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/r/chapotraphouse BANNED Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 17:19:24 No. 651256
https://old.reddit.com/r/ChapoTrapHouse/ It's over. NOTE: DO NOT PUT YOUR EMAIL IN THE EMAIL FIELD Hijacking thread to make this a refugee processing center. REFUGEES PLEASE READ There are a lot of members with double citizenship, this isn't so much for you guys. First off, please read the OP in the FAQ thread. Since we're leftists, there shouldn't be many differences ideologically, but our community has its own jargon, and idiosyncrasies which might be jarring to outsiders. Second, although we use racial slurs, we are anti-bigotry and it will not be tolerated. Thirdly, the board has an anti-idpol rule. Meaning that discussion of idpol topics is not allowed. There is some flexibility, where that flexibility is, is subjective and also requires some time to get the feel of it. Fourthly, don't put anything in the name, or email fields. Don't doxx yourself. This is the containment thread for internet stuff. This includes a random tweet you screenshotted, or talking about ecelebs. >>637502 This thread is for Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: >>548092 This is the catalog, which is sometimes easier to browse the site with: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/catalog.html This is the "overboard" which shows recently posted stuff on the site: https://bunkerchan.xyz/sfwoverboard/ Stuff about the stock market or the economy goes here (unless a new thread would serve the topic better): >>8552 Check out our other less active, but still really nice boards. >>>/hobby/ >>>/tech/ >>>/edu/ >>>/games/ As well as our comrades over at /GET/ >>>/GET/ (funposting) >>>/ref/ (international discussion (also spanish speakers are trying to take over the board))
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(7.71 MB poppoppop.mp4)
>>656173 I miss night gang.
>>656190 > So what's the alternative? beats the fuck out of me, i'm just saying the rioting will continue as long as the crisis drags on, or trump launches a violent counter-response and probably even then, and all your small business moralizing will do jack shit to stop it.
>>656184 You're a retard, for real. >>656181 >reddit spacing This explains it, you're definitely a chapotard. Your attitude makes me think that you're definitely some lower-middle-class radlib LARPer who has no idea what being homeless is actually like but thinks they do, because they ran away from home at 12 for a single night Also BTW, what small business do the homeless have? Because I suppose you have a justification as to why these riotfags burn down their tents and mattresses.
>>656198 >the rioting will continue as long as the crisis drags on I know. There's nothing I can do about it, but I do not think it should be encouraged or focused on at the expense of demands to end racist policing.
>>656201 >REEEE >REEEEE >REEEEEE Just because an advertisement was posted on stupidpol doesn't mean anyone here wants to listen to your faggotry.
>>656201 >>reddit spacing it's like i'm back on 4chan lol, this is asinine. make a worthwhile post or don't reply, dumbass
>>656201 >retard >chapotard There are so many other words out there for you to use Amusing to see this website devolve into two people each calling the other middle class tho lmao
>>656194 The Czar and his establishment are now replaced by capitalists and their biggest figures; Gates, Musk, Soros, etc. and their upper management. Not the ordinary people. DO you know how horrible it is to be a Salesman? Certainly as bad as being a fry-cook at a McDonalds, just the pay is symbollically higher... and so are your taxes and the things you have to buy, because unless you're one of the 1% you're still being fucked over. It's not just ghetto people who are exploited by capital you idiot.
(8.48 MB I9QUeHK.mp4)
>>656195 /gibbongang/ is best
>>653688 I don't want to live in this world anymore
>>656198 >beats the fuck out of me <I'm just going talk shit and provide no alternatives then keep your mouth shut. >rioting will continue as long as the crisis drags on Which is prolonged by.... Porky. You guys are literally walking into their hands. The net gains they get far exceed any minor commodity losses, especially since they have INSURANCE which gives them an EXTRA bit of profit. >>656207 Cry harder bitchass, you're the idiot who came here, not the otherway around. >>656210 >make a worthwhile post The pot calling the kettle black redditspacer. Your argument is literally "hurr fugg business, riot!!!!" with absolutely no direction whatsoever.
>>653688 >Redditors should be executed alongside their families yikes
>>656201 >lower-middle-class radlib LARPer this is probably some self hating middle class suburban kid shit, the middle class is literally half of the US population you fucking larpers, you will not gain workerist points by dividing the proles
>>656226 >I'm just going talk shit and provide no alternatives In all fairness, some of the looters themselves have no alternatives because they cannot work and need some income. Many people don't even qualify for unemployment insurance. It's just a bad situation to be in all around.
>>656212 >o many other words out there for you to use Radlibs are not even worth the time for me to get inventive. But as an FYI, I've been below the Poverty line all my life, I know how shit a ghetto is, and aI also hate when some aimless motherfuckers decide to trash a neighbor hood, to loot it, while pretending to be doing to for a 'noble cause'. Its like the Crusaders attacking Constantinople, to own the muslims.
>>653688 Fuck off Sakaist
>>654582 Im not reading that
>>656222 There there son, you're not a r*dditor anymore, you're one of us now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U06jlgpMtQs
Finally bumplocked
>>656233 What did any of that have to do with Sakaism?
>>656226 >I'm just going talk shit and provide no alternatives i don't see anyone forming any vanguard here lol. like you imbeciles are sectarians over social fucking networks, it's non-sensical to have sensible conversations when you're already submerged in an idpol struggle over who posts where. might as well do console wars too.
>>656230 >some of the looters themselves have no alternatives because they cannot work and need some income. That's fine, but when I see some gold-tooth-crowned dickhead with gold chains start stealing shit from a store I want to know those fillings out of his teeth. He has the money for those fucking things he doesn't want to work, or care about other people/workers, he just wants to get free shit. >Many people don't even qualify for unemployment insurance. Including me, I'm still not going to steal shit from a store. Why do you think Robin Hood only stole from the rich? Because his story appeals that way, he takes money from those who stole it in the first place, not from other poor people trying to get by.
>>656235 Good, he's a shitposter pretending to be smart.
(394.00 KB 734x2882 BLM.jpg)
>>656246 >don't see anyone forming any vanguard here lo Because A) its a radlib movement lead by CIA direct radlibs who think white people aren't human (pic related) B) This is no longer a protest, its just a bunch of aimless looters, there is nothing to work with except an angry mob who isn't listening >ou imbeciles are sectarians over social fucking network Nope, we might clash over "authority" or "if the USSR was socialist or not" but that has nothing to do with present day organization >non-sensical to have sensible conversations when you're already submerged in an idpol struggle How is this idpol you dimwit? We don't like reddit because you're largely radlibs with a chip on your shoulder who don't want to hear a word against your beliefs. r/communism and Chapo have banned leftypol talking points, so now we laugh as you get banned yourselves.
>>656272 "Humxns"
>>656246 >you're already submerged in an idpol struggle over who posts where it's important to protect board culture. honestly i don't have a very good view of subreddits like chapotraphouse or stupidpol. a cursory view of stupidpol here -- https://www.reddit.com/r/stupidpol/comments/hismp2/youre_a_trump_supporter_if_you_dont_think_100k/ https://www.reddit.com/r/stupidpol/comments/hiuhg5/the_right_cant_think_in_terms_of_systems_the_left/ reveals the reactionary nature of the board and i honestly think stupidpolyps and chapofags are equally toxic. at least the chapofags seem less aggressive than the stupidpolyps.
(140.63 KB 1026x1026 I can't niggers.png)
Can we go back to talking about slurs now? That was more fun.
>>656277 >it's important to protect board culture. I think it's a carry over from 4chan rather than a legitimate concern, actually. It is a means of expressing an attachment to a tenuous yet existing belonging to a subculture i.e. identity. And frankly either you set out to conserve the chan culture but drop all pretense of ever achieving anything else except being a nazi-less chan to shoot the shit (which is fine, actually) or compromise chan culture but continue pretending to be an alternative venue to reddit and twitter. I dunno, this thread just hit bump limit, but it having these kind of conversations already feels like a regression from something that was already kinda fucking shit.
>>655337 The word "Nigger" only has as much power as you choose to give it. And forbidding its use only gives it power. I would take the other approach an use semantic satiation to rob it of its power, apply it to everyone, if everyone is a nigger then nobody is a nigger.
>>655459 Trying to recruit normies via imagboards is a lost cause, chans always have and always will always be outside the realm of normiedom.
>>655863 Nigger are you fucking retarded? Not wanting radlib reddit trannies here doesn't make you a glowie, get the fuck out of here newfag.
>>655848 What the fuck is a stupidpoler? Ban all the redditors for all I care, we dont need anymore fucking radlibs here, and chapos are the biggest radlibs around.
>>656163 No it isn't, that's what leads to fascism.
>>656425 No it fucking doesn't. Stop hating people you don't even know.
>>655561 saved
>>656280 i loled
(1.87 MB 480x264 zXAA3CV.gif)
>>656253 >That's fine, but when I see some gold-tooth-crowned dickhead with gold chains start stealing shit from a store I want to know those fillings out of his teeth. He has the money for those fucking things he doesn't want to work, or care about other people/workers, he just wants to get free shit.
>>656272 FUCOJIN G hwite ngi9ersd yhey ruend th eworld thery made the jew world order the ultra wsutvalioan systm to root oot comunsismsksy asnd the jeiwsh nigger hitlerite WOLD ODOR THER ASTRM THE HUAMNM TRRAtiors AND NMUST BE PUNSUIGHESD mao wrtoe i nhis boook tghat whte """poerplre""" (aka hwite ngietrs) R THE SUBN BHYUMANS HE SDAID 'tghe wehuiterm manm isd nkgfger andf mopstetr ctratire and msuts be detrdatoryed bgy using soul power" sould pqwoer is abtained from, the . ultera opwers of the gratrestr gods ever, they gods fightring the jew nighar hitler and even th esubnhuman niger frend og heilter fukicnhg japan niger with pwoetr of stalin he wipe cv elan tyhe niger maneace of world, but parasicte remian. the cosmisc stalinite powterer muost be restsb;lish, as mentione in yo pictar. th e whyte nigahr was subhkman, generttic defencit and ungod mutation of the vgreat satan americah poop fuckerss. kalr msaxr ewas blakc anf patr of matsr race of blacks. white niggers paint themselves as mustrer race and rip rap rop destroy everytung like the gwraet xzimbabwe And inca EMPRIE (COMUNSIMSKY) by dtrwestorying the advancerd tecbhnolohy, and by burngin everybthing don to grOND THIS ISD THE RACE EWASR NOW THE KILL IS NOW RACE WAR BETWEEN RACE MASTERS BLACK OVERHUMANS AND WHITE NIGGER JEWS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE NIGGER HITLERS AND JAPAN NIGGER CHIANG KAI SHIT PUPPTET IN KOMITNANFG. comunsim is black and MAO SUPORT THE BALCKS IN THE RAFE WAR. We are in RACE WAR OF COMJUNISMKY ITS US (BLACKS, MAO, COMMUNISM, OVERHUMANS, STALIN MARX AND UTLRA PWOER) VS THE HITLER NIGGER FUCKTION (HITLER, NIGGERJAPAN, KMT PUPPT BACKD BY US NIGGER BURGERS, ANTI STALIN ANTI MAO """"cOMMUNITS""" AND WHITE NJUGER) WE WIL KIL YOU WITH COSMINC PWOER AND POSADAS ULTRA NUKES NUKING UR WHITE NIGGTR ASSES . . THE KILLIG POWER ALL HELP OF COMMUNISMS AND WORKERS WIL KIL YOU WHIOT NIGGER SKUMK HITLER NIGGER FSAGGOTS WE WILL WINFOREVER
>>656504 What the fuck
>>655149 Based.
>>656504 based schizo poster
>>656433 What??? Are you retarded or something?
>>656277 I swear people who constantly talk up stupidpol need to shut the fuck up once and for all.
>>656985 People think they are based because they are "anti idpol" but in reality they are pro right-wing idpol and cucked succdems.
>>656606 Samefag spotted >>656919 No, but you are apparently.
(366.99 KB 937x528 based.jpg)
Hello friends. How long is reasonable for a nigger-uyghur word filter? Discuss. http://www.strawpoll.me/20480270
>>656029 >Then it shouldn't be an actual prison. I get the cultural heritage thing, but you can't just continue to have it active at the same fucking time, the logistics of it are retarded. Well that's the autism of German bureaucracy for you...(it's a "maximum security" prison in Germany).
>>657674 >That last option though Nicely done.
>>656068 >The hosts of the show just hated the subreddit because they're thin skinned and couldn't handle our epic criticism from the left I mean, that doesn't apply to Matt and Felix because everyone loved them. And Amber and Vigil actually do have thick skin. But Will Menaker really is a namesearching thin-skinned baby who felt bullied because some teenage redditer did the dab on him once.
>>653801 I just want one to cuddle with me and tell me I'm not as bad as I think I am, that I'm capable of being a good person, etc.


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