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(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
/crisis/ General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552
DOW/Market Watch Thread
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
(1.19 MB 1600x1200 1456014872200.jpg)
>>405897 And just like last time, it'll be a disagreement between bourgeois factions.
>Communism no food <Capitalist Italy now starving https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6145456569001 >Southern Italy facing hunger crisis Porky ideologues BTFO
(54.55 KB 512x512 37.png)
(68.42 KB 1000x559 AHZw1xS.png)
>>405815 Shut up, /biz/oid raider! Your LARP is obvious.
>>405928 >Communism no food <Italy now starving Therefore, Italy is communist. Checkmate commie freeloader.
>>405893 >how to talk to girls Exactly the same way you would radicalise guys
>>405934 We are reaching levels of cope that shouldn't even be possible!
>>405928 the food riots have begun
what will the dow bring today?
(1.74 MB 900x892 EQ6VZrYXkAEv-4v.png orig.png)
>>405903 >Gangs have turned to violence and are using social media to organise supermarket raids, while police have been called to a number of situations where citizens have attempted to steal food claiming their families are starving. If only they had pinned more money on the saint...
>>405964 another dead cat bounce
>>405968 the futures are red
DOW futures back down to almost -200 now
>>405979 *-100 sorry
>>405981 Looks like its just sideways action mow, going 2 sleep gn /crisis/
>>405999 But today will be nothing but crabs, Australian Satan.
>>405759 >>405786 Rollercoaster world
>>405759 >>406023 >tfw i know people who have a turboboner for worst korea because of Kpop and they want to move and live there because kpop Fuck the sanctions, Kim needs to nuke south korea now
>>405759 >>405786 Is this shit real? The whole "muh sjw destroying everything" seems quite stupid, but considering the fact the cultist shit is real, one can only wonder. Sounds like a fucking nigthmare. Kim Jong, if you're lurking these thread to watch funny red line god down, please liberate the South.
>>406039 Honestly, if it wasn't for what few class consciences South Koreans that existed, I can't imagine anything other than a scorched earth policy simply because it would be a mercy. If anyone on this fucked earth were in true desperate need for Marxism, the South Koreans are one of few that come to mind
>>406069 It's a collection of /pol/ schizo posts, what do you think?
(154.81 KB 1079x965 qulw9m4ed2821.jpg)
>>406022 I swear to fuck, if it's another MUDDAH FUGGING crabday
>>406077 It's gonna be another green day.
>>406080 That's where you're wrong fatso
>>406081 yeah like i was wrong the whole of last green week
>>406039 >kpop A literal process to groom little kids into sex slavery. This motherfucker is just the tip of a very fuck up iceberg. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/south-korean-man-behind-telegram-sex-crime-ring-paraded-in-public-in-rare-move-amid
>>406080 it could be a lot of things, but I'm not feeling a green day today, porkins
>>406087 >green week Poomps and government handouts don't count.
>>406091 I guess getting even more of your labor in form of direct government injections (that should go for schools, housing etc.) doesn't make me even more powerful.
>>405928 I'm from Sicily and stuff is happening here, supermarket raids are happening these days while people get arrested for contesting the local goverment and literally my parents are more class conscious than ever and the word "revolution" is said every now and then, I don't think IT'S HAPPENING, but something is, the goverment now wants to mitigate giving people some food packages but there are shortages and people literally fight for them.
Honestly If Capital somehow survives this utter fuck I’ll accept that Capital really is some sort of malevolent force that feeds on human blood and that so long as you can kill enough people it will always survive
>>406096 Only cause you make it out like a bandit after taking what belongs to those who earned it. Besides, I'm willing to bet that the stocks open with a -1000 drop
>>406110 Capital will survive if not activelly killed. Getting destroyed in wars or natural disasters only makes it "reset" and provides room for another cycle to begin. We have to destroy capitalism and break free of control of the law of value.
>>406113 >I'm willing to bet that the stocks open with a -1000 drop You're daydreaming.
>>406113 Big words for a small worm who depends on my handouts to survive.
>>406117 Bet it, you wont cause you're afraid, nothing you can do to stop it only delay
>>406110 Isn't that what Nick land says lmao
>>406119 I don't take your handouts, I can survive without you. Can you survive without your capital?
>>406125 Even when worms manage to control power for a few years they put me in charge of "society owned" companies. Because you are useless when trying to run any company or anything else really.
>>406116 ...So...how is Capital not a malevolent force that feeds on death to exist?
>>406127 It's no more or less malevolent than a really strong solar flare or a giant asteroid wiping out the dinosaurs.
>>406128 People submitting to the conditions needed to even have capital are the malevolent ones. We can simply decide to organize society in a different way, only we don't even try - at least we cannot decide to stop playing "the solar flare game" in order to stop solar flares from happening.
>>406128 Both are natural phenomena Capital didn't just arise from the aether It came into existence specifically through the domination of some humans over another, it implicitly can only continue to exist due to this domination There's a reason Marx likened it to a vampire
>>406133 Oh, and Stalinist or Maoist party elites didn't dominate over other humans. They soon found out that the only way to do anything is to put plebeian worms to work. Otherwise they just fuck aroudn throwing feces at each other similar to monkeys.
>>406133 Yes. People are the problem here, not "capital" as an abstract thing.
>>406141 Wrong Capital was brought into existence by humans as was the market However both proceeded to run on their own internal logic that supersedes individual human action. Think of it somewhat like the societal equivalent of a General AI.
>>406139 Eat my jizz p0rky
>>405647 that time frame is for mitigation at this point. if you keep kicking the can down the road, eventually you run out of road.
>>406143 HAHA Your powerless rambling excites me.
>>406148 Or maybe you become the can? >>406152 How do you know it’s not a sexual thing you fucking fat pig bastard?


no cookies?