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(287.46 KB 732x1024 Dzerzhinsky.jpg)
(507.17 KB 1293x2009 Rafiq on memes.png)
Rafiq thread Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 04:36:18 No. 649803
I couldn't find the old Rafiq thread, so here's a new one. I first heard of Rafiq when I started lurking /leftypol/ not too long ago, and I think he's incredibly interesting. Anyone got some screenshots of his posts? Here's a website with a collection of his posts: https://skvortsov-stepanov.neocities.org/Test.htm
>>650178 Fuck off Rafiq as one of the most important Marxist theorists of this century your old work is still good whether you like it or not Now gib book to >>650101
>>650181 My posts were just a prank bro.
>>650161 From what I've read from Rafiq, you are pretty much correct in your assessment. Nihilistposter is completely hopeless but I think you can find something of worth in therealmovement guy. Final assessment: kill nihilistposter, fuck Rafic and marry therealmovement guy.
>>650183 So were mine comrade We do need to retrieve that book somehow though
>>650185 I mean all my posts on revleft were a prank. but yes gibs book
>>650184 I would marry, kill and fuck the nihilist poster. In that order. Rafiq is equally based.
>>650185 >>650186 I will attempt to find the book for you if you can give me some starting points to work from.
The fact rafiq birthed those "destroy nature genocide all non-essential life" fagtards is enough reason to hate him and dismiss him
>>649803 I wouldn't call him the second coming of Marx, but some takes can be food for tought. Whereas some are just overthinking things imo. Anyway here are thoses i saved
(94.85 KB 1541x831 Nationalism.png)
(2.99 MB 1932x4618 Property.png)
>>650223 I'm still used to 8chan's file limit. Damn
>>650223 >>650234 This is what I was looking for, thanks comrade. His posts are so damn entertaining to me.
>>650192 http://archive.is/jrachblog.wordpress.com here you go, it's an archive of his blog. the book in question is "our materialism"
(24.28 KB 188x338 medal.png)
>>650450 its' not fully archived though, only it's 1st page of the first book and the 1st page of the 2nd book
>>650444 Thanks. >>650450 >>650468 I think he is giving it to me so I can look for the full thing then.
الاشتراكية هي المطرقة التي نست
>>650476 Unfortunately I could not find anything past page two. I searched revleft for a full copy, checked various archives for extra pages, searched for the text of the first page, and looked for hints as to who else would have a copy and found nothing.
(24.28 KB 188x338 medal.png)
>>650597 Ha, cheers mate
>>650208 What “destroy nature” fagtards? You made this shit up in your head you asshurt schizo
>>651145 We should overcome "nature" and create more robust artificial systems. The fact that a tiny disturbance in our ecosystems can have catastrophic consequences is horrifying tbh.
>>651150 We already do that every day. City parks and domesticated pets are all pretty much components of this. What Rafiq is pointing out is the difference between that shit and the actual life threatening nature that retarded white people romanticize.
>>651162 >We already do that every day. City parks and domesticated pets are all pretty much components of this. How the fuck are parks and dogs part of engineering more robust ecosystems?
>>651171 both of them are engineered
>>651215 You realize neither parks nor dogs would likely survive without human assistance, making them the opposite of robust
>>651230 depends on your definition of "survive". go look at pripyat if you feel like nature relies on us so much, because it doesn't. this idea that nature needs us to save it is just human arrogance.
He was based What happened to him?
>>654494 from what I've read he went underground once trump was elected, and he also didn't like that /leftypol/ and redditfags were starting to like him because he viewed us as degenerates.
>>654506 I don't blame. everything he described in OP is literally everything that's wrong with /leftypol/
>>654515 *blame him
>>653240 >this idea that nature needs us to save it is just human arrogance. This idea that nature is going to be totally okay without human interference is going to kill us all.
>>654551 Nature is an uncaring fuck and we can manage resources better than it ever could. Your reactionary deathwish to make all mankind subservient to a hostile force of the universe just because the flowers look pretty will be the true death knell of progress. The sixth mass extinction will force humanity to develop forwards to socialism and remove the nature idol that enthralls so many niggers.
>>654793 I assume you replied to the wrong post here.
>>650208 Nature is hostile to humanity. Non-essential life is parasitic to human ends. Purge all of it. Burn it down unironically. We can do better than trees and rotting corpses.
>>654840 idealism
>>654840 >>654793 I will personally beat you to death with a hammer if I ever meet you
>>654840 Kill all the sparrows, die from hunger. Nature will kill you before you can kill them
>>654873 This is how people react when their God is mocked. Pure seethe.
>>654913 That sort of cockiness isn't gonna keep your brains in your skull, so keep your mouth shut.
>>654918 That sort of seethe can't be good for your health.
>>654923 go kill more sparrows, mao mao
>>654840 Are you implying pic related is what you want or? Hard to tell with all the fucking oneliners that are so popular these days.
(164.18 KB 315x189 Capture.PNG)
>>655033 Any wonder every cunt is flying
(32.34 KB 434x429 wtf-pilon.jpg)
>>655033 put the pilon in the middle of the road
>>655041 >>655069 I hate you fuckers <3 (also, next time I quick-google a fucking image I will do a better job).
>>655069 how did stick guy get so HUGE
(42.54 KB 256x280 sonic-run.gif)
>>655092 >how did stick guy get so HUGE He grew tired of waiting
>increase productivity and fulfill human desires with it >or force everyone to live as vegetarian hobos because we liked green landscapes and bird shit
>>654506 That's a damn shame, I hope he resurfaces somewhere in the future. Hiding will just make the degeneracy worse, the left needs more people like Rafiq to counter that trend.
is this post of his made into a booru screenshot yet? if not, it should be. https://www.revleft.space/vb/threads/195216-What-should-I-be-doing


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