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(96.84 KB 1000x500 Artsakh_Occupation_Map.png)
(505.39 KB 900x597 Band.jpg)
war in the Artsakh Anonymous 09/27/2020 (Sun) 10:14:04 No. 906343
The Azeri government just launched a coordinated strike, and the Armenians are mobilising.war comes. https://caucasus.liveuamap.com/
(889.09 KB 1600x899 ahmadinejad chavez.jpg)
(2.05 MB 5312x2988 khomeini mural.jpg)
>>1024004 >Iran are globalist scum F U E R A S I O N I S T A
Azerbaijani here AMA
>>1024167 If you could be any animal, what would you be?
>>1024167 what is your favorite color
>>1024167 Are you gonna get called up to fight? Stay safe jannybro.
>>1024162 i dont think venezuela is reallly gonna be armenia's saviour
>>1024167 do you guys eat falafels?
>>1022554 they both lie about the numbers, i wouldn't trust any casualty reports from either side.
>>1024172 Falcon >>1024186 Light shade of blue >>1024192 No, since I am not eligible >>1024260 The fuck is that?
>>1024167 Trans-Caucasian Socialist Republic when?
Why everybody here supports Armenia?
>>1024285 >No, since I am not eligible So you're a woman then?
>>1024290 I hope never
>>1024303 No, I am acadecian with problems
>>1024305 why tho?
>>1024308 Caucasia is just Balkans but worse and little bit less fucked up. We tried it in 1930s and it failed
>>1024294 I don't Azerbaijan gang unironically though i dont think anybody supports either. Karabahk is only 98% armenian since they deported tens of thousands of azeris. its just chauvinist dickwaving over a shitty mountainous desert and the sooner the spergout ends the better.
>>1024314 Do you support Palestine? Its full liberation including the land seized in the 1948 Nakba?
>>1024285 fried vegetables in pita bread/other flatbread(at least at the arab restaurant near me) guess its exclusively an arab thing then.
>>1024317 Just change Karabakh with Palestine and Azeris (I hate this phrase) with Arabs
>>1024320 I feel bad for people but I hate both jews and arabs >>1024321 >arab Dude fuck you
>>1024333 >I feel bad for people but I hate both jews and arabs Damn. Why are Turkic peoples always so insanely hateful of others? Fucking horseuighurs, I swear.
>>1024347 It's just personal thing I don't want to get into that much
>>1024333 bruh i know you weren't arabs just wondering if falafels and some other arab shit came to azerbaijan along with islam
>>1024347 Also free Uighurs
>>1024367 >All muslims are same Dude fuck you
>>1024325 yeah, I agree. why should jews and arabs jsut sperg out at eachother because durr your grandpappy is a heckin colonizer or whatever chauvinist autism they fling at eachother. Not unless you want to kill/deport all the jews they're there to stay.
>>1024368 Free uighurs
>>1024371 bruh come on I just wondered if there was any cultural diffusion islam brought
>>1024368 >>1024379 >muh uighur turk brothers! pic related (sorry for the strange bottom text)
>>1024388 >LOOOOOL HE SUPPORTS FREEDOM OF SUPRESSED PEOPLE LOOOOOL Isn't that supposed to be the basis of communism?
>>1024397 >LOOOOOL HE SUPPORTS FREEDOM OF SUPRESSED PEOPLE LOOOOOL Coming from the same guy who, in response to a question about his position on the humanitarian anti-colonialist issue of Palestine, says the he "hates Arabs".
>>1024388 kek, seriously why turks don't look turkic? they got mutted hard.
>>1024421 Turks aren't Turkic it's just a meme. They're Greeks or some shit. t. saw a haplogroup infograph once
>>1024397 Communism is the doctrine of the conditions of the liberation of the proletariat. Nothing to with "suppressed people," a phrase so vague that glowies can apply it to whomever they please.
>>1024448 Anyone I don't like is glowie ep.12463
(39.54 KB 410x598 BASED DEPARTMENT.jpg)
>>1024162 Venezuela too, is buddy buddy with Erdodog
>Azerbaijan has captured Lachin district It's over, second Armenian genocide is here.
>>1037769 tbh I'm kinda rooting for Azerbaijan, like how you want the villain to win in a shitty movie.
(9.37 KB 385x146 Capture123.PNG)
>>1037775 >supporting the pro-blair, pro-israel, pro-erdogan oilgarchy bruh
So, who is winning?
>>1037797 Azeris, they have about 30% of the Karabakh, and have forced about 90k Armenians to leave.
>>1037769 Will the Azerijannies stop at taking NK? It's been a month and they've probably taken thousands of casualties. Armenians are getting wrecked but it seems like they're convinced this is a life and death struggle and aren't as casualty adverse even if they have less manpower.
>>1037786 did you not notice " like how you want the villain to win in a shitty movie."?
>>1037805 so the majority of the armenians there? not unless they recolonise it it'll be a fuckign wasteland given the Armenians deported all the Azerbaijanis in the 90s
>>1037821 >Will the Azerijannies stop at taking NK? I mean they could go on but thye'd lose any goodwill with the Azerbaijanny nationalists, I don't think there is really much support even among them for conquering armenia proper
>>1037784 Anthrax is also a natural hazard in the region. Unless more cases appear it is more likely that these people just came into contact with spores incidentally; this happens to grazing cattle in the region a few times a year.
>>1024453 I did not call anyone a glowie in that post you mongrel.


no cookies?