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How can a person of substandard Intelligence help the movement? Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 19:27:28 No. 119080
I know that I'm not very smart, but I don't know what I can do to help the movement. I can properly post on the internet, but I can't understand any Marx.

What do I do to help the movement?
Get a gun, train, and just understand that economics are the primary contradiction and just view politics around that.
You're perfect for doing legwork. Knock on doors, hand out flyers, regurgitate soundbites. Just find someone you trust telling you what to do and you'll be set for life, politically speaking.
>>119080 Learn to fly a plane and Kamikaze when we start to loose a battle.
>Get a gun
I don't think you get it.
When I went to buy a gun the owner refused to sell it to me because I kept screwing up the gun safety laws.
I'm not allowed to drive. I can't pass my driver's permit test.
I can move heavy objects. That's all I can do.
Are you unionised?
I keep asking where the union is but my boss keeps telling me there isn't one.
Show up, let other people make the decisions, stick your hand up when they ask for volunteers
Where do you work? Maybe you can try talk to your coworkers and make one.
I don't know why the mods banned you for giving unhelpful advice. I am not smart enough to fly a plane. I cannot even drive a car. Planes look hard.
Wait for cybernetic enhancements and android yourself
Not sure either. I always post as a trotskyist that was the first time I posted as anything different. On one hand I could be pissed but I understand why they wouldn't want people to give leftypol a bad reputation like how the Christchurch guy and others did to 8chan.
Go to anti-fascist rallies if you have the time. If stuff like that didn't help, the righties wouldn't complain about it so much.
You can understand Marx. It's intuitive (the truth tends to be).

No shame using secondary sources like youtube videos, and if you can explain it to one other person, you did good.
(62.37 KB 600x600 cirno.jpg)
Alternate solution - drink some ciruniru powder milku

(154.11 KB 1600x1201 wizard of oz scarecrow.jpg)
Don't start with Marx, read something easier like Lenin or Stalin. You're probably not as stupid as you think.
What makes you think you have substandard intelligence?
as a fellow dumbass, its just something you know
This, you are probably smarter than Stalin actually.
Explain it to me, please.
(544.31 KB 849x1200 1570846879170.jpg)
Read this OP, it's easy to understand and will help you.
I second this.
Everyone can learn, start with baby books if you have trouble reading but you absolutely can and should be able to read Marx with practice.
Mate, Marx is not for everyone, the vast majority of revolutionaries in history didn't know theory, they knew that their comrades wanted things that were in their best interest and slogans like 'Bread, Land, and Peace'.
(44.53 KB 231x277 1461467396004.png)
Screaming in terror?
It will probably go over quickly by being held like that
Thirded. Being told that you're stupid all the time is primary cause of "being stupid".
You could always make memes right now and fight when the revolution comes.
just bee urself
Making sure the feds cant frame us for hosting terrorist promoting content.
Not everyone within the movement has to be a big brain intellectual that has das kapital 3 times in Latin, Hegel's logic and holds a PHd in economics.

We need people like you, get in a union, infiltrate normie spaces and make them question the status quo. Participate in rallies etc
(36.18 KB 720x720 drfztg.gif)
Yeah, well, it'd would hurt to have a simplistic version of marx's arguments
You say you can move heavy objects. How strong are you and do you know any martial arts? If you can be strong and learn martial arts you could act in defense of leftists being attacked by fashies at protests. Just don't be the person to start anything because it makes a bad image.

But it's still there
We already have too many "geniuses" and "theoreticians". We need more people like you, who just want to get shit done. In fact, I think our movement needs more humble people of your kind. My advice: Join a real life party and ask them, what you can do. Hand out leaflets and newspapers, put up posters etc. And/Or make agitation on the internet, make some Videos on Youtube, go to Facebook or similar sites and share articles from communist media. There is much to do and you don't have to be the next Lenin to do this. Atleast this is what I am doing.
Thinking you're too brainlet to understand basic marxism is a brainlet take.
Rude sage for making excuses for yourself.
(15.24 KB 480x360 Mmmmm.jpg)
>How can a person of substandard Intelligence help the movement?
Post on /leftypol/

Welcome home comrade.
no OP but how does one find leftist groups in one's area?
(28.99 KB 618x328 glowing.jpg)
>How can a person of substandard Intelligence help the movement?
>Capital 'I' "Intelligence"

Yeah we all know you suck CIA, case in point. Glow harder.
Ok glowie.
Join your trade union!
If there is none, there's a kickstarter project for bootstrapping one you should order
I'm a student though
In that case you may as well join one of the campus political parties to get an inside look on how politicians and political operatives play their stupid manipulative games, but I'd recommend just putting your head down studying and getting good grades and your piece of paper at the end

Might I interest you in taking a gander at Stalin's Dialectical and Historical Materialism as a non-core text for your further self-study in your degree?
(127.50 KB 1200x678 dunning-kruger.png)
Dunning-Kruger is a bitch. Most are aware how stupidity precludes the accurate assessment of one's own intelligence. But what almost no one is willing to accept is that there is no slope of enlightenment, because with adequate intelligence, you can never be certain whether you're climbing mt. stupid or the slope of enlightenment. What actual enlightenment consists of is learning to accept this, then assuming an unwavering and unconditional learning mindset. It's the only way to be sure you're treating your intelligence constructively, whatever its actual invisible measure.
>Dunning-Kruger is a bitch. Most are aware how stupidity precludes the accurate assessment of one's own intelligence. But what almost no one is willing to accept is that there is no slope of enlightenment, because with adequate intelligence, you can never be certain whether you're climbing mt. stupid or the slope of enlightenment. What actual enlightenment consists of is learning to accept this, then assuming an unwavering and unconditional learning mindset. It's the only way to be sure you're treating your intelligence constructively, whatever its actual invisible measure.

Good post but the blue line should be headed in a downward direction. Perhaps even veering into the negative on the confidence axis. True wisdom is understanding the truly subjective nature of reality and realizing concepts like definitions and accurate assessments are all products of flawed reasoning arising from ignorance.
Traditionally in buddhism the senior monk would beat with a stick in the mahanya tradition, or drop a rock on the foot of a junior disciple that started talking like this
*drop a rock on the foot in the theravada
>junior disciple
Who says I'm a junior disciple?
Reality is not subjective. It is objective. The issue comes from people's individual egos and perspectives causing the nature of reality to become blurred. Some heavily, some not.
I am not a buddhist though.
And what do you believe the nature of reality to be?
well i'm at community college studying to get into grad school. already have a degree and there's no political parties on this campus lel
>truly subjective nature of reality
Is there something Zizek has to say related or just your favorite reaction image?
(22.26 KB 480x360 woo.jpeg)

this article is what would be called

Quantum woo

For some reason there is a sheer endless stream of people abusing quantum mechanics to claim scientific support for their superstitions.

Their favourite topic seem to be to re-interpret non-locality, which does not support any of this, not even remotely.
That's just what happens when you dumb down science into pop science for braindead normies. Everyone wants to be a quantum physicist, even literal retards.
What's the solution? Stop showing me "black hole astrophysics heat death entropy fermi paradox" clickbait on youtube. This is why we need to gulag the bourgeois intelligentsia.
how is this related to you-tube and black holes ?
It's publically denounced
The bullshit woo woo wizardry you were spouting does, kiddo. Reality is objective, it's perception of reality that is subjective.
Is Dunning Kruger even taken seriously outside of reddit?
But how can you know reality if you can only perceive subjectively? It sounds like "reality" is just some ideal in your mind.
Exactly. It is only the hubris of bad scientists that leads them to make unfounded claims of "objectivity" like some kind of faith based religion.
*beats you with a stick*
(14.37 KB 339x307 ISHERB_Caveman.jpg)
So you admit you are retarded.
Read Hegel
Then start one! All you have to do is find some other leftists on campus and organize.
I'm really interested in quantum physics, but what I see in the field's many interpretations is nothing like the bizarre idealist-metaphysical strawmen some pop-sci sees in it. I'm interested in the way that all particles can really be thought of as waves, which can be further abstracted down to causally contingent oscillations. Nowhere in QP do I see arguments for anything other than a pretty solid dialectical-materialist worldview: Scientific materialism exactly as we know it, but with the additional assertion that observation comes with some necessary and predictable limitations, which if properly accounted for can help expand our understanding of the material world rather than mystifying or limiting it.

I don't get how it's possible to pull shit like, "the fundamental nature of reality is consciousness" or something, out of QP. All I see in QP is a formalization of how, even in an idealized scenario without anthropic limitations, reality is necessarily observed as incomplete but in a very certain manner. It seems more an argument against idealism and humans being special than anything else. Aside from some of its interpretations, QP doesn't seem to say anything about determinism or lack thereof either, yet somehow people keep finding ways to stretch it there or elsewhere way beyond its purposes

Bottom-line: If anyone wants to be a Hegelian today, they should look into QP
No, you don't get it. Quantum physics isn't a story people are telling about how a particle and wave are split personalities of one thing or whatever popsci bullshit get spouted these days. Quantum physics (like all physics) is a set of equations that can be tested and refined through experimentation. The rest is just bullshit. You can theorize about "what it means" all you want, but at the end of the day, the human brain evolved to understand commonplace occurrences at our scale, and even then only well enough that most of us would make it long enough to reproduce. There is no reason to think that the physical laws of the universe would make any kind of sense to us on an intuitive level.

People are going to project their worldview onto it hoping to make sense, and somehow everybody who does comes away with their prior worldview being validated. You even kind of recognize that but then you think you're somehow immune. Pathetic tbh.
Fully agree with everything in your post and it doesn't seem to contradict anything I said. I'm not sure where you see any problems. Are you just pointlessly speculating on my motives to come up with something to be contrarian about? Skepticism is necessary but useless when it lacks any direction


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