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(166.88 KB 960x684 19621.jpeg)
Anonymous 07/23/2020 (Thu) 13:37:14 No. 712412
How would a communist society approach preventing obesity as well promote proper eating and exercise habits?
>>712535 What does this look like in practice?
>>737632 tear up the roads, blow up the gasoline stations
(454.08 KB 848x397 mural-evo-post.jpg)
>>712412 Evo had the right idea by banning Coca Cola and McDonalds from Bolivia. It's specially sad because amerindian genes are very prone to diabetes and you can bet your ass they're going to allow them back.
>>737632 Stop selling cars, subsidies for public transport, emphasis on working from home, drone delivery, etc.
>>737645 In particular to making people walk, put on a radio program in the morning and at night, like they do in certain East Asian countries, where they make people do exercises. Push biking, subsidize biking, subsidize healthy foods and tax (with money or labor credits or whatever) unhealthy foods.
destroying america
>>737441 You know under a planned economy it wont be necessary to force everyone to conform to your shitty diet right? You can try to force everyone to be vegan, but you're gonna end up with black markets and people hunting wildlife and fishing ect. The logical answer is to the problem is to scale back animal agriculture considerably and ration meat during the first 5 year plan while transitioning to meat-growing laboratories where meat can be cultured in a petri dish. It's a literal win win for everyone. No animals have to die in the production process (all you need to VC do is extract a tiny bit of their protein), it's far less demanding on the environment, and its grown in a sterile environment with minimal fat so it can be made healthier as well. Socialism is not when everyone is equally poor or worse off, to get rich is glorious.
By implementing Eco-Stalinist policies >Massive investment in public sectors >Instant Capital Freeze to prevent capital flight >Literal Gulags and shooting squads for any petite Bourg or Bourgeoise or anyone who is working against reducing Greenhouse gasses <Actual liquidation of the richest 10%, they are literally responsible for 50% of the greenhouse gasses, if we don't just wipe them off the earth they will do anything to keep hold of their power and capital, they are not reformable >Nationalization of houses of people who own more than one, to give to the homeless, Resist? Gulag >Nationalization of Amazon and other delivery services >Ban owning a car, doesn't matter if it is electrical >Stop growth in the West, for at least 10 years, Massive investments in the global south, let them industrialize
>>737654 >You can try to force everyone to be vegan, but you're gonna end up with black markets and people hunting wildlife and fishing ect. This idea is fallacious because it assumes that only a complete and utter success is worthwhile, but in reality there would be a huge benefit if this even gets half done. By far most people aren't going to hunt for their own food, and pretty much everyone will cut down on meat consumption to some degree if it will become more expensive (which it will, dramatically, since its supply will go down by magnitudes). Otherwise sure, any victories, even lab-grown meat as weird as that may be, are better than the perverse system of animal agriculture that happens now. Though, preferably the meat industry would not be a thing at all.
>>737644 >I'm fat because of genes
>>712412 Why would we? Exercise is important, but this fetishisation of "being slim" and living forever is capitalist middle class nonsense. Maybe people wouldn't overeat if they didn't live in food deserts and overeating/drinking alcohol wasn't the only fun thing in their lives.
(71.74 KB 368x600 fit sticky.jpg)
>>737668 Dumbass fat=/=diabetes
>>737684 No one is "fetishizing" "being slim" here, we just recognize the importance of a health society, where people aren't obese or anorexic or whatever else. Health is good, fatty. Slow down on those cakes.
Fitness gulags
(249.10 KB 908x714 1513209735678.jpg)
>>737826 Boot camp for World War III
are you guys all stupid or something? op asked about a communist society a communist society wouldn't do anything to dictate people's lives, it's a free association of workers it's true that many material and cultural aspects of communist society would militate against obesity but it wouldn't "approach" "preventing" anything, there would be no state to enforce any such approach this is why nobody understands communism or trusts communists, by the way you seem to think that communism is when you're in charge of everything, the more power you have the communister it is like al these shitheels who think they'll be able to dictate people's diet under communism guess what asshole, the best you could possibly do is freely associate with like-minded people and form a community of orthorexics us normal people will be free to live out our normal lives eating a normal fucking diet
>>737843 ead the fuging salad
>>737846 you're drunk and at the wrong house, go back to your vegan compound is an example of how this exchange would go under communism
>>737843 >>737851 >Communism is when people abolish natural consequences Sorry fatty, but you'll still be overweight even in a post-scarcity society.
>>737855 oh i'm terribly sorry, you are stupid let me break it down for you communism will not help you get fit, lardass communism cannot and will not force you to lose weight you will experience the same social consequences that you do for being fat now people will still assume you're lazy and stupid, women will not fuck you but there will be no state to dictate healthy dietary choices to you the best you'll be able to do is associate with other people who also want what you want, diet-wise
>>737863 >>737851 >>737843 >he thinks there won't be any crossfit gulags
>>737869 maybe it would help if we spell things out S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M: a mode of production in which there is still a state that can enforce things like gulags, intended to prepare society for communism C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-M: a mode of production in which there is no goddamn state able to carry out your retarded bdsm gulag roleplay if op asked about socialism or 'what you guys would do to enforce healthy eating', i'd say fine, go off about muh diet gulags but op asked about communism, so you guys look for all the world like you don't know what the fuck that is
By having more free time to cook proper meals
The obesity epidemic is almost entirely fuelled by processed foods and refined sugar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxyxcTZccsE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceFyF9px20Y Ending the obesity epidemic is seriously as simple as giving people real food without 50000 grams of added sugar per serving to get them addicted.
>>737882 if you make the definition of communism impossible to meet then of course there will never be true communism
>>712412 Cuba is the only fat socialist country. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_obesity_rate Idk how they do it. When I was there, it seemed like most people didn't own cars. It must be the rum and sugar or something. There is something about the way we live in the Americas that just makes everyone so fucking fat.
>>737441 >non-human proletariat God the cringe
>>739447 It's the sugar for me
>>712522 lmao wut
>>712412 >How would a communist society approach preventing obesity as well promote proper eating and exercise habits? Routine morning exercises in the Routine Socialist Republic: https://youtu.be/tTaIAnMBJUw
>>712522 >That's the idea, but how do you get there? Publicly-funded People's Cafeterias serving healthy meals at major transport hubs to anyone who wants 'em.
>>739447 You ever had Cuban food? It's really fuckin tasty. https://youtu.be/deZhgUYjJso
>>737644 >Oaxaca, one of the Mexican states with bigger indigenous population just prohibited the sell of soda and junk food to minors HOLY FUCKING BASED
>>737501 pls post selfie
Enforced veganism (this will happen due to climate change, not for public health, but will benefit public health) Reduced automobile use and increased walking and biking (again as part of the war on climate change) through Soviet style microdistrict planning. Increased leisure time and the promotion of sports, especially team sports. Physical education of youth and young adults. Gamercide The promotion of home cooking and entertaining as a pastime.
>>737668 Black people are more genetically predisposed to diabetes for example. Even healthy people can get it sometimes, my dad was 6"4' and never more than 175lbs and he had it.
Pay the clouds not to rain 🤣
>>754495 >veganism Needless purity spiral. There are efficient ways to deliver animal nutrition to the population besides raising hogs and cattle.
the obesity epidemic is entirely caused by capitalism and will go away on its own within a few generations after we get rid of the root cause. you really don't have to do anything else.
>>754706 things that cause obesity >commodification of food: food insecurity, industrial food, supernormal stimuli/hyperpalatable food, marketing >wage labour: stress, sleep deprivation, lack of free time >alienation: internet/gaming/tv replacing normal healthy recreational activities >alienation from our bodies: mental blocks to athleticism from authoritarian school system and cultural overemphasis on competition instead of play, extremely unhealthy attitudes about appearance and sexuality, eating disorder epidemic, health as performance, commodity and status item
>>754495 enforced veganism due to climate change doesn't really make sense, the most efficient diet would include insects and molluscs. diet optimization is also only going to happen if we actually respond to climate change in a rational, organised manner, which we aren't going to do. things aren't going to somehow magically change once shtf for real and no one can be a denialist anymore. that will just make first worlders go fascist and do a genocide on the entire global south so they can continue to not address the crisis for a little longer.
islamig gommunism :DDDD
>>712412 For those that want to ban meat completely hunting is essential to keep the ecosystem in check in many places across the country and if you're gonna kill the animals you may as well eat them (nothing wrong with just leaving them there tho they'll be eating by other animals either way) also socialism should have mandatory composting.
>>754864 it's much better for the environment to reintroduce keystone predators. there's only like 3 things we can actually do to reverse environmental damage, and reintroducing locally (functionally) extinct species is one of them.
>>712412 By fucking up farming and causing massive famines so everyone starves AHUEHUEHUEHE


no cookies?