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(19.93 KB 401x323 Screenshot (1164).png)
>>1169560 very cool
>>1169560 After the outrage UK lockdowns have created, I think even Joe realized it was way too much. Don't worry, he'll find other ways to kill us.
>>1169558 >Aside from that, Trump was an absolutely atrocious ruler, yet somehow he manages to be the best of the post Patriot Act lot. Bush and Obama were so abominably awful and brought the country to ruin so aggressively that it is hard to do worse. What made Bush and Obama so bad they are worse than Trump, in your opinion?
>>1169560 >>1169564 Blood for the blood gods.
(332.21 KB 400x561 Rainbow_Ghidorah.jpg)
>>1169489 >In other words, does shitlib cultural and economic politics divide the working class and drive parts of it in the backwards, less developed places in the US towards the populist right? It can, but maybe not for the reasons you're thinking. The liberals think that all they really need to focus on is all these intersecting forms of oppression based on identity without viewing class and the relations of production as the prime facilitator. The right would simply ignore all of it completely and follow the logic of capital, at least when it comes to minorities. This creates a sort of artificial chasm between these two groups as they are pandering to different constituents despite supporting the same economic system. The right preys more on things like the white working class's sentiment that their standard of living is deteriorating, but put the brunt of the blame on immigrants or some other group rather than the logic of the system itself. This isn't really new or fascist either, btw. The liberal flirtation with xenophobia has ebbed and waned across its history of existence as well. Progressive liberals would like to think that they have the white working class's best interest at heart as well, but their actions always say otherwise. They support massive trade deals that ship their jobs overseas and undercut the value of their labor power. This breeds resentment and cynicism as they view the project to raise the standard of living of these "oppressed groups" as an omission of their own increasing struggles. They have a point, as capitalism itself is an oppressive force and while its true certain minority groups end up disproportionately effected, reifying oppression as an identity issue over class drives a wedge into the working class. There's no universal struggle that they can thread their own experience through. These factions of liberalism are seeing the frictions in society that are the consequences of their economic policies, but both of them are wrong in their approach and analysis because they ignore the root of the problem. So yes, it does push people further to the right, but the solution isn't to trade one illusion for another, but to find commonality in class struggle.
>>1168958 Petite bourg suburban firstoids get nervous when you do that >>1167091 None of my homies browse stupidpol because crying over idpol does nothing to improve "your destitute, shitty lives" faggot
>>1169569 Bush made the police state and started a bloody series of wars in the Middle East. Enough said there. Just about everyone agrees Bush is the WOAT, even liberals. I can't believe the media ghouls were trying to rehabilitate him, when conservatives were so disgusted they will never vote for another Bush. You have to know you're bad when rank and file conservatives fucking hate you even. Obama enabled his banker buddies to get obscenely rich, and printed an ungodly amount of money which effectively guaranteed that America was finished. None of that was put towards things that would have actually helped long-term. Setting up the disaster that is Obamacare was a complete disgrace. Obama was deep in scandals that would have sunk any president if this country were healthy, and it was so blatant that they were pretty much announcing we would have a dictatorship. Libya is completely unforgivable and served no purpose except making the world miserable. Fast and Furious and the Benghazi scandal (yes it's a real thing, Republicans were right to go after him for that). For all the filth of Obama, fitting for something out of the Chicago muck, there was nothing redeeming. The worst, possibly, is that Obama's cult of personality and total vacuousness was somehow accepted by liberalt. I don't know what fucking mind control they used, but god damn, the whole thing was so scary to watch when you had to know Obama bullshat. Even small things were a stream of bullshit. It's not like Trump is much better - and at this point, it doesn't matter in the slightest which figurehead supposedly rules us - but aside from a lot of arbitrary cruelty and scandalous incompetence, Trump managed not to deliver the outrageous ruling class projects Bush and Obama did until 2020. The big power grab in 2020, of course, was Congress doing its thing. Trump did the stupid tax cut, but then Bush did a cut and Obama maintained the Bush cut plus built this insane medical cash grab scheme that is killing people in huge numbers. Trump, then, has the virtue of not being capable of aggressive badness. He just does really incompetent and crass shit.
Trump Trying to Reinstate Execution by Firing Squad Before He Leaves Office, Says Report >According to a report from ProPublica, Trump is trying to rush through a proposed regulation that could see federal executions being carried out by firing squads again. The proposed rule cleared White House review on Nov. 6, according to the report, so it could be finalized any day. https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-trying-to-reinstate-execution-by-firing-squad-before-he-leaves-office-says-report https://www.propublica.org/article/trump-races-to-weaken-environmental-and-worker-protections-and-implement-other-last-minute-policies-before-jan-20
>>1169578 >>1169586 Thx for the civil replies leftybros Libs want unity but I think the left might be a better to negotiate with
>>1169551 they're the same thing you imbecile.
(8.85 KB 240x255 delaney 2.jpg)
>>1169598 lmao just...why?
>>1169598 hilariously it will probably never be used because the prison industrial complex gets big kickbacks for using medical euthanasia since the chemicals used during it costs heinous amounts of money in burgerland
>>1169614 >>1169612 >>1169598 Legit the only state that still uses firing squad is Utah because it apparently basically kills you instantly and the Mormons are sparingly humane about the execution question
>Wanna see my what my countrymen (Rupert) is doing on his favourite american news parody shitpost (fox news) >Watch one of their videos about Commie Biden stealing the election >look at comments >FOX NEWS IS COMPROMISED WATCH NEWSMAX >SEARCH UP NEWSMAX FOX IS DEAD >LOOK UP OAN (One American news) >Look it up. >its some shitty Fox news / Infowars ripoff. >"Hmm their livestreaming now..." <"Now continuing with our rolling electoral coverage we still have many states in play we have Arizona which a lot of...a lot of questions still about that...We have Georgia still in the air....We have Michigan and Wisconsin in play...and Pennsylvania." <"As you all know unlike some of our competitors we wont call the election until we actually know the result" Lmao i finally get it. Trump tards have literally modelled an insulated alternate reality for themselves where trump did win and the libshits are triggered and crying
(5.50 KB 186x271 Baseddep.jpg)
>Bill-De-Blasio fines Synagogue 15,000 dollars and declares "Synagogues will be closed if Jewish community is found evading Covid-19 restrictions" in disgusting rant - Jerusalem Post
(5.96 MB 960x540 trump corn.mp4)
>>1169615 Yup, it's much more "humane" than botched lethal injections where the victim is in utter mind-bending pain for half an hour.
>>1169615 Mormons from Utah also really likw guns. They really, really like guns.
https://www.axios.com/israeli-military-prepares-trump-iran-0d0a5725-c410-4f5c-a0ea-9c6f9add4966.html <Scoop: Israeli military prepares for possibility Trump will strike Iran
(95.86 KB 1500x950 sayyid_blasio.jpg)
>>1169633 bill de blasio is hezbol gang?
>>1169689 No one here says that. But it's clear the deep state don't like his attitude to foreign policy.
>>1169700 >No one here says that. t. newfriend.
>>1169664 utah's gun laws are based. only state i know of that gives you immunity to civil suit in defensive gun use. other states even if you win the criminal case you can still be sued by anyone the death inflicted "damages" against. even their employer. utah? fuck no. don't have to pay for some retard's decision to throw his life away
>>1169423 it isn't stephanie ruhle or natasha bertrand. overruled!
>>1169700 >no one here says that nigga pls. Even if what you said were true (it isn't) why tf should we care if the "deep state" doesn't like his policy if he continue to be a warmonger. Let's say of argument that deep state doesn't like his way of waging war. Trump still wages war, it still has an obscene human cost, it still destabilizes the world, it still makes the american homeland more dangerous. Why should we care wtf the deepstate thinks about it? Evaluating trump's war policies on their own merits is enough to condemn them.
>>1166749 For we are saved by hope; but hope that is seen is not hope, for what a man i agree , why doth he yet hope for it? Romans 8:24
Who the fuck let all the retards onto the board and why aren't mods doing anything about it? Theres like 10 threads on the front page encouraging sectarian splitting and defeatism. Our numbers are way down from post-election and its getting worse instead of better. leftypol is kill
>>1169742 You know, there's a report button. They don't let a little bit the essence of the imageboard going on. Yes, sectarianism is a bannable offense, but if users can handle it we let it go. Also, imagine lurking hundreds of posts just to mod, lol no one does that.
>>1169772 They let* a little bit
>>1169689 >>1169685 People have been saying he'll attack Iran any day now for his entire presidency and...well, here we are. >Why it matters: The Israeli government instructed the IDF to undertake the preparations not because of any intelligence or assessment that Trump will order such a strike, but because senior Israeli officials anticipate “a very sensitive period” ahead of Biden's inauguration on Jan. 20. Oh, right, just another case clickbait journos burying the lede. Anyone that hung around places like AboveTopSecret in the '00s will tell you that there were the same rumors that Dubya would do the same to get a third term (hell, they even mentioned it in one of those Transformers movies)
>>1169774 >People have been saying he'll attack Iran any day now for his entire presidency and...well, here we are. Well, every day now Israel have been bombing Syria, so in a sense happens.
>>1169784 Bit of a difference between passive-aggressive proxy wars and a direct military strike on another nation
>>1169795 >passive-aggressive proxy wars Dude, it's literally bombing strikes from the official Isreal airplanes and artillery. Lmao, that's not what a proxy war means.
>>1169804 >Israeli military prepares for possibility Trump will strike Iran
>>1169806 >>1169795 >>1169774 >>1169700 >No one here says that. Were you saying....?
(434.62 KB 911x767 459834758937495.png)
>>1169774 Well Trump and Pompeo have been working to create a formal anti-Iran alliance in the Middle East. The Israel-UAE deal was the first move. There is also some reporting (don't know if true or not though) that Netanyahu just flew to Saudi Arabia and met with MBS -- that would be a first for an Israeli prime minister. There is also a suggestion that this was supposed to be part of a second-term plan for Trump, and then this formalized Israel-Saudi-UAE alliance would confront Iran with the U.S. helping. But he lost so the plan went awry. But are they speeding up the plan? I think the next few weeks could be very dangerous.
>>1169598 Based
(42.00 KB 444x960 FB_IMG_1606325234465.jpg)
>>1169831 The fun part is: How you cope to explain to Muslims that attacking another Muslim through a non-muslim "friend" is to protect islamism.
>>1169839 >and millions believe this bullshit Our only hope are the Iranian nukes.
(55.03 KB 1022x547 kek.jpg)
>>1169598 tbh firing squad is better than lethal injection, i unironically support this in favour of lethal injection(though abolition of the death penalty is preferable)
>>1169709 Wtf i love mormons now
>>1169863 The best option is a sedant+CO2 mask.
>>1169598 honestly better than the theater and indignity of deadly injections not to mention how often they just don't work and leave the convict in agony
>>1169831 >I think the next few weeks could be very dangerous. I don't think so. The new alliance might as well be part of a grand strategy, one that was already taking shape under Obungler, of a kind of Vietnamization of the Iran issue; explicitly setting up a counterbalancing alliance of local client states rather than being on the hook directly. Ultimately however they gambled on doing the Iran nuclear deal in stead and trying to normalize relations to some degree, against zionist and gulfuigher opposition. They got rid of that, and no doubt psychos like Pompeo were toying with the idea of an attack. But I think the defense establishment shied away because of the expected cost, so it's back to the "conservative" approach. Don't take to seriously the idea that Trump will order something at the last minute - the generals won't listen anyway. It's already been aired openly that orders from the president are being ignored. Just the blob being the blob.
Say something nice about each of them
>>1169958 Governing through astrological charts is big-dick energy.
>>1169958 they're gone
(6.62 MB 480x313 g.gif)
>>1169550 Sorry but idc about the pain and suffering of Trumpoids. They deserve to suffer for being such shitty human beings. We do not need them in any way whatsoever to achieve socialism.
>>1169958 They are both dead. /thread/
>>1169965 >moralism
Why dont american communist emigrate from their dystopian country? Most of European countries have communist parties that dont care about idpol and unironically support North Korea. Also free healthcare, education, welfare etc. Anglo countries are a lost cause and must be fought on all fronts.
>>1169550 Good post. American politics is purely emotional at this point. No one believes in God anymore and this is what has replaced it. I think the way forward is a new religious feeling. The old ones are dead, those won't work. Need a Lenin/Jesus combination to show us the way.
>>1169969 >Why dont american communist emigrate from their dystopian country 1) It's very hard to get a permanent visa to get a European country even as an American. 2) Family/friends live here. 3) Europe is basic America-lite, sorry. Every year it's becoming more like the US.
>>1169968 >saying you don't care about reactionaries and lumpenproles is moralism you must also be against gulags
>>1169873 or just a bullet to the back of the head, seems like the most obvious choice
>>1169981 >all trump supporters are reactionaries and lumpenproles >>1169965 >>>>shitty human beings <not moralism I think you are coping hard.
https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Take%20a%20Trump New word of the day: <To take trump. To take a massive dump, so massive, takes full 15 minutes to go full out of you.
(98.17 KB 1024x773 1605579606145.jpg)
>>1169958 I can't.
I hope all Trump supporters commit suicide. The world would be a much better place without them.
>>1170003 Stfu Bernie saved America from fascism.
(1.99 MB 261x238 Y59XXLn.gif)
>>1170019 wtf does this actually work?
>>1170023 only if you're using a xylitol solution
>>1170023 Yes, at some point nasal cavities join.
>>1170023 it works at giving you a brain worm, yes
>>1169979 >1) It's very hard to get a permanent visa to get a European country even as an American. It will become harder. >>1169979 >2) Family/friends live here. Sheeeiitt >>1169979 >3) Europe is basic America-lite, sorry. Every year it's becoming more like the US. Cancerous ameritardism virus.
>>1169988 You just love bodies splashing a lot of blood, huh?
>>1170023 it does, it works really really well
(176.61 KB 1079x1103 IMG_20201125_140840.jpg)
(237.96 KB 1152x2048 Elq8aM8VoAYeFQd.jpeg)
(17.87 KB 618x482 drumpfz1.jpg)
>>1170063 RETARD
(19.97 KB 289x213 1559532.jpg)
>>1168997 yes indeed we talking about the same thing I don't have an image good enough to state how patrician you are
(8.80 KB 199x255 chad-no.jpg)
>>1170107 don't bring the flock of spergs into leftypol
>>1170116 bring leftypol into the flock of spergs.
>>1169487 gonna be honest, it's crap, I can't even tell quite what it's trying to say >>1168560 Heya, are you the guy to whom I was replying (>>1168038)?
>>1168548 So then, what's the finall tally on Hunter's length?
I'm against genocide and eugenics but being ginger should be a crime. Ginger men are so ugly >_<
>>1169598 firing squad actually isn't great because they typically get killed by body shots, dead to rights headshot is too involved for the executioner, gas chamber is too dangerous/ineffective. there's nothing that's really painless unless you straight up let the executioner target a vital organ.
>>1170137 Hanging
>>1170139 pretty inconsistent between instant neck snap and slow strangulation.
>>1170137 blowing them up with several kilos of explosives would kill them instantly for sure
>>1170137 Shut the fuck up.
>>1170141 >source: my ass
>>1170137 did everyone forget this is exactly why they created the guillotine?
I thought Obama was smarter than this.
>>1169598 HONK HONK >>1169625 they created themselves a safespacetimecontinuum >>1169633 say goodbye to your career, bill >>1169921 Honestly, it's quite possible the motivation between that alliance is to finally build that god damn fucking third temple
(15.77 KB 250x174 yikes.png)
>>1170149 yeah what the fuck that's like a /pol/yp wetdream talking point about muh naturally conservative latinos
>>1170155 >the black family has no dad what did they mean by this
(9.75 MB 402x208 pQrN4Ot.gif)
(214.33 KB 345x336 har.jpg)
>>1170023 It's possible to do but you shouldn't. It's really bad for you, basically puts any bacteria that's accumulated in the thing directly into your nose.
>>1170155 thanks for the advice, I never thought of that
>>1170164 this reads like the reefer madness of neti pots. clean it with soap and water before using. rinse thoroughly. holy fuck lol
I've read comments that now rightoids are turning on Newsmax as well. What media outlet do they have left?
>>1169845 By promoting the Sunni/Shia split
>>1170181 OANN and literal who's on twitter
Guess who's back, back again? Peter's back, tell a friend!
>>1170198 >Rule #1: don't do benzos
(64.87 KB 384x643 20200823_082544.jpg)
Bruh how tf can black burgers be so completely brainwashed by the DNC? Like, holy fuck, my mom was on the cusp of class consciousness, so fucking close, but then decided to go back and completely brainwash herself with the vapid bullshit on CNN so she can be lulled by the bland spectacle of Biden, why???
>>1170169 It's not like they are medical grade or something. Your sinuses are extremely vulnerable to infection and pouring warm water up there is the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. It's also not actually helpful in relieving congestion long-term so you have to keep doing it and putting more bullshit inside your head.
>>1170181 a friend of mine told me earlier today that he will only be reading donald trump's social media for news.
>>1170137 Shoot with tokarev pistol in the back of the head and your men throw the body in trash pit. Repeat this 5000 times and get a medal. Its done before and nothing value was lost.
>>1170210 you have a friend like that?
>>1170204 You failed your mom
>>1170204 >Bruh how tf can black burgers be so completely brainwashed by the DNC? it's been like three full generations of the pavlovian programming
(34.52 KB 462x229 hahhaha.png)
>>1170063 ...read on to find out what happens next
>>1170217 Bruh she refuses me to let me bring her to reality, she's convinced herself Biden will fix everything even though she knows it's a lie
>>1170204 how idpol focused is she?
>>1170149 Finest IdPol ever.
>>1170149 is he wrong?
>>1170184 You can't. Every Muslim nation has a huge chunk of Shia or Sunni population, not a "purist" nation exists. Fuck, even Osama had Shia family, and that's why he never allied with the death (which indeed was a purist ideal Sunni state), and the reason Daesh failed. Also, it can backlash as it did with Iraq: They had a Sunni puppet (Saddam) and replace them with a Shia (first puppet, now doing business with Iran).
>>1170241 yes, they don't ignore his racism. they just care about more than some comments he makes or his stances on immigration. they aren't a monolith, they aren't even "latino." it's just more idpol dogshit that the vast majority of people could give a fuck about
>>1170204 Class consciousness is not easy to grasp.
https://nitter.net/mattbinder/status/1331447624252133377?s=21 where will MAGAs turn as their favorite news outlets have to admit that Trump lost?
>>1170226 The "transhumanists are trying to censor Joe ROgan" and now this makes me think that they're just trying to create triggered people out of the ether.
(318.51 KB 750x1161 AUSTERITY TIME.jpg)
>mfw the Biden team already hinted that they're gonna go full austerity because "muh Trump debt" >appointing austerity hawks everywhere
(73.83 KB 634x423 based ilhan.jpg)
>>1170323 a wild jew appears!
>>1170326 funniest outcome shock doctrine coming home, get ready for 90's era russia drop in life expectancy
>>1170198 Reactionaries worship a literal retard as their dream alpha daddy, and follow the life advice of a literally brain-damaged depressive. Does anyone still entertain any doubt that reactionarism constitutes a pathology?
>>1170323 Shut the fuck up rightoid.
>>1170334 America would probably forge that stat as well tbh
>>1169598 trump is a little more unhinged than I thought
>>1170334 the best part is that Biden has always been very open about the need to dismantle social security, medicare/medicaid his entire career more capitalistic cannibalization
>>1170327 Funny cuz she's married to a Jew
>>1170323 Good work, Officer Johnson
>>1170204 need to start calling them out tbh
>>1170371 wtf how could she marry a crakkker?
>>1170377 Jews are not white.
(30.14 KB 675x182 Screenshot (1167).png)
(60.03 KB 408x802 ilhan feet.jpg)
>>1170371 source? also holy fuck 3 marriages in 11 years. lowkey i would fuck that little bug's brains out. east african chicks are so hot
>>1170366 He spent his entire life shitting America up. The prison-industrial complex, student debt, the Crime Bill, all the shit that neoliberalism pushed to revert the gains after WW2 had him as a protagonist. And now we reached the point of absurdity, as he was elected promising to fix the things he helped cause despite actually intending to make them worse. It's like giving your hitman a second chance because his previous attempts only put in a deep coma. Perhaps the only thing more notable than the sheer degree of harm he inflicted upon the world is how little he was paid for it. While his colleagues laughed all the way to the bank, Biden's net worth today doesn't reach the 8th digit, a pittance for 5 decades of nothing but backroom deals and cheap demagoguery, almost all of them at the federal level. He sold America off for an already-started sixpack of beer.
>>1170386 bleached
>>1170419 source on mynett being a yid (besides the nose)
>>1170214 you don’t?
>>1169550 The best painkiller
(23.16 KB 595x309 1606341000235.png)
it could still happen right ??
>>1170023 Yes, unlike Bernie.
>>1170517 This is just a fan-service tease with no real substance behind it
https://archive.is/FU0ci >A growing number of Americans are going hungry <26 million now say they don’t have enough to eat, as the pandemic worsens and holidays near
>>1170549 Imagine in the future an article about how good this is to combat obesity. JUST WAIT
>>1170006 Biden supporters are worse. I'm going to love the cope and mental gymnastics coming from libs as they'll try to defend Biden's wars and funding of fracking.
>>1169921 He can fire all the generals that refuse orders. His new acting Defence secretary will carry them out.
https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/25/us/politics/michael-flynn-pardon.html > President Trump pardoned on Wednesday his former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn, who had twice pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I. about his conversations with a Russian diplomat and whose prosecution Attorney General William P. Barr tried to shut down. I wonder who else he'll pardon in the next few weeks. Libs are on suicide watch.
https://www.businessinsider.com/biden-national-shutdown-lockdown-says-he-wont-shut-down-2020-11 Lib cope these next 4 years will be great. Biden will probably start at least 20 new wars, fund fracking, veto all climate change legislation. He'll sign virtue signalling documents that mean fuck all.
Does anyone know why /pol/ is so ecstatic tonight? Is it just pure delusion or did they actually achieve anything whatsoever?
Libs actually think Trump will be arrested. lol Can't wait to wake them from their delusions.
https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/11/25/pers-n25.html >The corporate media and Democratic Party are celebrating Joe Biden’s incoming cabinet as “the most diverse in US history,” proclaiming that the appointment of women, African Americans and Latinos to key cabinet positions is a sign of tremendous social progress. >In reality, Biden’s rainbow coalition of imperialist reaction encapsulates and exposes the right-wing essence of identity politics. >Nowhere is the excitement more palpable than in the editorial offices of the New York Times, a leading proponent of racial and gender politics, which gushed that the president-elect has “signaled his intention to draw from a diverse cross section of America in building his cabinet.” >The Times writes: “Unlike President Trump’s cabinet, which is more white and male than any in nearly 40 years, Mr. Biden’s list of likely top advisers promises to reflect 21st-century sensibilities.” It cites statements by Biden aides claiming the incoming cabinet “will look like America.” >Whatever the skin color of the cabinet members, the Biden administration will not think like America. The population is demanding massive social change to address the deadly pandemic and unprecedented levels of inequality and social desperation. >Though over seven in 10 Americans favor universal health care, there will be no constituency within the cabinet for such a policy. The same goes for the more than six in 10 Americans who support tuition-free college and student debt forgiveness. They will be “represented” by a cabinet consisting of equity fund partners of various races and genders. >While eight in 10 people now favor diverting money from police departments to support social programs following this summer’s nationwide, multi-racial demonstrations against police violence, Biden has pledged to increase funding for the police. >And for the over 75 percent of Americans who want troops removed from Afghanistan and Iraq and who support cutting defense spending, the multi-racial Biden cabinet will give them the exact opposite. >The nominees are not pioneers of their race or gender, they are social criminals: >Avril Haines, a former CIA deputy director, will be the first woman director of national intelligence. Haines was an architect of the Obama administration’s drone assassination program, which killed thousands of impoverished Africans, Arabs and Central Asians, with no attention to the victims’ gender. >Alejandro Mayorkas will be the first Latino to head the Department of Homeland Security. This will be little comfort for the hundreds of thousands of Latino (and other) immigrants he will deport in the coming months and years, or to the immigrant children he jailed in cages when he was deputy DHS secretary from 2013 to 2016. >Janet Yellen will be the first woman treasury secretary, after having helped implement the quantitative easing policy that transferred tens of billions of dollars to the banks on a monthly basis during the Bush and Obama administrations, while providing no support for millions of foreclosure victims. >Linda Thomas-Greenfield, an African American, will be ambassador to the United Nations. Thomas-Greenfield worked in the State Department to help American oil and mining corporations extract resources from the world’s most impoverished countries. >Though not formally a member of the cabinet, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris—the first woman and first African American in that position—made her career as a “black woman prosecutor” by trampling on the lives of the mostly impoverished people she incarcerated. >Then there are the white men, whose own records are no more and no less criminal than those of their female and minority counterparts. >Antony Blinken is the nominee for secretary of state, having helped orchestrate the wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen. He was a partner at a private equity firm and co-founded WestExec Advisors, which works with Israeli intelligence and helped develop Google’s censorship tools. Former Secretary of State John Kerry, supporter of intervention in Syria and the 2013 coup in Egypt that established the murderous al-Sisi dictatorship, will be “climate czar.” >As for those on the shortlists for other cabinet positions, the Times holds its breath for the prospect of Tammy Duckworth becoming the first handicapped, Thai woman to serve as defense secretary. Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg could be the first openly gay secretary of transportation. >These servants of Wall Street and US imperialism have nothing in common with the working people of “their own” race, gender or sexual orientation. It is class, not identity, which is the fundamental dividing line in American society. >This was on display during a surreal press conference announcing the cabinet yesterday, in which Biden made little mention of the coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging the country and the world, instead focusing on the “personal stories” of the above-named nominees. When it was their turn to speak, the nominees congratulated themselves and their loved ones for the career advancement. >Meanwhile, in the real world, 260,000 Americans are dead from the pandemic, with a disastrous winter ahead. The dead include a disproportionate number of poor and working people of all races who were forced back to work for corporate profit. They could not retreat to second or third homes in the countryside. They could not afford adequate health care and for many, underlying health problems (heart disease, obesity, smoking) are themselves badges of generations of poverty and oppression. >The ruling class’s bipartisan policy is to fuel the markets with death like coal fuels a steam engine train. Biden has reassured corporate America that “there will be no national lockdown,” while Democrats and Republicans have conspired to ensure no substantial increase in benefits for the unemployed. >In the two days since Biden began announcing his cabinet picks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average shot up nearly 1,000 points, breaking records and crashing through the 30,000 point mark. The affluent sections within each race and gender grow obscenely wealthy while workers of all races confront varying degrees of disaster. >The selection of Biden’s cabinet shows that politics based on race, gender and sexuality has become a fundamental part of the Democratic Party’s efforts to divide workers, enrich themselves, and falsely present themselves as “representational” of the broad masses, who in reality have no representation whatsoever in any branch of government. >Meanwhile, Trump and his fascist supporters capitalize on growing dissatisfaction with the race-obsessed Democrats. Trump doubled his support among black men and women in the 2020 election and tripled his support among LGBT people. At the same time, the far right sees recruitment opportunities among young white people who have no prospects for the future and are tired of being told by Democrats that they are nothing but racist “deplorables” who deserve their desperation. >In order to immediately address the social needs of workers around the world, the trillions of dollars hoarded by the rich must be seized and made available to alleviate human suffering. This requires the greatest possible degree of unity of all workers in a common struggle. >The world working class consists of billions of people who work thousands of different jobs, speak hundreds of different languages and have hundreds of different religions and local customs. Their skin, hair and eyes happen to come in many colors. For hundreds of years, in each country, the bourgeoisie has attempted to teach workers to hate one another based on pseudo-science, lies and violence. >The great historic task of socialists is to combat the long legacy of communalism and racial politics in order to make this massive, heterogeneous social force aware of its tremendous social power. The affluent proponents of identity politics who pretend to be “left-wing” are bitter opponents of the historic struggle to unify the international working class. Fo
>>1170610 He'll pardon Kyle Rittenhouse, mark my words. >>1170679 Maybe the botfarmers is high so it looks like thousands of polyps are high.
Reading about the us nuclear testing and some of this is pretty fucked up
>>1170730 can't pardon a state crime, presidential pardon is much less op than people imagine.
>>1170775 >appeal to federal court
>>1170796 that'll be at least another year from now. if trumps still president then lol
>>1170775 Isn't murder supposed to be a federal felony?
>>1170765 Gigachad.jpg
>>1169958 They defeated communism
>>1170796 doesn't work like that, while state crimes can be appealed to federal courts the jurisdiction of a pardon doesn't change.
>>1170204 like half of them dont even vote, if u actually think every single black is a biden dem (or likes republicans) you need to go back
>>1169550 >Or you could think of it like American patriot "pride parades" with Trump as the pride grand master. Honestly I think it's a similar thing Damn that's big brained.
>>1170063 >Bottom tweet >Calvin Coolidge addressing claims he hates the vets after veto'ing the military pensions bill
>>1170823 If Kyle had been on a spree killing protestors in illinois, wisconsin, and Michigan it might be kicked up to the feds, since he just killed people in Wisconsin it goes to the state.
>Trump declares war on Iran in some insane hail mary to stay president. >US military either actually starts losing or Trump intentionally makes the situation seem more risky then it actually is. >Uses the climbing body count and the war dragging on Trump basically an enabling act that tries to basically make him president forever
(67.70 KB 800x765 flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)
>>1170904 That's a bad thing because they're there to help Somalis defeat Al-Shabaab. Are you retarded and take the opposite position of whatever America is doing? Do you really support Al-Shabaab just to own America when nearly all Somalis hate those digusting Jihadists? Never change, leftypol.
(292.10 KB 1920x1080 JD_.jpg)
>>1169645 That turkey is a nasty slut.
>>1170967 succdem spotted
>>1170931 >Are you retarded and take the opposite position of whatever America is doing? That's literally how leftypol sees everything, you must be new
>>1170326 >>mfw the Biden team already hinted that they're gonna go full austerity because "muh Trump debt" wtf I love biden now >appointing austerity hawks everywhere
>>1170931 >>1171017 >NOOO THE CIA NEEDS TO BE IN EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD DOG BLESS OUR TROOPS imagine simping this hard for the organization responsible for the most repression of socialist movements in history
>>1171036 >Mussolini made the trains run on time
>>1171040 >mussolini bad, therefore train should be late
>>1171031 They don't need to be everywhere; they only need to be at places where they're useful and can do good. Somalia is one of those places.
>>1171036 I'll take the bait, list some good things the CIA did
>>1171051 fighting islamists like Al Shabaab. glowies sometimes do the right things for the wrong reasons
>>1171051 Killed the US president
>>1171051 Let's just say that if America suddenly became truly communist today, and the CIA became a communist organization, it would still be carrying out its mission in Somalia and doing it even harder.
Watergate was a disaster for the human race both because it basically gave the US government an opportunity to purge nixon and his cabinet which was pretty much the last group of like "Old-Libs" as opposed to NeoLibs like Carter and Reagan and because it permanently ruined journalism with the idea that like a leaked document that like shows trump had lunch with a GAZPROM exec or that Obama ran a wiretap or Trumps taxes are like FUCKING GROUNDBREAKING STOP THE PRESSES SO SO FUCKING IMPORTANT! WOWZERS!
>>1171051 They trap rightiods inside of their pig pin.
>>1171071 agreed, I'm really trying to push it to more people how much the whole "dissident journalism" industry is basically controlled opposition
>>1171071 >his cabinet which was pretty much the last group of like "Old-Libs" as opposed to NeoLibs please stop posting.
Dudes wtf a deer took my car
>>1171057 after they trained and armed them for decades? they don't get credit for cleaning up a tiny part of their own mess
>>1171051 Dissolved the USSR
>>1170936 >all offenses against the United States that's not a blanket term, it means a crime that could be construed as an attack against the entire country I.E. a federal crime, it does not mean any crime committed anywhere in the country.
>>1171051 Made the left into what it is today
>>1171121 you mean the idpol vampire castle? hard keep
>>1171122 >real leftism is when you hate women and minorities
>Deep state didn't rig the election but trump pretends they did and wins Unelected meme president commits a coup and continues running country into ground for four more years. >Deep state DID rig election and trump exposes it and wins. Liberalism is so unpopular they had to literally fucking cheat to seem viable and still lost.
>>1171127 getting started early today, aren't you
>>1171127 the vampire castle harms the cause of women and minorities too, they spread paralysing feelings of guilt and suspicion, engulfing everything they touch in a acrid stifling neo-liberal fog.
Same dude
>>1171105 Dudes my insurance won't cover it. it's gonna take all my savings, I've worked to get for the last year. FUCK I have no transportation. Its time for public car, house and live insurance
>>1171183 This real?
(10.47 KB 225x225 images.jpeg)
Biden is going to radicalize more libs than Trump. When they realize how useless and reactionary he is they will get angry.
>>1171016 Sam Seder spotted
>>1171210 The solution is simple: don't be broke, don't die, and don't have kids.
>>1171210 Rightoids wanna be oppressed so bad
(157.96 KB 723x666 gIGAPOSTING.png)
>>1171222 >"Im tired of these degenerate cartoons they show on TV" >"From now on i only will let my son watch sailor moon and Ouran High School host club!"
(4.52 MB 1920x1080 Snake.mp4)
>>1171210 >tfw cucked by the existence of lesbians
>>1171210 I misse u bby
>>1171121 cringe?
>>1170929 That likely wouldn't work. It might take China and Iran bombing the USA for Trump to declare some kind of "existential" emergency making him the war time President.
(29.65 KB 720x671 8b4 (1).jpg)
>>1171128 How would that work? You think Trump will get CIA contractors to kill Biden and Kamala, then declare himself the winner of the election?
>>1171201 It's more effective if Kamala is opening supporting and funding cops, and openly praises jailing blacks, and praises the national security state.
(227.49 KB 1920x1080 Call em.jpg)
(73.84 KB 700x700 soy pol 66.jpg)
>>1171251 >rightoids support bullying >get surprised when people react badly
>>1171248 She's already done all that shit. They just love being obscurants about their crimes against humanity, unlike Trump. He's by contrast open with his plans to kill and maim
>>1171251 virtually every black female celebrity in existence gets doxxed and harassed. the only difference is that rightoids are softer than literal vaginas
>>1171251 The only good rightoid is a dead one. Cry harder wimp
>>1171258 tbh leslie jones does look horrendous
>>1171067 if my grandmother had balls and a dick she would be my grandfather, but please, go on with your retarded hypotheticals
>>1171201 no they won’t. libs have a Stockholm syndrome that became even more emboldened once Trump started living in their heads rent free. if there’s anything the past 2 elections taught me, it’s that.
when has 4chan ever been against harrassment?
>>1171251 >some trannny calls you a chud >this triggers you so hard you literally commit suicide
>>1171263 Ilhan Omar looks fine though
>>1171276 ilhan omar is not black shes arab
(57.78 KB 600x600 dhdu1isxuaec6rl.jpg)
>>1171272 10/10
>>1171272 Cry harder rightoids have no morality other than licking capitalist boots and being smug about it
>>1171279 he wasn't dragged out and shot by the NVKD or anything, he was such a weakling that he killed himself because he got called a chud. seems like his fault to be
>>1171279 >kill yourself because a trannny says mean words <HOW COULD THE GOMMIES DO SUCH A THING! ITS LIKE DRESDEN ALL OVER AGAIN
>>1171279 Go back to your suburb Mitchell you fucking faggot. You don’t speak for working people.
>>1171281 He's trying to hold in his soy face
>>1171296 Nobody gives a shit you whiny homo. Join your loser friend and kill yourself. To keep you is no gain and to lose you is no loss.
>>1171277 source? she can’t be more than half arab
>>1171279 You’re not working class, no working class person would have this much spare time to sperg about some wimpy kid who took out the trash for us
>>1171296 They weren’t harassed they were NOTICED
(120.99 KB 1920x1080 lanklets BTFO.jpg)
>>1171284 >>1171286 >be Andrew Dodson >show up at unite the right rally >march next to people literally shouting <Jews will not replace us! >don't wear a ski mask >show full face >get identified >called chud >an heroes
>>1171296 lol my (white) grandmother had to flee to the countryside in WWII and almost starved during the occupation of france but u wanna talk about collateral damage
>>1171296 Im glad he killed himself and hope his family follows suit
>>1171302 >They weren’t harassed they were NOTICED
>>1171302 Forgot pic
>>1171296 he was clearly genetically inferior if that was enough to make him an hero, don't want his bloodline polluting the white race am i right?
(38.15 KB 852x480 1.jpg)
(275.45 KB 962x1276 cross_dressing_ss.jpg)
>>1171313 lol thats lolberts, you talk about degeneracy but even the OG nazis were gay as fuck (see picrel)
>>1171313 1-800-273-8255
>>1171313 You have the gall to talk about degeneracy!?
(51.29 KB 501x459 123131.jpg)
>>1171322 >not posting the gangsta party hotline
>>1171313 We all despise Agent Kowchinski here son, now go debate him on his live stream foar MAXIMUM NOTICING, acceptance and validation from us here There's a good lad
>>1171317 how come I’ve only started seeing these pictures here within the past year? was there some kind of leak recently?
Do you think Trump will resign and get Pence to pardon him?
(27.05 KB 797x420 k9lic50ushh11.jpg)
>>1171459 No, yes, and bet on the perhaps.
(66.47 KB 720x417 prageru out of context.jpg)
>>1171183 There's nothing best than prageru out of context tweets. Beats anything at any level.
(270.28 KB 720x865 us-pol-trump won.jpg)
>>1171201 Nah, I don't think so. "The diversity" he has placed in his cabinet makes the ideal IdPol shit liberals love.
(399.66 KB 720x720 rud-good HCL.jpg)
>>1171016 >Jimmy >succdem >literally the guy that takes more time attacking succdems than rethuglicans. >yfw you said that
>>1171305 What’s the other side, if I may ask?
>>1171300 She’s somali, so not far off.
(88.29 KB 1280x720 EUx0TWCWAAAVfab.jpeg)
(26.33 KB 1278x676 Dx4cA0_XQAEi_Qp.jpeg)
(89.92 KB 1916x1072 EZZFICwXsAA9JsR.jpeg)
(89.73 KB 1920x1080 EeAydW1WkAA7_nF.jpeg)
(99.51 KB 2048x1152 EUP1vZgWsAoYMh2.jpeg)
(35.39 KB 1131x564 EUDbY5KWAAEXbgX.jpeg)
(59.11 KB 1280x720 EPj4j1sWkAESQma.jpeg)
(114.34 KB 1920x1080 EJ5jfrSX0AEbrFr.jpeg)
(23.17 KB 750x413 EEzFN3ZXUAEGW56.jpeg)
>>1171251 Did you noticed this meme?
(39.71 KB 1275x679 D2MtXsRX0AA2XXC.jpeg)
(29.65 KB 1274x676 D2bv5A_WkAUUPdB.jpeg)
(29.47 KB 1275x676 D2hY_RwXcAEBdfL.jpeg)
(93.16 KB 2048x1152 EEblXrsWkAA74wP.jpeg)
(73.25 KB 1920x1080 D9mcD5XXUAEA5uu.jpeg)
>>1171604 (metoo)
(10.07 KB 225x225 jojo-oh-lawd.jfif)
>>1171594 These get me every time.
(195.28 KB 3789x2131 DuugKaYWwAAjV0Y.jpeg)
(63.26 KB 1276x678 DwVAE0NUUAEIS2R.jpeg)
(87.84 KB 1278x678 DxuVCdrWoAApTUf.jpeg)
(42.46 KB 1272x677 D0MHUMCWkAEd7zG.jpeg)
(39.01 KB 1272x678 D2IuGXqX4AYKXzu.jpeg)
>>1171610 More.
So the Supreme Court just struck down Covid 19 restrictions for religious groups in New York.
Given how shit and bleak the job market in Canada and the USA is, it's a blackpill for Millenials to quickly reject capitalism. I hate boomers that are delusional about how horrible the current job market is. It doesn't matter if you live in Alberta or Alabama, no employer wants to hire you. And no company wants to give you a good paying job. I wish every neoliberal on Earth was tortured for eternity and everyone that's apologetic of the shit job market is forced to watch neoliberals get tortured in Hell.
(169.08 KB 500x363 lt-bugs-nopwease.gif)
>>1171651 >mfw someone says the U.S. is a secular state.
>>1171668 Given how Congress has Chaplains, the Pentagon has chaplains, it's pretty much a pseudo christian police state.
>>1171684 Oh, you can have them, for the decor. Following their demands is plain stupid. I can go further: Churches in the U.S. don't pay taxes but they can receive nearly 0% taxes funded loans from the PPP program. Plenty of states can respect individual beliefs placing churches, the complicated part comes exactly there.
>>1171071 "The scandal of Watergate was there was no scandal" -Baudrillard
>>1171251 dont you right wingers boast about how you never get your fee fees hurt by words?
(296.33 KB 1200x1200 1541126901888.jpg)
What are the best socialist orgs/parties to join? Particularly in Michigan.
>>1172029 she cute
>>1172030 indeed she is
>>1172029 You should be contacting every single damn one of them because now is the time they're laying groundwork.
(157.34 KB 1200x1200 4069.jpg)
What's up with this guy? All the liberals saying that he did a good job during the pandemic.
>>1172120 No doubt it's a marketing campaign. Keep in mind that most of what you see in social media isn't written by people. Remember that "Cuomosexual" bullshit? Most obvious guerrilla marketing ever.
>>1172104 >now is the time they're laying groundwork how so?
>>1172120 Meanwhile in the real world he actually cut medicaid during a pandemic.
>>1172138 The economy shit the bed and record numbers of people are unemployed, and the eviction crisis didn't even start yet, and Porky is trying to make it look like it's all just a tiny little downturn which is mostly over. Meanwhile, this is the perfect time for the left to network like there's no tomorrow and try to, besides political activism, set up solidarity networks, because there will be a shitload of people in need of housing and food in the coming years. Crime is already climbing, and solidarity is the way to both recruit people and prevent that discontet from dissolving into violent crime.
https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/11/26/pers-n26.html >For most Americans, this will be the worst Thanksgiving they can remember. A quarter-million people in America are dead from the pandemic. Tens of millions have lost their jobs, and countless others are hungry or on the verge of being evicted from their homes. For months, workers throughout the country have played a daily game of Russian roulette every time they punched into a shift at a factory, warehouse or store. >But the view from Manhattan’s billionaires’ row is much more pleasant. On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a record of 30,000, up nearly 70 percent since March. This, in turn, has fueled the wealth of the ultra-rich. A recent report from the Institute for Policy Studies gives a sense of the enormous upward redistribution of wealth that has occurred since the outbreak of the pandemic: >Ten billionaires have a combined wealth of $433 billion and have seen their wealth increase $127 billion since the beginning of the pandemic in mid-March, a 42 percent increase. These ten are Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Alice, Rob and Jim Walton (Walmart), Apoorva Mehta (Instacart), John Tyson (Tyson Foods), Stephen Schwarzman (Blackstone), Henry Kravis and George Roberts (KKR), and Steve Feinberg (Cerberus). >John H. Tyson, the billionaire owner of Tyson Foods, has seen his personal wealth increase over $600 million since the beginning of the pandemic as an estimated 11,000 Tyson workers have been infected with COVID-19. >The wealth of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has increased over $70 billion since mid-March while an estimated 20,000 Amazon workers have been infected with COVID-19. >To this list should be added Elon Musk, who recently eclipsed Bill Gates to become the second-richest man in the world. Musk has had his wealth surge by $112 billion—larger than the GDP of Kenya—in a single year as the stock price of Tesla and SpaceX soared. >On May 11, Musk announced the resumption of production at Tesla’s main facility in California, defying state law, with the complicity of the state’s Democratic Party government. In the period since Tesla reopened production, its stock price has more than tripled, making it the largest carmaker by market capitalization. Musk’s wealth is now five times what it was just two years ago. >The surge in the markets is driven by the vast and unprecedented intervention by the Federal Reserve, which has guaranteed that there will be no fall in stock prices regardless of the state of the real economy. Economists Raphaële Chappe and Mark Blyth note in the latest edition of Foreign Affairs that the growth in the rise in share values has almost exclusively benefited the super-rich. >“According to recent research by Goldman Sachs,” they write, “the bottom 90 percent of Americans hold a mere 12 percent of the value of stocks owned by U.S. households. The U.S. economy has failed to deliver inclusive growth for decades, as real wages for many workers have been stagnant since the mid-1970s.” They continue: >The Fed itself determined last year that the majority of American adults would not be able to cover a hypothetical unexpected expense of $400—a scenario that for millions of Americans became a reality when the pandemic forced the country to shut down. >In short, the United States seems to have stumbled into a monetary policy regime that has untethered the fate of economic elites, who derive most of their income from state-protected financial assets, from that of ordinary people, who rely on low and precarious wages. Such a regime offers permanent protections to those with high incomes from financial assets. >In reality, US capitalism has not “stumbled” into this policy. This state of affairs is the product of a decades-long campaign to slash the living standards of the working class while enriching the financial oligarchy. >Beginning with the Reagan/Thatcher/Volcker anti-inflation policies in the early 1980s, the world’s ruling classes launched a systematic campaign to drive down workers’ wages and living standards. “Anti-inflation” policies, which originally entailed the raising of interest rates to create a manufactured recession in the early ’80s, were soon supplanted by decades of extremely low interests rates for banks and the implicit guarantee that central banks would ensure there would be no serious fall in the value of financial assets. >The ruling class responded to the economic and financial crisis of 2008 by launching, under both Bush and Obama, a massive, multi-trillion-dollar bailout, implemented over the course of years, that led the stock market to surge amid mass unemployment. >In 2020, the ruling class used the crisis conditions created by the pandemic to launch a bailout twice the scale of 2008, implemented within a matter of just a few months, leading stock markets to surge to record highs almost immediately. >Beyond the trillions of dollars that went directly to Wall Street, even the funds supposedly meant to preserve workers’ jobs took the form of corporate handouts. As Chappe and Blyth noted, “An MIT team concluded that the PPP [Paycheck Protection Program] handed out $500 billion in loans yet saved only 2.3 million jobs over roughly six months… the annualized cost of the program comes out to roughly $500,000 per job.” >The bailout was followed by the reopening of workplaces in April and May. By the end of July, the emergency federal unemployment benefits available to some workers were allowed to expire, with legislators of both parties arguing that keeping the unemployed afloat was a “disincentive” to workers getting back on the job. >In the 2020 elections, millions of workers voted against the “herd immunity” policies of the Trump administration and the single-minded subordination of the well-being of the population to the stock market. >But immediately after the election, Biden declared that there will be “no national shutdown” while reaffirming the Federal Reserve’s unlimited commitment to propping up the stock market. “Our interest rates are as low as they have been in modern history. And I think that is a positive thing,” Biden declared. Biden’s selection of former Fed Chair Janet Yellen as his Treasury Secretary is a signal to Wall Street that the flood of free money will continue. >Neither Biden nor Congressional Democrats have shown any interest in restoring emergency jobless aid, even as states close restaurants, bars and gyms to prevent hospitals from being overrun. >The year 2020 has exposed American society as an oligarchy, in which a tiny group of billionaires inflicts enormous social misery on the great majority of society for its own personal enrichment. If hundreds of thousands of people need to die to generate more wealth for the oligarchs, so be it. >The unprecedented enrichment of the financial oligarchy, in the midst of the greatest crisis since the 1930s, has exposed the arguments that have been made to justify decades of job-cutting and the destruction of social programs. If there is no money to pay jobless benefits, where on earth did society find $112 billion to give to Elon Musk? >These events have not passed unnoticed by millions of workers. Even before the pandemic, socialist sentiment was on the rise among broad sections of the population. Now it is becoming self-evident that the basic needs of society—including the preservation of human life itself—are incompatible with the domination of a few thousand billionaires over society.
>The United States is facing an emergency. The pandemic is raging, and millions are hungry and jobless. Urgent measures are necessary. Containing the pandemic requires the immediate nationwide shutdown of nonessential production. This must be accompanied by full compensation for lost wages of workers and earnings of small businesspeople. >The money to save hundreds of thousands of lives exists in the overflowing bank accounts of the oligarchs. These funds must be immediately frozen, seized, and put to use to stop the pandemic and ensure that no one goes hungry or homeless as a result of lockdowns. The demand for these urgent measures is a critical component for the struggle for socialism and the reorganization of society to meet social need, not private profit.
https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/11/26/jobs-n26.html >The latest weekly report from the Department of Labor on new claims for state unemployment benefits, released Wednesday, showed the first back-to-back increase in five weeks, with 778,000 seasonally adjusted claims for the week ending Nov. 21. The figure represents an increase of 30,000 from last week’s revised total of 748,000. >The report also revealed that an additional 311,000 people applied for unemployment benefits through the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program. >The total number of people claiming benefits in all programs for the week ending Nov. 7 was over 20,400,000, an increase of more than 135,000 from the previous week. There were about 1,488,000 people claiming benefits in all programs in the comparable week in 2019. This means that nearly 14 times as many people are claiming jobless benefits this month as in the same month last year. >Since mid-March, there has yet to be a single week in which combined state and federal unemployment claims have not topped 1 million. Overall, nearly 69 million jobless claims have been filed since March, an unprecedented figure nearly six times the average yearly amount in the span of roughly eight months. >The staggering level of weekly job losses, more than triple the pre-pandemic average of 225,000 claims per week, shows no signs of relenting. Thousands of small businesses, cut off from government stimulus or private loans, are shutting their doors forever amid disorganized partial lockdowns and curfews imposed on a state or local level.
>Despite the unchecked spread of the virus in “superspreader” worksites, factories and schools, governors and mayors, Democratic and Republican alike, have vowed to keep businesses and schools open. For its part, the US Congress adjourned for its Thanksgiving recess without any movement towards the passage of a relief bill. >The Trump administration’s open promotion of “herd immunity,” combined with congressional inaction and indifference, have left millions of workers and students at risk of infection and death and millions more without the means to pay for necessities or plan for the immediate future. >PUA benefits, along with the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program and the Centers for Disease for Control and Prevention eviction moratorium, are set to expire after Christmas, leaving over 12 million workers currently receiving payments with nothing, while an estimated 6,471,000 people will be facing eviction beginning in January. >Already, massive food lines are springing up across the country, as working class families deprived of employment and relief turn to food banks and charities in scenes reminiscent of the darkest days of the Great Depression. A US Census survey conducted between the last week of October and early November indicated that nearly 26 million adults either “sometimes” or “often” did not have enough food to eat over the prior seven days, accounting for nearly 12 percent of all US adults. >The same census report indicated that 16 percent of children do not have enough to eat. Throughout the US, about 25 percent of those with children who reported being out-of-work said they did not have enough to eat. >In the fifth largest city in the US, Houston, one in five adults reported going hungry recently, including three in 10 adults in households with children. The Houston food bank, the largest in the country, distributed 20.6 million pounds of food in October, over 45 percent more than the amount it distributed during the same period last year. >An estimated 42 million students with a federal loan will be hit with massive interest payments when Trump’s executive order granting forbearance on loan payments expires at the end of the year. An October report from student financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz estimated that only 11 percent of borrowers were making loan payments at that time. >This week’s Labor Department report reveals a continuing trend of more people taking advantage of federal unemployment benefits as state unemployment aid expires. Approximately 6.1 million are receiving traditional state unemployment benefits, an increase of roughly 4.4 million from the year prior. >The situation for the working class is disastrous and getting worse. But the financial elite has never had it so good. On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 30,000 for the first time ever. On the same day, the US recorded the highest one-day total for COVID-19 fatalities since May, with over 2,200 deaths. >These deaths are the direct result of the homicidal ruling class policy of “herd immunity,” that is, allowing the virus to spread unchecked in order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the factories and worksites and the continued flow of corporate profits. >This has led to weekly case averages exceeding 170,000 in the US, with over 88,000 hospitalized for COVID-19 and over 260,000 deaths as of this writing. Speaking to CNN on Wednesday, Dr. Joseph Varon, chief of staff of United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, warned that “America is going to see the darkest days in modern American medical history.” >While hundreds of thousands of workers are seeing their benefits expire, or have yet to receive any, there are thousands more who, having received money, are now being ordered to repay all or part of it. This reporter spoke with an education worker who described the “absolute nightmare” experience he’s had trying to claim unemployment benefits, and the subsequent attempts by the state to claw back previously dispensed funds. >Sean worked for a small business for nearly two years before recently relocating to the Midwest and starting a new job that allows remote work. Prior to moving, a second summer job for the local school district fell through, forcing Sean to try to make up the hours by working from home. >However, it became apparent that there was little remote work to be done and his hours were insufficient to keep pace with bills. His employer told Sean he could make up the hours in store, which, according to him, involved sharing a “poorly ventilated indoor space with employees who were in contact with customers.” >Sean, who has a preexisting lung condition that places him in a CDC-recognized “high-risk” category, was unwilling to risk his life for $12 an hour. He decided to file for unemployment benefits. >After spending months going through the application process and being rejected by the state, he was approved for PUA benefits. However, after he received his first payment, his employer appealed his claim, leading to a remote court hearing at which the judge ruled that an “overpayment” had occurred and ordered Sean to pay back the funds. >Despite the fact Sean had claimed a “recognizable hardship” due to his medical condition, the judge stated he “did not convincingly show he was at high risk of serious complications from COVID-19 if he worked outside the home.” >“Thankfully, I have a salary and can pay them back,” Sean said. “However, for people who don’t, it’s tough. It’s dangerous for the working class.”
Any bets on who else Trump will pardon? Which cabinet members?
>>1172229 Since when is WSWS blacklisted at r/politics?
>>1168507 embarrassing post
>>1172255 A while now Only Porky Media can be posted Fam you gotta accept reddit needs to be destroyed and just quit posting
>>1172255 Based. Wsws are a bunch of trots whining about everyone except them.
>>1168770 >smashing windows, attacking people they don't like. is that supposed to be a bad thing?
>>1172267 t.butthurt his "history" project got destroyed
>>1172641 yes. makes it a lot harder to appeal to normies
>>1172029 dsa lol
>>1172120 despicable fredo who has brought his wrath on millions of innocent new yorkers for a decade, he gave private nursing homes immunity and shoved covid patients into nursing homes killing off thousands of random boomers alongside the more than 33k dead NYers so far, he is one of the most conservative dems and liberals gobble on his nuts because of the press briefings he did where he didn't say to inject bleach like trump that's it, liberals have no standards
>>1170931 I'm certain that's why the CIA is there. THey care about the somalis. They really genuinely care from the bottom of their hearts and are just doing this from the goodness of their soul.
>>1172733 Fredo is his brother, the guy on CNN who lies a little more brazenly than most of them.
>>1171651 I think muslims, satanists, and shamans should just inundate this opus dei tribunal with religious freedom cases to see what shit they come up with to deny it to everybody but Jews and christians.
>>1171284 I think he probably died of a drug overdose tbh
>>1172738 Quit pearl clutching, it’s easy to shout “fuck America”, when you can watch the empire collapse in safety and comfort, and don’t have to worry about fucking reactionaries taking over your government. Counter hegemony is a bullshit philosophy.
>>1172666 “Muh Optics” You aren’t gonna win that battle and don’t even try.
critical support to the CIA for cleaning up the mess they made but just happening to make 12 more messes along the way which only just happens to heavily benefit the military industrial complex for no reason whatsoever
>>1172946 Stop blowing your cover like that Bob even agent Kochinski isn't that stupid
>>1170904 imagine shitting your pants from dysentery one moment, then having a 50 year old bullet tear through your lungs the next. I hope they paid this dumbass enough. https://www.cia.gov/careers/search-jobs/clandestine/cmo-specialist.html
>>1172969 Go play in traffic, you walking abortion.
>>1170931 Yes, I am against American intervention in all cases. A tiny handful of """good interventions""" are used to justify endless bad ones. We can't be selective, it has to be all dismantled.
>>1171020 >austerity >shutting down small businesses while jacking up taxes on self-employed and gig workers KEK and WEW
(34.00 KB 640x480 tastes.jpg)
>>1171075 There is no dissident journalism, you can literally go back to Thomas Jefferson pushing pro-small farmer policies and the Federalist-controlled press and judiciary shitting on him for it. The big elites have always done this.
>>1170931 Everywhere the U.S. sticks its nose in within the last couple decades, that region destabilizes further and becomes significantly worse. Prove me wrong
>>1171246 >how would that work hurr durr Follow the actual judicial cases and figure it out.
>>1170931 >implying the CIA isn't supporting Al-Shabaab too
>>1173012 Mad they’re making you work on thanksgiving, eh?
>>1171201 They won't and you're a zoomer. Any muhlennial and xer remembers when Obama was elected and xers/boomers remember when Clinton was elected. Liberal issues become unimportant to liberals when 'their guy' is in office, because issues like being against war and corruption are merely used as a way to attack the red team. Liberals are centrists, not radicals, they will never revolt. You mistakenly assume that people who just wanna grill while blue team is in charge are rebels- they are not. They are perfectly fine with the current rotting society as long as they can insulate themselves in a bubble of normalcy away from problems.
>>1173086 I wish I was working on thanksgiving. >not trying to work 7 days a week so you can pull max money while never having to talk to your shitty family
>>1173080 There is no need to prove you wrong because that's the ultimate intention anyway.
>>1172120 I'm a New Yorker and I've never met anyone who actually likes him
(24.08 KB 1024x558 ECYKi8yWsAAgpBU.jpg)
>>1173097 That, and the potential oil rigs all around the coastline.
>>1171201 not at all, they just want a return to the mask of civility
>>1173115 OWS and Ferguson happened under Obungler.
>>1173117 yes and they got crushed pretty overtly with libs barely giving them the time of day
>>1173124 OWS arguably contributed a great deal to Bernie's rise (which, while it also failed, made it somewhat acceptable to say the word "socialism" without immediately being branded as an Un-American) and Ferguson laid the groundwork for the Floyd uprising
CDC: Covid vaccine will be available starting the second week of december >chief adviser to the White House's COVID-19 vaccine development team, Moncef Slaoui, said people could begin receiving vaccinations as soon as 48 hours after a vaccine is approved. >“I do think we'll have about 40 million doses of vaccine before the end of the first year” Redfield added, noting that that amount would immunize 20 million people https://archive.is/wip/wJRSS ngl, I'm not touching these vaccines with a 10 foot stick for at least a year after release
(151.74 KB 517x575 iowacaucus.png)
Iowa caucus results are finally in btw. Biden won
>>1173134 Whatever schizo, us immunechads will forcibly vaccinate you anf kill you of you resist
>>1173134 I already got a whole lot of shots and shit. What one more will do really?
>>1173154 the electoral college is pretty funny when you look at it that way,I'm incapable of understanding how this happened.
>>1173134 Well looks like only 5% of people are gonna get it in 2021 anyway, and it's going to be prioritized to certain groups you're probably not in anyway. inb4 2022 sees all doctors and nurses come down with fatal autoimmune disease mRNA vaccines rub my one-year-of-uni-cell-bio dumb ass the wrong way
>>1173134 I'm not taking the vaccine until the California Department of Public Health has independently verified it. Once it has, I'm in favor of mandatory vaccination. I've lost faith in the US federal government to verify the efficacy of medical treatments.
>>1173175 Biden basically got all the delegates by magic or whatever, because all of the states voted for him at the convention, even the ones he lost
>>1173128 What part of getting crushed do you not understand? How would have Trump made things any worse.
>>1173181 >trusting California Stay in your containment state westoid. You'll be stuck in your lockdown wagie cagies while us Northernchads get immunised
(923.31 KB 740x900 1523308949482.png)
My entire extended family is meeting for Thanksgiving. I'm staying home, but if my immediate relatives get the virus, I will too. What the fuck do you even do?
>>1173178 >one year of bio Probably explains why you unironically think cells temporarily producing a single protein will cause autoimmune diseases
>>1173203 >what to do Be a useless NEET
>>1173203 Go to the Thanksgiving dinner, enjoy yourself if you are gonna get it anyways.
>>1173203 >What the fuck do you even do? spit out those blackpills and realize you'll be fine either way
>>1173205 >temporarily
>>1173210 I have the flu. I'm not going to add the flu to the mix here.
I've officially become post-left. I hate almost all leftists. There is no hope for the American left. I am just going to focus on myself and how I'll thrive in this capitalist hellscape. I'll probably become a landlord
>>1173203 Accept the virus and hope it kills you so you don't have to keep suffering like the rest of us
>>1173213 >mRNA permanently sticks around forever Back to Bio
>>1173203 Wash your hands and avoid direct contact.
>>1173203 Stay at a hotel for 15 days?
>>1173222 Not really possible, anon. I live in too much of close contact with my immediate family. See >>1173218 I don't even know how the fuck I got the flu from them, I've been trying to keep extra clean. But I'm a NEET and barely even leave the house
>>1173222 >washing your hands Sorry thats for faggots who hate FREEDOM
>>1173219 >>1173219 >The left is weak, and this is bad! >Therefore I shall weaken it further, even working against it actively! Hm
>>1173227 If communism was a historic inevitability why would you even care.
>>1173227 You can't work against something that isn't working at all. Anyway, I won't sell out to the point of voting for things that benefit the bourgeoisie.
>>1173200 There is nothing chadly about staying in your house for half the year because the weather is blisteringly cold.
>>1171617 Thanks kek.
>>1173221 >>1173232 >>1173205 You forgot to remove your name
>>1173235 Very few actually set out to be a demonic capitalist - they start like you, "ah well what can you do," and then accumulate wealth. Their new positions then lead them to reevaluate their politics, drive them to greater depths of capitalist depravity, etc.
(171.00 KB 1366x687 Screenshot (1172).png)
>>1173219 friendly reminder the stock market is fucking magic. creating a brokerage is about as hard as setting up a social media account and there's infinite sources online for day trading/investing. create a "cash account" instead of a "margin account." this will allow you to day trade infinitely up to the amount in the account in a day (if you have $1000 you can buy and sell $1000 worth of stuff in a day), rather than with a margin account where you're limited to 3 day trades every 5 days (not cool!). trade options, but don't hold them overnight. they drop in value intensely between days but fluctuate dramatically during the day such that you can hop in and hop out and make a large percentage. despite what people might tell you there are absolutely patterns in the stock market. look into "mean reversion" and "The Disparity Index," pic related
(43.11 KB 640x616 Em-N5VrWMAEhjvo.jpeg)
I got pornhub premium for life for $225
>>1173249 I hate the hornys
>>1173245 In that case, it really doesn't matter. No ethics under capitalism and whatnot
(37.60 KB 698x713 big kim disgust.jpg)
>>1173249 >paying for porn
>>1173254 It's worth it.
(2.85 MB 445x247 very funny.gif)
>>1173249 >fapping to 3D
>>1173249 Better to buy a gray market account for $.5 like once a year when it stops working
>>1173255 Have you considered that you might have a slight problem with porn addiction?
>>1173249 The only way I spend $225 on a porntube website is if from the site, every time I want to fap, a hand comes out the screen and does the job for me.
>>1173253 How is that your takeaway? I'm saying to you that the statement "I'll probably just wind up a landlord, fuck the left" makes you essentially no different from any other capitalist dog; your qualification of "post left" only exists in your mind, and even that slight qualification will likely be eroded over time.
>>1173219 >I'll probably become a landlord Well, you can become a leftist landlord!
>>1173255 How is it worth it?
>>1173257 Take your meds weirdo
>>1173260 I have an addiction to cumming like everyone else in the world. However, I cannot have my needs satisfied with a real person because I live in an Islamic hellhole where I'll be stoned to death or imprisoned for having gay sex, ok? So I cannot have sex until I leave this country. Now go kys.
(133.63 KB 800x630 bertrand.jpg)
>>1173273 already did
>>1173276 Won't you be stoned to death for consooming premium gay porn?
>>1173254 >porn repent
>>1173241 not an argument.
>>1173293 what is a vpn
>>1173302 something redditors think keeps theirt child porn searches private but in fact it doesn't. VPNs are a waste of money
>>1173249 google big boob 100 million result
>>1173307 t. nonce
>>1173330 bong detected and opinion disacrded
>>1173203 unless you are an at risk category you might as well go for it. the thing to look out for as a young and healthy person is that you don't infect your kin, but if they are going to do that anyway, might as well enjoy the turkey
>>1173178 you can get the russian vaccine, it works differently from the westernoid ones
>>1173178 >mRNA vaccines rub my one-year-of-uni-cell-bio dumb ass the wrong way Gimme a quick rundown
>>1173397 What he means is that he's a paranoid schizophrenic that thinks the jews are trying to rewrite his DNA so he can't go to heaven
>>1173402 that sounds very concerning, I was looking forward to going to heaven. why are you brushing it off as paranoid?
>>1173432 >>1173402 Heaven isn't real.
>>1173219 I don't blame you, despite what all the weird purists here think. Too many people here demand this weird poverty aestheticism, that you have to be forever poor, never improving your personal situation, otherwise it "betrays" Leftism.
>>1173435 Has anyone ever suggested that you might be autistic lad?
(242.57 KB 900x450 Awakenings-1.jpg)
What if the covid19 vaccine gives you encephalitis lethargica watch awakenings 1990 if you dont know what that is
>>1173467 what if it makes you gay?
>>1173557 then teh world would be a better place
>>1173257 STFU Degenerate Pedophile Weeb kill yourself unironically
>>1173619 You're on a chan, what did you expect?
>>1173646 >>1173648 archive that shit
>>1173646 >Activists see a blitz of late pardons for people without political connections as a way for Mr. Trump to build on his efforts to reform the criminal justice system, including what is considered the most consequential legislation in a generation, which reduced sentences for nonviolent offenders. First I've heard about this, I wonder why the times is reporting it now in this context Seems like the sort of thing that matters in an election and people would want to know about
>>1173642 >tfw no 6' mommy gf
(78.79 KB 828x1269 1qgd4q3exg161.jpg)
Ilhan Omar's daughter is based, we should radicalize her daughter further so she can radicalize her mother.
Why are there climate change deniers on Leftypol?
>>1173667 she's a decolonalist sakaist unfortunately.
>>1173683 do they scare you? does daddy need to go and ban the bad people for you to feel safe?
>>1173711 she can decolonize me anytime
>>1173725 fuck off pedo
(293.16 KB 540x500 nnss6z9pn7w51.png)
I just got a massage gun and my quality of life improved 100-fold. OMG. Technology is truly the savior of the working class. We might not even need a revolution. Technology like 3d printing and robot chefs, etc. just might make money obsolete
>>1173729 what?
>>1173203 Fuck it, we're all dead anyway. Stuff yourself full of turkey and dressing, steal all the dinner rolls, leave an upper-decker as thanks for the 'rona.
>>1173745 >clyburn >ever doing anything other than doling out patronage doubt.jpg
(1.76 MB 400x400 Gangsta_launch.gif)
>>1173729 >attraction to a 17 year old makes you a pedophile
>>1172229 >The Fed itself determined last year that the majority of American adults would not be able to cover a hypothetical unexpected expense of $400 >>1173154 >Iowa caucus results are finally in btw. dog bless America :DDD >>1173183 source me please >>1173247 intredasting >>1173449 that's not unique to this site at all, it's universal within the left
>>1173765 going into my anti-communism collection
>>1173662 Let me point out yet again that Biden is one of the architects of the American gulag, and Trump, the worst president America has ever had so far, is undoing damage Biden did. You can guess how awful the Biden/Harris term will be. >>1173739 that's literally what liberals think
>>1173783 more like your projection collection, /pol/turd
(67.70 KB 800x765 flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)
>>1173788 Then liberals might have a point? Why do you have to be contrary to everything liberals believe? Liberals breathe. Should the leftist position be we shouldn't breathe?
>>1173788 Are you a liberal? Trump isn't the worst President America has ever had. George Bush Jr, the liberals rehabilitated darling grandpa, is the worst living ex president in the USA. I'd say Andrew Jackson is close to Bush Jr.
>>1173390 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7p-8xWyTSrc Fuck, I am not able to convert the original file into a useful .webm or .MP4.
>>1173805 cont... Anyway, comrades, enjoy.
>>1173794 lol you're obviously the polyp here
>>1173642 <5'4 with 6'1 is grooming <4'9 with 5'11 is ok
>>1173823 nou-mena
>>1173865 Wrong thread, but hilarious nonetheless.
>>1173798 The leftist position should be that liberals shouldn't breathe.
>>1173831 Everyone who's like that on twitter is literally only looking for potential targets to harass and destroy. It's predatory pseudo-wokeness.
(665.35 KB 814x634 Screenshot (1173).png)
antifa bros, we got too cocky! https://archive.is/57205
(790.45 KB 1206x859 54356355_p0.jpg)
>>1174123 <the daily wire
>>1174123 Biden gets elected and right on cue Also expect assassinations sorry I mean random-drive-by-shootings-of-no political-significance of the BLM types with charisma who support antifa
>>1174123 >>1174135 >Also expect assassinations sorry I mean random-drive-by-shootings-of-no political-significance of the BLM types with charisma who support antifa Aren't we seeing that already with Trump? Reminder of the execution from the federal marshals and that more than almost 30 people get killed with the BLM protests.
>>1174143 >Aren't we seeing that already with Trump? >Reminder of the execution from the federal marshals One white guy who caused a major scene and national news, under Obama leaders of the original Fergasson rallies got picked off one by one, just footnotes in the local news It'll start happening again
(1.26 MB 1385x1283 2020-11-26.png)
>>1174123 The Brunch Which Will Last 4 Years has started early.
>>1173175 >>1173183 >>1173772 >CAUCUS >ELECTORAL COLLEGE So 90% of the people on this board are underage, yeah? The DNC, RNC, LNC, GNC and other party primaries didn't exist 200 years ago, party candidates used to just be chosen directly at the conventions by people throwing SHIT at each other. The primaries don't even legally have to exist, it's an informal mechanism created by the parties to give the plebs an illusion of choice which is why the DNC was agreeing so hard when Bernie started winning and activated their emergency protocols to fuck him over. They own the primaries which is why "making dems socialist from within" is a retarded idea when the dumbocucks have gerrymandered major cities so hard that Republicans can only win 1/13~ of the NYC districts and all the others are so blue you could split the blue vote in two and have a 3 way and republicucks would still lose. The point is that leftists should take leftist districts based on their own strength rather than selling out to a DNC that tolerates them for votes while despising them.
>>1173799 Clinton is the worst living because he came to power and memed that stupid centrist mind virus into existence which still dominates too much of our discourse. Bush was just Clinton with a Texan rather than Arkansan flair and Gore was more of the same.
>>1173114 If -random resource rich nation- sucks too much to ask for a decent price to use their resources, the CIA makes bank. Can't have a stable third world power counterbalancing the Company's ambitions to run opium farms and traffic cocaine.
>>1174123 <posting daily wire articles from half a year ago one random uighur getting paid off by feds said we were bad, guess communism is cancelled now!
>>1173247 /biz/fag why XRP and btc tanked ?
>>1174318 Line went up too high so now line go down
(93.25 KB 555x560 rmssmile.jpg)
>>1173391 >they'll approve anything but the McVaccines
(125.34 KB 1242x1158 EnyOcjfW4AYsO1e.jpg)
>Trump says ‘certainly will’ leave White House... if Electoral College makes a ‘mistake’ to certify Biden win https://www.rt.com/usa/507949-trump-power-electoral-college/
>>1174533 So he'll cuck out, he'll just also whine the whole time.
>>1174345 this, mean reversion is the only constant
(35.46 KB 500x313 1591882772230.jpg)
>>1174533 pussyyyyyyyy would love for him to go out like a rightoid more retarded version of allende hiding under the resolute desk, spraying a tec-9 gifted to him by lil pump at seal team six charlie kirk, james woods, and the creator of dilbert are dragged into an empty football field and shot biden grows a moustache and starts exclusively wears military uniforms, has kamala killed for refusing to convert to catholicism
>>1174533 So he will yield to what he loudly claims to be a rigged election? How brave. Brave and stunning.
>>1174581 Imagine Trumo giving his final speech on Radio Trumpallanes being like >SIEMPRE VOY A ESTAR CONTIGO >NUNCA VAS A PARAR DE ESCUCHAR MI VOS as gunfire is heard in the background >GENTE DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS....TENGO FE EN USTEDES
>>1174533 >its the most rigged biggest scandal in the history of the US!!!1!! <thats why im giving up like a little bitch after a couple of incredibly weak attempts to "prove" this lmao imagine getting grifted by this clown
>>1173435 Dialectics aren't real
>>1173642 >be me >be 5'2" manlet >tfw get 6'1" gf >shes arrested and shot for grooming its not fair bros
>>1174683 >if I'm too stupid to understand it its not real the last bastion of every religionfag
>>1174702 >b-but dialectics is simple, its like uhmm, uhh, when shit happens lul very profound concept there anon
>>1174683 You best start believing in dialectics, Anon... you're in one. >>1174702 Can someone explain to me how people think historical materialism is anymore scientific than other belief system? Just because you've tossed God off his throne doesn't mean your belief system isn't any less woo-woo mysticism, because that's just how people are designed to think. Hegel understood this... probably.
>>1174716 Hegel was a prussian glowie
Can someone explain to me why almost all Swedish people are SJWs?
>>1174801 because the germanic race is a filthy and disgusting breed
>>1174803 What?
>>1174801 idpol v&
>>1174716 Because its in line with the scientific method? Unlike linear thinking dialectics doesn't claim it's "disproven" anything, its an attempt to come as close to the approximation of "truth" as the variables we have at hand allow us to. >>1174713 you don't understand what dialectics is
>>1174533 Trump aint stupid, his supporters are. He simply maintains their state of exaltation to herd them to his future Trump TV and continuing being a Republican power broker.
>>1174821 Trump is incredibly retarded, sorry.
https://mobile.twitter.com/PplsCityCouncil/status/1331835394900443136 >The sheriffs just used a battering ram to break into a house in order to violently drag poor people out of their shelter. There is a child in the house https://mobile.twitter.com/quintabrunson/status/1331997418532065281 >Last night, California highway patrol kicked families out of empty homes they were occupying during a pandemic. The night before thanksgiving. They hogtied them. Unacceptable. Unnecessary. Cruel. So which party controls California, I think it's the Democrats, but I'm not sure
>>1174816 The unfolding of history is a wholely unscientific field. You cannot impartially experiment on it; you cannot replicate it; you can only catalog the past. If we were even remotely close to a good model for the sum of human activity, then history as we know it would be over, and we would be living as a technocratic hive entity with limitless stability.
>>1174581 > Trump is bringed out of the office kicking and screaming >Biden takes out a 9mm and says "Will you shut up, man?" before shooting him in the head in live television
>>1174893 ringa ding-ding
>>1174851 Demokkkrats Mitch McConnell please save us from these interdimensional demons
(237.86 KB 1436x1931 EnyjaoKW4AEPwcF.jpg)
(255.05 KB 1436x1556 Enyja3YW8AEgUvA.jpg)
>>1174821 >Trump aint stupid BRUH >>1174851 >Unacceptable. Unnecessary. Cruel. If they were kicked out of an empty house the night before thanksgiving in a polite and orderly manner, liberals would declare it to the pinnacle of morality.
>>1174940 I hate that we live in a world where people like that can thrive.
>>1174940 >PJW He's not even a yank, at-least not nominally.
>>1174940 I'm starting to think Sakai was right
>>1174942 >BRUH >>1174841 >Trump is incredibly retarded, sorry. To our standards is, to his supporters:>>1174821 He's right.
(126.85 KB 889x779 1598509751041.jpg)
>>1174954 Vol is drunk
(168.51 KB 1156x1192 Envx-iPUUAAlKUD.jpg)
>>1174961 Old shit but still cringe nonetheless
(12.81 KB 265x265 kill-la-kill smug face3.jpg)
>>1174957 >implying we all here aren't drunk all time. >mfw >>1174961 Shit sucks man.
Another win under the belt, comrades. https://www.reddit.com/r/TERF
(51.72 KB 339x298 1346197249943.jpg)
(55.21 KB 640x438 a95f1.jpg)
Fuck, can we just enter cyberpunk hell already?
>>1174999 Donmt call me out over how I used to down handfuls of benadryl to knock myself out.
>>1174999 >a hellscape dominated by corporations, the rich live how they want and do whatever they want, while the poor slowly rot and die, and society slowly disintegrates choking on its own wealthy inequality, while being bombarded by colourful and cheerful commercials You already live in it. Did you actually think you were going to get cool shit in return?
>>1174999 >>1175012 Apparently benadryl overdoses cause schizophrenic behavior for a whole day or so before returning to normal. Artificial schizophrenia
>>1175018 Deliriants aren’t fun, man. One time I took to many and I thought I died in a car crash three months before my fever dream.
>>1174940 my neighbor subscribes to styxhexenha mer666 and shit like saagar enjeti, should i be worried
>>1175019 Good night, sleep good
>>1174940 I am pretty sure you gotta chop up your vegetables finer than that...
>>1175017 Not only all that, but atleast 30% of the population cheers this on amd actively wants EVEN MORE of this shit
>>1175021 Start watching them so you'll be able to speak his language and Redpill him


no cookies?