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Ex-chuds get in Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 17:07:20 No. 1155350
What was your journey to leftism like?
some based leftypol poster btfo me out on /pol/ so i came here
>>1155350 >voted for biden Really? As if Biden isn’t yet another porky bootlicker.
I was never really a chud, but back in 2014 I was a big libertarian and rand paul and john mcaffee supporter. I stayed true to my beliefs so I became disillusioned with Trump and /pol/ circa 2016 when he revealed he was a generic zionist neocon. to this day I still don't understand how I found /leftypol/ but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Stirner posters constantly making threads I would argue in around that time. looking into it brought me to 8ch /leftypol/ somehow, and since Charlottesville I never ever looked back.
>>1155350 >chud ok /pol/, nice try
>>1155389 >>1155391 >>1155392 What is this dude's deal, those pole memes are 2deep4me.
>>1155393 try kremowka
>>1155350 >2012: trilby-wearing new atheist ancap, really into tech side of #OccupyWallStreet, meme'd into voting Libertarian thanks to Ron Paul >2016: #BlackLivesMatter emerged in my home state, started reading theory and became ancom, ended up voting Green due to #NoDAPL >2020: graduated college jobless/homeless, all that anarchist stuff didn't seem to help explain what had happened to me, started reading Marx and others, voted Socialist
You are still not a leftist Gtfo LIB
(1.33 MB 719x886 Screenshot_20201117_072925.png)
I wonder chinchinchin WHO chinchinchin could be behind this post...
I was a left-lib but became alt-right because of goobergate. Snapped out it of once I realized how much of a bitter loser I was becoming and how alt-rightoids are retards who have no solution but to murder everyone who isn't white or Japanese.
Was really involved in gamergate, my peers used the "cultural Marxism" term one too many times and it sounded like retarded psychobabble so it made me go look up what Marxism actually was all about.
I spent most of my teenaged yearsas a rightiod of various flavors, from neo-nazi (back when neo-nazi was the term was used for the alt right) but some liberals BTFO out of me in some argument, so I became a lib for like...6-7 years or so. Became a sort of rad lib sort for 1-2 years but then just started to sway more towards the marxist leninist side of things during the Trump presidency. I found leftypol in like 2017 or so even though I went on 8chan back in like 2013 or so.
>>1155350 >be me >start to hate democracy and support eugenics in teenage years >start to have some openly auth-right views >join alt-right but basically more intellectual,like race-realist and anti-democratic >wish to be jewish(and believe you are somehow jewish because of some features) and you will become master and other races will be your slaves.you will own slavic-asian harem >start to become (((judeo-libertarian))) at this point.anarcho-capitalism and neo-cameralism,both understand and support them >see some consipracist in libertarian sphere and look at them >look into consipracy-movements like zeitgeist,noam-chomsky is popular in consipracy-sphere like anti-semitics(yes) >start to hate capitalism but still hate modern-leftist >became national-bolshevik/nouvelle-droite by your hate against both capitalism and modern-left.also by your race-realism >discover based-leftist spheres like there,start to dislike nationalism because no slav-asian waifu. >became right-marxist because democracy sucks >>1155423 >>1155416 >>1155386 kys soyboys
>>1155480 >race-realist >more intellectual lmfao
>>1155350 Socdem retard who became a socialist retard after discovering the concept of surplus value on my own.
>>1155480 holy fucking spooked, you would drop all politics the second you got a gf lmao
(5.84 KB 200x200 kremowkuj.jpg)
>>1155481 you know that there was more intellectual-debates around race before? theories about race was awaken.Also by more-intellectual i mean not redneck/skinhead or low-iq.i still skeptic about blacks but it doesn't matter becuase if there is racial-differences between whites and blacks;they are nothing compared to what we can have with neo-eugenics/transhumanism/bioengineering >>1155489 >you would drop all politics the second you got a gf lmao probably
>>1155497 >you know that there was more intellectual-debates around race before? theories about race was awaken. you mean like epic youtube "debates" between Trout and Tea and JF "retard fucker" Gariepy. yeah, intellectualism™, m8
>>1155505 >you mean like epic youtube "debates" between Trout and Tea and JF "retard fucker" Gariepy. 1-Kraut is an intellectual,like his beliefs or not 2-By some blogs of researchers or life-scientists(i'm generaling) who was an race-realist.They were hated by leftists and they were openly not associate theirselves with bigotrated-types,also openly admitted that there is genius-POCs too,while claiming asians and jews are more superior to whites(some of them claimed that jews are master imo) But suprise,most popular of them(he was russian,i can't remember his name) made an research and claimed that he doesn't believe in race-realism because of results
>listen to le epik logic crowd because you lime talky videos >transition to Carlgon >go disilusioned when he becomes full retard and also when brexit happens cuz I was a weird pro-EU liberal fascist of sorts >apolitical for a while >randomly click "Fallout 3 is garbage and here's why" video on YT, because I'm an epic gamer who likes long videos about games abd also because I hate Fallout. >2 years of liberast people of college breadtube later I find Bat'ko's old videos which lead me to 8/leftypol/ For the sake of old times I'll use my old flag. Also while I do firmly stand with the Old BO, I think its good that I joined at the tail end of the Reign if Terror, as my soclib ass would have been banned in a heartbeat.
>>1155520 >POCs ok, liberal
>>1155524 >i stand with old BO cringe and bluepilled
>>1155525 some of them calling them with that nmae too.Everyone using that name today
>>1155529 >Everyone using that name today I am not and it makes my opinions more valuable
(67.04 KB 454x600 engels moshed.jpg)
>be me >be interracial (African/Germanic) >go to white school >consider myself to be white >Everything good, dont really notice my skin color >Some girl says I look the same as shit >Don't really know what she meant by that >realize it is my color >become self-hating house negro >be racist to other people of color >Laugh at Africa and my fathers heritage, consider it to be primitive, blame that african people there are backwards because they are lazy and uncivilized >Try to behave like I am white somehow >Get in the new Atheist pipeline, become racist towards Muslims >watch triggered SJW complications on repeat >Watch Undoomed, Paul Joseph Watson >Support Trump >Sam Harris gets met into IQ and race realism, consider myself to be inherently stupid, but I will be a good negro and serve the white man and Western civilization >become even a bigger self-hating house negro >Get into debate culture >Get into western philosophy >neo-con >After reading Plato become technocratic fascist >Joking with Naziism, being a "satirical" supporter of Nazi's and white supremacy (reminder that I am half African) >Charlottesville happens >"Lol commie got recked" >Find Vegangains and Askyourself >Read more philosophy >Become Vegan >read Schopenhauer, become anti-nationalist >become anti-natalist >Read Peter Singer, made some reference to Karl Marx >Askyourself debates some guy on stream named Hasan Piker, who claims to be a communist >lol, he made some good points tho >I don't know why, but I always wanted to know what communism was and why so many people supported it in the past >Think I am smart enough to debunk that liberal Communist Karl Marx who probably only argues with his feelings >order Capital >500 page book arrives >Start reading first chapter >lol it is actual economics, not a crying lib saying "you are racist and check your privilege" >find Democraticsocialist101, Xexixy, badmouse on youtube >Become Anarchist >read Marx and Lenin >Become ML >Learn about African struggle and history >Be proud of my African heritage
Never went full rightoid tbh. I was kind of a libertarian in my early teens, then lib, now this. I would browse /pol/ around 2016-17 but mainly for the Syria threads, which made me more interested in imperialism and eventually got into leftism properly from there.
>>1155579 > consider myself to be inherently stupid, but I will be a good negro and serve the white man and Western civilization KEK,did you really did that? However,i also believed that i was jewish >>1155480
I was born woke But in all seriousness >be 8 >read childrens book summarizing history of my country from hunter gatherers to current day >get to part of industrial revolution >read about unions, expropriation of farmers, urbanisation, bad conditions, capitalism, the fight for the right to vote >book ends with "but its all better now" >ask my parents why the factory owners still own the factory >why are there homeless people and hungry people when we have so much food and houses >why do people have to work so hard in useless jobs for so little money when there are rich people and we have enough for everyone >tfw proto marxian thoughts at age 8 >yes i was bullied a lot and had no friends >be 14 >listen to punkrock to escape from bullying and feeling like im alone >turn into a punk/metal listening edgelord to cope >lol anarchism is cool they hate capitalism too >buy anarchism shirt >how the fuck are they gonna solve large societal issues though if they basically reject large scale organization >fuck religious people cuz bible belt crazies run my town and school >had been an atheist all my life, never "heard god" while praying, figured they we're full of shit, reading about religious violence and bigotry makes me hate religion >get into atheism youtube >lol fuck sjws >why do these guys hate social democracy though, why do they hate anarchists? >gaymergayed >lol dumb feminists whining about bullshit >hey whats this 8chan thing >pol is kinda cringe tbh, nazis are retarded and almost killed my grandpa, why blame jews are they dumb or something? >hey 8chan's got a porn board too >*notices leftypol* OwO whats this? >read one book by marx >become a marxist Thats the summary of it.
>>1155627 Ah right: Ahem Fuck religion, if youre religious youre fucking mentally ill Fuck culture war feminists and sjws, read a book and get a grip
>>1155627 Do Anarchists reject large scale organization, though? Because as far as I know, they just think it should be built from the bottom up. But maybe it’s just different strokes for different folks due to the shitload of anarchist tendencies aligned by a few core tenets.
>>1155642 Anarchism could never give me a full view or answer of the world and always resorted to calling anyone who used majority supported enforced rules "authoritarian". Its also lacking highly in explainative power regarding the world and is more concerned with immediate personal freedumb under the guise of "liberation" than systemic analysis, which lends itself to lifestylism and other localized action rather than actually tackling the core. Hency why i became a marxist. I was never quite hyper individualistic enough to be an anarchist, i always wanted to be part of a collective, work as a collective and trust the collective, rather than trying to one up each other over who is the most punk or pure or whatever.
(2.06 MB 2215x2954 1536124613461431614.jpg)
>>1155642 Yes and no, it really depends on what branches you're talking about. Groupists, AnComs and Individualists usually reject all forms of formalized social organization and laws. that is not to say that they believe that there should be no structure, just that it should be ac-hoc and fairly loose. Then there are all the post-Bookchin branches that explicitly DO NOT reject organization, indeed they rail against other anarchist for rejecting politics, something they see as inherently necessary for an egalitarian society.
>grow up in a fundamentalist mormon family >Dad died when I was 7, I'm now "man of the house" every since of child like immaturity dies >Widowed mom struggles hard, we're on social security gibs and dss(child protective services basically) is CONSTANTLY in my life >Mom's a depressive hoarder that has serious fatigue, due to this junk piles up to the ceiling. We have pets the entire place is literally covered in shit and piss, mold as well. >Become a social outcast constantly being made fun of for smelling like shit. >Cry to Jesus every night for whatever the fuck I did to deserve this. >From 11 to 16 watch glen beck with my mom from that time till I'm 16 I hate Socialism think it's demonic. >be sad mitt romney lost. Want ted cruz to will in the 2016 election. Like Ron Paul. >During the 2016 election sophomore year, I meet a new friend in high school that's a edgy ANCOM >He's constantly shilling for marx and why capitalism sucks. >I parrot everything my Bible belt education gives me >Start smoking weed with him realize he's right read bread book start to like bernie >Become a marxist after 2016 election results show the failure of socdems >Find 8chan leftypol in 2017 >Been a ML ever since.
>>1155699 How do I redpill someone with a similar background as you? Literally the man is poor and lives with his parents depending on gubment gibs yet votes for people who literally want to take away his gubment gibs.
>>1155393 janposter is important
>>1155350 >be me >15 >apolitical >2016 election comes around >think trump is kinda funny and cool >start using ifunny and posting trump memes >gradually get pulled into palecon type movement >eventually start talking to fascists >fascists have this crazy long reading list >start reading fascist books >look for more fascist books online >reading about mussolini >says he was inspired by sorel >google sorel and find reflections on violence >read like half of it >like this talk of class struggle and violence >talk about it to fash friends >friends call me a commie faggot >get mad and leave >find out about marxism-leninism >fuckingbased.png >start talking to MLs >fascist friends abandon me >still around nazbol/strasserist type >get into a debate with a ML about natonalism >ML is pretty good and has read his shit >Slowly get taken out of fascism >Go to uni >Join a bookclub >talk to marxists >find bunkerchan and now im here
>>1155480 So you're still a chud
>>1155735 >chud stfu, radlib
>>1155724 are you Comrade Pierre Tru-Dank? >>1155735 >So you're still a chud reasons?why i am?
>>1155579 lol I had a roughly similar journey I'm mixed too but not half african and I'm white passing. Even then I had siblings that didn't look like me and people gave me a hard time about it and it led to a lot of self-loathing. It's pretty rough buddy hope you're okay now
>>1155749 >are you Comrade Pierre Tru-Dank? comrade Pierre tru thicc isn't ML
>>1155749 No, I'm not pierre (he's like a deleon type and im an ML) but watching his videos helped me escape fascism.
>>1155758 oh sorry then.He is also Sorelian and have fash friends who made him discover Sorel
>>1155579 don't feel to bad anon, most /pol/yps aren't white either.
lul any former gamergaters? i feel like a retard for saying that but it's true, i was in a bad place thankfully when i actually went out of my house for once i met a dude at a bookstore who introduced me to kropotkin, then later discovered marx
(38.92 KB 417x317 c83.gif)
>>1155480 >noooo!!! kys soyboys!!!
>>1155350 i've switched from leftist to fascist to leftist again and to fascist again
>>1155790 I was big in GG when it happened. Still hate the radlibs involved. But it was crazy how easily so many people bought into the shit by right wing grifters that got involved. I was a daily show style liberal and I was super pissed off when Colbert had Anita on as a guest. Discovering /leftypol/ and reading actual theory in college helped prevent me from going down the reactionary lolberterian hole.
>>1155800 have you considered the fact that you're just impressionable?
>>1155720 Well for me 3 critical things occured 1.my mom has no back bone, what would have been a strict stable environment had my dad lived. Was a unstable shitshow under my widowed mom. The moving to meet that friend, the disillusionment to be open minded to begin with wouldn't have occurred. Like my brother today I'd likely be a apolitical normie that voted for trump had things been different. 2. Asshole kids that like at my school making fun of me at church lead to me dropping moronism to be a satanist(<- it was ironic) atheists. Again had thinks been different this wouldn't have occurred. 3 I do weed and psychedelics this opened me up to begin to drop the spooks. I took a bite of the forbidden fruit and never looked back. All of this is to say what you probably know. The individual must be in a state of searching. If they are hardened without internal doubt it's basically impossible. Stimuli of personal struggles and outside perspective must happen to leave there current mindset.
>>1155650 Sure, people can be Marxist. The prevailing anarchist writers themselves either corresponded with Marx or actually read his shit. Marx is important and every communist or even plain old leftist needs to read his writings. But that isn’t the same as Marxism-Leninism and I could never see any anarchist cooperating with an ML for anything beyond specific, ground-level goals. I don’t like anarchism because of muh individualism, inasmuch as I think that centralized, hierarchical states gravitate towards oppression and violence against the people that live in them for the purpose of self-preservation. I’m more concerned about the state being able to victimize me on a whim, not about losing any particular abstract freedom. >>1155695 I guess I need to read Bookchin, since it sounds like I’d agree with him on many things. While power should be organized bottom-up and be held accountable to the people it serves, the structures by which people execute their will cannot be ad-hoc or loose. The sanitation committee can’t just disappear or change its immediate character because the original members have retired. Nor is it desirable to improvise for problems rather than be proactive about them.
>>1155804 no i just live in a place where both leftists and fascists are in a contest of who can be the most retarded
(78.88 KB 249x240 Screenshot_20200719_213636.png)
This is probably a thread made by a polcel but... Fuck it >be me >23 >metalhead >no politics but is pretty progressive >loose all my friends >angry and browse youtube and listen to metal all day >discovers anti sjw youtube accounts >heard about this epci heckin site called "4chinz!!1" >comes to 4chinz and be a newfag >becomes alt right >since im a metalhead i discover thuleanperslective >leaves the alt right because i unrinically believed its a jewish weapon because varg vikernes and his retarded fans told me so >starts to hate capitalism >starts to hate /pol/ >i leave 4chan >get into punk rock >no longer a nazi >becomes an anarkiddie for a while >browse reddit like a faggot >realises that anarchy is not for me >become a tankie >mfw
>>1155808 also i lived in a place with massive racial tension, one of the main reasons i went from lefty to fascist in all honesty is that most leftists from my country effectively embrace the idea of a racial conflict over class conflict from this my young mind effectively reached the conclusion that all conflict effectively devolves into racial conflict
I met actual far right people and realized they were actually retarded. I became disillusioned and started reading more books and leftist philosophy. I started browsing more after the 2016 election because /pol/ went to shit with muh share blue and lack of serious discussion
(2.83 MB 960x540 1576125449462.webm)
>Be me, blogposter >post non politics in /leftypol/ >post porn until thread is moved to /b/
>>1155876 sauce?
>>1155876 >3d absolutely degenerate and gay
>be 15 >read marx >read more marxists >take 5 years just reading and following forum discussions >settle on marxism leninism >be socialist for another 10 years >find leftypol and get called a stalinist >5 years later >bunker nazbols on leftypol calling me radlib >stop bothering with "leftism" you're all fucking retarded and there's no point in wasting time on it, parties are just circlejerks and busy work, internet platforms are just the latest fashion of contrarianism, none of you are of relevance and socialism in the west is very much dead, just lean back and watch it unfold
>started off not caring for politics >one day watched one sjw owned compilations and got hooked >browsed right wing subreddits >became an active member of cringe anarchy >hate literally anybody left of mussolini and wanted (((them))) and uighurs dead >fast forward a year and cringeanarchy is banned >go on incels.is and looksmax.me >still heavily right wing but not as much > one day decided to browse top posts of r/the_donald > I was muslim at the time fyi. saw a post of a picture of muhammad the profit posted during ramadan with a bunch of swastickas on it and the comments talked about how he looked like a transhumanist and how muslims are terrorists. >realized how literally every alt righter wanted me dead and wouldnt make a spot for me in the ethnostate > move farther left >realize how cringe capitalism is and how cucked you must be to support a system like that here I am now, ready to die for the holy war for islamic communism
>>1155901 even more degenerate and gay
>>1155892 .t contraction
>>1155907 Wrong That's hot as hell
>>1155579 Ok now read everything by C.L.R James.
I was a hippie child. I listened to political bands like System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Ministry, etc. hated imperialism, the police and xenophobia but women, the LGBT, the proletariat, religion, nationalism, capitalism never entered my mind. South Park and the travesty of politics where I live made me hate politicians and bourgeois politics. I discovered atheism on the internet and developed an interest in history; that led me to distrusting religion and centralized power/absolute power. I played C&C Generals and thought the GLA was cool. In 2013 I discovered 4chan during the anti-SJW rage and being a South Park kiddy I immediately jumped in to dunk on caricatures. Around this time I was making Hitler memes from the movie Downfall. Sometime after I discovered /pol/. The hate for Israel, the military industrial complex and the feds on /pol/ was extremely based to me. I was posting Ron Paul memes. Then gamergate happened and /pol/ became increasingly more retarded for me (to this day I have no idea what gamergate was about beyond "ethics in journalism"). /pol/ no longer felt like a haven for me with the increasing number of race baiting, western chauvinism and culture war bullshit clogging up the catalogue plus the racism no longer felt a joke. So I temporarily left /pol/ and ended up lurking neonazi sites like Stormfront and Vanguard News Network seeking what I considered serious political discussion. Enter conspiracy theories like globalist Jew Soros the holohoax never happened (((the bankers))) yadda yadda which I ate up very easily. At this point I had become sympathetic to fascism but there were several problems: I do not trust supreme leaders, I do not care for race and xenophobia, I do not care for a reactionary return to tradition as I am quite happy with my anime porn and I am anti-imperialist. On top of that I am of Slavic origin and have brown eyes which made me very self-conscious while lurking these sites. I discovered Mosley while browsing the Grand Strategy General on /vg/; reading up on him he seemed more reasonable to me than other fascists and that turned me into a national syndicalist then though I still didn't read theory. I go back to /pol/ and soon after arrived the MAGA cult. I became obsessed with American politics and somehow reasoned myself into thinking Trump is actually more progressive than Hillary. Trump will end America's imperialism! Trump will rein in the spooks! Trump will legalize weed! Trump will stop neoliberalism! I saved and shared many Trump memes and was genuinely fooled into thinking Trump was a savior. Then Trump won and... He attacked Syria. I was crushed. Permanently left /pol/ and thought I was done with politics. I became an incel but then I saw incels become crazy and hated by the public which felt like it happened overnight so I distanced myself from that shit (I have yet to drop certain incel blackpills but I don't hate women or think incel motivated violence is justified). Found out about Andrew Yang through a crypto-fascist fbi.gov which was normally dedicated to Japanese tabletop roleplaying games. Became interested in politics again, I fell into the trap of thinking Yang was a savior. Yang made me think about the proletariat for the first time. Yang lost but before I could quit politics again I had a leftist friend on fbi.gov to talk to. Before you know it I'm watching breadtube which is cleaning out the conspiracy theory brainworms I picked up, reading theory and gradually abandoning the crypto-fascist hobby fbi.govs I was in. For like 5 seconds I was conflicted about not being politically correct thanks to breadtube being radlib but settled on a chameleon approach where I adapt my language depending on setting and audience. Discovered bunkerchan and here I am. Also realized that other than being retarded /pol/ is really hypocritical (for all the talk of hating degeneracy they seem to have quite a few number of people who would never be accepted in fascist groups in ye days of old for being degenerate). >>1155790 Me I guess? Even though I had no idea what ganergate was about. I was just there to "protect" muh tits in video games. >>1155821 This is why Maoist Third Worldism is cancer and why figures like Sakai are dangerous.
>>1155808 So you support whichever side hurts your feelings less at any given moment? How about you actually form your own opinions L0l
My only regret is that crypto-leftist hobby dicksword servers (or any communities really) don't exist, and if they do then they're extremely hard to find. Sucks not having any leftist friends with shared interests.
>>1155623 >transracial >right wing, not radlib i... what?
>>1155806 > While power should be organized bottom-up and be held accountable to the people it serves, the structures by which people execute their will cannot be ad-hoc or loose. The sanitation committee can’t just disappear or change its immediate character because the original members have retired. Nor is it desirable to improvise for problems rather than be proactive about them. That's more or less exactly Bookchin's position. Hit him up sometime, he's a good theorist.
>>1155808 Your beliefs dont just become worthless if people who identify with that group are retards.
>>1155892 >>>/dead/ is that way
>>1155627 >>hey 8chan's got a porn board too >*notices leftypol* OwO whats this? It was the furry board, wasn't it?
yeah guys this thread totally isn't a bait keep responding
(140.17 KB 341x320 1417986847217.gif)
>>1155976 we respond /because/ it's bait anon, haven't you learned anything about /leftypol/ by now?
(124.44 KB 200x230 766.gif)
(569.76 KB 640x590 tenor.png)
>>1155981 >we respond /because/ it's bait anon, haven't you learned anything about /leftypol/ by now? then you are fucking retards lmao
>> 1155990 >no fun allowed!
>>1156032 There was a wojak with nationalist pro-finish comments and tattooed with swastikas and SS cheering how he fucked Stalin. If that's what you guys are talking about, you clearly aren't reading the rules before reading: No Nazi choirs, promoting or cheering.
>>1155887 With a filename like that, they may not know But you can find out from the signature: https://html.duckduckgo.com/html?q=guilty%20artist%203d leads you to the Newfgrounds page (click Movies tab to find that one) and their Patreon with an archive of their work before Tumblr became anti-porn
>>1155623 >KEK,did you really did that? yes lol
>>1155627 based
>>1155800 Lemme guess, you're a teenager?
>>1155876 nigga wtf is that?
Was politically apathetic until gamergate, got sucked into /pol/ because of it. /pol/ became increasingly schizo as time went on, all its prescriptions and theories became less and less coherent and their arguments became more and more based on rhetoric and propaganda tactics. 8/leftypol/ actually had logically consistent answers to my arguments and it ended up winning me over despite my intense hatred of the left. The final nail in the coffin was I joined a trade union.
>>1156264 good for you anon.
>>1155579 I never became as far right as you have, but people making fun of my skin colour also messed with me as a teen. I'm glad you could find your way out of it. Cheers from an Arab/Germanic mutt
(21.16 KB 500x334 regretsman.jpg)
>be negro and autist >start getting around politics when in middle school >was exposed to gamergate, sargon of akkad other anti-sjw shit on youtube and tumblr >starting to be a anti-feminist and anti sjw >recently become a basic bitch conservative when watching shapiro, crowder, bill whittle, McInnis. >journey to the right wing pipeline gotten worse, exposed to wignats, holocaust denialism, the jewish question, cultural marxism during high school >was so obsessed with the joosish question that I watch every fucking video about it >Trump was running for president and it got worse >got so obsessed with fascism/ natsoc but keep it to myself >was a hotep, believe in natsoc but for blacks only >Still become a rightoid till Trump won the presidency and meme about it. >Until I stumbled up leftypol and other left wing circles online around 2016-2017. >leftypol was anti-idpol and actually based. >realized that liberals are not leftists. >realized that neoliberal capitalism is the problem not marxist jews. >Starting to gain interest about commmunism, realized I was retarded and was being lied to. >got too obsessed with leftypol,lurking like crazy, drawing hammer and sickles and anarcho flags in class, have a marx profile pic on my school laptop but calm down after high school. What a retarded fucking politically journey I dealt with
>>1155350 >grew up in typical blue collar family, son of factory workers >spend most of my childhood as a miserable radlib >move to small, traditional conservative town in high school and loved it, gradually drifted towards conservatism >studied economics in college, learning all about neoclassicalism and nothing about Marxism >believe that Marxism was like some crazy cult that wanted to starve people to death and turn all children trans >hopped around the trendy conservative movements and figures, from libertarianism and Ron Paul to Milo to Alt Right to Amnats, etc... >supported Donald Trump in 2016 because he stood up to SJWs and didn't want to flood the nation with cheap foreign labor >favorite conservative figures were getting deplatformed by websites run by big oligopolies >realize that no conservative made a serious attempt to stop this >realize that we support giving tax breaks and subsidies to multi-national corporations who screw over blue-collar workers and destroy small town America >figure there has to be a more moral way than capitalism to run an economy >eventually start reading Capital >"Holy shit, fighting for worker's right instead of simping for billionaires who take our jobs and shove degeneeracy down our throats? This is actually based." >eventually find out about /leftypol/ and am shocked by how class conscious it is >go full blown lefty and start defending China and the DPRK
>>1156386 you don't have to defend burgerland with chinese characteristics and DPRK anon. Critique imperialism against them, yes, but the worker movements have been very suppressed there.
All i did was ask what the "socialism" part of "national socialism" meant and embraced strasser, then nazbol, then schizo religion (i was banned almost a dozen times for accusing leftists of being saturnalians), then i got here
>>1155813 A (you) your way my good man.
>>1155579 I also went down the same path as you. I'm Native American and when I was younger I was always insecure about how I looked and wished I was white, which led me to me becoming one of those non-white self hating /pol/tards. Good thing we got out of that mindset
>>1156487 has any of this autistic posting about marx actually rubbed off on you?
>>1156487 >gay strasserist EVERY TIME
>>1155974 No it was d and I loved the slimegirl thread.
>>1155350 >Tfw was never a chud Feels good
>>1156586 Shaytan’s the femboy gf we all wish we had
I first heard about socialism in history class during high school. They tried to portray it as a literal fucking demon but I thought that how the hell does trying to bring equality is bad for everyone. luckily enough the teacher was kind of based and and somewhat show a left-leaning opinion.
>>1156679 true. what I would give to snuggle with a cute esoteric femboy
>>1156487 >dat political evolution >from Shaytan <mfw equally a huge hug, friend
>>1156689 I skipped the part where i was an ancap at like 10 years old and believed roads were stupid cuz space lmao My mother was always a hippy who hated corporations and liked the environment and my dad was a skinhead confederate sympathizer who browsed stormfront since the 90s I was never loyal to the usa for that reason and my mom introduced me to above/belowtopsecret (web forum) where i subsequently discovered 4chan/x/ at age 8. Ron paul memes were strong at the time so of course i fell for the ancap meme.
>>1156340 How do you feel about all the fucking we wuz kangz memes?
>>1155355 I also used to be a chud, now I'm leftypol so what is my new name? Am I a poljak or what?
Pre-/pol/ natsoc who realized that while Jews are overrepresented in the capitalist class, the capitalist class are the ones fucking us all.
>>1156787 It somewhat bothers me. Not because of the mockery of these maniac hoteps/ afrocentrists. But because of these retards who think actual pre-colonial African history is nothing but dumb backwards tribes living in huts. When you give examples of historical African states like Mali, Benin, or Great Zimbabwe, they will downplay or say that only non-Africans like the Arabs build these civilizations, not the natives.
>>1155480 damn anon, i had a similar beginning >got into eugenics and new atheism >think philosopher-king kind of intellectualism >supported fascism although never antisemitism >started dating a rad lib >got me into rad lib-ness >rad lib wasn't liberatory enough, started thinking about abolition of gender and shit >played around with socdem-ism >started actually reading theory >read pannekoke, herman gorter, became a council communist >read Duave >became even more of a council communist with a lot of anarchist sympathies >be me
I am no longer a leftists. This board has done a very good job of redpilling me on (state) capitalism.
>>1155790 I was part of GamerGate when it went down, mostly did it because I thought that Sarkessian was a con-artist trying to create yet another moral panic in video games like Jack Thompson did. I did listen to Soygon, but I also didn't like how the right wing went and completely dominate the narrative of gamergate. Even still I did keep my more left-wing style views,and was against "le SJWs" due to the fact I saw them no different from the religious right that also tried to censor games back in the 1990's early 2000's. I eventually left the Goobergate nonsense behind, even though it did sort of help me find /leftypol/.
(122.19 KB 900x955 emiliano-zapata-web-01.jpg)
To be honest, I was a little strange. I think I was always going to wind up a leftist, I remember even as a young kid, like 5-6 years old always asking my dad why we needed money to buy things. It didn't make sense to me that my dad worked all the time and never had anything. I remember being fairly apolitical as a kid and teenager, I always felt like it was something that only smart or well read people could get into, and life never seemed different for me regardless of who was president, as I was still poor as shit (!!!!). When I was 9 or so, I used to also read a shitload of Nat Geo, and always loved the stories where they went to war torn 3rd world countries and I heavily sympathized (being bullied myself) with the poor helpless Middle Easterners and Africans and was always left wondering why my life in the US wasn't horrible like theirs. I also remember reading a book on the holocaust and being absolutely fascinated by it. I remember being absolutely awestruck by the sheer inhumanity of the Nazi regime, and I would spend ages just staring at the page (keep in mind I was like 9) where they showed the Jews piled up naked in ditches. I remember feeling a very deep feeling of anger and impotence at the fact that that happened to them, and I remember thinking that since I'm Mexican, maybe in a different time or place that could have been me (this was around the same age I remember being called a wetback for the first time, and learning about Joe Arpaio, who I fucking DESPISE and still do) As a late teenager, I met some crazy girl who would trip on /mu/ and she had somewhat progessive views and I started changing a lot as a result of hanging around her. I had made a Tumblr a year before that and gotten into radlib ideas and feminism, and I was also fairly bicurious and got into Xiu Xiu who on top of being over the top gay have a few songs about US imperalism/the global south and I started reading a lot about that too. I became somewhat of a limp wristrd radlib, I'd always hated "toxic masculinity" (I still do) and thought that making fun of gays and women was pretty fucking stupid, but I didn't really have much of a coherent world view beyond that and OBAMA == GOOD. I became seriously depressed and dropped out of highschool at 17 and began to wrestle with a lot of repressed trauma from when I was a kid. I kinda stopped caring about anything until I got to college after a long series of fuckups, and since I had been browsing 4chan a number of years already I began paying attention to the proto gamergate/culture war BS that had begun forming in late 2014. I thought SJW's were kind of ridiculous, and my older brother (a 4chan super oldfag rightoid) saw that I was becoming amenable (on top of super depressed and insecure) to this kind of thing and began a long period of what I now realize (thanks to therapy and a few people who commented on it) was very serious emotional abuse that involved him slowly indoctrinating me into his insane, social darwinist fascist worldview formed by browsing /k/, /pol/, being a victim of child abuse, working at Walmart, and growing up Mexican in the "hood". I remember walking home from a job interview once in 2015 thinking "ya man I'm so cool and alt right, I'm real counterculture" while listening to Death In June and whistling a Laibach (LOL) song. I hated anything "progressive", started to view everything as a competition where only the strongest survive, and began to have an extremely rigid, black and white worldview. I started to becoming unironically racist too, I remember so many conversations with my older brother just making fun of black people, and late nights spent on /pol/ being horrified by "blackpill" threads where you had webms of uighurs doing uighur shit like being victims of colonialism and doing stupid shit at the club. I started to feel even worse about the state of the world in 2016 as I was really fucking up my degree and began to start seeing the serious decay neoliberalism was bringing to California. I remember thinking this was all because of "cultural degeneracy" and I felt somewhat enthused when Trump won. I got super into lifting weights in the first few months of 2017, and a number of different things began to happen to me. I started developing some self esteem for the first time in my entire life. Seeing this, my older brother suddenly became even more abusive. He would insult me multiple times a day, often quite literally each time I came into the room, frequently calling me fat, stupid (which he has done all my life) in the most vicious ways (honestly just imagine the average /pol/ spergout but directed at someone IRL) possible. He had started dating this fucked up Korean chick around this time, so I think I was a blow off valve for his frustrations at being unable to turn this anime watching raver girl away from degeneracy (which he frequently complained about, and it clued me in to the fact that he really genuinely is an abuser). I remember he got back from Fanime once and the first thing he says to me unprompted when he came in the front door was like, "You're a worthless piece of garbage and you'll never, ever be anything without me" (as I later found out from snooping on the /fireden/ vg archive, the night before he was kept awake because his friends decided to have a threesome in the corner) which slowly made me start to realize: "Hey, if right wingers are the good guys, why are they all such fucking assholes?". I still kept my somewhat reactionary ideas with me in spite of all that, but over time I began to doubt what I believed more and more. The strength training groups I hung out in were all filled with lolberts and Trumpoids, and there were a few times when they went mask off where I felt deeply unsettled. This happened in a lot of the somewhat reactionary spaces I inhabited around 2018-2019, including 4chan. I felt more and more that everything I believed in was a lie, I consistently felt shocked at the fact that these people didn't actually want to fix anything despite their rhetoric, and only seemed to exist to exercise their innate cruelty. The community that most shook my worldview was a shitposting group for my town, which was infested with Trumpoids. They would routinely post all kinds of racist bullshit, and would frequently bully this insane trans person who posted there in the most over the top juvenile ways imaginable. I remember them always talking about how everyone ought to just kill homeless people or just move them somewhere else and leave them basically to die, which horrified me. I wanted to the homeless to take "personal responsibility", not fucking die. More and more I began to see how bereft of empathy these people were. I think one of the final nails in the coffin for my reactionary views was joining a popular FB music group. It was fucking FILLED to the brim with radlibs, and some moderate leftists. Everytime I tried to debate them on anything when things went political, I got hopelessly btfo. The thing that got me though, was that even though I disagreed, they were all very nice. Even the most deranged radlibs there treated me with more respect than any of the rightoids I met on 4chan or the other FB groups I posted in, and I started to think back to the things I thought as a kid. If these people were bad, as Ben Shapiro would say, why were they all so nice? Why did they consistently side with the opressed, even in spite of their own advantages and differences? Why is it that my older bro, who always claimed to be doing things out of kindness, so consistently cruel? I started to question everything again, and at the beginning of this year, I decided to take a polisci course. My professor, and admitted Marxist and founding member of OWS did his best to expose us to everything without bias. I doubted this, and expected to be indoctrinated to some dumb radlib BS by the end of the class. I remember getting to Marx finally and thinking, well, this is it. It better not be about transhumanists. As I read Estranged Labor, I thought of my dad slamming his fist in anger on the wall each morning before work, and I realized that this, this was it.
is this a pol thread made to make us look bad or are you guys this stupid
>>1157042 What do you mean, anon
>>1155350 >read Lenin >voted for Biden Damn
(228.05 KB 2047x819 accelerationism ultra mind.jpg)
(44.93 KB 756x732 accelerationism red blue.png)
>>1157049 Remind me again of the high living standards Russian and Chinese subjects enjoyed before the revolution.
>>1157049 Not everyone who didn’t go full liberal for Biden believes in accelerationism as politics.
(362.58 KB 1920x1080 explaination.jpg)
>>1156930 You're a comrade, comrade.
>>1156930 For as long as you keep admitting it. Self-fulfilling prophecy, you know?
>bumplocking a decent thread why tho?
>>1157049 This is ironically assuming that Biden would make things better
>>1157016 holy shit man this is like a full on short story thats awesome
>fat awkward bullied kid >tried to be funny all the time >spent all my time looking at ifunny reactionary pages >Straight up racist at times, no refrain >Didn't care I just absorbed it >Fell into the 2016 alt right hell hole >Thought of myself as a neocon >undertale comes out >I talk to people in the community, actually learn social skills >Decides to lose weight and get gf >Not as muscular as I'd like to be, but not fat anymore >At some point the alt right just felt petty. After a while, I stopped using racist stuff >Decided to go into philosophy >Hear about Hegel >Hear about Marx and here i am. I'm fairly new though. I still consider myself baby leftist, and I still get BTFO every once in a while by neocons and rightoids because I can't hold my own in an argument yet, but I try to take them as a learning experience. if anyone wants to reccomend books/media for not getting absoluely desstroyed right when I enter an argument, please let me know
What retard janny bumplocked this thread
>>1155579 really based transition, hope you're feeling good about yourself now :)
>>1155579 went down a similar route, also mixed, wonder how many other mixed ppl have ended up getting sucked into this shit.
>>1157194 yo fellow ifunnier, inigga am i right my dude? hahaha noon'em!
(80.72 KB 460x305 IMG_0070.PNG)
>>1155350 Here's my journey from leftism, to fascism. >Be me >Born into a working class, dysfunctional family. >Raised on the internet, and video games. >Hate, and fail in school. But become interested in stereotypicaly "intellectual things" at a young age, evolution, military history, and politics. >Pre teen years are spent as a generic "anti imperialist" liberal. Literally a child, didn't read much actual theory. >Focus on the middle east at first since in my view that was the most relevant conflict at the time. Come to the conclusion that we invaded the middle east for oil, our government is owned by big corporations, our democracy is a farce, ect. Focus mostly on what I considered to be "bad" but without offering any solutions of my own, not really understanding allot of the nuances of it. >Also really into 9/11 conspiracy theories at the time. Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, Dick Cheney destroyed the twin towers, Osama is a U.S paid actor, retarded shit like that. >Get older, and learn more about western imperialism. The western funding of warlords in Congo for Coltan, Israel's oppression of the Palestinians, coups in South America, the list goes on and on. >Start to adopt some leftist ideas, without really understanding the origin of them. I.e we should abolish money, and banks, race was just a justification used by capitalists to exploit the "other, representative democracy is a sham, and we should adopt direct democracy, ect. But I wouldn't call myself a "leftist" at this time "using the absurdly narrow definition of leftist that /leftypol/ uses anyway. Since I hadn't read marx, or saw things as a "materialist" yet. >By the time I hit middle school I was making fun of christian kids for believing in retarded fairy tales. And having political conversations with my teachers in the rare moments I wasn't sleeping at my desk. "One time, 13 year old me managed to convince my art teacher that money had no inherent value, and we should abolish money in favor of a barter system." >Spend all my time not researching political shit on video games "not much has changed tbh" >A little bit of time passes >Be super into modding Fallout New Vegas at the time. >Get introduced to proper leftist philosophy by a New Vegas modder, and self proclaimed anarcho-communist calling himself "Thumblesteen" >Releases a mod "Obscurum Pandemic" that basically satirizes modern industrial, capitalism. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/59344?tab=description >I think it's the coolest shit ever. >Talk with him for a minute, he introduces me to marxism. >Before I only ever knew communists as "Those evil bad guys who killed people. and stuff" >I read the communist manifesto, and basically took it as holy writ. >Join some "anarchist" internet groups, and get into constant internet slap fights with liberals. >Hate the USSR for being "le ebil totalitarians" who "betrayed the real revolutionary anarchists" >Get older, and start to get exposed to the really horrible shit that happens in 3rd world countries. >The Vice Documentary "The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia" being really influential here. >Have a complete mental breakdown when I realize that all the nonwhite countries in the world are not just little innocent victims being exploited by white capitalists. >Come to the conclusion that wars could not just be summed up as "capitalist money making scams" and that there were a multitude of factors. >Decide that if no one else would help these people. than I would. I try to get my life together in the hopes of one day becoming a Surgeon, in order to help treat all the poor and dying shitskins of the world. >Learn more about the USSR, how it improved living standards, beat the nazis, and was generally not too bad. >Come to the conclusion that anarchism was a pipe dream for the foreseeable future, and that state socialism was far more practical. >Become full on tankie, Marxist-Leninist >Hesitant to defend Stalin at first, but later on get into Holodomor revisionism, and came to the conclusion that he wasn't so bad. >I begin to worship the USSR, coming to believe that they got everything perfect. I took heavy inspiration from Lenin in my thinking, and listened to Red Army Choir every day. Just imaginating being a part of such a glorious society. >Get older >Around 16 by this point >Start to come to the conclusion, that while not nearly as terrible as western propagandists liked to portray. The USSR wasn't the ideal society either. >Slowly grow out of communism, seeing it as contrived, pseudo-scientific, and just generally wrong about the direction that human society was going. Coming to the conclusion that there would never be an "end of history" that there would always be social classes in human society, that history was not defined merely by class struggle, and that a communist society would always just revert back into a capitalist one. >I spent the next two years in a desperate search for meaning, and understanding of the world. Even trying to "autisticlly" trying to create my own political ideology at one point in time. >Start finding myself on more and more obscure sections of the internet, frequently getting into debates with fascists. Who I considered to be "super ebul bad guys" at the time, >I remember getting into hysterics because I couldn't disprove a study showing genetic correlational in IQ differences between whites, and blacks. >I'm wrecked in every debate when It comes to facts. Often admitting my ignorance "For the benefit of outside observers" and then sperging about teh 6 million, and all the other supposed "atrocities' in order to try and "win" >More and more their points of view start to make sense to me, and I hate myself for it. >I stop engaging with fascists for a bit, and begin to look up to Putin as an "ideal" to look up to. >It was really a massive cope. Trying desperately to find some team to root for, that still existed in the modern world. Someone I could consider "the good guy" who fought against U.S imperialism, and looked out for the interests of their citizens. >Later come to realize Putin is really no better >Come to the conclusion that the "evil fascists" were right about economics "that a mixed, corporatist, economy, modified to suit the material conditions of the nation, was the best possible option" but disagreed on everything else. >Start to read fascist literature >Start to do actual research on human genetic diversity, and eugenics. >Begin to notice the negative impact faggotry was having on our society. >Say fuck it, If fascism has the facts on its side, than I'll be a fascist. >Disavow National Socialism until I get into Holocaust revisionism, much like how I disavowed Stalin before I got into Holodomar revisionism. >Sit around and do nothing with this newfound knowledge >Make a post on /leftypol/ that no one will read Anywhere here's my entire life story, whoopdee do.
>>1157474 >Borned in a working class family >raised in a gehtto >hating racism since i was 8 >parents walk all day raised by chad atheist grandma >still not a racist >learns about leftism and communism in my teens >learns famillies communist legacy >proud communist hates nazism even more >finds leftypol and reads >still never fallen for right wing retardation debates fascism all day >finds paganism still not intrested in right wing ideas >finds a girl falls in love >years now together as a communist pagan couple <when very young thought capitalism was meritocratic for like a month Comrades no one is perfect ,i am glad you found the correct path
>>1157708 >Easily influenced retard that shops fringe ideologies based on the last 50 page pamphlet he read or Vice docu he watched becomes a fascist >Total misunderstanding of Marxism >Will probably attach another cool ideological label to himself within a month This is why we advise you to read theory, kids.
>>1155579 I'm white but my journey was very similar. Trump > fascist-adjacent > read wage, labour & capital > watched demsoc01, xexizy, badmouse, finnbol > libertarian socialist > ML
>>1157708 Believe me, in another year you're gonna be an ancap considering your ideology shopping kek
>>1155579 You seem lost as fuck honestly, if you changed so much who says you won't become some extremist jihadist next year or some ultra orthodox jew. Honestly, get your shit together fam
Ok dengist pp-licker mcgees, here’s my journey into leftism >be born into Christian, midwestern-style conservative family >parrot off what my parents and grand parents, media like Fox News, and what my friends say, right-wing horseshit >as I grow into middle school and early high school, I grow discontent with things like gun control and the war on drugs, become a kind of rightist libertarian >This anti-state thinking I’d say demonstrates my first honest and real ideological conviction >as I grow up through high school and even graduate, I basically become an increasingly leftist SocDem due to both personal issues (seeing the tolll work had on my mom, grandparents, friends) and also beginning to read (this is the first time I started to read the likes of Marx, started to understand historical materialism, etc.) >by the time I’m well into university, I consider myself vaguely as a Marxist, I start studying more the concrete conditions of places such as the USSR and PRC instead of the theoretical works of Marx or Engels or Kropotkin >realize Marxism-Leninism has undoubted been the most successful strain of thought in overthrowing capitalism and forming soviet republics, has been the only leftist train of thought to directly compete with Capitalism for decades If anyone asks me now, I would describe myself as a Marxist-Leninist. Or at least as a Leninist. I wonder if this is what I fully believe in, or (and probably more realistically) my political beliefs will further evolve over time.
(99.62 KB 680x554 transhumanism.gif)
>>1157971 Incorrect
>>1156991 Do you still believe in the necessity of expropriating the capitalist class? Because without that even state capitalism will go to shit pretty fast.
(5.36 KB 225x225 hehe.png)
>>1157708 Why does fascism fail everytime its been tried?
The world gone mad It's won't be like your superhero movie where the bad guys ganged up by good guys, lose and good guys get happy end. It be like good guys fight alone against many bad guys and lose in the end. Movie are projection from real world.
>>1157144 OP is an obvious false flag.
>>1157991 >reee muh Dengists > I'm a marxist-leninist 99.99% of people will not distinguish between these two things
>>1157873 Yes, anyone who disagrees with marxism just "misunderstands it" I've read theory you retard. Sorry I didn't write a 10000 word essay on the materialist conception of history in my already long winded post. >>1157928 Nah, unrestrained capitalism, and anarchism are both retarded. My ideological changes were brought about due to growing up, and understanding new points of view, and reading books as I got older. I already understand that ancap/libertarian view perfectly, and it's shit. /leftypol/ likes to bragg about all the former /pol/acks that they've converted "also fucking kek at all the self hating shitskins who realized that white nationalism won't benefit them" yet something they don't seem to get is that people can understand their ideology, and disagree with it. A shiton of fascists had their ideological origins in leftism, both historically, and today.
>>1159221 >Yes, anyone who disagrees with marxism just "misunderstands it" I've read theory you retard. Sorry I didn't write a 10000 word essay on the materialist conception of history in my already long winded post. This unironically
>>1159140 >ex yes
>>1159264 >You sound like a Christian fam, ngl. The communist manifesto isn't any more holy writ than the bible.
>>1159268 didn't imply it was but yes most people that are ex marxists didn't read Marx. Also Lmao if you think the communist manifesto is important.
>>1159140 You will never get a girlfriend
(44.00 KB 538x539 1591858153930.jpg)
I was predisposed to being a rightoid since I have conservative Muslim Kurdish parents but being someone born in a liberal city in Burgerland, I started out as a milquetoast democrat. I started getting into politics in 2016 and found 4chan through /pol/, my journey went something like: >Libertarian >Became a Pinochet stan >Le Ebin Turd Positionist >Duginist >Since Dugin's whole thing is "mixing the first three political ideologies to defeat liberalism" I started out as a Turd positionist with an autistic fixation on a Eurasian aesthetic, but increasingly I thought "why do we disagree with the Communists on x thing or y thing/" and then I thought "why aren't we just Communists?" Didn't understand Marx fully then though >Have been an ML for two years now >>1155579 Being a younger person and having access to /pol/ fucked up my self-image like you wouldn't believe, it's a wild thing that I felt like I has to prove to myself that I wasn't a rapist like my countrymen supposedly are.
>>1159345 I had*
(18.95 KB 486x322 bob-sponge-squid WTF GRRRr.jpg)
(272.10 KB 800x462 Alunya-cat-buaaaah.png)
>>1155876 >no hole Immersion ruined
>>1157708 >Say fuck it, If fascism has the facts on its side, than I'll be a fascist. Kek thats one way to cope
>>1159345 Huh, funny - I've got a similar family background but because I was born earlier and got to experience the brunt of the war on terror i was a leftist from a pretty young age, albeit a confused one, in spite of spending so much time on 4chan. Funny how just being born into a certain time shaped each of us so differently.
This is a good thread. too bad some people got angry at the word 'chud' in the op and assumed it was a pol false flag and tried to spam the thread
>>1157708 >IQ by race argument It's a silly thing to draw conclusions from. One of the people with the highest recorded IQs in the world is full-African (Philip Emeagwali) so there's clearly not a meaningful genetic upper bound. There are also black people who have pioneered advanced fields like neurosurgery, so I don't know what you would get out of noticing an apparent average. Furthermore, even if IQ is/was a decently technically-valid (even if inconsistent) measurement for specific kinds of intelligence that assist in academic success, to consider it a measure of intelligence overall is very much mistaken. t. qualified for MENSA
>>1159660 >I don't know what you would get out of noticing an apparent average. Why would you think only the right end of a bell curve matters ? The apparent average is made of people too, and they have influence on society in various ways. For example it was average afroamericans who made Sanders and Trump lose this election. >to consider it a measure of intelligence overall is very much mistaken. It's tightly correlated to general intelligence according to psychometricians.
>>1159660 This, IQ is not a measure of success, it is a measure of non-failure.
>>1159672 >For example it was average afroamericans who made Sanders and Trump lose this election. Age and rura;/urban was a much more powerful indictor than race. >It's tightly correlated to general intelligence according to psychometricians. Like who?
>>1159677 >Like who? <Full-scale IQ scores from a test battery will usually be highly correlated with g factor scores, and they are often regarded as estimates of g. For example, the correlations between g factor scores and full-scale IQ scores from David Wechsler's tests have been found to be greater than .95. <[1]Kamphaus, R.W., Winsor, A.P., Rowe, E.W., & Kim, S. (2005). A history of intelligence test interpretation. In D.P. Flanagan and P.L. Harrison (Eds.), Contemporary intellectual assessment: Theories, tests, and issues (2nd Ed.) (pp. 23–38). New York: Guilford. <[13]Jensen, A.R. (1992). "Understanding g in terms of information processing". Educational Psychology Review. 4 (3): 271–308. doi:10.1007/bf01417874. S2CID 54739564. <[16] Jensen, A.R. (1998). The g factor: The science of mental ability. Westport, CT: Praeger. ISBN 0-275-96103-6 >>1159677 >Age and rura;/urban was a much more powerful indictor than race. Maybe so, but that's not my point. Averages matter, be it the average new yorker, the average white, the average retiree.
>>1159677 >Age and rura;/urban was a much more powerful indictor than race. Of course! We need to kill all the urbanites.
>>1159684 >The g factor typically accounts for 40 to 50 percent of the between-individual performance differences on a given cognitive test, and composite scores ("IQ scores") based on many tests are frequently regarded as estimates of individuals' standing on the g factor. Obviously it would be correlated with IQ, since it already intrinsically factors in IQ. This means that anon's criticism of IQ extends to that of g-factor >>1159684 >Averages matter, be it the average new yorker, the average white, the average retiree. And the counterpoint which you don't seem to understand is that seeking correlations from certain averages is pointless as there are countless competing correlations. Even worse when you make causation claims from it
>>1159672 Unrelated but interesting extract from the same Wikipedia article as that quote: >Differences in g [factor] between racial and ethnic groups have been found, particularly in the U.S. between black- and white-identifying test takers, though these differences appear to have diminished significantly over time,[123] and to be attributable to environmental (rather than genetic) causes.[123][138] <[123] Dickens, William T.; Flynn, James R. (2006). "Black Americans Reduce the Racial IQ Gap: Evidence from Standardization Samples <[138] Nisbett, Richard E.; Aronson, Joshua; Blair, Clancy; Dickens, William; Flynn, James; Halpern, Diane F.; Turkheimer, Eric (2012). "Group differences in IQ are best understood as environmental in origin" (should we take this to another thread?)
>>1155813 >because varg vikernes I knew it, this was more than just a meme https://youtu.be/RdyfIOK3ZXQ
>>1159684 >Maybe so, but that's not my point. Averages matter, be it the average new yorker, the average white, the average retiree. Hardly. The average human has one testicle. The average American adult has $432,365 the median is $65,904. Average is a pretty shitty metric on its own (it can be more useful with more metrics such as a measure of distribution) and doesn't imply a good cause of action (if the average male has a higher IQ than the average female, it does not follow that a random normal male has a higher IQ than a random normal female)
>>1159733 >it already intrinsically factors in IQ Since general intelligence factors in IQ, the other anon's criticism of IQ as not "a measure of intelligence overall" applies to general intelligence ? I dont get your reasoning. >there are countless competing correlations Even if they all had the same correlation ratio (they don't), that wouldn't make each one irrelevant. Complex relationships is different from no relationship. >>1159764 >(should we take this to another thread?) Is it allowed to discuss this in depth ? >>1159795 >average vs median Those are identical for IQ, since it has a normal distribution by design. As for cause for actions, the average is indeed inaccurate for individuals, but not for populations.
I grew up in a shitlib household, occupy opened my eyes to the wider world of leftist thought. After that I quit again because six months after it was over they were slap fighting over a 24 year old activist screwing a 15 year old runaway and doxing boomers over a McDonalds being constructed. Now I only post on pol because even if there are many deluded people they don't shun you for calling them out on faggotry like leftists do. How is faggot even a slur?
>>1159979 >After that I quit again because six months after it was over they were slap fighting over a 24 year old activist screwing a 15 year old runaway and doxing boomers over a McDonalds being constructed. This definitely happened also pol isn't open to criticism best you can do is laugh at Amish people.
>>1159979 >How is faggot even a slur? Because people were using it as a slur against homosexuals?
>>1160011 I mostly use it as a slur against the retarded though. >>1159993 It really did, the only people hanging on after six months were autistics, homeless, and bipolar "sex workers" and none of them had morals or the self awareness to keep that shit off Facebook.
>>1159880 >the other anon's criticism of IQ as not "a measure of intelligence overall" applies to general intelligence ? Yes you brainlet. IQ tests just as g-factor test are deeply flawed in explanation and measurement of intelligence. They can be only used for a crude approximation of intelligence, not an objective quantity. >Even if they all had the same correlation ratio (they don't), that wouldn't make each one irrelevant. No but it makes all correlations irrelevant without including a functioning casual relationship. Correlations doesn’t make a relationship. I am tired of brainlet trying to collaspe a complex world with multiple causation into simplistic correlations.
>>1159979 I'm gay and it doesn't bother me here because it's part of the culture and I'm a big boy. It doesn't hurt me. But people who use words like that IRL or in the workplace, well, those people tend to be huge faggots. It just makes them sound immature.
>>1160018 >I mostly use it as a slur against the retarded though. That’s a you problem tbh.
>>1160024 >brainlet There is no "g-factor test"... g-factor is estimated from the general correlation between different specific tests. And approximations, crude or not, are not exclusive to objective quantities. Pretending to be smarter doesn't work when you're obviously saying bullshit anon. >it makes all correlations irrelevant without including a functioning casual relationship. This is retarded. Correlations are relevant precisely because they help to identify causal relationships. Correlation is not causation but opposing them makes no sense.
>>1160067 >There is no "g-factor test" Dude even the Wikipedia article showed how the test were being conducted. >And approximations, crude or not, are not exclusive to objective quantities. You cannot measure what you cannot objectively define >Correlations are relevant precisely because they help to identify causal relationships. No they don’t, only causal relationship can help to identity correlations not the other way around.
>>1160077 Technically correlations can be identified without causation, but correlation does not imply causation
>>1160088 Yes and there are countless correlations with no casualty. Like Swiss chocolate consumption and Nobel Prize. More often that not, these correlations are either coincidences or caused for a 3rd factor altogether (Western and richer countries are more likely to consume Swiss chocolate and push investment into research). This is like Science/Logic 101. Just because if P then Q, doesn’t mean if Q then P.
>>1160077 >the Wikipedia article showed how the test were being conducted. Where ? Cognitive tests are not g-factor tests. >what you cannot objectively define G-factor is objectively defined as the correlation between the performance on different cognitive tasks. The anon I was replying to criticized IQ tests for being too specific. G-factor is not, and IQ tests are highly g-loaded. >only causal relationship can help to identity correlations What ? No ! Are you even thinking about what you're writing ? Correlations are just measurements, the link between them doesn't come into it at all. To identify the correlation between chocolate and nobels you only need to compare the numbers, not look for the cause. That's precisely why correlation is not causation.
>>1160160 >Where ? Cognitive tests are not g-factor tests. Don't play word games. the g-factor is created from these tests, which means g-factor relies on testing. >The anon I was replying to criticized IQ tests for being too specific. G-factor is not, and IQ tests are highly g-loaded. Which makes the criticism of IQ transfer onto g-factor. G-factor is still very limited in its measure. >What ? No ! Are you even thinking about what you're writing ? My bad I meant relevant correlation. Anyone can find correlations anyway from any factor, but only by identifying casualty can you find useful or relevant correlations. Only with causation can you identify relevant correlations.
>>1160099 >Just because if P then Q, doesn’t mean if Q then P. That's either inaccurate or unrelated. Correlations are instances where this is statistically true : if your country gets a lot of nobels it probably consumes a lot of chocolate, and if it consumes a lot a chocolate it probably gets nobels. Nothing more, but nothing less.
>>1160179 >That's either inaccurate or unrelated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affirming_the_consequent >if your country gets a lot of nobels it probably consumes a lot of chocolate, and if it consumes a lot a chocolate it probably gets nobels. Which doesn't mean that consuming swiss chocolate makes you win nobel prizes or vice versa. Which is my point, If P(Casuation) then Q (Correlation) doesn't imply If Q (Correlation) then P (Casuation) Hence this statement >>1160067 >Correlations are relevant precisely because they help to identify causal relationships. is worthless
>>1155350 >be me >родился в России >Дальше 300 километров от Москвы, город уже выглядит как деревня из дореволюционной эпохи, жизнь уныла и полна безысходности >С момента рождения каждый второй человек пытается втягивать в политику >Отец религиозный консерватор, мать либерал, бабушка реакционер и антисемит >Учителя неиронично рассказывали о том что Ленин был агентом немецкой разведки >Молодежная оппозиция либо succ-демы, либо либертарианцы. >Абсолютно все имеют либо негативное либо смешанное мнение о СССР >"Был ли он правда такой плохой?" >Начал изучать историческую литературу >"Нет, не был." >Вступил в организацию национал-большевиков
>>1160174 >Which makes the criticism of IQ transfer onto g-factor No, on the contrary, because the g-factor doesn't rely on specific tests. This is important, not word games. It appears with any cognitive tasks. The fact that IQ is highly correlated with G means that IQ is highly correlated with all other kinds of cognitive tasks, beyond IQ tests. In other words, regardless of how and why, high scores on IQ tests mean high general cognitive ability. And the relevance of this is also independent of the causal relationships. For example, there's a correlation between the quantity of rice in a bag and the number that shows on the scale you use to test its weight. You don't need to understand why there is a correlation, or what is gravity, for that number to be useful. You just need to have a use for the rice and a certain confidence in the accuracy of the scale, as well as no better means to measure the rice. You could count the grains but that would be less convenient. IQ is a scale. It's pretty accurate to estimate cognitive ability. Nothing more but nothing less.
>>1160186 >Which is my point, If P(Casuation) then Q (Correlation) doesn't imply If Q (Correlation) then P (Casuation) Ok, then you're strictly correct but your point is unrelated to the discussion. I didn't say correlation IS causation (in fact I said it's not), I said it HELPS to identify causation. For example, if you want to identify the cause of a country getting Nobel prizes, one of the first things you'll do is check what it is correlated with : chocolate, wealth, English language, Ashkenazi population, university ratings, so on. Then you can check each one more closely and test whether that factor is a cause, a consequence of a cause (in which case looking at common factors between the two correlated things helps to find the real cause), or if it's just coincidence.
>>1160218 More meaningless word games. Already in the Wikipedia article you quoted showed that G-factor relies on data multiple tests, including IQ, to calculate and measure. That means the problems of IQ tests (and the other tests) transfer onto g-factor. >For example, there's a causation between the quantity of rice in a bag and the number that shows on the scale you use to test its weight. FTFY moron. You don't derive correlation out of thin air. >>1160243 >I said it HELPS to identify causation And I am saying it cannot do that and no one does. > For example, if you want to identify the cause of a country getting Nobel prizes, one of the first things you'll do is check what it is correlated with : chocolate, wealth, English language, Ashkenazi population, university ratings, so on. Then you can check each one more closely and test whether that factor is a cause, a consequence of a cause (in which case looking at common factors between the two correlated things helps to find the real cause), or if it's just coincidence. Do you actually do investigations/research for a living? Because that's not how you do it. You find a casual link (or more) for one factor that would cause a country to win Nobel Prizes, then measure its correlation with the Nobel Prizes winnings. Then you manipulate some countries to see whether it changes their likelihood of winning a Nobel Prize exactly as your correlations. Changed effects, not correlation implies causation
>>1160243 Also what you are proposing is essentially https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_sharpshooter_fallacy
>>1155480 Based and natbol pilled. The memes will be glorious.
>>1160258 >That means the problems of IQ tests (and the other tests) transfer onto g-factor. No it doesn't mean that. Why would it ? Specifically, the g factor eliminates the problem of the specificity of the tasks required by an IQ test, since it relies on the correlation with different tasks. >You don't derive correlation out of thin air. No, you observe it moron. The cause of the number of the scale is complex, and you don't need to understand it, the number is useful simply because it is correlated to the actual quantity. >And I am saying it cannot do that Well then you're dishonest : >You then measure its correlation So correlations are relevant, thank you. >>1160268 No. I'm just proposing to pay attention at correlations, not to ignore some, nor to draw premature conclusions regarding the causal links. >The study found that the incidence of childhood leukemia was four times higher among those who lived closest to the power lines. Subsequent studies failed to show any association between power lines and childhood leukemia. Looking at correlations helped form an hypothesis, then disproved it. That's fine.
>>1155350 >chud >>>/r/socialism
>>1160414 That doesn't magically make the flaws of the tests go away, in fact it makes it even worse by compounding them all. >No, you observe it moron. You don't observe correlation, you measure it. If you don't understand the scale then it is worthless, at best you can use it to predict future results, but you cannot make conclusions from it. >Well then you're dishonest : And you are being an obtuse moron. Correlation are only relevant wrt the causation. Find a casualty link, then find correlations for it. >I'm just proposing to pay attention at correlations That's literally the whole fallacy, to focus on similarities like correlation and not difference .Looking at correlations to form an hypothesis is an fundamentally flawed process but you cannot derive correlation from causation. You form a hypothesis then try to confirm it with correlation, then prove it with manipulation.
>>1160453 >but you cannot derive correlation from causation. but you cannot derive causation from correlation.
>>1157016 p cool story. what do you think truly separates people like you who just believed some dumb memes but have their heart in the right place from the other people you describe who have nothing left but pure cruelty?
>>1160453 >You don't observe correlation, you measure it. And then you complain about word games ? >And you are being an obtuse moron. Correlation are only relevant wrt the causation. No U. Correlations are relevant on their own, even before you identify the cause, for practical matters as well as for forming an hypothetical explanation, but even if it's as you say, then they are helpful to confirm or infirm your hypothesis, and thus identify the cause. >to focus on similarities like correlation and not difference Where did I say that we should forget about difference ? >Looking at correlations to form an hypothesis is an fundamentally flawed process No it's not. It's perfectly fine to form an hypothesis on any basis, as long as you rigorously test it afterwards. The flaw is thinking that finding a correlation is enough to conclude to a causation, and that's what I said repeatedly but you're dead set on assuming that I'm defending that flawed thinking, I don't know why (but I'm guessing dishonesty). So once again : Correlation is not causation Correlations are useful
>>1155350 >voted for biden so still a chud?
>>1155480 what 0 pussy does to mf
>>1155579 how does this even happens
>>1155480 LMAO you were an unironic Kelthuzianist. Holy fuck how can these people even be real?
>>1160661 You're projecting son
So being right wing is all about idpol. Which group did you hate more, Blacks, Jews, the Gays™, or Womyn?
>>1160432 I don't like it either but I think we'll just have to live with the partial retardation of nu/leftypol/
>>1156930 A comrade is a comrade. Holding prejudices against people for how they got to the "correct" politics is some liberal shit. Very few people are fortunate enough to have any actual facts or truth available to them easily about this subject, so you'd have to be some combination of capricious and/or retarded to have a problem with people who used to have false consciousness.
>>1160568 Being a permanently online autistic irony poisoned teenager. t. was also a third world "third positionist" before reading some theory.
(869.82 KB 1888x2048 mors immortalis engels.jpg)
>>1157970 Since I can now explain with a scientific and materialist analysis why things in society are the way they are. And what the real motive forces of human history are. My world view is alot more complex now and grounded, compared to the: "they bad, we good" mentality i had some years ago. Also, races don't have any biological and scientific grounding since they are 200-year-old social constructs Moral values are not eternal but nothing more than an ideal expression of the dominant material relations, the dominant material relations which make the one class the ruling one, therefore the ideas of its dominance. TL;DR my views are now grounded in reality and science, not some weird obscurest appeal to some metaphysical essence that separates the white man from the black man.
(510.83 KB 1280x920 Orangutan_tAP100125036770.jpg)
>>1157708 Jesus Christ, I'm genuinely sorry all those "leftists" had never had you read theory. See you in a year when you change your ideology to something else I guess
(455.67 KB 1703x2048 D6E6HhUXoAANZdo.jpeg)
>>1161156 >races don't have any biological and scientific grounding You might want (or not) to read up some more on that. Races, in their usual understanding, are an incorrect description of reality. But they do have biological grounding. Skin colour is not a social construct, but it goes beyond that. Humans are genetically diverse, on levels comparable with subspecies or even species like wolves and coyotes. Of course taxonomy as a whole isn't a very rigorous field, they can't even agree on the definition of a species. But the one human race is a social construct designed to protect minorities, with even less scientific grounding than racism.
>>1161251 If you think humans can be divided up into subspecies then you have no idea what you are talking about and your accusations are ironic.
(552.31 KB 883x793 8666nx4t96f21.png)
>>1155350 >voted for biden
>>1161259 The only scientifically grounded way to avoid dividing humans into subspecies is to throw out the entire concept.
>>1161291 Humans cannot be nearly divided up into subspecies who cluster clearly into groups like some canines. Its more like a spectrum of gradations, a ring species which connects and turns in on itself everywhere.
>>1161297 Canids don't cluster neatly into separate groups. Neither do many other species that are still divided into subspecies. Even the north american wolves and coyotes, two species, are a spectrum of groups of variable admixture from both sides, with hybrids like the eastern and red wolf in the middle.
>>1161251 Dogs and wolves are actually a bit of an exception among taxonomists actually. They are often said to constitute a "superspecies" complex because many can interbreed with dogs but do not interbreed with each other. It's not appropriate to analogize them to humans.
>>1160571 >Kelthuzianist what does that mean??
>>1155350 i was a rabid racist,i'm not saying fascist because i had 0 ideas about how the economy or administration of the country should work,i just hated minorities then i started reading and playing sci fi stuff,one day while i was playing mass effect i thought to myself you know,if only we united as a race we could explore space and shit all the nonsensical infighting between us would stop etc then i became a libertarian because i still hated communism but wanted equal rights etc for all then a leftist friend of mine suggested me kropotkin etc so i became an ancom/libertarian leftist after that i thought wow i love ancomism but like theres a climate crisis coming up bourgie states are strong as hell how tf can we defeat them if we are just some loosely allied confederation of communes so i started reading lenin and became what i am now, a marxist leninist this process took like 2 years (from when i was 14 to 16) and i've been a ML for the past 6 years
>>1161251 >>1161251 >You might want (or not) to read up some more on that. Races, in their usual understanding, are an incorrect description of reality. But they do have biological grounding. Skin colour is not a social construct, but it goes beyond that. Humans are genetically diverse, on levels comparable with subspecies or even species like wolves and coyotes. I've read up on that, I follow it a lot since I study Genetics at Uni and population genetics is one of my favorite topics. Within biology it the non-existence of different human races is a general consensus. It depends what you mean by "race". In population genetics it is used as: >Races are genetically distinct Mendelian populations. They are neither individuals nor particular genotypes, they consist of individuals who differ genetically among themselves. (Dobzhansky) The consensus among scientists about the non-existence of different human races is summarized in the well know paper of LONG AND KITTLES; Human Genetic Diversity and the Nonexistence of Biological Races >We must also ask about the relevance of our findings to the existence of human races. It is difficult to answer this question because race has a spectrum of biological definitions, despite the fact that two prominent biologists have recently argued that the definition of race is clear to most people (Crow 2002; Mayr 2002). Table 3 reviews four different biological race concepts. It begins with the typological views of early-20th-century biological anthropology and proceeds to more modern population-based definitions. In most circumstances, biologists equate races with subspecies and these terms are used interchangeably. Surprisingly, a good deal of genetic diversity within groups is consistent with the entire spectrum represented by these concepts. This is clear from the wording of both Hooton's typological concept and Dobzhansky's population concept >Recently, Yu et al. (2002) assayed nucleotide substitutions in 50 randomly chosen noncoding DNA segments (-500 base pairs) in 30 individuals: 10 Africans, 10 Europeans, and 10 Asians. The subjects within each continent were chosen widely from dispersed geographic locations. Interestingly, nucleotide diversity was greater within the Africans than within either Asians or Europeans. More importantly, the nucleotide diversity was greater within Africans than between Europeans and Asian >High within-group variance is also consistent with the population lineage concept, because mutation will introduce novel variation within a divergent lineage over a long time. Therefore, gene diversity within old lineages is expected to be near its mutation/drift equilibrium. The relative proportion of variation within and among groups therefore appears to be meaningless as a criterion for judging the validity of races or subspecies as defined by biologists. The biological definition differs from the layman's definition. >The biological concepts of race identified in the preceding paragraph are distinct from common lay conceptualizations of race. One such lay concept postulates the existence of near-uniform groups of individuals that can be identified by a few externally visible trait such as skin color (Keita and Kittles 1997). The AAPA statement on race (American Association of Physical Anthropologists 1996) articulates a counter argument to this popular view. In fact, our findings are consistent with the key features of the AAPA view: that all human populations derive from a common ancestral group, that there is great genetic diversity within all human populations, and that the geographic pattern of variation is complex and presents no major discontinuity. There are many other lay concepts of race but these are inconsistent with genetic inheritance and are unrelated to levels of variation or percentages of ancestry >For example, in the Untied States the pernicious one drop rule (Fredrickson 2002) is based on a social inheritance pattern - any traceable ancestry to a subordinate group - that is inconsistent with all five modes of genetic transmission: autosomal, X-linked, Y-linked, mitochondrial, and pseudoautosomal. In Brazil, the equivalent of race is Color, which is judged for an individual along a continuum determined by a composite of pigmentation, hair form, and facial morphology (Parra et al. 2003). Ancestry is not a direct criterion for Color and even full siblings can be classified differently for Color. A recent study in Brazil (Parra et al. 2003) has shown that Color is a poor predictor of genomic ancestry as determined by the assay of marker alleles <In conclusion, the value of FSt computed from worldwide samples reflects misleading statistical biases. The patterns of variation within and between groups are too intricate to be reduced to a single summary measure. Surprisingly, a great deal of variation within groups is compatible with biological race concepts and therefore partitions of genetic variation such as those achieved by simple statistics such as Fst do not provide critical tests for the existence of races as defined by biologists. Four decades ago, Frank Livingstone declared the nonexistence of human races (Livingstone 1963). It is now time for geneticists and anthropologists to stop worrying about what does not exist and to discover what does exist.
(304.55 KB 500x569 0rtjp9v0f1731.png)
>>1155350 >be me >catholic hispanic >thought that socialism is when people are poor >support trump in 2016 >i thought he was funny and patriotic >after 2016 start watching anti sjw videos >watch right wing figures >become a race realist >hate my self for not being white enough >browsed /pol/ and embraced fascism and anti semitism >become an esoteric nazi >unirionically worship hitler >sad that hitler lost >eventually i got tired of all the bullshit and started questioning my ideology >why the fuck am I like this >start actually going through the propaganda and red pills >it doesnt add up >lost as fuck, had a nihilistic minarchist phase >hated /pol/ for lying to me >become a mgtow misogynist, strongly influenced by the exyoutuber "turd flinging monkey" >was casually racist cuz I still hated ghetto blacks and socialism and wanted to take womens rights away >fap twice a day >something changed one day, I got tired of my hedonistic mindset >became christian because I was so lost and realized that I should be altruistic and not cringe >stumble on Finnish Bolsheviks videos >you know where this is going >start getting an idea of marxist thought >became hardcore athiest >small tankie phase >still believed sjw culture was dumb and bad optics >become less extreme in my ideology >now market socialist / dengist feels good
>>1162544 based
>>1162544 >ending as a dengoid
>>1159781 anprim odinist nazbol gang forever
>>1162727 im horny
>>1162531 You should contribute to Leftypedia. We don't have many people who know as much about genetics as you do.
>be me >be incel >lose faith in humanity and god >get into new atheism around 2013 >go down the skeptic to alt right pipeline >watch a contrapoints video in 2017 >become progressive >become bisexual >become communist >get bussy yeah, yeah, everyone hates natalie for being a liberal, but you know damn well half of us are here because of her. don't lie to yourself.
>>1163120 >get bussy help a brother out, how
>>1162531 >The consensus among scientists about the non-existence of different human races is summarized in the well know paper of LONG AND KITTLES; Human Genetic Diversity and the Nonexistence of Biological Races Thanks for the pdf, I was wrong to assume you didn't read enough. But it seems to me that this article doesn't quite say what its title does. I didn't find much about the non-existence of races. It opposes on two points the argument by Lewontin (whom it mentions) that since between-races diversity is a small part of overall diversity, races do not exist. First it proves the lack of significance of Fst, regularly used to back that argument, as it can understate significant differenciation (as between chimps and humans). Its corrected analysis reveals >a richer pattern of human genetic diversity. Some human groups are far more diverged than would be implied by standard computations of F(ST), while other groups are much less diverged. Second it points out that biological races definitions allow for high levels of internal genetic variation. >therefore partitions of genetic variation such as those achieved by simple statistics such as Fst do not provide critical tests for the existence of races as defined by biologists At the same time it declares that >none of the race concepts is compatible with the patterns of variation revealed by our analyses But I didn't find that incompatibility demonstrated in the text... >It is now time for geneticists and anthropologists to stop worrying about what does not exist and to discover what does exist. So don't focus on the non-existence of races, focus on genetic diversity ?
It's more of my journey to center centrist from right leaning centrist. >Be an anti-christian edgelord for most of my teen years >believed that corporations were the greatest evil on earth, and for some dumb reason not the rich. >become neet >want to get into conspiracy theories, without knowing anything da j00s yet >start browsing /pol/ and getting into nazi philosophy even though i'm non-white (stupid, i know) >get really into da j00s >get really into Christianity while still being against the Jews >realize that i can't hate on the jews because i'm non-white, and there are many groups controlling the world like secret societies that don't involve the Jews. >still fascinated about finding who the evil elite of the world is and leaning to satanists. >watch Renegade Cut and his leftist critique of media and capitalism >find out that capitalism exploitative, but didn't trust communism because of it's Orwellian history. >browser /leftpol/ and /leftypol/ on 8chan to get a second opinion. >debunk holocaust denial, talmud verses, and other /pol/ memes infographs >always disliked feminism even when i was progressive teen, it's one thing i don't like about the left, but feminism is everywhere so i don't disregard leftism because of it. >Have a long reading list of leftist books that I'll probably never finish. I'm saving my judgement for when i finish more books.
>>1155480 This entire post was good except for using the term "auth right" But its ok, Im sure you will learn dialectical analysis of idealogy sooner or later.
>>1155579 I imagine this is Thomas Sankara's origin story. Btw, what are your opinions on Thomas Sankara?
>>1155724 Many historical marxist lenninist leaders were BIG nationalists, I hope you know. There isnt anything wrong with it.
>>1160497 >And then you complain about word games ? Holy shit do you actually do science for a living? Correlation cannot be observed because it is not a phenomena, it is an a relationship between multiple phenomena. You must measure these phenomena to calculate the strength of correlation. You cannot observe the R^2 value between things, you must measure it. >Correlations are relevant on their own No it is not. Correlation is secondary to causation. You do not form a hypothesis around it, in fact it is the inverse, you have to form hypothesis then find correlations around it >Where did I say that we should forget about difference ? By fixating on similarities/correlation to begin with > It's perfectly fine to form an hypothesis on any basis, as long as you rigorously test it afterwards. What a garbage methodology. You do not create a hypothesis cased on correlations then prove it wrong. You create a hypothesis then prove it right by finding correlations. The null hypothesis (no relationship) takes precedence over the alternative hypothesis (relationship). You must try to fail to prove the null hypothesis, not try to succeed in proving the alternative. To do the inverse is texas sharpshooter fallacy, Once again. Correlations are not useful because it cannot prove causation. Only causation can prove correlations.
(82.34 KB 675x1200 1598744743911.jpg)
>be me >3/4 German/Swiss, 1/4 Jewish >not deeply interested in politics >interested in conspiracy theories >Join the Trump train because his nationalist/ populist anti establishment rhetoric is appealing >drop out of high school for smart people due to laziness and smoking too much weed >NEET >Learn that aschkenazi jews are the most intelligent race on earth and very powerful >Get into race realism >Learn that some people think jews undermine white society, start to believe in it >spend all my time watching alt right YouTube and browsing /pol/ while always knowing deep down that this is not the entire truth >start hating /pol/ because they have a very similar ideology (diversity, feminism, LGBTQ, materialism, nihilism bad etc.)but they incorrectly blame it all one jews >realize that Jewish power and malevolence is widely overstated by /pol/acks and jews are their scapegoat >feel politically homeless because I disagree with the left and right but also dislike centris >start thinking everybody is stupid, become misanthrop and pessimist and determinist and nihilist >Realize that the alt right doesn't have a worldview outside of non whites bad jews run the world >Begin to understand that there isn't just an alt right but an alt left who hates Obama and Pelosi >realize the alt right was wrong and the west isn't run by marxists or jews but by international capitalists >read bios of Lenin and Stalin, realize that socialism can be beneficial and capitalism needs to be overturned >Agree with Marx that there is a conflict of interest between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat and that capitalism alienates people >Criticize capitalism from the right as well because it destroys traditions and makes women work, is inherently globalistic, gives bad societal incentives (greed, egoism, consumerism) that are incompatible with social conservatism >Still don't identify as a Marxist because a lot of Marxism seems like pseudoscience and I still dislike diversity, feminism and LGBTQ stuff >Think communism (moneyless, classless, stateless society) is impossible because classes exist due to inherent biological differences, there will always be elites, therfore I want benevolent, altruistic elites and class collaboration, still hate the contemporary bourgeoisie though >Realize that capitalism, christianity and democracy are awful things and almost nobody knows it >Start working as a landscape gardener, start to see the irrationality and evil of capitalism and how the working class is a nation's backbone even more >Not sure what to call my ideology, l think nationalism and socialism should be merged but I'm obviously not a Nazi >Still politicially homeless, agree with no one, have no role model, no party that I agree with, deeply pessimistic about the future of the west, unrealistic dreamw of being a dictator and I become a misanthrop again
>>1156477 >calling China the US I seriously do wonder what goes though you people's head sometimes But please tell me, what makes China like the US?
>>1155350 got sucked into the alt-right rabbithole in 2016 as an impressionable 14 year old, but in 2019 an extremely traumatic event happened that completely destroyed my view of the right-wing. not gonna go into what it was, but it snapped me out of the brainwashing. after that i became a basic socdem, then an anprim, and eventually a Marxist-Leninist.
>>1163341 >auth right yes;it's something that does exist.there is many differences between right-liberals(i will not say libertarian) and authoritarian-fetishists/militarists/eugenicists etc. i was pro-totalitarian pro-racism pro-eugenics pro-masculinity dude at that time
>>1163599 did you get booty tickled by a lolbert?
>>1157049 No, you're right. If you just pick the darker grey paint between the two shades of grey the paint store offers every time you buy paint, it will eventually be blue!
(41.95 KB 280x280 kitty snake.jpg)
still a chud. only here because /pol/ doesn't talk about capitalism or the waste at the top which absolutely dwarfs the waste at the bottom. they're also completely cucked on religion, abortion, and optics. think it will be more fruitful advocating for an "anti-globalist socialist" movement from the left than it will be a "national socialist" movement from the right. the left also gets to call out the je- er...zionists and capitalists. frankly the left is a much more promising vector of attack. i just wish more /pol/yps realized that.
>>1169122 Well don't think you'll be able to talk about it here either. Any disagreement will net you a ban.
>>1169172 good >>1169122 kys retard read a book
>>1169220 >good Why?
>>1169220 found the "progressive"
>>1169122 Join the nazbol gang
>>1160469 jeans
>>1169246 i'm there, just wish there were more and that idpol would hurry up and exhaust itself in IRL leftist circles. it's banned here but it's fucking MANDATORY everywhere else. not cool!
>>1169275 >yfw the CPUSA had black nationalism and black separatism on its platform in the 20s and 30s
(86.04 KB 896x386 N4LBsFI.png)
(214.47 KB 1304x651 1605588329426.png)
>>1170168 >/pol/ believing their own falseflags again Do you faggots ever get tired of lying?
>>1170274 Communists throughout the world have always largely been consistently anti-zionist, save for like maybe a few fringe groups here or there.
Was an eco-fasc Neo-confedarate on /sg/ back in 2016-2017 and started coming to 8/leftypol/ after Dolan attacked Syria around march 2017 and the /ptg/ retards destroyed /pol/ and ended up becoming an ML from leftypol at the time. Recently in the last few years I've accepted that we're all doomed to die from the incoming climate apocalypse and labels like ML, Anarchist, Leftcom really have no meaning anymore since we're all just doomed to die and most leftist s around here are too busy fighting each other to stop capitalism from destroying the planet. I guess I could call myself a doomer


no cookies?