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"Leftists are pedophile apologists" Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 19:17:19 No. 1158335
New here, so don't know if this is a worn out topic, but where does this reactoid idea of leftists being pedophile apologists come from? Is it just pure projection? An antisemitic trope? It's absolutely bonkers considering /pol/tards spam CP in every forum they raid, are the ones who constantly have threads claiming it's natural for grown men to be attracted to underage girls, and over-whelmingly right-leaning looksmax/incel forums like pic related regularly host jailbait threads.
its projection see: >>>1059488 >>>1059488 >>>1059488
It's amusing to me how so much of rightoid talking points are such insane, unsubtle projection. What's the reason for this?
>>1158370 Ideology brimming to the core with Nietzschean ressentiment I reckon.
>>1158335 pure 24 karat projection. Possibly the best example of projection to be seen on the internet. It's unbelievable the cognitive dissonance you see on 4chan, where right wing pedophiles are absolutely everywhere, but they are still certain that leftists are going to start trying to normalize pedophilia any day now
Pedophile=bad Left=bad Therefore left=pedophile It's a simple equation really. Also helps distance themselves from the numerous pedos amongst their ranks.
Projection, but also I think a big part of it is the long-running rightoid tactic of lumping in the liberal financial and cultural elite (filled with actual pedophiles) with the labor left
>>1158789 Once you realize that nazi ideology is built on a foundation of projection, "The Jew" and his supposed degeneracy will make a lot more sense.
>>1158335 Its because they unironically think democrats are leftists, and democrats are actual pedophiles.
(672.11 KB 1528x929 Rafiq - Joos.jpg)
It's just an attempt to weaponize minority opinions that aren't really restricted to any ideology. Over here many users try and do the exact same thing to rightists.
How are they anti-semitic?
>>1158766 >French intellectuals in the 70's Sure, but like, how many leftists are upholding this line now? The Spartacist League and Gille Dauve (beginning to think this a frog thing more than anything)? This line is almost universally mocked by the modern left, whereas all kinds of pedo shit is justified and shared all over right wing forums. I haven't seen online leftists do this shit ever. That's not even to mention the fact that American leftoids are obsessed with the age of consent to an almost unhealthy degree. I've heard leftoids say ridiculous things like they feel weird about dating a 21 y/o when they're 24.
>>1158796 >Remember, if you criticise jewish faith in any way or form, you are a full blown nazi from /pol/ Obviously there is nothing wrong with babies having heir dicks sucked by a senile 80 year old man An archaic medical practice that's a holdover from the era of Hippocratic medicine that's only routine in ultra-orthodox communities is hardly indicative of a connection between Jews and pedophilia. The Talmud condemns pedophilia pretty explicitly.
It's a mixture of Projection and also they want to meme it in to association like the AntiFa = Soyboys meme
>>1158885 >The talmud Ah yes, the same book that talks about blood libel and charging higher interest to the goyim
>>1158335 It has some basis in historical reality, sexual liberation used to include peados. Foucault famously supported pedophilia. Probably something to do with the left seeking out transgression, boundary breaking, avant garde things. But that's mostly a thing of the past now. This is of course the left broadly defined. Socialism on the other hand has no such baggage.
>>1158797 >For example, I forget who- in Italy, they claimed something along the lines of "Even if the Protocols were forged, it is still profoundly true" That was Evola who said that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julius_Evola#Views_on_Jews
>>1158770 That's not an equation, that's a syllogism.
>>1158335 They are lumping in liberals like [email protected] or Hollywood, who are legitimate pedo apologists, with actual leftists. It's a typical bougie technique used by the elites to keep social conservatives in line, lest they realize that it's actually porkies who promote degeneracy and start thinking about class dynamics.
>>1159010 Don't care for agent Kochinski, but where exactly has he been a pedo apologist?
(72.06 KB 161x200 scum.jpg)
It's always been projection, especially coming from fucking 4chan of all places.
Not all leftists are pedo apologists, for sure, but... It's true that all pedo apologists belong to a school of thought that is leftist, or at least left-adjacent. You can call it whatever you want: Frankfurt School, Freudo/Marxian school, "cultural Marxists" or whatever (I have another word for them but I don't think it's tolerated here). It doesn't matter.
>>1158335 2d pixel computer image generate is not remotely even tiniest close to cp. Its like jerking off to floor tile It's a fetish. There's leftist that been caught red handed with sexualizing Real child iirc handle was pizza something.
It's not strict Marxism leftism (Marx certainly was not a pedo apologist), but it's certainly the "woke leftism", or whatever you guys call it. For them, the patriarchal family model promoted by Christianism in Europe was seen as oppressing to both women and children, with men having a monopoly on sexual matters. When feminism was all the rage in 1970s, it was part of a movement to liberate both women AND children sexuality from the tyranny of the head of the family (the man). The only reason they walked back the pedo crap very quickly is that the population made it crystal clear that they could liberate women as much as they wanted, but pedos would quickly end up at the wrong side of a rope. Jack Lang, socialist minister of culture in France: "Child sexuality is still a forbidden continent. May explorers of the 21st century explore its coast."
>>1159145 Wrong, most political pedos are ancaps. Leftist ones do exist, but they're extremely rare and no one else on the left gives them the time of day.
>>1159067 Let's assume for a second that Mason is an important right-wing figure and not a clown. Let's also assume that all the pedo stuff is true. Has he written a single sentence defending pedophilia? I can find dozens of quotes from leftists defending it, through many paragraphs, in books they wrote (not some drunken rant on a livestream).
>>1159156 OK, name one book written by an ancap defending pedophilia. I'm familiar with hardcore libertarians like Walter Block, who wrote a book called "defending the undefendable", and he did not go as far as including pedos in that list. On the other hand many Freudian-Marxists intellectuals explicitly defended pedophilia, in writing.
>>1159010 >Not all leftists are pedo apologists, for sure, but... It's true that all pedo apologists belong to a school of thought that is leftist, or at least left-adjacent. You can call it whatever you want: Frankfurt School, Freudo/Marxian school, "cultural Marxists" or whatever (I have another word for them but I don't think it's tolerated here). It doesn't matter. >All pedo apologists are leftists Are you fucking kidding me? What leftists are making le ephebophilia threads? What leftists are spamming CP? What leftists are making jailbait threads? What the fuck does the Frankfurt School have to do with this?
>>1159154 Lol, even woke leftism (at least in the US) is super anti-pedo. They're obsessed with power imbalances in relationships, to the point of even infantilizing young adults.
>>1159180 >Are you fucking kidding me? What leftists are making le ephebophilia threads? What leftists are spamming CP? What leftists are making jailbait threads? What the fuck does the Frankfurt School have to do with this? I'm not talking about Internet boards posting anime. I'm talking about the intellectual defense of pedophilia. I can name 25 leftist intellectuals, I doubt we can find a single right-wing intellectual who ever defended it (but I'm willing to believe that maybe one or two did, if you stretch the definition of right-wing maybe). I'm familiar with libertarians, for example, and I would not be surprised that some left-libertarians have defended pedophilia (but then I would consider them as leftists too anyway).
>>1159159 What's worse, defending pedophilia as an edgy intellectual wank exercise or engage in actual pedophilic acts like Mason?
Ffs, this thread just keeps proving pedo apologia is more a problem with the French than it is with leftists in general lel
>>1159189 >What's worse, defending pedophilia as an edgy intellectual wank exercise or engage in actual pedophilic acts like Mason? It's complete whataboutism. I'm from /pol/, I have books by Hitler and Goebbels in my library, I've never read anything about Mason. All I know is that he wrote "Siege", but Siegefags don't hang on /pol/ anyway. He's a nazi like Charles Manson was a nazi. I don't know what he did, but if he actually did commit pedophilia then yes he should be hanged. Now let's go back to the more serious discussion, that does not put Mason on the same intellectual level as Foucault and Derrida. Do you really believe those intellectuals only defended pedophilia as "an edgy intellectual wank exercise"? And if so, does that mean that the rest of their intellectual output is also "edgy intellectual wank exercise"?
>>1159191 >with the French I can name other pedos. What Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Roman Polanski and Gabriel Matzneff have in common is not that they are French...
>>1159188 This particular strain of thought within these leftist intellectuals who did apologize for pedophilia in the 70's has had basically no influence on the modern left, especially not the US, where the mainstream opinion on that topic has swung hard in the other direction.
>>1159198 Roman Polanski is Polish-French lel. Also this is so fucking stupid. Le J00z? Are you fucking kidding me? I can name a million gentile pedos. This isn't remotely unique to any demographic other than maybe wealthy elites.
>>1159198 If I produce a huge name list of Irish pedophiles, does that indicate some kind of connection of Irishness with pedophilia? The overwhelming majority of convicted child molesters are non-Jewish whites.
>>1159205 >This isn't remotely unique to any demographic other than maybe wealthy elites. Correct. You should see the kind of stuff that goes on at Porky's Bar Mitzvah.
>>1158335 >age of consent Spooky
Retards are obsessed with pedos because they're immersed in evangelical suburban culture that constantly waffles about the evils lurking outside of their gated communities. Literally it's just helicopter parenting mixed with politics.
>>1159163 Most ancaps don't even read books, anon, let alone write them.
>>1159298 Ancapism is literally the most autistic political ideology in existence, so yes, they read some books, but at the expense of everything else. Their philosophy is entirely based on a priori frictionless abstractions that have little relation to the messy contingencies of the real world.
>>1159247 There has to be an established age of consent. Sexual exploitation of children cannot be tolerated. The problem is defining what counts as pedophilia, which is a purely normative exercise and hence inherently arbitrary. Personally I think a good age of consent is 16 with a maximum of a 3-year age gap until you turn 18, at which point you're an adult and consent to sex with any other adult you wish. So IOW, if you're 16, oldest you can fuck/date is 19, for 17, 20, and for 18 no more limits.
>>1159318 imo ancaps/libertarians would be far less cringe if they were decidedly anti-humanist. Instead they come up with jerk off concepts like NAP when the system they are in favor of is hostile to any sort of human valorization.
>>1159328 When ancaps take the anti-humanist pill you end up with NRx.
>>1159328 which is why the Peter Thiel libertarians are probably the least confused, they are openly hostile to any one below their own station improving. >>1159329 yes i know :3
idk after browsing rapey.co (pedocel website) for morbid curiosity most of them seem to be reactionaries and rightoids
>>1159256 Helicopter parenting is so damaging.
>>1174455 It's not commies' fault that normal people find Nazoids (which treat others like subhumans based on genetics) naturally disgusting Nobody wants to see Nazoids happy except other fashoids, so they get fired because they'll ruin their bosses' businesses or maybe because not even their porky boss can tolerate such a degenerate ideology On the other hand, communists are fired and censored because they pose a threat to porky's power over the workers.
>don't know if this is a worn out topic It is.
>>1158869 >I've heard leftoids say ridiculous things like they feel weird about dating a 21 y/o when they're 24. Kek, the absolute state of online "leftists"
>>1158335 Every time a chudjack fires into a protest they hit a sex offender and andy ngo tweets about it and it's fuvking embarrassing. Can a good (or non-fat) person get shot so I have justification to be upset?
>>1159188 >I doubt we can find a single right-wing intellectual Ftfy
>>1177093 Let's see if we can find a left one >deleuze and guttiari smoking crack <deeper >Foucault writing letters to the council about man boy love <deeper >adorno jerking off into a pitted plant with the windows drawn <deeper >Sartre doing sissy cuck sessions with Guevara <deeper >Marx explaining all the exploits in the capitalism update while underleveled, having no gp, and his WordPress not read by anyone <DEEPER >Rousseau doing the sissy cuck sessions again
>>1158335 >Is it just pure projection? I haven't seen "Cuties" and don't intend to, but I had mainly associated child beauty pageants with middle-class conservatives in the U.S. and "Middle America." It's like Reagan America with grooming of girls into traditional gender roles about being "pretty" and "innocent" with lots of makeup and blonde hair and Shirley Temple dresses. It's very bizarre but yeah, I always thought this was like a Bible Belt thing. These pictures are pretty grotesque but I do post them to illustrate what I mean. I think a big theme meanwhile about right-wing pedophile panic is displaced fears of social change. This was a big thing in the 1980s and it was specifically fear over daycare centers being hubs for child exploitation, which really took on the pattern of a "moral panic" that swept up innocent people. But most abuse happens within the family, and the theory here is that this was reactionary backlash following the feminist movements of the 1960s and 1970s, the growth of women in the workforce, and daycare centers and "preschools" were also growing because that's where working women put their kids during the day. This was in tandem with backlash to feminism in the 1980s. Fear of the decline of the traditional family etc. I think there's probably something similar going on today. The right has a sort of lizard brain where they recognize things that are happening but they don't understand why so it seems like a cultural maelstrom being unleashed upon the world by a shadowy cabal.
(160.74 KB 403x361 1_6fPaLRMUVJ-_P8ZV9lAD4g.png)
>>1177144 (me) Also Jeffrey Epstein was a real dude with shady intelligence agency connections who groomed teenage girls to supply to rich and powerful men for blackmail purposes. Stanley Kubrick was also based and made a movie about this called "Eyes Wide Shut" which had subtextual themes running throughout it which you could interpret as his commentary on how girls are groomed from birth into becoming prostitutes. Then he died while the movie was being edited. This a thread running throughout many of his movies like "Full Metal Jacket" where U.S. Marines are indoctrinated to become servants to a horrible machine that calls them sissies and faggots, while also infantilizing them and making them suck their thumbs. They have to give their rifles girls' names and sleep with them. Also note that one of the Marine recruits becomes possessed and shoots his drill instructor and then himself with "Charlene," although you could maybe say that "Charlene" took over and killed them both. And then the Marines spend the rest of the movie degrading Vietnamese "gook whores" and only get a close-up view of an actual communist guerrilla at the end, who turns out to be a teenage girl who wastes half their squad (best part) and their horror at this discovery causes their minds to break. Anyways I just wanted to say that Kubrick was awesome and the only unfortunate thing here is that the guerrilla didn't waste the entire squad -- but her K/D ratio wasn't bad! Something something about reflecting on what women are raised to be expected to do in American society and one possible alternative.
>>1177127 only one of those that is bad is focault, smoking crack is based
(310.38 KB 1000x686 DSC05118.jpg)
>>1177172 I think the main driver of the right-wing panic about this, which I would suspect is all out of proportion to the actual thing they're worried about, is projection over *their* dicks being chopped off. They fear being emasculated, and in a country that raises men (particularly white men) from birth to become big-dick businessmen, that fear becomes strong indeed if you get dumped into adulthood and are handed the keys to an Amazon delivery van and are told "welcome to the rest of your life."
>>1177181 lol you're the one defending child beauty pageants here while calling others pedos for being against that. you will never be a real man
>>1177172 Consent is irrelevant though. Children are the property of their PARENTS. Here's an example; circumcision. The child hates it, but the PARENTS know best. What's the difference between chopping it off and snipping part of it? Nothing. The only difference between chopping it off and circumcision is the quantity of flesh being discarded.
>>1177172 >If you think children can consent to chopping their dicks of Nobody does that until they are way older.
>>1177181 >Show me a middle class woman taking her girls to beauty pageants. I'll show you a whole movie about it: https://youtu.be/0NvSc6anlcA These are conservative, Republican-voting families from the American "heartland." And this is like band or sports teams as far as they perceive it. I'm from Texas and I can promise you the demographic here are suburban and exurban housewives whose husbands own boat dealerships or they work as realtors. And their preferred hair color is dyed bleached blonde like Fox News anchors. That's who these people actually are. Then you become a young woman and hopefully becoming that year's homecoming queen. Also one of the quirky little traditions here are the large "mums" that you wear to the dance.
>>1177172 slippery slopes are bad-faith arguments based on fearmongering.
Oh look, the 9cel expatriates crawling back. And mods again not doing their job. Bump, this is great.
>>1177144 >Right wing do bad thing, so bad thing left do good. Every..time....
>>1177237 I'm just causing you to flip out and lose it in front of the lurkers. You defended child beauty pageants one second, and called people who don't like them (i.e. us, the communists) elitist pedos who look down on working-class people the next -- working-class heroes like the multi-millionaire company president and defense contractor whose child beauty preteen queen was garroted in a basement. And we're the sickos? I don't think so. America is sick. But this goes back to my original point. All of this -- including your own mind -- is the creation of a state-sponsored capitalist war machine that systematically uses racism, misogyny, and homophobia to beat down any trace of individuality, turning men into infantilized manbabies who play-act masculinity while creating a society willing to accept manipulated facts and a manufactured yet grossly distorted reality. Turning a human being into a thing, an object, just like these Reagan America-style beauty queens or Vietnamese "gook whores" is almost always the first step toward justifying violence against those people. It is very difficult to be violent toward someone we think of as an equal, but it is very easy to abuse a thing. We see this with racism, with sexism, with homophobia. The person becomes an object and violence is inevitable. This step is already taken with women. The violence is the chilling but logical result of the objectification. And when that violence is turned around, it can be very upsetting.
Same old actors with the same old schemes. Who in the mod team is holding back from them getting banned and these threads being deleted rather than just select few schizo posts? If you don't clean up the cancer properly it will only grow back.
There ARE some notable leftists who are/were openly pedophiles. Harry Hay and Hakim Bey come to mind.
>>1158335 >"Leftists are pedophile apologists" >New here, so don't know if this is a worn out topic Libs are so rude...
>>1159159 >>1159196 t. Pedo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Alfred_Strom You nazi's always turn out to be fucking weirdos lmao
>>1159198 Except that not everyone you named there is Jewish, but all of them are French. Beautiful rebuttal
>>1177549 lulwut. A majority of pedos are heterosexual men anyways.


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