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Stalin Golden Ruble. The Forgotten History. Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 02:30:37 No. 102211
This is the story of the last unfinished project of Stalin, Stalin Golden ruble, which has not lost its relevance today, though it's been 60 years. He could become one of world reserve currencies, in the distant 1950

"...If a socialist country its currency is tied to the currency capitalist, then of self-sustainable financial and economic system social-the country need to forget. .. I. V. Stalin ".

For reference; Today global reserve currencies are: US dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, British pound sterling, Swiss franc. There is also another special currency of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – SDR.


By the beginning of the great Patriotic war (22 June 1941), the gold reserves of the USSR amounted to 2600 tons of gold, and it was located in this territory .
Thanks to the gold of the USSR since August 1941, began to receive badly needed, in the first months of war, weapons and strategic materials from the anti-Hitler coalition countries ( primarily from England and the USA). By 1942, the USSR joined the international program of lend-lease, which combined the economy of the 27 countries. ( Officially, the decision to lend-lease to the USSR were recorded by the President of the United States, only 11 of June of 1942).

In the Soviet Union, at that time, was created the most powerful gold mining industry, which ensured the annual increase of gold reserves in the country, more than 100 tons (every year!). Gold mining was declared a strategic industry and all concerned and especially gold mining, had a secret. Responsible for the extraction of gold L. P. Beria, head of NKVD, and most of the gold in the country (70%), was mined in the Kolyma prisoners and civilian employees of the trust Dalstroy (Magadan). All the mined gold was received into the State Treasury.

The Soviet ruble since 1937, was pegged to the US dollar. And the price of gold, at the time, was also calculated in US dollars.


In February 1950 the Central statistical management of the USSR on an urgent task of Stalin counted the exchange rate of the new ruble. For comparison, the purchasing power of the ruble and dollar chose the most advantageous to the Soviet Union goods. For example, in the group of "Clothing" compare prices for the North American expensive gabardine coat and affordable repainted army overcoat from military stockpiles; the group "Footwear" - compared leather boots and canvas boots and etc. Considering Soviet goods potentially better and more durable, the experts added, that is, "the end," another 13 to 15% (amendment to the variability of the price), and the figure is 14 rubles per dollar. According to A. Zverev, the then head of the Soviet Gosplan Saburov, M. Z. (Minister of heavy industry in the years 1954-58), as well as who was in attendance, Premier Zhou Enlai and Enver Hoxha (who ruled Albania from 1947 to 1985), the famous blue pencil, Stalin on February 27, crossed the calculations presented, and wrote: "at Most 4 of the ruble." Before ( up to 1947 ! ) for us dollar paid 53 rubles. The decree of the USSR Council of Ministers dated 28 February 1950 translated the Golden ruble for a permanent base. Announced the gold content of the rouble was equivalent to 0.222168 grams of pure gold; the sales price of 1 gram of gold was set at 4,45 roubles.
(50.66 KB 640x476 trzvb.jpeg)
>Announced the gold content of the rouble was equivalent to 0.222168 grams of pure gold
And how many labour hours was that ?
(173.81 KB 1024x576 43653264.jpg)
Signing the document on ensuring a gold ruble, I. V. Stalin said: "the Americans will be, by all possible means, to get rid of dollar surpluses accumulated during the war and released to help many people addicted to them countries. We with our allies have to prevent this development". ...March 1, 1950 in the Soviet Newspapers published the Decision of the Government of the USSR as follows: "In Western countries has occurred and is continuing, the devaluation of currencies that has already led to the devaluation of European currencies. As for the U.S., the continuing increase in the prices of goods of mass consumption and continuing on this basis, inflation, which has repeatedly been declared responsible representatives of the U.S. government, has also led to a significant decrease in the purchasing power of the dollar.

In view of the above circumstances, the purchasing power of the ruble was above its official rate.

In view of this, the Soviet government recognized the need to increase the official rate of the ruble, and the calculation of the ruble not on the basis of the dollar, and the more stable gold basis, in accordance with the gold content of the ruble.

On this basis, the Council of Ministers of the USSR decided:

1. To terminate on March 1, 1950 the definition of the ruble against foreign currencies based on the dollar and put gold on a more sustainable basis, in accordance with the gold content of the ruble.
2. To install the gold content of the ruble in 0, 222168 grams of pure gold.
3. Set on 1 March 1950 the purchase price of the state Bank on gold in 4 roubles 45 kopecks for 1 gram of pure gold.
4. Define to 1 March 1950, the exchange rate against foreign currencies based on the gold content of the ruble, as established in paragraph 2: 4 rubles for one American dollar instead of existing 5 p. 30 kopecks. 11 roubles 20 kopecks per one British pound sterling instead of the existing 14 R. 84 kopecks. to Entrust the state Bank of the USSR accordingly to change the rate of the ruble against other foreign currencies. In case of further changes of the gold content of foreign currencies or change their rates, the state Bank of the USSR to set the exchange rate of the ruble in relation to foreign currencies taking into account these changes".

The memories Premier Zhou Enlai, "Stalin recommended to regulate the rate of money - at least until the economic and social stabilization in the country. Quote : "..If a socialist country ties its currency to the currency capitalist, then of self-sustainable financial and economic system social-the country need to forget. I. V. Stalin". As an example, lifetime financial, and hence political dependence on the West Stalin led to Yugoslavia, whose currency was pegged to a basket of US dollar and British pound sterling. Stalin said: "... sooner or later the West Yugoslavia "fallen off" economically and politically dismembered... ". ( This prediction came true 40 years after Stalin's death, from 1991 to 1999 g, when the military Alliance NATO, supporting separatism in Yugoslavia, has unleashed military aggression and dismembered a single country) inter-state GOLD CURRENCY of the CMEA COUNTRIES in Almost all socialist countries there have been reforms that gave the opportunity to conduct a coherent monetary and General economic policy, including the creation of the interstate Golden ruble. By the way, in those years formed the CMEA (Council for Mutual Economic assistance). In January 1949 it joined the USSR and most of Eastern Europe (except Yugoslavia), and in February 1950, East Germany and Albania. From January 1953 all member countries of the CMEA adopted the single classification of foreign trade products and foreign trade statistics.

Interesting material published in the work of Alexei Chichkina "Forgotten idea that never expire", one of the researchers of the Stalin era.

According to him, in April 1952 in Moscow hosted the international economic conference, which the USSR, Eastern Europe and China have proposed to create a zone of world trade, alternative dollar.
(22.10 KB 511x329 golden-ruble-Stalin-coins.jpg)
With a vast interest in this plan is also shown: Iran, Ethiopia, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Iceland. At the meeting, Stalin offered to create a "common market". Moreover. The meeting also voiced the idea of introducing inter-state settlement currency. Considering that the initiator of the idea of creating alternative dollar trade area actually transcontinental "common market" was the Soviet Union, and inter-state settlement currency in such a "common market" all the chances had become the Soviet ruble, the definition of which course two years before this was translated on a gold basis. In simple terms, could be a new world currency – Stalin Golden Ruble.

As it would be called, doesn't matter - the Soviet ruble, Russian ruble, ruble Stalin or "Stalinist" (the history of Russia had already been freely convertible in the world, gold "Zlatnik Prince Vladimir" and "Nicholas Golden Ducat", and "the Lenin of the Golden Sower"). At the meeting of heads of state and government of member countries of the CMEA, China and Mongolia in 1951, in Moscow, Stalin said:

".. After we dropped our money on a gold basis, it will be possible to talk about international gold equivalent of money in our mutual settlements. To do this we will create a special international Commission.. ".

The Commission entered rakoshi (the head of Hungary 1948-1956 g), Gottwald (leader of Czechoslovakia in 1948-53 g), Grotewohl (GDR leader in 1949-62 g) and Zhou Enlai (China).

According to the memoirs of Maxim Saburov, the then head of the Soviet state planning Committee:

"... the specialists from socialist countries in the years 1952-53 presented 5 options of transfer payments between these countries currency with gold content, not tied to the dollar. It was planned to introduce from 1955 to I960, or first, Stalin insisted on the 1955 year, but we managed to convince him that we need first to achieve a permanent growth of national economies and payment-the purchasing power of national money, to bring together socio-economic I planning in the socialist countries, and only then to introduce such a currency. Stalin in February 1953, two weeks before his death, agreed with "extreme" for a period - not later than 1957, the 40th anniversary of the October revolution. He feared that after him, this project "will bury". So that eventually happened ... ".

<<<<<<<<<<Are real photo of the existing medals (silver+gold), which was released in very limited quantities. This is a design option "Stalin Golden ruble", which never saw the light of day in 1957
(122.16 KB 850x551 Stalin Gold.jpg)
Stalin understood, that world financial community and especially the US , will not be easy to observe the process of creating an alternative world currency, gold-backed and not linked to the dollar, and will seek diverse methods of resistance. How to weaken the USSR and give the possibility to receive the gold ruble? To impose on the USSR a war on foreign soil. It happened in Korea in 1950 June 25, 1950 started the Korean war. The results of the war for the U.S. : over 1 million killed, wounded and prisoners, huge amounts of lost combat equipment and armament, $ 20 billion of the money spent.

However, the main goal of the United States was reached, which now just don't know or prefer not to speak, because among the Russian intelligentsia now, it is not customary to speak ill of America. The goal of the US was strategic : to prevent the possibility of the USSR to introduce an alternative to the dollar, gold currency of the interstate. After the end of the Korean war in the CMEA were planning to enter China, the DPRK, Mongolia, Vietnam.

But the Korean war ended after the death of Stalin and the new leadership of the USSR and the CPSU and personally by N. Sergei Khrushchev, changed economic Pro-Western orientation. N. Khrushchev came to power and returned a binding of rouble to the dollar. Reforming their agriculture, prohibiting vegetable gardens and allotments, and struggling with religion (even promised "...to show the world the last parson.."), received a punishment of drought and crop failures in the country. And has been for gold to buy wheat on the American continent. In just a few years, N. With. Khrushchev managed to sell abroad 2900 tons of gold ( the only case in world history !), Stalin accumulated, and which were to ensure that the gold content of the planned international gold currency – the Gold of Stalin's rouble.

If not for the sale of gold abroad, gold reserves of our country in 1964 would be at least about 3150 tons.

About this gold reserve in 2010 has all the IMF – the international Monetary Fund. For comparison: state the U.S. gold reserve stored in the U.S. , is 8133,5 tons. In Russia today, the Russian national currency – the ruble. The ruble is tied not to a solid gold standard, as under Stalin, in the distant 1950 - and the U.S. dollar. And the more dollars Americans will print and put into circulation for their needs, the "skinnier and skinnier" our ruble.

Sources of information :
1. A. Chichkin "Forgotten idea that never expire".
2. http://delostalina.ru/?p=498
3. http://www.stoletie.ru/territoriya_istorii/kak_rubl_osvobodili_ot_dollara_2010-03-01.htm.
4. http://www.stoletie.ru/territoriya_istorii/protiv_diktata_dollara_2010-06-04.htm
5. Books on the history of Russian gold and platinum industry
6. http://ivPOISK.ru/
7. http://ussr-coins.ru/список-пробных-монет-ссср/
>He bought? Dump it
Corn man was such a fuck up lmao
OP, what's the point? Do you also believe that contracts become more reliable if we randomly select people to be slaughtered and write the contracts with their blood? Next time you count something with your fingers, cut off each finger you use because then it really means something because of your sacrifice, since any sacrifice must have a corresponding good thing coming out of it in the end, right? You actually believe that? Whip yourself and God will show mercy. If you worry about getting ripped off relative to some official exchange rate set by a bureaucracy once in a blue moon just let the exchange rate float instead, for fucks sake.
What's this thing between communists and gold? It's like the Incas empire
Actually this is an interesting question. What is the value of gold in the USSR? Back on 8leftypol there was a discussion on computing socially necessary labour time for a commodity that is produced from waste of another commodity. One example is producing salt from brine waste form desalination process.

On the question of gold, in Stalin's time, Gold was probably purchased abroad or mined traditionally. But later, in the 60s and 70s gold mines ran dry the USSR used a method of extracting gold from the waste output of copper mining. In such a case does the value embodied in the copper also transfer into the extracted gold?
This is why the revisionists poisoned him
>in the 60s and 70s gold mines ran dry
Do you think so?
I think they stopped to actively search for others
(399.60 KB 800x455 Gold USSR.jpg)
My guess is that harvesting resources from waste would just be increased efficiency -- you're collecting use values that were already produced, so in the case of salt from brine waste for instance, you're reducing the amount of waste product by repurposing the salt for useful ends.
If they stop searching this means that central planners decided acquiring gold from waste processing was a better value proposition compared to prospecting. Was that due to the USSR abandoning large gold reserves as OP says (thus reducing demand)?

If we only consider the economy of the USSR then it probably makes sense to choose the method that takes advantage of existing waste rather than spend limited labour and machinery to develop new mines. If we consider the entire world economy then the decision only makes sense if the gold extracted form waste requires equal or less labour time (or cost) compared to mining gold or buying the gold. Hoarding large quantities of gold is only useful for making international payments so the method of acquiring gold must be at least as cost effective as selling shit produced by other labour processes. I'm going to guess that waste processing was probably worth it but I don't know enough of about the industrial process to say for certain.
>central planners decided
they were on the pockets of the global bourgeoisie
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