sir
>>533164 Fucking kek, I knew about his thing for Bailey Jay from that video he made a few years ago, but I didn't know about the tweets
>>531734 Stop touching yourself at night
I think I rather would do Unruhe than Vaush if I had to pick. It mostly comes down to personality on that one, but I think I'd take Unruhe cringe over Vaush and his Vaushness.
(405.72 KB 613x617 anarchists.png)
Made this based off some anarchist meme
>>533236 Whats wrong with old men?
All these faggot ecelebs and public speakers who debate people are showmen, all style over substance. They're pros at sophistry, strawmanning and gaslighting. They don't actually know shit but understand debate tactics and/or have enough charisma and rhetoric to make their opponents lose control of the debate and fuck up. Ie. Vaush "won" the moment he got Caleb to start talking about China because that way he no longer had to respond to Caleb's initial attacks, which were forcing him to go on the defensive. So then he could control the pace of the debate, make Caleb mad and get a reaction from his audience. You need to fight fire with fire to win, we need a left wing version of Ben Shapiro.
>>533521 >We need a left wing version of ben shapiro No.
>>533524 Face it
>>533524 We don't "need" one but it would be cool if we did
>>533218 The most annoying shit about Vaush is that he doesn't even listen to his opponent and spends the whole time they're talking typing inane shit in to the chat, smiling at it and leaning into the microphone to spout his inane neckbeard gotchas, to show how "above it all" or something. Surely normal people can see through this idiot's nonsense? To me he seems like a coddled rich boy narcissistic sociopath.
>>533470 The old man is Noam "Vote for the Democrats" Chomsky
>Anarchist Brent Lengel reacts to "Caleb v. Vaush" Debate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxYeUX8d1yw&feature=youtu.be
>>532655 the entire goddamn online left is getting exposed at this point. i thought fuckers like mopin could stand against someone like vaush, but he's just as dumb as sargon. i dont know what to fuck think anymore. anybody with any common sense like zizek gets called lib now, everyone is a goddamn lib.
>>533074 Yeah people forget that the anime industry was essentially built by people who participated in the Anti-Anpo movement.
(9.44 MB 5625x4769 map of old edo before fire.jpg)
>>533767 I haven't heard about this. I know Hayao Miyazaki was an anti-war socialist, and most of the early anime seemed to condemn the senselessness of war. Later anime seem to be more willing to shed that, with anime that even praise neoliberalism/greed, or that are really nationalistic like Mahouka. But anime generally still tend to blame both sides in a conflict as being flawed a lot more than in Western stuff where there's usually a cartoonishy good and a bad side, Lord of the Rings style. I guess even many centuries ago Japanese poets and intellectuals often thought war was stupid because of all the dumb civil wars between the Samurai clans which burned down Kyoto; I'm not convinced that strain of thought was widespread in the west.
>>533050 >>533054 Being unattractive is cringe. But saying the former is bad social skills.


no cookies?