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/EUROpol/ - Europe Politics general Anonymous 10/15/2020 (Thu) 19:50:35 No. 1002330
Can we get get a europe general? I'm kinda curious what's going on in the countries of my fellow europeans, but I feel like having a general for each seperate country, with each speaking their own language segregates us further fellow euro brothers and sisters. So dump news, banter, events, feels, and so on and so on Let's create a beter general than /USApol/
Bumping, I want to find out what's going on in Europe.
First for the Netherlands.
As the self-declared official of Germany I will report our country has little revolutionary potential like in most of this country‘s history.
(39.10 KB 250x202 1565217744178.png)
>faux cyrrillic
I suffer and corona is doing me head in
What is newsworthy Politics at the moment: new massive surge in Corona cases The question everybody secretely asks: Will the EU collapse and is Socialism capable of taking its place?
(152.62 KB 1080x1265 FB_IMG_1602287000136.jpg)
>>1002340 But you have based Merkel
(14.21 KB 348x478 pepe-tracksuit.png)
>Let's create a beter general than /USApol/ anon. every general is better than /burgerpol/ Has anyone ever lived and worked in Russia? Or visited? Kind of want to go check it out for a little.
(67.38 KB 482x427 hope.jpg)
>>1002330 >I want to find out what's going on in Europe. slouching into decay mostly. like the US but much much slower, unless you are greek
(64.69 KB 1024x576 53444749_101.jpg)
First for fuck the EU and long live the Union of European Socialist Republics
Where is everybody from? Sorry if your country is not on the poll, I reached the max amount of answers: https://www.strawpoll.me/21107053 please take it, I'm kinda curious.
>>1002330 In France we're still living at the corona pandemic rythm, with the governement imposing a curfew in big cities. Beside this, cops are whining to the state because a few of them got beaten up lately.
Anyone else suprised how Q anon is populair even in europe?
>>1002399 I'm pretty sure this is because people have gotten real comfortable with the internet. Normie don't only use the internet solely for facebook anymore and what happens in America easily seeps into other countries because pretty much everyone learns English in this day and age.
(1.52 MB 1786x1500 1585950515796.png)
(66.59 KB 853x613 EkD5tHgWsAoVvvI.jpg)
>>1002358 based
Euros what country here has the most rev potential rn?
(153.97 KB 705x903 German wealth.png)
>>1002340 little potential currently, but I have a feeling due to the high degree of industrialisation, extremely well organized labour movements, general lack of wealth among the populace to fall back on (picrel) and growing inequality, we could actually turn into something interesting if we have a few years of hardship and some more incompetent rulers.
>>1002425 I always have high hopes for the french but maybe it's just my hope they start decapitating capitalists
(285.14 KB 600x368 bcvccbd.png)
I see a couple of frogs voted in the strawpoll so anyone minds explaining this meme ?is it just "lol whiteboys"
>>1002360 Based, death to the EU
>>1002425 France. Maybe Italy in the long run. Belgium has potential to implode soon though.
(5.00 KB 270x187 not so quick.jpg)
>>1002360 not so quick, let's try to introduce democracy comrades
>>1002429 >That distance between mean and median Anon are things alright in Germany?
>>1002446 yes,that's litterally what he is implying.
>>1002470 not him but, things are still somewhat going alright. But it will implode soon enough and the lack of any real left wing party and germans faith in parlamentarism will make things difficult when things turn south
>>1002502 Don't working Germans feel like the get the short end of the stick compared to other w.euros or they are just comfortable and that's good enough for them ?
>>1002473 ah ok i thought it was something wittier that i was missing
Anyone else feel like the left in europe is so unexciting? so bland, so boring? It definitely is here in the Netherlands.
>>1002518 join your local squat
>>1002518 Yeah man, I can't even LARP by getting a nice looking AR style rifle and joining some lefty militia, because that's just not a thing over here.
>>1002511 not a german,but they factually get the short end of the stick. germany itself "enrich" itself,by forcing their population into near third world working conditions,which makes them becomes so competitive that they become the main export to the rest of the union.
>>1002425 Britain is closer to collapse than any other European country, perhaps other than Spain.
>>1002446 I don't get this one
>>1002534 I think it's just about how people are working their office jobs while on the other hand the invisible comitee releases violent ultra left insurrection promoting pamphlets
>>1002425 imo Belgium, greece, france. Maybe spain.
>>1002467 Reminder Diem25's peak vote in any EU country was 3% and they where just running as Syriza.
There is no such thing as "European politics" it's 99% done on the national rather than international basis.
>>1002559 nah,impossible,he's a radlib according to his tweeter,and he retweeted the exact same meme template with the SS on the left,and our police on the right. (not that it's wrong)
>>1002581 this. "European Politics" is only something that happen and is known by people directly working at the EU council,or by news that actually talk/leak about what happen there,it's not the United States,nobody is united expect by the same shitty economic treaties and "open borders" and that's it. obviously if you're not in the EU,this doesn't apply,but you already know your politics and news are purely local anyway. this doesn't mean the thread itself is worthless,I would prefer having a big thread like that instead of the multiples constantly dying in /ref/
>>1002330 >no people's republic of Portugal why do you hate us anon?
>>1002467 varoufakis could be so based, all that wasted potential makes me sad
>>1002629 Trot who betrayed the greek people could be based. YEAH IM THINK SWIPE LEFT ON THAT ONE
>>1002360 I have such an intensely focused hatred for the EU I worry it's undialectical
>>1002639 under the current circumstances that kind of sectarianism is nonsense, I don't like trots one bit but ain't like it matter rn, also he didn't betray the greeks he literally resigned from the government when his party decided to sign terms of surrender to capital
>>1002562 Greece is my best bet. They have a very well organized left and ultra-insurrectionary at the same time. France’s working class is, as always, but maybe more today, a broken and infighting working class both culturally and politically.
Question to everyone: Where does the balkan begin?
>>1002654 Name one successful Trotskyist party or movement. These people are incapable of politics.
Swiss comrade reporting ! Please end my country.
>>1002668 Have you been to Greece? On the one hand they have the least to loose, on the other hand the state in general regardless of ideology is so disfunctional (ungodly level of tax avoidance) . As in the State has started to wither away, I wonder weather anyone but a really centralised communist party could whip it into shape.
الموت لأوروبا
>>1002678 should we clear the country of proles and then drop nukes on your local Bourg?
(2.97 MB balkans.mp4)
>>1002688 Mind explaining how the state is withering away in this shithole because i have wasted my youth here and i honestly don't see it
>>1002695 Hello fellow German
>>1002700 More like end the concept of my country. Khadhafi was right it’s a bank mafia. Maybe fuse with Austria, or get every language group in his respective nation. Apart based Romansh
>>1002518 >Netherlands well you are cursed by protestant ethic in belgium it's ok, pvda is based
Ignorant burger here, describe the Balkans in 5 words or less.
>>1002729 As in it's so dysfunctional that it is increasingly losing its grasp on the population/areas of the economy.
Is there any European lefty writers who aren't translated into English and could benefit from a leftypol sponsored translation?
>>1002800 German-made arbitrary geographic area
>>1002800 various serbs
>>1002800 adidas and alcohol
>>1002383 Won't you look at all this diversity!
(56.25 KB 385x354 no fun allowed CCCp.jpg)
>normal countries with normal names >ГРЭИСН ЯЭРЦБLIC The author really hates french huh
>>1002429 another Kraut here, Germany is probably the least revolutionary country in the world right now. germans are wealthier in real terms, theres a social safety net, no real austerity. people happily vote greens and moderate conservative. Literally Poland has more potential.
>>1002399 All of this retarded burger politics shit spills over eventually, mainly through the internet. We now also have those retarded libertarians in Europe influenced by this AynCrap shit with muh NAP. Those types were non-existent in Europe until some years ago. Even the most liberal parties (liberal means right-wing in Europe, laisse-fair economic policy) were in favor of at least the basic social security and state intervention. In my country (Germany) we have our own Ben Shapiros and Alex Jones but for some reason they are even more ridiculous and shoddy than their burger counterparts, and are more openly fascist too.
>>1004433 Of course we have austerity in Germany, what the fuck you are talking about. We got zero Corona relief, rents are unaffordable and wages are really crap considering the living cost here. Sure, if you got a masters degree of something in demand you are somewhat well off, but you gotta realize that jobs with vocational training did allow you become a home owner 40 years ago. Nowadays those people have to move into shared flats.
>>1002337 Kanker
>>1002676 Syriza wasn't a trot party. It was a broader coalition including succdems. The leader was a succdem and sold out, prompting varoufakis to resign because as a Marxist he didn't want to execute neoliberal death.
>>1004468 Yeah, Varoufakis is a reformist too, and his DiEM25 movement seems like a blinder with no substance, but you can not possibly call him a traitor as he tried everything that was possible in the narrow realm of the EU corporate dictatorship and when it failed he resigned. Tsipras is the traitor, Syriza's own little Gorbachev, who buried his own party
>>1002335 Boring shit, Netherlands is fucking dying of Corona because of liberal government, hardly any revolutionary potential. SP Netherlands is kanker and currently actively performing a witch hunt against Marxists members who have organised within to push the party to be actually democratic. The party structure of that party is similar to North Korea in terms of though policing and purging. I hope Lillian dies of Corona, backstabbing cunt.
>>1002470 home ownership by proles is basically non-existant here
>>1002349 >Will the EU collapse and is Socialism capable of taking its place? Yes, no probably
>>1004481 That's what many people forget about this, our not-so-good wages are one thing, but when they say that they compare very well to other countries they always forget that half our paycheck goes to the landlord here. Like, average wage here is 2600€ per month before taxes, and where I live a two room apartment is 1000€ per month.
>>1004481 >>1004504 If germany is ever hit by an actual economic crisis, shit will get interesting
>>1004513 Germany should watch their ass, because China is probably gonna come for them after they get finished with AmeriKKKa.
>>1004516 Dude, I fucking hope China comes for us because our mobile internet is worse than in the third world, and Huawei wanted to give us a 5G network and factions in our ruling class try to bombard it.
>>1004523 I meant more that China will develop their high-tech manufacturing and cuck German industry, but yeah that too. Don't worry though, where I live (UK) will fall to them without even a fight because we have no industry. Reverse Hong Kong here we go!
Lithuania is so joyfull to be right now. The entire fucking economy is going kaboom boom come the budgeting month. The Peasant dipshits tried to make a powerplay with the pandemic, making a really comendable response... which was then canceled by the end of summer "cuz we back to normal now". Now shit is getting grim again, and it seems another lockdown will come in the next month or so. The fucking Freedom (tm) Party (woke neoliberals) managed to get more than enough votes to enter parlament, the socdems were cucked out by a shitty populist labour party lead by a famous crook, and it seems that we are getting a Conservative + Liberal + Freedom government, meaning more austerity when shit hits the fan. I'd say thay there is hope with China's Belt and Road, but lets be honest, every antigommunizt will shit their diapers and go to the streets if we ever try to make deals with them. At least it is funny to see nationalists cope with the fact that we are a burger vassal. The most successful of them started to claim that all of EU plus the democrats in US are gultural Margzists, and its daddy Trump who shall save the real western freedom and stop Putin's Russian Empire.
>>1004516 Fun fact: Even though all the media and "le reasonable" state officials are trying to push the notion that Russia is the big scary threat to our independance (which it is to some extent), for a few years straight our national security in their anual disclosed reports stated that most of the intelligence attacks come from China, and not from Russia. I don't really know to what ends is China trying to infiltrate Eastern Europe, but I'd guess they want us in their sphere of influance.
>>1004553 >I don't really know to what ends is China trying to infiltrate Eastern Europe Isolation of Russia, also China is trying to take over everywhere TBH.
>>1004555 China has yet to project their economic leverage into political leverage anywhere. They can not influence policy unlike the EU oligarchy, the United States or Germany.
>>1004564 >China has yet to project their economic leverage into political leverage Oh sweaty, they're the same thing.
>>1004566 Clearly it's not. China is the biggest trading partner of Australia and they're on the forefront of the China hysteria, because the monopoly bourgeoisie in the imperialist countries are extremely not okay with China. Why do you think the EU takes years to reach an trade agreement with China? They've given China an ultimatum that China would have to introduce the profit motive in their state sector otherwise they wouldn't agree on anything.
>>1004581 They are in a panic exactly because economic power is political power.
>>1004455 lol no i have a friend who did a three year apprenticeship he drives around fixing internet outages, he is now thinking about getting a house in the near future he works 4 days a week wtf are u talking about.
>>1004586 Techfags can always make bank though, that's like saying a programmer can live in San Francisco so it's affordable
>>1004587 hes not highly specialized. he finished school with horrible grades, just got some random low-level IT/mechanic job and he can now plan on getting a house. Dude in a society where that is possible theres no rev potential.
>>1004594 Because noone wants to do this jobs in Germany. That's why they get paid so well. True though, that there is no revolutionary potential in Germany
>>1004586 >>1004594 Yeah IT is in demand now and customer service is horrible in most companies. I double dare you to talk to a haircutter, a retail worker, and those temporary workers, a fast food worker, caretakers, janitors, etc. Sure you can always say "learn how to code and design websites for 4k a month" but a) eventually wages in this sector will normalize, and b) you still need all those other jobs society needs to function. I mean, fuck, have you looked at the homeownership rate in this country? It's literally not possible for Germany to pay cushy wages like Australia or Canada; because we are completely export-reliant and for our grip on Europe to be steady we don't need to flood the other countries with luxury exports like Switzerland, no, we need to flood them with cheap exports too. We literally have a meat industry with horrible conditions - Germany should not have a meat industry within a EU market to begin with, but guess what, we pushed meat factories in the Bretagne out of business (France has more militant unions so this shit doesn't happen there).
>>1004596 And there would be none either if conditions were worse. BILD Zeitung (largest right-wing tabloid media here), CDU and FDP would just tell people to work harder, that young people should "save money and invest in stocks" and how "your grandfather worker his ass off to rebuild after the war", while simultaneously blaming the "lazy Greeks" or whatever that "are a drain on us". The mentality in this country is absolutely cucked and we do not like in benevolent welfare capitalism anymore, that shit died under Schröder, our own version of Tony Blair.
(619.64 KB bezos_evil_laugh.mp4)
>>1004545 >At least it is funny to see nationalists cope with the fact that we are a burger vassal. The most successful of them started to claim that all of EU plus the democrats in US are gultural Margzists, and its daddy Trump who shall save the real western freedom and stop Putin's Russian Empire.
>>1004665 >>1004655 you do realize that the welfare system in germany is much stronger than in most other yurop countries.
>>1004676 It's actually a quite fascinating rightwinger mentality here in Lithuania. The cultural Marxist shit is only the late-stage of it. Basically it goes like this: >Russia is the ultimate enemy, the great destroyer of cultures, the beast that has to be put down and stopped from corrupting the entire globe. >The West are pathetic weaklings who are too politically correct, too much for total press freedom to clamp down on RT, and hence are too weak to deal with Russia >Hence we must advocate on the global stage for a return to a cold war Reagan neocon mentality as much as possible.
>>1004758 Are the Baltics just Poland-Lite?
>>1004553 BRI goes through Belarus, and a Lithuanian opening would create another route from China straight into Europe via Central Asia then the Caucasus then Belarus.
>>1004692 Unemployment benefits are the bare minimum so you don't starve to death, with the explicit threat of cutting it if you don't behave. Healthcare covers a lot but is also pretty expensive due to the fact the rich just bail themselves out of the system with a private insurance (It's not M4All healthcare it's more like Kamala Harris' "public option", for the burger anons). Education is free, I give you that. Pensions will absolutely suck for those retiring this decade, starvation pensions. Have you compared this shit to other countries with our level of wealth?
Who else here working into their seventies before retirement becomes feasible?
>>1004790 that's if we even make it to our seventies. I honestly cannot even think about how the world is gonna be like in 20/30 years
>>1004790 The way things are going, and it will be 2060 until I'm in my seventies, I don't even view this future as anything but a complete rupture for what we are having now. With climate collapse, economic meltdown, imperialist confrontation, I just don't think it matters as there will be a reset of some kind.
>>1004805 I can't even tell you how things will be in 5-6 years especially with what's going on in America.
>>1004790 >implying I'll be able to retire
(92.70 KB 800x1126 leninstalin2.jpg)
>>1002641 No that's based.
>>1004790 >>1004805 Society as we know it now is absolutely not gonna be around by the time we retire, in socialism hopefully things will be better, and EuroCorp/anarchic post-civ ancapitalism isn't gonna give out pensions at all.
>>1004762 Not the best example I'd say. It's kind of unique. From my understanding Estonia is pretty much a mini-Finland. Latvia was always the laughing stock... until it got it shit together and Lithuania became the shithole of the region. Though from what I've heard they still practice lite-apartheid towards their Russian minorities. Lithuania is just a mess - the hinterland is all but dead, I've took a road trip this summer and it was quite depressing seeing dying villages all over the place, meanwhile the capital is becoming a nightmare of sprawl. Politics are practically unexistant - apart from marginals and the woke neolibs no one really has an ideology and basically are just dead-center with corruption characteristics. It says quite a lot that the largest "political" issue in the past two years or so was a fight between right wing boomers who wanted a statue of the national emblem built versus libshits who wanted a statue of an anti-soviet partizan bunker. In some sense I am happy about it, though. There isn't really a chance for a leftist political discourse here, and I'd rather take what we have now over the retarded culture war that Poland is having now. That's kind of why I hate the Freedom Party, not that they are neolibs, but that their cringe wokeness will just end with a stupid reaction that will ruin all political discourse.
>>1002355 This is what liberals want, someone who fucks them in the ass but at least is polite about it.
I agree with Yanis Varoufakis that nationally oriented parties can no longer do the job, but he certainly doesn't have the solution either, no one in DIEM25 does
>>1005391 You can't have full internationalism either because communist movements are consistent in some countries (Greece for example) and literally non existent in some others (the entirety of Central and Eastern Europe), so it's difficult to achieve coordination.
>>1005391 The solution is to get out of the EU, how do you envision a pan-European revolution? Pure utopianism. Lenin debunked this shit over a 100 years ago.
>>1002330 Why would communist britain still have the union jack anywhere on its flag?
>>1005399 Also this should be a given (it fortunately is for Communist parties)
>>1004581 >China is the biggest trading partner of Australia >because the monopoly bourgeoisie in the imperialist countries are extremely not okay with China How can both these things be true?
>>1005402 Because it looks nice, why you have to take away everything nice?
(793.64 KB 4592x3196 Lockdown tracing 2.0.png)
>>1005378 Lockdown tracing-Fuck Poland edition
>>1005447 >Netherlands >Heavy restrictions I fucking wish
>>1005498 All the newspaper here say you're guys are enacting partial lockdown, tell me how should i update it instead.
>>1005501 We are, kinda.
>>1005501 Partial lockdown just means "lol we closed the bars and restaurants" and that large events are forbidden (with tons of exceptions). Masks aren't even mandatory yet.
(88.19 KB 768x416 dutch cope.png)
>>1005523 kek, our coronavirus policy is just a cope
This is much more than what Italy is doing and qualifies as a partial lockdown i'd say.
we're dying
>>1005562 Rip to Czechs.
>>1005440 We normalized the mini wave at the end of summer and hoped it would just stay that way when winter came. And now we get to sit on our burned ass, as they saying goes.
Professor beheaded in Paris, allegedly by islamic terrorists. /pol/ is making a huge deal out of it. What do we think?
(1.84 MB 1325x1725 1602866892360 - Copy - Copy.png)
>>1005692 NSFW picture gore Just checked it, wtf frogs? This is not good, lumpen will get more reactionairy than ever.
>>1005692 Middle school teacher beheaded by crazy conservacuck muslim. This is why we must eradicate religion.
>>1002330 >all of these nations What would the point of all of these nation states be after a successful global revolution? Is this just liberalism with a different aesthetic? Are all of the 'socialist' states fighting among each other?
>>1005783 I mean, our different languages still will keep us divided to a certain respect.
>>1005789 Better off dividing up large countries into roughly equal sized provinces based on language and culture and then just do culture stuff on a "whoever wants to join" level.
>>1005763 >>1005692 This is why religion needs to be eradicated off the face of the Earth.
>>1005763 Didn't france just recently passed a anti islam law?
(363.95 KB 880x989 PnmaYHD.jpg)
>>1002383 reminder to voot We're a pretty diverse club so far
>>1005763 >Marcon Their tactics are so annoying, these people probably didn't even live in France, but are exploiting the leverage of France's recent history laicite-Islam conflicts to recruit / demonize the vulnerable domestic WANA (West Asia North Africa) population (and by extension in Europe) for the low, but measurable odds of getting a few couple of radicalized recruits to their side. Should communists organize atheist refuge groups targeted for immigrants like some leftists are doing in the US for youth growing up amid fundamentalist Christian communities?
>>1005815 I'm from social-communist juche spain.
>>1005815 No. :)
>>1004665 >BILD Zeitung Don't worry, their influence is in decline.
>>1005823 based
>>1005819 >Should communists organize atheist refuge groups targeted for immigrants like some leftists are doing in the US for youth growing up amid fundamentalist Christian communities? Yes, they should.
>>1005562 this is really bad, eastern europe is the last place you want CoVID to reach. Their gutted health care system and aging population are a recipe for disaster.
>>1005562 what kind of teutonic sorcery is keeping germans from getting infected?
>>1005562 based yugocountries not even reporting their numbers
>>1005893 An government actually willing to do what is neccecary rather than whine that closing cafes at 10 instead of 12 will destroy the economy.
(121.18 KB 750x500 1a2rd3.jpg)
>>1005890 >Wiping out boomers >Eastern Europe Guess they will go full Nazi then Here for the ensuing wars among them
>>1005899 >>1005893 I wouldn't bet on it staying that way. The amount of infections keeps spiking upwards, and most politicians already ruled out a second complete lockdown.
>>1002511 I'm middle aged and don't even have 35k savings right now. If i wouldn't own a house and had to pay rent or pay back a loan life would be quite shitty for me i guess. In Germany income inequality is approaching burger level. Billionaires get richer and richer and lawyers, insurancers, finance, media, politicians, government clerks, IT and all sorts of professional shittalkers at unis get pampered with high pay, but the craftsmen and industry workers (yes we do exist and there are actually still a lot of us, i know /leftypol/ is full of academics who believe everyone is doing "service" jobs with high pay now) doesn't really benefit from Germany's supposedly big and rich economy.
Are Russians allowed here?
>>1006208 well there is a russian thread already,but sure.
(13.22 MB USE.webm)
Anthem of the Union of Socialist Eurasia - "March of the USE" / "Eurasia Forever" Imagine, just imagine. Imagine how great things could've been
>>1004480 >Netherlands is fucking dying of Corona Corona has a death toll of a regular flu season.
>>1006275 >German eagle to fight the US eagle Cringe. >Greenland is part of it Based. Greenland anon will be avenged. I also like the fact that its sung in an abstract language on purpose.
>>1002678 How does one become a leftist in Switzerland?
(272.67 KB 960x640 flag-1208849_960_720.jpg)
Hey /Euro/ anons Should we make esperanto the national language of an Socialist European Union, the SEU?
>>1006337 I'd go for a reconstructed proto-indo-european and proto-uralic as the second language
>>1006337 Kompreneble.
>>1002346 Get well soon
>>1006337 you can,but nobody would learn it.
>>1005562 You might as well paint Hungary black, we are well past our testing limit and regularly have a positive rate of >10%.
>>1006367 >Make people learn esperanto on school. >Make great efforts to move people around the continent, spaniards to germany, germans to spain, frenchs to italy, Italians to denmark, russians to France, greeks to Russia. >profit.
>>1006367 Jes, sed mi ne estas euron.
>>1006337 Is Esperanto even the best language? It's old and created by a single guy if I'm not mistaken. We need a new universal language.
>>1006377 Kion 'euron' signifas? Mi ne komprenas. Homo kiu loĝas en Eŭropo estas 'eŭropano' kaj vi ne bezonas la akuzativon kiam vi uzas 'estas'.
>>1006337 >""Hitler specifically attacked Esperanto as a threat in a speech in Munich (1922) and in Mein Kampf itself (1925). The Nazi Minister for Education banned the teaching of Esperanto on 17 May 1935 ... all Esperantists were essentially enemies of the state – serving, through their language, Jewish-internationalist aims"" holy kek, didn't know the nazi's got so butt hurt about esperanto But apparently Stalin didn't like Esperanto either.
>>1006400 Esperanto was always a meme and now it's especially irrelevant because English is so widespread and trying to replace it would be a fools errand. It always relied on the notion that if could communicate better, all of humanity would live in peace as one large family. Now we have the internet the most awesome form of global communication and look where it got us.
>>1006337 Im down. Anything better than english and any language that leaves its users the choice to be as aggulatenative or analytical as they want is bretty cool in my book.
(731.26 KB 1365x2048 Prague-2-1.jpg)
What should be the SEU's Capital? As always, we could go for a city that it's in the middle of the country and it's important enough for it to have the title of european capital. I have some ideas for the capital: >Munich. >Prague. >Rome. >Vienna. >Barcelona. >Marseille. >Luxemburg. >Krakow I personally vote for Prague, but if the NA region unites to our country I would support Rome just for larping purposes.
>>1006522 >A capital city Ditch the entire concept of a capitol city tbh. Whats the point of it if we dont have armies of lobbyists?
>>1006522 AUT ROMA AUT NIHIL Also Latin supremacy over Anglo cucks and German fags should be uncontested (Poland of course will be partitioned yet again)
>>1006596 >Also Latin supremacy Fuck off reactionary. Pluralistic europe now. Latin isnt even a the largest language group, that is slavic.
>>1006617 Lets just implement chinese as our universal language and trust the plan of xi anon
>>1006208 Нет. Съеби нахуй.
>>1006617 Partition of Europe in an Eastern and Western part, with Germany in the middle and Poland as free real estate.
>>1006639 Split up Germany 😏
(73.22 KB 960x540 6584578.jpg)
(40.27 KB 1200x665 Ed10T0vXkAMKJgn.jpg)
>>1006596 >It's 2065. >We've done it. >Thanks to our cooperation between leftists in bunkerchan, the revolution started in Europe. >First Southern Europe, then it expanded through Europe. >The world nukes itself into oblivion meanwhile European Union tries to mantain itself against communism in a civil war. >The civil war was won by the revolutionaries in 2037. >We've been rebuilding the SEU and developing anti-radiation measures to make cities from Europe habitable again. >Rome wasn't bombed by nukes. >Rome becomes the new capital. >Be the leader of the SEU during it's first years. >Lead the SEU against nazi slavs trying to take over and reinstante capitalism. >Win against the slav led coalition of Poland, Ukraine, the baltics, and more with a SEU which is collapsing onto itslef. >Win eitherway because, aside from communist bravery, they were fighting between themselves and succumbed to nuclear russian refugees either way. >These refugees come here and are armed to the teeth. >oh shit. >Socialist organization makes it so there's a food surplus at the same time that we start to integrate these nuclear refugees. >Kill the warlords that sack the frontier. >Time passes. >Enjoy life. >I'm starting to feel sick tho, I'm not the guy who leaded the revolution, I'm just an old man now. >I'm stressed as fuck too, I've lived more than one life. >I'm going to stop and resign from the socialist council of the SEU. >Go there, and do my latest speech. >When I end my speech, comrades cheer me, and start discussing who should be my succesor. >I get out of the council of Rome, and get into my personal car. >I go into my house. >Start re-reading marxists text again, a lot has happened since the revolution started. >Read at the balcony of my home. >My wife brings me a coffe. >"I haven't ask you for this, honey." >"Just thought you wanted one." >"Yea, thanks." <all of this in fluent esperanto, of course. >See some kids downthere playing football. >The football hits the balcony and scares me. >"Hey get the fuck out!" >"Ok, jeez, fucking boomer." >Lmao they've called me a boomer. >They leave. >Continue reading, meanwhile I see the coliseum at a distance. Life's good, man.
>>1002357 Every Russian I've talked to says its shit and they hate it there
>>1006672 >Coffee Immersion ruined. I only drink communist (TM) cola (R) with Real Castro (TM) rum.
>>1002425 UK, Greece and Fr*nce
>>1006686 Tbh you could just say the western roman empire portion of europe and that's. Latin gang emerge. Btw english has more latin vocabulary than german, it should be considered a latin language.
>>1006690 Than germanic vocabulary*
>>1006690 It may have more Latin vocabulary if you look at the dictionary but in actual usage proportions it mostly Germanic.
>>1006690 Also just a lot of loan words don't make a language be something else. Japanese isn't a Chinese language despite its massive amounts of Chinese loanwords on par or beond what English has with French.
Kan vous diese spraak comprendre? Morte auf le englischen
>>1006672 /comfy/ story comrade, I enjoyed it.
(4.76 KB 212x238 images.jpg)
Anyone else having sleeping issues?
>tfw Belarus >government may start using guns against protesters >opposition calling for a general strike by 25th and worse if demands aren't met I want to go back to when most people didn't even know this country existed >>1007302 Yes everything thats happening isnt helping
>>1007409 what do you mean? are they going to start using sharpshooters like in Ukraine
(108.43 KB 909x1280 BALISTA GIRL.jpg)
>>1007409 >protesters Stooges of the EU and USA?
>>1002676 the national socialist german workers party
>>1002383 why are there so many krauts
>>1008385 they have a big population
>>1008385 DDR refugees
(33.53 KB 628x639 Ekg_FImX0AAsEsN.jpeg)
In France, a history teacher has been beheaded presumably for showing Muhammad caricatures (the Charlie Hebdo ones) in class on the subject of free speech. Has this kind of murder happened elsewhere?
>>1008440 Only a handful of western countries specifically bred islamists to do their bidding in the ME and northern Africa. They're also among the few countries specifically suffering from islamic attacks.
>>1008440 No, this is a first.
>>1008440 how did the islamists jnow he showed the caricatures? did someone snitch?
>>1008385 I'm surprised, because the German General is pretty in-active. I expected there were far more British than Germans. Maybe more Germans cared to vote.
>>1006522 keep it in brussels we desperately need the jobs t. belgoid
>>1006543 Unless you want to get rid of the whole concept of central government then you need some kind of capital
(4.25 MB 640x420 5374568.gif)
>>1006522 >Krakow don't put the capital in a slum thanks.
(232.79 KB 1200x1200 1*GGCamUkbW-A-571PGZs7wA.jpeg)
Good afternoon europe, I just woke up. Did the revolution start already?
>tfw Europe general is more active than the US general We own this site now
>>1008501 Not to mention that Euro politics is way more interesting than Burger one. (even as cucked as it is now)
>>1008497 If the Revolution somehow happens and idk we decide to gulag Zizek, I say he won't be having any objections.
>>1008501 This is the power of social-communism juche.
>>1008503 True, we need to discuss some news Teacher beheaded on street near Paris named as Samuel Paty A teacher was beheaded on a street near Paris on Friday afternoon after hosting a class discussion with secondary school students about cartoons of Islam's Prophet Muhammad. https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/16/man-decapitated-near-paris-police-confirm-to-euronews Bulgaria protests enter 100th consecutive day as demonstrators denounce widespread corruption Hundreds took to the streets in cities across Bulgaria on Friday, marking the 100th consecutive day of anti-government protests in the country. https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/17/bulgaria-protests-enter-100th-consecutive-day-as-demonstrators-denounce-widespread-corrupt UK says post-Brexit trade talks 'finished' unless 'fundamental change' in EU approach "From our point of view, the trade negotiations are finished. The EU has de facto put an end to them and it will only be worth talking to each other if there is a fundamental change in the EU's position," a spokesman for prime minister Boris Johnson said. https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/16/watch-boris-johnson-gives-statement-on-post-brexit-trade-deal-talks Turkey reportedly tests Russian air defence system despite US sanctions threat Turkey reportedly tested its Russian-made air defence system on Wednesday despite being urged by its NATO allies against the move. https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/16/turkey-reportedly-tests-russian-air-defence-system-despite-us-sanctions-threat
>>1008505 No he should be the news presenter for our state owned news channel
>>1008514 Does he know esperanto tho.
>>1008509 WTF is happening in Bulgaria? Real shit or yet another lib "anticorruption" protest?
>>1008509 Any bulgarian anon here to explain what the protest is all about? Revolutionary potential? >>1008515 we put him through re-education camp and make him translate the phenomenology of spirit in esperanto
>>1008479 some the students or their family members were islamists
>>1006522 I like the Idea of several capitals like they have in Bolivia. One should be in the European Plain, preferably centrally with access to the sea. Cities like hamburg or gdansk. One should be in the meditterean. Rome Barcelona or Athens would be possibilities. the mediterrean and the european plain being the most important power bases in european history. Maybe one in the Balkans? Maybe one in scandinavia?
(50.02 KB 720x720 1554828368310.jpg)
>>1008509 >UK says post-Brexit trade talks 'finished' unless 'fundamental change' in EU approach Probably just posturing for negotiations, but I hope they go through with it. UK is already the worst affected by recessions and virus, this might help put the nail in the coffin of this cancerous little island. Their idea of becoming a window to Asia has been a bust when the US demanded they put their finger in the eye of the Chinese over 5G. Now they will be left with nothing but unequal treaties with the US and EU. Finally we will get to see the end of perfidious Albion. If not for five centuries of Angloid meddling, Europe would have been united long ago, for better or worse.
>>1002581 How? Economic policies of each country depends on the EU council and parliament.
Raul Marco, founder of the PCE (ml) and the FRAP, died. https://www.abc.es/espana/abci-muere-raul-marco-fundador-y-frap-202010161340_noticia.html#vca=rrss&vmc=abc-es&vso=tw&vli=cm-general&_tcode=cDhhYWIy btw the ABC is the most anti-communist newspaper you can find, don't trust it aside from very superficial stuff Julio Manuel Fernández López, more knowned by his war name, Raul Marco, died yesterday. He was the founder of a splitting party known as the PCE (ml) (Spanish Communist Party (Marxist-leninist)) which splitted from the main party because of it's unbounded revisionism (they were the main ones at doing euro-communism, and his leader Santiago Carrilo directly denounced more left-wing members to the authorities). From there, he also made the FRAP (Frente Revolucionario Antifascista Patriota, Patriotic Antifascist Revolutionary Front) which was the armed part of the party, form which they killed francoist officials and the like. Post your condolences, comrades. Rest in Pepperoni. Que En Pepperoni Descanse.
>>1008545 >meme image lol, even used the star trek font
>>1008545 >Their idea of becoming a window to Asia has been a bust when the US demanded they put their finger in the eye of the Chinese over 5G. Yes. It was always a pipe dream, but now it is even more of a fantasy.
>>1008550 F >>1008545 >If not for five centuries of Angloid meddling, Europe would have been united long ago, for better or worse Fool.
>>1008509 cant wait until the trade talks resume and uk continues the lax financial regulation and massive fiscal anti keynesian and anti interventionist restrictions of the eu just with more racism god tbh, as much as i hate the EU and want it destroyed, i think a tory brexit is far worse than the eu
>>1008545 do you really think tories will destroy the city lol its just posturing for popularity of boris
>>1008543 This sounds rather inefficient. EU officials commuting today between Strasbourg and Brussels is a huge waste of resources and time, too. I'd opt for keeping Brussels, Strasbourg or Geneva as administrative centre of an utopian EUSSR, because at those locations decent infrastructure would already be available and merely require some modernisation, optimisation and/or expansion, rather than putting a lot of resources and effort into starting fresh somewhere else. Also, these places aren't particularly loaded with big history and wouldn't cause much butthurt.
>>1008548 this exactly volkswagen used to have major board decisions bound to it by the lower saxon landtag(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Act) now eu stepped in and it isn't the case anymore italy tried to get out of its recession by increasing spending eu screamed anti free market and prevented it the ECB controls far more than most people here think they do yea, each country has its own politics, but god help them if they attempt to nationalize an economic sector or do anything remotely left of centre and they will get anally raped by the ECB especially if they are in the eurozone. the whole "independent nations" thing is all a fucking cloak the european council, whcih is a group of all heads of government of eu states holds the real power, and most of their decisions are just approved by the financial lobby, as was the whole treaty of lisbon the eu parliament does nothing your local parliament is so detached from the council that it basically does nothing when was the last time you heard about the eu council doing anything? even though they are the supreme authority in europe. we live in a deep state, except for some jews or reptilians controlling the world its a bunch of 50 year old european bureaucrats whose wifes are probably getting fucked right now, directly on the payroll of a bunch of 50 year old european bourgies.
>>1008656 what even happens in strasbourg brussels holds the parliament and luxemburg holds the commission strasbourg is just where eu-crats fly some days because of some stupid treaty to get french approval right?
>>1008634 Who frustrated the designs of the Spanish Empire? The Napoleonic unification? The Second German empire? It's been Angloids balancing various continental powers against each other since time immemorial. They have ruined the continent.
>>1008659 Strasbourg is where the EU parliament is "officially" located, in Brussels are all the commitees. It's completely retarded and kept this way only because changing it would require to rewrite certain treaties which nobody of the EU bureaucrats wants to touch for some reason. Strasbourg is also the home of the Council of Europe (CoE), which is not an EU institution though.
>>1008684 >nobody of the EU bureaucrats wants to touch even if they did,they would need the approval of all the countries to do it,so it's obvious why they don't even bother. Just see how long it's taken to choose when to switch between winter and summer time and apply it to the whole union,it's been more than 10 years.
(793.99 KB 4592x3196 Lockdown tracing 3.0.png)
Lockdown Tracing 3.0- Gareth Bale edition Relevant updates: -Wales will go in full lockdown starting October 23 -More restrictions are to come in Italy
>>1006672 >Rome wasn't bombed by nukes. >Rome becomes the new capital. t. Italian
>>1008670 >Who frustrated the designs of the Spanish Empire? They did that themselves. New Spain was far too large to be administered by tiny Spain, which did not have the ships to meet the needs of the New World cities or the military to keep the colonies in check themselves--they had to rely on the viceroys of Mexico to keep control of New Spain. Predictably, the viceroys quickly became significantly more powerful than the kings.
>>1009194 Socialism is the only way to fix Rome t. another Italian
>>1009208 Couldn't we just invade Dacia again?
>>1009231 why? Romanians already come in droves in Italy
>>1009208 Based as fuck
>>1009231 Romanians already love Italy, while the inverse is not true because people think they're gypsies or shit like that.
>>1008487 decentralized virtual central government
>>1009557 BASED
>>1008657 >a bunch of 50 year old european bureaucrats whose wifes are probably getting fucked right now, ish there something -sniff- you want to -ah- tell ush about your mother, my gott?
(147.77 KB 854x480 aQfmQ.png)
>>1009622 cringe
>>1009603 >>1009622 im not kidding whats the fucking point in having a single fucking city when we can just build miniature parliaments in every region with a giant screen and video setup to broadcast and stuff? They already talk in fucking turns anyway. It makes no sense to fly someone from australia, japan or argentina, all the way to europe or new york just to talk in turns based on strict procedures. Just do the same procedures and use video synching. And if that somehow doesnt work, we will do it in fucking virtual reality. Just load everyone into a giant virtual parliament room.
>>1009650 I know, we think a like. But the minecraft made it cringe
The capital of am utopian EUSSR should be Rome or Paris, don't @ me.
>>1009668 >Lets cherrypick a few sect parties and pretend thats the whole thing KKE and CPGB-ML are tiny. Similarly, greece has a much larger communist party that isnt reactionary. >Eastern europe eastern europe is just a lost cause and they have never been not socially retarded so i dont see how thats newsworthy. Not sure what they want to prove or anything.
>>1009668 lot to unpack here
(186.89 KB 1600x900 cover3.jpg)
>>1009683 >greece has a much larger communist party Say it i fucking dare you
>>1009694 im just regurgitating what i heard from a comrade here who has contact in greece and goes to their meetings
>>1009705 which party do you mean ?
>>1009668 If you want to see some real shit, check out the KPRF. https://kprf.ru/party_live/111639.html Go translate the website into English, works pretty well. Seriously, when I read this shit my jaw dropped.
>>1009668 Here is the 'transphobic' article, I don't know I tend to agree. https://thecommunists.org/2019/03/23/news/the-reactionary-nightmare-of-gender-fluidity/
>>1009622 We should build the EUSSR parliament in the /leftypol/ mine craft server
>>1008550 rest in power, comrade >>1008545 no deak mean united Ireland and united Ireland means I'm going to non-stop cum for 2-4 weeks. so I hope they cuck out and get a deal. I don't have nearly enough underwear.
>>1009742 > people talk about a thing, but if we instead talk about different thing they no longer make sense This is some advanced form of retardation.
>>1009668 Noo think of the heckin transinos ):
(707.32 KB 1034x603 9News.png)
>>1009683 >KKE >Has on average 5% support <There is a much larger communist party SAY THE NAME
NOOOOOOOO WON'T YOU THINK OF THE TR4NN13S NOOOOOOOO 0,5% OF THE POPULATION IS WHAT MAKES OR BREAKS A PARTY Also >Pcf >Kprf Literally to the right of Corbyn >KKE Once the boomer die off the problem will be fixed
Would anti-revisionist, self-decribed "ML" parties in Europe accept people who stan Cockshott? How sectarian are Euro Communist Parties generally?
(16.50 KB 236x284 mysides.jpg)
>>1005823 Basado y rojoempastillado
>>1009903 Same splits you have everywhere, classical MLs and MLMs who call them revisionist - most of the latter emerged out of the student movement of the 60s. Sectarian, I mean, I don't think they're more sectarian than others, it's hard to work with MLMs when they constantly insult you. Why would anybody not accept Cockshot? Most comrades in my party have read him in the 90s when his TaNS first came out.
>>1005763 >>1005804 >>1005776 if you're falling for the /pol/op do the world a favor and get off this board this is just like a couple years back when the alt-right cried about Hebdo making fun of Muhammad then used him as a martyr to get Le Pen elected, it's a trojan horse regardless of how u feel abt religion in general
>>1005763 Why was he mocking the Muslims in the classroom? Fuck, the government lacks capacity to educate both teachers to avoid this, and to train their immigrants for those reactionaries countries the NATO continuously bomb. And now it is used from the right to attack progressive policies.
>>1009992 >Why would anybody not accept Cockshot? Most comrades in my party have read him in the 90s when his TaNS first came out. Oh, nice to hear. Sorry, it wasn't clear, are you saying you're in an anti-revisionist ML party? (You don't need to tell me the specific party).
>>1009903 As of now i think Cockshott has to gain a bit more relevance on Youtube and such to introduce him in Italy.
>>1009903 They accept anyone who is willing to pay their dues as their support base of nostalgic pensioners is quickly dying out.
>>1010236 He wasn't mocking Muslims. He was teaching a lesson on the topic of free speech and used the very controversial caricatures of the Prophet from Charlie Hebdo to illustrate his point. Before showing the picture, he told his mulsim students that what they would see could be very shocking to them and that they could leave the room if they wanted. One (or several) kid told their parents about the incident and they took it as discrimination and an insult. One of said parents contacted a reactionnary 18-years old islamist and gave him informations aboutthe teacher. The guy then murdered and beheaded him. Now of course, all the reactionnaries have come out the woodwork to REEEEEE about muslims, but truth is in some places salafist/integrist imams have waay too much unchecked influence. As much as I find "laicité" to be an excellent concept, Soviet-style state atheism also has its merits. t. Frog
Why is leftypol not on 4chan?
>>1010446 Good question
>>1010446 we are too radical for 4chan, they are scared
>>1002383 Kazakhstan isn't even in Europe
>>1010350 No, I'm in a "revisionist" ML party. But yeah Cockshott definitively made some waves in the communist milieu when his book came out. But his YT channel, the fame he got amongst online leftists... that largely went under the radar.
>>1010446 Because I prefer my threads to not be filled with "uighur uighur uighur helicopter pinko scum" constantly
>>1010178 >Saying religion should be eradicated is now a polyp position Oh I'm sorry I must have imagined the USSR, china and Cuba having state atheism. Fuck you. I would personally oversee the persecution of religious institutions if it would come to it. Religion belongs only in one place in this world, in museums and in a grave.
post your face when euro houres be poppin'
>>1010437 French Laïcité as it is/as it should be is completely fucked up, enforced atheism should be the norm. Believers want to have an anglo-style diversity of religion, and despite the revolution and the 1901 separation between church and the state France is still very much catholic. The Revolution was too kind with religion. t. another frog
Heavy state opposed atheism isn't a recipe for breeding more extremists ?i don't know i say it as an outsider
>>1011949 No, it has worked very well in socialist countries. Albania is one of the most secular countries in the world for instance.
>>1011949 They did it in the USSR and the result varied depending on countries. Polacks are now more catholic than ever but Estonia and the Czech Republic are the most atheist countries in Europe.
>>1011951 I don't think modern salafism and wahabism are comparable with last century eastern europe
(7.37 KB 275x183 index.jpg)
>>1005445 >Because it looks nice it looks like a butcher's apron tho
>>1011956 Why not?
>>1009668 its the result of eurocommunist revision
>>1002383 We have no swedish anon? Interesting
(488.09 KB 1200x1349 quarantine sweden.jpg)
>>1011970 The swedes are too busy partying while we are sitting in our cucksheds.
>>1011970 We have plenty of Swedish anons, we just haven't answered the poll. The scandipol thread is full of Swedes.
>>1011933 >France is still very much catholic we have one of the most atheist country in the world faggot, catholic heritage is present but fading >enforced atheism should be the norm retarded position, unless you really want to sink your state >>1011667 and yet both ussr and china allowed their religious ppl to keep going, mb because its straight up political suicide and asking for terrorism to try to get rid of it
>>1011949 Ideally society is transformed enough through socialism that religion withers away. If you find that you have to constantly intervene to put down sectoids by force left and right, that is a symptom of something bigger going wrong.
>>1011933 >Crushed Vandea <Too kind with religion Wtf anon?
Higher ups in the socialist party netherlands are openly calling to purge marxists and communists from the party in conferences now. If any of you have any contacts with people they work with on a european level, i ask you to try and get them to denounce the witch hunt of members for having opinions that differ from the party eternal leaders and exert preassure on them. It would help us out a lot. Thanks.
>>1012036 Speciaically they are targeting people associated with these two groups of socialist party members https://communisme.nu/ https://marxistischforum.nl/ The former of which (communist platform), the SP declared a separate political party to justify a purge. CP is a glorified newsletter, MF is an open group of marxists which aims to try and break the anti-democratic nature of the SP, and to promote an open culture of discussion, rather than these witchhunts. Both are explicitly for and by SP members. This isnt the first time they did witchhunts, they bullied away prominent members who spoke out against the almost reactionary stance the party took on the migrant crisis last election. The party has already used barely legal or outright illegal ways to try and find out personal information on members affiliated with these sites (we are still investigating the legality of their actions, but dont have much faith in bourgeois court ruling in favour of communists against social democrats). Any help or tips are appreciated. Also, if you have contact info from your guys i can give to my guys, so both our guys can get in contact and start working on a pan-european network, feel free to post to. Contact info for my guys is on their website, or can be posted here so i can personally send it to the correct people.
>>1012043 do you have any written statement, blog post or anything by the party?
>>1012036 Wtf, I just became member of the SP like a week ago. This is kinda disheartening.
>>1012093 Welcome to the shitshow. >>1012086 Nope party conducts strict dicipline not to let any internal shit leak out. There wont be an official announcement, but its being called for on several (internal, higher up) conferences.
>>1012093 Also feel free to join MF and this https://kameraadschappij.nl/ to stay in touch with all the cool kids. Networking is important since the SP is antitransparant and super atomized into local factions. You didnt get it from me, capiche?
>>1012043 Have these Marxist circles grown in popularity then, or why do the SP higher ups feel the need to sperg out like this?
>>1012107 Dit is eigenlijk best wel awesome
>>1012099 I've asked if we have any contact in the netherlands to see if we can get more info. Do you have any proofs for this? Recordings, mails, anything really (don't post them here of course). If this is true we can definitely put out a statment.
>>1012118 >Have these Marxist circles grown in popularity then Yes. And the SP does not allow anyone to speak out against the party leadership. The kind of people involved in those groups have tried (and succeeded) in passing several proposals to improve party democracy and push it left, where before there weren't ever any proposals or accountability. You were just supposed to show up, shut up and vote yet to whatever the leadership "proposed". There is a heavy culture of "dont discuss just paste posters and shout slogans in the streets". The marxist/generally critical left wing of the party has grown due to better organization and working together, which is why the party top is shitting themselves.
>>1012125 Ive asked my guys if they have anything i can share around about it.
>>1012135 (or rather, my guys will ask their guys, you know how this secret conspiracy shit works)
(112.95 KB 882x731 e36.jpg)
>>1012126 Well this is a very good sign. I unfortunately don't have any advice to give you, but of course they're gonna try and purge you out of existence when you grow. Hopefully someone here can help you more, but I wouldn't expect this board to have a very high membership in SucDem parties. I'll be following this situation very closely now, since your successes or failures in combatting this witch hunt will inform my own course of action. In Finland I've been thinking about getting involved with either the ungodly based but geriatric KTP (they're right about everything but are basically Stalinists, and don't seem to have a vision of how to take the party to the 21st century) or the SucDem party, which is a bunch of neolib cucks but at least are strongly embedded within the unions. Basically I'm trying to figure out whether it's smarter to join a SucDem party and try to find the young people who have a hunger for more radical politics, or join the principled but irrelevant Commie party and try to work with the people there. I suppose I could join both, and then be hated and suspected of wreking by both, kek.
>>1012135 are you on the matrix?
>>1012144 reply with contact removed to make sure they cant catch me using webscrapers on those website links
>>1012120 Can we add an article in the European Communist Constitution banning the dutch language ?no hate
>>1012143 >Basically I'm trying to figure out whether it's smarter to join a SucDem party and try to find the young people who have a hunger for more radical politics, or join the principled but irrelevant Commie party and try to work with the people there. the strategy we follow (communist platform and MF) is that the SPnl is the most tied to the unions and people, it has a certain credibility and also its rich as fucking shit, richest party in the netherlands despite its small size, so they basically pay for everything, including fines we might get for "vandalism", paying for transportation, paying for stickers to paste around, small parties/events, it owns buildings etc, so thats nice too
>>1012143 This is something I am asking myself too. Should I join the Sucdems in Germany and work within for a radicalisation of the Party or not? Entryism has never amounted to anything though so the answer will probably mean to just join some irrelevant Communist Party.
>>1012165 Is it even entryism if you didnt even know each other prior to becoming a member?
>>1012143 Unironically join both and try to radicalize Socdem youth while Cockshottpilling the Mls
(132.40 KB 1200x982 1573724335382.jpg)
>>1012165 >Entryism has never amounted to anything though so the answer will probably mean to just join some irrelevant Communist Party. This is true, but these old Communist parties will absolutely go nowhere either in their current form. Like in the KTP, their supposed propaganda and internal communications are still filled with 50's style USSR prose. On applying for membership you have to promise to "fight to protect the party against all its enemies" which is epic, but completely out of touch. I'm a paper member, but my GF was laughing her ass off when she read through the party documents they sent me. I also have done some work for them like translating documents and so on, but seeing the old gommie jargon that's supposedly directed at the youth just made my work feel useless. But it's not like I can just go to a party meeting and start telling the ungodly based old timers, many of whome have visited Soviet Union and have decades of experience in labour organizing, how I think shit should be run. On one hand these old guard commies are a great resource, but they won't provide us with the leadership needed for our current conditions, and the political praxis of these parties seem outdated. SucDems are useless as a political formation, but in their ranks there might be people more open to actually Leftist politics. Maybe the thing for us to do today is to get experience in several organizations - while understanding that none of them will be the actual vanguard - and simultaniously organize some sort of a platform where young and angry working people from different orgs and walks of life can come together to form some entirely new organization. I'd be very interested to hear more from >>1012164 NLanon here. How does MF and the other organization within SP work? What are it's goals, praxis, structure etc?
>>1012199 Basically Any "factievorming"(faction formation) is frowned upon but not explicitly illegal within the SP. That said, the CP (communist platform) is a faction within the SP that tries to organise members based on shared ideas, they publish articles and you can send in articles to be published, to promote communism and discussion. They also publish a competing voting advice for any internal elections, since the SP provides their own via (not elected) kandidacycommitees. Its not much more than that atm. They did launch MF, which is intended as a more open ended platform more aimed at broader internal goals such as more party democracy, fascilitating open discussion, etc. The SP party top has decided that CP is their own party, and because being a member of 2 parties is forbidden by the statuten they are going to try and purge people who are affiliated with it. The small flaw in their plan being of course that its not a party, there is no membership, and most organizers save for a few who dare take the risk, are anonymous. MF similarly also does not have membership and is open to everyone interested in discussion, its more of a general meeting with a broadly agreed upon direction they want to push the party. MF functions as a way to discuss freely among members because the party does not facilitate/want that. They are both very much focussed on discussion and debate about how to turn the party around, and not specific praxis for the party. Both are purely groups focused solely on the SP, not a seperate political orginisation, despite what the SP top might say. MF had their first meeting recently with about 50 participants, young to old, pretty good considering its still relatively new. The notes/notulen are anonymized, see documents related. I dont agree on 100% of the points but 98% is good enough for me (specifically points surrounding the migration and idpol question, in which i take a stance more commonly seen here on this board, rather than pro open borders). About its structure i can tell you very little. MF is run by the people who run CP, who as i have explained remain anonymous because of the threat of purges. So i have no clue who all of them are and i dont know what their official structure is. However, MF does have voting at the end of its meetings to establish a consensus based on the proposals presented, which forms the basis for future actions and discussion.
>>1012223 >Any "factievorming"(faction formation) is frowned upon but not explicitly illegal within the SP. And by this i mean that the last time member formed a faction they all got purged. And the few times before that too.
(55.65 KB 785x757 1597340193646.png)
>>1002330 free flanders
>>1012223 What is the consensus here of dutch anons on the New Communist Party of the Netherlands (NCPN) it has an active youth group called the CJB. I'm thinking of signing up.
>>1012365 Guy i know was a member and quit because its super sectarian and anti democratic. Then again, the SP is anti democratic as well, but at least its supposed to be democratic, and has a lot of money. Just dont fall into the sectarian shitflinging trap of hating every other leftist group, that a lot of people fall into. Wish we could work together more but alas i dont have contacts with them.
>>1012165 I hope you don't mean the SPD, they are beyond saving. DieLinke has SuccDem leadership but has actually a communist (ML), a Trot and a generally anti-capitalist faction that are official organized as such. It's possible to work in there but you'll have a lot of shit thrown at you.
So Deutsche Genossen. What the fuck is up with Jugendwiderstand? Sources say its antisemitic because it says israel is an illegitimate state and other stuff. Do they still exist? Are they based?
>>1012634 They ceased to exist to foil a police intervention iirc, but judging from people as Vizzion: ( sporting that precise aesthetic I wouldn't be surprised if they were going on with their militancy in secrecy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZexO9GALtc
>>1013086 I'm surprised to find out that Vizzion is not alone, there is also Taktikka https://youtu.be/1jTtboMeGOg and Disarstar https://youtu.be/en6MFRZnHOQ Honestly there might be even more some german anon should confirm this, but this makes me optimistic. Hip Hop of course being insanely populair with the youth, and it being hyper masculine not some cringy burger new left shit. You got 3, maybe more, commie hip hop artists. This is insanely good if you want a mass movement of zoomers, I already imagine some psycho zoomer having this in their earbuds working out, motivating himself for some kind of revolution.
>>1013465 Antifamilia too seems communists, at least in the aesthetic
>>1013465 I am pretty surprised myself as a kraut, althought there seems to be an uptick of german revolutionary rappers here, communist or anarchists. Why tho, no idea.
>>1012634 >Do they still exist? No. >Are they based? Yes, they were the best thing that happened to the German Left since ages. Not least thanks to them we have now young *actual* communists here again who continue the legacy of the old German worker's movement. The JW lads can be proud of themselves. >>1013465 > Taktikka He's a former JW member iirc. Comments under his songs on YT are quite uplifting. There was even some IB rightoid admiring him.
Why is there so much support for the EU ITT?
>it says israel is an illegitimate state >Are they based? answered your own question based retard
>>1012306 fuck that shit I don't want to live in a country where rightoids get 70% of the votes
>>1012043 >can be posted here so i can personally goed geprobeerd AIVD
>>1013911 Gotta give it to you krauts. When you're based, you're ungodly based.
(1020.81 KB 4592x3196 Lockdown tracing 4.0.png)
>>1014006 (For some reason bunkerchan did not post the image lol, fucking pedo king)
>>1009742 >Why can’t a circle self-identify as a square? Is there not some kind of shape fluidity between circles and squares? Is this the "attack helicopter" argument? Man, could they at least not repeat con arguments? Anyway, I want to share some of my thoughts because I have a desire to fall into idpol atm. I skipped some parts where they were ranting about how idpol is bad and stuff because I mostly agree so I might have missed some important hidden points accidentally. I really don't get why people still don't get it. I'm speaking as a transgender person (probably the last remaining here) and honestly, I still can't give you a solid explanation why I feel that way. I still feel like a woman though. You can't convince me otherwise. I was always this way pretty much for as long as I remember myself. But this is just me. Some people don't realise it that soon. And even if you do convince me otherwise, the seed is already planted. You are just postponing the inevitable. As much as I suppress one day I'll just say "fuck it" and accept it. My point is, there's no positive outcome from just completely rejecting "genderfluidity". We actually need to work on moving past the need of gender at all. Just rejecting it will only recreate the same issues that already existed in the past. How can you say that what a person feels is not real? Are other feelings also not real? Is happiness real? Is grief real? They very are. So either materialism is wrong or your version of materialism is flawed. Gender is not a shape but an identity. Shapes have specific criteria that define them so does gender. These criteria can be altered or abolished completely. That depends on the current knowledge we have on that subject. We are discovering that the already existing criteria may not be accurate so what we're trying to do is get a better understanding of it to see if there's a better way to explain gender. My opinion is that gender should be abolished completely. But this can't happen instantly and I believe that accepting "genderfluidity" is a step towards that goal. I believe these people have a really weird definition of materialism or use another version of it. I watched Leftism Today's video about it and he talked about them actually using what's called "mechanical materialism" (I don't know much of it but it seemed to be the case) and how dialectical materialism actually can accept gender studies to be as valid as any other field of study. To which I totally agree. As Maxrist-Leninists, they subscribe to dialectical materialism right? But to me it seems that they forget the dialectical part of it. Transgender people are a self-proven reality so rejecting "genderfluidity" because you have a different idea of what gender is seems to not be materialist to me. So yes, in fact, the lack of dialectical thinking makes them fall into idealism. I hope I'm making sense here. If you want me to explain why "genderfluidity" is real, I can give only two possible explanations for that I believe to be most likely true: - One is the brain argument. That transgender women, for example, have brain structural connections closer to one of a cis woman than a cis man. I have some studies that suggest that somewhere on my drive. I can look them up and provide them if you want. - The other is the fact that it's not the idea that makes me a specific gender. It's my interpretation of society's idea of how we define the specific gender. If I'm a transgender woman today and lived in another society with a completely different idea of gender (be it gender roles, appearance whatever) I might not have been a woman at all. So theoretically, abolishing gender transgender people will stop having the need to fit the societal norms of the gender they identify with and yes, even sex characteristics. Furthermore, if "genderfluidity" is not materialism, so isn't being an adoptive parent. There's no genetic connection between the parent and the child. How can one be a parent then? That is why we have two terms for this: biological parent and adoptive parent. Why the same cannot be applied for sex and gender? Both, according to this article's way of explaining materialism don't fit reality. If they actually cared for the proletariat, instead of trying to invalidate "transgenderism" and ranting about idpol, they should focus more on how it actually negatively affects their material conditions as many of them are homeless or fall into prostitution out of discrimination in order to survive. How they have the very same interests with the rest of the proletariat and should be part of the same struggle. So instead of just labeling everything related to it as idpol, they could take the actual chad materialist approach and analyse the situation instead of using this abomination that they call materialism. Alienating them isn't going to help anyone. I hope I'm wrong on this one. I don't keep up with what they do so... Anyway, I really wanna get some other opinions on this subject because yes, it interests me. I feel I'm somehow wrong on my attempt to use materialism to explain gender.
>>1009709 There's no communist party bigger than KKE right now.
>>1013931 Where?
>>1013931 Easier to take over a big government than trying to simultaneously create revolution in multiple countries. But the latter is also possible.
>>1014970 Eu government is IMPOSSIBLE to take over, it's ENGINEERED to be so.
>>1002330 >imagine using faux cyrrillic
>>1002360 based
>>1014348 My problem with understanding transgender people is how can you feel like you're the other gender. As a person you have no point of reference how other "genders" feel, you can only experience your own consciousness not someone elses. So how do you know? Is it just body dysmorphia? The article references transableism, where people want to paralyze themselves or cut off working limbs, which just kinda boggles my mind but I can see the similarities. I also think Zizek has given me some insight on how it might appear as a necessity in a persons mind. https://youtu.be/meSqn5seEZ8 This all makes me kind of reluctant to accept children from a young age making transitions. I am also very skeptical of surgeries on genitals, I don't think our medical skill is there yet. I've seen some gruesome pictures and I can't imagine it to be "useable". These are my concerns, but in the end it doesn't matter I just want better material conditions for all of us. Maybe important to note I'm a cis male and the only transgender person I kinda knew was a FtM in my highschool, and I always was a bit to shy to ask him questions.
>>1015018 >My problem with understanding transgender people is how can you feel like you're the other gender. As a person you have no point of reference how other "genders" feel, you can only experience your own consciousness not someone elses. So how do you know? Another explanation I though is that I just feel I belong to that gender more maybe? But again, as you said, how can you be sure about it? How do you know how other women or men feel like? You know what? No one is always sure. I will never be 100% sure about it and I will always have doubts. HRT definitely helps with this. If you feel better about yourself you probably are trans. However, I've heard people who are like 20+ years on HRT but still have doubts about it even though their life improved significantly. It's like a small curse or something. Actually, it's like when you stop smoking. You may get over it but the thought of smoking a cig again is always there. It never fades away. It doesn't really bother you but it still there. The good thing is that most people don't regret their transition so that's good. >The article references transableism, where people want to paralyze themselves or cut off working limbs, which just kinda boggles my mind but I can see the similarities. I've heard about this but I have no idea about this subject. I don't wanna get super woke and say silly stuff, however, I believe it can be possible accepting one thing and rejecting the other depending on our understanding of the subject. We may do the same thing but the root of the problem isn't necessarily the same. I really liked Zizek's comparison with love btw. Though I still have some doubts about his point. I fail to see how "genderfluid" identities cannot be the explained as love, for example. I don't think they just choose what gender to "present". I was always seeing it, as Zizek said, as a necessity like myself but more fluid. Is it possible though? On the subject of surgeries, yes you are right. Though, most people are satisfied with the results this may be due to low expectations. It's a difficult decision that if gone wrong, it can literally ruin your life. I was reading a thread on pLeBbIt the other day in which that person's surgeon messed up, she had like just a single hole down there and she wanted to kill herself. It scared the fuck out of me. You have to do a really good research and find a good surgeon for that. Then there's the other issue which is the ingrown hair. If you don't do good hair removal, hair can literally grow inside you and you can't do anything about it. Most of the times, it's jut one or two hair but still, it's kinda scary. However, I have to say that successful surgeries are very impressive. Most women can orgasm and even get wet sometimes. Of course it's not the same as an actual vagina. This may sound like being "AGP" but even if it is, I have to admit it's very alluring to know that you can come this close. Trans men are not that lucky. As far as I know, they can't have good sizes and make it work as a real one. At least, I haven't seen one myself. >This all makes me kind of reluctant to accept children from a young age making transitions. There's a common misconception on that. I don't know if you mean medical transition but when people say that children should transition they mostly mean the social part of it. Like letting the kid dress however they want, use the name they like etc etc. The only thing they give to kids is puberty blockers but this requires, at least in my country, the approval of two psychiatrists and to be at least above 15. What these blockers do is basically put your secondary sex characteristics development on pause and you take them until you reach an age when you'll be considered mature enough to start HRT. If you change your mind you just stop taking them and you let your body develop as it would've done. This is done because you don't want to develop permanent characteristics and also you save yourself from extra surgeries (like top surgery trans men do). It sounds like too good to be true, like cheating, as there's no big drawback. I've read, however, that this may not be 100% safe but for the most part I think it is.
>>1014980 whats wrong with the gyaeeisn yaeertzb"LI"s?
>>1015018 >My problem with understanding transgender people is how can you feel like you're the other gender. I just got here, so I'm missing context. An important point that is frequently lost is that you don't have to understand trans people. At some point, I had to let go of wanting to control their lives, choices, and appearances. I still get some type of anxiety when I ask my MtF friend questions about their situation, precisely because I can't truly get the experience. I constantly want to tell her not to do X or Y, like, don't cut off your balls, because I personally find it extremely undesirable to get my balls cut off. I've noticed that a lot of homophobia is hidden behind "not getting" homosexuality, and the same with trans. Consider doing some introspection and asking yourself if you feel disgust or serious disapproval of trans people. Not accusing you of anything, just food for thought. These aren't contradictory statements, you can actively not understand the trans condition and either have or not have disapproval of them.
>>1015625 >At some point, I had to let go of wanting to control their lives, choices, and appearances. >I still get some type of anxiety when I ask my MtF friend questions about their situation, precisely because I can't truly get the experience. Arent you supposed to realize other people do not think and feel exactly as you do at like 14 years old?
>>1014980 mom what are you doing here?
>>1015018 >>1015459 >>1015625 >>1015662 >>1014348 keep this garbage out of europol
>>1002330 In france they are beheading people
>>1016385 As is tradition
>>1016387 I think chechens aren't native french
>>1016391 that means they are assimilating
>>1016416 Have you been to Čečenija?
>>1016385 They imported 20000 Algerian islamist when the civil war was raging there, now they reap the fruits.
(388.15 KB 750x737 1601313020937.jpg)
>>1016337 Sometimes, we all need some idpol in our lives.
Frogs, how are the tensions in france?
Any Belgian Anon who can fill me in on the PTB-PVDA? Is it true they are a literal Marxist-Leninist Party that enjoys popular support throughout the more prole regions of the country and are replacing the NeoLibs / Socdems? But more importantly. Has anyone in the party been implicated in the Dutroux fiasco?
>>1019127 They are their very own beast from what i know, i'd say halfway between Podemos and the KKE, so way better than the average party still subpar in some stuff (for example their position on Europe is shit)
>>1017638 >Sometimes, we all need some idpol in our lives. think about idpol like like a vector of oppression, please stop inflicting it on others.
>>1019109 Kind of a mess right now. The beheading occupies most discussions (it has cool downed a bit though). Generally, now that the initial "heat" of the moment has passed and all the informations have been gathered, discussions tend to be more rational and mature and include less séèthing. The right-extremists do what they do best and REEE about all muslims and about how it's all the fault of the Left (ignoring that the Right has been in power for a majority of the last 20 years, but alright). The french subreddit got absolutely spammed with CH's caricatures with no critical thinking whatsoever (not that the caricatures are not funny mind you). So yeah, pretty messy.
>>1019177 I'll do my best. But honestly, I still believe a respond to this article is worth it. Not for "muh trans rights" but because their analysis is shit and their materialism sucks while claiming to be a ML party.
Any suggestions on how to de-boomerfy KKE comrades?
>>1019153 Are they pro or anti eu?
>>1019582 Let time pass?
>>1019606 They are "eurocritical" which is to mean "I recognise every problem with the EU but i'm so thoroughly cucked that i can't fight to break it "
>>1019582 Time. Corona. Didnt some european party litterally have a boomer zoomer split in the past year or so?
>>1016737 They got a Chechen from Algeria?
(289.42 KB 1600x1067 stolipinovo-new.jpg)
Why does everyone refuse to talk about the abject poverty that gypsies are forced to live in?
>>1019635 they are gypsies
>>1019635 Becuase they're an irrelevant part of the countries they live in (In Italy for example they are 150000 on 60 million people), and those who live in the camps/not in the cities are less than half of them.
>>1019635 They're gyps
>>1019635 Ask someone who lives near gypsies anything.
(45.19 KB 582x433 aK76Zq6_700b[1].jpg)
(96.59 KB 765x479 firefox_bpMNwlLTCw.png)
>>1019778 Man, I'm a black burger and I have a tough time sympathizing with them. Why?
>>1019635 they have a nomadic lifestyle and the problem is precisely the opposite, that nobody is forcing them to live differently because they have "muh different culture"
>>1019778 I never understood gypsy hate, then again I barely know any gypsies.
>>1019788 They used to be doing pretty well until the fall of the communist block.
>>1019788 Here only a minority of them live in camps and they're the one usually involved in crimes like house break-ins and stealing copper. They're a pretty varied bunch, but a lot of them dabble in petty crimes. In the south there are communities of perfectly integrated gypsies generally involved in horse breeding and horse butcheries, but then again they're a minority. Around 50/60 years ago almost every gypsy here had a nomadic lifestyle and they were involved in legal trades such as metalworking (according to my mother their copper cookwares were prized). I wonder what happened.
>>1019788 >they have a nomadic lifestyle Do they still have one? I thought they were forcefully settled everywhere. They are certainly not nomadic in Hungary.
>>1019846 Yes they help picking up veetables aroud europe
>>1019846 Not really. For example one of the most famous gypsies, Jesus Navas, used to suffer from extreme homesickness. Not much of a traveller, eh?
>>1019856 There's a shit ton of gypsies everywhere living in different conditions. Some are even semi-integrated to society. Some are rich too.
>>1019788 This is not fully true: in Italy there are 150000 gypsies but only a fraction (like 30 to 50000) lives in camps, the other are somewhat integrated
>>1006337 Just do latin. Most of Euro languages have atleast some vocabulary taken from it so its not that unfamiliar. Also nationalist can maybe even accept some form of internationalism when latin is a lingua franca because u know, everyone always larps about Rome and Christianity
>>1019856 Ukrainians do that too and nobody is calling them nomadic. Seasonal work is not nomadism.
(1020.81 KB 4592x3196 Lockdown tracing 5.0.png)
>>1019752 Wrong. They are very relevant in eastern EU where they are big point of discussion. For example in Slovakia there is around 100.000 gypsies to 5.5 million people(not even counting those who didnt pick Roma but rather Slovak/Magyar in census). And segregation is a big issue.
Can someone give me a freudo-marxist analysis of this?
>>1019933 the fuck does "YOLO" stand for?
>>1020120 You only live once. It's decade old millennial slang lol
>>1019933 I'd say put Lithuania in yellow or orange. A system of red-yellow-green risk counties was implemented, and all the red ones are going on a full lockdown from monday. Also once the second round of elections is finished and the new government is sworn in, I can almost guarantee that there will be a full lockdown.
>>1020134 Tbh kids born now most likely won't know what yolo is.
>>1020155 >>1020134 But what does it mean on the map? No lockdown, no restrictions, etc.?
>>1020120 Based Zoomer
>>1020612 Source?
>>1020150 I'll do it, i did not color the Baltcs and Balkans cause i take news from the Guardian live and they did not talk about them
>>1020643 filename
>>1020650 Forgot flag
>>1020048 She made a song called Lolita. It's just french culture don't worry.
>>1020730 I'm not a little girl, what would I worry about?
>>1020048 My marxist analysis is she hot. WTF ar you asking anon ?
>>1020833 freudo-marxist I said
(218.40 KB 567x245 1603330887341.png)
thoughts on what Macron just said ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O80oWfUnViA&t=1169 >The enemy is cleraly identified. He wishes our death. So we are going to fight to the death. The Republic is a good girl, but she won't let herself get raped. If we don't aproach this combat head-on, times of confrontations and militias will come. We are going to behead the islamist organizations.
>>1021729 This has a thinly veiled veneer as being about the dead teacher but is actually about renewed French imperial ambitions.
>>1021729 Based
>>1021729 Cracking down on reactionary organizations is fine, but let's not forget that the islamists would not be in france in a sizeable organization AT ALL without france helping kill muammar qaddafi. Europeans would do well to remember just how much of their immigrants come through libya's corpse by boat. Imperialist bastards.
>>1021788 ^ This Though, Macron will definitely use this to crack down on leftists too. Beware.
>>1021788 The conflict between the two is completely surface level and a total facade. They actually have a symbiotic relationship: western imperialism create more opportunity for more people getting radicalized and reactionary terrorist attacks give an excuse to strengthen western imperialism
Just how disorganized is the left in france ?half of them just spout islamophobia
(41.77 KB 680x763 maochad.jpg)
>>1019127 >Has anyone in the party been implicated in the Dutroux fiasco? No, that's only the NATO-adjacent parties. PTB was microscopic in size at the time. >they are a literal Marxist-Leninist Party Hard to tell. The persistent rumour is that there is an inner tract and an outer tract. Outer is left populist a la podemos etc., inner is full maoist. They do a lot of vetting and make harsh demands on full members (not least of which is financial contribution of any income over 1500 euros after tax) so the inner workings are shielded from public knowledge. Undercover journalists can't easily get in. Which would be gigabased. You'd have to ask an actual deep member to confirm or deny of course (and no telling if they are allowed to be open about this either).
Lockdown tracing- Small update: -France is extending the curfew areas to the majority of the country. WATCH OUT FOR THE ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES ACROSS EUROPE. We could have a little fun soon.
>>1023692 let's have some fun watching poor people get even poorer
(79.77 KB 533x800 IMG_5514.jpg)
(66.56 KB 362x512 unnamed2.jpg)
(71.34 KB 567x851 c7f253d404069ac8.jpeg)
(51.30 KB 660x405 c831579889fc87a7.jpg)
(49.54 KB 537x239 плакат-1.jpg)
Apparently The Russian Communist party made promotional material depicting Lenin in jeans and sneakers to appeal to young voters.
>>1024377 Ahhh, u used to be kicked out of class for wearing jeans and now this. How times change here in the east
>>1024377 Ngl, it looks extremely cringe. Hope it works though. Though at least from my experience the Eastern Euro youth has this weird fascination with communism, at least those who aren't in the brainwashed "muh red genocide" camp. I recall quite a few instances of "heh, what if we built a Stalin in independence square! Just kidding. Unless...?", and I've met a few people in uni who just casually hang soviet era posters on their walls.
>>1024377 They stated they aren't even Marxist anymore (said it's the stuff of the past), yet they still use Marx in promo.
>>1024439 If they arent Marxist, what do they even advocate for then nowadays?
>>1024446 Generally converging around Putin, not rocking the boat.
>>1024431 But dont get ahead yourself. Its mostly just anemoia, most of the kids dont even know what communism is.
>>1024395 Holy shit, there is someone even older than me here? What was the sixties like?
>>1024472 Yea, probably. Same shit as soviet era youth trying to get their hands on western pop singer posters and music. Though I do think it shows a general decline in the power of anti-communist propaganda, as in earlier years such shit would get you in trouble for "le totalitarian symbolic".
>>1024377 This is so cringe they deserve 500 years of capitalism
>>1024479 Im not old Lmao. I just like to talk to people older than me.
>>1024377 Cursed Lenin
>>1024501 The new left got to him
>>1024501 Jugendwiderstand Lenin
(44.70 KB 300x100 Sexcommunism.png)
(44.31 KB 300x100 Sexcommunism2.png)
>>1024501 Not enough faux cyrilic on this board
>>1024766 kek, nice banner
EUROPE WAKE UP! Coronavirus: Situation in vast majority of EU nations of 'serious concern', says health agency The COVID-19 situation in the vast majority of European Union member states is of "serious concern" with high risk to the general population, the European infectious disease agency warned on Friday. https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/23/coronavirus-situation-in-vast-majority-of-eu-nations-of-serious-concern-says-health-agency Czech PM will dismiss health minister unless he resigns over 'inexcusable' restaurant visit The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Andrej Babiš, has said he will dismiss the country's health minister if he doesn't resign over after a media report that he broke strict government restrictions and visited a Prague restaurant. https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/23/czech-pm-will-dismiss-health-minister-unless-he-resigns-over-inexcusable-restaurant-visit How does a 600-year-old river project play into the Czech Republic's clean energy ambitions? Charles VI, the 14th century King of Bohemia and then Holy Roman Emperor, was said to have first envisaged connecting Central Europe’s three waterways – the Oder, Labe and Danube rivers – to link the North, Baltic and Black seas and allow the landlocked Czech lands access to the open waters. https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/23/how-does-a-600-year-old-river-project-play-into-the-czech-republic-s-clean-energy-ambition Samuel Paty murder: French opinion divided over government response to Islamic terrorism In the wake of the brutal beheading of Samuel Paty, French President Emmanuel Macron has promised a further crackdown on extremism. https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/23/samuel-paty-murder-french-opinion-divided-over-government-response-to-islamic-terrorism Hitler's handwritten speech notes sold at auction 'above asking price' Speech notes handwritten by Adolf Hitler were sold for €34,000 at a Munich auction house on Friday, despite anger from a European Jewish group. https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/23/hitler-s-handwritten-speech-notes-sold-at-auction-above-asking-price
>>1029035 >crackdown on extremism oh boy that's some police state incoming
I'm in love with this new small communist hip hop scene that's emerging from germany. It has so much revolutionary potential, I hope it becomes a world wide trend.
>>1021729 They are going to defund some Muslim non-profit organizations and our the interior minister is at war against hallal food. Very normal responses as usual. France doesn't know how to handle islamism on its territory since problems began, it's purely reactionary aesthetics without real reflexion on religion and sectarianism (which is born out of poverty and isolation from the rest of society, symbolically or economically).
>>1024766 jannies pls
>>1029063 They're god tier ngl
Any italy anons here? What's happening in Naples? Found this thread on /pol/
>>1029601 Lowlife "cuozzi e vrenzole" (think about chavs and whatever their male equivalent is but in Southern Italy) revolting against lockdown. VERY VERY BAD VIBES. If Naples revolts NOBODY can stop it. (they liberated themselves from Nazi occupation in 5 days without help, the city can easily become untenable) VER VERY BAD VIBES. I'm not from Campania though so i don't know more than that.
>>1029733 Update: After a rapid check, situation is even worse than i expected: these people are a mix of local fascists, hooligans and most of all people from the organized crime scene of some neighbourhoods. People like these can easily overpower whatever policing is used to confront them, so situation could get out of hand VERY easily
(156.64 KB 1417x1417 hx79n2fsyn4y.jpg)
(117.66 KB 1600x1067 german-toilet.jpeg)
(33.20 KB 1280x720 anglo-toilet.jpg)
What's the superior toilet? French, German or Anglo?
>>1029794 Squat toilets are superior to every form of Euro toilet. Only a Philistine would disagree.
>>1029794 German tbh. There is no splash when the poop falls. Squat toilets just seem weird and barbaric.
(13.70 KB 559x423 disgusted.jpg)
>>1029876 It's how nature wants you to do it I don't like them either tbqh
>>1029876 Why would you want to sit down on an actual toilet? With squat toilets you never have to touch anything in there.
>>1029794 Anglo if you use toilet paper to clean the ring first and then throw it in to stop splashback. Otherwise, German.
>>1029886 I don't like falling into the toilet or pissing all over my pants on accident.
>>1029953 (German ones are hard to flush if you got sticky shit)
>>1004545 I wonder why Lithuanian is so different from polish. It was polish territory in 19th century yet, mickiewicz was from Lithuania. So it does not make sense I would not be able to understand one word
>>1030042 They speak a completely different languages language doesn't come from statehood.
>>1030042 The lithuanians you are talking about were closer to modern day byelorussians and not actual lithuanians
>>1029794 I refuse to believe people would have squatlets inside their own homes. The only place where I have ever seen these are in old soviet public WC's.
>>1030042 Well, we are simply from a completely different ethnic and language families. I guess you are wondering why Lithuanian isn't more assimilated to Polish, or some sort of mix like the English language was for French. In that case, I believe it is mostly down to 1) Russians taking over the Commonwealth being taken over by Russia, which curbed the influence of Polish nobility in Lithuania somewhat, and 2) the hard work of 19th century Lithuanian clergy / intelligentsia that lead the national awakening movement. For instance Basanavičius (at least I think it was him) raised a task for himself to replace each and every foreign-born word that Lithuanians used with newly created Lithuanian ones, which meant the Polish and Russian jargon was thrown out. And since this movement would quite successfully spread literacy among the rural Lithuanian population, from which the new political and middle class of the 20th century came from, the language was for the most part "pure". >mickiewicz was from Lithuania Well the nobles were all either ethnically Polish or Lithuanian nobles who completely polonized (and even before that were arguably somewhat mixed with Ukrainian nobility). I'd argue that Mickevičius was just Polish with some cultural familiarity and affinity for Lithuania, same like Miloš was. >>1030877 Not sure about that. I'm pretty sure that they were just Poles, as I said above. If I'm not mistaken Belarusian, just like Lithuanians, only came to their own in the 19th century. Perhaps some Belarusian anon could clarify.
I'm from northern Europe, don't know Spanish and I recently learned about the PCE of Spain being technically part of the ruling coalition of Spain via the Unidas Podemos alliance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_communist_parties#Ruling_or_part_of_ruling_coalition_in_multi-party_states Reading on about the PCE specifically I find a lot of interesting stuff, since they seem very smart/pragmatic and not stuck in dogmatism irrelevant to the conditions of a 21st century western European nations (larping about the peasantry of semi-feudal contexts or something). Can some Spaniards tell me a bit about how they're doing on-the-ground? What are your perceptions of them? What is the general perception of them, both within the far-left and in the national population generally? I would really appreciate it.
>>1031213 <cont. Here's their wiki-page, which claims they turned harder left (2017) just a few years before succeeding coalitionally in the election(s) of 2019: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communist_Party_of_Spain Recently, with the pandemic, the hospitals have been ("temporarily?") nationalized.
>>1031213 From what i know they're not even good socdems,the only ones i trust in Spain are Frente Obrero and Pcte.
>>1031230 ...Why? PCE is also part of the IMCWP, the only relevant International presently.
>>1031313 If so why don't they push for Spain's breakout from the EU?
(1011.25 KB 4592x3196 lockdown tracing 6.png)
LOCKDOWN TRACING 6.0- GETTING OUT OF HAND EDITION >For Switzerland must be noted that each canton has varying resitrctions so i put "light" to approximate them >Watch out for happenings in Italy, i decided to put the restrictions that will be imposed tonight in orange but they actually border a full lockdown in the whole country
(595.99 KB 1242x1320 1586377166823.jpg)
>>1031213 >Become a PCE militant. <PCUS actually since I live in Catalonia. <In the young ranks since I was, like, 17 or something. >Meet with these cool guys which were radicalized. A guy who was a marxist-leninist, maybe 30 years old, who was leading this group although he was soon to get into the main party and leave the young part apart. >A dengoid who... eh. Was based but he took the china pill too hard. >And a goth girl. >Go to a meeting of the young PCUS. >Our group was the exception >The party is full of idpol retards. >After discussing some stuff, and rejecting by a long shot the proposal the leader of my group had (I wasn't allowed to vote, not militant yet, just participating and shit) which was kinda based. he was arguing that we should become anti-EU because it's pretty much a cover up for Germany to rule our country. They didn't support it. >Afterwards we were separated from boys and girls to discuss "our masculine privileges" alone meanwhile the girls talked about other shit. <"Damn, like in catholic school" I said jokingly to the dengist. >Point out that meanwhile woman rights and shit was important, that these problems steam from not only capitalism, but class system as a whole when that started during the neolothic age (you know, what Engels said on his book "The origins of the family, private property and the state), and thus, we should focus more on class issues and focus on to bring communism which, ultimately, would solve all of this problems alongside racism and other shit. >"Yea but actually..." >Start to point out examples of micro-machism and shit like that, saying that men should change and shit, by everyone here doing individual actions and shit. >Get completely ignored. There's a reason why they're with the socdems. Not only this, in fact the PCE is inside of a coalition called "Izquierda Unida" United Left (being the most radical of the coalition) which itself is in coalition with Unidas Podemos (note that you should call it "Unidos Podemos" as the masculine term determines not only men, but men and women, "Unidas" is to signify only women are united). So yea, it's shit. The PCTE is based, and you should follow it. It's fringier, but hey, that's what you get.
>>1034180 This just read as "wah women doing something to remedy toxic masculinity". >This is why you should join irrelevant groupsicle. Not very convincing. I have zero problem with Marxist feminism.
>>1034252 >Idpol driven delirium >Marxist feminism Also <Ignoring shitty position on the EU Why settle for shitty parties when you could stay in a really militant party? Is not that Pce has ANY relevance in the government lol.
>>1034180 Also based post anon
>>1034180 >> 1034262 Why would you not simply try to change their position on the EU from the inside? Why make the 47th ML communist party with 0.00001% representation when the PCE is in fucking coalition?
>>1034306 I guess 30 straight years of Eurocommunism are enough to get people fucking fed up.
>>1034321 >Eurocom PCE explicitly turned Marxist-Leninist in 2017 you anarcho-Maoist LARPer Read what Lenin, Stalin and Mao actually wrote and did practically (participating electorally, in coalitions socdems and liberal-nationalists).
>>1034335 >Turned Ml in 2017 >In coalition with PSOE (literally Warren tier liberals) >Pro EU They could proclaim themselves even Hoxhaist Posadist with leftcom charachteristics their actions speak volumes on the opposite. Also usually socialist should run in elections UNDER THEIR OWN PARTY. They're the junior partner in the junior partner (IU) in the junior partner (Podemos) of the government.
>>1034180 Holy fucking hell. I'm starting to respect more and more my country's ML party's decision not to do any opportunistic "unity" with neolibs.
>>1034180 Same here with my student Fraction of my student group in Belgium, lots of idpol, but the leaders (a boy and girl) are pretty based, focusing on class and shit, pushing back on the idpol shit. I am new, but the group looks promising
>>1034410 COMAC?
Europe's Muslims being treated like Jews before WWII, says Erdogan Islamophobia in Europe has reached levels comparable to the treatment of Jews before the Second World War, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said. He suggested on Monday that Europe was accustomed to "relocations, inquisitions and genocides", and that Muslims across the continent were being attacked. In the same speech, the Turkish president called for a boycott of products from France amid a spiralling row with Emmanuel Macron over the French president's perceived attitude toward Islam and Muslims. "The rising Islamophobia in the West has turned into a wholescale attack on our book, our prophet and everything we consider holy", he said a televised speech. "Relocations, inquisitions and genocides towards members of different religions is not a practice that is foreign to Europe. "The crimes against humanity committed against Jews 80 years ago, the acts against our Bosnian siblings in Srebrenica just 25 years ago are still in the memory." Erdoğan cited recent events as evidence that European Muslims were under sustained attack, including a police raid last week on the Kreuzberg Mevlana Mosque near Berlin where 150 officers were deployed. Prosecutors in Germany said they suspected €70,000 in emergency coronavirus funds had been used fraudulently by officials in the mosque. Boycott call But the Turkish president said the raid, as well as a claim by Macron that Islam was in a state of "crisis" worldwide, was evidence of a wider attack on Muslims in Europe. "These incidents are a signal flare to a particularly dangerous process that produce very grave results for European Muslims," he said. He also issued a call to boycott French products in Turkey, mirroring similar moves by Qatari supermarkets. The Turkish president said during his speech on Monday: "I am now telling my nation, just as they are saying in France not to buy anything from Turkish brands, I call on my nation here and now: do not pay attention to French-labelled goods, do not buy them." It was not immediately clear what boycott of Turkish products in France Erdoğan was referring to. Erdoğan and Macron have been embroiled in a bitter row since the French president's remarks on Islam after the brutal beheading earlier this month of schoolteacher Samuel Paty. Paty had led a discussion with his class on cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Mental health Macron subsequently spoke of problems created by radical Muslims in France practicing ``"Islamist separatism". But Erdoğan said the French leader had attacked Islam and freedom of faith. Over the weekend he questioned Macron's mental health and said he ought to be examined. That remark prompted France to withdraw its ambassador in Ankara for consultations, saying Erdoğan's comments were an "insult". German chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman added on Monday that Erdoğan's words were "defamatory" and "completely unacceptable" in the context of the schoolteacher's murder.
(1.00 MB 4592x3196 lockdown tracing 7.png)
>>1038196 >Europe's Muslims being treated like Jews before WWII, says Erdogan Damn if jews were regularly beheading or massacreing germans because the germans made funny cartoons of them or just didnt believe in yahweh, i kinda get hitler now.
>>1038455 Netherlands can go either >full lockdown lmao or >pls guyz wear masks and be good boys tomorrow
>>1038196 This is unironically true, in europe, anti-semetic sentiments have always been tied to anti-muslim sentiments, as proven by the fact that organized progroms in europe only took off after the Crusades were set into motion, and that the Rhineland massacres of the 1090's were targeted at jews but was considered a crusade against muslims
>>1038597 I mean kinda yeah, all right wing populists tend to hate on muslims.
>>1038196 Erdogan is a reactionary terrorist enabler. Fuck him.
Petty booj protesting en masse in various Italian cities. Fascists are celebrating and getting bolder and bolder. Shit is REALLY fucked up anons.
>could have been born literally anywhere >was born british what crime must i have committed in a prior life
Calling all Polish anons Some account on Twitter report that tensions in society are escalating after the abortion ban and now there are open street fights in the cities: is this true?
>>1039260 Yeah, there are major protests over the abortion law. People going around shouting "Fuck PiS", couple of MPs got arrested (they were released due to immunity soon after but still)
>>1039270 Is there any leftist source following this?
>>1039275 Nevermind already found something. It's a fucking lib performative protest atm, maybe it would radicalize in future but i mean its Poland i don't expect much from them.
Poland heating up, protests of 10,000s last night, the opposition are occupying the podium in teh Sejm, and the interior minister has threatened to call in the army to "help with Covid Duties" (aka police).


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