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(541.09 KB 415x562 OC_thread.png)
OC thread 6.0 Anonymous 09/09/2020 (Wed) 15:18:46 No. 853632
New thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content. Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share. Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made. Archived Threads : >>8622 >>419177 https://lefty.booru.org/
(237.24 KB 327x408 Chairman Alita 99.png)
>>879277 It's the colour and the angle, I think.
>>879957 Context on the second pic?
(188.73 KB 1200x900 jpglol.jpg)
(30.08 KB 400x200 three stripe niggas.png)
(29.60 KB 400x213 laotian monarchists.png)
(21.83 KB 400x200 flag wojak template.png)
(170.94 KB 750x1086 hoxha based.jpg)
(196.29 KB 750x1086 hoxha based2.jpg)
(153.90 KB 750x1086 leninstalin based.jpg)
tryina make some of these
(1.33 MB 1920x1080 radicalchristanitymeme.png)
Fresh off the presses, open to modification and addition of course - I really want to add some women to the left side but I couldn't find any to save myself.
>>884616 maybe Simone Weil? https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/simone-weil/ You could also add St. Francis and St. Paul, both have been studied in a positive light by some recent leftist philosophers (Badiou, Žižek, Agamben).
>>884616 >>884889 Completely forgot: if you add St. Francis you might also add St. Clare alongside, who was the female counterpart of Franciscan movement.
franciscanism was basically that time's fascism, st. paul was a spook
(1.37 MB 1920x1080 radicalchristanitymeme1.png)
(1.38 MB 1920x1080 radicalchristanitymeme2.png)
>>884889 >>884950 >>884970 Updated Franciscan (with St. Paul) and non-Franciscan one
(1.34 MB 1920x1080 radicalchristanitymeme1.png)
>>885044 (reupload cause I didn't like how guerilla Restrepo overlapped with MLK)
>>884970 Franciscans abolished property and took seriously Jesus as an example to live by, which is why the revisionist Church attacked them. But noooo, this is fascism! I'm not even religious btw, so you don't have to search for your christcom memes.
(165.32 KB 1029x1029 1597869323606.jpg)
>>884889 >"According to her friend and biographer, Simone Pétrement, Weil decided early in life that she would need to adopt masculine qualities and sacrifice opportunities for love affairs in order to fully pursue her vocation to improve social conditions for the disadvantaged. From her late teenage years, Weil would generally disguise her "fragile beauty" by adopting a masculine appearance, hardly ever using makeup and often wearing men's clothes." tfw no tomboy anarchist mystic gf
>>884616 Who is the man in the top right?
(366.90 KB 776x773 Vlado_Zečević_(1).jpg)
(176.18 KB 723x900 gigakádár.jpg)
>>884616 Names? plese
>>886886 Top Row: Jesus Christ Benjamin Lay Vlada Zečević Middle Row: John Brown Oscar Romero Martin Luther King Jnr. Bottom Row: Camilo Torres Restrepo (in Cossak) Camilo Torres Restrepo (in Guerrilla Uniform)
>>886897 *in Cassock
(65.06 KB 515x955 seethepoljak.png)
dropping a poljak oc a day
>>887062 Nice!
>>886897 Thanks,bro
>>887062 i concede that point
>>887062 i concede that point
>>887591 >>887592 LMFAO based filter
(110.95 KB 740x879 reallyangrypoljak.png)
(670.40 KB 1074x1072 nonsense.png)
>>893823 You don't believe that the future lasts a long time? This must be your brain on the asiatic mode of production.
(985.88 KB 2400x2670 christchan in common.jpg)
I edited some Christ-chan /pol/ shit into having a left-leaning quote instead.
>>893839 Heh typical ultra regurgitating even the shittiest aspects of Marx's theory
(146.00 KB 1125x1122 chumpsky.jpg)
>>895043 That is fine, but Why not make a christ-com-chan?
>>896168 christ is already com
(236.36 KB 474x596 BBB.jpg)
>>903605 LMAO He's the worst of all the Zero Books people. Unadulterated socdem, embarassment! End his suffering by Varn firing squad!
(106.74 KB 988x664 Screenshot 2020-09-28 110553.jpg)
(571.14 KB 498x498 tenor.gif)
>>908451 Where was that posted
>>908465 All the i agreee lmao One of the comments: >y'all understand the bible's main reasoning in why god is depicted as a man, right? >Yes because its a product of patriarchy I thought the Bible was written with divine inspiration lmao these guys don't even believe in their own religion
>>908451 >>908462 >>908465 >>908473 LMAO I swear if the bottom downvoted comments are people from here that would be the most perfect thing ever
(155.29 KB 740x465 BASED Rosa.png)
(1.70 MB 1920x1080 Kanye radical christian.png)
>BTFOs all nasoynalists on sight
>>908465 Why do Christians always talk like boomers? Is it because their parents beat them when they cursed?
>>908465 Jesus Christ this is pathetic. I'm the OP of >>885054 and they, as expected, entirely missed the point. The idea wasn't to take a jab at "Queer interpretations" nor to reinforce "patriarchal dominance," it was to highlight the utter infantility and impotence of self-described "radical" Christians. It is a movement defined by half-gestures and kiddie-pool deep faith - but if you beat your drum and say how bad the Catholic Church is you must be a good person, right? Who cares about striving to improve the material conditions of all people when you can simply be a liberal.
>>908473 >I thought the Bible was written with divine inspiration lmao these guys don't even believe in their own religion They don't give a shit about anything tbh. They're all worshipping a version of Jesus that was recuperated by the Roman Empire after 300 years of persecution failed to wipe out the radical sentiment he stirred up. Something kind of similar may happen with socialism and Marx in the near future.
(86.72 KB bk.webm)
>>911171 borgaking
>>911191 mech donuld's


no cookies?