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Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 11:19:10 No. 102421

gommies BTFO. you can't possibly beat the arguments in this book. Libertarianism ftw!
at least quote some funny passages if you have the need to make this thread
>hasn't even read it
Oh anon...
Wew, the contents page

Part I: Because Eating Your Pets Is Overrated—Socialism Creates Poverty
Chapter 1: Socialism Destroyed Venezuela’s Once-Vibrant Economy
Chapter 2: Socialism Rewards Corruption
Chapter 3: Interfering with Free Markets Causes Shortages
Chapter 4: Capitalism Is the More Moral System
Chapter 5: Capitalism Benefits the Middle Class
Chapter 6: Income Inequality Does Not Ruin the Economy or Corrupt Government
Chapter 7: Under Capitalism, the 1 Percent Is Always Changing
Chapter 8: The Poor Are Better Off Under Capitalism
Part II: Capitalism Makes Scandinavia Great
Chapter 9: Bernie’s Socialism Also Includes Praise for Dictators
Chapter 10: Today’s American Socialists Don’t Know What Socialism Means
Chapter 11: Bernie Sanders Is Too Liberal to Get Elected in Denmark
Chapter 12: No, Bernie, Scandinavia Is Not Socialist
Chapter 13: Sweden’s Riches Actually Came from Capitalism
Chapter 14: The Nordic Model Is Welfarism, Not Socialism
Chapter 15: Sweden Is Shrinking Taxes and Welfare
Chapter 16: Welfarism Requires High Middle-Class Taxes
Chapter 17: American Scandinavians Have It Better Here Than in Scandinavia
Chapter 18: Swedish College Is Free, but It’s Not Cheap or Universal
Part III: A Boot Stamping on the Human Face Forever—Socialism and Authoritarianism
Chapter 19: Socialism Becomes Authoritarianism
Chapter 20: Hitler Was a Socialist
Chapter 21: The Nazis Hated Capitalism
Chapter 22: The Nazis Didn’t Believe in Private Property
Chapter 23: Socialism Encourages Eugenics
Chapter 24: Your Degree of Enthusiasm for Socialism May Decide Whether You Live or Die
Part IV: Socialism Doesn’t Create Equality
Chapter 25: Socialism Promises Equality and Leads to Tyranny
Chapter 26: All Aspects of Culture Eventually Become Targets for the Planners
Chapter 27: If No One Has to Work, No One Will
Chapter 28: The Cure for Failed Socialism Is Always More Socialism
Chapter 29: Poetry Can Be Dangerous Under Socialism
Chapter 30: It’s Not Socialism Without Purges
Part V: Where Are These Angels? The Philosophy of Socialism
Chapter 31: Socialism Expects Selfless Rulers and Citizens
Chapter 32: Progress Comes from Rebels and Dreamers
Chapter 33: Freedom Is Not the Inevitable Outcome of History and Must Be Protected
Part VI: Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Socialism and Alarmism
Chapter 34: Socialism Leads to Cronyism
Chapter 35: If Socialists Can’t Find a Crisis, They Will Create One
Chapter 36: Socialism and Climate Change Alarmism Go Together
Chapter 37: Socialist Green New Deal Allows for No Dissent
Chapter 38: Fake News and Propaganda on the Rise in America
Chapter 39: Welcome to the Panopticon: FaceCrime, PreCrime, and the Surveillance State
(40.75 KB 544x626 woahoh internally.jpg)
jesus christ this is fucking hellish
It's over, socialism is finished
Is this written by a 14 year old? Or I guess for 14 year olds.
(1.24 MB 1896x2560 HTB1gc5BSpXXXXbCXVXXq6xXFXXXS.jpg)
Bonus points:he calls the Sandinista government in the 80s a "dictatorship" and uses a bogus testimonial from a supposed anonymous Cuban about how all the Cubans are starving and mechanical engineers become taxi drivers for tips and also the hospitals have no medicine.

>When I hear of Bernie Sanders praising Castro, or see young people admiring Che Guevara, it makes me so angry. I think, how can you admire these criminals who killed thousands of people? >People today are so uninformed about the horrors of socialism. I woke up one morning and the beautiful country I had known and loved was gone. The government had taken over all of the American and Cuban companies. Farmers were given twenty-four hours to leave their land.
>You have to be Cuban to know the truth. My family members still live in Cuba today and without the dollars I send they would not have enough to eat. Every week the Cuban people are given a ration book that tells them how much food and what type of food they can get. The ration coupons usually run out by Wednesday. There is no meat or fish available right now, only chicken. With dollars you can buy just about anything, but with Cuban money there is very little available.
>You might get a “free” education, but you have to study what the government tells you to study. And even then there is no money to be made. Doctors make between $25 and $50 a month. There are many professionals who drive taxis in Cuba because they are tipped more in dollars from tourists than they can make at their professional job. The last time I visited Cuba our taxi driver was educated as a mechanical engineer.
>The Cubans who do not have relatives that send dollars have a terrible time. And free health care? That is a joke! I know people in Cuba who have died from conditions that are completely treatable here in the United States. There is very little medicine available to the Cuban people so I send my family their prescription medications, even simple things like Band-Aids.
>The idea that there is equality in Cuba is a lie—the people struggle for their basic needs while the government officials and those in the armed services live like kings! No ration books for them!
>The infrastructure is crumbling and the streets are filled with potholes—except in the tourist areas. The government makes sure to present an attractive face to the rest of the world, but the regular neighborhoods are in terrible shape.
>On every block, there is a house with people who spy and report back to the government—they know who visits you, how much money you have, everything. The government controls everything and there is no freedom of speech or opinion. The Cuban people don’t know what is going on in Venezuela. They know only what the government wants them to know. Even the laws change from day to day, and something you can do today you might not be able to do tomorrow.
Not sure if Rand Paul made this up himself or if its from a real gusano. If a gusano's mouth is moving, they are lying, so they would totally make shit up like this for right-wing propaganda, but on the other hand this is almost too tame for gusano bullshit.
(181.98 KB che laughing.mp4)
>how can you admire these criminals who killed thousands of people?
> Socialism Destroyed Venezuela’s Once-Vibrant Economy
> Once-Vibrant Economy
Wtf Dr. Paul! is this shit for real?
No wonder all the saner lolberts moved to fascism or progressed to socialism.
I guess the latter since lolbertarian seem very interested in having the attentions of 14 years old kids
>intellectually want to read this to understand and respond to opposing views because dialectics
>emotionally can't bring myself to do it
that feel when
(83.78 KB 645x773 olqLkAK.jpg)

Wow. 39 Chapters of unabridged bullshit.
>Chapter 12: No, Bernie, Scandinavia Is Not Socialist
>Chapter 13: Sweden’s Riches Actually Came from Capitalism
>Chapter 14: The Nordic Model Is Welfarism, Not Socialism
>Chapter 15: Sweden Is Shrinking Taxes and Welfare
>Chapter 16: Welfarism Requires High Middle-Class Taxes

These at least on their own are true.
>If Socialists Can’t Find a Crisis, They Will Create One
plunge gang gang
let me correct myself...not necessarily chapter 16. That might be what actually exists, but it isn't necessary.
This is his son, who is further right than him.
(46.65 KB 748x960 FB_IMG_1564882797226.jpg)
>chapter 40
Socialism kicked my dog.
>Chapter 41
Socialism made my daughter film a porno with a bunch of gangbangers.
>Chapter 42
Socialism made my wife leave me and take the kids.
What the fuck?
>Rand Paul
>Naming yourself after your idol
Lolberts are beyond parody.
Rand is Ron's son
>Chapter 7: Under Capitalism, the 1 Percent Is Always Changing
>dude Porky gives all his wealth to his children, the composition of the 1 percent is in perpetual motion lmao
>Chapter 18: Swedish College Is Free, but It’s Not Cheap or Universal
I love how this title implies something among the lines of "society will collapse if young adults don't need to rack up huge debts in order to go to college!"
I don't understand why lolberts are always so eager to defend the outrageous tuition fees of the American education system. They are supposed to be against central banking, yet the Federal Reserve owns $1.5 trillion in student loan debt and they seem to have no problem with that.
>Chapter 20: Hitler Was a Socialist
>Chapter 21: The Nazis Hated Capitalism
>Chapter 22: The Nazis Didn’t Believe in Private Property
Here we go again.
Yeah I know, He’s Trumps bootlicker. I didn’t see the name, thought it was Ron.
>>Chapter 20: Hitler Was a Socialist
>Chapter 21: The Nazis Hated Capitalism
>Chapter 22: The Nazis Didn’t Believe in Private Property
It probably includes the strasser quote and random welfare programs the nsdap enacted as proof of nazis being socialist lmao
Chapter 20 is made up by a single sentence that says "National SOCIALIST Party".
They're backed against a wall on this one. Like with healthcare they can't claim that some utopia with spontaneously manifest itself if the market is free enough, because these are very obviously the results of the free market and people know it. So they have to pretend that actually it's all fine and the alternative systems aren't all that great if you really, really dig.
You're not even that far off.

The first paragraph of Chapter 20:
>For obvious reasons, no significant party advocates Nazi socialism today. Ever since the general public became aware of the Nazi death camps, no one has wanted the stigma of being anywhere close to Nazism on any political spectrum. So, despite the Nazis literally having “socialist” in their name—the National Socialist German Workers’ Party—the left has made a concerted effort to label Nazis as “far-right-wingers.”
I wish college was nonfree here so the professional-managerial class would be less reactionary.
I knew it.
It's always that.
It's always been that.
They are the kind of idiots who believe that "buffalo wings" means that buffalo are actually birds. You can't win against people whose logic works like that.
lel the introduction can be resumed in just "muh vuvuzuela"
>Chapter 6: Income Inequality Does Not Ruin the Economy or Corrupt Government
>Chapter 7: Under Capitalism, the 1 Percent Is Always Changing
Well the chapter about college is even worse than I thought.
>Sweden and China are more meritocratic than the USA because you have to pass exams before going to college.
>Children of blue-collar workers tend not to go to college in Sweden because blue-collar jobs are well-paid
>Swedish students have less debt than Americans, but they still have some because they need to pay a landlord
>The taxes Swedish people pay help to fund their education system, how awful!
He is basically BTFOing himself, it's ridiculous.
(41.39 KB 800x785 800px_COLOURBOX1897539.jpg)
>Chapter 43
Socialism leads to drugged up youth
>Chapter 44
Why crack addiction drives the free market
>Chapter 45
Why the USA should clear our forests and privatize air
>Chapter 46
The lorax is a stalinist.
He pretty much describes the life of the average American

And these people call others "out-of-touch elitists"
I see the burgers are still butthurt about losing to a bunch of poor rice farmers.
>P.I.G. literature
>Capitalists are appropriating insults
>Selling them back to proles
these fuckers know no limit

>When we left South Vietnam, we had won the war, but liberals ensured the South lost anyways
still seething about how they lost the vietnam war.
>Capitalism didn't cause the Great Depression
it was feudalism lol
>Why the happiest women spend more time with their families and less time at work (because you can't outsource parenting)
hmmmm it's almost as if working sucks massive balls.
Remember their names, these fuckers are the first to try out the new Ludovico Technique in the Gulag I'll be working at.
The one about feminism is correct TBH.
The fact that the one about feminism is part of a shitty propaganda series should perhaps clue you in that it isn't very correct.
A broken clock is right twice a day.
Nah. It's just more porky propaganda.
From the cover's bullet points a lot of the book will be waving off feminist critiques of capitalism with female hysteria and heavy strawmanning about what feminists believe or want.
Vibrancy is when the police mow down 3,000 people in Caracas, making a rag-tag group of nationalists led by a low-level army officer look like an attractive alternative to your fake brokered democracy.
This seems silly but you have to remember blatant propaganda like this is really for only he lowest possible denominator like people genuinely low intelligence and shit
Gentle reminder that Walmart and Target are two of the largest brick-and-mortar booksellers in the US.
>Socialists are trying to make everyone the same!
<Socialism doesn't create equality

>Private companies propping up the surveillance state is socialism
>Anything bad that happens is socialism
>Scandinavia is capitalist, except the bad stuf; that's sociallism

~300 pages of petty-bourg angst
so like, 60% of all people?
>three cheers for colonialism
holy fuck
(64.08 KB 885x499 5hgr.jpg)
this thread visualised
>The Nordic Model Is Welfarism, Not Socialism
inb4 crony welfarism
(851.68 KB 500x375 (2).gif)
lel. nice one comrade
Wtf. I thought it was Barnes and noble.
He's very upfront about how to make right-wingers seethe themselves to death.
Just say "Stalin killed 12 gajillion people ... and that's a good thing." over and over.
The narrative about teh evil socialisms is already so pervasive, that there's no downside in doing this. It can only wear red-scare boomer shit down by attrition. You can't keep your anger for those damn socialism loving kids going forever.
fucking hell this reads like satire
>Chapter 1: Socialism Destroyed Venezuela’s Once-Vibrant Economy

lmfao. goes right to Vuvuzela on page 1.

Page 2: Gorillions!

Page 3: Hitler was really a socialist guyz.

JFC. It's like a 12 year old who just finished reading Atlas Shrugged and google some shit about Commies.
>implying Rand Paul wasn't read to from that book by his pop pop since before he could read
(8.47 MB commie BTFO.mp4)
Nice edit mate.
>Sweden and China are more meritocratic than the USA because you have to pass exams before going to college.

Americans have SAT and usually have some kind of standardized end of course to take, not to mention the extracurriculars and good grades you need to get if you want to get into a good school (unless you're the kid of someone who can bribe your way in)
Lel, Americans have what's called "legacy admissions" meaning that a descendent of an alumnus or a donor is automatically admitted.

Rand Paul doesn't even have an undergraduate degree, but has a MD.
>intro is the typical muh venezuela bull shit

(29.17 KB 720x474 SDASDA.jpg)

how to forget the "socialism is when the government owns the means of production" meme
just forgot.
"crony capitalism is not real capitalism"
The Pauls are so fucking golden that someone should have invented them if they didn't already exist for real.
Rand Paul - Embracing Honest Capitalism in “The Case Against Socialism" - The Daily Show
(37.99 KB 495x323 based and nazbolpiilled.jpg)
<socialism [...] is almost always ultranationalist and militarist
We NazBol now.
I fail to see how being ultranationalist and militarist is bad for a right-winger.
Based and Redpilled Satan.
Chapter 40: Socialism is the main cause of erectile disfunctions in the world.
Chapter 41: Socialists will take away your toothbrush and then send you to the gulag. Without a toothbrush.
Chapter 42: Under socialism, there cannot be oral hygiene.
Chapter 43: Socialism is ungodly and it will send you to hell.
Chapter 44: Socialism will take all our guns and then fuck our wives and daughters, because pussy belong to the state.
Chapter 45: Socialism always blames capitalism, but that's actually crony capitalism, not real capitalism.
Chapter 46: Socialism is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Or maybe all of them.
Chapter 47: Being a socialist is bad, it's actually worse than being a pedo.
Chapter 48: Socialism should be outlawed because socialism is against freedom of association.
Chapter 49: Under socialism, homosexuality is banned, but socialism also cause homosexuality. Massive homosexuality.
Chapter 50: Under socialism you can't own a pet and the economy is so bad that you would have to eat any pet you had just to avoid starving.
Chapter 51: Cultural Marxism? Blame socialism!
Chapter 52: Crack cocaine was invented by Karl Marx.
Chapter 53: Venezuela was richer than Switzerland before the socialists took over. Now they have to eat their babies - and cockroaches - to survive.
Chapter 54: I was named after an edgy, imbecilic woman that hated socialism, so I'm bound for life in a crusade against socialism.
Chapter 55: Socialism is for losers.
Chapter 56: If you are a socialist, your penis must be very small.
Chapter 57: Under socialism, you can't pull yourself up by your bootstraps because you can't own them.
Chapter 58: Under socialism, people eventually die anyway even if the government doesn't kill them. But it's very rare someone doesn't get killed by the government at some point.
Chapter 59: All of these doesn't make me look like some kind of obsessed lunatic. Absolutely. Not at all.
Chapter 60: Socialism = Big Government. Big Government = Small Penis.
Just ask if them if they think North Korea is democratic, and if they say no, point out that it's in the name.
Well that’s what libertarianism is so yes
Or ask them if they think Khmer Rouge was democratic and remind them that it was officially called Democratic Kampuchea
>book burning is ba-
>Chapter 1: Socialism Destroyed Venezuela’s Once-Vibrant Economy
Can someone tell me In which year(s) Venezuela's economy was vibrant?
>Chapter 2: Socialism Rewards Corruption
<Meanwhile in Lebanon
>MFW part 3 and onward
I bet you anything that most of the sales from these shitty books are porkies buying them up in bulk and distributing them to various thinktanks/etc.
>Part II: Capitalism Makes Scandinavia Great
>American Scandinavians have it better here than in Scandinavia
>Nazis stole stuff from Jews so this means they didn't like private property
It never ends.
How fucking scared are they lmao
A little more than usual. The spectre is starting to whisper a little louder and the contradictions are becoming more and more apparent. We are approaching, possibly a far off, but guaranteed breaking point. Similar to the one in the 1930s. The ruling class will have to decide: compromise or fight back. In the US they compromised and gave the new deal. Germany chose to fight back and establish a fascist state. It does not seem, with the falling rate of profit that a compromise can be afforded. What happens next is terrifying to imagine.
You are already seeing around 50% of zoomers in Europe accepting European Conservative orthodoxy. I'm sure they'll be able to implement fascism there pretty easily.
Yup. There's no fascism without social chauvinism to unite people. It's really disgusting to see what people really believe when they are not class conscious. Never underestimate propaganda.
European zoomers are some of the privileged the world over. I cringe when maoist say that the US has no real chance of forming a revolution, but the real base of reaction is where the porkies actually live. Europe. The average European Zoomer's cares mostly comes down to being squicked out by the vastly fewer muslims there are in their country, while in the US it is a struggle to thrive and in many cases survive.
It is actually a very stupid strategy to be a super mask off porky, because outside of 4chan there aren't many young people who care for that shit. While in Europe, being a fascist is hip and cool.
Aren't most zoomers in the UK pro labour?
The UK is spiritually American. I'm talking about Germany, France, and shit.
Source? Sounds like horseshit.
This anti-"Generation Zyklon" propaganda makes it seem like zoomers reject fascism, but a good chunk of them wish for it to happen. Check out the votes for ECR and EPP
There's always a split. Look at Germany in the 30s. The main forces were communist versus fascist.
Literally a boomer's understanding of socialism.

all I have to say to Rand Paul is ok boomer.
>Chapter 27: If No One Has to Work, No One Will
Where the fuck does this idea come from?
It's from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs
No Socialist argues for abolishing labor completely, what kind of mental gymnastics do you have to do to make this conclusion?
Goberment handouts > free stuff from Goberment > Communism = 100% Goberment = 100% free handouts


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