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/prc/ - People's Republic of China general Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 12:39:50 No. 8925
A general thread for all China related discussion
>>284134 >muh ebin feudal culture *yawn* Half a century later, they are still afraid.
>>284982 arirang is south korean state propaganda, south korea is right now under coronavirus lockdown (events with large gatherings are banned) which is negatively affecting their economy and making their population annoyed and agitated (if you ever had the misfortune to meet upperclass south koreans they are such spoiled bitchy people, kind of like new yorkers), and so their current govt has every reason to redirect all anger away from them and pin all blame on a non-ally like china
>>283699 Rodong Sinmun is the official party newspaper of the WPK. Of course it would promote the party viewpoint. BTW there are also many Koreans living in Japan who support the DPRK. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YtTd31I15g
>>217920 No chance If the middle east and north Africa show us anything, it's that the US will comfortably hypocritically split territory and support for Islam and sects depending on it's aims. Want to get Afganistan? Hate muh terror Want ti stop Iran? Support IS Want to topple Libya and take Oil? Support AQ Want to poke China? Support AQ Uighurs and then highlight the Chinese draconian response. Or take China. brothers forever with Sunni (post-Zia-US-cucked conservative deobandi Islam) Pakistan But treating sunni Uighurs likeshit. Countries, people and power centres are shithouses
>>285595 >dan the international business man defends his favorite ancap state again get newer material
>>285642 Petit bourgeoisie are not necessarily reactionary. They can be allies in form of an anti-monopolistic front.
>>285626 >accuses others of being an ethno-state >uses chauvinist slurs in the same sentence Fuck retard
>>285648 Socialism is pro-monopoly. Splitting companies up lowers efficiency.
>China is ancap >NK is fascist ethno state Lel maybe old BO was right after all
>>8925 If this kind of pandemia would have happened in the west the world would be fucked. Only CPC has sheer force to quarantine 10% of world popuation. I hope officials have learned and will crack down on these meat markets.
>>285626 >"fascist Korean ethno-state" with documented cases of half-white, half black, and even half Japanese Koreans and where the leader himself is quarter Japanese
>>285666 Westerners don't make anything useful, nobody would mind if they were gone.
>>285244 To be fair though it's because North Korea spends a ton of money trying to satisfy them. E.g. building schools and other facilities, trying to accommodate them in a foreign land that doesn't generally have a favorable view of such people.
(12.68 KB 175x288 systema.jpg)
is it true that mao banned ancient kung fu and replaced it with sports wushu? if its true,how do maoists justify doing something so uncool?
(82.01 KB 640x889 cg70ac8v9yh41.jpg)
>>285733 USA does the same by pandering to the Cuban diaspora, etc. It's normal
>>286177 Kinda sounding like whataboutism there
>>286190 So? I wasn't trying to make an argument, I was just pointing out that this is a normal thing to do.
>>286334 imperialism with chinese characteristics
(31.42 KB 720x720 zfr682bb4vu21.jpg)
>>288241 but they're doing anti-imperialism
>>288469 >anti-imperialism is when you colonize and debt trap periphery countries do tankies really
(15.93 KB 600x600 glow-stick.jpeg)
>>288928 >china debt trap talking point this is a mainstream talking point do you got evidence, because it can find loads off debt forgiveness and very little asset seizing
>>289531 >Japan is as it is >South Korea is almost identical, but with the added police state repression of everything to the left of the 'center-left' >Mongolia is underdeveloped and covered in the thickest of smog with demsuccs that cant even stave off the center-right from winning >Nork, Vietnam and Laos are the underdeveloped peripheries of what China is doing better. Is China the only relevant country in east-Asia? Why should I learn any other Asian language than Mandarin Chinese with such an abyssal competition? Too bad I'll only be able to talk to Chinese men, as all the baby-girls are thrown in the river due to underproductivity or whatever lmao not that funny and I don't know how serious it actually is.
(187.32 KB 483x419 bruhnigga.png)
>>289921 >all sources are either western or Japanese Read this piece instead, thank you. https://orinocotribune.com/catagorically-debunking-the-claim-that-china-is-imperialist/
Edited last time by antious666 on 02/21/2020 (Fri) 01:58:49.
(25.30 KB 618x415 D83i4osUwAECxi7.jpg)
>>290031 >?fbclid=IwAR0GBY7HHHpZ4ilj8CT6X9Ou91g_qr8yPwYN1KE3RJRUYk8tNrXuU6HYAHA https://orinocotribune.com/catagorically-debunking-the-claim-that-china-is-imperialist/
Oh Greta, why did you betray us?
(168.84 KB 1080x1700 jsbalb5woir31.jpg)
>>290375 Was that when they were trying to use the fires to justify the coup
How is the corona virus situation? I've noticed the schizos have stopped posting so I'm assuming China has dealt with it successfully. Those weeks of schizos posting anti China, collapse shit were hell
>>290403 The Hubei gov't was taken over by the PLA, but the reports are still slowing down with almost no news cases in major cities, including Beijing/Shanghai where work has restarted. Still waiting for the political fallout, while the politburo has made no major announcement nor policy change yet with no official "blaming" of foreign interference.
>>290381 How many levels of mental gymnastics are you on?
>>290344 I'd like the source of her supposed endorsement instead of it coming from Wong's mouth, please.
>>290449 Greta would fall for anything that waves a green flag, based primitivists strike again, the industrial revolution and it's consequences, etc. etc.
>>289556 Is this the worst post in history?
>>290581 What? China is the only relevant country in eastern Asia. Korea and Japan are both declining puppet states.
>>290581 Fuck you dude answer the questions
>>290365 Orwell predicted this
>>290661 Literally 1894.
>>228945 I read somewhere of someone in the Russian military talking about how stupid the USSR's command economy was but said that it is incredibly useful for the defense sector and that they still use some variation of it today.
(22.23 KB 988x548 proofster emu australia.png)
>>290031 >OP/ED >Orinoco Tribune >The Orinoco Tribune is an independent outlet created in 2018 and specially designed to provide relevant progressive information about Venezuela or related to Venezuela in the form of news articles and opinion pieces for English speakers around the world. >a fucking fidget spinner for a logo
>>290031 >>290068 Let's have some fairness here -- can we get another article that collaborates the claims in this one?
Extremists Use Coronavirus to Advance Racist, Conspiratorial Agendas https://www.adl.org/blog/extremists-use-coronavirus-to-advance-racist-conspiratorial-agendas
>>292790 >ADL Sloppy job.


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