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(1.87 KB 325x325 fedbook.png)
Cockshott was not banned from facebook Anonymous 11/03/2020 (Tue) 08:24:58 No. 1066439
edit: this was proven to be false. He must has been banned with the recent anti-extremist ban wave. My question is, does the left have much more to lose by being censored than right-wing lunatics? They began to censor all extremism recently, and I'm okay with paul getting kicked out of facebook if it means Q cultists get the same treatment
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>>1066439 >does the left have much more to lose by being censored than right-wing lunatics? We don't have hardly anything to begin with.
>>1066439 > I'm okay with paul getting kicked out of facebook if it means Q cultists get the same treatment The problem is it doesn't mean that. They may censor the absolute most unsavory aspects of the right online, but they won't shut them down the same way they do us.
>>1066450 >but they won't shut them down the same way they do us what makes you think that?
The question that really concerns me is what is actually going to be the final threshold for the left to finally say enough is enough and abandon the convenience of corporate spyware? What's it going to take?
Why hasn't he come on here yet, what is he doing on Faceboomer?
(68.70 KB 220x220 cave.gif)
I wish Facebook was banned and its servers located and targeted for airstrikes. It's quite possibly the single worst fucking social media site on the entire internet. It ought to die the same way Myspace died and hopefully Twitter is next. >>1066453 Former FB user here, numerous left-wing pages have been deliberately targeted and deleted without provocation or breaking the ToS of Facebook. Telesur English is one example of such a page.
>>1066460 because he is a boomer - LITERALLY
>>1066439 EVERYONE WHO HAS A TWITTER FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER https://twitter.com/paulcockshott?lang=en
>>1066463 Boomer refers to an American generation.
>We'll get rid of a few rightoid schizo groups filled with bots and then ban prominent lefitsts and major leftist groups and news outlets while allowing rightoid propaganda to blot out the news feed and ad space Every. single. time. Reminder that they did the same on Reddit.
>>1066476 Baby boom was a global phenomenon
Also equating people like cockshot with qtards and people cheering on mosque shooters is fucking vile. They allowed this shit to proliferate for years until leftist counter voices started becoming popular at which point it became "necessary" to crack down on "extremism".
The left deserves to get censored for not upholding free speech and not showing solidarity to Samuel Paty and Charlie Hedbo and dissenters of Islam and instead siding with islamofascists. Maybe if you retards get purged from the internet you'll realize that the left stands to lose the most when free speech is infringed upon.
>>1066493 You can say this without having your kidney implode from bile
>>1066493 >the left deserves to get censored because it refuses to take a side in the cringe battle between racist cartoonists and religious fundamentalists
>>1066439 The "right" will just be back under new alts and names. See the euphemism treadmill of Racism > Racialism > Race Realism > HBD and all these fucking groups whose names and figureheads keep changing
>>1066493 >muh red-green alliance Fake and gay narrative. The Soviet as well as Kurdish and other communists have concretely fought islam and communists of each time frame have found Islamism and Jihadism to be extremely reactionary. You keep repeating the same tired islamo-leftist bs despite it never holding up in reality. Who liberals suck off on the other hand is not our problem. >>1066504 >muh waycis antireligious caricatures kys
>>1066511 >Muh hate Cringe and libshit pilled
>>1066512 read the post, piratefag
>>1066511 >the Nazi caricatures of Jews weren't racist, they were just critical of Judaism You go kill yourself, buddy. There is no way you can look at those "comics" and tell me they're not racist. That of course doesn't mean I support Wahabists largely propped up by the US to cut their heads off, but that doesn't mean I have to take a side and support the former. Fuck them both. >Kurdish >communists lmao.
you should all have begun migrating off FB/twitter/reddit long ago
>>1066476 it refers to a western generation. the west isn't just america
(23.31 KB 260x328 charlie hebdo.jpg)
(22.49 KB 347x145 charlie hebdo trump.jpg)
(173.59 KB 650x826 charlie hebdo 2.jpg)
>>1066519 >muh happy merchant not an argument
>>1066526 >you can't be racist if you make fun of Nazis!! Liberals ladies and gentlemen, known to have never been racist before. Now go watch the new Borat movie for more edgy ethnic humor
>>1066504 post example of racist ch cartoon
>>1066547 Most of the Mohammed cartoons where he like climbs out of a hog or something makes use of every racist stereotype about Arabs you can think of.
>>1066439 the fact that cockshott is banned should immediately tell you that this is bad for the left. holy shit
>>1066519 False equivalence.
>>1066549 So you want to censor racism like SJWs?
>>1066493 >for not upholding free speech Free speech does not and has not consiquentially existed in any country on this Earth ever. Remove this spook from your head that a sufficient defense protecting "free speech" can ever be mounted in the information age.
>>1066569 >absolute free speech has never existed so don't even try, just accept censorship as a part of life :)
>>1066569 Communism has never existed. Give up.
I think things are generally clamping down pretty heavily and that will continue to happen during the 2020s. If Trump is tossed out, the right will go back to happily feeding from the culture war trough as the loyal and slavish controlled opposition to the liberal regime coming into power in the U.S. as independent media budgets continue to be slashed, cut, bought out and liquidated. The fusion of the state with social media and the mainstream press will continue until there is no difference between the three (although not like there was before). The journalists who try to make a living in such a precarious industry will find they can have their heads chopped off any second, replaced with some fresh-out-of-college grad to do their job for half the pay, incentivizing the survivors to hold on to what they have and not stick their neck out or challenge the dominant narratives. It doesn't pay or advance your career to be right at the wrong time, although it does help to be wrong at the right time, and wrong with everyone else at the same time -- which is why no one who pumped up the Russiagate scam will face any consequences for it, just like how the only people who faced any career consequences over the Iraq War were the ones who opposed it at the time. I'm not sure "the left" can do anything about this, other than create our own sites, our own bases of power, and our own sources of information and news, because it's not like "the left" has any meaningful power, money or resources to change how Facebook operates. I also think people will be under more and more pressure to choose "camps" in the coming World War III. You'll either be in the pro-West camp, the pro-China camp, the pro-Russian camp, etc. Because that's the only way to get reliably paid. >>1066493 Not taking sides in this stupid France vs. Turkey spy war. I don't like teachers being beheaded but it's part of the intelligence / psyop / false-flag proxy-war game.
>>1066587 Also, using stirner to argue against free speech feels like the ultimate irony.
>>1066575 I accept the reality that I, nor you, have the power to actually prevent censorship by those who actually hold ownership of, and material influence over, said platforms and that to mount a consiquential effort against them would require at some point censorship of our own, particularly that of a lethal persuasion. No one on this earth with a consiquential political conviction is actually for free speech, they are for speech placed within the allowable boundaries and terms that are "permissable" to their continued goals and system. I am not surprised by censorship in capitalist society, just as I am not surprised that the lights turn green at a stoplight.
>>1066587 The analysis Marx provides of the development of human society and the emergence of communism has basis. The idea of free speech existing does not.
>>1066439 I been saying for years that any kind of government/corporate suppression of right wing extremists is really just a veiled way for lefists to be suppressed. Supporting censorship is generally a bad idea.
>>1066439 >They began to censor all extremism recently why are all the war-hawks are still up? Communism is not extremist. Advocating for dictatorship of capitalism and war is extremism. >I'm okay with paul getting kicked out of facebook No that is not okay. Why you are saying is proto-fascist.
>>1066493 Only half true. Most actual leftists I know support free speech and have no qualms about openly opposing Islamism and recognizing it as a threat. Of course there are Leftists who disagree, and they get blended in with radlibs. Your position on free speech and Islam, at least in Europe, only really reveals what brand of radlib you are/were before discovering Marxist politics. The correct take IMO is to demand free speech tactically (even if we don't really believe in it) and recognize Islamists as the reactionary scum they are, lest we cead that ground to the right. You can't ourun the irony of laughing at rightists when they cry about broken windows, while at the same time dismissing murders of political cartoonists because they were racist. The fact is that this sort of thing is going to increase, and you have to have some other response than "this is because imperialism" - as if the proles didn't know that already. You'll just end up looking like an impotent lib whose "leftism" only lets them feel not politically responsible for the shit show.
>>1066439 what did he get banned for? was it his cringe views on gays because i seriously wish he'd stop that shit so we can actually start pushing him to the normies
>>1066439 >I'm okay with paul getting kicked out of facebook if it means Q cultists get the same treatment Why? Q propagating would destabilize the american empire even more.
>>1066564 I merely dislike them and do not take sides in this. Apparently this is already the same as supporting religious extremists. Like fuck, is this Bush era discourse again? Someone call Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.
>>1066600 Stirner would be against free speech as a category as he rejects the conception of bourgeois rights as something that is "granted" in the first place.
Remember guyz, its the fascists who are tge closest to a revolution, so critical support for the FBI and social media industrial complex to prosecute them :^)
>>1066712 Sure, I'll get on the phone first thing in the morning with the FBI agent who I regularly correspond with (about stuff being posted to Bunkerchan) and warn him off from censoring people on social media, a power that we have here. We do secretly control Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and can ban people at will, you know.
So it's happening? Join Diaspora (Facebook replacement) Join Element/Matrix (Discord replacement) Join Mastodon (Twitter replacement) Join Peertube (Youtube replacement) And more importantly - Act on-the-ground in your locality.
>>1066737 I would love to understand how the fuck Peertube even works cause it's a fucking mess of a disaster
>>1066439 Good lmao fuck dickblast and his cargo cult
>>1066613 >and then the people will rise up! >and then the owners of the world will simply give up their ownership!
>I’m okay with cockshot getting kicked off if q is kicked off Man you are very highly regarded
>>1066819 What the fuck is wrong with you seriously if this is a sectarian thing you need to neck-tarian yourself
(610.53 KB 1000x1152 libsocrants if only you knew.png)
Any "leftist" who cheered when these social media companies started banning/censoring rightoids is a huge fucking idiot. I was listening to a somewhat recent episode of the podcast QAnon Anonymous and these fucking retarded libs criticized facebook and Zuckerberg for not banning/censoring enough people. Just embarrassing that these drooling morons go around presenting themselves as leftists. Well, now Paul Cockshott, Jacobin, Telesur, Palestinian groups and anti-war/anti-imperialist pages are all getting banned and censored without any warning or reason behind it. Congratulations, you got what you asked for.
>>1066439 It’s called fedbook for a reason dude. The black hundreds are already here, they just need to silence you to prepare for the coming terror.
>>1066774 Don't spread FUD please. Also: are you kidding? It's like setting up any fucking account https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4d/What_is_Peertube.webm https://joinpeertube.org/instances Also the optimal use-case would be if Bunkerchan staff makes an official peertube Bunker server for our video-memes.
>>1066453 Because we aren't against the ruling class for their sexism or their animal abuse or a hundred other misdeeds big and small. We aren't against the ruling class for anything they could fix. We are against the ruling class existing. >>1066467 Better tell people that paulcockshott.wordpress.com and paulcockshott.co.uk exist. >>1066737 >Join Diaspora (Facebook replacement) >Join Element/Matrix (Discord replacement) >Join Mastodon (Twitter replacement) >Join Peertube (Youtube replacement) THIS.
>>1066867 The radlib left is truly a cancer, a tumor, they can be nothing else. They metastasized within the Left more and more until they basically destroyed the Left DECADES ago. After the dust settled and anticapitalism was well and truly destroyed the festering cancer gained consciousness and life and began declaring itself to be the opposition to capitalism whilst subordinating themselves subconsciously to the will of woke porky. Fuck radlibs cunts, fucking cockroaches, scum.
>>1066439 For the hundredth time IT IS NOT BIG TECHS PLACE TO DECIDE WHAT IS AND ISNT FREE SPEECH. FIRST THEY COME FOR ALEX JONES, THEN THEY COME FOR YOU. Think of the social media giants like a phone service provider. Your provider cannot dictate what you talk about, they simply provide the service. It is absolutely disgusting seeing leftists cheer on censorship as if they aren’t also doing it to us...
>>1066519 Dude it’s a fucking cartoon. If you can’t pick a side between people making edgy comics and people reacting to edgy comics with beheadings and murder you’re fucked in the head.
>>1066549 WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?! Fucking whinebag leftists. It’s a fucking cartoon, shitty comedy Is Dave Chappell racist because of the Clayton Bigsby sketch?
>>1066564 unfortunately, that anons take is extremely popular. Anti-woke leftists like to think they reject sjw-isms, but they still genuinely believe people deserve to be censored, cancelled, destroyed for wrong think. What could go wrong?
>>1066493 still don't give a fuck, as long as Hezbollah and Iran are in the fight I'll criticize Salafi jihadists all I want while spergs like you chimp out about banal culturkampf bullshit, other Muslims are the main enemy of so-called Islamofascism. leftists who attempt to criticize Islam purely as minorities in the West are pathetic
>>1066867 It makes me sick knowing this is an unpopular opinion
>>1066439 uhh... was he really banned??? https://www.facebook.com/pcockshott
>>1067048 its not really an unpopular opinion here, just on the "woke" left
>>1066483 This, and twitter is next. >>1066439 Twitter banned the Howie Hawkins campaign account. Howie fucking Hawkins. They have already demonstrated that they are willing to outright ban anybody even remotely left-wing, but they will still allow any rightoid who isn't literally calling for genocide to say whatever they want. The whole social media crackdown on "right-wing extremism" is and always was just a pretext to censor the left and/or any meaningful dissidents.
>>1066867 Reminder that anybody making the "free speech doesn't apply to private companies" excuse is telling on themselves. Any socialist, hell any succdem, would at minimum be for nationalizing fedbook so it's not operating for a profit selling people's data.
>>1067072 Yeah, it was wild to see "socialists" make the argument that they're private companies so they can do whatever they want when they started banning rightoids. What's most amazing though is that it was so predictable all along that left-wing "extremists" were gonna be next. The crackdown on Telesur and Venezuela Analysis came like one year after the crackdown on rightoids (maybe even less). It was completely obvious to anyone with half a brain. But no, ban the meanie pepes, yay! No ability to think strategically long term (not even long term, just five seconds ahead). It's funny because they'll say they think these social media companies are controlled by fascist oligarchs but they still wanna give them full authority to determine what speech is "extremism" and should be banned from the internet.
Social media makes you retarded.
>>1067095 those "Socialists" were crypto radlib/succdems like Thoughtslime
(22.86 KB 474x342 rms.jpg)
>>1067095 You are both retarded. Instead of defending these corporations or trying to pull a "consumerist boycott" or whatever a la Gaymergayte your best option either as a leftist or rightoid is making or moving to an alternative to centralized proprietary social media garbage, like Mastodon, PeerTube, that sort of stuff.
(56.60 KB 576x382 open source.jpg)
>>1067130 Yes yes, use the systems centralized services from which they can delete your movement with a click of a button.
>>1067130 Please keep protesting that corporations shouldn't censor you like a little baby instead of manning up and making your own place.
>>1067130 >It's not as fast as a tesla well at least the car runs lmao
(1.46 MB 320x304 wäter.gif)
>>1067126 >le consoomer chioce >le free market No you simpleton. We are supposed to expropriate the productive forces capitalism built. The server farms at fedbook and even a lot of their data collection algorithms have a lot of potential utility if used for something other than spying on people. The silicon valley STEMturds are just blinded by profit and don't understand the value of what they're sitting on.
>>1067130 lmao pretty much all F/OSS software runs better and costs 100% less than proprietary stuff with the only exception i can think of being image and video editing software >defending tesla holy FAGGOTRY i bet you use apple shit too >>1067147 nice larp but its obvious you dont know what youre talking about >their data collection algorithms have a lot of potential i wont rest until all their data and profile is deleted desu >don't understand the value of what they're sitting on no they clearly do
>>1067155 go write a blogpost for C4SS
>>1067172 >>1067155 >>1067130 That pic probably describes most open source circa the 1990s, nowdays most open source (over half) is written by corporate programmers, not hobbyists.
So would you say Facebook is now fully an appendage of the US State Dept.?
(1.56 MB 898x890 idpol.png)
Had to go do my business in town so i couldn't respond properly to this >>1066519 retard, but here we go again. We've had this discussion on /leftypol/ ever since the incident itself and each time we've sided with CH, because jihadists are fascist degenerates who deserve the bullet, bitch. Just as a reminder. You clearly aren't from here. The latest we've had this retarded discussion the islamocommies were the ones who sperged out about the exact same shit and the same shit had to be explained to them also. >You go kill yourself, buddy. There is no way you can look at those "comics" and tell me they're not racist. By virtue of CH being a lefty magazine making fun of Abrahamic religions equally as well as the racists you accuse CH of being, I can not only assert that, but also that you're suffering from severe mental retardation. >That of course doesn't mean I support Wahabists largely propped up by the US to cut their heads off, but that doesn't mean I have to take a side and support the former. Fuck them both. Oh shit, we got an enlightened retardical centrist in here. kys pls >>Kurdish >>communists https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belligerents_in_the_Syrian_Civil_War#Opposing_forces See "Democratic Federation of Northern Syria and allies", scroll down to "Allied armed groups:" and there you will find "International Freedom Battallion" consisting of Turkish, Kurdish and foreign groups: Marxist-Leninist Communist Party, Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist, Maoist Communist Party, Marxist-Leninist Armed Propaganda Unit, Communist Labor Party of Turkey among other groups. The ones I listed are marxist communists and then there are various ancom and libsoc groups. Stop being so dishonest. >>1066543 Go get your hysteria treated and then come back. Or alternatively go back to whatever social media you crawled out of and take your id/pol/ with you, my uigga. >>1066549 They were known for being offensive and provocative for years already and you're still crying about it like a /pol/ false flag poster making us look bad. Unless you actually believe all this. Imagine being an unironic sjw in 2020. >>1066564 He either is one or just a /pol/ false flagger repeating tired viewpoints nobody except middle class midwit cocksuckers still hold onto for dear life. >>1066697 >I merely dislike them and do not take sides in this. Apparently this is already the same as supporting religious extremists. No, you call everything racist that you see as racist with your myopic radlib vision. Don't blame people for thinking you support jihadists either when your like many an idiot's reaction to the situation was and apparently still is for some reason "well they were racist so they deserved it" when that is a lie. You fucking sociopath. >saying jihadism is bad makes you a neocon Saying CH are evil racist islamophobic nazis makes you a closeted jihadist then, bitch. Two can play at this game. >>1067039 >>1067042 Everyone's racist according to that guy, not this board or the left for that matter, fortunately. Fuck that bitch. >Anti-woke leftists Try woke liberals who this place was made known to during the /pol/ raids. They invited them in the first place and, well, the two sides of id/pol/ seem to get along better than either try to make it look. >>1067141 Go gobble up corporate cock someplace else, this is /leftypol/. >>1067192 Always has been.
Is it just me or is cockshott also shadowbanned on youtube? I watch all his vids yet youtube never recommends him
(270.70 KB 500x500 algorithms.png)
>>1067231 Either that, picrelated or it's just YouTube not working as intended as always
>>1067231 It's probably just algorithm, Youtube promotes retardation by design
>>1067231 I've been subbed to him for years and I got one of his videos recommended in my feed for the first time in years about a week ago.
>>1067342 The subscription system also doesn't work at all. Different channels have complained about their subscribers being deleted by YouTube, to which various excuses are offered all the while the platforms stays shitty.
>>1067231 It constantly recommends me his math video I already watched but never new stuff as it comes out.
>>1066543 You're the liberal here.
>>1067052 SOMEONE WITH A FACEBOOK CHECK IF HE WAS ACTUALLY BANNED https://www.facebook.com/pcockshott
>and I'm okay with paul getting kicked out of facebook if it means Q cultists get the same treatment Then you're a retard. Qtards are harmless and have zero influence, meanwhile actually gommies like Dickblastt are getting booted off, leaving even more of the online "left" to radlib wreckers who are just useful idiots for the establishment.
>>1068012 I still can see his shit also fuck you for making me use fbibook
>>1066519 >the Nazi caricatures of Jews weren't racist, they were just critical of Judaism The fucking false equivalance lmao. Nazi propaganda EXPLICITLY targeted jews on a racial basis. Criticizing the reactionary nature of radica Islamism is not even REMOTELY comparable you fucking hysterical liberal, wrecker, so go Kurt Cobain yourself.
>>1068012 >>1068143 >takes like 100 posts to learn op is full of shit because no one uses fedbook proud of you guys
>>1066737 Social media is inherently cancerous in form, even if it's not owned by a big capitalists and filled exclusively with political outcasts with relatively no censorship. Especially if character limits are retained. People need to leave social media not for social media clones, but for real creative and independent websites. Make your own forums, imageboards, fansites, blogs, etc. And code it yourself instead of using a template.
>>1067039 I don't care. I just don't give a shit either. If you feel like you have to make the blood boil of a fanatic minority, feel free to do so.
>>1066600 >Stirner would be against critique of the biggest spook of 21st century western politics
>>1066476 Ok boomer
The left never had freedom of speech to begin with my g
>>1066493 >muh freeze peach
>>1067222 Based
>>1066613 Marx was a staunch champion of free speech and democracy. Actually read his fucking work and life before invoking him.
The fact that people are being DECAPITATED in PARIS SUBURBS for drawing cartoons of Muhammad and France is being boycotted by the whole Muslim world proves that drawing Muhammad is something that needs to be done every single day until Muslims are totally desensitized to it and drawing Muhammad becomes lame and pointless. For now, drawing Muhammad is courageous because you can literally get killed for it.
>>1067231 >>1067342 >>1067508 Don't rely on recommendations, notifications, or the home page. Go directly to https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions to get a chronological list of all videos from your subscriptions.
>>1069238 I already watched all his videos but never I had one recommended by Youtube until last week,
>>1069127 >do reactionary things to piss of the reactionaries who are buttmad at the reactionaries for not supporting their reactionary ideology in their country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It never ends.
>>1066837 >and then the owners of the world will simply give up their ownership! Where did I state this? My entire argument implied the use of violence. >>1069092 >Marx was a staunch champion of free speech and democracy. Actually read his fucking work and life before invoking him. I have, it was not me who tried to invoke the use of communism in the argument to begin with. While Marx himself defended free speech in the context of Germany (more specifically, freedom of press), both him and Engels did not find legitimacy in the idea of "rights" to begin with, or that they could ever be sufficently provided in capitalist society. The idea of "democracy" is going to depend on what you believe consitiutes a proper revolutionary government and DotP. Also, I do not have to replicate the personal views of a man on the topic of speech to find his analysis of capitalism valid. The main point I made is that neither you nor I actually believes in free speech, and that our response to being censored should be that of being unsurprised, because such things have always been the case. Liberals and corporations will always have an interest in censoring leftists, even when it's "illegal" to. Reactionaries will always have an interest in purporting that they simply want free speech, while opportunistically demanding the banning of leftists. If the right that complains about being censored was actually able to dictate who was being censored by these companies, it would not be practical for them not to silence their opposition, and inevitably they would. If you are willing to suppress, imprison, and kill your opposition, you are willing to censor them.
>>1066439 >relying on a capitalist own platform >wonder why they kick someone out who agitates against them
>>1070869 just get a sense of humor lmao
>>1066476 ... just no. Fucking burgers, you're not the whole world.
you sound like one of the retarded lib screeching against muslims in my country. are you a french retard by any chance ? fuck you moron for buying into this shit. >muh free speech it's not even the subject for one, and france doesnt even have it in the first place, so just shut up petit con
>>1067222 to all frenchanons, rminder of the absolute garbage that is charlie hebdo https://www.legrandsoir.info/+-Charlie-Hebdo-+.html >virtue of CH being a lefty magazine holy shit did you stop reading it 20 years ago ? >Don't blame people for thinking you support jihadists thinking that insulting a minority religion that is actually getting oppressed in your country and blown to bits abroad, while your country take the money of the fundamentalists fuck that fund and ideologically lead the extremists, is not a good look, is not "supporting jihadists" you absolute piece of shit, trying to make it a "us vs them" is also a dishonest fucking tactic.
>>1080042 Communists get jailed and killed constantly all around the world.
>>1085543 >Everywhere is burgerland Did South America, Africa, Eastern Europe and much of Asia just completely fly over your head? Did the US and Nato's continued support of anti-communist groups globally miss you as well?
>>1066707 we all love saint max, don't we folks?
>>1085543 Colombian here. Communists, Social leaders and trade unionists get killed constantly by government sponsored paramilitary. I've personally known people who were offed so STFU
>>1066439 I'm ok with him getting kicked out if regards like you finally realize websites can't be platforms and publishers at the same time and you force your dick government to decide on one by spamming child porn and bomb threats until they either reimburse millions of banned users or abruptly hold fedbook liable
>>1085579 >>1088589 I take neither of your claims seriously
>>1066493 >>1066526 >>1067222 https://www.tasnimnews.com/en/news/2020/11/04/2383217/iranian-scientists-france-yet-to-learn-from-its-colonial-history "A group of Iranian scholars and scientist reacted to the recent insult to Muslims by French President Emanuel Macron, saying France has not learned the necessary lessons from its own colonial history." https://www.tasnimnews.com/en/news/2020/10/31/2380453/macron-serving-zionists-leader-s-adviser "Ali Akbar Velayati, an international adviser to the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, took a swipe at the French president for his anti-Muslim stances, saying Macron is only serving the interests of Israel."
>>1100699 i seriously have no idea why people talk about cp on facebook or pornhub and whatever, literally never seen it on either do you guys actively go search for it or share it around in your groups to then have an "outrage" over it? dick in hand?
>>1069127 all of 2 people have died. who gives a fuck
>>1066439 >using facebook in 2020
>>1136032 >communists are not censored for their ideas au contraire, faggot.
The establishment will censor whatever is truly subversive. This includes right-wing ideas (nationalism, antisemitism) as well as left-wing ideas (genuine anti-capitalism). Obviously, the woke left stuff (BLM, LGBT, etc.) is not just tolerated but encouraged, if not mandatory.
>>1136047 >cultural marxist ideas No such thing.
>>1136065 How do you classify Wilhelm Reich, etc.
>>1070869 kek >>1066737 Says a lot about the people involved in these that rather than coming up with a design that incorporates all of these sites into one we get a load of shitty knockoffs. Why would I want to go on a bootleg twitter that's home to some of the most deranged twitter users? Hard pass.
>>1136079 Who cares, closest thing to cultural marxism was Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer from Frankfurt School who made Marxist critiques to western culture, no different than Žižek. They got nothing to with rightoid spooks of degeneracy, joos, globalism, miscegenation etc.
Liberals will continue to cheer on the totally BAAASED info cartels of the post 2010s internet because he said something upsetting about fags years ago. This is nothing new or surprising, Google and friends have been silently removing leftist stuff every time there's a run against loud annoying rightoids. >>1067126 >OK political guy, instead of spreading your message to several billion people, post it here in this significantly smaller Designated Free Speech Zone™ with under 1% of the usercount That's retarded. Social media is trash, but it's trash that BILLIONS use. Cockshott isn't using it to blog about what he had for dinner and his views on Trump, he's using it to spread his theory, which would not be possible anywhere near the same level on a tiny niche platform. I agree that he should have set himself up on one at least as a backup, however.
>>1136079 Center for cultural Freedom stuff, literally Cia sponsored shit.
>>1136378 Read the thread, he wasn't banned. >had any real consequences for their economic ideas? https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/11/04/goog-n04.html https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/09/19/goog-s19.html
>>1136366 Proof? >>1136373 Everything you stated was untrue, particularly in regards to the Frankfurt School. The Congress of Cultural Freedom was also created in direct opposition to socialism in the west you idiot.
>>1066476 >Boomer refers to an American generation. Tourist Gen Xers here. Y'all know, Gen X is lot more like MIllenials than boomers, and most of us felt akin to you and were on your side for most struggles because they are also ours - until you started lumping us in with them just because we are older then them. You lost all sympathy with us when you started that shit because we loathe them even more than you do. And it isn't for the bullshit reasons you have, because they are bullshit reasons. It's because the whole time we were in our teens and 20s, boomers fucking rubbed it in our face that we "missed the biggest party in the whole world" - the 60s. "Oh you poor things, you were TOO YOUNG to have been there, and it was SO FUN, and we did ALL THE DRUGS, and had ALL THE SEX, but you can't do that now because AIDS and they will lock you up in prison for 20 years. Haha! Too bad, sucks to be you losers. Now go to your McDonald's job!" And then "Why doesn't Gen X CARE ABOUT THE ISSUES like WE did, we SAVED THE WORLD, we were SO AWESOME. this is a generation of LOSERS." Oh wow look now y'all sound just like the boomers and we say the same thing to you we said to them - whatever, man
>>1136032 All censorship is evil and I stop supporting leftist ideas because you fuckers support censorship. It's ironic you come here to speak where there is less of it.
>>1136407 Read >>1066601 >>1071242 >as the target of those were right-wing alternatives to the mainstream media. The WSWS was just caught in the crossfire in an attempt to suppress the right as "fake news". You really don't have a leg to stand on. Google wasn't worried about WSWS, they were worried about infowars or breitbart You really didn't read the article, did you? It isn't just WSWS, and this has been going on for decades before what you stated occured. Explain this to me also, if the media really does have a "leftist" bias, why do they suppress and distort all information coming out of currently existing socialist countries like Cuba and Bolivia? Why did they frame the coup in Bolivia as some kind of justified uprising?
>>1136419 >However, The Mass Psychology of Fascism was seen as being so critical of the Communist regime in the Soviet Union that Reich was considered to be a liability to the KPD and was kicked out of the party upon the book's publication in 1933. You stated that he influenced "The Authoritarian Personality" and Umberto Ecos "Ur-Fascism". Where is the proof? Neither of the people you mentioned were marxists either.
>>1136432 >Being removed from Google's search algorithm isn't censorship Lol ok >Who does? Both of those countries are largely ignored Supressed, with information being distorted. Or do I have to remind about Cuban headache beams? >because it was done by zionists And Zionists are generally against socialism. If they are so sympathetic to socialism though, why is 90% of the time denouciations of it, to the point it's the US's number one spook word?
>>1136441 >He was a communist with social ideas more similar to the original Bolsheviks No, he wasn't. Look up what Orthodox Marxism is, its very different from Leninism or Marxist-Leninism. Also, you keep moving the goal posts here. He stopped being a Marxist very early on.
>>1136455 Foucault is one of those intellectuals that just need the slightest push to immediately become turncloaks and virulent anti-communists. >Poland was mean to gays <this means Marxism is wrong Those guys are not to be trusted. The CIA literally called it the "defection of French intellectuals".
>>1136446 >They were not removed, they were simply put further back in the line. Yes. Are you going to argue such a thing does not constitute censorship? Or that the Venezuela purges on Twitter and Facebook didn't constitute censorship? >Those are clickbait articles aimed at you, so you will watch their adds What, they manufactured a story in the hopes that the .2% of the population that is communist will watch it? Or is it likely more because Americans in general will watch it and buy into it because of their conditioning to condemn Cuba? >The coup was done by a group Christian Zionists Yes, many anti-communists are Christian Zionists. Your point? You're trying to simultaneously argue that they a sympathtic to socialism, while also arguing that they are defenders of Christan Zionism.
>>1136455 Foucault literally turned his back on Marxist economic analysis, what are you talking about? Again, where is your proof he was still a Marxist?
Stop this hero worship
>>1136432 >a steady decline in readership or searches just means you are becoming less popular Anybody running a website can check information sent by browsers called a "referer" (yes, the word is written like that in the specs) which tells them which site the user is coming from (unless the user is one of the very few who has manually disabled that, in Firefox the string is network.http.sendRefererHeader in about:config). So you can see how many of your users come from Google etc. If your overall monthly visits go down while the proportion of users coming from Google relative to elsewhere stays the same, it's probably not Google's doing. But that isn't what's happening here. WSWS get pushed down in search results as a result of Google deliberately pushing them down, as an official Google rep recently admitted. Google is powerful enough to substantially influence how popular a website is. You surely know this, so I ask you: Do you enjoy pretending to be retarded?
>>1066439 What was the reason anyways? Just generic nonsense or wokeism?
>>1136524 He was not banned
>>1066461 i got a 30 day ban for commenting i fucking hate americans on some lib page's post
>>1137090 >When google creates an algorithm to disenfranchise right-wing media WSWS is right-wing media you guys!
>>1066450 >I-I'm okay with corporations suppressing leftwing if it means suppressing rightwing, haha thats only fair right? Imagine coping this bad, jesus.
>edit: this was proven to be false. Was he 1. Actually never banned 2. Temporarily banned 3. Deleted his Facebook account himself Or something else? There's no details of what actually happened from my quick skim of the thread simply a claim to the contrary in >>1136597 >>1163114 >A Google exec admitting they censor wsws in a congressional hearing is a mere technicality
(259.45 KB 650x637 1601296232703.jpg)
>>1066439 >edit: this was proven to be false. thank you for correcting the record no really tho, what the fuck janny. we're not not paying you to be our truthpolice, just to clean up shit. if I want fact checking I'll get in contact with the atlantic council thank you very much
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