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(265.41 KB 2048x2024 ostalgia.jpg)
Nostalgia for socialism in Eastern Europe in 2020 Anonymous 10/21/2019 (Mon) 23:20:49 No. 101994
If these statistics are true then thinks are pretty. Does anyone know if this source is correct or is nostalgia for socialism is gone?
Come on now.
Most of these RadioFreeā€¦ is just American propaganda.
(11.32 KB 311x447 older.png)
The source is Pew Research which was the source of the older polls on this. I think it's because the generations who actually lived under communism are slowly dying off, and technological/economic advancement is in many respects surpassing what the Soviet bloc achieved. Obviously the USSR and its allied states no longer exist, so there is no point of advancement past 1991 to compare with modern capitalist states. The Soviet bloc and West were advancing alongside one another, but today there is just the memory of how the socialist states were, juxtaposed with what the capitalist countries are today.
>81 like capitalism better
(406.42 KB 1278x1742 europe 2.png)
(139.57 KB 834x732 europe.png)
What more can you tell me about these sources?

30 years after communism, eastern Europe divided on democracy's impact
Most Poles, Czechs and Lithuanians, and more than 40% of Hungarians and Slovaks, for example, said they felt most people in their countries were better off than 30 years ago; in Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria, more than half felt things were worse.

>If you dig deeper into the study, which isn't cited in that Guardian article, it's more that people say the economic situation has improved under capitalism, which is what's driving the support for capitalism. However, you see this mostly for people who have lived their whole lives under capitalism, which makes sense since the economy is technically better than it was maybe thirty years ago (in some ways). Older people who have a "before" to compare to are far less supportive.


>Two more interesting things:
- Russians still feel the strongest that capitalism hasn't been an improvement
- Support for capitalism declined heavily during the Great Recession
With all the gibs they get from EU funds, I guess it's only natural.
They can also be slaves for the West now, this makes them happy. But being comrades of Soviets made them unhappy.

Seriously some of the nation-wide mentalities in these piss countries is really shit.

Russians brought tanks to Prauge in 68? MORTAL ENEMIES, REEE.

French and British sold us to Hitler? Hey, we live French and Brits even more now.
(110.67 KB 500x600 Herb_PRL.png)
Socialism in Poland was forced by the USSR and the country was permanently under its threat, hence the martial law of 1981. The quality of life has got better, especially after joining EU. This is why there's so few serious leftists in here - historically Poles are prone to buy in all the capitalist bullshit because they unironically consider it freedom. You can have an MA in culture studies or humanities in general and never have read Marx, nor have basic concepcts of eg. commodity fetishism or base and superstructure. Poland is what it is today because of two things:

>financial improvement after joining "the West" in the 90's
>vulgar and ignorant inhibition of leftist thought on universities very often pushed by the students themselves
shits bad, man.
Also, are you from Poland?
Don't the few Pollacks with any sort of actual wits want to fuck off to somewhere that isn't Poland, since it's so shit there though?
The reason for this is probably that Poland came out of the end of socialism the least bad (maybe except the GDR). In Poland the privatisation was done in a lot slower and more careful way so the post-socialist recession was shorter and smaller.
Some Poles have forgotten all the improvements the people's republic brought to their general backwardness and now think they industrialized out of thin air
(784.54 KB burg.mp4)
Literally owned by the American government and operated by the CIA and State Department.
Americans literally joke about the Polish being stupid. They're called "Pollack Jokes".
(478.66 KB 600x450 1548112962247.png)
many of my friends already did. i'm lonely
nobody regards Americans as particularly intelligent either
yes, but later also brought worker's strikes in which the police shot a the crowd with live rounds
Are you a leftcom?
This is true, but the rest of the world jokes about Americans being stupid.
Utterly meaningless stats. If they don't translate into a stronger communist movement, what's the point? These are the same people who will vote for neoliberals and reactionaries that worship NATO and loot the proletariat, not even for succdems and stalinists.
(391.78 KB 1080x1097 20190820_203648.jpg)
I can be your friend. I'm too socially inept to leave the country anyway.
Exactly. So consider that even Americans think Poles are retarded.
Im from Lithuania and feel the same way
dunno if its worse or better, tbh

equally idealist
it seems to me that asking "do you like the change from a one party state to a multiparty system" and conflating that with "was life better under communism" isn't exactly done in good faith but hey what do I know
Do you know any more polls in favor of socialism?
Gallup did polls similar to the ones Pew Research did like ten years ago.


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