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OC Thread 8.0 Anonymous 12/05/2020 (Sat) 09:26:08 No. 1197932
Thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share. Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made. Archives: OC Thread 4.0 >>8622 OC Thread 5.0 >>419177 OC Thread 7.0 >>956315 Unfortunately OC thread 6.0 was lost when we were raided by the chinless horde back in October This is the place where you can find all leftypol memes n' shit https://lefty.booru.org/
Edited last time by krates on 12/05/2020 (Sat) 16:01:36.
>>1198026 >>1198025 /pol/ tier cringe
(43.45 MB 1920x1080 titio.mp4)
(716.19 KB 982x578 tito.png)
(222.93 KB 677x658 e27.png)
(77.75 KB 960x856 RETURN TO TRADITION.jpg)
(134.45 KB 887x372 1601712804303.png)
(159.57 KB 960x460 rgxecorvxcz31.png)
>>1198032 Reject modernity, embrace tradition
>whole thread so far is reposts and shitty wojak edits We can do better than this.
>>1198233 Thank you
(539.58 KB 884x1466 are ya winning.png)
Spend 6 hours making this poljack comic today
>>1200296 hopefully the first of many
(523.97 KB 1620x964 based.png)
(505.50 KB 1218x1600 hitler.jpg)
>>1200571 Lmaooo
>>1200752 Hedgewik has to be unironically the worst artists I have ever come across. Stonetoss is shite but at least his point comes across
>>1200752 What does this even mean?
>>1200571 They probably got Epstein’ed like that one whistleblower who’s also in the same unit. Guy went missing for a week then turned up dead in the woods due to “suicide”.
(551.12 KB 884x1466 are ya winning son poljak.png)
>>1200296 >>1200316 Edit to make poljak the only wojak
>>1200834 Holy fuck. Based!
(172.58 KB 728x410 for_rent_free.jpg)
This entire thread
(1.25 MB 1484x1000 1587981775488.png)
(733.02 KB 1920x1080 reality.jpg)
>>1200882 Hey faggot uighur, how does it feel knowing that you will never have any effect on the world besides defending billionaires online while you rot at home while your family refuses to call you or associate with you and when you finally pull that trigger the first responders that are there to take your body will laugh at the size of the body bag they put you in and will probably laugh over the day they had hauling you into the morgue with their family at the dinner table, the one place you wish that you could converse with a loving group of people::DDD
(94.68 KB 647x839 p.png)
Based gaddafi yes
(948.82 KB 640x346 Cringepostin 3.mp4)
>>1200882 Only possible response
>>1200882 rent free. you will never be white
(56.53 KB 828x808 q1jwk51g7j361.jpg)
(534.35 KB 1400x980 finnish whites.png)
(654.10 KB 1336x1168 fdgbdfbdfhnrfnfg.png)
Low Effort
(24.21 KB 414x706 1607329991090.jpg)
(1.51 MB 1417x819 smoloko.png)
(1.57 MB 1230x620 rightist memes.png)
(85.36 KB 694x495 Apu Argentina.jpg)
>>1199238 Bien ahi
(20.83 KB 927x770 poljakchintransplant.png)
le chin transplant face
>>1200995 bad arabic text rendering, here's a corrected version
Slight edit on schizo chad
(1.79 MB 2560x1920 RED.jpg)
(102.72 KB 500x361 Romangarf.jpg)
(1.16 MB 1300x1398 Romanov2 garf.jpg)
(96.38 KB 602x339 sAVING_pRIVATE_bEACH_sCENE.jpg)
(430.04 KB 1024x686 Square.jpg)
(274.88 KB 960x640 Justice4All.jpg)
>>1209453 >Third pic Unironic critical support for the D-day G*rman pillboxers. If they had done their job, Europe would be red aside maybe Italy and Spain.
>>1209519 nobody calls a single person a horde
>>1209545 I guess I'm too dumb for the Anglo language
>>1203252 jesus, why do all of their infographs look like they were made in 2006
(321.42 KB 1128x1341 hegirl.png)
>>1203249 not surprised that polaks can't read lol
(138.50 KB 1324x1018 voosher.png)
>>1210807 Beautiful
(237.56 KB 1080x1237 PicsArt_12-10-11.23.19.jpg)
>>1200296 based
(22.31 MB 854x480 farewell comrades.webm)
It's over
>>1214874 this video makes me sad
(882.18 KB 1440x900 sorry for making this.png)
>>1214874 Where is this from?
(691.95 KB 1118x1500 Salvador.jpg)
(933.86 KB 1090x1500 IronFelix.jpg)
(1.41 MB 1906x1127 People'sVolunteerArmy.jpg)
(28.67 KB 300x100 zoar2.jpg)
(27.84 KB 300x100 zoar3.jpg)
(26.87 KB 300x100 zoar4.jpg)
>>1200834 Beautiful Replying to >>1215248 here since >>1210943 is locked >I like it. I think you should remake the middle font with the same text and background, because it's barely readable. I was mostly worried about the font on the right, since it ended up way worse than I expected after resizing. How do #3 and #4 look?
Holy fuck this board is dead
>>1210512 because all their infographs come from stormfront which is a neo nazi boomer forum
>>1215802 Its more alive than it was last year
>>1215802 tf you talking about? burger finals are here and we still have 500 ips here. More than many alt-chans have rn.
>>1216342 >>1216371 ideology wise. /pol/ this and /pol/ that.
>>1214874 Fuck that's depressing
(144.11 KB 642x690 4cuckhypocrisy.png)
(208.40 KB 750x720 1607662591649.jpg)
>>1214874 I can understand this is sad to many, but it doesn't do well to dwell on it. If the dream of socialism means anything to you, you'll do what you can to fight for what can be, as opposed to could have been.
>>1217190 >4chan steals reddit memes What planet do you live on? genuinely curious.
>>1217231 I think it's referring to the times Plebbit got super mad Instagram and other websites started stealing their ifunny tier memes
>>1217231 Read the meme again retard
>>1217200 Based, no use on dwelling on the past except on what you can learn from it. What's done is done. But I'm still fucking sad :(
(1000.54 KB 1294x2014 le righty memes.png)
I spent like, 3 minutes making this.
(135.83 KB 1032x1024 Sharpist.png)
(785.75 KB 10Ryan.pdf)
If ya ever encounter a pacifist/nonviolence dogmatist
(168.48 KB 1386x684 killme.png)
(7.74 MB 854x480 tankie.mp4)
(153.54 KB 305x300 LOLLL.png)
>>1220599 good OC post it in the webm thread
(436.25 KB 757x521 TITODICKDICKMANBABY.png)
low effort i know idc
(850.85 KB 2480x1754 read_nibba.png)
>>1221776 Amazing >>1220599 Lmfao
>>1220599 Love it, got a classic vibe to it.
(128.70 KB 301x169 image_20201213162345.png)
>>1220599 EXCELLENTE (if I had only one criticism it would be that the text to speech in the garfield video is a bit faster which makes it feel punchier but still good)
(97.33 KB 1364x674 amerimuttcoping.png)
>>1220599 What fucking text-to-speech program is that? Holy Shit Lmao
(311.59 KB 559x496 vbnmmnbvcbnmjkhgvc.png)
(226.08 KB 621x430 ffdfdfd.png)
(66.82 KB 1290x745 polypretard.png)
(223.21 KB 680x607 EGI-xtDU4AAlBz6.5.png)
(267.22 KB 680x607 EGI-xtDU4AAlBz6.2.png)
(268.39 KB 680x607 EGI-xtDU4AAlBz6.3.png)
(204.43 KB 500x500 ferwal2.png)
(177.89 KB 500x500 feral.png)
(199.75 KB 500x500 feral3.png)
(91.76 KB 889x660 victims of .jpg)
>>1233086 you made it big my man (also on GenZedong)
>>1237223 It was real and it was based you retarded faggot
(83.64 KB 1172x680 dirty gypsy.png)
>>1237223 it was real you dumb faggot
(140.41 KB 520x348 anglojews.gif)
(151.53 KB 520x348 anglojews.webm)


no cookies?