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(85.59 KB 900x900 unnamed.jpg)
Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 01:11:30 No. 129172
Thoughts on Cuck Philosophy? I recently binged all of his videos and found him to be well outside the typical breadtube mold. "Capitalism, Cultural Disintegration, and Buzzfeed ", "What are societies of control?" and " Hauntology, Lost Futures and 80s Nostalgia " are all especially good videos of his.
Well he does bother to actually read Marx unlike the rest of breadtube who have probably only read the Wikipedia article. Couldn't you have asked this in e celeb thread?
Pretty based, but leftypol has more or less ignored him because of the name.
His vid on culture industry is good.
Most importantly, not a drama whore.
Horrible name, should change it. "The alt-right calls me a soyboy cuck so I'll call myself that to own then epic style" - ain't it, chief.

His videos are nice. His recent one about human rights was especially Marxist which even drew in criticism from his lib audience. The problems his he still seems to be a dogmatist Leftcom but as long as he sticks to abstract philosophical concepts he's good. He's not reinventing the wheel and sometimes he dumbs down philosophers but I guess that's more because of what the platform of a video essay allows, less because he's a brainlet.
The best Marxist channel is probably Red Plateuas.
I mean, it is a pretty terrible name
It's "ironically" retarded which is supposed to be better.
I figured that, but it ain't.

>"The alt-right calls me a soyboy cuck so I'll call myself that to own then epic style"

Maybe that's legit his fetish.
(194.87 KB 1280x720 barking like a dog.jpg)
And my fetish is being made to dress up and bark like a dog but you don't see me calling my channel "Degenerate Reviews"
His videos are interesting. But he's not a marxist and at the end of the day, analyzing Shrek isn't going to win worker's liberty. They're entertainment and I'd take it as just that, entertainment.
That’s kind of how the punk counter culture started.
Punk was originally derogatory and meant you were kind of a fag.
Yeah it's pretty bad. My dad listens to Sam Harris and I wanted to share his video on him but didn't because of the name
(2.70 MB 3380x1727 sam harris some beliefs.png)
Just rationally pre-emptively nuke your dad, problem solved
So why hasn't Harris killed himself then?
I hate his profile pic.
>tfw I used to listen to this fag while growing up
and I used to think he’s the most sane one in the atheist axis.
pretty sure that's a fake quote and that's ben stiller in the photo to trick people
nvm its real and appears to refer to al qaeda
I like him a _bit_.
He is a deleuzean postmodernist that likes schopenhauer and nietzsche, for your information, schopenhauer was a monarchist, an economic-liberal, an spiritual racist and an eugenics supporter. Nietzsche was a loony addicted to opiods and alcohol who was directly against marxism, he believed that aristocratic hierarchies are ideal and that eugenics 'of the soul' are needed.
Deleuze was a pot smoker with social anxiety, his social anxiety influences greatly his view of humankind and society and sees all social interactions as oppresive, this would later influence Focault, a neolib that view social interactions as a mix of (social) capital hoarding and criminal punishment.
Schopenhauer was based.
Schopenhauer was hilarious. I read his writings if I want to have a good 'yikes' followed by a sensible chuckle tbh.
love how /pol/cucks conflate their moronic selves with Nietzsches Ubermensch.
I enjoy his videos and don't care about the name.
The problem is I got literal cuckshit recommended by watching 2 of his videos in a row because of the name
That's because it is cuckshit I mean just look at this shit >>129607

This is much better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEJaUdgPMRM
>I got literal cuckshit recommended
he's too great to qualify as breadtube
That's a very low bar to step over
(53.63 KB 800x800 Stirner Smoke.gif)
lmao, I used to watch his videos too back in my edgy atheist days. Then read Stirner...
When you like someone's work, do you always copy their entire personality and other things?
Haha nice gif
legit doomer

>Life with its hourly, daily, weekly, yearly, little, greater, and great misfortunes, with its deluded hopes and its accidents destroying all our calculations, bears so distinctly the impression of something with which we must become disgusted, that it is hard to conceive how one has been able to mistake this and allow oneself to be persuaded that life is there in order to be thankfully enjoyed, and that man exists in order to be happy. Rather that continual illusion and disillusion, and also the nature of life throughout, presents itself to us as intended and calculated to awaken the conviction that nothing at all is worth our striving, our efforts and struggles, that all good things are vanity, the world in all its ends bankrupt, and life a business which does not cover its expenses;—so that our will may turn away from it.
Yes, if you like Marx you must be an alcoholic, if you like Bakunin you must be a raving antisemite, if you like Stirner you must be a cuck and if you like Althusser you must kill your wife.
Thank god I have no gf.
Congratulations. This is one of the most retarded posts I've ever seen on /leftypol/. I'm assuming you've never read Nietzsche. If you did and this is your takeaway I recommend you revisit him with an open mind.
thanks for the (you)s
He's good. Check his early vid on K-pop for a good old materialist analysis. Gives it the old textile industry treatment.
I really like his stuff, shame about the name.
My favorite part is when he says tendies123 at the end.

anyway check this guy out he made a series on marxism about a decade ago that is pretty fucking incredible
>you're not allowed to like the bad people, you might go bad yourself!
No lad, you're allowed to like deleuze you just need some background in maths so you can tell when he's just babbling bullshit
For your information, pretty much every Marxist holds Nietzsche in high regard. Of course, he had a plenty of autism, but he also had a bunch of great stuff.
He does admit that his name does cause him problems.
Yeah, I guess he chose it as a joke at first, but it's probably more of a detriment to the channel overall. Most likely helped get a few views in the beginning though.
Where's the Marxism, Billy?
He's obviously well acquantied with the post-structuralists and the frankfurt school which puts him a notch above other br*adtubers, although he could improve his video editing and definitly change the name. Overall 8/10 would recommend.
His video on Bataille is very good, it's what got me into the rest of his videos. Whether or not he's a Marxist is irrelevant.
moar pls


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