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Webm Thread Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 23:33:15 No. 10694
Thread for posting lefty Webm
(762.54 KB ML_is_a_science.webm)
(706.73 KB number.mp4)
(850.75 KB showzen_opiate.webm)
(788.36 KB showzen_pigdogs.webm)
(624.19 KB showzen_officer.webm)
(308.49 KB 545x529 1.png)
Gotta love the enthusiasm of the little black kid in this.
(424.19 KB HALP,+BO!.webm)
(5.14 MB Bitcoin.mp4)
(5.01 MB Juche Quotes.webm)
(8.59 MB DPRK Workers.webm)
(2.02 MB wolf_leftypol.webm)
(121.78 KB Zizek_Gulag.webm)
(328.65 KB crazy_zizek.webm)
(1.72 MB theory.webm)
(3.62 MB NK_army.webm)
(10.05 MB the_wolff.mp4)
I can't see any webms, how do I disable the default thumbnail?
>His media adviser is a Stalinist
>His new policy adviser is a Trotskyist
>His economic adviser is a communist

Does Cameron not know what a Communist is.
Sorry if you've seen these before, I'm just uploading webms I had saved from /leftypol/s original webm thread.
(1.48 MB annihilation.webm)
(8.36 MB gdr.webm)
(13.48 MB stasi.webm)
That fucking fragment holy shiiiit
(296.08 KB OOOOOOOOOOOOH.webm)
(718.45 KB 50 Dollars.mp4)
(8.29 KB 284x177 Oink_oink.jpg)


Why does the uploading of small videos (mp4 or webm) rarely works bc of 'connection failed'
I'm getting that for every file on mobile
this would never get made even 10 years on
capitalist game developers don't want you thinking uncle stalin did nothing wrong
Is this Jason Unruhe's anarchist counterpart?

>Want to post 3 webms
>max file size limitless
>When I try to upload them I get "Exceeding maximum file size" or some shit

>Want to post 3 webms
>max file size limitless
>When I try to upload them I get "Exceeding maximum file size" or some shit
I've actually never been able to figure out where that clip is from.
(20.64 KB 512x512 178183838371724.jpg)
ebin :DD
Anyone else having trouble trying to upload webms?
Jimmy Dore's pal Graham delivers a 1 minute class pill against neolib idpol. "Diversity of the Ruling Class" he calls it. From this video:
Why is the site eating my files?
Be fucked if I know
Please verify that it is fixed thank you.
If not please complain in the >>>/gulag/757
and moar
Interesting, trying to post those last two simultaneously didn't work.
The salty tears sustain me.
(1.09 MB IWW.webm)
Jesus the German Politzei are dumb.
(484.81 KB 200x178 23452.gif)
Now you listen to me, little boy. What is done is done! You now belong to the state. Now you listen very carefully to what I have to say. Wedonotwanttokillyou! We will. Unless you coopyray. Now then. Now if you will stand on this picture. Of your Jesus. With your heels. We will let you go free. But if you don't. We will cut your head off.

[Monkey music intensifies.]

Jesus! One died you died for me. And I'm willing to die for you.

[Intense grimacing.]
Why you stupid little foo!

>americans unironically believed this in the cold war.

requesting more like this. Specifically the Kavinsky - Nightcall one.
They still do
(102.38 KB 632x638 Hfa9Hxb.jpg)
boomer man

shut the fork up and post something
(7.97 MB Contrasts.webm)
(6.97 MB eat_the_rich.webm)
holy shit I've never seen rotfront footage before this is great
(6.42 MB Wage labour.webm)
(5.54 MB minimum_wage.webm)
Oh god I'm going to do it... post all of the kapitalism 101 vids

Wish me luck, I'll have to do it one at a time
(12.64 MB dprk defector.webm)
(1.63 MB dictatorship.webm)
can't be arsed to check through all of that just to make sure no double posts to fuck it, sharing
(8.45 MB on coldbeer.webm)
(4.75 MB LTV QUIZ.webm)
...and fin.
i had some mp3
lost them, sadly, was some nice OC
could i upload that format here?
(9.68 MB Stalin Theme.webm)
(1.48 MB Annihilation.webm)
(3.92 MB Rodina.webm)
what is that first video?
that proud boys comp is hilarious
hahaha is the last song in Bennishe? X-DDD
Reminder that we're an interesting group of people fellas
maybe mp4
that einheitsfrontlied webm is great
i like how well it loops
also super weird to hear modern talking out of all bands played in that video, and even pochonbo ensemble from the DPRK that played a cover of brother louie
they're more known for being 80s cringe
(1.34 MB Murrian Left.mp4)
I remember some youtube liberal saying doos ex is problematic for normalizing conspiracy theories.

o I member...tax rates and increase of wageslaves is not a conspiracy you disgusting anarchist
Song used in the first webm?
Sounds like something Justice would do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb7cTUwPG-A
(5.14 MB DOW_thread.mp4)
(374.83 KB shifts.mp4)
(13.19 MB UN_ML_lowq.mp4)
(11.03 MB lemoney ancap.mp4)
(13.16 MB absolute.mp4)
(1.75 MB wrong+side.mp4)
(991.65 KB jd_satan2.webm)
(579.41 KB jd_satan.webm)
Do we have that Einheitsfrontlied train webm on hand
(10.77 MB idiot4b.webm)
(6.57 MB idiot4.webm)
(3.80 MB moron3.webm)
(4.84 MB moron2.webm)
(7.09 MB moron.webm)
(3.47 MB idiot3.webm)
(3.23 MB idiot2.webm)
(4.03 MB polcuck.webm)
(7.90 MB tea+party.webm)
(7.03 MB balls.webm)
(3.95 MB milky.webm)
(7.95 MB pol+visits.webm)
read William Dudley Pelley
Bumping my question to stifle the flood
(1.16 MB sagan,pls.webm)
(7.58 MB trews.webm)
(1.09 MB wobbly.webm)
(350.03 KB im_not_a_liberal.webm)
(3.63 MB kronstadt.webm)
(11.16 MB Indoctrination.webm)
I love HEREINMYGARAGE.webm so much. I think it's the highest form of art the 2010s will ever produce.
that was really eye opening, i knew it was happening but putting it to video really exposes the banality and exploitation of consumerist culture to the real struggles of the world
It is a great prop video, song bangs, and the editing is brutal.
when will the queen die
evil ppl live forever
Got the full video?
the fact that he even managed to plug the pylons meme always cracks me up
(13.33 MB mass_extinction.mp4)
(4.27 MB no_escape.webm)
(2.56 MB peterson.webm)
(3.58 MB jobs.webm)
(5.05 MB its happening.webm)
(10.56 MB consumerism.webm)
(8.19 MB ideology.webm)
Based thread!
(12.14 MB 250k.mp4)
(784.54 KB burg.mp4)
(247.44 KB 604x573 sAe0JuigX5A.png)
No hamburgers, only double cheeseburgers for the masses.
(655.81 KB 1551921594397.webm)
The dying wish one is straight up disturbing.
Hey, did the wonder showzen guys do anything after that show?
(6.92 MB Dialectics.mp4)
n a p a l m
(22.02 KB 398x500 9a6.php.jpg)
is this OC?

because it's fucking amazing
It came from here >>30661
What a fucking piece of human garbage.
What? It's just common sense. When little kids come crying to me with complaints about someone "stealing" their toys or "bullying" them or getting "molested" I tell that little snowflake to suck it the fuck up. If you aren't strong enough to protect what's yours you don't deserve it. It's dog eat dog, kids, and the sooner CHILDREN learn that, GROW UP, and become ADULTS, the sooner I'll stop molesting them.
I really like airships but this is just frightening.
Xavier is highly recommended. Parodies liberals and hippies.
>Albanian chef goes mental on Spanish porky because he called his food bad.
You see what happens, Zog? This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass, Zog!
Jesus he turned that safety glass into gel
He should have fucking murdered them.
what an absolute lad
(19.25 MB TERROR WAVE.webm)
t. Amerilard or at least cultural Amerilard
Are there any new webms being made? The thread is loaded with 5+ year old ones
It's time to rip some recent lefty videos off of youtube.
>At the 22nd Party Congress in 1961, Lazurkina gave a speech in which she detailed a dream she had supposedly had in which Vladimir Lenin told her he did not want Joseph Stalin's body being situated next to his. Soon after the Congress, Stalin's body was removed from Lenin's Mausoleum and reburied in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis. Lazurkina's speech and the resulting actions are regarded as having aided Nikita Khrushchev's drive towards De-Stalinization.[2]
What's that guys name?
I wanna hear more of him.
Andrei Fursov, Russian historian and sociologist.
Here are some playlists of him with subtitles:
(7.51 MB 'Muh Victims'.mp4)
Oh shit that's great
lol wtf?
(51.82 KB 260x279 1522168186278.png)
>its fantastic
>its a great thing
>it inspires everybody, gets the motivation to look up to the one percent and say: I want to become one of those people
(15.70 MB LeftySMASH.webm)
(4.10 MB Alunyaanim.webm)
(12.18 MB Castro.webm)
(6.19 MB Zizek Coffee.webm)
And people say white people have no culture lmao
Props, I don't know who created this but damn. Can't wait to spam this in chat when classcucks say muh 100 cuntrillion
(2.17 MB Why.mp4)
(331.39 KB KillingMyself.webm)
(1.49 MB mailbag 15.webm)
what show is that?
Kavinsky - Rampage
What's the great depression clip from?
Seconded. It looks like some south Africa/Rhodesian militia group
alt-right "comedy"
(719.17 KB AdornoAndFacsists.mp4)
A reddit post where someone cut it from a local "host your own program"-channel tv provider

It's an African SWAT raid on a heist
(7.79 MB hicks bush.mp4)
I wish Hicks were still around for commentary like this
(7.53 MB Jonestown GAME.mp4)
source on the proletariat revolution video? the one with cities skylines gameplay
(7.67 MB Untitled.mp4)
So yeah who will be creating a script or something to dump this all into one torrent so I can punish my poor HDD with making it all available basically 24/7?

I don't really have the computer skills/time to download them all one by one or create a script.
The sequence of commands following should do it

mkdir tmp

cd tmp

wget --no-check-certificate https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/10694.html

grep ".media" 10694.html > tmp.html

mkdir vids

cd vids

wget --no-check-certificate -w 5 -nc -B https://bunkerchan.xyz --force-html -i ../tmp.html -A .webm,.mp4
>wget --no-check-certificate -w 5 -nc -B https://bunkerchan.xyz --force-html -i ../tmp.html -A .webm,.mp4

wget -c --no-check-certificate -w 5 -nc -B https://bunkerchan.xyz --force-html -i ../tmp.html -A .webm,.mp4

If it bombs out the first time to continue downloading
can anyone translate?
(944.39 KB CCCPtan dance.webm)
(18.45 MB The 90s.mp4)
this is hilarious
(19.52 MB Ostankino.webm)
Ostankino TV center and TASS news agency remain besieged by protesters. A new attempt by the protesters to gain control of the TV center was repelled by interior troops with deadly force.
Anybody know the song?
That compilation of webms is from 2017 and also includes some half finished OC made by the uploader.
thank you king
song comrades?
Dunno if this is here already but its a classic. Fuck the troops
What movie is that last clip from?
(5.84 MB fuck_church.webm)
Nargaroth - Frühling
Rampage 2: Capital Punishment (by Uwe Boll of all people)
(6.56 MB trump israel.mp4)
where is this from?
deep fake ?
im thinking the same thing but what did he actually say to make them boo him?
Trump is friends with Nasrallah now
pretty sure he's reading out an Ilhan Omar tweet
>pretty sure he's reading out an Ilhan Omar tweet
and nobody told him that he'd be quoted on that, out of context ?
Anyone have that webm of kids in the USSR being asked what they want to be when they grow up, then the video has clips of Boris launching his coup and all the fucked up shit that went on after?
thanks, depressing shit
(19.44 MB Fall.mp4)
Yeltsin the lucky bastard died before he could get killed
Original video:

Music: Kevin MacLeod - Clash Defiant
(19.11 KB 480x360 mfw.jpg)
Who the fuck were the greens?
(69.24 KB 697x358 corporatemonster.jpg)
Somebody sublimated THEY LIVE and TAKE THE RED PILL

Peasants against grain requisition.
(15.97 MB Yablochko.webm)
(4.79 MB Lenin.webm)
Nevod - Mausoleum
request edit where he suddenly open his eyes
Gib pdf or /out/ pls

Mr. Freedom. Classic late 60s anti imperialist satire. Never Seen 1 ref to it on leftypol or elsewhere.
"That guy makes 2 billion dollars a day, for minimum wage"
I still hear the nazbol version.
Holy fuck that's the shitiest subtitles I've ever seen
(1.25 MB yeild curve.webm)
somebody posted belle delphine

here is a video to balance that out
(1.60 MB paunch.mp4)
heres some old no effort oc i made and immediately forgot about
>Gib pdf or /out/ pls
Sorry did not see your comment 16 days ago, if you still around here:


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