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(95.73 KB 940x627 5467540-3x2-940x627.jpg)
Thailand protests Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 15:09:47 No. 1004988
What are your thoughts on the protests in Thailand? Don't tell me this is another CIA color revolution and we as leftists should support thai royalists
>>1004988 You know it's gonna be a fun civil war when both sides are called 'People's Alliance for Democracy against Tyranny' with the order of the words switched around
>students doomed to fail
>>1004988 /Leftypol/s always like Red shirt, Yellow shirt... I just want the guillotine for gods sake!
>>1004988 I am interested in knowing more about them. All I got from when I visited padthailand last was that they all 'love their king' who spends most his time abroad and they are scared to talk politics. Seems like the military has most the power there.
>>1005002 Why? Students brought down hard right dictatorships in both Greece and Pakistan
Also brought down the government in France
>>1005046 Interesting, but this document is over 30 years old. I'm not sure, if it is up to date and relevant to the current situation.
>>1005075 yeh i know its old just an interesting Thailand type thing I happened to be looking at
>>1004988 Redshirts are based despite their porky overlords but needs more organization.
>>1005095 >despite their porky overlords Is this a bourgeois-democratic movement which tries to overthrow monarchism? Even if the redshirts aren't a socialist/communist movement, it is still more progressive than the current thai monarchy.
>>1004988 >yellow shirt I thought Thailand banned those for non-royals?
>>1005115 > bourgeois-democratic movement which tries to overthrow monarchism? Not really, more like a succdem movement that wants gibsmedat for rurals and poor people against porky as fuck monarchism (Thai King is the largest capitalist in Thailand)
>>1005115 Does Thai monarchy have any actual power though? The monarch getting filmed coming off a plane in an Guinea tee that doesn't fit and more fucked up than Hunter Biden would suggest the opposite
I'm doing some research on this subject and look what I've found! The red shirts seem to like Germany?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Due7pvj1sMI
>>1004988 Cringe on both sides. But we should support the side that is not killing communists out right. Or just support China and the monarchy, your choice. >>1005218 The monarchy and the military clique behind them have completely transformed into capitalists. They’re a oligarchy with royal aesthetics. >>1006778 The students only want welfare and for Prayut to fuck off. Of course they would like a welfare state (even though Germany supports the monarchy more). Plus the king spends most of his life in Germany to the point that his proponents joke about the Thái capital being in Germany rather than Bangkok.
>>1004988 Why do they still have a monarchy post-1800
>>1007127 One of the few countires to avoid colonization
Thai anon here. Vietanon was mostly correct surprisingly. My thought on this matter was Red-Yellow shirt politics just kinda outdated. Yes,There was significant protesters who wear red shirt. but the original UDD organ didn't lead the protest.
Is it anti-monarchy or anti-current king?
>>1007655 Hard to say, Some were anti-monarch. Some were just The king. The protester just officially demand to curve the king puppet power as in the three demands. They said if the gov ignore these demands. All demands will "left to only one" Which implying to abolish the monarch anyway.
Both liberals so therefore I critically support the monarchy.
>>1007733 okie dokie
>>1007733 what a surprise
>>1007733 The ONLY correct position in this case is critical support for a nuke glassing the place and crushing libs and monarchoids at the same time
>>1004992 >Hello, is this the Thai People's Front? <Fuck off! >What? <"Thai People's Front" pff... we're the People's Front of Thailand! <Listen, the only people we hate more than the Monarchy are the bloody Thai People's Front <And the Thai Popular People's Front! Splitters! <AND the People's Front of Thailand! >What? <The People's Front of Thailand! Splitters! <WE'RE the People's Front of Thailand <Oh... I thought we were the Popular Front.
>>1004988 supporting the monarchy is the correct anti-imperialist (socialist) choice
>>1008525 >Socialism is when you preserve monarchy
>>1008525 How? They are too cucked to dig the Canal through the Kra Isthmus (which is what China would need to break a possible Us blockade of Singapore) anyway, so it's not like there's a counterhegemonic role they play.
socialist revolution>status quo>regime change that ruins the country no other options, and since neither of the camps will do the first best, I prefer second best
>>1008525 >and just on time the dengoids came a continue to suck neolib cocks You do know that the monarchy has been demolishing welfare for years, killing leftists by the dozens with CIA help, and now just with the same policies changed side to the PRC right? But you fuckers are spineless pricks with the only ideological backbone being “China = Good” so fuck off. >>1008611 Yeah, I sure love the status quo of right wing neoliberalism under Chinese patronage where I have to suck off to a useless faggot and his military puppeteers. Literally no different from any other neoliberal shitholes under the US patronage like Colombia or Pooland.
>>1008525 สวัสดีครับ เจ้าหน้าที่ กอ.รมน. เล่นบอร์ดนี้ด้วยหรอครับ
>>1008623 >Yeah, I sure love the status quo of right wing neoliberalism under Chinese patronage where I have to suck off to a useless faggot and his military puppeteers. Literally no different from any other neoliberal shitholes under the US patronage like Colombia or Pooland. Beats a situation like Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt (in descending order of how bad it can get) ... Literally when has any non socialist revolution / regime change / color "revolution" changed things for the better in living memory anywhere? If socialism is not in the cards all that ends up happening is a lot of people die, infrastructure is ruined, and nothing changes for the better.
(295.64 KB 555x504 what.png)
>>1004988 >Don't tell me this is another CIA color revolution How could this possibly be a CIA color revolution? Since when has Thailand been anything close to a counter-hegemonic power or had anything but a good relationship with the United States? The CIA doesn't just cook up protest movements for funsies.
>>1008662 >Literally when has any non socialist revolution / regime change / color "revolution" changed things for the better in living memory anywhere? Tunesia
>>1008546 because the US can't place a carrier battle group near Thailand, perfect strategy
I'm seeing shit from these protests that makes my skin crawl with cringe: I'm not yet screaming "color revolution" at it , but it surely is WAY TOO MUCH pozzed by liberalism.
>>1009558 liberalism is better than monarchy and they killed all the commmies so what's your problem? would right-wing protests make you feel better
>>1009558 better liberals who don't hang people for being communists then a monarchist dictatorship
>>1008662 >Literally when has any non socialist revolution / regime change / color "revolution" changed things for the better in living memory anywhere? What about the chinese new democratic revolution?
>>1009658 >Implying they wouldn't simply keep anticommunist legislation as it is in pure liberal style
>>1009658 >liberals who don't hang people for being communists Those exist?
From the little I know about this, the Red Shirts are /ourguys/ and the yellow shirts are astroturfed/royalist rightwingers. the spectre of Thaksin Shinawatra still looms large. When he was Prime Minister of Thailand, he was know for rural uplift, tangible improvements to the lives of rural Thailand like installing electricity etc. The coup against him has been a bitter pill for well over a decade now. Does anyone know any left wing thai groups?
>Germany lawmakers "closely following" events in Thailand >One of the leaders being literally a fatter version of Joshua Wong >Total support from Hong CUCKers >Shitty performative protests The clues start piling up for the worst, at this point i only hope they slay each other mercilessly
>>1009926 Thailand is a US ally, why would the CIA do a astroturf color revolution their? Are you retaarted?
(421.08 KB 596x398 portlandia.png)
>>1010142 Yeah those dumb Thais LARPing from a movie. Western protesters would never LARP at all
>>1010142 This reminds me of Navalny. He also likes to use pop culture references.
(57.07 KB 1200x514 brainlet so hard.jpg)
>>1009926 >>1008662 >>1008525 >>1006778 Why are people suggesting this is some kind of color revolution? Thailand is a US ally. It isn't some kind of counter-hegemonic power, it's fully in bed with the West.
>>1010320 because right-wing authoritarianism is okay when it's outside the west, as you can see, thailand is located to the left of the line, therefore police brutality - good
>>1010142 Nope. It’s real. They’re zoomers after all. >>1010320 Dengoids are very intelligent.
Can any Thai annons comment about the situation on the ground?
>>1010882 any symbol they have is banned, so they declare something random to be a "new symbol" then the military government bans it, it's quite funny
>>1010887 >MFW they'll achieve communism by banning everything liberalism related
(72.74 KB 1468x1468 1489284453797.jpg)
>In Thailand, lèse majesté (insulting the monarch) is criminalized by Section 112 of the Thai Criminal Code. It is illegal to defame, insult, or threaten the king, queen, heir-apparent, heir-presumptive, or regent. Modern Thai lèse-majesté law has been on the statute books since 1908; "insult" was criminalized and lèse majesté was made a crime against national security in 1957. The punishment, last strengthened in 1976 and the only constitutional monarchy to do so since World War II, is three to fifteen years of imprisonment per count and has been described as the "world's harshest lèse majesté law"[1] and "possibly the strictest criminal-defamation law anywhere".[2] According to social scientist Michael Connors, its enforcement "has been in the interest of the palace."[3]:134 >There is substantial room for interpretation of the term "insult", which causes controversy. Broad interpretation of the law reflects the inviolable status of the King, resembling feudal or absolute monarchs. The Supreme Court decided that the law also applies to any previous monarchs. Criticism of any privy council member has also raised the question of whether lèse majesté applies by association. Even "attempting" to commit lèse majesté, making sarcastic comment about the King's pet, and failure to rebuke an offense have been prosecuted for lèse majesté. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%A8se_majest%C3%A9_in_Thailand wtf
>>1010964 So, a carte blanche "arrest anyone I want" law, I assume.
>>1010856 Protest spreading to outside Bangkok. Police arrest more people they seen as leaders. And there was a huge rumour about coup.
>>1010981 Civil war in the making? Also do you have a good source?
I don't get the second part of your post. Who would claim that? Thailand is a US backed dictatorship and has been since the end of WWII.
>>1010882 Why do people choose that girl's look? The arthoe one with the glasses and the coloured hair. It looks really bad.
>>1010979 More like "accuse anyone I didn't like" The royalists mostly point fingers at anyone who triggered them or just get rid of some faces. And the gov,junta or not turned to blind on this shit.
>>1010994 it's kinda pathetic, the king does lines of coke on the asses of prostitutes in Munich but if point that out you go to jail, wtf
>>1010995 Explain why a military dictatorship is somehow the "socialist choice"? It's not like Thailand is even a state that opposes the U$ like Iran.
>>1010982 Maybe not. They were still believing in pacifism shit. no coffin,no tear I guess?
>>1011002 Ask that guy, I don't agree with him, I was just pointing out that some people think that the CIA is trying to over through their biggest lapdog.
What's the mean ideology of the opposition? Liberal, Socdem, or Socialist?
>>1011009 So wtf is happening? A clash of factions? What should we look out for that could be positive for socialists?
>>1010882 >tfw you watch to many anime
>>1011013 probably all three
>>1010995 As a Thai. I have a word for someone who support the monarch and junta to just own the libs or because Thai didnt went to their revolution fantasy. " พ่องตายไอ้ฝรั่งหน้าหี กล้าเรียกตัวเองว่านักสังคมนิยมได้ยังไง อยู่ดีไม่ชอบ ชอบไปเป็นสนมเลียควยเสี่ยโอ ไม่สนับสนุนไม่ว่า แต่เสือกเอาโคตรศักดินามากควาคนไทยแบบจริงๆจังๆ พวกมึงแม่งเหี้ยพอๆกับ พคท.รอ. อีกไอ้สัส "
>>1011013 everyone who didnt like the monarch-junta alliance.
>>1011025 What i can say is. Socialist can have opportunity to undermine the anti-junta movement and radicalize libs more than กราบ at King laps.
Uncritical support for the Junta. National liberation movement that develops productive forces more efficiently than a state that would be exploited by Western capital assuming an overthrow by the liberal opposition.
>>1011029 >>1011042 Glow harder
>>1011045 Glow พ่อมึงสิควาย กูคนไทยอยู่ใกล้มากกว่ามึงที่นั่งถอกกระดอหน้าคอมมึงอะสัส
So is there a civil war brewing between liberals and nationalist?
>>1011050 Hard to say,if liberals still being dumb pacifists. More would like a massacre will happen.
r/GenZedeng is calling it a "color revolution" lmfao
>>1011054 several protest leaders have been arested
>>1011060 color revolutions tend to last a week, this started in febuary after a socdem party was banned https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_Forward_Party
>>1011061 yeah,look like the junta-monarch playing safe. but as unexpected nature of Sia O (aka the king).We can't sure how long it will turn to more violent.
>>1011074 the protestors will only get their demands meat if they storm government buildings
>>1011065 They don't seem that shitty. Maybe if SHTF they could even radicalize. Problem is i'm seeing libs having complete control of the protests: comparing these with the GJ in France for example you see that there's not the fighting spirit and the class related demands of them. The situation could change though, let's see where they go in the next 10 days.
>>1011085 as the leaders arrested.chance to radicalize is more growing. but for how long i cant sure. i'll done what i can.
>>1010964 Oh so thats why they were all scared af to talk politics there when I visited. Though im not surprised, they make you stand for the king in the theater before any movie starts. I just stood because didnt know if any glowies were there, but was one of the creepier moments
>>1011109 That and how their government sold their poor women to prostitution for western booj farangs. The monarchy is definitely in bed with the west, so many britbong, roos, and burger sexpats.
>>1011080 Government buildings are traps. Don't fall for it.
>>1011045 >Anyone not a retarded dengoid that cucked themselves to the king is glow Beyond parody.
>>1011085 >comparing these with the GJ in France for example you see that there's not the fighting spirit and the class related demands of them. The situation could change though, let's see where they go in the next 10 days. The French revolution started out as liberal and bourgieous.
This dumbass board will support MONARCHIES if it'll own the libs.
>>1011198 if you protest you glow, the more you protest the more you glow
>>1011202 Anyone who doesn't stay in their armchair is LICHERALLY from the CIA
>>1011202 >A protest is only legit, when China or Russia approves it
>>1011198 Not really. Dengoids tried to infiltrate the /sea/ thread with their retardation but got their ass handed to them by anons who actually lived in Asia and not LARPing Amerilards. It’s nighttime in the US so this is their prime time.
(96.64 KB 720x405 561000009983901.jpeg)
>>1011208 >Be me. >Thai. >just awake and grabbed a phone. >Read Thai protest thread on commie Farang board. > I hope there won't have retard posts >mfw saw Dengiods suck Sia O cock so hard
Redshirts are based. Whether its Italians unifying Italy, anticlerical Mexicans yeeting the church, whites in the South yeeting nogs, or Thai workers fighting against royalists, I always came to like red-shirted movements. Red is also my favorite color along with blue.
(28.99 KB 720x510 royalthai.jpg)
>>1008866 Hardly, the economy remains deep in the shitter, it's only a success compared to a failed state like Libya. But for if you have to earn your daily bread the new boss is the same as the old boss. And all this after a revolution that started when a man who could not earn his bread burned himself to death for it. stalin quote about real material freedom.jpg
>>1011206 No, but it is per definition illegitimate if the west supports it
>>1011181 This Critical support for US imperialism
(291.17 KB 992x1280 2ae.jpg)
>>1012006 critical support for US imperialism against Soviet social imperialism, and opportunistic-ultraleft liberal protestors
>>1010320 we all know monarchism is the only way to reach communism
>>1011196 the french revolution was liberal and bourgieous
>>1012091 >the alliance that doomed the US
(47.85 KB 750x562 hoes-mad.jpg)
>>1004988 Hoes Litterally mad. Thailand & China IP's have been DDOS'ing Bunkerchan all day
>>1004988 Ideally the royalists, dengists and liberals get owned and glowies get self-owned.
>>1012505 > China is attacking leftypol Dentists btfo ??
>>1012505 Lel, it really was Chinese agents trying to peddle third-worldist bullshit here. They probably got sick of all the suicide nets and Chinese characteristics jokes and decided to just bury us.
>>1012505 Big if true. Proofs?
>>1012505 Amazing Fuck thar twink of a king. I bet his "consort" puts a dragon dildo in his ass without lube all night long like the little bitch he is.
Now that I remember, he got cuck by his bodyguard too. I hope there is a nepalese prince moment soon.
>>1012628 That would be ungodly based.
(20.88 KB 956x305 screen02.jpg)
>>1012654 That is one long DDoS. I doubt that even /pol/'s autism would be enough to keep it going for that long. Are we already behind the Great Firewall?
>>1012676 monarchists are even more autistic then fascists, sometimes >>1012676
>>1012654 Vajiralongkorn and Xi, kiss my ass
>>1012682 Free shower for the police
>>1012654 FUCK this is some serious firepower. This can't be /pol/.
>>1012654 did we go too far with the Xi memes ? are we on the list as ultraleft that will corrupt socialism with chinese characteristic with our planning and cybercommunism ? for thailand I dont get it, we dont even have stance on the issue. Mb all this guillotine talk is making the monarchy nervous about us
>1012710 /pol/ would have been here spamming and shitposting like the bitch-ass attention whores they are. This is definitely not /pol/. Ha! How awesome is this? We are being DDoSed by Xi and a bunch of aristocrats! You will know our worth by the enemies that we make.
>>1012717 Still can't understand why attack a place like this considered that it's FULL of Twitter libs out there spreading the message (unless they're preparing a huge crackdown for them too).
Any Thai anons follow or heard of this site?: https://uglytruththailand.wordpress.com/ I frequented it while I worked in the country. Used a VPN obviously, but as I understand censorship there is based on ISP's being ordered to block certain sites, not their equivalent of the NSA tracking your history. For instance, the wiki page on "lese majeste" is supposed to be blocked but I could access it anytime, along with other prohibited sites (which are supposed to load some image saying "this site is forbidden blah blah blah") Otherwise, we'll have to see how desperate the king and junta get to "restore order." They've used lethal force before (see the eerily named "6th of October Event" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/6_October_1976_massacre) at the behest of paramilitary groups. Things could get heated if such an attempt to scare protestors back into silence backfires into further radicalizing the movement. It only takes the police takings things too far at one university for things to rupture.
>>1012723 They can't DDoS twitter. It's too big. Why they think we're significant enough to bother with, I imagine, has to do with our recent spike in users. Thanks, /pol/!
Reminder the /leftypol/ line is uncritical support for the Thailand regime. They're separating themselves from the USA and are now facing a color revolution. Support this national liberation struggle from America's neocolonial hold.
>>1012505 >China IPs Lmfao Bunkerfags btfo by Xi
(96.49 KB 800x574 1820749_orig.jpg)
>>1012775 Yes, everyone knows how we like to support aristocrats.
>>1012777 >btfo Are you kidding? We are getting raided by legitimate state actors--dengists and an actual fucking king. This is a way bigger badge of honor than just dabbing on /pol/ weenies for their tiny chins.
>>1012775 >They're separating themselves from the USA
(201.47 KB 2000x755 azxgwrvkcqt51[1].jpg)
>Yellow shirts >Made up of Monarchists, Royalists, Nationalists and the elite So like Thai Francoism?
>>1012800 Ignore the aristocratic astroturfers. >>1012790 It's sarcasm. That is why he used "uncritical."
กูรู้มึงอ่านอยู่ไอเสี่ย อย่ายิ้ม >>1012775 ควย >>1012739 That site obviously run by Giles Ungpakorn a huge fan of Trotsky. So no the majority didn't follow that site.
>>1012804 Get a guillotine.
>>1012712 I doubt any gov or intelligence agency cares about this place, we're to small
(562.01 KB 939x1190 Robespierre.jpg)
make him proud
>>1012839 Then who is raiding us?
>>1012839 Someone did, and it wasn't /pol/... someone with a lot of Thai and Chinese IPs.
>>1012839 You were overestimate intelligence of กอ.รมน. , I have to say.
Whether we're being ddosd by dengists or people pretending to be dengists either way it seems like we're about to go through another hong kong type shitfest where the point is to obscure allegiances etc and create a schizophrenic cloud around the narrative. It makes ansolutely no sense that the cpc would be ddosing us considering many of us over at the china general are critically supporting and defending their regime. I'm gonna say there's probably a way for the west to make us believe the chinese are ddosing us as part of a divide and conquer tactic. Whatever. China is still insanely based. They're only delaying the inevitable
>>1013225 >China is still insanely based. Lol no.
>>1013247 The only way to defend that position is if you're a bordigist or council communist. If you don't support china but still support bolivia, cuba, the ussr in the past, dprk, or vietnam, you're just a retard.
>>1013262 >ILA-80 + 40 years >not knowing about these baby-killing machines
Let's make Thailand the new Nepal, but with an actual New Democratic DotP government this time pl0x
>>1013225 Obviously china isn't ddosing our ass for ideological reasons. They're allied with thailand because of belt'n'road shit so they help them out. Just business.
>>1013284 back in the pinned thread someone pieced it together that we were clumped in with 300k other urls to ddos. So the chinese IPs are just being used as part of a botnet but a guy in thailand is calling the shots. Idk how many of those IPs are under cpc control but I would say there's at the very least the possibility that those IPs are politically neutral and are just being paid for by the thai guy.
>>1013284 Dats socialist bizniz
(170.51 KB 1024x872 Bild_2020-10-19_131758.png)
(93.97 KB 512x355 unnamed (2).jpg)
(1.87 MB 1200x1200 Bild_2020-10-19_132528.png)
>>1004988 >Don't tell me this is another CIA color revolution and we as leftists should support thai royalists This is another CIA color revolution and we as leftists should support the thai royalists.
(1.06 MB 828x828 1597385698739.png)
>/leftypol/ being DDoSed by the Thai monarchy and CPC posting in historic thread
(76.47 KB 960x716 moncom.jpg)
>>1013415 based
>>1013456 Guy on the right is like "Day of the pillow when?"
>>1012781 Just a friendly reminder that Robespierre did nothing wrong. The guillotine is the great equalizer lets give the Thai monarchy a taste of ehat the French did all thos3 centuries ago.
Imagine thinking all of this is real kek
(183.39 KB 220x124 ukeep.gif)
>>1013225 >critical support >>1013262 >Supporting two countries that actively fought PRC and PRC's shills in open warfare while critical of China is contradictory somehow. >>1012839 They've infiltrated smaller groups than this btw.
>>1005005 based and redgrilled
>>1012775 Kinda based ngl.
>>1012594 Proof?
>>1010091 now apply this to US allies such as Australia and see how stupid it is. The CIA will support regime change in US allies if it suits them.
>>1011060 Because it is.
dengism? more like capitalism with general tso's chicken.
>>1013415 based monarchy (please stop ddos now)
https://www.ned.org/region/asia/thailand-2019/ NED clearly has interest in it, but fuck monarchy, so I don't have any position.
>>1013262 read this http://chuangcn.org/2020/05/free-to-move/ and tell me how china isn't borderline fascist >>1013770 the monarchy and military junta have been American puppets scene 1945
(882.58 KB 552x882 nintchdbpict0003242027621.png)
>the IP's are from chyna so it must be the mss behind it! fuck dengoids t. useful idiots it has the looks of having to do with thailand but it might be any actor with a stake in the protest there doing it. you can just buy botnets, or farm them in other countries
>>1013912 I doubt it's china considering all the jinpingists on /leftypol/.
>>1013930 Xi personally order the botnet attack from a command center
(2.25 MB 3192x3000 grace_blush.png)
mfw watching bunkerchan get btfo for lèse-majesté
>>1013953 I misread this as timor-leste but actually it had nothing to do with indonesia committing genocide
>>1013953 Grace is the only monarch we love
>>1013953 >simping for the king of femboy hooker Island. >simping for a king getting btfo so bad that they can only ddos some Mongolian throat sing fourm
>>1013936 I have serious trust issues with China now...
MonBol gang was a mistake.
(232.81 KB 1921x1281 0grneerP.jpg large.jpg)
(77.09 KB 680x680 Y0FME0SU.jpg small.jpg)
>>1013912 It’s more likely just the NIA (Thai glowies) using multiple IPs to attack us. Reminder that they have a very well funded online presence trained by the US and China and detachments in even germany (where some IPs are from). They also have a history of attacking leftists outside of their country and funding anti-communist contras.
POLL What is /leftypol/'s position on the Red Shirts? https://www.strawpoll.me/21128460
The issue of Thailand seems to be surprisingly controversial among leftists. Many believe, that the red shirt protests are a CIA led color revolution. So far, I have found only one prominent marxist who supports the Red Shirts: Taimur Rahman.
>>1014410 หวัดดีคับเสี่ยโอ
I have a based statement to make: Xi is a glowie capitalist Thank you.
>>1013447 happy days to the future digital archaeologist reading this
(152.66 KB 500x501 yes honey leftypol.png)
>>1014454 He's retweeting Vijay Prashad which is KNOWN for his Dengist symphaties and for being a HUGE anti imperialist, so I'm starting to sense that these shit is legit.
>>1014454 >monarchies belong in the history books based
>Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha on Wednesday vowed to lift the state of “severe emergency” in Bangkok in an attempt to defuse the unrest that has led to intensifying anti-government protests. >“I will make the first move to de-escalate this situation,” Prayuth said during a taped televised address. “I am currently preparing to lift the state of severe emergency in Bangkok and will do so promptly if there are no violent incidents. >Democracy protesters have massed daily in the capital since last week, flouting the emergency edict prohibiting gatherings of more than four people. >Despite Prayuth’s offer to lift the state of emergency in the capital, protest leader Tattep Ruangprapaikitseree reiterated the movement’s demand for him to resign. >“Prayuth must resign first and that is the easiest thing to do,” he said. >The former army chief masterminded the 2014 coup and protesters say the military-drafted constitution rigged last year’s vote in his favour. >Activists are also demanding the powerful and ultra-wealthy monarchy stay out of politics – a previously taboo subject. >As Prayuth spoke, tens of thousands of protesters marched towards his office at Government House to demand his resignation as well as the lifting of the emergency measures and release of dozens of activists arrested in a crackdown. >“My duty as a national leader is to look after the needs of everyone in this country, and to try and balance sometimes very different and very extreme views so that we can all live together in this one land that belongs to us all and which we all love,” Prayuth said. >“I must lead the country based on the greater good of society, and the needs of silent people, too. I must lead the country based on principle, the law, and the will of parliament as the ultimate representative of the people. >“The only way to a lasting solution for all sides that is fair for those on the streets as well as for the many millions who choose not to go on the streets, is to discuss and resolve these differences through the parliamentary process. >“It is a slow process, but it is one that best avoids injury to our nation. We must show the maturity and patience to take the middle path. >“The protesters have made their voices and views heard. It is now time for them to let their views be reconciled with the views of other segments of Thai society through their representatives in parliament.” >Earlier, Bangkok’s criminal court backtracked on a ruling that ordered Voice TV – partly owned by exiled former premier Thaksin Shinawatra – to close over its coverage of the pro-democracy rallies. >The website was one of four media under investigation for violating computer crimes laws and the emergency decree aimed at curbing the civil unrest. But the court revoked the ruling and allowed all four media, including The Standard, The Reporters and Prachathai, to continue reporting freely. >The court said there “must be specific content that is illegal and authorities cannot shut down a whole page or URL”, Voice TV’s lawyer Winyat Chartmontri told reporters. >“The court said people’s freedom [of] communication must be protected and media outlets cannot be shut down. Press freedom is very crucial,” he said, adding that today’s decision cannot be appealed. Voice TV staff would continue their reporting duties “fully, professionally and factually”, said a statement on the outlet’s website. >Sunai Phasuk from Human Rights Watch hailed the court decision but warned journalists were still at risk. Their presence on the ground at protests “is considered by police as violating the emergency decree. They are not out of the woods yet”, he said. >An activist, 26-year-old Nat, said she was happy the court ruling about Voice TV had been overturned. >“We will still have a TV channel that reports the truth,” she said, urging for the freedom to protest to be returned too. https://archive.is/8s5an#selection-3652.0-3690.1
(100.23 KB 1186x1800 EastAndWestMeet.jpg)
>>1014454 The Americans are not against supporting leftists when it serves their purposes. Likewise, I am not inclined to oppose those leftists based on the fact that they get American support, particularly when they are opposing actual aristocrats. With China moving into position as the major capitalist power in the world, we have to expect that the Americans are increasingly going to support revolutions against Chinese-backed states while simultaneously putting down similar revolutions in American-backed states. Whoever backs the revolutionaries, be it China or the United States, we should as well.
>>1019453 "Get the king out of politics" Cringe. how about "get the king out, full stop"
>>1019536 the Thai king was for the longest time an uncriticizable god, the fact that people are criticizing him on mass is already a large change in THai political culture.
>>1019551 It was only a matter of time that people criticized the monarchy after those gross "playboy prince" images got linked online.
(882.58 KB 552x882 nintchdbpict0003242027621.png)
>>1019561 doing that is illegal, posting pic realted can get you in 15 years in jail
>>1019580 Who the hell goes out in public like this
>>1019580 Old picture of Cockshott with Ghislaine Maxwell.
(196.43 KB 698x454 aristocrats_joke.jpeg)
>>1019580 If he wanted to wear tank tops so much, why didn't he spend royal money to turn himself into a plastic surgery transgirl or something? It's not like you can be super ugly and super rich. What was the purpose of him dressing like this in public?
>>1014410 can someone translate?
>>1013262 Or if you, y'know, practice common sense. Especially given all the countries you just mentioned have been at each other's throats numerous times. What kind of fantasy world do you live in where the USSR and China are both non-revisionist in spite of declaring the other to revisionist? Anyways: Bolivia, Cuba, the DPRK, and Vietnam are regional powers at best rather than global powers and, with the possible exception of Bolivia, don't have a literal bourgeois class with capital worth billions of dollars to throw around. China isn't some small state defending itself from colonial aggression: it's a power in its own right and is obviously advancing towards competing with other imperialist powers around the globe. Also the DPRK is a monarchy.
>>1019620 Then he would actually be relatable to the Thai population too.
>>1019769 >Dprk >Monarchy Found the liberal
>>1019620 cause hrt gives you erectile dysfunction
>>1019620 He probably doesn't really have a properly formed concept of self image, being a completely insane monarch after all. So the concept of "looking good" is completely lost, he just wears whatever cuz he's the Phucking Kang.
>>1020243 weird to think about, most monarchs and presidents are mentally ill
(544.94 KB 631x1327 1.png)
31 leftist groups and parties have signed a statement, which declares support for the protests: https://thinkleft.net/2020/10/15/solidarity-with-the-people-of-thailand-for-democracy/
>>1024706 <clearly a color revolution dude, don't you know that the king is an anti-imperialist who we must critically support against imperialism
>>1024706 All of these groups are ultra small though
>>1024796 True, but I still wanted to share this info.
>>1024748 <anyone not directly endorsed by China is not worth our support
>>1025378 <socialism is when you wave a red flag, the more red flags you wave the more socialist you are
>>1025405 Is this a pro or anti-china comment?
>>1025415 it's against people who think thailand protests are a color revolution because the reactionary state is somewhat friendly with china
>>1025424 Tbh it wouldn't surprise me if it was
>>1010993 cringe
>>1025451 It is. It’s just that because they’re not inherently anti-communist like the monarchy so leftists can use it to radicalize people. In a way, the Bolsheviks were a kind of color revolution backed by Germany, but they were smart enough to betray the Kraut immediately when they had the chance.
Imagine calling yourself a Marxist but denying that the bourgeoisie is a progressive force against monarchism. Like what is your end game? Thailand has no ascendant communist movent because of how politically retarded it is.
>>1015180 lol this picture but unironically
>>1026734 But you don’t get it! China good! America bad!
>>1026182 >In a way, the Bolsheviks were a kind of color revolution backed by Germany Lenin was a glowie?! wtf
>1037833 Kind of. He was most definitely sent to Russia by the Germans to get Russia out of the war.
>>1037833 More like an intelligent leftist that used inter-imperialist conflict for revolutionary purposes.
>>1026182 >No media support AT ALL >Overwhelmingly despised by ALL existing powers to the point 14 countries invade Russia >Militarily antagonized even by their supposed backers >Class based demands Yep, totally a color revolution.
(76.87 KB 680x672 thai breakup.jpg)
>>1037867 Context?
>>1019580 The absolute state of the monarchy
>>1006778 That's because they were protesting in front of the German embassy. Their ruler Vajiralongkorn and 30 of his girlfriends took a permanent residency in Bavaria and they are basically asking to extradite them (as if). It's kinda funny how Germany has a good reputation all around the world. Those PRopagandists are geniuses, I have to say that.
All this people crying about the bourgeois vs the monarchy seem to forget that the king is literally THE bourgeoisie. He is literally the biggest porky in the country.
>>1037856 The krauts sent Lenin from Switzerland to Russia. They jsut did it to destabilise Russia and tried(and failed) to take advantage of the chaos. They thought they could have Lenin on a leash or dead, they had neither.
>>1037895 Guy is a redshirt Girl is pro-royalist Suthep Thaugsuban supporter And Thaksin Shinawatra seems to be her neighbour as you can barely see him giving thumbs-up for the dude going bros before hoes.
>>1037902 >It's kinda funny how Germany has a good reputation all around the world. That's because we are just decent people who never did anything wrong!
>>1037913 I always laugh when Merkel is presented as the most powerful woman of the world and a problem-solver, while everytime a problem arises within Germany she sits it out and lets the first minister of her cabinet, who talks about it, take the fall. That's how she ruled all 16 years and that's why at one time, she had a 70% approval while her government had a 70% disapproval, a government she's the head of and supposed to be in charge of. I bet those were the same people.
>>1037904 Yep, there’s practically no big porkie that isn’t the king’s relatives and military personnel. Only the eternal dengoids think to even support the monarchy.
>>1037910 That's because he wasn't a puppet, which points to yet another reason why the October Revolution is radically different from color ones.
Some thread related media: >Thai protesters march to German embassy as parliament opens special session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgd5xkiNGVQ >Thai king praises 'very brave' man who held up royal portrait at anti-government protest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juop9q-QICA
(118.22 KB 555x603 grace heh.jpg)
>>1038628 >Thai king praises 'very brave' man who held up royal portrait at anti-government protest That video is very touching. I need praise too.
(2.49 MB 2600x3718 grace unhappy.png)
tfw thai king will never point to you and say, "very brave, very brave, grace anon" for being around these leftists
(116.02 KB 900x600 amused queen.jpg)
>>1038698 We do love grace though
>>1038676 >>1038698 >talk like retarded 5-year-old Why are rightoids always like this?
(321.88 KB 587x425 grace_smug_look.png)
>>1039503 No, you're the retard here. At least I don't support color revolutions.
>>1041165 What do you mean? How is this revealing Ma's influence?
>>1010335 you think you are really smart arent you,bet you even had a big smug smile after posting this,thinking how you got those big bad tankies lmao
>>1041182 they are promoting royalists
(4.32 MB 2790x3414 Grace on Khafre Throne pic.png)
Anymore news on the thai protests? Don't tell me this is another nothingburger.


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