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(119.55 KB 1280x720 alexander jones .jpg)
Anonymous 11/10/2019 (Sun) 19:30:58 No. 121621
what conspiracy theories do you believe /leftypol/ ?
>9/11 was an inside jerb
>porkies aren't even human, makes sense tbh. If you believe in primitive accumulatuon than you believe that they would pass on their genes and only the most egotistical and sociopathic would survive to pass on their wealth
>aliens are aware we exist, don't care at all the slightest bit
>Epstein was murdered but that's common knowledge now
The lgbt shit show is a psyop
Epstein didn't kill himself
Nti-depressants don't work better than placebo, it's a lie manufactured by pharma corporations, sell out researchers and corrupt regulators.
I was ocd pills. Zoloft kinda calmed me down and made me focus better. Felt a slight reduction in empathy
TIL that leftypol is full of Chads.
This is a fact, not a conspiracy.
The terracotta army is fake and was manufactured on Mao's order as a PR stunt.
>Lee Harvey Oswald was set up
>the bush administration knew 9/11 would happen and didn't care
>FDR was killed by the DNC as FDR wanted Henry Wallace to be his successor
>people that talk about legalizing ""all drugs"" are patsies for big pharma as they have been pushing for people to have easy access to opioids as they are extremely addictive
>twitter is a ploy to control the way people consume information into short fast bursts to make people stupid and docile
(10.74 KB 255x382 lt.jpg)
>>121621 Stalin was poisoned and Chernobyl was because the computers were hacked to destroy itself.
unbased and tinfoil pilled.
Is the trot finally redeeming himself?
(12.57 KB 170x255 2541614361.jpg)
Mostly conspiracies that I somewhat believe or find believable:
>Saudis helped with 9/11, US didn't help, but covered for their allies
>Pretty much all of Russia's opposition parties are controlled opposition
>Hydrogen cars are being at least to some extent suppressed
>MSS glowies are astroturfing leftist communities (not that it is a bad thing)
>AUCP was infiltrated by the CIA
>Lithuanian pedophile clan conspiracy
Pretty much facts:
>Post WW2 European communist movements were crushed by CIA
>UFO sightings were a psyop by US government
>Epstein didn't kill himself
>Lithuanian pedophile clan conspiracy
Basically that the oligarchs in Lithuania are all paedos. This guy apparently caught one a few years back, he died with a crash n the drivers seat or some shit. His family founded a political party to avenge him. Didn't do much.
there's a lithuanianon that knows more.
UFOs were US military aircraft they were testing most of the time.
(182.20 KB 966x1500 believe.jpg)
any /x/fags here ?
There are similar stories in every country.
I am logging of now, but I will try to elaborate on this tomorrow. For the most part >>121666 is correct, however the crash guy was the suspected oligarch (whose death sealed the case), and the guy who had a party found after him died from (((chocking on his own puke))) after being missing for a year. Also the guy who saw police transporting his body committed (((suicide))).
Epstein didn't kill himself.
The theory is that the feds intentionally promoted the "UFOs are aliens" conspiracy, making a bunch of fakes to go along with it. That way, when someone spots or photographs an unusual experimental aircraft, like the B2 bomber, they'll pass it off as a UFO and the Soviets won't notice it.
(979.25 KB 960x3379 conspiracy iceberg.jpg)
Do I really have to name them all?
>>121688 I swear all these pictures have like fake shit in them to look intelligent.
>to look intelligent
Oh look, it's uncultured swine.
MMT is absolutly right and the rich slander it to keep the population ignorant of how the economy works
Obligatory topicly reminder that the term "conspiracy theory" was popularized by the CIA to discredit people skeptical of the government in the wake of the JFK assassination.

JFK was obviously a conspiracy. There's too many things that are just weird, and some things like the bullet on the stretcher that had to be deliberately set up. You'd have to be a moron to not think something was up after Robert Kennedy was also shot or Jack Ruby shot Oswald and then died himself.

Loads and loads of conspiracies are made up to divert time and energy away from real shit, whether it's "conspiracy theory" territory or general class consciousness. The fake ones run the gamut of plausible to stupid because the point is to waste as many people's time as possible.

This is all but confirmed but the FBI killed MLK. We know they did Hampton.

The anti-vaccination movement is a two-sided ploy. On the one hand, reducing the vaccination rate is a form of population control (especially for the poor). On the other hand, they discourage people from questioning their health care or "the experts" more generally.

This one's not secret at all but loads of textbooks in grade school education are actively miseducating children, and there are basically no standards in place because the textbook companies are cartels with such a stranglehold that they can force schools or students to continuously buy new books without meaningfully updating them.

And the Epstein thing is the tip of the iceberg. It's gotta be something like half the rich and famous who rape children regularly, and the temples and shit indicate they probably do have some retarded cult built around it. And while they're not aliens or anything some of them have to be eating people. Just by the numbers, some of them have to have that fixation, and who can stop them? It's goofy as shit, but I don't think Hillary Clinton having kuru from eating babies is all that far fetched.

I don't see the argument why it makes more sense for porkies to be non-human.
If aliens know about us they probably have pretty diverse opinions.

Aspects of it are. The co-option to sell you rainbow flags and shit is a psyop as is gay marriage. The original threat presented to the status quo wasn't alternative sexuality and gender, but an alternative lifestyle more like free love. That and the close-knit community was a threat to porky who wants people to be atomized and have a family/mortage to think about to make them more willing to work.

Depends on the kind of anti-depressant and the kind of depression. Some anti-depressants are even actual placebos.

100% fact

This kind of conspiracy is hilarious to me because compared to most it's extremely low-stakes but would probably spark more outrage than something like the Epstein shit.

Mostly good but Hydrogen cars don't really make sense from an engineering standpoint. It's more energy efficient to just have an electric battery from what I've heard engineers say, but I'm no expert.

This one's more of a "If they didn't they're retarded" than confirmed, but them saying some shit about UFOs recently supports this too.

Post the one that's not mostly jokes. Nobody cares about obviously made-up ironic conspiracy theories.

That's not even really a conspiracy theory.
I'm not saying porkies are non human, but they been living in closed communities for so long that are favor cruel and selfish traits that they have become almost a different subspecies of human who are more cunning and sociopathic. Basically they lizards
Well they've been subjected to different selective pressures, but the effect is limited by the time scale and the fact that transitions between class systems see different gene pools in the ruling class. Honestly, the selective pressure for ruthless people to be upwardly mobile and compassionate people to be downwardly mobile is more of a factor.

Generally speaking though, yeah they're more sociopathic because it's more successful. For sure.
>transitions between class systems see different gene pools in the ruling class
this is a schizo forum
ok liberal
The Papacy rightfully owns the World.
(111.72 KB 800x600 IYGRtXo.jpg)
Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK and it was 100% based. Fucker shouldn't have drop Agent Orange on Nam if he wanted his head intact.

I don't even know why leftists deny this. Give a commie a sniper rifle and he'll suddenly become an aimbot and summon the ghost of Lyudmila Pavlichenko to possess him.
why is this shit bumplocked ?
To make room for another gender and identity thread sweetie.
you're right how else are we gonna drive out all the chan leftists and import more reddit and twitter leftists this place is supposed to be a safe place where anyone can speak as long as they're not tankies
Anti-depressants are absolutely not a placebo, they have a very noticeable impact (depending on the drug it takes a few weeks or months to really kick in).

Now, you could absolutely argue that they don't actually "fix" your condition and also have a lot of downsides.
Doesn't MMT require keeping US oligarchy/imperialism intact indefinitely though? That seems counterproductive.
(272.56 KB 569x797 cia.jpg)
>thread discussing conspiracy theories
>thread gets bumplocked

huh i wonder why
The epstein thing isn't a spooky goth cult you idiot, epstein was an intelligence asset getting dirt on powerful people. Look at who his girlfriend was and her history
Modern art was popularized because of enormous patronage of the Rockefellers in collaboration with the CIA, to own the commies.
I believe capitalists are exploiting the labour of the working classes for profit.
ancient aliens
Do conspiracies proven true count?

Between 1979 and 1989 the US, using USAID and CIA gave Afghans textbooks that were meant to radicalise children, so they would fight the Soviets.

>In the twilight of the Cold War, the United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings, part of covert attempts to spur resistance to the Soviet occupation.

>The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system’s core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books, though the radical movement scratched out human faces in keeping with its strict fundamentalist code.

>As Afghan schools reopen today, the United States is back in the business of providing schoolbooks. But now it is wrestling with the unintended consequences of its successful strategy of stirring Islamic fervor to fight communism. What seemed like a good idea in the context of the Cold War is being criticized by humanitarian workers as a crude tool that steeped a generation in violence.

>Last month, a U.S. foreign aid official said, workers launched a “scrubbing” operation in neighboring Pakistan to purge from the books all references to rifles and killing. Many of the 4 million texts being trucked into Afghanistan, and millions more on the way, still feature Koranic verses and teach Muslim tenets.

Depression is complicated and takes many forms and is poorly understood. Anti-depressants are about as effective as placebos because nobody knows how to treat depression correctly and that makes the drugs more likely than other drugs to make the problem worse. And some anti-depressants are actually placebos because it's known that the results aren't so good, and there's little relative risk involved in a placebo. If a patient can get the benefit from a placebo, it's worth trying that before something that will actually affect you medically.

These aren't mutually exclusive at all.

Yeah, they help show people that conspiracies do happen.
Pedophile cults within sections of the ultra-rich.
That hazardous chemicals in aquatic environments are transforming amphibians into homosexuals
The DPRK doesn't actually exist and is an elaborate deception created by China.
(44.33 KB 968x726 tinfoil.jpg)
Metal foil does in fact interfere with electromagnetic waves. This isn't even theory. It is a fact of physics. It's an open question IMO whether the myriad of electronic devices used today could potentially affect brain waves, but we do know that electromagnetic waves interact, so it is physically possible in principle. It's unlikely that the alphabet soup hasn't looked into this since we know they did experiments on wacky shit like LSD and remote viewing.
>lectromagnetic waves interact
They don't, they just pass through each other.
My bad. I meant that they interact with matter, not each other. We have devices that can pick up brain waves and it's plausible that electromagnetic waves could affect the brain if the signal is strong enough.
You have no idea what you're talking about, and I say that as someone who's been on three different anti-depressant medications. They're not a placebo. Again, you could argue that the cost vs benefit is not favorable, but to compare them to placebos is incredibly dishonest. They work, just not the way you might want.
I've been on an SSRI for a few months and it fixed my depression outright with a few months of use, so I know they're not bullshit, lol. The overall success rate is approximately that of a placebo, but it's not because they have no effect. I already explained why the overall success rate isn't higher, but I'll do it again.
>Again, you could argue that the cost vs benefit is not favorable
It's not even that, it's that individuals and their depression differ greatly and it's hard to predict whether the meds will work or not, and that lowers the efficacy on average. It's not a problem with the drug, but with the context of its use. Pain medicine works but it's not very effective if you're not in pain. You need the right drug for the problem you have. Doctors don't yet know how depression works very well, so it's hard to prescribe the right drug (if it even exists). Given that you've been on more than one of them, I would think you'd know that.
>They work, just not the way you might want.
For some people, some don't work because they have a different problem. It's all highly variable and the doctors don't know what's going on. I happened to luck out and get pills that worked not only the first time, but started working immediately because my serotonin levels were so low. That doesn't change the research on the rate of effectiveness though.

>JFK gets shot
>guy who shoots JFK gets shot
>guy who shot the guy who shot JFK just dies

When put this way it's really sketchy.
Its not about that its about people voting for more libertarians that dont understand what the national debt really is and can then continue to force austerity down our throats AND they get to continue being the first receivers of newly printed money. Lastly but least likely is that MMT sorta hints at LTV and a conclusion of MMT COULD be that the govenment should be the one paying everyones wages for the value they produce
and they dont want people realizing this*
Energy, chi, chakras, kundalini, or any name you want to give it is absolutely real. Many people around the world experience these energies on a constant basis, as do I. The fact that these energies exist implies that a shit ton of other paranormal things related to these potentially exist as well.
We're a computer simulation ran by communist post-humans who wanted to see what everlasting capitalism would have looked like, with all of the impossible bad luck, unbelievable disunity and unrealistic stupidity such a thing would need.
hell is where we live
MLK Jr. Was assassinated by the US govt.
I wouldnt find it hard to believe lee harvy oswald was set up by the US or aliens know we are here and dont care but i dont see anything concrete
You sure you're not just sensitive to real shit like magnetic fields or radiation?
(45.29 KB 712x500 its a meme you dip.jpg)
I thought MMT was just another liberal mental gymnastics.
Nah, it's an accurate model of modern macroeconomics. Bougies hate it because it's materialism pilled, takes class interest in consideration and implies their favorite policies are useless, old school dogmatist commies hate it because they feel more comfortable with 19th century theory.
I believe in comrades from the far away planet.
>god was raped
I think the whole thing was a CIA 4d chest move gone wrong. They probably wanted to incriminate Castro for trying to kill JFK, but then lost control on Oswald, leading to the big oopsie of CIA indirectly helping to kill a POTUS
>the jewish question
>soros foundation
>america in syria
>the whole world spying on you for the ai war
lol i remember the schizo anon that made this
ahh i kinda miss /fringe/ now
>9/11 was an inside job
>/pol/ pot was contacted by the CIA when he studied in France
>Bo Xilai was controlled opposition to undermine the new left movement
>Israel have nukes but still under US control
>There’s a new wave of VN war history revisionism funded by the US
>China has been secretly cutting SEA telecommunication cables in the East Sea
(278.26 KB 1024x911 Christian Civilization.jpg)
Most Christians worship a volcanic demon and the Bible was revisionist in that it lied about Jesus and his true beliefs.
The Tower of Babel was a space elevator.
Fluoride in the water supply makes people less woke. The government probably didn't plan it that way, but it's really convenient.
Fermi paradox isn't real and aliens have visited Earth plenty of times already. Pop science is pushed by academic elitists and fanatics to further their own agenda. Pop science is a psyop.
Flat Earth and Anti-vaxxing was all orchestrated by the CIA to delegitimize other conspiracy theories by association. It was an astroturf campaign, meaning they psyop'd people into believing they were legit movements just so the general public could focus on a strawman.
Alex Jones was coerced by the CIA into playing the role of controlled opposition some time after the events of his documentary on Bohemian Grove. The documentary was 100% true. Some time along the way from then to now, though, he became a strawman of what a whackjob conspiracy nut would look like to, again, delegitimize conspiracy circles.
4chan/x/ got COINTELPRO'd some time ago, explaining why it's full of a bunch of schizos.
There are only three countries not controlled by world banks; Iran, DPRK, and Cuba, and that's one of the reasons Capitalists can't undermine their governments.
stop wearing glasses
Yeah, absolutely, they are so sick and evil but their vaccines are good for you.
Problem with vaccines is that pharma has a patent on it. You aren't legally allowed to know what they're putting in your body.
bill gates and the Illuminati got a herd of nigger cattle wooooo
You too boomer.
>Problem with vaccines is that pharma has a patent on it. You aren't legally allowed to know what they're putting in your body.
That's not how patents work. Patents are public record.
People who steal profits from workers want to keep us down.
New coke and the new sonic movie were marketing stunts
Then why do DPRK, Cuba etc. provide vaccines?
New coke was to change the flavor long enough to make people forget what old coke tasted like, so that when they brought it back nobody would notice the difference in taste switching from cane sugar to high-fructose corn syrup. Now they sell coke sweetened with cane sugar as an alternate version.
What do you believe about secret technology? Does the government have secret death rays/acoustic crowd control weapons or something?
Bernard sanders got hit with the heart attack gun and managed to survive
They definitely have secret technology, but why would death rays and acoustic crowd control weapons not be used by porky?
The Germans did Katyn. All evidence points to it. The document released 50 years later was forged to justify Gorbachev's denunciation of the entire USSR's history as "Stalinism".

There is not a single photo evidence of the Holodomor. Makes me suspicious.
(24.81 KB 450x270 heart attack gun.jpeg)
why don't we ever talk about this ? this is legitimately terrifying.

That’s the truth tho, not a conspiracy.
You shoukd look into faraday cages.
Secret weapon of ass destruction
>Conspiracy = not true
Conspiracy analysis is a legitimate form of action.
They're disagreeing with what they're quoting.
I just wanted to mention that credible people that believe conspiracies should rightfully be called conspiracy analysts.
(113.90 KB 1200x627 butler.jpg)
business plot
Why not "investigator" or "researcher"?
9/11 wasn’t an “inside job” per se, but there was a conspiracy that prevented anyone whose job it was to keep track of the potential terror plot from facing repercussions for blatant negligence. Whether that means that there was more insidious intentions behind that, I can’t really say for certain.
Taoism does mention that the best course of action is to take as little action as possible, acting as if one haven't moved at all. It seems that 9/11 was the one time they utilized this truth to their advantage, but got considerably worse at doing so, and began to overly meddle into affairs after 9/11. Not to say that the US was lazy, it wasn't, but they had much more finesse in their niggery then they do now.
I sometimes wonder how many people that thing has been used on.
Also, Castro use to say they would try to prick him with things, so he always check his shoes before putting them on.
The irony of the DPRK is that far from being an anti-imperialist stronghold the only reason it literally exists is to provide China with a buffer state to keep the dirty capitalists in South Korea and Japan from influencing their population.
Stalin was the actual crypto-fash agent.
How exactly?
during the korean war they were crushed by the american military until china intervened, we never went back because we dont want to fight china and now they have nukes
But why does it exist now?
there are a lot of errors regarding the christian section. The author never updates the picture regardless.
FBI killing MLK before he became too publicaly radical is a reasonable theory imo, there's a reason he's been whitewashed into the hippy dumbshit liberal you see and read in American history textbooks.
Similarly the ROK was crushed by the KPA until USA intervened, but unlike the US troops, the Chinese troops left Korea in 1955. DPRK may be seen by China as a buffer but they aren't a puppet state like the ROK.
i think modern day slang is created by corporations as a marketing scheme
What you described still is resisting US imperialism though.
Nah the germans didn't do Katyn,

Katyn was based

>The massacre was initiated in NKVD chief Lavrentiy Beria's proposal of 5 March 1940 to execute all captive members of the Polish officer corps, approved by the Soviet Politburo led by Joseph Stalin. Of the total killed, about 8,000 were officers imprisoned during the 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland, another 6,000 were police officers, and the remaining 8,000 were Polish intelligentsia the Soviets deemed to be "intelligence agents, gendarmes, landowners, saboteurs, factory owners, lawyers, officials, and priests".

Cops, enemy soldiers, factory owners, landlords and their ideological apparatus.
The Germans may not have eliminated Polish reactionaries in Katyn, but they did do the Khatyn massacre in Belarus

I'd argue that such concepts (real shit vs not-so-real shit) are intersecting, if not simply different names for similar things
Is it really a conspiracy theory if it's just true, documented everywhere but rarely spoken about because no one really cares? Anyway

>The FBI killed MLK
>Thousands of people died because of MKUltra and the guys in charge got completely away with it
>The Unabomber was probably a test subject of MKUltra
>Most of the push against drug legalization comes from pharma companies and prison guard lobbies
>Psychedelics and dissociative drugs effectively treat depression and addiction but aren't known for the same reason
>The early push against drugs was also a way for the govermnent to terrorize, search and destabilize communities known for doing drugs and deemed 'radical' such as hippies and black activists
>Trump didn't want to win. The Clintons encouraged him to run so Hillary would have more chances against a 'radical' dumbass, and for Trump it'd just be a giant marketing stunt. Trump and Clinton are good friends irl. Russiagate isn't real
>Most of the 'race science', evopsych and IQ fetishism is produced by a handful of academic rejects who get all of their funding from openly neonazi organizations (actually old school nazi if you go back to the thirties) or sociopathic right-wing billionaires like Thiel or Epstein
>The Nazis got their inspiration for their racial ideology from American segregation
>Academic publishing is a scam. A handful of publishing companies make enormous profit margins off the back of scientists and ultimately public funding by making them pay twice for the material they produce. The publishers themselves contribute absolutely nothing except prestigious journal real-estate
>XR is probably useful opposition
>There's a good chance the entire libertarian ideology is a completely made up sham by a few right-wing ideologists who wanted to sway urban tech-savvy youths by distilling a palatable version of conservatism that didn't include the ugly social issues (bible thumping, anti-lgbt stuff etc.) and also made them feel smart. Hence the 'socially liberal, fiscally conservative' bs. Protip: if your ideology almost exclusively appeals to a certain demographic, it's probably just a cult.
>The contemporary art movement in Europe was massively funded by the CIA in order to promote a relatively harmless left wing and shift the image of the leftist from a prole to some effete artist
>Hollywood movies are almost all American propaganda. The Marshall plan was only enacted on the condition that American produced media would circulate freely across Europe

And then of course there's all of this: https://www.currentaffairs.org/2018/05/the-real-dangerous-ideas
>The Nazis got their inspiration for their racial ideology from American segregation
And the inspiration for Generalplan Ost from Manifest Destiny
Hey, what if Epstein committed suicide but his body double escaped?
UFOs are real
there's a lot of big money whores that are pedophiles that are plotting to completely normalize pedophilia with the end goal of it's complete legalization.
Do you have any book recommendations on MMT?

What is "Astral america"? (sixth row and second to last word)
What the fuck
ETs are real and one conspiracy I do believe is that the Roswell incident was an alien craft, and did reverse engineer some of the technology that they could. Notice how advance the US became in such a short time. Also believe that the Nazis scientists that fled to Anerica knew about aliens.

The other one is that the US made an secret agreement with the Greys for technology in exchange for the Greys to have free regin in abducting humans for their experiments.
I also want everyone to notice whos theories its derives from
Realy cool, thanks anon.

Note for anons: libgen may be blocked in your country, try http://libgen.unblockall.org/book/index.php?md5=C7520E0E99E6EE9C83698CF67A115A71
(100.34 KB 1285x720 IMG_20170703_220622.jpg)
Big think time.

Elite pedos are very real and saturate the ruling class. They do employ neo-pagan or satanic imagery. This is not out of genuine beliefs, but as a diversionary tactic. The evidence of moloch statues and weird hand signs is all done on purpose because it attracts the attention of christian fundies. It validates their paranoia that satanists lurk everywhere. Given this planted evidence they become rock-solid in their convictions. The result is that anywhere pedo rings get discussed, you will have these paranoid christian fundies posting a deluge of satanic panic content. This muddies the waters and associates the conspiracy with fundie nutjobs, scaring away people who'd otherwise take it seriously.

Note that the people who are part of the pedo rings don't necessarily know that the "demonic" imagery functions this way. Many of them may simply be told it's the way the culture is. Some of them might just think it's edgy and fun to LARP as satanists. Some probably are true believers because of course some would be. None of them even have to understand why they do it. They just have to understand that it's an important part of what they're doing and continue to do it.
Oh yeah, this sounds reasonable, alot like my belief that the cia shills for really ridiculous conspiracy theories like flat earth to make questioning things look bad. also look up parenti on conspircies
I doubt that. They wouldn’t want every Prole pedo to be able to do whatever. *it would be no fun for them*

This isn't the first time Roberts has Critiqued MMT (and FWIW I think your points about the strategic & ideological benefits of it are true), but this is the most recent. What would be your response to this series of arguments?
A few other nuggets:
>AI-risk is a sham invented by Yudkowsky in order to get people interested into AI so that he can upload his brain to a computer
>Oil executives knew about global warming and its effects in the 1970s, they made accurare predictions about today's sea levels and greenhouse gas emissions
>'fat is bad for you' was pushed by sugar lobbies to distract the focus away from them
>half the American population doesn't vote because of idiotic laws preventing vulnerable populations from voting that trace their roots to disenfranchisement laws in the South
>the deficit isn't real or a big deal
>billionaire charities are tax cut scams or investment funds. Bill Gates pledged to give away 95% of his money 10 years ago and now he's richer

again none of this is particularly controversial, it's just true but few people know or care
>XR is probably useful opposition
No probably about it look up the Prolekult video on it or the various pieces done by Cory Morningstar on Wrongkindofgreen. Thunberg is also obviously controlled opposition
I don't think Thunberg is 'controlled', she probably believes what she says. She's certainly being manipulated by the media though
Oh absolute she personally isn't a cynical actor she's just being represented and working with NGOs & Non-Profits whose messages already spooked her in the first place. The thing is she doesn't /need/ to consciously mislead people to be a psyop, all taht work is done by the lobbyists, media, thinktanks & non-profit sector utilizing her as an ambassador.


This is an excellent series and isn't really about her specifically
You'll see in this article links to all the other articles but there are also ones about XR or this new wave of "Green Capitalism" nonsense


This one for example
Most environmental liberals who shift blame onto individuals for polluting are actually deflecting the focus away from megacorps and onto people as if it's individual peoples' responsibility to stop consuming the world's resources.
I wouldn't be surprised if lobbyists are responsible for this mindset.
As an aside, I personally mentally block out all the "white male" social justice shit because the analysis is correct regardless of that framing
They are absolutely responsible for this mindset. It frankly pisses me off when people in my social circle chide me for traveling by plane or eating meat, and when confronted with the reality of figures (500 companies making up 80% of emissions, indidividual people contributing almost zilch) just retreat to 'well the reflex is always nice to have and you're not helping anyone by not having it'. Just no attention to statistics, it's all about feelgood morality.
all these companies employing contract workers to do hotwork that just so happens to be really fucking dangerous and result in the death of the contract worker is just them cleaning up competition and white genocide.
>Bro you eat meat once a week? Stop that, they're killing animals bro.
<What do you mean, "they'll kill the animals regardless of whether i eat the meat"? Just boycott the industry bro, they'll learn.
<Lobbyism? Bribing politicians? What does that have anything to do with the oil industry?
Beyond that, people also competely misunderstand the nature of fossil fuel consumption by corporations. Most of it is in no way necessary. Most goes to things like shipping and power consumption, which aren't even corporation-level problems but society-level problems. The reason businesses consume so much is because that's where all the production is. While businesses could theoretically switch to electric vehicles, they can't do much about the electrical grid, which would then account for the majority of fuel consumption. Even the "businesses are polluting" message is too individualistic relative to the actual problem.
From the response here: >>116913
All I see here is strawmen and prevarication
> https://thenextrecession.wordpress.com/2019/02/26/mmt-minsky-marx-and-the-money-fetish/
>This policy approach is not dissimilar from that of MMT supporters.
>The post-Keynesians and MMTers deny that profit comes from surplus value extracted by exploitation from the capitalist production process and it is this that is the driving force for investment and employment.
Utter clickbait, he doesn't actually say anything against MMT, instead witheringly mischaracterizing it and attempt to associate it with other theories.
>the New Deal work programmes did not really reduce unemployment or get real incomes up until the war ‘boom’.
Regurgitated Autistrian denialism. Even ignoring the fact that WWII was Keynesianism on a massive scale, it's a simple fact the New Deal start the recovery, increasing incomes and employment. The New Deal's temporary relaxation even caused a mini-recession in 1937.
> https://thenextrecession.wordpress.com/2019/02/03/mmt-2-the-tricks-of-circulation/
>MMT is the child of what is called Chartalism, namely that money is historically the creation of the state and not, as mainstream neoclassical theory claims, an extension from barter trading; or in the Marxist view that money appears with the emergence of markets and commodity production
>I won’t tackle whether Chartalism is an accurate historical account of the emergence of money.
Hint: It absolutely is, as David Graeber's Debt: The First 5000 Years proves in exhaustive anthropological detail. Of course, Marx couldn't have known this, but it doesn't affect the validity of Marx's analysis of capitalism.
>For Marx, M can only be increased to M’ if capitalist production takes place to increase value in commodities that are sold for more money. This stage is ignored by MMT.
>money is not exogenous to capitalist economic activity. Its value is not controlled by the state.
Nonsequitor. Marx in the above description is concerned with value and all means of exchange by which it is measured, inclusive of things like bank credit, while MMT in the above description is concerned strictly with sovereign fiat money. The two are not the same, which is why MMT is necessary for Marxism to grapple with today's capitalism.
>MMT exponents claim that unemployment can indeed be solved within capitalism. So there is no need to change the social formations based on private capital.
Unemployment is hardly the only bad thing that happens under capitalism.
> https://thenextrecession.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/chartalist-and-modern-monetary-theory.pdf
>David Graeber, the anarchist anthropologist
I love Graeber, but his rooting as an anarchist ("small-a anarchist", in his own words) is a bit dubious. Anticapitalist, certainly, but I'm not even sure whether he's socialist, per se. Also, Graeber has made a number of comments that clearly indicate an unawareness of MMT.
>appears to argue this in his new book, 5000 years of debt, which has got a lot of media coverage. But it does not wash well with me.
Nice anthrolopological research there, really backs up that "argument".
I'd be interested in you writing a more cohesive critique because from what I can see here you've not actually addressed much of what he's saying and are instead choosing to focus on the characterization of Graeber. I assume you're also familiar with what Shaikh or Cockshott have said about MMT and disagree? Could you point us in a better direction regarding the misunderstanding of MMT as actually applied in modernity? I put Debt the first 5000 years on hold quite a while ago, should I finish it?
I would like to see the one that's not just jokes. I mean what the fuck does '9/11 happens every year' even mean lol
>>The Unabomber was probably a test subject of MKUltra

So was Charles Manson. He was supposed to cause a race war
and discredit the hippy movement and thereby radical movements
>the hippy movement is in any meaningful sense of the word 'radical'
They completely were. Just because they failed and their legacy has been coopted doesn't mean they weren't.

Why would the USA want a Race War in the midst of the Cold War?
>the one that's not just jokes
I know way too many of them and i assure from the half point and down are mostly jokes
Also many of those are just historian/theologian/mythological terms that sound spooky
(21.81 KB 400x450 man earth theory.jpg)
Open your damn eyes
Anon implied there was another meme pic with fewer jokes
/pol/ was astroturfed by glowniggers to push people's frustration away from class issues and direct them into cultural, conspiracy and race nonsense.
The Qanon shit just seems like some COINTELPRO 2.0 grift that targets mentally unstable people to join a cult.
Also meme magic reeks of MKULTRA mind programming
MKUltra involved LSD and failed completely at mind programming
I've seen Graeber talk about anarchy (he calls himself an "anarchist without adjectives"), and he's not much of a political theorist tbh. There's video on youtube where he talks about the system in Rojava, and it's genuinely creepy how he gets... "excited" by the way they handle women's issues. He talks at times like a reactionary about how society was good "back then" at a time when "women were in charge" and femininity was supposedly worshipped. Wish I could find that video, but it's part of a longer talk and somewhere in the middle iirc.
Google is an NSA front since day one.
MKULTRA never failed because the program never ended. What we know of as MKULTRA was a trial period before they applied what they learned on society as a whole. Nowadays, the brainwashing techniques they learned then are easily spotted within mass media by the woke.
Not really a conspiracy, it's quite documented. Maybe not day one but very early (pre-2000).
Robespierre was horribly slandered by the bourgeois at the time and his role in the Terror was largely exaggerated. He was extremely popular among the working class and the real reason he got executed was mainly due to his enacting price ceilings on a large range of basic items and foodstuffs.

The Revolutionary calendar was mainly invented so that resting days would occur once every 10 days instead of once every 7 days.
>what were vietnam protestors

So whites would stop black people delivering socialism VIA the BPP.

The goal of Mansons murders was to blame the BPP.

He talked about starting "helter skelter" which was a race war.

>feminism is creepy

He wrote the book on debt, so he has some value
I hope this is not correct or we are fucked
Care to wake up us sheeple? COINTELPRO seems active currently.

>feminism is when you sactify femininity
Women's liberation is good, that's not what concerns me.
>He wrote the book on debt, so he has some value
Graeber is pretty ok as an anthropologist. I'm just saying his views on political economy are dubious.
I really respect Michael Roberts's work otherwise, but I can't figure out how a smart empiricist like him can get money so wrong when the archeological evidence is so clear. Someone outta direct him to Hudson's new book, it's the final nail in the coffin along with Graeber's Debt.
>vietnam war protesters
>achieving anything
>not the fact that the vietnamese government that the us was trying to support was constantly caving in on itself
>not the fact that the military campaigns carried out by america were massive failures
>no, it was just the retards that acted retarded

i honestly believe that history books look back on the hippy movement as a way to promote resistance that is essentially ineffective
(58.51 KB 594x320 Fluoridation.jpg)
While likely not a communist conspiracy, added fluoride in the water supply does almost nothing to make teeth stronger (this requires being digested and returned to the mouth in the form of saliva at massively lower concentrations than toothpaste or mouthwash), but can have negative impacts on brain development and make bones brittle when the concentration is too high. The vast majority of fluoride is added in the form of hexafluorosilicates, and here is where they come from:
<Sodium hexafluorosilicate is produced by treating fluorosilicic acid with sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, or sodium chloride; alkalinity is adjusted to avoid the release of the fluoride. Fluorosilicic acid is mainly produced as a byproduct of the manufacture of phosphate fertilizers where phosphate rock is treated with sulfuric acid.
<The major use of sodium hexafluorosilicate and fluorosilicic acid is as fluoridation agents for drinking water.
I wouldn't be surprised if this is just a way of disposing of industrial phosphate fertilizer waste without needing to ask questions.

So not really lefty but here is some stranger things shit.

Since the 80's, farmers in a certain area have been finding their cows dead, completely drained of blood, with body parts cut off with extreme accuracy, with no sign as to how the cows died, and no blood anywhere

>She and her husband drove concentric circles around the corpse, but they never found any tracks.
>And in this dusty country, "everything you do leaves tracks"

>Back in the 1980s, one of Terry Anderson's mother cows was mysteriously killed overnight. Standing at his ranch near Pendleton, Ore., Anderson points to the exact spot where he found her on top of a mountain.
>He remembers his cow lying dead, her udder removed with something razor sharp.
>"And not one drop of blood anywhere," Anderson says.
>He has never gotten over it.
>It's just left a really strange feeling with me since that day. You can't explain it," Anderson says. "And, you know, no one else has been able to explain it."
They were still radical. The Viet Cong won the war no doubt.

You might be on to something though, same reason Martin Luther King and Ghandi get so sanitised and liberalised but also promoted
Look around, it is true.
(239.44 KB 640x830 hypnosis.jpg)
Brainwashing in general comes in two stages: Breaking and re-making.
First, you have to dismantle the ego. You make them struggle, you make them afraid, and you make them desperate. You tie them to a pole, blindfold them, whip them, hit them, shout at them. Everything negative. Once they reach the breaking point, you give them a handout. You ensure they know who gave them the handout. You throw the hungry dog a bone. You let them out of their cage. You feed them by hand so they know your scent. You punish them and reward them as you see fit. They'll latch onto you since you are the only thing they know.
This can easily be seen in mass media.
>We're suffering because X, Y, Z. Mass immigration. Communists threatening everything. They're taking your livelihood away from you. Everything is broken and nobody can fix it.
You seriously think the fearmongering in mass media is only meant to make a profit? Nobody likes fearmongering. Nobody likes doomsday predictions. This is part of the "breaking" stage.
>We're conceding, here, have some welfare checks, courtesy of Capitalism. We're the reason you're alive. Don't you want to make your father proud? He fought dirty commies in the war. Work hard and you'll be rewarded! Don't attack us or we might make you poor, we might evict you - don't bite the hand that feeds, dirty prole!
Re-making. It's in stages too. Mass media has breaking and re-shaping stages. Maybe it's monthly, maybe it's yearly. One month, they're telling you the world is doomed. Next month, they're telling you they made it all better.
>Jews run everything worth running
>Greater Israel within the next 50 years, no way they'll stick to that small patch of sand
>LGBTQ+++++++++ Z is a psyop
>Every orgainization with a website that appears to be made by someone who knows what they're doing is COINTELPRO
>democracy is a farse
>remember Ruby Ridge
>every major upraising after world war two was the US creating a enemy or making a allie
do you consider yourself a communist?
not run by jews, i will say that the is a strong zionist influence in everything
(68.08 KB 400x615 9781785152085.jpg)
See pic(book is a mind fuck). The Helter skelter, and bpp narrative have been disproven as a cover story. Cheap hype to sell books and criminalize the counter culture.

Manson was an informant at the very least, mkultra experiment at the most.

The Manson family was known by many in Hollywood

Jonestown and the people's temple was mkultra

Harvey Milk was probably killed by jonestown goons/mkultra

The Unabomber was mkultra experiment/drove him to it

Unabomber might be the zodiac killer

The SLA had been infiltrated/created by fed/c.i.a informants.

Patty Hearst was mkultra'd.

C.I.A killed wellstone

Through the c.i.a front world vision, both sihran sirhan and attempted Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr. Are tied to a common source.

John Hinckley Sr. Was friends with the bush family

Ruby ridge was the result of fringe survivalists refusing to be fed informants in an attempt to infiltrate the Aryan nations

Waco was deliberate murder

Timmothy McVeigh was involved in various far right wing circles which werea 'infiltrated' by federal and even a German intel asset.

Tupac Shakur was cointelpro'd

The murder of multiple blm activists in Ferguson(and in other states) is cointelpro..or death squad

The KKK in the Greensboro shooting were 'infiltrated' by feds

Lyme disease is a bio war experiment

Jesus Christ and the New testament was Roman cointelpro to defeat the popular front of judea. Flavian hypothesis

Ellen DeGeneres is a cia asset

Caught....shit be cray cray
>Jesus Christ and the New testament was Roman cointelpro to defeat the popular front of judea. Flavian hypothesis
expand fam
>black women, with the aid of jews, created incels
>atheism is a death cult
>aliens are definitely out there, but we lack the technology or mental/astral means to contact them
>big pharma exists to make money off poor people (this is pretty obvious by now)
>Timothy McVeigh was an unlucky patsy set up by alphabet soup
>Pol Pot was based and the CIA thing had little to nothing to do with his rise to power
>Nixon was framed
>the luxury class is designed to ignite slow burning class conflict, and is manufactured and likely the CIA is involved.
>the CIA thing had little to nothing to do with his rise to power
That is correct, the US and allies only aided him after the war with Vietnam started.
This isn't a conspiracy but something crazy not a lot of people know about:

Camp Stanley, a low-profile military weapons storage facility in northwest Bexar County, is home to one of the CIA's most mysterious weapons and explosives stockpiles, according to documents recently released by a retired CIA official who lives in San Antonio.

Previously referred to as the “Midwest Depot,” the top secret CIA facility has been tied to arming rebel groups from Nicaragua to Afghanistan as well as training Cuban exiles before the invasion of the Bay of Pigs in past declassified documents. The location of the depot was never known.

“To be a little dramatic about it, how many of those AK-47s and RPG-7s we see Islamists waving around today passed through the Midwest Depot on their way to freedom fighters in past decades?” Thomson told The New York Times.

Some of the documents published by Thomson, who worked for the CIA from 1972-1985, include “a 1967 CIA memo linking Camp Stanley to paramilitary training of Cuban exiles before the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and a 1987 memo showing that equipment bound for the Nicaraguan Contras passed through” the facility, according to the Times, which also identified “a 1963 CIA memo discussing 300 tons of plastic explosives that were available in the 'Midwest Depot stocks.'”

“In a 2009 interview, a former CIA logistics officer said AK-47 rifles sent to Afghanistan's Northern Alliance after 9/11 came from the CIA's Midwest Depot stockpiles,” the Times reported.

A 1986 memo published by Thomson said “the CIA would truck missiles bound for Iran from a military arsenal “to Midwest Depot, Texas” for preparation, then fly them out of Kelly Air Force Base,” the Times reported.

jews run the world
UFOs/flying saucers is a hoax engineered by America in the Cold war so that the soviets can't recognize secret aircraft from fake sightings
USA did land on Moon but not in Neil Armstrongs time

Fuck that shit, fucking fake as hell
The bourgeoisie are purposefully accelerating climate collapse as part of a mass culling of unneeded humans, as automation makes more and more human labor unnecessary while accelerating capitalism's contradictions.
In the end they will abandon capitalism themselves, and live inside fully automated luxury bunkers as the earth boils away and 10 billion perish.
After the end, these last remnants of the human race will then fight with each other, culminating in the obliteration of all but a handful of such bunkers, which will then each perish themselves due to inbreeding, thus ending humanity.
They know all of this ahead of time, but prefer this over ever losing their power.
Nah, more like the human race will live on via the absolute worst among us, and they will take advantage of socialism and carry all of our retarded baggage to the stars, where our species colonizes and trashes the universe.
Basically everything on the internet is placed there by a company or the government, particularly on sites like reddit
We need to make our own conspiracy theory. One that will convert conservatives and neonazis to our side. Those idiots never heard of a conspiracy theory they didn't like.
(173.02 KB 657x567 Caesars-Messiah-copy.jpg)

Judea, from the beginning of the revolt around 1 A.D, to the war between Rome and judea from 66-74/75 A.D, and to other anti Roman risings in the 2nd century, was a site of Messianic anti imperialism. Following the sacking of Jerusalem, the capture of the Jewish writings was coupled with the work of a Jewish turn coat, Josephus, who provided the only historic account of the war(except for Tacitus, whose history follows Josephus's). Following the writing of The War of the Jews, in roughly 75 A.D, the synoptic gospels were released. When read together(and to an extent, this sheds equal light on acts, in that Paul is a Roman Agent) there are 50 different parallels between the military campaign of Titus, (the son of god, the son of the caesar) and the first 4 gospels of Christ.

It was an attempt to co opt Jewish messianism so as to pacify it, by creating a parody of it, a false religion built on a satire of Jewish rebels.

This film is a synopsis of a book(see pic related, the book is on library Genesis) which covers the basics. https://youtu.be/zmEScIUcvz0

If that strokes your Fancy, a Gnostic came up with his own critique which goes into acts, and his website is fairly accessible. He came to similar conclusions independently of Caesars Messiah.

If you want a rabbit hole to fall down, this is definitely the classic way to do it. It might turn you into a Christ com or an ironically more Christian than Christian Christian. Have fun!
Just restate Wage Labor and Capital in conspiratard terms.
>FBI killing MLK before he became too publicaly radical is a reasonable theory imo

MLK was supported by Rockefeller and killed so hero-worshiped so Nation of Islam that wanted a full-blown race war in the midst of the Cold War wouldn't be supported
Seth Rich was murdered by friends of Hillary for some perceived betrayal, perhaps the leaked emails or some betrayal to the Bernie campaign. Everything around the case is incredibly suspicious, Epstein-tier shit.
The alt-right was an astrotured Gladio-type operation in the U.S. to create tension and unrest in the hopes of pressuring the left to "compact" and over-radicalize to the point that they'd retaliate to alt-right street violence with bombings / shootings / terror stuff, which would allow the force of the state to come down and marginalize the left from the mainstream, allowing for the formation of a stable center-right government. But it backfired.
The U.S. carried out extensive bacteriological warfare in Korea, Cuba, China (Manchuria) and other countries in the 1950s and 1960s involving dropping canisters filled with disease-infected insects and rodents to destroy civilian populations and food stores, also using the reactivated Japanese Unit 731. Here's a documentary produced by the Chinese and DPRK governments on it that few have seen:

That's not a conspiracy theory it's just a historical fact. Both the Chinese and DPRK armies carried out massive defensive operations to protect themselves and the civilian populations from these attacks, such as the image below and the poster: "Vaccinate everyone, to crush the germ warfare of American imperialism!" The U.S. also assassinated scientists at home who knew about the program but risked talking about it.
I doubt they thought that far ahead. They just went to the familiar go-to of ye olde fascism because they're mostly sympathetic with the Nazis if only the Nazis were nicer.
(221.75 KB 510x524 a bit closer to outer heaven.png)
I remember reading and watching a documentary on Unit 731 years ago, and recall a vague impression that the unit was somehow quietly disposed of after the war. Now I find out they weren't just pardoned, but were outright hired by the Americans to continue their work. Just one more bit of knowledge I can use on people who naively believe America to be the Good Guy.
look up the Clinton kill list
(168.90 KB 800x450 youtube-shooter-5pm-vid.jpg)
Nasim Aghdam was mind-controlled to produce an incident of a female, Middle-Eastern immigrant shooter at the time when the discourse about terrorism being a homegrown, white male problem had recently gained massive traction.
Does anyone remember the original Clinton body count website? I remember arguing about Hillary being a fascist murderer with this lib in class in late 2015, and I showed him that site. I'd seen it 4-5 years before that too, when my dad told me to look it up. 2015's the last time I saw it. I searched the URL about a year ago and every trace of it was gone from the internet. It wasn't in any archive. The only proof I could find that it ever existed was a message board post with the link.
>feminism, particularly the 2nd wave, was a CIA operation
>science was invented to destroy folk religion and religion in general
>France did more harm to the third world than the U.S.
>God appeared in human form more than once in different cultures
>hormone blocking in kids is just the modern form of women making their boys dress in drag
>>hormone blocking in kids is just the modern form of women making their boys dress in drag
That's an interesting theory
Feelings don't care about your facts mister
See? You're part of the problem
There is no ideology that can withstand the power of people thinking with their dicks.

Not so much a conspiracy but I think we'll never find The Truth about a lot of shit, especially history. So many things have been added, removed, revamped, erased, restored, over and over again that history looks more like a puzzle that was cut first and then each piece painted individually instead of a whole picture that was painted together then cut.

As far as who or what is truly disinfo or honest these days, I honestly can no longer tell. I think everything, especially politics, is now literally some game within a game within another game. No one know longer knows who or what wrote the rules for it, nor do they care anymore.
Nobody has ever actually been born with senses of sympathy, compassion or comradery.
However, previous forms of society were able to instill such things into people whenever it was materially useful to do so.
what on earth are you on about
There's some real sketchy shit regarding the creation of A Course In Miracles.
It's a very full book, it's suspiciously well written, and it is relatively cohesive. The authors were literally funded by MKULTRA around when the book was written.

Grew up on this shit. There's some good stuff, tbf. I believe that self-help bullshit has some truth to it, but it comes from pure, unadulterated idealism.
I'm planning on writing an effort blogpost here about "leftist self-help". I wish I was a better writer and could write full book about it. I think it would be a nice way to merge learning communist theory with personal development, plus a way to assuage capitalist alienation and despair without falling into idealism.
She has that mkultra stare.
But it works doesn't it?
Read the title of the thread. I'm sorry Mao made you illiterate
I'm a tranny and I can tell you LGBT is a psyop. It scares me how brainwashed most trannies and fags are, whom I met online or irl. I checked tranny organisations in my country and literally all of them are tied to soros foundation and/or the most evil political parties. Fags and trannies feel rejected by society so it's easy to manipulate them by lying that you support them, they would die for a liberal party that put thousands on the street, just because they feel like the whole world is their enemy and think that those politicians care about them.

it's funny how im a tranny in an eastern european country, but i don't act like a faggot and don't annoy people with pride and shit like that and i face no hate, my friends still remained my friends, people still respect my work, etc. while liberals told me it will be so bad

a proper government wouldn't allow real fascism, otherwise fags can be fags, but they will be expected to live and work like anyone else, in exchange the police will protect them,like it does everyone else

DON'T FALL FOR THE LGBT CULT. even if you have a gay friend, lgbt organisations are not innocent and very dangerous
I'm a gayfaggot and I agree with a lot of what you said.
Not sure what you mean by "acting like a faggot", if it's in the homophobic sense, then yikes. There's nothing wrong with being an effeminate "weak" male. Machismo faggotry can fuck off.
There has been a massive change in perception in the last 15 years in my experience. I remember vividly that being openly homophobic was no big deal and was seen as macho. 10 years ago, homophobia was a big no-no and homophobes were relegated to the closet, so to speak. 5 years ago it was so ok being gay, nobody gave a flying fuck except for the marriage and adopting thing by religious people. Attitudes have similarly changed very quickly for trans people. 5 years ago there was open transphobia and it was seen as a macho thing. Now transphobes are forced to shut the fuck up.
This was probably achieved via liberal propaganda and astroturfing, with the help of Soros et al.
LGBT commoditized culture should always be understood as capitalist mediated culture. It can be useful to socialize, like talking about the latest Harry Potter movie, and it can be entertaining and enjoyable, but one should always be aware that it is brain rot and harmful, like any other mainstream media.
>as a black man
>There's nothing wrong with being an effeminate "weak" male.

Depends in what sense you mean it. Capitalist masculinity is disgusting and useless. A socialist person however has to be strong. Not necessarily physically, that is not always necessary today, but people have to work, even in hard times, have to fight, have to be able to protect socialism, etc. In my country socialism freed women, who were seen as weak and forced into traditional roles. Women became workers who do the same jobs as men (except very hard physical work of course), they got the same rights, etc. A socialist women the country can be proud of is one who is strong and does the most work for the people, not the one who is most submissive to her husband, or pleases men sexually the best.

These sexist gender roles, the "weakness" of women can't be brought back, doesn't matter whether you are a man, woman, faggot or tranny.
If you're not dominant our life will suck, you will be punishedfor not behaving assertively.
If you're brave enough it can be brought back
>I remember vividly that being openly homophobic was no big deal and was seen as macho. 10 years ago, homophobia was a big no-no and homophobes were relegated to the closet, so to speak. 5 years ago it was so ok being gay, nobody gave a flying fuck except for the marriage and adopting thing by religious people.

Where do you live? Here it's still okay to be openly homophobic, and if you asked people about transsexuals, they would say that's some evil thing that only exists in degenerate west and they should be hanged.

>Attitudes have similarly changed very quickly for trans people. 5 years ago there was open transphobia and it was seen as a macho thing.

>Now transphobes are forced to shut the fuck up.

I don't like that. They are forced, which means they will hate transsexuals even more. It also allows attention hungry crossdressers and lazy trannies to do any provocative thing, while having no standards and no respect to others, which will also generate more hate for trannies. It is not okay for a hairy man to wear women's clothes and annoy people with pronoun bullshit, I will not fight for them. That is what people are mainly afraid of anyway, not women with dicks.

>This was probably achieved via liberal propaganda and astroturfing, with the help of Soros et al.

Soros propaganda won't suddenly turn transphobes and homophobes into "lgbt allies" or some shit like that. It will just make the ones who aren't homophobic support them, so they can gain more power. Many of my friends were very transphobic (possibly me too as a kid) before I transitioned, and guess what I lost none of their respect by growing boobs. I know I have responsibility irl to help the reputation of trans people by being a trustworthy and respectful person, not a creepy crossdresser or sjw. liberals rather like to provoke people. I wouldn't want to live in your country, I don't think silencing everyone and using liberal "ideology" to protect capitalism is the correct thing. (they can call everyone either a nazi or a commie)
Well it definitely can, but it should be in every communist's interest it won't.
Broad paint stroke. U dun goofed.
This reads like a /pol/yp larp give sources for your muh soros bs
>science was invented to discredit folk religion
Science wasn’t “invented” though.

idk if you can read hungarian or know hungarian politics but that page will tell a lot about the organisations im talking about
Explain how it's not a mere construct of society
yeah okay you can't expect me to this shitshow of a fucking "news org" seriously.
The governments of the imperial core secretly employ technology roughly 80 years more advanced than what gets disclosed to the general public, and this has been the case for several decades.
If this is true there's no reason to think it hasn't been this way for millennia with secret societies.
I believe it
That's just like your opinion man
The bourgeoisie do not follow their own theories; they secretly know that Marx & Engels were correct in their analysis, and they use that same knowledge to ensure the persistence of capitalism rather than it's overcoming.
Marx was ok but Engels was shit
capital can be read as a manual if you just don't agree with Marx's theory of exploitation, or just do it anyway cause they are actually evil
Warren Buffet certainly claims to be a Marxist.
This is why austerity is so big, they know they have to make the lives of the lower classes worse to increase their profits.
Or at least I thought he did, several years back. Now I'm having trouble finding the quote.
I’ve found this instead mate.
Because it's an obvious datamining thread. Lie blatantly in every one you see, it's good praxis.
It is a construct of society. But it wasn't "invented" in the sense that somebody "invented" the telephone like the posters post implies, it was invented for the specific reason of discrediting folk religion, rather it was/is the culmination of a variety of knowledge and philosophies at different periods in human history over thousands of years.

Science and religion are no different, if you want to get right down the very very basis of how you come to know things in the absolute. In either case, we take something on faith tempered with the testimony of thousands of people before us who also took that leap of faith.

Science IS the new religion, but as a faith it has proven extremely effective in shaping the world to our criteria, that is the criteria that we set, regardless of whether or not you think we produce criteria that is good or bad
Sentient life has arisen multiple times on planet earth, only to destroy themselves once confronted with the choice of socialism or barbarism.
Hot take: The global bourgeois are going to push a new wave of social democracy (Bernie, Corbyn, new Pink tide in Latin America, etc) because they're preparing the concessions that will be made to the proletariat during the next Great depression. They're playing 3D chess to pacify the workers and avoid the future collapse of capitalism.
1. Epstein didn't kill himself
2. I wouldn't be surprised if 9/11 was an inside job, though I remain skeptical as to wether it actually was.
3. JFK wasn't assassinated by Oswald.

4. While I don't believe in this conspiracy theory, I still find it fascinating. Basically, UFOs were actually built by the nazis to travel around the world to escape war crimes etc.

Would make sense, either that or
1. People realise Social Democracy is a lot more stable than conventional neo-liberal economics, not to mention it yields better results. Capitalists need a healthy and relatively well off consumer base if they want to keep their products selling.

2. That would imply that millionaires and bourgoise would actually give up their wealth to do so. Not to mention, while they are certainly bourgies, they are capitalists first and foremost. They're not unified as a whole. Companies will wage corporate war before investing into their consumers.

Hotter take: They'll let them win the elections, then allow the economy to crash at that moment so that 'socialism' can be blamed for the crash and thereby justify a mass purge of anything that isn't plain fascism.
Are you retarded anon Soros donates millions to flood europe with rapeugees and gives millions to leftist groups that want lgptq shit
That’s what porkies did after WWII. Today they’re scared of even socdems; just look at animosity they have for Corbyn and Sanders.
I don't think so, they only do that when there is a realistic threat of something even worse for them. Maybe after WW3.
no you are retarded for reasons this guy says

Didn't the USSR put what scientists they did capture on trial and imprisoned them?
By analyzing capitalism, various historical figures on the left have accidentally prolonged capitalism by telling the porkies where one crisis or another will happen and in what ways the proles could potentially organize themselves.
If more than a few are, it's still a small minority. They're unlikely to succeed.

Not really a conspiracy theory or even dubious. The people pulling strings do actually have an understanding of how the economy works, so they can effectively manage it.

Ill-advised gambit, seeing as the economy crashes all the time and people still remember 2008.
This is just function which creates fascism.

The more the proles organise themselves to protect their interests the more the property owners must organise themselves in order to protect their interests.

It would be impossible to organise the proletariat without transmitting these ideas, the fact that porky comes to know them is inevitable.

In many instances porky probably knew before the proles did that all they had to do was join together and porkies own position would be worthless.

Porky is very good at protecting his own interests, its all he does.
there's right wing cults that operate in america run by bourgeois neo-pagan LARPers
Zhdanov, Stalin and Andropov were assassinated.
by who

prove to me its not a hibernian conspiracy
9/11 was an inside job
epstein was murdered
cia is behind all the big protests going on right now
It shapes the world in a very liberal, poz ridden way. Not socialist at all.
that literally everything most people "know" or think was a negative aspect about the USSR is just bullshit from the CIA and that they were actually an advanced above human society everyone was trained to forget about
he asked for conspiracy theories and not facts
Zhdanov and Stalin by Khrushchevites: see vid


Andropov by Gorbachevs clique
>Anti-American propaganda that's British in origin is just uncover MI6 Agents
The deep state elements of the power structure know full well about the impending environmental disaster, and they have been to some degree preparing for it since at least the 70s-80s.

The modern silicon valley nouveau Riche see climate change as an opportunity to take over traditional industry and to consolidate societal control.
It is in their interest that climate change is fought, but not too fiercely; things need to be bad, but not completely catastrophic.

They will consolidate societal control, not only through ownership of resources/MOP, but through the panopticon of social media and the huge amounts of personal data they have access to.

This is all in some way related to Silicon valley's extreme glow in the dark/spookyness.

Social democracy isn't a sustainable system though, see the inflationary crises of the 1970s.
Capitalism always runs into crisis.
I think the most batshit part of Alex Jones' theories are based somewhat in fact. First of all there's the whole thing where he got that footage of Bohemian Grove and that ritual shit.
(wacky stuff is around an hour in)

Like he said, he doesn't believe in the occult stuff, but "the elite" do. I don't think the ruling class are fundamentally different from the rest of us, and that they have about the same distribution of intelligent skeptical people and religious nuts. Since religion (from a materialist perspective) is more or less a rationalization of your material conditions, it should follow that the religion of the ruling class would be different from that of the workers. They have different interests than we do, and a different part in society, so they would develop a different belief system.

I think that there probably are a lot of batshit crazy porkies who believe they're summoning demons or whatever, and that we tend to overestimate their competence at managing the system.
None of them are rich
>Hollywood movies are almost all American propaganda. The Marshall plan was only enacted on the condition that American produced media would circulate freely across Europe

Good, Fuck Europe
There is at least one CIA/NSA/FBI nigger monitoring /leftypol/ right now.
>graduate college in criminology + information security
>get a job at the nsa
>look forward to being on the front line of the cyber-war against the russians, maybe the chinese.
>told I'm my first assignment is to lurk on a Vietnamese fly-fishing forum.
>spend all day reading the same five arguments

I'm sure it's a thing, but damn, could you imagine?


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