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Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 17:21:47 No. 129830
Alright comrade, what is your political ideology? Describe it in *one* sentence, why you believe in it, and one or 2 pieces of writings (essays, articles, books, blog posts) you would recommend to someone who has never read into this ideology (so not a theoretical, dry, overly long book which scares everyone off, but something nice to ease into).
This is supposed to be a non-sectarian thread, and used primarily for the exchange of ideologies, and thus, ideas for actual praxis.

>Describe it
It's Mao's continuation of the theories of Marxism-Leninism and basically the highest stage of Marxism in terms of analytical development
>why you believe in it
Since it not only is the collection of the most theoretical and practical advancements made in the history of class struggle, but also used by most communists and parties leading revolutions around the world today, I believe it to be the most correct way forward, and the most solid foundation we can build off of.
>pieces of writings
Foundations of Leninism (if you've yet to read into Leninism): https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1924/foundations-leninism/index.htm
What Maoism has to offer the world: https://jiminykrix.wordpress.com/2016/09/14/what-maoism-has-to-offer-the-world-and-why-so-many-former-non-communists-think-its-dope/
>proselytising leftism on a leftist website
Agorist Mutualism
>Describe it
It proposes establishing an economy based on the labor theory of value, free association and reciprocity through counter-economics and black markets.
>Why I believe in it
It seems to have the very best synergy of economic equality and economic freedom.
>pieces of writings
White Juche
>why you believe in it
White Juche needs no explanation.
>pieces of writings
White Juche needs no writing. It is immediately understandable.
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism because its the summation of all revolutionary movements so far.
My political beliefs can only be properly described and understood through listening to lulu by metallica
Theorylet Vulgar Marxism
>Describe it
Workers must get the full value of their labour, private capital must be abolished.
>why you believe in it
What basically made me a Marxist was the most important core realisation of materialist dialectics: just like there's no mind/body duality, there can be no economy/culture/politics duality (triality?). Once you realize this, and that all life and history is governed ultimately by material, economic laws you must immediately concede that all history of society is indeed history of class struggle. Once you realize that, you must also concede that this dynamic with ever diminishing capitalist class and the ever growing proletariat can only result in the proletariat over throwing the bourgeoisie and establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat.
>pieces of writings
I got ADHD, I don't read lol.
The real movement to bring about the change of things
>describe it
A movement that is seen as Satan or hitler by everybody but in actuality is the second coming of Jesus Christ.
>why you believe it
Because nothing else is Believable.
>pieces of writings
Paul Cockshotts blogs
Go outside, let the bushes speak to you, lol.
Council Communism
>Describe it
A communist society based in the control of worker's councils based on Direct Democracy and Worker's ownership
>Why I believe in it
It creates a much more democratic society than Bourgeois Democracy and allows for the working class to have direct say in matters that concern them and their community.
>pieces of writing
Fully Automated Luxury Communism

>Describe it
The development of new technologies and automation combined with careful central planning will eventually increase worker productivity so much as to create a post-scarcity world in which hardly anyone needs to work and we are finally economically free.

>why you believe in it
I believe our current progress so far has already made us so productive that we could right here, right now, achieve a form of FALC if resources weren't divested into futile capitalist/imperialist endeavors. Fucktons of resources go to harmful causes, imagine what world we would live in if they were diverted to good ones.

>pieces of writing
The manifesto
Also https://librarianshipwreck.wordpress.com/2019/07/30/how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-machine-a-review-of-aaron-bastanis-fully-automated-luxury-communism/ for a more nuanced analysis
(30.88 KB 582x346 DtbidrL.jpg)
hi every1 im anarchist!!!!!!! *holds up molotov* my name is bakunin_lover but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF Libertarian Socialism!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very socialist!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet socialist ppl like me ^_^… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch ContraPoints w/ my girlfreind (male) (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite breadtube channel!!! bcuz its SOOOO socialist!!!! shes socialist 2 of course but i want 2 meet more socialist ppl =) like they say the more the merrier, comrades!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!
LIBERTARIAN SOCIALISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- me bein socialist again ^_^ hehe…toodles!!!!!

freedom and revolution,

Traditional Ethno-Pan-Nationalist
>Describe it
It's a far-right belief in keeping with and promoting tradition, ethno-nationalism, and the basic belief that ALL people deserve to have a homeland.
>Why you believe in it
I've almost always been right-wing and almost always been capitalist, but now I place tradition and people's happiness before economy or GDP.
>Pieces of writings
I mostly came up with my beliefs on my own decision, but I guess I've been influenced by many different right-wingers and the facts/statistics they presented...
The satire levels of this post is peak.
(58.50 KB 473x767 239.jpg)
I am a civic libertarian-socialist. Yes, I did pull that out of my ass. No, I'm not being ironic about it.

>Describe it
It's a shitty moniker for my own bizarre and eclectic fustercluck of contradictory and unrelated leftist theory I've duct-taped together. First, we need to fix the global economy by eliminating the porky class through socialism. If there's automated gay space communism at the end of that, great, if not, oh well. Socialism is better than capitalism no matter what, and I don't particularly care if later generations transition completely past that to something better.

Second, we need to forcibly stitch the framework of humanity back together through cross-cultural exposure and volunteer work. This could be done in a microcosm within a nation by abolishing private property, expanding on human rights as a concept by addinv human entitlements on (what succdems and demsuccs call positive rights) and then instituting mandatory community service for young people as a modern rite of passage, particularly in terms of assistance for the disabled and the elderly. That said, it needs to happen across national boundaries as well, while we work towards establishing a global society founded on understanding and respect for everyone's shared humanity. In short, eliminate social classes, establish social safety nets, and make the boomers & zoomers hug it out. Let's at least pull it off on a small scale, and we'll see where we go from there.

>Why you believe in it
Fundamentally, I recognize that human freedom and satisfaction in life may only be built upon a stable economic bedrock, and that permitting a small handful of people to seize an ever-growing slice of resources necessitates the active deprivation of those resources from many others. On top of an economic foundation, a healthy community must be built for human happiness to flourish, and modern technology has allowed for ever-increasing levels of isolation apart from communities, as well as toxicity within communities. I believe that this can be addressed best by tying citizenship and participation in society to contribution to society; everyone needs social interaction and a sense of community paired with economic security, so I say we get all of the depressed, lonely teens to work with all of the depressed, lonely old people, while also working to eliminate poverty as best they can for the most vulnerable members of society. I don't begrudge people their right to privacy and free association, but the priveleged, circle-jerk social bubbles that have formed for most people in the developed world need to be lanced like the septic cysts they are.

>pieces of writing
Believe it or fucking not, The Unique & It's Property by Max Stirner, paired with Marxism and the National Question by Joseph Stalin. The rest of Stalin's works are a good expansion, and Marx is just assumed by default. Season to taste with some psychology - I recommend Maslow and Piaget.
>Describe it
Accelerate contradictions of capitalism and crush it into post scarcity lower stage communism or eradication of human race(both are equally desirable to me at this point).
Basically I believe socialism sort of lost after the fall of USSR, and the only way to bring it back is to accelerate contradictions of capitalism to unsustainable degree- this will bring about either socialism or AI singularity wiping out our cursed human race.

>pieces of writings
<Fanged Noumena: Collected Writings 1987–2007
<The Thirst for Annihilation: Georges Bataille and Virulent Nihilism

Hi, Jreg.
Stirnerian Anarcho-communism with ML sympathies, because I hate spooks and love books. Read Ego book by forehead man and Capital book by big beard man.
What the fuck kind doomer are you?
Communism. The abolition of wage-labor and commodity production, with union syndicates and cooperative sectors probably being necessary for an intermediate phase but political power held largely by soviets and councils. Read Capital and since I have one left over actually read Wretched of the Earth so you have an idea of knowing why national liberation is both important and by itself fundamentally flawed and has contradictions that point towards communism.
Most closely in line with Marxism- Leninism-Maoism.

>why I believe in it
I think the essence of protracted peoples war is universally applicable. Not its geographic elements, but the notion of a protracted, stagist, struggle, through which the proletariat gain consciousness.

I think you can give or take new democracy depending on your conditions. Same with the extent to which you carry out cultural revolution.

you NEED to SERVE THE PEOPLE or why would they give a fuck about you

I more or less believe in the political program of the black panther party minus the black nationalism parts because I'm white and so is most of the population of my home country.

I came to these beliefs because I have been part of building a union and it has basically taken the form of protracted peoples war without meaning to.

used to be an anarchist and then I tried organising with anarchists and they all sucked. Also traditional ML's and they too sucked. Then I realised pretty much every active revolution right now is a form of protracted peoples war.

The only effective stuff I have been part of is broad fronts.

I could ramble on and on. Its basically been completely organic, i came to realise a certain way of organising was effective and only after that read Mao after realising this is what he was saying all along


>Describe it

The desire to find creative way to implement a vanguard that will fully abolish commodity production all for the sake of their own pleasure.

>Why do you believe in it

Because, why wouldn't you?

>Pieces of writings


Simple, if you're not an ancom, you go to the gulag.
Democratic confederalism with a cooperative economy.
(339.59 KB 1074x976 Sksuendow7ekem.jpg)
*voluntary labor camp
(12.88 MB white juche.webm)
Vaush is that you?


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